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Ryan Carter

Ryan Michael Carter (born August 3, 1983) is a professional ice hockey player currently playing for the New Jersey Devils of the National Hockey League (NHL).

Chris Porter Patrick Maroon Erik Haula Wayne Gallman Jarret Stoll Robert Nkemdiche

Ever notice how most of the people who are accused of sexual assault/harassment recently are registered democrats? . Harv…
Opening night Pac-12 basketball:. -Utah wins at Oregon for first time since 1951. -Washington's zone is going to be a prob…
We're going to need a bigger bingo card.maybe a 20 by 20 for all the .
You can’t score goals, but let’s dress Ryan Reaves/Carter Rowney. This is so aggravating
Trump has spent more time on vacation in his first year than Obama, Clinton, Reagan and Carter COMBINED. via
Big win tonight for vs Div 1 Smithfield RI 5-1. Goals scored by Ryan Norton(2) who was the top gun offensi…
Trump says he signed more bills than any president in his first year. Here are the real numbers:. Truman: 240-250. Carter: 2…
"Jason Witten is old & slow, much respect to him. Dez has been subpar. These are realities, it's not like Cris Carter came up…
Presidents Obama, Clinton, Reagan and Carter combined spent less time on vacation than trump and guess what, he's perso…
With DB Ryan Carter stating how Clemson is not shying away from dynasty talk, how much pressure is on the Tigers to pr…
The year is 2067. Daniel O Donnell is still performing at the age of 106. Miriam O Callaghan has 34 children. Ryan Tubridy…
Derek Ryan nd Nathan Carter are two class country singers I have heird in a long time mint boys keep it up
Ryan Wiebe, Carter Watkins only men's teams still undefeated, at 4-0 in Manitoba Juniors! . https:/…
How about the CIA and State Department, during Carter administration, when you got shot in Guyana…
Jonestown 1978. Jackie Speier shot, her boss, Rep. Ryan killed, she wins his seat. Carter administration CIA and St…
How different life would be if Jake Tyler lost to Ryan McCarthy. Or if Permian beat Dallas Carter.
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Ryan is on vacation this week and he’s been waking up at 3am to go to the gym before Carter wakes up so he can spend the…
We welcome Ryan Ihle to the mound, Dan Nilsson to LF and Carter Bell to RF in the 8th inning. These are three of ou…
I can never trust Paul Reiser. He will always be Carter J. Burke. The paul ryan of Aliens.
Former NHLer Ryan Carter disguised himself as an old man at a beer league game 😂
Dabo recruited DB Ryan Carter because he was good, not because he played h.s. ball w/ Wayne Gallman or Robert Nkemdiche.…
How far has Ryan Carter come? The guy has done alright, and has done alright, without Robert Nkemdiche.…
The Wave of is problematic Adam Manning of Green Hampshire & Ryan Carter of CrowdLeaf…
I talked to Ryan Carter for 15 minutes at Target Field when he was still with New…
i play fanduel lol i had stafford last night 🙄 i got ryan for Sunday though
Ready for miller and carter tonight with and Alex 🍾👫👫
It's like God had it all planned out. The worst already came. My blessings gotta be something serious..
You'll lose the best looking for better.
my holy trinity when I was a kid: Jesse McCartney, Ryan Cabrera, Aaron Carter
My phone so dry smh not to mention I'm still on this Android until Monday
look at this. Even reading sentences in the most optimistic light possible.
NOT EVEN A LITTLE BIT, MOURT. i'm still in love. you failed
we're dying Justin and only in cases of extreme luck will it not be alone. Sell all of your belongings. Eat arbys.
yes, I'm a beacon of healthy living
and I did 20-26, got engaged at 26, and well, you know the rest. So much nihilism came flowing through me
I just had a chuckle because that last leg of your convo popped up
Debates on crushing with my relationship cynicsm
one mouse bit me so I was happy to see him go. Most were adorable and screamed a lot. 1/10 would not snake again
then it got up to 6 feet and needed live things to eat. Nope.
it wasn't my idea. It was cool for a bit. Just coiled around my arms under my hoodie for warmth.
Lol I talked my ex into getting rid of our python because I couldn't stand feeding it. Always got bummed out.
