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Russell Wilson

Russell Wilson (born November 29, 1988) is an American football quarterback, formerly with the Wisconsin Badgers football team.

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Sherman says story about Russell Wilson is made up.
Russell Wilson (20/32, 199 yds, TD, INT) passed to Luke Willson for the game-winning touchdown in Seattle's 13-9 win over Carolina
SEAHAWKS SCORE!. Russell Wilson find Luke Willson for the 23-yard TD with :47 left. Seattle leads Carolina, 13-9.
Russell Wilson doesn't even know what 'black enough' means:
Russell Wilson doesn't even know what being "black enough" means.
ESPN - Russell Wilson's 23-yd TD pass to Luke Willson 47 sec. left lifts over 13-9
Seahawks shoot down Russell Wilson 'not black enough' rumors -
Richard Sherman says the Russell Wilson black-enough story is bunk: "Nobody in here said that. It's made up."
I know you are another one behind Russell Wilson. Never give up. Great support. Love you guys!
It was from 2013, saying Nick Foles is in the conversation with Andrew Luck and Russell Wilson
Apologies for the error. I must have done my search wrong. Russell Wilson has 10 GW drives since 2012, tied with Luck. 2nd…
Ron Jaworski would still take Nick Foles & Andrew Luck over Russell Wilson because, DA-DERPITY-DERP.
I wonder if Jaws would still take Nick Foles over Russell Wilson "without question"?
Russell Wilson to Luke Willson for the game winner. Hawks needed this win today.
again, you called Russell Wilson brain dead, but Nick does it repeatedly and you're somehow confused?
Russell Wilson, Nick Foles, T.Y. Hilton taken in third round of 2012 NFL draft after
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Russell Wilson on the 'adversity': "The not-black-enough thing I think you’re talking about. I don’t even know what that mean…
Russell Wilson & Luke Wilson not gettin it done for Seattle, they need Owen Wilson and Andrew Beef Supreme Wilson too
TOUCHDOWN Russell Wilson with 47 secs left to Luke Willson for the 23-yard score. SEA 13 CAR 9
Seahawks announce Russell Wilson is officially black enough.
3 weeks ago Tom Brady was finished and Russell Wilson was a quarterbacking god
I still can't believe Craig said Russell Wilson is better then Andrew Luck
Can't believe the Seahawks drafted Russell Wilson when Nick Foles and Kirk Cousins were still on the board.
Russell Wilson with a great impersonation scrambles 14 for the 1st down... and goal.
Seahawks players saying they don't think Russell Wilson is black enough. I get what they're saying but his job is to pl…
Eli Manning has more rushing yards than Russell Wilson did last week...let that sink in for a bit
how come you don't attack the ppl who are saying Russell Wilson is not black enough. But rob Parker says it and he's fired
Michael Irvin on 950 KJR regarding criticism of Russell Wilson from other black players: "The QB can't do (cont)
Bill Whitlock's take on Russell Wilson's "blackness" seemed racial discrimination. Players don't trust him coz he's 2 white?!
Russell Wilson isn't black enough? Is he white enough? Is Aaron Rodgers black enough? What about Ryan Fitzpatrick with his sweet beard? Is Cam Newton black enough? I wonder if Mark Rypen was Native American enough. I wonder if its just quarterbacks that have to have a certain amount of black. Hmmm, I wonder how much black is black enough.
Mixon: I think Russell Wilson and Cam Newton are two of the absolute best QB's in the NFL.
Listening to Steven A on Mike and Mike. He articulates his message perfectly concerning Russell Wilson not being "Black" enough.
I forgot Russell Wilson was supposed to act more like a stereotypical black man or else he isn't considered "black enough". My bad.
Russell Wilson is perceived to be Grant Hill while others are see themselves as Jalen Rose. Everything is so clear now
really tries to CREATE stories rather than COVER stories. Russell Wilson isn't "black" enough? They won a Super Bowl!!!
Fantasy Football QB Quandary: WHO DO I PLAY??? Two weeks ago I played and had more points. Last week, I played Philip Rivers and Russell Wilson would have won me the week. This week, Philip Rivers and Russell Wilson are ranked right next to each other.
I liked a video from Russell Wilson to Sidney Rice for 100 yard Touchdown in Madden 25.
