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Russian Federation

Russia or , officially known as both Russia and the Russian Federation , is a country in northern Eurasia.

Vladimir Putin United States Security Council President Vladimir Putin State Duma Permanent Representative Federal Security Service European Union Armed Forces Communist Party Joint Statement Permanent Council Russian Empire

What are Schumer’s ties to President Vladimir Putin and the Russian Federation?
Saddened to hear news of a colleague Amb Vitaly Churkin of Russian Federation suddenly passing away. Our condolences to h…
Vladimir Putin signed Executive Order On Recognition in the Russian Federation of Documents and Vehicle...
ZVEZDA: Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation will continue to strengthen the system of protection from……
"I am not your friend, I am not your bride or your groom. I am the President of the Russian Federation.". -Vladimir Putin. BOOM! *mic drop*
"Countries like Kazakhstan, the United States of America and the Russian Federation supported the idea of a...
"On January 26, the Russian Federation warned the Permanent Council that the risk of military escalation in...
Vice-speaker of the State Duma of the Russian Federation accused of anti-Semitism -
Japanese aircraft on alert for bombers of the Russian Federation -
CAF Website of federation hacked by Russian group - Pulse Nigeria
It's high noon... at least in Russian Federation (+04, Europe/Astrakhan)
Russian athletes accused of fleeing drug testers at meet: MOSCOW (AP) " The Russian track and field federation says…
Jiliena: straight is my sexual preference russian federation is my country of origin
HunnyStarling I speak english russian federation is where I come from here you are
The problem is that the Russian Federation isn't Russia! Russia was killed by Bolsheviks. Today's "Russia" is a Bolsheviks' child
NIKOLAI GIRENKO was an ethnologist & human rights defender in the Russian Federation, shot dead when he answered his door.…
President of Russian Federation - Vladimir Putin: Stop the Import of Dolphins from Japan to Russia ... via
I'm flying over Russian Federation right now, where it's morning and I'm a kinetic kill vehicle.
Lindsey Olsen, Athina in clip Blonde Lindsey Olsen from the Russian Federation and dark-tressed Athina f
President of Russian Federation - Vladimir Stop the Import of from to -
and in Russian federation - zero. One needle exchange in Moscow only.
to date the worst illegitimate "president" ever aided and selected by the Russian Federation and electoral college.
Stop the import of whales and dolphins from Taiji,Japan and also stop the capture of dolphins in Russia.
I will be addressing the Russian Federation's stance on the UK-NUSA conflict tomorrow at 5:00 PM EST.
Ukraine institutes proceedings against Russian Federation & requests the Court to indicate provisional measures
Granted that the Russian Federation is a shadow of the former Soviet Union, but it's still not something to be ignored.
HottPepper- I live in russian federation see my cam
Imagine the Russian Federation fires Nuclear Weapons at 30 US cities... We'd all be dead before getting congressional authorization.
The Internet made fun of the fray on the corporate government of the Russian Federation -
maybe one can get a message to Mr. Trump by contacting the Embassy Of The Russian Federation. (202) 298-5700
President of Russian Federation: Full and fair investigation of animal abuse in Khabarovsk - Sign the... via
DasModel: you can see my show and enjoy free chat I am from russian federation with brown eyes…
Must-read. Author of this piece = former long time NSA analyst. FSB= Federal Security Service of Russian Federation.
Ankara was named the Charles street where the Embassy of the Russian Federation
And he's name is Vladimir Putin, President of the Russian Federation.
The KGB's successors are the secret police agency FSB (Federal Security Service of the Russian Federation)...
*The KGB hasn't existed since 1991. Today there is the Federal Security Service of the Russian Federation (FSB).
Trump in talks with Kremlin to return Alaska to the Russian Federation
Trade Representative, Russian Federation, Islamabad visited Lahore Chambers of Commerce and Industry to boost Russi…
Ukrainian World Congress welcomes extension by European Union of economic sanctions against Russian Federation
Important statement in response to Russian Federation on Media Freedom in the. European Union |
Serbian authorities plan to purchase aircraft from the Russian Federation and helicopters from the European Union in 2017
Mr Salaheddine Mezouar held talks with the Deputy Foreign Minister of the Russian Federation, Mr. Mikhail Bogdanov. ht…
why do I feel that we're gonna end up as the United States of the Russian Federation.
My x-mas list, gift 💳's & Rosetta Stone Russian language set. To get ready for the United States of Russian Federation 😫
I pledge allegiant, to the flag of the United Russian Provences of America loyal to the Russian Federation?
