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Russell Wilson

Russell Wilson (born November 29, 1988) is an American football quarterback, formerly with the Wisconsin Badgers football team.

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Staubach: Manziel is 'Russell Wilson-type player, ' I'd take him No. 1
I'll tell y'all one thing, as a DIEHARD 49ers fan, if I could choose between Russell Wilson and Kap, I'd choose Russ 99 times outta 100.
At $1.5M, SS Jeron Johnson will make more than twice what QB Russell Wilson will ($662K) in 2014.
your saying Russell Wilson couldn't have allegations made against him just for the heck of it?BS
First time getting called Russell Wilson lmaooo I'll take it he won the *** Super Bowl.
Staubach would take Manziel says he's a 'Russell Wilson-type' . Thoughts? Manziel ->
Wow! I just won this for free, Seattle Seahawks 2 card lot Russell Wilson and Percy Harvin 201
. Like Russell Wilson rookie status or? Cuz he had a fairly good first season.
The L.O.B should start petitioning to get Larry Fitzgerald. He would mesh in with Russell Wilson like peanut butter and jelly. He has already taken a pay cut this year..
A mom at the bar just said I look like Russell Wilson I'll take that except I'm 1,000 times less successful..waddup
Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson and coach Pete Carroll were among a contingent from the Super Bowl Champions that was honored during pregame ceremonies on Opening Night at Safeco Field. The Mariners hope some of the winning ways rubs off.
I can say in confidence we will never be talking about Russell Wilson in negative situations like CP ... Hello 49rs!
Social media has taught me one thing: Russell Wilson is in a constant state of becoming more attractive.
Russell Wilson talked about 'why not us' in every interview after the Super Bowl. Left a bad taste in my mouth... that's it.
my mom is for real trying to hook me up w/ one of her high school students cuz he "looks like Russell Wilson and is a star athlete" no 😂 lol
It's awesome to have someone like Russell Wilson endorse American Family Insurance.
you guys better pay Russell Wilson for using that hashtag
Late... more like bitter because Russell Wilson made it famous and I'm sick of hearing him talk about it.
Russell Wilson was actually our quarterback. Unbelievable.
Watching football MSU vs WISC on BTN. Russell Wilson just completed a pass-to himself. Guy does it all.
You won't see Steph Curry, Brandon Crawford, Logan Couture in situations like that.or even Russell Wilson. Be more mature.
If you go back to the draft 3 years ago, you are taking Russell Wilson over RG3. He's simply been the better QB -
For all the 12th man. We can all be happy that we will never have to see Russell Wilson in this situation... Sry whiner fansXD
Can you say that you got to enjoy a beer as part of an interview? I now can and I think it went really well today. Now to kick back and watch BTN re-air the inaugural B1G title game. That was a great year...Russell Wilson, Montee Ball, Nick Toon, Travis Frederick, Bradie Ewing. So beastly! On, Wisconsin!
Colin Kaepernick is getting investigated by the police while Russell Wilson is at Children's Hospital
My uncle Tyler is a freaking 49er fan an just met Russell Wilson before I did! I am not ok with this!!!
love listening to you online for game but i got to call you out on an error: Russell Wilson did not win MVP of SB48
Here's the thing, you would never find Russell Wilson in a situation that Kaepernick found himself in, guilty or not
I wonder if Russell Wilson is praying for Colin Kaepernick to stop being such a perverted woman drugging rapist/shoe collecti…
Roger Staubach says Johnny Manziel is "a Russell Wilson-type player" and should be the No. 1 overall draft pick:
Russell Wilson hasn't sexually assaulted anyone... Except the broncos defense at the Super Bowl.
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Yes well who else do I talk to. This Russell Wilson person?
Now Kap. What is wrong with our young black athletes. You will never ever see Russell Wilson in these type situations. Why he is a champion.
Cam Newton is going to be the qb to pick in fantasy. Your better off going with him because everyone wants to pick manning so if you don't have 1st pick your out of luck. Some other runner ups who can get points; Aaron rogers, drew brees, Nick foles, Andrew Luck, I wouldn't go with, Colin Kaepernick, Tom Brady, Andy Dolton, Matt Stafford, Michael Vick, qbs that are maybes Russell Wilson, e Manuel, there's a lot of qbs but I'll wait to put out a complete list
Connor Shaw is a little guy just like Russell Wilson but Connor is faster, quicker and has better foot work and a stronger arm than Wilson.
Crossed paths with Russell Wilson in the U Village parking lot today and he gave me a little smile, which, somehow is even more charming than on TV. Teresa Mendoza Embrey is in denial because she didn't see his face, but at least she got to see him run away!
