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Russell Wilson

Russell Wilson (born November 29, 1988) is an American football quarterback, formerly with the Wisconsin Badgers football team.

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Russell Wilson is really creepy in this American Family commercial.
The American Family Insurance/Russell Wilson commercials are so bad.
Russell Wilson is such a goober. I mean, he got me to switch to American Family Insurance but still
Tom Brady, Peyton Manning & Russell Wilson are almost unbeatable at home, but each faces a top 4 defense Sunday
Chris Simms saying Big Ben and Russell Wilson are top 5 QBs ahead of brady and Peyton is the most laughable thing of all time
Can't believe I'm asking this, do I go with Russell Wilson or Josh McCown this week?
Would you trade D Thomas,shady McCoy and Matt Ryan for D. Murray,roddy white and Russell Wilson?
a guy traded cutler and Reggie Wayne for Kap and Gio then flipped Hilton and Russell Wilson for Brees. Not really a 3 team but
Drew Brees, Tony Romo, Russell Wilson would probably be the next three?
Needing help with a QB. Russell Wilson or Tony Romo?
agreed. Because not even in crazy world would someone say Mark Sanchez > Russell Wilson. Not even Chip Kelly.
Credit where credit is due. Greg Papa NEVER bought the Russell Wilson hype. Also liked Ryan Tannehill before most (as did I!)
Russell Wilson is an elite quarterback in the national football league
You have to live with your decisions, kids. Like not starting Russell Wilson and Brandon Marshall. Those are bad decisions.
Only Andrew Luck , Peyton Manning, Tom Brady , Big Ben , and Aaron Rodgers have more fantasy football points then my team MVP Antonio brown. Insane to think he has more points than. Drew Brees, demarco Murray , Russell Wilson , rivers , forte , Charles , lynch , ect. He should be league MVP by a mile
Percy Harvin got caught bangin Russell Wilson's wife
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Percy Harvin got traded from to jets because he had an affair with Russell Wilson's wife
ryan tannehill Russell Wilson and Mark Sanchez for qbs.Andre elington Lamar miller terrance west and cj anderson
TIL that the reigning Super Bowl Champions Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson makes less than $1 million a…
Some1 asked if I can QB on Sunday's game but told them I would make Jared Lorenzen looks like Russell Wilson
Making his debut for the Seahawks after being acquired earlier this month by Seattle, former Chiefs tight end Tony Moeaki hauled in a 1-yard scoring pass from Russell Wilson in the third quarter to give the visitors a 20-17 lead. … Click to Continue » kansas city
did Russell Wilson and Richard Sherman look hot today?? I was not able to watch the game
Seahawks they went from ☺️ to 😐 but I still fuks w Richard Sherman n Russell Wilson
Russell Wilson reminds me so much of Steve mcnair
Russell Wilson is a good runner, but I feel like he should do it less, however, I may be misinformed
Good news, guys. Russell Wilson is good at sliding because he played minor league baseball. Thanks, Kenny Albert.
They wouldn't want me in the front row at a KC game, I'll have Russell Wilson and Richard Sherman tryna catch the fade
you remind me of Russell Wilson. Straight up no lie.
Something to keep in mind today. Chiefs took no.79 OT Donald Stephenson 1 pick before Hawks took Russell Wilson !!
OK it's finally Football Sunday so 1st and foremost come on Kansas City Chiefs beat the *** out of those Seattle Seahawks you have the advantage with the 12th man today so make sure your defense doesn't over pursue and get beat by Russell Wilson like he did to the New York Giants last week. 2nd GO DENVER BRONCOS
Ok, made that easier for you: Russell Wilson vs. Alex Smith Passing statistics
Russell Wilson / Pick 6: 6 things to watch as Seahawks begin stretch run against Chiefs
Who should I start this week? Russell Wilson or Matthew Stafford!
[NBC Sports: Pro Football Talk] - Russell Wilson hoping to break out of midseaso
Are you comparing Taysom Hill to Big Ben, Steve Young, and Russell Wilson?
I got the best idea for the Bears and that is Jay Cutler to be traded to Seahawks for QB Russell Wilson what a great idea
where you get the idea a canon arm wins a Super Bowl. Do you think Jim Mcmahon, Russell Wilson, Joe Flacco got a canon arm.
"Mom! Please, please, please! Just ask Russell Wilson to show up at my 12th birthday party!" ;)
trade Russell Wilson and aj green for Andrew Luck? I hve Antonio brown Odell beckham Randall Cobb josh Gordon and martavis. Do it?
