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Russian President

The President of the Russian Federation (Prezident Rossijskoj Federatsii) is the head of state, supreme commander-in-chief and holder of the highest office within the Russian Federation.

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Russian President reveals details about filming 'The Interviews' series
Russian President said his country would not cut relations with the in Iraq and Syria, after…
Russian President tells interviewer: 'I am not trying to insult anyone. That's just the nature of things. There ...
In a shocking statement, Russian President, Vladimir Putin, has said that Queen Elizabeth II "shapeshifted into a...
to meet Russian President n: All eyes on deal to build new units in
Vladimir Putin: The Russian President is a bigger threat than ISIS - US…
Novy Peterburg newspaper, Russian President has died after being beaten by unknown attackers . St Petersburg city council from 1990
I added a video to a playlist 0019 ( Palmistry ) ( Russian President ) ( Boris Yeltsin ) 1st
LIVE: Russian President is congratulating veterans, servicemen and military personnel on the
truck attack: Vladimir Putin, the Russian President, has sent a telegram of condolence to Sweden's king.
Please explain y u arent questioning Obama on this whisper 2 the Russian President? Josh Billinson u r…
I note no one talks about this video of Obama whispering to the Russian President, Tamara Keith you…
regrann from time - Russian President, Vladimir Putin, inspects a crevasse in a glacier on the…
Nancy Pelosi pictured below, meeting Russian President before 2012 election... by v…
Who was it that secretly said to Russian President, "Tell Vladimir that after the election I'll have more flexibility?…
Russian opposition leader Alexei vows to continue political campaign to be Russian President in spite of guilty verdict.
I can't remember when last does Russian President visited Africa.
Tea Pain salutes brave patriot John Lewis for standin' up against our first Russian President!
"President Obama privately confronted Vladimir Putin.He warned the Russian President of unspecified consequences if th…
the short link provided links to a 2008 story: "Inauguration of Dmitry Medvedev as Russian President"
Russian President, Vladimir Putin says Russia is ready to cooperate with US President Elect, Donald Trump's administration.
Russian President, Vladimir Putin, has annouced there will be tougher penalties for animal abusers in Russia.
. Mr. President, there's a Russian tank battalion literally parked outside. . They aren't in the room, are they?. Ok then!
Of Hillary is elected president and we go to russia im applying for russian citizenship.
When you want to date the Russian president...
NO Trump is the only candidate who is endorsed by the KKK and Russian president Putin . VOTE HILLARY CLINTON FOR PRESI…
Yeah, if we could *not* make the Russian agent oour president, that'd be great.
"Russian president authorises ‘humanitarian pause’ to allow civilians and combatants to leave eastern part of city"
God forbid that this Thug can become US President. World would be a sad & dangerous place if N.Korea & Russian apol…
Wonder how many of the %16 "new users" are actually Russian bots supporting the maniac running for president?
What is this madness??? And why is the Russian President speaking out but European politicians having nothing to sa…
I agree and who the *** thought you would ever say that about the Russian president
biggest crook in history treasonous shouldn't be aloud 2 run 4 president Russian ties lock him up.
Trump, the GOP nominee, has said a Russian despot is a *stronger leader* than a sitting US president. That's Putin-praisin…
Russian agents shouldn't be allowed to be president
"A female president is too much." . Who said it, a or and It all sounds the same
Russian MP: "That's why even a funny guy like Trump looks more reasonable". Is this really what Americans want? A "funny guy" as President
I want to know where Eric Braverman is. Former CEO for CF seeking political asylum with Russian Embassy
This whole Russian narrative is stupid. Why would Russia want Trump to be president? Doesn't make sense. Hillary does tho.
Extraordinary that ready to vote for a likely Russian agent for president. That is normally called treason.
lol Russian conspiracy laughable. Hillary warmonger. Just relax, Trump's going to be super Presid…
Questions linger about Trump's relationship with Russia
Though ignorant about diplomacy, the Trump family understands Russian capitalism
"Sexual predator/Russian operative Assange really wants Donald to be president. Hasn't leaked a single Republican email. N…
Senior Russian diplomat urges the new U.S. president to avoid an escalation in Syria
BELGRADE, Serbia - Serbia on Wednesday named Russian President billionaire friend - a man who is on
American are changing now ? Russian President Putin's Banner for peace…
Putin threatens to base Russian soldiers in Cuba. . But wait, President Obama visited Cuba to start a whole new re…
US formally accuses Russian hackers of political cyber attacks. US President Barack Obama (right) and Russia’s...
