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Russian Duma

The State Duma ((Gosudarstvennaya Duma), common abbreviation: Госду́ма (Gosduma)) in the Russian Federation is the lower house of the Federal Assembly of Russia (legislature), the upper house being the Federation Council of Russia.

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Hillary says: I just asked the Russian Duma Parliament Intelligence Committee to open its investigation why I lost.
Deputy Foreign Minister Anatoly Antonov, was confirmed last month by the Russian Duma, or parliament. Officials in Moscow said Russian
Good to know: Corruption & other misbehavior is not punished in State Duma. So much for noble intentions.…
Lindsey Graham, John McCain & Lil Marco will condemn it, but will 'vote' the party line,…
Yes, he is keeping his promise to the Duma-congrats another Russian win!
If I was Putin, Russian Duma, I would kick all US MSM media out for promulgating propaganda against Russia.
The State Duma of the Russian Federation has accused Ukraine of training of fighters of ISIL
My latest: State Duma deputy cited Russian military sources, said nukes would be needed if the US, NATO enter Crimea
Russia's central bank is formulating legislation which should go through the Duma next month. The law will...
Duma MP Zastulin is in charge of issuing Russian passports to Russian terrorists in Donbas.
Checkmate: German MPs bring out their best moves against fomer Russian chess champion Anatoly Karpov at
Russian State Duma Committee to form bloggers’ board.
Just the thought of Trump and Corbyn must have the the Russian Duma resembling the Smash advert robots.
Maybe it was submitted in the Russian State Duma (the lower house) or Federation Council (upper house…
That's exactly how the Russian DUMA works. Par for the course for Traitor John.
This looks like Russian Duma- eh? Once fascism is deeply rooted it w…
Dialogue matters! Together with President of Styrian Parliament I had a good meeting with Russian members of bilateral Du…
*** people: you can ban their “propaganda,” but don't yell in their faces on May Day, says Russia's State Duma.
Whats wrong with Putin and the Russian Duma?They decriminalized domestic violence,making it Ok to beat your partner, just don't kill them
State Duma blasts foreign media for interfering in Russian election.
Foreign Relations Committee Chair of Russian Duma:. Praise for Exxon Tillerson nomination for Secy of State. "Trump conti…
Yevgeny Fyodorov, Chairman of the Russian Duma's Economic Policy Committee:. 'The Central Bank is an institutional enemy of the country'
Opening by Duma-member Dmitry Khorolia from Union of Herders: oil and coal reserves will end, but reindeer will remain
Teacher: so what checks does the Russian Duma have on the executives. My brain:
Russian State Duma on Friday, May 13 approved a tightening of national security legislation. It is proposed to...
The Russian Duma has just voted to send Puma to Not just Bears
The Russian State Duma, Russia's lower chamber of parliament, approved in the first reading a package of bill...
With deputy of the Russian State Duma Marat Mansurovich Bariev
Russian IT girl and digital doyenne Miroslava Duma never puts a foot wrong when it comes to street style. The...
Russian cabinet ministers seek clarification from Duma on proposed changes to terrorism legislation
1903 Russian Latvian Riga DUMA Latvia Russia Duty on bikes and cars
Interesting interpretation of Black Sea history by Russian admiral/Duma official:.
State Duma gives 1st nod to new anti-terrorist laws: The Russian State Duma has passed in the first reading a set…
Russian Duma adopted the law on exit visas in the first reading via
In the state Duma of the Russian Federation did not recognize the destructive activities of Gorbachev and Yeltsin
Russian Duma gave more details on online tax proposals
You got place on the bus for a babushka hailing for Russia's far east?
Russian Duma deputy shoots at Ukrainian forces in Donbas ...
Puppet Masters: Russian Duma committee approves bill to give land to foreigners in Far East: A plot of land in...
Can the Russian diaspora in NYC and DC help re-elect an independent Duma deputy? My interview w Dmitry Gudkov:
63 candidates to participate preliminary voting for elections to Russian State Duma
Russian Duma speaker says Turkey plays role in global affairs that is far from stabilizing
A session in the Russian Duma is broken up after a Conservative member blames the Jews for “betraying” Russia.
Land of plenty: Duma committee approves bill for free handover of Russian territory to foreigners
Though contrary to Rus. Constit. and UN Declaration of Hum. Rights, Russian Duma will discuss law to strip alleged terrorists of citizenship
Feb 23, 1916 - New York Times: Russian Czar addresses the Duma (in a major concession to his autocratic principles)
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monitors not expected at State Duma elections – top Russian MP: Russian… RT
Europe to drop anti-Russian sanctions before US, claims Duma deputy
More Cold War threats by Duma speaker (former KGB) Naryshkin, in article Russia and Council of Europe (20 years) , in 'Russian Newspaper'
I'm watching a program where some Russian kids say they have seen a Yeti and their Duma deputy (MP) comes to see
2016. Free the Tatars . they can not be convicted . by a real court. (pic Aktindsigt DK/RU)
2014 . Jews packing. Torah scroll and. fleeing with Tatars. (pic Aktindsigt DK/RU)
Russian Duma demands that Eurovision ban performance of song by representative of Ukraine.
