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Ryan Gosling

Ryan Thomas Gosling (born November 12, 1980) is a Canadian actor and musician.

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why? WHY does Ryan Gosling have to be in the Blade Runner sequel???
Harrison Ford and Ryan Gosling go back to the future in dystopian new 'Blade Runner 2049' trailer…
If Blade Runner continues to question who's allowed to be human, surely Ryan Gosling's the very last person to whom we'd…
Check out the first trailer for featuring Ryan Gosling, Harrison Ford, & Jared Leto!:
Ryan Gosling, Jared Leto, Harrison Ford, Dennis Villeneuve AND Ridley Scott? That's like the avengers team up in real life.
When it involves Ridley Scott, Ryan Gosling and Jared Leto in a movie, you know I gotta watch that!
looks sick! I think that I may go see it when it comes out. Plus I like Ryan Gosling and Harrison Ford and Ridley Scott.
Oh excuse me, first FEMALE child star. Justin Timberlake and Ryan Gosling came out americas sweethearts somehow
We need to get Ryan Gosling to star as Joe Inglis in a movie about the 2017 Utah Jazz.
Half Nelson is also pretty much the first film where Ryan Gosling was taken seriously as an actor.
If you have not seen Half Nelson you owe it to yourself to do so. Ryan Gosling's performance is one for the ages.
If you've not seen "Half Nelson", check it out. Ryan Gosling's first Oscar nomination for this role.
Paul Newman . Paul Walker. Paul Mitchell. Ryan Gosling. Ryan Reynolds. You know, the guy from Wisconsin with beautiful t…
why is Ryan Gosling wearing a Lisa Frank shirt and why am i following the Lisa Frank ig page
I have a Russel Crow face with a Ryan Gosling face attitude
Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling behind the scenes of La La Land
Free Shipping at Baseball Rampage
Now imagine Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone in that are actually Howard Moon and Vince Noir
La La Land but Ryan Gosling is obsessed with space disco
La La Land (PG-13) is new to our lineup! See Oscar-winning actress Emma Stone shine with Ryan Gosling in this...
okay the combination of young Ryan Gosling and Hilary Clinton is hilarious
Every time Ryan Gosling smirks an angel get it's wings.
Justin Trudeau is dressing like Ryan Gosling now
Ryan Gosling on shooting "Lost River" and the lead up to Cannes 2017 in this month's issue of Movies by Mills.
I'm against remakes, but... A remake of The Blues Brothers with Ryan Gosling as Jake and Dan Stevens as Elwood? Anyone else needs this?
"It was a functioning, living, breathing world." Ryan Gosling on filming with Denis Villeneuve
Have decided that Dan Stevens is the hybridization of Chris Evans + Bradley Cooper + Ryan Gosling. Don't @ know I'm right.
Ryan Gosling and Tom Rothman take the stage to do something Blade Runner-y.
"Prepare to start going steady with the edge of your seats." Ryan Gosling teases ht…
"Blade Runner" concept art, in honor of "Blade Runner 2049", starring Harrison Ford and Ryan Gosling.
The is what Lupe Fiasco has been prepared his whole life to do. They'll use Ryan Gosling though.
Me & Dan watched Nice Guys tonight and it was actually really good... and Ryan Gosling was easy on the eyes as always 😍
ok I figured it out - watched it using my laptop 💜 Thank heavens Ryan Gosling turned the role down.. Dan is so perfect for it!
Ryan Gosling's characters always seem like someone Dana Foster from step by step would date. Like good boy who thinks…
only once this week has this been said, in person, to me. for the record, i'm not. i also look nothing like Ryan Go…
Ryan Gosling reveals why he was really laughing at the Oscars' best picture blunder:
star Ryan Gosling explains why he got the giggles onstage during this year’s fiasco.
Man I just love Ryan Gosling so much
Ok since the Americans are asleep I'm gonna say it:. Ryan Gosling isn't even that hot
'I was so relieved' Ryan Gosling on THAT infamous Oscar mix-up
I may or may not have a folder of me and Ryan gosling already 👀👀
Ryan Gosling explains why he laughed during the mix-up:
Ryan Gosling reveals REAL reason he was caught giggling during that disastrous Oscars mishap
but is Ryan Gosling ready for Andres??? 🤔🤔🤔
*** Ryan gosling is making another film?!
Ansel Elgort channels Ryan Gosling for his cover of "City of Stars" from "La La Land"
Find out who's expected to become the highest paid actress in Hollywood, and why Ryan Gosling got the giggles at...