Just picked up Russell Wilson for Josh Gordon after losing my only QB on my roster, Carson Palmer. Score.
ya, I also think Russell Wilson is a perfect fit in Chip Kelly offense
how do you think Russell Wilson performs in a Chip Kelly offense?
Russell Wilson may be able to play football but Steve Wilson can build apps! Tm from 10am-12pm, Sign up
Only two players have more than 100-yard rushing games than Russell Wilson (3): DeMarco Murray (9) & Arian Foster (6). Ingram also with 3.
give me one logical reason why Russell Wilson is better than Tom Brady and Peyton Manning. Did you go by age alone?.
Every QB other than Tom Brady, Cam Newton & Russell Wilson is trash in my eyes
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he can't be keeping up with his lineup anymore. He had Russell Wilson and Josh McCown on his bench
Chris Simms said Russell Wilson is greater than Peyton & Tom Brady LOL
Russell Wilson has more 100+ rushing games (3) than Marshawn Lynch this year with just (2). Feed the beast please!
Seahawks can afford Marshawn Lynch and Russell Wilson, and here's how via
Chris Simms says Russell Wilson is a better quarterback than Tom Brady and Peyton Manning:
As the rain started falling harder, a shower of Skittles joined the wet stuff pelting from the sky. Marshawn Lynch was in the end zone again. And for the first time in his career, the candy came flying four times. "Like I said before, Marshawn Lynch is our engine," Seattle's Doug Baldwin said. "Everything runs through him." Lynch rushed for a season-high 140 yards and career-best four touchdowns and the Seattle Seahawks overcame their early sloppiness for a key 38-17 win over the New York Giants on Sunday. Russell Wilson threw two interceptions, the Seahawks committed three turnovers, and Eli Manning picked apart Seattle's secondary in the first half. None of it mattered because of Lynch leading Seattle's unstoppable run game. Seattle (6-3) finished with a franchise record 350 yards rushing and the most in the NFL since Kansas City had 352 against Indianapolis in 2012. "That's an offensive lineman's dream," Seattle left tackle Russell Okung said. Lynch carried 21 times, but there was plenty of running to ...
did you SERIOUSLY just compare Russell Wilson to Tim Tebow??? You were kidding, right? Right??. Don't make me kill you. ;-)
what does Russell Wilson have to do with Andre Ellington carrying his offense and Arizona being the number 12 scoring team
Watch Russell Wilson Mic'd Up tonight and more on Q13 Fox News' after college football and again at 10:30pm PT.
Russell Wilson Liked · 3 November · I will always think positive. Failure fuels me. Sometimes failure will get you closer to your true destiny of success.
Seattle we need to go 7 3 next weekend at kanas city cant lose russell wilson if we win Seattle and Arizona can lose at home to lions then they would be 8 2 and us 7 3 and if we beat them week 12 at home then both teams 8 3 and we would be in 1st place after week 12 because of tie braker over Arizona. just stay focosed russell wilson next week dont lose at kanas city we need a win okay. we begin our hard schuldel this weekend try to go 9 3 by thanksgiveing night please wilson. dont worry about anything but our games okay. stay focosed wilson.
A different other than my boyfriend Russell Wilson 😈🙈😍💕
RE: Russell Wilson passing struggles. Cosell has said WRs asked to 'win' on isolation routes, not winning & not he…
Within 10 months, Seattle might have Russell Wilson, the Sonics and legalized marijuana. I'm putting my house on the marke…
Seahawks QB notices a change in the air in Burnaby. Russell Wilson · Nov 8. There's a shifting in the atmosphere! Vote.
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Russell Wilson is consistent. Need a good QB for next year. plus who knows if Lynch is staying there
The guy behind Russell Wilson is Seattle's fullback.
Im goin out on a limb here & saying Braxton doesnt come back next year. Im thinking Russell Wilson style and transfers. Hopefully not to B1G
Russell Wilson is still under 2000 yards passing at this point in the season.
Russell Wilson is 24th in the NFL in passing yards. He's 15th in the NFL in rushing yards.
lol probably had nightmares last night about Marshawn Lynch an Russell Wilson running everywhere ...
and russell Wilson had a illegal forward pass.
Watching the Seahawks V Giants game from last night love Russell Wilson
“The guy behind Russell Wilson is Seattle’s fullback. . Does he speak caveman?
Russell Wilson completed 12 passes. 10 went to his team.
for some reason some in the media like to tear RG3 down not everyone like Russell Wilson yet the media doesn't harp on that
Aaron Rodgers threw 6 TDs in the first half. . That's more than Russell Wilson has thrown in the last 6 games.
