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Ryan Hardy

The Following is an American television drama series, which premiered on Fox on January 21, 2013 about an FBI agent trying to catch a serial killer and his murderous cult.

Joe Carroll Kevin Bacon Mike Weston Jack Bauer

Solid list nonetheless. Bjork in Dancer in the Dark, Ryan Gosling in Blue Valentine. Did Tom Hardy get an Oscar nom for Bronson?
Bring back We need to know what happened to Ryan Hardy!!!
"I fear all you have done is awoken the sleeping giant"
Whenever I see Ryan Gosling or Tom Hardy in a film I instantly give it an 8/10 cuz they fr make the movie
Ryan Hardy performs "Anything Goes" on the Mighty Wurlitzer at the Fargo Theatre
Please add the hardy boys signed plaque on the euroshop
Have you ever seen Kyle Ryan and Blaine Hardy in the same room? I think they're the same person!
Ryan Hardy is no longer encumbered by being a good man. He is stabbing people left and right.
On Season 2 of the Following and Joe Carroll is definitely in love with Ryan Hardy. Pretty sure they're soul mates.
get those xanax ready..if the Tigers BP wasn't already bad..Rondon Hardy Ryan all will likely be recalled tomorrow. the 14X could work
creator of "I think Node is not the best system to build a ... server. I would ... use for that."
Will the hardy boys signed plaques be available on the Euro shop?
hi will the hardy boyz signed plaques be available on the Euro shop
Ryan Hardy in The Following kinda resembles, Alexander Mahone of Prison Break. In appearance, wit and character.
talking Man crushes today and they nailed Ryan Reynolds but they missed my guys Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Tom Hardy.
Man is the browns front office Stupid
Matt Hardy vs Maxel Hardy is better than _ . . .
Goes on to knowingly LIE about Officer Ryan Hardy's shooting. Then proceeds to cover up the sale of the gun to MacP…
Wasn't as good as I was expecting mate. Not a patch on saving private Ryan. Tom hardy made it decent. Coulda been better.
If Hardy boys go singles wouldn't that mean Broken is probably not too far away 👀
Hardy & Ryan..No thanks AAA pitchers at best
With roster expansion on the horizon, here's who I think the call-up: Bell, Hardy, Labourt, Rondon, Ryan, Candelario, and Aducci.
Alien: Resurrection, starring Ryan Gosling and Tom Hardy. Directed by Joss Whedon, music by Jared Leto. Budget: $250m
right...I'm ok with working with Stumpf to sharpen him up, good arm, still can develop for next year...…
I've never been big on Hardy, even when he had a decent "ERA" times in Detroit. He isn't good enough v…
Kyle Ryan..Blaine Hardy..Jim Aducci..the list is endless..
my guess...they will play it safe..Sanchez will be gone..and guys like VerHagen and Ferrell will also g…
Idk if I want someone to love me as much as Ryan hardy loves Claire or as much as Mike Weston loves max
"Your adversity is your advantage. Your past has built muscles, not wounds." - Darren Hardy
Saw Tom Hardy might play. John Clark without remorse. Hope he reads the book first! Chris pine sucked at jack Ryan!
When thew season is over either Blaine Hardy or Kyle Ryan is getting dropped from the 40 man
It does. My favourite war film is Saving Private Ryan, hoping this'll be good. And I like Tom Hardy
there was LITERALLY no reason for ryan hardy to fake his death. like i get it, he believes evil will always follow him and will always (1/2)
Ryan Gosling will always be the one.Tom Hardy too😩
I forgot how good the following was and how much I love Ryan Hardy and Mike Weston
You guys think you have it bad? Ryan Hardy put so much time and effort into getting Joe Carroll just to be like obsessed with him and now...
Hardy makes them pay for mistake with an RBI single for 3-1 lead in 6th.
Ryan Hardy top scored for Treeton 2nds.
I'm watching a Ryan gosling film and I can't help but feel like I'm cheating on tom hardy 😭😩
KEEP UR HEAD UP UR 2 PRETTY TO BE SAD. I'll call Ryan hardy and tell him to come help you❤️
Check out this excellent video blog by Southport singer, rapper and Youtuber RYAN HARDY who was the studio guest...
