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Ryan Fitzpatrick

Ryan Joseph Fitzpatrick (born November 24, 1982) is an American football quarterback for the Buffalo Bills of the National Football League.

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Exactly. Your alternative is paying a Ryan Fitzpatrick or Brian Hoyer for several years.
Ryan Fitzpatrick's hair will be a first-ballot Hall-of-Famer
If Jay Cutler joins the Jets him & Ryan Fitzpatrick will be the most prolific interception duo in NFL history.
Cobb and Randall and Aaron Rodgers, Brandon marshal had Ryan Fitzpatrick,. That's a big factor.
BMarsh QBs have been Jay Cutler, Kyle Orton, Chad Henne, Matt Moore, Jay Cutler again, Ryan Fitzpatrick, and now Eli Manning. FeelsBadMan
An abbreviated list of quarterbacks he has played with: Jay Cutler, Ryan Fitzpatrick, Geno Smith, Kyle Orton, Matt…
interested in Tyrod Taylor. He threw just 6 interceptions in 2016, Ryan Fitzpatrick had 6 in one game.
Current NFL QB market: . Tony Romo. Jay Cutler. Ryan Fitzpatrick. Josh McCown. Belichick is salivating right now
Kirk Cousins would do well to sign an extension NOW, before he gets Ryan Fitzpatrick-ed.
Ryan Fitzpatrick was paid $14M last season, if that's the market, Romo is worth that without question
Reminder: Ryan Fitzpatrick got $14M from the Jets for a year, people believe Romo is worth
I think we should bring in Ryan Fitzpatrick to compete with Tony Romo.
thejetpress​.com >> Ryan Fitzpatrick was Chad Pennington 2.0 on the Jets
Did you know:. -Chris Hogan played lacrosse. -Ryan Fitzpatrick went to Harvard. -Chris Drury played in the Little League World Series
I would feel scared for my team's future if we had a quarterback like Jay Cutler, Kirk Cousins, Ryan Fitzpatrick, etc...
Jets coordinator Chan Gailey retires, still thinks Ryan Fitzpatrick can win games
BOB has gone 9-7 three years in a row with the following:. -Ryan Fitzpatrick. -Brian Hoyer. -Ryan Mallet. -Tom Savage. -Brock Osweiler
Jets will start Ryan Fitzpatrick on Sunday vs Buffalo. Rookie Christian Hackenberg will backup. Makes no sense.
Prediction: Ryan Fitzpatrick narrowly edges out Josh McCown for MVP under the tutelage of Jeff Fisher.
They gave the Jets two MNF, one Sunday night (got flexed out vs. Pats), & a Saturday night game. A team led by Ryan Fitzpatrick.
I had a dream last night that we traded Travis Kelce and Jamaal Charles for Ryan Fitzpatrick. What a nightmare.
'No regrets' about bringing Ryan Fitzpatrick back for Jets GM Mike Maccagnan...
I think Ryan Fitzpatrick kidnapped Eli Manning & took his jersey so he could play in his place tonight...
the false idea that Ryan Fitzpatrick's play in 15' was somehow comparable to an aged, shoe in for the HOF,... Peyton Manning
Similar questions have been asked of Rob Johnson, JP Losman, Trent Edwards, Ryan Fitzpatrick and EJ Manuel. Not sure what's different.
Have Jets fans finally seen the end of Ryan Fitzpatrick?
Ryan Fitzpatrick, Geno Smith, & Bryce Petty walk into a bar...Every drink they order is intercepted.
Ryan Fitzpatrick is Blake Bortles with a fatter wallet
This should be the last time Ryan Fitzpatrick sees the football field this season. Jets have to see their young QBs pla…
and your guys faith in Todd Bowles and Ryan Fitzpatrick is both noble and disappointing
Matt Flynn, Ryan Fitzpatrick, and Steve Nash's last season in LA are the OGs tho
Finesse Hall of Fame(add if you want):. Jeff Fisher. Sam Bradford. Ryan Fitzpatrick
Adam Schefter: Todd Bowles said Ryan Fitzpatrick will remain the Jets starting QB.
