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Russell Wilson

Russell Wilson (born November 29, 1988) is an American football quarterback, formerly with the Wisconsin Badgers football team.

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Russell Wilson is a jack *** rs but I knew that since this *** didn't give the ball to during the Super Bowl ! 😒
SEATTLE TRIP: we've seen Taylor swift, fetty wap, Russell Wilson, the original Starbucks and to top it off king Felix is pitching today☺️
To this day i hate Ronnie brown for trying to do his best Russell Wilson impersonation and turn it over at the 1
Only time NFL Sunday Ticket was good was when I could watch Russell Wilson early in his career (cause he was bringing in money, worth it
Especially not Tim Tebow - or more recently Russell Wilson and his pledge to sexual abstinence.
Dave Chappelle should re-do that Wayne Brady skit with Russell Wilson.
Would someone please tell Gee Scott that no one is buying his act of being a "Russell Wilson" fan?
Deflategate aint make Russell Wilson throw that pick at the end of the Super Bowl
Seattle Seahawks: The combination of QB Russell Wilson to TE Jimmy Graham working well in training camp.
Chad Johnson be smashing chics left & right. Russell Wilson is a loyal man only dedicated to Ciara.
The types of women who like me are those who prefer Russell Wilson over Chad Johnson.
Saying future and Russell Wilson have beef now?
My take on the Ciara, Russell Wilson & Future situation.
Ciara has done nothing wrong nor did Russell Wilson
Future is not happy Ciara brought their son to Russell Wilson's practice
Bomani Jones has a strange obsession with Russell Wilson and Ciara's relationship plans
Russell Wilson the nicest dude in the world, how can yall slander him for being a gentleman
Ciara is doin too much tho. Got lil baby future in a lil Russell Wilson jersey. *** nah. Better get that lil *** a Julio Jones jersey..
*** out here worried bout Russell Wilson bein around Future son but the only time they see their kids is when they …
T.I. says he would fight QB Russell Wilson if he was Future.
Russell Wilson ain want grind Ciara till they married but he want play up with *** child in picture, he ain gone stop
Future letting Russell Wilson be the father of this son !
Folks actually out here sayin Future don't be with his kids cause Russell Wilson and his son being plastered over the Inte…
I respect Russell Wilson. God gonna bless him with another Lombardi Trophy
Russell Wilson has a Masters Degree and just signed an 86 million dollar contract and you all still trying to say Ciara …
Hour 1 of today's show: Rousey, Tiger, Russell Wilson, and McCracken Soccer:
Ciara & Russell Wilson 😍🙌🏾💍 How could you hate on this ? Beautiful . And Baby Future with jersey on first pic😍
Future not happy that Russell Wilson hugged his son . Details: http…
Russell Wilson look like he grew up in Colorado Springs, Broadmoor area.
Russell Wilson is the definition of a real man!!
I think some one should tell Russell Wilson we understand your tring to be a good guy but in the eyes of the hood u could be f…
NCAA10 had all the players on it..Tebow, AJ Green, Ingram, Cam Chancellor, Richard Sherman, Eric Berry, Russell Wilson, Julio Jones etc.
Russell Wilson reaction to the Wagner news.
Russell Wilson is now dating Ciara and that use to be future's wife or whatever.
Ciara cutting Amber a piece of Russell Wilson's check? Why she so excited?
y'all upset at Ciara letting Russell Wilson be around Future's kid like y'all was with Kylie around Amber's?
What is Future gonna do when Russell Wilson drops that IG video of Future Jr. calling him Dad, and Ciara smiling like Ja…
that picture of baby future with Russell Wilson is the cutest. 😩💖
bs...this guy Russell Wilson couldn't kick his own *** looking like kumar w soul glo.
Russell Wilson look like a boring stepdad
In the second hour of today's show, I ranted about Russell Wilson, Goodell, and Sheldon Richardson. Take a listen:
Russell Wilson look like he used to tease nerds. Giving them wet willies & indian burns.
Spence, Jason & Joe killed it on the Russell Wilson deal. Party on the Anderson Yacht in Puget sound w/ Paul Allen & Macklemore
Russell Wilson's extension is the best thing I've seen all day. This is close second.
