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Ruth Davidson

Ruth Davidson (born 10 November 1978) is a Scottish politician, currently leader of the Scottish Conservative and Unionist Party and Member of the Scottish Parliament for the Glasgow regional list.

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Looking forward to next studio encounter between Joan and Ruth 'I Won't Do The Accent' Davidson. Floor will be *wel…
Ruth Davidson: General election will show SNP is a party 'going downhill'
Ruth Davidson: complains about divisiveness in politics. Also Ruth Davidson: threatens to walk out of parliament.
Ruth Davidson, April 2012. Any attempt to hijack the council elections is a "cynical attempt to hoodwink the voters of Scot…
Ruth Davidson urged to "get a grip" on racism allegations facing Conservative candidates.
On May 4th, Ruth Davidson wants your vote. A vote for the Tories is a vote for the Don't give
Yes! Ruth Davidson...only problem is, is that she is asking Nicola Sturgeon to do it for her.🤣
Ruth Davidson challenges Nicola Sturgeon over 'rape clause' row
Ruth Davidson has written to my dad telling him how terrible Nicola Sturgeon is. He's raging.
This is Like Nicola Sturgeon and Ruth Davidson with the Rape Clause. How Nicola is demonised trying to help people htt…
Ruth Davidson says Nicola Sturgeon will be guilty of "gross hypocrisy" if Scottish Government don't act to mitigate ne…
The unionist bunker filling up | David Mundell, Ruth Davidson, Neil Findlay and Kevin Hague.
Here's that 'nice Tory' Ruth Davidson backing the Tax Credit rape clause. Don't be fooled folks!
Ruth Davidson doubts George Osborne's ability to remain an MP
Ruth Davidson is to Scottish politics as russ Abbott is to Scottish comedy
Disgusting that Ruth Davidson said on that Labour "side with terrorists" Labour MP Jo Cox was killed by a domestic…
Ruth Davidson today at Scottish Parliament "Theresa May... she's a woman not known for changing her mind"...
The rejected Ruth Davidson's Tory Party amendment to stop 97 votes to 31
Seriously angry about Ruth Davidson' disgraceful & disrespectful behaviour today? Watch this from the very talented…
Astounding disingenuousness from Ruth Davidson: people can't be asked to vote in a referendum when they don't know what the…
I felt Ruth Davidson had the worst performance in leaders debates last year - angry, aggressive but her supporters love it. It…
massive contrast to the angry, intolerant tone from Ruth Davidson!
Ruth Davidson =. Boris Johnson's lost twin. connected by the bond of stupidity
I agree with Ruth Davidson. But it appears that Ruth Davidson no longer agrees with Ruth Davidson.
Ruth Davidson called out Boris Johnson's lies and got the biggest cheer of the night
Before she turned her back on the 62 % Ruth Davidson told Boris Johnson he's peddling lies over EU referendum
Sturgeon now less popular to Scots than PM and Ruth Davidson, leader of Scottish Conservatives. doomed al…
Ruth Davidson can't really be Michael Forsyth in drag? Can she ?
they seem to have used a pic of Ruth Davidson
Ruth Davidson says that First Minister Nicola Sturgeon showed some "pretty brass neck" this morning
Ruth Davidson: Corbyn has 'made SNP's day' by giving thumbs-up to second independence referendum via
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Good to see Corbyn shooting down that dreadful Dugdale creature in flames. The pound-shop Ruth Davidson, humiliated
Ruth Davidson's Tories are currently polling lower than Jeremy Corbyn's Labour.
Ruth Davidson namechecks Jim McColl in her conference speech days after he attends a Tory dinner (as a plus one)…
. Johann Lamont. Kezia Dugdale. Jim Murphy. All said it, now Ruth Davidson. Were all in cloud cuckoo land.
Ruth Davidson says the SNP are talking down Scotland? The Tories are putting Scotland down! Brainwash central again.
I'm assuming first thing Ruth Davidson will do when she becomes First Minister is implement Frank's Law? 🙄 Scottish Tory Party Conference
Ruth Davidson warns Nicola Sturgeon: Unionists would win second independence referendum by bigger margin
I dislike Ruth Davidson. Then again I dislike Susan Calman. Who should I dislike the most?
