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Russian Blue

The Russian Blue is a cat breed that has a silver-blue coat. These cats are known to be highly intelligent and playful, but tend to be timid around strangers.

( All pics/videos posted belong to their respectable owners. S4S's and rps are more than welcome. ) Blue Star is a young male Russian Blue cat. He is a stray cat due to not being able to trust many humans anymore after having a horrible owner. He ran away from his old home and made a new home away...
HAWKES is a beautiful Russian Blue boy who is ready to be loved and give love. This boy will steal your heart. Hawkes is very outgoing and playful. He loves to be petted. He gets along great with other kitties and dogs too! He is not afraid in...
Will someone adopt a Russian Blue cat for me and deliver it to my dorm?
Does kerrey really believe global warming more dangerous than north Korean and iranian nukes? More than Russian and Chine…
*** COURTESY POSTING *** Please NOte... THIS IS JUST A PHOTO OF BLACK AND WHITE KITTENS These are all rescued cats and kittens... Some are strays, owner surrenders, and some come from shelters. 4 Kittens, 8 weeks old, Russian Blue/DHS Black. 3 females and 1 male 2 have double paws. 3 kittens that are black and white, and 1 blue and white. They all are UTD on their shots, de-wormed and have had their flea meds. Their adoption fee is $50.00 They are located in Vernon CT If interested in the kittens, please contact RJ at savingall2013
On the bright side, Russian names are fun to say.
Animal updates: 1) Ben is beginning to play again, and is mostly eating on his own. He is also fighting having to take his medicine...usually a very good sign. Hopeful that he is finally on the mend. Continued positive energy for his emotional as well as physical recovery is most appreciated. 2) Two kitties went into foster care in the past few days: Little Missy, the gorgeous long-haired tortoiseshell kitten, is now in foster care with one of our regular fosters, Annie; and Aggie, the long-haired Russian blue rescued from around AGCO, is now with Katja and her family while she looks for an indoor home. 3) We had the pleasure of caring for Mo and Princess this past weekend, two of the babies taken from their feral mother to the pound last fall, and who are now a little over six months old. These two gray long-haired sweeties are going to be BIG kids once they are full-grown. Thinking they may have some Maine *** in their makeup. Their foster mom picked them back up tonight. (Their two brothers have alrea ...
In wish my sister had fb...she loves Russian blues! Well so do I!
Here's a shot of Bamboo Zen Tea - French Green Clay and Bamboo Activated Charcoal swirled soap - and the three new clay soaps - Mango Vanilla Tropics with Brazilian Purple Clay, Pink Jasmine Musk with French Rose Clay, and White Rose Bergamot with Russian Blue Clay!
maybe we should just mix Russian bear 5000 with blue Belgian cow milk ???
Despite the name, it's not certain that Russian Blue came from Russia:
Is anyone in Santa Cruz / San Jose area who has Russian Blue dumbo rexes? Someone wanted to buy some pets from me but I live in sac- I dont know how they found my ad, but I figured I'd ask around for them
Are grains our most important energy source, or do they make us fat?. My two beautiful Russian blue cats are...
My adorable Russian Blue Cat (Figaro) won't let me go to bed and when I finally fall asleep he wakes me up at 4:00am. Do you think if I give him some Tuna today he will have pity on me tonight …
Philadelphia PA: Sheba was a beautiful Russian Blue mix who ONLY 33 shares and was not even networked for 3...
Big B is now available for adoption! This male Russian Blue is 5yrs old. Learn more at
A Found Russian Blue Cat that was reported as found in Cecil Hills,2171 Sydney
one of the blue eyed children made of clouds and Reese's speaks Russian MY HEART CAN'T HANDLE THIS
should I get ruby woo or Russian red as blue-based complement to lady danger hmm
he unfortunately isn't, just a domestic short hair. My 18 year old kitty Salem who died last spring was a Russian blue though!
when you say in russian I feel blue, you mean you feel *** ;)
Destiny Ballard don't know if it's a Russian Blue
Hey i heard four of the russian hockey guys are columbus blue jackets
Photo: Artisan crafted natural vegan soap scented with White Rose Bergamot, made with Russian Blue Clay and...
Very handsome Russian blue kitty at Cleveland, TN shelter is on death row and very urgent! Please save this boy!
Its just discovered I can probably have a Russian Blue cat as they produce less of the protein that I'm allergic to. Just need to save up...
Russian ban on lacy lingerie meets cries of panty persecution: A trade ban on lacy lingerie has Russian consum...
White Rose Bergamot is young and contemporary, blended with white damask roses and Italian bergamot to create a...
I will have a few kittens available to pet homes in approx 7/8 weeks time, same sex pairs/trios only, 1 Chocolate doe 1 Chocolate buck 1 Black doe 1 Black buck 1 Russian Blue doe 1 Russian Blue buck Please message me for more information. Picture albums will be created and updated regularly.
Salmon socks & blue pieces also up on the Russian site
So excited to get my doberman pup and russian blue kitteh :)
A Russian composer once berated Gershwin to his face for Gershwin's technical flaws in Rhapsody in Blue. Might have been funny.
Ok today has been an hard working day... Home is almost finished and we are happy :) Tomorrow we will meet again Tamara and we are looking for to see her ;) This week will be dedicated to Russian Blue friends...
Cat sketch Unisex Tank Top by KLoJones via Cute Russian Blue kitty tank top on my S6 page :)
This is what happen when Russian hockey player corrupted with america. They soft. Life not all blue jeans, cheese burger…
This boy is the last from Tigerstripes litter he is a Russian blue Berkshire very sweet and loving
First of three Russian ice dance teams out on the ice. Who spots some red, white and blue flags?