Justin Forsett is having a great year and AH, whadda you know, he could give the Bears some locker room advice, too
not a big fan of Russell Wilson with wet balls honestly
Yesterday, Russell Wilson became the 2nd QB ever (with Michael Vick) to rush for 100 yds in 3 games in a single season.
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Seattle can afford to keep Marshawn Lynch in '15 at his $8.5M cap salary & pay Russell Wilson (on track for around $40…
Russell Wilson has more 100 rushing games this season 3, than Marshawn Lynch 2. -Luke
Brand new a then tic Russell Wilson jersey gray and blue jersey only worn once payed 150 asking 60 obo can meet in selah
Matthew Stafford has 19,953 passing yards in his first 70 career games, the most in NFL history. More than Dan Marino and Peyton Manning. More than even Russell Wilson.
NY Giants 17 - Seattle Seahawks 38 The Giants played a respectable 3 qtrs. against the reigning Super Bowl Champions, but collapsed in the 4th giving up 350 yds. in rushing, 107 by QB Russell Wilson. Tied 17/17 at the end of the 3rd, Eli made a mistake in an otherwise good performance throwing an INT to Seahawks CB Earl Thomas deep in the EZ. Bad enough, but the Giants O allowed Thomas to return it 47 yds. And 7 plays later the Seahawks went ahead for good and literally trampled the Giants D on their way to a 38-17 victory. Here is what I liked: - Eli and the receivers, especially Beckham and Parker (good bounce back after a terrible game last week), finally on the same page. Eli went 29 for 44, 283 yds. 1TD, 1 INT and 1 fumble. Beckham hauled in 7 for 108 yds. And Parker 7 for 79 and 1TD. Can’t get on Eli too much for the throw (Reese after all said he needed to take more chances), but the effort to stop the Thomas return was nonexistent setting up the Seahawks for the go-ahead TD. - Goal line D ...
Russell Wilson gets those rushing yards and TDs though
Imagine if Mike Vick had the same weapons Russell Wilson has now back in his Falcons days. Vick would have a ring or two.
Russell Wilson joins Michael Vick as the only QBs since the merger with at least 3 100-yd rush games in a season.
Is it me or is Russell Wilson the exact same player as Tim he can't play in the NFL Tebow
Wow Vanilla Ice Mark walberg Mike Rappaport and Gus Marquez combined have more soul then Russell Wilson.
Elias says Russell Wilson joins Michael Vick (2004 & 2006) as the only QBs to have 3 100-yard rushing games in a seaso…
Russell Wilson has 3 100-yard rushing games this season…only other QB to do that was Mike Vick (and he did it in 2004 and 2006)
Russell Wilson, Marshawn Lynch and Andre Ellington out scored this weeks opponent!
Russell Wilson has 3 games this year with 100+ yards rushing and 100+ yards passing. There was 1 such game in the enti…
Are we afraid to call Russell Wilson the new Mike Vick because, you know
yeah and he has 101 of them... Who cares? I'm just disagreeing with you because I would start my franchise with Russell Wilson
Smh and Russell Wilson rushes for the 1 yard touchdown. That's 5 rushing touchdowns for the Seahawks today got ***
The Seahawks whole offense is Russell Wilson and Marshawn Lynch.
Been saying it, will keep saying it. Russell Wilson is a thicker Mike Vick on a very good team.
Picked off! Russell Wilson throws his 2nd interception of day. Giants leading in Seattle, 17-14.
The Giants D got Russell Wilson look like Mike Vick when he played for the Falcons
I will never buy American Family Insurance just because Russell Wilson is their spokesman.
Eli Manning will make $920,588 this week. That's $258,154 more than Russell Wilson will make this …
Seahawks outchea running the Texas A&M offense and using Russell Wilson as Johnny Manziel.
Russell Wilson running the ball all game long as if he's trying to hurry up and beat Mike Vick's 6,000 rushing yards record.
Are you really sold on Russell Wilson?
Andrew Luck is so much better than Russell Wilson.
Russell Wilson doing his best Eli Manning impersonation lolll
Russell Wilson going Full Mike Vick today. Supplementing quality runs with head-scratching turnovers.
no because now you're looking at an offense rather than the player position hitch is what we're talking bout. Russell Wilson
yeah exactly..I only root for the Giants against Russell hopefully they win
i hate Nick Foles more than u hate Russell Wilson. im rooting hard for Sanchez homie
Russell Wilson out here looking like a young Mike Vick
Oh, I get it: Russell Wilson heard that Mike Vick hit the rushing QB record. Trying to catch up. :-P Don't help,
Russell Wilson in the league 2 years and can slide. Mike Vick 99 years in the league and still can't. .