Anyone ever seen Susan Calman & Ruth Davidson in the same room at the same time?
Ruth Davidson: ‘I want to be Scotland’s First Minister’ It will be only by Election fraud she wins it then.
I think this lot will be racists. I don't think Kezia Dugdale, Ruth Davidson or Willie Rennie are. It's not that hard.…
Ruth Davidson calls for review of business rates rise (From The National)
Ruth Davidson is a . Joe Pike's book: "Project Fear" details exactly who came up with it.
Now we get the Ruth Davidson line again! Don't BBC radio Scotland not realise we are watching them!
The best laugh of the evening. Ruth Davidson is favourite for next First Minister. Talk about out of touch 😂.
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She contradicts herself. Or there's no appetite for indyref2 or the independence movement is strong. Can't be both.
SNP want to weaponise Brexit, says Scottish Conservative leader Ruth Davidson
Ruth Davidson, the Brexiteers’ apologist in chief, has shamelessly sold out on her commitment to keeping Scotland in the single market.”
Ruth Davidson has accused the SNP of 'weaponising Brexit'
Ruth Davidson and Kezia Dugdale are to reaffirm their support for Union in speeches in London
Ruth Davidson's speech in the LSE:. Ruth doesn't really know how to read polls.
Here's Ruth Davidson's latest attack on indy.
Kezia Dugdale, Willie Rennie and Ruth Davidson for the foreseeable.
NEWS: Ruth Davidson says she would have voted to trigger Article 50.
📽 2016 was a year of Tory broken promises on - now Tories are trying to rewrite history. See Ruth Davidson's own person…
Ruth Davidson's speech in the LSE:. Ruth doesn't know who coined the phrase "Project Fear".
Ruth Davidson issues rallying cry for Union and warns 'don't dismiss' indyref2 challenge -
Ruth Davidson would rather the SNP didn't mention brexit. Yeah OK.
Brexit projected to cost 80,000 jobs in Scotland. Yet Ruth Davidson compares this to a 'stubbed toe'. How utterly out of…
Ruth Davidson: "So, had I been a member of the Houses of Parliament last week, I would have voted for article 50 to be trig…
"Get back to the day job," cries Ruth Davidson, MSP for Edinburgh Central. In London.
If Ruth Davidson was FM, she'd ignore the wishes of her constituents and the entire nation and trigger Article 50.
I don't know the details though, although I'm sure it's better than if the SNP had dealt with Willie Rennie or Ruth Davidson
Ruth Davidson demands that Scotland goes down a path that only a small minority support, then claims the SNP is divisive…
Does anyone know what Ruth Davidson's vision for Scotland is, apart from I'm with stupid?
Ruth Davidson's party MP's jeer St. Andrews Day & bark at female MP's but it's Nicola Sturgeon's fault there is discord…
Kezia Dugdale of Scottish Labour, Ruth Davidson of Scottish Tories and David Coburn of UKIP in Scotland
. That sort of news doesn't help Ruth Davidson's attacks on Scottish NHS . Why on earth would anyone listen to or vote Tory .
Shock as Ruth Davidson prefers to posture over independence than try to get the best Brexit deal for Scotland. .
Commentators: Ruth Davidson jumped from subject to subject - Like the Lindy Hop she`s been practising for Strictly
Ruth Davidson stresses 'friendship' in post-Brexit vote speech to diplomats Ruth Lies All the time.
Ruth Davidson does not speak for me. Patronising bint.
Nicola Sturgeon and Ruth Davidson clash over £10bn trade deal ‘double standard’ on Nissan
Ruth Davidson mocks Nicola Sturgeon for suggesting a deal with China collapsed due to opposition parties' criticism
Ruth Davidson and David Mundell are awards-winning politicians. They'll sort it all out with their Westminster mate…
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onstage tonight with lead actor in which Ian Duncan Smith & tories Ruth Davidson insists is 'fiction'
. Jack McConnell won 46 MSPs, resigns, Iain Gray got 37, resigns, Ruth Davidson got 31, gets an award
It's great that Ruth Davidson and David Mundell have both been awarded as they really have our best interests at heart - said no Scot ever!