I have cat might it is korat cat. but other people said it like russian blue. so, what is difference of korat and russian blue?
The only way to see clear blue sky this russian winter days. Flight from Moscow to Samara.
Remember Soviet ban on blue jeans? Now Russian customs union will enforce ban on lace panties via
oh! *** I should have recomended that Russian company I booked. Awesome folks! Boss guy used to be a former Aeroflot IL76 cpt.
Photo: "My name is Boris. I am a Russian Blue and I am currently 4 years old. I was rescued off the streets...
ThIs is Lazer...he's 3 years old, slender and looks like a Russian Blue. He's very friendly and is usually a homebody. If anyone's seen him (Around Hazelbrook, Hall Parade, Red Gum area near the school). If you see him, please inbox me. Thanks.
Russian-owned group of Vietnamese restaurants is to open a branch in London. Viet Cafe has taken the former Blue Lagoon site on Haymarket
I think my lil blue *** kicking Russian Cheburashka is gonna make a big juicy BLT... out of that bacon.
Who would win in a fight??? my Russian blue bear or this slab of bacon
The Russian blue cat is a popular breed among Australian cat lovers for its elegant appearance, regal air and friendly demeanour.
Amazing to meet Russian legend earlier on. Top guy. Thanks for chatting with CNN.
The russian skip in womens curling has incredible blue eyes. Now I know what they mean by eye's popping with right eyeliner.
Krystalize sounds like a Russian upgraded version of Crystal meth
Drinks so far tonight. Mesadori sour, cran vodka, screw driver. , blue hawain , White Russian , sex on the beach 😲
My name is Russian of Latin and Hebrew orgin
I am a large fan of the russian curling team...the green and blue eyes glowing off the ice.yummy Mostly the brown eyed skip though
He's a Russian blue .. I paid so much for his fat but 😘
And all the Russians I've seen have amazing blue eyes maybe I'll get me a Russian 😏
Timmy, the blind in 1 eye 7 year old kitty, is in danger of being euthanized. Please help this Russian Blue...
Looks like my precious Nyla, Russian Blue sweetie.
😍 my Russian blue kitty is a badass.
LOST: "Meech" in the Munno Para West area 17/2/14. male, Russian Blue, missing from stebonheath road. please...
'Russian blue' 'Exotic shorthair' 'Savannah' What i wanna know is, why do cat breeds sound like body sprays?
Saw a strange blue/green shooting star streak across the sky earlier... Now I just read about a Russian satellite due to burn up tonight!
This girl is 100% Puerto Rican and she looks like a blond haired, blue-eyed Russian.
New Russian kit has design of earth as seen by Gagarin from space (the light blue semi circle) …
I named a cat of mine Tolstoy because he was a Russian Blue, and because Leo was a lion of a writer. Happy Birthday Count Lev Tolstoy!
oh wow those are so pretty! My mom's orange cat is half Russian Blue and he has the coat and it's amazing
“What?”sexy Russian booty, rushing around, like a blue ***
Cat ON a hat. Pocus is so awesome and photogenic! A Russian Blue who just loves the kitchen table!…
FYI, my cat doesn't ignore me. He won't leave me alone! He's a Russian Blue.
Blue Rain - "9:30 p.m." track of the Russian project called Orenburg 9:30 pm. Full of energy and melodic trance...
that's why I'm getting a cat. It's a Russian blue, and I'm gonna name it Igor the Destroyer.
Attentive soul needs home right now. This (now) neutered Russian Blue male jumped into my home from the frigid...
New russian blue cat at my our cuz house
Are you a Russian blue Demi lovato ?
Russian blue and fennec fox kittens for xmas (Atlanta): Russian blue and fennec fox kittens for xmas Am giving...
that's Jay. He's my boy & my best pal. He's a long hair Russian Blue. He's 15yo. He hates cameras. Once in a lifetime photo
Drunk old lady on the train is making fun of a Russian Lady with blue fingernails
Poplavok (Russian restaurant on the water) | Ira Sm. Beautiful blue branding PD
Stan the 9 year old Russian Blue loves his new catnip mouse bought at The Supreme for him!
Russian blue nearly as gorgeous as my Russian Vitali xx
is the one on the right a Russian blue
she is a Russian blue . She's called kisa
I sent my girl in NY a great Blue Russian cat. That cat is so loving his life now. Nice to make a family so happy
Their mum is Siamese, dad is Russian blue. 2 dark ones, 4 grey & white ones
Missey is now available for adoption! This female Russian Blue is 6yrs 2mths old. Learn more at
Sexy *** Russian chick on criminal minds right now dark hair blue eyes accent everything
Getting a Russian blue when I get my own spot..
cheers.and answerable to a Russian Blue!
Somewhere up there today, a Russian Blue is rolling on an olive. Miss you Thor.
*** rights protester stopped by Russian police while posing with this banner
A term "blue" ocasionally means *** in Russian. Its ethymology is still unknown, however, it's said that it's from an opera.
Can I have a tiny wee Russian Blue kitten for my Christmas please
Softball Rampage - Free Return Shipping
He's Russian Blue - non sneezy-making, so good for the allergic sorts :)
The perfect striped tee - Blue Russian Tee by KNUCKLEHEAD SHIPPING CO. restocked today. Loads of new designs in...
so you beleive an infinite amount of things. Is there a invisible cat behind you? Rat? Blue dog? Russian unicorn?
I have 3 russian tortoises lol named Maize, Blue and Daisy
The Russian Blue of a favorite cat and the photograph diary were updated. .  