Ryan Fitzpatrick is the rich kotite of QBs. Nailed it.
Breaking: Ryan Fitzpatrick will start against the Patriots. Future News: Ryan Fitzpatrick has thrown an interception…
- New York Jets to start Ryan Fitzpatrick against the New England Patriots
[Fansided: The J-E-T Press] Could the Jets really go back to Ryan Fitzpatrick?
"Richard Sherman went to Stanford" should be the new Ryan Fitzpatrick went to Harvard" 🙄🙄🙄
Ryan Fitzpatrick active as Bryce Petty’s backup ||
UPDATE: Ryan Fitzpatrick will back up Bryce Petty at QB despite a sprained MCL and a healthy Christian Hackenberg
Ryan Fitzpatrick is also active, but he'll be backing up Bryce Petty. on what to expect from Petty
starting Bryce Petty at QB over injured Ryan Fitzpatrick
[SB Nation] - Jets bench Ryan Fitzpatrick again and turn to Bryce Petty at quarterback
Looks like QB Ryan Fitzpatrick was watching historic win in Chicago last night... 😉😉😉. 🏈 meets 🏉 .
I am thinking the SAT's are overrated , based on Ryan Fitzpatrick's decision making.
Quincy Enunwa might have saved Ryan Fitzpatrick's job, just as John Idzik foresaw.
at least he didn't go for the Ryan Fitzpatrick pity party answer. He's a realist whether you like him or not
From yesterday, on the taking the ball out of Ryan Fitzpatrick's hands and leaning on their D and run game.
Last time Ryan Fitzpatrick returned from a benching ... 6 TDs! - ESPN (blog)
Ryan Fitzpatrick gets second chance as starter after Geno Smith tears ACL
Geno Smith has a torn ACL. This means Ryan Fitzpatrick will be responsible for 100% of the Jets INTS the remainder of…
Geno Smith tears ACL; Ryan Fitzpatrick to start for Jets - ESPN
Geno Smith believed to have torn ACL and now the Jets are stuck with Ryan Fitzpatrick
The Jets' QB Ryan Fitzpatrick had strong words for New York's management after their win vs. Baltimore.
I need that Colin Kaepernick money, that Ryan Fitzpatrick money, that worse QB in the league but still making 12-20 million a year money.
REPORT: Jets doctors fear the worst with Ryan Fitzpatrick: that he's perfectly healthy and will be able to keep playin…
Greenberg gives Fitzpatrick the 'just shut up' award. Mike and Mike discuss Ryan Fitzpatrick's post-game...
Ryan Fitzpatrick (leads league in INTs) takes shot at upper management after win vs. Ravens
Ryan Fitzpatrick is back at QB for the Jets
Colin Kaepernick has completed 46 percent of his passes in two starts. Coming in, Ryan Fitzpatrick had the worst comp. % among QBs at 57.
Ryan Fitzpatrick and Geno Smith shared a moment earlier on the sideline.
Ryan Fitzpatrick passed Tommy Kramer for 75th all-time in pass TD's.
From Todd Bowles explains why Jets benched Ryan Fitzpatrick for Geno Smith.
Ryan Fitzpatrick is the No. 2 quarterback. Petty just returned to practice, and “Hack’s not ready,” per Bowles.
"[Ryan Fitzpatrick] has had 11 interceptions. They have won one game. Why not give Geno Smith an opportunity?" —
From Geno Smith to be named Jets starting quarterback; Ryan Fitzpatrick benched, per report.
From WATCH: 3 culprits for Jets' loss to Cardinals, including Ryan Fitzpatrick, Buster Skrine.