Ghostface is too quick for that lizard
Paul Ryan who will free the sick from the tyranny of affordable health care and let them die penniless as…
Ryan just came to the car to pick up Carter, this *** got my whole car loud😂
If you didn't suffer through the Quincy Carter era and Ryan Leaf's 2 don't get to enjoy this.
I like ryan atm he's a beast saving prob for carter or johansen
Man I survived Chad Hutchinson, Quincy Carter, & Ryan Leaf for this moment.
A woman who was involved in an affair with Bo Ryan has filed a federal lawsuit against top university officials.
Statement from Secretary Carter on death of US service member in
Carter asked Ryan if he's reading the bible. It's his physics textbook
Kent Austin bumps an official. Duron Carter knocks down a coach. And the league's biggest concern appears to be a mic on the Eskimos' coach.
And I definitely will not allow the chitterlings slander on this fine day. Nope.
So many people getting older but not growing up..
[Countdown to 9 Days]. Before they were National Champs, Ryan Perrilloux and were SEC Champs!
Key West Pro Guides Captain Ryan Carter fished this morning with the Jared Kuka party...a fun trip and a perfect...
well to be fair they really couldn't. Kyrie and Shump were hurt.
Come on, Ryan. The only thing that stops Carter Hart from starting that game is ... like ... death. Or maybe Connor Ingram
I respect you more for keeping it real with me
Being a baby momma ain't an accomplishment though. Being a mother is.
11:11 Jae, Kelly,Tea, Jennie, Carter, Jade, Rai, Reyna, Jo, Kat, Kayla, Bonnie, Taj, lee, cristy, Ryan, Jo and all of my mutuals
.Ryan Carter of Billings, MT posted this on his FB page. htt…
Is the same Ryan Carter from Billings, MT who posted this?
N.Ireland has finally got a radio station that plays proper country music carter and Derek Ryan will b sick!
Vince Carter at 88 years old would still be more athletic than Okafor is right now.
lol I had him before Antawn was a thing but thanks for the anger shakes
New phone, New case, and new number next week
Video of Duke commits Wendell Carter Jr. & Gary Trent Jr! Both top 10 players class of 2017 htt…
11/23/2010: trade Ryan Carter to for Matt Kennedy and Stefan Chaput.
Stewart signing can't bode well for Chris Porter and/or Ryan Carter, I would think, especially if the Wild are still in on Cullen.
any word on Ryan Carter or Chris Porter resigning? Obviously have hit open market now.
The other names you hear about? Chris Porter, Ryan Carter. There's not much suggesting that they're looking for value players.
Ryan Carter checks Adam Pardy and breaks the glass [HD]
Steph Curry, after the play, went for a layup... LeBron James said no, not in my house.
Something about a flying metal suit...
Deep thigh bruise OUCH!! Klay Thompson is gonna be in some pain these next couple of days...
Bro is the most slept on CB in the region 💯 bet u wont grab a ball on em 🔒
exactly! And I'm for Cleveland smdh inaimt going for it 👐🏾
I'm telling ya it's no way that they come out and dominate Gs after getting killed twice in a row
I was at then & I'm back there today for current situation, down 2-0 to the Warriors. Get it done today & spark that 🔥
3 years ago, was at a similar juncture in the finals, down 3-2 to the Spurs. Ray Allen hit "the shot" & they went on to get the 💍
I want a 9-5 with benefits and 6 figures. With that being said, watch me grind.
some girl smh. She said would you please sing the nations anthem with me... "Oh say can you see!" And the crowd sang the rest 🙄
Dirty Sprite 2 has officially sold 1M+ copies making the album first platinum album.
I hate these games come on so late, I can't stay up and watch cause I gotta be up every morning at 5:45 smh
Congrats to for being ITG's Male Athlete of the Year! See all Winners in our June issue!!
Congrats to the class of 2016! We look forward to you joining at SSU!
Shane Battier presenting Vince Carter with the Twyman-Stokes Teammate of the Year Award
Feeling nostalgic today, Ryan and Carter are getting so big
That old boosie can get you thru anything.
Ain't to many people really happy for me I wonder who really is ??
I pray I can be as strong as my mother one day. I swear that lady is AMAZING!
Softball Rampage Has A Wide Selection of Products.
