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Russell Wilson

Russell Wilson (born November 29, 1988) is an American football quarterback, formerly with the Wisconsin Badgers football team.

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Ciara, Russell Wilson and Baby Future went nude for a sweet but weird maternity photo
Ciara displays baby bump in intimate maternity photo with Russell Wilson
but Glennon started over Russell Wilson at NC St so he's better than Wilson and Wilson has a SB ring.
Matt Ryan moving like Russell Wilson in the pocket lol gg
5 of the big men who protected Russell Wilson at Wisconsin in 2011 are now starting in the NFL. Q&A: .
I would take Ryan Higgins of Louisiana Tech, over a handful of guys at the combine. Russell Wilson like stature his drawback on paper.
Derek Lewis on Kearse - "He caught 72% of Russell Wilson's offerings in '15 and just 45% of the 90 balls thrown his way in '16." ... Yikes.
thanks for the RTs on the Russell Wilson article fellas!
And y'all were mad that Russell Wilson taking care of his kid 🗣
I analyzed Russell Wilson's 2016 season by comparing it to the rest of his career and then looking forward to 2017. https…
first stole a game winning touchdown pass from Russell Wilson. Now he should be the prime suspect in the missing jersey case.
As if John Schneider knew Russell Wilson was franchise QB, Paul Allen had extra 9M laying around to throw at Matt Flynnn🙄🙄
Where everyone smokes hooka and watches Russell Wilson win the Super Bowl
We will see. Tua looks like Russell Wilson to me.
Blog: Who's been better: the Russell Wilson or the Andrew Luck?
Dak Prescott, Andrew Luck, Peyton Manning, Russell Wilson, and Dan Marino just to name a few rookie starters
Quite a Hit List for the ATL defense: Russell Wilson, Aaron Rodgers and now Brady!
Blair Walsh wore No. 3 with Minnesota. Which makes you wonder which new jersey number Russell Wilson will end up with next yea…
Russell Wilson is like if you created a person using Hitler and Trump's DNA and had Michael and Marcus Vick's mom raise him.
Joe Flacco, Eli Manning, and Russell Wilson are some of the worst Super Bowl winning QBs. Matt Ryan and Dan Marino as the best w/o SB ring.
Brady didn't tell Russell Wilson to throw from the 2yd line nor did he tell Matt Ryan to drop back twice within FG range.
Kurt Warner, Donovan McNabb, Russell Wilson, and Matt Ryan all fell to Brady and the Pats but Eli beat them twice and for that I am blessed
So Matt Ryan, Russell Wilson, Donavon McNabb, Jake Delhomme, and Kurt Warner couldn't do what Eli Manning Did. Win against the Patriots
It's still Matt Ryan fault in my eyes.. *** could've changed the play...same for the Russell Wilson 🤗
Russell Wilson and Matt Ryan real fck boys. I can't support them.
So I guess Eli and the Giants are the only ones who can beat Tom Brady! First Russell Wilson, now Matt Ryan come on your better than that!
Russell Wilson had as many first downs at the end of the 4q as Matt Ryan
2nd where QBs should have audible out of play calls. Matt Ryan & Russell Wilson will have intereting discussion…
Russell Wilson and Matt close...almost beat Brady.
Russell Wilson only black Qb to win superbowl (2014) and Doug Williams in 1988. THATS IT! Everybody else got hyped up and didnt succeed.
This is worst than Russell Wilson throw on the 1 yd line
I’ve always debated between Julio Jones and Russell Wilson as the two best football players I’ve seen in person. Julio has the lead.
It's crazy on all these NFL SuperBowl commercials, they don't have Russell Wilson or Doug Williams on them! Crazy
QB Russell Wilson walks off hand held high as champion after winning 48 over the
and Russell Wilson put up 31 points on them. I agree. Take the over for sure.even as high as it is.
Russell Wilson didn’t win Man of the Year, but the scope of the lives he’s touched is immeasurable - Field Gulls
I bet Kyle Shanahan wanted to draft Russell Wilson too. Just didn't get around to it.
