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Ryan Clark

Ryan Clark (born June 23, 1979) is an American graphic designer and musician. He is best known as the lead vocalist of the heavy metal band Demon Hunter, which he co-founded with his brother, guitarist Don Clark.

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can I get a shoutout for Emma Clark who is tying the knot with Ryan Griffin today, she's your biggest fan
Can I get a shoutout today for Ryan Griffin and Emma Clark who are getting married today
If you up, you're so real that I not only hope you have a goodnight, but a good tomorrow, and a good rest of your life.…
Can't believe Ryan Clark of said that Eli manning is as overrated as Tony romo. That's crazy to me. How is Eli overrated w/ 2 💍? lol
Former Steeler Ryan Clark quitting ESPN if the Patriots get Richard Sherman
Watching 'Rent' tomorrow in my musical theatre class and you can bet your bottom dollar Ill be singing "Seasons of Love" very loudly
Was hoping to win to get the 10K for my buddy Ryan's med bills. Hope yall can throw a dollar his way! ht…
If you can, please help little Ryan!. Marty, you have a heart of gold! ❤
Pretty sure they wouldn't take my crippled *** in the draft anyways so at least there's that.
I'm not saying he didn't support it, but it was Ryan's, not Trumps. . It doe…
that's be funny if I supported Ryan's healthcare bill.
Xanax will now have stories in 2017!
Ryan Clark whining on that it's not fair that the keep signing good players is pure gold.
Please replace Stephen A. with Ryan Clark. We like Stephen A. intelligence, his mouth no…
Ryan Clark doesn't have Chris Harris in his top 5 CBs lmao…
"U were much more nervous going into a week vs Tony Romo than vs Eli Manning" . "Eli Manning is not a HOF qb" - Ryan…
Ryan Clark just said Jenoris Jenkins a top two corner in the NFL.fine him
So pleased for my clients Ryan Clark and Dan Bisig who used my Author Boost package & their book hit best-seller li…
Congratulations to Ryan Clark, who placed 1st in World Events & 2nd in Current Events today at the Academic Games competition!
Wooppeee always have a fantastic time with my amazing fabulous friend Ryan Clark U GET ME BABES LOL XXX
The protesters in Philly are my kind of people! 😂
If a DC wanted to change the base from 3-4 to 4-3 it would be. . Clay MLB. Ryan SLB. Thomas WLB . Datone LE. Perry RE. Guion NT. Daniels/Clark 3T
Confirming that Priebus considered resigning, reluctant to take heat on Friend spkr R…
Ryan Clark is always looking fly lmao
I would pay a substantial amount of money to be at ant and dec's after party with phil and holly
Put up the "crying LeBron" he realizes he's not so great after all, Wah Wah Wah! Get some more guest like Booger and Ryan Clark
Kiss It Better is one of Rihanna's best songs ever!
I'm too much of an icon for a no name fight
'Deadpool' Oscars pitch hinges on unicorns, chimichangas
Lyin Ryan is only respected by the lib-nazis. Trump supporters voted for his rival.
This is a remarkably chilling phrase.
Honestly if you voted for Trump I really don't actually like you. I know they say "don't let politics ruin friendships" but nah gtfo.
We pay way to much to live in San Diego to have to scrap your windshield in order to see where you are going cause there is…
Beyond happy to say that I just received my 4th offer from Whittier College!
Lyin' Paul Ryan translator: I'm going to pretend Trump is sane so I can take away your health insurance & Socia…
Freshman Dejon Clark from Pickerington just made his collegiate debut, subbing in to make a serve.
Clark County Sheriff Jamey Noel will be hosting a community forum on opiate addiction. The forum will educate... https:/…
Of all people, Paul Ryan actually has the pair to admit it. Sad.
This is pretty cool & makes me proud of the initiatives our leaders are taking to make PwC a better place to work.
I'd bury Briscoe deeper on the bench than Ryan Clark is
"Roger Goodell handing Tom Brady the Super Bowl trophy would be priceless.". - Ryan Clark
Having to resort to dressing up like superman to try get some luck wit da gals. I have faith
ESPN's Ryan Clark believes Jameis Winston will be next QB to make Super Bowl Debut (by
Merrill Hoge and Ryan Clark can both go kick rocks. Love Tomlin. Was it dumb on AB part ? Yes, but so what. Go win the *** game.
has given birth to her second child with husband Ryan Clark.
