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Ryan Howard

Ryan James Howard (born November 19, 1979) is an American Major League Baseball first baseman for the Philadelphia Phillies.

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Howard Stern Sal shot with paintballs via
🐱 we need to work on your I'll choice of baseball teams but I'm calling it rn Ryan Howard will retire
Just in time to be sick for my midterm this week.
Can't breathe out of nose now... awesome.
Confident he can still compete at a “high level,” is there a market for Ryan Howard?
The whole school and work thing really getting to me 😕 but I gotta keep doing what I gotta do
I'm waiting to see if anyone picks up Ryan Howard and if he's willing to accept less $$ or a part time role. No would be my guess.
philly fans are so out of touch. These people thought Ryan Howard was good because; RBI!
Some girls be doing the most I swear.
Super excited about this one with Ryan Howard from
Happy Birthday to the Angels' all-time leader in strikeouts, complete games, shutouts and no-hitters... Nolan Ryan! 💪🎉🎂 https:/…
Im not talking reaching for a "need" pick dude! Could be OJ Howard, Ryan Ramczyk, Taco Charlton...etc!!!
.has 14 players signing letters of intent at 7 am Wednesday. Also, OL Howard Watkins enrolled early at Illino…
I remember like 7-8 yrs ago back in High School, one of my friends thought Ryan Howard was a QB for the OAK Raiders. He was deadass serious
Is there even a market for Ryan Howard, Ken?
Ryan Howard is still hoping for one more shot at a World Series ring
Book Club back this week. Current book - The Fault in Our Stars. Next - Distress Signals by Catherine Ryan Howard
Oo boy my blood is boiling right now.
Former Tar Heels Ryan Switzer, Mack Hollins, Bug Howard and Naz Jones have been invited to the NFL Combine in Indianap…
Trump doesn't have anything on him. Ryan will ally with anyone who will help with tax cuts and shredding social safety net
J.Cole just changed my whole outlook on lifestyle
becomes first ACC School to have 3 WR's invited to the NFL Combine. Congrats Ryan Switzer, Bug Howard and Mack Holl…
Congrats to Naz Jones, Bug Howard, Mack Hollins and Ryan Switzer on their invites to the NFL Combine. Go get your dreams!…
"Ya got ya sheep, ya got ya black sheep, and I'm.. I'm on the freaking moon" --Ryan Howard
the pirates should sign, Josh Hamilton, Ryan Howard and Stephen Drew... Those are the offensive pieces they need to put it all together
Nick Punto (15.3 bWAR) was worth more WAR than Ryan Howard (14.9 bWAR) over their careers
"You've got your white sheep & your black sheep.. I'm not even a sheep, I'm on the freakin' moon." ~ Ryan Howard
We going to trade everything and still have a 1B making $20m striking-out 250 times a year. Chris Davis will become our Ryan Howard
I was there when Jackie Stiles and Ryan Howard were there. My little brother started at 2b. Has some records
I'm just looking for the Ryan Howard to my Kelly Kapoor
I need that Kelly Kapoor and Ryan Howard love tbh
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Hopefully I find a Ryan Howard to my Kelly Kapoor
Don't settle for a Ryan Howard, wait for your Jim Halpert
Ryan Howard is at the 76ers game. Introduced as "Former Philly Ryan Howard". Greatest relief since Chipper Jones retired.
Ross has more WARP than, to name a few, Lee May, Mookie Wilson, Ryan Howard, and Ted Kluszewski.
Ryan Howard hits a monstrous grand slam into the third deck of Citizens Bank Park to take the lead against the Nats. h…
Nelson Cruz went over 30% in 2015. Ryan Howard did it twice in 2007 and 2008. The fourth guy was, of course, Jack Cust in 2007 at 31.7%.
The same kid who thought Dexter Fowler was Ryan Howard got mad at me because I hate the Cubs?