I love that I can rest assured that Russell Wilson won't ever be investigated by police like a certain Kraepy quarterback that plays in SF.
What's the difference between Russell Wilson and Colin Kaepernick?
Roger Staubach thinks Johnny Manziel is the number one overall draft pick because he is a "Russell Wilson" type player? Really? What an *** !!
Russell Wilson just rolled out with three carts full. I didn't want to bug him shopping by taking a photo but I offered to let him load up behind my car. My guess he is setting up house with new Kitchen Aid etc. This store just hit some big sales
Difference between Russell Wilson and Colin Kaepernick? Russell Wilson keeps out of trouble and plays baseball, kaepernick.currently being investigated on sexual assault and possession of several drugs if this is true...Blaine Gabbert will probably start the yr for the 49ers...not looking good San Fran
Russell Wilson is good, not great. If Rodgers, Brady, Brees, Manning or Luck had that defense (or that running game), they would have been hoisting the Lombardi Trophy this year. Defense wins championships...
Did you hear about the Russell Wilson scandal today??.OH WAIT, I don't ever have to worry about a Russell Wilson scandal. (that being said, fully knowing what happened to Tiger Woods). Oh, Kapernlisberger.I honestly hope you didn't do something stupid.
I guess I need to watch more sports. At work today, a guy walked by and my coworker said, "that was Russell Wilson!!" When I asked who Russell Wilson was, he looked at me like I was from another planet. :)
How 32 teams missed on Russell Wilson I'll never know.
TIL: Colin Kaepernick attended the "Big Ben Roethlisberger" quarterback camp as a youth... Meanwhile Russell Wilson is busy inspiring everyone he comes in contact with and maintaining his "Championship Mindset" during the off season. I hope the Niner's overpay his corny ***
Me and Russell Wilson taking a picture. It's a little zoomed out.
Kaepernick being investigated, uh oh! I bet Russell Wilson is out helping the needy. You don't get into trouble being a good person.
Opening night at Safeco--LA Angels and the Mariners. Some highlights include the Ms honoring the Super Bowls Champs Seahawks, this included several 'Hawks including Coach Pete Carroll with the Super Bowl Trophy. Hawks QB Russell Wilson threw out the first pitch--a strike! The NW Navy Band did the National Anthem without any screeches, yeows or moans. Home runs by Albert Pujols (LA) and Corey Hart (Ms-twice) and a Seattle win. Best event of the evening--introduction of Medal-of-Honor winner SSgt Ty Carter of Spokane, WA to a standing ovation of 45,000 + fans.
Umm people are comparing Manziel to Russell Wilson?? REALLY?!?!
We have pickups for you Shannon Young Mercer Jennifer Johnston Price Brooklyn Hays Heather Russell Wilson
I am a San Francisco 49ers fan; I like Russell Wilson exponentially more than I do Colin Kaepernick. Always have, always will... That is all.
Happy Birthday Russell Wilson! I baked you a leather ESV Study Bible cake but I ate it all during my quiet time. But I was thinking of you the whole time and people tell me it's the thought that counts.
In light of Kaepernick's investigation, does this mean Russell Wilson will save a burning school bus full of nuns while delivering a baby today?
Man, two of the best young QBs are in the news today. These dudes just can't catch a break! Kaepernick is under investigation of a possibly nefarious incident in Florida. Russell Wilson... helped a kid with flesh eating bacteria in the hospital. So there's that. Awkward.
It any one wants to know the difference between the hawks and niners look no further than today's news. Lockette invites a couple niners over to drink and smoke. Nothing wrong with either, and Kaepernick had to take things to the next level and turn in to grandmaster touchy with passed out girls. Oh yah and it appears Russell Wilson and Sherman were invited as well but declined because they were too busy helping their communities.
On February 2nd, the world witnessed a lifelong dream become reality. Russell Wilson and the Seattle Seahawks went into the Big Game as underdogs and came ou...
Are you IN? Come support Richard Sherman's Blanket Coverage Foundation with the LOB, Coach Carroll, Russell Wilson and other Seattle sports greats at Safeco on 7/20. Tix go on sale Saturday, but pre-sale is happening now (password: RW25). Go Hawks!
All the Mariner tickets are sold. We sold 42 tickets! Woo-hoo. Marysville Middle School will get their name in lights too, I'll take a picture. Should be a fun game, first home game against the Rangers (maybe Russell Wilson will be hanging around somewhere). Thanks to everyone who purchased. Our tickets should be here next week. I will post for pick up when they arrive. Though this wasn't a "for profit" venture for PTSA, we appreciate all who participated and are thankful for a PTSA that promotes "Community" on AND off our campus!