Russell Wilson is running all over the Giants defense.
I think Russell Wilson will have a similar career with Mike Vick but without the dog fights
If anyone is going to break Mike Vick's 6,000 yard record, its going to be Russell Wilson.
you're saying Russell Wilson isn't consistent? Through 8 games this year he has 11TD n 3INT, so far his qbr is higher than
20x better tho lmfao Russell Wilson.the lightskin Mike Vick
Russell Wilson is better than Mike Vick in my opinion
Russell Wilson.the lightskin Mike Vick
Man wouldn't it be wild if Russell Wilson was sponsored by these two athletic companies. That would blow my mind man http:…
Disaster averted. Jermaine Kearse was wide open for a 46-yard touchdown ... and Russell Wilson overthrew him in the end…
This honky Russell Wilson got a Mike Vick arm...
Coincidence or not, Russell Wilson has looked lost since the Percy Harvin trade.
I love Russell Wilson but bro you suck right now. Seriously pull your head put your ***
lol come on man, Russell Wilson really. Even so he is still average
Including playoffs, the Seahawks are 8-0 against Super Bowl winning QBs since drafting Russell Wilson in 2012 (they face…
Bryan Anger (aka, drafted over Russell Wilson lol)
Jealous of guys like who are in East Lansing tonight. I was there for Hail Mary vs Russell Wilson. Great night aura there
“He's basically a white Russell Wilson with a stronger arm. And he's friends with Drake. What's not to like?”
Who is the best option at QB going forward, Big Ben, Russell Wilson, or Cam?
do I start Russell Wilson or Big Ben in fantasy?
Would u trade Dez and Russell Wilson for Stafford and Steve Smith. My other WR are Cobb,Gronk,ODB,Wheaton.RB are Lacy and Hill.
Who should I start this week? Ben Roethlisberger or Russell Wilson
So today I've been told I look like Russell Wilson... And now I'm being told that I look like a younger version of Andre Miller..
Yesterday I acquired l.mccoy and Russell Wilson for Big Ben and ivory. today I flipped Wilson, boldin and Torrey smith for dez. I feel good.
"Not Silver and Black enough? If you though criticisms of Russell Wilson were ridiculous, just wait:
Brian Hoyer has a higher grade than Joe Flacco, Jay Cutler, Russell Wilson, Colin Kaepernick and Matt Stafford. Take…
IMPACT PLAYERS Minnesota Vikings TeddyBridgewater on the day went 26/43 268 yds + a TD vs a seemingly strong Washington defense that sacked, troubled and confused Romo . But Teddy wasnt phased. He show n tell his skillsets . As long as Bridgewater doesn't have a prone to injury concern they have a FRANCHISE QB in The Minny. Who can be a play maker and might give Russell Wilson a run for his money in the future to come for the NFL.. we could be watching another Great QB in the making if all works out and falls in place for this kid! Also M. Asiasta Had 3rushing TD's And 31 yes recvg Jerick Mckinnon Also a young rushing attack talent contributed 54 rushing yds. Certainly, if Minnosta can continue to build on the talent they have plus pending the Future of Adrian Peterson presuming he still has a future with Viks . This Team can win a lot of games and be very competitive. The DEFENSE on the day recorded 5 sacks and contained a rusty RG3! A Defense lead by a defense minded guru Mike Zimmer played strong ...
did you notice Russell Wilson's feet this week? He looked off balance on a lot of his missed throws...
The notion of being begs the question: Why are we still talking about racial authenticity?
I just gave up Russell Wilson and Antonio Gates for Drew Brees...on a scale of 1 to 10 how nuts am I?
oh I would! I don't like Tom Brady or Russell Wilson lol
Smith when it comes to FAITH, I will take Russell Wilson over kappernic.
Dan Patrick. Brings up Russell Wilson and RG3 in the conversation also.
What if Russell Wilson never play for the Seahawks
even Russell Wilson thinks that's a bit much
How can Russell wilson be so high in the rankings every week. He keeps not putting up the numbers1
I have jordy nelson, dez Bryant, Russell Wilson , Eli Manning, 2 solid running backs, and they never put up points!!
He can go console himself with Russell Wilson, who's also overrated and inferior to a Colt.
fans - Grab this cool Russell Wilson Nike Team Color Game Jersey - Get it now in time for the Holidays! -
and only white people or Russell Wilson could join America
you're lucky that Luck has a bye week. Luckily, I have Russell Wilson as a backup.