Unbelievable: Venezuela's President created "Chávez peace award", intends giving it to Putin for his "peace efforts," despite Russian abuses
IPC president Phil Craven duped by Russian prankster posing as Ed Moses. Skewers Thomas Bach and other IOC bigwigs:
. Russian system shared with President Bashar al-Assad of crimes against humanity and kill mo…
Hillary brokering deal for uranium to Russian bussiness men is like handing over to Iran and President Obama gave Them the Money to buy it
Dear Mr. President - Please can we do something about Russian agression in Syria? Innocent children are dyin…
rgj...I have full faith that President Obama will shoot down any Russian bomber, submarine or navel craft that...
President Obama states that Russian hackers are smarter than US intelligence!!!
‘Peacemaker Putin’: Poster campaign unfurled as ode to Russian president
Trump says Putin is a stronger leader than Obama, continuing to cosy up w/Russian President.
Russian President, Vladimir Putin, is 64 today. As a judoka, judo should have taught him respect and self-control. Unfortun…
Today marks the 64th birthday of Russian President .
Any man who can be tricked by Larry King into appearing on Russian state TV is a man who not should be president.
Putin’s official presidential car involved in head-on horror crash in Moscow, killing Russian president’s ‘favourite
Can't believe we're really debating if the Russian president is better than ours
or due Larry King is in black ledger of ousted pro-Russian former president of Ukraine.
it's ok w/ you to have a candidate go on Russian TV to disparage a US PRESIDENT? While praising a R…
They would rather a wannabe Russian tyrant than a democratically elected black American President, period.
Trump praises Russian dictator: "Putin is a leader far more than our president with great control over his country."
Soros, Rothschild warrant out for their arrest by Russian President Putin. . Rothschild own our Federal Reserve Bank
isn't better to keep your enemy close maybe that is what trump is doing with Russian president
Russian TV breaking news: In 2012, President Trump told Russia he'd have "more flexibility" after election.
Vladimir Putin's official car is involved in a head-on crash via
Trump went on Russian TV to praise Putin and Attack our President
Russian President Vladimir Putin expresses deep gratitude and highest esteem for gift of ceramic donkey from Supreme Leader…
Speechless. No words. Holding a Russian president above our own is a line I thought we'd never cross. .
It's a Russian national interest that their president be one of the world's greatest thieves.
Candidate Reagan never went on Russian TV to attack President Carter. Just saying.
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I really can't believe I just saw a Republican nominee for president heap praise on a thuggish Russian leader while de…
Reagan never gave interviews to Pravda while campaigning to be our president. Who advised Trump to appear on RT?
Both GOP presidential and VP nominees now said Russian president is better than the American President. Reagan spins i…
here's a man wants to be President, destroying US Press while giving an interview to state owned Russian TV. Wa…
Curious, Hugh: Do you think the Russian president is a better leader than your president?
A candidate for U.S. President, criticizes U.S. Foreign policy on Russian TV? Not in a million years...what? It actually…
President meets with Russian Federation Council Speaker, praises consensus to deepen bilateral ties
The Republican candidate for President repeatedly, like over and over, talks about how great a leader the ex-KGB Russian…
That feeling when the nominee for President appears on Russian TV looking like a kidnapee praising his captors https:…
CAMPAIGN 2016 LATEST- Jiang 1130a PKG FRI0127-Candidates talk about influence on campaign by Russian president Putin
Trump tells Russian TV he thinks Putin is way more trustworthy than Kenyan President Barack Hussein Obama
Are we 100% sure that Trump isn't running for President of the Russian Federation?
Dmitry Medvedev was my favorite former Russian President bcoz of his closeness w/ Putin
Just WHO owes the Russian President? Is it Donald J. Trump,or ?
Trump is asking Russian President for help. Hillary Clinton is asking an American President.
I call the Russian President 'Vladimir In' because I don't put in 'put' in Putin.
It's better to be hanged for loyalty than be rewarded for betrayal. Vladimir Putin 1952~, Russian President
MOSCOW - Russian President and FIFA President Gianni Infantino have launched the volunteer program
JACOB ZUMA, President of South Africa, earns more than Vladmir Putin. He has 20 children, while the Russian President has only 2."
PM to We are looking forward to the construction of a cultural centre in
by JASON HIRTHLER POST IN CounterPunch - Last week at the United Nations, Russian President Vladimir Putin made...
