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Russell Wilson

Russell Wilson (born November 29, 1988) is an American football quarterback, formerly with the Wisconsin Badgers football team.

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I can BELIEVE that nonsense im hearing on this radio show! So, im just going to ask yall:. Who's the Better QB? Russell Wilson or Matt Ryan?
It's amazing how the Seattle Seahawks - Russell Wilson is in his 3rd season of the NFL, return to the Super lBowl w/Richard Sherman & others after winning the SuperBowl in 2014 and yet we have NOT acknowledged their return,...really? The convo is on Tom Brady, the coach and the deflated footballs? Guilty or not, let's get back to the matter at hand - THE 2015 Super Bowl!!!
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A friend asked me to clarify a few things on ball-gate in regards to my opinion. I should have done that from the beginning, but did not think about it. So lets go. I hope the Patriots win the Super Bowl. I despise Pete Carroll, think him low-brow, a cheater and a jerk. I think Richard Sherman is arguably the most over-rated CB in NFL history. I can think of a dozen better CB's just since 1990 who the Jabber-Richard could not carry their jock straps. I think it is great they do charity stuff - it is also part of their contracts. I hope they lose and lose badly, because they deserve it. Their two redeeming qualities are Russell Wilson and Marshawn Lynch, who both seem to be decent people. That said, the NFL has made it pretty clear that they think the Patriots tampered with their allotted footballs. It's why they hired a top notch law firm and PI firm to move the investigation into its final stages. They clearly think something was done that at least was counter to league rules. You do not do that ...
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Key takeaways from Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson and cornerback Richard Sherman's Wednesday press conferences.
punk, liar, cheater[s]... the Brady/Belicik[sp?] 'Monarchy' has been replete with cheating to gain unethical competitive advantage[s] over their opponents. as far as i am concerned this is every bit as at the heart of the integrity of the game as any Bounty-Gate crap![omg the D is encouraged to knock the block off the other teams stars!?!? ...c'mon, man..!] imo: the coach, QB, and equipment management staff should be fined amount and suspended for no less than 1 full year. you cannot continue to say one thing, while doing another - and this is your best chance to send an unmistakable message to the entirety the NFL! Marshawn Lynch was fined $20k for his 'obscene gesture' after scoring - please note that this has ZERO impact on the safety or integrity of the game; Clay Mathews was fined $22,500[to my recollection] for his illegal hit against Russell Wilson after one of his ints last weekend - again, please note that this type of play is 100% about player safety and the integrity of the game... please feel ...
So happy to hear that Lisa Hays ' surgery appears to be a success. Hope she gets a special visitor (namely Russell Wilson) while she's at Seattle Children's Hospital at some point, but since the Seattle Seahawks head out of town on Sunday that might not happen. That's OK, though. A happy and healthy Lisa is all that matters!
Clay Matthews was fined $22,050 for the illegal blindside hit on Russell Wilson after an interception in NFC Championship…
Clay Matthews has been fined $22,050 by the NFL for his blindside block on Russell Wilson in NFC Championship game.
How good is Russell Wilson? if he played for the Indianapolis Colts, they would have been in the Super Bowl,, don't change nothing else just him and Andrew Luck,,
Last 2 Super Bowl winners were & Do you consider Joe Flacco or Russell Wilson to be among the Top 10 QBs? Great Defense
Russell Wilson has perfect answer for ‘deflate-gate’
We both know there's only one Captain America and his name is Russell Wilson.
LOOK: Is Clay Matthews lined up offside on Russell Wilson ...
Tom Brady, Russell Wilson, Peyton, Phillip Rivers, Aaron Rodgers, Big Ben and Joe Flacco all dropped out or can't play
Patriots coach Bill Belichick says Russell Wilson reminds him of Cowboys legend Roger Staubach... he has a point.
Russell Wilson made $662,434 this year and I made $4,638,980 as it should be, guy spends his money on family insurance …
Russell Wilson was a two star recruit. Just saying there might be a chance
Right now I'd put Andrew Luck in that second tier of quarterbacks with Ben Roethlisberger, Joe Flacco, Tony Romo, Russell Wilson.
The Seattle Seahawks’ quarterback, Russell Wilson, was having one of the worst games imaginable during Sunday’s NFC Championship game, until things started to turn around in the third quarter as his team trailed the Green Bay Packers by 16 points. After his team pulled...
Russell Wilson or Marshawn Lynch?. Who is more important to the VIDEO:
Seattle Seahawks Resigns Marshawn Lynch Video Blog: Should Marshawn Lynch be the Seattle Seahawks top priorities in the off season after Russell Wilson? Does the team understand the significance and effect this would have on the... From: Terrence Banks Views: 4 0 ratings Time: 09:47 More in Sports
First the Rock, Boris Kodjoe, then TJ Holmes. Now I think my new celebrity crush might be Russell
If you think Russell Wilson is a top 3 QB, you must think Pete Carroll is a terrible coach, which is objectively false.
After watching the game. It looked like they were trying to hurt Russell Wilson. Especially Clay Matthews, running straight at Wilson after he threw an interception and blind side blocking him
In celebration of Russell Wilson's huge win, this week's VIP is you, the 12th Man! Kennedy, Dane and Maria are our representatives - all super STRONG at Seattle Children's Hospital!
