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Russell Wilson

Russell Wilson (born November 29, 1988) is an American football quarterback, formerly with the Wisconsin Badgers football team.

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"If Russell Wilson came in here... I'd suck his ***
Russell Wilson is for surely top 5. 🐸☕️
JJ Watt continues his dominance with a TD catch this week. Amazing that he could have played with Russell Wilson at Wisconsin
Quotes from Seattle quarterback Russell Wilson Here are some quotes, and some vi
that's real. I got Tom Brady and Russell Wilson on my fantasy as well
Adrian Peterson made $706,000 to NOT play today. For comparison, Russell Wilson will only make $650,000 this ENTIRE season.
I've been asked if I'd rather have Russell Wilson or Kap...and I've always said Wilson. Dood doesn't make the same type of mistakes.
Russell Wilson could throw an int and Sherman gets blamed for it. It's the dreads
If I never meet Russell Wilson I will cry.
Best moment of post-game press conference: LA Times reporter asking Russell Wilson about how he liked the Microsoft Surface.
lol if we're dreaming I wish the Browns go back to 2012 and draft Russell Wilson. I loved him coming out of Wisconsin
Russell Wilson throws the ball away and had a ring. Kaep tries to make plays and has nothing.
Russell wilson Got me Like 50 points And it wouldnt let me sub
i like russell wilson, but he's downright creepy in that american family insurance commercial. DON'T passionately whis…
man idk who did good on my teams, I think Russell Wilson the only one who scored more than 12pts
Just think about that a 9 point loss was the biggest for Seattle since halfway through the season that Russell Wilson played at Wisconsin
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Seahawks at Chargers Recap: Pete Carroll, Russell Wilson, Percy Harvin, Earl Thomas and others talk about the ...
The Vikings paid Adrian Peterson $705,882 today. That's $43,448 more than the Seahawks will pay Russell Wilson for the se…
I'mma need Russell Wilson to help me out here and Julius Thomas.
TOUCHDOWN SEAHAWKS!. Russell Wilson finds Robert Turbin for the score. Seattle now trails 20-14 with 12 seconds to play in the…
Go Chargers! Love how Howie Long said SheHawks & Russell Wilson were the best Team & Q B in Football. What do you expect from a Raider.
I still have demaryius Thomas and Russell Wilson still playing tho
in my opinion it's 1.Kurt Warner 2.Russell Wilson 3.Peyton Manning
Who should I start today at QB, Nick Foles or Russell Wilson? Also, start Vincent Jackson or Kelvin Benjamin at flex?
should I offer Russell Wilson for Jamaal Charles? The guy who has JC has RGIII as his current QB and I need a RB2
Should I do this trade?? . Get: shady McCoy Cam Newton . Lose: Drew Brees Jamal Charles . I have Matt Ryan and Russell Wilson still
What's next for the NFL? Tom Brady is the leader of ISIS? Russell Wilson cooks meth? Andrew Luck is the hacker behind Th…
on Sunday I traded Russell Wilson,Frank Gore and Kelvin Benjamin for Dez Bryant and Nick Foles
well u got plenty to choose from. My team has Russell Wilson and he Is a humanitarian
Russell Wilson, Colin Kaepernick on this week's Sports Illustrated cover - NFL -
Who would you start for week 2. Russell Wilson or Colin Kaepernick?
Ran across vs from 2010 on Big10 Network. Russell Wilson as QB. Big 10 poaching games?
Should I start Russell Wilson who plays the chargers or Joe Flacco who plays the steelers.?
Maryland vs NC State on the Big Ten Network, with Wisconsin legend Russell Wilson playing for Wolfpack. Little confusing.
Now watching Russell Wilson with NC State at Maryland in 2010 on BTNs greatest games
Tom Brady, Peyton Manning, Drew Brees = Andrew Luck, Derek Carr, Russell Wilson in 10 years. Just my over the top prediction/speculation.