President of the Supreme Revolutionary Committee Welcomes the Russian Ambassador in Yemen -
Russian President Dmitry Medvedev speaks with children during a...
This Russian ice cream bar is inspired by President Obama, but it doesn't feel like a very respectful tribute
We will fight for fair decisions on Russian athletes' participation in the Olympic Games -
A former KGB major has claimed that Russian President Vladimir Putin ordered the bombing of Metrojet 9268 on O...
They want to sue Russia President - something Russian don't do. So, since their argument was the missile is a...
Payback for Kremlin loans: Le Pen promises to recognize Crimea as Russian if elected president of France RU http…
Russian President wants boost of economic cooperation with ASEAN.
Maria Sharapova may not play again: Russian Tennis President...
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Putin wants boost of economic cooperation with ASEAN: SOCHI -- Russian President Vladimir... v…
Russian president might save us from Hillary, by releasing 20,000 of her emails via News
Remember that you will never be as awesome as the great Russian President Vladimir Putin!
PM led the Msian delegation for a bilateral meeting w/ Russian President Vladimir Putin in Sochi y'day https:/…
AIIB President: ready to invest in Russian, ASEAN's projects
Address by the President of the Russian Federation Vladimir / -
The first Russian president. Museum of Yelcin # culture
This is really, shocking. These ANC leaders now are saying that the russian president wants to kill me. But for what as i did nothing.
Families of Malaysia Airlines flight MH17 victims have launched a bid to sue Russian President Vladimir Putin.
Putin is listed in top 10 most admired men in the world
The claim is $7.2m for each victim and the lawsuit names both the Russian state and its president as respondents.
Russian President Vladimir Putin since 2012, buying his own petrol for his car at a local petrol pump. Will our VIPs ht…
Russian President Putin to visit Athens and Mount Athos in late May /
acting President Houthi with the Russian ambassador to Yemen Ncapital Sanaa2day about the latest developments
The families of MH17 victims are suing Russian president Putin.
Its amazing how Chairman of UKIP Mid Sussex won't deny Russian President Putin support for & patriotic?
Reshuffle of law enforcement officials seen as tightening of Russian president's ‘power structures' more...
Things HAVE changed in Russia. This year the May Day Parade will be led by Rosberg watched as always by the Russian President.
Russian President Vladimir Putin on Sunday wished Orthodox Christians and all citizens of Russia a happy Easter,...
Russian President fires top officials in massive reshuffling
Soyuz-2.1a successfully launched from Vostochny.
Russian President filling his fuel tank...this is how it should be.
Russian President Putin declines invitation to visit...
Putin Congratulates Orthodox Christians on Easter - Russian President Vladimir Putin on Sunday congratulated Or...
Hero of Labour of the Russian Federation medal presentation ceremony
Strong Leaders Do Talk to Their Constituents - Anticipating the usual snide if any, report on Russian President...
Islamabad had invited Putin to visit Islamabad, but he refused. Read more: …
Russian President declines invitation to visit reports. Read more:
WHO KILLED NEMTSOV. find the President. His gun was left. with fingerprints
Presenting the sick ride of Putin. Named Kortezh the new limo will be powered by Porsche! Re:https:…
Order Miche Bag Online!
Russian President Putin declines invitation to visit Pakistan: reportsAry
President and President mediated in the
Why only the Russian president hasn't arrived to a funeral???
Russian President Putin declines invitation to visit Pakistan: reports
According to reports, no or any Soviet president has ever visited What a coincidence!
I wonder if will call for Vladimir Putin to resign as Russian President
How about that, something the Ukrainian & Russian President are brothers-in-arms on--greed and corruption.
Write to the Russian President and ask him to get state duma listed and want to share your internet gathering technology to fight extremism
Russian people have to know this "Muslims hate you because of your killer president and they want to revenge soon"
Having met with the President Putin, John Kerry claimed that the US started realizing decisions of the Russian...
MOSCOW (AP) — Russian President Vladimir Putin travelled to Crimea on Friday to mark the second anniversary of the peninsula's annexation
The actor who disgraced Russian president Kremlin slams Western 'hysteria' in Ukrainian pilot court case Russian President Vladimir Putin's…
Serbian president praised Russian efforts in fighting terrorists in Syria: says Syria would had fu...
