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Russell Wilson

Russell Wilson (born November 29, 1988) is an American football quarterback, formerly with the Wisconsin Badgers football team.

Malcolm Butler Tyler Lockett Andrew Luck Cam Newton Jimmy Graham Carson Palmer Big Ben Tarvaris Jackson Drew Brees Aaron Rodgers Ben Roethlisberger Cody Kessler Jeff Fisher Trevone Boykin Tom Brady Charlie Whitehurst Alex Smith

would you trade lat Murray for brees my qb Russell Wilson my running back are lat Murray, Ingram, jaquiiz rodgers,Howard,
Ryan Finley’s 143.8 passing efficiency rating would be the 3rd best single season mark for State behind only Philip Rivers & Russell Wilson.
Russell Wilson opens up on presidential election, Colin Kaepernick and more - USA TODAY
Excellent column on Russell Wilson, who he says is well on his way to becoming the NFL QB:
Russell Wilson & Darnell McDonald! One obviously chose right going with football & the other probably did not.…
Matt Stafford has been better than. Andrew Luck Cam Newton Phylis Rivers Aaron Rodgers Eli Manning and Russell Wilson. Y'all been sleep
It's always Russell Wilson's fault and never Andrew Luck's. . --Pete Prisco
Andrew Luck will make a phenomenal backup to Russell Wilson one day.
It's always Andrew Luck's fault and never Russell Wilson's. --Mike Freeman . (PS- You are the NFL's Ben Sisko. Prisco is…
That means that and kept Vic Beasley and Dwight Freeney away from Russell Wilson
Russell Wilson is better than Aaron Rodgers. And I'm not trolling. I'd legit take him any day.
Russell Wilson tied Dave Krieg for the most game-winning drives (20) in Seahawks history.
No Aaron Rodgers or Russell Wilson, No Miracle Hail Mary's, its that simple
cam or Russell Wilson in season long? Drop Zack Miller or Zack ertz with bye weeks
cam or Russell Wilson in season long? Drop ertz or Zack Miller with Bye weeks
You. Are. A. Savage. Ma'am. Lol!! I'm Russell Wilson and you're treating me like I'm Mookie smh...
Rodgers can extend plays and scramble for + ydg. like Russell Wilson and fling it deep and on a dime like Big Ben.
We need to get Cody Kessler some of Russell Wilson's nanobubble-infused miracle water. Not sure I can endure Charlie Whitehurst much longer.
There were early concerns, but Russell Wilson has become one of the NFL’s most durable quarterbacks
Russell Wilson, once labeled an injury risk, is the NFL’s most durable quarterback
Who need to be replaced this week: Blake Bortles, Allen Robinson, Jeremy Maclin, Travis Kelce, Drew Brees, Russell Wilson.
SEAHAWKS - Russell Wilson and Bobby Wagner making the grade for Seahawks: Bob Condotta hands ... - Seattle Times
No she had RB Matt Jones and Russell Wilson. I dropped Matt Ryan this week cause i believed the "experts"
it's official, I'm sending you a Russell Wilson and Richard Sherman game jerseys! You'll grow to love 💚💙 them!
When you got Russell Wilson, Jimmy Graham, will fuller and the Seahawks defense in your fantasy lineup😤
I got Russell Wilson riding my bench though lmao
What a terrific touch pass from Russell Wilson under pressure to Graham for a 27-yard pickup. RW drilled by Richardson from blind side
Russell Wilson to start for Seattle despite knee sprain: Army Corps takes very limited look at plan for very ...
Jordan Matthews. Bout to be the Zags equivalent of Russell Wilson going to Wisconsin for a 5th year.
I've got an unhealthy Russell Wilson.. And Alex Smith. I picked up Siemian because Smith and Wilson haven't done much for me!
Russell Wilson need to take it easy on that MCL sprain and Ankle sprain before he gets hurt worse God forbid
Help me out, with Russell Wilson hurting.tannehill or Alex Smith
it used to be Alex Smith before he joined our Chiefs. Now maybe Russell Wilson.
would you trade Russell Wilson, Eddie Royal, and Mike Williams for DeMarco and Emmanuel Sanders?
