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Rutherford County

Rutherford County is a county located in the U.S. state of Tennessee. As of the 2010 census, it is the state's fifth-largest county by population with 262,604 people, an increase of 44.3 percent over the 2000 population of 182,023. Its county seat is Murfreesboro, which is also the geographic center of Tennessee, as well as the center of population of Tennessee.

Korean War North Carolina American Legion Lake Lure Chimney Rock

First day of school for hundreds of thousands of students. In Howard County, Lt. Gov. Boyd Rutherford will join them.
Rutherford County Property Assessor notes how the past year went via
Ranking the top Rutherford County football players for 2015
Girls softball scheduled a Little League World Series tournament and a Rutherford County girls basketball tournament broke out.
Anyone know of any spray parks/splash pads open today in Bergen county Rutherford area?
Rutherford county math teachers are working hard this summer with IMPACT training.
Aslan Is on the Move...right here in Rutherford County and throughout the whole world. Great article from Breakpoint.
County Commission approves rules for barn wedding businesses:
“Watching OITNB all day!” — I’m flexible to hang now in Rutherford County. You can join me at:
Rutherford County has the WORST court system.,
Commission approves rules on barn-wedding businesses - Demosi said he and the Rutherford County Regional Planning ...
The thrilling final at bat of Thursday's 8-7 win for Hickory against Rutherford County in American Legion baseball.
Straight country. We will be out by Lake Lure and Chimney Rock, Rutherford County.
Rutherford County Schools + = an awesome school year. We should chat!
Kelly Rutherford has hit another roadblock in her fight to reunite her family in America: Her two children will...
This is what I think of when mentioning good old boys, by the way.
Save up to 45% 0ff MSRP On Harley Tires
Download the periscope app to get a live look into tonight's Hickory-Rutherford County baseball game.
scores two in the bottom of the fifth to put Hickory ahead of Rutherford County 6-4
Public hearing about wedding barn and retreat regulations is about to start at County Commission meeting.
County Sheriff Robert Arnold chit chats with Commissioner David Nipper at stairs before heading out from meeting.
County Sheriff Robert Arnold is among those in the audience at the Rutherford County Commission meeting.
Tonight's line ups for American Legion baseball between Hickory and Rutherford County.
County Commission appoints Commissioner Rhonda Allen to replace Commissioner Will Jordan on Insurance Committee.
County Commission announces 2 vacancies on the Industrial Development Board.
County Commissioner Mike Kusch praises what the late engineer Henry Huddleston meant to the community:
You have to check out periscope on Rutherford County Sports. I'm enjoying learning more about the programs.
County Commission meeting about to start.
Thanks to all those who could attend the Faith Community Luncheon in the Rutherford County Clinic today! And...
Dashcam footage- TN Deputy catches 2 ambulances doing 100+ MPH w/no patients, not responding to call-no ticket issued
Led by auto industry growth, ranked first in the nation for new job commitments via
Folks working on the 2035 Comprehensive Plan will meet again Wednesday at County Chamber of Commerce.
Join me in praying for our charitable organizations in Rutherford County this month.
County Commission will vote on barn wedding regulations tonight:
Can't wait to leave Rutherford County in all its entirety
They have been watching too many drag race shows!
What is there to do in Rutherford county ?
Golly! Time to move out of Rutherford County...
Important to hear the concerns of business people in Rutherford County at Business After Hours.
I honestly love the Rutherford County system, they are so good to my Ross. Funny. Police/Sheriff are so nice to me.
Rutherford deputies lauded for efforts after 14 minute standoff with armed man ends peacefully
Looks like Rutherford County is trying to cash in Bonnaroo again... They're out in force on I24..
The Rutherford County Democratic Party invites you to our Jefferson-Jackson-Kennedy Day June 20th.
Cop captures going 117 mph on dash cam. Not on a run. Why?
Video: Paramedic George Chew drove 97 mph in the ambulance he could go to the bathroom.
High number of apartments in Rutherford County a concern for some... Do you thin...
Buy Miche Bag Online!
Today Dance Towards Health, Inc. began our "Dance Over Diabetes" program at the Rutherford County Health Department in Mufreesboro, TN.
Jeff Jordan column discussing all of the coaches leaving Rutherford County high schools.
Jeff Jordan's recap of Oakland winning the Rutherford County middle school softball title.
3 charged in vandalism of Rutherford County food bank:
Rutherford County commissioners meet Monday night at 6 PM - find out what they are proposing.
HA. We live in Rutherford county.. They call of school if it's cold..
Embarrassment to Rutherford County. Thanks Coaches...enjoy you suspension.
CLOSED TODAY: Hickory City, Rutherford, Watauga and Yancey County schools. Go to for full list including DELAYS.
This just in: Janet Mason voted Worst Person in Rutherford County by most of the parents here! . You know the...
JUST IN: Rutherford Co Schools are closed today & Cabarrus County Schools are delayed 2 hours.
