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Ruth Bader Ginsberg

Ruth Joan Bader Ginsburg (born March 15, 1933) is an Associate Justice of the Supreme Court of the United States.

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Now that Neil Gorsuch is confirmed, can we give Ruth Bader Ginsberg a competency hearing 2 c if she's fit 2 remain on th…
Ruth Bader Ginsberg to appoint nazi demagogue to be head of FBI
her daughter looks like she's been hired to play Ruth Bader Ginsberg in her "reimagined" life story on Hallmark. AND I LIKE IT.
Leaked video reveals Jeb Bush in long-term affair with Ruth Bader Ginsberg
Ruth Bader Ginsberg and Paul Ryan caught on video tape in three-way with inflatable doll
Ruth Bader Ginsberg does 20 push ups a day so gosh darn it we all should too
Daughter asked about US Supreme Court and from another room my 10 yr old son yelled “Ruth Bader Ginsberg!”. I win parenting today.
comparing Clinton with DT is like comparing Ruth Bader Ginsberg with Honey Boo boo.
My God, it looks like Ruth Bader Ginsberg! Get it out of here.
Why not? Ruth Bader Ginsberg considers the S.African constitution superior to ours.
Bader Ginsberg will be very hurt at the oversize. Lol
Trump did not write The Art of the Deal. He's not a "deal Maker" as Ruth Bader Ginsberg said, "He's a faker"
. She's almost as scary as Ruth Bader Ginsberg.
I did my LL.M in the US in constitutional law. Scalia was way better than Roberts. Ruth Bader Ginsberg was his best…
Only victory would be you and Ruth Bader Ginsberg retiring or moving to Canada
Like one of them just says "Ruth Bader Ginsberg was in an opera. That's pretty dope."
Liberals to Ginsberg: Are you eating enough kale? via maybe time to retire & give a conservative your seat
8. Anyway, the GOP was worried about Obama nominating a liberal justice (ala Ruth Bader Ginsberg) and altering the balance of the court.
Can I give Ruth Bader Ginsberg years off of my life?
I plan on going as a sexy Ruth bader Ginsberg for Halloween and no one can stop me
This has been happening more frequently. Heck, look at Ruth Bader Ginsberg. She hates Trump. Too biased to be a SC judge.
"We need to begin training a series of RGB (Ruth Bader Ginsberg) body doubles..." Read more from our Troublemakers
OOOKAY...So, Let's put her in same home as Pelosi, McCain & Ruth Bader-Ginsberg. They Aer Loosing It & Need To Go💥
You have obviously never seen video of hearings of Sotomayor or Ruth Bader Ginsberg then.
Ruth Bader Ginsberg the most well-known justice. Literally no-one has ever heard of Stephen Breyer.…
Ruth Bader Ginsberg to pardon muslim black panther activist George W. Bush
Acknowledge that we need women like Ruth Bader Ginsberg and Michelle Obama as well as Assata Shakur and Marsha P. Johnson an…
If Trump doesn't assault Ruth Bader Ginsberg on the way in Van Jones and Joe Scarborough call him "Presidential."
Ruth Bader Ginsberg sees and hears the nonviolent Activism & realizes does not bode well. Spea…
The post about Ruth Bader Ginsberg going round prompted me to look her up and she is one badass lady!…
1st thing Ruth Bader Ginsberg recommends for raising trail-blazing, confident daughters: Foster a love of reading! https:/…
Ruth Bader Ginsberg: “It helps sometimes to be a little deaf” is wise counsel for marriage or the Supreme Court.
You leave our mom Ruth Bader Ginsberg alone, you monster
Ruth Bader Ginsberg makes no secret of what she thinks of a certain presidential candidate https:/…
What would Ruth Bader Ginsberg's husband have said about a Trump presidency? "Time for us to move to New Zealand."
Ruth Bader Ginsberg is like a crabby grandma with no filter
They use it to create policy, but 'Only Whisper It’➡️Ruth Bader Ginsberg and ilk's beliefs can't👀worth of soul
Ruth Bader Ginsberg is evidence that you can pick an old Justice.
In the future, the Supreme Court consists of 8 clones of Ruth Bader Ginsberg and the chief justice is Eddie Murphy in character as Donkey.