Carroll on Russell Wilson: "He is remarkably well off for having a play like that. He looks good.". Carroll expects Wilson to…
.updated the status of Russell Wilson, Thomas Rawls & others from today's press conference. 📰 |
Then again, Russell Wilson seems to be immune to pain. Always feels like he plays through injury, so it's very hard to…
League source: Expectation is Russell Wilson out a minimum of 3 weeks, which would mean 2 games + bye. He really wants…
Cj Anderson and Russell Wilson for Stafford and Crowell fair?
Russell Wilson describes his new knee injury from Seahawks' wi..
Pete Carroll on said Russell Wilson "feels great," and is "walking fine."
I hope that Russell Wilson's knee is alright, but those injuries are unpredictable and can devastate a franchise
A clean tackle gets a big penalty. I hope Wilson is ok but the refs always make calls in favor of them!
how is that Russell Wilson marriage season going so far,not too good.Not playing well,knee issues.matrimony jinx never fails.
where does Russell Wilson fit on your Top QBs list Chief?
Here's what you need to know about Russell Wilson's injury.
Stone Cold Steve Austin had two leg braces and still kicked everybody's *** so I'm sure Russell Wilson will be just fine.
Early reports of a sprained MCL for Russell Wilson via /r/fantasyfootball
injury updates tracker: Wilson expected to be ready for Jets
KEY STAT: Seahawks are undefeated this season in games where Russell Wilson suffers a terrifying injury
Holy crap...just saw that Russell Wilson knee injury. My reaction = 😱. I won't cringe at much, but THAT was pretty gnarly
Russell Wilson has been diagnosed with a sprained MCL sustained from tackle by Eli Harold.
Seahawks QB Russell Wilson is currently getting a left knee brace put on by members of team's medical staff. Trevone Boykin
Oh, by the way. Russell Wilson, who literally NEVER gets hurt, is on my fantasy team this season. He has been...
Seahawks lead 49ers 24-3 at halftime. Jimmy Graham has 105 yards and a score and Russell Wilson has thrown for 233 yards. http…
Seahawks´ Russell Wilson sprains left knee in win over 49ers
Russell Wilson just wandered over to where Kaepernick is warming up and gave him a hug.
Russell Wilson:. *right arm falls off in Friday practice*. "Yeah I'll be good to go Sunday, rehab and miracle water, Go Hawks"
Russell Wilson injury casts cloud over Seahawks’ romp of 49ers
Russell Wilson stays in the game despite hurting his other leg
Carroll on Russell Wilson (knee): "He sprained his knee a little bit. He'll do an incredible job of rehabbing."
"As I understand it, initial belief is that Seahawks QB Russell Wilson has a sprained MCL. More tests coming, obviously."
Russell Wilson has as many rings as Rodgers.
Russell Wilson injured in Seattle's 37-18 rout of 49ers: Wilson threw for 243 yards and a touchdown before…
Delanie walker was out and Tyler Lockett didn't even catch a ball. Russell Wilson came out in the third quarter 🙄
But I thought Grison was executive of the year in 2012 because he drafted Luck and John Schneider only drafted Russell Wilson?
Pam Oliver says Russell Wilson is done for the day, although Seahawks are claiming they were about to pull him with the l…
FOX's Pam Oliver reported Russell Wilson's day is "done." Lobbied to reenter but dealing with left knee and/or ankle injury.
Shoutout to Delanie walker, Russell Wilson, and every other player on my fantasy team for getting hurt or just not performing
Leaving this offensive line for Russell Wilson might be a fireable offense for John Schneider. Anyone could tell you they needed one.
Jimmy Graham outmuscled Eric Reid for that ball. had a free play so Russell Wilson threw it up, Graham came d…
*** it. Knew Sterling Shepard would be good. Haven't wanted the Texans to draft someone I knew they wouldn't take more since Russell Wilson
NC State doesn't ever come to mind as "Quarterback U", but they've got Philip Rivers, Russell Wilson, Mike Glennon, Jaco…
Just a great throw on the run by Watson to set up at the 1. That’s Russell Wilson-esque.
Softy asked me easiest way to create Cap room for Joe Thomas- main answer is to restructure Russell Wilson, Richard Sherman, or Earl Thomas
Joe Montana was picked in the 3rd Round. Surely he's better than Russell Wilson? (And don't call me Shirley)
Comcast Sports Net NW Joel Gunderson on Russell Wilson's health: "Right now he's at about 70 percent."