The Wildcats runs Lowndes County just in case y'all thought different 😾🏈
anybody but David, because it'd make him too happy
Jus found out the Mander Centre got flooded because of the rain... 😳 it's peak 😭
Pelosi mocks Paul Ryan’s Trump troubles with fake press release accusing him of hiding
Vince Carter named Teammate of the Year in NBA player vote. Ryan Anderson was sixth in voting.
When you got football practice at noon but Game 3 at night (via
I promise no man want it as bad as I want it ✅💯
Mate this rain is a madness :| the one time I wear something tha doesn't have a hood -_- kmt
*Ryan acts like his Demo wife, he's just playing Rep role-Liar
Everybody don't have that go get it/ grind mode mentality
Understand when someone has served their purpose in your life. Everyone isn't meant to be around forever. 📍
When it comes to another BLADE, there's always a possibility. 😁
Ryan is a fake one party hack, VOTE HIM OUT W…
Paul Ryan needs to go! He may as well call himself a Democrat- enabler!
Lou.. sooner or later Trump is going to get fed up with Ryan and go campaign against him
Fixed headline . JUST IN: Ryan vows to fight effort to pay people for working longer. Wants them to work for free. https:…
Who do Republicans trust to lead the party? Trump 58, Ryan 39
PMA - RYAN KEATING for AT LARGE Magazine photographed by CARTER SMITH
Treat people how you wanna be treated... Nah, treat em how they treat you 😴🖕🏾💯
I'd take Rico McWilliams at CB and Jordan Diggs at SS simply to get Ryan Carter off the 2 deep at every position
got ppl talking so here's a pic from the archives - myself, Nick Carter and Lee Ryan from Sugar Mag 2005
I just don't care about what people say about an earlier version of him.
Who is a pathetic coach, according to the entire internet!. unless we're talking Kyrie
at some point people need to realize Kyrie was 19, 20, and 21 playing with Antawn Jamison and Andy
Magic Johnson is still alive with HIV. Jimmy Carter cured of a brain tumour in months. Arthur Blank cured of cancer. Lol the…
Netflix: Save Agent Carter, bring her to NETFLIX - Sign the Petition! via
..u know when u had Matt Ryan as Constantine on Arrow.. crossover.. Hayley Atwell as Agent Carter on..
I got 99 problems and 100 blessings...Took 99 L's and learned 100 lessons
I got a lot in store my sophomore year. Just wait on it 😅.
Kyrie Irving got the best handles in the league don't @ me
My biggest fear 😱 is being here 📍next year. 💯🙏🏾 I don't work this hard to be be stagnant. ❌✋🏾
I ain't talking fast. you just listening slow
I'm terrified of having a baby with someone I dont even get along with. How do yall do it 😩
There's almost nothing better than this
Hats off to our team members—from our first hire to our newest team member, Ron.
Gotta set goals. Going with the flow get old.
Life is too short to stick around people who don't appreciate you! 😴✌🏾️
It's like my mind is telling me to just back off, but my heart says just stay..
SpongeBob the only cartoon to that has been loyal and stuck around 👌🏽
This gotta be the realest dude alive
You realize over time that some stuff just ain't worth stressing about
One thing about me, I'm not quick to text anybody. I hear from you when I hear from you and vice versa
The secret to my success is prayer. Man, God is great! You should try him.
If my pockets ain't right, hanging out is the last thing on my mind.
I can't deal with nobody that's ungrateful..
That moment I saw this "beast" casually walk past me at I knew had to get a picture 😂 good seeing u 😃
Rondo from paper to training to match. Create overload, draw in opposition & switch to free teammate in another zone http…
Milwaukee Brewers blossoming at Miller Park in May -
When someone asks to use your phone.
The month of May has been a good one for the led by Chris Carter and Ryan Braun
Ryan Carter knee on knee trip on Zac Rinaldo Mar 13 2013 Philadelphia ...
Ryan Carter in 2012, Henrique in 2012, Dwight King, Dustin Brown, Justin Williams, Martinez in 14, the triples last year, & the list goes on
Ryan Carter has more goals this year than Nail Yakupov
Ryan Carter and Marco Scandella get the Assist on David Jones Goal.
Key West Pro Guides Captain Ryan Carter got in a morning trip today with the Hitch party. Nice people and they...
This Ryan Burnett looks very tidy. Another potential domestic world champ in the making. Head movement & choice of punches is Class.
face swap with Carter and Ryan Reynolds 😭😂
Just landed in Indy. It's time to make a dream become reality.
