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Russian Blue

The Russian Blue is a cat breed that has a silver-blue coat. These cats are known to be highly intelligent and playful, but tend to be timid around strangers.

Scottish Fold

He is a Russian Blue with glowing green eyes and wears a backpack that is overflowing wit…
If it comes out that Trump did collude with Russia to win and…
me: *sees a white/silver-haired anime character with blue eyes*. me: are they Russian
1997: Sport - Russian world chess champion, Gary Kasparov, lost for the first time to IBM's supercomputer Deep Blue ~ tournament's 6th game.
Where's that thread where a blue check mark person talks about Trump not actually being a . Russian agent b/c well that's just plain crazy?
My first cat, Boris, was a Russian Blue. They have a lot of credibility
Be careful, calling a man blue in Russian means something else entirely
I have 4 rescues. A blind Great Dane, Chocolate Lab (both from a puppy mill living to have babies only…
JJ I got kittens galore Russian Blue three litters. You want one let me know. Father is TICA registered he is in pi…
I'm sorry that's what disgusts you? American journalists barred WH access to Lavrov and Kislya…
Olamic Tactical Blue Wayfarer 247. Superb knife for superb people.
He's a Russian blue tuxedo but he bites us if we say that. He's part of the
Fighter Jet Comes Within 20 Feet of Navy Craft . Look it's at least &
had 15 bank accounts and 10 companies on world capital of Russian money laundering
1st pic is like a pitbull about to rip apart a Russian Blue who paid his way into an ele…
This is our country and no russian or whatever is ever going to destroy the red white and blue
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Wow, so counter intelligence about Russian money 💰
Will the law firm go after millions of Americans who know he has Russian connections?
Yale historian says Trump has now admitted guilt; former intelligence officer says Flynn was a Russian agent
Russian assets have been in White House since the day h…
Note that there is no suggestion that the goal of the investigation should be to learn the facts about Russian interference in…
so you want to waste my tax money in a stupid chase for a blue unicorn but not on Russian ties pro…
The two Russian detectives on blue bloods are named Levin and Vronsky 🤔
He doesn't have any Russian interests TODAY- did the Russian visitors help him transfer all his interests yesterday?
Meow a la mode- Russian Blue / Alisa is what I was finally able to get after struggling to place an order for the p…
Like any will listen to a Russian troll like yourself.
Guess he figurs we ain't reel brite. Fortunately the Russian flag is also red, white & blue. That'll make the trans…
Proof of Russian ties: in this pic, Kislyak is wearing a blue one while 45 wonders if Russian child labor is cheape…
TBQH, my first assumption for everyone with a US flag on their name that doesn't have a blue checkmark i…
Yesterday, on the same day- I had meetings with Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov and the FM of Ukraine, Pavlo Kl…
lance adopts a little russian blue with a white paw that nobody wanted and calls him "Socks"
All purpose parts banner
FOUND: A Russian Blue on Oct 26, 2005 at hyde park. Please contact us for more information.
2 volunteers 1) instructions in Russian 2) written in blue but had to use red. How it feels for
The Russian Blue | my archangel looks just like this, especially his eyes!
Sweet one-eyed Russian blue kitty in Los Angeles CA left behind! Loves all people & animals! Adopt!.
Find this Pet&More Kittens Russian blue - $200 (Los Angeles): Beautiful kittens, one looks like a grey Panth...
Blue domes of Russian Orthodox Church in Doors are...
So far my favorite wrestler is this fake Russian woman in a blue mini skirt serving FISH
oh my god. Last time I played the third I ended up making a blue thing with curlers in his hair with a female russian voice
Another FUrrBaby rescued by the Cat Whisperer ! A Russian Blue! Way cool!
BLUE NEEDS A HOME!. This handsome timid Russian Blue would love a quiet home with another cat or cats! Thanks...
Lago Vista, TX 7YO male Russian Blue. Quinn enjoys napping in the sun and watching the world go by from high...
its okay, if he makes himself manifest I'll just only reply in russian
Currently Litter of 6 Russian Blue Kittens for Sale 3 Males and 3 Females - Manila, Philippines: Currently Lit...
Looked at my cousin today: blue eyes, tall, white and looked Russian. Now I see why I'm often confused for Russian. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
MISSING - CAT - SCOTT STREET (REDWOODTOWN). Russian Blue RagDoll X . Hey guys - if you see this little guy...