Russell Wilson for Jay Cutler and Shonn Greene? When I have Kap as an alternate and no backup rb's? All day
Y'all help me should I play Tom Brady or Russell Wilson this week? Brady is project 20 & Wilson 19 but you never know idk who both are good
letting Colin smoke rocks before the show again? Turnover machine kapernick and Russell Wilson over Brady in a 2 min drill?!? :0
. Who do I start this week out of Russell Wilson or Tom Brady?
admittedly I'm biased-guy, but Russell Wilson did not look good against Colts pass rush last year with game on line
we won't know how good Russell Wilson is until he gets his big contract and they can no longer surround him with all stars
using your stat of Russell Wilson being 6-0 against the top QBs.
do you honestly believe Andrew Luck is a better QB than Brees, Brady or Russell Wilson???
thank you for recognizing Russell Wilson is actually an nc state alum
Russell Wilson is undefeated against the four best QBs in the NFL
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is it the Big 10s fault the NFL scouts whiffed on Tom Brady, Drew Brees, Kerry Collins and Russell Wilson? Among a few others...
Got a couple for Sigmund. First Colin Kaepernick or Russell Wilson and Zac Stacy or Kendall Wright at the flex thanks
“Rooting for the Pack but you have to love Russell Wilson!” I'm telling Colin!!..
Russell Wilson's acting hand gestures were passed down to him through the proud tradition of watching Macklemore videos.
Seattle Seahawks QB Russell Wilson is 6-0 in games against Aaron Rodgers, Tom Brady, Peyton Manning and Drew Brees.
“Russell Wilson now 6-0 in games against Brady, Brees, Manning, Rodgers will take chance with Kap
Had Peyton Manning, Tom Brady AND Russell Wilson on my fantasy team. Accidentally left, didn't save. :(
thinking about benchig Tom Brady for Russell Wilson. yes or no
Chad I think Griffin will be fine in a system similar to what Russell Wilson runs. Our line is hurting his development.
where's Tom Brady? because he's surely better than Russell Wilson.
Tom Brady vs. Minnesota or Russell Wilson vs. San Diego? Someone help 😭😭 Brady is projected to get 42 and Wilson 35
These *** Frank n Chris was really tryanna tell me Russell Wilson a better QB then Aaron Rogers Smh ***
Russell Wilson has more touchdowns and less picks then luck over their careers
Is there a difference between Joe Flacco, Trent Dilfer, or Russell Wilson??
Imagine if you put that dude with Drew Brees, Tom Brady, Peyton Manning, Russell Wilson as a QB.
don't think that's true! But the only mobile guys that have won anything are Steve Young & Russell Wilson so who knows!
Russell Wilson has a higher Madden rating than Tom Brady. i wouldnt cite something flaunting that blasphemy.
only Russell Wilson, Peyton Manning, and Tom Brady are better then Ben
If Tom Brady and Russell Wilson had a baby...
*** in my office looked me in my face and said Russell Wilson is better than Aaron Rodgers
Peter King tells Dan Patrick that Russell Wilson reminds him of Joe Montana (9/05)
nah I took Russell Wilson in the 5th and joe flaco in the 6th
Former QB Russell Wilson gets compared to Joe Montana. What do you think?...
kaep is franchise Qb...Russell Wilson...still run the read option out of the gun in both offense
Russell Wilson agrees to burn witch at stake, League renegotiates his contract. First 1 Billion dollar QB takes it in stride.
MVP I'm going for Andrew Luck or Russell Wilson what's your shout again ?
Fun fact, you get to board first if you wear a Russell Wilson jersey
Alfred Morris, gio Bernard, Julio jones, alshon jeffery, Russell Wilson and some more
He will slide and maybe miss out on a first down so he doesn't get smacked up tryna be a hero. He and Russell Wilson are smart about that.
frank has Matt Ryan and Russell Wilson on his bench yet he starts stafford lmao
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What's up with NFL quarterbacks and their endorsements with Insurance companies. First Aaron Rodgers and now Russell Wilson.
