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Ryan Buell

Ryan Daniel Buell (born July 8, 1982) is an American paranormal investigator, author and producer who founded the Paranormal Research Society when he was a 19-year-old student at Pennsylvania State University.

Paranormal State

I promise this will be the last one I think this is my favorite! Lmfao! ---Aaaddduuuhhh
say it once say it twice third times a charm. Lol nice effing model.
at 10:26pm it was still daylight outside in Winnipeg.
tried to get a good picture of the moon tonight. I hope you get a chance to look up at it tonight.
Ryan u are good guy it's OK we all get like that just ask my husband
Hey Ryan, what are we doing for our birthday. Cause both our birthdays are July 8. It's also a Friday.
I am glad I am not the only one who thinks this about people or themselves.
My laugh is terrible in that video lol. But's one of my favorite moments with him.
He's such a goofball. Lol I love how he mocks us on the broadcast, it makes me laugh :D
I agree, never do it again. You made my heart sad lol
it's ok wish I could join dealing with a broken hip *** can't do much yet be a week Wednesday
I'm sorry this is just way too funny! Should be the new PRS logo!
OMG I do sound like a *** Apologies. People have been trying to tell me that for years. Quiplash was fun!
Soo, if you're a ghost does that mean ghost hunters hunt you while you hunt other ghosts? Or.?
I lowered myself to such awful standards to demonstrate how ridiculous the dog lens looks!
"Hey coach... I don't think we survived that car crash." "How'd you guess?"
Should play Wick on Twitch again? . 24 hours folks, lets hear your votes!
tonight is the first solstice full moon in 50 years, and it's also a strawberry moon. It won't happen again for another 46 years
good morning Ryan darling. Have an awesome day. See you on twitch tonight.
Making me sound like a valley girl with a lisp. I love you Ryan. Thanks for the laugh. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
// Yours truly, Ghosthuntinbabe being called out by Ryan Buell. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
very important work your doing. Your actually helping people n that's important. Its why I love Ryan Buell from Paranormal State
hope I can see some had 3 pins put in my hip emergency surgery wednesday need the distraction
Hey guys, we will be starting our Twitch broadcast around 9:15-9:30pm EST tonight!
Cross stitch art made by me for and - GHB πŸ‘»
glad you're alive - didn't know you hated emojis. Ty for that info. Hope all is fixed.
Not Ryan Buell related, but because it was recently brought up to me, the shooting in Orlando was truly a tragic event. Someone willingly ~
was tragic to have happened at all. My heart goes out to all of those who lost someone. - GHB
I completely agree with you. I don't find it tragic in the sense that it was a *** *** club that was targeted it
the piece of ice cream cake that was given to me today. I was like "where's the E?"
I'm assuming if an RIP were to be posted, you wouldn't write it! So the emoji thing... Glad you are OK
glad to here your still around!! I'm not done hanging out with you yet!!! 😱
omg I was freakin out that was so not funny. I
One of the girl's who died during the shooting is from my hometown (Torrington, CT). It has touched us all
I also send love and prayers out to everyone affected by the shooting.
Glad that you are okay. Tell the responsible party that your fans found no humor in it. We care about you.
Hi Ryan!! How are you? I just got done reading your book and I loved it!!
Very glad you are among the living Ryan .
whew so good to hear--that was so upsetting. So glad that was not true!
Monday and Tuesday should be interesting
Seeing as you used "DUH" tonight i think you owe me a NICKLE MISTER.
Next time I see you, your gonna pay for it :P
I'm getting the sense that whatever spirit is in here is trying to warn me not to trust Ryan Buell. Makes sense.
Thank goodness it is a false alarm. It gave everyone a heart attack.
thank God! Geez lol that was scary hehe please change your passwords so no more hackers will give us a scare :)
I figured it was some sort of hack but i must say I'm awfully relieved to see this post! Loads of love always Ryan!
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holy cow so relieved! I've been searching the net for news!
Well, that was a sick joke. Glad to hear you're still among the living! ☺️
Sorry that happened to you. I can't imagine having to make a statement that one is not dead.Glad you are ok.
Whew! That was a scary moment. Glad you are with us!!
