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Ryan Buell

Ryan Daniel Buell (born July 8, 1982) is an American paranormal investigator, author and producer who founded the Paranormal Research Society when he was a 19-year-old student at Pennsylvania State University.

Chip Coffey Paranormal State Chad Calek

Yeah Ghost Adventures is the real deal. I've been hearing Ryan Buell is a phony and I don't watch GH either
Ryan Buell scam again...Chip Coffey denies culpability.
dreamed about you again last night. Stop by anytime though 😘
Ryan . what are you apologizing for? All of your followers are asking the same question. Is everything ok?
I know your.a fan of Consciousness... Enjoy R!
I'm dreaming about you again. Hope you're feeling better Ryan. I love you . Take care
thank you and Chad for signing my DVD that I received as a birthday gift! I hope you feel better soon!
Ryan Buell Accused of Scamming Fans: A few months back, we did a story about Brian Harnois of Ghost Hunters fame…
sending prayers I hope you get better!!! :)
Former Paranormal State on A&E cast member and Ryan D. Buell's BFF Topher Young is trying to provoke me into...
My Lord, I had forgotten about the fart.— Queen Elizabeth I
I would LOVE to get to go on a paranormal tour / ghost hunt some day; of course preferably with
can I ask what happened ? My fam and I are BIG fans we miss your program
Sergey, he's part of what was Paranormal State before Ryan buell got cancer
Sorry u are so ill but that is no excuse for not getting refunds to people. Hire people to do it for u!..
Ryan Buell apologizes for scamming fans / health problems as excuse LIKE on   10% Off
Using his illness as an excuse to be a scumbag is totally wrong. There are people sicker than him that go to work...
i know. But i have their adress for fan mails.. But i dont know if They Will answer me
I don't expect a reply b/c I know they are super busy. They have so many followers
Have you let Zak know about these places? I told about a haunted home in Toronto.
Last night's episode is online in case you missed it. We talk about the Ryan Buell fraud fiasco, a FOX news...
Chip Coffey insists he has nothing to do with Ryan Buell and his alleged scams
love you Ryan & hope this message finds you healthy & well. Nothing else matters... hug you soon XOX
Coverage of the PRS scandal spreads...
Ryan Buell on His Cancer Battle: 'I Had to Go to Death's Door' via
is my inspiration to not let anything get me down. It deeply saddens me that people are being so mean to him. Get better Ryan! 😃
More on the ongoing Ryan Buell saga: Chip Coffey speaks out.
Ryan Buell apologizes for scamming fans and uses health problems as an excuse via
Longtime friend of celebrity ghost hunter Ryan Buell is speaking out about fans' missing money:
Sending you love and prayers! I wonder how you are doing with your illness and think of you often. I miss seeing you on tv.
Ghost hunter Ryan Buell's longtime friend speaks out: Following up on the investigation of ...
Ghost hunter Ryan Buell's longtime friend speaks out
If you have not heard yet ,Ryan D. Buell is being accused of being a thief by many people. He had tour dates...
wishing you all the best. Stay positive
We've all made mistakes it is how we fix those mistakes that defines us. At least respond to the allegations, Ryan...
Yes I still trust & support Watch this clip to find out why: via RE:
TheNightVisitor2 coming soon with direct by watch htt…
TheNightVisitor2 coming soon with direct by watch
Troubleshooter: Ryan Buell's long-time friend speaks out - We heard from a lot of former fans of Ryan Buell...
I do not like to get involved with para-drama of any kind, but... This whole Ryan Buell ripping people off thing...
.. Still need lorrain warren? Contact Ryan Buell, she was on a tv show called Paranormal State with him😝
Troubleshooter: Long time Ryan Buell friend speaks out
OMG.. Greatest hashtag about the Ryan Buell scam EVER!!! 😉😉
Thanks for all the interest in all the Ryan Buell info! For all the latest follow and
I wish I had thought wrongly of Ryan D. Buell when I was telling his fans that this whole thing smelled fishy,...
