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Russell Wilson

Russell Wilson (born November 29, 1988) is an American football quarterback, formerly with the Wisconsin Badgers football team.

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Russell Wilson: Now that we're married I have 2 rings. Ciara: You'd have 3 if you gave the ball to Marshawn.. Russ: https…
When Malcolm Butler intercepted Russell Wilson at goaline in the SB. Beyond that, it's been pretty underwhelming.
I see the TL is kinda in a up roar Dave and busters & Russell Wilson kissing futures son
Greg ward Jr. Pat white. Baker Mayfield. Johnny Manziel. Russell Wilson. Let me ball.
reaction after Malcolm Butler picked off Russell Wilson though?
Photos: Russell Wilson & his stepson Future Jnr at Tuxedo fittings.: Lets hope Future doesn’t have a fit over...
What you need to know about Ciara and Russell Wilson wedding as they share more photos: Ciara and Russell Wil...
Congrats on Russell Wilson and Ciara's wedding. I can see myself marrying a beautiful black woman like that. Maybe not that rich lol
*Malcolm Butler intercepts Russell Wilson as he tries to put the ring on Ciara's finger*. Congrats on the sex tho.
pretareporter: Ciara and Russell Wilson share pics from their fairytale wedding
Russell Wilson tried to have sex for the first time but unfortunately was intercepted at the line by Malcolm Butler.
Russell Wilson has had one of the most epic glo ups of all time! 🙌🏽
This dude Russell Wilson hype he was invited to Ciara body party and got up in them goodies 😂
Russell Wilson had sex with Ciara then threw her over to Malcolm Butler to finish the job
Russell Wilson and Ciara's wedding night sex didn’t go as planned… 😱😂 . Credit - .
In other news, congratulations to Russell Wilson & Ciara. He finally gonna get some.   10% Off
They're married! Russell Wilson and Ciara's whirlwind love story in photos 😍
Report: Russell Wilson and Ciara got married via
Ciara is reportedly worried that Future will kill Russell Wilson.
Congrats! Russell Wilson and Ciara are officially married. Sure Russell can now have some fun.
Russell Wilson finally got dem goodies.
Russell Wilson prolly ain't waste no time with Ciara after the wedding lls. Straight room action 😂
Here’s our Russell Wilson wedding story with an official picture. Phones were reportedly banned at the ceremony.
If I was Russell Wilson, I'd dare y'all to play Future in the locker room. I'd lead the league interceptions with no probl…
Ciara and Russell Wilson stepped down the aisle in a private wedding ceremony in England
& the superman cape of the year goes to. *Drumroll please . Russell "Captian Save a *** Wilson
Making small talk with my coworker today: Ciara and Russell Wilson got married yesterday. Her: Who?. Me:
Live look at Ciara at her honeymoon with Russell Wilson
Ciara and Russell Wilson are officially married 👏👏 congratulations
Ciara just asked Russell Wilson to share her bed on their wedding night, . He passed.
Ladies and gentlemen: Ciara and Russell Wilson are officially husband and wife! ❤️
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awww congrats to Ciara and Russell Wilson on their marriage and wishing them a long and happy life 👰🏾💍
I BELIEVE CONGRATULATIONS ARE IN ORDER! .Proof that as soon as you let the WRONG person go. ..the right one...
"We are the Wilsons." It's official: Ciara and Russell Wilson are now married.
Future probably at home looking at this Ciara and Russell Wilson wedding news like
Ciara and Russell Wilson officially tied the knot earlier today.
qb's better than cam(not in any order) Aaron Rodgers, Tom Brady, Ben Roethlisberger, Carson Palmer, Andrew Luck, Russell Wilson. That's 6
Russell Wilson and Ciara are now married, which means that he can now "score". Somewhere, Malcolm Butler is overheard saying "They can try"
Russell Wilson only 27 and already look like hall of fame material. The numbers are just 👌🏿
Anyways congrats Russell Wilson . Get in that tud.
Russell Wilson got married on a Wednesday because last minute Malcolm Butler took his venue for that weekend...
Revealed: Is this Kelly Rowland's bridesmaid dress for Ciara and Russell Wilson's wedding?