Likes of Cameron Newton, Antonio Brown, Odell, Dez, Russell Wilson. Guys who we turn on the TV for at 12pm on Sunday to watch perform
My NFL Fantasy team is screwed.. I've got Jonathan Stewart, AP, Russell Wilson, Sammy Watkins and Brandon Marshall.. Smh all injured
Blaine Gabbert leads 49ers to 28-0 win vs the Rams. 6 days later, Russell Wilson and the Seahawks muster 3 pts vs the sa…
Russell Wilson's 17-game streak with a passing TD is snapped. . It was the longest active streak, which now belongs to B…
Love the coliseum playing wicked to try and throw Russell Wilson off
Who to start Alex Smith or Russell Wilson??
There just aren't enough people who realize how much Jeff Fisher *** as a coach and Russell Wilson *** as a human being. Here to educate
I hate Jeff Fisher with a passion normally reserved only for Russell Wilson, but for different reasons (Russ being the anti-Christ and all).
Seattle reach out to Tarvaris Jackson to come back as backup to hobbled QB Russell Wilson
do you guys think that because Russell Wilson did sex, has not gonna be an elite qb this yr? Wasted his mojo?
Injury updates on Russell Wilson, Chris Ivory, Sammy Watkins & more!
Daily Fantasy Stock Report: Seahawks are confident that Russell Wilson will play Week 2
NFL Rumors: Seahawks to sign Tarvaris Jackson as insurance for Russell Wilson injury?.
Tarvaris Jackson is Seahawks' best insurance policy for Russell Wilson i.. Related Articles:
Seahawks keeping tabs on quarterback Tarvaris Jackson. With Russell Wilson at least limited in practice this week...
Bigger loser of week 1: Jeff Fisher (there's too much talent to go 8-8) or people who drafted Russell Wilson in the 2nd.
grade the trade Dave ppr 12 team I get Russell Wilson frank gore give Theo riddick Brock oswiller
That's why the comparison between him and Russell Wilson is not a fair one to me. Russ has always had a run game and a D.
too general of a question regarding the many topical things Russell Wilson says.
Somewhere out there someone has a fantasy team that consists of :. Sammy Watkins. Kenan Allen. Jamaal Charles. Tyler Eifert. Russell Wilson
Russell Wilson's ankle issue- the 's Fantasy Dr. reviews the injury -
For the sake of football I hope Russell Wilson is ok..dislike the Seahawks but love watching Russ play
Looks like Russell Wilson will miss some time. They only have 1 QB behind him, Trevone Boykin. . Have to add someone. Charlie Whitehurst?
Russell Wilson n Russell Wilson Future Jr gon have to fade Future
I'm happy lil stagename Jr. has a real father figure like Russell Wilson because his sperm donor is a waste.
I almost dated this thick Jewish girl who was loaded 😐 Pulled a Russell Wilson at the goal line when it mattered https:…
Ciara lives with hubby Russell Wilson and her son Future Jr., so she's pretty much surrounded by guys. That doesn't mean,…
To soon for this, could argue Russell Wilson is better, Steve young is in hall of fame
"I'm gonna take Russell Wilson on opening day for the rest of my life." -Steve Young
Russell Wilson on Jimmy Graham "The toughest person mentally you'll ever meet" after upbringing,injury
Russell Wilson said he and TE Jimmy Graham have been "lights out" together in practice. Thrown a ton of ball to him, lots…
I don't recall your fury when Rangers used a Rule 5 pick on Russell Wilson and invited him to camp
I hope Nick Marshall or Jeremy Johnson can be the next Cam or Russell Wilson
Russell Wilson has excelled in 3 completely different systems from college to pros. Pretending he's "system limited" is…
Two QBs ranked 2nd and 3rd in the entire league in yards per rushing attempt last season: Tyrod Taylor and Russell Wilson.
I have Russell Wilson and Jimmy Graham. I'm also mad someone stole Christine Michael from me.
JJ Watt, Russell Wilson, Travis Frederick, Joe Thomas (future H.OF), and Owen Daniels. Don't tell me Badgers don't go pro
The first 8 rounds of my most recent start up went Evans, Watkins, Moncrief, Coleman, Treadwell, Russell Wilson, Fuller, Henry.
The guy sitting behind Russell Wilson?!. His name is Trevone Boykin... And his ability to escape is INSANE. 🔥🔥🔥
Joe Webb almost had a Russell Wilson moment. Almost.
We clowned Russell Wilson for being a cornball but it really was Cam Newton all along, I have been living a lie
Going to be Russell Wilson to a woman one day, Lmao.
