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Russell Wilson

Russell Wilson (born November 29, 1988) is an American football quarterback, formerly with the Wisconsin Badgers football team.

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Russell Wilson is the only QB - ever - drafted in the 3rd round or later, to start all 16 games his rookie year
I also got to high five Russell Wilson and Kat Graham 🙃
and even if that's true height & weight don't define your talent and skill Stephen Curry & Russell Wilson are not bigger
watch the gruden qb camp vids on goff and wentz, then watch luck,rg3, and Russell Wilson. Not even close
I would discuss with how this station had Russell Wilson & Stephen Curry on air facing the same uncertain pro career
Like saying Russell Wilson needs a big target down field. He had Graham as a big receiver and barely used him.
Get you a Russell Wilson who will take you to places like the white house. Expand your circle & net worth, girl!
The rings in the top 10 QBs were Russell Wilson, Big Ben, Aaron Rodgers, and Drew Brees.Big Ben was the highest drafted and the 3rd QB
Russell Wilson with Henry Louis Gates discussing family and US History
Russell Wilson's appearance at The Richmond Forum with Dr. Henry Louis Gates, Jr. is now online!
Russell Wilson, Drew Brees, and Big Ben are all elite as well
Studs of the NFL. Randy Moss. Tom Brady. Wes Welker. Tony Romo. Russell Wilson.. What do they have in common. Bad Draft Marks. Next. R. Nkemdiche
"I need a Russell Wilson" what exactly is that? A football player? That's all we know about him, is that he's a QB in the…
When all the men look up to Future & Peter Gunz but you want a Russell Wilson
We need more Russell Wilson's and less Peter Gunz 😔
I don't think Russell Wilson cheats on Ciara but I def think Stephen Curry does but he prob just real clean with it and don't do it often.
Laptop insurance - because accidents happen!
Matt Ryan, Dan Marino, RGIII, Russell Wilson, Big Ben, Cam Newton all improved their offenses in big ways.
and Russell Wilson, Baldwin, Lockett, Graham, Thomas, Sherman, Wagner don't keep them in contention?
Robert Woods looks to be over groin injury seeing him w/former USC teammates & Russell Wilson in workout
I read that piece and it made me like him more. I really liked Russell Wilson when we too TJ Graham :(
same scenario just 3rd round picks t.j graham or Russell Wilson? Or even better on troup or gronk? 😂😂
Russell Wilson is a better person then both of them
Tired of guys like Schlereth comparing Spieth and Russell Wilson to Cam. The difference is those guys won a big one already.
What they're saying: On Tharold Simon's role, free agency and Russell Wilson's passion for football-shaped bread.
Russell Wilson sounds like Dan Ackroyd on SNL trying to explain that a bag of glass is a great toy for kids
Now Spieth will have to put the jacket on Willett. Would've been like Russell Wilson presenting Brady with the SB Trophy last year
Seahawks | Russell Wilson working with receivers: Seattle Seahawks QB Russell Wilson and WRs Tyler Lockett and...
WATCH: Russell Wilson, Paul Richardson, Tyler Lockett, and Kevin Smith working out in LA
Paul Richardson has been training with Russell Wilson and Tyler Lockett at USC
Russell Wilson and Tyler Lockett continue to build bond
yea that Russell Wilson, Eli Manning, Carson Palmer group really blows.
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I don't wanna Rudy-shame anybody, but how come we all accepted Sean Astin's blackface character, "Russell Wilson" https:/…
to when Seattle sniped Russell Wilson and the Eagles ended up with Nick Foles 😭
don't juice it, Russell Wilson is okay but he ain't a Tom Brady or a Joe Montana.
More Pictures of Russell Wilson and Ciara at the Richmond Forum for his talk with Dr. Louis Henry Gates.
Russell Wilson's hear is Joe Montana for sure. Kid wore and (Joe's ND # in the pros) it's so obvious
When you have as many rings as Aaron Rodgers, Drew Brees, Joe Flacco, and Russell Wilson.