Welcome to the United States of the Russian Federation. When do I get my ushanka?
The Russians helped Trump. The CIA confirms it. Is loyal to the United States of America or the Russian Federation?
but ONLY after Trump is installed as Supreme Leader of the United States of the Russian Federation
No dear Jeffrey, we're not called the United States of the Russian Federation yet.
An alliance between the United States of America with oilmen at the helm and the Russian Federation is entirely logical. 1/n
This is the greatest phenomenon in history, and the Russian Federation does not dictate the United States of America. Be upset. Be angry.
Nearly all sixteen intelligence agencies of the federal government of the United States are highly confident that the Russian Federation...
Ministry of Defense of Russian Federation : Warship detachment of the Pacific Fleet finished its visit to the Kingdom of Thailand //channel…
1.Concept of the Foreign Policy of the Russian Federation-The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation:
The deputy head of the Ministry of Defence of the Russian Federation has laid a new patrol ship in Zelenodolsk -
bankers were subdued by police and Russian FSB in Irkutsk (The Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation)
PM,Shri Modi formally welcomes President of Russian Federation, Mr. Vladimir Putin to the BRICS Summit venue,…
Astutely played, President Vladimir of the Russian Federation, laying out groundwork for cooperation during…
Minister met with H.E. Mr. Alexander Mantytskiy, Ambassador of the Russian Federation in Afghanistan…
The IABA [Irish Athletic Boxing Association], the Russian Federation and the world body will be investigating...
Mishaal Malik, writes to President of the Russian Federation seek help to release his husband.
President Vladimir Putin the current President of the Russian Federation is one of the best World Leaders.
Canada tops Russian Federation to make World Cup of Hockey final: Russian forward Pavel Datsyuk was scratched...
Winter Olympics: Prince Albert decides against extradition of former Russian Federation of Bobsleigh President
Meeting Ambassador Vitaly I. Churkin of the Russian Federation, President of the Security Council for the month of October
Fmr. CIA Director Mike Morell: "I have no doubt" Putin sees Trump as "unwitting agent of the Russian Federation"
"Sergey Lavrov, Minister for Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation, UN Speech -
Are we 100% sure that Trump isn't running for President of the Russian Federation?
May, 12, 1997-Peace Treaty and Principles of Interrelation btw Russian Federation and Chechen Republic of Ichkeria
International Olympic Committee seek legal advice on Russian Federation
Other countries Olympic names can be "Peoples Republic of China" or "Russian Federation", can ours just say "Back to Back World War Champs"?
Former CIA head Morell in the NYT: Putin has "recruited Mr. Trump as an unwitting agent of the Russian Federation."
[Learning and Finance]Russian Federation should be banned from the Rio 2016 Olympi…
Muswanyi Humphrey . Heard "Winter Wind" playing in a station with Keith Urban . Russian Federation
Election of the Permanent Council of the new ICOMOS National Committee in the Russian Federation
Softball Rampage Has A Wide Selection of Products.
Euro 2016: Victory over Russian Federation was special says Gareth Bale
Vladimir Putin (pictured), president of the Russian Federation, reacts to the referendum results:
PM Shri & Prez of Russian Federation,Mr. Vladimir Putin @ bilateral meeting,on sidelines of SCO summit https:/…
Wonder why diplomatic relations with the Russian Federation are bad when The use the wrong flag on their website https:…
She was born in 1896, Russian Empire. Now she is 120 years old and lives in Astrakhan, Russian Federation
Russian Federation now has more Security Service Personnel per capita than at any point in history.
Joint Statement of the Russian Federation and the United States on Syria
Quick fact: Council members are Canada, Kingdom of Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway, Russian Federation, Sweden and the U.S.
😂 What has said to the Russian Federation? There are council meetings, hmmm?
Hero of Labour of the Russian Federation medal presentation ceremony
Foreign Ministry warned Ukrainians about dangers of travel to Russian Federation
Deputy Prime Minister of the Russian Federation at the Signature Ceremony for the Paris Agreement.
The court upheld the complaint of the Russian Federation in respect of the claim of ... -
The court arrested the property of the Deputy Minister of culture of the Russian ... -
Polish farmers distribute free apples caught in the Russian Federation under embargo -
ForeignAffairs: Tax evasion undermines the European project:
Tax evasion undermines the European project:
Kerry: US expect to agree with the Russian Federation in Syria a new monitoring system »
Russian Federation threatens to raise oil output in response to Saudis: Oil-producing countries are mee...