Joe Flacco, Russell Wilson, Ryan Fitzpatrick rushed for 2 first downs. Geno Smith led all QBs with 3 first downs on the ground.
even weirder. The most TD passes in first 2 seasons is Marino, Manning, Russell Wilson.
Russell Wilson ain't throwing 3 pics in the first half
Tony romo has thrown more interceptions in the first half than Russell Wilson will throw the whole season
I agree they should've taken a QB but not in the first round. Wait till the third, maybe get lucky with a QB like Russell Wilson
Russell Wilson in the pocket the defense is collapsing on him. Steps up throw to the tight end first down.
first I forget to put Russell Wilson off my bench and now Cam Newton can't play WHAT IS LIFE
Russell Wilson is quick, his first step is incredibly fast. Bob appears to be standing in wet cement.
What will Andrew Luck, Russell Wilson, Aaron Rodgers, and Colin Kaepernick do to this secondary if Chad Henne is picking then apart?
Russell Wilson is a pass first quarterback but narrative
Aaron Rogers is our first selection in the . Followed by Russell Wilson then Cam Newton
I feel ya, I dig the new era of the running QB's, Russell Wilson got the perfect balance of a cannon arm and knowing when to run
My nfl fantasy said that i would get more points to have Nick Foles in over Russell Wilson... But Wilson dominated and Nick Foles is trash..
Again, Dalton is not RG3, Russell Wilson or even Tim Tebow. CIN's "running" QB stuffed & they settle for FG. 6-0 1st quarter.
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Russell Wilson look like his parents are Braxton from the Jamie Fox show and Denise Huxtable
Actually, Russell Wilson is a Christian that give thanks to God on a daily basis; why Tim Tebow has to be the only Christian?
Meet my 2014 first time ever play At quarterback Russell Wilson, at running…
Russell Wilson can do it. I been tellin *** bout him ever since they first started him. He's the truth
Seahawks players wanted Matt Flynn to start after Russell Wilson lost his first game
So I'm tired of hearing about Russell Wilson being average when it comes to his stats cause he plays with a great defense and running game. So I did a comparison with another QB that was very similar thru his first two seasons and had a good defense. Tom Brady 20-10, 6607 passing yards, 46 Tds, 26 Ints, 86 QB rating, 63% completion. Wilson 24-8, 52 Tds, 19 Ints, 100 QB rating 63 % completion. Both had one ring at this point in their careers. I can't predict the future I just know Wilson can only go up from here and Brady will go down as a top 5 QB of all time when his career is over with.
NFL Network Sunday September 7th 7am: NFL GameDay First Host Melissa Stark Analysts: Sterling Sharpe and Shaun O’Hara Featured this week on NFL GameDay First NFL GameDay Morning’s Michael Irvin joins Sterling Sharpe to discuss which rookie wide receiver they are most excited to watch in their NFL debut Shaun O’Hara played with a rookie quarterback in Eli Manning, and Michael Robinson played with a rookie quarterback in Russell Wilson. Both offer rookie advice for Raiders quarterback Derek Carr making his NFL debut on Sunday Which team that missed the playoffs last season has the best chance to play in Super Bowl XLIX? Shaun O’Hara provides the key ingredients for both a Falcons win over the Saints, and a Saints win over the Falcons The debut of NFL GameDay First’s 37-foot tailgating RV Stark Reality Melissa Stark explains why fans of all 32 teams have reason for hope heading into Sunday’s games 9am: NFL GameDay Morning Host Rich Eisen Analysts: Steve Mariucci and Kurt Warner are joined by Hall ...
Michael Brewer is Russell Wilson, Jim Sorgi, and Scott Tolzien all wrapped into one.
you are lucky to have Russell Wilson
"Lord have mercy, we have Percy. That's what I always say.". Russell Wilson on point. Harvin: 11 touches, 100 yards.
hey I don't mean to bandwagon, but your hubby Russell Wilson can ball. Lol, that first TD they scored was cray. Watching
Russell Wilson has more wins in his first 2 seasons than any QB in NFL history.. Wow
Heidi Klum repping Russell Wilson on last night
Somebody really made the claim that Russell Wilson has had the best first 2 years ever of any QB statistically. And he was serious.