Russell Wilson: "Percy Harvin & I never had differences...Ignore the noise...there is no division in our locker room"
Donovan McNabb and Terrell Owens all over again with Percy Harvin & Russell Wilson which was causing divided locker room
what do u mean Russell Wilson isn't black enough? Signed Grant Hill
Where's Rob Parker at to call Russell Wilson a cornball brother when we need him
For the record, wasn't the place to address Russell Wilson's "Blackness." My radio show is an ENTIRELY d…
Apparently some of Russell Wilson's teammates have been saying he's not black enough lol😂
Steven A. Smith cannot stop calling Russell Wilson "Russell Westbrook". Literally no matter how hard he tries, he keeps doing it.
Great points about the idea of "black enough" with regards to Russell Wilson. One caveat, using Bill Cosby as an example
I see Russell Wilson isn't black enough for Seattle --- they are welcome to swap him for Geno Smith, who has Jay-Z street cred
was offered Sammy Watkins, Jordan reed and Ryan tannehill for Russell Wilson and Andre Johnson. Yes or no? Ask for more?
should I do a trade where I get K Benjamin, Tre Mason & Russell Wilson for Newton and Dez Bryant? I need an rb2
Boy lose a few games and all of a sudden the locker split on whether Russell Wilson is black enough cmon man sound like some mo Deion Sanders nonsense
Percy Harvin is Jets' problem now, which presents Russell Wilson new set of issues in…
Mike Freeman from Bleacher Report didn't have to go there with the Russell Wilson and Percy Harvin feud
The 49ers are way better than the Seahawks and Tyler is so much cooler than Russell Wilson 😊
Enjoyed hearing share his universals for Fantasy Sports success and his take on Russell Wilson:
So Russell Wilson just walked into chipotle (UW).
Russell Wilson and the Seahawks are goin to miss Percy, but I guarantee Geno Smith will miss him more.
Bout to expose myself to Ebola and check in to Seattle childrens hospital cause that's the only way for me to get a pic with Russell wilson.
Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson extended his 'Pass The Peace' challenge to Seahawks fans on Tuesday, asking 12s to donate $12 to support victims of domestic violence.
Phenomenal game by Russell Wilson- he was 6/12 on 3rd down &had a median 3rd down distance of 9.5 yards (worse than 9 yard median vs Dallas)
I may be a Packers fan but can Russell Wilson marry me? I think we could make it work out, he was a Badger after all!
DeMarco Murray and Russell Wilson have been carrying my fantasy team this year
This little man's name is Russell, as in Russell Wilson! He's a major Seahawks fan, from his blue Mohawk to his...
NFLs fantasy football player of the week goes to russell Wilson, who I had on my bench and replaced by Kirk Cousins. Will someone teach me to football lol 1-6 baby off season here I come!
MT Calling all 12s! - donate $12 to help prevent domestic violence: [
Hot Take by Jhandel76 on Russell Wilson's pic of him visiting patients at the children's hospital IMO.
Kid at my work! . Me: Who are are the Seahawks? . Dalton: Russell Wilson and Beast mode 😂
I really look forward to Tuesdays for these posts! What a great thing, Russell Wilson does every week! No matter what!
Tim Duncan and Russell Wilson both made in the same lab
Calling all challenges you to donate $12 to help prevent domestic violence: [
Russell Wilson goes to sleep at 8:30 PM
When people say that Russell Wilson is better than Andrew Luck
looking for russell wilson elite XB1
I couldn't of asked for a better QB for the Seattle Seahawks. Russell Wilson is a great guy off the field and not to Shabby on the field
It pays to have a wide receiver as your quarterback. On another note Russell Wilson is on pace to break the quarterback record for rushing in a single season.
Just like Seahawks QB Russell Wilson: Focused on getting better, working smarter!
You may not be a Seattle fan but how can you not respect Russell Wilson?? Great leader on and off the field, and a true role model for kids to look up to. Every single week win or loss, Wilson takes time to visit Seattle area children's hospitals and brighten these kids day!! Wish there were more like him!
Losing Stafford in Madden is huge. Trade for Russell Wilson or Colin Kaepernick. That way you can run with QBs which is huge!!
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So out of the 80 points my team scored last week, Russell Wilson and Leveon Bell scored 56.can you say saved my ***
Monday metatarsal musings: After a sluggish start against the Rams, the Seahawks’ offense regained its rhythm by following its leader – Russell Wilson. And as Doug Baldwin put it, “You could feel the growth.”