"I love Jamarcus Russell" "I love Johnny Manziel""Ryan Nassib is the next Russell Wilson".No,he doesn't know 'em
ICYMI: This is what happened with the found out Ciara and Russell Wilson got engaged
Russell Wilson is also a descendant of Saint Arnulf, bishop of Metz (582-640 AD) and at least one English king.
From tonight's Skip Gates researched Russell Wilson's family history dating back to 500 AD; RW has an ancestor…
Factual statement: Russell Wilson is better than Andrew Luck. Anyone else claiming otherwise is lying to you.
I pray and pull a Russell Wilson and Ciara and make Christ the center of all things for thei…
I read this as 'Ciara' center and I thought it was a really clever Russell Wilson joke.
"I like Russell Wilson, after he divorced Katy perry". "that's Russell Crow you ***
Altria is thrilled to host Russell Wilson & Dr. Henry Louis Gates, Jr. for “The Roots of a Champion” at the Richmond Forum tomorrow night.
Jaguars used a third round pick on this guy. Two spots before Olivier Vernon, five before Russell Wilson. Oopsy.
owner Woody Johnson laments not drafting Russell Wilson
Future been hanging out with Drake too much and Ciara marrying Russell Wilson . Marvins Room ft Future coming out real s…
I've always said Russell Wilson is overrated. That stat shows he is 1-10 when opponent scores 25 or more
Ciara, Russell Wilson and little Future spent the day at Disneyland at it was magical:
Saw my middle school crush, my first ex, and Russell Wilson and Ciara at Disneyland. It really is a small world after all. 🤔🤔🤔
Tony your like their no way that these guys can be a bust a Guy like Kevin Hogan could be another Russell Wilson
Producer Scott Irvine on his Russell Wilson style. But he not no Cpt. Kirk non prenup signing…
Russell Wilson was the NFL's top-rated passer in 2015. Pete Carroll says it'll be years before he peaks as a QB:
Jay cutler has almost every measurable over Russell Wilson exept character
friendly reminder, Matt, Russell Wilson and NaVorro Bowman were both 3rd-rd picks. They have this figured out!
Russell Wilson, Todd Gurley, Marshawn Lynch, Gronk, , Julio Jones, OBJ, Demaryius Thomas, Dez Bryant. better late than never
Convinced this kid that Russell Wilson went to my old high school. 😂😂
Jets owner Woody Johnson laments not drafting Russell Wilson
I'm saving sex for marriage, next guy I date gotta be the Russell Wilson to my Ciara.
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thesame guy that said great things about Russell Wilson? Andy Dalton ? Cam Newton? You guys must be kidding me. Smh
Just waiting for the day a guy will post stuff about me like how Russell Wilson shows off Ciara
Russell Wilson was a bad guy once upon a time
Ciara and Russell Wilson make first public appearance since their engagement – Photos: On Saturday, Ciara and...
Russell Wilson now knows that he is the true heart and soul of the team and where he goes his teamates will follow.
10 team dynasty. Matt Ryan and Julio Jones for Amari Cooper and Russell Wilson
Future gotta kill everybody at Bossip & Russell Wilson now. Its the only way to make up for this kind of Disrespect https:/…
I'll admit message board commentator m/b the outliers. Russell Wilson is hated by Wisky fans on MB but Ryan said totally not true
Charles Barkley on UNC-Wilmington/Duke: "The only way the Seahawks win is if Russell Wilson, Kam Chancellor, Richard Sherm…
😹😹 on fb DEY said Russell Wilson found a Gucci flip flop under his bed and broke up wit Ciara 😭
I added a video to a playlist Gruden's QB Camp: Russell Wilson (Spoof)
QB Ryan Lindley and QB Russell Wilson talk after a 2014 game
I'm done that Wendy Williams just called Russell Wilson a basketball player
dude in the new AT&T commercial looks like the lovechild of Russell Wilson and Jimmy Kimmel
Too bad Ben and Neil Lane got shown up by Russell Wilson, I think Lauren deserved something more like that
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Back when Russell Wilson was a singer lol...him and Allen Anthony twins lol.