Feel bad for Bridgewater, but he was a poor man's Alex Smith at this stage, i.e., it's not like they lost Russell Wilson.
Here's something to consider Vikings fans. Teddy Bridgewater's arm is stronger than Russell Wilson's. Teddy has a chance.
too bad Megatron retired. Teddy B or Russell Wilson gotta speak up
WR's are Allan Robinson, B Marshall, J Gordon, and Alshon Jeffery. QB is Russell Wilson the king. Houston Defense and Jimmy Graham is TE
2016-2017 is the Year of the black QB.Dak Prescott, Cam Newton, Russell Wilson,Teddy Bridgewater,EJ Manuel, RG3,Tyrod Taylor, Jameis Winston
Here's Christine Michaels reaction after Russell Wilson circus of a TD to Tyler Lockett.
Man that play by Russell Wilson to keep the play alive and throw to Tyler Lockette was nice. Our DL has to be better
Really enjoying the way Tyler Lockett and Russell Wilson have connected.
Russell Wilson pumped fist, regular-season style, after Tyler Lockett caught that touchdown pass. up 20-10. 10p…
Proof that Russell Wilson is finally getting laid.
[NFL: Seahawks] Russell Wilson scrambles and finds Tyler Lockett for a touchdown
Russell Wilson scrambles and locates Tyler Lockett for a 9-yard TD. Seahawks up 20-10.
😱😱😱. Russell Wilson is a MAGICIAN. There's really no other explanation for how he escaped this pressure.
"Tyler Lockett is the WR version of Russell Wilson."
Russell Wilson dances around and finds Tyler Lockett in the end zone for a touchdown.
(cntd.). Nicki Minaj is Tannehill. Chance is Russell Wilson. Kid Cudi is Jay Cutler. Young Thug is Tyrod Taylor. Future is Andrew Luck
Former NFL GM: Cowboys have to be watching Dak Prescott thinking, 'Do we have a Russell Wilson here?'
What Dak Prescott likes about Russell Wilson's game; how Seattle helped rookie QB land in Dallas
Russell Wilson and Ciara moved their wedding because of North Carolina's transgender law
Russell Wilson and Jessica Simpson used the same wedding planner 😍
Call me crazy but I believe Russell Wilson will b the best QB of 3 between Cam Newton & Andrew Luck 4 years from now imho
4. Andrew Luck threw 55 interceptions in his 1st 55 games, in Russell Wilson's first 55 games, he only threw 31 picks and Cam…
yea its kinda like when Andrew Luck and RG3 went 1&2 and Russell Wilson went in the 3rd round.
Russell Wilson could NOT have put this pass in a better spot. 🎯.
I've got the latest Tea on Ciara, Future, Russell Wilson, Robert Griffin III and LeBron James!!! Sip some more...
Watch: Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson: 'Cool way to start off the preseason.'
Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson: ‘Cool way to start off the preseason’: Here's what Seahawks QB ...
LOOK: Chiefs' Marcus Peters picks off Russell Wilson in the end zone
The Marcus Peters interception of QB Russell Wilson in the redzone
Cody Kessler bout start a Matt Flynn/Russell Wilson situation up in here
Cody Kessler pulls a Russell Wilson and starts his campaign for starting QB
Andrew Luck, Russell Wilson, Eli, Carson Palmer, Drew Brees, Joe Flacco all better than Romo lmao
Russell Wilson's career C%+ of 6.6% is the 3rd highest in the NFL since 2006 behind only Kurt Warner (6.9%) and Drew Brees (6.8%)
Tom Brady is just as fast as Cam Newton and Russell Wilson, says...
Seahawks apparently plan to go with Trevone Boykin as the backup to Russell Wilson with Jake Heaps possibly at No. 3 h…
How do you like my team so far, Russell Wilson, C.J. Anderson, Julio Jones, Julian Edelman, Gary Barnidge?
Russell Westbrook Mike. Not Russell Wilson,you said it twice now
Alex Smith is number 8 if foles beats him out he can most definitely be top 5 Russell Wilson and the Seahawks are dying out
If Aaron Rodgers, Russell Wilson, Steve Smith, Barry Sanders, etc listened to this they would've quit after HS. 😴😴😴 htt…
was offered Russell Wilson and my choice of woodhead, hyde, melvin plus a 2nd rd pick for David Johnson ? Thoughts?