SCHOOL CLOSING: Rutherford County Schools - closed, optional work day.
Due to the inclement weather, Rutherford County Schools will be closed for students today, February 24. Today...
Winter Storm Watch for McDowell, Rutherford, and Polk County in NC until 6:00am Thursday.
Winter Storm Watch for Henderson, Burke, McDowell and Rutherford County in NC until 6:00am Thursday. Radar at
I shall never cross into Rutherford county out of my own will again lol
Yo, what if Rutherford county had one huge school. I'd love it. 😂
Ppl probably think Rutherford county schools are screwed up because of Siegel's senior prank & now the basketball teams making National news
. I live in Smyrna and Rutherford County and will give my opinion how I see fit!
-- Sonny, I have you AND David Price on my fantasy team this year. Make Rutherford County proud !
An embarrassing & sad day to know you are a Rutherford County resident:.
Rutherford county gone try and *** tf outta me tomorrow in court I already know
2 prep girls teams caught tanking, banned from postseason in Rutherford County:
Winter Weather Advisory in effect from Midnight for Rutherford County in NC
Almost every county in tn is closed tomorrow except rutherford... Tf
All Rutherford County schools will be open and on normal schedule Tuesday, Feb. 24. A message to parents will go out soon.
7.32 acres in Rutherford County of western North Carolina
Rutherford County formed its Aktion Club in August 2014 after sponsors from the Spruce Pine Aktion Club came to speak at a Kiw…
Whew! Most folks that we correspond with through FB are always welcome at our dinner table. You wouldn't want to have been here tonight. Carol was talking about the quote that state senator rick womick had in today's DNJ. It seems like three local women were received into his office Tuesday and spoke with him about his sponsored legislation requiring that women listen to the fetus's heart beat before receiving an abortion in Tennessee. Evidently some discussion was brought up about birth control and womick's response was, "Is it my responsibility to keep your britches up?" And when she said that is when the evening meal really got heated here in Lascassas. I'm writing this here to give you all fair warning. If you mention this around Carol prepare yourself for some pretty stiff & vulgar language. She's not very forgiving of this Rutherford County republican representative. I didn't say much except offered to open a new bottle of wine, fix her a gin & tonic, or a glass of really fine single malt. I just wa ...
I am still consumed in so much anger and disbelief that no horses have been seized from these pastures (since helping hands hearts and hooves seized 40+ horses from August to October). These horses are all being kept by an elderly man who cannot take care of them yet animal controls in both counties where his properties lie have done nothing. When will enough be enough? Their already drinking out of creeks where dead carcases of other horses lie and where studs run wild breeding and rebteeding mares. When will our words reach authorities and actually cause something to be done. There are two pastures these horses are in. One is in Rutherford county the other with the more poor looking horses is in McDowell County. (Both in western, NC). Share share share and maybe if enough people read this and share it something great will come from it and these horses can have new life.
Just wanted to give everyone an update on the death of my precious German Shepard keena .That we found dead last saturday January 3rd. We had posted that we didn't know what had happen to her but after talking with the vet on monday January. 5th we learned that she had been Gun shot twice with a 22 caliber. By a dirtbag neighbor.It is currently being investigated. Here is letter that has been sent to a number of tv stations. Please like and share so we can stop this . Dog Gone Rutherford County ! Have you looked out side lately ? Is your dog still there ? Are you sure ? There seems to be a rash of canine executions in Rutherford county. At least 3 shootings of man's best friend have een reported to the county humane society. They have tried to follow up on each case but apparently the Sheriff's Department hasn't . The most recent case occured just this past Saturday January 3rd in a small neighborhood nestled between Old Stonecutter Rd and Poores Ford Rd. Where everyone knows everyone. Between 9 And 10 .. ...
So Rutherford country got closed because of a lot of car crashes. Who's willing to sacrifice there car to let Davidson county out?
The Rutherford-Cannon County Bar Association hosts a free legal advice clinic every Thursday from 4-6pm. at...
THANK YOU for closing schools today Rutherford County I'm loving u right now
According to Collins' report last night, only 94 students dropped out of Rutherford County Schools in 2013-14 compared to 128 in 2012-13.
Rutherford County schools in TN is closed and there's not a drop of snow outside. Smh!
Our horses love our fodder. Hay season in Rutherford County was a challenging one. Weather did not give us a big...
ALL CHURCH ACTIVITIES FOR THE DAY ARE CANCELLED. If the Rutherford County and/or Murfreesboro City Schools are...
“Rutherford County do not want us to go on our bible field trip 😤” ,
Congratulations to Randy Knight, the Rutherford County Chamber's 2014 Business Person of the Year! Visit...
Yay that Rutherford county schools got canceled today and I get a day off!! ☺️🙌
Rutherford county is out today, so just come live with us 😌
JUST IN: Rutherford County Schools will open two hours late today
Rutherford Schools opening 2 hours late today Jan. 14 b/c of unexpected road conditions in eastern county. Message to pare…
An has been issued by the National Weather service for Rutherford County. If you are in this area, seek lotion.