Putin Insists on ‘Russian Law’ in Chechnya While Supporting Muslim President: submitted by /u/orangef...
sxcuseme dont get me wrong im not russian im Ukrainian we are AGAINST PRESIDENT PUTIN
News that Russian President Vladimir Putin had ordered a Russian air wing home from Syria indicates weakness to some observers
Russian President Vladimir Putin has ordered most of his military forces withdrawn from Syria
"What'll you do about the Russian President's latest aggressive acts?" . President Taylor Swift "I'll write a song about wh…
thinks that gas is more important to Europe than Maybe he should run for president of
[inside the games]Following the success at Sochi 2014, Bedzhamov was invited to the Kre…
want a president advocating 4 a no fly zone that is unenforceable. Shooting down Russian jets..REALLY? Arming rebels, okay
Assalamu alaykum! During the meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin, I have informed…
Russian forces are preparing to start leaving Syria after a surprise withdrawal announcement by President Vladimir Putin.
Mikhail Lesin, a former aide to Russian President Vladimir Putin found dead in the US last year, died of a blow to the head, coroners say.
... President Vladimir views the not as a partner or even as an adversary but as an enemy.
President of Russian Federation ordered to resign "voluntarily" by Sports Minister after fleeing country
ratcheting terror in People ww. RUSSIAN accusation of direct order by President Obama. for first strike nuclear attack.
I miss darya and cuddling with her and her cats and her speaking Russian and her parents and her being mad that she can't be president
The Russian president will urge dictator Assad to relinquish power after the Kremlin spent six-months bombing anti-government rebels in
Moscow troops could be in five NATO capitals in two days, boasts Putin via
President Bashar Assad's army has taken over over several districts in Palmyra with Russian…
If Aliens from other planet or some Time Travellers will talk on Russian language,Where will be USA President?
Press statements and answers to journalists’ questions following Russian-Finnish talks .
"The phenomenon of UFOs does exist, and it must be treated seriously." (Russian President Mikhail Gorbachev). Comment Sir?
Thought for a minute the Russian president in AIR FORCE ONE was played by Jim Downey
Kremlin says Russia making efforts to settle Karabakh conflict: … , the spokesperson of the Russian President ...
Russian President Vladimir Putin expresses his opposition to kabbalism
26 March 2000 Vladimir was elected as a of Federation
Russian forces pack up equipment and supplies as they prepare to leave Syria after a surprise withdrawal announcement by…
Putin takes no decisions on Savchenko case – Peskov: Russian President Vladimir Putin has not taken any deci […]
(Stars and Stripes) Kremlin: 'Hysteria' over Ukraine pilot blocks a resolution: Russian President Vl...
In case you do not get it, I will explained the difference between the office of Russian president and dubious dance practice.
Russian President in isn't a very good Putin-proxy. His office has no piranha tank, no stolen artworks htt…
Putin tells Obama he hopes Ukraine to pardon militants: Russian President Vladimir Putin in a telephone conver...
Hamilton Collection
President Obama on Saturday urged Russian President Vladimir Putin to end Moscow’s air siege in Syria against oppos…
Kremlin: Obama called Putin to talk about Syrian cease-fire: President Obama and Russian Pres...
The US president has told his Russian counterpart to stop air strikes against moderate Syrian rebels.
Obama urges Putin to stop Syria assault: US President Barack Obama has spoken to his Russian counterpart Vladimir…
Obama has stern words for Putin...: President Barack Obama urged Russian President… SPS®
European Parliament President says Russian authorities seek to split
IAAF president meets with Russian athletics chief to discuss doping ban -
Kirill Dmitriev, CEO of will continue to represent on the Business Advisory Council as decreed by Russian President.
Abramovich 'gave Putin a £25million yacht when he was elected': Details emerge of gift to Russian President as US … https:…
Japanese Prime Minister courted Russian President today, holding out the prospect for a... h…
Donald Trump rose again this week in defense of Vladimir Putin, suggesting that there was no evidence that the Russian President had
I spend a little time every day to play sports. Vladimir Putin 1951-, Russian President
New calendar features the Russian President in a year's worth of bizarre hunky poses
Report: Former IAAF President Lamine Diack confesses to asking Russia for money .
Russian jets to escort Syrian President Assad's plane through Iraqi airspace and to Iran on a forthcoming visit
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Famous Russian prophet who predicted 44th POTUS will be black also said he will be last president.