ABC News reporter interviews fan that claims she was scammed by Ryan Buell
RYAN BUELL, "THE FALL OF PRS" AND MORE... By Chad Calek Hello, friends. Day 17 of my recovery… and I’m feeling STRONG today. Strong enough to say some things that I probably should have said a long, long time ago. But again… time is a beautiful thing to bide, and clarity is a beautiful thing to have. With that being said, I’ve spent all morning reading up on many people’s comments about someone that we all know I’ve had a very close relationship with over the years. Of course I’m talking about Ryan Buell. Let me start by making some things VERY clear. 1.) I am NOT Ryan Buell. I am Chad Calek. And the difference between both of those men is astronomical. This is not a slam or a “diss” against Ryan, as I’m certain that he would tell you the same. 2.) Ryan’s “sickness” is completely UNRELATED to mine. Anyone who says anything different is absolutely lying. I nearly died because I’ve lived a life in which I simply did not take care of myself. But I am NOT dying. I am LIVING. I am V ...
His such an inspiration to me so brave!
Ryan Buell and them need to quit with the *** surveys and start cutting some checks. Won't be long before a...
I wont my tickets canceled Dallas tour # REFUND now.
Looking forward to meeting Ryan Buell and today to brainstorm ideas for
More Troubles for Ryan Buell and PRS . Headline is silly though. Clearly Chip and Michelle are smart enough to...
I need to destroy the baddest of the bad evil in order to turn the tide of the world into good. I am THE Exorcist.
I can pass a poly proving I have seen and been attacked by them. It's not only faith with me, I hold the truth.
I am no longer in hiding and can cast any spirit that is too dangerous for others to confront.
I hope all is well with you. You haven't posted in awhile.
Keep up the good fight!Thinking of u&praying you'll find the answers you seek.Peace be with u!
when are the new dates for edmonton prs tour going to be announced? This is getting beyond frustrating
Late Happy Bday. I hope u had a good one:)
And the Paranormal World Turns. . The continuous drama on the national and local levels is disappointing. I...
Well, geez...Very unprofessional. Does anyone else see a pattern with some of the so-called paranormal...
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Anyone ever tell u, u look like from Paranormal State?
Fan of PRS, American or Canadian, not getting a refund? Please read
Happy Birthday Ryan! I hope you had a lovely day with all that money you scammed from people :)
New post: Michelle Belanger and Chip Coffey throw Ryan Buell under the bus
Michelle Belanger responds to the rumors of cancellations and no refunds from Ryan Buell's PRS group tours,...
New research by Michael Norton and Ryan Buell looks into whether we like the government more if we could see what it was doing.
ended the PRS group through email. . I'm not suprised!
Will u now refund people their money?
So what do u have to say for yourself? Michelle has back out and two of your top people have resigned!
Fantastic! When will you all honour your tour in Canada? Or at least be forthright about the situation.
Happy birthday (: i hope your day is just as wonderful as you are!
If you are thinking of using a medium, use the method. Bring them to a few different locations to test their abilities first.
Happy Birthday Ryan. Still thinking of you, praying for you, wanting you to have the peace you so rightly deserve.
HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! Hopefully I'm the first fan to say it! Anyway have a wonderful time with family and friends! Best Wishes!
Happy birthday sweetie! I hope you have a great day. That it will fill you with laughter and joy! I am also a cancer 7/11
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Happy birthday! Thinking of you & hoping your day is filled with everything you love! ❤🎉🎂🎁
Oh yes, happy birthday I hope you are having a great time with all that money you scammed out of people
May the best of your past, be the worst of your future Have a most Happy and healthy Birthday Ry, and many many more!!
Happy Birthday Eve!! I hope you spend your birthday doing something really awesome!! Take it easy! 💜Your Native American Sister
It will benefit you greatly to find and read a copy of "The Sacred Romance" by Brent Curtis/John Eldredge.
I hope all is well with you and Sergey. Kind of quiet but I know you're busy. Hope you're up to something that can be shared.
we've been home from the hospital for 2 weeks now & Aidan is doing very well:)
right!? I pre-ordered the LP. I'm not even sure the last time I've done that! Ryan played Buell last time too so might be bigger
have been by and team. Now Ryan and others have been mysteriously absent from
more than likely. Good luck getting it back.
