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Russell Wilson

Russell Wilson (born November 29, 1988) is an American football quarterback, formerly with the Wisconsin Badgers football team.

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If the offensive line caused picks, Russell Wilson would have about a thousand for his career.
Mitchell Trubisky is Russell Wilson all of a sudden.
Just take care of the ball. We don’t need Russell Wilson. Scott Tolzein is fine. But he consistently put…
Sad to say Russell Wilson vs Falcons . He'll also give u rushing yards . Derek Carr vs the improving…
Russell Wilson has accounted for (thrown or rushed for) 82.1 percent of the scrimmage yards this season. That's…
Rex my man, listen I never complain, I just want to know how Russell Wilson bullies Anthony Barr, R…
Who? Russell Wilson just became black like 3 years ago. He lost that Super Bowl. Bef…
The 4 quarterbacks to beat Deshaun Watson in his last two seasons:. Tom Brady. Alex Smith. Russell Wilson. . Nathan Peterm…
I liked a video Russell Wilson mocks Pete Carroll
Someone tell Pete Carroll you can win games in the 1st and 2nd quarter. In the Russell Wilson era (since start of 2…
The NFL’s investigation into how the Seattle Seahawks handled Russell Wilson and a potential head injury on Thursday ni…
If Future is your God, Russell Wilson is Joseph. We all know BibleGod was an absent father
This is what Russell Wilson was dealing with for two years, prior to acquiring Duane Brown
This was Russell Wilson faced pretty much every play last couple yrs. Thankful for Duane Brown
This Thursday, OUR Karen who is the Russell Wilson of public transportation is going to take the field. OUR Karen…
Isn’t this historically when the Pete Carroll, Russell Wilson led Seahawks prove their mettle? Bac…
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Russell Wilson lost that game. And I’m signing off on that. Pete Carrol & Russell jagged- gotta audible FOH
Pete Carroll is the most overrated coach in the NFL. If it wasn’t for Russell Wilson the Seahawks would be a 5 win team a year
The Seahawks r doing something unique Russell Wilson is not really unique he follows in shoes of Staubach and Tarke…
Actually he just blows Russell Wilson, Pete Carroll, and all of Seattle. I don't min…
Lol at Russell Wilson doing the fake concussion test..could have at least let the tent go all the way done...someone told them the…
VIDEO: Russell Wilson dresses up as Pete Carroll for Halloween -
Tab Ramos, David Thompson, Russell Wilson, Jim Valvano. Tab Thacker can actually be the mountain…
There are Quarterbacks and then there's Russell Wilson 'Oh my goodness, he caught it!' via
Bruce Arians should have challenged whether Russell Wilson was actually checked for a concussion
LEADER: Russell Wilson renegotiated his contract to help the acquire Duane Brown
I still haven’t forgiven you for trading Russell Wilson for Adam Thielen and Ameer Abdullah
Russell Wilson, Your dad was president of Norfolk State University during my college experience. H…
Russell Wilson back after a single play. Duane Brown is on the sideline, still in uniform, but doesn't have a helmet.
You put Russell Wilson in there for anyone of those guys and Watson would still be in the top fiv…
actually b4 i go.. to make all those feel better.. id take Rodgers, Matt Ryan, Carr, Brady, Wentz, Russell Wilson,…
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Turning Point': Deshaun Watson vs. Russell Wilson | Nov 1, 2017 has been published on Sports Headlines -…
I️ had Deshaun Watson and Russell Wilson. Decided to go with Watson, traded Wilson before injury on same day!