Mike Schmidt's average as a rookie in 1973 was .196. Ryan Howard's average in final Phillies season: .196. Combined for 93…
Ryan Howard's 2005 Rookie of the Year poster, a huge thank you to one my childhood heroes for a…
What do you get when you cross Ryan Howard's and Jeff Francouer's 2016? A Big Piece of French Toast
What they're (Utley, Rollins, Dr. Jill Biden, etc.) saying about Ryan Howard's farewell:
Ryan Howard: "I love you all, even the ones who ripped me a few months ago. And yes, even that guy who threw a bottle at me…
From 2006-2011, Ryan Howard averaged more than 43 home runs and 132 RBIs a year. That's insane. Let's remember that, not…
Ryan Howard got emotional watching his son put commemorative plaque in section 145, honoring where his 58th home run land…
Someone just asked me why Ryan Howard leaving made me upset.
Hamilton Collection
Ryan Howard takes the field as a phillie one more time. One more time.
Ryan Howard's last at bat that I'll ever see live as a Phillie and in true Howard styles... out swinging...
Ryan Howard seems like the type of guy the would pursue to play DH. Same as they did with Justice, Piazza, and Thomas
END 5: PHI- 2, NYM- 2. Rivera and Reyes initially got the Mets leading, but Ryan Howard says not so fast. He sends…
Of course it would be Ryan Howard...smh..
Between saying hello to Carson Wentz, goodbye to Ryan Howard, and AI entering the Hall, Philly sports are giving me all…
Crazy after this season Ryan Howard will be gone. The last player of the 2008 Phillies will be gone officially.😕
Ryan Howard will always remain lifelong favorite!
I know Chooch and Utley to are 95% fantasty, but Ryan Howard makes total sense replacing FA Mark Reynolds in platoon.
it's true we got chooch and chase utley and joe Blanton and now we need Ryan Howard
When the release/trade Ryan Howard, I will go into a deep depression
Safe to say Ryan Howard is healthy again (knee)— FPr HR! .
Howard says he's healthy, but is not in the lineup against a right-hander tonight: Ryan Howard says he is rea...
if Ryan Howard, Yoenis Cespedes, and Alfonso Ribeiro had a kid, it would be Dom Smith
csnphilly​.com >> Ricky Bottalico on Ryan Howard: 'I don't want to watch him hit .196'
2016 R-Phillies are basically reincarnation of Dave Kingman, Rob Deer or Ryan Howard, dependiing on your generation
Ryan Howard recalls final out of 2008 World Series title
MLB clears Ryan Howard and Ryan Zimmerman of drug allegations.
MLB clears Ryan Howard, Ryan Zimmerman of drug allegations
Ryan Howard, Ryan Zimmerman cleared in probe of PED report
MLB clears Ryan Howard, Ryan Zimmerman in PED probe -
Ryan Howard and Ryan Zimmerman have been cleared of doping accusations
Innocent of all charges as Ryan Howard, Ryan Zimmerman come up clean, according to MLB.
Ryan Howard cleared of any wrongdoing in a PED investigation following Al Jazeera report.
csnphilly​.com >> Chase Utley on Ryan Howard's HR: 'Bittersweet but you're happy'
Ryan Howard hit a grand slam on Jim Thome night at the ballpark. Thome stood and cheered. Good for them both.
With his mentor Jim Thome watching, Ryan Howard turns back the clock & cranks a grand slam. Lets appreciate this man htt…
Seriously. Grand slam for Ryan Howard as Jim Thome watches and cheers! Love it
Best moment of 2016. Ryan Howard grand slam with Jim Thome here being inducted into Wall of Fame tonight
Is it coincidental Ryan Howard hits a grand slam HR and Jake Thompson (initials J.T.) gets his first win on the night they honor Jim Thome?
Website Builder 728x90
Jim Thome in the house, Ryan Howard hitting grand slams - it was like 2005 again for Friday night
Ryan Howard serendipitously hit a grand slam on Jim Thome Wall of Fame Night. That, and game notes aplenty.
Ryan Howard is hitting .303 (20-for-66) with 5 doubles, 6 homers and 13 RBIs in his last 25 games.
Brian Wilson striking out Ryan Howard on the perfect pitch will never get old. My favorite non-WS clinching moment
Don't know whether Will Smith should get more credit for that 3-pitch K or is it just past-prime Ryan Howard being past-prime Ryan Howard.
Will Smith strikes out Ryan Howard on 3 pitches to end the 8th.
Will Smith struck out Ryan Howard (who had been 3-for-3 with a HR) to end the inning. All tied at 4 entering the ninth.