Congrats to Ciara and Russell Wilson on their marriage 🙌🏽💍
Russell Wilson better hope Malcolm Butler doesn't show up before he closes the deal with Ciara.
At the wedding, Russell Wilson tossed the garter to Malcolm Butler.
Russell Wilson's only getting married in England because he's pretty sure Malcolm Butler can't find him over there.
Russell Wilson is taking Ciara’s last name & is going to quit the NFL & become a stay at home mom. Good for him
First comes love, then comes marriage.. congrats to Ciara & Russell Wilson on their nuptials
Is Ciara worried that Future will kill Russell Wilson?!
What? Indeed. Future don't even care about Russell Wilson, nor Ciara. Baby Fewtcha maybe, but that's it.
If so, she is making Russell Wilson look like a b*tch boy
Ciara's afraid Future wants to murder Russell Wilson
Some off-season fun. Russell Wilson sings backup vocals for fiancee Ciara. VIDEO:
PC Russell Wilson & Tyler Lockett! Both are amazing players and even better people! Also my all time favorite Griffey JR!
Ciara, Russell Wilson and her son Future Jr. are the cutest during a Dodgers Stadium visit: ht…
Next year, Timofey Mozgov will make more than Richard Sherman, Aaron Rodgers, Julio Jones, Russell Wilson, Josh Norman, and Adr…
thanks for giving a plug for Russell Wilson, at 27, he's accomplished quite a bit, but he's also experienced loss.
Mike Conley is making more money than Russell Wilson, Cam Newton & Tom Brady COMBINED! 😳😱
Tried to explain Weber-Subban to non-hockey fan friends. Compared it to trading Ben Roethlisberger for Russell Wilson. Fair comparison?
kinda funny lol he has Palmer,Big Ben,cam and Russell Wilson ahead of him and Russell is better than Tom Brady? gtfo
17.) Russell Wilson. He's my favorite QB that's not Ben Roethlisburger... With that being said he's a top 5 QB right now.
Russell Wilson ahead of Ben Roethlisberger is silly in of itself
And Carson Palmer is ranked ahead of Russell Wilson and Big Ben? Come on now.
has Russell Wilson (17) and Carson Palmer (12) ranked ahead of Ben Roethlisberger (21). CTE in the NFL is for real.
It's no way Carson Palmer should be ranked higher than Big Ben & Russell Wilson.
When Doug Baldwin was targeted, Russell Wilson had an NFL QB Rating of 142.8; best for a WR in 2015
My unbiased top 5 QBS in league right now. 1. Derek Carr. 2. Aaron Rodgers. 3. Tom Brady. 4. Drew Brees. 5. Russell Wilson
this is like saying Russell Wilson is better than Charlie Whitehurst.
please, Big Ben is not as good as Russell Wilson or Cam Newton, who you just tried to compare him too
Russell Wilson looking like if Drake and Jeff Goldblum had a child.
Reporters continue to make critiques of Russell Wilson that sound nice but aren't true
Everyone at the sports bar instinctively booed Russell Wilson
Russell Wilson is ready for some Game 7 action.
Table seating cards included "Gerald & Krista" engraved in a box of Russell Wilson's interception into the position.
Can QB Russell Wilson be even better than he was last season? Pete Carroll thinks so:
conclude mini-camp raving about Russell Wilson, optimistic ...
Seahawks QB Russell Wilson shows off his soccer chops
Ecuador's coach just threw a water bottle 40 yards. He's been sent off and has been signed to replace Russell Wilson.
Seahawks conclude mini-camp raving about Russell Wilson, optimistic about Jimmy Graham and Thomas Rawls
Russell Wilson gets assist from trainer for Khloe Kardashian, Kevin Love
This girl came up to me & asked to open a jar, I couldn’t, & now I know what Russell Wilson felt like throwing that INT in the…
Nah that MVP is giving Russell Wilson, Andrew Luck and Tim Duncan a run for they money
California Lt. Gov. Gavin Newsome helped Marshawn Lynch escape the media after Russell Wilson's interception in the Super Bowl.