Sashi Brown said “hats off to Wentz and Watson. A lot of teams also passed on Russell Wilson.” Get this clown out of Cleveland
Insider video: Russell Wilson, Bobby Wagner, others say after typical Sunday game their bodies don't feel…
Elite QBs: Tom Brady, Drew Brees, Aaron Rodgers (when not broken), Russell Wilson, Big Ben before this season, and future Deshaun Watson
Russell Wilson on how long he said it'll take for he and Duane Brown to get comfortable playing together: "No time at…
Russell Wilson, when is your body feeling normal again after typical Sunday game? "Thursday." Bobby Wagner told me…
I just enjoy spotting the Deshaun Watson's, The Dak's, the Russell Wilson's. They get over looked in dr…
I've come to terms with the suck. My superflex I am (was?) rolling with Russell Wilson, Mariota, and *sniff* Watson.
Cam Newton, Russell Wilson, Deshaun Watson run the RPO in college and nfl. Just need bigger stronger at…
In allowing Russell Wilson to throw that Hail Mary, the NFL was throwing its own, and DeAngelo Hall was its savior.
lol probably when he referenced Russell Wilson as a QB teams passed on as a sort of excuse for Wentz/Watson etc.
The Browns missed on Carson Wentz and Watson but it's okay because the whole league missed on Russell Wilson
EVP Sashi Brown trying to bring up 31 teams passing on Russell Wilson to make it look like passing on Wentz ad Watson was alright.
Browns: "My hats off to Wentz and Watson, a lot of teams passed on Russell Wilson too''
How is it Dak, Watson, Wentz, Goff can all show up week after week and put 30 points up for Russell Wilson can't score first half points?
.takes a look at the NFL MVP race so far. . 4. Russell Wilson. 3. Alex Smith. 2-1.
Russell Wilson waiting for Blair Walsh in the locker room after the game.
A minute feels like too long for Russell Wilson 🙁
Russell Wilson is a first ballot hall of famer and one of top 10 best players in nfl.
Never forget that John Elway picked Brock Osweiler, and Russell Wilson was the next QB off the board. (Then Foles and…
Not sure if Russell Wilson or jake Browning out there today.
The year is 2027, Seahawks still have Russell Wilson and Bobby Wagner on the active roster
"Did you know that Russell Wilson played baseball?" Is infinitely more annoying than "Did you know Antonio Gates played basketball?"
Since being drafted in '12, Russell Wilson has been sacked 221 times & hit 511 times, both the most in the NFL. Duane B…
Pete Carroll claimed the INT wasn't Russell Wilson's fault. I agree based on my video on .
Lost Watson, do I trade Diggs for Russell Wilson? My WRs are Mike Evans, Jordy, Paul Richardson, an Watkins. (Currently 7-1).
Considering trading Dak and Amari Cooper for Russell Wilson. should i do it?
The day after I trade Russell Wilson and Matt Stafford
Russell Wilson has evolved into the most valuable player on the Seahawks, and maybe the league
Diane Keaton lead three games to one against Russell Wilson
Cardinals GM Steve Keim 'didn't have the balls' to draft Russell Wilson | NFL | Sporting News
Steve Keim, Cardinals GM: "I didn't have the balls to draft Russell Wilson." : nfl
I like how you’re trying to say Kaep is similar a leader as Donovan McNabb or Russell Wilson
We put it as, "Russell Wilson has to play like Steve Young on steroids every week" for Seattle to win (pre-Brown signing).
oh my god Russell Wilson decided to be Pete Carroll for Halloween
Russell Wilson dressed up Pete Carroll for Halloween...Bet he throws the candy to trick-or-treaters instead of just handing…
*** said Russell Wilson got swag like a Punter lmao
Russell Wilson dressed up as Pete Carroll for Halloween 😂
Steve Raible call of the go-ahead Jimmy Graham TD, complete with Raible's voice cracking & ensuing Russell Wilson flute celeb…
Russell Wilson wins big in Duane Brown trade: Gets top-tier LT, converts $6.2M into immediate bonus.
Russell Wilson goes as Pete Carroll to children's hospital for Halloween. Kept muttering to kids about how "Jet fuel can'…
Jason Witten, Russell Wilson, & Steve Smith all 3rd rounders. Don't think they would've gotten more. Good for everybody.