But if one kid out of a hundred million Who are going through a struggle feels it and Relates, that's great, it's payback, Russell Wilson Falling way back in the draft, turn nothing into something, still can Make that, straw into gold chump, I will spin Rumpelstiltskin in a haystack-Eminem
This is my son's uncle cooking with Russell Wilson
Another reason why Russell Wilson is a better leader than Colin Kaepernick: Wilson would never be part of an investigation
"To be a Champion you have to live with a purpose." -Russell Wilson ➡️What's your purpose???⬅️ FitPrincessCyn
True or not, would you ever see an allegation of this nature about Russell Wilson?
Russell Wilson has demonstrated that he has all the tools to be an NFL caliber quarterback. Questions about his height will likely knock him into the late rounds of the 2012 NFL Draft, however.
Back and Forth, Single Life, She's Strange .Larry Blackmon who can't forget the lead singer for Cameo. He could pas for Seattle Superbowl Quarterbacks Dad Russell Wilson. Blackmon rocked BET's Video Soul back in the 80's. And who can forget Donnie Simpson who hosted that great show. "The 80's Rocked"
This article is so ridiculous! "Tannehill still has much to improve upon to be mentioned in the same breath as other young quarterbacks like Andrew Luck, Colin Kaepernick, Russell Wilson, Robert Griffin III or Cam Newton." How dare them compare Tannehill with RG3? Really?
Pick from this list of second tier young QBs: Newton, Tannehill, Dalton, Stafford, Russell Wilson, Kirk Cousins, Ryan …
I love the story of the Seahawks and the building of this team to Super Bowl Champions. Russell Wilson, QB taken...
Having dinner and a movie with Lharnie, Indyannah Bates-Saunders and Russell Wilson
Last night at the mariners home opener, a bunch of Seahawks showed up and Russell Wilson threw out the first pitch. This is what it was like.crazy loud
We were so excited to have Russell Wilson in our LAX Board Room!!
Only if Russell Wilson could see the awesome art
Johnny Manziel was compared to Russell Wilson by NFL Hall of Fame QB Roger Staubach, who also said he would take Manziel over Jadeveon Clowney.
Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson is no stranger to defensive ends on his blind side -- but he wasn't expecting this "photobomb" at the Final Four from J.J. Watt.
It was fun wearing my birthday gift, a Russell Wilson jersey, to Clint and Kris's as we had birthday supper with them last night. With some of the Hawks joining the Mariner's it was all very fun.however, Wilson didn't show a very good pitching arm :-)
Right now!!! Meet Clint Gresham, Super Bowl Champion long-snapper for the Seattle Seahawks, and watch "The Making of a Champion" staring several Seahawks players including Russell Wilson! GET HERE!!!
My Grandson "Russell Wilson Hein" born yesterday. Also my Granddaughter Adrian hanging with my daughter Paris Hein and Chris Hein .
SPORTS REALITY NUMBER 1NFL Teams don't "need" a great FRANCHISE quarterback to win a Super Bowl. For words' sake, I am defining a FRANCHISE quarterback as a starting quarterback that a team will have for at least five years without bringing in any quarterbacks to upgrade them (so guys like Jay Cutler and Tony Romo fall under the franchise quarterback label even if their production and abilities don't quite meet that of guys like Aaron Rodgers and Peyton Manning). In order to win the Super Bowl teams really need a number of impact players on defense more so than a great quarterback. Since 2006, the winner of the Super Bowl has true superstar quarterbacks only three of the past eight Super Bowls: 2006 Colts, 2009 Saints, 2010 Packers. Other Super Bowl winners have been quarterbacked by Eli Manning, Ben Roethlisberger, Joe Flacco, and Russell Wilson. All of those quarterbacks would be considered good to very good quarterbacks (with the possible exception of Big Ben) prior to their teams winning the Super Bow ...
I think I may start hating the NFL network as much as I hate ESPN! They are seriously asking if Johnny football will be better than Russell Wilson! Seriously? A SB winning QB and plays for the best MLB team on the planet!! Cmon man!
could be! Nobody thought Russell Wilson was gunna be any good in the NFL
Random thought of the day: Russell Wilson looks like a young Neil Degrasse Tyson.
Yes, he threw the opening pitch. Before that, on the same day, this is where Russell Wilson was hanging out. I have no doubt that it means a lot to those kids and families.
Unbelievably humbled and encouraged hearing Seattle Seahawk Derrick Coleman (who inspired the world as first ever deaf person playing on the offense of an NFL team, much less a Super Bowl Champion!) at the Lighthouse for the Blind Luncheon. He was interviewed by Deaf-Blind motivational speaker, AJ Granda. Wow!!! Just imagine lip-reading in the huddle with Russell Wilson!!!