Clay Matthews crushes Russell Wilson with illegal block
it's Tuesday and Russell Wilson visits the Seattle Children's Hospital that day he should visit me come to my house plz
Clay Matthews crushes Russell Wilson with illegal block: If Seattle Seahawks Coach Pete Carroll could go back ...
Overheard: "Russell Wilson is the modern Tom Brady.". No, Tom Brady is the Modern Tom Brady. . SMH
Who wore it better: Russell Wilson after the comeback win or Michael Smith after the Ghost Pepper challenge?
said he's take Russell Wilson over Donovan McNabb in his prime. Wow. smH
Duel in the Desert: Stats, figures, numbers!! Super Bowl XLIX matches each conference's top seed for the second consecutive year as the defending champion Seahawks represent the NFC in going up against the AFC champion Patriots on February 1 at University of Phoenix Stadium in Glendale, Arizona. This will be New England’s eighth Super Bowl appearance (3-4) while Seattle is in its third title game (1-1). Seahawks: Mind-blowing stats 1 Winner vs. Winners: Russell Wilson is 10-0 career vs. Super Bowl winning quarterbacks (3-0 vs. Aaron Rodgers; 2-0 vs. Eli Manning; 2-0 vs. Peyton Manning; 2-0 vs. Drew Brees; 1-0 vs. Tom Brady). He'll try to make it 11-0 as the Seahawks go against Brady and the Patriots in Glendale. 2 Riding High: Seattle entered the playoffs with a six-game winning streak. The last team to win the Super Bowl with a winning streak of five games or more going into the playoffs was the 2003 Patriots, who were riding a 12-game streak heading into the postseason. 3 All About The D: Seahawks onc ...
Russell Wilson finished the first half 2 of 9 for 12 yards and 3 INTs, or a QB rating of "drunk, deaf, and blind Jay C…
How Marshawn Lynch, Russell Wilson, and the Seahawks Willed Their Way to the Super Bowl (Again), by
Russell Wilson: "I just want wrap up Caleb in the 12th Man flag"
I don't like Tom Brady but think he's a great QB ... but the seahawk's gone get that W .. Russell Wilson to cold and clutch ❄❄⛄
The Entourage Effect: Both Tom Brady and Russell Wilson are in the and both are playing in the super b…
Russell Wilson seeking a 2nd Superbowl vs. the all time leader in post season touchdown's, Tom Brady
All my buddies in Whidbey Island and surrounding areas, I'm going to pull for your Seahawks for the first time in my life. They truly are a great team and love each other. You are truly blessed to have Russell Wilson as your Captain. I still don't like Sherman and Lynch though. Lynch needs to grow up and stop grabbing his crotch every time he makes a good play. And besides I dislike cheating. And that's exactly what the Patriots are known for. I do like Vince Wilfork though. I hope you paint the field blue and red with Tom Brady.
Why Seattle Seahawks can have success after Russell Wilson's up
After Seattle Seahawks NFC win, Russell Wilson tearfully exclaims, "God is good all the time!" htt…
Highlights from the 2015 NFC Championship Seattle Seahawks vs Green Bay Packers! This game was absolutely insane!!! Russell Wilson vs Aaron Rodgers! Click be...
Congrats to Russell Wilson and the Seattle Seahawks for making 2nd consecutive trip to Super Bowl .
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Russell Wilson and Andrew Luck are gonna be this generations Tom Brady and Peyton Manning
Russell Wilson "threw the game away" literally ((4 interceptions)) and still won and made it to the Super Bowl he's a Christian to my knowledge and a good man off the field but in my eyes he's nothing more than a "game manager" let's keep in mind Trent Dilfer won a Super Bowl with the Baltimore Ravens and he also was only a game manager even if you look at a team this year the buffalo bills who went 9-7 they had a good defense and a game manager at qb that being Kyle orton who I believe retired after regular seasons end granted unlike the other two qbs I named Russell is more mobile and can be a threat in that way but put him on a average team and he would be nothing special he is surrounded by a lot of talent! And in my eyes whether he wins the Super Bowl in 2 weeks or not to get what would be his second ring he would still never compare to a Tom Brady a Aaron Rodgers a Peyton Manning Drew brees or any of the Nfls elite quarterbacks
On Sunday, Seattle Seahawks' quarterback Russell Wilson overcame a rough game to win the NFC Championship in thrilling fashion. Now he's an elite player, says one expert:
"God is good all the time!" Seahawks QB Russell Wilson breaks down in tears thanking God after taking home the 28-22 overtime win against the Green Bay Packers in the NFC title game. Take a look!
Ugh. Someone named Russell Wilson as the Offensive Player of the Game for Seattle/Green Bay. Wow.