Ryan gosling isn't necessarily super hot, he was just cute in the notebook
Ryan Gosling was in Las Vegas today, doing the least Ryan Gosling thing ever
"This bothered me because I really like cereal" - on the Ryan Gosling won't eat his cereal meme. LOL'd!
Ryan Gosling finally explains why he giggled his way through the Oscars mix-up
Ryan Gosling, Michael F. and Florence Welch chatting on the set of 'Song to Song'
Josh Lucas, look like he's a child made of Tom Hiddleston and Ryan Gosling.
What's going on LA? 'Suddenly Patti Smith was there': Ryan Gosling, Rooney… Get Found ->
'Suddenly Patti Smith was there': Ryan Gosling, Rooney Mara, Michael Fassbender at SXSW on working with Terrence…
Ryan Gosling & Michael Fassbender Bring 'Song to Song' to SXSW: Ryan Goslin.. via
"We just hanged out with Patti Smith in a few days while shooting here in Austin" Ryan Gosling
Ryan Gosling on working with Terrence Malick: "Every day is different. Suddenly Patti Smith is there."
Ryan Gosling looks like a amalgamation of Ryan Reynolds, Dean Ambrose and a pinch of Liam Hemsworth
An exclusive look at Terrence Malick’s new movie, Song to Song, featuring Patti Smith, Ryan Gosling, Iggy Pop,...
I haven't seen it yet! It looks amazing though. Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling are perfect human beings
How we pranked a german award show with a fake Ryan Gosling. Subtitled!
This is like store brand Ryan Gosling. Way cheaper and not as good.
i ALWAYS miss ryan gosling at sx solely because of my work schedule and of course this year is no different :-/
A dude pretending to be [Ryan Gosling] got through security and made it on stage! HOW?!? He looks NOTHING like...
I can finally identify Ryan Gosling & Ryan Reynolds in side by side photos.
Eva Mendes looks sensational as she reveals why she didn't attend Oscars with Ryan Gosling
Ryan Gosling impersonator accepts trophy at German awards show
move over Ryan Gosling, Hrithik is the original dude who looks photoshopped (and Bang Bang is delightful fluff)
Dancing, singing and piano playing Ryan Gosling. 😍
Don't miss Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone in the Golden Globe Winning and BAFTA nominated 🌟 In cinemas everywhere…
looks like the child of PeeWee Herman and Ryan Gosling.
Fake Ryan Gosling German film award after – video
How two German comedians pranked an awards show with a fake Ryan Gosling
He looks like Ryan Gosling stung by a bee.
For Eva Mendes, being a mom is better than any red carpet.
Ryan Gosling's reaction is everything. this is why I love him so much, and he went straight to congratulate the moonlight…
Fake Ryan Gosling accepts German film award after convoluted prank – video
A Fake Ryan Gosling Accepted an Award for La La Land as Part of an Elaborate Prank (VIDEO)
Fake Ryan Gosling accepts German award after convoluted prank – video - The Guardian
Probably sounds better than Ryan Gosling singing it 😂
Ryan Gosling biting Rooney Mara's foot, this guy is literally living the dream
Eva Mendes and Ryan Gosling make a beautiful pair, but you won't find them walking the red carpet together any time…
.is Ryan Gosling's ex, are Rooney Mara's band. Plus unreleased Patti Smith
John Legend should've been playing Ryan Gosling in that movie.
Hang on. sorry. There's been some confusion with the envelopes. My wife says Ryan Gosling has won. Sorry again.
Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling at the 89th Academy Awards ceremony.
📸 Emma, her brother Spencer and Ryan Gosling taking a selfie last night 📸
"Ryan Gosling might get to play James Bond for this one perfect reason"
And there we have it, your stars. Emma Stone is in Haute Couture and Ryan Gosling is in
Ryan Gosling is a national treasure.
Great 70s band, Russell Crowe and Ryan Gosling, all sorts of fun at The Nice Guys Premiere last night!
"Hey girl, someone messed up." Ryan Gosling's on-stage reaction to that Best Picture mishap is priceless.