Bill Clinton appointed Ruth Bader Ginsberg! The Greatest SCOTUS justice of this Century!
the Republicans have Ruth Bader Ginsberg was a Clinton appointment to SCOTUS, My state has voted so I am out till Convention
A horrible set of circumstances and an even worse choice, but Hillary could go full Ruth Bader Ginsberg w/ Dem Senate
Ruth Bader-Ginsberg, 83 yr old Supreme Court Justice, just one of many older Americans blazing trails
- Is there any footage of Ruth Bader Ginsberg "busting a mad dissent" on the SCOTUS basketball court?
Or strike that: just bring back BATTLE OF THE NETWORK STARS, but with more people from Hamilton and some randos like Ruth Bader Ginsberg.
"We'll be right back with Ruth Bader Ginsberg . . . "
I've added him to my list of lunch people...with Ruth Bader Ginsberg.
My congratulations to Ruth Bader Ginsberg -- way to be a survivor!!
"I'm drunk at 9am. That's the last time I have breakfast with Ruth Bader Ginsberg.". PFT.
- "I wanna chickens and name them all Ruth Bader Ginsberg" 😂😂 says the girl who always told me she's live nowhere but NYC 🙄
Don't know what it is w Siri & me. I found her intolerably annoying & turned her off. Same 4 computer once: sounded like Ruth Bader Ginsberg
Ruth Bader Ginsberg sings the Anthem just by existing and breathing. Where is her Hollywood Star?
I think I just saw a black Ruth Bader Ginsberg flying through a glass ceiling and twerking.
just walked into the bar. He saw on and said "look it's Ruth Bader Ginsberg's little sister".
We went all night. By the morning I was exhausted like Ruth Bader Ginsberg at the
we also got a Supreme Court with Ruth Bader Ginsberg, Elena Kagan & Sonia Sotomayor
Ruth Bader Ginsberg is not a justice. She's a Communist saboteur.
so much of this is a MESS, but at the end is he really implying that Ruth Bader Ginsberg is somehow NOT a Supreme Court Justice?
With Gloria Steinem & Ruth Bader Ginsberg in the premier episode!. With special appearance by Amy Goodman!
you just lost all credibility having Michelle Bachman on your show. She makes Sarah Palin look like Ruth Bader Ginsberg. Smh
Ruth Bader Ginsberg Finkle is snuggled in peace
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Are you a fan of the Notorious RBG? Download the Ruth Bader Ginsberg colouring book for every little girl you know.
Samantha Bee is killing it. I mean, she brought out a Ruth Bader Ginsberg shark.
Need this Ruth Bader Ginsberg coloring book in my possession
Thank you, Ruth Bader Ginsberg, for your efforts to protect women, POC, labor, LGBT ppl, and the environment.
The Ruth Bader Ginsberg Shark dance is my everything.
love me enough to buy me the Ruth Bader Ginsberg coloring book 💘
Already working on a Ruth Bader-Ginsberg shark costume for Halloween
Is Ruth Bader Ginsberg all about Her adult coloring books may surprise you!
From Frida Kahlo to Ruth Bader Ginsberg to the girl next door, this March, MNN celebrates
Additionally Greenspan was married by Ruth Bader Ginsburg in 1997. Alan Ginsberg was not in attendance.
I just LOVE you! Wrongiest! Ruth Bader Ginsberg Shark! The whole abortion segment was genius!
Moment of Clarity: If Ruth Bader Ginsberg were a Jedi, she would be Mace Windu.
Well... My dad setti his white wife straight about Ruth Bader Ginsberg isn't necessarily an interracial issue... But still
90% of my pride for Rutgers is entirely based upon the fact that Ruth Bader Ginsberg was a law professor here tbh
Meanwhile, Ruth Bader Ginsberg's head fell over and slammed into a nearby wall, with no noticeable effect. Justice Thomas
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Anybody who worships at the cult of Ruth Bader Ginsberg should remember the Integrity Staffing Solutions case:
My roommate described my look today as "Hip Vegan Ruth Bader Ginsberg". Huzzah! I'll take it.