There is very little reason not to like Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson. Classy and committed to being a great football player on the field and even better human off it, Wilson has gained a number of even non-Seahawks fans since joining the league in 2012. Wilson’s No. 3 jersey has alway…
should i start Russell Wilson or Mark Sanchez?
“I find it curious that RG3,Cam Newton and Russell Wilson as yb qbs r not liked by some teammate…
Sound FX: Week 9 premieres Friday at 3p ET on feat. Tom Brady, Russell Wilson, Jim Harbaugh & more
I have Russell Wilson in fantasy football. Predicting big numbers on Sunday. I think Yahoo has undersold its projection.
Watch the vine again. Notice when Russell Wilson sees Mack coming. Clear sack if not for the tackle
I'm thinkin about droppin Russell Wilson dude
Video: Russell Wilson after his 6th sub-50% completion game of his career. improve to 3-3 in those games http:/…
"Russell Wilson has a worse line than Andrew Luck". I'll just leave this here...
Fantasy football: What we learned from NFL Week 9
Andrew Luck is way better than Russell Wilson”
"Andrew Luck is way better than Russell Wilson"
“Gus Malzahn believes Nick Marshall can succeed at QB in NFL | Russell Wilson-esque
Gio gets healthy, Russell Wilson plays like he was earlier, Ben Tate steps up or maybe make a trade for Marshawn.
How mobile QBs pose challenges for both sides of the ball vas
Russell Wilson is Alex Smith with a better beginning phase of his career (better organization, defense, coaching, etc)
I have Russell Wilson.should I trade romo for Watkins or Benjamin?
Was just offered Russell Wilson for Big Ben in a dynasty league I entered this year as a rebuild.
do I go after Cam Newton or Mark Sanchez on the waiver wire I currently have Russell Wilson.
"If you are wearing a Russell Wilson jersey you may board early" ... I love SeaTac 💙💚
Andrew Luck is way better than Russell Wilson
24 Hour Russell Wilson for you Seahawks fans out there
I completely agree, but he'd have to beat Aaron Rodgers, Drew Brees (at home) , Russell Wilson to get to the big game, no way
umm ... I think Derek Carr needs to win his first NFL game before you put him in the Andrew Luck/Russell Wilson conversation
So Andrew Luck is Peyton/Brady in the pocket, Aaron Rodgers outside of the pocket and Russell Wilson down field. Geez
Matt Flynn could have he's not a bad QB but Aaron Rodgers and Russell Wilson are onviiously going to start over him
Photo: Congratulations to Bobby and Amanda Villanueva on your purchase from Russell Wilson at...
Those Raiders you haters are using to negate the Seahawks with actually lost in CLOSER games to the Patriots and Chargers so far this season. So while they are 0-8, they're not getting blown out by every team, they're better than their record would show. Oh, and speaking of blowout losses, guess what? The Broncos, 49ers, Patriots, Chargers, Bengals, Cardinals, Colts, Lions, Packers, and pretty much all the teams Seahawks haters say are more "legitimate" Super Bowl contenders out there...have all lost games in BLOWOUT fashion. That being a loss by 17 points or more. The most the Seahawks have lost by (in the entire Russell Wilson era) has been 9 points. So while you nitpick about the Seahawks narrow wins against teams giving the Hawks everything they've got and either coming up short or marginally making it by them...most likely the team you support has been embarrassed by another team out there.
Big Ben has as many TD passes in his last 2 games (11) as Matt Stafford, Carson Palmer, Russell Wilson, Ryan Fitzpatrick have …
Roethilsberger has 11 TD in last 2 games, as many as Carson Palmer, Russell Wilson, Matthew Stafford, and Alex Smith h…
Looks like the team to beat in the NFL is the Patriots! QB Tom Brady sure out played Peyton Manning tonight. Congrats to my QB Russell Wilson, but my other QB Phillip Rivers didn't do good . Better luck in the next game. So much for football tonight. Goodnight time and sweet dreams.
Hoyer better then Andy dalton , Russell Wilson , Alex Smith and kaepernick ? Go look at the stats
INTERCEPTION! CB picks off Russell Wilson at the Raiders 46.
Figures I have to start Russell Wilson due to Aaron Rodgers having bye week. He's barely got 100 yds total offense.
Anytime you wanna throw a td pass Russell Wilson.
Outside of Russell Wilson, Bobby Wagner may be the most important player for the Seahawks. His presence makes a huge difference.