// Ugh Jordan's sass is based on that of Ryan Buell. πŸ˜‚πŸ‘πŸ»
Seen this online, thought it was cute. So had to share.😍😱😱😱
Another one of my personal heroes, Ryan Buell, speaks out against sexuality discrimination! - Pikachu
I can't wait for tonight's twitch :) ❀
"In some circumstances, timing is everything." -
Okay, this has been irking me for a while now. WHO THE HECK really thinks they can call themselves a Ryan Buell fan, and then openly >
So I excited I got this little jewel today!
Been a huge fan and supporter of for a long time. Love the work he does, he's so inspiring! β€οΈπŸ’–
Watching X-Files with always a good time and lots of laughs πŸ˜†πŸ‘ΎπŸ‘½
((I seriously LOVE watching Paranormal State, Ryan Buell is bae! πŸ’•))
Paranormal Lockdown? Wasn't that the chick from Ryan Buell's show Paranormal State? I'll give it a try...
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I found this article with Chris Carter interesting!
@ TashaDexter4619 geez Ryan, maybe NO ONE told Sergey, right.
thank you so much for being such a fan of the Xfiles like me. It was so much fun going through the journey with you.
I would love to see you back on tv.Your team was so exceptional.
Guess there will be another season huh?
I wished you guys would come back on TV I miss yall
wish you were still in the Raleigh area. I would have loved to meet you! You're such a sweet guy! Hope you are well and happy!
Um yeah. No idea what you're talking about honey. Serg & I are good friends & he is still a PRS member. But thanks!
"The X-Files" finale! I'm giving live commentary of the episode now. Thank you all for watching it with me.
You are early tonight! I can't wait to have some fun and enjoy some scares!
looks fine to me. He looks very ducky, today. ;)
lol!!! I laughed so hard even tho it hurts! Lmao
I've never used twitch TV do you have a show you broadcast on it?
i miss Paranormal State. Any plans on a new show?
i used to love Paranormal State when was in it
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Paranormal State Marathon on Amazon Prime! Best way to spend a Sunday
I've always wanted to go to Penn State University because I looked up to Ryan Buell a lot.
Have a great time at camp and can't wait for Sunday Twitch. Try and stay warm. Hugs!
sorry im going to post the singing videos sun. If you want to snapchat me my names sabrina13
I read your post about messages but I did have a woman messaging me and then suddenly it was like 2 people, very odd
One thing on my bucket list- to either investigate with or just sit and ask questions lol
yay omg I just followed you on instagram hehe I also have snap chat too arleigottalent ;)
tell me what you think. I really want opinions
hey Ryan. I know you don't know me but tomorrow I'm going to post an amateur post of me singing, can you please check it out
Hi Ryan, I hope all has been going good n you have a great weekend.
I have yet to venture to THAT paranormal world, lol! 😝
heyy Add my snap? My username is: DamnRelatable, I'm bored :(
you are asking for trouble on this site. Just my opinion.
I could not figure out Snapchat. Must be too old. Lol
Have not tried either snapshot or instagram. My kids love it.
Oh yeah, I'm now also on Snapchat! Don't know what it is but I guess all the kids are doing it so it must be cool! "ryanbuell" Talk w/ me!
Welcome to Instagram! Thought you might enjoy this quote as much as I do!
lol watch The American Ghost Hunter, Ryan Buell of Penn State Paranormal claims native ancestry & spirits can smell that one drop
That episode man when gives the piece of paper to still gives me chills LOL
Today is the Hungry Ghost Festival according to Chinese tradition. Wish I could join you on a paranormal expedition!
You can continue to have a relationship with your deceased love one. They don’t want to be forgottenΒ 
hoping that are feeling good. are you going to do any more shows of I hope so loved the show
Here is something I thought you would like! It's actually an Album! You know what am album is? Go Bureau
Nap time over. 'No rest for the Wicked now' So they say. Don't mean you can't sneak one in from time to time ;)
My grandmother on my dad's side is British, I'll take the Crumpets, but I'll skip the tea
Hey Ryan. Haven't heard anything from you. Hope all is well and that one person in the chat didn't scare you away.
sans Sissy Bar. Of course. KRGT1 has pins which corner on Buell as well. Ryan Boyd would know the Design
used to πŸ’“ Paranormal State myself ... Ryan Buell, oh so cute!