Seahawks sign Russell Wilson,4yr,$87.6Million,which leaves them with just enough left over to get Cam Chancellor a Home Depot gift card.👍😎
Ciara seem like the kinda chick that'll let Russell Wilson adopt her & future son & rename him Russell Wilson Jr
NHL Stanley Cup Memorabilia from The Bradford Exchange Online
hey Russell Wilson, whatever you do, don't let Ciara watch Eddie Murphy Raw. HALF!!! I WANT HALF EDDIE!.
Report: Russell Wilson and Seahawks agree to 4-year, $87.6M deal
So with Russell Wilson's new deal and other players holding out who are they gonna let go?
“"Russell Wilson makes Drake look like Rick James." - an awful person lol”
Congrats to former NC State quarterback Russell Wilson on his new contract!
Russell Wilson has a 87.6 million dollar contract and he has Ciara he is truly blessed
Just HOW much is Russell Wilson's contract extension 🏈 with the Seahawks?
QBs that Russell Wilson is better than: Romo, Flacco, Geno, Ryan Tannehil, any QB on The Eagles,Texans & Browns roster, Nick Foles
Nice to hear Russell Wilson finally got paid. about time. he a superbowl champion after all.
Seahawks salary cap winners in Russell Wilson negotiations:
Wow. Email from NFL all pro, superbowl champion Russell Wilson supporting
Russell Wilson signs a contract with less guaranteed money than Rick Porcello. picked the wrong sport.
Jay Cutler on Russell Wilson: "88 million for throwing an INT in the Super Bowl? If INTs are worth that much, I'm wort…
Russell Wilson is trending so I assume the traded him
Live Look-In at Andrew Luck after seeing Russell Wilson's deal
Little Giant Ladders
Russell Wilson got a huge contract, but my producer just gave me a 40 of gross malt liquor. Don't be jealous Russ. http…
Imagine how much money Russell Wilson would've made if he didn't throw that INT in the Super Bowl.
Per source, Russell Wilson deal is indeed a four-year extension; he's under contract for five years, at $89.1 million.
Russell Wilson getting $60 million in guaranteed money. Bigger news: Russell Wilson still NOT banging Ciara
Russell Wilson finally has a top-tier target to throw to this year in Jimmy Graham. I'm really interested to see how it plays out
BREAKING: Russell Wilson and Seahawks reach contract extension for 4 years, $87.6 million. (via ESPN and
Tyler Lockett + Russell Wilson for at least four more years. EVERYTHING IS AWESOME.
Russell Wilson got a 4 yr 87.6 million dollar contract with the Seahawks 😊
Congrats to Russell Wilson getting Cam Newton money. Now is there any leftover for Kam Chancellor the Touchdown Canceller?
Russell Wilson thanks God for his new contract. Paul Allen responds with 'your welcome.'
The and Russell Wilson have reached a basic agreement on a 4-year, $87.6M contract, source confirmed (as
Russell Wilson and the Seahawks have agreed to a 4-year, $87.6-million extension, per source.
Per Peter King, Russell Wilson getting $60 million guarantee in new 4-year deal with Seattle Seakhawks.
The Seahawks had everyone but Russell Wilson there when they were going 7-9 he gets there and they been taking off ever since then
Russell Wilson's new $88 million contract is beginning of the end for the Seahawks. Bobby Wagner&Cam Chancellor wanna get paid, too.
Ciara just made a major come up now that Russell Wilson signed that $88 million contract. Future loses again 😭
Four years, $87 million for Russell Wilson is fine, but $60 million guaranteed, LOL!
Matt for NFL fantasy, Adrian Peterson, Beckham, Jordy N, w good camp report, and Russell Wilson w/ good camp news top of draft list
In a no INT penalty would u trade Eli & K-Allen for Russell Wilson or Big Ben? I also have L-Bell&OBJ (Same Byes as Eli) PPR
Former agent Joel Corry explains what's next if Russell Wilson, Seahawks can't
The "Paul Allen doesn't want to fund Russell Wilson's guaranteed money" story hasn't gotten enough attention for how hilarious it is
Russell Wilson's 2014 completions rank: 20th, just ahead of Blake Bortles and just behind Kyle Orton
As I always say put Russell Wilson on the Jets and Geno Smith with Seattle. Geno would be a Superbowl champion
Russell Wilson's overrated *** trying to get paid. Michael Bennett and now Kam Chancellor lol
Update: not optimistic that Russell Wilson deal gets done 2nite, but they do believe there is decent chance i…
did you know that on KOMO AM 1000, when Michael Preston reads the news, we talk about the important issues, no Russell Wilson!
