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Ryan Kelly

Ryan Kelly (born January 29, 1976) is an American comic book artist, known for his work on books such as Lucifer and Local.

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Michelle Pfeiffer on Live with Kelly and Ryan 11/21/17. "Johnny Depp is the sweetest person I've ever met!"
The way Kelly is always getting dubbed and played by Ryan is a definition of my whole life
Gaten was on the Kelly and Ryan show today and he was talking about how the duffers write stuff in the script that…
I love when people act like their relationship is Jim and Pam when in reality they’re more like Kelly and Ryan
He has to sit by Kelly and Ryan and that deserves so much respect because Kelly is the dumbest person I’ve ever see…
In a world full of Ryan and Kelly's, be a Jim and Pam
Review By: Barbara They were the very best!! Couldn’t have done it without Ryan, Kelly and Angie. They walked me
I have to take your list a little further! I would start w/ McConnell, Ryan, Kelly, Sessions,…
Heard 2 stats today that makes me believe ATL wins: pick QBs have gone 2-7 in their first playof…
In the chaos, this story received almost no attention. Ryan sided w/Nunes, so he will have access to the FBI investigation…
noah schnapp on live with kelly & ryan! . i:"when you're playing Will, don't you ever get scared?". "it's all fake" i love…
Never let a guy treat you like the way Ryan treats Kelly
I got to do a lot of press this year! I was on Jimmy Fallon, Live with Kelly & Ryan, I was nominated for a teen choice awa…
Part 3 - Jensen on Live with Kelly and Ryan (October, 2)
Gaten was on Kelly & Ryan today,, he said season three isn’t confirmed?? And nothings written yet?? Wot did we miss??
I’m not saying I don’t want Camila to be successful, I’m just saying I would trade GMA and Kelly & Ryan(?) for a Za…
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.sided with Trump lapdog Devin Nunes over the DoJ & the FBI. This is absolute insanity. Our country has been taken…
It’s been Ryan Imhoff and Lorel Johnson early for Carroll College. No. 2 Saints leading Zacheus Darko-Kelly and Western 20-13 at 10:00 mark.
why can’t I get live with Ryan and kelly on vue? In Baltimore.
"Could you love me more, just a little, just a little...". James Blunt - OK | LIVE with Kelly and Ryan 27.06.2017 .
Ryan Shazier has regained feeling in his legs and his father believes he will play football again https…
Camila Mendes will appear on Live With Kelly & Ryan on January 15, 2018
Notre Dame football is bigger than any one player or coach. This is an incredible university with a rich football history…
According to a third party site, Darren will be a guest on Live with Kelly & Ryan on Wed. Jan 17. Tickets are already sold…
Kelly you must check the book ; How to heal Hashimoto 's - . an integrative road map to remission By: Marc Ryan , L.AC.
❄️ Let it Snow ❄️. Rob Kelly hunting blizzard barrels & proving that it's never too cold. 🎥: Ryan Simalchik | 🎶:
Basically, we don't want to rid ourselves of anyone since ... Line of succession:. 1.Pence 2.Ryan 3.Hatch 4.Tillers…
WWAIT why is ryan highkey in love with kelly tho like since forever
Just turned on and stopped dead in my tracks when i heard these guys-. Neil Byrne & Ryan Kelly sing *this* tune…
Drafted 10th overall in front of Keanu Neal, Taylor Decker, Karl Joseph, Ryan Kelly and Darron Lee
Colts claim C Dillon Day off waivers from Denver. Position is area of concern as long as Ryan Kelly deals with hamstring i…
We have interviewed Ryan Kelly, Shane Battier, Nolan Smith on the podcast. We want you to be next! DM me please!
We have interviewed Ryan Kelly, Nolan Smith, Shane Battier, Chris Collins... we want Quinn Cook to be next on the Duke podcast!
COLTS: Foot surgery will keep center Ryan Kelly out indefinitely.