Naryshkin: PACE observers at the elections to the state Duma in 2016 in the ...
Following the Ukrainian Nazi Banderites, Russian Duma deputies are discussing the idea of removing Lenin...
Feb 23rd 1916: The Russian Duma reconvened yesterday - and the Tsar has attended for the first time in its history.
Statement by the Russian Maoist Party's Revolutionary Homosexual Front on the latest doings in the Duma
Russian Duma asks Eurovision to bar Jamala, a Crimean Tatar, from representing Ukraine with a song about Stalin's purge of Tatars in 1944
committee on protection of values working on law to "protect from (R)
don't remember atm. Read it somewhere that Russian Duma is seeking for sanctions w the EBU.
Tsar Nicholas II attends the opening of the Russian Duma, the first Tsar to do so. Russian press calls it “the beginning of a new era.”
Come one, come all to my take next Monday:
Turchynov reports threats from Duma speaker Naryshkin - "harsh measures in case a single Russian dies"
Tsar Nicholas II threatens to prorogue the Russian Duma immediately if the parliamentary body delays passing laws.
Russian Duma Introduces Amendment Defining 'Political Activity' to NGO Law: Representatives of all factions in...
Our Eugene. Russian politician, Duma R. F. He is always "for the Motherland"! Waiting for me
(The woman is the personal secretary for Yevgeny Fedorov, Deputy head of the Russian Duma)
Why doesn't the Russian Duma change its name to The Supreme Soviet, since it provides similar check on Putin as it did on Stalin
The Russian State Duma introduced a bill providing for mandatory HIV testing for wishing to marry. . The bill...
1999 The Russian Duma passed an animal rights bill that prohibits people from eating their pets.
it's 11.9 not 1.4 ... Russian Duma (aka parliament) has nickname Mad Printer for legislation going off sanity check.
Miroslava Duma is a successful Russian writer and enterpreneur who's also an icon in international fashion world.
[ITAR-TASS Eng] Russian Duma speaker says Europe offered status of colony to Ukraine: Sergey Naryshkin is sure...
Russian Duma passes measure on 'undesirable' foreign groups deemed threat to state security (AP)//but not Pro communist &Putin Pal,GWB
"A Russian Duma deputy has asked the Attorney General to investigate Apple, the maker of the iPhone and iPad, for...
Russian Duma's Chairman arrives in Armenia - The delegation, headed by the Chairman of the State Duma of the Russi...
Russian Duma may reauthorize Putin to send the Russian Army into Ukraine: 3/24/2015 The State Duma intends to once…
You seem to be out of touch with reality, everyone knows resurrecting at least part of Soviet empire , acc to Russian Duma
Patriarch Kirill tells Russian Duma "horrifyingly high" abortion rate is "one of Russia's main misfortunes."
"Putin believes the new US president will renegotiate the current approach to Russian Duma rep Ilya Ponomarev at CGI
BAD IDEA - Foolish Russian minister wants to relax controls on booze & tobacco advertising
Duma calling for restrictions on foreign travel as brain drain starts and capital flees? Shades of the USSR again.
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commitee in The Russian Duma publish how the FIS Interrogates. Would the same be done by the Kinessett in Israel with respect to (2/3)
Hey : when Russian Duma will make a report on in ?
Europe should decide its fate without using US 'disservices' – Russian Duma speaker
General denies issue of alleged Russian volunteers in Ukraine raised at Duma committee
included to the agenda address to the Duma, Pres to and all Ukr citizens illegally detained…
"Russian Duma (Parliament) plans to legislatively ban merging images with text in the internet to prohibit so-called memes"
Russian Duma's Communists propose breaking off diplomatic relations with Lithuania via
It began as an English parliament, which turned to the Russian Duma and now its the National Assembly of S. Korea. Boxing gloves
That MH17 was full of Jesuit nukkake trying to kill Vladimir Putin, from what I understand.
Interesting part halfway down, the BBC has been briefed. Anyone know if they reported it. Kiev Nazi's are guilty
RUSSIA DEMANDS APOLOGY for shirtfront comment over shooting in light of German Intel
MNC:> Aussie PM owes an apology over blame game – senior MP -
1696 — While in counsel with the Boyar Duma Russian Tsar Peter I proposed the creation and...
