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Russell Wilson

Russell Wilson (born November 29, 1988) is an American football quarterback, formerly with the Wisconsin Badgers football team.

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The Fine 15, Pre-Camp Edition Now this is odd. A Fine 15 some 46 days before the season starts. But there’s nothing like a little controversy to sell papers. 1. Seattle. I like the approach of the coach and the defense (“We’re going to win again, and we don’t care who knows it”) and, from being with Russell Wilson a bit this offseason, I know his approach. He’ll enter camp this week thinking he’s got to beat out Tarvaris Jackson for the starting job. 2. Green Bay. Aaron Rodgers has his weapons and his health, and the schedule’s friendly post-Sept. 4, with the Bills, Jets, Dolphins out of conference on the docket. 3. San Francisco. If I trusted Colin Kaepernick as much as I trust Russell Wilson, 1 and 3 would be reversed. 4. New Orleans. The rich get obscenely richer, and Brandin Cooks wins offensive rookie of the year, and the defense stays stout. Need to survive the schedule: three of the first away, three of the last five away. 5. Indianapolis. I’m buying the Luck hype, plus he gets b ...
Spent an awesome day hanging out with Richard Sherman, Earl Thomas, Russell Wilson, Nate Robinson, Kobe Bryant, Shawn Kemp...
Matt Flynn made more money than Russell Wilson and yet wouldn't start. I think it depends on coaches and teams.
4 Seahawks in top 20 players in NFL going into 2014 Season. Russell Wilson, Earl Thomas, Marshawn Lynch and Richard Sherman.
From Victor Cruz to Russell Wilson to Drake, peep the best-dressed of the 2014 ESPYs:
What kinda swag did Trent Dilfer have Russell Wilson for that matter? A great Defense HELPS
If Friday was a person it would be a mix of Russell Wilson, Felix Hernandez and Pete Carroll. All the good squeezed into 2…
Be more boring Russell can't.
Russell Wilson is like an awkward 7th grader out here with Jessica Alba.
Earl Thomas straight up looked like a bodyguard for Russell Wilson with those shades on 😂
After initial hugs with Fisher and Snead, Michael Sam gets props from Jim Brown, Robin Roberts and Russell Wilson before taking the stage.
Russell Wilson tells Marshawn, "Here play on my iPhone until this is done. If you're good we'll get ice cream after." http:…
Russell Wilson is just having the roughest of years:
took Donald Stephenson a pick before Russell Wilson. Needed a QB at the time too.
“Russell Wilson is nominated for NFL's Best Player... Let that sink in” 👎
Just saw the Phillie Phanatic on TV. Thanks to you, I can't look at him without thinking of Russell Wilson in a bunny outfit :-)
Russell Wilson, u want to compare him to Peyton Manning or Andy Dalton # s here u tell me?
Andy Dalton, Ryan Tannehill, Eli Manning, Russell Wilson, Alex Smith, &CHAD HENNE had more yards than him??? CHAD HENNE!!!
yeah it is. Just thought of this. For one season. Eli in his prime or Russell Wilson right now?
YOU Answered!. Who will be the best QB in the NFC?. Aaron Rodgers - 36%. Nick Foles - 31%. Drew Brees - 14%. Russell Wilson -…
If Seattle is able to pick up Andre Johnson...I don't even know what'll happen. Russell Wilson will have so many weapons.
There are some new players here that never got to hear the Russell Wilson speech. That's the problem.
Q&A: QB Chad Voytik on the Pizza Bowl, Paul Chryst, Russell Wilson comparisons and more:
Working out in flip flops and your second favorite Russell Wilson jersey tells people "I'm into fitness, y'all"
WATCH: Russell Wilson has this message for the 12th man
I would have liked you to get a little more back, Calvin is great, but may a guy like Russell Wilson vs Brady
I'm always pleasantly surprised when I watch IT2. Hes Russell Wilson to kyries kaepernick if that makes any sense
At -- Russell Wilson was on the 100 players of 2014"
"Russell Wilson has become beyond overrated." You're crazy
It's payback Russell Wilson falling way back in the draft, turning nothing into something
OpinionIs Russell Wilson elite or is there more to prove?July 6, 2014Evan DresselLeave a comment When I think about a team that has a so-called “elite” quarterback, the simple mention of a team name should immediately draw the thought of the quarterbacks name. The Patriots have Tom Brady; the Bronco…
So now catcher Wilson Ramos get the Wilson walk up song a la Russell Wilson.
“Can you name a 3-Star or below prospect that still made it to the NFL?” Russell Wilson
Russell Wilson was the headliner, but there were plenty of local BC coaches that were part of today's Russell...
This girl that goes to my school is on the USA basketball team and she is 16. Also her brother is Russell Wilson
People need to stop overrating Russell Wilson.
lol, not if you're Peyton Manning, but if you're Colin Kaepernick? Jay Cutler?. Russell Wilson...?
: Russell Wilson WILL be an elite QB, I just don't think last year, as successful as it was, proves that quite yet.
They both suck fat whale dong. KD, and Russell Wilson all day!
Check this out!. Russell Wilson Contenders auto. BGS 9! Ends tonight!.
Who does he think he is, Russell Wilson?
I see Geno is inspired by Russell Wilson. I'll be surprised at a SB run.
huh sounds just like Russell Wilson with the "why not us?"