Greg Jennings compares Russell Wilson and Colin Kaepernick’s responses to President Donald Trump
Lol bc we didn't beat Aaron Rodgers and Russell Wilson tho ... A-A-RON twice but cook on
"It’s already crazy": Russell Wilson asks if Trump will "last four years"
Russell Wilson: Donald Trump may not last four years in the White House - via App
An I the only one that thinks Russell Wilson looks like that awkward guy from that love at first kiss show???
We'll see how he develops at Alabama. If i were choosing a pro comp, it would be Russell Wilson.
I'll sub Aaron Rodgers for Brett Farve, Drew Brees for Peyton Manning and Russell Wilson for Mike Vick 👌👌
Obama, Grant Hill, Russell Wilson, my boyfriend better be
Russell Wilson, Pete Carroll and a first round pick for Matt Ryan and Dan Quinn
He alright to me that *** got Russell Wilson outta town lmao that *** still making his mark
George Herbert Walker Bush lead three games to one against Russell Wilson
A-Rodg will never do that. However, Aaron Rodgers possess the arm of Dan Marino, pocket awareness of Russell Wilson, Tom Brady's accuracy
Two hours later and the same guys just said they have Matt Ryan behind Russell Wilson, but the audacity of him being Tier 3 prior to 2016.
ask Russell Wilson and Aaron Rodgers about our crowd
the game of saying the right thongs like Russell Wilson lol but I do believe that inside he's arrogant too and thinks he's AR
Dan Quinn, trained da Falcons da same way as da Hawks! was like watching da Hawks! Da shuffle in da In-zone..that's Russell Wilson play!
Dak Prescott ties a rookie record held by Dan Marino and Russell Wilson
Colin Kaepernick Cam Newton Drew Brees Russell Wilson and Aaron Rodgers now Tom Brady. We not gonna act like that road to a superbowl easy
Kyle Shanahan led Kirk Cousins to 463 yards against the Patriots. Dan Quinn was a bad throw by Russell Wilson away from winning in 2014.
I never woulda thought I'd see Brian Poole absolutely light up Russell Wilson and Aaron Rodgers but here we are.
Russell Wilson, Cunningham, Colin Kaepernick, James Harris, Steve Young, Marlin Briscoe, Cam Newton (he, Vick and Randall by far).
trade the 1st&2nd, smith, and Charles for Russell Wilson and 5th
Ciara defends her decision to abstain from sex before marrying Russell Wilson
Nick Vannett had 3 catches all year. Russell Wilson had 2.  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
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The REAL reason Russell Wilson tripped into his own end zone...
lovers... keeping Russell Wilson & Zeke Elliot. I have 2 spots left, who should I keep?
Brian Poole (laying the BOM on Russell Wilson. Shoutout to ✊🏽.
I think Michael Bay is directing the slowmo cam that keeps catching Russell Wilson's "I look super high" face
Russell Wilson: "Now this is the story all about life got flipped, turned upside down.". (pic via
Samuel L Jackson after the Falcons picked off Russell Wilson there:
Desperation throw by Russell Wilson as he gets nailed, past Alex Collins down field INT by ATL S Ricardo Allen, run back to 46.
Russell Wilson just got knocked into the future
Cheering and Russell class act, my son Alex's hero…
Russell Wilson at the Improv: Flip pass on the scramble to RB Alex Collins just standing around, 12yds, 1st down at ATL 12
Are we ready to acknowledge that Russell Wilson is C Thomas Howell in Soul Man?
against Kaep, Fitzpatrick twice, Goff, Flacco, Simeon, and Matt Moore. And then before all that, Russell Wilson exposed the D
Seahawks cons: Pete Carroll thinks Bush did 9/11 and Russell Wilson is a nerd. Falcons cons: very ugly stadium on television. Hideous turf.
As an aside, your Russell Wilson impersonation the other day was 'Chuck Taylor level' epic:
A win today would tie Russell Wilson for the most playoff wins in a QB's first five seasons with nine. (Tom Brady, Joe Fla…
nfl​.com >> Russell Wilson on Matt Ryan and Dan Quinn
Matt Ryan will choke tomorrow and Russell Wilson will have a career game
hilarious. Matt Ryan is more trustworthy than Russell Wilson? Retire old man. Ryan has 1 playoff win, can thank his kicker ***
I will not be watching football this weekend. Russell Wilson is a fraud & Matt Ryan has a *** Chiefs. Pats. Cowgirls. Hawks
Hey from Chitown! Would you go with Matt Ryan or Russell Wilson and Steelers or Packers? Thanks for all your help this year!