Schools closed in Rutherford County, TN for snowmaggedon.
RUTHERFORD COUNTY schools now CLOSED today. Sheriff's Office reports hazardous roads in eastern part of the county.
Kicking off the 30th Annual User Conference with my Rutherford County friends!
rutherford county just closed bc of OUR wrecks.
JUST IN: Rutherford County Schools are now closed for the day.
Renee Collins, director of secondary education for Rutherford County Schools, presented the annual dropout report to the board last night.
Cumberland is a Rutherford County school right?
I can't even believe we actually got out a whole day is this the real Rutherford county😂
Still some slick spots on Rutherford County roadways. Use caution especially on SR 840 near I-24E.
Rutherford County Schools now CLOSED because of snow. More information at
Rutherford county is out means no work for me today 😍
Important update: Rutherford schools now closed for today, Jan. 14 b/c multiple wrecks in county. New message to parents i…
Please help me by donating canned food and dry goods to raise food for the people in Rutherford County. God laid it on my heart to do this! I will be walking January 17th from Rutherfordton to Caroleen and as far back as I can make it carrying a cross and retracing the path I took when I met Jesus and received my salvation. Last time I took this walk I was looking for Jesus. This time I already have him with me. I'm bringing him to the place where the devil took it all from me. I'm showing him that God helped me over come. I hope I can even help God changes minds and hearts on my walk. You can donate by the mile or just whatever The Lord puts on your heart to give. My goal is 2500 cans. I'm at about 300 now. If you don't live near me and would like to help. You can send a check or money order and I'll go by buy the food and post pictures and a receipt of what your donation provided. Every penny will be spent on food. If there is any change left. I will donate it to the ministry to help buy fuel for our tr ...
Don't fall for scam about missing jury duty and please share! A potential scammer posing as a Murfreesboro Warrants Division lieutenant tried to persuade a Rutherford County woman to send money to pay a fine but she didn’t bite, said Rutherford County Sheriff’s deputies. Instead, she called the Rutherford County Sheriff’s Office. After Deputy James Holloway responded to her home Sunday, the man called her back. When Deputy Holloway answered the telephone and identified himself as a deputy, the man hung up. The woman told Holloway she received a message on her answering machine from man who identified himself as Lt. Brian Owens from Murfreesboro Warrants Division. She called the number back and he advised she missed jury duty. He claimed Murfreesboro Police mailed her two notices for jury duty in November. He threatened to send a deputy to her home. When the woman asked why he called on Sunday, he replied the judge wanted the actions handled before Monday. Deputy Holloway told the woman a summons for ...
it never snows in Rutherford county. We're having 60 degree weather in winter. I'm ready for summer
Rutherford county has decided that its public school buildings shall not be used for church purposes. TN1884
County Mayor Ernest Burgess backs rapid bus transit now because monorail would take longer to build:
Authorities in Rutherford County are warning against a jury duty scam.
UPDATE on Sobriety Checkpoints in Rutherford County this week. .
Rotarian and DAG Jennings Jones spoke at the 'Thin Blue Line' rally Friday night on Rutherford County historic...
Very disappointed with the experience with the Rutherford County Election Commission.
A couple of our FSB team members and their kiddos representing at the Rutherford County Christmas Parade!
County HIghway Superintendent Greg Brooks rehabilitate bridge on Weakley Lane over Stones River:
County students invited to bring technology to school - MURFREESBORO Rutherford County Schools will...
i always got the struggle, example that Rutherford county school system cant spell😂
Callie House--born in 1861(Rutherford County,Tennessee). She fought for pensions and founded the Ex-Slave Association
Rutherford County Humane Society How to post a lost pet with RCHS
Inmate injured in Rutherford County jailhouse assault . MURFREESBOR
The friend of a Rutherford County mother who recently died has raised $31K for her family:
I don't see how anybody could want to leave Rutherford County
Police say 14-year-old killed in crash on Weakley Lane was Cane Ridge High student:
I'm back from a short break at home. Anything exciting happen in Rutherford County while I was away?
The NC House majority leader is Mike Hager of Rutherford County. Earlier, Tim Moore of Kings Mountain was selected as speaker.
These five loving kittens were dumped in the FERAL RUN at Rutherford County Animal Control in Rutherfordton, NC--a high-kill facility.  They were terrified when they were surrendered, so Animal Control deemed them "feral" and put them in the feral run with larger, sick, and truly feral cats.
I have lived in seven different states never will there be a place like rutherford county lol
No Rutherford county team has room to talk. Both teams beat them, and some teams were best twice. So shut up 👏🔥
THE BEST TEAM IN RUTHERFORD COUNTY! Couldn't be more proud to be an Oakland Patriot! ⭕️Zone 🏈
Such a great game. How often do the two best teams in Rutherford County play on TV against one another twice in the same season?