I have study the paranormal a week ago I just graduated any tips hope to hear from you soon
The $80 stole from me ought to cover the price whatever you're selling now.
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Paranormal has always been a passion of mine, be careful know you get real close to some scary stuff, my exp @ 11 an experience
love the video clip lol. Going to order the bookπŸ˜€
Ryan check out my blog one day. My house is crazy haunted. Great to see you post!
Pre-order our first paranormal photobook, detailing our "Darkness Falls" investigation.
i'm glad you got through the beta checks. LOL get some rest
Ah yes, UNIV-CON days back in college. Only I was allowed to nap. Directors privileges!
What's this? I really miss you on TV! Hurry back and I hope you're feeling better!
Any truth the the rumor you got married ?
Sorry I wasn't as much help tonight. Here is that pic of you. Ryan + Gravity =
Shoutout to for talking to himself for 20 minutes while offline on Twitch lmao
This isn't the place to air your complaint!You should write to Ryan personally & not do this.Ryan really doesn't need this crap!
What are you working on now sir? Paranormal State was a great show. Your crew was so unique and fun to watch!
haven't seen you in a while. How are you doing?:)
You better pray you never run into me in person boy, I will have you arrested in the spot and charged with misdemeanor theft.
Well hello Mr Buell. How are you doing? Glad your back!!
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Where is my $80 you stole from me when you cancelled your tour?
Who is this Beta, and why is he always making you take a test?
Thanks for the info.Why on earth was everything deleted? Selfishly-pleased that l have SOs 1,2 and 3 bought. Amazon!
yeah I would rather not change anything we got going. Maybe even play someone at 1st with Duda out
I wouldn't go as far as trading him but I would like uribe/murphy to play the same and him just PH time to time
actually everything was deleted even from YouTube. Now I can't watch it at all
Ryan I have the roadmap to the otherside. Direct communication daily. DM me
Any chance that Paranormal State will make it back on TV?!
you did t watch Fear the Walking DeadπŸ’€?
you are awesome! I had to watch your show with the lights on, though. :-D
Did you go to the Sanders rally in Sumter?
Nope. This is Dame Judi Dench and I love watching Paranormal State with Tea and crumpets.
About to continue with my live Twitch marathon (bugs have been fixed). Help me escape a haunted asylum in OUTLAST!
Throw back thinking to when i did Paranormal Investigator for my highschool careers project! You were my role model!
I can't get on twitch TV. It just keeps loading and nothing happens. πŸ˜•
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You guys should totally get a Future PRSer t shirt made for Aidan :) lol!!
yahoo.!! Can't wait. I feel privileged having been at your party. Thanks again.
Had a blast. Glad I could help! Will try again Sun.Should be working on my comic book and drawing panels.UR the best distraction
I just donated $10 for a shoutout from I'm a winner. πŸ˜”
what is Twitch and where can I get it?
is there a reason I can't comment on your FB page?
Join me live on Twitch at 10pm EST to chat with yours truly as I play one scary *** game and answer your questions:
Can't wait to watch you Ryan. Love you
Your going to play Outlast? That is one of the most mind twisting and scare your pants off games out there! Nice choiceπŸ‘πŸ‘Œ
Hopeful this will be the last time you play outlast need to move on wards to a new game.
not going to give Paranormal State game again? Looking forward to this!
wondered where Ryan Buell Paranormal State says coming bk w/a new paranormal tv show, he married Sergy from show & he had pancreatic cancer
AH!! *jumping up & down squealing* Please share this excitement with me 😁 They're back!
Whose birthday is in a month from today?! That's right! 's!! ❀️❀️
Lovely, would so much love to meet the two of you!
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Sending you healing prayers and support during your time of recovery. Looking good πŸ˜‰πŸ™ŒπŸ™Œ
Ryan, I hope you are doing well. Just know you are in my thoughts and prayers.