Russell Wilson's sister has committed to Stanford
They say Taz looks like Russell Wilson. I dont.see it.
Who cares. Russell Wilson is laughing at those same *** rankings from last season.
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Thanks for the pic and hanging out for a bit at the Russell Wilson Passing Academy
Russell Wilson is a winner, he will find a way to win no matter what, i watched him do it at wisconsin.
Seahawks fan in my mentions telling me Russell Wilson is a elite Top 5 quaterback rn
Joe Montana & Russell Wilson both won their first Super Bowls at 25. One of many Seattle similarities with 80s 49ers
I love Russell Wilson and I think this award is deserving...years from now. He's a good player but not on an elite level
Brooke thinks she's gonna find Russell Wilson on Tinder.
Russell Wilson being nominated for best football player is kind of a joke. He's good but rarely has to do a lot.
From 51 last year to 20 this year for Russell Wilson. Kaepernick 81 last year and 81 this year. Please tell me how kaep is better
Russell Wilson is not even a top 10 QB and if he is, he's I don't understand why anyone would think otherwise
what about Russell Wilson and Johnny Manziel? Both were drafted to the mlb. Baseball is easy.
Russell Wilson is good, but I honestly think he's being WAY overrated. Kaepernick is but Wilson is That's Ridiculous
Saw Russell Wilson and the Lombardi trophy today. Thanks to the for coming to meet all your fans htt…
"HEY YOU! , you look just like Russell Wilson take a picture with me."
russell wilson isn't a top 50 player??? You crazy like that glue.
It's payback, Russell Wilson falling way back. In the draft, turn nothing into something, still can make that...
My fellow 12s gotta be getting that itch for Week 1 of the NFL season SEA..HAWKS! SEA..HAWKS!! SEA..HAWKS!!! . Cant stop Russell Wilson🏆.
Yardbarker: Can you name 12 current QB’s better than Russell Wilson?..
how is Russell Wilson on the list and not Aaron Rodgers?
I feel like people have made Russell Wilson out 2 b better than he is. Not saying he's bad but he's nowhere near being the NFL's best player
why is Russell Wilson on here ahead of Brees Brady and Rodgers😕✋
Russell Wilson has become beyond overrated.
If Russell Wilson wins the ESPY for best NFL player I'm done.
Kap isnt better than Russell Wilson dude lol
Russell Wilson is good, but is he elite?
Couldn't agree more! I think Ray Lewis could help him out, others in mind are Tony Dungy and or Russell Wilson. Please get help!
"Seahawks linebacker Bobby Wagner at Russell Wilson passing academy in West Van
Seahawks linebacker Bobby Wagner helps campers at Russell Wilson passing academy in West Vancouver
Met some ppl with selfies of them and Russell Wilson and Bobby Wagner.
Charlie Casserly ranks Eli Manning, Matt Ryan, and Tony Romo ahead of Russell Wilson.
Lmao Colin Kaepernick and Nick.foles Definitely don't belong in tier 2 neither does Russell Wilson or Tony Romo or Matt Ryan
Seahawks should tag Russell Wilson as a TE and say "TEs throw a lot of passes in our offense."
The 20th best player in the NFL last year was Russell Wilson? He is NOT the 20th best player in the league. I'M DONE.
I've been hearing stuff about Russell Wilson being a top 5 QB. Is this a joke? Bring it on in the season opener!
You’ll be inspired by their message of faith! Pastor Mark Driscoll sat down with a few of the players and one of the coaches to talk about their faith in Jesus Christ and how it intersects with life on and off the football field. In this video (part one in a forthcoming series), Russell Okung, Chris Maragos, coach Rocky Seto, and Russell Wilson answer the question: "Who is Jesus?"
Geno is in total opposite situation than Russell. Geno Smith was set up for failure. Russell Wilson was set up for success
Joe Montana+Drew Brees+Michael Vick=Russell Wilson, as far as style of play is concerned.
Pro Football Talk: Can Russell Wilson carry an offense? He says he's already shown he can
Let's be honest, it'd be the Russell Wilson show "for real tho the Sam and Dex show would be sick."
TY Hilton, Russell Wilson, Reggie Wayne, Andre Brown, James Jones and Martellus Bennett on the bench
still better than Russell Wilson's...oof
the fact that Russell Wilson is in the running to be top QB on that show makes it lose what credibility it had
Russell Wilson is gonna be the best dad ever one day
Don't know why everyone thinks Russell Wilson is such a model citizen. He just got a divorce and the *** look like Tiger woods Jr.
The Seattle Seahawks were a wrecking ball in 2013. That didn't stop quarterback Russell Wilson from saying there are still a lot of ways his team can improve -- and get even better -- in 2014.
Russell Wilson: Seahawks 'can be better' in 2014... New on
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Pretty awesome day meeting Russell Wilson at the learned a lot and had fun.
At -- Favorite QB:Russell Wilson PS:I may do more than one of these a day if I feel like it.
Russell Wilson: Seahawks 'can be better' in 2014 -
Wilson returning to Madison: Russell Wilson only spent a year at Wisconsin but what a yea...
Get to meet and have dinner with Russell Wilson tomorrow night😏😏 cant wait to meet him
Russell Wilson was set on a team that had arguably the best defense in the nfl
...but Russell Wilson has better production
Russell Wilson has more commercials but Andrew Luck has more talent
Great day at the Russell Wilson Passing Academy with and the guys!