The State Duma of the Russian Federation advised the Australian prime minister to apologize to Putin
news - Conclusions by German intelligence should force the Australian leader to ... by a number of…
Russian Duma ratifies mini-Soviet Reunion treaty, due to go into effect on New Years Day of 2015. v…
Russian Duma deputy Degtyarev: We must "take back" Fort Ross, CA from the USA
Russian Duma speaker criticizes Turchynov for intention to p...
Putin and part of the Duma were illegally in today, Ukraine's territory occupied by Russian armed forces. The arrogance!
As Russian army seems to be moving units into tonight, Putin & Duma today were hanging out in Crimea @ Yalta. Great precedent there
The Swiss parliament said today it had canceled a visit by the Russian State Duma Speaker Sergei Naryshkin, scheduled for September 23-24.
Swiss TV just now: The (long planned) visit of the head of the Russian State Duma to the Swiss Parliament has been cancelled.
Duma vice speaker Zhyrynovsky:"We need to restore the Russian Empire " smile at this moment is priceless
Russian Duma vice speaker Zhyrynovsky:"We need to release all the prisoners to fight for Novorossiya in
Dep. Speaker of Russian Duma Zhirinovsky on TV: Baltic States and Poland will be wiped out Poles take it seriously
Deputies of the State Duma of the Russian Federation: Help us stop forced abortions from becoming law in Russia! -...
Info here. Russian national security council, show with Duma. Intervention to Ukraine declaration?
The major decision in relation to III World War has already been made - Zhirinovsky, the deputy of the Russian Duma:.
Former deputy of Russian duma, V. Zhirinovski: 'We will erase the Baltic states and Poland from the map.'
There is a new bill (N527279-6) in the Russian Duma (parliament) that will force mothers into abortion. Please... http…
“Russian Duma plans bill to boost Russian food range to 70%
Popular support? Duma deputy tries to jump the gigantic line at the ferry to Crimea and his car gets turned over
Seriously!! What the f*** is WRONG with that monkey?? And the circus called that allow him to go on???
Chinese state media reports Russian Duma opinion on Ukraine. Must be true!
(1) Documentary on Russian Neo-Nazis, inc their support in the Duma (2008)
The Russian State Duma has passed in the second reading a set of amendments to the Land Code via
well the Russian Duma lad was quoting Derrida and Lacan... And it's well known that the scary Machiavellian Surkov loves Lyotard.
To be fair some Russian duma guy was quoting contemporary French theory last year. This kinda thing makes you kinda suspicious of it...
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
Russians’ online data must be stored in-country: Duma bill: A bill adopted by the lower house of the Russian p...
[ITAR-TASS Eng] Leaders of PACE political groups hold talks at Russian State Duma: Deputy head of the Russian ...
'A guide through your life: what the has banned in recent months' | |
The head of the Duma says the body is ready to legitimize an intervention of Russian troops in the strategically important Crimea peninsula.
looks like they are preparing something. Expect a resolution in Russian Duma to that effect.
the seat of the Russian Government is the Duma. Not the Kremlin as your correspondent reported.
"If you didn't have time to to it during the week, use the weekend to read up on how a new Russian law affects...
,Fortunately, I don't think our Assembly will ever match Russian Duma's 60 new laws in 4hrs
State Duma MPs have begun work on a professional social network that would unite about quarter of a million Russ...
Russian Duma reportedly passed 60 new laws in 4 hours, targeting free speech, women's heels, and foreign words:
Fabio Capello is ready to quit his job, unless the Russian politicians stops interfering. He wants them to cancel a hearing at the Duma.
Russian parliament -Duma. A Transformation journey we are helping them with in Ukraine?
State Duma speaker to head Russian delegation at OSCE group on Ukraine: Speaker of the State Duma Sergey Narys...
Careful when complaining about inaction of US could be dealing with the active Russian Duma!
State Duma of the Russian Federation and Til Schweiger. My life is complete now.
Russian Duma passes flurry of new laws targeting free speech, women's heels, and foreign words like 'hamburger.'
'Parliamentary Portal': Russian lawmakers to get own social network
Pentagon preparing for mass civil breakdown 06/14/2014, A US Department of Defense (DoD) research programme is funding universities to model the dynamics, risks and tipping points for large-scale civil unrest across the world, under the supervision of various US military agencies. ...The project will determine "the critical mass (tipping point)" of social contagians by studying their "digital traces" in the cases of "the 2011 Egyptian revolution, the 2011 Russian Duma elections, the 2012 Nigerian fuel subsidy crisis and the 2013 Gazi park protests in Turkey." - See more at:
Why Russian Greenpeace lies about piquetting Russian Duma while they're doing this at State Library? It's 1 km away.