Ruth Bader Ginsberg will never accept Ben Affleck as Batman, although she did say anyone is better than Kilmer
Last I checked Ruth Bader Ginsberg is 82 and doing a fine job on the Supreme Court. Sexist remark Nate.
When I use the Harry Potter filter on MSQRD I look like Ruth Bader Ginsberg.
Did you miss Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg last month? Watch the video on BrandeisNOW:
Try to tell me that Fran Lebowitz is not Ruth Bader Ginsberg's long lost daughter.
Ruth Bader Ginsberg, you are never permitted to die, mkay?
Ruth Bader Ginsberg is like "Bartender, a double shot w my Ensure tonight."
Last week's sermon on Justice Antonin Ruth Bader Ginsberg and what I am advocating for in...
here is a thought , OBama names Patricia Ann Millet to replace Scalia and next year Ruth Bader Ginsberg retires and Hillary
I'll let you rename the triplets Ruth Bader and Ginsberg.
Someone discover the elixir of life so that Ruth Bader Ginsberg never leaves a vacancy on the Supreme Court
So come up, defines Supercilleous & Ruth Bader Ginsberg ad for Citizens United comes up. . . did she pay for that?
I liked a video from The Kalb Report - Ruth Bader Ginsberg & Antonin Scalia
PSA: Ruth Bader Ginsberg was good friends with Antonin Scalia.
Ruth Bader Ginsberg has a message to Dems who would give appointing her replacement to GOP by not voting:
In light of current events Ruth Bader Ginsberg is the Keith Richards of the judicial world
The Wicked Queen dies of apoplexy when the fairest in the land was Ruth Bader Ginsberg .
I wish Ruth Bader Ginsberg was 10 years younger than she is - we need her.
If U suggest that Ruth Bader Ginsberg is the same as Scalia because "they were friends" I can't take u seriously.
I'd rather it be 3046 and, like in Futurama, just the head of Ruth Bader Ginsberg is SCOTUS.
Ruth Bader Ginsberg recalls her paladin losing its powers for supporting abortion in Antonin Scalia's D&D game
Seeing Ruth Bader Ginsberg on the the bench in the Supreme Court changing.
All this convo abt Ruth Bader Ginsberg remembering her "friend" the RACIST is insulting & why both parties sell snake oil 2our faces
Dreaming of an alternate future where Ruth Bader Ginsberg becomes a vampire, lives forever, and straight-up eats Antonin Scali…
OK so and I are getting married in Old North Church by Ruth Bader Ginsberg. The reception is at Fenway. Kthxbye.
Ruth Bader Ginsberg & Gloria Steinem talk together about being part of history.
Ruth Bader Ginsberg is my spirit animal
At the NY Historical Society listening to Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg. She was just compared to Thurgood Marshalll. Women:Race
Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg: Women's history is the history of fighting for human rights & equality
Sorry to miss the party but we are to hear Ruth Bader Ginsberg!!
My husband is going to see Ruth Bader Ginsberg speak tonight at I'm jealous
ur right, but I prefer 2 apply Ruth Bader Ginsberg's sentiment to Australian cabinet 😎
Help us, Ruth Bader Ginsberg. You're our only hope.
who do you guys think Trump will appoint . to replace Ruth Bader Ginsberg ??
I want Ruth Bader Ginsberg to come out and smack all these candidates upside the head with a ruler
After this commercial break, we'll RELEASE THE RUTH BADER GINSBERG
haven't stopped working for 3 days despite bad news comin thick and fast. 2.5k word lab report due tmo now. feeling like Ruth Bader Ginsberg
I love that this article referred to Ruth Bader Ginsberg as "the Notorious RBG."
The warrior's are have a 27 point lead over the pacers. It's more disgusting than Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg in a bikini.
Ms. DuVernay suggests the creation of a Ruth Bader Ginsberg doll, dressed as a Supreme Court Justice. I would not...
Ruth Bader Ginsberg with a robot arm!
People my Nana went to high school with: Bernie Sanders, Chuck Schumer, Judge Judy, Ruth Bader Ginsberg
Ruth Bader Ginsberg: From justice to feminist icon. Also, says she has a killer workout routine:
Ruth Bader Ginsberg: From justice to feminist icon. joins us to talk her new book
📷 Ruth Bader Ginsberg is an Associate Justice of the Supreme Court of the United States. Ginsburg was...