Babysitting Quote of the Day: Kid: You could say that Russell Wilson is kind of a black person." Me: "Yeah. I guess you could say that."
The name is Russell Wilson.U must be a home schooled Squidbilly.Do u have a neckbeard too?
well, Sherman and Thomas were both there before Russell Wilson and they still weren't that good, so..
I'm sorry, but it you think Russell Wilson is a top 20 PLAYER in the league, you're off your rocker
VIDEO: puts kids through their paces at football camp.
It's the little things that count...
Russell Wilson just won a Superbowl with the Seahawks, and will make $662,000 in 2014. Eric Gryba will be making $1.2M in 2014.
I'm sorry but if you think Russell Wilson is better than Andrew Luck you may need to get your head examined
Andrew Luck means more to the Colts than Russell Wilson means to the Seahawks. Not even a discussion 😂
I hate the Seattle Seahawks with every inch in my body, but I do like Russell Wilson. Class act, good dude
If Russell was better in college, why wasn't he the number 1 draft pick? And how many records exactly does Wilson?
don't even argue with this dude. You can't fix stupid. Russell Wilson is the best young QB
Kenneth Arthur article on the prospect of trading Russell Wilson :
It's official!!! Our Russell Wilson Jersey is now signed by the man himself. Only 5 days left to get your raffle...
Russell Wilson excited for this year via
Russell Wilson sees even better moments ahead Make your own pro-style football card:
Hornets and Richmond Spiders kicking it at Russell Wilson passing academy!
Russell Wilson: There are a lot of ways we can get better
Russell Wilson says the are better now than they were a year ago at this time. “We’re way further ahead.”
If they even think of trading Russell Wilson, I'll never watch another Seahawks game, ever! Spend the $ keep Wilson!!!
i'll take Russell Wilson over most, because Brady and Manning are going to most likely get chosen first.
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"Because he's the savior. The one true son.".
I would call back but he was at the Russell Wilson camp and he gone think he somebody now smh
Lmao my auntie tryna hook me up with Russell Wilson
Could the Seahawks have more to gain by trading Russell Wilson and saving some dough, or signing...
"The odds that Russell Wilson won't be with the Seattle Seahawks in 2016 are lower than my odds of marrying Ariel from The Little Mermaid."
but Russell Wilson is on a team so much better than Luck. And Russell is good, but if Luck is on the Seahawks, unbeatable.
To rank Russell Wilson or Cam Newton above Andrew Luck is sad. Andrew is easily the best passer in most recent draft class.
Of course Russell Wilson would say his team will be better this year. What is he suppose to say? My team is on the decline?
Today on The Mariners make roster moves. of MLB Network at 1pm. Is Russell Wilson a top 20 player? On
Russell Wilson nominated for a award in the "Favorite Newcomer" category
Russell Wilson: Seahawks 'can be better' in 2014
Russell Wilson says the Super Bowl champs have room to improve entering 2014: (via
k fine. Nate robinson. A russell wilson. You dont think chris johnson wouldnt just burn everybody all day?? (;
You'd think w/how terrible Russell Wilson is and how RBs aren't important, SEA wouldn't be World Champs.
you should use that one of Russell Wilson's ex
Why Nani look like he might be Russell Wilson and Carlton's kid?
Grateful is playing at NC State. Spent the morning catching passes from Russell Wilson and was home with 4 teammates for dinner!
So mad rn bc I've wanted to marry Russell Wilson since I was 10 & he is at house like it's no big deal.
Currently at a birthday party one house down from Russell Wilson's house, I will hop this fence
So I heard the rockets are going after Russell Wilson to play qb along side Lebron and George springer
When people try to say Russell Wilson is better than Andrew Luck I automatically discredit them, when you have the number 1 defense
Terrific read and quote from Michael Robinson on Russell Wilson: "he will be the MVP of this league."
Terry Bradshaw and offer thoughts on Peyton Manning and Russell Wilson for . h…
Russell Wilson of the Seattle Seahawks is the best young quarterback in the NFL . This isn't a difficult opinion to defend following a Super Bowl win, especially when he played well enough on that ultimate stage to nearly garner MVP honors.
In my book, one more year in Madison and Russell Wilson makes this list.
Great article breaking down how good Wilson is and how much better he can still get!
does someone need to remind Brady about his career. Russell Wilson is Russell Wilson. Menzel is Manziel.
"I like boys my age now, but my dream boy is Russell Wilson" 😂😂
The city of Marysville is already waiting for the Strawberry Parade like Russell Wilson is showing up riding a...
Watch share their testimonies! "by the blood of the Lamb and by the word of their testimony"
Only LeBron, Russell Wilson, David Ortiz, Sidney Crosby, and KD sold more. But then again, no Americans watch or care about soccer at all
here's a write up from fsn ohio. Catchers and umps are struggling with the rule
hey, just want 2 point out on ur Air Yards Chart U transposed 2 numbers on Russell Wilson's YAC%. Should read 43.6%, not 46.3
can you imagine how infuriating it would be if Russell Wilson played for Belichick? Words words words. Zero information.