Thered be a really crap plot twist and Tom Hardy would give a speech to end racism. Music would be good though.
The director of returns with another startling sci-fi vision. See first set photos:
to Ryan Hardy himself, Our favorite rule breaking dancer turns 58 today!
Ryan Cruz is calling himself version 2 and doing Matt Hardy taunts. It's very funny in a post Final Deletion world.
The first set photos from Alex Gardland's are here, and they're stunning
Ryan Hardy and Claire Matthews are relationship goals
Chris Hinkle, Colton Hardy and Ryan Worth transfer from the first Super 600 B-Main.
how do you view Justin hardy and Jamison crowder in dynasty leagues
if you want to see Ray Allen with the Cavs next year!
Warrior is underrated as well. Tom Hardy and Joel Edgerton were amazing.
Ryan has a Tom Hardy pout, nice . .
I would love to work with Tom Hardy. Maybe do something crazy or drama...
A FINAL REMINDER that our special studio guest on tonight's Live Sounds on Mighty Southport Radio is RYAN HARDY...
I can't decide what my favorite part of The Final Deletion was: Matt Hardy on a lawnmower or Matt yelling "Delete! Delete! Delete!"
Jeff Hardy was the reason I was jumping off couches all the time
I'm seeing clips in my timeline... did the Hardy's top their previous ridiculous promo?
Age Discrimination Comm. Susan Ryan says Aus fails to recognise the economic potential of older workers https:/…
Check out Ryan's reaction to Matt Hardy vs Jeff Hardy! (Sub to his solo channel, too!).
Ryan Carp is wearing Robin Jeans in 2017, with Swarovski wings and studded Ed Hardy belts.
Ryan Hardy. The only women u hook up with are Joe Carroll victims. You need a new type. 😂
I wonder what Ryan Hardy, Joe Carroll and Mike Weston are up to...
If any Ren Mccormack, Ryan Hardy or anything Kevin Bacon related accounts want to follow me go ahead and yes I will follow back :) Thanks.
Joe Carroll and Ryan Hardy from the following is honestly friendship goals af
Joe Carroll is an A+ human being and him and Ryan Hardy are in love
I don't get the Ryan Gosling thing. Give me Tom Hardy any day.
hi Kelsey I'm ryan let's be friends!😂😌 show me these places in sac cause I have no idea.
It is time we brought the American people into the room. My op-ed in Not so fast, Paul Ryan
With only a week away from start of the NBA season, we give you the story of Brooklyn's secret weapon… Mr. Whammy! https:…
Lebron James has only one goal this season
Paul Ryan supports amnesty. We the people dont
MT has a few words for Ryan regarding his demands.
MT Democrats went from Ryan throwing Granny off a Cliff to supporting him for Speaker. …
Paul Ryan is more dedicated to amnesty and immigration expansion than John Boehner ever was.
Dear time to practice what you preach-- back up those PSAs. Oh, and reevaluate Greg Hardy as well. https:…
Domestic violence for breakfast too right? Stop using pink ribbons while ppl like Hardy play.
Well ruined Madden and already got sued once for offering crap as product. & NFL is trash. Greg Hardy.
Greg Hardy is playing yet NFL has pink ribbons up everywhere.
So if Greg Hardy is playing, where is Josh Gordon? Oh & stop pretending to care about women. Hardy.
Kyle Shanahan has plenty of praise for MORE HERE:
Diggs is a WR I wanted Atlanta to draft, but I still liked the Hardy pick.
You're absolutely right, dude. We SHOULD cast Tom Hardy and Matt Ryan as part of the flight crew.
A very happy Ryan Reynolds' 39th birthday to us all!
we scored 28 in first. That's would have been enough w/ Hardy hittin ryan every play
Great interview with made news: Says Paul Ryan will not bring allow/bring immigration legislation for duration of…
Hits from tonights football break. Matt Ryan and Justin Hardy dual auto is 1/15.
MT Ryan is the boy who would be king. We already have one emperor child in Obama.