...If it was, wouldn't I have my money back?
STILL waiting for my money back from
I think? I don't even know if his birthday is coming up. If it passed...happy belated birthday!
I just got an email saying birthday is on the 8th. From LiveJournal. I didn't even know I had a LJ. Regardless, HappyBirthday!'s OK. They are more sincere.
are you opposed to signing people's foreheads? Because I want you to sign my forehead on July 16th.
Yes. He would be welcome, for sure. 😊
We have you down with a +1. If you can get to come to our wedding, he's more than welcome. Right,
has scammed the good nature of us Canadians. Plain and simple.
Thanks Sergey. Done and mentioned you and Take care.
Hi All! Has anyone on our page bought tickets for Sundays Event with Ryan Buell? Not a Coldspotters event but we would like to know who all has planned to attend. Thank you
Hey Ry, I'm sure you're bombarded, but I'm curious if you are still coming to Winnipeg? Can you pm me? 🌹
Hey what's happening with the Winnipeg tour? Still no word on if/where everything is happening. Any info boys?
Hi Ryan, just wanted to see how things are going with you. I hope all is well.
Hi Ryan a big fan of your show. Are you still taping shows ? I've been looking for it and I can't seem yo find it .
I hope Winnipeg is good to you this week. I really wanted to come see you but have to be in the hospital that day. Next time bud
OK now that I get to see you, I've got to work on getting & out here.
I tried to fill out the questions and when I tried to submit it said the site was down..any tips
Associate with people that encourage you and challenge you to rise higher.
I envy what u do. I love the things I see just sometimes I don't understand it but I would never want it to go away.
Too all you Cancer Survivors, and those, including Ryan D. Buell who are still battling. From an already survivor...
strong believer in the paranormal have had my own expierience's growing up. What more would you like to know?
I thought you could use a good chuckle. I couldn't stop laughing at this (lol)
Help us with our next Bureau Survey, this one is collecting data on people's paranormal beliefs.
OMGOSH. I am actually in love with Ryan Gosling. 😭😍
Even though has let me down and broken my heart, at least I've met and that was one of the best moments of my life.
Being taken advantage of by someone idolize is the WORST thing that could possibly happen...
I was naive and stupid in thinking a dream of mine would actually come true. I was a fool.
I can't even find the energy in me to cry, even though that's all I want to do.
So far, this whole thing has been a scam to get money out of me and I am absolutely LIVID.
They even have the audacity to send out auto emails stating their email flow is too high and can't get back to me.
I could NOT be more let down with my hero. No possible way I could be more heartbroken.
This is NOT fair to people who had their hopes up for this event, people like me, who idolize It's upsetting and awful.
No emails, no keeping people in the loop, no tickets sent out. I have every intention of letting people know what's happened
Not only am I heartbroken and upset that someone I considered my hero is scamming people, I'm disappointed and let down.
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I have been ignored, set aside and lied to. I spent nearly 200$ on making a dream of mine come true, only to be disapppointed.
Apparently is scamming Canadians... I've purchased tickets to an event that is apparently never going to happen...
Hey is out on DVD yet and do u have a link I can order it???
I've lost human family and many of our feline family 2 cancer...I understand the pain all 2 well
Thank you 99.. I miss her immensely. Prayers for keep up the good fight.
My deepest condolences my friend. Pancreatic CA is one of the fastest of cancers... is fighting it 4 some time now
watching S2 of Paranormal State while cleaning. tears at the end of each episode. love you ryan you are all so wonderful xoxo
“This is classic!! Hans Holzer at 2:25 Yes, my father was THE best. :) And I'm continuing...
just bought Ryan Buell's book Paranormal State and can't put it down. I have so much respect for his work
Written by Ryan D. Buell:. It's Friday the 13th and from an astrological point of view, Mercury is in Retrograde.