If he gets anything for Ryan Howard, make him the Commissioner of Wing Bowl
Proud to partner w/Ryan Howard & Big Piece to open Urban Youth Academy, safe place for kids to nurture ❤ of baseball https…
So fitting that Ryan Howard goes deep on day the Phillies Urban Youth Academy is named after him. Deserving honor for the
I like how the Phillies are talking about xFIP because they once gave Ryan Howard 5/125 because he hit a lot of RBI.
Welcome coach Ryan Howard to the Lake Dallas Baseball Family as our new head coach! We look forward to many successful seasons.
In 1918, Bert Adams hit .176, the lowest average for that team by any qualified player. Ryan Howard is hitting .159 this year.
Might wanna check out this stat called wOBA and then try to figure out how Ryan Howard is still on your roster.
Ryan Howard is approved as the new baseball coach for Asst from LD Bell who took Asst job at Flower Mound after '16 season.
Free Shipping at Baseball Rampage
One of the nation's top engineers gives advice to Black women who want to go into
With all due respect to the great years he gave us enough with Ryan Howard, Tommy Joseph has to play every game for the…
Paul Ryan criticized over selfie with interns Via News Break:
What ever happened to Ryan Howard lbs
That guy to the left of Speaker Ryan is Howard Kolins. Great guy. Used to produce the Radio City Christmas Show.
when will the Phillies release Ryan Howard?
you're right, Ryan Howard does play like an 836-year-old
Ryan Howard doesn't get to play unless the game goes beyond 15 innings so should be ok there.
Dwight Howard takes first photo in jersey.
Ryan Howard, Mayor Kenney to open new training facility for urban youth. https:/…
Gotta stay awake for Ryan Howard's pinch hit walk off homer.
Andrew, it sounds like he is the new Ryan Howard! 😂😂😂
"Ryan Howard signed my shoe... It got washed off in the rain"
first basemen Ryan Howard and Tommy Joseph have combined for 25 HRs ... and it's July.
Add a Ryan Howard sticker and you'll be doubly safe. .159
"You know it's a myth women have to gain more then 9 pounds during pregnancy. Look at these actresses some of the lose we…
why do they continue to keep playing Ryan Howard when they have this kid ?
I keep meaning to combine Tommy Joseph's and Ryan Howard's stat lines to enjoy the grotesque result. Gotta be like .190/.280/.400 w 25 HR.
Phillies lead Florida 4-0 in the 4th. Ryan Howard hit his 29th HR of the season. Jamie Moyer continues to own the Marlins.
trey, you're telling me Ryan Howard is worth 25 million this year?!
Donald Trump is to his followers what Ryan Howard was to Michael Scott.
leave him there till Duda is back! I can't take loney's Ryan Howard defense and backup c bat
Ryan Howard: HR Saturday broke a tie with Hank Aaron for 5th-most against the Mets all-time
Trade for the fantastic Ryan Howard and take his whole, reasonable salary too. ;)
Ryan Howard, Phillies program to unveil new indoor training center this week:
Ryan Howard will face his college teammate Brad Ziegler with the bases loaded in the ninth. Drama here in Phoenix.
Here come the 2016 Draft picks... first up is Ryan Kirby, Ryan Howard and Heath Quinn.
Ryan Howard is hitting.143? Those are some Erik Peterson numbers.
I just found out Sid smith threw a bottle at Ryan Howard and he's all over the internet now lmaooo his court pictures are lit
Ryan Howard and Odubel Herrera go deep as Phillies blank Blue Jays, 7-0.
Harambe threw the beer bottle at Ryan Howard
Ryan Howard has officially lost his starting first base job to this Phillies rookie
The torch was passed last night. Tommy Joseph takes over for Ryan Howard as Phillies first baseman. story
Day 6: Ryan Howard bottle thrower still at large. Can anyone identify this man?
but at same time can't fault Ryan Howard going for big pay day. was a late bloomer when he came to big show at 26
Adam Duvall and The Number 2 pick for Ryan Howard and Carlos Ruiz?
From tonight ... Visiting Sir Charles weighs in on a few topics, but most interesting one was on Ryan Howard:
Herrera singles and Ryan Howard will pinch-hit for Peter Bourjos.