Following in the footsteps of Bobby Wagner, Richard Sherman and Russell Wilson. I love it.
7. Russell Wilson was majestic, never gets hit, passes with efficiency, manages the game. Plays with a team first mentality.
By the end of the season I think most analysts and will consider Russell Wilson an elite QB. He looked dominant in his first game.
ICYMI Longtime TE Mark Chmura spoke to about what went wrong in Packers first gm & Russell Wilson
Russell Wilson is one of 2 players to have 26 touchdowns in each of his first 2 seasons & has the most wins in first 2 seas. …
“Who would you take as a first pick Andrew Luck or Russell Wilson?” You serious right now? It's Luck 150% of the time
Inly reason Russell Wilson isn't a top 5 QB because he hasn't been in NFL long enough. His first 2 years numbers are sick.
I hate to say this but last night was the first time I realized Russell Wilson was black!
Alaska Airlines boards people wearing Russell Wilson jerseys before first class.
Russell Wilson promised Eagles he'd win them championships via First time I have heard this!
Russell Wilson begins 2014 with higher fantasy efficiency than Aaron Rodgers
in madden Russell Wilson is the highest rated player and first pick in fantasy draft lol
Today on Zack's Opinions: why I'd take Russell Wilson first to start a team from scratch.
love at first sight watching Russell Wilson run the offense at Carter Finley in 08; QB-U, U stands for "used to be"; Rivers, Wilson, Glennon
Did Golden Tate just fire a shot at the Bow of Russell Wilson by saying he is happier playing in the Lions offense?
Russell Wilson and Bobby Wagner both balled on my bench..So hopefully RGIII and Jerrell Freeman ball at least just as hard Sunday
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So, Russell Wilson is 6-0 against Brady, Manning, Brees and Rogers. No biggie.
It'll be funny to see Packers Fans hating Russell Wilson the way they started to hate Colin Kaepernick after last year's first game.
Russell Wilson really play faked everybody last night with that first TD pass bruh... Camera man was all confused
Don't know how it came up but here we are...Russell Wilson or Jay Cutler as your QB moving forward?
id like Russell Wilson more if he wasn't a reincarnation of howdy doody .
Russell Wilson made sure everyone knew Percy Harvin was healthy. Marshawn Lynch bullied his way to another 100-yard rushing performance. And Richard Sherman? He was just bored. The Super Bowl champion Seattle Seahawks opened the same way they finished last season, with a blowout victory. "We'll always find something that we can do better," Seattle linebacker Bobby Wagner said. "That's why we're so good." Lynch ran for 110 yards and two touchdowns, Harvin had 100 combined yards rushing and receiving, and the Seahawks dominated Aaron Rodgers and the Green Bay Packers in a 36-16 victory to kick off the regular season Thursday night. The memories of last season were revisited, with the championship banner unveiled to celebrate Seattle's first title. But the ceremony was brief, a nod to putting last season behind and beginning the process of trying to become the first team in a decade to repeat. The effort against the Packers -- a popular pick to contend in the NFC -- will only reinforce the belief that Seattl ...
Seattle Seahawks, Russell Wilson do little things to beat Green Bay | The MMQB with Peter King
Russell Wilson is he new Joe Montana? That's what I see him compared to. Ice
Seattle Seahawks open title defence with a boom, with Russell Wilson, Percy Harvin and Marshawn Lynch crushing...
Wow, Seattle look good. The real deal once again. I simply love how Russell Wilson runs that offence and no let up from Ma…
“How can both Earl Thomas and Russell Wilson be the first ones to practice and last to leave?”they ride together
Russell Wilson as an elite fantasy QB will never work out. They run the ball too much in several different ways.They don't have WR either
Very impressed with Percy Harvin if he stays for then he is the real X Factor in the Seattle offence well run by QB Russell Wilson
Russell Wilson shocked everyone when the Seattle Seahawks released a statement on behalf of Wilson on Wednesday, April 23, 2014 that stated the following, "I have made the difficult decision to fil...
