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Ryan Hoffman

Ryan Hoffman (born 26 January 1984 in Canberra, Australian Capital Territory) is an Australian professional rugby league footballer who currently plays for the Melbourne Storm in the National Rugby League.

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Congrats to the Titans for punting down 28 in the fourth quarter of a playoff game.
Give a man nothing, he lets the Chiefs let him beat them. Give a man a vote of confidence, he punts down 35-7 in the Divisiona…
Received a very angry email from a man rejecting the idea that people would want to immigrate to the United States from c…
Can you imagine if we let religious fanatics from overseas come here so they could impose their horrifically repressive…
turns 17 years. Directed by: Written by: Howard Franklin. Stars:
Depends how strict the cost costing orders from Eugene are. I think (plea…
Convincing the American people that U.S. Treasuries are *our* debts -- e.g. "your share of the national debt is $X…
What is as offensive and racist as the words of the President was the silence of the Senators in the the room who said N…
When you’re so unfathomably rich you think it’s normal
Doctors misspell their own names all the time. 🙄
Alright trade Craig for Price and then let Hoffman and Ryan go to free agency or for r…
Disappointed that Liam Neeson’s defence of Dustin Hoffman treatment of women was never challenged by Ryan Tubridy o…
Liam Neeson basically defending Dustin Hoffman and about to say something that may have been controversial. Ryan Tu…
And I'm a big Pageau fan...but going into next season this lineup looks decent and cheaper:. Hoffman-Duchene-Ryan. D…
I know it's a lot easier to move Hoffman but they should really really try hard to move Phaneuf or Ryan! D…
What should the Penguins do with their roster? Will the Sabres ever be good? Derek Brassard? Mike Hoffman? Renta…
Dorion was likely given the mandate to shed salary. Ryan/Phaneuf - hard to trade . Hoffman - easy to trade
Typical Ottawa. Hoffman is needed here in Ottawa especially if he is now starting to click with Duchene.…
Only the would trade a player like Hoffman for the sake of a player like Bobby Ryan
PD: "You're calling about Hoffman? . ... Well, do I have a deal for you! What about. . a slightly used Bobby Ryan?…
I love Ryan Dzingel and all, but if they trade Mike Hoffman the left wing would be a barren wasteland. Zack Smith w…
Hes a great shooter yes, Elite shooter? No, its a salary move 100%. They know they have guys who can sc…
ECC boys basketball (8-1) won 65-51 at Punxsutawney (4-4) Wednesday night. Ryan Newton had 21 points for ECC and Lo…
Hoffman won’t be going anywhere just because he’s getting along well with Duchene. Ryan seems to be the odd man out 🧐
MacLean/Cameron did the same thing. Boucher favours his security blanket in Pyatt(why???) often in 2nd li…
Coastal states to Trump: why is Florida exempt from drilling and not us? All coastal states should file suit and ba…
Boucher says he plans on putting White on the line with Hoffman and Duchene to replace Ryan.
DM: Feud:. Jackie Hoffman recently did an interview where she stated that no one offers her many roles and that bro…
In 8th grade at lunch I decided to bend a Go-Gurt in half until it popped and sent blue Go-Gurt all over my face, in my ey…
Ottawa take:. Team that made ECF is long gone. Had playoff magic that evaporated . TSN showed yo-yo…
Putting Ryan on LTIR will save you the same money as trading Hoffman. Shut him down.
Just so everyone’s clear, here is the lineup if everyone on was healthy:. Hoffman - Duchene - Ryan. MacArthur…
Folks, Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell, knew that the Russian dossier was fake, and also that Trump was NOT being invest…
Great show last night S/O to the band Ryan Hoffman, Matthew Foss, and Atticus Forbes. Th…
Disagree. We should all ask ourselves what it means that we have a president-elect that causes White Supremacists to squea…
Coach Boucher confirms that both Hoffman & Ryan are day-to-day. Claesson sent down to make room for callups that will likely happen...
Will be smart with Hoffman and Ryan. Not sure on tomorrow.
No Ryan, Neil or Hoffman at practice today. All 3 goalies on the ice.
No Bobby Ryan or Mike Hoffman at Sens practice this afternoon.
Mike Hoffman and Bobby Ryan are both absent from practice today. Hoffman skated briefly before hand. Equipment manager John Forget is here
No Bobby Ryan and Mike Hoffman on the ice for this one.