Why can't other pro sports players be more like Russell Wilson?
Russell Wilson and Malcolm Smith talk with Jen Mueller prior to the Mariners home opener as the Seahawks are honored and throw out the first pitch.
Hoping I can get Russell Wilson to come down to the hospital to visit us since my son was named after him lol the nurses want to meet him too
Clemson QB Tajh Boyd isn't regarded as one of the top quarterbacks in the 2014 draft, but Curtis Conway believes he just might be the closest comparison this year to Russell Wilson.
Anyone care that Russell Wilson was the only Seahawks' player who didn't wear a Mariners' cap last night? Also thought one of his teammates or Pete Carroll should have thrown out the first pitch since Wilson threw one out for the Rangers last week. Go Cougs.
So I have a question... As awesome as Marshawn Lynch is, who would you like to have running the ball more with Russell Wilson.. Marshawn Lynch or Shaun Alexander
Russell Wilson threw the opening pitch at the M's home opener last night, which is the first time a Texas Ranger has thrown the opening pitch at a Mariners home game!
My friend Melissa with her son enjoyed a surprise visit from Russell Wilson while he is undergoing epilepsy monitoring in Seattle. Woo hoo!
Just watched the man, Russell Wilson, go through airport security.
Wait, isn't that our own Russell Wilson? Nice to see him at the Mariner's house, and not in Texas!
Russell Wilson has just three teams to go to complete the AL West first-pitch circuit.
Among Seahawks throwing out first pitch at game tonight: Russell Wilson, Malcolm Smith, Jermaine Kearse, Bobby …
Russell Wilson just described what it means "to be a champion every day."
Still thinking about how Kevin Hart, Drake, Common, Dwight Howard, Russell Wilson, AND Grant Hill were all at the game last night!
Is that Tony Romo looking over Russell Wilson's shoulder?
"Tony Romo Wanted Wisconsinto to win Final Four so did Russell Wilson and Aaron Rodgers
With regard to those who would rank Russell Wilson behind Tony Romo among NFL QBs: " I wouldn't let Romo park my car."
Drake, JJ Watt, Tony Romo, Russell Wilson, Johnny Manziel all at the Badger Kentucky game.
3 NFL QBs at the game supporting the Aaron Rodgers, Russell Wilson, and Tony Romo.
Wow. Russell Wilson about how his life changed after the Super Bowl - "Not much, honestly.. End of the day, it's all about my faith."
Nor rubbing it in but some big names in the house. Russell Wilson, tony Dorset, troy aikman, Roy Williams, LL cool J, dickie V, Christian L
*** Russell Wilson sure loves to humble brag
Just talked 2 Rangers GM Jon Daniels. Asked him why he drafted Russell Wilson and what his plans are 4 him. You'll hear it 2day on the show
Russell Wilson is dreaming big after winning the Super Bowl. »
Russell Wilson isn't going to settle for just being a Super Bowl winning quarterback. The Seattle Seahawks signal caller has his sights set on a much bolder distinction.
Deion is out of the picture and Russell Wilson hasn't done anything in baseball yet so you can't say that
bo Jackson, Herschel walker, Deion sanders, Russell Wilson, even Jameis Winston will be a better athlete
Tonight's outing was to the Texas Rangers game. Great fun with partners and IBMers. Also go to see Russell Wilson. Go Seahawks.
Seattle Seahawks head coach Pete Carroll pulls off an April Fool's prank by telling general manager John Schenider that quarterback Russell Wilson will be practicing with the Wisconsin basketball team.
Russell Wilson absolutely fired his first pitch on Wednesday
Photos: Russell Wilson throws out first pitch, Moreland's hair flows, Choo ...
Emily jones accidentally told Russell Wilson that the Rangers have treated him like justin bieber
Russell Wilson at Mavs game last night, at Rangers game tonight, going to Final Four Saturday. Who does he think he is?…
Did Emily Jones just say that the Rangers are treating Russell Wilson like Justin Bieber.
In an incredibly misguided statement, Emily Jones compares Russell Wilson to Justin Beiber. She should take the rest of the night off.
Anyone wanna cop this brand new Russell Wilson jersey??? retail was $135 I'll let it go for $80 PayPal invoice.