Nah, Russell Wilson will win. 8 times as many playoff wins as Matt Ryan lmaooo.
Dak over Matt Ryan and Russell Wilson?! I hate cowboys fans
And I still want to know how Russell Wilson finished ninth. Wisconsin isn't Siberia.
Lmaooo Russell Wilson is playing Future's hometown Atlanta Falcons in Atlanta 👀
I'm interested to see how Russell Wilson plays through 60 min of future songs
Preview: What the Seahawks and Falcons must do to win
Papi with the hip hop reference burn to Russell Wilson saying Falcons should give Future a ticket to the game instead of Gucci 😩😂😂
Trend clarification: Russell Wilson has lost only ONE GAME by more than 10 points in his NFL career.
POLL: Is it a bad job by not having Russell Wilson and Pete Carroll on the QB-Coach confidence list?
Lol so they play future all game long when they play the Seahawks, Russell Wilson gone have a bad game
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The Seahawks don’t stand a chance unless Russell Wilson can keep up with Matt Ryan. My latest, at https:/…
they scored 26 points without Rawls, Prosise & Reece, with Sowell at LT and with a badly injured Russell…
Russell Wilson in Atlanta. Yall playing Future back to back or nah? lol
Sure, we don't have Earl now, but we do have a less-hobbled Russell Wilson and our running game back. I'm choosing optimism.
how in the *** is Seattle 19-6-1 against the spread in playoff games in the Russell Wilson era? He's played 26 playoff games?
will the atlanta defensive line be bulldogging seattles Os?
Russell Wilson at is flat out embarrassing 😂😂😂😂
explains why Seahawks will go as far as Russell Wilson takes them.
Should I wear my White Russell Wilson jersey or my Blue Marshawn Lynch jersey tomorrow? This could decide our faith on beating the Falcons.
Seahawks would love to see an encore performance from Russell Wilson in Atlanta, with a happier ending
Per Russell Wilson in 5 career games with a over/under of 48 points or more, his average is 25.94 FPPG.
Russell Wilson has 8 playoff wins. The Atlanta Falcons have 7 playoff wins.
I mean...I guess? Russell Wilson is still putting a fresh coat of jizzum on her walls at the end of the day, so idk.
Russell Wilson says 'of course' he'd throw that 1-yard Super Bowl pass a.. Related Articles:
Prosise back in action. Russell Wilson making clutch plays. Goes down to the wire. Seahawks steal a win.
Softball Rampage Has A Wide Selection of Products.
Fact about Seahawks-Falcons: Russell Wilson is the 2nd QB in the Super Bowl Era to win a Playoff Game in each of his first 5 seasons.
Atlanta is trying to get Future to sing the national anthem, to mess with Russell Wilson 😂
I'm ready for 4 quarters of glazed eyes Russell Wilson along with "WOOO LETS GO"'s after touchdowns
"I don't play to make the playoffs or finish in 2nd or 3rd place. I play to win the whole thing. That's what I plan to d…
Besides Russell Wilson, give me 3 Elite quarterbacks in today's age that are under 6'0. I bet you won't/can't.
Future can't even compare to Russell wilson lmfao
Russell Wilson teaching baby Future some football plays, you can hear the rage of Future countrywide
1) That's not being presented as a knock as of yet 2) Russell Wilson, Alex Smith, A-Rod, & Eli say hello
Two columns for the price of one today. First, on Russell Wilson's breakout game vs. Atlanta in 2012:
Russell Wilson is putting on a silver platter for LeBron James can never, will never be Michael Jordan.
The Falcons' DJ is planning to troll Russell Wilson with an entire Future set during the playoff game this Sat
Atlanta Falcons refuse to taunt Russell Wilson by playing Future songs
Please Falcons, with Russell Wilson in town, allow Future to sing the National Anthem.
Talked to S Ricardo Allen and CB Jalen Collins about Russell Wilson- both told me B.J. Daniels will play the roll o…
Rico Allen & Jalen Collins told me B.J. Daniels will play Russell Wilson on scout team. Daniels been w/Falcons a few weeks. Used to be w/SEA
Game grades for Russell Wilson, Thomas Rawls, Matthew Stafford, and more from
If you are an individual who tries to tell me that Earl Thomas and Russell Wilson are "good, not great" then you have zero cr…
This is playoff football: Russell Wilson making the block down the field on this Thomas Rawls run.