You can always count on me to be the *** who gives you a reality check instead of telling you what you want to hear.
Well my first night out to somewhere beside wolves was eventful lol still shut it down, they weren't ready lmao
EXPECT is the worst thing you could do
Starting to slack and I can't have that so yea 🌚
I notice everything! Don't ever for a sec think I don't.
You give somebody what they want && all of a sudden it's not what they want anymore. Hm 👀👀👀
WIAA Wrestling:. 138 - Ryan Neu, Dodgeland & Carter Hunter, Markesan will wrestle for a chance to win 3rd place. Loser will wrestle for 5th
Ain't no reason to hold your head down 🙅🏾😞, life gone go on regardless 🤗, gotta keep ya head up and keep moving
I wanna get all dressed up and go to dinner🙄
Come to Aaron Carter tomorrow in sd
I'm about to get a new phone, new number and just start over 🙄👌🏾
What's a bear to a room full of Apes?! 💯🐒🐻
Carter Bancks nearly doubles the lead but Ryan Johnston got a desperate stick on it.
Ryan Carter is the top line LW tonight 😀🔫
Well known first line talent Ryan Carter. Oh boy.
Ugh. Hopefully scouting top line winger Ryan Carter.
I'm working on a new metric to better determine individual players. Ryan Carter is a bottom 5 NHL player in this metric...
Ryan Carter part of the Devils' dynamic fourth line four years ago, playing on the Wild's first line @ WSH 2nt.
Sheryl and Ryan are back from from Potawatomi Carter Casino Hotel where they taught a three day seminar on Tribal...
Pair of PRs in the men's 600 meters:. So. Carter Lilly -- 1:17.34 (2nd all-time). So. Ryan Dorman -- 1:19.39 .
Ryan Shaw should've definitely been given that! He did amazingly to stay in play.
Key West Pro Guides Captain Ryan Carter fished today with the Jack Horvath party. The colder water temperatures...
Oh and I put a fire verse on Macklemore & Ryan's album, so.. Get that on iTunes 🤓
3 reasons it will get even worse for Brewers fans
Sgt. Carter says he has family who works in Excel in What crossed his mind? "Finding the bad guy."
Sgt. Chris Carter who helped save lives in shooting says walking into building was "overwhelming."
Hesston Police Sgt. Chris Carter helped victims of shooting.
could you also say Vince Carter. Always great to see
PHOTO: Ryan Carter celebrates goal in the 6-1 victory on Sunday.
I am bloody wrapped for Ryan Carter and his team on such a magic article in Street Machine on 2 awesome builds!!...
I can't tell if it's Ryan Carter or Chris Porter in line rushes, but after 3 straight wins, it'd seem doubtful Porter draws in
Holtby with a solid save on Ryan Carter
Tigers start off the Ryan Carter tournament today at 12:20 vs Hudson!
Jarret Stoll will center Chris Porter ard Ryan Carter on the Wild's fourth line
A boys squirt team won the latest Pop-In Practice w/the MN Wild's Ryan Carter.
Last season, won 12 of their first 16 league games - that's down to just four this season.
Jarret Stoll centering Chris Porter and Ryan Carter tonight. Erik Haula expected to be scratched.
Glad we got Gallman and Carter instead of that goof... He is darn talented though.
Click here to watch the video: Kelly got to shoot with Gina when Ryan join them
Carter takes stock of battles as Iraqis seek to retake
In the ultimate act of irony, wouldn't it be great if the Kings traded Jeff Carter to Columbus for Ryan Johansen?
From and me: Carter offers new US aid to Iraq and Baghdad seeks to reclaim Ramadi
Pentagon chief Carter used personal email account at times, has stopped: statement - Reuters
On ESPN, Cris Carter says the Eagles under Buddy Ryan fought so much that a defensive teammate once went to his car to…
In their defense, how many times did you see Ryan Hawkins or Cory Carter punt this year? Nobody is going to watch punters.