Ryan Fitzpatrick says Jets teammates still believe in him: 'Ask them all if you want' | via
POLL: Geno Smith or Ryan Fitzpatrick? Who should Jets start at QB? | via
Brandon Marshall, after watching both Ryan Fitzpatrick and Geno Smith try to play QB:
Ryan Fitzpatrick will start for vs. Todd Bowles says it's 'not all' his fault
What Jets QB depth chart should look like going into next week- . 1. Geno Smith. 2. Bryce Petty. 3. Ryan Fitzpatrick
Todd Bowles says Ryan Fitzpatrick will be the starter next week.
Ryan Fitzpatrick need not ever be listed at QB1 on a depth chart for the rest of his life ... that guy is horrible
Geno Smith replaces Ryan Fitzpatrick vs. as make QB change
BREAKING: Ryan Fitzpatrick's job has been intercepted by Geno Smith
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Ryan Fitzpatrick probably played the worst of any QB. Move over Case Keenum.
Ryan Fitzpatrick has his helmet, too. They’re walking with each other. . We
Who would you rather have Ryan Fitzpatrick or Jay Cutler?
Ryan Fitzpatrick is 16 of 31 for 174 yards with 0 TDs & an interception.
Ryan Fitzpatrick is a poor mans Bobby Hoying.😳
Ryan Fitzpatrick is warming up on the sideline. Geno Smith is not.
Ryan Fitzpatrick is 9 of 17 for 108 yards. He has 0 TDs, 0 INTs, 1 penalty.
Ryan Clady smdh. The only ones with dog in them are Ryan Fitzpatrick, Brandon Marshall, Darron Lee and to my surprise, Revis Island is back!
Ryan Fitzpatrick is now completing 50 percent of his passes tonight.
wait so Ryan Fitzpatrick isn't why we need a spark? its about his play, stop. being. such. a. stan.
Ryan Fitzpatrick is 0-24 in his career on the road vs winning teams lol wonder who's fault it is
Ryan Fitzpatrick and Brian Hoyer are both much better at playing the quarterback position than Brock Osweiler.
If Bill O'Brien could coach up Ryan Fitzpatrick and Brian Hoyer, then why not Brock Osweiler?…
Ryan Fitzpatrick signaling for reinforcements from General Lee.
Bill as a Harvard man (though not by choice) what are your thoughts on Ryan Fitzpatrick representing you eggheads in sports?
BLOG: gets the last laugh vs. Brandon Marshall, Ryan Fitzpatrick:
[New York Times]Jets quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick is “the right guy” to turn things around, he sa…
Bruh the Broncos had a chance to sign Ryan Fitzpatrick and were like "nah we'll stick with this Trevor Seimian dude."
Ryan Fitzpatrick\'s struggles are sudden, but were predictable
tfw you thought Ryan Fitzpatrick was leading these Jets to the playoffs
Ryan Fitzpatrick is amazingly bad at quarterbacking in the national football league
coach Todd Bowles tells reporters he doesn’t foresee any changes at QB right now. So, it’s Ryan Fitzpatrick for now
zone stuff or playing Ryan Fitzpatrick lol he didn't target me but the pass went my way anyway
I remember tellin *** lst year Ryan Fitzpatrick lowkey got lucky..he threw 15INTs last yr but if not for calls & drops about 30 lol
Just imagine for a moment what Ryan Fitzpatrick would look like with Jeremy Kerley as his WR and Marty…
How does Ryan Fitzpatrick still have the starting job in New York? The guy has thrown 9 interceptions in the Jets last two games. 🚮
ryan fitzpatrick throwing 9 interceptions in two games has no bearing on Brandon Marshall stats? LOL
Ryan Fitzpatrick is the first QB to throw 9 interceptions in a two-game span in 30 years. (Steve DeBerg, 1986).
Ryan Fitzpatrick last 2 games: 9 interceptions in 85 attempts. Aaron Rodgers last 19 games: 9 interceptions in 666 attempt…
Ryan Fitzpatrick: 9 INT in last 2 games (85 pass attempts). Aaron Rodgers: 9 INT in last 734 pass attempts, dating back to…
Not 1..not 2...not 3...not 4...not 5...not 6...not 7...not 8...but 9 INT's for Ryan Fitzpatrick over the last 2 weeks ht…
Ryan Fitzpatrick makes decisions like a guy that didn't go to Harvard.