The Colts will be without center Ryan Kelly at the start of the season.
Indefinite loss of center Ryan Kelly adds to Colts’ injury issues
This is actually Andrew Luck's reaction when he saw that center Ryan Kelly will miss some regular season games due to…
C Ryan Kelly is going to miss some time. Will that affect QB Andrew Luck’s return?
hypervocal: Colts center Ryan Kelly will undergo foot surgery
Indianapolis Colts center Ryan Kelly needs foot surgery, will miss part of season
Colts center Ryan Kelly will undergo foot surgery
Now Trending: Colts center Ryan Kelly to have surgery, expected to miss 6-8 weeks via
Colts bitten by injury bug again, lose center Ryan Kelly (foot) for 6-8 weeks
Colts center Ryan Kelly to miss time after undergoing foot surgery - Sporting News
Ryan Kelly and Thomas Hennessy were the only ones on offense that I got. Will focus more on the offense this Saturday at Warren Central tho.
Ryan Kelly became the first Colts center in the Andrew Luck era to start all 16 games.
Travis Wear is giving me Ryan Kelly flashbacks.
If the Rockets add Paul George to Chris Paul, Ryan Anderson, Ryan Kelly and Isaiah Taylor they will win the all first name last name award.
Houston has already acquired Chris Paul, DeAndre Liggins, Ryan Kelly, Darrun Hilliard, Shawn Long, and Tim Quarterman in this offseason.
Where were you when we had Jodie Meeks? Robert Sacre? Ryan Kelly? Xavier Henry? Ramon Sessions? Roy Hibbert? Ronnie Price? Should I go on?
Every time I see Ryan Kelly or Tiago Splitter's name I want to slap Bud in the back of the head.
For what it's worth, Jonathan Allen told me Wednesday that Cam Robinson was the best OL aside from Ryan Kelly he faced at Alabama.
We just heard from Ryan Kelly. Good guy, good center, but he's not a good quote. Won't bore you.
Last Chance! Irish duo Byrne and Kelly, which is comprised of Neil Byrne and Ryan Kelly from the group Celtic...
I was a Duke fan when they had Nolan Smith Jon schyer Kyle singled and Ryan Kelly 😂😂
Four great acts including Ryan Kelly, Liam Clancy and the Pogues singing The Band Played Waltzing Matilda.…
New Topeka West FB coach Ryan Kelly was a two-time All-City pick for West and played in the Shrine Bowl.
The Atlanta Hawks have signed Lamar Patterson and Ryan Kelly. The New Orleans Pelicans have signed Jarrett Jack to a 10-day contract.
Okafor's 11.5% rebounding percentage is 159th in the NBA, below Ryan Kelly, Michael Beasley, and Roy Hibbert.
Dogs add three new guys off our JV team; F Ryan Kelly, G Nate Murdie and F Bill Carvello. They will all be available Tuesday.
Another coach announcement ... Bantam 1: Congrats to Kody Lyons, Luke Laidlaw and Ryan Kelly.
Hawks reportedly clear roster spot by waiving Ryan Kelly
The Hawks have waived Ryan Kelly, league sources say
Hawks also have until Jan 7 to waive Ryan Kelly or his contract becomes fully guaranteed
No Mike Scott in this D-League game could mean that he is headed back to Hawks. Team has a decision coming on Ryan Kelly soon
Hawks nearing decision time on Ryan Kelly
Kyle Singler, John Scheyer, Ryan Kelly, Plumlee bros. All generally nice guys that are not universally hated by non-Duke fans.
Both Kelly and Ryan are talented and creative. Gian has some tech skills but not creativity.His wrlork is boring.
Coaches haven't put Kelly in position to make reads and decisions when he comes into games.
The American people should know: central to the Ryan budget is voucherizing Medicare and cutting Medicaid. Seniors have a…
Leadership is service, not position. -Tim Fargo
Ryan: you can't keep clicking all these Kardashian links, that's why you have so many viruses . Kelly: well HELP me!!!. 😂😂😂😂
Chip Kelly still have his job. When was the last time Rex Ryan went to the playoffs? Still has a job.