Someone just offered to trade me Tony Romo for RUSSELL WILSON. I like the looks of it, but want to get some second opinions before I decide. What do you think, should I take Romo for Wilson?
Ahh! Russell Wilson just passed me in the hallway!
Why do people call Joe Montana the greatest, but then turn around and call Russell Wilson an over rated game manager?
Trade: trades Antonio Brown & Colin Kaepernick to for Brandon Marshall, Russell Wilson, & Tre Mason off waivers
Russell Wilson - in the zone, He finds Marshawn Lynch for another play, Seahawks looking to c
Russell Wilson came thru this week and saved my squad. Shoutout Andre Johnson too for that late game catch to secure the W.
don't know whether I should get a Russell Wilson, Marshawn Lynch, or Earl Thomas jersey
.a lot of the greats seem to have this mentality. Peyton Manning, Aaron Rodgers, and Russell Wilson are three I know of
Russell Wilson & Austin Davis on their knees in prayer at the end of the Rams/Seahawks game, made watching worthwhile h…
"If he wanted to help him, he would have convinced Pete Carroll to keep him around" - Mike Florio on Russell Wilson wanting to help Harvin
Russell Wilson has never topped 37 passes in a game (36 yesterday). Mike Glennon has gone over 40 seven times.
Russell Wilson is a better qb then Andy Dalton.I will challenge you to find any secondary in the league thats
Congratulations to Gary L Smith on your purchase from Russell Wilson at Fenton Honda of Longview!...
here's another poll idea: who would you start your team with from university of Wisconsin : Watt, Russell Wilson, or Joe Thomas.
Week 7 tidbits. 1. Colts racks a 27-0 shutout. The third shutout in as many weeks in the NFL. They forced the Bengals into 11 consecutive 3 and outs. Andrew Luck has 19 tds and 6 games over 300 yards passing this year. 2. Aaron Rodgers is on fire. Since issuing the R-E-L-A-X quote, he's on a 13 td vs 0 int tear. 18 tds vs 1 int this year. 3. The Saints are now 0-4 on the road and lost 3 of them by a total of 6 points. Drew Brees has now thrown 35 ints in his last 34 road games. 4. Russell Wilson becomes the first QB in NFL history to have a game over 300 yds passing and 100 rushing. 5. DeMarco Murray magic season continues. A record 7 games of 100 yards rushing to start the season is an NFL record. Dallas is on a 6 game winning streak. 6. The Raiders are on a 12 game losing streak after yesterday loss to the cardinals. The last Raiders win was against the Texans close to a year ago. 7. The Jaguars finally broke through for their first win. Denard Robinson ran for over 100 yards and held the Browns to 6 po ...
Russell Wilson renews his rivalry with Kirk Cousins
If you told me I'd get 61 points between Russell Wilson and Golden Tate I would assume a win. Instead a 20+ point defeat :(
The St. Louis Rams delivered big on special teams and withstood a historic day from Russell Wilson in a 28-26 win over the Seattle Seahawks on Sunday. What are our takeaways?
drafted Brock Osweiler, before drafted Russell Wilson in the 2012 draft
Percy Harvin punched Golden Tate in the face in return for Golden sleeping with Russell Wilson's wife.
Hey do any of yall have a Russell Wilson jersey. Please let me know!
It's time to remember that the drafted Osweiler, leaving Russell Wilson, Nick Foles, and Kirk Cousins for others.
says the kid who has a Russell Wilson jersey 😂😉
I don't consider Trent Dilfer, Brad Johnson, Eli Manning or Russell Wilson to be elite QBs just because they won a SB. ITS A TEAM SPORT!
Odd seeing Demarcus Ware in a Broncos jersey, also odd seeing Russell Wilson on my fantasy bench.. always start the wrong qb this year.
Rocking my Russell Wilson jersey for picture day tomorrow.
Andrew Luck has thrown for 300 yards in 5 straight games. Russell Wilson has 2 career 300-yard games. 🐸☕️
Russell Wilson: 1st player in NFL history with 300 passing yards and 100 rushing yards in a game (via
Russell Wilson became the FIRST PLAYER in NFL history to throw for 300 yards and run for 100 yards in the same game.