The Warriors are the Seattle Seahawks of the NBA. Gassed but still good, great coach. Steph is Russell Wilson
Ciara takes up golf, has a very encouraging coach in Russell Wilson
Daunte Culpepper, Donovan McNabb, Warren Moon, Russell Wilson, Randall Cunningham all still greater...slow your role
Donovan McNabb, Warren Moon, Michael Vick (was better in his prime than Cam), Steve McNair, Russell Wilson.
Always fascinated when athletes' voices are similar to other athletes'. Joel Ward sounds a lot like Russell Wilson.
Russell Wilson's grandfather Harrison with Muhammad Ali, & Wilson being honored last year by Ali's wife Lonnie
Ken Starr should have gotten Russell Wilson to coach him during that interview "don't give them anything"
Joel doesn't see the cockiness of Russell Wilson? I'm cool with Russell but come on.
I love Warren Moon but Russell Wilson might go down as the best QB ever.. So, I'm going with Kenny Easley.
I case you're having a bad day remember Buttler's interception on Russell Wilson super bowl Sunday 😎
Go tell that to Micheal Vick, Russell Wilson and or Aaron Rodgers who's a Passer with some mobility
Russell Wilson makes plays that no other QB in the league can make. He's an elite QB
Justin Britt shot a snap over Russell Wilson's head early in 11-on-11's.
Russell Wilson said he YouTubed a bunch of Kenny Lawler's catches from rookie camp after hearing about them.
I'm a packer fan, but Russell Wilson has Favre like Magic..
I haven't even thought about him in weeks too. I kind of like the qb room as is. pulling for hack to pull a Russell Wilson
SEA: Russell Wilson and Trevone Boykin. BUF: Tyrod Taylor and Cardale Jones. Both pairs are so underrated in the league
Good feeling being told you have a lot of potential, but Russell Wilson is right potential just means you haven't done it yet..
trey songz 😭 mixed with Russell Wilson personality
Leading Alice Springs beekeeper Russell Wilson talks about his experience with bee disease Chalkbrood.
Russell Wilson: "Make me look like a young Neil Tyson that just went through a time portal". Stylist: "I got you".
Seattle Seahawks QB Offseason news: Russell Wilson at last has Trevone Boykin as the backup QB for 2016 season
Russell Wilson could. He's bigger and stronger.
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Just waiting on a man to love me like Russell Wilson ❤️ or a sugar daddy like Russell Simmons 😌.
Longest time to throw (on average) last season:. 1. Tyrod Taylor. 2. Johnny Manziel. 3. Teddy Bridgewater. 4. Russell Wilson. 5. Aaron…
Ciara is gorgeous in plunging dress as she leaves studio with Russell Wilson...
Ciara's fiance Russell Wilson wishes his soon-to-be step son a Happy Birthday .
Ciara just wants Russell Wilson to be Baby future's new dad but it doesn't work like that. L. 🐸🐸🐸
This is what Russell Wilson's former Teammate at NC State Kalani Heppe had to say about Russell Wilson
Y'all know Russell Wilson would probably beat up future
Finally read a recount of the Russell Wilson speech incident, and yeah, what a hack
Russell Wilson explained how 'the biggest "no" of my career became the biggest "yes" via
Russell Wilson and Cam better than Aaron Rodgers. This hillbilly needs a beating
Baby Future to Russell Wilson after Future's custody win
.on Russell Wilson calling out former NC State coach: Even Pete Carroll passed on him twice.
WATCH: Russell Wilson spoke at UW-Madison's commencement over the weekend, including a joke about Super Bowl 49. >>>.
It appears that Russell Wilson might have irked some at NC State with his commencement address at Wisconsin:
Glad someone fact-checked Russell Wilson on the story about his last season at NC State. Early nominee.
Russell Wilson is the love child of Carlton Banks and C. Thomas Howell in Soul Man.
"When you find a girl that's out of your league, Marry her" -Russell Wilson
any plans on discussing Russell Wilson throwing Tom O'Brien under the bus yesterday at Wisconsin's commencement
Tom O Brien told Russell Wilson he was to small to play in the NFL... WELP. 😂😂😂😂
Russell Wilson says NC State coach told him not to come back for senior season via
Russell Wilson, you cray cray. Read all that other junk, then read this.