Since everyone is linking you cat pics, I guess I will too. :3 This is Demetre, my Russian Blue.
I moved up the street to Russian Hill. Happy, now!? (@ Blue Barn Gourmet)
Trying to talk my honey into a Russian Blue... I really want one...
Everyone needs a cat in their life. How about a Russian Blue.
I thought Kazimir Malevich was Russian, not Swedish! Read about a painterly visit to 1915 on http…
save my ankles being attacked,another cross Russian Blue to play with Rapha the Cat
My lecturer said my parents should let me have a Russian Blue. I think you should listen to her, she's basically God.
Russian blue kitten playing dead when wearing a Santa costume.Clearly doesn't like the Christmas season.
funniest Russian Blue kitten plays dead in Santa costume
watch this video of a Russian Blue kitten playing dead when wearing a Santa costume. So funny
can I tell you guys about the cute blonde hair blue eyed 19 year old russian boy in my uni class
school is boring and I only look forward to it because we get to use our laptops and I have a cute russian boy in my class who has blue eyes
Recently I have been around more cats than I have dogs. The most significant is Bella. She's a Russian Blue with attitude. I have a scar across the back of my hand to prove it. Dogs have been bred to be many shapes and sizes. From the tiny to the gargantuan. The Chihuahua to the Irish Wolfhound. Cats, on the other hand, are pretty much the same size. There are differences in color and hair, but size doesn't vary much. I realized that this is because cats are WILD ANIMALS living in our homes. If there was a house cat the size of an Irish Wolfhound, its owners would be dead. A meal. Cats don't care about us. There are reasons that there aren't any Seeing Eye Cats, Watch Cats, Police Cats, Search And Rescue Cats. Cats. Sheesh.
Had a great time today with Tina and Gordon at his parents' house. We got to meet his sister, Heidi, who has an adorable King Charles Cavalier Spaniel named Mallory. Then his brother, Josh, and his fiancee and their adorable son, Elijah, who was too cute :) Then Josh's fiancee's sister & her husband and finally, Gordon's parents, Mary and Roger. Oh, but we can't leave out the other family members, Maverick - the new puppy, Ivan - the Main *** cat, & finally Julia, the Russian Blue cat. Heidi made some awesome chili and usually, I don't eat chili :) It was tasty! Then we retired to the living room to chill out and talk. We headed home around 6pm but got stick in a 1 hour traffic jam on I5 where we only went 4 miles during that time. We thought it was traffic from the Tacoma Dome because there was a game that started at 7pm but nope...don't know what it was lol Usually it takes an hour to get from Gordon's house to his parents (or vice versa) but this trip turned into 2 hours lol Finally made it home, afte ...
I want to get a Russian Blue kitten and name him Abu Nazir.
Anyone near Park La Brea/Miracle Mile area: If you see a Russian Blue cat with a cone on his neck, he's mine. Please hit me up.
Katie Manning doesn't this remind you of Joey ? A Russian Blue at the Potter League.
This big guy is Jay. He is a Russian Blue, long hair cat. He is nearly 14 years old. He loves me and I love him. He is the best pet a person can ask for. He says "Hello everyone".
Here comes another crazy busy weekend. FOF is spreading it's self a little thin.adoption and cleaning the sanctuary on Sunday! Good thing for us we have some awsome help from a great Girl Scout troop that will be helping with the clean up. THANKS girls! Adoptions will be at Petco in Lex.Park from 11-5. New kittens making their debute- Russian Blue mix, Black, Moo Cow- are just to name a few.
Smokey is an absolutely gorgeous Russian Blue who is just two years old. He was dumped at the shelter because it seems he was not getting along with another cat in the household. His "owner" only had him for three months and just completely gave up on him. Smokey is a handsome fella who will surely flourish in a loving home where he will be appreciated and adored. Please give this guy the chance he needs and deserves. Contact a rescue group to save Smokey's life.
TAMPA FLORIDA -- READ BELOW AND SHARE TO SAVE THIS RUSSIAN BLUE BOY NAMED GARY!Florida people and nearby cat lovers, rescuers, etc., urgent post for lovely Russian Blue lookalike in imminent danger of euthanasia: f you can help, please do so quickly: [url]Me ID: 13-05-18-00175 Russian Blue Mix Age: Young Adult Compatibility: Good with Most Cats Personality: Average Energy, Average Temperament Health: Neutered, Vaccinations Current This is an URGENT SITUATION. I am posting this link of a GORGEOUS Russian Blue named Gary, he is currently in Hillsborough County. He came into the shelter with his cat buddy Benny, a black and white cat, but Benny came down with an infection and was put down this morning. Gary is really missing his longtime companion. Gary is at high risk to be destroyed as well, possibly on this Sunday morning May 19 (check his post at the link below to see if this is extended). Very sweet calm cool cat. Unknown if he purebred or not, I have not seen his chart. He may be a mix, but looks and a ...
Tinsel is a stunning four year old female Russian Blue with gorgeous and expressive eyes. She entered the shelter as a stray but this girl is more likely someone's pet who was abandoned or lost. Tinsel earned an awesome average behavior rating with her sniffs and rubs. This doll is facing death tomorrow because she caught the dreaded shelter cold. Please welcome Tinsel into your home and heart tonight. Give this great gal the new beginning she deserves!
OMFG. Could someone please breed me a Munchkin with a Russian Blue? And give me the hypoallergenic offspring if any...
Russian remake (4 episodes) of Rambo First Blood. The film is absolutely mental. Liked it more than the original
We are with a black russian with a blue dream that he was trained by splinter and gandolf.
Hangover...apparently I can drink Vodka like a Russian. Aleve, where are you, you blue magic pills?