Russian Federation says Turkey seeks for Nagorno-Karabakh war: "We still believe that that's the way forward, ...
I read a couple years ago that a Russian billionaire who is against Putin was using Flint Mott Foundation to disrupt the Russian Federation
Moscow's Syrian drawdown reflects divisions between its foreign and defense ministries: https:/…
Washington is moving closer to Moscow's position on Syria
The United States is moving closer to Russia's positions on Syria:
White House 'concerned' by reports more Russian Federation...
Just posted a photo @ Combined Arms Academy of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation
No such thing as a Soviet Immigrant, while the Communist Party of the Russian Federation is a minority
New formal agreement between the customs service of and the Russian Federation
Viktoriya Y. in video Viktoriya *** to us from the Russian Federation and is one of the horniest girls we kno
Permanent Representative of the Russian Federation to the United Nations Vitaly Churkin’s interview with Izves...
the Nazi party? The Communist Party of the Russian Federation? Don't you aspire to be like them?
GEORGIA: Disputed 'state' of South plans to hold referendum to join the Russian Federation - TASS.
In the State Duma of the Russian Federation did not recognize the destructive activities of Gorbachev and Yeltsin
I liked a video from RHS: Escalation - Armed Forces of the Russian Federation - ArmA 3 Mod
Sharon Tennison met Vladimir Putin before he became president of the Russian Federation. Her meeting described here.
Embassy of the Russian Federation: aboard the hijacked plane, not the Russians
I'm at Embassy of the Russian Federation - in Jakarta, Selatan
Made of steel jew's harp from Khakassia (Russian Federation). Its' frame is well balanced with very smooth and...
Russian Federation proposed 2 Dutch experts to verify serial numbers of wreckage of rocket
President of Russian Federation ordered to resign "voluntarily" by Sports Minister after fleeing country
Sukhishvili National Ballet protest-performance in front of the former Russian Federation embassy building,...
Russian Federation plans to erect a memorial dedicated to the “Genocide Of The American Indians” next to the U.S. Embassy in Moscow, Russia.
New Russian marines black beret (Naval Infantry of Russian Federation army cap)
Comments on the Impact of Knowledge on Economic Growth across the Regions of the Russian Federation
You must have forgotten that 1/10 of Russian Federation population is Muslim. You must have forgotten that SAA...
is on tour, check the map here: Russian Federation, Latvia, Belarus, United Kingdom, …
Joint Statement of the United States and the Russian Federation, Co-Chairs of the ISSG
A United Nations rights expert today urged the Government of the Russian Federation not to implement...
Russian Federation airstrikes tipping balance of power in Syria: Tornado Watch in effect for Atlantic, Cape Ma...
I believe we should declare war on the Russian Federation. It's for the best.
A plea to The Russian Federation to bring an end to all the atrocities that bears endure in Russia. T... via
Tuesday: special representation to the Embassy of Russian Federation.
Good. Let's look forward to the day a woman is elected to the presidency of the Russian Federation !
Putin's actions abroad are opportunistic rather than strategic:
Honorable chair, fellow delegates, russian federation is present and voting
Russia opposes plans of safe zone in Syria: Russian Federation has proposed a 1 March ceasefire in Syria, acco...
Oil Prices Higher on Possible Production Cap Deal: Russian Federation and Saudi Arabia joined Qatar and...
and the diffusion of weapons of mass destruction problems that the Russian Federation must also address.
Media: Ukraine may resume the blockade of trucks from the Russian Federation on 25 February
Ukraine will stay at war until Russian Federation collapses
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The United States has cut all diplomatic ties with the Russian Federation.
An IPv4 visitor from Russian Federation pinged an IPv6 device in France using New real-time Ajax ping6 tool
i see what you mean but Russian federation just as bad by arming Hezbollah and Ukrainian terrorist groups
Russian Federation’s more active involvement in the efforts to find a solution necessary
Kerry sharpens his rhetoric on Russian Federation...
you missed out Russian federation...
.Mixing things up: Russian Federation is a country, NATO is not!
Council of Europe anti-torture Committee returns to the North Caucasian region of the Russian Federation: ... CPT
said that at the request of the Russian Federation the Security Council discussed the situation in
Germany urged Kiev to present new proposals for debt of the Russian Federation
For the first time, the Republic of Crimea has chosen deputies for service in the State Duma of the Russian Federation. - Sergey Aksyonov
Donald is a man of real much like Vladimir the great President of the Russian Federation.