If you like your Amnesty you can keep your Amnesty with Paul Ryan
The hardy bucks and modern family's new series are on every Monday now, I love Mondays
when Paul Ryan says poors working 50+ weeks a year don't deserve paid family leave. But he does. https…
Ryan is unacceptable. If Obama and the Dems like him, they can have him!
Rep Jones (R-NC) on Paul Ryan: "This is not what we need. We need someone that can represent the American people and not…
Rep Jones (R-NC) as he was leaving the GOP conf mtg: "If I knew it was a Paul Ryan rally for the Speaker of the House, I…
Paul Ryan Demands Repeal of Founding Father Thomas Jefferson’s Rule /. Most will ignore this,…
If there were not strong opposition to Ryan before his demands, there should be now — because of them. Just my humble op…
Please Mr Ryan, Please pass on the job as Speaker. It really doesn't suit you and will limit things in the future. For U and US
gony go as either Ryan Gosling or Tom Hardy for Halloween, no sure which one a look most like
Sex Cam: Ava Hardy and MILF Samantha Ryan nailed by a single *** - Teen blonde Ava Hardy and her BF caught...
"I voted and then I did a bat flip instead of a mic drop as I proceeded to the elevator". -Ryan Hardy (legend).
to April 2014 when Chefs & Ryan Hardy delivered meals to frail aged NYers like 87-year-old Mary.
how much money would it cost to have Ryan Hardy just be my bodyguard for life?
*I look down, muttering to the floor. It's hard to get the words out* Ryan Hardy?
Ryan Hardy 's honey lacquered duck with persimmon. Go to now for an…
Love Giggsy and Neville for this. "Man United stars Neville and Giggs tell hotel squatters: stay for winter"
Rewatching bc I miss Ryan Hardy and Joe. •I may still be bitter it was canceled• . 😭😭
lol im hip we will soon next time I'm out there 😂
yeah the NFL doesn't know what is going on… they look like big jokes with greg hardy and not knowing how to catch etc. lol
Remember when Joe Carroll asks Ryan Hardy if he wants to have a sleepover???
We need a couple of hardy *** to get in & get physical with these argies.made for Ryan . Lacking aggression
Cowboys Defensive End Greg Hardy was at Hard Knocks tonight! Hear what he told us about Corpus Christi!
So excited to see Ryan in his costume. I'm gonna pretend he's Tom Hardy. 😉😍😙 (He's gonna be Bane. Lol.)
Silly Jim...the whole 'try to get rid of your murder-boyfriend' didn't work for Ryan Hardy or Will Graham, what makes you special?
Buckeye Nation lost a great one today. Pitcher Zach Farmer lost his battle to leukemia.
Things I focus on way more than I probably should:. 1. Bane/Tom Hardy. 2. Jerwayne from Phoneshop. 3. Jews in general. 4. Ryan Gosling
Gonna be constantly trying to find Ryan hardy in quantum break 😂😂
"Where can I buy ranch dressing, near me." Ryan asks Siri
Sometimes I wonder if Ryan knows the whole apartment complex can her him sing in the shower ¿
Ryan Hardy brought an old lady to new life. Please don't let him fade away.
I must have watched the hardy bucks movie about 17 times since it came on Netflix a few weeks ago and I've already seen it about 84 times
Watched the last ever as there is no series 4 planned I have to now face life without Ryan Hardy
should be on next seasons true detective. Preferably as Ryan hardy.
Spurs playin in a comp with ac milan, bayern & real, its like goin for a night on the pull with brad pitt,tom hardy & ryan gosling
Also, how about some video of Greg Hardy threatening to kill his girlfriend? Totally MUST WATCH
Video: Atlanta Falcons QB Matt Ryan has a lot of praise for former WR Justin Hardy:
The more nasty and graphic gets the more Iove it. Ryan Hardy is my hero. I want to be him
There aint no more intense TV experience than watching ... as Ryan Hardy greatest FBI agent ever
I swear when Ryan Hardy had Theos sister hostage in his flat I was routing for him to do her some damage. Ultimate anti hero
Wow, getting a big shoutout on for getting a Greg Hardy banner contribution.