David Wright and Ryan Howard remembering their productive seasons like:
"The guy who threw the beer bottle at Ryan Howard is a butt-hole" Larry Holmes
"Well kids some folks are too stupid NOT to have Ryan Howard's fist punch their nose into their brain. It's called natural sel" [kicked out]
.on Citizens Bank Park fan throwing a beer bottle at Ryan Howard. Video of the thrower?
Phillies send police this photo of man who they say threw beer bottle at Ryan Howard.
With the love of 1B with two first names (i.e. Ryan Howard & Tommy Joseph) they will select 1B/3B Will Craig in the 2016 draft
Phillies say this fan allegedly threw a beer bottle at Ryan Howard during yesterday's game. Police trying to ID him https…
So much for dumping Ryan Howard mid season... now it will look bad on the Phillies after this incident.
The real Philly fans truly respect Ryan Howard and will remember him as the MVP who brought us a championship, not his s…
Ryan Howard hasn't preformed this year but you can't question his love for the city of Philadelphia and the Phillies.
Ryan Howard hasn't performed, but you can never question his effort or professionalism. This is inexcusable.
Former Practice Fusion CEO Ryan Howard turns painful lessons into new startup reports
Tonight's lineups: Maikel Franco, Ryan Howard sit for Phillies vs. Max Scherzer; Bryce Harper out again for Nats
not2bad crew out there in Squamish Casey Brown, Cam McCaul, . Ryan Howard, Brett Rheeder...
Daniel Murphy has almost 50 hits in May. Ryan Howard is right behind him with 7...
Daniel Murphy with an infield single here in the 8th. He has 47 hits in May. Ryan Howard has four.
Maikel Franco and Ryan Howard hit consecutive doubles to start 9th off Jonathan Papelbon, lead 4-3
The question is, can Maikel Franco, Ryan Howard, and Carlos Ruiz (plus the no-names after them) get two off of papelbon.
Ryan Howard played college baseball at Missouri State, and 1 year in the Central Illinois Collegiate League.
Philadelphia 3B Maikel Franco (ankle) is probable & 1B Ryan Howard (rest) is doubtful today versus the Cubs.
Helpful! But you have pic of Allan Domb for Bobby Henon, Kenyatta Johnson for Allan Domb, and Ryan Howard for Kenyatta Johnson.
their fanbase? No wait - their weather? How bout Ryan Howard? We want the cast of Always Sunny in Philadelphia?
Update your maps at Navteq
Agree, though I do like the idea of bringing on Danny Valencia from Oak. What about Ryan Howard?!? :(
From the weekend: With Tommy Joseph able and ready, it's time for MacPhail and Klentak to solve Ryan Howard problem. ht…
T.Moore column: Ryan Howard hangs in there, and his Philadelphia Phillies respond
what does Andres Blanco have to do to move ahead of Ryan Howard on the depth chart? .317/.391/.952 vs. .176/.243/.665
Ryan Howard hit against a lefty there, which should tell you how the Phillies feel about Darin Ruf.
Darin Ruf is not a major league hitter and has no business replacing Ryan Howard.
Can the Phillies please stop pinch hitting Darin Ruf for Ryan Howard
Josh Hamilton signed the same contract as Ryan Howard (5/125). That deal doesn't seem to get railed on as much, tho. ht…
Ryan Howard has morphed into a much nicer Dave Kingman.
Imagine if Ryan Howard played his entire career in St. Louis?
there with Pujols, Ryan Howard and Teixeira. Hanley will heat up as the weather improves. He'll have his 20hr and 80 rbi.
Just trying to find the Jim Halpert to my Pam Beesly, but NOT the Ryan Howard to my Kelly Kapoor
$100 that Ryan Howard leaves St Louis in 2 days with at least 2 more HR
My father furiously yelling at Ryan Howard to run out his season- ending ground ball is the first and last thing that crosses my mind daily
But if you think about, the real relationship goal in The Office was Kelly Kapoor and Ryan Howard's.
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Phillies and Padres tied at 2 in the 3rd after RBI doubles by Ryan Howard and Pat Burrell. Burrell has reached base in 27 straight games.
Not arguing your point, but if you take Adam Dunn, Mark Reynolds and Ryan Howard out of the equation, Bonds is 8th
If Kelly Kapoor and Ryan Howard ever had a kid I'm pretty sure it would be me
13 minutes later, it's still 2016 and Justin "Joba" Chamberlain is still facing Ryan Howard in a Major League Baseball game.