President to meet with Russian Duma chairman: Russian State Duma Chairman Sergei Naryshkin will on Tuesday con...
leader of Hungary’s fascist Jobbik party, met with Dugin as well as leaders of the Russian Duma and spoke at Moscow State University.
Russian President Vladimir Putin urged US President Barack Obama to use his influence on the US Senate to ask them to persuade the Russian Duma to demand that President Putin use his influence to urge President Obama to make the Ukrainian government ask the separatists in Eastern Ukraine to get permission from President Putin to ask the Ukrainian government to demand that President Obama tell Putin to tell the Duma to send a strong message to the US Senate asking them to demand support for the campaign to urge the Ukrainian government to stand down, or else there will be bloodshed. Maybe...
In what seems to be the stirrings of a Russian “End the Fed” movement, a band of Russian Duma deputies has embarked upon a mission of removing the power of setting interest rates from the Russian Central Bank and placing it in the hands of the government. Thus, the Central Bank would be left only with regulatory duties, while placing the authority of setting interest rates in the hands of the Russian government. United Russia Deputy, Yevgeny Fyodorov, a supporter of the new legislation and a member of the Duma’s Budget and Tax Committee, stated that shifting the responsibility of setting interest rates to the Russian government would “enliven the Russian economy and create new jobs.” Fyodorov also stated that the Central Bank, as it currently stands, holds itself apart from the problems of the Russian government and the Russsian economy in general. He claims that, if interest rates are set by the government as opposed to the Central Bank, they could be drastically reduced to the benefit of the e ...
Oksana Mysina is one of several actors who were asked by the Dozhd' (Rain) TV channel to participate in a unique celebration of Russian Constitution Day and the 20th anniversary of the Russian Duma that will be aired on Dec. 12. Actors will read some of the more idiotic texts that Russian members of the Duma have uttered over the years. Oksana will read utterances of Yelena Mizulina, head of the Duma Committee for Family, Women and Children, who is famous for her support for the so-called “anti *** law” and the law banning adoption of Russian children by Americans, among others.
recall Putin ( widely praise) for having secured Russian Duma's endorsement of the START II treaty (penury not goodwill)
On this day in history: TODAY is Wednesday, October 30, the 303rd day of 2013. There are 62 days left in the year :-) Highlights in history on this date: 1817 - Simon Bolivar organises independent government in Venezuela. 1841 - Fire erupts at the Tower of London. 1864 - Peace of Vienna, under which Denmark ceded Schleswig, Holstein and Lauenburg to Prussia, is signed. 1867 - Alfred, Duke of Edinburgh, arrives in Adelaide at start of his Australian visit. 1905 - Tsar capitulates to the Russian Duma's demands for more legislative powers. 1911 - Five-year-old Emperor Pu Yi of China is granted a constitution as well as a new cabinet, ending the three-century-long Manchu domination of China. 1918 - Czechoslovakia is proclaimed an independent republic. 1928 - Experimental transmission of still photographs by television begins in Britain. 1929 - The second rocket-powered aircraft, invented by Fritz von Opel, is test-flown. 1938 - A radio dramatisation of the HG Wells novel War of the Worlds causes mass panic in ...
This fellow sure doesn't like the US! (Chairman of the Russian Duma's Foreign Affairs Committee.)
President discussed recent laws adopted by Russian Duma with defenders
Russia’s State Duma has approved a law giving amnesty to first offenders jailed for financial crime. According to the lower house presidential representative Garri Minkh it will apply to 3000 convicted businessmen.
Putin’s Speech on Feb. 04, 2013 This is one time our elected leaders should pay attention to the advice of Vladimir Putin. how scary is that? On February 4th, 2013, Vladimir Putin, the Russian president, addressed the Duma, (Russian Parliament), and gave a speech about the tensions with minorities in Russia: "In Russia live Russians. Any minority, from anywhere, if it wants to live in Russia, to work and eat in Russia, should speak Russian, and should respect the Russian laws. If they prefer Sharia Law, then we advise them to go to those places where that's the state law. Russia does not need minorities. Minorities need Russia, and we will not grant them special privileges, or try to change our laws to fit their desires, no matter how loud they yell 'discrimination'. We better learn from the suicides of America, England, Holland and France, if we are to survive as a nation. The Russian customs and traditions are not compatible with the lack of culture or the primitive ways of most minorities. When ...
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While packing up my office I found old mock interview notes. Let's play guess that contestant! Contestant was "Extremely well-spoke, great answers, good humor, great closing, good speed, bad shoes." Contestant had "Cute hair, great personality - saucy!, great eye contact, great answer to question about Miss America rules, great comedy." Contestant had "good content, slow down, good save on an answer to a question about the Republican Party." And finally, Contestant had "great vocal tone, 'um,' 'ya know,' great eye contact, great content. AND GO!