Russell Wilson in the fourth quarter this season:. 47-for-69 627 yds (9.1 yds/att) 9 TD 1 INT. Top PFF grade and 130.3 passer rating
Jim Moore (sees the flaws, but he's also seen enough of Russell Wilson to know not to doubt him
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MVP race: Alex Smith, Tom Brady, Carson Wentz, Russell Wilson (sorry Kareem Hunt, but you've dropped out)
BREAKING: Texans OT has been traded to the What does it mean for Russell Wilson?. LATEST:. 📺 |
A hot take by Russell Wilson is good:
Browns passed on Russell Wilson, David Carr, Kirk Cousins, Dak Prescott, why all the focus now by passing on Wentz & Watson?
ICYMI: Russell Wilson flute dance after the game-winning score is the best.
Deshaun Watson, Russell Wilson engage in instant-classic duel -
Russell Wilson passed Lynn Dickey for 91st all-time in pass TD's.
Russell Wilson is calling it early.
I think Russell Wilson did fine, no?
Insider: Russell Wilson refuses to lose, out-guns wondrous Deshaun Watson in 41-38 comeback win over HOU https:…
Watson is good, but there's only one Russell Wilson. Seahawks win.
As a Titans fan, thank you Russell Wilson...
Tyler Lockett just caught a 50-plus yard bomb from Russell Wilson. well represented always by that man.
Deshaun Watson doing a more-than-passable Russell Wilson impersonation at Seattle today.
I always say that Russell Wilson's ability to extend the play reminds me of Jeff Garcia. Why do people think this is an insult? .
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Apparently Ciara is making it seem like Future isn't his father by having him in Russell Wilson's jersey.. and havi…
Russell Wilson the first Black man to get money and leave his white woman for a Black one and you *** wanna hate, I'm disgu…
Russell Wilson is a good man & HE FINE! Y'all "nice" & UGLY & entitled cuz u think u nice. That's the difference. That'…
Russell Wilson supposed to be with a Taylor Rooks type. That's how the game supposed to go
Russell Wilson brings Ciara's fav chef in for private sushi lessons on her birthday:
I feel like men who dislike Russell Wilson because of his relationship with Ciara simply hate that he represents everything t…
Russell Wilson is GOALS. He treats Ciara like a queen !!!
Russell Wilson reminds me a lot of Alfonso Ribeiro...
Just can’t see Matt Ryan, Russell Wilson, Tom Brady. doing this. You are a pro Cam.. act like it
PPR - I have Russell Wilson & Wentz at QB. Should I trade Wilson & McCoy to get Melvin Gordon or is that too much to give?
Megan Good & Devon Franklin . Ciara & Russell Wilson . Tia Mowry & Cory Hardrict. ^ these are good MARRIAGES to look up to
Russell Wilson's love for his wife bothers a lot of dudes. That is very weird that dudes are bothered by this.
When you start Marcus Mariota over Russell Wilson in fantasy and leave 24 points on the bench
. start the drive with Dave Krieg and it ends with Russell Wilson after 10-plays from the Goal L…
WATCH: tracks down Russell Wilson for his 1st career sack!!!
Joel Stave averaged better than 7.4 yards/attempt just once, 9.3 in 119 attempts in 2012. Russell Wilson had 10.3 i…
Comparing anyone to Russell Wilson is folly. Scott Tolzien had 18 INTs in 602 attempts.
Jason Pierre-Paul and the defense will key on containing Russell Wilson this week
giants​.com >> DE Jason Pierre-Paul on how to contain dangerous Russell Wilson
Rough comparisons to recent prospects based on the accuracy past the LOS in my database:. Mayfield - Russell Wilson. Rosen…
Trade Alert: Giraffes will be sending Russell Wilson and Duke Johnson Jr. in exchange for Davonta Freeman and Arron Rodgers
Favorite DFS plays so far for week 7:. Russell Wilson. Jay Ajayi. Robert Woods ( what?? I know lol ). Jimmy Graham. Vikings D
QBs the Browns have passed on in the draft: Tom Brady, Drew Brees, Aaron Rodgers, Tim Tebow, Russell Wilson, Derek Carr, and Deshaun Watson.