Ruth Davidson wins Herald Scottish Politician of the Year prize after reviving Tory Party: RUTH David... (HrldS)
Taking advice from Ruth Davidson on the NHS is like asking Cyril Smith advice on child welfare
Best Scot at Westminster - David Mundell. Debater of Year - Ruth Davidson. are you having a laugh
no different from many others including David Mundell and Ruth Davidson.
Yet they'll happily jump on Ian Murray, David Mundell or Ruth Davidson saying they should "Get on with governing in…
Ruth Davidson pleads with BBC to sign her up to Strictly Come Dancing as she is 'jealous' of Ed Balls
Baroness Evans of Bowes Park and Leader of the Lords introduces Ruth Davidson to the Conference
Ruth Davidson: "In Scotland, Nicola has the levers but won't pull them, while Kezia has buttons but can't press them."
Theresa May just had banter with Ruth Davidson and tried out a Scottish accent
Ruth Davidson renews call to scrap Named Person scheme
Ruth Davidson has a strange way of standing up for Scotland...
Boris Johnson and Ruth Davidson mend their differences over a drink after brutal EU referendum campaign
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LOL 😂 😂 awww Ruth practicing for her career in comedy .😂😂😂😂
Scotland would do well to remember that Teresa May and Ruth Davidson care not a jot what Scotland wants re Brexit. Acce…
Thanks. It was Bromsgrove, Birmingham, that Ruth Davidson wanted to be .
The MSM do not mention Ruth Davidson was "held" for Election Fraud after Indyref
Ruth Davidson is lying about the bedroom tax, it still exists, it's being mitigated by the Scottish government, it's not dev…
Ruth Davidson surrenders on free movement.
Ruth Davidson: 'Scotland has no Brexit veto' - BBC News: BBC NewsRuth Davidson: 'Scotland...
Ruth Davidson reveals that she calls Theresa May "Big T".
Ruth Davidson wants you to eat your brexit cereal. Make Ruth & her party sad, tell Ruth to f**k off !
Ruth Davidson and John Cleese should have a wee get together.
Ruth Davidson on claimed doesn't affect Scotland. It does -Scottish Govt pays it. Money that cd be spent…
Fury as Ruth Davidson compares Scots to vandals and thieves
Do Ruth Davidson MSP and David Mundell Secretary of State for Scotland. *truly* believe is best for Scotland?. Th…
Ruth Davidson: I want to be First Minister by beating SNP in 2021
Ruth Davidson should be absolutely savaged for saying this. No question.
Ruth Davidson slags off her own people to ingratiate herself with her boss.
Although weirdly it seems tonight we've managed to discover that John Cleese is writing Ruth Davidson's jokes...
Theresa May and Ruth Davidson would do well to remember that is the *only* part of the UK in which *all* areas vo…
Highly accurate line from Nicola Sturgeon - "Ruth Davidson has become a born-again-brexiteer.".
We met Ruth Davidson today, to talk about Kilmartin Glen's amazing history and Kilmartin Museum's redevelopment...
Imagine all the stages Ruth Davidson would have to go through to come in at 40/1, And she still looks like one of the best bets.
It's an entirely wankey list, except Ruth Davidson, Mhairi black and you.
. What do you think about Ruth Davidson calling Angela Eagle a "shovel faced *** ?
Dale is a hypocrite no word when Ruth Davidson described Angela Eagle as a "shovel faced *** ?
Why wasn't Ruth Davidson criticised when she described Angela Eagle as a "shovel faced *** ?
Theresa May and Ruth Davidson more popular than Nicola Sturgeon in Scotland
Newsdesk | NO : Ruth Davidson warns Brexit process could take decades as new poll shows no Scottish ... - The…
Tory HQ in London prepare for Ruth Davidson to take over from Cameron?
Ruth Davidson blasts Sturgeon: SNP ‘independence bandwagon’ is now ‘parked in a layby’
Ruth Davidson unveils team to combat Indyref2
That role already belongs to Ruth Davidson, I'll have you know.
I presume Ruth Davidson will be following suit?