Russell Wilson had an interesting take on his State career Saturday.
.dismantles Russell Wilson's myth making baseball anecdote from the commencement speech.
to say Tom Brady and Russell Wilson would be out of the league if they were drafted by the browns is undermining their talent
Russell Wilson, Tom O'Brien, loose facts and a never-ending saga
Russell Wilson: Tom O'Brien said I'd never play in NFL
Russell Wilson, giving Wisconsin commencement speech: Tom O'Brien said 'you're never going to play in NFL'
Still crazy Tom O'Brien wanted to part ways with Russell Wilson. No coincidence he's retired.
Former NC State teammate blasts Russell Wilson: "He was a 'me' player"
I always hated lists like these. How good of a pick do you think Tom Brady was at the time? Russell Wilson? Colston?
Russell Wilson claims former NC State coach told him he’d never play in the NFL
Russell Wilson reveals he was told by NC State football coach that he’d never play in NFL
Russell Wilson and Cam are no where NEAR Aaron Rodgers and Tom Brady. Lol no where close.
Russell Wilson on wanting to be a pop star, his dad's advice and more. Read/watch his commencement address:
Russell Wilson recalled Saturday that former coach Tom O'Brien told Wilson he'd never play in the
Russell Wilson shared a few things he has learned while addressing Wisconsin's Class of 2016 🙌
lemme find my Russell Wilson. corny *** are the best.
Lets start a petition to get Aaron Rodgers and Russell Wilson to sing a rendition of "Islands in the stream"...
More excited about sitting behind than Russell Wilson
I know who I'd like to go to battle vs Aaron Rodgers, Carson Palmer, Cam Newton, and Russell Wilson with: Brandon Carr & Morris Claiborne.
Who would've guessed Dave Kreig had a higher TD% than Russell Wilson.
I love Brandon Marshall! And I was trying to give an answer that wasn't Russell Wilson.
Current Team King roster headlined by QB Russell Wilson, TE Jordan Reed, and DBs Richard Sherman and Josh Norman
Malcolm Jenkins said Kirk Cousins was the best quarterback in the league in the second half. He apparently doesn't know Russell Wilson.
Dave O'Brien on NESN giving some love! Mentioned Surkamp played at NC State w/ Russell Wilson!
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FUN FACT: QBs Eli Manning, Russell Wilson, Andrew Luck, Colin Kaepernick, and Blake Bortles have NEVER beaten the Charg…
. He's basically a JV Russell Wilson. But with time he can be a Brett Favre
Man I like trayvon Boykin .. Seahawks scooped him . Watch him pull a Russell Wilson should Russell Wilson not play like Russell W…
Romo best qb not named Russell Wilson and Matt Stafford
Russell Wilson is 10 TDs shy of passing Frankie Albert for 2nd-most career TDs by QB under 6'. (Wilson at 106, Sonny Jurgensen at 255)
If Pete Carroll can get good/great production out of Carson Palmer, Matt Leinart and now Russell Wilson. Think of what he could do w/Goff?!
He built the seahawks when they drafted richard Sherman and Russell Wilson and all them too..he just needs to stay away from alcohol lol
So Kim K cheated on Kanye with the security guard & Russell Wilson cheated on Ciara with a model. Lmao
Radio just said that Kanye found Kim banging a security guard and that Russell Wilson's been cheating on Ciara with some model.🤔
Russell Wilson is hoping to bring Seattle back to its NBA glory days.
Russell Wilson is looking to start a petition to get an NBA team back in Seattle:
Russell Wilson really wants the NBA back in Seattle
Russell Wilson is speaking out about bringing an NBA team back to Seattle. MORE:
Russell Wilson really wants the SuperSonics back in Seattle. Are you with him?
Russell Wilson dead look like the dude who played Otis Williams in the temptations movie
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Shared drinks with Russell Wilson and Ciara last night... And by shared I mean I stared at them…
and for every Russell Wilson or Drew Bree's...
Russell Wilson is prob the best QB scoring TDs from like 30-35 yards out
Jeff Driskel was my QB. Other QBs in recent memory, Brett Smith from Wyoming and Russell Wilson from Wisconsin.