It's a lot for me. Rex Ryan, Mike D'Antoni, Chip Kelly, Mike Conley, etc. the list goes on.
Click here to watch the movie: Kelly joins in on the consummation of Ryan and Sie
| In a recent interview with Ryan Seacrest, Niall mentioned that he hasn't seen Harry in a while.
Thank you for your support and for your family's sacrifices in service to our nation! We're glad we were abl…
If you need a new track to add to your Christmas playlist, we've got:
It's important to have a sense of urgency in business. Identify, prioritize, and act.
And this Kelly`s Heroes inspired Private Ryan art.
Luke Kennard: 35 points vs Maine; in last 10 seasons, only Ryan Kelly, Jon Scheyer (36 apiece) have scored more for
"Life" was born 3 yrs ago today!Thank you for taking my words and music to your hearts..RK x ht…
It's kind of funny how we get so stressed about things that don't matter when really the only thing that matters is how y…
R. Kelly being weird and unprofessional, throwing up gang signs on set.
BJS corner would do well on a labour ward with all their "just breathe" and "deep breathes" advice
🔵 35 points on 16 shots for Luke today. 🔵 Most points by a Duke player since Ryan Kelly in 2013.
Ryan Kelly was one of Duke's underrated defensive players. Was so good of rotating over for the shot block playing the 4.
Malcolm Delaney-THJ-Tauren Prince-Mike Muscala-Ryan Kelly unit has been effective. What world are we living in?
Ryan Kelly, Taurean Prince, Malcolm Delaney and Tim Hardaway are all +7 or better off the bench
Ryan Kelly ’13 signs with the Atlanta Hawks and becomes the twentieth blue devil in the league.
Good for Ryan Kelly, glad to see him get called back up so fast
Finished “Local” by Brian Wood and Ryan Kelly tonight. What a fantastic book.
I forgot all about Josh McRoberts... Speaking of random white players, does anyone know what team picked up Ryan Kelly?
Taylor Swift is just like you! That and more in Ryan Kelly's Entertainment Update podcast.
Travis Wear probably made more 3 pointers in this one game than Ryan Kelly did in 3 seasons with Lakers? Sorry Ryan🙊
maybe "blue hats" billboards are next for Ryan Kelly.
There's a reason Scot McCloughan (reportedly) coveted Ryan Kelly in the center position might be a mess all season.
you're right! Ryan Kelly is no longer the center. Barrett Jones was no longer the center before him. William Vlachos before that.
congratulations Chris, glad my son Ryan Kelly will play with you this year, great job.
Ryan Kelly via TKO in round 2 (just kidding... we all know the fight will never happen)
42-year-old Ryan Kelly (with PGA TOUR pro brother Troy as his caddie) is making a final push, now just 2 shots back.
you guys want an underrated trio? Keith Harkin, Ryan Kelly, and Neil Byrne. love those guys. so underrated.
67" Baggie Devs Gleeson and Seabright off and Ollie davis, Ryan Kelly , Gerard and Jackson on ( I think)
When you realize Robert Sacre and Ryan Kelly won't be on the Lakers next season
"Punch the knee up and elbow back." The 1st Rd Pick OL Ryan Kelly trains it as OL Jake Fisher spots.
Ryan Kelly may make it through this round . : LA Lakers experiencing early hiccups
One year ago Patrick MacNee , Christopher Lee, now this year Sean Kelly daidí of Ryan Kelly, RIP y'all that has...
Did the Colts make the right decision taking Ryan Kelly over Nick Martin? Only time will tell.
NFL Films' Greg Cosell with high praise for Ryan Kelly (via
Scott would have benched him for Brandon Bass or played him at the two so Ryan Kelly could get minutes at the three
Look at 95 push Ryan Kelly backwards. Opens up the LBs to tackle Henry.