Just saw a kid in a Russell Wilson jersey get rocked in the bounce house, and it looked all to familiar 😔
Yep, i am the *** who chose to start Tony Romo and bench Russell Wilson
Russell Wilson becomes 1st man in NFL history w/ 300+ Pass yds and 100+ Rush yds in a single game (via http…
uhhh I guess Matt Flynn's best game was better than Russell Wilson's
Tell that to the Seahawks, who dumped Matt Flynn (after he signed as a FA) for Russell Wilson. Cutler=1 playoff trip in 9 years.
Every time I wear my Russell Wilson jersey we lose so, who wants it? Men's large. $60.00.
My Grammy is wearing a Russell Wilson jersey for the Seahawks game but only bc her maiden name is Wilson 🏈
Cooper Helfet and Russell Wilson are currently tied for my favorite people right now
Seahawks are storming back. Russell Wilson finds Cooper Helfet who makes a beautiful grab for the TD. Play being reviewed.
Im never taking my Russell Wilson jersey off again
For the record I change my jersey from Russell Wilson to Doug Baldwin at halftime. Coincidence?
lol that's probably why they traded him, he tried to pull a Jeremy Shockey on Russell Wilson and Carroll said GTF
Russell Wilson is really missing Percy Harvin, almost as much as Geno Smith will.
me: my friend told me to get you a Wilson jersey. Nephew: Russell Wilson? Me: you know who he is? Nephew: for Seattle, duh.
Anyone want to buy my Russell Wilson jersey? 20 bucks
I guess if you wear a Russell Wilson jersey on Alaska's plane you board earlier than everyone?
All rise for Russell Wilson and the Seahawks! Today we see if we can ignore the noise and bounce back. Get back on track!
They just let anyone with a Russell Wilson jersey board first with mvp members lol
Stafford doesn't have Calvin Johnson and Russell Wilson doesn't have Harvin, start Matthew Stafford or Russell Wilson?
Seattle: where wearing a Russell Wilson jersey gets you early boarding "for his work on and off the field."
Early boarding offered on flight to Dallas for anyone wearing a Russell Wilson jersey.
Seahawks wide receiver Doug Baldwin sure does hate losing. First, he went off on quarterback Russell Wilson during the game as the Seahawks offense limped to...
I'm so glad I had my head on straight when I went with a Russell Wilson jersey instead of Percy Headcase
Asher insisted on wearing his Russell Wilson jersey today despite all of Chicago objecting.…
"we would like to offer priority boarding for all customers wearing a Russell Wilson jersey"
the Russell Wilson jersey should be given away for free, nobody wants to buy that garbage
is the most generous human. He just bought me a Russell Wilson jersey. So kind. Amazed right now.
You got some balls walking around with a Russell Wilson jersey at Denver International
Russell Wilson beats out Peyton Manning for most NFL merchandise sold, including top-selling jersey
Russell Wilson is established himself as an ascending QB, already a SB championship in tow before he has even mastered the QB
Do you know Rakeem Cato? Well, he could be making college football history Marshall University quarterback Rakeem Cato has thrown 38 consecutive scoring passes, and Saturday, if he throws his 39th, he will break the NCAA record. Russell Wilson, starter for the Seattle Seahawks, holds the record. Marshall's Thundering Herd will face off against FIU's Golden Panthers in Cato's home state of Florida.
Did you hear that Russell Wilson is going to miss Percy? Well, not as much as Geno Smith will!
Seahawks like: "Percy Harvin frustrated with Russell Wilson? GIVE THAT NGGA Geno Smith lol"
Wanna buy a Russell Wilson jersey? 49ers are rumored to be giving great deals.
Russell Wilson leading jersey sales, in tons of commercials. Team basically stealing money from him. Had to make move.
Report: Percy Harvin was “difficult to deal with,” had confrontations with Golden Tate and Russell Wilson
Percy Harvin went from Russell Wilson to Geno Smith smh life came at him fast.
Russell Wilson had a Total QBR of 45.3 with Percy Harvin on the field this season, and a QBR of 71.0 with him off the fie…
At the Seattle Airport if you wear a Russell Wilson jersey you get to board the plane early.
Russell Wilson will miss Percy Harvin but Geno Smith will miss him more.
Percy Harvin reportedly gave Golden Tate a black eye last season and nearly got into a fight with Russell Wilson this season.