Russell Wilson, Michael Bennett, and Kam Chancellor all unhappy with their current contracts. Predicted this last it
The Seahawks are so boned. Within the next 3 years they have to pay. Kam Chancellor, Russell Wilson, Jimmy Graham, and Michael Bennett...
Fernando Rodney makes more money than Russell Wilson
Michael Jordan or Steph Curry plz😍. Russell Wilson would be nice too.🏈💚💙
Michael Bennett, married, wants more money. Kam Chancellor, engaged, wants more money. Russell Wilson, Ciara, wants more money.
Russell Wilson wants 25mil p/yr. Kam Chancellor wants big $$ & is threatening a holdout. Michael Bennett wants big $$ or he may hv a seat 😂😂😂😂
So him, Michael Bennett, and Russell Wilson. You can't keep them all!
When Michael Bennett and Russell Wilson want to get money hungry like bruh we only have so much cap space chill 😂😑
Only dude from 804 I know in the league is Russell Wilson lmao we got like 25 players
Headed to Rough Riders game . Russell Wilson in the lineup
Ranking QBs, Adrian Peterson is back,Russell Wilson is just getting started & football inflation! Read at
Russell Wilson has is a great qb and fits the system...but he's also a product of the environment...can't get that Rodgers money
why is it cool to have all angles except the CHRISTIAN angle? Too much is Russell Wilson, but not enough is Bruce Jenner?
Mike Holmgren says Russell Wilson should accept the Seahawks' offer
Yada had to pick Beast Mode lmao. Next up, watch her get stuck with Jimmy Graham and Russell Wilson.
Russell Wilson look like he bouta cook up the best burnt hotdogs of 2015
what are the plans for Russell Wilson and Jimmy Graham this season. And will Russell have total control?
Russell Wilson is out of his mind...without having one of the best defenses to ever play he's an average QB at best
Marshawn Lynch Will lead the NFL Rushing Yards this Season.🏈Jimmy Graham will take Our offense to another level. Russell Wilson will be MVP
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Bigger deal than what you think. We'll talk to a guy who played w/ Big Ben, Russell Wilson, Cutler & more on Wed.
Russell Wilson scared of Ciara's box like Bruce Banner is of Black Widow's
Russell Wilson not about to do any favors. Asking for north of 21+mill, what happens to Bobby Wagner? Im sure Bruce is gone
Blows my mind how the Seahawks can afford marshawn lynch, Richard Sherman, Russell Wilson, Earl Thomas, and Bobby Wagner
Bobby Wagner, Russell Wilson, and Bruce Irvin cannot leave this team.
Russell Wilson is a role model for these kids and the psychology of most children see greed as bad.
Lmao at the story about Future attacking Russell Wilson for pushing his son in a stroller. It ain't even something to be mad about, man.
YALL know Jimmy Graham will never put up crazy numbers anymore . Russell Wilson don't do that
Russell Wilson is barely a top 10 quarterback and this guy wants to be paid more than Rodgers. Dude is in la la land
lol got romo Big Ben Matt Ryan bread all better than Russell Wilson
Russell Wilson wants to be paid like a free agent now # Russell Wilson wants to be paid like …
Not quite. If Eli Manning, Phillip Rivers, or Russell Wilson are in FA Id rather spend money on one of them
Jimmy Graham and Russell Wilson on the Seahawks. That's not even fair to the NFC West. Hope the Rams bring the defense!
According to grantland Cam Newton, Romo, Russell Wilson, Phillip Rivers, and the corpse of Peyton Manning are better than Big Ben. Lmao
Russell Wilson from 2011 is on the Big10 Network right now. Can't wait to see him throwing to Jimmy Graham.
starter for years. Look at Russell Wilson, Pete Carroll saw it right away.