Russell Wilson is underrated with that great defense and Ed Reed/Ray Lewis arent walking through that door either! Lol
Seattle Seahawks The Seahawks play straightforward offense. They're going to run the ball relentlessly, and their wide receivers' stats won't overwhelm. Losing Golden Tate can be offset by Doug Baldwin and Jermaine Kearse's improvement, while Percy Harvin's return to health will make Russell Wilson's passing game more dynamic over the middle. The ceiling on Harvin's volume may be capped by Seattle's run-heavy commitment -- Seattle has finished 32nd and 31st in pass attempts through two seasons with Wilson as its starter -- but Percy will offer plenty of WR2/3 fantasy appeal. And keep an eye on second-year TE Luke Willson, a quietly integral part of this passing offense. At 6-foot-5 3/8, 251, Willson is a freak athletically. His 4.51 forty-yard dash, 38-inch vertical, 10-foot-2 broad jump, and 4.29 short shuttle would've ranked second, second, third, and third among tight ends at this year's Combine. Seattle's running game is a much more reliable source of fantasy scoring, though, and I think there are som ...
I'd like to see Brad Miller spend some time with Russell Wilson. Do McClendon and PETECARROLL do lunch?
Alfred Morris = Andrew Luck > Russell Wilson > RG3. Just my opinion on who deserved ROTY that year
Russell Wilson just announced he is done with football, ( accomplished his goals) he's pursuing a baseball contract with the Texas Rangers.WTH? Worst day ever!
Chris Broussard is reporting that LeBron wants to attend training camp with a NFL team this summer. Says LeBron was inspired by Russell Wilson who attended spring training with the Rangers in March. Broussard says the Heat knows about LeBron's wish and that it won't affect his contract status this summer. They have been assured that he is not retiring from the NBA to play another sport full time like MJ. Should be an interesting July and August.
Seahawks coach Pete Carroll: QB Russell Wilson is still 'just developing' - (blog)
The Texas Rangers have announced that Super Bowl winning, Seattle Seahawks starting quarterback Russell Wilson will throw the ceremonial first pitch before Wednesday's game against the Philadelphia Phillies at Globe Life Park in Arlington.
Russell Wilson signs major league contract with the Texas Rangers. will make debut tonight.
Russell Wilson will throw first pitch before Wednesday's Rangers-Phillies game. Likely to be best Texas pitching perform…
Russell Wilson to throw first pitch at game Wednesday.
Russell Wilson will not be throwing a football from the space needle to Doug Baldwin below, Doug has hands but the ball would hit at 176mph
Russell Wilson to throw football from atop the Space Needle to an awaiting Doug Baldwin below for charity.
Someone just made the argument at work that Doug Flutie didn't succeed in the NFL because of his height. Two words... Russell Wilson.
These 3 QBs were all drafted by an team:. -Tom Brady . -Russell Wilson . -Colin Kaepernick
I call Post-Superbowl-Bandwagon-Bull on the NFL's bracket for current greatest QB. So between Russell Wilson, Tom Brady, Aaron Rodgers, and Peyton Manning; who do you think is the greatest?
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Russell Wilson is the Bryant Gumbel of African American quarterbacks.
Russell Wilson, Super Bowl MVP Malcolm Smith, Bobby Wagner, K.J. Wright, Jermaine Kearse and more to participate in pregame presentation and ceremonial first pitch.
Russell Wilson became the first black QuarterBack to win a Super Bowl since Doug Williams. (1980) I think that's the year.
12TM PPR Got an offer of Doug Martin & 1st RD Lottery Pick (could be 1.01-1.06) for Russell Wilson and 2.08
Hey Mercedes Benz of Tacoma, Russell Wilson sent me and he said send the bill to him. I know right? Super nice guy. I like silver.
we will have enough to keep everyone. Earl Thomas Richard Sherman Russell Okung and Russell Wilson. That's why were losing FA
I wouldn't do it if it impacted Seattle losing Richard Sherman, Russell Wilson and Earl Thomas. Seattle has priorities
The fact the people picked Russell Wilson as a better QB than Peyton Manning is pretty bad. People really are stupid af
UPSET ALERT: Russell Wilson is at it again... Greatest QB of All-Time: Round II. VOTE:
To this day, Russell Wilson still aches from this Robert Quinn hit.
Russell Wilson Hey, we love Russell Wilson, but we can't put him above any of the others on this list, because the Seattle Seahawks signal-caller has played just two years in the league. That said, he might have logged the best start to a career ever. Wilson is the only QB in NFL history to post a 100-plus passer rating in each of his first two seasons -- and he's already won a Super Bowl. Dan Marino is really the only quarterback you could argue was better out of the gate. Cool fact: Wilson is the 11th quarterback taken in the third round or later to win the Super Bowl. The others: Bart Starr, Johnny Unitas, Roger Staubach, Joe Montana, Joe Theismann, Jeff Hostetler, Mark Rypien, Kurt Warner, Tom Brady and Brad Johnson.