It's sad to see a great player like Percy Harvin get traded to an inferior team like NY. He deserves a QB like Russell Wilson not Geno Smith
First you had rumors that Golden Tate slept with Russell Wilson's wife. Now they say Percy Harvin knocked out Golden Tate in New Jersey.
Just walked down West Portal and saw a little kid in a Russell Wilson jersey and I'm just looking at him like:
please don't buy a Russell Wilson jersey. just sayin.
Percy Harvin-Russell Wilson relationship may have nudged Seahawks to trade Harvin
Russell Wilson getting at least 120Ms this summer, no was was Percy coming back next season
If yall *** think Russell Wilson is better than Andrew Luck you might wanna go have a talk with moms pretty sure you're a cra…
for this week, Russell Wilson or Matt Stafford? and on RB2 Andre Williams or Jonathan Steward? Thanks!!!
All the way from Johnson City, TN reppin' Russell Wilson and my boys in blue!
Fantasy geniuses, would you trade Andrew Luck for AJ Green, Josh Gordon and Brian Quick? You have Eli and Russell Wilson on the bench?
Aaron Rodgers vs. Panthers or Russell Wilson vs. Rams. Whos should I start dude. I am so stumped
Russell Wilson plays for the Seahawks not the Saints you ***
Russell Wilson has as many pass targets as Kevin Norwood and Paul Richardson combined (1)
traded DeMarco Murray for Russell Wilson and Alfred Morris was probably the stupidest thing I have done in a long time
Reporter: "How are you preparing for Russell Wilson?" . Brooks: "That's the quarterback right?" .
Remember when you guys said this?? LOL ""Russell Wilson is better than Andrew Luck."
Sooo who should I start Tom Brady or Russell Wilson?
New post: "Angry Seahawk calls out teammates after defeat"
I would have to agree with CC. The have no offense! Russell Wilson cannot be the offense.
Are you sure that you didn't accidentally check my Russell Wilson ones?
Better chance of seeing Super Bowl romo Wilson capernick comment share ur response would like to hear it
Bleacher Report making an interesting statement about Russell Wilson in 2012
Seahawks WR Doug Baldwin is fired up in a conversation with QB Russell Wilson.
blake bortles has more passing yards than Russell Wilson. 💅
Russell Wilson, QB: -2.4 Breakdown: The Seattle offense was out of sync throughout much of the game, and Wilson continued to play with fire with regard to taking care of the football, though he only had one turnover to show for it. First, the good, which included a pretty deep ball down the sideline on a rub route with 12:04 to go in the first quarter and then an absolute laser that somehow managed to get to WR Doug Baldwin’s hands, only to be tipped away by FS Barry Church at the end of Seattle’s first drive. Beyond that, Wilson nearly turned over a few times, first when he fumbled unprompted on a scramble early in the first quarter. He then made two poor decisions, both while trying to make a play while in the grasp of the defense. He didn’t see LB Kyle Wilber and threw one right into his hands in order to avoid a sack at the 4:09 mark of the third quarter and then made a similarly poor choice when he tried to throw the ball away at the 8:33 mark of the fourth quarter but the ball didn’t get out ...
Shannon Sharpe and Bart Scott discuss the play of Seattle's Russell Wilson on THAT OTHER PREGAME SHOW.
Who is the better QB, Russell Wilson or Colin Kaepernick? We found the answer for you!
Andrew Luck is still the No. 4 graded QB, behind Cam Newton, Philip Rivers, and Aaron Rodgers. Russell Wilson is No. 22.
Can anyone explain to me why Russell Wilson is PFF's ranked QB?
That kept Russell Wilson, Marshawn Lynch, Percy Harvin and the multithreat Seahawks offense from running more than a mere 40 plays that day. …read more Source:: Russell-Wilson
Russell Wilson is more than just a game manager for the Seattle Seahawks. He is ready to be one of the NFLs biggest stars.
Seahawks receiver confronts Russell Wilson, goes on postgame rant
My nephew Eli. I think he looks like a young Russell Wilson lol
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yeah, yesterday i noticed how three hours of Russell Wilson is amazing turned into "how bout dem cowboys" ha
Seahawks receiver confronts Russell Wilson, then goes on post ...
Russell Wilson trying to creep in this new call of duty game like we don't see him
USA Today looks at Russell Wilson's off-field earning potential, NFL future
between Russell Wilson and Kap, is the proper NFL QB.