I never thought I would grow to respect a Russian leader more than a current American President. That has happened since Obama took office. Please see Putin's speech posted below in thread:
For all of you who say Islam is not a religion of peace, I say we have been mistaken. It is. After extreme Muslims who follow the Koran word for word cut everyone's throat and leave everyone dead; there is "Peace". So it is a religion of peace, that just comes later after you and I are dead.
The lower house of the Russian parliament approved on Friday in the third reading amendments allowing convicted hooligans to be banned from sports events for up to seven years. Sports hooligans will be fined 1 thousand roubles ($30) or compulsory work from one to six months and a minimum ban set at six months. The amendments were submitted to the State Duma by the government in November 2012. More than 14,000 offenses have been committed at Russian sporting events over the last three years.
News Update: Russian Duma orders big amnesty for businessmen
Is it bad for us to know whats the latest going on about Our Owner? If Not, Then read up. Billionaire Roman Abramovich has stepped down as the chairman of the legislature of the remote Russian region of Chukotka in order to comply with the new law that bans Russian officials from owning foreign securities and bank accounts. The regional Duma accepted Abramovich’s resignation on Tuesday, the legislature’s press service reported. The press statement adds that the billionaire’s departure from politics was caused by his desire to fully comply with Russian legislation. The law, known as the nationalization of elites act, came into force on May 19 this year and forced civil servants to get rid of foreign securities and bank accounts within three months or leave their posts. The limitation also applies to the officials’ spouses and under age children. After his departure Abramovich expressed his full support to the incumbent governor of the region Roman Kopin and his intent to run again at the forthcomin ...
Russian Duma orders big amnesty for businessmen: The Russian Lower House has passed a bill ordering an ...
Russian Duma orders big amnesty for businessmen via Russia Today
Russian Duma orders big amnesty for businessmen
Duma orders Big for 9000 businessmen . "boost the citizens’ trust .."
A new investigative agency at the Kremlin, known as the Sledkom, set up ostensibly to weed out corruption, appears to have set its sights on repressing political opposition to Russia's President Vladimir Putin. The man in charge of the new agency, Aleksandr Bastrykin, has the support of Mr Putin - f...
Iran will deploy 4,000 Revolutionary Guards to Syria to bolster Damascus against a mostly Sunni-led insurgency, media reported. Meanwhile, US F-16s and Patriots will stay in Jordan – speculatively, to help establish a no-fly zone to aid Syrian rebels.
Visit - Here is the big secret Glenn Beck has been talking about. June 17, 2013 edition of "Glenn Beck" on TheBlaze TV: WARNING...
Russia’s Lower House has passed an amendment that bans the adoption of Russian children by same sex couples from abroad.
Dear Mr President! June 11 Russian Duma has legitimized the superiority of heter...
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A conversation with a Russian MP, an insight into an altered reality.
Today I talked to the Deputy of the Russian State Duma, Member of the Committee for Health Protection, MD. Expectedly, she finally said she had no time to pick up the T issue. But I asked her to think about someone who could. :-D Positive conclusion of the day: LGBT issues are there - thanks to Finland and others!
SAKHALIN OIL & GAS 2013 is the Premier Event for the Oil and Gas Sector in the Russian Far East. The event provides a high-level platform for both key Government officials and the leading oil and gas operators in Sakhalin to provide detailed project
The Undercurrents Report | The ripples of today will be the waves of tomorrow
WHEN THE WORLD IS MOVING TO THE PROGRESS RUSSIA IS MOVING TO THE PAST, PLEASE DON'T COMPLAINT WHY YOU ARE LIVING IN SOME TOPICS IN THE MIDDLE AGE. Russia passes anti *** bill, detains protesters VASILY MAXIMOV / AFP/GETTY IMAGES MOSCOW—A bill that stigmatizes *** people and bans giving children any information about homosexuality won overwhelming approval Tuesday in Russia’s lower house of parliament. Hours before the State Duma passed the Kremlin-backed law in a 436-0 vote with one abstention, more than two dozen protesters were attacked by hundreds of anti *** activists and then detained by police. The bill banning the “propaganda of non-traditional sexual relations” still needs to be passed by the appointed upper house and signed into law by President Vladimir Putin, but neither step is in doubt. Video The measure is part of an effort to promote traditional Russian values instead of Western liberalism, which the Kremlin and the Russian Orthodox Church see as corrupting Russian youth and ...