Brandon Allen kinda reminds me of Russell Wilson
I'm dying for Brandon Allen right now. Wish he could go to the behind Russell Wilson.
Sorta like that time Jags took a punter ahead of Russell Wilson?
I haven't been able to beat the Brandon Allen drum enough. Love his game. Russell Wilson after taxes.
possibly. loves todd gurley. Russell Wilson is one of my favorites though..
they did have Tom Brady, Drew Brees and Russell Wilson in that span, though.
Is there a Russell Wilson in this years draft? Is there a Allen Hurns or maybe the next Jerry Rice?
Mel Kiper gave the an "F" in 2012 when they took Bruce Irvin, Russell Wilson and Bobby Wagner.
news flash, Russell Wilson, black. Great player. Ryan lindley, never going to play again save for emergency
We got Bruce Irvin, bobby Wagner, Russell Wilson just in the 2012 draft makes me so excited to see what they do this year.
s/o to everyone saying I look like Cudi, Russell Wilson, Rudy Gobert, Tim Duncan, The everybody hates chris guy. . Y'all the r…
only 2 project qbs id like is hack based on fresh year & Adams who reminds me of Russell Wilson
Follow the top Russell Wilson stories for Apr 25 on our topical page:
All we need now is the NFL to suspend Russell Wilson for dress code violations and 2-0 here we come.
Six Seahawks in prime 50 NFL jersey gross sales: Russell Wilson, fittingly, is on…
might pull a Russell Wilson on everyone.
Tom Brady in NFL player merchandise sales for 2015, taking top spot from Russell Wilson who had held the spot…
yet Tom Brady, Russell Wilson, Drew Brees, & Kirk Cousins have all come from the Big 10
Rounding out the top 5 are Peyton Manning, Russell Wilson, Aaron Rodgers + Dez Bryant
I thought Russell Wilson would be the first QB to start a book club
Russell Wilson behind only Brady, Manning in product sales, per NFLPA. dot the list
Andrew Luck is trying to out Russell Wilson Russell Wilson here
I really think Russell Wilson's early success had folks believing that being a midget QB wasn't a red flag anymore.
NEW: Six in top 50 jersey sales, Russell Wilson, fittingly, is on the list. Patriots' Brady is https:/…
American football quarterback Russell Wilson is 10010 days old today. Full House metric
NFL draft: Could Oregon Ducks quarterback Vernon Adams be the next Russell Wilson? via
quarterback Russell Wilson Captain Mike Swanigan retired today after 36 yrs
Several among top earners in player products for 2015-16 fiscal year. Russell Wilson No. 3, behind only Tom Brady, Peyton Manning.
Tom Brady edges Peyton Manning, Russell Wilson as NFL's top seller for merchandise.
Tom Brady edges Russell Wilson again ... this time in jerseys sold over last year.
Russell Wilson is the only QB - ever - drafted in the 3rd round or later, to start all 16 games his rookie year
I also got to high five Russell Wilson and Kat Graham 🙃
and even if that's true height & weight don't define your talent and skill Stephen Curry & Russell Wilson are not bigger
watch the gruden qb camp vids on goff and wentz, then watch luck,rg3, and Russell Wilson. Not even close
I would discuss with how this station had Russell Wilson & Stephen Curry on air facing the same uncertain pro career
Like saying Russell Wilson needs a big target down field. He had Graham as a big receiver and barely used him.
Get you a Russell Wilson who will take you to places like the white house. Expand your circle & net worth, girl!
The rings in the top 10 QBs were Russell Wilson, Big Ben, Aaron Rodgers, and Drew Brees.Big Ben was the highest drafted and the 3rd QB
Russell Wilson with Henry Louis Gates discussing family and US History
Russell Wilson's appearance at The Richmond Forum with Dr. Henry Louis Gates, Jr. is now online!
Russell Wilson, Drew Brees, and Big Ben are all elite as well
Studs of the NFL. Randy Moss. Tom Brady. Wes Welker. Tony Romo. Russell Wilson.. What do they have in common. Bad Draft Marks. Next. R. Nkemdiche
"I need a Russell Wilson" what exactly is that? A football player? That's all we know about him, is that he's a QB in the…
When all the men look up to Future & Peter Gunz but you want a Russell Wilson
We need more Russell Wilson's and less Peter Gunz 😔
I don't think Russell Wilson cheats on Ciara but I def think Stephen Curry does but he prob just real clean with it and don't do it often.