I just want Oakland to hold it down for Rutherford county , just stop maryville
get ready big guy, Rebels are coming. They don't lose to those Rutherford county teams.
TJ can't play Rutherford county teams bc they sued them for a but load of money and the RC teams don't want to play them
Good night exchanging ideas at the Rutherford County GOP round table.
Really good support for the Forest City office today. Thanks to Rutherford County Chamber, King Law Firm, Forest...
There's a big football game in Rutherford County tonight ... and in WBB action, it's Smyrna 24, Summitt 10, after one quarter
Isaiah is among the hundreds of children of inmates incarcerated at the Rutherford County Correctional…
Rutherford County, gimme your picks, vs Who ya got?
Breast Cancer Awareness
It's beginning to look alot like Christmas in some Rutherford County cities. Smyrna Christmas Tree Lighting...
Two things: 1) we didn't do pretzels in the Rutherford County School system back in the day, so that would be...
Shoutout to the kids cussing rutherford county schools out and getting everything blocked
still plugging away here in Rutherford County. You know the drill, so much work to do and so few workers.
Rutherford county girls starter pack
if you think back, when that Rutherford county sheriff ran over that girl in mboro, he hung around til the new sheriff was elect
is Rutherford county going to be like Davidson where someone can go to any high school in the county?
Rutherford County Chamber of Commerce partnership with Boys & Girls Clubs of Middle Tennessee and the...
I think it's safe to say that it would be an honor for either school to represent rutherford county in round 4 🏈
So... Basically what we're telling all of Rutherford County is that Oakland High School is scared of the dark?...
While this is a Nashville story, it may have an impact on Rutherford County too - … the country selling and...
I was Probably the smallest middle linebacker in rutherford county lol
LA VERGNE, Tenn. - The librarian at La Vergne Lake Elementary School in Rutherford County is battling Stage IV pancreatic cancer. Joanna Whitmire, who is 19 weeks pregnant with her first child, a b...
sad to find out tonight that Sheriff Rutherford has termed out - he's been a great Sheriff for Duval county - I'll miss him.
Deputy Travis Perruse is the Barney Fife of Rutherford County, Tennessee with Lieutenant Nathan Pagal as Hitler's grandson.
The remains of local soldier who died in the Korean War are finally back home in Rutherford County after 64 years. He's now awaiting burial.
WIND ADVISORY ISSUED FOR: Alexander County Burke County Caldwell County McDowell County Polk County Rutherford County ...Very windy across the mountains and northern foothills today... ...Freezing temperatures across northeast georgia...Upstate south carolina...And the North Carolina foothills and piedmont tonight... .A very cold air mass has accompanied the passage of an upper low across the southern appalachians and western carolinas. Strong northwest winds will continue behind the low pressure system as it moves away from the area. Below freezing temperatures will then set up tonight as conditions clear and winds gradually abate. The low temperatures will be equally cold across the North Carolina mountain counties...But the growing season has already ended in those locations. Freezing temperatures are possible again on sunday night. ...Wind advisory now in effect until 9 am est sunday... ...Freeze warning remains in effect from midnight edt tonight to 9 am est sunday... ...Freeze watch in effect from l ...
Please go like our video on "Dancing With The Stars" of Rutherford County before the show tonight. And…
PAWS of Rutherford County will offer on-site pet adoptions during Sunday's Market at the Mall! Bring a bag of dog...
but has the rutherford county teams on the DNJ pairings up.. he's a *** good follow
TSSAA State Playoff pairings set: Seven Rutherford County football teams will be participating in the first round…
if I was still in Rutherford County that's easy access to deer meat lol
"Still in Hoover right now." Dang! I thought you just got locked in football stadiums in Rutherford county lol
Welcome home, Army Sgt. Cameron Morrison Flack. We lost him in the Korean War. He's now home with his family.
Sweets is struggling. Hospitalized. Can you share this? Thanks.
rutherford county, close to Morganton.
the mountains and it's supposed to tonight at my school in Rutherford county 😁
ummm it's southeastern Rutherford county.
Rutherford county yall are probably happy that someone beat us cause yall cant🔥🔥
We pulled these two senior Chihuahuas in these pictures from Rutherford County(PAWS) when their time was up...
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
SPSGSP from 10/31/2014 6:17 PM to 6:45 PM EDT for Cleveland County, Cherokee County, Rutherford Coun… Read more at
Remains of Rutherford County soldier missing in Korean War coming home for burial: At a country church in Ruth...
Happy Halloween! If you don't have plans yet, or want to avoid the cold, stop by the Rutherford County Sherrif's...
"Let's keep it classy we are royal" *** reality check, you're just another school in Rutherford county 😂👋
This just in: Rutherford County lunch ladies cheat kids out of meat to make Halloween costumes.
We have open burning of brush, yet we also have emissions testing in Rutherford County.