Early power play practice for Senators - no Hoffman, no Ryan.
So Mac is out for who knows, Hoffman is day to day like Ryan.. time to make a trade
Ryan Hoffman says State of Origin, Nines can help spread rugby league across the world
Now playing the Philip Seymour Hoffman episode. What a talent, he was so special.
Hoffman meets Marks at Nets Ryan Hoffman talks to Vodafone Warriors TV about the Downer NRL Nines…
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
I don't get how they played better against the Flyers than Nashville. Losing Ryan and Hoffman maybe?
As a Ryan and Hoffman owner, thanks for pointing that out.
How long will it be until we score 3 goals? 2 games? 5 games? 27 games? Personally I think all are equally possible with no Ryan and Hoffman
1,800 year old Roman road in Africa
With Hoffman and Ryan, the Senators had scored nine goals in their previous seven games. Without Hoffman and Ryan.
Swet we lose Hoffman to an injury the other night and now Ryan tonight... and so it begins
No Ryan and no Hoffman. This isn't good
Why are all the super cute guys leaving for injuries? First Hoffman and now Ryan
.success is vehicle to take to Asia: Ryan Hoffman
leading to, years from now, making of a film called Ryan vs. Ryan with Dustin Hoffman & Meryl Streep
And they check signatures also. It just doesn't happen. These people will believe anything.
Coach Boucher confirmed Mike Condon as tonight's starter. Mike Hoffman is day-to-day while Ryan Dzingel is good to go.
Good news re: Ryan Dzingel. Will play tonight. Hoffman is indeed out.
Hoffman is day to day. Dzingel is fine. Boucher likes Dzingel with Turris and Ryan. Condon is in goal.
u would have to hack databases or impersonate someone at their polling place. Both would send up red flags
Diamonesk Personalized Engagement Ring And Wedding
yup. Basically anything bad in US history is a precedent to support it. This is scary
Why Nines can take league across the world - -
Congratulations to the 2016 recipient of the Mary A. Ryan Award for Public Service, Michael A. Hoffman, New York...
Scent of a woman is on I won't be sleeping till it's over... Al Pacino, Chris O'Donnell, & Phillip Seymour Hoffman all on their A game!!
'Most of it was running off to get replaced!' says stars run 21kms at
Congratulations Tina Kusner Hoffman, Hether Stoner, Ryan Hieber, and Rose Poff on winning the Travis Tritt...
Kings U18 goalie Ryan Hoffman and U16 goalie Chris Cataldo win USPHL Stars of the Week!
Bobby Ryan caught me taking pictures. So did Mike Hoffman, who also threw us a puck. And Mark Stone kept stick tapping the glass. I ❤ hockey
Hey guys is Ryan Hoffman still set to be the captain next season?
"rebuilt" in 2011-12. Stone, Karlsson, Turris, Brassard, Hoffman, Ryan and others now leading core. Not Phillips, Alfredsson.
Wow, you do one of Hoffman but don't do one of Ryan. Typical.
who stole Brassard and Ryan's confidence? Thinking about it add Hoffman, Turris to the list!
Ryan ain't worth anything. Cap hit 7m for a 50-60pojnt guy. EK not going anywhere. But Hoffman and 1st rounder or prospect
Very low compete level through the first 10 minutes. Phaneuf struggling mightily. Brassard, Hoffman and Ryan absent.
By the way, Mike Hoffman & Mark Stone are both better than Bobby Ryan on Ottawa at this point and you should pay attention to them instead.
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Really want to see Hoffman, Turris, Stone back together, and get Brassard and Ryan a winger, maybe Alex Tanguay on a 1 yr contract
I like trying out Dzingel with Ryan and Turris, but Pyatt with Brassard - Hoffman seems misguided .
No sens skate this morning but lines should look like this. Dzingel-turris-ryan. Smith-pageau-stone. Hoffman-brassard-pyatt. Pu…
Come out and support Ryan Hoffman, Shane McLaughlin, Dan Hazewski, Mike Burritt and Henry Buchanan as they play their fin…
Our latest on The Roar! Big thanks for the memories Ryan Hoffman, Michael Ennis and Beau Scott:...