My co-workers dressed up as Bill Clinton, Donald Trump, Bernie Sanders, and Ruth Bader Ginsberg. It's gonna be long day...
New book on Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg called 'Notorious RBG.' I need it...& this:
What could Supreme Court Justice, Ruth Bader Ginsberg (The Notorious RBG) have in common with the rapper, the...
Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg has a growing fanbase on the Tumbler blog 'Notorious RBG'. Now Justice...
A favorite from yesterday: how Ruth Bader Ginsberg became
Not the Onion... today I learned: The new biography of Ruth Bader Ginsberg is titled "Notorious RBG"
Ruth Bader Ginsberg is not sexy. Trade her out for omalley
Ruth Bader Ginsberg once said she wanted the whole Supreme Court to be women. Instead we get Supergirl.
Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg can do 20 push ups. Dammit.
Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg beat cancer twice and can do 20 push-ups.
Read an excerpt from about Ruth Bader Ginsberg's singular style:
Read an excerpt from 'The Life and Times of Ruth Bader Ginsberg' on
Through my brilliant agent Lindsay Edgecombe I am three degrees of separation from Ruth Bader Ginsberg. *swoon*
Undergrad girl 1: I'm gonna be... Do you know who Ruth Bader Ginsberg is?. Undergrad girl 2: No... Undergrad girl 1: She's, like, a judge.
What happens when Ruth Bader Ginsberg & Spock burst into song? WJT's "Stars of David" rvw -
More brilliant words from Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg "“My advice is fight for the things that you care about,”...
Ugh just wanna be Ruth Bader Ginsberg for Halloween but left my justice robes at home :(
Check out They have al kinds of HRC & Ruth Bader Ginsberg stuff
From Grant Devereaux: . Justice Scalia will be 80 in January 2017, Ruth Bader Ginsberg will be 83, Anthony Kennedy...
my favorite Justice League member is Ruth Bader Ginsberg
Ruth Bader Ginsberg evil as a justice & jew she lies for a traitorous treasonous friend in adjectives of the father
Hayes looks like Chris " the Spittler" Mathews and Ruth Bader Ginsberg got wasted & had a baby girl !
I really hope Ruth Bader Ginsberg lives forever.
After Ruth Bader Ginsberg flew away on the back of a dragon last week, I'm nervous about what the end-of-season for SCOTUS will be like…
"Dad and I are more like .. Batman and Ruth Bader Ginsberg." 😂😂😂
Supreme Court Justice,Notorius Ruth Bader Ginsberg:"We will all be better off if we end the discrimination" 6/13/2015
Midsomer Murders, one of my favorites, is on PBS now. Ruth Bader Ginsberg is on C-SPAN. Guess which one I'm watching.
Ruth Bader Ginsberg should be on the (en Dollar Bill
Order Miche Bag Online!
I had a dream about being friends with Ruth Bader Ginsberg over the Pacific
We are unbelievably psyched for this: Natalie Portman to play Ruth Bader Ginsberg, with a woman director ht…
No one in my office knows who Ruth Bader Ginsberg is.
Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg knows a thing or two about overcoming adversity.
My told me to be a And for her, that meant be your own person, be -Ruth Bader Ginsberg
"A summer party tank is a fundamental right." - Ruth Bader Ginsberg
A woman on the $10 bill! Is it too early to say it should be Ruth Bader Ginsberg?
I love fantasizing that and Elaine in The Tin Horse would have been buddies - two ballsy Jewish women...
"People ask me when will there be enough women on the court? My answer is when there are nine." US Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg
What the world needs is a"thug life" compilation of Ruth Bader Ginsberg.
and I feeling completely inconspicuous in Waco, Texas with our Ruth Bader Ginsberg shirts
Had a dream that I was hanging out with Ruth Bader Ginsberg in a toy store
Is Justice Ginsberg is hinting that same-sex marriage will prevail?