Quarterbacks: Russell Wilson vs. Tom Brady. Wilson is in his second straight Super Bowl after winning it last year. Brady has made back-to-back trips once, winning after the 2003 and 2004 seasons, and has three wins in five appearances in all. This season, at 37, Brady was fifth in the NFL in passer rating at 97.4; Wilson, 25, was 10th at 95.0. Both were infamously overlooked on draft day: Wilson was the 75th pick of the 2012 draft, with five quarterbacks taken in front of him. Brady was the 199th player picked in 2000, with six quarterbacks taken before him. Of those 11 quarterbacks, one — Brock Osweiler, Peyton Manning's backup with the Broncos last year — has been to a Super Bowl. Note to self: never give up
The Cheeseheads will travel into loud, hostile 12th Man territory to watch Aaron Rodgers and the Green Bay Packers face Russell Wilson and the Seattle Seahaw...
NYT: "With about four minutes left, Russell Wilson became Fran Tarkenton, Joe Montana and John Elway rolled into one."
Even though I hate Pete Carroll and Richard Sherman I will be pulling for the Hawks because of Russell Wilson and Marshawn Lynch..
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in a league where Matt Ryan makes $20M per, how much is Russell Wilson worth? And how does Luck justify making more than Rodgers and Brady?
Just rewatched the post game interview with Russell Wilson. How can you not like that guy. What a great example of a humble, grateful, god fearing man. Maybe he could mentor Richard Sherman on what it is to be a hero.
I can't even watch tv because everything is pundits drooling over the Seahawks come back. I hate the Seahawks so much! I hate Richard Sherman, I hate Russell Wilson, I hate Pete Carroll. That is all.
Well, even though it's early to predict but I think the Seahawks will beat the Patriots 33-17 in the Super Bowl because of those reasons 1. Marshawn Lynch will run all over the Patriots 2. Richard Sherman, Earl Thomas III, Cam Chanellor and Byron Maxwell will contain Edelman, Amendola, LaFell and Gronk 3.Russell Wilson will eat the Patriots defense alive with his feet and is clutch in crunch time 4. They play better after subpar performances which is terrible news for the Pats. 5. They are playing at a stadium where their perfect season ended so it'll haunt them
“Russell Wilson thinks Mariano Rivera was a choker”Wilson loves coo in his mouth.
Russell Wilson thinks Mariano Rivera was a choker
Russell Wilson sure did a good job of challenging that however with the way he bounced back from 4 int's for miracle combat win
Rookie autos I will have one day Buster Posey, Mike Trout, Clayton Kershaw, Gaioncarlo Stanton, Russell Wilson, Tom Brady, Sidney Crosby
Here's the game-winning touchdown pass from Russell Wilson
Russell Wilson was 0-5 with 4 Ints when targeting Jermaine Kearse. They connected on the only one that counted
So it's the 4th quarter and Russell Wilson throws another interception and some of my friends start to leave the game. We say our goodbyes and said "wait til next year." Then Divine Providence steps in. The Seahawks score a touchdown, then complete an onside kick, then score another touchdown and then an unbelievable 2point conversion. They then give up just a field goal to force overtime .then win the coin toss when Green Bay chose tails (everyone knows you choose heads) then they go down and score the winning touchdown to Jermaine Kearse who was the target on ALL 4 seahawk interceptions. This was the most unbelievable game I have ever witnessed.
Seahawks will lose to The patriots. Seattle Seahawks vs New England Patriots will be the game for Superbowl 49. Seattle Seahawks barely escaped the win from the Green Bay Packers. Russell Wilson threw 4 interceptions and they could not stop making mistakes until the fourth quarter when luck/faith came on their side. They played terrible and it wasn't until the end of the game when they got lucky. Sorry not sorry the Packers were robbed as they dominated the whole game. Congratulations seahawks for making it to the Superbowl but if you think you are going to get lucky with Tom Brady and the Patriots you are sadly mistaken, Tom Brady is a 3x Superbowl champion, 2x MVP, 10 pro bowl., and more He is the most dominate quarterback of all time. They just beat the colts 45-7. Tom Brady does not make mistakes and he always excels during playoffs. So seahawks fans enjoy today because the patriots will destroy the seahawks in the game on February 1, 2015. That my friends in reality. I have been a loyal fan of the p ...
New YouTube video: "Russell Wilson's faith in Jermaine Kearse rewarded"
Pete Carroll says OT TD from Russell Wilson to Jermaine Kearse was an audible and "just exquisite football."
The 6th time was the charm for Russell Wilson and Jermaine Kearse
Here's some postgame video from the locker room and press conference podium featuring Pete Carroll, Russell Wilson, Jermaine Kearse, Kam Chancellor, Doug Baldwin, Richard Sherman, Max Unger, Garry Gilliam and Michael Bennett ...
Russell Wilson tossed 4 interceptions today for those of you who forgot
Best part about today... Red Dirt Rogue kept saying the Seattle Seahawks would win, even with less than 6 minutes left in the game. And a bar full of Green Bay Packers fans giving me *** BrewTop Overland Park love this bar! Russell Wilson, Bobby Wagner, Doug Baldwin, Jermaine Kearse, Luke Willson, Richard Sherman, Marshon lynch, Pete Carroll
Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson is picked off for the fourth time today by Green Bay Packers safety Morgan Burnett.