Russell Wilson now has eight playoff wins. The Detroit Lions, in their 81-year history, have seven.
Home sweet home. Russell Wilson stays undefeated at CenturyLink Field in the postseason.
There's been less scoring in a game featuring Matt Stafford and Russell Wilson than Connor Cook and Brock Osweiler. Huh.
The power is in Russell Wilson's jheri curl
Russell Wilson's facemask is the worst to hit the NFL since Kurt Warner's
Russell Wilson is 4-0 at home in the playoffs. Only Kurt Warner (7-0) had more home wins without a loss during the Super…
Russell Wilson partners with NBA, NHL arena group in Seattle
From Tom Brady to Le’Veon Bell, Ezekiel Elliott to Russell Wilson, Big Ten alums ready to take over NFL playoffs
So is Matt Ryan. So is Russell Wilson and David Carr before he was injured. But not interested in arguing. They are…
you enjoy it was really happy about Aaron Rodgers foot work yesterday... Russell Wilson is a Sagittarius to.
Dak is gaining on Russell Wilson's all-time record for "teams who leaked they wanted to draft him." Russ is at 31. https:…
So, "I wanted Dak Prescott in the draft" is the new "I wanted Russell Wilson in the draft." Got it.
If they can't keep Rodgers in the pocket, what is Russell Wilson going to do them? He's essentially a younger version of Rodgers
WEEK 17: Russell Wilson throws for 258 yards and a TD, as the beat the 25-23. Seattle takes 3rd seed in NFC.
Except for the fact that we spent a 3rd (just ahead of Russell Wilson) to get him.
after David Johnson's injury and Russell Wilson's early benching, I lost my fantasy championship😅
The angriest I got this whole regular season: when we took out Russell Wilson today. I had to take a walk... I hate the decision.
Dak Prescott . Matt Ryan . Aaron Rodger. Matthew Stafford . Russell Wilson . Eli Manning.. . NFC playoffs are gonna be great.
Also, why do my 2 local QB's (Russell Wilson & Jake Browning) have issues hitting the deep receivers?
Russell Wilson will never be a hall of fame qb
Russell Wilson will throw for 5 TDs in the first quarter and the Seahawks will rest him for the remainder of the game.
Matt Barkley is the 3rd QB to catch a touchdown this season, joining Blake Bortles and Russell Wilson.
Forgot 2016 isn't all that bad: it's the year Russell Wilson had sex
Proven Perf Escalator went to Luke & KJ & Russell Wilson- bumped their Year 4 up to RFA Low Tender (but all 3rd rd picks or lower)
Bryce Harper. Richard Sherman and Russell Wilson (they count as one). LeBron James. Cam Newton. Phil Mickelson
Not only does Helen have no idea what's going on she has no idea what sport we're playing she's screaming about Russell Wilson over here
Buy has a better completion %, touchdown to interception ratio and passer rating than Russell Wilson
Donald Stephenson...the guy the picked one spot ahead of Russell Wilson.
lol I sat Ty hill & Russell Wilson this week smh I'm trash at fantasy football bro.
Winning your league when you went up against Russell Wilson, D Johnson, & Doug Baldwin.
EXCLUSIVE: Never before published picture of the Russell Wilson & Ciara wedding reception when the DJ accidentally played “Wic…
Pete Carroll said Russell Wilson, Jermaine Kearse have offered to punt if Jon Ryan is out:...
Future and all of Atlanta looking at Russell Wilson like..
Would you, or would you not trade the Cowboys O-Line for Russell Wilson
Russell Wilson probably reconsidering the gifts he bought his offensive line in the locker room right now (via
It's really a Christmas miracle Russell Wilson is still alive in week 16
Arizona sacks Russell Wilson five times in the 1st half! Seahawks undefeated home record in jeopardy. Cards lead, 14-3…
I'm terrible at DFS! I started Doug Martin and Latavius Murray. Oh and Russell Wilson!