I transposed 2 on that chart. Russell Wilson's YAC% should read 43.6, not 46.3. Just wanted 2 make Luck supporters feel better
Alright 12s, we have seen 70 players revealed in the NFL Top 100 of 2014 (100-31), and only one Seahawk (Kam Chancellor at 65). We have yet to see the likes of Russell Wilson, Marshawn Lynch, Richard Sherman, Earl Thomas, and others. Who else is on and where will they rank? -Jake
Wire: Even now, players having a hard time with new rule Follow
Sure, Russell Wilson won the Super Bowl... But could he beat Ohio State in 2011? 😂😂
Listen up haters seahawks are winning their second lombardi this season... our defense is stacked... our secondary is a monster... our D-line with Michael Bennett Cliff Avril Kevin Williams Brandon Mebane Tony McDanils.. yea good luck throwing and running on us. then offense our WR core is stacked! Rice Harvin Baldwin Richardson Kearse... then our run game with Lynch Turbin and Michael then there's a guy named Russell Wilson. yea were taking it home again
On a few notes, including how MLB's new home plate collision rule is still confusing...
Cross-sport comparisons that make a little sense: Drogba = Manu, Kawhi = Russell Wilson.
MLB rule on plays at plate needs review, writes. Devin Mesoraco saw it from both sides last night:
Rule on plays at home plate needs review
Internet, I'm disappointed in you. How are there no shirtless pictures of Russell Wilson???
Wire: Rule on plays at home plate needs review
inglorious bradfords and ༼ ºل͟º ༽ have agreed to a deal in principle: QB Russell Wilson and WR Percy Harvin for QB Andrew Luck
Russell Wilson ahead of field as best young qb
Getting Russell Wilson locked up long-term: A make-sense quarterback mega-deal
It's also cool watching college Russell Wilson
49ers star Vernon Davis :Russell Wilson is NFL’s best QB not named Colin Kaepernick -
How good would an MLB team be if they had Russell Wilson at 2B, Johnny Manziel at SS and Jameis Winston in CF right now?
Russell Wilson didn't win this pass superbowl alone and neither will romo! needs defensive help
Russell Wilson i remember when people said he was to small to play QB. That worked out well
people really believe Russell Wilson is a Top 5 QB now ...yall gotta stop overrating these QBs after they participate in …
Russell Wilson has more Yds on fewer atts MT "A look at the best QBs throwing to outside WRs no TEs RBs
Also Russell Wilson has more Yards on fewer attempts & completions, with only 10 more YAC? Who is asked to do more?
Yep. Russell Wilson also.“Wasn't John Elway a pro in baseball and playing FB at Stan?
Same with Jake Locker, Samardzija, Russell Wilson. Locker actually had to give up scholar aha because he signed with Angels.
- Quietly, Joe Hamilton was Russell Wilson. He had a complete understanding of the passing game & excelled in situational football
Ummm, this can't be right, you see, Russell Wilson doesn't actually throw to WRs, only dump offs and screens. Pls get it right.
QB keeps inspiring others to do good deeds:
Surprising to me how many people sleep on Russell Wilson as a top-5 QB in the NFL. He's already there imo.
Russell Wilson is taking that step to becoming a top-5 QB next year
put Russell Wilson on the Colts they go 8-8. The Seahawks don't ask Wilson to do nearly as much as Colts ask of Luck.
My case for Russell Wilson as the best young NFL quarterback via
Sorting passing stats on Pro Football Reference and it's just amazing to me how many ways I sort and Russell Wilson and i…
Russell Wilson took some time out of his day to share about what Jesus has done in his life with Mark Driscoll.
The Professional Football Writers of America (PFWA) have selected Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson for the 2013 Good Guy Award.
Russell Wilson Highlights 2013-2014. I do not own the rights to this video. Songs are: Nelly - Here Comes the Boom and Gostan - Klanga.
Cam Newton and Russell Wilson ahead of Ben? I don't even know that Andrew Luck should be... but at least a case can be made for him.
Ben Roethlisberger ranked 31st in NFL's Top 100.: this means guys like Cam Newton, Russell Wilson, and Andrew ...
Seattle Seahawks received Wednesday Morning Champ 2014, Mini-Camp Day 2, Pro-Bowl DT Kevin Williams Signed for 1yr/$2 million + MORE! ***Tonight on Tim, Bary, & Paul talk about all the Sports News of the day, including the Redskins Trademark Cancellation, the Seattle Mariners winning ways, & Seahawks continuing Mini-Camp. Tune in and hear it LIVE TONIGHT!*** Thursday Night Paul returns to The SportsJAM Network's as a judge. Tune-in for the fun times as "The Fish", Andrew Fain try's to keep his winning streak alive after losing to yours truly a few weeks back. Sporty Diva, Pamela Michelle hosts the good times.*** Night on 12 For 12s Radio, Paul Beyer welcomed the world famous 'Football Girl', Jamie Nichole.The effervescence released whenever this beauty walks in the CLink to cheer on our Seahawks, leaves most men screaming even harder. We discussed the Marshawn Lynch situation and 'Summer of 12ing'. Additionally, she joined me for a few of the 'Hawks12'. Field Gulls' Nate Dogg wrote a piece breaking down e ...