Ryan Gosling reacts as the true winner of best picture "Moonlight" is announced at the
La La Land is excellent as is it’s male lead Ryan Gosling. He may appear to have it all, but just remember no one is perfect.…
Yes, Emma Stone won Best Actress - but she also won this look from Ryan Gosling.
Emma Stone hugging Ryan Gosling after she won the Best Actress award.
true, but it was wrong of Ryan Gosling to call Sayyid Qutb "the best jazz man of all time". Qutb didn't even *like* jazz!!
I enjoy the fact that in this photo Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling look thrilled for Moonlight:
Ryan Gosling decided to pay homage to his beloved sister Mandi at the this year...
I just don't get the Ryan Gosling hype
Denzel Washington, Ryan Gosling, and Andrew Garfield are still winners to me
The Oscars 2017: Jimmy Kimmel brings tourists into awards show to meet Denzel Washington and Ryan Gosling
Watch an red carpet interview with Lead Actor nominee Ryan Gosling. Presented by
"Oh look at me I'm Ryan Gosling, I have perfect bone structure and kind eyes. Go f— yourself" htt…
Vicky and Ryan Gosling know something we don't.
now Ryan Gosling knows how we felt when we were standing on the Blazers court trying to get our front row seats.
[P] I think the problem was that Ryan Gosling's character just didn't explain jazz hard enough.
Emma Stone: "Ryan Gosling, thank you for making me laugh and for always raising the bar." htt…
Everyone won in 'La La Land' except Ryan Gosling. *** for him. What a loser. Will just have to keep being incredibly rich & attractive.
Unseen footage: Kate and Leo passing the friend zone baton to Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling
La La Land, but Ryan Gosling's character spends the movie mansplaining ska.
Look I love Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone is okay, I guess, but they are not Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet.
Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling are the new Kate and Leo. Just get married already!
Ryan Gosling looking at Emma like Leo when Kate won first
Ryan Gosling was an absolute liability at Cornerback for the Titans! Ha! Ha!
"City of stars,. You never shined so brightly.." ❤️🎶. Emma Stone y Ryan Gosling
When all you wanted was to see Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling sing their own songs but John Legend does it instead
Ryan Gosling & Emma Stone are this generation's Leo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet.
Ryan Gosling looks more like Walt Disney than Tom Hanks does
Wardrobe malfunction alert! I knew Ryan Gosling shouldn't have worn that strapless top.
How all of us would react if we got to interact with Denzel Washington and Ryan Gosling
I would literally MURDER Jimmy Kimmel if he got me in front of Ryan Gosling in casual attire.
I will forever love Ryan Gosling for standing up and shaking these people's hands
That tourist that just looked at Ryan Gosling and called him beautiful to his face is the reason I'm alive
OMG Ryan Gosling you are true goals 😍
Look at me the way the black lady looks at Ryan Gosling 😂
absolutely SWOONING at Ryan Gosling right now ngl
"This is Ryan Gosling, he is very handsome careful don't look into his eyes"
The black lady about to fall in love with Ryan Gosling. Shjxxkbdf
The lady reacting to Ryan Gosling is KILLING ME!
Ryan Gosling is such a good Canadian boy shaking everyone's hand.
OMG that woman's reaction to Ryan Gosling
Ryan Gosling is killing me with his beauty.
That one lady with the selfie stick making longing, jaw-dropped eye contact with Ryan Gosling is an enchantment as well
"Ryan Gosling. Don't look into his eyes."
Girl I would be starstruck if Ryan gosling kissed my cheek too
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Did Ryan Gosling just give some of his swag bag away?
She is blinded by Ryan Gosling. I hope somebody got a GIF of that!
Ryan Gosling deserves it all bro he's an incredible actor
All I want in life is for Ryan Gosling to hand me Junior Mints and Red Vines
Okay, Ryan Gosling shaking hands and giving cheek kisses is kind of ridiculously cute. And who doesn't love Denzel?
Ryan Gosling is seriously the nicest guy he gave Gary his program!
'Its is Ryan Gosling dont look to his eyes"
Ryan Gosling is making my heart melt 💕
OMG, Ryan Gosling just kissed you, I'm gonna die! And then you get to meet Denzel?!? JEALOUS!
Ryan Gosling is the greatest. I love that dude.
Ryan Gosling acting as the official front row greeter at the Oscars.