Ryan Kelly sac fly scores John Kussmaul to give a 4-2 lead heading to the bottom of the 7th vs. St. John Fisher.
The perks of being Perth Rose! Denise met Ryan Kelly and Damien Mc Ginty in Perth with their Celtic Thunder tour!
.Legacy Tour has announced a cast change. Damian McGinty, Ryan Kelly, Neil Byrne, Emmet Cahill and new me…
I hope we get rid of Ryan Kelly, Roy, Sacre, & Nick Young for sure. I hope we keep Lou, Brandon, & Larry Nance Jr. Idgaf ab…
Chuck Pagano on rookie center Ryan Kelly: 'It's not too big for him'
C Ryan Kelly on learning to work with QB Andrew Luck: ‘I’ll just keep my head down.’ htt…
Ryan Kelly saw Terry Wilson play in Oregon's spring game and knew he would be a 3yr backup.
There it is... Khaled Holmes is gone. Ryan Kelly just took his spot.
Well that didn't take long: have cut center Khaled Holmes. Makes room for Ryan Kelly to start from Day 1.
The ripple effect of the Colts drafting Ryan Kelly is already being felt:
Order Miche Bag Online!
Not stunning after Ryan Kelly pick but now Hugh Thornton is only member of '13 draft class still on the team.
Johnson scored on Navy backup goalie Ryan Kelly, who was in game because John Connors drew a penalty.
How did Ryan Kelly (from Ohio) end up at Alabama? "I just got in my car and drove." . This is what you call crushing a p…
Ryan Kelly very happy to be selected by He leaves for this afternoon via
listened to you break down Ryan Kelly this week. As a Colts fan you made me very excited for this pick!
Darren Lee, Shaq Lawson and Ryan Kelly were might non biased favorite picks on where they landed.
Colts drafted Ryan Kelly and Drake dropped Views, this night can't get any better
Today I said on that Ryan Kelly could have a career like Jeff Saturday. Didn't know it could be with the s…
Ryan Kelly center was selected 18 overall
great pick in The Center out of Alabama! Ryan Kelly, let's get this party started!
Ryan Kelly is a rolling ball of pragmatic Allen wrenches.
Colts coach Chuck Pagano on new center Ryan Kelly: "We have a guy now to solidify the...
4.0 student as well. I love that Ryan Kelly pick
Congrats to my guy Ryan Kelly. Nobody deserves it more than him. Roll tide!
Lakota West's Ryan Kelly picked 18th in by Colts.
With the pick in the 2016 the select C Ryan Kelly!
Ryan Kelly from my high school alma mater (Lakota West) got drafted in the first round! Congrats man!
Ryan Kelly is the 8th Alabama OL to be taken in the first round, but the first center.
*** that Ryan Kelly dude is from Butler County
Colts take Ryan Kelly. Taylor Decker off the board too. Those were the two OL building blocks that I liked for
Good pick, Ryan Kelly is a great fit for them at a need position.
The select C Ryan Kelly at No. 18. The nerve center in front of Andrew Luck. Not flashy, but clear top player at…
to play where? Neither Trent or Mo can slide inside. Let the Colts take him at 18 and give me Ryan Kelly.
Alright we draft one of these guys at 18. Darron Lee, Taylor Decker, Eli Apple or Ryan Kelly.
Top 5 guys I want the Lions to Draft (no order):. Sheldon Rankins. Taylor Decker. Ryan Kelly. Shaq Lawson. Darron Lee.
A'Shawn Robinson, Ryan Kelly, Jarren Reed, Reggie Ragland, Jonathan Allen, and Henry are all possible first 4 more likely
Leonard Floyd, Ryan Kelly and Taylor Decker. Should be Colts top 3 players going into pick 18. Hearing Kamalei Correa could be in play.
I'd like to see the Colts draft one of the following at No.18: Taylor Decker, Jack Conklin, Ryan Kelly, Cody Whitehair, or some DL.