Seattle Seahawks’ Russell Wilson is the Definition of a Du
Russell Wilson is like 25th in passing yards this year isn't he?
Oh I think I failed to mention Russell Wilson comes into my cafe so regularly, he has a standing order. ;)
When you play flag football and try to do a Russell Wilson scramble but you actually get sacked for 30 yard loss
you will never be a fraction of the man Russell Wilson is. ***
Stephen A. Smith called Russell Wilson Russell Westbrook. Lmao I'm remember when that *** thought ACL was short for achilles..
VIDEO: Seahawks WR Doug Baldwin got heated at Russell Wilson during their loss to the Cowboys ht…
Brandon Weeden turns 32 years old today. He was drafted 55 picks before Russell Wilson. Still in the NFL
At -- Russell Wilson during the Seahawks/Cowboys game.
I think this Austin Davis dude has something. Performed better vs. Cowboys than Drew Brees and Russell Wilson this seaso…
Via Todd Archer ESPNDallas - A few thoughts on the Dallas Cowboys' 30-23 win against the Seattle Seahawks at CenturyLink Field. What it means: If this doesn't signify the Cowboys are for real, what will? For the first time since 2007 the Cowboys are 5-1 and have their longest winning streak since that season in which they finished with an NFC-best 13-3 mark. They beat the defending Super Bowl champs and handed the Seahawks just their second home loss of the Russell Wilson era. The Cowboys did their best to give it away on special teams, but they continued to fight and claw and left with what was undoubtedly the best win of the Jason Garrett era. The offense stuck to its identity and the defense had its best game, punctuated by Rolando McClain's interception. Six times at 100: It took some time to get going but DeMarco Murray saved his best for last and tied Jim Brown's mark with his sixth 100-yard game in a row to open the season. Murray finished with 113 on 28 carries and he scored the game-winning touch ...
Surely, Russell Wilson will lead one more heroic charge back from the jaws of defeat..oh, hi, Rolando McClain
and Drew Brees and Matt Ryan and Russell Wilson ... Or Brady Quinn, Jake Locker, Pat White .. Wait, scratch the last one.
Dallas Cowboys Rolando McClain intercepts Russell Wilson to end the game against Seattle Seahawks
Russell Wilson has a Super Bowl ring what about Tony Romo?
Russell Wilson has "beaten" all these Super Bowl winning QBs but can't beat Tony Romo...
Tony Romo scrambles and makes clutch plays. Russell Wilson chokes and throws a pick. What is this, Trading Places?
The Cowboys moved to a 5-1 win-loss record for the first time since 2007, enduring the intense atmosphere of CenturyLink Field to triumph in Seattle. DeMarco Murray's 15-yard burst for a touchdown with less than four minutes to play all but sealed the win for Dallas. Quarterback Tony Romo was in fine touch for the visitors, throwing two touchdown passes and completing 21 of 32 attempted passes for 250 yards, while Seattle's QB Russell Wilson struggled, throwing an interception and getting sacked twice.
Dear Matt Ryan: you're a jerk. Russell Wilson - thanks for kicking butt Monday night to beat my fantasy team. Jay Cutler, glad you showed up the week I played you . For everyone who cares - put all your money on Andrew Luck who I play against next week!!
Russell Wilson came up a little short today
The most passing attempts Russell Wilson has made in a game is 37. Andrew Luck HAS AVERAGED 37 attempts per game in his c…
Russell Wilson the type of *** to cover his test answers when u tryna copy
Mercury Morris can pop the champagne... Sadly my undefeated fantasy football season is over. Thanks, Russell Wilson. Thanks.
Russell Wilson the type of *** to sit by his fire place in a turtle neck and read a harry potter book
"Russell Wilson after the game... dead
you can replace Russell Wilson with at least 8 QBs & they would do a better job than him
Rolando McClain PICKS OFF Russell Wilson and the are about to pull off the upset.
FINAL Seahawks lose for only 2nd time at home during Russell Wilson era with 30-23 loss to
Interception! Rolando McClain picks off Russell Wilson and the Cowboys are poised to beat the Seahawks.
The one time I go for Russell Wilson and Drew Brees and they both let me down.
INTERCEPTION!. Cowboys pick off Russell Wilson and seal the win
The Cowboys should thank jabroni Jon Daniels for drafting Russell Wilson. That’s why he became a chocker.