If I were an NFL GM or Coach and I needed a QB, I'd draft Texas A&M's Johnny Manziel with my number one pick. Unlike Tim Tebow, Manziel can throw the football among his other ablilities. He's a play-maker. I watched some of his "Pro Day" extravaganza today. Considering what Russell Wilson's done in Seattle, it would be a "no-brainer" for me. Manziel reminds me of Wilson today and is a carbon-copy of Minnesota Vikings legend Fran Tarkenton. For those of you asking "who's Fran Tarkenton?" I would advise you to go to YouTube. That is all.
, Russell Wilson tremendous at self-preservation in-game, college and pro. Can Manziel really transform that way?…
Since ESPN is covering it, I thought I would see what everyone else thinks. Football wise, is Johnny Manziel the next Tim Tebow or a flashy Russell Wilson?
Russell Wilson is not better than Aaron Rodgers 😐
I love both of them, but Russell Wilson isn't better than Aaron Rodgers. Sorry not sorry
If the fans vote Russell Wilson over Aaron Rodgers they are dumb lol
Russell Wilson already took down Peyton Manning and now he's beating Aaron Rodgers 62%-38% in Round 2.
Russell Wilson to attend NC State's spring game, where No. 16 will be honored
Colin Kaepernick and Russell Wilson will meet Sunday in the NFC Championship game in Seattle, and while the game won't generate the interest that Brady vs. Manning will, here's a subplot that some ...
this is a pretty specific stat. i.e. TDs in SB 48: Russell Wilson: 2, Colin Kaepernick: 0
NFL's "Greatest QB of All-Time" bracket had Russell Wilson beating Peyton Manning and right now he's beating Aaron Rodgers. I have a feeling their IQ is 10. Russell Wilson is in his SECOND YEAR and you're calling him the greatest? Donkey balls.
Russell Wilson, is a devoted Christian & one of my favorite idols, playing an admirable rookie quarterback! I bought me 3 Nike Seattle Seahawks Wilson jerseys in white, Split Blue White color and blue at to enjoy my favorite sport - Football. During latest 2013 season, Russell Wilson led the Seahawks to our first Super Bowl win in the team's 38-year history. Love you Wilson!
Why was Russell Wilson in the shortlist for greatest quarter-back of all time?? He's had a good year but bloody ***
ICYMI: moving on mega-deal for Kaepernick, which will set table for Russell Wilson next season.
Hasselbeck Tavaris Jackson Charlie Whitehurst Natt Flynn Russell Wilson, which one was Pete Carroll married to? Checkmate Sharpe
Russell Wilson beats out Peyton Manning? “Round II: Who is the Greatest QB of All-time? "
Russell Wilson beat out Peyton Manning in a Greatest QB of All Time poll. I'm so done with society
Seriously this guy!! God bless Russell Wilson. Not just 4 show this guy XLVIX
This. His playing ability aside, THIS is what separates Russell Wilson from most players in the league. Supremely talented, articulate, intelligent, kind, selfless, dedicated, hard working and HUMBLE. He should be the yardstick by which other players are measured.
More professional athletes need to be like Russell Wilson.
I can't believe people are comparing russell wilson to trent dilfer and brad johnson . Check if they have had the first 2 years russ has.
Russell Wilson Super Bowl Jersey female XXL for sale
I'm sorry but, how in the *** did Russell Wilson beat out Peyton friggin Manning. Seahawks bandwagoners dont have any football smarts
Brett and Peyton lost to Rich Gannon and Russell Wilson respectively. This is now the dumbest thing I have ever seen. Start over.
Russell Wilson should even be in this yet alone in te second round bunch of crap seattle fans just voted for him. He's not that good
Peyton Manning & Namath out in the first round? Russell Wilson knocks out Peyton? Do you think people are taking this seriously?
Actor Kevin Connolly probably didn't think he needed a stunt double to catch a few passes from Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson on the set of the "Entourage" movie. And the scene probably was fun, getting to play with the Super Bowl-winning quarterback, until Connolly broke his leg in two places.
Kevin Budhram Since when is russell wilson better than peyton?
Why did the NFL make a best QB of all-time bracket if people were stupid enough to pick Russell Wilson over Peyton Manning?
Could y'all believe the Superbowl winning QB Russell Wilson make under a million a year I just found out myself
Kevin Connolly played football with Russell Wilson on the set of Entourage and broke his leg earlier this week...