Payne's Gray is exactly the color of the Russian Blue kitty.
Blimey! The good folks make an exceptional cup of tea. We especially love their russian caravan & their earl grey blue blends.
Russian blue kitten is just to die for
TIA is now available for adoption! This female Russian Blue is 6yrs old. Learn more at
WHISKEY is now available for adoption! This male Russian Blue is 6mths old. Learn more at
Sushi: Sushi's Story: Sushi is a super sweet male Russian Blue kitty, who knows his name. He was given…
*COURTESY POST*. Kit is an 8-year old female Russian Blue. Like many Russian Blue’s, she is a little shy,...
You have a Russian Blue as well James? I love mine! Sasha rules!
Syrian regime forces plan to retake Aleppo with Russian support
You handed over 『Russian blue』as『A Russian person had a crush on this cat!』. 【Free】 Cat raising game Cat cafe.
I feel bad for my russian blue. He sits on the back of my chair and gets knocked off every time I lean back.
already adopted a one eyed Russian blue ;)
Adopted this one eyed Russian blue now he thinks he owns this house!
RUSSIA: Victim of anti *** assault says he refuses to go back in the closet
English mastiff titan. corgi named noodle. russian blue named echo bc Arthur is a nerd who loves mythos. idk they're beaut
Bluebell a Russian Blue Cat is missing from the Great Witley area. wearing collar and chipped.
Also, I don't know if Russian Blue allows edits so I just put the name on his shirt. Please don't remove if you plan to use.
Believe she's a Korat. I had originally thought Russian Blue, but Korat seems closer.
I lost a vry special soul who helpd me help u all: my sweet Russian Blue baby Jasmine was 19 yo & she was a fighter! ht…
This Russian *** man has the best response for those who thinks he should stay closeted
The sun is out the sky is blue,there's not a cloud to spoil the view, but not for me, I've seen more clouds of grey than in any Russian play
Russian man, Nikolai Machulyak, feeding a polar bear and his cubs with condensed milk, 1976
i LOVE the lighting at the russian nats drawing event, dramatic blue sci-fi/hokey espionage lighting should be a must from now on
Makes me miss my Russian Blue, Emili. She always loved the Christmas tree. 🐱💔.
CELLO – My present to cellists for Christmas! But dedicated to Russian cellist Ilya Elinson. Free downloads - Enjoy!
Lola, our Russian Blue house cat has just had her annual booster at Rayleigh. Brilliant service, cannot reco…
Barsik, a stunning blue-eyed cat has emerged as the unlikely front runner to be elected for mayor in the Russian city of B…
But for real tho. Russian blue is a super clever cat
I'm sorry, but this isn't a Russian blue cat, or not ? О.о
LIVE - Docking of Russian cargo craft to Pirs at the - view of the US Segment, Cygnus on left https…
My next cat will be a Russian Blue 🐱
📷 seventeen-mingyu: 150726 Seventeen Mingyu at Fansigning Event in Daejeon © russian blue do not edit,...
Joy is a stunning, sweet 3-y/o neutered Russian Blue mix on death row at ACC after his owner was evicted.
Advanced Warefare with the Russian and blue masked man pt4 final video of the series
Lovely & plush Russian blue(ish) boy kitty "Durvall" in Leitchfield KY wants to be your New Year's baby! (Some... http…
Can you find my ex girlfriend katia i have no idea where she went she's not in my year books for some reason white Russian blond blue eyes
Jezebel the lost Silver/Grey Russian Blue Cat was found today in MESA, AZ.
📷 Monika the Russian Blue This was initially a posing and anatomy study but I liked it so much I plan to...
Nusra Front says it downed Russian drones in Syria
Islamic State released a photo of the bomb it said it used to bring down a Russian plane over Egypt
publishes photo of what it says is bomb that downed Russian plane
adorable cat I got a big fuzzy round butterball of a russian blue mancoon cat named BILLY lol MUSIC RULES ANIMALS RULE =)
SHARE. Anyone who would like to foster/adopt this beautiful Russian Blue female.
The Story of "Mischa" rescued from Craigs List. I have a beautiful Russian Blue mix Senior cat named...
That poor Blue. Leave it to the commie to have a Russian tho...
The ISIS online magazine brags about "the IED used to bring down the Russian airliner"
Blue circles mark regime strikes, white circles mark Russian strikes. "Nowhere have attacks been worse than in...