Matt Ryan, Dan Marino, RGIII, Russell Wilson, Big Ben, Cam Newton all improved their offenses in big ways.
and Russell Wilson, Baldwin, Lockett, Graham, Thomas, Sherman, Wagner don't keep them in contention?
Robert Woods looks to be over groin injury seeing him w/former USC teammates & Russell Wilson in workout
I read that piece and it made me like him more. I really liked Russell Wilson when we too TJ Graham :(
same scenario just 3rd round picks t.j graham or Russell Wilson? Or even better on troup or gronk? 😂😂
Russell Wilson is a better person then both of them
Tired of guys like Schlereth comparing Spieth and Russell Wilson to Cam. The difference is those guys won a big one already.
What they're saying: On Tharold Simon's role, free agency and Russell Wilson's passion for football-shaped bread.
Russell Wilson sounds like Dan Ackroyd on SNL trying to explain that a bag of glass is a great toy for kids
Now Spieth will have to put the jacket on Willett. Would've been like Russell Wilson presenting Brady with the SB Trophy last year
Seahawks | Russell Wilson working with receivers: Seattle Seahawks QB Russell Wilson and WRs Tyler Lockett and...
WATCH: Russell Wilson, Paul Richardson, Tyler Lockett, and Kevin Smith working out in LA
Paul Richardson has been training with Russell Wilson and Tyler Lockett at USC
Russell Wilson and Tyler Lockett continue to build bond
yea that Russell Wilson, Eli Manning, Carson Palmer group really blows.
I don't wanna Rudy-shame anybody, but how come we all accepted Sean Astin's blackface character, "Russell Wilson" https:/…
to when Seattle sniped Russell Wilson and the Eagles ended up with Nick Foles 😭
don't juice it, Russell Wilson is okay but he ain't a Tom Brady or a Joe Montana.
More Pictures of Russell Wilson and Ciara at the Richmond Forum for his talk with Dr. Louis Henry Gates.
Russell Wilson's hear is Joe Montana for sure. Kid wore and (Joe's ND # in the pros) it's so obvious
When you have as many rings as Aaron Rodgers, Drew Brees, Joe Flacco, and Russell Wilson.
"I love Jamarcus Russell" "I love Johnny Manziel""Ryan Nassib is the next Russell Wilson".No,he doesn't know 'em
ICYMI: This is what happened with the found out Ciara and Russell Wilson got engaged
Russell Wilson is also a descendant of Saint Arnulf, bishop of Metz (582-640 AD) and at least one English king.
From tonight's Skip Gates researched Russell Wilson's family history dating back to 500 AD; RW has an ancestor…
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Factual statement: Russell Wilson is better than Andrew Luck. Anyone else claiming otherwise is lying to you.
I pray and pull a Russell Wilson and Ciara and make Christ the center of all things for thei…
I read this as 'Ciara' center and I thought it was a really clever Russell Wilson joke.
"I like Russell Wilson, after he divorced Katy perry". "that's Russell Crow you ***
Altria is thrilled to host Russell Wilson & Dr. Henry Louis Gates, Jr. for “The Roots of a Champion” at the Richmond Forum tomorrow night.
Jaguars used a third round pick on this guy. Two spots before Olivier Vernon, five before Russell Wilson. Oopsy.
owner Woody Johnson laments not drafting Russell Wilson
Future been hanging out with Drake too much and Ciara marrying Russell Wilson . Marvins Room ft Future coming out real s…
I've always said Russell Wilson is overrated. That stat shows he is 1-10 when opponent scores 25 or more
Ciara, Russell Wilson and little Future spent the day at Disneyland at it was magical:
Saw my middle school crush, my first ex, and Russell Wilson and Ciara at Disneyland. It really is a small world after all. 🤔🤔🤔
Tony your like their no way that these guys can be a bust a Guy like Kevin Hogan could be another Russell Wilson
Producer Scott Irvine on his Russell Wilson style. But he not no Cpt. Kirk non prenup signing…
Russell Wilson was the NFL's top-rated passer in 2015. Pete Carroll says it'll be years before he peaks as a QB:
Jay cutler has almost every measurable over Russell Wilson exept character
friendly reminder, Matt, Russell Wilson and NaVorro Bowman were both 3rd-rd picks. They have this figured out!