John Schneider should be embarrassed by what he's doing to Russell Wilson. He needs to take a page from his buddy Reggie Mckenzie
Russell Wilson bought his ENTIRE offensive line 4k TVs for Christmas. Despite them letting him be sacked 34 times this season😂…
If you own a Ferrari, you don't park it on the street. If you have a Russell Wilson, you get it a good offensive line
"Tom Savage will have a bigger fantasy week than Russell Wilson.". WK16 Fantasy Gut Predictions:…
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Hold on Russell Wilson bought 2 first class tix airfare to anywhere in the world for all his teammates and support staff?…
Russell Wilson gave TVs to his o-line, first class tickets to the entire team for Christmas
"Hi, I'm Russell Wilson, and I have DirecTV." . "And I'm 2016 Russell Wilson, and I have Tom Cable."
The lowest YPA of Russell Wilson's career (7.7) is higher than 7 Peyton Manning seasons, and 10 Tom Brady seasons
Russell Wilson went *all out* for his teammates this Christmas. (🎥: Wilson & Kam Chancellor, Instagram)
The lowest of keys. Russell Wilson almost look like Sammy Sosa lol
The Seahawks are paying Russell Wilson $22,941 for this game. They are paying backup Matt Flynn $117,647 to stand on side…
one time i asked Michael if futures real name was Russell Wilson and not a day goes by that i don't think about that :/ smh @ myself
This move by Doug Baldwin led to the easy TD pass from Russell Wilson. My lord!
SEAHAWKS WIN!. Russell Wilson finishes the night with 229 passing yards and 3 TDs.
Not that bad Russell Wilson in my starting line up !
Thanks for saying not to start Russell Wilson.
Russell Wilson taking a snap from the Death Star.
Watch every reporter say "Russell Wilson the Best qb" after this game but give Matt Ryan no love "y'all played the Ram…
Think ur exact quote was,"You will lose if you start Russell Wilson."I knw this much, if i lose it wont be bc of that! Thx!
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Hope I don't regret benching Russell Wilson for Matt Ryan. Not promising so far.
a lot thought it was stupid to start Russell Wilson over Matt Flynn.
Players I was wrong about in FF this yr: Russell Wilson, Lamar Miller, Demarco Murray, Mike Evans, Tyler Lockett, Jordan Reed
Russell Wilson needs to do what Matt Ryan did and constantly pick on Michael Jordan..he can't cover anybody
My kid's cramming for his last final, and he's using Russell Wilson to mark up his notes.
Is that Russell Wilson scrambling for a first down?
Took the Rams +17 because Russell Wilson hates sex and Issac Bruce was the man. 🐑
Alright so if Earl Thomas agrees that it's going to be a low-scoring game, I feel better about advising to beware Russell Wilson.
Whether to start Russell Wilson or Matt Ryan…this is a dilemma…
you start Russell Wilson, you will lose" -
Don't rely on Russell Wilson to get you through the playoffs!. "If you start Russell Wilson, you will lose" -…
The Patriots claiming Michael Floyd was more predictable than Russell Wilson mentioning God in every interview EVER.
Would you start Russell Wilson over Dak, Flacco, Tyrod, or Jameis Winston this week?
linda ikeji>>> Ciara calls husband Russell Wilson the father of her two kids...:-)
MATT Stafford or Russell Wilson this week. My opponent has Baldwin and Graham.
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Russell Wilson needs to throw to Jermaine Kearse less, and Tanner McEvoy more
I don't know if Robert Quinn could pass up an opportunity to sack Russell Wilson.
Pro Football Focus grades the Seahawks: A rough day for Russell Wilson, receivers, pass rush
Russell Wilson, Big Ben, and Drew Brees combined for 1 TD & 11 interceptions today.
Russell Wilson does not have similar bad losses throughout his career but his recent INTs to Grtaham and Baldwin suggest…
Two very different games for 2 Super Bowl-winning QBs. Aaron Rodgers had as many incompletions as Russell Wilson had inte…
Russell Wilson having one of those Steaming Willie Beamon games where the Sharks wouldn't play for him cuz he was up his own ***
Why people, specifically Bob Sturm, try and put Russell Wilson in the top echelon of QBs in this league is baffling.
Russell Wilson owners walking around the house like...
Russell Wilson killing my fantasy season!