Former Coronation Street star Katherine Kelly reveals she’s given birth to her second baby with husband Ryan Clark
One of James's best friends is Ryan Neal-Clark who is ***
In all the Mariah Carey hoo-ha let’s not forget the show she appeared on was called *** Clark’s New Year’s Rockin’ Eve With Ryan Seacrest”
Pls help share this video for the justice of Ryan. RIP Turtle❤️🐢
Ryan Clark already picked us to beat the Patriots in the Super Bowl for a 3 peat most of his predictions be right
Did you hear the report about his plans to get tutoring in the offseason with Ryan Clark?
Ryan covering Guy Clark's Dublin Blues is the best thing I've heard in a good while. You're welcome.
And since when Ryan Seacrest become eligible to replace *** Clark. He's no *** Clark. Not even close. Yuck.
great show today with Steve Smith & Ryan Clark really enjoyed it very insightful on Pro 🏈level 👍🏾
Su'a Cravens is healthy now. Looking forward to offseason training at DB. Will be working w Ryan Clark.
📷 *** Clark’s New Year’s Rockin’ Eve with Ryan Seacrest on December 31, 2016 in Los Angeles,...
Mr CLARK, Ryan and McConnell will let this bill die.neither one will go up against the GOP or the Dems.
Ryan Seacrest is NO *** CLARK. Clark would have publicly apologized to you on tv for his company's debacle. Ryan=no gentleman!
gonna have a sesh tomorrow at Ryan's favorite spot, whoever tryna join me lemme know man
Looking at this really hurts me man. Gone way too soon... Love you bro. R.I.P. Ryan. 🐢
I'm still waiting for an apology from and *** Clark Productions to Please respond. We are waiting, Ryan.
Blown away tonight by the courage, bravery & optimism of Dave Clark in difficult circumstances. And we talked darts
Tell your B Ryan Clark aint no sperry docksiders in that photo those things were out for a halfhip white boy like me 50 yrs ago
This picture of Mariah Carey leaving a weed dispensary is everything, darling, everything
Ryan Clark just said on that while he was with the Steelers players would party in Toronto on days off.
I liked a video *** Clark with Ryan Seacrest New Years 2010
This retard is trying to be the Barbara Walters replacement like Ryan Seacrest *** Clark transformation
Happy NYE! You can watch *** Clark's New Year's Rockin' Eve with Ryan Seacrest here!
Ryan Clark's story of the time Steve Smith Sr first talked smack to him is gold.
I'd really dig Ryan Clark as a DC to start out and then possibly climb into a HC role. Dude knows defenses and has an edge.
Ryan Clark great speaker and when he explains things you're able to follow along and u…
Women know. They just know. Even if they "don't know," they know. Men might not understand this, but women will, because the…
Former LSU player Ryan Clark says his former coach Nick Saban is the greatest coach because "he is absolutely allergic to mediocrity"
On Mike & Mike, Ryan Clark just described Nick Saban as "allergic to mediocrity". He better bring an Epipen around NDFB these days!
you should ask Ryan Clark if some of the Jet players quit because of the half empty stadium? Does that play into players psyche?
from will need some SERIOUS help if it wants to win Frog Wars! Vote:
Shop The Bradford Exchange Online for Patriotic 9/
ya dont listen to the haters man, get to the Fort
Early exit polls have: 24, Minnesota 22 and fouls at 20. Could be a tight race this year.
ryan clark seems to lie to the asian so he believes his lies about how we feel about him or react ALL LIES
Thanks - someone I consider a good friend & one of the handful of fellow writers that I read consistently - I appreciate that
This man does so *** much for prep sports in South Florida. He deserves it. Congrats
Ryan Clark whining about frmr players not being welcomed by Les when they spent the past several years publicly calling for his job?
idk max and Ryan Clark were wilding lmao
i wonder what Peters up too these days ;)
Not sure I agree with Ryan Clark today. Made his case for why OBJ is the best over Antoni Brown. Which I get.
get Bob Ryan off the show for calling college overtime a horrible system and agreeing with games ending in ties.