Ryan Kelly is the pick at 30th. Sleeper RB Panthers should select is Kelvin Taylor in the mid rounds.
should take either Ryan Kelly at center, Taylor Decker at OT, or Eli Apple at CB. Anything else will make me mad
Would I take C Ryan Kelly over OT Taylor Decker? Simple answer: No. Positional scarcity says take the Tackle. Centers can be found later.
Ryan Kelly...or Noah Spence or Andrew Billings or Darron Lee or Taylor Decker or a number of other dudes.
Seattle - Ryan Kelly. Protecting Russ Wilson should the main priority. Kelly gives them stability at Center and replaces Max Unger.
In the first round I think take either Taylor Decker, Ryan Kelly, Vernon butler or Jason Spriggs.
Having said that, if Taylor Decker or Ryan Kelly are still there by 18 I wouldn't be too be upset!
I think should take OT Taylor Decker if not then take C Ryan Kelly but I'm only 32 year season ticket holder!
Rarely noted and not sure how it factors but Ryan Kelly (C) started right next to Arie Kouandjio (LG) for two full season…
I hope it's right tackle Taylor Decker or I would settle for the center Ryan Kelly for the draft pick at 18! Need OL help
I love Ryan Kelly to the Colts at 18 but if Spence or Lawson are on the board gotta take one. I can get behind Martin in Rd2 or Allen in Rd4
C Ryan Kelly would be the ideal pick. T Taylor Decker would also be acceptable.
Ryan Kelly or Nick Martin in the 2nd and smith in the 3rd
. Option a)Ryan Kelly in 1st and Michael Thomas in 2nd?. OR b)Treadwell in 1st and Nick Martin in 2nd?
I think picking Ryan Kelly at 18 is an option but wouldn't it be better to go edge rush and pick up Nick Martin in the 2nd round?
who would you take, Ryan Kelly and Michael Thomas or Treadwell and Nick Martin ?
Nick Martin, Max Tuerk, & Graham Glasgow in later rounds makes more sense than Ryan Kelly
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Good morning. So I hear that Christian Hackenberg, Jihad Ward and Ryan Kelly going top 20. . What you got
FWIW, is reporting Ryan Kelly is at top of Bob Quinn's wish list.
2. Alabama center Ryan Kelly could end up going in the top 20. Teams love him. Doubt he slips past Washington at 21.
I dont blame you.. he *** Ryan Kelly, Nick Martin, or Jack Allen would be a head and shoulders upgrade.
Josh Doctson. Jarran Reed. Ryan Kelly. A'Shawn Robinson. Jason Spriggs. Jack Conklin . I believe any of these prospects can go to Houston.
Ryan Kelly, Nick Martin, Max Tuerk, Jack Allen. I would be cool with any of them.
Ryan Kelly grading out higher than Barrett Jones.just a former 3 star from Ohio
Ryan Kelly over Chris Jones IMO, but Darron Lee wouldn't leave me in tears.
Alabama C Kelly good fit in Seattle?: Alabama offensive lineman Ryan Kelly (70) warms up before the Cotton Bow...
if Paxton Lynch AND Ryan Kelly are still available at 29 who do the Cards take?
I really like the idea of Ryan Kelly for the Colts
I wanted them to go C at 21 anyway w/ Ryan Kelly. Now trade back to a team that might like Paxton Lynch there, still get Kelly?
yes mam, need to run the ball better than in 2015,and stop their rungame also. need big nasty,Ryan Kelly and Andrew Billings,Draft.
Lesley Pike with special guests Ryan Kelly & James Bryan performing on via
Ryan Kelly, Rodney Hood and Quin Snyder had front-row seats to Kobe Bryant's 60-point explosion in his farewell:
actually grandma if I dye my hair black I'll be Ryan Kelly's true love so
wouldn't we go Ryan Kelly if we went center at 23? Sullivan should be fine or Berger did well in his place. Wideout tho
not a big Ryan Kelly and Rob Sacre fan bro ?
thank you I don't think you can have any assist passing to Ryan Kelly, Lou Williams who shots everytime he touches ball
Ryan Kelly and Robert Sacre are playing at the same time...