I gotta *** like a russian race horse at a kentucky durby with a blue truck behind it.
This solid gray cat, a Russian blue named Russ, is ready for his forever home. All he wants to do is lie in your...
/rolls in whispers mickayla u need to have a russian blue w golden eyes and name it Chen /rolls out
Not really anything but I do want a russian blue kitten SO BAD
Harry Potter waiting for his new home. Russian blue mix @ Super Adoption in White Plains NY
Just figured out 's breed is called a Russian Blue
7th May is important day for Russian jonatic! It's we wear blue ribbons.
Blue Russian cats are always so happy & relaxed. Rafiki loves to lounge.
Blue and silver Russian spiral rope necklace - Folksy via
Photo: catp0rn: Russian Blue Cat Called Blue by geckosoup on Flickr
Russian blue momma with one baby was in the back room now moved to the front please share !!
Chartreux + Russian Blue - One with orange and one with emerald.gorgeous...both
Can someone give me a Corgi puppy or a Russian Blue kitten or a Siamese kitten or a hedgehog for my birthday? Or books...
I just want to gobble her up, that face is too much of cute! is she Russian Blue ?
: "The white russian eating blue cheese."
“The blue Russian eating white cheese and we're stuck with local veggies.
The blue russian just ate white cheese. What a trip!
The blue Russian eating white cheese
I really really really want a Russian Blue.
Love the kitty! My mums gorgeous Russian Blue cat.
Sure, Mischief was a Burmese kitty but people always thought she was a Russian blue and it looks sort of like her :(
I want a cat. Specifically a Russian Blue.
iDownloader pro. It's a black arrow with a blue background
Our other cat Dorian is a Russian Blue mix and he's got pretty eyes too (tannish - gold)
Aww! Gizmo looks just like my old Russian Blue cat that died a year ago. His name was Tobby.
New battle! Bob, the Russian blue, yaws about his boring life.
and whilst on a Russian tip, absolutely loved reading your Yellow Blue Tibia novel. Brilliant work.
props to the fiddler in last night's blue grass band wearing a Russian Circles t-shirt!
Nightmares of the bottom, russian roulette, blue jeans "3 favorite song's ?
cant look at the picture whilst i type but what i can remember. Birman, persian, russian blue, bobtail, another birman,
My Russian Blue, Qui, would do that when he ate cheese. Had to leave the room.
"Did you hear that a red Russian ship collided with a blue British ship. The sailors where all marooned!" Thanks dad 😂
From "The cat in the picture is my Russian Blue, Boris. The picture is from 2009, and he turns fou...
I think that this russian blue + Scottish fold kitty is in love with me! Look at her eyes~~~ so…
Also on Russian photographer chronicles his daughter's life with Russian Blue cat: Brilliant!
Now that Jabhat-Al-Nusra = AlQuaeda, Assad has a fair chance to win 2014 elections - w/ UN support and Russian blue helmets.
I want a Russian blue haired cat so bad 😩
Places to visit before I graduate: Blue Door Pub. Russian Art Museum. Maybe I should visit the Walker again.
Checked on plants. Looking like champs. Northern lights blue and some russian snow!!
Gourmet Burger Fest is on! Try our Black & Blue with blue cheese crumble, lettuce, tomato, red onion, pickles and Russian dressing
I wanna own a Russian Blue cat but they can't live in singapore. Found another reason to leave this country 😃
Oh I get those too. AND Russian brides. I'm running low on the little blue pills though.
blonde hair and blue eyes!Get grip Russians we live in multi cultural society not in soviet era!Im Russian & I was born in Kazakhstan too
The Russian space jammies also come in blue, as seen in our March 15-21 Mission Blog:
NHL Stanley Cup Memorabilia from The Bradford Exchange Online
does Anyone ANYONE have a Russian Blue Cat (Gray, thin Coatfur, green eyes,Male ) that can b given/$oled to Me?! lol
Anonymous asked: If you were a cat, would you be a Russian Blue? :33
I think she's actually a Korat; she doesn't have a Russian Blue face...
is that a russian blue? at least I think that's what it's called. A roommate of mine used to have one named Doom :)
Russian fans are believed to be responsible for daubing 'Rafa Out' in big letters on the team bus before the game against Rubin. - DM
I have a question for everyone, Russian Blue kitten or serval kitten
Mistress Vanessa Blue and Mistress Paulina is at Russian restaurant...
Apr. 12 Russian Cosmonaut Day: Off we go, into the wild blue yonder! -
what's Russian tea?? And Becca I'm defo getting some blue wkds!!
Photo: mugenstyle: eccecorinna: wrathofprawn: for those not in the know, night witches were russian lady...
Taking time out of chomping to clean my boo-tiful Russian Blue fur
Had lunch with Russian Bankers who just cannot believe these death party's for Mrs T. They said we should cover them in blue dye.
my cat is a RUSSIAN blue which just makes me love him even more
Mars Eats Probes: Russian amateurs may have found the lost Mars 3 Lander.
Though I think there is some documentation about it, in Russian there's a different word for light blue vs. blueblue
Phantom the lost Silver/Grey Russian Blue Cat was found today in EL MIRAGE, AZ.
Like Russian Roulette. Ooh... red pill, blue pill. Which one will he choose? *reaches for popcorn* Can't wait to see! ;-)
Daughters Russian Blue cat . Another photo taken by
He left me in the room, with purple tea.. He left me, at Red Russian, rushing to dive in his sea. I am blue as can be, he's yellow free
It's happened! I finally have a kitten! Lily, she is part Russian blue part rag doll!
oh lordy, is that a Russian Blue in front?