Schmidt just said Ryan Howard got intentionally walked with the bases loaded before in 08. Can you confirm ?
Like I really just want a Kelly Kapoor to my Ryan Howard.
Freddy Galvis gave Ryan Howard a kick in the butt after last night's walk-off homer.
6th career walk-off HR for Ryan Howard. last walk-off HR by Howard was 5/28/14 vs Colorado Rockies, off Boone Logan
Non-draft news: Carlos Ruiz just hit a double to score Ryan Howard for some Friday flashback action.
back to back doubles by Ryan Howard and Carlos Ruiz. No, it's not Old Timers Day
Old Timer's Day: Ryan Howard and Carlos Ruiz hit back-to-back doubles in the 5th.
Area residents relieved to find Ryan Howard, Carlos Ruiz not dead, as initially feared
Ryan Howard reminds me of the end of Travis Lee's days with the Thoughts ?
Phils out to another early lead in Pittsburgh tonight. 5-0 in the 1st. Monster HR from Ryan Howard helped start it. https:/…
yeah and Ryan Howard is on yours. Your point Bo?
This reminded me that Scott Barry once ejected Ryan Howard in the 14th inning so Roy Oswalt had to play left field.
Vin Scully ripped Ryan Howard after he tied Joe DiMaggio on all-time home run list:.
Vin Scully is here to remind us how much better Joe DiMaggio was than Ryan Howard
Vin Scully unloads on Ryan Howard after Howard ties Joe DiMaggio
Ryan Howard tied Joe DiMaggio in career HR's tonight. He passed him in strikeouts before the All-Star break in 2007. h…
Raul Ibanez and Ryan Howard..I was at that game
Vin Scully talking about Ryan Howard passing Joe DiMaggio on the all time HR list and drops a sick burn:
It's still laughable to me that the Phillies want to platoon Darin Ruf with Ryan Howard. Howard till I die.
With Darin Ruf sidelined, Ryan Howard took advantage of his chance to hit a lefty today
I'd also play Ryan Howard over Darin Ruf every single game no matter what hand the pitcher throws. He's having a great start to the season
Drew Pomeranz is murder on lefties. So, of course Ryan Howard goes deep in his first at-bat.
Ryan Howard's homer was just the 6th Drew Pomeranz has allowed to a lefty in 313 career plate appearances
Check out MTB MAG. Ryan Howard got a new ride from Trek Bicycle. Ticket S looking good. Once again awesome job...
Ryan Howard is making $25 million this year. Just in case you were wondering
In typical Phillies fashion, they bench Ruf and Blanco who crush lefties and start Ryan Howard. Lock in Brett Wallace a…
Good to know the analytics team didn't just fold up shop and there's a legitimate reason for starting Ryan Howard https…
Ryan Howard's last home opener at bat & announcers are talking Villanova. Show some respect Tom/Matt/Ben
Ryan Howard and Carlos Ruiz are the only members of the '08-09 NL champs still on the roster who played vs. Matt Kemp’s Dodgers in each LCS.
All cheers for Ryan Howard on what is likely his final home opener.
Ryan Howard chattin it up with everyone from Pete MacKanin to Matt Kemp
Best upcoming days for the Phillies 1.) when Matt stairs resigns as announcer 2.) when Mike trout signs with us 3.) when Ryan Howard retires
To recap: Cesar Hernandez is an *** base runner, Ryan Howard still has no idea what a strike is, BP needs 3 outs still.
Ryan Howard's 359th HR ties HOF Johnny Mize for 83rd all-time.
Ryan Howard hit his 359th career homer. Passing Yogi Berra and tying Johnny Mize for 83rd all-time.
for me on that Phillies team it was more Victorino, Ryan Howard & Matt Stairs I couldn't stand. Chase is fine.
dude nose on the Ryan Howard side of the game
TBH, Mets fans. The only Phillie I would boo is Ryan Howard. Maybe Carlos Ruiz if he was introduced.
Ryan Howard gets the loudest boos because, let's be frank, he's the only one that's really known on this team.
Ryan Howard starting the season hot!
They should pick up the phone and kick the tires on Ryan Howard.