Natalie Portman insists on female director for upcoming Ruth Bader Ginsberg biopic. Good call:
Rachel Maddow looks to Ruth Bader Ginsberg’s mysterious smile for clues on SCOTUS’ pending rulings
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Also, the law that whoever is on currency has to be deceased is pretty dumb. I'd love Ruth Bader Ginsberg on
Ruth Bader Ginsberg should be the on
I would love to see Dolores Huerta or Ruth Bader Ginsberg on
Petition to make Ruth Bader Ginsberg our $10 bill
Ruth Bader Ginsberg for the new ten!
Shout-out to Natalie Portman who Ruth Bader Ginsberg says insisted on a female director for biopic
Kate McKinnon as Ruth Bader Ginsberg is phenomenal. Who am I kidding, Kate McKinnon is just plain phenomenal.
I'm tired of everyone sexualizing Ruth Bader Ginsberg. I'm like, she has a BRAIN, people.
Ruth Bader Ginsberg, 1953. Not just another pretty face.
Kid in front of me in class has been image searching 'young Ruth Bader Ginsberg' and giggling to himself for the last 25 minutes
I want to see Mike Huckabee and Ruth Bader Ginsberg debate about the Supreme Court.
Kate McKinnon as Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg talks marriage equality on SNL.
I just want to one day be 1/100 as amazing as Ruth Bader Ginsberg
"seek ever more the joys of being alive, because who knows how much longer I will be living"- Ruth Bader Ginsberg... ht…
Would I rather cross Ruth Bader Ginsberg or a honey badger? The honey badger can be bought off!
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Sounds like an impeachment for Ruth Bader-Ginsberg to me, just to start the proceedings.
"Ginsburg, quite frankly, is a badass and has more courage than anyone else on the court to speak her mind...
Ruth Bader Ginsberg is a Supreme Court Justice for all you ignorant loser who didn't know
30,000 days ago, Ruth Bader Ginsberg, the Notorious R.B.G., was born.
"I'm like a weird mole. I'm tiny, but I could be dangerous." Ruth Bader Ginsberg is back!
Excellent article in the NYT about Ruth Ginsberg J: The Unsinkable RBG - worth a read
Threw a party at my place last night. Ruth Bader Ginsberg was there. cc
.Is that Ruth Bader Ginsberg on the right???
Scientists need to hurry up and invent a serum to make Ruth Bader Ginsberg live forever
I want Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg to officiate at my wedding.
We end with this: Ruth Bader Ginsburg Returns to Weekend Update to Fire Off Some 'Ginsburns' On *** Marriage: VIDEO
"Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg stops by to discuss the Supreme Court hearing on marriage equality"
Can we start making major moves on cloning technology because Ruth Bader Ginsberg is on borrowed time here
Kate McKinnon's Ruth Bader Ginsberg is my new favorite thing.
Andrea Mitchell married Alan Greenspan, and Ruth Bader Ginsberg was the officiant.
Fans want Ben and Jerry's to create an ice cream just for Ruth Bader Ginsberg. I'm surprised they haven't...
Happy Pesach - great essay from Ruth Bader Ginsberg on making sure to include women's stories
Ruth Bader Ginsberg became the second female justice of the U.S. Supreme Court in 1993.
SEXT: Oh, baby! Bang me like Ruth Bader Ginsberg's gavel!
Virginia Slims ad approx. time Ruth Bader Ginsberg was dealing with women's rights.
The Supreme Court has agreed to rule on *** marriage this year. In exchange, Ruth Bader Ginsberg will be the new host of …
Nina Totenberg owns and wears a Notorious RBG tee shirt given to her by Ruth Bader Ginsberg.
LRT: when I think comedy gold, I think Ruth Bader Ginsberg.
Wake up Liberals, we are lucky to have Ruth Bader Ginsberg. Obama will NEVER appoint anyone nearly as liberal as she is. He isn't a Liberal.
Am I the only one who thought for a while that Ruth Bader Ginsberg was related to Darth Vader, but like on her mom's side?
Of the wise and lucid points Justice Ginsberg made, the media's main takeaway was a Tumblr and men's "blind spot." 😒
Ruth Bader Ginsberg is my inspiration in every possible way
Ruth Bader Ginsberg is a role model for women of any profession! Personal power, meaningful work, family, integrity
Internet: please add Ruth Bader Ginsberg's dissent to your merch cc: can you hook it up?
please watch this video of Ruth Bader Ginsberg being adorable and talking about tumblr
PerfectMatch - #1 Trusted Source in Online Dating
Both Ruth Bader Ginsberg and Frances Perkins in one hour. is on fire tonight!