So i've made up my mind to also get a fat fluffy male cat aside from a female russian blue and i think i'll name him sasquatch 🐱
a White Russian to toast our Russian Blue... Niko
This Van Nuys, CA doll kitty has the plush look and sweet demeanor of the Russian blue! Julie needs help So-Cal...
Space Pajamas: Russian-made and stylish, 2-tone blue with white socks. What all the astronauts are wearing this year.
Cammy is a Russian Blue looking for love.
Oh My Ham 💖 one of my favorites of your brood as I believe I mentioned that I had a Russian Blue cat as a young girl. Lovely pic!
omg it a blue Russian ?? Very loyal and loving..mine is the best cat I ever had
I'll give you a clue or two. Their team plays in London. Wear blue. Owned by a Russian. Probably Nazis.
I go to get my facial and im greeted by a huge Russian woman with blue eyeshadow up to her eyebrows
Thomas Kinkade Collectibles from The Bradford Exchange Online
Russian. Makes sense since her breed is called Russian Blue... It all makes perfect since now
All I want is a Blue Russian kitty named Paprika
I use the Russian soldier with the blue camo or 006
Was hoping that I'd get an American cab driver but instead I got a sexy Russian with beautiful blue eyes! I'll take it! ;)
russian cloisonne bowl red, pink, blue, yettalass at Bonanza.
she got them for free!! I know I want a Russian blue or a white Persian kitten. Lets go kitty shopping one day lol
I'll be a Russian Blue cat with an indigo scarf!
"Most cabs in Addis are these rickety Russian Lada cars. Quite an experience » all blue,
omg same! I have the three russian blue (gray ones), two tiger, and a long haired calico. I just really love cats idk...
"I don't speak Russian. Or communist. I speak red white and blue"
Got that loud blue afghan gold kush for the elloo
"""Rep that mf red flag like a Russian." Naw cuz".rep it" Not blue not true..
What race are you? Blacks: black Whites: 2% greek, 9.1 german, .032 russian 92 irish & 100% blue eyed devil Asian people: not Chineese
My dad just made an appointment to meet a russian blue cat breeder for this weekend!!! Ndjdidjdbdbf
I just need a baby Russian Blue to call my own. Meow
Scottish folds and russian blue cats.
I want a blue Russian cat and name her Luna 😸🌙
You had to see it to believe it blue Russian hat & deer antler hair piece only vanfashionweek
Russian Blue kitten reflecting with a pink Gerber Daisy
.buddy is a Maine *** cat, Freddie is a Russian Blue mix.:) have a purrfect evening!
Have you seen a russian blue? Their fur looks so nice and i want one
I think it's cause he's Russian or something.. And who's Chelsea? Like is she having sex with all those blue people?
is very much like a Russian Blue cat,but the face of the British shorthair cat is more plump, right?
Realy want a blue Russian kitten and a beagle puppy :(
Aaaawww! :3 You have a beautiful Russian Blue cat :D and is he very affectionate?!?!
See how our Russian Darkling wears the Silver Tarsier Ring with Blue Topaz
Russian Doll Utensil sets are now in store, sadly the red & blue versions were damaged in transit, but no fear we...
When I grow up, I'll buy a Russian blue kitten.
Well spotted! :) I think those are two Russian Blue cats, but their color is the same as Dotty's.
I dont want to edit my paper I dont even want to look at it I feel blue Im pretty sure this is how people get involved w/ Russian literature
I always have my Russian Blue kitten called Bella in it :3
There is a new kitty in town and his name is Ivan! He is a hansome Russian Blue mix, only 7 or 8 months old and...
I'm Chiblet, a 4 month old Russian Blue kitten looking for a new home.
I will. Make sure you punch a blue's supporter, if you punch anyone!
I miss my lil blue eyed ruthless grandpa and his Russian prison stories 😭
I'm going to try blue russian potatoes for the first time... but im really excited about oxheart tomatoes and gooseberries!
aw…..pretty kitties! Is the one on the left a Russian Blue?
Our Russian blue cat is falling asleep during our Russian movie watching. She has the right idea
If you say "yellow blue bus" really fast, it supposedly sounds like "I love you" in Russian.
This is Baby Bullet. 9 month old Russian Blue. Soft as a rabbit!
we have a Russian Blue. I swear if she was any bigger she would eat us
watching a show on Hulu called Endgame... genius mystery solving type of thing. Gotta say, I do love me a Russian accent. Especially paired w/ blue eyes. I know how to keep myself entertained.
I want a russian blue.. they look so grumpy aha!
Create the excitement you want in your life: pour out two glasses of blue curaçao and one glass of windex brand glass cleaner, move them around like that game with the cups. Drink. You are playing Russian Drink Roulette!
TONIGHT'S SPECIALS: Buffalo Chicken Nachos Tri color tortilla chips smothered with melted cheddar jack cheese, then topped with chopped scallions, diced tomatoes, crispy fried chicken and our buffalo sauce, served with blue cheese dressing The Blue NY Sirloin A tender 12oz NY Sirloin steak grilled to your liking topped with a blue cheese mushroom cream sauce, served over a bed of our cheddar mashed potatoes & steamed vegtables. Spicy Bolognese Our homemade, spicy Bolognese meat sauce is presented with sautéed vegetables, parmesan cheese and fresh orecchiette pasta and served with a garlic bread stick. Corned Beef Pasty Sliced corned beef is topped with sauerkraut, Swiss cheese and Russian dressing before being stuffed into our pasty pie crusts and baked to a golden brown. Served with a side of fresh sautéed vegetables, cheddar mashed potatoes, & beef gravy. Country Fried Chicken Country style breaded and fried chicken on the bone, served with our chicken gravy and roasted red bliss potatoes, with a side ...