Ryan Kelly, Mich St guy, and Matthews my favorite centers
you've told me: Pau, Ryan Kelly, Ryan Anderson, Jonah Hill, and I know there's more 💀
Russell apparently thought Ryan Kelly's White Raven nickname meant he can literally fly
Ryan Kelly's hair is already negotiating his next Chinese Basketball Association contract
Former UA players to be enshrined at Denny Chimes for A-Day. QB Jake Coker. RB Derrick Henry. LB Reggie Ragland. OL Ryan Kelly
2 summers ago the Lakers had Robert Sacre and Ryan Kelly as their best pieces. They've rebuilt very well and quickly
That's crazy how Ryan Kelly & Metta world peace took Nick Young minutes Byron Scoot deserve to get hired
Byron Scott got Brandon Bass, Larry Nance AND Ryan Kelly on the floor at the same time. I'm bout to throw my tv down the stairs 😡
...or Byron dumping his wife to chase young tail, or Ryan Kelly being married to *** Vitale's daughter, or the owners of...
2016 Couch GM mock draft round 2 the 49ers select Ryan Kelly. They got their QB in round 1 and now filling a big hole in round 2.
Ryan Kelly has replaced Bobby Sacre as the Lakers' best player.
SEO and Content panel today with Ryan Kelly of WSI Smart Marketing and and Mark Gordon of …
they could go after Karl Joseph, Kamalei Correa, Ryan Kelly, Darian Thompson, etc if they trade with either Tampa or Oakland
Be like Jim and Pam, not like Ryan and Kelly.
Enough. is not crazy-she's not sick. We'll continue to cover this race fairly. https:/…
Ryan: do you have a question, Kelly?. Kelly: yeah actually I do I have lots of questions. First of all how dare you.
FOX News response to attack on Megyn Kelly:
When you think your relationship is going to be like Jim and Pam, but it's more like Kelly and Ryan
Trump calls for boycott of Megyn Kelly from his iPhone, which he also wants you to boycott https:/…
(Thanks to Denis Ryan Kelly, Jr. for that photo)
Kelly Macari you are insanely good at your job
Duke w/o Ryan Kelly was really flawed. CJ McCollum was a legit NBA player. Mizzou loss was WAY more shocking in the moment.
29 - A big chance for UCD as Kelly links up with Ryan Swan on the left-side but he can't keep his effort down as the ball goes over. (1-0)
if you consider Ryan kelly a guard him too. He's dominant
Ryan Kelly is a Center I really like. Get him between Sweezy and Marpet for atleast the next 3 seasons
NFL Insider Peter Schrager shows just how desperate Chip Kelly was to draft
Say it in under a minute or don't say it at all.
I really like the Ryan Kelly pick but do you think he will last that long?
I like all the players who have selected Dixon one of my fav rbs but think we should grab Nick Martin Ryan kelly
"play"? . Byron runs this game. He ran 6'11 Ryan Kelly at SF last year for 80% of the season.
Told by a source there are 4-5 teams considering a trade for Ryan Clady.
Chip Kelly and QBs coach Ryan Day are among a large contingent of SF coaches and scouts at Cal's pro day, featuring Jared Goff.
Seeing in that Ryan Kelly is one of my , I have real concerns the Texans will snag him at 22.
How would you feel about Ryan Kelly?
Clips and analysis of QB commit Ryan Kelly from last weekend's LA
so he's exactly like Ryan Kelly, but he'll punch people!