Russell Wilson and Pete Carroll did a great job!
bro this list has Phillip Rivers over Russell Wilson lmfao. Before last season yeah but Wilson got a group of nobody receivers
Mike Wilbon: if you'd take Philip Rivers over Russell Wilson you're a moron. He said that. Guess Cowherd leaving is creating a vacuum
The fact Phillip Rivers was ranked higher than Russell Wilson is beyond disrespectful
Hey Brian you know who else should get *** in their water bottle? Russell Wilson
Agree. Much rather have Phillip Rivers then Big Ben. Or how about even Russell Wilson lol so confused on this
Did you just say that Phillip Rivers is a better QB than Russell Wilson? Now I know you are insane.
Is this the most influential man in sport?: JARRYD Hayne, Russell Wilson, Bubba Watson. These guys are all goo... http:/…
PFT Live: Russell Wilson staying quiet on his contract situation: Mike Florio explains why Russell Wilson...
u mean his team was 13-0 ? All Ben had to do was play not to lose games, just like Russell Wilson right now
Ciara and her son support Russell Wilson at charity softball game (Photos)
"Riley Curry can Nae Nae better than Russell Wilson she is too cute!! 😊
Russell Wilson threw a pick to lose to Super Bowl. Pathetic piece of trash QB tbh
If you're beginning a NFL franchise, then who would you use as your centerpiece? . A-Andrew Luck. B-JJ Watt. C-Russell Wilson . D-Aaron Rodgers
Breast Cancer Awareness
if anything Rosen got Murray in height & weight but a QB always get knocked off look at Russell Wilson he should have been the
Russell Wilson is better than Andrew Luck
Andrew Luck has double the interceptions Russell Wilson does. Yes he throws more. Throws more on garbage teams
Andrew Luck, Russell Wilson, Big Ben, Drew Brees, and Ryan Tannehill scored under 10 fantasy points just once out of 16 games in 2014.
"Russell Wilson is better than Andrew Luck because he won the Super Bowl", shoot yourself, honestly.
yup Russell Wilson. Then Aaron Rodger and then Andrew Luck are my top 3!
that's a good question. Russell Wilson is high on my list along with Andrew Luck. What about you?
don't respect Russell Wilson at all 😂😂😂
.is LIVE! Who would win in a fight between Russell Wilson and the rapper Future? LISTEN:
Russell Wilson is killing it hosting Nickelodeon !
Russell Wilson better than Romo? Andrew Luck ain't even got a big enough body of work to make that claim that he better either
which category does Russell Wilson fall into. Steve largent/Edgar type, or Alex Rodriguez/randy Johnson/Joey Galloway?
Just visualized Russell Wilson doing the Carlton Banks dance listening to DS2
Russell Wilson only won the Nickelodeon Kid's Choice Award for "Best Cannon" over Andrew Luck because of his defense
I think it *** some dudes off that Russell Wilson act in a way they been taught ain't the way to get women but yet he …
As much as I hate the Seahawks, I have the utmost respect for Russell Wilson, but he shouldn't be the highest paid player in the NFL.
Russell Wilson really out here dressed like a dad at his child's kindergarten graduation.
Mike Florio posts a Russell Wilson rumor that will terrify Seahawks ...
Chicago radio host implies Russell Wilson might be *** 'You don't have to live a lie' (Shutdown Corner)
Russell Wilson looks like he has some corny prank set up. Like he put a woopie cushion in one of there bags
Russell Wilson like "yeah bro she let's me hold her hand and everything. It's pretty serious between us"
Lmfao picked off Russell Wilson at kids choice awards 😂
looks like Russell Wilson. Idc about Randy anymore. Marlo is a robot.
White people like Russell Wilson because he makes Tiger Woods look like Stokley Carmichael
Russell Wilson definitely giving the son of Douglas Baldwin a run for his money as the corniest *** in Seattle
if you're teams quarterback isn't doing the nay nay dance on live TV like Russell Wilson
Russell Wilson throwing the offseason
Russell Wilson will have field day in 2015. hopefully Paul Richardson is healthy to compete for vital role.