Ryan developing chemistry with Hardy and Hankerson is huge, he'll have a great amount of weapons to work with this season
Ryan praises Hardy's intelligence, abilities. Also praises Hankerson, says both guys have done a great job.
Ryan just threw a perfect pass to Justin Hardy in deep corner in one on one drills
//If Ryan Howe gets signed I'd cry a single tear. If Hardy came back? I'm pretty sure there would be marking out worldwide.
Just watched the 2015 version of Hardy's Far From the Madding Crowd & it's a brilliant adaptation! Carey Mulligan is the perfect Bathsheba.
Kevin Bacon's Ryan Hardy is awesome. He can get ANYONE. Let him prove it to you. Do season 4 and watch him.
how is Hardy with his chemistry with Ryan, is he running with 1s or 2s
Watching the final episode of following, Ryan Hardy is a complete nugget, wouldn't give him a job filling envelopes. Another 2 seasons?
Think what you could do with Ryan Hardy hunting down rich psychopaths. "I can find anyone." Yes he can!
way too funny for those of us who remember the "original" Dam Ryan Hardy went deep undercover
I will make one confession .I really miss Ryan Hardy and Joe Carroll .
Ryan Hardy and Joe Carroll gotta stop acting like they don't wanna be bestfriends, I'm fed up like ur not enemies
We need season 4. Please don't let this show end! Ryan Hardy and Joe Carroll forever.
Now that in the United States, I call for Joe Carroll and Ryan Hardy to get married. S4 can be a comedy.
Robert Bohr, Grant Reynolds and Ryan Hardy of served up a night to remember at Aspen
who was it tougher fighting Ryan Hardy or Halle Berry?
Jessica Stroup aka Max Hardy, member of the Ryan Hardy door kickin' squad.
Good notes on the OTAs including RB Ryan Williams
jumping in to support love for Ryan Gosling & Pedro Pascal and adding Tom Hardy...
I'd never been called a tiger before until Ryan Hardy decided to call it me.
So season 4 of the following would have been Ryan Hardy blood splatter analyst?
''Sorry about your friends though. They're kinda dead.'' —Ryan Hardy
Ryan Hardy is dead. Joe Bacon is... well, his eyes are burning so I guess he's alive.
I think Ryan Hardy is becoming the next Jack Bauer.
It was so fun being there tonight and getting to scream Hardy! Thanks Ryan for being an awesome announcer!
There is no winning with Ryan Hardy.
In the end, when you want to get to Ryan Hardy, you don't go after Gwen. You don't go after Max. You go after Mike. Every time.
Interviewing somene of Ryan Hardy's character is as well as doing nothing.
Catch up with Ryan Hardy in The Following at 20:00 on M-Net Edge 102.
Speaking of Matt Ryan, Justin Hardy is going to be a BOSS for the Falcons. Everyone is going to regret passing on him. Anquan Boldin 2.0 IMO
Having Tom Hardy last is further proof you don't deserve him.
that's okay I would rather see more Chris Evans or Channing Tatum or Tom Hardy
Oh and Tom Hardy is the new Ryan Gosling. That's right I said.
Just watched the Trailer of "Black Mass" again all different Johny Depp. and yass I also saw glimpse of Ryan Hardy in it too
son the last episode he got shot in the head got up and tackled Ryan hardy 😒
Please pick up for at least one more season and give Ryan Hardy's story an ending.
Two of ma pets have died in the space of 6 weeks. Starting to feel like Ryan Hardy.
S3 seemed slow to start but what a finish. S4 had a great starting point. Ryan hardy = Jack Bauer?
Update your maps at Navteq
Ryan hardy has changed in season 2 I'm not liking it 😒
This'll be ma sixth weekend off the booze then next weekend am gettin back on it like Ryan hardy
you're trying to tell me that Ryan Hardy can outrun all of the other fit, trained FBI agents. 😑 not buying it.
Tom Hardy for sure and hmm Ryan Reynolds
This post says RB Ryan Williams still experiences swelling in his knee. Did practice yesterday:
Genius Idea: take all leftover Ryan Gosling merch from Urban Outfitters and paste Tom Hardy heads over them. You're welcome.