Percy Harvin...Marshawn Lynch...Russell Wilson...Bobby Wagner...Kam Chancellor...Richard Sherman...Put in that work today
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Russell Wilson is a top 5 QB. Winning a Super Bowl and 50+ tds in first season with mediocre wide receivers isn't enough? He will prove it!
Marshawn Lynch rushed for 110 and two touchdowns, Russell Wilson threw a pair of touchdown passes and the Seattle Seahawks started defense of their Super Bowl title with a 36-16 win over the Green Bay Packers on Thursday night.
Recommendation by : Russell Wilson threw the first touchdo...
Russell Wilson "The separation is in the preparation". Kam Chancellor-The separation is when he puts his helmet in your c…
I joined a fantasy football team for the first time so glad I picked Russell Wilson
Take away Russell Wilson's last drive of the first half, which was spent taking deep shots for kicks, and his numbers are ridiculous.
Russell Wilson's 28 wins are the MOST by a starting QB in their first 2 seasons in NFL HISTORY.
Props to Russell Wilson for complimenting the offensive line in the post game interview...people forget that they did go against Clay Mathews and Julius Peppers two very good defensive players.
Clay Matthews & Julius Peppers team up to sack Russell Wilson during Thursday's game in Seattle.
Russell Wilson was VERY happy to have healthy Percy Harvin playing after WR racks up 160 all-purpose yds. (via http…
Thank you Russell Wilson, Percy & Seattle defense for getting me good quality fantasy points.
North plays the NFC West this year, this could get ugly. Russell Wilson is just so *** good
Russell Wilson looks like the third-best singer in every R&B group that released an album from like 1993 to 1997.
Matt Peters just called me to say that I look like Russell Wilson...
Russell Wilson- Short QB. Defending SB champ. crushed the pack. still think short QB's are no good?
They've been riding Russell Wilson all night.first comparing him to Joe Montana and now saying he makes his team bet…
Russell Wilson has Randall Cunningham-like stats with a ring. In his first 2 seasons. Wow.
When I finally get these m's I gotta hang up a Russell Wilson and warren moon jersey in the crib.
Russell Wilson will be the Troy Aikman of this generation.
Aaron Rodgers has now already made more money this year than Russell Wilson will make all season.
Yes Cris Collinsworth, nobody is better than Russell Wilson at that. Not Randall Cunningham, Mike Vick, Steve Young, Cam.. I'm stopping.
Is it possible that Russell Wilson is a cross between Brett Favre and Alex Smith?
Everyone talking about "Luck will reach the next level this year"". So.. what's the next level? Oh, if he posts RUSSELL …
Sea. defense hasn't seemed to miss a beat. Russell Wilson w/ Harvin is a deadly combo. Team could be good for years :(
By the way, last year Russell Wilson's "height issue" led to just six passes batted down at the LOS. Andrew Luck had 1…
Russell Wilson is a better Quarterback than Colin Kaepernic and it's not even close
Russell Wilson and The Seahawks D/ST on my fantasy team. C'mon booysss
Green bay pressured Russell Wilson and the way Seattle did not consistently pressure Aaron Rodgers.
Russell Wilson career games with a Y/A over 10: 7. Andrew Luck same stat: Zero
Watching Russell Wilson makes me want to scream "darn you Shanahan for drafting RGIII over him!"
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I can only imagine the amount of snide remarks egner has made about Russell Wilson
“Great pic of Russell Wilson and Pete Carroll. lmfao
Wiiish I was watching football! Have Russell Wilson starting but want the packers to win. 😁
Second Half. Lets go. I need Russell Wilson to do work. Need them fantasy points son!!
Just guessing, at the college level he figured two years of Mike Glennon outweighed one year of Russell Wilson.
I hate how Russell Wilson never throws picks
I'm glad my opponent has Russell Wilson on the bench.