Who else saw this coming? Who knows what else is being covered up.. oh wait most, if not all of Rutherford...
20 y/o man hit by gravel truck on Barfield Crescent Road in Rutherford County. He is in critical condition, per THP
Severe Thunderstorm Warning for Bedford, Marshall, and Rutherford County in TN until 9:45pm CDT.
MURFREESBORO – A Rutherford County assistant district attorney was fired earlier this week after a verbal...
Have a fun and safe Fall Break for all of you in Rutherford County Schools.
Nancy this one of the best views of north west Rutherford county where I live, you always comment on these photo's so this one is for you, Lake Lure seen from top of Chimney Rock the picture is nice but the live view is beautiful, I hope you get to see it some day. enjoy
Most coupon groups get 1,000's of members from all over... Hopefully we can get at least a 100 from Rutherford county area!
Many thanks to our friends at the Rutherford County Historical Society. Please 'like' their page and watch these...
Prayers needed for Donald Godfrey he's my step dad he has cancer in his McDowell hospital he is being sent today to hospise in Rutherford county today as an in patient he doesn't have long left thank you
There's a hole punched in the wall in the hall outside Rutherford County General Sessions Criminal Court.
Know someone in Rutherford County w/o internet access at their home or business? Help them take this survey
Thanks for shoutout from Rutherford County Breaking News about our new retailer, Cereal Junkie! Come on out and...
Today's drive from downtown Nashville to Rutherford County Chancery: 35 minutes.
A Severe Thunderstorm Warning has been issued for Rutherford County, TN.
Severe Thunderstorm Warning for Davidson, Macon, Robertson, Rutherford, Sumner, Trousdale and Wilson County in TN until 3:15am CDT.
Lets just have Rutherford County on the news back to back
Riverdale junior Allison smith looks like one of the best uncommitted junior in Rutherford County in girls soccer!
Junior Allison Smith has strong defensive skills and looks to be one of the best uncommitted juniors in Rutherford County!
I wanna move out of rutherford county.
Rutherford county cops smdh now my tint is to dark really
Lt. Gov. candidates and Boyd Rutherford participated in a business forum today in Harford County.
The Judge's Conference is Oct. 8-10. There is no criminal court in Rutherford County on those days.
Rutherford Co. dad accused of abusing 7-week-old baby:  A Rutherford County father is accused of abusing his 7...
Deputies: Girl accidentally shot in buttocks after kids find gun in woods: Rutherford County deputies said the...
Thank you Rutherford County Senior Center for having me as a Guest Speaker today to educate Senior Citizens on...
Check out Rutherford County Chamber of Commerce's diplomat of the month!! Loving that hat!!
The Asheville CVB team with Bob Weihe of Defiant Whisky - Blue Ridge Distilling Co. and Rutherford County...
Rutherford County Association of Educators will host Community Education Forum Oct. 9th 6pm - 8pm
“Lets make some noise and shock Rutherford County 💙💙”
Lets make some noise and shock Rutherford County 💙💙
Rutherford County and the NC Dept. of Commerce Partner on Broadband Study. It only takes 5 answers. A survey...
August home sales rise 8 percent in Rutherford County
If you're heading into Nashville from Rutherford county the 3 left lanes on 24 are blocked just past Harding
I am honestly surprised Rutherford County and MTSU have not reached a deal to be on Campus PD.
Plan your Rutherford County Getaway using their free getaway guide just for you. In
74% of females and and 43% of males in Rutherford County jail on psychotropic medications
.phonebanks today in Bradley, Lincoln County & Rutherford counties. Details: htt…
Please come back to the Izod. In east Rutherford Nj.Or better yet something intimate Union county art center..
GWRRA co-hosting a Poker Run to benefit Hospice of Rutherford County.
Presenting of Rutherford County's newest CASA Volunteer! Pls note the volunteer pin on her vest cc: http:/…
Please join us for a guided tour of some of Rutherford County's cemeteries this Saturday, October 4. We along...
Come support the Tigers while they take on Rutherford tomorrow at county field at 7 pm!!
74% of females & 43% of males in Rutherford County on w/ audio -
Business Education Partnership Foundation of Rutherford County, Inc. has a long history of positively impacting...
IMO, Rutherford County got the best school system in the state but Davidson County is good as well
PRESS RELEASE Low-Cost Spay/Neuter Services Coming to Rutherford County Clinic is a gift from Lulu’s Rescue, aiming to make Rutherford a No-Kill Community JULY 5, 2014—Lulu’s Rescue, a nonprofit all-breed dog rescue based in Pennsylvania, is preparing to donate a “pod” that will bring low-cost spay/neuter services to Rutherford County. “Our goal is to support the local residents and PAWS volunteers who are working tirelessly to make Rutherford County a No-Kill Community,” said Michele Armstrong, executive director of Lulu’s Rescue. “This pod will be the first in a series we are creating, all from repurposed construction trailers that otherwise would sit unused. Spay/neuter is a key component to solving the problem of homeless dogs, and we are thrilled to be able to support PAWS as it tackles this problem in Rutherford County.” Lulu’s Rescue chose to work with PAWS because the Rutherford County group is taking the No-Kill approach instead of relying on outdated ideas about housing and ...