Ryan on needs to be on everyday! Lmao, he's so uninterested in talking about himself, so Pat just keeps asking questions 😆
Give or take a few percentage points. This is a tough week to fade him. But the option would be Hoffman and not Spieth.
Paul Ryan responds to new poll that says Republicans trust Donald Trump over him
technically nobody was invited but I wasn't an accident either so that's close enough to an invitation
excited to go the 2QB. Really does add value and make the position relevant
Jordan Seich sac bunt scores Ryan Hoffman as cuts deficit to 3-1 vs. after 5 in D1 district final
Liberty plates one in the 5th. Ryan Hoffman walked and came around to score on a sac bunt by Jordan Seich.
Congratulations to Jack Bailey, Jacob Hoffman, Morghan Klinger, and Haley Livesay upon their Confirmation by the... https:/…
do you think someone should've maybe told Ryan Hoffman to skip the Red Bulls after the game?
UIW is threatening in the 9th, singles by Ryan Gonzalez and Austin Hoffman have runners on the corners with 1 out down 1-0.
Update your maps at Navteq
Did you see our of Warriors leaders Ryan Hoffman and Simon Mannering
Great meeting with Cleveland native Ryan Rule-Hoffman! Very excited to see what does for our homes!
☆Krauthhammer said Ryan is a lifelong principled conservative. Really? Ryan used his POWER OF THE PURSE to make Obama's dre…
Congratulations to Ryan Hoffman and Will Yingling for graduating with degrees in Astronomy and Physics! 👏🏻🎉🎓
"The sun’s rim rose. bloody but he. was not of blood-stuff,". Discovery/BR Poetry Contest winner Miller Oberman:
Who made this glorious work of gloriousness. They deserve credit.
League: Warriors fall to Panthers: Ryan Hoffman is tackled during the Warriors' loss. Photo: Getty Images The...
'The Warriors need to get more value out of Shaun Johnson, Ryan Hoffman and Issac Luke'. Do you agree?
Ryan Hoffman is an absolute passenger. Does the guy do anything defensively?
"A beautiful girl like me has to think of her future.". Discovery/BR Poetry Contest winner Gala Mukomolova:
Don't miss reading the winners of the 2016 Discovery/BR prize:
Lol, Ryan isn't in charge. He has almost no leverage.
KCKCC with two on, two out. Hutch coach Ryan Schmidt comes out to talk it out with his ace Nolan Hoffman.
DECEITFUL: Ryan's wife Janna is a Democrat who has lobbied $millions in funding for -DONT TRUST RYAN http…
Hoffman speaks to media Captain Ryan Hoffman spoke to media about resent off field issues, the…
Breast Cancer Awareness
Trump is treating Paul Ryan as someone he may have to work with for years on a daily basis. He is winning him. It takes t…
If Paul Ryan wants to continue "the process" with Trump, he can do it on a StairMaster. It’s OVER.
Folks seems to want instant love from Ryan for Trump. I think this slow-walk version is actually better and more believabl…
Things that make you go hmmm?: Paul Ryan's wife is a millionaire a lobbyist for the Democrats.. Hm!
VIDEO=> Actor Scott Baio RIPS Paul Ryan: "Just Cut the Crap and Get Behind the Guy"
If Donald Trump wants to enact his agenda, he'll probably need Paul Ryan's help. Give Trump time to win an ally, not embol…
Trump, Ryan meet, promise to work together, but House speaker has yet to endorse Trump.
"This is the only lesson: Without darkness. there is no music. ". Discovery/BR Poetry Contest winner Carlie Hoffman:
Wow, who knew Paul Ryan was so incredibly ineffective?.
Ryan Hoffman relishing Warriors captaincy despite setbacks on and off the field (Sport)
Springer Realty Group would like to new agent, Ryan Hoffman to our office. .
Ryan Hoffman on the issues of the last week and his words to the entire squad..
"the fires of her eyes went out when I disclosed. the fact of you. ". Discovery/BR Poetry contest winner Ryan Fox:
Big shout out to our amazing KPTennis Coaches for wining districts! Aneesh Kapoor, Robbie Shaff and Ryan Hoffman
Paul Ryan says we need cuts in "entitlements" while funding billions for anyone that illegally comes into our country.