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What was your first alcoholic drink?
*ending cut short on youtube upload* An assassin is about to make the kill when a hitman tries to drug him. Things go sour, but for who?. Entry film for I...
I would love to have a Russian Blue but .
Chelsea Football Club (pron.:/ˈtʃɛlsiː/) is an English football club based in Fulham, London. Founded in 1905, they play in the Premier League and have spent most of their history in the top tier of English football. Their home is the 41,837-seat[2]Stamford Bridge stadium, where they have played sin...
I adore how my students share their discoveries with me. Today once stumbled across Nazim Hikmet: THINGS I DIDN'T KNOW I LOVED Nazim Hikmet it's 1962 March 28th I'm sitting by the window on the Prague-Berlin train night is falling I never knew I liked night descending like a tired bird on a smoky wet plain I don't like comparing nightfall to a tired bird I didn't know I loved the earth can someone who hasn't worked the earth love it I've never worked the earth it must be my only Platonic love and here I've loved rivers all this time whether motionless like this they curl skirting the hills European hills crowned with chateaus or whether stretched out flat as far as the eye can see I know you can't wash in the same river even once I know the river will bring new lights you'll never see I know we live slightly longer than a horse but not nearly as long as a crow I know this has troubled people before and will trouble those after me I know all this has been said a thousand times before and will be said after ...
MARCH 12, 2013: India has the means right now to destroy Italy's largest cities -- Rome and Milan are the largest and should be destroyed -- and India's nuclear forces should do so without any reference to India's civilian government or any other preliminaries while prepared to destroy Washington, New York and RAW simultaneously in case of any noises or intervention from these quarters. Alternatively -- this is the better alternative -- India's nuclear forces should proceed to directly destroy Washington, New York and RAW simultaneously, without destroying the Italian cities, with a warning that additional U.S. cities will be similarly destroyed, with nuclear warheads already emplaced in them, if there is any retaliation. FEBRUARY 10 - March 11, 2013: Through the Afzal Guru hanging, the Congress Party is preparing for Narendra Modi as the next prime minister through CIA-mandated early elections followed by nuclear tests that will eliminate surprise and forestall the simultaneous nuclear destruction of W . ...
Absolutely! He is very jealous of the Russian Blue in the ads! He wants to be the next
I really want one of these. A Russian Blue cat. 😍
hy guys, which type of clips would you like see tomorrow on Wednesday ?? kindly post your choice below ..
Roses are red, violets are blue.. Vodka costs less than dinner for two. *Some guys!*
FREE TO A GOOD HOME Hey pals, the photo below is of me and Aaron's little kitty, Luna. This was taken when she was 6 weeks old, but she's about 8 months now. She's a Siamese and Russian Blue mix with a lot of personality. She currently lives at Aaron's house right now, but he is moving soon and take her with him, and my parents won't let me keep her. We are looking for a permanent home or possibly a foster home for her if you aren't interested in a super long-term commitment. She has a ton of energy and loves to play, and although she is small, she can hold her own against grumpy cats and big dogs. She would do well in a home where there were either other cats or people who were around to play with her. She has been alone for 10 hours a day every day for her whole life, so she would need to be taught some manners, but she is definitely a sweetie. If you are interested and want to know more about her, feel free to contact me.
The last time we asked this question, we were in 2000 fans. Now that we are in 3500, propose again. What are the 3 most beautiful songs of Marillion, in your opinion?
I have to say that it is nice to see the last status started a good conversation. I am surprised at some thinking to be going head to head with our military when the SHTF. I only have this to say about that either you support our troops or you don't. We will not be fighting our military and there is no way anyone can convince me other wise. Everyone forgets who our military people are, you know our brothers sisters cousins uncles aunts neighbors. Here is what you should ask your selves who on here does not know someone in our military that is serving right now? Why do you think BO said he was going to build a civilian army equal to our military? When it comes down to it we all have to make the choice we feel is right for us and our families. I have taught everyone in my house to use a weapon and use it well. Prepare for the worst and hope for the best. But hiding instead of standing together has never won anything only in the movies. I pray every day that it comes if it is going to so that my children and ...
Take a look at more adoptions, beginning in September 2011!
Just put some food on the porch hoping jude will smell it and come home...
PerfectMatch - Fall In Love Today
UPDATED: Website claims to have hacked first lady’s financial records
Lisa the Russian Doll leather keychain Blue by leatherprince via
Today is super hero day so guess who I am. I wear all black with a tiny bit of red on my belt I have a Russian accent I HAVE NO BLUE ON ME PEOPLE I usually have red hair I am a great fighter I can beat up bad guys without a super power And I am a girl and so is my character
On route to the big smoke, in prep for some location sound tomorrow
Looking for a home for a 1 year old Blue Russian neutered male cat. Very friendly loves dogs. Also looking for a home is a female ferret, 4 years old litter box trained loves to play
TAMPA BAY – The Tampa Bay Lightning have reassigned goaltender Cedrick Desjardins to the Syracuse Crunch of the American Hockey League, vice president and general manager Steve Yzerman announced today.
Please help me by sharing this post. I have two cats available for adoption. They have lost their home due to their owner's illness which will prevent her from living alone in the future. Both cats are front declawed. One is an eight year old, small, adorable, black female, spayed. The other is a gorgeous two to three year old gray and white long haired male Russian Forest cat with blue eyes, neutered. Pictures available on request as I am unable to post them here. These cats are currently living in an aparment alone and i am taking care of them. Please help me help them by spreading the word and sharing this post or the information with anyone who may be interested. Thank you so much!