That awkward moment where Matt Bonner makes more than Russell Wilson made last year
Catch me tomorrow on Nickelodeon kids choice awards performing with Ciara and Russell Wilson!
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Just when we thought Russell Wilson couldn't get any more classy & beautiful & everything that's good in the world...
Aww, Russell Wilson can't stop gushing over Ciara: "She's a 15 out of 10." ♥
Girls calling Russell Wilson "corny" for how he treats Ciara are exactly whats wrong w/society now a days
*** in the beginning of the espy they came at Russell Wilson
Are they really going to make Russell Wilson's girlfriend give Malcolm Butler the award for best play?
VIDEO: Joel McHale pokes fun at Russell Wilson and the Seahawks during his monologue http…
Ciara has freakishly broad shoulders. She makes Russell Wilson look like a very very tiny man
Ciara out there with the Freak Em dress, but my man Russell Wilson ain't getting the buns?
Russell Wilson pulled up to the ESPYS in a lean colored suit or rather...Dirty Sprite
Matt Flynn got paid $10 million to be a backup to Russell Wilson.
Russell Wilson might be doing the smartest thing and wait to have sex with Ciara until after he get his contract because t…
if my mom was with some Russell Wilson type dude I'd be raised "white" if my dad was with Tina Marie I'd be raised "black"
>> Russell Wilson interview on Access Hollywood
This milkshake is better than Russell Wilson's sex life... that's a fact jack!
Russell Wilson is pretty much the quarterback version of Tim Tebow
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Future makes fun of Ciara & Russell Wilson's celibacy commitment: In an interview with Huffpost Live, Singer F...
I bet Russell Wilson scared of future lowkey, lol it's a reason why he ant piping idc what yall women say
Serena Williams thanks "Jehovah God" and no media criticism - unlike say Tim Tebow or Russell Wilson
Judah Smith, pastor to Bubba Watson, Russell Wilson and Jarryd Hayne, talks religion and sport
At -- Russell Wilson with Kiyan LaLa and Carmelo Anthony's son Today !
Future Jr. gonna make Russell Wilson cry in a few years.
Why they gotta violate Russell Wilson like that
this is just false. Chris Paul, Kobe Bryant, Russell Wilson, Andrew McCutchen, Joel Ward all regarded that way
The View but with hosts Rory MacDonald, Gunnar Nelson, Gegard Mousasi, Tim Duncan, and Russell Wilson.
Donovan McNabb, Steve McNair and Russell Wilson all made a lot of plays out of the pocket
Tyler Lockett? Outspoken Christian. Russell Wilson? Outspoken Christian. I wonder if this will manifest itself in targets/fantasy production
One more thing. Matt Ryan rated ahead of Romo, Eli & Russell Wilson is downright hilarious.
I'm sick and tired of how early the *** kissing has started this year. Russell Wilson comes within 2 yards of a 2nd Super Bowl but takes a
Photo: to Tiffany Moraine on your 2014 Sedan from Russell Wilson at Fenton...
Is this Russell Wilson back when he was in middle school?
I just follow Russell Wilson on Instagram cause his dogs are cool af
Russell Wilson says his first fight with Ciara was over an Instagram video she made about Tom Brady:
."This celebrity power couple deserves a pat on the back! Thank you to Russell Wilson and Ciara for setting...
This *** Russell Wilson told Ciara that they should just be in a relationship without having sex 😂😂
Russell Wilson's Offseason has been crazy, to say the least. See what I think about the…
Remember those Ciara being a dude jokes in middle school?... Russell Wilson not sleeping with her is helping fuel that fire.
Cannot stand Russell Wilson outside the grid iron.
It's sad how much Russell Wilson gets made fun of for his faith
Chicago radio host makes controversial comments about Russell Wilson
Russell Wilson and Ciara’s ‘No Sex’ Vow: Fetishizing Abstinence in Pop Culture And no one believes them or cares.
Russell Wilson says he and Ciara are practicing abstinence
All news about Russell Wilson this offseason:. -Waiting till marriage to have sex . -Possible contract extension. Great football talk
So glad to see others starting to realize why Tom O’Brien got sick of Russell Wilson and cut him from the team.