Thanks for that video update glad to know you're back at it! And still cute as ever too πŸ˜…
National Cancer Survivors Day is this Sunday. Help us raise awareness and
I am still waiting for the $80.00 you stole from me when Ryan Buell's appearance was cancelled.
If I lived in PA, I'd apply, but I work best at a 98% drop out rate, so the location best be hoping in activity (lol)
what do you think about the Charlie Charlie challenge?
For sale: Cheap haunted mansion in Upstate New York
β€œFilming on the X Files reboot is underway.
Hope ye get ta feeling better soon Ryan.
Mid week Paranormal State marathon is getting me through...
US - Answer a series of questions about decisions - Ryan Buell - $0.30/7 mins - (Total approved HITs is not le...
Yes you are baby! What YOU do not realize, is that you are our man or baby, Whatever. We love you sweetheart.
...should I be worried that I found this on the door of my dorm room ( )
I'm a sure fire sucker for para punishment, all for the sake of creativity (lmao)
Umm, Yes! From Haunted Dolls, Ouija Boards, too Slender Man, and now Lizzy Borden and Moth man :()
have either of y'all ever been to Lando South Carolina?
I added a video to a playlist Ryan Buell - Cutting for a Cause - PRS FT 13 Gettysburg 2011
β€œI don't need to leave my faith. The prejudices need to leave my faith.” . ― Ryan D. Buell
This ought to be frightfully intriguing (lol)
I'll say this - player coached by Bo Ryan, Tom Izzo, or Coach K doesn't verbalize what Andrew Harrison said. Grace. Clas…
He has had cancer for several years now -- my first thought -- the demon chase did it.
Watching these people have strokes & other health issues, reminds me of Ryan Buell from "Paranormal State" dealing w/sickness.
You too buddy. I'm coming back to work. RT: β€œNice to see you out and about”
It really has. RT: β€œIt is in the 80s here in the Bay Area. It has been a strange winter.”
Nice. :) RT: β€œHi Ryan! Nice to meet you You're book just arrived!
OMG am I that old already? RT: β€œhonestly I've had the biggest crush on since I was like ten.”
I was! RT: β€œI could of sworn I saw you driving on Atherton today, probably just wishful thinking lo…
Watching Paranormal State on TV for the first time in years. Feels like I'm 8 again, staying up to watch it❀
Watching Paranormal State because it's still my favorite show. πŸ˜ŠπŸ’œ
Enjoying the Paranormal State reruns. Miss U guys...Hope you're doing well...β™₯:-)
Watching with Ryan Daniel Episode:guests flee hotel in PA
Its Saturday evening so it's Paranormal State time!
*** I love Saturdays! Mini Paranormal Sate marathon comin up!
Yes! in regards too 'light bringer' that you made look so majestic ;) only this is the real truth.
You can tell spring is here. My old friend is out of hibernation :)
Reading and who shows up in the book but and the PRS team! A pleasant surprise! 😁
Thank you for writing about Point Pleasant. We appreciate your kind words and way of thinking on something so personal to us.
Wanted to get some feedback about a video we are working on. Thanks so much
. Just thought I'd say I am a huge fan of Paranormal State and I have been spending this week watching the series from Episode1:)
that's what I was watching! That and paranormal witness with Ryan Buell ^^
I have loved you for a thousand years. I love you for a thousand more.
hi Ryan how are you doing today.and yesterday was my birthday
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Great he is doing better so he can work a real job without stealing from people and dog can bond him out.
She also wanted to know why certain people become Residuals and others don't. A great question One we still don't know
I still watch Paranormal State on TV every Saturday! xxx
ROFL! RT: β€œThought you might get a laugh at this, since Xander's recent indiscretion 😏
Hey Ryan, What do you think about your brazilian fans?
Wednesday on The – Billy VS ghosts? Maybe he should give Ryan Buell from State a call!
A message from Ryan Buell.. Ryan D. Buell I am alive. I've been told I took the road less traveled by. Well, that road *** No pavement. No signs or directions. But I am still with you all, my friends. For now I will not be online much, but in time I hope to rejoin you all very soon. Much love
Did you see the message Ryan Buell posted on his FB today?