Game analysis: I really don't even know where to begin. Simply put, from a pure football performance standpoint, the Hawks had ZERO business winning this game with how many brain-dead mistakes they made in the first 3.5 quarters. Offense: Absolutely brutal, horrendous, etc for 3.5 quarters. Russell Wilson had by far the worst 3.5 quarters he's ever had in his college and pro career combined. He had so many throws and decisions that, in the film room, are going to be graded with a minus, double minus and NC (No Chance). However, when the chips were down late in the 4th Q and OT, he played like a champion. The wide receiving corps was also horrid for 3.5 quarters. 2 of Wilson's 4 INT's were on Jermaine Kearse for not making catches that 99% of NFL receivers make. Kearse and Baldwin were not only not getting open, they also looked like they'd never played a single down in the NFL for 3.5 quarters. I think part of the separation issue was not having Paul Richardson out there to take the top off the defense an ...
Over the course of the game, Russell Wilson targeted receiver Jermaine Kearse six times. On four of those targets, the Packers picked Wilson off. Kearse only made one catch, but it was the one that sent the Seahawks to the Super Bowl.
Russell Wilson had played that very game 100 times before today in his mind. Great players prepare mentally on how to recover in tough games
Russell Wilson played the worst game of his career...and it didn't even matter.
Great stat on Russell Wilson: "Wilson, in his third season, has played 10x against Super Bowl-winning quarterbacks. He ha…
smh. Let her make it. She is stanning for Russell Wilson like he is going to come marry her or something.
Seattle has played 4 OT games with Russell Wilson, and this is third time he led the Seahawks to a game-winning TD on the ope…
Forgot earlier but need good meme w/Russell Wilson as Combat Carl "never gives up finds a way."
How can you not love Russell Wilson?! What a class act and man of God! 💙💚
The same trolls who think Russell Wilson graduated from Wisconsin also think Unitas was a Charger & Willie Mays a Met
Russell Wilson is tossing the turnovers at a high rate today...
Great shot of Russell Wilson crying with stunned joy.
Russell Wilson finds Doug Baldwin for a 35-yard gain in overtime
“how many interceptions for Russell Wilson? hate this guy
I love how Russell Wilson doesn't hesitate to thank God. And I love how appreciative he is of the situation he is in.
As much white *** u try to kiss and cake soap ya skin ... You talkin' about Russell Wilson bro? All you do is *** and u...…
I had and multiple beers. That's why I'm so spicy about Russell Wilson. 😎🍻
IUP head coach Curt Cignetti was the main recruiter for Russell Wilson at and the first to believe he could be a Q…
Won in overtime bruh.Russell Wilson threw a feel TD for the win
Russell Wilson had 4 interceptions and never stopped playing like he could win the game.
"Russell Wilson, you're playing like Manziel. Here, have a Snickers.". "Thanks coach."
I love Russell Wilson!. "God is too good all the time... I just believe God's prepared me for this... God has prepared this team."
Russell Wilson's QBR is worse than Marshawn Lynch's high school GPA
Woman at the table next to me just got super happy when she found out the won. Apparently, Wilson Russell is her favorite QB...
talk bout Russell Wilson no one want to talk about him give the man his credit!
Russell Wilson is now a remarkable 10-0 in his career vs Super Bowl-winning QBs (including playoffs).
Happy for Russell Wilson. Picked to win 27-23. But must admit: I hate this OT rule. Would've loved to see Rodg…
Russell Wilson first thing he does after there win is bow down and thank Jesus, so much respect for him & all those who joi…
Russell Wilson will become the youngest QB in NFL history to start 2 Super Bowls.
Congrats to my friend Coach Pete Carroll, Russell Wilson, Marshawn Lynch and the best corner in the game Richard Sherman!
Hard not to be happy for Russell Wilson as he kneels down to pray post victory with teammates.also I hate the Packers
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to quote Russell Wilson... "Dreams don't come true.Dreams are made true". Go you guys!!
SEAHAWKS ARE GOING TO THE Super Bowl!. Russell Wilson hits Jermaine Kearse for the 35-yard TD. Seattle wins on a walk-off …
Russell Wilson audibled to TD pass to kearse. Saw man coverage and changed play.
Russell Wilson to Golen Tate in endzone to beat the Green Bay Packers!
Russell Wilson has led Seattle Seahawks against champion QB after champion QB. And they've never lost.
Anyone else see that Packers player praying with Russell Wilson? That's sportsmanship
"I just remember thinking, whichever team picked me, I was going to make the other 31 regret it." - Russell Wilson http:/…
“The NFL let Russell Wilson get to back to back Superbowls because he's a "safe" black QB.
Green Bay played their hearts out. Let them raise the chalice of defeat w/pride, filled to the rim with Russell Wilson's t…
Russell Wilson is all class. Speaks like a leader in defeat, defers credit in victory while praising opponent.
Up most respect for Russell Wilson, even at his lows still can keep composer and win a game
I was hoping for GB too but it's hard to dislike Russell Wilson. Broncos/49ers Super Bowl next year?😏
8 plays 59 yards, Colts need to hit up Russell Wilson for some of that
Russell Wilson apparently is Tom Brady now... going 14-29... 1 td 4 ints
Russell Wilson showed us tonight the power of Dr. Willie Jolley's quote, "A Setback is nothing but a setup for a...
The passion and emotion of Russell Wilson 💯👍
Russell Wilson: 13.6 Total QBR, worst by starter in a win in the 97 (cont)
Russell Wilson is crying. Marshawn Lynch is already in the locker room playing Candy Crush.