For the love of God, replace Stephen A, and never bring Ryan Clark on the show again. Max is the only one worth listening too
Ryan Clark is completely clueless. OBJ is top 3 but AB is hands down the best
not proud of it. I messed up, I was as some call it woman blind. Couldn't see past the lady, costed me.
It's with mixed emotions that we announce that after Dec. 17th, Ryan Clark is relocating to TN. We really enjoyed...
No one loves the sound of their own voice more than Ryan Clark...
Gat 🔫 someone fire this man off the show please 😴 Give his job to Ryan Clark
Ryan Clark be on everyone's NFL reporting/commentary show now.. that's a smooth transition
Ryan Clark embarrassed Max Kellerman on every subject during First Take lol
I disagree with Ryan Clark, but you can't discredit Odell because of the talent around him. He was doing this when
Ryan Clark said Brady ran a 4ever at the combine lmao
*** it's a sad day, Ryan Clark is back to smoking crack :/ may God heal your soul brother
Atlantic City won't get its concert on *** Clark's New Year's Rockin' Eve with Ryan Seacrest" after all.…
at least the Seahawks fans I know are disgusted by Frank Clark
I didn't say that -Ryan Clark did... I just thought it was surprising
Gotta unfollow Ryan Clark now lol he talking out the side of his neck now lol
Ryan Clark jumped way out there. Pick the Raiders as his Super Bowl pick if they win the division
lol Ryan Clark has been hating on the Steelers for a few years now never changes.
Ryan Clark is a snappy dresser nice jacket and tie. The Raiders going to the Super Bowl
Ryan Clark gotta dress himself cause man oh man
btw if you read the article Mr Clark it says Ryan Shazier ran a "sub 4.4" at the combine & a "4.36" at the pro day! Nuff said
Ryan clark said you lost a step SMH what's he on
Max Kellerman and Ryan Clark are making an argument that Odell is the best receiver in the league. Good points too. Leading me to agree.
Me: I have so much work to do. Inner me: Nap
Sean Taylor, Bob Sanders, Ed Reed, Ryan Clark & Laron Landry are my all time favorite Safeties...I've looked up to them…
So many crazy hits. Ryan Clark on McGahee... Hines on Ed Reed... the biggest was probably Bart Scott on Ben at…
I just wanna see you shine, cuz I know you are the Stargirl💫
No sacks, no penalties, no problems for O-Line in 31-13 win over UF
Ryan Clark, Ike Taylor, Troy Polamalu, and Ed Reed are all now retired. It's a new NFL. Wow.
Herm Edwards and Ryan Clark discuss the Raiders' exciting 35-32 win over the Panthers and believe... - via App
Interviewed Ryan Clark this morning. Apropos of nothing, here's Clark on his high school rival, Ed Reed:
Patrick Peterson, Tyrann Mathieu, Eric Reid, Laron Landry and Ryan Clark. For starters and Haden is the only decent
Ryan Clark is a great analyst. He's like if Greg Gumbel was signed to G-Unit
Remember when Ryan Clark went 2 the Ravens locker-room 2 *** around with Ed Reed after a loss?
Dont lie, the 1st time you watched Harry Potter: prisoner of Azkaban you were scared
Ryan, Walker & Prebius need to campaign with Trump in WI - I think Sheriff Clark & Prebious will. WI can be won by Trump.
Diamonesk Personalized Engagement Ring And Wedding
Congrats to Ryan Clark and Josh Ballard! Congrats to Mrs. Kristin Decker for getting these boys ready for their... https:/…
Earlier: Qs on like how little respect does Quintin have for Maples and Noel?
not been to ryan's in absolute ages n his dogs won't leave me alone and I can't even pee in peace without them wanting to jump up
I've decided I'm just going to watch Harry Potter all day
Tove Lo achieved a top 3 with her debut single. Demi Lovato, Fifth Harmony & Shawn Mendes are yet to do so. 🔱
Just another day in the life of Clark Kent..👓 if you don't follow me on my other social media's…
Babes I'd dry all of your tears if I could, forever so grateful... now here's
Sunlake Ryan Clark and Wiregrass Ranch Shamaur McDowell lead the county in interceptions with 4 each.