The serfdom is entered into anniversary of cancellation of a serfdom in the Russian Empire in the Russian Federation.
"RUSSIA, January 27, 2016.- The ambassador the Republic of Cuba in the Russian Federation, Emilio Lozada Garcia,...
5/7/2000 – Vladimir Putin is inaugurated as president of the Russian Federation. (Vine by
The only real opposition party in Russia; that wants the best for Russia is the KPRF—the Communist Party of the Russian Federation
In the occupied Donetsk from the Russian Federation arrived two Czech Deputy-the Communist: Two deputies-Commu...
NEW >. Russia's National Security Strategy,. as signed by decree of President of Russian Federation. via
The document, 'About the Strategy of National Security of Russian Federation', was signed by President Vladimir...
Sign of how relations with the west have deteriorated ~About the Strategy of National Security of Russian Federation
The working visit of the Secretary of the of the Russian Federation to the RSA.
AMOR marks World Azerbaijanis Solidarity Day in Moscow: Deputy of the State Duma of the Russian Federation, he...
This is the official account of the Russian Federation.
Jewish Communist scumbags of the so called 'Russian Federation' stealing off my occupied traditional sovereign Russian land.
The Ukrainian authorities are ready for talks on restructuring debt to the Russian Federation | New Russia
The Permanent Representative of the Russian Federation: Iran dismantles the ...
Dan Coats, an Indiana Republican who has pushed for tough economic sanctions against Russian Federation over U...
Zakayev: the main sponsor of terrorist gang ISIS is the Russian Federation
Hero of the Russian Federation; Order of Courage for Heroism . Lt Col Peshkov, Cpt Murakhtin; sailor Pozynich
ALL SAINTS – The art of by Karen Kananian, Moscow, Russian Federation. Fashion photography for the Russian...
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"A reflection of its success in recruiting Muslims from the Russian Federation and the former Soviet space"
*** Pound on Russia in the 2016 Olympics: “Our recommendation is that the Russian Federation be suspended."
Zeldin, you are an ignorant blowhard. Check all documented locations of ISIS destroyed by the Russian Federation!
Kerry: United States, Russian Federation and Iran 'agree to disagree' on Assad: Mr Kerry said the UN-led proce...
Please sign and share. Make microchip and pet insuranse a mandatory in Russian Federation.
Special forces in Syria don't mean USA entering civil war: Kerry: The United States, Russian Federation and mo...
Al-Qaeda calls for Syria's Islamists to unite against the United States and the Russian Federation - News Front
Russian Federation, Syria and Centralization: Gulf and NATO States must Refrain from Interference: Russian Fed...
H.E. Igor Ivanov, former Foreign Minister of the Russian Federation, exclusively for
It is currently 32F/0C and Light Snow for Nizhni Novgorod, Russian Federation.
Thanks everyone :). Lieutenant-General Hassan Kaloev, Ground Forces of the Russian Federation representative at JCCC https:/…
Yatsenyuk assured that Ukraine will fulfill the obligations on gas transit of the Russian Federation
The next speaker is honourable delegate from Russian Federation, followed by India.
The officer of the Russian Federation Ozhgibesov headed bombing of civilians in Syria - InformNapalm VIDEO
Western media keep coming up with scary stories about the campaign of the Russian Federation in Syria
Don: the oil reserves of the Russian Federation will increase, despite the reduction in funds for exploration
Gregoris Americo looking for Commercial Agents and Importers - lighting - RUSSIAN FEDERATION: gds lighting is ...
Prime Minister calls for urgent action to respond to the growing epidemic in the Russian Federation:
Dimitri Simes, pres of on the perils of a new Cold War. via
Ministry of Defence of the Russian Federation : ISIS is Defeated and Demoralized
Don: the amount of drilling on the continental shelf of the Russian Federation fell by about 50%
The amount of foreign currency assets of the Russian Federation located in the jurisdiction of NATO countries...
Merkel: lifting of sanctions the terms of the Russian Federation related to the implementation of the "Minsk-2
Members of parliament of the Russian Federation make a humanitarian visit to Syria | New Russia
This 'nobody' excludes naturally Federation and the separatists.
Russian Federation: Teacher of English Language: Come and join our friendly, supportive team in Western Siberi...
Dimitri Simes: The Perils of a New Cold War - Council on Foreign Relations
"Agenda 21, Technocracy, and the New World Order in the Russian Federation
Former Russian chess master suspended from International Federation for 2 years after corruption probe
Vlad Putin says Russian Federation has fourteen. years of regarding September 11 too
Via SiPlus : int_SiPlus_void | QuizUp Hey, can you please rename Russian Federation back to Russia? "Saint Peters…
Some of the weapons and equipment in use by the special forces of the Russian Federation.