Ryan says one thing and does another just like all of them he won…
Paul Ryan says "We need a positive message for the republicans moving forward" No Paul. We need Trump to kick *** and clean…
Former Panther Ryan Loder with 1 win and 1 loss - he'll be fighting back for 3rd. . Incoming transfer Tyler Hoffman also working for 3rd.
Challenger Paul Nehlan exposes traitor Speaker Paul Ryan. I hope Wisconsin gets it right.
Karlsson, Ryan, Stone, and Hoffman can stay. Everybody else, sorry! It's not me...its you.
His name is Hoffman. Use him! Hoff-Turris-Stone, Mac-Zibby-Ryan. Is that not a top 6. Ok trade Ryan. Quickly!
exactly and realistically I don't even think it would take Ryan money to keep Hoffman
he def knows how. He calls at the end when he leaves for the neighbors and tells them his name is murphy
Sergeant Frances Skiba Hoffman, U.S. Marine Corps, World War ll holding a photo of herself in 1944.
I just don't get it. Look how much they gave up to get Ryan. Why would you not want Hoffman signed long term. Murray is terrible
Move is to stop Trump, Party will put Ryan in, PEOPLE'S Vote…
Charley Hoffman (1st Rnd) VS Ryan Palmer (1st Rnd) team now available with open order
Charley Hoffman (Tourn) VS Ryan Palmer (Tourn) team now available with open order
Hoffman has been a nice shield for Ryan. Taking all the internal heat. Easy choice who I would take going forward!
Still don't understand why Hoffman and Ryan don't switch spots on pp for one timers
and a Former Lineman Dies on the Street
pretty sure they also have (or had) Ryan being faster than Hoffman so loool
Ryan Hoffman, the star U.N.C. football player who ended up homeless, had C.T.E.
Ryan Demgard is excellent with the ladies
but Ryan it's not like you guys choked or anything right? 🐸☕️
Next year hinges on Ryan, Hoffman, and MacArthur.
Thanks for the shout-out! We'll be sure to pass along the compliments. -RA
not sure I like signing Hoffman long term when we already have Ryan long term.
let's talk C Hoffman and Ryan Moore %'s
Shout out to Ryan Mendez for taking care of my family after a wreck. Alls ok and a new GMC Yukon! https:…
Ryan Hoffman this year is just consistently 'I am too old for these new rules, what even is a bunker'
that's what I said lol she was like no it's okay
I'm aware. I have to pencil in my Uber schedule for Friday Night
and on a completely unrelated note Thursday is my birthday! In case you were unaware 😀😀😀
(Mar. 21-27): Hoffman, Zibanejad & Ryan could do some damage before the season is up.
superman is such a dated character. Just not applicable anymore. Nearly invincible. Just boring.
FREDDIE SAYS NO! Hoffman tries to get fancy, and turns his penalty shot away.
Hoffman, Zibanejad and Ryan combined for six of Senators 10 first period shots.
Hoffman cashes in on a great set up by Ryan, who has been the best player on either side in the first period
Great pass from Ryan, great finish from Hoffman.
The old gang is back together to start -- Ryan playing with Zibanejad and Hoffman to start against Anaheim
not even close. Ryan more valuable and proved a lot more before signing. Hoffman should take his 4.5-5 mill and be happy
Hoffman yelled for that. What a backhand pass by Ryan. Great finish.
Good period from highlighted by classic Ryan to Hoffman play. They lead 1-0 after 20. 5v5 shots: OTT - 6 | 7 - ANA
Do you see how Bobby Ryan plays when he plays with the right players..? He's hit a post and he just fed a beauty one timer to…
Amazing what happens when you put Ryan Hoffman and Zibby together
End of 1 in Ottawa, Hoffman from Ryan and Zibanejad has it 1-0 Ottawa after 20.
One timer goal to Bobby Ryan to Hoffman to give the Sens the lead in the last minute of play in the first
Bobby Ryan told us this morning that when he's playing with Hoffman/Zibanejad he doesn't mind being the set-up guy. Looked …
Mike Hoffman scores the first goal of the game on a one-timer assisted by Bobby Ryan and Mika Zibanejad. Period ends 1-0 for the senators.
Ryan sneaks a backhand pass behind EVERYONE and finds Hoffman on the doorstep to put the ahead 1-0.
Ryan hits a post & now a nice feed to Hoffman. Great goal from the offside wing. Needed after going 0-5 on the PP. 1-0 Sens after 1.