For those of you who remember last year's Post-It prank, we give you this year's ode to our General Manager Randall Obrecht's birthday...the saga of the shrinking Prius! After providing him with a VIP birthday parking spot this morning, we swiftly replaced his Prius with a mini-version (see Russell Wilson Lego figurine for scale). To say he was a little shocked this afternoon, as we all hid patiently between other cars in the garage in order to surprise him and capture the moment, would be an understatement. This was all topped off by delicious coconut cream pies from Dahlia Bakery and general birthday merriment. Happy Birthday, Randall! Thanks for being a good sport and a fun GM! :)
I truly believe in positive synergy, that your positive mindset gives you a more hopeful outlook, and belief that you can do something great. Russell Wilson
Russell Wilson has literally spent his off season in hospitals with kids
Superbowl Champion quarterback Russell Wilson announced Monday in a recent interview he had been traded to St. Louis for the pick...
I have so much respect for guys like Russell Wilson that spend time doing so much for these kids. Great role model for today's youth. Keep it up Mr. Wilson. Proud to wear your shirts. Go Hawks!
This video shows Seahawks QB Russell Wilson's play on the field and court during the 2006-2007 school year at Collegiate School in Richmond, Virginia.
Catching up with good friends Russell Wilson and Heidi Hines
An official NFL Seahawks woman's nightshirt/jersey--Russell Wilson. Size XXL but it runs small I think I would classify it as a large. Never worn, never washed, bought it as a Christmas present and never gave it away. Just want what I paid for it $50 firm. Might think about some trades though. Cross posted
Super Bowl-winning quarterback Russell Wilson has won the Good Guy Award from the Professional Football Writers of America for his professional approach to helping the journalists do their job.
Russell Wilson is a smart guy, but he may not be the biggest soccer fan you know. The Seattle Seahawks quarterback made a valiant attempt at congratulating the U.S...
Coincidence that I posted that meme esrlier today and attributed it to Pooe Francis and Russell Wilson and now he's awarded the good guy award? Yeah Russell!
Swing and a miss from Russell Wilson. Maybe it's his brother who works for… All State?
Who are you building your team around?. 1) Colin Kaepernick. 2) Russell Wilson. 3) Andrew Luck. 4) Cam Newton. 5) Robert Griffin III
Who would you rather have running your offense, Cam Newton or Russell Wilson
I'm guessing you live in Seattle lol. I heard of Judah Smith through Russell Wilson and Bubba Watson. That's awesome though!
Now that Colin Kaepernick's new contract is officially wrapped up, discussion has started to turn to other quarterbacks in the league. Andrew Luck, Russell Wilson, and Robert Griffin III will all...
Congrats! Following in line behind some impressive men. Rivers, Russell Wilson & Mike Glennon
Uh yeah basically.. Eric Cantor, Russell Wilson, Mike Henry one of the family guy creators, and me.
well then so did Tom Brady, Russell Wilson, Mike Vick, and Colin Kaepernick.
Will Marshawn Lynch be a salary cap casualty when the Seattle Seahawks give Russell Wilson a contract extension?
No, but you see, Russell Wilson has Earl Thomas.
lol... not just all defense! Our QB is in the history books :D and should only get better! The Seahawks’ battle cry for the 2014 season is: What’s next? But with Russell Wilson, it could be: What’s left? He already has won more games in his first two seasons (28, including the playoffs) than any quarterback in NFL history. As President Barack Obama offered last month during the White House visit to honor the Super Bowl champions, “And history is a long time now.” Also on Wilson’s resume are 26 touchdown passes in 2012 to tie the NFL single-season rookie record that was set by Peyton Manning in 1998; 385 passing yards in the 2012 playoff loss to the Falcons in Atlanta, the most in NFL history by a rookie; a pair of 100.0-plus passer ratings, making him the only player in league history to do that in his first two seasons; 15 home victories during the regular season, the most by a player in his first two seasons in the Super Bowl era; and a Super Bowl victory in his second season, which only Tom ...
Manziel now joins the ranks of Russell Wilson, Tom Brady, Deion Sanders, Bo Jackson and John Elway, among others,...
Johnny Manziel was drafted by the Padres today. He joins Colin Kaepernick, Russell Wilson, Michael Vick and Tom Brady as QBs d…
do you hate Russell Wilson, Colin Kaepernick, Michael Vick, and Tom Brady also? Also Michael Jordan, Tracy McGrady, and Bo Jack
It's funny that no one freaked out when Russell Wilson got drafted 😂⚾️
Another terrific adoption week: Billy the Kid, Buddy Boy, Isabelle, Laura Ingalls Wilder, Periwinkle, Russell Wilson, Tank, Tinkerbell, and Wally found their furever homes this week and Biscuit Boy, Carter, Scout, and Shandy are adoption pending.
Ryan Brand may be better than Russell Wilson was at this point in his development - George Whitfield
Seahawks' Russell Wilson and Jordan Hill Team up to Fight Diabetes: In a special prese...
Ha! Couldn't help but coach a couple of guys w/tips on how to eat ramen at Santouka: Russell Wilson and Jordan Hill. http:…
In that Microsoft commercial, I don't see Russell Wilson diggin in those pockets to pay the barber. Win the Super Bowl, u pay with pounds.