.Let me add as well: We will win on the merits. We got Karen Kitsis like Seahawks fans got Russell Wilson. 1of2
Russell Wilson'ss Super Bowl is now the 2nd best lose cannon with extraordinarily bad judgement & insticts!
This is as Russell Wilson as it gets. (via
taking a break from this terrible whirlwind of daily news to roast this Russell Wilson poster
"Russell Wilson can do everything that Andrew Luck can do. Andrew Luck cannot do everything that Russell Wilson can do." -
Russell Wilson shows off bulked-up arms in Instagram workout photos: Russell Wilson shows off bulked-up arms ...
Let's stop comparing Russell Wilson to Frank Tarkenton from now on. OK, guys?
Charted his first 9 games of 2015. Now about to go thru Russell Wilson's 7-game tear of 24 TD, 1 INT.
What are the chances of us finding our Russell Wilson in a world full of futures
Lol, in that Seattle game, Von played TWO PLAYS, he ate Russell Wilson's lunch and sat down😂😂😂
Just a reminder that your team passed up drafting Russell Wilson... twice.
Thank you to our board, Luvo, Christine Day and Russell Wilson for their support!
Luvo CEO Christine Day and Russell Wilson take the stage!
Wendy Williams blasts Ciara and Russell Wilson for being so public about their s3x life. - See more >>...
Jimmy Butler, on working out with NFL stars Antonio Brown & Russell Wilson: "If you wanna be the best you gotta train w…
Show host Russell Wilson kicks a soccer ball into the audience at the Kids Choice Sport 2016 awards.
*records Nick Choice Awards* I have to watch because Russell Wilson is hosting 😍
*** Ciara looked good on stage at the ESPY Awards. Russell Wilson is one lucky man.
Spotted Ciara and Russell Wilson before dinner earlier tonight 👀👀👀
Ciara and Russell Wilson made their sexy red carpet debut as husband and wife!
Ciara got Future's son kissing Russell Wilson in the mouth and calling him "Papa" bruh that's the highest level of dis…
Ciara and Russell Wilson seem like huge *** bags
Thomas Kinkade Collectibles from The Bradford Exchange Online
As a man I find it disrespectful Ciara letting Baby Future call Russell Wilson daddy and kiss him in the mouth. That's foul .
Ima wear to prom what russell Wilson wore to the espy's tonight
I just mentioned 5 qbs better than cutler. I can bring up Newton, flacco, and Russell Wilson then Andrew Luck. So 9 qbs better lol
good suggestion. I'd totally read that. I bet it's like a drug. Look what it did to Russell Wilson. Not same guy as 5 yrs ago.
and boo, Dwyane Wade, and her boo, Russell Wilson
Russell Wilson and Ciara are everywhere and its almost annoying
I liked a video from My 2 Cents: Russell Wilson kisses Future, Selena breaks the
(Photos): Ciara Wilson and Russell stun at the 2016 ESPYS
Mr & Mrs! Ciara and Russell Wilson make red carpet debut at EPSYs just one week after wedding
Whenever my child's father annoys me I'm hitting him with, “Russell Wilson wouldn't treat me like this.”
Does anyone actually believe that Ciara wants to married to Russell Wilson ol' goof *** !
Get stronger. More flexible. More mobile. How plans to play 15 more years:
Ciara and Russell Wilson Make Red Carpet Debut as Married Couple at ESPYS - Us Weekly: Us WeeklyCiara and Rus...
Ciara and russell wilson lame as it gets
folks want Future to hate Russell Wilson so bad. 🙄
my dad and I just had a 20. minute argument over Russell Wilson being married to Ciara not Sia
No doubt in my mind that Russell Wilson goes OFF this season
Russell Wilson hadn't had sex since 2013 and went to the ESPYS on his honeymoon ***
The Wilsons! Ciara and Russell make first red carpet appearance as newlyweds at 💕
Russell and Ciara Wilson stun at the 2016 ESPYS
Ciara & Russell Wilson shine in first post-wedding appearance at 2016
Woah, let's talk about this picture of Steph and Ayesha Curry, with Ciara and Russell Wilson. Looking good. https…
Baby Future and his step daddy Russell Wilson with Ciara in the CUT
Mr and Mrs Ciara and Russell Wilson.. The newlyweds made their first public appearance at The ESPYS Awards..