Ruth Bader Ginsberg, of course. She should be the first woman on US currency.
Ruth Bader Ginsberg is a freaking rock star
Ruth Bader Ginsberg approves the Notorious R.B.G. Tumblr - if she dropped an album I wouldn't be mad
I don't want Ruth Bader Ginsberg to retire. I think a better way to approach the problem would be for Scalia to drop dead.
Now maybe Ruth Bader Ginsberg will start answering my Tinder requests.
Katie Couric interviewing Ruth Bader Ginsberg.leading the witness. Men on the Court have a blind spot for women? BS
Ruth Bader Ginsberg likes tumblr and knows who notorious BIG is so everyone can die happy now.
Contraception "is something every woman must have access to, to control her own destiny" - Ruth Bader Ginsberg
"I am ever hopeful that if the court has a blind spot today, its eyes will be open tomorrow" -Ruth Bader Ginsberg
Made my day that people call Ruth Bader Ginsberg Notorious R.B.G.
I'll take a half functioning Ruth Bader Ginsberg over Roberts, Alito, Thomas and Scalia combined!
Ruth Bader Ginsberg: Men don't get it. Men: "Ruth Bader Ginsberg doesn't get it!"
Ruth Bader Ginsberg has a jabot (lace collar worn over judge frock) specifically for when she dissents.
For your edification: Ruth Bader Ginsberg being badass -
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Notorious RBG: the best blistering bits from Ruth Bader Ginsberg's dissents
Some of Ruth Bader Ginsberg's greatest hits as dissenter for democracy. via
Did you know Ruth Bader Ginsberg was the first female tenured professor at Columbia Law? http:/…
Ruth Bader Ginsberg is amazing. The sexism she's faced is incredible (great stuff in this 4 min video)
This week we saw the United States Supreme Court open the flood gates to vague religious “objections” trumping the rights of women who need prescribed drugs. Ruth Bader Ginsberg wrote that ”The court, I fear, has ventured into a minefield” due to the Hobby Lobby ruling. She’s right. And that minefield will be filled with bloodied dead rights of women. And now we have seen this ruling quickly being used to enable employers to deny *** employment. Which is why I love this portrait of Wonder Woman flying over the United States Capital. I can imagine that she’s flying to have a word with the non-female court justices who voted for the small-minded hypocrites of the Hobby Lobby. She is a symbol that says women are equal to men. She says that women can do what men can do. She doesn't Lean In, she breaks the door down and cracks the ceiling. She is a feminist. Denying this denies the DNA of the character. Side-stepping this or attempting to not say “Feminist” communicates a lack of understanding ...
I will not be shopping there - MTJustice Ruth Bader Ginsberg's blistering dissent of Hobby Lobby ruling
Long rant alert - and remember, they are watching you - so be careful! When are we going to get really angry? Like, really, really angry? and if you read this and don't believe me - read your 'trending list' - I have two semi-relevant items trending - GM and Ruth Bader Ginsberg's dissent and the remaining 10 things recommended for me to read - Robert Downey Jr's son is arrested, Community is releasing season 6 to Yahoo (I've never watched Community even once), the lead in Batman, Sneak peak of X-men, Bon Iver song premier, BET Awards.because that's what i follow... and, as I watch my newsfeed fill with anger and disgust over the Supreme Court decision to …. To what? Infringe upon the right of individuals? Which is really what is going on, companies and corporations making decisions….I think about how we all process these individual events – we are angry, and then it goes away….So, allow me to recap a little here in lay-terms and generalities…. 2005 – Bankruptcy laws change. At the time I r ...
And the Lifetime Achievement Award goes to Ruth Bader Ginsberg. A dissent whose brilliance is only matched by it's blistering tone.
Or that, in 1993, Orrin Hatch considered ACLU legend Ruth Bader Ginsberg as a great consensus SCOTUS nominee.