Congrats to Ryan Hoffman, Dan Hazewski, Mike Burritt, Henry Buchcanan and Shane McLaughlin on their selection to play in …
Ryan has nothing to do with the Hoffman discussion. Murray was a tool on that on. Just dumb.
yep. Right on Hoffman, wrong on Ryan.
All the talk is (deservedly) about Hoffman and EK right now. But Bobby Ryan is quietly a point per game player through almost 1/3 of season.
What an amazing comeback for The Great pass from Ryan to Karlsson to end it. Can ANYONE stop Mike Hoffman? GO SENS!
It kind of snuck up on us but EK, Hoffman, Stone and Ryan has become arguably best Sens offensive quartet ever. Note, I said arguably.
Productive fantasy hockey night for me. Goal from Mike Hoffman, GWG from Bobby Ryan. Oh, and a hat trick from Shea Weber.
And thats why you dont give Hoffman too many opportunities
Am I the only person who thinks Mike Hoffman looks like Ryan Reynolds?.
The more I see it, the more I'm into it. EK as the top of umbrella with both Ryan and Hoffman on their strong sides is $$$
Tonight's starting lineup for the Hoffman - Turris - Ryan. Methot - Karlsson. Anderson
Asking to save the brain. The "new normal for of deceased players."
Hoffman (2-1--3), Ryan (1-2--3) and Karlsson (0-3--3) all contributed to the OT victory in a big way.
Heartbreaking story of a college football player. Top 10 sportswriting of 2015 for sure.
Karlsson is on pace for 95 points, Bobby Ryan is on pace for 82 points (30 goals), Mike Hoffman is on pace for 93 points (…
why does karlsson get potg, Hoffman and Ryan each had 3 points in Thursdays match against Chicago
and a Former College Lineman Dies on the Street
I didn't know hat was Virginias official school name
Ryan Hoffman played football for The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill nearly 20 years ago. He died...
Homeless and Mentally Ill, a Former College Lineman Dies on the Street
2015 HIGHLIGHTS | Ryan Hoffman Watch a collection of big plays from Ryan Hoffman during his first…
"You knew that the hand was not from Heaven Ryan." Dustin Hoffman
😡😡 Game day face with Bears safety Ryan Mundy! Come watch MNF with me tonight at Buffalo Wild Wings Hoffman Estates!
Did you know LSD discoverer A. Hoffman wrote Jobs a letter shortly after his 101st Bday?
Marsha Blackburn sounds like a great candidate for Speaker. Paul Ryan got 1 million for some underhanded crap he pulled. Hoffman
What if Bobby Ryan is a mystical being that sacrificially lends its life energy to others around him. MacArthur. Hoffman. And now Cowen
Ryan Lewis is the reason people hate the Wirral
Avon Grove's Ryan Hoffman scores TD by moving defender over goal line.
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No talent catches up for as Ryan and Hoffman take over shootout in win
Stone-Turris-Hoffman line is just deadly. Unfortunately may need to get broken up at some point to get Ryan going.
Turris is on fire, Hoffman had a great game and Cameron is trying to get Ryan going because he's making 7MM, also we won.
Ryan Hofmann throws for 4 TDs as Lindenhurst stops Longwood
over who? Hoffman deserved it that game, Turris is hot. Could argue Ryan but that worked. That said I understand it's the process
Another exciting 3-on-3 OT. Heck of a move by Bobby Ryan and heck of a shot by Mike Hoffman in the shootout.
Sens win!! Yeahh!! Thank you Hoffman and Ryan for the 2 goals in shootout!!
Seriously - the Senators are such a good looking team...Turris, Karlsson, Ceci, Ryan, Hoffman, Lazar...honestly, so handsome.
Ryan Hoffman trucks his way in to the end zone for a 12 yard TD run! AG leads Octorara 34-0 with 3:30 left in the 2nd quarter
I'm going to try this again. Hoffman-Turris-Stone, Lazar-Zibanejad-Ryan, MacArthur-Pageau-Michalek and Chiasson-Smith-Neil. Prince extra.
.on Ryan for Speaker: "If he ever wants to run for president, he's probably going to blow his chances."