I mean yeah that’s your prototypical QB to be tall as *** but Dan Morino, Warren Moon, Drew Brees, Russell Wilson, QB at UNT etc
Lmfaooo just remembered when Russell Wilson ended Chris Borland's career 😥😥😥
Russell Wilson is what you'd get if Dan Marino and Barry Sanders made a baby.
Russell Wilson was a favorite of the in 2012, as Kyle Shanahan recently brought up
Kyle Shanahan said WSH intended to draft Russell Wilson in 2012 but Seattle beat them to him. Decided couldn't pass on Cou…
Kyle Shanahan: In 2012, we wanted Russell Wilson in fourth round before going with Kirk Cousins
Kyle Shanahan says the Redskins had a plan to draft Robert Griffin III in the 1st round and Russell Wilson in the 4th ro…
coach Kyle Shanahan said when the Redskins drafted Kirk Cousins in the 4th round in '12, they actually hoped to get Russell Wilson.
.tyreek and cohen for Brandon cooks and G Tate? I pulled off Demarco for Russell Wilson. Lol.
Chris Hansen expected at City Hall tomorrow. Russell Wilson has day off Tuesday during BYE week. Could he show up as well?
Doesn't this remind you of when Russell Wilson started playing but better?
▶ Russell Wilson floats pass to Jimmy Graham for his first TD of season in 16-10 win over Rams (ESPN)
QB Russell Wilson hopes to move faster than ‘a bag of bricks' at Memorial Coliseum on Sunday
Kelvin Benjamin and Tarik Cohen for Doug Baldwin? I’d be getting Baldwin. Russell Wilson is my QB. Fair trade?
Cam Newton and Russell Wilson could’ve done it and would always be signed because they’re actually good. Kaepernick... not so much.
Quarterback and captain Russell Wilson waits for his name to be called during pregame introductions.
Russell Wilson rarely shows as much emotion as he did after his rushing TD Sunday night. Doug Baldwin liked it.
Touchdown run brought out rare emotion from Russell Wilson
Pretty excited about Saturday's game with Wisconsin. Tim Beck has to call good game, D has to shut down Russell Wilson.
Russell Wilson passes to Luke Wilson for a 6-yard TD. Seahawks lead Colts 39-18 in the fourth quarter.
I love basketball because of Tim Duncan! I like (working towards love) football because of Russell Wilson
I bet you that all the black players you like are like Tim Duncan and Russell Wilson a…
Had to screenshot this! Ranked for the first time since 2010 (Russell Wilson's senior year).
Jimmy Graham getting a lot of red zone looks and Russell Wilson seems to b…
Colts CB Vontae Davis on staying disciplined and sticking with your man if Seattle QB Russell Wilson scrambles: “...
"I see a Russell Wilson. I see a Ben Roethlisberger.". The have a franchise QB on their hands. (via
Think about Russell Wilson, Jimmy Graham, and BIG DUKE JOHNSON for Carr and Gordon.
Russell Wilson is absolutely not the second best QB in the NFL. I also will not take a…
Jeff hates Russell Wilson he's a Pete Carroll. Defender and disciple. Jeff things we rea…
started David Carr instead of Russell Wilson & Sproles instead of Jordan Howard in my flex. I literally quit football.
I say Russell Wilson in one league fo Carson Wentz and in another for David Carr so I am clearly a fantasy football…
Russell Wilson finds Jimmy Graham for 26 yards: via
Russell Wilson has tied Matt Hasselbeck for the 2nd most 4-TD passing games in history (6- just 1 back of Dave Kreig for the most)
Russell Wilson has 4 passing TD's today. Jimmy Graham owners: 😍. ...none of which were to Jimmy Graham. . JG Owners: 😲
When is Russell Wilson going to throw the ball up to Jimmy Graham? Down 16 now's the time
I wonder if Richard Sherman will blame that 75 yard run by Murray on Russell Wilson?🤔
Dude: Russell Wilson is still Russell Wilson. And with Baldwin and Graham over there -- I wouldn't call this one just yet.