You should tell Ruth Davidson that. She mentions indy 10 times more than SNP. ***
Apparently something Ruth Davidson thought would threaten her family's safety is now an "opportunity"
Another blow to Nicola Sturgeon as 2nd poll show Scots DON'T want independence despite Brexit
Aberdeen Uni seems a bit of a Ruth Davidson fan - but he's worried about inflammatory Tory comments on Christian Allard
Consistency never was Ruth Davidson's strong point. Ever.
Ruth Davidson isn't being inconsistent re Brexit. She puts the Union above all else so logically will embrace what she pr…
Ruth Davidson warns Brexit process could take decades. OR IndyRef2 and avoid decades of uncertainty by staying EU
Nicola Sturgeon less popular than Ruth Davidson. (My latest for Reaction)
Ruth Davidson is now more popular than Nicola Sturgeon. Us 1million Scottish voters won't be ignored by the SNP.
Ruth Davidson is now more popular among Scottish voters than Nicola Sturgeon
Ruth Davidson runs into trouble on first day of her driving holiday?...
Just been to see Lucy Porter. Weirdly, by far the biggest laughs in her set were for the Scottish Labour and Ruth Davidson gags.
Remember all the times Ruth Davidson and Kezia Dugdale were held responsible for abuse of…
Calling it now. Only women can save us:. Angela Merkel. Theresa May. Hillary Clinton. Nicola Sturgeon. Ruth Davidson. Mary…
as Ruth Davidson wld say, Tory UK is showing its enormous Johnson to the world
So a reminder of what Ruth Davidson thinks of Boris Johnson's integrity as he heads out into the world. http…
Proof that the will tear the UK apart:. Ruth Davidson: Next PM should not block Scottish indy referendum: https:/…
Scottish Tory leader Ruth Davidson: "Labour is still fumbling with its flies, while the Tories are enjoying a post-coi…
Ruth Davidson mocks fellow Tories: A roundup of all her best jokes
Ruth Davidson "recommends" £20 to join Scottish Tories, but there is no floor. Not much entryism there I suspect.
Ruth Davidson urges Theresa May to have "positive engagement" with .
you're thinking of Ruth Davidson, leader of Scottish Conservative Party. 🙂
News - Ruth Davidson outlines her support for Theresa May in the contest to succeed David Cameron
Ruth Davidson says on Sunday Politics Scotland that the UK government should "absolutely not" block but talk of…
Ruth Davidson accuses Andrea Leadsom of bare-faced lie. I wonder if she's apologised yet.
you're beginning to sound like a Ruth Davidson clone Jim
Ruth Davidson could not have been any clearer today that the Conservative Party represents Westminster, and not the people o…
Please stop, Jim. I was sickened when Ruth Davidson quoted you against the FM. She's not daft and nor are the r…
If Jim Murphy, Jackie Baillie, Ruth Davidson or Kezia Dugdale were First Minister, do you see a page like this?
Ruth Davidson wants the Scottish Parliament to ignore the public vote in Scotland & to join the negotiations to Leave th…
Ruth Davidson to migrants: "We don't just want your labour. We want your values, your culture. We want you."
Any chance Boris Johnston the union Jeremy Corbyn Nicola Sturgeon and Ruth Davidson be on the Jeremy kyle show lie detector test awesome
Ruth Davidson would need to get herself a seat in Parliament first. One for the future though!
Its hypothetical, hence why I said 'I would love to see' not 'Ruth Davidson should run for Tory leadership'
Would love to see Ruth Davidson run for Tory leadership, politically assute & a true leader the UK sorely needs in order to recover
James May might have been better after all. Failing that, give it Ruth Davidson as it may help keep Scotland with us.
Pugnacious face. Who is Ruth Davidson more like - Winston Churchill or Oliver Hardy? Can't decide.
Ruth Davidson as Tory leader? It's a bit like watching Ryan Giggs & wishing he could play for England: understandable, v unlikely to happen.
Ah might hae been drunk, but ah'm sure ah witnessed Boris Johnson bellowin "Haggis!" at Ruth Davidson in Wembley Arena last night...