Add on the TEs - you got some really nice weapons for Russell Wilson to throw to:. 1. Jimmy Graham. 2. Luke Willson. 3. Cooper Helfet
Derick Fisher is doing in real life what y'all think Russell Wilson js doing to baby Future 😂
"The only way the Seawalks will win this game is if Russell Wilson, Kam Chancellor & Jimmy Graham all have great games"
I don't even care for Karrueche in one way or the other but at this point I hope she finds her Russell Wilson.
Michael Jordan, Russell Wilson, John Elway, and Kurt Russell are just some of the names you'll find in OOTP 17
dead dealing with too much, Russell Wilson & Ciara, Lean addiction, & this Desiigner *** stealin his identity! Smh
*** like papoose and Russell Wilson ain't special, that's most *** soon as they get the one that's everything the…
I'm so embarrassed at myself Wendy it's terrible. 😭I'm never gonna find my Russell Wilson doing things like this.
These dudes that didn't get girls in High School trying use Russell Wilson as an example for them. Like he not a NFL QB millio…
Russell Wilson was the leader of the football team and the baseball team and probably another sport or two in high schoo…
"Dad who do you think is the best nba player of all time". Chad: "Russell Wilson" bruh
Wendy Williams on Ciara and Russell Wilson recent engagement: SNATCHING WIGS - Video -
Once again, Wendy Williams throwing shade at Ciara on her engagement to Russell Wilson 😩😩
how is Russell Wilson a square again? Cause he treats his lady right ..or is it the football part ..or is it his love for G…
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LOL Russell Wilson is a college graduate and if anything he is as "square" as it gets. Nonsense
This niggah said like Russell Wilson not a FOOTBALL PLAYER with no college diploma
Ciara is so lucky every woman dreams of having a Russell Wilson
Russell Wilson look like he'll apologize for being cheated on
Thank you Ciara and Russell Wilson. Because of this Future is gonna release another 19 mixtape
Future: "Metro do you trust Russell Wilson?". Metro: "I mean he's a good guy plus did you see that ring?". Future: htt…
Russell Wilson broke news announcing his engagement to girlfriend Ciara.
Seattle QB Russell Wilson and singer Ciara are engaged.
Russell Wilson was the man the year the Seahawks won the Super Bowl ... Now.🚮
Russell Wilson so square dawg, I bet there's endless more meme worthy pictures of bruh.
"Russell Wilson is a square.". Fam have you looked in the mirror lately? You should tattoo "to the 2nd power" at the top of your forehead
Russell Wilson prolly always liked black women, but was just kinda square and now that he could choose, he turned heel on em 😂😂😂
.after they found out Russell Wilson proposed to Ciara.
Russell Wilson dresses like his name is Chad
Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson has proposed to Ciara and she is now flaunting her big fat rock...
Russell Wilson is to women what Ayesha Curry is to men. You see that right ? Like you understand the correlation clearly ?
“She said yes!” Ciara and Russell Wilson are finally engaged (WATCH)
Ciara got engaged to Russell Wilson today... And I'm sick about.. 😭😭
I want an update on that Russell Wilson story, just so can write this scene
*Offensive joke alert*. Russell Wilson proposed to Ciara off the coast of South Africa. I guess you can say they "apartheid…
Russell Wilson proposed to Ciara...expecting Future to drop some fire
Ciara and Russell Wilson engaged? Lol. Future about to jump off a bridge into a river of Dirty Sprite
Russell Wilson gone be on the honeymoon like
Russell Wilson gonna wild out on his wedding night. Lime-a-ritas and Boyz II Men playlists on deck.
Remember when Russell Wilson got drafted and his girl at the time thought she hit the jackpot
Grammy award-winning singer Ciara and Super Bowl-winning QB Russell Wilson are engaged
She said yes! Ciara and Russell Wilson are officially engaged-- details now on 💍❤️
reporting on Russell Wilson getting engaged
Meanwhile, Karrueche tryna glow and find her Russell Wilson but Chris Brown can't let go smh that's sad.
$20 says Ciara n Russell Wilson don't last! Love with conditions never works!!!