Ryan Howard is trying to stay positive despite being massively overpaid.
I guess I look like Ryan Howard from the office
With a hobbled Ryan Howard, so feeble and old, I knew in a moment the division would fold.
*brendon watching The Office*. person: wow i love ryan [howard] so much!!. brendon: Ryan and i were just friends nothing…
Here are the longest HRs of the night so far:. -Joc Pederson. -Hunter Pence. -Ryan Howard
So through one series, Ryan Howard and Carlos Ruiz are leading the Phillies in average. THE FUTURE IS NOW!!!
Ryan Howard and Carlos Ruiz are your early Phillies batting average leaders.
I switched off the Phillies for Grey's. Here are words I recently wrote about Grey's, Ryan Howard, and farewells:
Intentional walk to Ryan Howard with bases loaded by Bobby Cox's Braves
Ryan Howard came to pinch hit with the bases loaded. Astros brought in LHP Tony Sipp. Howard hits scalding liner off 1B's glove. 3-U, RBI.
I guess Angelo's prediction on Ryan Howard being cut before opening day will not come true...
manager Pete MacKanin still hasn't picked a closer, wants to see more from Ryan Howard.
Ryan Howard hit an out to John Mayberry Jr today... I feel bad for the baseball.
Another run scores as John Mayberry Jr. decides to come home on a ground ball by Ryan Howard. Throw is too late to get …
Why does Subway still have RG3 & Ryan Howard as spokesman? Might as well sign Richie Incognito & Chan *** Park too
What is going to be (especially Ryan Howard) reaction to seeing Ruben Amaro Jr coaching 1st for on Sunday? Ty
I will not have unreasonable expectations for Ryan Howard...
also I feel Ryan Howard has zero pressure and may do well bc he doesn't have to do it all
Ryan Howard just crushed a grand slam over the batter's eye in center field. Howard is 3-for-4 today with five RBIs.
That was vintage Ryan Howard, looked so easy and went forever
Ryan Howard for Clayton Kershaw, who says no
Ryan Howard hits a grand slam. Has homered in two-straight games. Franco protection?
Ryan Howard grounded the opposite way, everyone celebrate!
Ryan Howard is in lineup. So is David Lough.
Didn't realize till now, I'm Michael Scott , my dad is David Wallace, my brother is Ryan Howard, and then my cat is Jim Halpert
@ T6-3o: Michael Saunders grounds out to 1B Ryan Howard.
@ T2-1o: Ryan Goins out on a sacrifice bunt, 3B Maikel Franco to 1B Ryan Howard. Michael Saunders to 3rd. [1/2]
no Derek they signed Ryan Howard to a 200 mill contract as a ruse!!
Eugene Freeman flies out to short left field. The shortstop Ryan Howard makes the play. One down in the 9th.
I wish Ryan Howard,April Ludgate, Ron Swanson, and Michael Scott would all hang out
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I'm thinking the only ones are Joe Mauer, Alex Rodriguez, David Ortiz, David Wright, Yadier Molina, and Ryan Howard.
Really good money and baseball column, tackling Ian Desmond, Ryan Howard & Gerrit Cole.
Ian Desmond, Ryan Howard, Gerrit Cole and tough truths about contracts | NBC SportsWorld JoePa on target again!
The U of T announcers just said Darin Ruf is in his eighth season and Ryan Howard is potentially a hall of famer.
PHI [SB Nation: The Good Phight] - Phillies have a couple of team players in Ryan Howard and Darin Ruf
couldn't agree more on Ryan Howard most under appreciated number 2 Andre Igudola
I would love to see the Rays trade for Ryan Howard and/or sign Ian Desmond.
Great talk from Ryan Howard, Founder of Practice Fusion on protecting yourself as a founder
Ryan Howard: “If I go out & hit .300 against lefties, then what?”. Earth stops rotating. Sun rises in West. Rules of gravity …
The Phillies will pretend Ryan Howard is not irrelevant, writes, but it's all a mirage:
Ryan Howard will have a press conference this afternoon in Clearwater. We will carry it live on Likely around 1:0…
Giants could have drafted Baker & Madrigal instead of Bickford & Marshall & saved enough $$$ to also sign Ryan Howard or Tucker Forbes
Sports World Analogy of the Day: Joel Embiid is to Sam Hinkie as Ryan Howard was to Ruben Amaro.