FYI, Chase Brice is out of Grayson High. The same school that produced Wayne Gallman and Ryan Carter. Great program.
ea I'm not making this up but I traded my friend a Bobby Ryan for a Jeff carter and he didn't recive the Ryan
The women go clean mad for Nathan Carter and Derek Ryan.. Never seen the like of it 😂
I hate when people tell me "it's a long story.." I GOT TIME‼️ I would not have asked you if I didn't have time 👌🏾😐😩
Next semester I'm not settling for less than a B
I swear I can't stand when people waste my time 🚮
I feel like a weight has been lifted. But, there's always room for improvement.
However, Ryan Carter's been 6th-best in the NHL at limiting shot attempts on the penalty kill, only allowing 81.5 SAT/60 when shorthanded.
Ryan Carter on fwd competition w Stoll here: "When something’s on the line, you compete a little harder, you play a little better"
The best part of finding carter is seeing beautiful face
Ryan you pulled so it's time for me to shoot you
+ FOLLOW and you could could win 2 tickets to Chelsea vs Sunderland on Saturday!. FREE Tickets to Jose's last game...! …
As African Americans, we need to learn to stop bringing others down from success.. If you don't have anything positive to say then stfu‼️ 💯😐
Looking at WA Wrestling Report takes me back to when was king of that site.
Throwback to studio with Ryan T... Miss u homie!
So we're about to re enter the dark ages of Quincy Carter, Ryan Leaf, Drew Hutchinson, Clint Stoerner
Ain't in the business of proving folks wrong or right no more, either you wit me or you not
Meet Black Singles 300x250
Bo Ryan went 9-17 in his first season at UW-Platteville, in 1984-85. He never had a losing season as a head coach again
By retiring now, Bo Ryan assures himself this ridiculous feat: He never finished worse than fourth in the Big Ten. Ever.
Wisconsin coach Bo Ryan retires after win (Yahoo Sports): Wisconsin coach Bo Ryan retired after one last victo...
If plan is to move Coyle to RW, could affect Chris Porter/Ryan Carter more than Erik Haula. Will certainly give Yeo lineup options.
Patrick Maroon is begging Ryan Carter to fight, Carter wisely refuses. He has nothing to gain by dropping the gloves right now.
Patrick Maroon all over Ryan Carter during TV timeout. Following him like a shadow
Bob Ryan looks like a combination of Jimmy Carter and Bill Clinton.
Carnival going on in the circle today & the on campus parade starting at 12:30pm & the pep rally tonight at 7pm ft. Young…
Took a 5 minute nap! Who does that!? 😩😭👀 I been so busy this week it don't make no sense.
This is funny. Great balancing act this one. Thanks for the tip off Ryan Carter ;-)
Day drinking and poppin off rounds with the boys
Magna Carter is gunna Ruin me this Halloween 😈😜💀
Congratulations to seniors Ryan Walsh and Zach Warner on being selected Team Captains for the 15-16 season!
Photo: serpientes: ryan schira photographed by carter smith, 2007
These players are out for this week's game:. -Korin Wiggins. -Mike Williams. -Ryan Norton. -Ryan Carter. -Austin Bryan. -Zach Riggs
Bryce Harper turns 23 today. He already has 97 homers and more career WAR than Ryan Howard and Joe Carter.
has already been made into a 'Heritage Moment' (which we grew up w in 90s, think Joe Carter World Series)
I gotta say Ryan Carter (WHITE BEAR LAKE BABY) has been having a good start so far. Fun to see. Stepping up with Stewart gone
According to Dumba has logged a team high 24:15 of ice time while Ryan Carter is sitting at 21:14...
Steve Downie, top of the screen, was on the bench during the scrum and jabbed Ryan Carter from there.
The scrum started when Anthony Duclair bumped Ryan Carter, then Duclair went to the bench and Carter tried to get a word with him.
Downie got a 10-minute misconduct...Ryan Carter also missing from bench
ask Matt Ryan Julio could've easily had 200 today. He had 2 for 53 in 1 qtr
(yes, I admit, I have a soft spot for Ryan Carter)
Ryan Carter, still on the Wild. Who knew?
Martin Hanzel a dirty cross-check to the ribs of Ryan Carter, who has trouble getting up...Wild PP
of the with a 2:00 penalty for interference against Ryan Carter (18)
After a tough shift by Ryan Carter, he draws an interference penalty from Duclair. Wild's 2nd PP, up 2-0, 4:15 left in the 1st
Carter, secondary looking forward to Notre Dame: Clemson defensive back Ryan Carter spoke with the me...