Russell Wilson and announce their engagement with a cute Instagram video:
Y'all females wouldn't know what to do if y'all had a Russell Wilson in y'all life
Congrats to Ciara and Russell Wilson on their engagement! 💍💍
I don't think Russell Wilson is a square , he's a grown man ...
But seriously, congrats to Russell Wilson and Earl Thomas
Ciara and Russell Wilson are getting married. According to analytics after sex with Ciara Wilson will throw 200 TD's next …
I respect Russell Wilson but he still a square
Ciara and Russell Wilson's wedding pictures are going to be everything.
Russell Wilson is engaged and I can't wait for that new future diss track that he's going to drop about it😂😂
I'll be a "square" like Russell Wilson and have his girl and 💲💲
Russell Wilson and Ciara are engaged, announce news with cutesy video
Where men slandering Russell Wilson for being A square?..😂😂😂..I aint seen it yet.I see more Future. & Ciara Jokes than anything.
Russell Wilson definitely gets his haircut at Great Clips
Russell Wilson and Future gonna have to square up
Ciara and Russell Wilson are engaged! How stunning is her ring? 💍❤️
Russell Wilson is a forever square. No chance that guy is anyone's first dial on the weekends
Russell Wilson is finally going to get laid!
I don't understand the Russell Wilson hate. Is it cause he a square? Or is it cause y'all love Future so much & wanna see Ciara fail?
"People celebrating Russell Wilson and Ciara's engagement? Hand me my phone!"
When I signed up for ESPN update I thought it was sports, not Russell Wilson getting engaged.
Russell Wilson a square but he proposed to a black woman so he gets props from me
Russell Wilson is now engaged. Rather than simply handing the ring to Ciara, Pete Carroll & Darrell Bevell recommended that he throw it.
Honestly, Russell Wilson's abstinence would make more sense if he *was* a virgin.
Russell Wilson spent 22 million and must be getting all the tight hugs tonight
he's taller than Russell Wilson and Drew Brees
i'm about to send Russell Wilson a list of fine jewelers in LA and Seattle.
Kaepernick has 31 fumbles in his 1st 4 seasons as starter. Russell Wilson: 38. Tom Brady in his 1st 4 years: 43. Andrew Luck: 32.
Russell Wilson's Air Lift had one ver special passenger: Ricardo Lockette deplanes in Charlotte
Tell guys like JJ Watt and Russell Wilson that...
Seahawks players who are more valuable than any free agent signed so far:. Russell Wilson. Richard Sherman. Earl Thomas. Michael Bennett
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definitely give it a shot, you have a chance at LOVING this show since you are a Russell Wilson fan
Russell Wilson??? Or Drew from Western Michigan about to be executed by a sniper???
we can bring up the Russell Wilson's and Drew Brees' of the world by theyre rare
William Hayes was an impact player for the Rams filling in for Chris Long. If you question that, go ask Russell Wilson what he thinks.
Four years after drafting a punter 5 spots ahead of where Russell Wilson was taken, Jags signing a free agent punter https:/…
gotta get about 3 Joe Buddens before you can fully appreciate a Steph Curry or Russell Wilson
I hear ya, shame when people that have those measurables lack the heart of smaller guys like Drew Bree's and Russell Wilson
Deion also implied during SB Cam Newton was better than Russell Wilson lol I trust Michael Irvin more
Russell Wilson's tribute to Peyton Manning is all class, which is no surprise, because so is https…
Holy goodness Howard Eskin said Russell Wilson and Sam Bradford are the same person.
did he have a better career passing rating than Aaron Rodgers, Russell Wilson, tony romo or Steve youn…
Redskins cut Robert Griffin III... Remember when yall said he was better than Russell Wilson? Ahh good times.
hate when scouts make a big deal about height. if you can play, you can play. look at Russell Wilson, Tyrann Mathieu, Dre…
Kanye, Riccardo Tisci, Kris, Ciara and Russell Wilson backstage at the fashion show in Paris.
Seahawks QB Russell Wilson and Ciara take in the Paris Saint-German Match vs Montpelier at the Parc Des Princes.