Paranormal State : My Journey into the Unknown by Ryan Buell and Stefan... via
Happy Friday the 13th R! Hope your day is full of Superstitious Ideologies!
so I'm watching Paranormal State and wow I LOVE this show too much!! Please never stop!! Stay awesome :D
You're not the only one working like a mad hatter. I'm tied up in a twisted knot, known as designers fray (lol)
what the heck is going on with your Canadian tour???
hey do u watch Paranormal State ? Ryan Buell and his psychic friend Michelle are coming to sd in July ! We should go
CANADA: we're coming to a city near you. Want to meet & ghost hunt with us? TORONTO, EDMONTON, OTTAWA & MORE:
Having all of my Paranormal State finally be done downloading! Yes 👌 Ryan Buell you sexy looking man you 😍😘
yet with only one star he's actually captain Porto Rico (sp)
A man out of his time, struggling in a mad world. I can see the appeal there.
Let me send u the link! Amy is busy with the Spirits of the DEAD!
58 people have now read your Canadian Tour announcement on 'The Paranormal View' FB page. You're climbing (lol)
Got my ticket to The Experience Tour. It makes me sad that treating people with respect even needed to be added to the waiver.
And yet again my sentiment of the day, week, month, year and life time will be :) (lol)
I thought I'd add some enlightenment to my sentiment regarding 'The Ace of Spades'
I am extremely excited to get to see Ryan Buell and Chip Coffey in just a few short weeks with my cubmate Scout McQueen! And they are going to be discussing encounters they never have before makes me even more excited for the experience! How I wish to be a paranormal investigator someday!
You guys should definitely check this out when you come to Edmonton!!!
On page 43 of 400 of Paranormal State, by Ryan Buell
Thank you for the update. I sincerely appreciate it.
Hey can't reply toes sage unless you're following. . But no. I haven't received anything. :(
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feel better soon! Fingers crossed for a speedy recovery!
Yeah that Chris Evans is quite handsome;-)
To make up for the sudden depression I feel inside about this whol situation, I'm going to draw. And paint. . And cry more.
Hmmm... Chip has been deemed a FRAUD, just like your Paranormal Society. So is it a Juggling Act U 2 are doing?
RYAN brah ...get on it and make it happen.Feel better
“u ok?”. No. Was supposed to meet my hero tomorrow but now I don't know if I am or not..,
when will u hit Maryland? I miss watching u both work together...
I knew getting to meet was too good to be true. Sometimes I get too excited for things which hurts more when they're taken away.
Just gonna sit here and cry a little bit to collect my thoughts... Dreams shattered because of lack of communication.
I've emailed and the rest of the PRS crew about the supposed event I paid for six months ago. . No replies. No updates. Nothing.
Awe thank you:) I hope I can make it in june but if not hopefully 1 day. I would love to meet you, I have a lot of respect for u
good morning chief. Excited about the new show coming. I wish u were coming to Nola. U need another event there soon.
Are you even still coming to canada? Because I paid good money to meet you tomorrow...
Chip & I reuniting for MAJOR tour! Time running out to get tix: DALLAS, PHOENIX, SAN DIEGO, SEATTLE, CHICAGO, BOSTON.
Mars/Earth alignment and upcoming blood moon... sign of apocalypse? Thanks to for the heads up!
:) There's more to Cap than the outfit! RT:"Cap's never been favorite (sorry, BUT Winter Soldier made me a fan”
My day is GREAT! I got my tickets to the tour in Chicago!!! So happy! I get to see/hear and after all!
June is a very busy month but hoping to get to see you in Toronto or Ottawa
Thank you so much for the quick response. I bought tickets, I'm so in! See you in Crappypeg!
Can't wait to see again, in Seattle AND !! Dream come true! My favorite men together! 😊Yay!!
so we'll be in Vancouver June 22nd.
want to do a fundraiser with us Mansfield prison ? new vid your in it :)… …. '
Cap's never been my favorite of the big heroes (sorry, BUT Winter Soldier may have made me a fan. *** good movie.
Still upset that I can't go see in Dallas at the end of the month. College life is hard, and poor.
Thought you would get a kick out of this lol. 😋💙❤️
why are the prices higher for Canadian appearances compared to the US? :/
Canada, we are coming to a city near you! Paranormal: The Experience Tour June 4th - June 22nd.