As a fan, after that Super Bowl debacle, I'm pretty sure Russell Wilson should be thinking about scoring MORE, not l…
"Get your kids outside. There’s so many kids playing video games.” - Russell Wilson
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Russell Wilson says God explained his Super Bowl-losing interception: Remember that last-second interception R...
Russell Wilson said he not piping Ciara 😂😂smh
"God set up my interception". -Russell Wilson (You know as overly religious as Shaun Alexander was, he never said stuff this weird.)
Now if people criticize Ciara for breaking up with Russell Wilson because she wants to have sex, I have her back entirely.
I dig what Russell Wilson is doing.
but they all laughed at Russell Wilson for this yesterday, or did you forget?
I need a man cut from the same fabric as Russell Wilson.
Props to Russell Wilson for deciding to practice abstinence while dating Ciara, good for him!👍👍👍
Russell Wilson wanna be Tim Tebow so bad
Pick one Russell Wilson's God who says don't sleep with Ciara until Marriage or Futures God who says he's blessing all the tra…
Wendy William's comments about Russell Wilson and Ciara practicing abstinence really sicken me.
Ciara & Russell Wilson are currently abstaining from sex
ICYMI: Here's Russell Wilson's Q&A on faith, family and his relationship
Russell Wilson said that if you can love someone without sex, then you can truly love, everybody can learn from thi…
How dumb will Russell Wilson feel when he dies and realizes there is no God and he missed out on awesome sex for absolu…
Russell Wilson can say god led him to Ciara but when I tell the Cops God led me to Jennifer Lawrences yard I get arrested
Just like you, Russell Wilson is not having sex.
I all of a sudden have a little less faith in Russell Wilson's statements.
Ciara takes break from posting Russell Wilson photos, hangs with Jaden Smith | ¦ 27
Russell Wilson gone end up in a Tyler Perry movie
"Russell Wilson's contract" is the new "Mariota to Philly" -- just far less interesting for Birds fans.
What happens first: the Mariners make the playoffs or Russell Wilson bangs Ciara? Discuss amongst yourselves.
I like was Russell Wilson had to say but I don't know if people that have been divorced should give relationship advice.
Finishing up Russell Wilson interviews. I was so in love with Future that I never gave him a chance. He's actually a really cool dude.
This makes me that much more obsessed with Russell Wilson 😍
*** out here knocking Russell Wilson for not having sex, but call themselves a follower of Christ in the same breath.
Forget ending hunger or war, CLEARLY god was massively concerned with Russell Wilson's well being after he threw an int…
Russell Wilson is admirable in theory but you're talking about a chick who's been with a bunch of rappers with a hit song cal…
Russell Wilson has put virgins on the map, so uhhh... Hello ladies
I'm late, but people really feel some way about Russell Wilson and Ciara not having sex? Get a grip, and stop making se…
Respect for Russell Wilson. Not every young person is hypersexual and down for meaningless sex.
Seattle Seahawks star quarterback and Super Bowl champion Russell Wilson just let the world in on a big secret…
Breaking: Roger Goodell just fined Russell Wilson $100k for his refusal to have sex with Ciara
I wonder how smart, rich, successful, talented, beautiful Ciara would manage in life if not for Russell Wilson to "lead" her.
Russell Wilson is the Tim Duncan of the NFL
Russell Wilson is a CHRISTIAN !! And I mean an actual follower of Christ ! Of course he's not going to have sex before marriage !
Well I'll give the kids one to play with. WTH Tom Brady's Deflated Balls > Russell Wilson's Blue Balls
Find out why Ciara and Russell Wilson aren't having sex:
Yall remember when Brandon Weeden, Osweiler, and a punter were all drafted before Russell Wilson lmao that's still hilarious
My guy & I disagree on Russell Wilson contract path on today's RTFP:...
"When I said Netflix and chill, I actually meant it" - Russell Wilson
Much respect for Russell Wilson. I still hate Pete Carroll
Russell Wilson: Ciara and I are not having sex:
Russell Wilson says he and Ciara aren't having sex before marriage –
Russell Wilson says he and Ciara won't be having sex until they are married.