Blue Origin is competing with Aerojet Rocketdyne in a race to build a replacement for Russian rocket engines.
The Islamic State claims it downed Russian plane with bomb in can of soda.
Russian rocket engine shortage fires up Jeff Bezos’ Blue Origin in race to beat Aerojet
Russians strike ISIS during the day, US and France at night: Long-range Russian supersonic bombers carried out...
Egypt claims it's safe after Russian jet crash, but won't call it terror: While Egyptian officials have resist...
ISIL publishes photo it says was the improvised bomb that brought down the Russian plane.
BREAKING: ISIS says this is the bomb that brought down Russian jet
[PREVIEW] 111515 Mingyu at 'BOYS BE' album last fansign (Cr. Russian Blue, Insomnia )
Because they gave some to the neighbour's cat (also a Russian blue) and he loved it so much he kept licking an empty plate XD awww XD
Ginsberg, a Russian Blue in KS, needs a home now! See him on
Polly, a Russian Blue in IL, needs a home now! See her on
The story of Ashbrittle Peter the Great - one of the first Russian Blue cats.
Because it's ugly^10. For superb chic use a darker blue and darker yellow and when in Russia accompany with a Russian flag.
When the owners are away, cats play: Russian blue cats, Anastasia and Boris...
gotta *** like a Russian race horse at the Kentucky derby with a blue truck behind me
# Male and Female Russian Blue kittens for sale:
Herros my name is Heather and I'd like an adorable ragdoll kitten... or russian blue... or Norwegian forest cat... or american wirehair
I want a cute munchkin kitten and name it tipah, a blue russian and name it rogayah & also a ragdoll and name it meon. Cats 😍
Enjoying some blue skies ahead of Russian speakers can find us on VK for the latest
I'm sorry it has come to this... but is your cat a Russian Blue? I live with this one...
Shelter said he’s Russian Blue. We are not quite as sure. Eyes aren’t right color.
West is a beautiful 2-y/o female Russian Blue mix on death row at ACC w/ possible liver failure or FIP.
My Russian blue is the cutest little Kaiser. If
Ooh... The Bengal and Russian Blue are so cute.
really? I think it's common it's crazy I work with this girl she's Russian Haitian & Puerto Rican with blue eyes.. That is UNIQUE
hehe he's supposed to be a blue Russian but he's chubbier than he is supposed to be
You look like a deranged Russian midget
Absolutely. It's traits like that which is why i'm so fond of Russian Blue cats.
They can be Canadian, Russian, American, white, black, green, or blue. He just wants players that don't suck.
Baby Blue Baby Tsar .Grrr Russian Bear !""! TSAR Greed Again! Life is STUpiD auto show up in the Lions den
URGENT: Charles needs a foster or adopter by June 21!. Pictures don't do justice to this handsome Russian Blue... http:…
Huggy Bear is a 10 week old Russian Blue Mix. This sweet boy is up for adoption.
Jim, here's a Russian Blue cat missing near you. Can you share this with others to get the cat home?
Cindy is a spectacular, affectionate 9-month-old female Russian Blue mix dumped at ACC & on death row.
Russian blue mix,check out,such a beauty!
Remember in TopGun when Tom Cruise gave the Russian his "greetings"? . Watch the Blue Angels!.
Awe! This sort of looks like a Russian Blue kitty that I'm wanting to get. :)
Did a Google image search for Russian Blue and it was like Joey's family reunion.
I liked a video from ❤My cute frisky Russian blue mix cat laying and meowing on the
has anyone ever told you you look like George Clooney, my 5-year-old Russian Blue?
is your cat a Blue Russian, or just blue because of the Russian?
Russian blue ^.^ I will be fostering them for a few weeks :D One of my cats already loves…
good looking DEWFRE russian blue kitten for sale.: Description: . good looking DEWFR...
Manx. Bombay. Russian Blue. Munchkin. Scottish Fold. Those are my 5 favorites out of this. But all of them are really cute
Congratulations to former blue who won the Russian Premier League with Zenit today!
*** was playing Russian roulette and one *** dies last night in blue stone
Russia's Putin scores 8 goals in game with NHL veterans: Russian President Vladimir Putin has played in an exh...
Marilyn and a Russian much beauty right there 💙
I do. I've been to Daghestan. Lots of blonde, plenty of blue-eyed people, who aren't Russian.