Ryan Gosling is the only star actually voluntarily greeting these common people. Class act. :)
I AM that girl who ran to the front of the line to meet Ryan Gosling
Just the sight of ryan gosling makes ME WANT TO 😡😡😡
That woman who got a kiss from Ryan Gosling is all of us!
I AM that woman that just got kissed on the cheek by Ryan Gosling. Oh my gosh.
me literally every time I see Ryan Gosling .
I would pass out if Ryan Gosling kissed me on the cheek
I want Ryan Gosling to hand me a box candy I will not die before it happens
"This is ryan gosling, he's very handsome, don't look him in his eyes" LMAO
I think ryan gosling is the only white man who id let get it raw
Ryan Gosling please marry me, juro que no soy tan Rachel McAdams
Ryan Gosling just gave away his Oscar swag bag to a tour bus rider
"This is Ryan Gosling. He's very handsome, don't look into his eyes." 😂😂😂
Ryan Gosling is GOAT. I think I fell in love yo
I want to be Gary, the man that Ryan Gosling just gave all of his candy to.
I think my prom date wore the same shirt that Ryan Gosling is wearing at the
The girl who jumped the line to meet Ryan Gosling faster is me
Shout out to Vicky checking out Ryan Gosling.
This is Ryan Gosling- very handsome, don't look into his eyes
The way that woman looks at Ryan Gosling 😍
SPOTTED: Justin Timberlake and Ryan Gosling had a little Mickey Mouse Club reunion at the 👀👍😄
Justin Timberlake and Ryan Gosling add a little magic to the with an adorable Mickey Mouse Club reunion
Justin Timberlake and Ryan Gosling started from the Mickey Mouse Club now they're here, at the
Ryan Gosling & Justin Timberlake had a Mickey Mouse Club reunion at the 😍.
Ryan Gosling has arrived at the 2017 and now our dreams may finally come true:
Ryan Gosling looks like an average joe I can't
Ryan Gosling and Mathew Broderick have the same godamn voice
weekend flashback: Justin Timberlake and Ryan Gosling's best moments together on "Mickey Mouse Club"
Matt Damon, Ryan Gosling, Meryl Streep and Dev Patel named presenters for .
The worst scene in La La Land is when Emma Stone gives Ryan Gosling permission to save jazz because she already solved rac…
Saw today (finally!) Absolutely brilliant. Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling deserve Oscars, as does the film itself.
In what way? Each category is an event. Emma Stone isn't competing against Ryan Gosling.
I hope SO MUCH that Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone will perform City of Stars live at the Oscar tomorrow!!! So emotional.
stars Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling share their first credits
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I secretly love La La Land now. Emm Watson and Ryan Gosling have great chemistry lotta coordinated dance chemistry going on.
Low key want a night like Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling have in Crazy, Stupid, Love
Has anyone made a supercut of Ryan Gosling explaining jazz in LaLa Land with Ron Burgundy playing flute yet
How lyricists changed their tune for Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling
Isn't it weird that Denzel Washington and Ryan Gosling are both nominated for Best Actor, and they were both in Remember the Titans?
Dream guests for my podcast- Kate Kelly, John Dehlin, James The Mormon, Ryan Gosling, and Jeffrey R. Holland. Please connect me thank you
John was the James Franco. Paul was the Ryan Gosling.
Forget a boyfriend I want my own Ryan Gosling .
to star in Damien Chazelle's Neil Armstrong biopic : via
Every woman has dated the jazz snob. Even Sex And The City did an episode about Carrie dating a jazz snob
I'm so glad I finally went and saw La La Land today. I absolutely love Ryan Gosling, music, LA landmarks and movies with actual soundtracks.
John Legend rather than Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling will sing La La Lang songs at the Oscars. This means they were auto-tun…
Even in Blue Valentine, were he looks like the ultimate dad, Ryan Gosling is dreamy as ***
Will Ryan Gosling be your ? Major props if you understand the joke going on 😏
Please RT? 5 Ryan Gosling quotes on parenting that will melt your heart
IMPORTANT MESSAGE:. ryan gosling is hot
Contact Music - Ryan Gosling missed the BAFTAs due to a 'family matter'
Ryan Gosling on the Remember the Titans set.
Ryan Gosling is great in La La Land but he's transcendent in The Nice Guys.