I need Russell Wilson to just have an ok fanstasy day
he got Mccoy and Russell Wilson for cutler and dough martin. INCREDIBLE
basically Doug Martin and cutler for Russell Wilson and McCoy.
Worlds colliding! Russell Wilson was roommates with World Series MVP Madison Bumgarner
Despite loss, Michael Dyer becomes 1st player since Russell Wilson in 2010 to rush for 3 TD in game vs Florida State. htt…
great to see cards other than Russell Wilson, Kris Bryant, Mike Trout and Andrew Luck.
Who should I start this week? Colin Kaepernick or Russell Wilson!
gotta disagree with you J. Russell Wilson is black enough. I'd totally make a sex tape with him. -kim kardashian
Russell Wilson: "Black enough? I don't even know what that means. I'm just an educated, well-spoken male."
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seems like the people saying Russell Wilson isn't black enough are the same people calling others racist whenever they can
Seems like i was right AGAIN. I said after the Super Bowl, that Pete Carroll cheated Marshawn out of his due shine. Against that Dline Beastmode was supposed to have at least 150yds and 3tds. Marhawn carried that team offensively especially in weeks 8-16 when russell wilson became a game manager instead of a playmaker. Instead of Marshawn being MVP they gave it to Coleman who was relatively quiet all season. I always thought it was because Marshawn refused to sambo for massah that he didnt get plastered all over espn (for positive reasons). Now that all the smoke cleared we can see that the seahawk organization was cut and pasted to win that championship (Pete Carroll 2009, paul allen microsoft CEO, centurylink stadium) they were never meant to be a dynasty, the Lombardi trophy goes to the highest bidder. All the sudden what really was going on behind the scenes comes to light. Golden Tate fiasco and the incident of him banging Russ's wife and subsequent black eye from Percy Harvin and him being "jet"tiso ...
Hey How many more shades is Russell Wilson than Andrew Luck?.
Barkley: 'Brainwashed' blacks hold up success.
its the truth they were comparing him to Russell Wilson demeanor
Great article by Cigar Thoughts, Game 7: Seahawks Overcome.. That's how I like …
Russell Wilson: Seahawks more together than ever - Seattle Seahawks QB Russell Wilson shot down rumors of a divi...
Charles Barkley responds to the Russell Wilson controversy with some poignant comments on race.
Charles Barkley on Russell Wilson Criticism: "There are a lot of black people who are unintelligent" via
Not politically correct Russell Wilson: Yea man, Marshawn is way to black in the locker room
Wait, the Russell Wilson BS. Somebody is STILL talking about "Black enough"? Really? Get the *** over yourselves, whoever you are. I know entirely too many people who suffered and bled back in the fifties, sixties, and seventies so that we could just 'BE'! We can be whoever we want, however we want. We don't have to be 'hard', we can be soft, artistic (without being hip-hop, gansta, jazz musicians, etc.) Wait...I don't even hafta write this because, well, just because...I'm Black and I'm Proud And so's Wilson!
Turns out Russell Wilson speaks jive!! So there Seahawks locker room
Charles Barkley proving once again he is among the most thoughtful, smart people on sports TV right now
Russell Wilson had beaten Cam Newton in all 3 career head to head games. First Take October 27,2014
Charles Barkley made the statement in reference to Russell Wilson of the Seahawks its alleged players said he wasn't "black enough
Some of the players don't think Russell Wilson is "Black enough"? That's pathetic! Glad Barkley said what he did.
Lol. He needs a Russell Wilson on the cheap,.
Russell Wilson is a class act both on and off the field. A great role model for whites n blacks
what list is that anyway lol Russell Wilson and brady the only dawgs on that list
tell these guys off the slung of russell wilson, his offense was how productive? Don't worry we'll wait
i hope you do a show on your Race segment that will cover the Russell Wilson controversy. Have Stephen on panel
Super Bowl champion Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson was accused of not being Black enough and essentially called an ‘Uncle Tom,’ within the confines of his own locker room. It’s unfortu...
the comment was made cuz of a Seahawks controversy where a teammate was traded cuz he didnt think Russell Wilson was black enough!
Now Idzik is sounding like that crazy fan who uses stats to justify why Blake Bortles is having a better rookie year than Russell Wilson's
Am I "Black Enough" for You? The attack on our quarterback Russell Wilson
Russell Wilson gone lead them to another Superbowl
Russell Wilson with 10 comeback wins, most in NFL. Second only to Tony Romo
Did Skip really just say there's nobody more clutch then Russell Wilson in the NFL?? . Yeah I'm not sold
Charles Barkley Bashed for 'Brainwashed' Blacks Comment. Fabulous comments from sir Charles.