Russell Wilson, Todd Gurley, Marshawn Lynch, Gronk, , Julio Jones, OBJ, Demaryius Thomas, Dez Bryant. better late than never
Convinced this kid that Russell Wilson went to my old high school. 😂😂
Jets owner Woody Johnson laments not drafting Russell Wilson
I'm saving sex for marriage, next guy I date gotta be the Russell Wilson to my Ciara.
thesame guy that said great things about Russell Wilson? Andy Dalton ? Cam Newton? You guys must be kidding me. Smh
Just waiting for the day a guy will post stuff about me like how Russell Wilson shows off Ciara
Russell Wilson was a bad guy once upon a time
Ciara and Russell Wilson make first public appearance since their engagement – Photos: On Saturday, Ciara and...
Russell Wilson now knows that he is the true heart and soul of the team and where he goes his teamates will follow.
10 team dynasty. Matt Ryan and Julio Jones for Amari Cooper and Russell Wilson
Future gotta kill everybody at Bossip & Russell Wilson now. Its the only way to make up for this kind of Disrespect https:/…
I'll admit message board commentator m/b the outliers. Russell Wilson is hated by Wisky fans on MB but Ryan said totally not true
Charles Barkley on UNC-Wilmington/Duke: "The only way the Seahawks win is if Russell Wilson, Kam Chancellor, Richard Sherm…
😹😹 on fb DEY said Russell Wilson found a Gucci flip flop under his bed and broke up wit Ciara 😭
I added a video to a playlist Gruden's QB Camp: Russell Wilson (Spoof)
QB Ryan Lindley and QB Russell Wilson talk after a 2014 game
I'm done that Wendy Williams just called Russell Wilson a basketball player
dude in the new AT&T commercial looks like the lovechild of Russell Wilson and Jimmy Kimmel
Too bad Ben and Neil Lane got shown up by Russell Wilson, I think Lauren deserved something more like that
Back when Russell Wilson was a singer lol...him and Allen Anthony twins lol.
Add on the TEs - you got some really nice weapons for Russell Wilson to throw to:. 1. Jimmy Graham. 2. Luke Willson. 3. Cooper Helfet
Derick Fisher is doing in real life what y'all think Russell Wilson js doing to baby Future 😂
"The only way the Seawalks will win this game is if Russell Wilson, Kam Chancellor & Jimmy Graham all have great games"
I don't even care for Karrueche in one way or the other but at this point I hope she finds her Russell Wilson.
Michael Jordan, Russell Wilson, John Elway, and Kurt Russell are just some of the names you'll find in OOTP 17
dead dealing with too much, Russell Wilson & Ciara, Lean addiction, & this Desiigner *** stealin his identity! Smh
*** like papoose and Russell Wilson ain't special, that's most *** soon as they get the one that's everything the…
I'm so embarrassed at myself Wendy it's terrible. 😭I'm never gonna find my Russell Wilson doing things like this.
These dudes that didn't get girls in High School trying use Russell Wilson as an example for them. Like he not a NFL QB millio…
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Russell Wilson was the leader of the football team and the baseball team and probably another sport or two in high schoo…
"Dad who do you think is the best nba player of all time". Chad: "Russell Wilson" bruh
Wendy Williams on Ciara and Russell Wilson recent engagement: SNATCHING WIGS - Video -
Once again, Wendy Williams throwing shade at Ciara on her engagement to Russell Wilson 😩😩
how is Russell Wilson a square again? Cause he treats his lady right ..or is it the football part ..or is it his love for G…
LOL Russell Wilson is a college graduate and if anything he is as "square" as it gets. Nonsense
This niggah said like Russell Wilson not a FOOTBALL PLAYER with no college diploma
Ciara is so lucky every woman dreams of having a Russell Wilson
Russell Wilson look like he'll apologize for being cheated on
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