Ryan Hardy, Hey there, Why don't you check the info on how to get 200.000 NBA2015, Check the info on my Bio
Not even Ryan Hardy will be able to save you.
I had a dream I became friends with Kayne West. We also got captured by the government, got away, and then Ryan Hardy came after us... What?
Tom Hardy has taken over from Ryan Gosling as the new feminist 'Hey Girl' meme
Still not over this I get the Tom Hardy thing now
i can't breathe. Without Ryan hardy in mah lyfe it's like we even
You were great, but not nice, in The Following. I love the show and Kevin Bacon's Ryan Hardy.
Joe Carroll & Ryan Hardy have the most fascinating relationship. It's hilariously cute.
I'm fairly certain I'm okay with ending. I don't need a Season Four where we see Ryan Hardy kill just for the sake of killing
I'm hoping and praying for a reboot. Please. I need a dark (or darker) Ryan Hardy. Please.
I think I'm in love with Kevin Bacon. Aka Ryan Hardy.
Caught the finale of today. I need more! can I commission you to be Ryan Hardy in my house for a day?
It was a long time ago I met I wonder if she spoke to Ryan Hardy.
Ryan Hardy done killed bout 9383927 people lol
Hardy# please don't tell me they cancelled the following sad and disappointed
JJ Hardy and Ryan Flaherty. Jesus Christ they are pathetic.
Me too!! Think he's secretly jealous of aka Ryan Hardy.
This is "...special agent Ryan Hardy. I'm on a road...someplace outside...I don't know." It's so bad - why do I watch
Can we please get just ONE Ryan Hardy plan that doesn't go *** up?? 😩
Clark's life is on the line?? *** Joe Caroll's life is on the line too if you want Ryan Hardy to visit him!!
"Ryan Hardy lies" at least it's a better explanation than this lol
Lumberjack spotlight: Grad student Ryan Hardy reflects on her NAU journey w/ a quilt of memories.
find out when it comes back for me I need some Ryan hardy and agent Weston in my life
I really hope Ryan Vogelsong ended his last meeting with the Astros with a hardy "Vogey out!"
I'm also allergic to Tom Hardy and Ryan Gosling!
Take a sneak peek into season three of
This is for Followers only: An exclusive sneak peek at Season 3 of
New session of starting up at the Ultimate Goal. Instructors: Dan Hardy, Kevin Leveille, Ryan Powell.
I'm so excited for season 3 of Though I'm sad to see that Mike and Max are not together
Happy Birthday ! Miss you very much bro. Party Hardy up there, and make it a great one. I'll see you in another lif…
ICYMI: Get an exclusive sneak peek at “new chapter” in S3. Where’s Joe?!
Okay I'm chuffed for Ryan Hardy and that but you need to be with Claire
Almost a year after the second season of Fox serial killer drama The Following aired its season finale, in which Ryan Hardy (Kevin Bacon) finally apprehended nemesis Joe Carroll (James Purefoy) — and quite a few behind-the-scenes showrunner changes later — comes a third season that promises to be quite different in size and scope.
Everyone knows Ryan Hardy & Mike Weston from The Following are hot & if you're a guy who can admit that.. Respect. 😂😭❤️
Who doesn't love Watch the video from his roundtable for some season 3 details!
lmao his character in "The Following" is Ryan hardy. You should watch it, it's really good
aka Ryan Hardy in The Following aka the best show ever
Ryan Hardy's niece in the following has some beautiful blue eyes. 😍
Steve Pearce J.j hardy and Ryan Flaherty are the only ones who seem interested in hitting tonight
Huge Selection of Jackets at Low Prices
This at-bat by JJ Hardy is crazy right now.
J.J. Hardy double to right center scored Steve Pearce with one out. Runner on second with one out and Ryan Flaherty due up.
VIDEO: Kevin Bacon shares what's in store for Ryan Hardy in Season 3 of 'The Following'! on The Daily Quirk
WR Justin Hardy (needs 37 receptions to set the NCAA record. Former OU star Ryan Broyles has mark at 349.
I want Joe Carroll to die by Ryan Hardy first destroying his eye sockets.