Asked what his confidence level in Ryan Fitzpatrick is, Brandon Marshall says: “I’m staying in the ship wi…
Ryan Fitzpatrick had 6 INTs this week. Wentz, Prescott, Rivers, Carr, Wilson, Ryan, Rodgers, Smith, and Brees combine f…
Ryan Fitzpatrick has 0 TD passes and 11 INT in the 4th quarter over the last 5 games. Ouch.
Some people are shocked at how bad Ryan Fitzpatrick has been this year, but I'm not BECAUSE HES RYAN FITZPATRICK
He along with Carson Palmer, Ryan Fitzpatrick, Cam Newton and Ryan Tannehill have stunk up the joint this season th…
if your QB is better than Ryan Fitzpatrick
Yes. Ryan Fitzpatrick's start is THIS bad. He is 33 years old and in his 12th season.
Changing QBs?. not interested. "I am going down in the boat with Ryan Fitzpatrick."
no chance!! People think Ryan Fitzpatrick is good. That is inexplicable.
Revis Island looking like an all inclusive resort. Ryan Fitzpatrick throwing the ball all willy nilly like he's colorblind. I can't.
In lighter news, Ryan Fitzpatrick is headed to the bench per Adam Schefter.
In the last 2 games Ryan Fitzpatrick has played as if he is a graduate of the University of Fred G Sanford. Sort it…
Is it time for the to consider benching Ryan Fitzpatrick? Your thoughts? We'll discuss tonight on Sports Xtra 10:30 pm
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Another INT for Ryan Fitzpatrick. His 9th in the last 2 games. Richard Sherman has 2.
Ryan Fitzpatrick: 8 INTs in last 2 games. . Geno time in New York?
Matthew Fitzpatrick - wow. I think Ryan Fitzpatrick vs the Chiefs was more effective.
REPORT: The Jets asked the NFL if their WRs can wear Seahawk uniforms Sunday since Ryan Fitzpatrick will already be th…
Ryan Fitzpatrick just said that David Price has no arm control..
Week 3 Quick Reads: Move over David Klingler, Ryan Fitzpatrick had the worst game in DYAR history.
Ryan Fitzpatrick earned the lowest PFF QB grade ever on Sunday: .
Great ELIAS stat: Ryan Fitzpatrick is first QB since 80's with 6 INT/0 TD game.. Steve Grogan, Brian Sipe, Todd Blackledge & Tom Tupa did it
I already know Ryan Fitzpatrick's ratings are going to take a huge hit in Madden after throwing 6 picks today
The last player to throw 6 interceptions in a game? Peyton Manning 2007. Ryan Fitzpatrick chasing greatness.
Believe I had a Ryan Fitzpatrick throws the ultimate pick-six Snap in there. Did not overlook the Jets' egg-laying.
QBs should really stop throwing in direction...
I took the day off to watch football; it was supposed to be "relaxing" - all I want to do is punch Ryan Fitzpatrick…
New York wasn't much of a football town today. Jets Ryan Fitzpatrick channeled his inner Brett Favre personally...
Ryan Fitzpatrick 6 interceptions Sorry Greeny Long year ahead for your Jets..btw u still think Rams r worse than the Browns
HOLD UP. I just read that Ryan Fitzpatrick threw SIX interceptions today. Smh x 6000
Ryan Fitzpatrick is innocent. His beard made him do it.
One more interception, and Ryan Fitzpatrick would've thrown as many today as Tom Brady did all last season.