Well the garage sale was a huge success! Thanks to all that participated and to those that spread the word. We greatly appreciate you!! Bobbie Ruth is now offically a Rutherford County resident. And I see eating at her house about 3 nights a least. LOL
Off work and headed home to get ready for the Rutherford County Reagan Day Dinner! See you all there :-)
Really enjoyed seeing old friends at the Rutherford County Shag Club dance last night.
Please read and share with everyone on Face Book! My Opponent posted today that I did not have Leadership Experience outside of my occupation and that I would have a biased leadership with the risk of a conflict-of-interest. I would be required to read aloud the commission's conflict-of-interest statement when voting on areas that concern my employment with the Sheriff's Office. Well first of all, he has just slapped every career officer in every branch of the military, Supervisor with Law Enforcement, Fire Department and Ambulance Service in the face. Then, every commissioner that is in office now or in the past for having to read the conflict-of-interest statement. I believe these commissioners voted for their hearts and for the right reason and serve our county well. We see how this man feels about all of you. I want to share my leadership skills; I have worked my way up from the bottom to the rank of Captain. During this time, I was on our SWAT Team since it was originated in 1992 - 1999 and then I w ...
Saw a Rutherford County plate in Portland. Must be lost. 😕😂
What do 4 football commits from 2 Rutherford County schools look like? Well, I'm glad you asked. Congrats men.
Tonight is the Reagan Day Black Tie Dinner for Rutherford County. It's where people show their support for the county party.
I just yelled out the window "let's go Rutherford county" on the way back from the game in Greenville 😂
“girls be like girls in Rutherford County be like ; 😂
pretty sure I'll see all of Rutherford county at opry mills today 👌 great 😂
Only 78 more miles till I'm in Rutherford County 😩
All of the ingredients in the pasta came from Rutherford County.
Finally back in the office after a busy morning. But I did manage to get a free pasta sample at the Rutherford County farmers market.
Note to self. TJ, the female body builder sub is not playing games. (@ Rutherford County YMCA)
Yes. We will write a column for Davidson, Williamson, Rutherford, Sumner, Montgomery, and Wilson County POW
Last year my wonderful clients voted me Rutherford County's Favorite Realtor in the Daily New Journals's Ruthies...
All of our Rutherford County (District 7AAA) previews are up at . Big thanks to for his work.
Checked the Rutherford county app last night. She's in jail 😂😂😂
Check out the District 7AAA (Rutherford County) previews at . looks to be strong once again.
There are two types of teens in Rutherford County. Those who can party. And those who think they can party
And no not the Rutherford County one .
Day 151 August 1 Met my buddy Sean Rutherford for breakfast at Leno's Restaurant...: Day 151 August 1 Met my b...
Glad to see you still at it. And I thought you were old when you were in Rutherford County!
Every day when I drive to work, as soon as I cross the Rutherford/Davidson county line, it all goes to ***
Rutherford available for Aug. 15 breakfast: A chance to discuss issues with San Bernardino County Supervisor...
Excited about seeing the greatest faculty in Rutherford County on Monday.
said "The Rutherford county goal is to not get arrested."
thank you Rutherford county for the SummerFeeding Program!
Heart-warming greetings from future leaders. Thank you kids at Boys & Girls Clubs of Rutherford County!
My moms going to be a substitute teacher in Rutherford County.
Watch the new film Koch Brothers Exposed: '14' for free Rhea County, TN . Roane County, TN . Rutherford County, TN
Rutherford County offices will be closed August 7th for Election Day. Be sure to go out and vote!
Rutherford County School Board deferred action on certification of cheer coaches, seeking more info
Questions raised in the Circuit Court Clerk race in Rutherford County, TN... ht...
Is there gonna be a good football team in rutherford county this year
So the Rutherford County School System has a Technical Technician position open, and reading over it, I really...
“In jail with my phone lol im liking this feel like a celebrity Rutherford county laccin 😩😂 you violate?
MetLife blimp goes for a Friday fly over Smyrna @ Smyrna/Rutherford County Airport Authority
Collectible Lifelike Baby Dolls, Porcelain Dolls a
Sonny Gray and David Price came out of the same high school conference in Rutherford County, TN.
Alleged jewelry thief arrested in Rutherford County.
I miss 😭 Can your family please move to Rutherford County or Lebanon!
Although I don't do it regularly it was a busy morning spent printing photos for the Rutherford County Arts...