Russian Gardner Porcelain | Two similar Russian Gardner porcelain bowls, one with blue painted ...
Please Share: Russian Blue possibly and moved from to
So my sister adopted a pit mix & her Russian Blue cat kept owning the poor thing. Parents had to take the dog.
Will be interesting to see how FIFA and UEFA react to the Russian / Montenegro incident. Seems like they have a bit of ablind spot.
Who can resist that Russian Blue smile? . "California, Devore Shelter. Pretty girl came to the shelter scared.
if you're ever interested, try meeting a Russian Blue cat, it is a breed that are said to be hypoallergenic 😊
My girl was happy to see a doc about the Russian hockey team w me tonight. Is it any wonder I love her?! 'What's a blue line?'
What would you name your next/first pet? — Blue Russian Cat: Pepper or Simone. French Bulldog: Frankie. Beagle: Sa...
Russian luxury spending continues to tumble - Global Blue data
Meet Black Singles 300x250
Fun fact of the day: Did you know Russian has no word for "blue" it only has two different words for "light blue" and "dark blue"
Sitting watching vines of russian blue cats, can't wait to see my Rio when I get home
I want a Russian Blue kitten and I'll name him/her Breezy omg
Another activist arrested for 'banned symbol' -- blue & yellow - this time in Russian-occupied Crimea.
Thanks! Yours too, both of them seem so dignified. Is one Russian Blue-ish?
Russia is from Russian people. The Zarina of Russia.Lady Oscar.Steve
Mahabharat Actor had an with a Russian woman
it's a blue Russian, of course the Jamaican guy wins.
The Russian Blue cat is the only breed of cat that has two coats of fur. The overcoat and the undercoat are equally long, making the fur stick out somewhat. The Russian Blue cat is a docile, friendly and reliable cat, who can keep itself entertained. It does however also enjoy a change in environmen…
Does look good fun but being biased we think the British shorthair should be worth more than the Russian blue MOL
There's a 4ft Russian man that I work with and he gives me blue Jolley Ranchers everyday during break. 💙😋
Meet Bonnie Blue..she is a one year old female house trained Russian Blue cat sponsored by Friends of Glynn Animals thanks to your kind donations! She is $25 to adopt which will include her spay, microchip and rabies receipt! Please come by Glynn County Animal Control TODAY and save her precious life!
Why do Russian minions in movies wear faded blue jeans and tacky disco shirts?
Our cat Billy the Russian Blue angora likes to eat plastic wrap and gnaw holes in the rubber daughter needs a new garbage can.
Now playing Union City Blue by Blondie and I am back in my bedroom and the Russian tanks are still rolling into Afghanistan
What a little beauty! Here is my Russian Blue, Caterpillar:
Shadow on his walkies in the snow with buddy Rudy the russian blue cat (who insists on accompanying us - then he...
This gray winter could be made bearable if I had three tiny Russian Blue kittens.
Check out these gorgeous Russian blue brothers that just arrived and are available for adoption this weekend!...
"And a fourtune teller whose name sounded like a Russian swear word." They left out her name after I did such a...
Those eyes! That coat! Meet the quiet, elegant cat that's more gray than blue >>
'Blue Steal' potentials coming straight from Russian profiles.
Finally changed the color of my horrible 💅 into Russian blue🙌
Can you match the manifesto to the Russian protest? – picture quiz: Activist group Blue Rider brought protest ...
Good news is the blue card entitles you to health insurance including dental, bad news is you have to fake a Russian accent
Foto: Pietro Antonio Rotari, 18th century, Portrait of a Russian Girl in a Blue Dress and Headress, Detail
I added a video to a playlist Cats 101 - Russian Blue
Angels Among Us Pet Rescue. Drummer is a short to medium hair 4 month old Russian Blue mix kitten looking for his...
Bought an incredible cobalt blue coat from It's long and sweeping. It gives me an imperial Russian look. Bow before me!
The green eyes of your other cat suggest she was a purebred Russian blue :-)
oh how nice, they both appear to be related or near purebred "Russian Blue" very interesting breed of cats!
Happy Russian bombshell looks SUPER SEXY in that blue thong!
Pietro Antonio Rotari, 18th century, Portrait of a russian girl in a blue dress and headress, Detail
ADOPTABLE KITTENS: These three boys are about 14 weeks old. Terry is the tuxedo, Casey is the Russian-blue mix...