Continuing the traditions of Pierre Smirnoff. Purveyor to the imperial Russian court. Smirnoff blue label, export strength vodka. 47.5% alcohol volume. Not for sale to capitalists and drink communally
Who will be Springing Forward w Invicta & Shop this week?
So I arrive at one of my heavy contruction sites and I greet the young white female secretary in the office like always do to all the office people at any location... Me: Good morning! How are you? Her: Not good Me: Well you look alive and healthy Her: well I almost died this morning Me: what happened? Her: Someone tried to kidnap me at the gas station down the street. They were screaming for me to "Come here" but I ignored them, went in and got my coffee. When I came out they were still there in a truck and said "come here" again. I got in my car and they started theirs when I started mine and they followed me. I passed a car on the river road to get away from them and they passed the car two and almost went head on with another car (The contsruction site is on the river side of a levee so when she went on the other side of the levee she said he pulled off to the side of the road. She never locks the office trailer but she had that sucker locked this morn. She has to be there around 5:30 am so it was sti ...
An asteroid as big as a city block shot relatively close past Earth at the weekend.
Sources say AC Milan took a bus to Barcelona instead of flying. Sources also say that they plan on parking it right in front of their own goal. Should be a good game!
Video made by Jørgen Nordby. Music and lyrics by Pål Moddi Knutsen. House by the Sea is the first single from the album "Set the House on Fire", release Marc...
Roses are blue. Eat Russian sushi. It's good for making a monastery! I didn't get in a Valentine on. —
We are thinking of narrowing down our choices of flavored coffees. It seems as though we've got GREAT sellers and then a few "EH" sellers--and besides 18 flavors seems a bit much! Tell us...which flavor is your favorite?? We don't want to get rid of anyone's most favorite! :) Happy Rainy Tuesday!
Little Giant Ladders
Obama, Lenin, Mocksville This past Saturday, I was on the bench, at the square with the four giant oak trees that are a center point in Mocksville. This bench, situated near the restaurant at the corner, is where I go on some weekend mornings to sit and capture the occasional antique car driving by that so many in the area love to refurbish back to their original glory. A hobby that is quite the sight when hundreds gather here on certain Monday afternoons, a beautiful scene as the streets are lined with great old cars of the past for all to see and appreciate. I sat for a long while; I observed two men talking at the door of a newly opened coffee shop, one with long hair and the other appeared to be more like a young man who you would see on a Sunday morning in a pew at church. Both were holding paper coffee cups and they continued talking for some time when I heard a commotion around the corner that garnered my interest. I grabbed my camera and got up from the bench, walked around the corner to see yello ...
Check out this stunning textured painting in rich lapis lazuli blue by Russian artist Svetlana Rumak
As some of you know we have a blue russian named Gabby...As of leat she like playing w/ us at the bottom of the stairs...LIbby thinks the cat thinks it's Gandalf "none shall pass"
Global warming is hardly the one and only area of study that new science has proven incorrect, yet it still remains due to the lack of open minded and ego-less scientists. There have also been many scientists in the field who have lost their positions in credible companies, lost credibility within ...
New gelcolor's 'road house blues' and 'Russian navy' arriving very soon! Blue is right on trend this summer x
Emergency Relief for Badami Bagh Lahore Pakistan Incident On 9th at 11:00 am is the horrible time for the people of Joseph colony at Lahore. Under this Blasphemy law, this is the sixth incident occurred by the negligence of our govt. Law minister and SHO of this sector Badami Bagh Lahore informed the people of Joseph colony on 8th March 2013 that something wrong could be occur, they do nothing being authorized rather warned the people to be ware their houses, thus, the people saved their lives when they smell this horrible situation. If govt already knew what will be happen then did not stop them? Police was there to handle the crucial situation but they were standing beside just as they are the part of crowd. No authortive action could be taken place when the terrorists satisfied their anger, then the police jumped in, this is how our govt of Punjab and Pakistan working. It is sad to say that people of Joseph colony see their houses burnt and their hands were bound to stop them. 175 houses including chur ...
she's lovely. My own Russian blue who should love the cold, spent the night under the duvet hugging my arm and snoring
TUESDAY’S TOP TREBLE: Morning folks, MT here and it was bitter disappointment yesterday as our treble was let down by Prague U21’s who lead on two occasions in a game in which they dominated but could not get the result required. Another treble here today, here are the recommendations: SELECTION A: Ural Ekaterinburg v Volgar G Astachan (Russia Division 1) – 1.00pm Kick Off RECOMMENDATION – URAL -1 ASIAN HANDICAP @ 1.550. Ural sit second of the Russian 1st Division on 45 points and look strong favourites for promotion to the big boys league. The top two go up automatically and Ural are 6 points clear of the next best with a game in hand. Ural’s home record is superb. They have played 10, won 7, drawn 3 and lost 0. In those 10 games they have scored 25 and conceded a staggering 2 goals. They come into this fixture having won 4 of their last 5 and in their last 4 home games they have score 13 goals and conceded 0. Volgar are second from bottom on 18 points and they haven’t won a game in their las ...
The thing about political poetry that is so confusing is that so much written to dignify the oppressed become anthems to glorify the ignominious--like the odes to Stalin when he died by Pablo Neruda & Paul Robeson. The artist, who should be a herald of human dignity & emancipation instead becomes a toady & lickspittle apologist for the status quo. Art can be ideologically liberating or it can be a straightjacket. Art can be art or it can be propaganda. That’s why the poetics of Indian poet Musab Iqbal are of such consequence. He is not dispassionate; he is not neutral in the struggles between human violence & human justice. He expresses the dichotomies poetically without compromising. "The cruelty of border is best known by my heart pierced by the fact of its existence. All my dreams are like glorious skeleton hanging at the electric wire separating two worlds, which share the vinous wind and golden evening. The terror of anxiety is the failures of reconciliation between the dreams of remain free and th ...