I'm salt my fantasy team tied at 110 because Ryan Fitzpatrick decided to throw SIX interceptions today
Ryan Fitzpatrick has thrown 6 interceptions, which is entirely too many interceptions to throw if you're trying to win a gam…
REPORT: Ryan Fitzpatrick tried sending his wife 6 texts after his game, and they all ended up in the inbox of Kansas C…
This is how Ryan Fitzpatrick played today
nobody has been more skilled at evading the jig than Ryan Fitzpatrick. Been sidestepping the consequences of mediocrity for…
BREAKING: Ryan Fitzpatrick just threw another interception.
Ryan Fitzpatrick went to Harvard, which means no one is smarter at throwing interceptions.
Exclusive footage from the sideline interview with Ryan Fitzpatrick
Raise your hand if you caught a Ryan Fitzpatrick interception today
if you caught an interception from Ryan Fitzpatrick today.
When Ryan Fitzpatrick throws 6 interceptions and gets you -3 points in fantasy.
How many interceptions does Ryan Fitzpatrick have?
Ryan Fitzpatrick had 1 red zone pick all last year.
Make fun of Ryan Fitzpatrick's interceptions all you want, I commend him for being in the giving spirit.
Ryan Fitzpatrick should have his check intercepted by the payroll department this week before it's deposited
Peyton Manning throws 4 INTs last season and he gets benched... So, explain to me how Ryan Fitzpatrick threw 6 INTs and still starting?
Ryan Fitzpatrick throwing 6 interceptions against the Chiefs isn't that crazy when you consider that J. Cole went platinum w…
I think Ryan Fitzpatrick has the Chiefs D/ST on his fantasy team. He wanted to make sure during garbage time to get them…
Ryan Fitzpatrick has thrown 6 interceptions today, Tom Brady threw 7 interceptions all last year.
What a day for Chiefs defense! They force 8 turnovers, including 6 Ryan Fitzpatrick interceptions, and score 2 TDs in the…
Don't let Ryan Fitzpatrick throwing six interceptions distract you from the fact the Golden State Warriors blew a 3-1 lead…
When you see that Ryan Fitzpatrick threw 6 interceptions today
Directed by Ryan Fitzpatrick, starring Matt Forte, Eric Decker and that new guy who I'm blanking on: "Forgetting Brandon…
Ryan Fitzpatrick is putting up numbers Geno Smith got killed for while throwing to Jeremy Kerley and David Nelson. Wild.
Marcus Peters and Brandon Marshall have each caught two passes from Ryan Fitzpatrick today.
Sadly, Ryan Fitzpatrick just gave new meaning to the words "pick six"
Ryan Fitzpatrick: You get an interception! And you get an interception! Everyone gets an interception!
Marcus Peters caught more passes from Ryan Fitzpatrick than Eric Decker.
Ryan Fitzpatrick really threw 0 TDs and 6 INTs lol ***
btw, if Ryan Fitzpatrick's name was Geno Smith, he wouldn't have a job in the NFL.
NFL's last 7 six-INT games were by Ryan Fitzpatrick, Peyton Manning, Chris Chandler, Ty Detmer, Donald Hollas, Bobby Hebert and Bobby Hebert
Ryan Fitzpatrick: six interceptions. *** Geno can do that.
Not a great day for Ryan Fitzpatrick as he throws his 5th interception of the afternoon.
Jets superfan Larry David warming up to Ryan Fitzpatrick
Ryan Fitzpatrick and Matt Forte led the Jets to a 37-31 win over the Bills
The Bills losing to offensive phenom Ryan Fitzpatrick on Bruce Smith night is the most Bills thing ever.
Rob Ryan's plan was to tire Ryan Fitzpatrick out by allowing all those downfield pass completions. *Throw A Dope*
Not sure what to make of your team's starting quarterback? Ask yourself the question: Is he better or worse than...
Podcast: Presenting the FItzpatrick-Smith Line, the ultimate barometer for judging NFL QBs
How the Jets won: was a pinpoint passer
Ryan Fitzpatrick's success can be attributed to using telegrams to send in the play calls.