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my current auction dynasty team . Russell Wilson . Nuk . Kelce. Jeremy Hill . Dion Lewis
Russell Wilson is the only 3rd round QB in recent history to be better than "punchline" Matt Schaub
New column from Russell Wilson's 'Good Man' prices are a bad look.
It's Russell Wilson, Devon Still, Lauren Hill's fight, Aaron Rodgers and the MACC Fund. The list does not stop here
Russell Wilson launches clothing line called Good Man Brand that will help inner city kids:
Russell Wilson equals Troy Smith. Small for the NFL. Bust. Kirk Cousins would have been better.
Russell Wilson spotted with Baby Future... & Ciara's nowhere in sight.
I know Ciara had y'all heated today. 😹 her daddy, Russell Wilson, & baby future at the airport together.
We live in a country where Kirk Cousins is making 20 million and Russell Wilson is making 26 million 🙄
A look at the top QB salaries for 2016. Bradford will be between Carson Palmer and Russell Wilson.
Kirk Cousins and Sam Bradford will both make more than Russell Wilson this season
with the tag kirk makes more money than Newton, Rodgers and Russell Wilson. Can I get a cmon man
Kirk Cousins is gonna make more than Russell Wilson this season. 😂
thought about getting him but I'm still playing with 95 Russell Wilson
I cannot believe the Washington football team thinks Kirk Cousins is worth $20 million. I'm so glad we have Russell Wilson.
Calling all fans make! Check out Russell Wilson and Coach Pete Carroll like you've never seen before!
Scratch Mike Vick and Replace with Cam Newton(talk)and /or Russell Wilson(short)
They got Obama Steph Curry and Russell Wilson... Where is Nino Brown when you need him.
Russell Wilson is the ultimate step dad
oh ok and also Charles haley and Lawrence taylor is from here Bruce smith emmitt smith wife and Russell Wilson
Asked Dak Prescott about dual-threat QB's excelling/failing. He mentioned Cam Newton, Russell Wilson and Tyrod Taylor in the s…
I just took over a orphaned team. My best receivers are Bolden and Tavon Austin. So I traded Russell Wilson/5th Rd pick for
The connection between Russell Wilson and Tyler Lockett will be impossible to stop next season.
I agree entirely... A lot of scouts and coaches don't see that. You know how the NFL goes man. Look at Russell Wilson
Ciara, Russell Wilson and Her Son Future Jr. Look Like a Happy Family at Dodgers Stadium: Family time on the baseball field!
Russell Wilson would fold Future like fresh laundry. He better make that stick talk
Russell Wilson runs the bases at Dodger Stadium with baby Future.
Ciara fully making Russell Wilson be the dad of Futures kid. She too busy tryna sue Pastor Hendrix for all his money smh.
Russell Wilson at the Pro Bowl is the same as Russell Wilson everywhere else (annoying)
Last time I was at a drury inn, Russell Wilson had that insane Hail Mary for Wisconsin. I forgot against who.
Yankees to players: Be more like Russell Wilson, less like Lawrence Taylor
Yankees tell players to be less like Cam Newton, more like Russell Wilson
Yankees tell players to be Russell Wilson, not Cam Newton, when talking to press:
I sat down with of to talk Peter Parker, race, Russell Wilson, media, and more for
question, have you ever seen Russell Wilson or Tom Brady smoke weed?
Russell Wilson like Brady.have the ability to make recvrs better.just plug in a receiver..However Doug &Tyler was already good
and Iʼd just wreck the league w Russell Wilson to Tyler Lockett and Antonio Brown, protected by Kelvin Beachum and co.
She don't want Russell Wilson to be her father 😂
So Brad, if Richard Sherman is singing, can Russell Wilson be Burt?
When you find out that Russell Wilson and Richard Sherman called Sawyer yesterday😭 My heart keeps breaking for his family. He was too young💔
he did a lot of that in the east west shrine game. Not quite Russell Wilson but has a lot of similar traits
Best for round is Russell Wilson or Richard Sherman.. Worst Aaron Curry easily.. He was supposed to beast out of Wake..