Wow, someone really wants that Gary Carter insert. Not going to happen. I originally got it for just a Ryan Howard.
Bad as he was last year, Ryan Howard had a higher OPS vs. righties than Starling Marte, Adam Jones, Pujols, Lorenzo Ca…
Al Jazeera sued by Ryan Howard and Ryan Zimmerman on doping story
Made a trip down to the alma mater this weekend. Of course Blake Ahearn and Ryan Howard show up too. Trying to upstage me.
makes you think when Ryan Zimmerman and Ryan Howard sued Al Jazeera immediately and Peyton didn't
.Which contract is the worst out of this group: Ryan Howard, Jason Bay, Vernon Wells, Hanley Ramirez.
Bigger man crush/bromance with each other Rollins and Ryan Howard or Pat Burrell and Jason Michaels?
My aesthetic is Stanley Hudson shouting at Ryan Howard
I will forever say Ryan Howard should've won the MVP over Pujols back in 08' such a shame writers got that wrong
I want you to imagine that in baseball. 1B for All-Star Game: NL Duda, Ryan Howard, and Brandon Belt. AL Teixeira, C Santana, Mike Napoli.
Shout out to Hines Ward, Larry Hughes, and Ryan Howard for their cameos
Ryan Howard should shift into platoon role with Darin Ruf, writes -
manager Mackanin calls it 'a hairy situation' with Ryan Howard.
I'd say 23 hrs and 76 rbi warrants him at least platoon play.
Walking to class at 7:45 AM in the winter really forces me to resinate with Michael Scott Paper Company Ryan Howard
It's the ludicrous contract to replace Ryan Howard's ludicrous contract. Win Win!
It should be an automatic platoon, unless: A. Howard smokes lefties better than Ruf in ST, or B. Stassi lights it...
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ryan howard was in Ruben Amaro's eyes
Josh Howard was at our Basketball game tonight... So when you coming?
Phillies: Manager Pete MacKanin will tell Ryan Howard that if he doesn't hit lefties better, \"I'm going to platoo…
I blame Ruben Amaro for the Phils not being able to just buy Ryan Howard out. They STILL owe this man 25 million bucks.
Matt Klentak is younger than Ryan Howard.. Youngest GM in MLB
Mackanin: 'Hairy' Howard situation will play out in camp
My quote in -As public figures major league athletes unlikely to meet court malice standard on
Ryan Howard will never get another penny to play baseball after this year but HE NEEDS TO GIVE BACK THE MONEY HE STOLE FROM US
Ryan Howard’s final spring training with Phillies will start with yet another uncomfortable chat. More bench time?
Do you personally think JD Martinez from 2016 foward will be more Frank Howard than Ryan Ludwick?
Phillies manager Pete MacKanin talks about benching Ryan Howard if the veteran is unproductive. has more:
Mackanin says Ryan Howard could be on bench more in '16. (And he names 4 for rotation, too).
Mackanin says Ryan Howard could be on the bench more in '16.
Most Ryan Howard at-bats require liquor, at least the ones I have seen
Coca Cola cake and 3 more years of Ryan Howard strike outs ...yum
Big Darlo welcome to Ryan Howard our mascot for tonight's game. Ryan is 9 and his favourite player is
Tonight's mascot was Ryan Howard. Pictured with Alan White his favourite player.
Ryan Howard deserves warm send off in Phillies &song&...
LA is putting the 2008 World Champs back together. Maybe they want Ryan Howard?
From '07 to the day Ryan Howard blew out his Achilles, expectations were RIGHTFULLY high.
I do too. But who knows, maybe it's like Amaro covering up someone else's decision to extend Ryan Howard.
Monster game for Dwight Howard. It's his 45th career game with 20 Pts & 20 Reb, most in last 30 seasons.
Let's hope the O's get Jim Thome instead of Ryan Howard with this big Davis deal
No doubt the Phillies will finally get major salary relief after this year when the pricey deals of Ryan Howard and Carlos Ruiz expire
now Chris Davis, Ryan Howard , Pedro Alvarez those are just power hitters.
hey Jeff, what are your thoughts RE: Chris Davis? Do you see him aging well or bad like Ryan Howard?
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