Rutherford County Juniors set sights on regional title
Miller's food truck will be at County Farmers Market at Lane Agri Park today 10-12pm.
just got word that Jr league play has been pushed back two hours. Rutherford County now plays Georgia at 2pm
"I'm so Rutherford county..." Is becoming a trending thing. It's sad how bad some of them are.
Hotels sprouting in Murfreesboro's Gateway Center: Rutherford County and Murfreesboro are leading a hotel boom...
Fill in the blank. I love Rutherford County because _.
If you're from Rutherford County, you got to love this.
Looking forward to an all Rutherford County ALCS matchup in vs Blaze vs Bulldog. Best of luck to you both.
Finally leaving for the day. (@ Rutherford County Judicial Building in Murfreesboro, TN)
So many people I know getting arrested... Stay classy Rutherford County 👌
Got a feeling that two Rutherford county alums and are going to meet up in the playoffs. What say you
Free Shipping at Baseball Rampage
A Mom, a Concerned Citizen and a True American Patriot, Ms Lisa Moore. Please, all My Friends in Rutherford County, Vote for Ms Lisa Moore for the District 3 Board of Education seat. You will be so glad You did. Here is a person who truly has the well-being and best interests of Our Children at heart. Lisa Moore's Testimony: TEXTBOOK COMMISSION MEETING 10/7/13 COMMISSION MEMBERS/PUBLISHERS, I’d like to introduce a few people to you, •Meet Michele who has a BA /Communications, BS Political Science, MASTERS in Public Policy, and a Law Degree • •Hal, a Vietnam War Veteran Officer a U.S. History scholar with an Undergrad degree in Economics, and a Constitutional Attorney who is a Bar member of TN & US Supreme Courts • •Meet Bill with a PHD in Physics and Math, a successful author, speaker and one of the country’s most renowned experts on Islam • •Gwynne with a Bachelors and Masters in Education, 31 years of teaching and a previous teacher of the year for the state Tennessee • •Bruce, the ...
Do you know any of these Vietnam Veterans who are living in Rutherford County? S...
This is Kathy Ferris' flyer which she has prepared to help "Help Stop the Red Takeover," a response to the concerted attempt by right-wing organizations inside & outside Tennessee to oust those Supreme Court Justices with whom they disagree. This is a threat which hasn't been receiving nearly enough attention. Consequently, we must counter their efforts with our own. Please disseminate this information ASAP to everyone you know. What YOU can do to help: 1) Be sure to VOTE on or before August 7. 2) Vote to RETAIN Cornelia (Connie) A. Clark, Sharon Gail Lee, and Gary R. Wade for Tennessee Supreme Court. 3) In November election Vote NO on Amendments and to the state constitution. 4) Spread the word to all like-minded voters you know asking them to do the same. Email friends, family, neighbors, any Tennesseans you know who want to stop the RED takeover in Tennessee. (To receive a digital copy of this flyer for reproduction, contact Kathy Ferris in Rutherford County.) HELP STOP RIGHT-WING TAKEOVER OF TENNESSEE ...
Rutherford County's Cripple Creek Cloggers will represent the United States in the Alnwick International Music Festival ( in Alnwick, England during July 31 through August 10. They will join troupes from Romania, Senegal, Sicily, Taiwan, Cyprus and many from throughout England and Scotland in celebrating the dove of peace, the traditional symbol of the festival. One of the stated aims of the festival is "to promote friendship and understanding between nations, as well as offering great fun for everyone who takes part - performers and spectators alike". Alnwick was founded in A. D. 600 and has often been at the center of historical events. It is located in Northumbria on the Great North Road, a direct route between London and Edinburgh. Alnwick Castle, the home of the Percy family since 1309, is second only to Windsor Castle in London as the largest inhabited castle in England. Cripple Creek Cloggers will fly into and out of Edinburgh, located about one and one-half hours away. Ve . ...
I fully endorse Lisa's campaign for school board in Rutherford County/district 3!!! Help her make it happen,...
FAA questions Rutherford County airport purchase: The Federal Aviation Administration is questioning the use of a...
This is for my Rutherford County friends. If you haven't, take a look at A2 in today's Daily Courier. The article to which I refer is "Acting Virginia secretary speaks up for agency employees." In light of the fact that are a number of interesting things going on in the Virginia senate, I bit on the article. As it turned out, it was an article about the VA (Veteran's Administration) and problems related to their health system.
Spotlight Question Should Murfreesboro and Rutherford County school systems sponsor informational forums about Common Core for the community? Why?
like to personally thank all the people whom i work with in activism. Rick Wilson, Antonio Buehler, Cop Block (all regions/chapters), Ademo Freeman, Pete & Clyde Enry, Peaceful Streets Project, Innocence Project, Police State USA: Land of the Checkpoints, Policing - Police the Police - (A Community Project), PANIC (Carlos), Legally Kidnapped, Fathers Against Parental Alienation, Barry Cooper,(never get busted), Dee Anonmiss, Victims of Rutherford County's Officials, Victims of Socials Services, Victims of Avery County Corruption, Tribute to survivors of child sexual assault by law enforcement officers., and many many more... I've spoke with and worked along side of many of you and you all are an awesome and intelligent group. many of you i consider to be close friends, even the few i haven't met... You've all earned the respect i have for you and hope to be working with you all for many many more years! KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK!!! Thank you all Andrew Sheets aka Douglas Willis And to the rest of my frie ...