Now it little guy were a Russian Blue I'd swear it was our Ashton!!
Conclusion While the past can be seen from a superficial viewpoint, history unfolds, with much deeper and often darker undercurrents concealed from view. In this case a hidden alliance between two entirely different power groups both of which, one would have thought, should have opposed the October revolution. In reality though they didn’t: working hand in glove, they brought about the pivotal event of the last century. On the one hand, European blue bloods: in particular Britain’s Royal Family who were directly related to the Russian Imperial house did all they could to aid their overthrow. Not only did they refuse to help their Russian cousins when they most needed it. They were also the nominal heads of the Secret Intelligence Service, the organisation that orchestrated the killing of the one man who might have prevented the revolution. While on the other hand banking dynasties, largely Jewish, financed revolutionaries and paid political agitators, once again largely Jewish, to help foment a climat ...
I'm not sure if it's snow outside or dust because someone opened arsenals trophy cabinet!!!lol
"A garden is never so good as it will be next year." -Thomas Cooper
Yay!!! Once again our Persians and Exotics are number 1 and 2 on the purebred list as the most popular!! The Cat Fanciers’ Association Announces Most Popular Cats! Persian and Exotic Rank and For Fifth Straight Year! Busy cat owners who like the look of a Persian, but don’t have time for daily grooming sessions, have made the Exotic second only to the Persian as the most popular cat breed according to the Cat Fanciers’ Association (CFA) registration statistics. The Exotic is bred to meet the Persian standard in every way with one very special exception: the coat. The thick, plush, short coat gives the Exotic a soft, rounded, teddy bear look. However, fans of the Persian understand why the Persian has been number one for so long. Their long flowing coat coupled with a sweet, gentle, personality allows Persians to blend into most households once they are secure in their new environment. The British Shorthair and Devon Rex have once again, broken into the list of the top ten most popular breeds, re ...
I need to find out if Go Peds are legal on base :D
I just ran the mile in 5 mins 32 secs.. GOD I NEED TO GET IN SHAPE!
Goldcup La Paz 289 KG BLUE MARLIN CAUGHT OFF REMIRE ISLAND. A group of Russian tourists going out for some dee...
You do!! Red polish last time I saw. I like Russian Navy Blue is my favorite color.
Boston show sees strong traffic first day, but a standoff between buyers and sellers The 2013 International Boston Seafood show opened to good crowds and a very busy floor - but underneath the activity was a serious standoff between many buyers and sellers. Prices for many major commodities - such as shrimp, salmon, tilapia - are either going up rapidly, or at higher levels than they have been for the past several months. With shrimp in particular, replacement costs are very high and a shortage of product is expected during the first half of the year. At the same time, weakness in the foodservice sector - partly reflected in terrible numbers for January and February, is making foodservice buyers extremely wary of accepting any price increases. Unlike two years ago, when product shortages and light inventories brought a surge of buying interest, this year the prospect of product shortages or unavailability is producing a yawn. Many buyers want to just wait and see what will develop. At the same time, no .. ...
Nobody cares wat u are doing at the gym. Go to the gym, work out, work out some more, dnt talk, just work out. Its not that hard. Wen u stand there and talk about how strong you used to be for half an hour I just wanna put you in a headlock nd show everyone how strong you're not.
Tina and I had an awesome dinner (and cocktails!) at Tia Sexton's restaurant, 14 Global Saturday night. Such a fun place, I want to keep coming back and try EVERYTHING! Thanks Tia, Kevin, John, Shane... and thank you for my birthday dinner Tina Finegan Delaney!
I want to date a Russian guy. Ice blue eyes, tall, athletic. Yup.
Fresco Bagged Lunch Menu 3/13 – 3/22 Sandwiches served with your choice of chips or an apple $7 Greek chicken wrap: A healthy wrap, filled with seasoned grilled chicken, crisp romaine, tomatoes, cucumbers and feta, served with tzatziki sauce and homemade Greek dressing (Black olives, optional) Chicken Caesar Sandwich: Grilled seasoned chicken, crisp romaine and parmesan cheese on ciabatta bread St. Patty’s Day special! Corned Beef on Rye: with homemade Russian dressing and topped with a tangy slaw. Salads served with bread $7 Caesar Salad: (grilled chicken optional) Our take on The Cobb Salad: Turkey, bacon, avocado, tomato, hard boiled eggs, blue cheese, crisp romaine and watercress with our homemade dressing. *Extra Extra!!* This week only 3/13-3/15, add one of our famous Guinness cupcakes with salted caramel buttercream for just $2 After you’ve tried one of our Guinness Cupcakes we are sure you’ll want to make them a part of your St. Patty’s Day Celebration! Place your order by Friday 3/15, $ ...
Anime Dating Game - Hosted by Dezzy Diamond, ADG is just like the “Dating Game” of yesteryear TV, but with an anime twist! Get ready for lots of laughs and fun watching a bachelor and bachelorette quiz three prospective matches over four rounds. There will be a romantic prize for the winners in each...
Fresh spinach, lettuce, tomatoes, cut up some red apples, dried cranberries, dried blueberries, blue cheese chunks, shredded Cheddar and dressing of your choosing mine (Russian homemade)
How many salad dressings do you grab at the salad bar?
My new address I now live at the national stadium the color of my house is true blue feel free to visit at any time visiting stop on Saturday
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