Packers defense stank. Why does Russell Wilson have so many problems with them
This is Russell Wilson's 2nd career 4-Int game (including playoffs), both have happened vs the Packers.
How many interceptions does Russell Wilson have?
Great day to start Phillip Rivers and Russell Wilson in fantasy today
Wouldn't be Seahawks-Packers if Russell Wilson didn't throw at least one interception with Kearse putting in zero effort
Russell Wilson the past 3 weeks so far: 1 TD 5 INTs
Bradley Sowell scared of contact, Russell Wilson scared of positive yardage.
.picks off Russell Wilson to set up the touchdown! .
I don’t care if I already have Russell Wilson and Andrew Luck on my roster, with full hindsight, Winston/Mariota are the guys I want there.
the NFL on snapchat ranked Russell Wilson at and Andrew Luck at on a QB list... lmao
the TRUE MVP is Russell one can deny what he means to his team and the league after this year
Another year with 3,000 passing yards for Russell Wilson.
We can't have Russell Wilson touchdowns or anything else that is nice.
Johnson on Russell Wilson: He's Seahawks' best back -
Panthers DE Charles Johnson questionable to return with hamstring injury suffered when sacking Russell Wilson on...
Seahawks go for it on 4th and 5. Charles Johnson sacks Russell Wilson. Johnson lays on the field holding his hamstring. :(
Hard to tell what happened to Charles Johnson on that sack of Russell Wilson but looks like he was grasping his hamstring.
Charles Johnson sacks Russell Wilson and Johnson is injured holding the back of his left knee.
Charles Johnson sacks Russell Wilson, but appeared to tweak his hamstring in the process.
Summary of Panthers season.Charles Johnson finally sacks Russell Wilson, and injures himself in the process
The Seahawks turn down a long FG try to go for it on fourth down, and Charles Johnson sacks Russell Wilson, then stays down injured.
Charles Johnson sacks Russell Wilson on 4th & 5! Panthers will take over near mid-field!
Charles Johnson down for Carolina after sacking Russell Wilson on third down.
Oh no!. Charles Johnson is hurt after sacking Russell Wilson on 4th down.
Huge play for Charles Johnson, who sacks Russell Wilson on fourth down. But Johnson down hurt on the play.
Russell Wilson is the exception. He's been hurt several times the last 2 seasons. He only hits wide open receivers
I want the to draft Russell Wilson. I don't care if he's 5'11. If he were 3 inches taller he'd be a top 10 pick.
We got us a future Adrian Peterson & a Russell Wilson. Who's gonna block the path to February?!
Andrew Luck, Russell Wilson to name a few!
you guys were talking about Russell Wilson and Andrew Luck, I have both who would you start??
NFL QB's who will be Hall of Famers:. Russell Wilson. Cam Newton. Colin Kaepernick. Jameis Winston. Trevone Boykin. Geno Smit…
Russell Wilson hit on sidelines and teammates hop off the bench to defend him, marking the first time Seattle’s tried to…
So Matt Barkley, Trevor Siemian, Jared Goff and just about every QB in the league scored more points than Russell Wilson. Who knew?
Russell Wilson has been sacked a season-high 6 times.
Russell Wilson: looking forward to getting back home & getting better. Need to stay on field on 3rd downs. Blames himself.
Saw an ad tonight featuring JJ Watt and Russell Wilson. Scott Tolzien is starting a game. Thank you Pat Richter and King Barry.
God apologizes for letting world go to *** while he was busy helping Russell Wilson play football
when Russell Wilson caught that pass from Doug Baldwin, I shouted out "that was like Seneca Wallace!
Russell Wilson saved me! He's back to full form! But I need to replace Giovanni Bernard, he's done for the year.
Derrick Carr is a better QB than Russell Wilson.
Of course Jay Mohr calls Russell Wilson "Russell Westbrook" he's been watching Westbrook since he was a tadpole.…
The only other seahawk I know other than Russell Wilson, Richard Sherman, and Hauschka is Luke Wilson and that's because he's hot
Russell Wilson and the at home were too much for the in Week 11. Highlights, recap.
Eagles, Seahawks score, highlights: Russell Wilson catches first TD by a Seattle QB -
Russell Wilson currently has as many receiving yards (15) as all of the Eagles wide receivers combined.
Howie Roseman frantically trying to acquire Russell Wilson so that Wentz has someone to throw to.