Russell Wilson is probably the most humble athlete to ever play any sport
Russell Wilson about to get me so many fantasy point 😎
I forgot russell Wilson is on my bench. In Nick Foles I trust.
Russell Wilson heaved that hopeless lob with uncanny poise and maturity.
Percy Harvin is only 6 months older than Russell Wilson.
247 int 676 TDs. Pace Russell Wilson is on by time he's as old as Drew Brees. Drew Brees has thrown 363 TDs 177 ints.
All he does is scramble with Russell Wilson, smh.
My grandpa is cheering for the Seahawks bc russell wilson looks Indian 😭
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No mention that Russell Wilson went to State ??/!!?/!! I see how you roll
Russell Wilson , Percy Harvin and Beast Mode keep doing your thing !
gonna get my haircut like Russell Wilson
hmmm russell wilson is on the seahawks... What do you think?
As much I want the packs to win. I need Russell Wilson and Marshawn Lynch to do well for my fantasy.
I don't get the Redskin fan base and their "hate" towards Russell Wilson. I wish our QB was up taking notes on how he plays…
Russell Wilson was 10-of-14 for 121 yards and a TD in 1st half. 121.4 passer rating. Seattle rushing for 7.7 yards per…
Before the 2012 draft, told the Eagles he would bring them championships if they drafted him
Russell Wilson was that *** in high school who used to listen to Smooth Jazz while doing his homework
Come on Russell Wilson it need more points from you second half
Yo my mom just said that my uncle called and said he thinks I look like Russell Wilson.I'm done with all of yall! 😡…
Russell Wilson when he saw Ariana Grande rocking his jersey.
VIDEO: Russell Wilson throws a TD to Ricardo Lockette on a fake read option
The Jacksonville Jaguars drafted a punter over Russell Wilson.
Russell Wilson puts the camera on skates. Lockette goes "Hello Rookie" on Ha-Ha. TOUCHDOWN:
Since it's relevant, to Russell Wilson's time with C's division rival
Alex Smith & Russell Wilson are the best game managers in the league.
Russell Wilson has taken 0 hard hits vs a team with Peppers and Clay Mathews . RG3 took about 5 vs the Browns in a pre…
yes I do do you like the Seahawks or do you like Russell Wilson?
1st follower to respond w/ the answer wins a Rabil 2. . What color tie did Russell Wilson wear to tonight's game? …
Seahawks open title defense with great offense
Hey Russell Wilson - Remember when you came to Columbus and Braxton threw it 40 yards in the end zone to Devin and you got s…
Russell Wilson just did a terrific Alaska Airlines commercial making fun of his cliche-spouting. That shows self-awareness.
Russell Wilson's base salary this yr = $662,434. Just $162,434 more than 2014 MLB minimum salary.
and Russell Wilson would have 2 INTs if DBs could catch
Calling NBC to see if they just really compared Joe Montana, and Russell Wilson..
The Packers will pay Aaron Rodgers 16.4 TIMES more this season than the Seahawks will pay Russell Wilson.
I would like Russell Wilson to throw to 2 or 3 more touchdown passes. Please and thank you
After 1 half, Seattle is doing work! Russell Wilson and Marshawn Lynch doe 👏
At the half, it's Green Bay Packers: 10 Seattle Seahawks: 17 Russell Wilson is 10/14 for 121 yards and a TD Marshawn Lynch has 59 yards on 7 carries with a TD Percy Harvin has 101 yards (48 receiving, 22 rushing, 31 return)
Is it me or has this been a long half it seems?? Russell Wilson needs to throw a few more TDs.
And we drafted Tj graham instead of Russell wilson three years ago ? Third round too !
Clay Matthews and Pepper on the Russell Wilson tackle but flag on the play gives the Seahawks the 1st down!…
Who has Russell Wilson an Marshawn Lynch on their fantasy team this guy an they both lighting it up
Get inspired by the new American Family Insurance commercial featuring Russell Wilson – because dreams don’t come true. Dreams are made true.