Trade for a good veteran defensive end, sign up a few guys for depth, draft Ramsey and Ryan Kelly. This team is set IF …
2012... me, Ryan Kelly, and Neil Byrne after thir show at the Old Shillelagh in Detroit.…
I've been experimenting trading out of first snag Clark and Ryan Kelly in 2nd then garnett in 3 vannett in reader 4 vannett 5
Duke misses Ryan Kelly's ability to keep the defense on their toes while knocking down the
That's the best defense Ryan Kelly & Sacre played all year
if they don't kick Albert inside via LT in 1st, Nick Martin or Ryan Kelly would help the interior in 2nd?
Can't help but think that as of now SD is goin into the season with Trevor Robinson at center...Ryan Kelly,Jack Allen, or Nick Martin pls🙏🏼
Ryan Kelly is Matt's old man game role model.
Ryan Kelly in 2nd round, Jalen Ramsey 1st round, Eric Weddle in FA, we got Malik, idk about LB. Dream scenario lol
3 years ago Ryan Kelly and Robert Sacre were the Lakers youth. Today it's Russell, Clarkson, Randle, Nance Jr. Brown and Black.
Glad once retrieved it, I think the night Ryan Kelly and Warren Sapp ruled Durham
Chris Jones in the first, Ryan Kelly one the second and Jaylon in the third
"Derrick Henry rushed for 22,000 yards and center Ryan Kelly was great on defense" according to POTUS.
The Cs like Ryan Kelly, Jack Allen, Evan Boehm, Christian Westerman, Isaac Seumalo or Max Tuerk would be nice
Alabama's Ryan Kelly, a top center in said that teammates Jarran Reed and A'Shawn Robinson "made me a better player…
Deep draft for centers, Ryan Kelly (Alabama) Graham Glasgow (Michigan) & Nick Martin (ND) projected top three.
Ryan Kelly and Coach Cristobal at the Rimington Trophy presentation in Lincoln, Nebraska. https…
Penn Wood starts Kairi Jones, Vincent Smalls, Calvin Melton, Ryan Kelly and Jordan Johnson. Plenty of changes there, too, this season
At the last War Eagle Running camp in 2009, we had future stars like George Meyer, River Holified, & Ryan Kelly
Nick Martin and Ryan Kelly are going to make waves through this year's draft. Great tough, smart players that have a future at center.
what about the Centers, Ryan Kelly and Nick Martin, Where do you have them?
Davis, you think SEA could pick Nick Martin or Ryan Kelly at 26? Or they don't value C in 1st round?
Ryan Kelly's grandmother told me I reminded her of him in middle school after we played TFS one time... I was like... NOPE
Real talk though, Frank Kaminsky looks like a gazelle compared to Ryan Kelly.
Ryan Kelly and Frank Kaminsky make the NBA look awfully tacky and lacking fundamentals.
Ryan Kelly has to be one of the worst players in Lakers history but then again they had Kwame and Smush Parker
Ryan Kelly vs Frank Kaminsky is the stuff of legend.
Frank The Tank vs. Ryan Kelly is the best moment of the season
Frank Kaminsky chasing down Ryan Kelly is one of the greatest joys I've ever witnessed in my life.
Frank Kaminsky and-1 over Ryan Kelly. Whitest play in NBA history.
Frank Kaminsky scoring against Ryan Kelly was like a Hanson video.
Huh, I know someone else named Ryan Kelly whose birthday is today, Happy Birthday to you too!
Talked to Mason Plumlee, who sees Jefferson's return to Duke being smooth, more like Ryan Kelly in '13 than Kyrie in '1…
I'm sorry but how can you not love Ryan Kelly? .
Maybe this should be Ryan Kelly's nickname... Ryan "the whiteflag" kelly.
So confused as to why Ryan Kelly is in the NBA? More importantly, why does Byron Scott play him? Why does Byron Scott do anything he does?
With Lakers down 21, Ryan Kelly checks in for first time.
I respect Ryan Kelly cuz he always makes sure to get his shots up in the 4 minutes he plays at the end of every game lmao
Ryan Kelly .810f/t misses 2 down the stretch I miss cover by 1/2 point. 1-1 in the NBA is a good night for me
Why does Ryan Kelly have a and a girls volleyball headband??