I have always liked Giovanni Ribisi I feel like he is so underrated as an actor he should have a Ryan Gosling career
Everyone is freaking out over why Ryan Gosling didn't attend the We investigate...
if Ryan gosling was a Disney princess, he'd win.
"If Ryan Gosling didn't have 2 kids and a wife I would totally get a *** if he asked me to."
After seeing La La Land, I had no idea Ryan Gosling could play piano or was the main musician in Dead Man's Bones.……
probably gonna listen to City of Stars every night because it's like Ryan Gosling is singing me to sleep:)
"necessary scene" . uhuks, even Ryan Gosling is viewed as a white savior of jazz in la la land..
When u thot the music that Ryan Gosling's character in lala land makes with John Legend was fake but your coworker starts playing it ...
Ryan Gosling's got a really strong Gene Kelly vibe going on... Or is that just me?
OMGOSH. I am actually in love with Ryan Gosling. ?
Steal some style moves from the 5 best-dressed men of the week, including and
La la land was ok i guess. but like, 2 hours of ryan gosling?? yes pls
Ryan Gosling playing the piano is the sexiest thing ever !!¡¡
You da man BEST ACTOR for - Oh wait a min, Ryan Gosling must be feeling like…
I hope Ryan Gosling accepts his Oscar pantless.
Adele deserved it and Ryan Gosling invented jazz. Period.
Leading Actress BAFTA winner Emma Stone says the sweetest thing about her La La Land co-star Ryan Gosling.
But when do Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling perform City of Stars?
at 4:30 AM we were high and arguing about whether or not Ryan Gosling is a sex symbol
Ryan Gosling aka the fittest man who's ever walked this planet 😍😍😍😍
La La Land Director Dishes on Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling's 'Organic' and 'Phenomenal' Onscreen Chemistry - PEOPLE…
Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling have amazing chemistry, says La La Land director
Leaving Las Vegas, starring Ryan Gosling and Ginger Rogers. Directed by James Cameron, music by Madison Avenue. Budget: $1m
Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling are easily our Ginger Rogers and Fred Astaire:
"It must suck to be everyone who's not Eva Mendez". -Kevin Smith on everyone who's not with Ryan Gosling. 😂Thanks Kev!
Dustin Lance Black helmed 70s detective story with Russell Crowe and Ryan Gosling.
Me ha gustado un vídeo de (- Ryan Gosling: "I was sixteen and I didn't know any better").
Ryan Gosling explains to us why Irene from Drive would have mixed feelings about stronger restrictions on purchasing ammo
Why you do this? There's Ryan Gosling, Zac Efron, Ryan Reynolds, Chris Evans, Matt Bomen, James and Dave Franco. Li…
Ryan Gosling & Emma Stone - City of Stars in the Hong kong iTunes top 100 chart.
City of Stars by Ryan Gosling & Emma Stone is number 1 in Hong Kong top 100 songs
Get your facts straight - Mary Martin, not Julie Andrews in "Sound" Ryan Gosling is no Gene Kelly via
Meryl Streep fixing Ryan Gosling's tie at the SAG Awards is everything
I've learned it's important not to limit yourself. You can do what...
Mahershala Ali, Rami Malek and Ryan Gosling topped our best-dressed dudes list at the
God Ryan gosling is so fine and perfect he's def top 3 people I would marry
5 VERY important things you missed from last night's (inc. why Ryan Gosling and Winona Ryder went viral)…
Ryan Gosling is not that cute... don't quote me on that
Meryl Streep takes a moment at the to fix Ryan Gosling's bow tie
Ryan Gosling reveals the biggest challenge of filming
Yup and it's just an ok movie. The Nice Guys is a much better and entertaining Ryan gosling movie
All purpose parts banner
's reaction to win at the 2017 SAG Awards is so cute:
Meryl Streep fixing Ryan Gosling's bowtie at the SAG Awards is a perfect moment
Find someone who looks at you, the way Ryan Gosling looks at literally anyone on the stage.
This candid moment where Meryl Streep adjusts Ryan Gosling and more photos from the https:…
I'm so invested in Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling's not relationship.
Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone when they realize they have to perform those La La Land songs live at the Oscars
Ryan Gosling, Emma Stone, and Amy Adams at the SAG Awards 2017. (Source: mcavoys on tumblr).