How many people do you typically bring along on the VIP hunt at night? You can PM me if it's easier. I want to come! 👍
can't wait to see u in Dallas Got my room & even met a nice lady on here talking bout it so now going to meet there
You are getting all kinds of crazy out there! Time to head back east where it is safe.
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I'm on it! Let me get my broom and I'll be right over! Hold tight ;)
Well darn. An hour ago there were tickets for sale. Now they're gone :-(. Guess I won't see and talk.
Really going to try and make it to Chicago for and on their tour!!
Serg, you gonna be there? If so, that'll make it extra sweet!!
53 people have read your Canadian tour announcement on 'The Para View' FB page. Hope that boosted your ticket resale.
for the Canada tour it won't allow me to buy tickets. It says all ticket sales have stopped?? Just letting you know :)
We will make our final stop at BOSTON on May 6th for the Conversations with the Dead Tour.
Nothing like a little metal to get the creative juice's flowing in the right direction;)
Ummm, going back to my original sentiment. It's utmost fitting (lol)
What fun CHICAGO will be for Chip and I at our Conversations with the Dead Tour stop on May 4th.
That's terrible hope your foot feels better. Crutches are the worst thing ever! They suck.
Settle down SEATTLE, Chip Coffey and I plan to have Conversations with the Dead Tour stop in your city on May 1st.
You think I should? RT: “are you thinking about coming to Australia? Your Australia fans ne…
ill pay you $10 Australian dollars and a kangaroo if you come
Wish I knew people in this city who actually want to do things...wanted to go see Florida Georgia Line and Ryan Buell but nobody wants to go with me and I don't really want to go by myself.
One of my favorite places ever in Cleveland. Drove passed it today and the memory of meeting there came to mind. 👍💜
My mom said you may be coming back on! Unfortunately, she spoke to you while working your grandmother's memorial. My prayers!
Use an ice pack and see your LMT. That'll get you on your feet faster.
wishing you a speedy recovery. Feel better soon.
wish Philadelphia was one of the tour cities would love to see you both!
Why the eff am I watching American Ghost the dark?
Ok, here it is. I was 26 and going to Theological College in Kentucky. I had lost my father only months before in a car wreck and I was left feeling lost and finding myself riddled with questions about my personal philosophy of life. I chose to go to school to study the Bible to try and fully understand why my father chose the path he did and whether or not I was in agreement with it or not. I had been acting as assistant music director at my church and would come to my mom's house in between services. After dinner that day, I lay down on the couch and was watching some TV. I heard a noise that disturbed me. The sound of hooves clomping slow and heavy came out of the kitchen. I raised up off the couch on one arm to look around the bar into the kitchen and saw the head of a ram atop the body of a man moving toward me. It came around the bar and entered the living room and onto the carpet. It stopped about 6 feet away from me as I stared at it in amazement. Its skin was black as coal and it had wool ...
When are you going to come to Seattle?
Take it slow, take it easy and heal quickly.
Oh no, ! Try not to be so "hip" at the pool! :-D Hopefully you were near a Margarita when it happened!Sending healing prayers!
hi Ryan what about ur tour to Toronto? Is the VIP on the sun? Do u have info on where it will be?
Congrats to Penn State girls gymnastics, 1st place at Rutgers meet this weekend.
visit San Antonio while your in Texas. . Pls
yikes! Feel better Ryan. Sending good vibes your way.
... aw, hope your hip heals fast Ryan. Watch out for those swanky pools. :P
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You don't have to be graceful lucky you. Still sorry to hear you're hurt. Mend well, take it slow .
Hope you feel Ryan! I fell last week and I'm still feeling it. Hope to see you and chip in Chicago!
it's ok I just fell down my own stairs n broke my ankle!!
I feel your pain! This *** slipped and fell in a kiddy pool at a spa and tore something in her knee!! Get well!
Do we need to wrap you in bubble wrap? Jokes aside feel better soon,
Dude, like you don't have enough problems? Chip is not fulfilling his psychic friend obligations. Quick healing!
Oh your lucky if your getting to seeI'm a big fan! Chip Coffey also.
oh no! But I bet you still looked cute falling! Just sayin!
ooo that makes me hurt all over just thinking about it. Take care and mend quickly..
hope you feel better, I know how it is I fell during the last storm in the Poconos. Messed up my knee to.