That just mean yo son is *** Mugsy Bougues made it, AI made it, Russell Wilson made it, Jose Altuve made it lol
Ciara says she and Russell Wilson hug a lot to get through their "no sex" pact
Drafted John Brown David Johnson and Mathieu where you only got Russell Wilson.
Russell Wilson wins on the field and off
Russell Wilson is best thing that could've happened to Johnny Football's NFL future. One day, Manziel will be better t…
Ciara and her boyfriend Russell Wilson attend the Polo Ralph Lauren show held during New York…
Ciara and Russell Wilson spotted out and about in NYC on their way to the Polo Ralph Lauren
.and boyfriend Russell Wilson at Ralph Lauren's event.
Ciara and Russell Wilson are spotted arm-in-arm while they where leaving Polo Ralph Lauren presentation in New York…
Ciara and Russell Wilson are featured in Ralph Lauren show
Ciara and Russell Wilson leaving the Ralph Lauren show for today :)
Power Couple: Ciara and Russell Wilson attend the Polo Ralph Lauren Fall 2016 during
Update. The white community has traded the black community Lauren Meaux for Russell Wilson
“I’m not gonna lie…I’m human, So it is not easy” Ciara opens up on Abstinence with Russell Wilson
No, but Russell Wilson was a gene splice between Dan Marino and Barry Sanders.
please ask Peter why Russell Wilson would go to San Diego and throw himself off Qualcomm. Seems like a wasted trip
Ciara says she has to look away from Russell Wilson sometimes to resist urge to fornicate. https:/…
Barry Sanders and Leslie O'Neal from Oklahoma St. Too early on Russell Wilson and J.J. Watt from Wisconsin
Russell Wilson in a dream sequence of being drafted by Andy Reid
No, not Bortles, Matt Ryan, Jeff George, Russell Wilson, James Van Der Beek and certainly not Sid Luckman.
Cam Newton: "Show me a good loser + I'll show you a loser." OK, Russell Wilson, last Super Bowl. Not a loser. Time to grow…
Russell Wilson's appeal to teammates saves Seahawks from humiliation, but can ... - The Seattle Times
Colin wants all QB's to handle press conferences like Russell Wilson. Predictable, Unoriginal and completely Boring.
but again , she got Russell Wilson who already has a ring and more than likely will have more 😐
man if Pete Caroll & Russell Wilson did interviews after the SuperBowl last year, Cam got no excuses man lol
Tony Romo DAL QB. *Hispanics celebrate*. Jeremy Lin has 1 good season. *Asians celebrate*. Russell Wilson wins SB. Black ppl: He's not 1 of us
I’m sure Russell Wilson would disagree.
Random stat: Tony Romo has 8 gms w/ a comp% under 50 since '06. Russell Wilson also has 8 such games but has only been in the NFL since '12.
Russell Wilson smart bruh. He put that *** on sex probation cause he know if he get her pregnant she gon try to extort…
Russell Wilson, manning. EVERYONE OTHER QB THAN YOU! Even Richard Sherman had more class than you!
The Two Black QBs to win a Super Bowl: Doug Williams and Russell Wilson
Yeah, that's what I imagined too *** positivity brain *sigh* I see this possibility more from Russell Wilson...
I liked a video Pete Carroll on Russell Wilson's 2015 offseason
Shop The Bradford Exchange Online for Patriotic 9/
Not everyone was at the Superbowl this weekend! Ciara, Russell Wilson and Baby Future were spotted jetting ou...
If only Cam Newton had the personality of Russell Wilson ...
Russell Wilson and Ben Rothlisberger laughs at your commentary, Mark Sanchez too.
Surface congratulates the Broncos. But no worries, they'll keep putting Russell Wilson's picture everywhere.
Go watch Russell Wilson's interview last year and then watch this. Class vs zero class
Russell Wilson wrote an emotional thank you note to the Sheriff, Peyton Manning
It's even funnier if you imagine Russell Wilson as the lead singer of Huey Lewis and the News.