We need a new Hadrian's Wall to keep Ruth Davidson out.
Hmmm ["⚡️ "Ruth Davidson just SLAYED the BBC EU Debate"] NOT REALLY - she shouted everyone down.
…on top of which Ruth Davidson absolutely killed it.
Not on my TV, Davidson shouted a lot, sniggered & interrupted everyone. Khan left me thinking how he became Mayor😕
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Ruth Davidson is the reason why I wish the Scots had the guts to vote for Independence.
Ruth Davidson: "Boris. Boris. Boris. Boris. Boris. Can I just ask you one question.". Boris Johnson: "HAGGIS".
Ruth Davidson is the future Conservative leader the country needs - so good
Ruth Davidson just took down Boris Johnson in 31 words
Ruth Davidson saying 'Boris, Boris' off camera while he's speaking is fast turning into one of the features of this debate
Ruth Davidson vs Boris Johnson is quality entertainment on She bloody hates him.
Ruth Davidson making this a real blue-on-blue fest. Clearly loathes Boris and says Andrea Leadsom lying (as opposed to wrong).
Ruth Davidson was the star of the final debate: via
Ruth Davidson slams lies on EU, Turkey and army. 'You deserve the truth!'. I think young people wd say she just 'owned' Leads…
Prediction: Sadiq Khan & Ruth Davidson will contest a UK General Election, one day. And Britain will be well served by it…
Big English audience getting first proper taste of Ruth Davidson as quality performer now as plenty did with Sturgeon in…
Ruth Davidson is rather impressive. Labour campaigner just texted: "I love Ruth. Just love her".
what are your thoughts on Ruth Davidson's opinions during the debate?
Ruth Davidson has demolished the Leave Campaign's lies tonight
Ruth Davidson helped save Cameron in Scottish referendum in 2014 and may have done same with EU referendum. Passion fin…
That Ruth Davidson had done her homework before the EU debate. Boris Johnson hadn't. She reached out. He looked down.
Did you guys watch it? Ruth Davidson & Sadiq Khan made the rest look 3rd division...
If the UK votes Remain it'll be hard to deny it was Ruth wot won it...
Also, I realise literally nobody can face another TV debate ever again, but I would be fascinated to see Ruth Davidson de…
See why Ruth Davidson has revived the Tories in Scotland. Formidable. Just eaten Andrea Leadsom live on TV
Strong performance from Ruth Davidson in tonight's - being in Europe means more jobs & opportunities
Snap verdict on the BBC debate: Ruth Davidson left the rest standing.
Well, I only saw the second half of this but Ruth Davidson was outstanding
Isn't it about time Ruth Davidson told us who's won the Postal Ballot?
Ruth Davidson is challenging binary gender norms tonight and this makes me want to even more. https:…
Ruth Davidson tried to kid us that the EU DON'T tell us what to do. Why did we end up paying this then?
Ruth Davidson is simply wrong to say it's a "lie" that 65% of rules and regulations made in Brussels. Facts here: https:/…
7 times Ruth Davidson told everyone where to stick it in the BBC's EU debate .
Sadiq and Ruth give Remain the punch it has lacked - my take on
From Whatever the outcome, we Conservatives must come together after this bruising referendum
Ruth Davidson and Sadiq Khan the winners of tonight's BBC debate
Ruth Davidson makes the final statement for
Boris Johnson and Ruth Davidson embrace after EU referendum debate  Boris Johnson hugged S…
WELL DONE Ruth Davidson from my hometown, Edinburgh, who grilled Boris over Brexit on tv last night.
Ruth Davidson's best bit of the night, destroying the Leave side: "you deserve the truth"
I know she's a Tory and all but I really rate Ruth Davidson
Ruth Davidson is Pro fracking, Pro Nukes, Pro War, and Pro everything the Toxic Tory brand stands for. What's "nice" about…
EU referendum debate: Sadiq Khan and Ruth Davidson give Remain the punch it needs
I like Ruth Davidson, but I'm afraid the lady who describes herself as a "John Major Tory" has got it wrong on .
Boris Johnson v Ruth Davidson: the line-up for the Wembley EU debate has been confirmed.