I like the way Ryan Carter plays. Very smart player.
I remember in the 2012 playoffs he gave up a bunch of goals to Ryan Carter and Stephen Gionta
Carter Cruise is learning how to play soccer with Coach Ryan's help. Turns out she's way b…
On 3rd & 3 at the ATL 27-yd line, Ryan is sacked by Kasim Edebali!!!
Game Note: 2003 was the last time the Cubs won the NLDS but also the Is that an omen?
It's Thursday so you know what that means 😊 it's HOMEEECOMING ‼️😳😛 lets get it
I get aggravated fast asf in general 😭😇
Aphiniti - WMC (Weezy Michael Carter) click here if you haven't watched already 🔥🔥 *new video alert*
10 years ago, CFB had a day of comeback wins, including 2 from Pat White & Matt Ryan who came off bench to win.
REMINDER: This weeks theme is PINK OUT!! and the game is at Booker T, let's keep out student section moving!
Ryan Carter wrote my paper for me and actually got me a good grade
Carter was crushed when I told him said he can't go to the game tonight. Bo, Ryan
On this day in 2009, David Beckham played his final game for England. Hero!
CB Ryan Carter is out for this week's game vs. Boston College, per Dabo Swinney.
use that same aggravated energy and turn it into excellence! Brighten someone's day then go take a nap.. Lol
I get aggravated fast af when I'm tired. 😒😴
Good vibes today people, good vibes!
"Obama expected to announce new plan to keep 5,500 troops in Afghanistan beyond 2016" by
I did some analysis of what Porter brings on the ice back in July:
Ryan just called Carter a rapist. My feelings for you are gone.
Drama free. Stress free. I'm trying to keep it that way 👐🏾
When you finally get visitation and ain't got nobody to come see you 😒😂😂😂
Just when I was about to give up, God stepped in and I'm forever grateful for him!🙏❤️
Carter finally finds a pitcher he can square up the ball off. Alas, SS Ryan retires him on one pitch.
Of course Chris Carter can't even get a hit against Brendan Ryan.
Kevin's half brother Chris Carter just made an out vs Brendan Ryan.
Does Brendan Ryan strike out Chris Carter on 4 or 5 pitches ?
The stage is set here at Yankee Stadium for the ultimate showdown: Chris Carter vs. Brendan Ryan
Ryan Carter stopped by the Hockey School. Check it out:
Ryan Carter stopped by to talk hockey and sign autographs ✒️
spoke the truth on about Chris Carter... World hates to hear the stone cold reality!
My biggest question from last night's Teen Wolf mid-season finale is: Who has the better body, Cody Christian or Ryan Kelley?
for Trash. Fav for Iggy and carter.
Seattle's Michael Bennett doesn't like whimpering, overpaid, mediocre quarterbacks: Michael Bennett is one of ...
The Cardinals took Cris Carter's advice, and had a Fall Guy.
oh this is awk I read that as carter reynolds not ryan I'm dumb 😂😂
If I pulled a you on you, you wouldnt like that.
Pray about everything. Worry about nothing
That's one thing about me though I never been a quitter.
I wanna see everybody doing well. Believe me.
We bend, don't break that's the story of us 💜
Be motivated by the fear of being average.
Other people's nudes are trophies. You just can't share them
I ain't even finna entertain this BS.. 😒
When you already know they telling lies but you gonna let them explain anyway
ESPN is such a joke Curt Schilling gets suspended but nothing happens to Cris Carter
Update your maps at Navteq
Captain Ryan Carter offshore stuff!
Quincy Carter, Tony Banks, Drew Henson, Ryan-frickin-Leaf. The horror of it makes you appreciate Romo so much more.
Chris Carter does not regret anything.. He's a liar. He was not genuine to Ryan either. That was also BS.
More players at the pro skate today: Ryan Carter,
I'm so glad I moved to Savannah it's so much to do ❤️
Keep my name out ya mouth 😒 cause speaking on me wont make you relevant 😴❗
Hopefully everything works in my favor 🙏🏾
If you want it bad enough, then you'll do what it takes✊ 🎓💼💍👪, but make sure God is in it.
Ryan Carter of the answering questions at the Wes Walz Hockey School at
Former Mavs and current NHLers Tim Jackman and Ryan Carter give their insight on the current state of
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