SEATTLE — One former University of Wisconsin quarterback was talking to another at the height of an improbable Seattle comeback Sunday when Russell Wilson told Darrell Bevell that — after
A dramatic fourth quarter comeback that included a recovered onside kick, successful two-point conversion and two perfect deep balls from Russell Wilson in overtime has the Seahawks heading to Phoenix in a bid to defend their crown.
Russell Wilson kind of looks like Tommy Chong
Trey Anastasio plays an acoustic version of Wilson on 4/16/13 at The Moore Theater in Seattle. Russell Wilson (Seattle Seahawks) mention/campaign. Video Sour...
Btw, I love Russell Wilson. I'm not convinced God is on his side, but I am. Bet Seattle to come back because I believe in Wi…
- was an improbable come from behind win, but Russell Wilson and the Seattle Seahawks are going to the Super Bowl.
This is for Russell Wilson's haters: "Sock It To 'Em, Soul Brother" by Bill Moss LOL
Wow what a game I'm emotionally a wreck and so proud of the Hawks and especially Russell Wilson for believing in each other and never giving up on the prize! Let's go get another one of the SUPERBOWL TROPHYS
So proud of my cousin Kevin Williams for the Seahawks and again Russell Wilson is fine!!
Current Seattle Seahawks and former NC State QB Russell Wilson will be playing in the biggest game of his life next weekend when he and his teammates play in...
So happy right now! Can the Russell Wilson haters officially shut up now?! Now let's finish this! GO FREAKIN HAWKS!
Russell Wilson is pretty much the James Reimer of football.
Favorite player in each sport that isn't on my favorite team:. NBA - Steph Curry. NFL - Russell Wilson. MLB - Buster Posey
Russell Wilson is a class act. You can't not like him.
Please give Russell Wilson his bike back!!
And, Russell Wilson, Tarvaris Jackson, Jon Ryan, and Doug Baldwin are all trending worldwide! Awesome!
Russell Wilson isn't having a great game so far against the Green Bay Packers. He has two interceptions on five pass attempts. His day got a little worse on his second interception when Packers LB ...
“Russell Wilson is one of my favorite players. Incredible man of God, positive and full of class. Happy for him!”
Russell Wilson threw 4 INTs and was still able to lead his team to victory.
I will like to say that I am now planning Russell Wilson & i's wedding. 🙈
As Seahawks fans since 1976, Nanci and I are with family still amazed at that game! My favorite thing, though, was seeing my friend and brother Karl Payne, Seahawks chaplain, on his knees with a weeping Russell Wilson and crew on the field after game's end. I thank God for all the chaplains in every sport who bring Jesus to the players, and Karl is definitely one of them. What they do is a lot bigger than a great game--but what a game!!
Okay so I'm rooting for New England. I'm not a fan but I would like to see The Seahawks crush a Dynasty as the create their own. Russell Wilson Vs Tom Brady that's a match up come on Pats you can't get beat by the Hawks if you don't get there!
Highlights from the freshman and sophomore seasons of All-ACC quarterback Russell Wilson. Wilson will be a redshirt junior during the 2010 campaign and holds...
Russell Wilson found Jermaine Kearse on the first drive of overtime for a 35-yard touchdown reception.
Pretty impressed with the heart of Russell Wilson. I love that he gives God the credit. Nothing wrong with that. I show my son this type of stuff all the time. It's good for kids to see that not all athletes are self absorbed and arrogant.
I know that pass from Russell Wilson right in the bread basket down Camden st in Bev Hills
"God is good all the time"...the first thing Seattle quarterback, Russell Wilson, said (in tears), after one of the best NFL comeback's ever. We are proud of this young athlete for expressing his faith on one of the biggest stages in the world!
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I'm sorry for your lost. But be glad that Russell Wilson is in the Super Bowl this year.
Russell Wilson taught me a valuable lesson today. No matter how bad things are going, as long as you believe in yourself you can do anything you set your mind to. He is an inspiration, for real. Of course it helps if some backup tight end forgets how to catch a god *** football at the worst possible moment.
It's game day! And Russell Wilson and Richard Sherman want you to make a play & Visit and make it happen:
Wow. Impossible to dislike Russell Wilson. What a guy. Credit to The Lord. Credit to his team. Credit to the Pack. Class act.
Really hard to watch the Packers lose in overtime. But my heart soared when I saw our friend Dr Karl Payne, a frequent guest on In The Market, bend down and immediately pray with QB Russell Wilson and other Hawks! First thing Wilson did was thank God! Hawks are blessed to have Dr Karl Payne as chaplain.
As Russell Wilson said correctly,God is good all the time. Click on this link to watch his game winning comments. Congrats seattle. You earned it!
I seriously love Russell Wilson. Congrats to the Seahawks!
Russell Wilson is undefeated vs. Brady, Manning and Rogers...and 0-1 vs. Dave Shinskie
It's not how you start but how you finish! Congratz to Russell Wilson and the Seattle Seahawks With the correct team, attitude & support you can do it!!
Russell Wilson's passion is incredibly inspiring, my god. His emotion was remarkable.