Russell Wilson pens letter to Peyton Manning via
Russell Wilson n Peyton Manning are the most humble QBs in the league. They win the right way. Would include Luck but hasn't won a SB yet.
Russell Wilson lost Super Bowl 49 in a more devastating fashion and handled it with poise and class..This point is moot...
I don't think Russell Wilson is hot I'm sorry Hannah
Russell Wilson threw a pick at the goal line to lose SB49. He sat in the interview room afterwards and gave full answers to …
It just makes me realize how ridiculously lucky we are to have Russell Wilson. Not just as a player, but as a person.
There is ZERO chance Russell Wilson walks off in the middle of an interview - ZERO.
I was deadass being told that Russell Wilson was better than Cam 😂
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You ever see LeBron walk off like that? Kobe? Peyton? Brady? Russell Wilson? That's part of the game. Face the music Cam.
cuz Russell Wilson got traded in the race draft
there are black people on the Broncos too, and Tony Dungy and Russell Wilson have won the Super Bowl
Steve McNair, Michael Vick, Warren Moone, Russell Wilson, Randell Cunningham. All black qbs that were better
Donovan McNabb never went back. Neither will Russell Wilson. Nor Kaep. Kordell Stewart didn't go back. Or McNair. ITS OVER FOR CAM NOW
you're high if you really think he's better than Russell Wilson. There's just no way.
Stats have proven that Russell Wilson is better than Cam Newton. So try again tony. And his attitude ***
Russell Wilson googles: "how to wish a person a happy retirement."
Hey, no one told me Russell Wilson was performing during halftime?
Saw a meme that had Cam Newton as Will Smith and Russell Wilson as Carlton Banks. Lmao.
Denver cannot stop the read option... ask Pete Carroll and Russell Wilson
Cam would be the first real *** to win a Super Bowl...and sorry I can't count Russell Wilson he's whiter than Pete Carroll
Marshawn Lynch would be retiring with 2 Super Bowl rings if it weren't for Pete Carroll, Darren Bevell, and Russell Wilson.
So you're telling me Marco Rubio is the Russell Wilson of politicians
wayne simmonds. Just imagine if someone sucker punched Russell Wilson or Stephon Curry how would the NFL and NBA handle that?
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1 Year ago today we watched Pete Carroll put the game in the hands of Russell Wilson instead of .. Glad Cam plays QB..
Still convinced Pete Carroll had nothing to do with that slant Russell Wilson threw last year somebody else had to call that *** play
I feel like the Seahawks got cheated out of NFL honors coach of the year totally Pete Carroll MVP totally Russell Wilson
Russell Wilson to be played by Carlton Banks. 😂
Russell Wilson don't count he a Carlton Banks *** ***
We all know Pete voted for Russell Wilson
Russell Wilson is Alfonso from fresh prince of believe air and Cam is Will Smith if yall know what that means.
Russell Wilson romances Ciara with Google search results...
They're really saying like someone on here said cam is Will Smith and Russell Wilson is Carlton Banks
S/o to that *** Rob Parker for calling out Russell Wilson for the cornball brotha that he is .
what about Warren Moon, Donovan McNabb, Michael Vick, Randall Cunningham, Russell Wilson...Race is not the issue
But then again Russell Wilson is a cornball brother (in my Rob Parker voice) 😂😂😂
Find you a square Russell Wilson type of dude that'll still put it down on ya
MT Two years ago today, Russell Wilson dumped Gatorade on Pete Carroll right next to me
Stephen A Smith seems to forget that Doug Williams and Russell Wilson were also black quarterbacks in the Superbowl.
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Seahawks' Russell Wilson, Darrell Bevell have fun in video for alma mater Wisconsin
They don't like that cam a real *** they want him to b a square cornball brotha like Russell Wilson
Russell Wilson and Ciara is really the typical Tyler Perry love story
My lifelong goal is to punch Russell Wilson square in the face
Mike Leach once did color commentary for an NC State game involving Russell Wilson, in case you're bored.
Who do you think God hates more: Mike Huckabee or Russell Wilson?
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