Russell Wilson on marrying Ciara-To realize I was going to spend the rest of my life with her gives me chills..
Russell Wilson low key looks like Romeo santos right here lol
I liked a video from Russell Wilson Livestreams Future's Son Kissing him and calling
Look at that man Russell Wilson with his beautiful black queen
Josh Norman and Russell Wilson catch up with Steph Curry at the .
Russell Wilson got some and got all the swag now. He avoided the Tim Duncan path he was on 😭
How will Andrew Luck, Cam Newton and Russell Wilson rank in 2021?
Our head football coach, Sheldon Cross', young son Wyatt crossed meeting his hero Russell Wilson off of his...
Today on Russell Wilson reveals the special moment he knew Ciara was the one: https:/…
Russell Wilson: Now that we're married I have 2 rings. Ciara: You'd have 3 if you gave the ball to Marshawn.. Russ: https…
When Malcolm Butler intercepted Russell Wilson at goaline in the SB. Beyond that, it's been pretty underwhelming.
I see the TL is kinda in a up roar Dave and busters & Russell Wilson kissing futures son
Russell Wilson disrespectful for that. You don't kiss another man's son. I can see a daughter, son? Nah fam
Greg ward Jr. Pat white. Baker Mayfield. Johnny Manziel. Russell Wilson. Let me ball.
At least Bobby Jindal ole Russell Wilson lookin *** woulda said something by now...what's up with John Bell hiding?
If Stephanie gets that seat, you two will be talking Russell Wilson for six hours.
reaction after Malcolm Butler picked off Russell Wilson though?
Photos: Russell Wilson & his stepson Future Jnr at Tuxedo fittings.: Lets hope Future doesn’t have a fit over...
What you need to know about Ciara and Russell Wilson wedding as they share more photos: Ciara and Russell Wil...
Congrats on Russell Wilson and Ciara's wedding. I can see myself marrying a beautiful black woman like that. Maybe not that rich lol
*Malcolm Butler intercepts Russell Wilson as he tries to put the ring on Ciara's finger*. Congrats on the sex tho.
pretareporter: Ciara and Russell Wilson share pics from their fairytale wedding
Russell Wilson tried to have sex for the first time but unfortunately was intercepted at the line by Malcolm Butler.
Russell Wilson has had one of the most epic glo ups of all time! 🙌🏽
This dude Russell Wilson hype he was invited to Ciara body party and got up in them goodies 😂
Russell Wilson had sex with Ciara then threw her over to Malcolm Butler to finish the job
Russell Wilson and Ciara's wedding night sex didn’t go as planned… 😱😂 . Credit - .
In other news, congratulations to Russell Wilson & Ciara. He finally gonna get some.
They're married! Russell Wilson and Ciara's whirlwind love story in photos 😍
Report: Russell Wilson and Ciara got married via
Ciara is reportedly worried that Future will kill Russell Wilson.
Congrats! Russell Wilson and Ciara are officially married. Sure Russell can now have some fun.
Russell Wilson finally got dem goodies.
Russell Wilson prolly ain't waste no time with Ciara after the wedding lls. Straight room action 😂
Here’s our Russell Wilson wedding story with an official picture. Phones were reportedly banned at the ceremony.
If I was Russell Wilson, I'd dare y'all to play Future in the locker room. I'd lead the league interceptions with no probl…
Ciara and Russell Wilson stepped down the aisle in a private wedding ceremony in England
& the superman cape of the year goes to. *Drumroll please . Russell "Captian Save a *** Wilson
Making small talk with my coworker today: Ciara and Russell Wilson got married yesterday. Her: Who?. Me:
Live look at Ciara at her honeymoon with Russell Wilson
Ciara and Russell Wilson are officially married 👏👏 congratulations
Ciara just asked Russell Wilson to share her bed on their wedding night, . He passed.
Ladies and gentlemen: Ciara and Russell Wilson are officially husband and wife! ❤️
awww congrats to Ciara and Russell Wilson on their marriage and wishing them a long and happy life 👰🏾💍
I BELIEVE CONGRATULATIONS ARE IN ORDER! .Proof that as soon as you let the WRONG person go. ..the right one...
"We are the Wilsons." It's official: Ciara and Russell Wilson are now married.