3rd & 8: Russell Wilson to Jimmy Graham; Wesley Woodyard tackles him short of 1st down. punting.
Jimmy Graham safety-valve catch again, after more pressure on Russell Wilson. Gain of 1. 5 catches, 10 yds this season for Graham
Pretty sure Russell Wilson went to Wisconsin if that's what you're talking about.
Russell Wilson is literally throwing to everyone other than Jimmy Graham.
I can't believe people actually think Cam Newton and Russell Wilson are better than Derek Carr lmao
Did you really just say Cam Newton and Russell Wilson were better QB's than Derek Carr? Cam Newton isn't…
should I start Trevor siemian over Russell Wilson?. Kenny stills over k.benjamin? Jared cook over Jimmy Graham?
Who would you guys start this weekend...Russell Wilson (Ten) or Philip Rivers (KC)?
People keep asking what's wrong with the O line. It's in Russell Wilson's bank account, that's what's wrong with it 🙄
It would look like it did at the end of 2015 when Russell Wilson and Douglas Baldwin went on a reco…
no way is Russell Wilson a Hall of Famer
Eric Reid on Russell Wilson: "You can play the play perfectly. And then it turns into a second play when he breaks the pocket."
Russell Wilson singlehandedly took the Seahawks to the end zone and the lead. There is no run game and no pass protection fo…
This one...bad O-Line play and Russell Wilson plays magician for the go-ahead TD
That td and that last drive was all on Russell Wilson too. Shut up.
Russell Wilson somehow finds Paul Richardson for a TD! Seahawks lead 12-9 after Blair Walsh missed the XP.
Russell Wilson just pulled the college Johnny manziel 😷.
Seattle doesn't need O-linemen or receivers. They have Russell Wilson and Jimmy Graham! Plus "Future Hall of Famer" Eddie Lacy.
Russell Wilson way off on so many throws today (did have nice throw on dropped TD). Feels like one of those games he'll make a big one late
Russell Wilson is playing the worst football of his career. He looks terrible. Leaders lead. He isn't leading on the field right now.
Russell Wilson got BLASTED by DeForest Buckner as the ball was released. Eric Reid down. Looks like a knee injury. Ugh.
This sack has nothing to do with the offensive line. All on Russell Wilson
Eric Reid wasn't fooled by Russell Wilson hehe
At QB I rarely pay up but you gotta love Brady this week. Almost a no brainer. Matt Ryan, Russell Wilson, A-Rod too. Cam in gpps looks nice.
Russell Wilson put the 49ers defense on skates in his new Nike commercial...literally
Players I'll never draft in fantasy again:. Russell Wilson. Andy Dalton. Deandre Hopkins. Gronk . Ryan Mathews. Any Giants RB
Hard to swallow! Seattle Seahawks star Russell Wilson sued over edible balls - Daily Mail
I can't wait for Russell Wilson to finally lose his robotic positivity and go off on his O-line like when Flanders when he lost…
The Seahawks offensive linemen treat Russell Wilson like he's Adam Sandler in The Longest Yard
Despite combining for 9 Super Bowl wins, Tom Brady, Eli Manning, Russell Wilson, and Drew Brees are all 0-1. Blake Bortl…
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How can you hate Russell Wilson for something that the refs did come on get r…
would you trade Hunt for Russell Wilson? QBs r Palmer & Taylor. RBs r Fournette, Anderson, Crowell
Packers had one play in the redzone Sunday. A six-yard TD run after Russell Wilson lost a fumble at the six.