Would you like to see Ryan Buell guest star or maybe host a few episodes of Local Hauntings? If so, share this status with all of your friends!
So much for your 'passive aggressive' theory.I'm just a natural 'beyotch' (lol)
excessive gravity in those pools, I'm telling you.
Holy crap! Feel better soon. I have to say that gracefully falling was never my thing either. love light prayers peace 'n love!
I questioned if this was part of my menopause.'Yup!' and it's not going away any time soon (lol)
oh my. No bueno chief you love to much on the wild side XO and speedy recovery
Ughhh... hope you are feeling better soon RB!
oh gosh, that sounds painfull. Hope you'll have a nice recovery!
Ryan Buell's & swanky pools don't mix well. Been recovering from a hip injury due to yours truly slipping and falling oh-not-so-gracefully!
is there a chance to meet you guys even if i cant get VIP?
Chip Coffey & Ryan Buell will be speaking in DALLAS (April 25), CHICAGO (May 4) and BOSTON (May 6). Tickets on sale!
I'm thoroughly enjoying American Ghost Hunter! Its one of the best docs I've ever seen.
My daughter loves the reruns of PS. Shes only five but knows when she sees pictures of you its so cute. She freaks out!
I could no longer live oblivious or close minded. I had to lose the blinders that kept me blinded.
I had to learn real quick how to closely observe all that surrounded me. And put all into proper perspective.
And negative doesn't just apply spiritually either, negative people and situations are amongst the list
What I've obtained knowledge wise on vessels of the divine, is that negative will always try to hold us down
I had a very hard time with psychic vamps, astral planners and negative spirits trying to take or hinder my doing
Psychic defense is the utmost prompt in all my spiritual works and practice.
And through those observations, I can track the progress of my mental/emotional and spiritual growth.
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I also log everything from feeling, images, down to dreams.
And build my self confidence, will power, spiritual strength, and inner knowing.
I use various methods of meditation techniques that prompt my natural healing abilities.
My first time of fully using my abilities was frightening, but amusing, and after that, it was like riding a bike
I felt I was cursed more than blessed, until this devoted Catholic explained it in a way that I felt at ease
The first time I was told by a devoted Catholic that I was a vessel of God, I was beside myself (lol)
Who wants to go with me to the lecture "Conversations with the dead"??? With Ryan Buell and Chip Coffey. Please let me know asap as the tix are almost sold out. I don't wanna go by
A Very Happy Birthday to a Beautiful Grand-Daughter Lizz Ryan Buell. Eat cake and Chocolate covered strawberries all day. Love you
guess you really dont "understand" the phrase (theres no place like home) till you put yourself in a situation to actually realize the saying is true.even though i had a great time here at my brothers house its time to go back home...thanks Ryan Buell Mickey Mann and lisa for everything you have done for me and my family over the last 5 months. you guys are amazing and im glad we got to spend time with your family and i will always be a part of your lives going forward.
Who wants to loan me their copy of AMERICAN GHOST HUNTER starring Ryan Buell and the incredibly amazing LORAINNE WARREN?? PUHLEAZE!!???!! I have been wanting to see it forever. Are internet is all f'd up and I can't download it. Umm, did I say PLEASE?... PLEASE, PLEASE... P-L-E-A-S-E!!
So yesterday. My love surprised me with our 10 year anniversary. Gift !! I'm so excited he is taking me to Hawaii in two weeks I can't even believe it right now thank you love Ryan Buell this is going to be amazing !! And here's to 10 more years !! I love you love you love you !!
Seth Renfro Ryan Buell I think u guys would appreciate this lol
write my essay for me(Chad Calek and Ryan Buell, June 2009, captured sharing a moment of reflection in Persia, Iowa) My friends, I ask that you take the time...
Food was so good , thanks ryan Buell for dinner and good conversation !