NBA. LAL 91 - 114 CHI. Ryan Kelly just got an FT. Sponsored by
Ryan Kelly's actually not even that bad when you remember that he's actually a garbage can.
Cameron Bairstow vs Ryan Kelly is a "college basketball is better than pro basketball" person's wet dream
JUST IN: Mugs of David Ramos & Keanan Glenn-charged in Thanksgiving murder of Ryan Kelly on Almond St . https…
Have you heard anything about Sr Bowl regarding: Landon Turner, Jarran Reed, DeForest Buckner, Jon Bullard and Ryan Kelly?
Ryan Kelly is so *** idk why this post malone wannabe is playing ...
Ryan Kelly aka Post Malone getting buckets now. End this game.
The pels should try to swing a trade for Swaggy P and Ryan Kelly. Give up Eric Gordon or Ryan Anderson and another piece for those 2.
The only regret I have about that trade was missing out on Nick Martin, but I like Ryan Kelly a lot so no worries
OFFICIAL: The have assigned Tarik Black, Anthony Brown and Ryan Kelly to the D-Fenders
Ryan Kelly (sore neck) and Lou Williams (sore shoulder) both listed as probable for tomorrow's game.
& his Doak Walker & Maxwell, Ryan Kelly's Rimington & the Joe Moore Award...their argument is Irrelevant.
Ryan Kelly is a 6'11 Stephen Curry don't @ me... It's just facts
Ryan Kelly is HYPED and i am LIVING
Ryan Kelly wins Rimington Trophy as nation's top center
C Ryan Kelly answering questions with his Rimington Trophy in tow at media day.
This game is just a complete joke now. Steve Novak, Ryan Kelly, Robert Sacre are all on the floor
Game recap:. Robert Sacre, Marcelo Huertas, Ryan Kelly and Anthony Brown started the 4th quarter with Russell. Yeah.
Ryan Kelly he makes the holes for King Henry to run through our offense goes as he goes!RTR!
Sunday night at the game - watching Ryan Kelly, Tarik Black, Robert Upshaw & the rest of the squad!
has 4 players on the Coaches' All-American team: Derrick Henry, Ryan Kelly, Reggie Ragland & AShawn Robinson.
Alabama's Derrick Henry and Reggie Ragland are unanimous All-Americans. Ryan Kelly and A'Shawn Robinson are consensus All-Americans.
Derrick Henry,Reggie Ragland,Ryan Kelly, A'Shawn Robinson made the 1st team on the Sporting News All American team. ht…
Samantha Ponder talking with some pretty talented players: Baker Mayfield, Ryan Kelly, Leonard Fournette
Walt Disney Collectibles and Gifts, Disney Figurin
Congrats to Ryan Kelly for winning the which goes to the most outstanding center!
Bass, Nick Young, Lou Williams, Ryan Kelly and Robert Sacre all need to be traded by seasons end if we wanna rebuild
permanent team captains for the 2015-16 season: Derrick Henry, Ryan Kelly, Jake Coker and Reggie Ragland.
Players voted Jake Coker, Derrick Henry, Ryan Kelly and Reggie Ragland as permanent team captains
Jake Coker, Derrick Henry, Ryan Kelly, Reggie Ragland were named permanent team captains, will get names in front of Denn…
Jake Coker was elected team captain with Reggie, Derrick & Ryan Kelly. I think that says it all about what this team thinks about our QB
And the big winners at the banquet, includ permanent captains Jake Coker, Derrick Henry, Ryan Kelly & Reggie Ragland http…
Neil Byrne and Ryan Kelly at the Temple Theater "Belfast" via
Hope Byron Scott is smart enough to match Ryan Kelly against Aminu.
I was about to be amazed that Barbosa dunked in 2015 but then Ryan Kelly hit a leaning jumper so we’re all going to die.
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