Article property of Seattle PI Is Seahawks offensive line one of NFL's worst? Fans of the Seattle Seahawks aren’t used to reading negative comments about their team’s on-the-field product this off-season, but at least one analyst believes that Russell Wilson, Marshawn Lynch and the rest of the Hawks’ offense will be operating behind one of the NFL’s worst lines in 2014. James Carpenter (left) has the inside track to the Seahawks' left guard spot. (AP Photo/Ted S. Warren) On Monday, Mike Tanier of Sports on Earth revealed his 2014 O-line rankings, where he placed the Seahawks’ line at No. 30 in the league while calling the unit the team’s “Achilles’ heel.” Here’s part of what Tanier wrote: Explain how a team with Marshawn Lynch and an option threat at quarterback finished dead last in the league in converting power situations: The Seahawks got the job done on just 49 percent of short-yardage and goal-to-go conversions. Explain how Russell Wilson got sacked 44 times, despite the fact tha ...
Note the blue LOS. Unbelievable that Russell Wilson still gained 9 yards on this play.   10% Off
Colin Kaepernick's giant contract extension is great for Russell Wilson -
"Andrew Luck is a better runner than you think" evidence from Well played sir!.
In the 2012 NFL Draft, the Jacksonville Faguars drafted a PUNTER OVER RUSSELL WILSON. Let that sink it. -ChiefsKingdom
Russell Wilson. Everyone is calling for a $20-25 million payday, however we are trusting you will take a "206" discount
We love our quarterback! Russell Wilson teamed up with a restaurant to fight diabetes
If they giving Kaepernick $110 then they better give Russell Wilson $120...That's all I have to say about that.
Can someone please explain to me how Russell Wilson isn't better then kapernick? . from the mouths of 49er fans. .. they have a better offense and defense. .. yet they lose to Seattle? So it has to come down to qb play... 49ers have better receivers right?
I added a video to a playlist There Is A Trap Russell Wilson
Andrew Luck, Russell Wilson reportedly expected to get $24-25 million per year
Andrew Luck and Russell Wilson's contracts won't be nearly as complicated -- but more lucrative -- than Kaepernick's
Save for the defense. And maybe Russell Wilson
QB Jacob Coker transferred from Florida State to Alabama after last season and could follow Russell Wilson's lead as a graduate transfer who could shine with his new club.
C-Kap got 12 mill. for signing his contract and was guaranteed 61 mill after signing it. Dude made 73 million dollars for signing his name on a dotted line. What has he done? Honestly... what have I missed? No offense, he's a great player, but... no Super Bowl rings and two bad plays that cost his team big games. I just don't feel like that was a deserved contract... It looks like a move to make Seattle over-pay for Russell Wilson... the problem with that is... I don't think you can over-pay for Russell Wilson. lol.
is kaepernick even black? He looks mixed just like Russell Wilson.
Kaepernick definitely got overpaid. Russell Wilson will as well soon.
had a 2 qb league last year Russell Wilson, Peyton Manning, and Phillip rivers were my qbs, i won
"...unless he’s Andrew Luck, who is basically a 10-year veteran in his approach to running with the ball"
I will never forget when I was in Disneyland and wearing my Seahawks gear and Russell Wilson shirt. I got so many
The minute the Seahawks sign Russell Wilson to a deal over 20 million a year, is the minute they become the Jacksonville Jag…
What Colin Kaepernick's contract might mean for Russell Wilson and the Seahawks
Highest paid? Wilson, Luck next after Kaepernick's not-so big deal:
On the other hand, Russell Wilson has proved himself and has won a Super Bowl. Yet, he makes less than Kaepernick now. SMH
Adam Schefter reported this morning that a Russell Wilson deal next year might be worth $24-$25 million.per year! That would be the biggest NFL contract ever. Do you think the Seahawks will give Russ that kind of money?
Recovering from extensive dental work and listening to learning tracks for One Voice Chorus' wonderful jazz performance June 13 at St. Michael Catholic Church 4491 Springfield Rd., Glen Allen at 7:30 with the Russell Wilson Trio and Shenandoah Valley Children's Chorus. See you there!
ESPN's Adam Schefter hears Russell Wilson and Andrew Luck will earn $24-$25 million annually when they sign new contracts next year.
How did I know Luck would have the better statistics? "this is interesting RT
Russell Wilson looking at the Kaepernick deal like
Although I'm not going to knock you if you have Russell Wilson up there either.
Word around NFL is that when Andrew Luck and Russell Wilson get new deals next year, they will come in between $24-$25 mi…
Who’s the best runner among RGIII, Kaep, Luck, Newton & Wilson? watched every run of 2013 to find out:
Report: Russell Wilson and Andrew Luck could make $24-$25 million under new deals:.
By a show of likes, when Russell Wilson gets his new contract, do you think it should be more than Kaepernicks? If not, comment with your reasoning why. - Kyle
Our Paul Silvi weighs in on Colin Kaepernick's big contract extension and why it's a good thing for Russell Wilson. He's not the only one who thinks so either:
When I get my Seattle Seahawks jersey I'm unsure as what number to get. Do I get (Russell Wilson), (Richard Sherman) or just get the (Seattle Seahawks)?
Russell Wilson sits down with Howie Long and the NFL on FOX just days before the Super Bowl. With New York City serving as the backdrop Russell talks about ...