Drake and Taylor Swift both have cancer moons.Omfg
This scene from the office invented comedy
im not allowed to attend my school Halloween dance bc of two *** at my school *cough cough* Mr. Mitch Breidenbaugh and Mr. Ryan Clark!!!
If Drake and Taylor Swift r dating, then Drake will eventually cheat & Taylor Swift's version of Lemonade will be titled…
mark websites like ryan clark did. Since i dont remember either its probably pwinsider
Congrats on a hard fought win, Charlie!
This one of a kind flak jacket worn by Ryan Clark in the Extremist photos can be YOURS:
ryan is registered in NV - same address listed in clark county records as cliven - but ammon isn't
This guy knew Brice McCain would have a big game . He modified his old Ryan Clark jersey htt…
Cheap 15-yard penalty on final play. Ryan Clark made a great game.
So I just spent the past three hours seeing my Halloween costume together and I just feel so accomplished
.remain the top musical act in the U.S.
2 years ago Taylor released 1989, it debuted at selling 1.287M in its first week and won 3 Grammys!
To the generation of people with the sense of entitlement .the only thing you are "entitled" to is eternal...
Here's how singer became pop's wildest, darkest, freakiest new force:
Listening to Ryan Martens talking about how much he learnt from - the world is a poorer place without her
make it happen mcdreamy are all Ryan's mcdreamy? Clark, Pace. Vogt?!?
Final 3 for Club Pro of the year sponsored by ; Ryan Burton- Ladbrook, Cameron Clark- Moor Hall, Thomas Hefford- Edgbaston
I liked a video from Paul Ryan Changes His Mind | Nate Clark
2 years ago, Taylor Swift released her fifth studio album/her first Pop album '1989'. It spawned 3 singles in the US.
AD did it all tonight! 50 points, 16 rebounds, 5 assists, 7 steals, & 4 blocks for The Brow!
Clark camp results team all smiles as they wait for the final numbers
Going on a Harry Potter movie marathon, looks like i wont be studying tonight :)
Two Matches Added To Sunday's PPV Event - - Chris (Filling in for Ryan Clark).
I hope you saw the last ever story I did; I used a clip from the Super Bowl party!
Our owner's, Ian Harrison and Ryan Clark headed to England for Ryan's big competition. Best of luck Ryan, we...
this as bad as losing Ryan Clark and champ back in the day 😾
Zach Galifianakis endorsed Charlie Clark in a video released on election day
Bethany Surran Moulton, Kelly Mahoney Mangum, Andrea Fountain, Jesenia Aviles, Ryan Clark.. I know you miss me :)...
here r the new replacements for next season NBC Sunday nite (Coach HEwards & Ryan Clark) and
Has anyone corrected Dan Quinn about sayin Ryan Clark has sickle cell anemia? Clark has the sickle cell trait, same as Coleman
Tru... Ryan Clark will not be in attendance
Maybe Falcons HC Dan Quinn should speak to Ryan Clark before Sunday.
no, they gold old then they left one by one. Troy Polomalu, Ryan Clark, Ike Taylor
Shannon Sharpe & Ryan Clark speaking truth out here on national television
"When you take yourself out of a game when it's going bad, it's called a loser limp.". - Ryan Clark on Jay Cutler
LSU alum Ryan Clark talking Danny Etling & Tigers on "I don't want any of players."
Jersey City criminal defense lawyer Ryan Clark explains how to handle the police in the best way possible.
Winston got Mike Evans & Vincent Jackson and Seferian-Jenkins & only threw 22 TDs. Brees dropping 40 with that lineup. Ryan Clark funny tho😂
Join Andy Gregory tonight at 11pm for the Local 518 Show. There's music by Ryan Clark, Acid Reins, Band of...
Lot of Tom Clancy's first 7 hardcover fiction books Jack Ryan John Clark
Can't believe Evan Bennetch is gunna be in my house in like an hour 😍😍😍 *breathes heavy*
Kelly Ayotte, who said this, also wants Trump to be president, which is weird.