By PRSadmin It’s no secret that PRS Director/founder Ryan Buell, 31, has been diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. In 2012, Buell stunned the world by reluctantly opening up about the news. Until now, he has remained quiet about it. “For over…
Hamilton Collection
Good morning everyone. It's another sunny and chilly day in NJ. We are so happy to see more participants in the questions of the day. Keep those answers coming! Have a great day :) QUESTION OF THE DAY: Out of all the paranormal shows on TV, which one would you say is your favorite? Which one do you think depicts the field in the most realistic and honest way? 1. Ghost Adventures w/ Zak Bagans, Nick Groff & Aaron Goodwin 2. Ghost Hunters w/ Jason Hawes, Steve Gonzalvez & Dave Tango 3. Ghost Mine w/ Patrick Doyle & Kristen Luman 4. Haunted Collector w/ John, Amy & Chris Zaffis, Jason Gates & Brian Cano (although it's not 5. Paranormal State w/ Ryan Buell (hopefully returning soon!)
Jerseys are all ready to go to print thanks to Shawn Hatjes Photography and Design. Here's a preview of one of our favorite match ups between Team Allterra Solar's Reggie Stephens Cruzmatik and J-Willz vs. Team New Leaf's Ryan Buell & Josh THE PUNK Thomson. Only 4 more days.
I bet Jordan is hoping his precious Gamecocks will win! LOL anyways, have fun and stay warm! :)
Hope you're rooting for the right team! Go Gamecocks!
Hope you are feeling better been keeping you in my prayers!
Clemson is my Granny's team that's her neck of the woods. Go Clemson!!! Have fun Ryan!
At the University Of South Carolina home football game with my family (my mom and brother are alumns)! Gamecocks vs. Clemson!
Why don't you come to Grand Blanc, Michigan?
I miss watching PRS and look forward to watching in 2014.
So glad you guys have chosen to come to Halifax!
Meeting years ago has helped inspire me to investigate the paranormal... Thank you so much man hopefully I will see you again!!!
Am I nuts?? I'm about to watch The Conjuring by myself!!! 😁
Hope you had a great Thanksgiving.Family and friends are so important in ones life.
Thank you!! Looking forward to meeting you all again.
At first I didn't think you were going to even add Halifax to the tour list, and wouldn't of been the least upset if you hadn't
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Born and raised on the East Coast of NS, I'm honored that you feel Halifax was best saved for last.
Greetings! Is PRS still having the Christmas event?
any word on when the AMERICAN GHOST HUNTER" SPECIAL EDITION DVD will be fully shipped, ordered in June, no dvd yet. :(
How many Ghost Hunter passes do you have left for Vancouver?
AGH made me feel validated..cried and felt like not only one whos gone through it. thank you!
dying to see and the PRS team april 5th, in toronto, on my birthday!! :(
just watched American Ghost Story it is GREAT!
Attention Halifax, NS: We've added you to our 2014 Canada Tour, saving the best for last. Tix on sale tomorrow:
got my copy of in the mail today. No better thing to find at the end of a 9 hour car ride! Watching it tonight!!
Hopefully, one of them will cave in and take it as the entire series and not force me to break it up.
Never close your eyes to the world as there are people who need your look.
I even had a request for it from a Nova Scotia craft shop, but the same preference applies.
I've had many request by local PEI craft shops for this collection, but I rather it went in full, not in pieces.
- This is the entire Collection in sketch. Piece by piece each one will be stitched into a portrait.
I'm watching I Am Six and I was wondering: How is Laura now?
Wearing my Team PRS shirt today :) Looking forward to what the new year will bring!
Attn Canada: Edmonton, Winnipeg, Ottawa, Toronto, Vancouver & Calgary: We are coming to your cities in April. Info:
Although this project is going to kill my hand. It's going to be oh so worth the pain if the entire collection goes in full.
I still have PEI's East and West coast lighthouses to add to the mix, and those worked on Canvas take a great deal of time.
Sadly, this collection will not be finished in time for PEI's huge Anniversary bash happening in the year 2014:(
- If all three floors of my house were laid out and open. Our castles would be of the same size, only I don't have a pool (lol)
- This is why I said the hall and den of your castle made up my second floor.
- Those living inward of the Island live in the Victorian Houses that were first built in the 1800's.
- Those of us (such as myself) who reside in the suburbs of the Island live in Cop Cod Style Houses.
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