Chris Carter be like Russell Wilson always crying...
GO SEAHAWKS !!! To the Super Bowl again! Despite some life changes I am still a Seahawks fan!!! I was a bit disappointed in my Russell Wilson throwing so many interceptions :( and beast mode was in kitten mode... But Sherman still awesome! And thanks to secondary teams for changing momentum! At least it ended in overtime in classic Seattle style. Last half for the WIN!!! Nice Hail Mary Russell! Go Hawks!!! Cutter was happy too! Celebrated with me😄
The only touchdown pass that Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson threw in the 2015 NFC Championship Game was the one that ended the game. Wilson led the Seahawks on a six-play, 87-yard drive on the opening possession of overtime...
Despite 4 turnovers from Russell Wilson, the Seattle Seahawks are headed back to the Super Bowl! What a comeback!
Wow!!! Unbelievable Win!!! Congrats Russell Wilson and Seattle Seahawks for keeping your faith in adversity and fighting back! Love this team.
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Powerful image there... Russell Wilson in tears on a knee for final prayer. Wow.
First words out of Russell Wilson's mouth when the microphone was put in his face is " God is good all the time"
**Grabs mic** Seattle Wins. Wow! The moral of the story through my eyes: Russell Wilson was a third round draft pick & overlooked by many. Told he wasn't champion material. Told he wasn't good enough. You create your own destiny with the hard work that you do. No one else can determine your success except you. When people doubt you, work hard and let your accomplishments speaking for themselves. Accomplishments & success will shut up or negate any hater, doubter or naysayer. Every. Single. One. **drops mic**
Eagles fans remember when Russell Wilson promised you guys chips if you all draft him? Yall mad asel. Ya *** right I'm trollin.
How can you not love Russell Wilson?!?!! Congrats Seahawks!
Russell Wilson: "I'm honored to be on this team. I'm going to the Super Bowl again." In OT Seattle 28...Green Bay 22
Russell Wilson throws 4 INTs and Seahawks go to the Super Bowl. Drew Brees throws 4 INTs and...well.ummm.
Russell Wilson not even good, he just got a team that makes him look amazing. Just like the 49ers with Kapernick.
Russell Wilson is so great, even though I can't stand his face after seeing that same American Family Insurance commercial non-stop
Things I'm glad about:. Ryan play QB. Russell Wilson cry tears of joy . 's face right now. The cop who let Bennett ride his bike
I hope this win doesn't cause Russell Wilson to dump his girlfriend for an even better girlfriend.
Well all you Packers fans, bring your burdens to the Lord. It's church time. 7pm Shout out to Russell Wilson, always acknowledging the Lord
Seeing Russell Wilson cry like a baby reminded me of this scene...
Russell Wilson ready to lead the Seahawks.
Emotional interview with Russell Wilson, why Football is best sport on the Planet
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Awesome win, Russell Wilson and the Seattle Seahawks! I am so impressed at how he acknowledged where this win came from "God Is So Good"
UNBELIEVABLE. Down 12 in the last three minutes, the Seahawks rally and win in OT. It's back to the Super Bowl for Russell Wilson...
Russell Wilson's value to the Seahawks was shown today so hopefully everybody realizes how overrated he is
Wow! An insurmountable come back and I am very sad right now for any Packer fan! However I am truly encouraged that Russell Wilson with tears in his eyes gave God all the glory!
Amazing moment for Russell Wilson. And the 12s!
Russell Wilson just showed why you never quit! 4 interceptions and overall tough day. He never quit. A true LEADER!
Russell Wilson needs to stop crying
Russell Wilson is in a Levi's commercial, talks personally about his life, how he chose football and his father's impact on him. I've been a fan ever since h...
What an all-time amazing turnaround of a game by Russell Wilson: goat to hero.
I wanted Packers to win but I have to say, Russell Wilson is a good guy. He visits Children's Hospital every Tuesday.
Russell Wilson was out there playing like Willie Beaman.
Richmond's own Russell Wilson is a amazing 4th quarter comeback - never gave up - and a prayer circle with his teammates after the victory. A class act who deserves all the success that's coming his way.
Russell Wilson is the man, was having a bad game and came back and threw a bomb. In overtime. He speaks about how God bless him for this moment
Was that a great game or a GOAT game? Holy kitten, Russell Wilson...
Russell Wilson is my favourite qb not named Aaron Rodgers, Matt Flynn, or Scott Tolzien. Exciting to watch, seems a genuinely nice chap.
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“Russell Wilson put on for all the lightskins ✊🙌”. Really ***
You can't EVER count Russell Wilson out of a football game
Amazing game Congratulations! Russell Wilson has a chance at history! Back to Back Wins!
So Erin Andrews got Russell Wilson to interview this year instead of Richard Sherman. Bet she's happy.
Shout out to that time Russell Wilson's ex-wife tried to eat his face.
I never respected Russell Wilson as a good QB. Now you can't not respect the guy.
Hey how about telling Russell Wilson to "get it together" like you did to Buster Posey's kid? No grit on the build-a-bear hat?
Wow! The Seattle Seahawks are moving on to the Super Bowl in dramatic fashion. Russell Wilson throws the game-winning touchdown in overtime as we were going off the air at 5. Incredible!