Russell Wilson lost yesterday. Should we just write him off too?
Alex Smith, Wentz, Kizer and Goff all outscored Rodgers, Brady, Cam, Russell Wilson and Big Ben. Just like we drew it…
I don't remember but as a Badgers fan, I lost the ability to like Russell Wilson ever again
Russell Wilson is going to be running for his life all season isn't he?
Unexpected stats all over the place, but how about:. SACKED. Aaron Rodgers - 4. Russell Wilson - 1
Man, best protection I've ever seen for Russell Wilson and he checks down to a TE dumpoff
Close up of my seahawks toys... Russell Wilson, Shaun Alexander, my helmet signed by Dave Krieg,…
Baker Mayfield is insane. He is making this look way too easy! Man he reminds me of Russell Wilson.
How you bungle a segment that has Von Miller, Travis Kelce, Antonio Brown, Russell Wilson, Mike Bennett and TY Hilton?!?
I remember the Seahawks won the Super Bowl and and everybody pretended like Russell Wilson wasn't the second black QB to w…
This dude has Andrew Luck, Marcus Mariota, Drew Brees, and Russell Wilson ahead of Ben. That is laughable
The Seahawks will give you Kearse, their 2018 first round pick, Thomas Rawls and Russell Wilson's f…
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QB records vs winning teams - only Russell Wilson and Tom Brady above 50%. Highest paid QB in the NFL Matthew Stafford: 9.8% ht…
World class athlete Jim Moore of telling Russell Wilson he once jumped rope 100 times without stopping .
Boykin in at QB. Russell Wilson's night is over. Wilson finishes 10 for 19, 200 yards, 1 TD, 120.5 passer rating.
You did but should get rid of Russell Wilson quick.
Who do you think is the hottest QB? I'm looking at Andy Dalton, Russell Wilson, Jimmy Garoppolo, Dak Prescott, and Blake Bortles.
Never forget Russell Wilson spiked the ball at 00:00 in the 2012 Rose Bowl and De'Anthony Thomas ran all over Wisconsin as a freshman.
Russell Wilson did an interview with Tracy Wolfson. Airs halftime Friday!
Seahawks had no problem starting Russell Wilson over Matt Flynn right after they gave him a big contract.
Trubisky will retire as the third best QB ever behind Dwayne Haskins and Russell Wilson, I really…
Amara Darboh getting some run with the Seahawks starters and Russell Wilson tonight. Michigan guys errywhere
ICYMI: The Mitch Trubisky-Mike Glennon duel is beginning to look a lot like Russell Wilson vs. Matt Flynn.
Is Glennon and Trubisky the next Russell Wilson and Matt Flynn?
Yeah, Bill loves Russell Wilson, Pete Carroll and the Seahawks. He probably respects this organization more…
Russell Wilson as a 7th round, or Derek Carr as a 10th round keeper. What say you?
Good coverage by Casey Hayward. Overthrow by Russell Wilson to Tanner McEvoy.
I'm in a keeper league and can only keep 2... Russell Wilson, Derek Carr, Todd Gurley or Jay Ajayi??
Somebody give me advice Derek Carr or Russell Wilson?
Deshaun Watson rookie situation reminds me of Russell Wilson. Dude is just a gamer and he’s going to win that starting job
Morgan Burnett picked off Russell Wilson with 5 minutes to go in the game when the Packers were up 19-7.
I mean there must be a good reason why both Russell Wilson and Richard Sherman are outside t…
my 4 are Russell Wilson, Andy Dalton, Jason Witten, Charles Woodson, and Philip Rivers. Eli and Tom Brady are too easy...
“It’s all love here.” Russell Wilson on the mood at Seahawks camp—despite appearances. Monday colum…
Future is so annoying. got Ciara and Russell Wilson's son on Snapchat doing hoodrat things. take him home.