Foreign Minister S.Lavrov’s remarks during Government Hour at the State Duma of the Russian Federation
Senate Building Kremlin - serves as d working residence of d President of d Russian Federation aka Vladimir Putin!
Category talk:Films about the Federal Security Service of the Russian Federation
Remarks by Permanent Representative of the Russian Federation to the OSCE Alexander…
Speakers for the plenary session : 1. Alexander Ivanov , Ambassador at Large, Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation
Forgot that in the universe of Stargate SG-1, America and the Russian Federation are the close allies, rather than the UK.
Top 10 in Marvel Cinematic Universe in Russian Federation, October 2015. I'm winning on -
815531 Valentine Sherebzov from Saint-Petersburg, Russian Federation - signed petition on 6th January 2008
This is the Russian Federation's first Soyuz spacecraft. It endured a fiery descent back to Earth
Blockade of Crimea occupied by Russian Federation may last six months, Dzhemilev says
Russian Federation: Business/general English teacher: Teach English in Moscow, Russia, one of the most excitin...
The Crimean peninsula is know part of the Russian Federation. is a banned so how can they block the Crimea?
President Bashar al-Assad. Russian Federation in Syria. only a few. Russia in the Syrian Arab Republic. only a few
Taysaev, secretary of the C.C., the Communist Party of the Russian Federation and…
Systemic and Non-systemic Opposition in the Russian Federation: Civil Society Awakens? (Post-S... by Cameron Ross
the Russian Federation shall sever the diplomatic relations immediately unless Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan.
It is not by chance if I have been charged to oversee the Russian Federation. It is the largest country of the world with humble leaders.
I might go to at YotaSpace Club in Moscow, Russian Federation - Jul 30
Vladimir Putin, President of the Russian Federation, is expected to visit Bangladesh
official: Parliament approves Crimea’s entrance into the Russian Federation | Russia Beyond The Headlines
State Duma a bill a ban on the cultivation and breeding of GMO on the territory of the Russian Federation,except for
Ukrainian government efforts to portray their civil war as a fight primarily against the Russian Federation...
Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif is received by Russian President Vladimir Putin at BRICS Outreach Meeting in Ufa,Russian Federation on July 9,15
The prime minister is appointed by the president of the Russian Federation (currently Vladimir Putin), and confirmed by the State Duma.
Vladimir Putin will hold Security Council meeting: The President will hold a meeting of the Russian Federation...
Please help me to find words "Russian Federation" in the UN Charter among the five permanent members of the Security Council.
Azerbaijani FM met Chairman of State Duma of Russian Federation - UPDATED
Minister E.Mamadyarov met with S.Narishkin,Chairman of State Duma of Russian Federation via
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So a Pro-Russian -Anti-USA rep from the State of Duma, (Russian Federation), finds ONE GUY in Japan that agrees...
CP of the Russian Federation, Speech of G.Zyuganov, at the Round table “ 1945-2015.Years of Struggle, New Challenges”
WTG Guys. Total domination of the Russian Federation. Mike Smith, Brent Burns, Sid & those boys from Edmonton. .
It's my opinion that Vladimir President of the Russian Federation, is the most *intelligent* leader in this world.
President Vladimir V Putin of the Russian Federation received at Kremlin today
Russian Federation acknowledge the fact that in the world there is already a threat of interntional peace and security
Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon: I thank the Russian Federation for hosting this event. I also commend the World...
Anton Siluanov - Minister of Finance of the Russian Federation
VIDEO President Ilham Aliyev received a delegation by the Secretary of the Security Council of the Russian Federation
Secretary of Security Council of Russian Federation pays respect to national leader Heyda...
The European Parliament declare the first step to be considered in the Hague proceedings against Russian Federation.
Festival International Entr'2 Marches. "Under the Sea" a film by Nikita Ordynskiy is selected, from Russian Federation
Jun 12 1990- Russia Day – the parliament of the Russian Federation formally declares its sovereignty
The European Parliament approved a resolution on the strengthening of sanctions against the Russian Federation and Ukraine providing weapons
But the Russian Federation won the Helen Ridley Cup. Which makes it a four-part for NCHS.