NO FREEDOM Putin signs *** propaganda' ban and law criminalizing insult of religious feelings Vladimir Putin has signed the so-called *** propaganda’ bill after the upper house, the Federation Council, approved it on June 26 and the lower house, the State Duma, on June 11. It introduces fines for propaganda of non-traditional sex relations to minors, including in the media, on the internet and via viral adverts. Under the amended law holding LGBT rallies is now prohibited as well as distribution of information aimed at forming non-traditional sexual concepts in children, describing such ties as attractive, promoting the distorted understanding of social equality of traditional and non-traditional relations and also unwanted solicitation of information that could provoke interest in such relations. Thus, for giving children propaganda about homosexuality - *** *** bisexual and transgender community - individuals could be fined up to 5,000 rubles ($US 152) for such 'propaganda' and foreigners co ...
Russia just literally made it illegal for teachers to tell students that *** people exist. What a ridiculous country.
Russian President Vladimir Putin reiterated on Tuesday that the rights of sexual minorities in Russia were not being violated in any way.
Yesterday marched in the NYC *** Pride Parade, supporting my Russian LGBT friends, and protesting the Russian Duma's passing of a law forbidding public expressions of LGBT pride. We had a truck with video screen, displaying a simultaneous Google Street View march thru Moscow, since actual Pride marches are now banned for the next 100 years.
Russian State Duma has passed amendments to the article in Russiaâs Criminal Code on âobstruction of the right to freedom of conscience and religionâ. This is part of the range of legislative initiatives that impose harsh restrictions on the freedom of expression and came as a consequence of last...
State to invest US$3 billion in giant education cluster Eugene Vorotnikov29 June 2013 The Russian government is considering investing up to RUB100 billion (US$3 billion) to establish a giant educational cluster in the city of Domodedovo, in the Moscow region. The cluster would be a Russian analogue of Cambridge and is expected to house the nation’s leading technical universities, particularly their academic buildings and sporting infrastructure. According to state plans, at the initial stage five technical universities may move outside Moscow, with the possibility that the list this could be expanded later. The institutions include the Moscow Institute of Steel and Alloys; the Russian Economic University named after Plekhanov; Moscow Technical State University of Radio Engineering, Electronics and Automation; Moscow Industrial University; and Moscow Engineering Physics Institute. Implementation of the project is being monitored by Russia’s First Deputy Prime Minister Arkady Dvorkovich, who says the cl ...
Finally, a white nation which does not swallow the poison pill of "Cultural Marxism"... Heil Russian Duma! Heil Comrade Putin!
Europe furious, 'shocked' by report of U.S. spying - Page 1
The talks in Geneva are designed to gather the Syrian authorities and the opposition around the negotiating table.
Absolute animals! This runs contrary to everything we stand for! Wake up people! Warning! This is graphic. Don't let the kids see this please.
How far has our country fallen with our PR on morals and ethics? Russian Duma leaders are calling us out
Russian President Vladimir Putin signed a law banning *** propaganda among minors, RIA Novosti reported.Vladimir Putin It reminds NTV.Ru earlier this document was supported by the State Duma and the Federation Council. After the enactment of the law Russians who were taken on this violation will be fined in the amount of four to five thousand, foreigners do also will face arrest and 15 days. Officials face a fine of 50 to 100 thousand rubles. Legal - from 800,000 to a million with the right to suspend their activities for 90 days. Far more stringent punishment will be for propaganda using media or the Internet. The penalty for ordinary citizens will be from 50,000 to 100,000 rubles for officials - from 100 thousand to 200 thousand rubles, and for legal entities - a million rubles, or the suspension of up to 90 days.
Pictures from cell phone: Harvard Book Store at Harvad Square in Cambridge, MA. This books are prohibited now in Russia, RU 1billion fee for organizations and RU10 for personal use.
The police spy in the Russian Duma was instructed to try to artificially foment dissent, breed suspicion amongst the left. A lesson for us?
Activists march to protest at rising Orthodox intolerance of homosexuality across Russia
LGBT activists in Russia confirm that police have arrested everyone marching in today’s *** pride parade for violating the country's anti *** laws
Fr Dr K. M George speaking at the Greek Parliament to Orthodox Parliamentarians from 25 countries. President of Greek Parliament Mr Evangelios Meimerakis is seen the group photo. President of the Assembly Mr Sergei Popov MP of the Russian Duma ( Parliament) is chairing the session in the Greek Parliament.Mr Joseph M Puthusserry, delegate from India is seen in the picture.
"We invite Edward Snowden to work with us and hope that as soon as he settles his legal status, he will collaborate with our working group and provide us with proof of U.S. intelligences agency access to the servers of Internet firms." - Senator Ruslan Gattarov
Russian Duma proposes strict anti-Nazi bill: A new bill in the Russia Duma aims to criminalize any statements ...
Russian Duma debates bill which attempts to outlaw criticism of such Red Army atrocities as the Katyn massacre:
Please sign, RT, on site, for RUSSIAN
There's a draft bill in Russian Duma to prevent one from getting married if they've been married thrice before. What freedom?