John Russell was born May 20, 1803, in Rutherford County, North Carolina, to George Russell and Rhoda Reavis. When he was a young man, his parents moved to Missouri, but he stayed behind and managed his father’s farm. On June 18, 1827, he married Nancy Dickey, daughter of George Dickey and Hannah Taylor. She was born January 18, 1804, in Rutherford County, North Carolina. The Russlls and Dickeys both moved to the far western portion of North Carolina prior to 1830. In the early 1830s, John Russell purchased 480 acres in Rabun County, Georgia. The family lived there for several years before moving to what would become the Cedar Cliff community in Towns County, Georgia. He owned 310 acres on good bottom land on the south side of the Hiawassee River. Almost all of his property is now under Lake Chatuge. In the late 1850s, John Russell was one of the men trying to get an extension of the railroad to Hiawassee. They were able to secure a charter in 1857, but the railroad ultimately failed. Nancy Dickey Russe ...
To ALL my friends who had a 2014 GRADUATE in Rutherford County. DNJ has a photo gallery of every graduate by school/countywide. Just thought I'd share...
Mumps reported by Rutherford County Schools. Mumps later NOT confirmed by count...
I read a WOLFPACK boy is the manager of the fc owls. As a rutherford county native I'm excited to hear the news. Good luck
Probably the only person in Rutherford County who has never ate at Shake Shop. 😳
Welcome to my campaign webpage! I am so excited to be seeking the seat for Rutherford County School Board Zone 7. This zone is made up of the following County Commission Districts: 14 (Charlie Baum), 19 (Joyce Ealy), and 20 (Trey *** . It is my hope to have you share in my vision for a healthy and…
Rutherford County Schools has confirmed a student at La Vergne Primary has been diagnosed with a case of the mumps, a district spokesman said.
It's not everyday NASA comes to your neighborhood-- at least not to this cow pasture in nearby Rutherford County,...
Six years ago I had the privilege to join the board for Make A Wish Middle Tennessee and this July I will end what will have been one of the most rewarding experiences of my life. During my tenure I have been a wish granter for almost 10 children and look forward to continuing doing that in years to come. On June 7 Make A Wish will host the inaugural Walk for Wishes in Rutherford County. This will be the last big event to take place during my tenure as a board member. I have been negligent on doing all the things needed to create a team, setup a page, beg my friends, etc. So tonight I finally realized that the national office for MAW will match all donations made during the month of May….which means I now do need to beg my friends to give to my non-team the SLEEP WALKERS (for those of us who prefer to sleep in). My goal is low and I hope that with a little help from you I can blow this goal out of the roof!!! All sizes of donations are appreciated….and trust me I know well how many times each of ...
night - sorry, should have been Rutherford County Line!
We have got to do better with our child support and child custody and visitation laws when there is domestic violence against the mother! We cannot and should not just assume that there will not be any violence against the child! I pray that this has not happened to my two grand babies because our Rutherford County DHS system failed!!! To this date we have not seen nor heard the sweet voices of Emilio or Mandela!
This video has been getting a lot of play and generated a lot of conversation what do you think? A driver recorded his stop during a DUI checkpoint in Rutherford County, TN and uploaded the video to YouTube. By this evening, just hours after it was posted, it had more than 190,000 views. The driver wrote on his YouTube page that the DUI checkpoint happened in Murfreesboro and the deputy told him "it is okay to take away my freedom." The Rutherford County Sheriff's Office said it is investigating the video. "The Rutherford County Sheriff's Office is reviewing this incident," spokeswoman Lisa Marchesoni wrote in an email. "We are looking into the matter to determine if there are any policy or procedure violations." Our sister station, WKRN, attempted to contact the driver who uploaded the video to YouTube. He did not immediately respond.
As of 6:50 pm, Doppler Radar indicates the activity that was in Northern Rutherford County in the past half hour...
Earlier today it was announced that Rutherford County Schools' Teacher of the Year, Michael Henderson, was named...
***Strong Thunderstorms in Northeast Rutherford County moving closer to parts of Southeast McDowell County***. We...
My name is Teresa St. Clair, and I believe that it's time for Rutherford County to have leadership that's bold enough to face it's electorate in a positive, forthright manner. It's time for residents of Rutherford County to have representation that is a positive, uniting force, and a moral cod…
Buyer came into town last weekend-- now under contract to purchase a new home in Murfreesboro. He and his family will be new to Rutherford County when we close in a few weeks. Anyone want to welcome them to the area here?! Feel free to share your favorite middle TN place to go!
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