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
Thanks so much to President Putin for the invitation to visit the Russian Federation
Russian Federation (RU) Trade Content Updated Tariff and Tax update. Small changes to HS and Duties.…
Rusev: Hero to the Russian Federation, Villain to the World Wrestling Federation
Anita Sparkle pics Watch how blue-eyed black-haired chick from the Russian Federation shows the proper wa
LUKAS DEBOLE has just reviewed the hotel Amaks City Hotel in Krasnoyarsk - Russian Federation
MoD of the Russian Federation General of the Army Sergei Shoigu held a regular session of the Defence Ministry Board
CPU: Simonenko was in Presidium of Communist Party of Russian Federation as a guest
(con). And it is unlikely that "Another street" will appear if the whole world were divided into the USA and the Russian Federation.
It's a real medal bestowed upon people who are considered heroes of the Russian federation.
Ok there are 73 countries in the world now that Ukraine has been conquered by Russian Federation.
The President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin held a meeting with Kirill Dmitriev, CEO of Details:
I liked a video RHS: Armed Forces of the Russian Federation 0.3 Release Teaser
Omsk, Russian Federation. . All that oil and gas money has clearly trickled down here.
XXX Model Sheri Vi from Russian Federation: as seen on
Sexy Victoria Tiffani from Russian Federation: as seen on
Discover Mona Kim from Russian Federation: as seen on
The "hero" of the russian federation Rusev is no longer a "hero"!
Shamil Adzynba met with the representatives of Russian Federation of MMA
According 2 our Soundcloud stats the music of The Sign Of Leo is popular The Russian Federation, Ukraine, Armenia and Egypt. How about that?
Russian Federation: Native English Teacher: This position requires that you teach children, teens and adults i...
Ukrainian girls - Vika, Age: 21: I am a young communicative and friendly girl who want to…
Russian Federation: EFL teacher needed in St.Petersburg, Russia for summer 2015 and/or from September 2015: LE...
​Indian warplanes go missing during upgrade in Ukraine – report [Russian Federation]
Exploration of Lithuania: the Russian Federation may decide on the application of the "hidden war"
In February, the head of the Chechen Republic of the Russian Federation, Ramzan Kadyrov, announced the creation...
PepsiCo posted a job you might be interested in. Security Manager - Russian Federation, RU,
rusev I hope you saw me defending the honor of Russian federation on snapchat story today
“The Hero of the Russian Federation arrives at .
The Hero of the Russian Federation arrives at .
News conference with Permanent Representative of the Russian Federation to the EU, Ambassador Chizhov:
Presidential Commission of the Russian Federation to Counter Attempts to Falsify History to the Detriment of Russia's In…
Ministry of Internal Affairs (Russia): The Ministry of the Interior of the Russian Federation (MOI, Russian: Ð...
With Vladimir Putin essentially missing, vote for President of the Russian Federation.
The late Mr Moses Kotane and Mr J B Marks, remains will be repatriated from city of Moscow in Russian Federation on 1st March 2015
A public lecture is to be given by Eoin O'Leary, the Ambassador of Ireland to the Russian Federation, at on 17 February
Today the Ambassador of the Russian Federation to Lebanon A.S.Zasypkin is giving an interview to Al-Mayaddin TV at 15.00! Do not Miss it.
Speech of V V Putin, President of the Russian Federation, at the Jewish Museum and Tolerance Centre,...
What on earth happened since 2010 in Congress? "The United States supports the people of the Russian Federation ..."
"That person is the president of the Russian Federation, Vladimir Putin."
How about you look at the Russian Federation's corruption perceptions index when you are done with gini ?
Russian Federation, Brazil, Canada, USA and China account for more than half of the world's total forest area
i guess mr Ginseng could be a much better president of Russian Federation. We need to collect money and buy the best of te crop
Head of Russian Federation, Balakhnichev, claims Saransk meet was not sanctioned.
I think Russian Federation has not . lothing h8s ideology of . I think President doing a lot of
US State Department: "The attacks and killings of civilians committed militants supported by the Russian Federation".
I live on the north of the Russian Federation. In my town you can visit the biggest Woden craft museum "Malye Karely"
TACC Says she left Eteri,Russian Figure skating Federation doesn't confirm it,but even denies it.But with the rules of Russian
Alcatel-Lucent posted a job you might be interested in. Roll-Out Manager - Russian Speaker - Russian Federation...
This woman said that regions inhabited mostly by russians in should join the Russian Federation. Authorities arrested her...
And none of the leaders did not feel pity for victims of the conflict. Strange, isn t it?? Lavrov: Russian Federation have information that Ukraine is preparing a new attempt a military solution to the conflict in the Donbass
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