NEWS FLASH!!! Susan Rice reveals hidden side agreements in Birgdahl/Taliban trade. Lindsay Graham repeats pledge to impeach. Army Chief of Staff expresses concern. NFL not consulted. Carney apologizes for “oversight.” Obama will issue a statement this evening after being informed by late edition of Washington Post. In a move attempting to limit public outcry over the recent exchange of Sgt. Bowe Birgdahl for high level Taliban “officials,” National Security Advisor Susan Rice revealed a series of multi-party agreements between the U.S. government, the Taliban and the Seattle Seahawks aimed at preventing a possible dynasty of the NFL team as well as building good will with the Muslim world. Details of the agreement are forthcoming, but Rice disclosed some of the terms in an interview with The View. Rice said, “We know the Seahawks and their fans think they are exceptional. But so do the Chicago Bears and the Washington Rouge Peau,” (the proposed new name for the Washington Red Skins). It is the ...
Joe Montana was always my favorite quarterback but he has some competition these days with Russell Wilson and Sam Bradford!!! Lol
Coach Pete Carroll confirmed the Seahawks will remain committed to running the football heavily going forward. The Seahawks have ranked 32nd and 31st in the NFL in pass attempts through Russell Wilson's first two seasons, limiting his yearly fantasy ceiling. "We want to run the football whenever we want to," said Carroll. "We are an absolutely committed running football team." Wilson could flirt with top-five quarterback numbers if Seattle's defense or running game took a step back, but we wouldn't anticipate either. He's a low-end QB1 in 2014 re-draft leagues. - Source: Seattle Times (Rotoworld) - Auto Posted by HN Bot
I'm starting to really dislike Ron Jaws Jarworski. His man crush for Kaep is so annoying. If Russell Wilson was 3 inches taller you'd be saying he was the best QB in the 2012 draft and has the potential to be of the greatest. Guys still falling for intangibles instead of results I guess.
Seattle Seahawks Star quarterback Russell Wilson filed for divorce last month, and has not disclosed the reason. In an unprecedented move, the ...
Got a rep who just sold a homemaker to Russell Wilson's ex wife
Some of you will read this post and say no way, but yes it's true and i have a good source who just confirmed to me over our 15 minute conversation that Golden Tate was cheating with Russell Wilson...
Russell Wilson, smart move! Get divorced BEFORE your rookie contract expires!! Now that's some smart mentoring by whoever did it!!!
Ranger Spring Camp BBQ tomorrow at Skyway Park. Players eat free and $3 for family and friends. Tomorrow is also the last day for the $125 season registration price. That price includes a FREE spot to the July 10 Russell Wilson Camp in Tukwila for players age 8 and up. Go Rangers!!!
Colin Kaepernick just signed for 126m for six years. Wow.61m guaranteed makes him the top paid qb topping Tom Brady by a mill.18 million a year 6th highest salary in the NFL.Cam Newton and Russell Wilson will be next among qbs to get massive contract deals upwards of 100 million
So Colin Kap just signed a contract for $110mill and Russell Wilson is the third lowest paid QB on his team at $664,000 and he won the Super Bowl. Yeah what's wrong with this picture?!?!?!?
I was reading something earlier this morning and again great job by the Niner front office to get Kaps deal done and what I really like about the deal is Kaepernick requested in the deal that it will impact the others like Crabtree & Iupati to still stay in San Fran but its up to them if they want to & also to have solid free agants come here as well so that tells me that Kaepernick is a team player and the thing about it is didn't ask for this type of money the organization so fit to reward him because they know what they got in him & if your curious about the Niners regular salary cap they still got some good money under the cap so its a win win situation so props to CK 7 for being a team player and being flexible and I think Kap also opens up the door for guys like Cam Newton and Russell Wilson to do the same thing for their team but that's if they want to go that route because you go that route it won't impact the team so NFL is going to a new shift in terms of contracts!!!
Is it just me or does my baby look like QB Russell Wilson of the Seahawks? Lol
49ers gave that man way too much money... But congratulations! All I know is, Russell Wilson better get more $.. He's actually proven... And it only took him 2 years to get it done.. And he's a better quarterback... Just saying.
A fan did some research to compare the differences between Colin Kaepernick and Russell Wilson's Instagram accounts.
No one is happier with this deal than Russell Wilson!
If Kapernick was really playing for the team or for the love of the game he would gave taken a lot less money... Notice Russell Wilson ring.
"Russell Wilson" that's all you need to hear from Benji "Ruddell Wilson"
"NOT WORTH IT!" Raider fan: pretends he wouldn't trade the last 2 years or quarterback play for Kaepernick Cowboy Fan: pretends he wouldn't trade 1 playoff win in 17 years for kaepernicks 4 in last two seasons Seahawks fan: pretends they won't have to pay Russell Wilson more, the markets been set Fans blinded by hate. Unless you're a packer, bronco, saints fan (elite QB's) You're just hating. Well worth the money!
Truly an EPIC night tonight! We hosted a private media event for one of our clients, internationally-acclaimed Hokkaido Ramen Santouka. They made a substantial donation to CR3 Diabetes Association where Russell Wilson and Jordan Hill were present to receive the check on behalf of the charity. And I got to emcee the event. They were incredibly gracious and so very generous with their time. True gentlemen! The best part is when RW said, "I LIKE IT!" after eating more than half his bowl of ramen. 3 handshakes later with RW, a hug from Jordan Hill and a bowl of shio ramen, I am a happy human being! And if you haven't been yet, you should go during the month of June - for every bowl of ramen sold during the month of June, $0.25 will be donated to TABLE FOR TWO who will provide a school meal to a child in need.