"I don't think it makes sense to provide all of the democracy that money can buy." -Ruth Bader Ginsberg on the McCutcheon v. Federal Election Commission case
Did Vincent Gallo disappear or just return to being Ruth Bader Ginsberg?
People, like this man, discussed in an article which appears on Yahoo, today, still sit on the Supreme Court bench. Is there any wonder that there is a form of anarchy in Washington? Fortunately, John Paul Stevens no longer is on the Supreme Court bench, but others, equally disdainful of the Constitution, if not even more so, which is clearly the case with Supreme Court Justices, Ruth Bader Ginsberg, Sonia Sotomayor, Elena Kagan, Stephen Breyer, who are now joined by Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts, are sitting as stalkers of he Constitution. This unmasking by Stevens is instructive, and prompts the question, "Who is on the Court, right now, who thinks along the same lines as this hypocrite?" I have a list of a few present Justices, for starters. "Former Supreme Court Justice: Second Amendment Must Be Changed" FEBRUARY 23, 2014 Guns, Regulation Some of the issues that most divided the nation during the first five years of President Barack Obama’s presidency — the reform of the American healt ...
When my children, Jonathan and Cameron were young, I would hand write letters to different dignitaries all over the world on their behalf. We got responses from Pres(s). Clinton, Bush 43 and 41, and Obama,Queen Elizabeth, Netanyahu, Ted Kennedy, Ruth Bader Ginsberg, Steven Spielberg, Raul Julia and many more. The one letter I wrote that I want to speak of today is the one to Pres. Mandela addressed to Jonathan. He told Jonathan the importance of listening and learning to one's parents. He spoke of loving your enemies and forgiving them. Mostly he spoke of respecting yourself, having strong convictions while not ignoring the opinions of others. Thank you for leaving this world a lot better than the day you were born. Thank you for all of your service. Love, love, and more love. I will personally make sure that your body may be at rest, but your thought, ideas, and essence will never rest, because I will keep you alive. Love, Veronica Rhoni Coleman
Today in history - 12/5/13 1776: Phi Beta Kappa, the first and most prestigious American scholastic fraternity was founded at William & Mary College. Some of the Jewish members of the honor society include Bernard Baruch, Felix Frankfurter, Walter Lippmann, Jonas Salk, Daniel Boorstin, Betty Friedan, Henry Kissinger, Arlen Specter, Ruth Bader Ginsberg, Gloria Steinman, Robert Rubin, Nadine Strossen, Joseph Lieberman, Ben Bernanke and Daniel Pearl. 1897: Birthdate of Gerhard Scholem, the German born Israeli-Jewish philosopher and author who gained fame as Gershom Scholem who served as the first Professor Of Jewish Mysticism at Hebrew University where he pursued his ground-breaking academic study of the Kabbalah.
"To prove my judgement is too poor to be a Supreme Court Justice, I will keep being one." - Ruth Bader Ginsberg featured in NBC s Science of Love
Ruth Bader Ginsberg is probably my favorite Supreme Court Justice
Seriously, folks... Did you ever think you would see Antonin Scalia, Ruth Bader Ginsberg, Sonia Sotomayor and Elena Kagan join on a decision?
How many Supreme Court Justices can you name off the top of your head? One. I can name one. Ruth Bader Ginsberg.
“Ruth Bader Ginsberg is the Sansa Stark of the Supreme Court”:
Ruth Bader Ginsberg - 80 YO and can do more push ups than me!
Ruth Bader Ginsberg is an inspiration on so many levels!! 80 yrs old and working out w/ a person trainer. Right on!
80 yr old Justice Ginsberg can do 20 push-ups. Can you?
"Way to go Justice" ... Personal trainer to two members of Ruth Bader can do 20 push ups.
Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg, 80 years old and survivor of 2 bouts of cancer, can do 20 push-ups.
Must read. Ruth Bader Ginsberg in the gym.
"I can make you look like Ruth Bader Ginsberg" is a can't miss pitch for a trainer.
20 pushups for an 80 year old! To your health! MT A profile of Ruth Bader Ginsberg's personal trainer.
Ruth Bader Ginsberg can do 20 pushups. Not the girl kind.
My favorite byline of the day. on Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg's personal trainer.
""Way to go, Justice," cheers the man building the biceps of Ruth Bader Ginsberg."