Announcing the NFL Thursday night season opener: Discount double check VS Your dreams are out there, go get them we will protect them! Go Russell Wilson and the Seahawks!
I'm not just a Arizona Cardinals fan, I'm a football fan. And who wouldn't love to watch Russell Wilson.
Russell Wilson, Percy Harvin, Aaron Rodgers, Jeremy Nelson are helpin my fantasy team great right now
So far I'm glad I started lynch and Russell wilson in my fantasies this week
The decision to start Nick Foles over Russell Wilson may already be mistake No. 1 of a billion I make...
To all of the Seattle Seahawk fans at Buffalo wild wings in hattiesburg mississippi that didn't exists until after the last Super Bowl.Please name some of the players on "your " team besides Russell Wilson and Richard Sherman...thats what I thought.the only cardio you got in February was chasing down that bandwagon and jumping on.
I hope RG3 paying attn to Russell Wilson tho.
What an awesome feeling to be watching NFL again! Go Russell Wilson and the Seahawks
Is it time to stop saying that Russell Wilson is a "solid, but not great" QB? Kid looks great to me. He looked great last year.
Is it just me, or does Russell Wilson look faster than RGIII? Even in the behind LOS scrambles, he looks more nimble and quicker than Monsieur Griffin de Trois...smh
Idc what anyone says Russell Wilson is elite!!
.and Russell Wilson is proving he ain't no Trent Dilfer
Pretty sure Chris Collinsworth has a mancrush on Russell Wilson. Might even be a creeper
It's so apparent that Chris Collinsworth has a crush on Russell Wilson. Relax, dude
I don't like this Russell Wilson dude.
I wonder if the Colts or Redskins wishing they should have drafted Russell Wilson lol
Forgot to start Russell wilson tonight *face palm* what was I thinking!!??
Russell Wilson and Michael Strahan have the same hair cut.
VIDEO: Russell Wilson fakes out the entire Packers defense, throws a touchdown pass.
Is it unusual that my BF licks the TV every time Russell Wilson is on screen?
I love the fact that Russell Wilson is a Jesus lover!
I CANT PUT INTO WORDS HOW MUCH I HATE THE SEAHAWKS!! But, other than the whole Saints team... Russell Wilson is one of my favorite players.
Sweet! I get priority boarding because I'm wearing a Russell Wilson jersey! Thanks Alaska and thanks David Schneider for buying it for me!
Woot woot! Seahawk's Russell Wilson is looking good.
I don't care what you say. Russell Wilson will be the best QB to come out of 2012 draft. Wonder how good he would be if he actually had good receivers..
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Did u just see Russell Wilson Shake the whole packer team?
I am a die hard Viking fan but why they hate on Russell Wilson and Seahawks them boyz going to win it again. .
So Russell Wilson looks like a grown version of my son ?? ( I keep hearing this)
There's literally no way to defend Russell Wilson.
So glad Russell Wilson and Percy Harvin are on my fantasy team. Just wish I could have got the seahawks defense too.
I need Russell Wilson to put up points!!!
SEA HAWKS up by 3 Russell Wilson is a gun QB
I can't even hate on Russell Wilson, boys a beast
First fantasy football TD of the season! Russell Wilson!
Did anyone else just hear phish being played for Russell Wilson?
Lets make this happen... Crowd chants "Wilson" like the video above whenever Russell Wilson takes the field
We will speak of Russell Wilson in the same breath as the great QBs in NFL history. He's a good one...
I think is the last name Russell Wilson just got the whole world wit dat read option fake!!
I've always liked Russell Wilson but now that he's on my fantasy quarterback, my man crush is becoming a little overwhelming...
Russell Wilson and Percy Harvin ain't bad for my first fantasy draft
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oh now THAT'S funny! in the packer's game...when Russell Wilson has a good play, the crowd chants "wilsonnn".now only a phish head would know that reference! LMAO
Seahawks are using Phish any time Russell Wilson scores a TD, okay, I don't hate them so much after all.