Or let Ryan Fitzpatrick hang 374 yards on them
Ryan Fitzpatrick played like a top 10 NFL quarterback tonight. He's capable. This year, he leads the Jets to a wild-ca…
Goodwin's 84-yd TD is longest TD catch by Bills player since 2009, when Terrell Owens scored from 98 yds...on a throw…
2016 super weird, Ryan Fitzpatrick airing out defenses and The Game randomly destroyed the leftovers of Meek Mill career
Well Jay, I guess you could say Ryan Fitzpatrick made the Bills feel pretty Buffa"low" last night.
Despite playing for the Jets, Ryan Fitzpatrick travels to games in a stagecoach.
Rex Ryan chapter of Bills history could be really short thanks to 0-2 start
Through 2 games, Ryan Fitzpatrick's average time-to-pass-attempt has been 2.08 seconds. In 2015, 2.21 was NFL's best
Ryan Fitzpatrick had an average depth of target of 11.95 yards tonight. Higher than any QB…
I've got inside skinny on firing Greg Roman coming in a few at In meantime, my earlier column
Ryan Fitzpatrick completed 10 passes that traveled 15+ yards in the air last night; 3rd most by any QB in the last…
Ryan Fitzpatrick is also the best quarterback in New York.
TFW you give up eight pass plays of 20+ yards to Ryan *** Fitzpatrick but the owner still lets you blame the offense
Ryan Fitzpatrick is used to taking down buffalo. His men gotta eat. .
Ryan Fitzpatrick's favorite play call?. Three if by air.
BTW - I have Ryan Fitzpatrick on my bench and I'm starting Derek Carr. No way that doesnt come back to bite me   10% Off
Matt Forte scored three touchdowns and Ryan Fitzpatrick finally solved Rex Ryan's defense. .
For Ryan Fitzpatrick, Jets' revenge on Bills runs deep -
Getting picked apart by Ryan Fitzpatrick while having arguably the best cornerback duo in the NFL is typically not a sign of good coaching
ICYMI: Last Night talked about how Ryan Fitzpatrick was burning the Bills with the deep ball
Nothing like firing your OC after a game he gave up 37 points to Ryan Fitzpatrick
Ryan Fitzpatrick, Matt Forte too much for Bills' D to handle in Jets' 37-31 victory on https…
Ryan Fitzpatrick talking about Brandon Kramm's love for family and sports.
Jets QB Ryan Fitzpatrick earns one of best grades of career in win over Bills. Full recap:
The defensive coaches should be axed. His D got firebombed by Ryan Fitzpatrick, who is normally bad against Ryan.
Ryan Fitzpatrick leads the to their first win. Highlights from his 374-yard performance. 👇
problem was that Rob Ryan doesn't know how to run a god *** defense and let up 370 yards to RYAN FITZPATRICK, the wrong
Rex Ryan in full panic mode with this move. Roman's offense didn't get lit up by Fitzpatrick last night.
Ryan Fitzpatrick dices up Rex Ryan's Bills in a wild win for the Jets.
Jets quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick threw for 374 yards, the third-most by a quarterback against a Rex Ryan...
[Syracuse] - Teammate calls Jets QB Ryan Fitzpatrick 'one badass white boy' after beating Rex Ryan
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Touchdown Jets!. Ryan Fitzpatrick connects with Eric Decker from 5 yards out to put New York up, 20-7.
have set the QB rotation Ryan Fitzpatrick is No. 1 followed by Geno Smith, Petty & rookie Christian Hackenberg https…
Eric Decker wants resolution on Ryan Fitzpatrick before camp
Jets' Eric Decker would like Ryan Fitzpatrick mess resolved by camp
Jets' playoff hopes start and end with Ryan Fitzpatrick - ESPN (blog) NewYork, Jets, NYJets
Why Jets QB Ryan Fitzpatrick, coach Todd Bowles don't really talk
If you like dirty defenses then look no further at the Bengals vs Jets game on Sunday. Ryan Fitzpatrick might get a concussion.
steelers win division but a revitalized Jets team led by Ryan Fitzpatrick wins a wildcard with a 10-6 record😂
Question of the day: would you play Eli Manning vs the Dallas defense OR Ryan Fitzpatrick vs the Bengals defense? 🤔
Why Jets QB Ryan Fitzpatrick & head coach Todd Bowles don't really talk:
Was about to buy a Cam jersey. Now I'll buy a Ryan Fitzpatrick and Kap jersey. Cam backpedals too much for me on and off the field.