God bless A man with beautiful heart and soul! πŸ’œ
Thinking about you. Glad you are doing better. I'm sure PA is excited to have you back!
We can LOVE our Family members doesn't mean we HAVE to HANG out with THEM!
So glad your making your way back and remember... Love you R! Soldier On!
you are an amazing man, look at all you have accomplished and overcome. Don't let the negative opinions of ANYONE get to u
Where are the refunds for all of the people Ryan Buell has canceled his events on?! Numerous venues have stated ON RECORD that neither Ryan or his representatives EVER EVEN BOOKED the events but DID charge and collect a sum total of "6 figures" from this group of unfortunate individuals over time. THE MAJORITY of this money still has not been refunded. I am not one of these people, just an advocate of the truth and justice. ... To note: Ghost Adventures kicks the face off of Paranormal State - illness is not an adequate excuse to ignore your duty toward your own self respect - do the right thing and refund the money you owe
I would love for to go with me to my first comic con in AZ :c
What's a working lunch like at MassIT? Guest Lecture from Prof Ryan Buell on Operational
Anyone seen American Ghost Hunter amd thought it was worth your dime?
are two of my favorite people. I just got done watching Paranormal State on DVR & you guys blow my mind every time.
hi Ryan I'm watching miss it so bad! It was my favorite show!
hello Ryan i want to buy ur movie but am aprehensive about not recieving it. Why have many been ordered and not recieved timely?
yep and they said there is nothing they can do. I am working with the police. Hope he doesn'
Praying and hoping for one of my hero's gets well and things start to get better. Please help trend.
Have a great weekend y'all. Stay warm & God bless!
I really hope to be okey we miss you so much. Greetings from Peru :D
OK, so what's up with the silhouette?
I wanna come and invesagate always been a.dream of mine
Ryan Buell reportedly retreats back to his home town in Pennsylvania via
Case in point, there are news sources outing accusations of fraud. Chip Coffey actually distanced himself from Ryan.
β€œ& Facing each interesting mysteries Paranormal State! march of this year reunion
β€œI would be grateful if you follow me )β€πŸ‘πŸ˜‰πŸ˜Š
used to watch too..Ryan Buell had Lorraine Warren on some shows too.She investigated Amityville home & many others
I miss you on TV. I hope ur health is better and your in good spirits.. I'm here anytime.. Be safe.
Does this show still air new episodes?
great to see sum Paranormal State re-runs! Past cpl wnds. Hope you & the rest of the PS posse is doing well
Had a sudden urge to send some good thoughts your way, hope you're doing well!
idk who I'm jealous of. Blake Lively for being with Ryan Reynolds or Ryan Reynolds for being with Blake Lively. 😍
Reading this before bed. Next I want to read Ryan Buell's book.
yea I hear ya I dont know the whole story so cant say either way. But I will say I wish him a speedy recovery
I absolutely luv the show.But the man has cancer,until he can heal ppl need to lay off!😐
thought the name sounded familiar I hate that rep seems to be getting tarnished pretty bad lately was a good show
if you love Ryan Buell and Paranormal State:)
Did Paranormal State ever come back? I might want to go back and watch old episodes. I miss PRS. (also any bunnies lately?)
After accusations of scamming fans earlier this year, Ryan Buell seems to have been keeping quiet for the last...
Look who has come back out in public and still not working on or talking about refunding the thousands of dollars...
I was thinking about you the other day wondering how you are? Prayers aplenty are still going out for you, Ryan.
Dear PRS events attendees,. Director Ryan Buell has previously communicated with ticket purchasers for the β€œConversations With…
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Are you working to pay back all of your fans?
How does one go about reaching out and connecting to the unreachable?
"Hi everyone. So sorry for your problems with getting refunds. Hopefully this will be resolved soon. I am a…" β€” Anita
Ryan Womack with his very first bike, this 2007 Buell that he bought from Stan. Thanks for trusting HDC, Welcome...
Where have you been? . And your program, passes on what channel?
My is Ryan Buell from Paranormal State. We shall meet, get married, and have adorable diva…
So sorry to hear about your health. I loved watching your show. Loved the school. Stay strong! Keep u in my prayers.