These guys get paid to discuss fantasy football and they're ***
The original Love’s Labours Won is regarded by many as one of Shakespeare’s lost plays. via
Kenneth and Mamie Clark two black psychologists. Ian Clark. Ryan Clark. Michael Clark Duncan.
Fock me I need a shower, I smell like ryan clark😷
The Bulldogs finish off the weekend undefeated with a 5-1 win. Goals from R. Eggleston, Mason, Riggs, Swafford, and Clark.
"Isn't it time to repudiate Trump?" slain Muslim-American war hero's father tells More here:
It just never ceases to amaze how completely dark and scary the Harry Potter series gets after the third book/movie.
FSU's binge of neutral-site games brings cash, but also concern. Column by
I still can't get over the deaths of Remus Lupin or Sirius Black, those two just hit me hard for some reason, always have.
Meet Black Singles 300x250
Hey David clark thanks for the follow!
is the best boyfriend ever, along with who is the Bestest friend ever. ❤️❤️
They are really sorry, for Premier Clark urinated on Ryan Gosling.
Ya ever just at the point where ur like "nah just too many thoughts today" cuz same.
Folks on say worse to Obama & Ryan; why does criticizing get suspended? https…
My son Michael training with Ryan Clark at in their class. A big thanks…
I am not insignificantly sorry because Premier Clark urinated on Ryan Gosling.
Trolls aimed homophobic ISIS death threats at CBB star Rylan and UK's vainest man.
and you can go to Sonnys and Publix anytime you want 😩
Ryan Clark is done after working through 6.0 inn. with just one run and two hits allowed. Also finishes with 6 Ks &1 BB. CAR 1, POT 1, 7th
. go 1-2-3 in the 6th, the fourth 1-2-3 frame for Ryan Clark tonight. The righty has set down 14 of the last 15. 1-1, B6
We’re tied 1-1 in the 4th in Zebulon. Ryan Clark is now through 4.0 with four strikeouts.
. go down in order in the first, an 8 pitch inning for Ryan Clark
Must read: Morgane Oger op-ed - It’s time for Christy Clark to show solidarity with
Recently we lost Troy Polamalu, Brett Keisel, Ike Taylor, Ryan Clark a few years ago, and Heath Miller this year. Sad times
Matt Ryan is athe put up or get out time. On top of having the most dynamic talent at receiver in the NFL as well as a budding 1-2 RB combo.
It's like the people you've been... The memories, the family you've developed.. You never really appreciated the moment.. Til…
Tyler Hoechlin as Clark Kent is close to being the twin brother of Ryan Eggold as Tom Keen.
Ryan Clark: With each tragedy, we get further from understanding where it started
Louisiana native Ryan Clark keeps it real about racism and life growing up in the south.
Matt Barnes, Ryan Clark, Kevin Mawae, Derrick Mason, the creator of ESPN among many others. Please let me know, thank you!
journey of how you made it to the LEAGUE, among other topics. I've interviewed Ryan Clark, Kevin Mawae, Matt Barnes + many more
Sean Taylor, Ryan Clark, FredSmoot, and Shawn Springs were the real deal too.
I would have preferred the CCR that Heinz played when Ryan Clark layed out Willis McGahee in the '08 AFC Champ. Game
Congrats to Patrick Becker & Ryan Clark for being named to the All Mon-Dak Conference baseball team!
that homie is nuts going after my boy. Take him out Ryan Clark style destroying Wes Welker.
GOAL: Jordan Williams gets a through ball from Ryan Clark, buries it in the right corner of the net, 43'. 4-0 Bellarmine.
"As a player, you develop a hate towards him." . - Ryan Clark on how players feel about Roger Goodell
Ryan Clark, Jay Feely, Brian Waters and Scott Wells move off committee with new election
Access more than 7.4 million parts at Parts Direct
Congratulations to students DanTodd, Sean Jackson, Ryan Clark, Josh Golightly, Sophiah Dearden, who have secured...
The best part of my day was having back. Loved m what he said about Ryan Clark.
forever ago. the biggest names we've had within the last 10 years would be Mike Mitchell, Ryan Clark and Will Allen
Get ready for an adventure, Brad Klausman and Ryan Clark!