This the reason why Ryan Fitzpatrick choked in Week 17 with a playoff spot on the line
I need to know why hitting Cam in the head isn't a penalty while hitting Ryan Fitzpatrick is.
He's got a lot of Ryan Fitzpatrick in his game.
Hear from Marvin Lewis on Ryan Fitzpatrick, Coach Tuberville next on Sports and fall again
"Unimpressed." - Ryan Fitzpatrick, as he plucks strand of his own robust chin merkin and flosses with it.
Is getting the same smart guy commentary that Ryan Fitzpatrick does?
Will you be bringing Ryan Fitzpatrick back to the show?
So I may have just grabbed Ryan Fitzpatrick in my one league...
Ryan Fitzpatrick at home against the bengals or one of the following?
Wow man I'm really excited for you that you picked up Ryan Fitzpatrick off of waivers.
Denver Broncos should have thrown a lot of money Ryan Fitzpatrick's way!!!
Did you know Ryan Fitzpatrick went to Harvard?
To start Andy dalton or Ryan fitzpatrick.
The "Trevor Siemian went to Northwestern" thing is quickly turning into "Ryan Fitzpatrick went to Harvard."
Siemian looks poised. To me he seems like the next Ryan Fitzpatrick
"Trevor Siemian played at northwestern" is the "Ryan Fitzpatrick went to Harvard" of the 2016 season
Anyone else see Ryan Fitzpatrick when watching Siemian?
I thought of Ryan Fitzpatrick..just good enough to keep you lingering around 8-8 but not clutch enough to win more
But did you know Ryan Fitzpatrick went to Harvard. Little known factoid.
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ryan Fitzpatrick to me despite having a stronger arm his passing preferences are similar
comparing Ryan Fitzpatrick's GPA to Trevor Semen's cause nobody knows he went to Northwestern University
He's starting Ryan Fitzpatrick Luck is a much better option and I'm giving him my rb
Who will have the better year, Ryan Fitzpatrick or Derek Carr?
hey brother! Sitting cam tonight. I got Matt Ryan, osweiler and Fitzpatrick available. Leaning osweiler or Fitzpatrick? Thanks!
I count this as prediction coming true
In the first 5 weeks of the season, defense gets Ryan Tannehill, Case Keenum, Blaine Gabbert, Ryan Fitzpatrick, Matt Ryan.
Luckily RYAN Fitzpatrick is my back up QB
you guys dog Ryan Fitzpatrick waaay too much..have you ever looked at his numbers? Remember his 7 TD game w/Houston..?
News WATCH: Fitzpatrick talks about starting fast - Ryan Fitzpatrick talks about the importance of ge...
Jets' Ryan Fitzpatrick needs to start sliding, and he knows it
This season, I hope we find out if Antonio Gates played another sport in college and what college Ryan Fitzpatrick went to
'WATCH: Ryan Fitzpatrick talks about the importance of getting off to a fast start'
'Ryan Fitzpatrick not content with matching last year, wants to improve' via
Ryan Fitzpatrick thinks he’s better than last year, so he exp... via
You think Ryan Fitzpatrick will duplicate last year's success? I just don't.
Hey send me a Ryan Fitzpatrick jersey so I can be him for Halloween because we are the same person. ht…
Alex Smith, Ryan Fitzpatrick, Kordell Stewart comes to mind from the athletic perspective learning to play QB
Ryan Fitzpatrick's chance to make history and match Joe Namath
You think Ryan Fitzpatrick can duplicate his season from last year? I don't see it. There's a reason he has been a vagabond QB.