Pfft, call me when Russell Wilson stays a virgin until he gets marr- oh. Man, that guy can do everything.
Russell Wilson just caught a TD pass.
Russell Wilson has more catches than Nelson Agholor today
Russell Wilson is a better wide receiver than our first round pick a year ago. I quit at everything
Russell Wilson just caught a touchdown pass
Russell Wilson finally figuring out how to play with Jimmy Graham
he's garbage TBH Russell Wilson, Cam Newton, Phillip Rivers, Eli Manning all better.
Pete Carroll says Seahawks snatched Russell Wilson before Eagles could draft him | FOX Sports
Russell Wilson: needs the street vacation, it's been a 5 year process:
Russell Wilson: "It all starts with the street vacation - we've gotta make that happen.".
Looks like Russell Wilson practiced without the knee brace today? (h/t
Russell Wilson says he's willing to go to City Hall to speak with the mayor and councilmembers to lobby on behalf of a…
This guy really thinks Phillip Rivers is better than Russell Wilson? Cocaine is a *** of a drug.
Mike Kiper, Jr is nothing more than a check collector for ESPN! *** he didn't grade Russell Wilson as a top qb! Th…
Every time I see Russell Wilson he looks more like Carlton Banks
Russell Wilson is joining an investment group looking to build a new NBA/NHL arena in Seattle's stadium district.
Russell Wilson announces he is joining an ownership group that is working on building an NBA/NHL arena in Seattle. https:…
QB Russell Wilson (teams up with Chris Hansen on his NBA and NHL arena proposal, writes
Not sure how Russell Wilson can help bring or to but here's what prospective owner Chris Hansen
Huge Selection of Jackets at Low Prices
Russell Wilson: I’ve partnered with Sonics Arena Group to help bring NBA, NHL to Seattle
Chris Hansen has a new "business partner" in arena quest: QB Russell Wilson.
Full statement from Chris Hansen about the free-agent acquisition of Russell Wilson:
I found footage of Russell Wilson and Chris Hansen agreeing to partner up on the Seattle arena effort.…
thoughts on Russell Wilson joining Chris Hansen Seattle Arena group as an advocate and potential business/financial partner.
Statement from Chris Hansen on Russell Wilson joining the investment group:
Russell Wilson has 12 career games with 3+ TD passes & 0 INTs. Needs 1 to tie Dan Marino (13) for most ever in 1st…
Russell Wilson looked like last night in Gillette Stadium
Russell Wilson had a little better numbers than Tom Brady but a FAR EASIER degree of difficulty vs NE defense.
Russell Wilson was much better than Tom Brady in the 2nd half of last season, and Wilson was the best QB on the field ton…
And he has Russell Wilson on his other *** cheek. Collinsworth just doesn't shut up about those two
Russell Wilson's late dad Harry Russell Dartmouth '77 member of football and baseball teams. Resemblance is uncanny.
Baldwin's second touchdown of the game comes on an 18-yard pass from Russell Wilson. . Seahawks: 19. Patriots: 14.
Russell Wilson literally ran around for 7 plays and made a play every time. Pat Chung back there looking clueless.
I have Russell Wilson on the bench and Phillip Rivers as starter. What you think?
Auburn could of had Russell Wilson, J-bo, and Deshaun Watson... But instead we got Jeremy Johnson, Sean White, and JF3 😐
Russell Wilson says Super Bowl loss to Patriots just 'a page' in a book
.Russell Wilson has to be the greatest Russell Wilson he can be to beat Pats (530 Sunday,
First comes love, then comes marriage, now Russell Wilson is gearing up for his first baby in a baby carriage.
Matt Ryan should easily beat out Russell Wilson for MVP. If the falcons had the Seahawks defense we would b…
Russell Wilson when targeting Jimmy Graham and Doug Baldwin: 13-for-13 for 193 yards and two touchdowns.
Russell Wilson when targeting Jimmy Graham or Doug Baldwin: 13 of 13 for 193 yards and 2 TDs (both Graham's)
Tyrod Taylor and Russell Wilson. What a matchup this is. These guys are more mobile than a Verizon Wireless store, man. Th…
Graham needs just one hand to haul in the Russell Wilson pass. Tied 14-14 in the 2nd
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