I saw this hoodie at our mall and thought of you. Hope you're doing well! πŸ’œ
just read about all you've been going thru. You are in my thoughts and prayers! :)
Love love loving the couple hours of PRS!! Miss Paranormal State & & his team!!
See, I love and state because they are so realistic about things. No BS for dramatic effect.
OMG!! I am dying in so freakin excited!!! I haven't seen Paranormal State on in a longgg time!
:saw chip coffey around ryan buell,Michelle belanger, thru astral, to test 2 see if I was a psychic medium,test by a machine.
haunted is such a great word cuz ur haunted by these experiences the rest of your life. Thx for your work
it's nice to know others r out there who have been haunted as I have though I don't wish it on any1!!
A trip to the ER for lock jaw on my B-day would not be PS performance (lol)
I have a damaged jaw that's been repaired three times. So I can no longer eat things to crunchy or chewy.
I even have corona beer which is favorite, but I have to go with corn chips in replace of cheeto's
I'm oh so geared for PS rerun watching, B-day occasion. I have my beer and corn chips on the 'to get' list :0
I so hope he gets well. He has to fight. Don't let it win!
And it takes the past to spring board into something new:)
he just needs to have utmost faith in himself and what he can do. Never mind what's happened, that's past!
I'm positive that can take the PS show to all new heights, and make it more legendary than it is!
I'm truly praying that will pull through these complications, and come back out on top with a new series of PS
You have to bring back Paranormal State! I was a amazing show and you helped alot of people! I am sure plenty others need help
sending u warm wishes for a quick recovery to whatever is plaguing u.Trust in god & let ur faith prevail!We're all pulling for u
had intense urge to check on you. Is everything okay?
Hi Ryan How are you feeling? I just found out that you have not been feeling well...I hope everything is good...sending hugs!!
Ryan Buell is totally *** but *** he used to be bae so hard when Paranormal State was still airing.
all is well for you. I know what your FAM feels about your cancer. Lost my mom and aunt to cancer.
found reruns of Paranormal State. Miss you and the team. Get well soon.
I'm am watching rite now on LMN reruns
Very sad. I'll be keeping Ryan in my thoughts and prayers for sure.
pancreatic cancer.But I'm sure his immune system has been weakened w/all the treatments he's had&the illness itself
Yeah he did have Pancreatic Cancer. According to the post on his FB pg-what's going on now is not a re-occurrence of
hey watching repeats of Paranormal State! Sure have missed this my prayers for Ryan
Wow! I just went on a PS repeat watching spree last week, and planning on doing so again for my B-day:)
I read where he had pancreatic cancer a while back. Sorry to hear he is not doing well.
Does anyone know where the cast of are now? Especially Ryan Buell.
I can't even tell you how THRILLED I was when I was flipping channels tonight & saw PS was on!I did a double take!
That and they handled each investigation w/respect-unlike so many other shows.
most legit of all the Paranormal shows 2.They had the most credibility to me.
TV again.What a nice surprise to find it on TV tonight.Also always felt it was the
It hasn't been on TV for close to-if not more-than a year. Never thought I'd C it on
Very excited since it's one of the few shows I watch : )
I am SO HAPPY it's back on TV!I hope this means NEW EPISODES soon!! THANK U again
Me 2! has ALWAYS been my FAVORITE of all the Paranormal TV shows!It's the BEST!
I can't even tell you how HAPPY I am that is back on TV!THANK YOU 4 bring this show back!
Havent seen Paranormal State in a year!
I am so excited that is on. Absolutely LOVE Sorry football, but I have to watch my fave from Penn State!
Ryan Buell was like my first guy crush ever omg. I miss this show😭😭
Ryan I never understood why you stopped making Paranormal State. I just read your journey and now I get it. Keep Fighting
You need to read the book "Christ the Healer, F.F. Bosworth, I read it in bible school..It will help you, trust me.
Yes! there are devoted fans that are helping too pull you through!
There's no need to apologize for being ill! That is beyond your control.
So! I can't blame you're distaste against your media service, they need a swift kick in the rear (lol)
Canada doesn't have to befriend anyone in media service, they do as they're told or we make a stance against them.
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