Russell Wilson was with Ciara and didn't smash one time? Ok Michael Sam
Russell Wilson ain't even beat yet and he pushing around another *** s child all willly nilly. my lord
Welcome to Linda Ikeji's Blog: Ciara's boyfriend Russell Wilson says they are abstaining from sex!
to Kyle And Jennifer Kamp from Russell Wilson at Fenton Honda of Longview!
.you're so tempted to randomly suspend Russell Wilson right now aren't you
whoops...actually that's list. Also has Russell Wilson 12th..which is about right. Maybe a spot or two too low.
ur list for power ranking qbs was thoroughly incorrect. No way Phillip Rivers and Matt Ryan r ahead of Russell Wilson and romo.
Everyone hating on Russell Wilson when bums like Andy Dalton and Cam Newton are getting paid lol
5 years ago today, Russell Wilson played second base, hit lead-off, and was 1-4 for the Tri-City Dust Devils in...
(A) He didn't hit well in his MiLB stint and (B) Russell Wilson is really high on Russell Wilson
Russell Wilson uses dirty joke on Jimmy Kimmel Live!
Russell Wilson says he'd consider playing for the Mariners
What a potty mouth! Russell Wilson explains his dirty encounter with Andy Samberg.
via Russell Wilson would consider playing football, baseball
Russell Wilson returns to Madison for Passing Academy. via
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on the RTFP w re: How much is Russell Wilson worth?
.Russell Wilson better sign his contract...
Russell Wilson is slated to make $1.5M this year. $25M would make him the HIGHEST paid QB in the NFL.
Russell Wilson set to make less in 2015 than Bruce Gradkowski, Blaine Gabbert, Charlie Whitehurst, Matt Moore, Chase Daniel, Ryan Mallett...
there is no scenario to cherry pick in which Colin Kaepernick is a better NFL quarterback than Russell Wilson
Russell Wilson will play hard no matter how much he gets paid.
Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson talks love of Madison, UW at Passing Academy. via
Russell Wilson says he'll play hard for $1.5 million or $25 million.
Russell Wilson is not the only Seahawks starter in the final year of his deal...
In the last 3 seasons including the playoffs, Russell Wilson has more wins than Tom Brady & Peyton Manning.
Pete Carroll's defense, and BeastMode running the ball has made Russell Wilson. He is way over rated...
.has been saying recently that Russell Wilson made Pete Carroll's career + summed up tenure as "NCAA baggage." C'mon, Colin
Matt Ryan made $30M in his first 3 seasons in the NFL, Russell Wilson made $2.1M in his first 3 years
I like Russell Wilson but I ain't giving him $20million per yr. That's just crazy. Not Jay Cutler crazy. Closer to Flacco crazy.
Russell Wilson has defeated Peyton Manning in the Super Bowl and Colin Kaepernick and Aaron Rodgers in NFC champ game
Tablet insurance available.  Get yours today!
Russell Wilson isn't quite worth $25 million, but how many QBs are actually paid appropriately at this point?
Russell Wilson once again deflects contract talk but finally mentions a figure: $25 million
Ciara & Russell Wilson coupled up at the BET Awards
Video: Former Badgers QB Russell Wilson returns to Madison for his annual passing academy
Russell Wilson returns to Madison for passing academy: MADISON - After the past few meetings between the ...
Russell Wilson is being under valued. Love the way he plays. Pay that man his money.
Photo: Congratulations to Angela Custer on your from Russell Wilson at Fenton Honda of...
Ciara in Wes Gordon with her boo Russell Wilson at the 2015 BET Awards.
Ciara's looking sexy cool in this Wes Gordon dress with beau Russell Wilson. Mesh detail takes us…
Power couple love it, love it. Ciara made her red carpet debut with her  Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson
Russell Wilson following Ciara around he better remember to ball out this year. Contract year
for Russell Wilson the Johnny Paycheck song take this job and shove it
Russell Wilson talked Paul Chryst, his camp and his pride yesterday in Madison:
Everyone keeps talking about Russell Wilson at Wandos, but We met Melvin Gordon so what of it
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