Emma Stone thanks Ryan Gosling: "You’re the best. That’s just the truth. No one can argue it."
Moving forward I don't want to see Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling co-star with ANYONE ELSE you hear that ?!
Ryan Gosling's new waxwork is a little bit creepy
He brainstormed that term with Ryan Gosling and Kristen Scott Thomas in an effort to find the most demeaning insult possible--
Pretty crazy that Michelle Williams and Ryan Gosling got nominated for BLUE VALENTINE this year!
just to help Ryan Gosling lower face, Ryan Reynolds forehead and Chris Pratts eyes.
it is actually Ryan Gosling, Ryan Reynolds and Chris Pratt mixed into one.
Eva Mendes and Ryan Gosling's under-the-radar romance, in pictures:
cant tell if this is wax figure Ryan Gosling or
ummm Ryan Gosling looked fione asf in that film.
Ryan Gosling's best roles: From the Mickey Mouse Club to 'La La Land'
it was good but I feel like everyone RAVES about it. It was extremely slow moving. But I mean...Ryan Gosling + Emma Stone 😍😍
Ryan Gosling is so handsome but the new wax figure they made of him is so awful
I feel like my brand is a slightly off, disfigured wax statue of Ryan Gosling
If Ryan Gosling doesn't win the Oscar this year I can't even.
I really feel like none of this would be an issue if they had cast, like, Jesse Williams instead of Ryan Gosling.
Ryan Gosling is a star after his time .
Ryan Gosling peaked in Remember the Titans. Don't @ me.
Five things you probably didn't know about this Oscar nominee.
Ryan Gosling being an Oscar nominee for Half Nelson and LA LA LAND, but nothing in between feels super weird to me. (I like him in both)
Exciting that the best song nominees include Ryan Gosling and Justin Timblerlake. The Mickey Mouse Club reunion starts here…
Aww! Ryan Gosling had such sweet things to say about Eva Mendes and their daughters, Esmeralda and Amada:
Madame Tussauds miscalculated some key details of Ryan Gosling's beautiful face:
Hidden Figures was really good. Haven't seen La La Land, so don't know about that one. But it has Ryan Gosling so will probably get an Oscar
Why did noone tell me all my all time faves won Golden Globes this year 😍 Tom Hiddleston, Hugh Laurie, Ryan Gosling, Emma Stone 😍
Well, there was that scene where Ryan Gosling complains about free trade agreements destroying American jazz.
Just saw La La Land and I'm gonna go ahead and say it…. Ryan Gosling can have my children
Ryan Gosling looked like he'd be vine famous for telling girls to smile more, truly ahead of his time
Just learned Ryan Gosling is Canadian and raised Mormon... learn something new every day.
Oh god another RANBIR KAPOOR fan who is jealous of RYAN GOSLING's success man
The 2017 Oscar nominations are in and Canadians Ryan Gosling and Denis Villeneuve could bring home some hardware
La La Land should clean up at the Oscars- a tour de force from Emma Stone. Ryan Gosling was Ryan Gosling. Still on in Workington.
Just give Ryan Gosling all the Oscars.. just for being Ryan Gosling.
IMO; Ryan Gosling is a *** hum actor. Emma Stone is a talented actress. Neither can sing. As far as crossover musicals, give me Les Mis.
I will never watch a romantic musical movie. Particularly if it stars Ryan Gosling.
"No Minnie, I didn't watch the film because Ryan Gosling is in La La Land!"
Why do ya'll like Ryan Gosling so much? He basically portrays the same character ALL THE TIME 🙃
Ryan gosling is a good actor but here in la la land? ??? And Emma Stone (it's the right name, right?) ???
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This is not Ryan Gosling. This is a Ken, as in 'Barbie and...'
was an amazing movie. So much better than Lala Land which just put me to sleep. But i do love Ryan Gosling
Ryan Gosling reacts to his Oscar nomination for La La Land | Daily Mail Online
It seems like a good time to remind everyone that Ryan Gosling looks like Nicholas Lyndhurst.
Proof Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling are on the revolutionary road to becoming the Kate and Leo of this award season:
The consensus seems to be that Blaine Gabbert is a good-looking dude. I gave Alex Smith credit for his Ryan Gosling air.
Uh did they just compare Emma Stone and ryan gosling to leo and Kate Winslet
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