For the good of conservatism and the good of the country. | Paul Ryan Should Run via
because "that's how it's always been done". The way they operate we should just be glad they let black people play
Shs and Conant might have their differences, but at least neither of us are Hoffman and isn't that what really matters?😇
I see it as a sign of hope. Hold him a couple more weeks and see if his usage improves
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is l Miller droppable in a 12 team league or is the new coach hope?
Hoffman-Turris- Stone. MacArthur- Zibanejad- Ryan. Lazar- Pageau - Michalek . or . Pageau - Lazar- Michalek . would like to see this happen
This Hoffman-Turris-Stone line is unbelievable. Throw Karlsson on the ice with them and it's almost unfair.
In for a real good year with Hoffman-Turris-Stone
Remember when Stone and Hoffman were 4th liners under MacLean?
Stone and Hoffman could cost Ryan from ever being on line 1 again.
Five faces 2 watch for the Sabres: (Kevin Hoffman-USA TODAY Sports)
Not even lsd lolz just bicycle day cause im naming my son after albert hoffman
Ryan Kesler has been named alternate captain:
."All I know is that Paul Ryan should be Speaker of the House."
Or go by a nickname so I get Katy all the time *cough Nolan cough*
Paul Ryan says he won’t run for speaker as McCarthy drops out
Rep. Paul Ryan may not want to be Speaker, but he may be the only internal candidate who could unify the House GOP . http…
“‘I love you guys but not enough to be your speaker.’” As they vote, GOP yearns for Ryan, the man who won't. h…
Personally, I'd like this:. Hoffman-Turris-Stone. Mac-Zbad-Ryan. Prince-Pageau-Lazar. Michalek-Smith-Chiasson. But that's just me.
Warriors coach Andrew McFadden has ruled out Manu Vatuvei, Ryan Hoffman and Konrad Hurrell returning to the side against Manly on Saturday.
State of Origin: Suncorp Stadium holds no fears for Blues, says Ryan Hoffman
Hoffman hails Blues' new Bash Brothers Klemmer and Jackson: Ryan Hoffman says Blues debutants Josh Jackson and David Klemmer...
Ryan Hoffman has hailed NSW's new 'Bash Brothers' Josh Jackson and David Klemmer ahead of Game I
Great from Kent Johns - first question to Ryan Hoffman - "the Black Caps have won the toss and are batting first, what do y…
Warm up this week at the Atlantic City Boat Show! Stop by Hoffman's Yacht Sales booth A45 to speak to Mike, Ryan...
This game is over without a Bobby Ryan or Hoffman short handed goal.
Rex Ryan reminds me of Todd Hoffman from Gold Rush Alaska,
Nazem Kadri: Equal To or Greater Than Ryan Johansen - (Kevin Hoffman-USA TODAY Sports) I know what you’re thinking...
I think that shows how much little things you can do to affect the outcome. The little things make up for that
And Bobby Ryan and Mike Hoffman are now in on the BBQ.
I am never letting buy me coffee again
From 2014 Draft: One in 2.10 5-star prospects were drafted. One in 4.71 for 4-stars, One in 16.22 for 3 stars and one in 42.56…
Struggle (prod. By Ryan Hoffman) off of the upcoming project EXODUS at The Dojo on
MacArthur with Zibanejad and Ryan is just...not working for me. much prefer Hoffman there. Also get Michalek off the Turris line.
If Karlsson, Ryan, Hoffman, and Zibanejad all build restaurants, they can never leave.
Marisa Tomei & Kasi Lemmons at IFP Presents the 17th Annual Gotham Awards - Show
there have only been roughly 375 5 stars in the last 15 years. 30 3 star and below. Do the math
since u would be an expert on this as a Seahawks fan was this game the evil twin of the packers game?
"RIP Phillip Seymour Hoffman. 1 year ago today police "can we come in sir" phill"why? Theres no drugs
butler got help from browner but man did he trust his eyes and put his foot in the ground. That was impressive db play
do you think booker shifts to dbs and Quinn comes to TE coach?
maybe he thought he could stop them. I mean he is unconventional
guess just don't matter when winning Super Bowl titles? 😂
Ha, fair enough. My memory is clearly already falling me
Not that I remember. Or at least, whoever it was, they weren't related.
wasn't the Bball coach at Free State Schneider?
I grew up in Lawrence. Free State class of '02 with
Well, holds degrees from Iowa State and Mizzou so ...