I don't mind the Seahawks I just don't like Russell Wilson.
Russell Wilson averaging 4.5 YPA so today he is from Wisconsin.
This would be only the 2nd time the Seahawks have lost at home with Russell Wilson at QB.
Now let's if the overrated Russell Wilson can prove me wrong
It will be interesting to watch Russell Wilson when he has to throw and everyone knows.
You don't even know Andy Dufresne.and you're more worried about Jay Electronica right now than Russell Wilson. Wow.
Russell Wilson does it HIMSELF. TOUCHDOWN. We got a tie ballgame. .
The 2 penalties called on Richard Sherman today are his 1st since Week 16 of 2013 vs Russell Wilson's only home…
Three-headed monster of Murray, Dunbar and Randle are killing Seattle on offense. Still wish Russell Wilson would get trucked just once!
Russell Wilson is pissing me off...will somebody just knock the *** out of him just once???
These dudes can see a ball 6 inches short, Russell Wilson with both feet over the LOS didn't cross it?
Russell Wilson took that sack to get MVP Jon Ryan on the field.
I tune in game to hear they are blaming Jon Daniels for Russell Wilson's success. I've turned it off...
So I benched Brady for this week on fantasy. Russell Wilson needs to ball out then
I want to be at home cuddled up with my blanket patiently waiting for Russell Wilson and the Seahawks to play
thoughts on Jay Cutler or Russell Wilson? Alfred Morris or Doug Martin?
Russell Wilson or Phillip rivers.. Joquie bell or Alfred Morris.. Terrance Williams or garçon ?
Congratulations Rakeem Cato on tying Russell Wilson's FBS record 38th straight games with a TD pass.
Bleacher Report's "expert" analysis after the Seahawks drafted Russell Wilson. 🐸☕️
I sold Russell Wilson high, and got Cam Newton and Arian Foster. Fantasy GM of the Year.
"The 3 Most Difficult Players to Scheme and Plan for in the NFL are. 1. Russell Wilson . 2. JJ Watt. 3. Andre…
lol silly self! Naw but I'm really crushing on Russell Wilson :)
I'm serious Russell Wilson in that commercial gives me life 😘💋
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Lived in Madison from '08 to early '12. Otherwise known as JJ Watt-Russell Wilson era. Might be best 2 players, on offense, d…
Fun Fact: The Jaguars picked Blaine Gabbert over J.J. Watt and a punter over Russell Wilson. Oops.
Russell Wilson, JJ watt, montee ball, along with Borland, Abby, toon, white, etc would have been best CFB team since Pete Carroll at USC
“I don't know if Wisconsin has ever had an NFL Hall of Famer, but they'll have one in 15-20 years.” Russell Wilson on his way 2
Russell Wilson would be Kyle Orton if he played for any team with a losing season
Some of the plays Russell Wilson made in that game were out of this world!
Congrats to QB Russell Wilson on winning NFC Offensive Player of the Week.
For Jason Werth's contract, you can have LeBron, Russell Wilson, Duncan, Dirk, Giancarlo Stanton, Nelson Cruz and have 3…
Wow! I just saw a FB community called "Support Ray Rice" ... and I'm feeling some kind of way about it. I'd rather support Russell Wilson's efforts and Brandon Marshall. I need to see some remorse and rehabilitation before I would be willing to support a damned thing ...
Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson wasn't the most hyped prospect in the 2012 NFL draft, but he has quickly won himself plenty of fans since he entered the league. Count Washington safety Ryan Clark as one of them...
Redskins safety Ryan Clark calls Russell Wilson the best player in the NFL
Cocaine is a helluva drug RT"Today if drafting 2012 over, I'd still go RG3, Luck, then Russell Wilson."
Russell Wilson making plays. He finds Cooper Helfet for 37-yard completion on the move, then runs in for TD hims…
“Redskins FS Ryan Clark on Russell Wilson : "We lost to the best player in the NFL."”WHAT IN THE ***
Washington safety Ryan Clark says Russell Wilson is the best player in the NFL
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To think Seattle could have had Kevin Durant, Russell Wilson, Felix Hernandez and Clint Dempsey playing there right now. Wow.