The overdramatic acting done by Russell Wilson in the American Family Insurance commercials makes me like him less
Russell Wilson is a revolutionary at the QB position. Once the big 3 (Manning, Brady, Brees) are retired, he'll be the QB model.
I am really annoyed at the "Russell Wilson isn't black enough" comments. What does that even mean and that sounds awfully stereotypical.
Caller on the insurance ads with Russell Wilson: "I'm tired of a 25-year-old telling me how to live on this planet."
Charles Barkley calls criticsm that Russell Wilson not ‘black enough’ the African-American community’s ‘dirty, dark…
Russell Wilson: I don't even know what 'not being black enough' means via
Reports are that Russell Wilson is being traded to the browns for Johnny football
Nope !!!"Hey America, I have offered you Russell Wilson & TY Hilton for Peyton Manning in NFL Fantasy LIVE. Do you accept?
Charles Barkley: 'Brainwashed' blacks hold up success
Apparently Russell Wilson is not "black enough". Way to aid the black stereotype, Barkley *slow clap*
Russell Wilson responds to reports that his teammates feel he's "not black enough"
Poll: Russell Wilson, Pete Carroll still believe in Seahawks, do you?
People ignorant “How is Russell Wilson not black enough”
Seattle Seahawks’ Earl Thomas: Race criticism of QB Russell Wilson ‘an insult’: The notion that some Seahawks ...
if there was ever a real playoff, Teams would have to play the likes of Andrew Luck and Russell Wilson. Aka NFL QB's
How is Russell Wilson not black enough
Laptop insurance - because accidents happen!
Russell Wilson: "Not black enough? I don't even know what that means. I think I'm an educated male trying to lead this …
Barkley: "For some reason we are brainwashed to think if you are not a thug or an *** you are not black enough." http:/…
Wilson: Don't know what 'black enough' means
via CBS Sports: Wilson: Don't know what 'black enough' means
Earl Thomas: Race criticism of QB Russell Wilson 'an insult'
Exactly four days after having his blackness called into question, Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson was finally asked about the subject after Seattle's 13-9 win over Carolina on Sunday.
After a few days of talking about what Russell Wilson isn't, the final 5 minutes of Sunday's game showed pretty definitively what he is.
Charles Barkley is right about Russell Wilson; Warren Ballentine guilty
Russell Wilson is not black enough. This is the story coming out of Seattle. Seems his teammates think when they see his all white entourage, and how he only talks to black players when they do something wrong like drop a pass, which lead to Percy Harvin being traded next is said to be Lynch, reminds you of T.O. and McNabb, 6 games removed from the Super Bowl, and the locker room splits over who is not black enough, I hate when race creeps into sports.
Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson put paid to the controversy surrounding him, after their 13-9 win over the Carolina Panthers.
Why did Richard Sherman bring up an irrelevant comment that said about Russell Wilson?! I don't get these dudes. Just talk about the game man. What is not black enough?! What does that even mean? I love Russell Wilson's response. He said "I dont know what he's talking about". "I'm just a educated person that's not perfect". Russell is the second best quarter back behind Brady. Lol. I love that dude.
When asked about a report that Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson isn’t seen as Black enough by some of his teammates, Charles Barkley went
So what exactly was the media saying Russell Wilson wasn't black enough for? Was he just not pulling off some certain color scheme in an outfit he was wearing or was somebody actually ignorant enough to think that the color of his skin had anything to do with his ability to lead his team?
So yesterday I was watching the Seahawks game, and when I saw Russell Wilson short arm a 5yd guarantee wide open touchdown to the tight end, and I thought to myself, "If that happened on Madden I would've LOST my mind!" lol
Three years, three defensive-dominated games, three losses by a total of 13 points. This isn’t the kind of three-peat the Carolina Panthers had in mind. Seattle quarterback and former N.C. State star Russell Wilson tossed a 23-yard touchdown to Luke Willson with 47 seconds left Sunday, lifting the reigning Super Bowl champion Seahawks to a 13-9 win at Bank of America Stadium. It was Seattle’s third win in as many years against the Panthers (3-4-1), all decided by five points or fewer. Wilson delivered the winning touchdown pass in all three games. “I’m telling you, it’s just the Achilles’ heel man. They keep nagging us,” Panthers cornerback Josh Norman said. “They end up making one more play than us, every single time. We just have to – every time we play those guys – make one more play than them because obviously it’s a defensive game.” The Seahawks (4-3) snapped a two-game losing streak by driving 80 yards in nine plays before the Wilson-to-Willson connection. The tight end got b ...