He has the baby face(nickname:)) of mix,solid blue of Russian,huge fluffy mane,long lean body+very long tail.Thank-you(If time)
I forget info+after seeing Russian Blue+Maine *** mix Im extra confused on what my sons cat is.Maybe you can help me out?
BAY RIDGE, BROOKLYN. This cat is a young Russian Blue. He is living in a community garden in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn. A kind man took him to the vet to be neutered but then returned him to the garden. Residents in the area feed him but fear he will not make it through the...
I want a cat 😭 Preferably a Russian Blue or a Scottish Fold 😊
Russian Blue nº1 Tens descendentes russos Cinzas lol
*** my doctor is fine! Russian, tall, tan, dark hair, blue eyes, and has that accent! This white man though 👌
I wrote this while on a 12 hour fishing trip over the holidays but decided to withold since it can be perceived as negative instead of light of truth. Here goes the verifiable truth. Pride or herd of East German men with backpacks converged at venice mcDonald's I shared in 2008 after fall of Berlin wall were hungry for the word of Jesus teachings since no one had evangelized to them behind iron curtain. I met German man like most people were brainwashed by academia, reuters, AP,saw hollywood movies, tv, mandatory grade school field trip to holohoax museum to be brainwashed to believe in jewish holohoax. He heard everything I shared but said, " Then SS shot them in the head if there were no Prussian blue." I told him all those photos we saw are Bolsheviks murdering Russian Christians you can tell by their uniform. SS executed traitors, criminals, treasonous acts, saboteurs. But we have testimonies from tortued SS like Thies Christophersen who served daily at Auschwitz that never heard a shot or witnessed . ...
In a small apartment complex on allapattah area in Miami, 8 stray cats needs to be relocated. Landlord dumped an orange cat in a canal, now two of the sweet black cats, one is limping and the other has a bump in the head with blood. Landlord instructed this male *** tenant who's into voodoo to get rid of the cats. Someone needs to help them before they also get killed like the Orange cat. It was reported to animal services and of course Ofcr. Salgado has done nothing. There are a total of 8 cats needs rescuing or they will be dead soon. These cats appear dead on the property. Remainding cats are 2 black cats, 1 orange & white, 1 Russian blue, 1 cow cat, 1 tuxedo and 1tabby. These are the 3 that weren't accounted for since they haven't come for awhile and look what their destiny await. They help them get out of there. Most are super friendly and easy to pick up, that's what makes it easy for this *** Cops were call and again, nothing can be done.
New color scheme in the cat room, the boys came in the house from the garage last night. They seem to get along well and all need forever homes. The Russian Blue mix girl (~ 6 month old, spayed, all shots, she looks black in this pic) and the tabby boys - orange and grey (about 1-1 1/2 years old, neutered, had all shots, clean bill of health). Contact me or Jade Pork A Hontas and share the post please. Thank you and have a great day!
Don't you think you wanna buy a cat "Russian Blue" in honor of the 2014 Sochi Olympics?
celebrating Russian Christmas with a video call to friends and family and an Orthodox choir in
Shop The Bradford Exchange Online for Patriotic 9/
I have the same cat...Russian Blue,lavender pads.
Bella our russian blue on my knee and I have a coffee to drink that I can't reach :-/
Iconic works by Malevich, rendered in sausage and cheese by Russian artists the Blue Noses.
Did you know that Pabst Blue Ribbon is a Russian beer?.
Hey, I just adopted a cat Friday or Saturday. She used to live about 2 hours away so she's quite far from ... -
Found Cat, in the city! Russian Blue- Grey- short-hair- sweet cat. We believe he may have...
Set de fotos: Int: I brought you a present from Canada. Zayn looks like a Russian mobster idk xDD
Chris Matthews liberal, not my idea of a liberal. Blue dog democrat imo
This handsome guy is up for adoption. He is a 3-year old Russian blue, neutered, and needs to be re-homed.
Soda is a gorgeous, loving 7-y/o female Russian Blue mix to be killed Wednesday at ACC.
MISSING - CAT - GLAZIERS BAY (STH TAS). Missing Russian Blue cat. Male, not desexed or microchipped. 1 year of...
I really want a pair of Russian blue kittens that refuse to leave me alone
what is Russian blue and when does he wear leather and thank you
What is a Russian blue cat, and why have I been getting phone calls for FIVE years now asking if I still have some for sale?