Now im not sure how it works but did i just here Russell Wilson beat Peyton Manning on the "nfl" QB goat list. you gotta be kidding me
I don't mind Jon Huntsman, but I was really hoping Russell Wilson would be the speaker. Huntsman is still a great man and speaker.
The fact that Russell Wilson is even in the greatest QB of all time bracket isn't accurate at all   10% Off
Russell Wilson REALLY beat Peyton in 's greatest qb of all time?! That is the dumbest thing i have ever seen, wow
How is Russell Wilson even on this. He's not that good let alone greatest ever material.
Very disappointed that Jon Huntsman is the UW-Madison commencement speaker. Was hoping UW would make some noise and bring in Russell Wilson.
So has been doing this "March Madness" bracket that allows people to vote for the GREATEST QB ever, so yea Russell Wilson took down Peyton Manning. Now I know I'm pro Tom Brady in the Brady/Manning battle but com'on RUSSEL WILSON!?
Lol in the "Greatest QB of all time" bracket, Russell Wilson beat Peyton Manning. SMH the bandwagon is real. People are so stupid
Honestly, I stopped paying any attention to it once I saw Russell Wilson was even on that bracket.
How any bracket where Russell Wilson is voted a better QB than Peyton can be continued is funny to me. Gannon better than Favre too!
60% of people to vote in bracket voted for Russell Wilson over Peyton Manning and Rich Gannon over Brett Favre.
I find it ridiculous how Russell Wilson beat Peyton Manning on the "greatest qb of all time" brackets.
Russell Wilson has been historically better than Peyton Manning. I officially give up on NFL "fans."
Russell Wilson is no doubt a good QB, but when the NFL is actually considering putting him in a contest for "Greatest QB of ALL TIME", The NFL has completely jumped the shark.
this whole thing is moronic. What semi intelligent football fan would vote Russell Wilson over Peyton I don't care who won the SB
How could possibly argue saying that Russell Wilson is a better all time QB than Peyton Manning?
.Russell Wilson beat Peyton Manning!? Bwa! So much for the validity of this poll!
y'all are down bad for really letting the fans pick Russell Wilson over Peyton and Rich Gannon over Brett Favre. Let's be real here
I just added Russell Wilson to the Madden NFL 25 Auction House! You know you need him.
Pre Season is when backups have a chance to shine. Pre Season is how Russell Wilson earned his job. Done arguing with ignorance
Russell Wilson is such a great professional. Giving thanks to god first.
Hate it when ppl say "the next Russell Wilson" theres only ONE Russell Wilson folks!!
Colin plz check out NFL Films documentary on Russell Wilson and Phish. Even with your phish stereotypes I think u will like it
God bless you Russell Wilson, you're very sweet person!
My wonky thought process: While listening to "It's Not Unusal" (hey, it's a classic - don't judge...), I automatically think of Carleton (Fresh Prince), which gets me thinking about Russell Wilson. Now I'm thinking football. Oh, and I'm wearing Seahawks colors! Poor work, they lost me for the rest of the day - my focus is shot...
Entourage movie coming out in June 2015??! Yes please. Also, Russell Wilson broke Kevin Connollys leg in two places during filming... go get em
didn't hurt Russell Wilson. Actually helped by getting him to Wisconsin for a year.
E from Entourage breaks his leg in half trying to catch a pass from Russell Wilson
please list 10 to 14 qbs better than Russell Wilson in the NFL.
a taller version of Russell Wilson.
You have to be kidding me. Russell Wilson beat Peyton Manning in round one!? How many NFL fans out there actually remember anything prior to the SuperBowl.. How the *** do you rank a guy with two seasons under his belt higher than one of the most decorated QBs (record 5 time MVP) of all time. Jesus Christ I am baffled. I was excited for this bracket, but it now means nothing to me. Way to fail NFL and "fans".
Why Russell Wilson is so easy to root for. An actual person
Kaepernick needa get a ring first before he talks about gettin paid.bcuz russell wilson deserves that first.
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Hey everyone I still have 43 tickets available. It's getting close to the event date and I will soon need to let the restaurant know a head count to order food. If you would like to join the event it's $25.00 adult and $10.00 for kids 10 and under. If you want to be in on the gun raffle or the silent auction that includes the signed Seahawks official football signed by Russell Wilson then you have to purchase a ticket. Please notify me and let me know if you want a ticket ASAP
N.C. State honoring Russell Wilson, Mario Williams - Wilson, the quarterback of the...
“E breaks his leg on set playing football with Russell Wilson
Beat out by Russell Wilson. Seriously tho, what a joke of a bracket.
This guy (might be the only grad who wanted Jon Huntsman to speak instead of Russell Wilson
Almost just touched Russell Wilson on The Ave today - week made!!