Sherman says story about Russell Wilson is made up.
Russell Wilson (20/32, 199 yds, TD, INT) passed to Luke Willson for the game-winning touchdown in Seattle's 13-9 win over Carolina
SEAHAWKS SCORE!. Russell Wilson find Luke Willson for the 23-yard TD with :47 left. Seattle leads Carolina, 13-9.
Russell Wilson doesn't even know what 'black enough' means:
Russell Wilson doesn't even know what being "black enough" means.
ESPN - Russell Wilson's 23-yd TD pass to Luke Willson 47 sec. left lifts over 13-9
Seahawks shoot down Russell Wilson 'not black enough' rumors -
Richard Sherman says the Russell Wilson black-enough story is bunk: "Nobody in here said that. It's made up."
I know you are another one behind Russell Wilson. Never give up. Great support. Love you guys!
It was from 2013, saying Nick Foles is in the conversation with Andrew Luck and Russell Wilson
Apologies for the error. I must have done my search wrong. Russell Wilson has 10 GW drives since 2012, tied with Luck. 2nd…
Ron Jaworski would still take Nick Foles & Andrew Luck over Russell Wilson because, DA-DERPITY-DERP.
I wonder if Jaws would still take Nick Foles over Russell Wilson "without question"?
Russell Wilson to Luke Willson for the game winner. Hawks needed this win today.
again, you called Russell Wilson brain dead, but Nick does it repeatedly and you're somehow confused?
Russell Wilson, Nick Foles, T.Y. Hilton taken in third round of 2012 NFL draft after
Russell Wilson on the 'adversity': "The not-black-enough thing I think you’re talking about. I don’t even know what that mean…
Russell Wilson and Marshawn Lynch did their thing on that final drive. QB wins matter and Marshawn isn't getting traded t…
Doug Baldwin: "When you’ve got a guy like Russell Wilson ... anybody in this offense is going to help us and everybody is goi…
Russell Wilson & Luke Wilson not gettin it done for Seattle, they need Owen Wilson and Andrew Beef Supreme Wilson too
Russell Wilson took more stiff shots today than a Davey Richards opponent.
TOUCHDOWN Russell Wilson with 47 secs left to Luke Willson for the 23-yard score. SEA 13 CAR 9
Seahawks announce Russell Wilson is officially black enough.
3 weeks ago Tom Brady was finished and Russell Wilson was a quarterbacking god
I still can't believe Craig said Russell Wilson is better then Andrew Luck
Can't believe the Seahawks drafted Russell Wilson when Nick Foles and Kirk Cousins were still on the board.
Russell Wilson with a great impersonation scrambles 14 for the 1st down... and goal.
Seahawks players saying they don't think Russell Wilson is black enough. I get what they're saying but his job is to pl…
Eli Manning has more rushing yards than Russell Wilson did last week...let that sink in for a bit
Russell Wilson has more rushing yards than J Charles, Ben Tate, S Jackson and Vereen.
how come you don't attack the ppl who are saying Russell Wilson is not black enough. But rob Parker says it and he's fired
Michael Irvin on 950 KJR regarding criticism of Russell Wilson from other black players: "The QB can't do (cont)
Bill Whitlock's take on Russell Wilson's "blackness" seemed racial discrimination. Players don't trust him coz he's 2 white?!
Russell Wilson isn't black enough? Is he white enough? Is Aaron Rodgers black enough? What about Ryan Fitzpatrick with his sweet beard? Is Cam Newton black enough? I wonder if Mark Rypen was Native American enough. I wonder if its just quarterbacks that have to have a certain amount of black. Hmmm, I wonder how much black is black enough.
Mixon: I think Russell Wilson and Cam Newton are two of the absolute best QB's in the NFL.
Listening to Steven A on Mike and Mike. He articulates his message perfectly concerning Russell Wilson not being "Black" enough.
I forgot Russell Wilson was supposed to act more like a stereotypical black man or else he isn't considered "black enough". My bad.
Russell Wilson is perceived to be Grant Hill while others are see themselves as Jalen Rose. Everything is so clear now
really tries to CREATE stories rather than COVER stories. Russell Wilson isn't "black" enough? They won a Super Bowl!!!
Fantasy Football QB Quandary: WHO DO I PLAY??? Two weeks ago I played and had more points. Last week, I played Philip Rivers and Russell Wilson would have won me the week. This week, Philip Rivers and Russell Wilson are ranked right next to each other.
I liked a video from Russell Wilson to Sidney Rice for 100 yard Touchdown in Madden 25.
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