A member of the Russian Duma has predicted that Snowden might end up living in the transit area of the airport for years.
Help Russian Add members of Duma Mizulina, Geleznyak, Batalina and others who will vote for...
Help Russian LGBT! Add members of Russian Duma Mizulina, Geleznyak, Batalina and others who voted for anti *** law!
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As Supreme Court in the US strikes down the Russian Duma approves ban on same-sex couples adoptions
Migalhas mundo Adoção Rússia proíbe adoção de crianças por homossexuais estrangeiros. (MI - clique aqui) Adoption Heeding Putin, Russian Duma backs ban on same-sex adoptions Russian lawmakers passed a bill on Friday barring same-sex foreign couples from adopting Russian children, heeding strong signals of support from President Vladimir Putin and broadening a rift with Western nations over *** rights. The State Duma, or lower house of parliament, approved the bill by a 444-0 vote in its third and final reading, sending it to the upper chamber, which is also expected to approve it. Both houses are dominated by the United Russia party, which is loyal to Putin. In power since 2000, Putin has championed socially conservative values and held up the Russian Orthodox Church as a moral compass since he weathered a wave of protests by mostly urban liberals and started a third Kremlin term last year. He has rejected U.S. and European criticism of a ban on spreading *** "propaganda" among minors that the Duma ...
So, Edward Snowden struck a blow for civil liberties by revealing US government secrets and fleeing to: 1) Hong Kong, 2) Russia and (it is reported) 3) Ecuador, three places in which it would be illegal to publish the reports of the type published in the US and British media about Snowden's claims. For that matter, his sponsor at The Guardian, Glenn Greenwald, would not be able, as a *** man, to tell anyone in Russia that he is a *** man, because the Russian Duma has voted 498-0 to persecute, er, prosecute *** people. Hm. What's wrong with this picture?
World Congress of Families Provides a Pro-Family Perspective on Russian Bill Prohibiting on Homosexual Propaganda to Minors Today [June 11], the Russian Duma gave final approval to a bill prohibiting propaganda on “non-traditional sexual relationships” aimed at the young. The bill awaits action by the upper Chamber of the Russian Parliament (the Council of Federation) and signature by the President, but these are considered formalities. The European Union pressured the Russian government not to approve the bill, which would prohibit homosexual propaganda that encourages promiscuous sexual behavior among minors. In January, the Duma, initially approved the bill by a vote of 388-to-1 with one abstention. A survey by The Russian Center for the Study of Public Opinion showed 86% of the Russian people support the measure. Still, Eurocrats and the European anti-family left are making threatening noises. Germany’s self-identified, *** foreign minister, *** Westerwelle, has warned that enactment of the l .. ...
Apparently laboring under the delusion that their country isn't anti *** enough, the Russian Duma (their legislature) has passed a new law that bans people from even talking about homosexuality. It...
Russian, French Rapprochement on situation in Syria Chairman of the Russian Duma's International Affairs Committee Alexei Pushkov said that there is a rapprochement between the Russian and French stances on evaluating the situation in Syria. "The French stance tends to approach our stance in evaluating the situation in Syria.. partners of Russian in the West began reaching conclusions that President Bashar al-Assad's departure of the power wouldn't lead to a solution to the Syrian crisis," Pushkov said during a meeting with Itar-Tass on the sidelines of the 17th session of the French-Russian expanded parliamentary Committee. He added that the Syrian government still dominates the majority of the Syrian lands, and controls the army at the time it enjoys great part of the Syrian people. "The west has to recognize that the issue needs a different equation represented by launching negotiations first, then implementing reforms," Pushkov said. For her part, Elizabeth Guigou, chairwoman of the French Parliament' ...
This is a washington post article a friend of mine emailed me that is about the Banning of U.S. adoptions in Russia. See what you get from it and what your thoughts on the rarity of child neglect or abuse of Russian orphans within the U.S. Yes, it has happened, but not nearly as much as it has happened over there. Vladimir Putin is jumping the gun on this in an effort to most likely gain political support anywhere he can. The real reason Russia wants to ban adoptions by ‘dangerous’ American families Posted by Max Fisher on December 28, 2012 at 11:19 am A protester holds a poster of an orphan outside the Russian Duma in Moscow. (Geny Feldman/AFP/Getty Images) When President Vladimir Putin signed a law this week banning U.S. families from adopting Russian children, it’s hard to imagine, as an American, that he was thinking of the 46 pending adoptions he canceled. The nearly four dozen Russians orphans were within sight of a home and family, only to have them taken away as part of the ban that is wide ...