"When I started, I looked like a survivor of Auschwitz" - Ruth Bader Ginsberg, on working out:
I drew Ruth Bader Ginsberg on my gov essay for bonus points
If Ruth Bader Ginsberg was a prune she would be a raisin.
This episode of Baby Geniuses shows that every comic podcast should have a tribute to Ruth Bader Ginsberg.
"Isn't that right, Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg?" "You Ruth Bader believe it!"
Yesterday the best person in America turned 80. Belated Happy Birthday, Ruth Bader Ginsberg! May you live to 120. Please.
salutes Ruth Bader Ginsberg and her pioneering, inspirational life. Happy 80th and many thanks!
Philip Roth & Ruth Bader Ginsberg are a year apart in age.
Which of the five following people would you be least surprised to find was a murderer: Ruth Bader Ginsberg, Charlie Rose, Charo, Julie Nixon Eisenhower, or Clive Owen?
I am praying that whatever Barack Obama does will be translated by the Holy Spirit into an act of faith and obedience to God's purpose for his life I KNOW God wants him to be saved. I pray the same thing for the Supreme Court Justices (Samuel Alito, Stephen Breyer, Anthony Kennedy, John Roberts, Antonin Scalia, Ruth Bader Ginsberg, HElena Kagan, and Sonia Sotomayor).
The cover to GQ's "100 Sexiest Women of the 21st Century" issue has leaked. Who could it be?? Marilyn Monroe, Farrah Fawcett, Mario Lopez, Ruth Bader Ginsberg? We have the answer!!
Ruth bader Ginsberg or Pelosi would do fine for me...
All I want for Christmas is for you to drop "Rap Game Ruth Bader Ginsberg" in a song. CLOSING CASES LIKE A JUDGE.
What would you rather have happen: Go camping with Chaz Bono, or be hancuffed to Ruth Bader Ginsberg for 48 hours??
Who would have thought Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg was so funny?
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Ruth Bader Ginsberg's lucky number may be 2, but she's the first Supreme Court Justice to be named a
Justice Ruth Bader-Ginsberg: "Justice O'Connor and I added a variety of lace collars to our robes... and ha pockets sewn in!"
Ruth Bader Ginsberg. Scalia spoke in the video introducing her. *** straight.
honored to be in the same room as Ruth Bader Ginsberg
Lean Dunham, Ruth Bader Ginsberg...just another day at the Glamour office :)
November 12, 2012: The day I stand 5 feet from Ruth Bader Ginsberg at the elevator.
Love that Ruth Bader Ginsberg is one of tonight's honorees tonight! Rest here:
But there are so many Ruth Bader Ginsberg clones out there. Don't they deserve an opportunity to SERVE?
The thought of Ruth Bader Ginsberg being replaced with a Romney choice physically hurts.
you must be the one messing with me, cause the only Supreme Court Justice I know is Ruth bader ginsberg
Ruth Bader Ginsberg wants you to vote!
LOVED the image of Ruth Bader Ginsberg committing Hari Kari on a stone tablet in the moonlight to wolf howls. New Subscriber!
If Hillary Clinton is appointed to replace Ruth Bader Ginsberg, then I'm gonna start to think that Ryan Murphy is a wizard.
how relieved do you think Ruth Bader Ginsberg is now? I'd put in my retirement papers ASAP.
I have a feeling Ruth Bader Ginsberg will announce her resignation within the next few months.
Ruth Bader Ginsberg named one of Glamour Magazine's Women of the Year
Someone who was probably really excited about last night's results: Ruth Bader Ginsberg.
Maybe the happiest woman this morning - Ruth Bader Ginsberg.
Ruth Bader Ginsberg just sighed deeply and hit the snooze button
Ruth Bader Ginsberg is 79! That one had me very scared. And she's a cancer survivor, iirc
Let me paraphrase Ruth Bader Ginsberg last night: "WHEW! Now I can retire in peace."
Somewhere, Ruth Bader Ginsberg is searching her hard drive for that draft of her resignation letter.
The truly fabulous Ruth Bader Ginsberg can get a good long vacation now.
It's rumored that Ruth Bader-Ginsberg is retiring. So there's at least one.
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