Can anyone guess who gave the twin a ride at the end of season 3? Who else would help? Ryan Hardy? Some pls.
So Claire appears from nowhere, Joe apologizes and now Claire wants Ryan Hardy to move on? Ha! Joe's got her back!
a Ryan Hardy/Joe Carrol team up would be a good season.
Ryan hardy Kevin Bacon jacket available in reasonable prices.
Wow so Ryan hardy just went through bricks and bullets to save this *** Clare and she gonna be like we can't be together you got me bent
tbqh Ryan Hardy could slide into my DMs any day
Ryan Hardy is the most intelligent man on the planet
You'll never guess how fast Lorenzo Cain was running when he robbed J.J. Hardy on Saturday. Summary: Yikes. ht…
the series "the following" is a modernized Harry potter story. Joe Carroll is Voldemort and Ryan Hardy is Harry potter. it's amazing
Paul Ryan Debates Democratic House Challenger: Paul Ryan, running for re-election to the House, debates Democratic challenger Zerban
“Ryan Hardy has to make the toughest decision of his life. http:/…
Ryan Hardy really has a thing for blonde women in danger of dying.
Ryan Hardy just made a decision I did not see coming.
Only just realised Tom Hardy was a special guest in Peaky Blinders lol
Liam Taylor vs. Ryan Hardy on October 18th in Manchester, UK
"The Following" series stops my heart more often that the heart of Ryan Hardy. 😱👍
I had Adrian Peterson Greg hardy Calais Campbell and Ryan Mathews who are all out and now Victor Cruz
“J.J. Hardy and Ryan Flaherty take some swings. that 2nd hit from flaherty
Ryan Hardy is such a smartass it makes the show 30x better
😂 well keep an eye for Ryan Hardy bruh
Thank you Ryan. I will be here in few minuts. *put my jacket on and stop the call, walking to my car*
I killed a man Ryan... Not for work but in my personal life.
I was in jail Ryan... I did a very bad thing... *sigh and sit on the couch*
Mike! It's Ryan. *his voice still groggy from the IV solution* How you been?
+ every 3 days to check on you, but she didn't leave a number. Sorry." *he picks up his fork* It's fine. Thank you. "No, Ryan, thank you."
+ "Here you go." *she hands him a rolled silverware set & turns to walk out, but stops & shyly turns back to him* "Mr. Ha.., I mean, Ryan? +
+ Mr. Hardy crap. Just call me Ryan. *she sets a plate on his table* "Okay, Ryan. Can I get you anything else?" *he smiles* Yeah.. a fork. +
nah I'm ok with cams and Ryan's rating just mad Luke wasn't top 10 and Greg Hardy wasn't top 30
Thanks for your help Ryan. I don't know how to repay you for that.
Part of me totally wants a Following/True Detective crossover, mostly with Ryan Hardy trudging one way and Rust & Marty trudging the other
Oh, yesterday was birthday!! Hope you had a wonderful day! Love all your roles, long live Ryan Hardy xd
He wasn't armed... *look down* And he didn't deserve that. It was all my fault. I slept with his girlfriend...
We will tell that he aims at you...
oh, thats nice, true revenge, Mike, I will make it up, you wont go to jail.
--was there and we had a fight together and I shot him and killed him...
but the worst part... is... I... this woman had a boyfriend and he came to see Max and he wanted to have his revenge but I--
First I betrayed Max... When she was at the hospital, I go out with friends in a bar and I was drunk and I... slept with--
Ryan Hardy sleeps with clothes on. Who the *** does that
All smiles from the Dixon family during their One Day Wonder with Ryan Hardy check out the rest of the shots in...
Joe Carroll impersonating 'Ryan Hardy swagger' is the coolest thing. featured in NBC s Science of Love
you don't want me to believe you're Ryan Hardy. I will obsess over you
your name is Ryan Hardy and you are the baddest dude in the world.
Ryan Hardy was the Hardy brother the others disowned.
Yes, tell me mike, Im always here for u buddy,
Is it me or is Ryan Hardy turning into Joe Carroll in season 2?🔪
Are you ready ? Because it's a very very long story... *sit on the edge of the desk, folding my arms*
--me okay ? She is pregnant and I don't want her to stay alone.