My entire row at now Lawrence natives/KU grads.
My guess would be Randy Peterson. Nice enough guy.
stop perpetuating the belief that stars don't matter. If you can do math from the 8th grade u know stars do matter
belichick just stared down losing and didn't blink. Thanks to a rookie DB
Seahawks doing their best villain impression
Marshall lynch postgame will just be trying to not get fined.
its bleacher report. Sad thing is it could've been written even worse
oh yea, I meant recruiting period. Would he sell notre dame knowing he's gone in a week?
can't be out recruiting now, dead period. Could be making calls, though.
so hypothetical, a player is top rb for 4 years then falls off. Is he a more deserving than a player who is top 10 for 13 yrs?
at least all the RBs by committee will cut them down in about 15-20 years
you always measure DEs by rings. Yea doesn't make sense. Maybe the great LBs Greene played besides? That's all I got
"Where do you meet all these NHL players?" Well of course.
Ryan Hoffman: “We certainly improved throughout the tournament and we’ve given us something to build on for the start of the NRL season.”
on a positive note Ryan Hoffman will be devastating for the Warriors this year 👍 ... and thats about the only positive thing at the mo 😂
In the immediate term, who does get the Brad Fittler Medal - Ryan Hoffman, Jarryd Hayne? Maybe Robbie Farah?
everyone follow Ryan Hoffman he's a awesome guy just don't get on his bad side he's awesome everyone follow him he follows back
Big Brother is watching us Cynde Knox Bacher, Laura Peak Hoffman, Ken Venegas, Ryan Hoffman and Michael Bacher!...
Ryan Hoffman of Melbourne Storm giving his 2013 World Club Challenge winner's medal to young Rhinos fan in the crowd.
I keep forgetting that we've signed Ryan Hoffman for next year
Guru's first try tips . Pat Richards . And the Smokey Ryan Hoffman
Not only does jake Hoffman listen to pitbull but he also listens to fireflies
it will either be a jack Ryan movie or star dustin Hoffman
I liked a video from Fotos de la infancia - Ryan Hoffman - DebRyanShow
So when Ryan Hoffman comes to warriors.. Who gets the cut?
Your leader after day 1... Ryan Boutilier with a 68... Burns 69. Timmons 70 Hoffman and B.Gushue with 71
Dustin Hoffman and Meg Ryan have also cancelled visits to Israel in the past over its treatment of Palestinians
Frank: Who would you rather bone, Meg Ryan or Jack Nicholson?. Me: Jack Nicholson now, or 1974?. Frank: '74. Me: Meg Ryan.
“Harrison Ford needs to play Peter Quill's dad in the next
Guardians of the Galaxy tonight with and !
you Might be a different Ryan Hoffman than I think. Apologies
Ryan is a proven liar and not to be trusted.
so definitely take one of the most creative QBs and make him fit in an offense. Yea this couldn't end badly
Someone come chill with Ryan Hoffman and I
Chris Ryan bringing the thunder on Philip Seymor Hoffman and his final movie
Watching my wonderful nephew Ryan Hoffman pitch in the USNA Baseball Camp Finals! Looking good, El Fuego! — at...
mindset of the players is changing. More chance taking in attack. Yes still revert to old kick away but better
Philip Seymour Hoffman walks off the stage in the final scene of A Most Wanted Man...what a great ending to an all-time great career
I say witness intimidation. This the problems u have when the nfl decided to police off field activities
Advance token to the Waterworks. Say hello to Ryan Hoffman.
I'm hearing Origin stars Cam Smith, Billy Slater and Ryan Hoffman all playing tomorrow but Will Chambers a "game day" decision.
Rd.15 Late Mail:- Ryan Hoffman, Cameron Smith & Billy Slater escaped Origin without serious injury & expected to back up on …
I really missed Cooper Cronk :( :( . Ok Cameron Smith, Billy Slater and Ryan Hoffman , Its time now U guys go down south to Victoria and concentrate on Ur Club games... Mi les lo Storms Out Lo Top 8 eh Sinah gagaii.. :p :p
ON THIS DAY 2013: Melbourne Storm snatched a 16-14 win over Newcastle. Ryan Hoffman and Slater combined to tie up the match with 11 minutes left before Cam Smith converted to give Storm the lead for the first time.
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