Putin: The Russian army music band alone is enough to overthrow Turkish president
President of Russian Railways sums up operational results in 2015 – Rail Tube
A life-sized sculpture of Russian President Vladimir Putin is going on display at the Festival of Chocolate fair in St. Pet…
defended Russian president on an interview with on
Today Russian President for the first time publicly admitted the presence of Russian military in Donbas.
Apparently having a corrupt, murderous, neo-fascist Russian president put n a good word for you increases your standing …
Last week the Russian president called the GOP front-runner a 'very outstanding' and 'unquestionably talented' man who was the 'absolute
Donald, become President of the United States and Russian hearts!
Four Russian fighter jets will escort president Bashar Al-Assad's plane in visit to Iran.
Putin's food fight with Ukraine Two years after its ex-pro-Russian president reneged on a landmark deal to draw closer to Europe, Ukraine’s…
I heard from a Russian that President Assad PROTECTS CHRISTAINS. Unlike POTUS. . .
Donald Trump has said that he would "get along very well" with Russian President Vladimir Putin.
Really? Shepard Smith (FOX News) just showed a video with Rubio accusing the Russian president of organizing a terrorist act in Moscow.
Thank You Vladimir Putin and the Russian people for defending America ! President Obama is to busy shopping for a new rain coat !
Putin has been courting Europe's Far Right for years, Trump fits pattern
Donald Trump says he’ll "get along fine" with Russian President Vladimir Putin
Russian president cautions "it's not our affair to determine his worthiness."
The Russian air force's 'black boxes' are apparently as fragile as the Russian president's ego... . '‘Unreadable... htt…
Russian jets escort president Assad to Iran:.
Artists creates life-size chocolate sculpture of Russian President
Russian President's spokesperson Dmitry Peskov at meeting with journalists refused to provide evidence that Tur...
Vladimir Putin vowed to pursue terrorists to “total annihilation” in 2013. I have more faith in the Russian President than our own.
Obama is staying at Sofitel. The Chinese President is at Century Park Hotel. The Russian...
Putin to attend gas exporters summit in Iran: - Russian President Vladimir Putin will vi...
So you're going to attack the Russian president now? What a great idea.
Russian President Vladimir Putin discusses energy cooperation with
"Syria is a sovereign country, Bashar al-Assad is a president elected by the people," Russian Vladimir Putin.
Russian Plane bombed out of the Sky,Paris tragedy Friday. President Obama do you think now you can face reality that its Islamic Terrorism?
IOC President Thomas Bach meets Russian Olympic Committee boss and gives clear signal their athletes will be allowed to compete at Rio 2016
All purpose parts banner
who would have ever believed the Russian President would make better decisions than the American President
"Russia is ready to provide any and all assistance to investigate these terrorist crimes," Russian President Vladimir Putin
RUSSIAN PATRIARCHATE Patriarchal condolences to President of France over terrorists actions... read,rt and
IN AUGUST Russian President Vladimir Putin addressed the Duma and gave a speech about the tensions with...
November 14, 2013-Paul McCartney posted a letter on his website calling on Russian President Vladimir Putin t...
Perhaps it is this and the downing of a Russian airliner that will move all of Europe to solve the ISIS problem.
The President of Russian Senate expressed her condolences over the terrorist attacks in Paris
Putin, the Russian President, says Something about ISIS that Western Media Won't Air.
the Russian president do you live under a rock jfc
MOSCOW: Russian president will visit to look for peace full solution on
Russian President Vladimir Putin condemns attack in Paris, says country will provide assistance to French people if calle…
Russian President Vladimir Putin,: We are ready to support Lebanon in countering ISIS terrorists. Paris, Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant
President of Russian Athletics Fed on Paula Radcliffe "As you know there are also questions about her cleanliness"
Mr President say something about Russian plane down by ISIS.
Putin: Action in Syria to last as long as Syrian offensive: Russian President Vladimir Putin chairs a meeting ...
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President condemns offers any and all assistance - BNO News
Today I am forced to be with Russian president ways of attacking to ISIS in Syria...God bless to the family of people died in
Russian President Vladimir Putin has stated that he's willing to work with the United States in order to stop ISIS. [via…
Russian President Vladimir Putin and Indonesian President Joko Widodo will skip the Asia-Pacific Economic...
the russian who are against democracy by helping a legitimate elected president that wasn't chosen by America
Russian President Vladimir Putin has sent a telegram expressing condolences to his French counterpart Francois Hollande. TELEGRAM:p
these are the tears while the Russian Anthem after Putin was re-elected as President last time ..