Colin Kaepernick and the San Francisco 49ers struck a deal Wednesday on a six-year contract extension, which sources told ESPN NFL Insider Adam Schefter is worth more than $110 million -- including a record $61 million guaranteed. More from Colin Kaepernick got what he deserved. He has proven he is a top quarterback, and in the NFL top quarterbacks get paid, writes Bill Williamson. Story 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick's deal is a way to gauge what Seahawks QB Russell Wilson could ask for in his new contract, writes Terry Blount. Story Following the new pact for Colin Kaepernick, Mike Sando ranks the other young QBs most deserving of a new contract. Story Insider Williamson: Now the 49ers must secure Harbaugh Stats & Info: Kaepernick's payday The deal ties Kaepernick to the 49ers through the 2020 season and puts him among the 10 highest-paid quarterbacks in the NFL. His signing bonus will be $12 million, sources told Schefter, unique in that most big contracts for quarterbacks are in the range ...
I guess Russell Wilson should expect a 150 million dollar contract next year, because he wins just as much, has a better TD/INT ration, better completion percentage, more passing yards and almost the same amount of rushing yards... And if we want to go on athletic ability, he's just as fast and has a way better vertical, not to mention he's the hardest worker in the locker room. What is this league coming to... These guys believe they are worth that much?? I mean we might as well take off the rookie salary caps and allow 70 million dollar contracts like they us to unproven players
They're saying Russell Wilson should get more than Kaepernick. Colin's not either, but Wilson isn't worth $110 million. Sorry.
If Joe Flacco isn't a top 10 QB then who the heck are the 10 above him? My List: 1. Manning 2. A-Rod 3. Brady 4. Brees 5. Roethlisberger 6. Russell Wilson 7. Luck 8. Flacco 9. River 10. Kaepernick You can shuffle it around. But I see no way he is not in the top 10 at least, and I'm not talking fantasy rankings.
If Colin Kaepernick is worth a historic $126M extension, what is Russell Wilson worth?
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After that Kapernick deal you know Russell Wilson is seeing $ in his future
If you're mad about Kap getting his paper, you are a hater, he's getting the money he deserves based on the market, if he had won that Super Bowl, he'd have gotten more, his deal has the most garanteed money right now but once Russell Wilson becomes a free agent he will probably get the same if not more money, if Kap gets better as a pocket passer and they design better plays for his skillset, he will get more money next time, he is very good with the potential to go beast, and if you look at the QB pay scale he is right where he needs to be pay wise, so shut up ya whiners and support ya niners mane.
for me (and this won't surprise you at all) other than Nick Foles obviously is Russell Wilson of the Seattle Seahawks!
These contracts are getting way too wild...$61 million guaranteed for Kap..I can't wait to see what Russell Wilson's contract extension will be then..$80 million guaranteed?
I actually think this is a really good deal. $18 million a year for a franchise QB is basically standard procedure these days, and we would have shelled out more for him if we'd waited another year. Besides, this deal has somewhat of a strategic advantage to it, because it's going to have a major influence on how much money Russell Wilson will ask for once his rookie contract expires after this season. If you're Russell Wilson, you can look at Kaepernick's deal and say "well, I won a Super Bowl and he didn't, so I deserve more money than him." This will hurt Seattle's cap much more than the Kaepernick deal hurts ours, so it's a win for the 49ers.
President Obama just became the General Manager of the Seattle Seahawks and traded Russell Wilson, Marshawn Lynch, Percy Harvin, Earl Thomas and Richard Sherman to the New England Patriots for a can of Peaches.
Somewhere in Seattle... Russell Wilson is high fiving his agent Lol
No one is as happy about Colin Kaepernick's new contract as Russell Wilson
For Kapernick to get 126 and not win a superbowl is amazing. Russell Wilson is gonna break the seahawks
Wednesday Waves: For the 1st time ever, the Seattle Pilots- Major League Baseball cards made the HOT LIST. 1970 Topps- Pilots cards of John Kennedy-Infielder and Marty Pattin- Pitcher are SOLD OUT. 1988 Pacific cards of Jim Bouton- Pitcher {author of "Ball Four" a Yankees/ Pilots expose'} are in short supply. The Seattle Pilots went bankrupt after their 1st year in 1969, then bought by Bud Selig, then moved to Milwaukee to become the Brewers. 2012 Panini Prizm NFL packs were HOT today, in the search for the 2 autographed cards per box + rookie cards of Russell Wilson/ Andrew Luck/ RGIII/ Nick Foles + many more. j
Russell Wilson must be very pleased with Kap's deal. Any guesses on what Wilson commands next offseason? ~RL42
Lol love the big $ the niners gave Kaeperdick! Bye bye success! Can't afford to keep anybody else! NEXT season 6 players walk! Starters I may add! What has this guy done to deserve more money than Tom Brady, Drew Bree's, Peyton Manning, Russell Wilson, what has this clown done?? Go ahead niner fans and make yourself feel justified. There is no justification in that kinda money for him.
Hey guys im still trading the 97 po russell wilson and the 94 elite Johnny Manziel on ps3.. hmu if interested.
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