Russell Wilson my friend you are a Man!
Russell Wilson, one-time Colorado Rockies prospect, is going back to the Super Bowl with the Seattle Seahawks. Guess he makes better decisions than the Rockies.
We kicked their *** but they won the game! Russell Wilson was right. It came down to a big play and he made it... Wow.
Russell Wilson is just ridiculous. Give me the and the points in the Super Bowl, regardless of who they play or what the line is.
Packers should have called Ellis Johnson to find out how to stop Russell Wilson!
Russell Wilson shook off all of those mistakes and turned al the way up.
Russell Wilson hit that Matt Hasselbeck I want ball first and we're gonna score 😂😂😂
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The worst QB performance since Kurt Russel in 'The Best of Times', Russell Wilson leads his team back to the SB.
Primetime performers, Jon Ryan, Doug Baldwin, Marshawn Lynch, and Russell Wilson. That was amazing!
Russell Wilson trying to look like Bruno Marz 😂
Russell Wilson is the definition of leadership... Never gives up!
Russell Wilson is clutch, a gamer, a winner, a baller, an assassin, a cold blooded killer, an elite QB
NOW we can start talking about Russell Wilson looking like Vince Young.
An amazing throw at the most opportune time. Russell Wilson is now out of his coma
Russell Wilson is 4-0 in OT in his career. Big throw there.
Russell Wilson: "We want the ball and we're going to score. Go hawks."
I'm a diehard New Orleans Saints fan but you gotta like this kid Russell Wilson.
Right Now, Russell Wilson needs to pull a Joe Montana, and ask his team "Hey, isn't that John Candy over there?
Don't count out the champs yet. Russell Wilson runs in short TD to shrink the lead to 19-14. Seattle will try onside kic…
Russell Wilson scores on a 1-yard scramble. Seattle Seahawks about to attempt extra point.
This is flipping ridiculous. Russell Wilson has been in the negative in FanDuel all day
Just realised that Russell Wilson looks like Gael Clichy.
Craziness in Seattle. Career-high 4 interceptions for Russell Wilson. 5 turnovers for defending champion Seahawks.
INTERCEPTION!. Russell Wilson with his 4th pick of the NFC Championship game at home.
Who told Russell Wilson he wasn't a black qb and he could get it done without running? Idc if you get your hair cut at fantastic Sams ***
Our punter has more touchdowns than Russell Wilson this game. Let's go
Russell Wilson and Aaron Rodgers Combine for Most First Half Interceptions in a Playoff Game in SB Era
Is it just me, but does Russell Wilson look like a Cabbage Patch doll? Lmao
Russell Wilson is out there looking like Willie Beamen in his first start.
Last time that a Russell Wilson led team lost by more than 10 points.Virginia Tech beat N.C. State 41-30, Oct. 2, 2010.
Russell Wilson's QB Rating is the same as John Belushi's GPA in Animal House. ZEROPOINTZERO http:…
I'm stunned at how bad Russell Wilson has looked so far. Balls are under thrown, arriving late, etc.
Here's Dean Wormer with an update on Russell Wilson's quarterback rating against the Packers this afternoon.
Matt Leinart would've played a better half than Russell Wilson. Pete got him on speed dial right now
Russell Wilson had two interceptions before his first completion. His QB Rating was just a picture of J…
Swear NFL commentators always said Russell Wilson can beat you with his Arm or running. Doesnt look like it right now
Romo > Wilson any day!. Jamarcus Russell, Brandon Weeden, Brady Quinn & Matt Leinart could play better than Russell Wilson right now.
Scott Tolzien is outplaying Russell Wilson in this game.
Roman Gabriel is even smiling at Russell Wilson's first half stats.
Did I say Russell Wilson was like Scott Tolzien? Apologies to Scott, he looks more like Otis Flowers today
Don't think I've ever seen Russell Wilson play this terribly
Russell Wilson is like a london bus, hadn't thrown a postseason INT in forever then throws 3 in one half!
I know Russell Wilson sick bout to be throwing up in the huddle like Willie Beamon hed ***
Russell Wilson really isn't that good
If Aaron Rodgers slid and got hit it would be a flag but since Russell Wilson is a "Running QB" no flag smh
Aaron Rodgers had 5 Int this season, Russell Wilson had 7 Int. They each have thrown 2 in the first half of NFC Champion…
Russell Wilson has thrown 5 passes today. Ha Ha Clinton-Dix has caught 2 of them. Seahawks players have caught ZERO.
.Seattle defense keeping them in the game. Good setup for a comeback in 2nd half by Russell Wilson?
Russell Wilson just did his best Dylan Thompson
I think Russell Wilson thinks he's Scott Tolzien today.
*** Russell Wilson time to put Eric Morris in?
Russell Wilson's record vs. Super Bowl winning QBs is as useless as Stafford's record on the road vs. teams finishing w/ winning records.
Marshawn is ours. Sherm is ours. Kam is ours. Russell Wilson is ours. ET is ours. BWagz is ours. Michael Bennett is ours. Jon Ryan is ours..