Jermaine Kearse throws out "Pass the Peace" celebration after touchdown toss from Russell Wilson
Daily Madden: The Coach says there's something special about .Russell Wilson
Ryan Clark: We got beat by the best player in the NFL, Russell Wilson
Oh RT"Are the Seahawks drunk? You draft QB Russell Wilson in the 3rd round when you already have Matt Flynn & Tarvaris"
I wish the Eagles had Russell Wilson. Nothin against Nick Foles but Wilson has a better arm and legs, & is a better fit with Kelly & Shady
This morning: Russell Wilson is good, the return of Homeland, an incredibly kind officer and Adrian Peterson abusing charity money for sex.
How do RG3 & Mike Vick become the subject of a Russell Wilson "debate"
"Russell Wilson is what Mike Vick should've been" ***
not saying I've given up on Nick Foles. But if there is 1 QB that I think would be ideal for Chip Kelly's system it would be Russell Wilson.
Russell Wilson is better than Mike Vick was in his Falcons days.
Does anyone really believe that Russell Wilson was a bully in school?
Russell Wilson runs and passes Seahawks past Redskins
Russell Wilson > Andrew Luck. They'll never admit it though
Is OU staff watchin how creative they are using Russell Wilson with rollouts bootlegs & misdirection plays? Get mobile qb on …
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Why doesn't Russell Wilson get hit Mike? It's called Marshawn Lynch and his D prevents him from being behind!
Did you know MIKE and MIKE has been on an hour and it has ALL been about Russell Wilson the whole hour come on man.Bored.
Chip Kelly watched Russell Wilson's performance last night and ignored all of Nick Foles' texts.
There can't be any arguing anymore. There isn't any debate. Put the hot takes in the freezer, and mute the hashtags . Russell Wilson is an elite NFL quarterback. How do we know? Forget the Super Bowl ring...
LANDOVER, Md. - Russell Wilson ran for 96 yards, including a 9-yard touchdown, and threw a 15-yard scoring pass to Jermaine Kearse, and the Super
The more I see Russell Wilson, the more I feel like I'm watching Joe Montana: 2014.
Historic night from Russell Wilson who leads Seattle Seahawks to ...:
This play by Russell Wilson reminds me so much of that play he made to extend drive vs. ATL in 2012…
Russell Wilson addresses domestic violence with column on D
Russell Wilson wants that MVP trophy. Play of the day to effectively ice the game right here
"A great opportunity to dominate the game, one play at a time men. It doesn't get any better than this" - Russell Wilson Tune into Seahawks Saturday Night tonight, and every Saturday night, at 8:00pm PT on Q13 Fox News for more mic'd up.
The Seahawks were rusty against Washington on “Monday Night Football” but quarterback Russell Wilson came to the rescue in a 27-17 victory that improved Seattle’s record to 3-1.
Russell Wilson is the new Derek Jeter of sports.
ESPN Video: Russell Wilson discusses the Seahawks' win over the Redskins on Monday Night Football.
As pts out The drafted a punter 5 picks BEFORE the drafted Russell Wilson.
LANDOVER, Md. - Russell Wilson, the resident magician of the Seattle Seahawks, pulled off another incredible Monday night magic trick in a 27-17 victo... ...r
Russell Wilson ran for a career-high and "Monday Night Football" record 122 yards and threw two touchdown passes as the Seahawks pulled into a tie for the NFC W
My obsession with Russell Wilson is obviously in high gear now. But anyway, this is the latest layout for
Russell Wilson doesn't have a lot of height. But what he does have is a particular set of skills. Skills that make him a …
Russell Wilson powers Seahawks past Redskins: Seattle (3-1) is an NFL-best 21-8 on Monday night, with nine con...
Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson used his legs to carve up the Washington Redskins in Week 5.
Russell Wilson's 122 rushing yards tonight are the most by a QB in the history of Monday Night Football.
Redskins unable to contain Russell Wilson, fall to Seahawks 27-17
Russell Wilson has 131 yards passing (1 TD) and 89 yards rushing (1 TD) as the Seattle Seahawks lead the Washington Redskins 17-7 at the...
Russell Wilson carried his Seattle Seahawks to victory on Monday Night Football on Oct. 6.Wilson ran for an MNF-quarterback record 122 yards and threw for 201 more in the 27-17 win over the...
The Seattle Seahawks were trying to preserve a one-score lead against the Washington Redskins on Monday Night Football when Russell Wilson took a page out of Johnny Manziel 's college playbook...
Congrats to Russell Wilson. Most rushing yards EVER by a QB on
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