[ESPN: NFL Nation Blog] Jets QB Ryan Fitzpatrick is smart, but he didn't study sliding at Harvard
NFL Rumors: Could Patriots sign Ryan Fitzpatrick to fill in for Tom
Thinking about starting Carson Wentz as my QB2 this week instead of Ryan Fitzpatrick. My team is the underdog anyway, so why not be bold?
Ryan Fitzpatrick being better than Ray Lucas, Mark Sanchez and Geno Smith means nothing to me.
No shock that Harvard QB Ryan Fitzpatrick has the best score. Wonderlic Test Scores:
Da commish has approved the 1st trade of the season. trades Matt Jones & Ryan Fitzpatrick to for Eddie Lacy.
just so you guys are aware. I have no issue with letting Ryan Fitzpatrick run my offense
Why did Brandon Marshall say Ryan Fitzpatrick is elite on First Take? has a theory.
I'm also growing increasingly convinced Ryan Fitzpatrick was abolitionist John Brown in a former life.
Ryan Fitzpatrick on ESPN's NFL Insiders: "I've given people something else to talk about besides my contract."
Brandon Marshall, sticking up for current QB, says Ryan Fitzpatrick deserves to be called "elite."
Ryan Fitzpatrick tells "Deal could've been done 5 months ago."
Why does Ryan Fitzpatrick have Anthony Michael Hall's hair from 16 candles?
It's pretty clear like Michael Irvin said talking with Ryan Fitzpatrick. You can't just pick up where you left off. It takes hard work!!
Ryan Fitzpatrick's Jets deal means the return of his awesome hair. Here's 31 other NFL QBs with a little FitzMagic. http…
How Brandon Marshall gonna get more yards than Antonio Brown when Ryan Fitzpatrick is his QB?
I don't know why, but when I look at Ryan Fitzpatrick, Yukon Cornelius is the first thing that comes to my mind.
Ryan Fitzpatrick, Bobby Parnell and why professional athletes with beards give me pause (39:12)
John Miller WBZ Bahstan, Ryan Fitzpatrick, when you got $12m, did you call your old buddy Stone Wahwal Jackson?
Brandon Marshall, Darron Lee react to Ryan Fitzpatrick re-signing with
Ryan Fitzpatrick won big, as the Jets increased their offer to him from $9 million to $12 million. (via http…
Geno Smith when he heard the news Ryan Fitzpatrick signed today...
The Jets and the Ryan Fitzpatrick reached a 1 year and 12 million dollar deal at the 11th hour!!!
AP Source: Jets Re-Sign QB Ryan Fitzpatrick to 1-Year Deal A person familiar with the negotiations…
REPORT: and Ryan Fitzpatrick strike one-year, $12 million deal
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Ryan Fitzpatrick is that guy who won't agree to go on a bachelor party trip until everybody begs him to go. . But good for th…
Jets bring back Ryan Fitzpatrick on 1-year deal
BREAKING: Jets and Ryan Fitzpatrick are in agreement on a 1 year, $12M fully guaranteed deal.
Win-now Jets make the right move by ending Ryan Fitzpatrick madness
Congrats to former QB Ryan Fitzpatrick on his new deal with the
Finally!! Sources: Fitzpatrick, Jets agree on 1-year deal
Ryan Fitzpatrick made the Jets sweat and then made them pay
Congrats to Ryan Fitzpatrick on signing a 1 year deal with the Jets. Now he can stop bathing in his local pond https:/…
Talks are heating up for the and QB Ryan Fitzpatrick, and they are negotiating back-and-forth. Jets trying to get it do…
Breaking News: Jets sign Ryan Fitzpatrick to one year 12 million dollar contract!
The way the Jets handled the Muhammad Wilkerson negotiations made it clear that a Ryan Fitzpatrick deal was happening…
Greeny upon hearing the news of the Jets re-signing QB Ryan Fitzpatrick.
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