Russell Wilson is everything Johnny Manziel should be
Less than 18 hours before NFC Championship game. Seahawks vs. Packers. Since I've only been in Seattle 2 months, I've seen the Seahawk fever build. They haven't lost a game. 13-4 now. (same record as the Packers). Definitely all set for the game- nachos, fake beer, Jalapeno poppers, Trader Joe's flat bread pizza etc. I done my best not to buy a Seahawks T-shirt or Jersey (I don't want to jinx the Seahawks). But everywhere you go- there is Blue and Green jerseys, # 3 (Russell Wilson) jerseys and (Marshawn Lynch) jerseys. I expect Richard Sherman to come up big on Defense. Go Seahawks. 28-14. Let's hope Aaron Rogers of the Packers limps into the game and limps out.
The Green Bay Packers are trying to prepare this week for tackling Marshawn Lynch while also treating Russell Wilson like a running back.
Guys like Freeman made me (dislike) Russell Wilson. He's a great guy and a really good QB just painfully overrated.
depending on what site you look at Yeah. Russell Wilson was a 2star. We could do this all day.
Russell Wilson is 9-0 vs the Mannings, Brady, Rodgers, and Brees. Russell Wilson is 0-1 vs Ryan Tannehill. THEREFORE..Ryan…
Hey Kyle we'd love for you to rep our football app my man and talk about Russell Wilson! :)
Russell Wilson transferred to a new school for his senior year and look how it worked out for him. Braxton Miller you …
defense focused on Russell Wilson. Read more & hear from the locker room:
Capers on Russell Wilson: You have to account for him. He's a very good decision-maker.
If say, Brian Urlacher said the same thing ray Lewis did about say, Russell Wilson, it'd be a bigger story
Gene Smith will go down in NFL draft infamy as the guy who drafted a punter in the third round -- ahead of Russell Wilson.
Russell Wilson and Andrew Luck will be the next Tom Brady and Aaron Rogers.entertaining us for years to come.Go Pats!
My cousin skeeter is the only reason I know Russell Wilson...
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Three of the four quarterbacks slated to play for their postseason lives in this Sunday's conference championship games will be wearing No. 12 - Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers, New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady, and Indianapolis Colts quarterback Andrew Luck. The fourth - Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson - will be backed by 67,000-plus rabid fans representing No. 12 at Seattle's CenturyLink Field.
Trent Dilfer shares his thoughts on the poise of Russell Wilson: Audio
"His quiet mind in the midst of chaos. That's what separates Russell Wilson from other quarterbacks in the NFL" - Trent Dilfer
when seattle is on offense: It will be on matthews and company containing Russell Wilson and Lynch
Russell Wilson is the Greg Maddux of the nfl.
NFL Playoffs 2015 Seattle Seahawks vs Carolina Panthers 3rd Qrt Madden 15 PS4 HD 1/10/2015 - Russell Wilson and the Seattle Seahawks take on Cam Newton and Carolina Panthers in the NFC divisional Playoff round! Who will win this game in advance to the NFC Championship . From: NFL PLAYOFFS 2015 Views: 0 0 ratings Time: 11:46 More in Sports
It's crazy it's 4 teams out of the 4 teams three Quarterbacks wear the Aaron Rodgers, Tom Brady and Andrew Luck the only QB wit out that number is Russell Wilson... What if we have n the Super Bowl two QBs wit 12 goin at it but wat QB goin to eliminate the reigning champs we shall see. GBvsSEA and INDvsNE
I'm not buying the Peyton passing the torch to Luck mantra, especially since it was passed to Russell Wilson last year in the Super Bowl
Russell Wilson was 8 of 8 passing for 177 yards and 3 TDs on third downs Saturday night. Think it's time to upgrade the Pa…
Russell Wilson vs Andrew Luck would make for a great SB. Good luck to your boys. It’s always good when the Pats lose.
Give me Russell Wilson any day. Rodgers. And now Luck. Winners win. Love Peyton but not gonna get many rings. It's nuts.
That time of year again! Russell Wilson, Aaron Rodgers, Andrew Luck and Tom Brady. One of those is your Super Bowl winner!
Former Wisconsin QB Russell Wilson and Former Stanford QB Andrew Luck in SB would be boring. The Badger always wins
: Russell Wilson has a SB ring. Marino would take that in a heartbeat
W/L record is an ignorant perspective? That's what it's all about. Would you rather be Marino or Russell Wilson?
Green Bay is a machine, but Richard Sherman is a wrench. I'm betting on the wrench. Russell Wilson could rush over 100 too.
I hate Pete Carrol, but I love Russell Wilson and Lynch
Russell Wilson was a 2 star recruit.
Russell Wilson continues to build his legacy in Seattle. Brilliant performance vs Carolina. Not hard to see Wilson/Carroll winning 3 or 4..
I saw a kid in a Russell Wilson jersey and I really want to kick him in the face
"He shouldn’t be measured in prototypical quarterback terms. That’s not him.” Greg Bishop on Russell Wilson. He gets it.
If Russell Wilson makes it to the Super Bowl, he'll make more than Joe Webb this year.
Former NC State star Russell Wilson dominates Panthers with three third-and-long touchdown passes
Russell Wilson is a winner. Idgaf what anyone says. He deserves to be paid the highest out of all the qb's.
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