Muno works a walk and the pitch goes to the backstop and Ryan Clark comes in to score! 9-5 Gauchos B5 Kyle Plantier to the plate
Ryan Clark, Kevin Mawae, Matt Barnes, The Professor (BallUP), among others. If interested it be 20 min over the phone at your
yea. Ryan Clark *** near breaking the mold for intellectual black athletes too. Dude speak and you can't even tell that he played.
Jalen Rose and Ryan Clark delivering some great points on
This *** Brandon Marshall is making the smoothest transition from player to commentator. Kick rocks Ryan Clark!
And... how can we get Steve Smith Sr., Ryan Clark as analysts with Scott Van Pelt as host for the Super Bowl. ESPN Radio?
More still to come tho. I would say Claiborne but he trash & Laron Landry steroids. Ryan Clark too.
Ryan Clark is the winner.but I'm guessing he bought the same WaMaC program I did. Congrats to Tony Garcia!
Ryan Clark: People can't understand what Cam Newton embodies
Get Ian Clark some time in this one
Ryan Clark is the best athlete turned analyst
A 17-year-old dude squatting 875-pounds? Tag your friends who skip leg day.
Ryan Clark's comments were spot on.
Thunder wins 4-3 with goals by Boily, OLeary, Ryan and Clark.
😂😂😂😂 Ryan Clark blocked me he must of searched his name! How dare he!
I think quarterbacks should go in parentheses. Ryan Clark (ex-Steeler) had a pretty good take on this.
This is perfect, everybody always wants to jump to play the racism card but Ryan Clark is the man for this
This man Ryan Clark still winning ish 🙄. Props tho.
STORY: cruises to 76-65 win over Clemson; wins fourth ACC game in last six contests
Ryan Clark hit it on the head, it's not about Cam being black so much as his CULTURE being different, Russ more relatable to the masses
If you a sports fans not watching first take wht Ryan Clark is saying this morning and Stephen A then y'all are missing…
is 8 for its last 10 including a stretch of six in a row. Big reason they are up 56-48 right now.
Ryan Clark has to be the guy to take Keyshawn's chair on NFL Countdown
Ryan Clark articulated why cam gets the hate he does the other day on ESPN perfectly. Leave it at that.
I agree. NCAA really needs to revamp the rules regarding recruiting. It's getting crazy
Ryan Clark: I've been in medical meetings = Being a Doctor.
Ryan Clark great comments about Cam but race and culture are inextricably intertwined when discussing black people in western culture
Why RSPN's Ryan Clark was wrong about the Cam Newton perception! Today's Hot Joint "Onions"
Ryan Clark suggests on (er, Ian & Mike Jr.) Cam's NOT criticised over his race but over culture. Ryan, you can't sperate them.
A UP flanger sets battles the snow storms of Donner Pass, CA. Shot at Cisco, CA. -Ryan Clark
So why does Ryan Clark remind me of Tommy Davidson impersonating Sugar Ray Leonard?
I met Ryan Clark at 2013 training camp, and he is no doubt the most humble and fan friendly guy I've ever met.
Ryan Clark the safety and Ike Taylor the cornerback of the Pittsburgh Steelers.. Should've never retired they were extremely too young😒
i remember this,soo awesome, same game Ryan Clark knocked out ray rice!!
Ryan Clark outstanding, as a college coach.extremely refreshing and he hit a homerun. I hope people heard this message!
Lol fr I saw Damian Terry, Ryan Clark and a couple of Broncos fans say it on the TL
Ryan Clark made a good point on today's show: on 2 of few times Josh Norman had ODB no-help solo, ODB ran by him. The …
Pls get Troy Polamalu, Ike Taylor, Ryan Clark, Rod Woodson and Lee Flowers on the phone. This secondary is utterly putrid
it kills time until Colin comes on I like when Ryan Clark is on
Some Yinzer at some Yinzer bar definitely was just convinced Ryan Clark made an outstanding play.
Good luck to David "Dov" Gray, Gary Laing, Ryan Clark and any other Fifers today
Walt Disney Collectibles and Gifts, Disney Figurin
Thank u Ryan Clark from Steelers!! Rodney Harrison kills me Frfr he act like he some Saint knock it off man we watched u buddy u not perfect
Good rollin at Ryan Clark's University of Martial Arts with my buddy Simka.
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