How are that breed? They do look pretty. I thought about getting them but decided on the Russian blue instead
what happened between Fasel, the linesman and Russianon blue line at end of game last nite?
Apparently the Blue Russian Cat is the MOST hypo-allergenic cat breed there is and I'm tempted to try! Can't see my parents allowing it..
The only thing i like about the winter is that my eyes turn greyish blue
Star Dust, a Russian Blue in NJ, needs a home now! See him on
I feel like a Russian when I'm in full blue camo
LOVELY LUCKY. A five year old very friendly Russian Blue mix. He was found wandering Greenpoint, Brooklyn in the...
A looks at me like he has never seen anything more beautiful everytime he sees me. I could be fat, blue, brunette, Russian. He wouldn't care
Kittens For Sale: 6 week old Siamese x Russian Blue kittens, 4 males and 1 female. Sweet, cuddly natured kittens looking for a companion or family to love them. 2 Siamese coloured $110 1 male/1 female. 3 male two toned $85. Please pm me for more details and pictures if necessary.
Bryn Mawr, PA *** GABE & SOPHIE Two BONDED KITTIES Are LOOSING Their HOME. Sept 17 CONTACT NANCY nancyshoudyAngel Network is sometimes asked to help find a home for cats whose owner can't keep them because of a family emergency. Gabe and Sophie are two beautiful cats who are caught in just such a heart-breaking situation. Their owner's grandmother is moving into the home in one week and is highly allergic. The owner is desperate to find a home for her beloved cats. Pictures of the kitties have been on CAN's website for months, but time is running out, and no adoptive family has stepped forward. Gabe (white domestic long hair) is playful and “dog like." He is great with kids. He greets guests as they enter the home and will happily sit on the floor during a party to be a part of the festivities. Sophie, a Russian Blue, is a quiet kitty who avoids a crowd but will happily curl up on your lap for hours or sleep at your feet all night long. Gabe and Sophie love each other dearly. We are seeking a caring *** ...
Pictures of ALEX a Russian Blue for adoption in Cleveland, TN who needs a loving home.
I want a Russian Blue Mix kitten/cat for my birthday this year... I have had a great one in my life, I want another... where are my resourceful friends?
We currently have an older male cat in with us. He was handed in yesterday after straying around the west end area for the last 6 months to a year. Possibly has Russian blue in him. 8 years old and up. Please contact us with any information or you think he may be yours.
what's the name of your Russian blue?
What's that incredible iPad game that sent Rufus crazy called? My colleague's just adopted a gorge Russian Blue, is after tips!
Today's feature plant is the beautiful Russian Blue Sage in the Reading Garden. Not only is it beautiful and...
Do you know me? This Russian Blue, Female cat was brought in from South Lyon area. ID# 287501. If this is your...
This really looks like a Russian Blue/British Shorthair mix. Anyone!
Beautiful Cat, Russian Blue, Gold eyes - FREE to good home. (UNITED STATES, Walkersville)
nicee i went for a white russian and blue velevet ☝ did you do the 2for1 thing?! We were there! Which one were you at
Sleepy cat This was taken while my cat “”mars”” was napping. Mars is a Russian Blue - clemonsbrent
LOST: 2yr Russian Blue - Oliver Square123 Street Northwest, Edmonton jumped out of a damaged window from the 4...
Oswald would be a turkish angora, Kadeen would be a bombay, Anton would be a ragdoll and Beppe a russian blue. Wilfrid is a dog
Blue paint water again, from painting Blue Russian cats and night skies!
Russian bath house with blue ice one day soon. My first time. But excited
Also, those are some awesome patriotic authentic traditional Russian blue jeans.
my teacher, secular Russian Jewish lady, made the example. But it's not like there aren't blonde haired blue eyed Jews in the world
Russian soldiers hanging in there with the blue and white striped undershirts.
He's a Russian Blue that I rescued, along with his brother.
...but send any Russian queries my way.
i hate when ppl think ur either Russian or German just because u have blonde hair and blue eyes, smh
Meet adorable little Jude. He's about 9 weeks old and is a medium hair, Russian Blue mix. He was found in the...
More from yesterday's Farm Field Trip include a shot of one of gorgeous Blue Russian potatoes!