Russian President, Vladimir Putin, says he is ready to work with the United States to defeat ISIS after the the terribl…
NC President Koirala sends condolence message to Russian President: Nepali Congress (NC) President and ...
Medvedev replaces Putin temporarily as the Russian President while he receives medical treatment for colon cancer.
What happened when Hamilton splashed champagne over Russian President?. Read more:
Vladimir Putin plays hockey on birthday and scored seven goals on his birthday Russian President
So how did that conversation between and Russian President go?
With dozens of Russian combat jets and helicopter gunships lined up at an air base in Syria, Russian President...
Russian President . open to meeting US obama at UN headquarters
After struggling to keep up with Putin in the gym, Medvedev and the Russian President enjoyed a relaxing cup of tea at their residence in
Yes, the real problem is their president, Mr Assad, and his Russian supporters preventing international action.
Why $40 oil is killing Iraq, not Russia: Russian President Vladimir Putin meets with journalists after submerg...
Andrej Babis wasnt STB he was straight away KGB and he got Agrofert thanks to president Zeman+Russian money deposed on Sw…
South Stream” is pushing its way back from Russia to Bulgaria: In December, Russian President Vladimir Putin s...
and I have no overlord other than the President of the russian federation
helicopter tech checked out by Vladimir Putin? The president meets top boss
E-Mail from WADA's president Craig Reedie to the Russian Ministry of Sports:
Andrei Kirilenko named president of Russian Basketball Federation -
Russia and Egypt consider free-trade area: Russian President Vladimir Putin announced Wednesday Russia would h...
Omfg the russian president in house of cards is mads mikkelsen's brother irl.
Putin: Russia Planning to Build Nuclear Plant in Egypt. Russian President says his country will build a nuclear...
Andrei Kirilenko named president of Russian basketball via
there's this one Russian dish that only tastes good if it has beans in it & I'm really worried that one day there will be no more beans
Egyptian President Abdel-Fattah El-Sisi meets Russian minister of industry and trade
Little Giant Ladders
Russian President Vladimir Putin has decreed that all Russian casualties “in peacetime” be a state secret. But
Russian President Vladimir Putin meets top boss of AgustaWestland parent company at... via
Russian President Vladimir Putin pays visit to Crimea in a submarine
Meeting H.E. Mr. Vitaly I. Churkin, Permanent Representative of the Russian Federation and President of the Security Council fo…
BREAKING: Russian President exposed after government marmalade shame.
Did henchmen steal portrait of Russian president as Simpsons character?
why are the Russian President and German Chancellor standing in dustbins? Samuel Beckett Endgame?
Is it just me or does Dmitry Medvedev (ex Russian President) look like a melting George Osborne.
Russian President bans the ecologically destructive practice of via
Russian President, Vladimir Putin fires 110,000 officials in one stroke.
Russian President wants me for economy minister: Silvio
Pamela Anderson has written an open letter to the Russian President, urging him to use his authority over Russian t…
On April 2008, Vladimir Putin visited Libya, which was the first visit by a Russian President to Libya.
- president spokesman on agent comment- is & permission 4RU citizens 2enter it is ABSURD!WellSaid
Putin talks Ukraine, Syria and U.S. relations with Charlie Rose: Russian President…
Putin ‘awards 25% of Bashneft’: Russian president signs degree to hand large chunk of re-nationa...
At the "Plenary session of the 19th St Petersburg International Economic Forum"
'Does PM Modi do yoga'? Russian President Putin has a question via
"Only Syrian people can urge the president to step down." -- Russian President Vladimir Putin to
Russia's government will ask President Vladimir Putin to extend Russian restrictions in response to a decision by the European Union to pro…
The top(a Korean) of the UN attends a Russian victory ceremony instead of a Korean president.
Defense secretary slams Putin over nuclear missiles: Ashton Carter is firing back at Russian President Vladimi...
Putin speaks his mind on G7, sanctions and Russia's influence: A meeting between Russian President Putin and I...
In , the episode with the Russian President shows (in reality) where the true power lies between Russia and America.
.conversation with Russian President Vladimir Putin, coming up on
There is no Russian aggression. There is however never ending NATO aggression against Russia and its president.
Daily Express :: World Feed: Russian President Vladimir Putin says God made him PERFECT in rambling rant about his
The Fantasy Mr. Putin Is Selling: The Russian president has stuck to his story that the West is to blame for t...
Russian cartoon has an animal of a brown color with big ears. I hope American President will not get offended. It was there for long.
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