MORGAN WHERE'S THE RETURN. MORGAN WHERE'S THE RETURN. :Russell Wilson looks up at Dom Capers from the read option pla…
I think we got our first Jimmy Graham celebratory ball-spike, coming after a TD catch thrown by Russell Wilson.
There were 2,444 fans at first day of training camp today. And they roared when Russell Wilson and Jimmy…
Here's some of what Russell Wilson had to say after practice today from
A slimmer Russell Wilson thinks Jimmy Graham is poised for a big season
My time at Maryland, what I learned in Philadelphia and playing against Russell Wilson. 👉🏿
Russell Wilson connecting with Jimmy Graham, a pretty good pass catcher, so I hear.
Ken Griffey Jr - best ever when healthy. Russell Wilson - most fun QB to watch. Ichiro - Hit machine . P…
Russell Wilson is so much better than some would have you believe
The mobile QB is tired. Name the mobile QB not named Russell Wilson who has won the Big one?Good in college only
True Fact: the last time Maryland beat a top 25 team it was NC State...led by Russell Wilson.
Seattle Seahawks Road Game Jersey - Russell Wilson - Womens: Get in the game this season with this Seattle Seahawks
Russell Wilson is at Mooses Tooth. You already know imma do the Rams a huge favor and kneecap him.
Tyreek Hill & Russell Wilson bring a Color Rush to Gridiron today. Get all five variations now in the store!…
"You ain't tryna be Russell Wilson out here are?"Charlemagne to 21 is that a"bad"thing?
Russell Wilson would hand off to beast mode instead of passing against the Pats
Russell Wilson joins to help children come together through their love of sports. Read more at…
Come on Seahawks fans ! 250$ shipped Russell Wilson auto patch 5 from gold standard
14.04 is QB Mike Glennon. Beat out NCSU star Russell Wilson for a gig, now on to UNC's Mitch(ell) Trubisky.
Let me guess, Kap can't reinact Russell Wilson in practice huh? Austin Davis can. Ok
Russell Wilson throwing that pick in the end zone
Swap Rodgers for Brady and Winston for Russell Wilson. Rodgers too dumb outside the pocket.
[NFL: Videos] - Russell Wilson runs the Great Wall of China - NFL Videos
Did NC State get Russell Wilson and Torry Holt back for another year?😂😂 1st they…
Did Ciara have a baby with Russell Wilson or was that a vision. I honestly can't tell the difference sometimes and I can't remember.
You think Russell Wilson thinks of future when he looks at Ciara ? Lol
Listening to this convo between my coworker & client about how Russell Wilson has a 3 year old step girl & newly born baby girl 😭
Mariota only 3rd QB in NFL history with more than 40TD's and less than 20INT's first two seasons. Russell Wilson & Kurt Warner other two.
Russell Wilson: Building a Sodo arena is the best, fastest way to bring back the Sonics | The Seattle Times
I know Wilson has been hot but Russell has quietly been coming up with clutch hits as of late.
Super Bowl 49. That pass still haunts me to this day. Won't get over that until Russell Wilson leads us back to ano…
new Bobby Wagner or Russell Wilson again this year for all time Hawks team?
Oh yeah he may get some calls once injuries start happening. If Russell Wilson goes down I could see him going to Seattle.
according to Mike Holmgren, Russell Wilson's so good that he made people forget that short QBs arent supposed to be success…
Russell Wilson speaking at event in Shanghai. To see more pics check out our instagram page. @ we_are_the…
Russell Wilson is the best one to use PA and without an O-Line or a RB.
Same goes for Russell Wilson then lol
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No way, it's got to be Russell Wilson
She teased the size of russell wilson's nose and made a disgusted face when discussing serena's body while she prai…
Russell Wilson looking for an O-Line finds a great wall and tiny army instead.
your wcw thinks russell wilson married katy pery and doesn't know where the Seahawks are from. its me. im ur wcw.
Russell Wilson is corny but he's my kind of corny. Love you bae ❤️
Russell Wilson also played with one of the best defenses of all time. Rodgers defenses always trash
Russell Wilson has as many SBs as Rodgers and been to twice as many but...