Future probably at home looking at this Ciara and Russell Wilson wedding news like
Ciara and Russell Wilson officially tied the knot earlier today.
qb's better than cam(not in any order) Aaron Rodgers, Tom Brady, Ben Roethlisberger, Carson Palmer, Andrew Luck, Russell Wilson. That's 6
Russell Wilson and Ciara are now married, which means that he can now "score". Somewhere, Malcolm Butler is overheard saying "They can try"
Russell Wilson only 27 and already look like hall of fame material. The numbers are just 👌🏿
Save up to 70% on Inkjet and Toner Supplies!
Anyways congrats Russell Wilson . Get in that tud.
Russell Wilson got married on a Wednesday because last minute Malcolm Butler took his venue for that weekend...
Revealed: Is this Kelly Rowland's bridesmaid dress for Ciara and Russell Wilson's wedding?
Congrats to Ciara and Russell Wilson on their marriage 🙌🏽💍
Russell Wilson better hope Malcolm Butler doesn't show up before he closes the deal with Ciara.
At the wedding, Russell Wilson tossed the garter to Malcolm Butler.
Russell Wilson's gonna need your prayers tonight
Russell Wilson's only getting married in England because he's pretty sure Malcolm Butler can't find him over there.
Russell Wilson is taking Ciara’s last name & is going to quit the NFL & become a stay at home mom. Good for him
First comes love, then comes marriage.. congrats to Ciara & Russell Wilson on their nuptials
Is Ciara worried that Future will kill Russell Wilson?!
What? Indeed. Future don't even care about Russell Wilson, nor Ciara. Baby Fewtcha maybe, but that's it.
If so, she is making Russell Wilson look like a b*tch boy
Ciara's afraid Future wants to murder Russell Wilson
Some off-season fun. Russell Wilson sings backup vocals for fiancee Ciara. VIDEO:
PC Russell Wilson & Tyler Lockett! Both are amazing players and even better people! Also my all time favorite Griffey JR!
Ciara, Russell Wilson and her son Future Jr. are the cutest during a Dodgers Stadium visit: ht…
Next year, Timofey Mozgov will make more than Richard Sherman, Aaron Rodgers, Julio Jones, Russell Wilson, Josh Norman, and Adr…
thanks for giving a plug for Russell Wilson, at 27, he's accomplished quite a bit, but he's also experienced loss.
Mike Conley is making more money than Russell Wilson, Cam Newton & Tom Brady COMBINED! 😳😱
Tried to explain Weber-Subban to non-hockey fan friends. Compared it to trading Ben Roethlisberger for Russell Wilson. Fair comparison?
kinda funny lol he has Palmer,Big Ben,cam and Russell Wilson ahead of him and Russell is better than Tom Brady? gtfo
17.) Russell Wilson. He's my favorite QB that's not Ben Roethlisburger... With that being said he's a top 5 QB right now.
Russell Wilson ahead of Ben Roethlisberger is silly in of itself
And Carson Palmer is ranked ahead of Russell Wilson and Big Ben? Come on now.
has Russell Wilson (17) and Carson Palmer (12) ranked ahead of Ben Roethlisberger (21). CTE in the NFL is for real.
It's no way Carson Palmer should be ranked higher than Big Ben & Russell Wilson.
When Doug Baldwin was targeted, Russell Wilson had an NFL QB Rating of 142.8; best for a WR in 2015
My unbiased top 5 QBS in league right now. 1. Derek Carr. 2. Aaron Rodgers. 3. Tom Brady. 4. Drew Brees. 5. Russell Wilson
this is like saying Russell Wilson is better than Charlie Whitehurst.
please, Big Ben is not as good as Russell Wilson or Cam Newton, who you just tried to compare him too
Russell Wilson looking like if Drake and Jeff Goldblum had a child.
Reporters continue to make critiques of Russell Wilson that sound nice but aren't true
Everyone at the sports bar instinctively booed Russell Wilson
Russell Wilson is ready for some Game 7 action.
Table seating cards included "Gerald & Krista" engraved in a box of Russell Wilson's interception into the position.
Can QB Russell Wilson be even better than he was last season? Pete Carroll thinks so:
conclude mini-camp raving about Russell Wilson, optimistic ...
Seahawks QB Russell Wilson shows off his soccer chops
Ecuador's coach just threw a water bottle 40 yards. He's been sent off and has been signed to replace Russell Wilson.
Seahawks conclude mini-camp raving about Russell Wilson, optimistic about Jimmy Graham and Thomas Rawls
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