Highlights: Daily Press Briefing: India-ASEAN Summit Acting Deputy Spokesperson Ventrell (Dec. 21): "The United States strongly supports closer economic cooperation between India and the ASEAN member states. TRANSCRIPT: 12:36 p.m. EST MR. VENTRELL: So good afternoon, and happy Friday to all as we head into the holiday season. I do have something for you at the top, and then I will turn it over to all of you. The United States is concerned by measures in the bill passed by the Russian Duma today that, if it becomes law, would halt inter-country adoptions between the United States and Russia and restrict the ability of Russian civil society organizations to work with American partners. American families have welcomed more than 60,000 Russian children into American homes over the past 20 years. Just last month, we implemented a Bilateral Adoptions Agreement with Russia to improve safeguards for adopted children and their families. If Russian officials have concerns about the implementation of this agreement, ...
In The Wall Street Journal, Senator Jeff Sessions writes that 'the world's greatest deliberative body' now is like the Russian Duma, with secret meetings and preordained votes.
—The fact that the world is on a razor's edge for World War III is most clearly reflected in statements and actions coming from Russia. On Oct. 19, Russian President Vladimir Putin personally oversaw the most comprehensive testing of Russia's nuclear triad (air-, land-, and sea-based strategic nuclear weapons command and control) since the collapse of the Soviet Union. This comes in the context of a new round of high-level warnings from Russian officials that the Obama Administration's policies of promoting regime change and deploying a unilateral missile defense system in Europe and the Middle East is driving the world towards a "global showdown." A leading member of the Russian Duma from Putin's party, Yevgeny Fyodorov, charged last week that the U.S. policy of promoting wars of regime change around the world is leading towards a world war. He accused the Obama Administration of pursuing policies leading the world to "slide into a complete destabilization that will inevitably end in a World War." Depu ...
The dead of Katyn not have someone to cry On April 1, 1943, 69 years ago, the German radio announced the discovery in the Katyn forest, 20 km from Smolensk, in the former USSR, one of the largest mass graves in contemporary history. In th e spring of 1940, by order of Stalin, the political police of the Soviet Union (the NKVD) executed by a shot in the head about 1 5000 Polish Army officers. Another 25 000 people "hostile to communism" (personalities, members of the intellectual and social elite, doctors, lawyers, teachers, ...) were implemented in other parts of Poland by the Soviets for the same reasons as those killed in Katyn. In the Nuremberg Tribunal, the Allies charged these crimes to German Army. For decades some historians called for the revision of this historical episode of the Second World War. 60 years after the fact, the Russian Duma passed a resolution stating that the documents kept in the secret archives of the Kremlin prove Soviet responsibility in the massacre. This case gives the prope ...
Photo Mugs of Russian Duma/1906 from Mary Evans: Photo Mug, RUSSIAN DUMA/1906. The opening session of the short-...
In a significant foreign policy breakthrough, the Russian Duma voted last week to ratify the country’s accession to the World Trade...
Disputes - international (United States - CIA World Factbook): The US has intensified domestic security measures and is collaborating closely with its neighbors, Canada and Mexico, to monitor and control legal and illegal personnel, transport, and commodities across the international borders; abundant rainfall in recent years along much of the Mexico-US border region has ameliorated periodically strained water-sharing arrangements; 1990 Maritime Boundary Agreement in the Bering Sea still awaits Russian Duma ratification; Canada and the United States dispute how to divide the Beaufort Sea and the status of the Northwest Passage but continue to work cooperatively to survey the Arctic continental shelf; The Bahamas and US have not been able to agree on a maritime boundary; US Naval Base at Guantanamo Bay is leased from Cuba and only mutual agreement or US abandonment of the area can terminate the lease; Haiti claims US-administered Navassa Island; US has made no territorial claim in Antarctica (but has reser ...
New law approved by the Russian Duma would force NGOs partially funded from abroad, to register as “foreign agents.”
Russian Duma ratifies protocol on accession to the World Trade Organization
A word from Hillary . . . . "I was recently in St. Petersburg and met with a group of Russian civil society activists who are quite disturbed by new legislation being passed in the Russian Duma that not only goes after foreign NGOs and funding from foreign NGOs, but goes after local, national NGOs and civil society, which is really a great disturbance to the brilliance and the creativity of the Russian people, who have so much to contribute. That’s one of what could be, unfortunately, numerous examples, and I think the Community of Democracies needs to speak out, because whenever a reporter is silenced or an activist threatened or a civil society organization shut down, it really weakens the social fabric of a nation."
A bill is making its way through the Russian Duma, which would declare all nongovernmental organizations that receive foreign funding (mainly those working on democracy and human rights, of course) as "foreign agents." So I hereby declare my solidarity with Russian foreign agents!!
Will Mr. Romney copy-paste the foreign policy of Bush jr. and Reagan? Russian Duma member raises the issue.
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