New contest 🚨. Your chance to win a signed Russell Wilson mini helmet. . All you have to do is:. 1. Follow . 2. R…
Russell Wilson looks like he's in better shape today than any offseason prior.
Terrell Owens on podcast compared Dak Prescott to Russell Wilson, sees Cowboys as Super Bowl contender: https…
Russell Wilson's eventful offseason continues with a special trip to China. Follow on 📰 |
New post on TFG: Why Russell Wilson and Jimmy Graham are values, plus other fantasy thoughts on the Seahawks ...…
There is no indication he doesn't want to be a backup... Seemed ready to backup Russell Wilson
SpeedeNews: 2017 NFL salaries: How the Seahawks are keeping the band together
Get a glimpse of how a favorite athlete manages health & nutrition.
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Will Russell Wilson and RB reboot help in fantasy? Today's previews the offense…
Insider: Where ISN'T Russell Wilson? Here's why he's been in China this week
Can't give too much status to this...same article has Russell Wilson
Russell Wilson . Mario Williams . Nate Irving . Philip Rivers . David Amerson. I was alive for Torry but young, don't r…
New YouTube video: "Pro Football Hall of Famer Warren Moon on Russell Wilson & Colin Kaepernick"
Warren Moon claims there’s no rift between Russell Wilson and Richard Sherman
This got me curious - Russell Wilson has more 16-start seasons than Troy Aikman, Warren Moon, and Steve Young too.
Good team so far Jeff. I've had only 2 picks so far, Jordan Howard and Russell Wilson. RB run and a…
Just saw Ciara and Russell Wilson's family on IG celebrating one year of marriage. And she's holding the new baby. Ugh..…
i watched this and smiled today again..Super Bowl XLIX: Tom Brady vs. Russell Wilson | Patriots vs. Seahawks | ...
Did you say that Russell Wilson is losing weight by eating 9 times a day? What am I doing wrong. /s/. Mark Mangino
Russell Wilson once weighed 225 pounds with 16% body fat. . After starting the plan, he's at 214 with 10% body fat. https…
Time to get mad about nothing. Russell Wilson played 13 (?) games for the Badgers and lost in the rose bowl. He's one of our best? No
Few things make Seahawks fans look more dumb than when they try to justify Russell Wilson over Andrew Luck. It's simply n…
Comparing the careers of Russell Wilson and Andrew Luck, who are both entering the sixth year of their NFL careers.
Dude he's ranked ahead of Andrew Luck Ben Roethlisberger Drew Brees and Russell Wilson he's not better than any of them
It's comical that there are still people out there who think Andrew Luck is better than Russell Wilson. The wins and stats say otherwise.
Andrew Luck would need to throw 59 consecutive TDs without a pick just to tie Russell Wilson's career TD: INT ratio. 59.…
Maybe he figured if Russell Wilson can sell anti-concussion water, he can sell muscle h20
Could Austin Davis supplant Trevone Boykin as the backup to Seahawks QB Russell Wilson?
Yo when I first saw this I read it as Russell Wilson's new baby and was like 🤔... but this.. this makes so much mor…
Q and A with Richard Sherman on trade rumors, wanting to retire as a Seahawk, Russell Wilson, and more: Seahawks..
Andrew Luck and Russell Wilson over Big Ben please!!!
With no team, Colin Kaepernick's jersey is still a top seller. It's 17th - above Russell Wilson & Matt Ryan.
Yeah that's why Michael Bennett and Sherman don't rock with Pete Carroll and Russell Wilson
If you're telling me that Russell Wilson or Jamies Winston wouldn't have been…
Pete Carroll says he treats Russell Wilson differently--as he treats "every" player differently. Reiterates are…
After first open OTAs, Pete Carroll and Russell Wilson addressed favoritism, locker room divide and SB hangovers
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