Russell Wilson look exactly like Warren Moon running down field after that TD.
Russell Wilson is so dangerous when running the option!
Russell Wilson with a nice play fake
Real question, why do people still call Russell Wilson a game manager?
I'm so sick of hearing about Russell Wilson. He's not that good
Russell Wilson just made that look too easy
Russell Wilson bringing me them fantasy points!
Let go Seahawks Russell Wilson a bad boy
COME ON Green Bay... Please for the love of God DO NOT LET Russell Wilson THROW THE BALL AND SCORE
Beautiful execution of the play action read by Russell Wilson and Co.
Go hawks man Russell Wilson the future of DA NFL...
Boys sleeping on Russell Wilson this gone be a easy 2peat
The Seahawks are an interesting topic.they irritate me as individuals, but I love how they play the game. Russell Wilson has a rocket arm.
That isn't gum Pete Carroll is chewing Russell Wilson got circumsized last week.
The 93-Inch Plush Bear will be available November 2014 on and in your local Costco warehouse. Starring: Mia, the 93-Inch Bear, and Russell Wilson ...
Marcus Beavers bro what's going on with the Seahawks? .. I need Beast Mode and Russell Wilson to do good for me lol
Settle down Lisa Brooks. TD for GB but oh my that Russell Wilson is hot!
Although I am not a Seahawks fan, Russell Wilson certainly is cute. Clay, honey please make sure any pain you inflict on him this evening is below the shoulders only. Go Pack Go!
Nothing like fantasy football to give you conflicts. Let's go packers .but I need points from Russell Wilson and Doug Baldwin
Time to find out if I made a mistake to start drew bress over russell wilson
Opening game of the NFL Season!!! Man I'm starting Aaron Rodgers, Russell Wilson, Marshawn Lynch, Richard Sherman and Steve Hauschka in this game throughout 4 leagues. Oh snap lol
Let's go Russell Wilson... I got yo *** starting tonightin my fantasy league... good job so far baby...
Getting in my daily workout, while also watching this GB vs SEA game! Now I am a die hard Broncos fan but I like Russell Wilsons style.
Russell Wilson. Why must you be so attractive, well-spoken, and good at football? AND a Badger? Please come back to Madison...I need you.
I'm watching the green bay vs. Seattle game and can't help but notice that Russell Wilson plays like everett golson
I'm stuck between a rock and a hard place. I have Russell Wilson on my fantasy team but I want Clay Matthews to pound him into the ground.
Russell Wilson. Wisconsin Badger. Heh. Yet another reason to love Russell Wilson.
I LOVE how Russell Wilson said he's from "A whole Pack of Badgers". Way to represent the WOLFPACK! :D
Fantastic effort by TE Zach Miller to break up the interception. Nicely tipped by Sam Shields but Russell Wilson caught a break.
Classy, Russell Wilson. From a whole "Pack of Badgers" Way to get both schools in:)
let's go Hawks!!! i'm currently wearing my russell wilson jersey over my cowboys t-shirt.
I'm torn, Russell Wilson is my fantasy QB but I hate the Seahawks. Who do I root for in this game??
“Russell Wilson almost lost me my whole fantasy league”
Having Russell Wilson and Beast Mode on your fantasy league, going with the champs.
Idk whose more overrated Russell Wilson or Kapernick
Russell Wilson was working on his masters when he transferred.
“Russell Wilson is a average qb at best”
Russell Wilson is a average qb at best
The NFL Season begins now! Russell Wilson and Aaron Rodgers.. Two of the elite sportsman of this era.. And only a bonus to see during the Star Spangled Banner that both of them have their right hand over their hearts with their eyes closed collecting thoughts or prayers.. The way all Americans should be when the Star Spangled Banner is played! Respect for our country and more importantly those who have served and/or have gave their lives to make this great country what it is today!
Cam Newton is my favorite QB, but Russell Wilson is one of my favorite's. He's a good dude on and off the field.
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