Vanity and hubris were never far from Alex Salmond’s side in his time as First Minister, says Ruth Davidson
Ruth Davidson opens by complaining about NHS staffing, two days after record NHS staffing levels are revealed.
Alan Johnson, Sadiq Khan, Ruth Davidson... running out of political proles here
OOFT, I wonder if the Queen approves, and I don't mean Ruth Davidson 😳
Ruth Davidson is not fit to hold office in this country! She is one genome away from being David Coburn. loved this comment I found on Wings
If Scotland were a normal country, with normal journalism, the pressure on Ruth Davidson to resign over her Liam Fee lie w…
Ruth Davidson warns senior Nats: We will take your seats if you put up Scottish tax
If this doesn't concern you nothing will . Ruth Davidson + Nicola Sturgeon to join forces to reform education system htt…
Ruth Davidson isn;'t even as 'popular' as Margaret Thatcher!
Ruth Davidson thinks she's a bit like John Major? I think she's a bit like somebody else!
Ruth Davidson's notion of subservience is at least 1100 years old
Ruth Davidson talks with Andrew Neil about the kind of opposition she hopes to lead.: via
Andrew Marr's team prepare studio for Ruth Davidson interview
Ruth Davidson: quite simply one of the yes campaign's most potent weapons in favour of independence.
Ruth Davidson tells Andrew Neil her election success has put a “second independence referendum off the table for five years”.
Ruth Davidson finding it hard to deny she is David Camerons ambassador in Scotland when asked by Andrew Neil on the daily politicks
Ruth Davidson tells Andrew Neil on BBC Sunday Politics: "Peak nat has passed", referring to the loss of the SNP's overall majority
If I was a *** I'd be terrified of Ruth Davidson.
Breaking news: the Kelpies to be replaced by a bust of Ruth Davidson
Tory leader Ruth Davidson snubbed by Lib Dems and Labour after call for 'united opposition'. Full story in tomorrow's p…
Has anybody ever saw big fat Derek Johnstone and Ruth Davidson in the same room ?..or caravan?
The worst thing about Ruth Davidson is her vomit inducing Aww Shucks style is straight out of Dr Findlay's casebook http…
Tell me if you can see the word 'Conservative' anywhere on Ruth Davidson's campaign literature.
I see Ruth Davidson's SNP opponent in Edinburgh Central has refused to congratulate her.
Can't wait for FM question time and see that smug smile wiped off Ruth Davidson's face as she tries her bully boy tactics…
Ruth Davidson triumph kills off Indyref II and puts SNP back in its box -
Ruth Davidson really does cheer me up. I was getting so weary of nationalism. Scottish Tory success makes me believe the Union can survive.
Tories still unmentionable. Ruth Davidson won in Scotland
Voters who thought they voted for the Ruth Davidson party wake up to realise they in fact voted TORY
The biggest winner of the Scottish Parliament election is not Nicola Sturgeon and the SNP, but Ruth Davidson and the Scottis…
A night for (some) party leaders. Leanne Wood takes Rhondda constituency for Plaid Cymru to match Ruth Davidson and Willie Rennie
Does this photo prove that Ruth Davidson is a goon?
Ruth Davidson just demanded a Hamilton youth coach goes in goal so she can hit a proper penalty
It’s clear that only Ruth Davidson is strong enough to hold Nicola Sturgeon to account.
How could anybody possibly vote for Ruth Davidson? Ridiculous betrayal of public promises
Ruth Davidson ducks and dodges the question on delays to Type 26 frigates on the Clyde. Tories betraying shipyard workforc…
Ruth Davidson thinks the same as Blair.and Brown labour that T hatcher was the greatest leader None of them wanted in Scotland
Ruth Davidson having became fed up modelling her image on Vladimir Putin now seems to be modelling it on King Canute
I've just ordered a buffalo burger. Hope it doesn't come with a side order of
I hate saying it but Ruth Davidson is much more likeable. I'd never vote her of course but it's a shame she's a Tory
This is what stands for with her English Tory Counterparts
Gutted that Scottish Leaders Debate is not accessible by pub transport. can you help?
And for those who struggle to read *** in a small point size, here's the story online.