It's a long story Ryan... *sigh* But I lose my mind. I'm not the same anymore and you know that. Just take care of Max for -
The 11th inning was full of power. Watch Davis: Hardy: Machado:
so ... can we watch the finale so we can finally see Ryan Hardy kill Emma?
Don't forgot Ryan recommended Smith for GM job. Garza trade, Santana trade, Hardy trade. You all were so happy when Hunter left.
Sorry late reply.I used to watch True Blood and my daughter still does.Don't know why I stopped.XX
The 2nd season of was great but WHY must Ryan Hardy go alone everywhere & why didnt he kill Joe :@ argh
I'm that horrible friend that reads your text then puts the phone down to do something and forgets to reply until 3 hou…
Yes I know that Ryan. But don't worry. Just please if I go in jail just take care of her...
It's my niece, I should worry about her Mike!
Remember which one of us got Ryan Hardy on that quiz?
I will rape Ryan Hardy one of these days, just wait
Can't wait till Ryan Hardy and Joe Carroll come back on tv 😈
I never knew Ryan Hardy was a deado
Who ever run the Ryan Hardy page I wish they stop inboxing me please Please
Kevin Bacon will spend his hiatus from The Following, where he stars as FBI agent Ryan Hardy, playing an FBI a...
Jourdan travels to Charlie Bird in NYC’s SoHo to learn the art of handmade pasta from executive chef Ryan Hardy. The two create a spicy dish called maccheroni inferati, which was added to the restaurant’s menu. To learn more about Charlie Bird,…
Justin Hardy is now ranked the 10th best WR prospect in the 2015 draft according to
At the carnival with Cameron Ryan Hardy thanks homie
Strict stepmom Samantha Ryan and teen Ava Hardy share a ***
i feel like Ryan Hardy only that i don't have a bottle of vodka
Lol the twins alcohol hazed Ryan hardy ✊🍸
who would win Hannibal or Joe Carroll in one match. Jack Bauer or Ryan Hardy in another?
Jj hardy been the biggest offensive disappointment on this team , has given us nothing! even ryan flathery has more home runs!
Free Deep Chocolate VitaMuffins on $79
Congrats and Ryan V. to making it to state in the 4x 800m!! 👏🎉👟
great Ryan meeting hardy and Sedo outside Maldron 6.30.
Having major withdrawals from :( come on already with season 3. Totally love Ryan Hardy ❤️💋
Bacon notes Ryan Hardy's obsessions are like whack-a-mole - knock one down (alcoholism) and another pops up (Joe Carroll).
'Edge of Tomorrow' is 'Groundhog Day' meets opening 15 mins of "Private Ryan" meets a video game. Some good moments/design but too long x
Trigg Beach (WA/AUS) (Thursday 29th March 2014), Some of the countries most exciting bodyboarders are set to line up in Mandurah this weekend for the second event of the 2014 SunSmart WA Bodyboard Titles presented by Good Earth Surf. After an exciting series opener in Yallingup back in March, WA’s best riders have had ample opportunity to fine tune their skills in hope of travelling to Coffs Harbour, NSW in August for the National Bodyboard Titles. Western Australia is renowned for producing world-class bodyboarders including Chad Jackson (Dunsborough), Joe Jordanoff (Dunsborough), Brad Hughes (Trigg), and Ryan Hardy (Margaret River), who have all carved out international careers after competing in these same events as juniors. This traditional set to continue over the weekend, as an electrifying group of fresh young talent will converge on Mandurah for what is set to be an action packed weekend of high performance bodyboarding. Mandurah has recently become a mecca for many bodyboarders with the Peel re ...
Am I the only one who misses the days when Ed hardy was cool ?
The main characters on the Call of Duty games pass out and come to, like that scene in Saving Private Ryan, more times than the Hardy Boys.
Ryan Hardy, His niece, and Mike in for the win!! Lehgoo!
"Sorry about your friends, Joe. They're kinda..dead"-Ryan Hardy
na I didn't lose her I just thought I did lol
who not? Crying is terrible, except of happines
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