Baby Blanket Russian Matryoshka in Pink blue by GaranceCouture via
Researching both adoptable Russian Blue cats and English teaching jobs in South Korea, I have conflicting desires.
Chelsea is the rabbit my dear Loki because it is a Russian short haired blue * laughs*
J'adore Dior! Sweet Russian Blue mix with golden eyes and a heart of gold to match! Dior has chubby cheeks, but a... ht…
AP Analysis: Pushed against the wall over Ukraine, Putin may opt for even tougher course: For Russian Presiden...
Can't wait to pick up my new baby russian blue once I'm moved in. New place, new life, new beginnings... I will always love you boris
An apple a day keeps Putin away: Poles protest Russian food ban with humor online: Poles are posting photos of...
Jasmin, a Russian Blue in MD, needs a home now! See her on
See Angel's story & photos the Russian Blue from North Carolina at
Another beautiful Russian Blue, Missy is one GREAT kitty. Come meet this beauty!
Bruce, Australian Capital Territory: We have 2 Russian Blue cats who are indoor only. We'd like a sitter to st...
How do these Russian players get away with blue tape on white socks?! Can't even get away with that in the Boston league.
Russian shirts are bad. Dark blue-light blue-white gradient? Yuck. Makes the USA’s popsicle shirts better by comparison.
The gilt domes of the Russian Orthodox church look stunning against the bright blue sky!
Is the Russian kit the tournament's blandest? Insipid-blue on pale-blue on white. Even the red numbers look washed out.
Pearce: will Russia's players be bored like England's?. Probably not: the Russian lads probably know how to read.
that gradient of blue on the Russian top looks very nice
I didn't tell you guys about the Russian/Syrian guy I met. He was really nice. + his eyes were so blue
Beautiful. Has he/she got any Russian Blue in the blood? Gorgeous colour.
My Russian accent is spot on! I'm not, can't you see my straight, silky, silver, long hair and blue/purple/brown eyes?
Putin calls for compromise in Ukraine: Russian President Vladimir Putin has urged both sides in the Ukrainian ...
Putin calls for compromise in Ukraine that respects rights of Russian-speakers in the east: Russian President ...
Gorgeous russian blue abandoned male is looking for a loving home. He's at the CSAF sanctury right now. Pls contact them direct if anyone will give this chap a home. He's very sweet. I nearly came home with him myself !
Another exclusive: the sky is blue.
Russia's military forces adopted new symbol of a red, white and blue five-pointed star.
Newman discovered he loves cherrios today, LOL! He's my Russian blue boy
So why no coverage on this . Do we need to be Russian to get UK news ?
Half my family looks Russian they have blue eyes and blonde hair
I had a crazy dream today. I dreamed that I worked in my hospital's emergency room, and instead of giving people meds to make them feel better, we gave out Russian blue kittens. I'm not sure whether I've been working too much, or watching too many cat videos, or what.
Have a blue Russian cat, was a bit of a *** as a kitten, picking fights w/ other cat. Named him Domi
aw so sweet 😀I think he might be, he's one of many I always brought home,my first ever cat was silver Russian blue, loved her!
Beautiful (and DELICIOUS) Russian blue kale from garden Thanks, Sally Jo!
The Russian Blue is a cat breed that has a silver-blue coat. They are very intelligent and playful, but tend to be shy around strangers. They develop close bonds with their human companions and are sought out as pets due to their personalities and coat. Some Russian Blues have a small puff of fur ab…
Jasper is an adult male who looks a lot like a Russian blue cat. He is very handsome lad and would love to have...
Darla, a sweet young russian blue kitty, whose babies have just weaned found her fur-ever home today at our...
Breed: Russian Blue. If you are looking for a gentle, quiet, intelligent cat, you may have found your match with...
You know the BBC is finished when you have to go to Russian news outlets for information about your own country.
Im from the blue side. Where they do right. & We catch cases an buss em. We got dat brown ting and dat loud pack. White girl NO RUSSIAN
Certainly one of the most dangerous animals, as no anti-venom exists for it. The Blue Ringed Octopus. ~
blue-yellow-red on tank?. Also on Russian side of border crossing:.
Meet Smokey, a 3 month old male Russian Blue available for adoption for free today @ the St. George animal shelter.
Adorable babies!!! The Russian blue even has her adoption fee donated. :-)
Awww that's sweet. I used to have a russian blue named Mortimer.
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