Thank God you kept off the Turra Coo.
Another of Tory's. Plain and Simple Scottish Tory are just English Tory in disguise .
Were the steelworks closures and attacks on disabled mentioned on your travels?
I was there mate. And there were loads
To be fair 'gettin a *** of a lot worse' also counts as change.
Ruth Davidson issues apology from Scottish Tories for NO SHOW at Disability Rights Hustings. She was at a photo shoot ht…
Strangely, the "Vote Ruth Davidson Party for a Strong Opposition" placards stopped well short of Dundee...
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Come one Scotland deserves to know why no Tories turned up at Glasgow disability hustings. Can you not defend your policies
also great that parking facilities are in such plentiful supply for ease of access but roads are for EVERYONE
great that DLA allows for disabled to have good quality cars - better than what you or I could afford to buy
dear Ruth. Who is standing in Lenzie? Not heard or seen a peep. 😕😕
Postal vote sent of luck.
Lost track of the times I've heard 'oh, I do like that Strong opposition wanted in CSR! https…
I live in elgin area and these came through my door too😀
Big thanks to and the who hosted yesterday.
Great to be in my constituency of Motherwell and Wishaw on the final weekend before the election
Nicola Sturgeon leads a party so her name is listed in the ECR. Ruth Davidson manages a fake party so her's doesn't. https…
Tory voters mirror Ruth Davidson, they too very rarely admit to being a Tory/Conservative. Why so I'm
Anger as SNP plans to recruit state guardians for EVERY child to SPY on Scottish parents,bet only white families tho
I love that man. Everything our party should be
Had a great day talking to voters across Aberdeen. So many are voting for for the first time due to
BTW My wife is refusing to vote LibDem with me this year as she thinks you are very cool and down to earth. SO thanks!!
Have visited a hospital to see the mess the system's made of the
Potentially the best canvass photo ever? . Certainly up there with pulling his daughter on a sled...
Great to see supporters out all across Scotland today campaigning for a strong opposition led by
It's great to see so many out across Scotland today. Scots want a strong opposition & will…
Cameron, Osborne & Hunt are her bosses: Tories will increase stealth taxes
Jeez Oh. In a Cab, in an elevator, where are these interviews going next? Ruth Davidson On The Pan? https:…
Great Initiative and wish you success! Any Priorities!
.Sturgeon housed any refugees from UK VPR scheme yet?
Don't forget if u vote For Ruth Davidson your voting for the Tories for more of WM rule more cuts for more deaths. https:/…
Terrific response for in Aberdeen this morning
Scot Tories booed as they FAIL to turn up @ Disability Hustings. SHAME ON YOU Ruth Davidson. https:/…
The tour continued in Carnoustie! Great response from voters of all Party's supporting https…
Remember This is who she represents with her boss' in England Scottish Tory are really English Tory https:…
to & joined together & Campaigned to give you Dependency on WM. https:…
Tories refuse to give shelter to child refugees and force doctors out on strike. And tries to tell us…
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This is the real Ruth Davidson. Don't be fooled by her chummy act.
Last ones standing, just, in Southway. and I joined by Ruth Wilson & Linda Davidson from way out West
Actually I think she does. Ruth has more dignity n decency than the WM Tories. But she's still one
Super Saturday in I'm thinking Moray will actually turn blue! Huge response!
On being thoroughly sick of Ruth Davidson, the most overrated politician in Scotland
John, has Ruth Davidson been asked yet about her party refusing to help 3000 child refugees?
: betting is on Labour coming second, Ruth Davidson will say anything to get votes
TODAY! Defending Conservatism - the persona and rhetoric of Ruth Davidson | The Political Studies Association (PSA)
Long post. Copied from Craig Murray's blog. Ruth Davidson is being sold to everyone in Scotland as the shiney face of a principled oppos…
"I like Ruth Davidson. But I wouldn't vote for the Tories." My constituency profile of Edinburgh Central.
had to double check this was you Neil as spookily almost word for word what Ruth Davidson says.
The gauntlet has been laid down: Gordon Ramsay sat on a buffalo when here. Ruth Davidson seems reluctant.
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