Don’t Block The Blessings – 5 Thoughts To Avoid In our quest for success, sometimes we take on thoughts or ideas that may actually slow our flow. Let’s look at them and the ways we can go beyond them to continue a successful path to our dreams. 1. “I must be perfect.” You can’t be perfect and you’re not expected to be. Perfectionism is not necessary for success, as a matter of fact. It’s the thrill of the chase that makes your quest exciting. And if you were perfect and did everything perfect, you would never want to take a risk or strive to be better. Consider this: some of the greatest inventors in the world – from George Washington Carver to Steve Jobs – were not perfect. Many of them, in fact, failed many times before reaching some pinnacle of success. Don’t strive to be perfect – strive to reach your dreams. 2. “I’m not good enough.” That’s the other side of the coin, and it’s a common thought among many achievers. But you have to overcome that. You can do that by th ...
To be fair, here's a video clip of Russell Wilson (QB for Seattle Seahawks) talking about his Christian faith. Wow! This Superbowl will be amazing.
Russell Wilson is an amazing person. He is always at children's hospital giving.
This is absolutely ridiculous... I love my Seahawks and I love Russell Wilson but how in the *** does a player going into his third year beat Peyton Manning. Also how does a player like Rich Gannon beat the NFL's all time leader in touchdowns and yards! I was hoping this would be a cool little fan vote but these people obviously don't understand the meaning of greatest of all time
I wish Russell Wilson could fill in for Jurickson Profar for the next couple months
I’m friends with the monster that’s under my bed Get along with the voices inside of my head You trying to save me, stop holding your breath And you think I’m crazy, yeah, you think I’m crazy I wanted the fame, but not the cover of Newsweek Oh well, guess beggers can’t be choosey Wanted to receive attention for my music Wanted to be left alone, public excuse me Been wanting my cake, and eat it too, for wanting it both ways Fame made me a balloon cause my ego inflated When I blew seep it was confusing Cause all I wanted to do is be the Bruce Lee of loose leaf Abused ink, used it as a tool when I blew steam, wooh Hit the lottery, oh wee With what I gave up to get was bittersweet It was like winning a huge meet Ironic cause I think I’m getting so huge I need a shrink I’m beginning to lose sleep: one sheep, two sheep Going cucko and cooky as Kool Keith But I’m actually weirder than you think Cause I’m [Hook] Well, that’s not fair Well, that’s not fair [Verse 2: Eminem] Now I ain’t much ...
"The separation is in the preparation." - Russell Wilson
Career Day at Skyline High School: With Russell Wilson and District Attorney Watkins. Topic - Career By Choice or Career by Consequences.
Todd McShay says poor accuracy and decision-making offset Jake Locker’s best qualities. Locker is much more accurate under crisis and when he’s on the run than when he’s inside the pocket when things are clear and the picture is clear too, says McShay. If Teddy Bridgewater is available when the 11th pick arrives, McShay would have no issue with the Titans tabbing him. That may not be their plan but plans have to shift on draft day based on what unfolds. Kiper thinks the Titans are at a major crossroads. Beyond Locker, they have a laundry list of names that are at a point where we’ll find out if they’re decent or can make the jump to very good. The Titans' roster is better than a lot of people give the team credit for, says McShay. It comes down to the quarterback as it does in so many situations. “If you put Andrew Luck with this team, you’d be talking about a potential Super Bowl team,” McShay said. McShay seems higher on the Titans overall than Kiper is. There are some similarities to th ...
Thanks Seattle Seahawks for the great year last year and also thank you so much for the $11 per seat per game ticket increase for next season. Hopefully with all the extra money you are getting from us fans you will add some more bathrooms or lower beer prices or something. Oh still need to pay Earl Thomas, Richard Sherman and Russell Wilson.
Jared Allen has signed with the Chicago Bears a 4 years, 32 million, 15.5 million guaranteed deal. Am I a bit disappointed? Maybe a little bit... Though realistically looking at the situation we most likely offered him 50% of what he got on his new contract. Not over paying for Jared Allen we now have the chance to extend Earl Thomas, Richard Sherman, and Russell Wilson. Proud of our front office for managing the money right and looking towards the future. What are your thoughts? -dd
I'd like to thank Russell Wilson for the excellent! Job he did on my lawn care.
ESPN First Take's Stephen A. Smith and Skip Bayless discuss former 2-sport athlete Bo Jackson comments on Russell Wilson to stick with football, not baseball.
Funniest joke I heard in a while Russell Wilson is a better QB than Cam Newton & Andrew Luck. Wow is all I can say other than this dude really don't know football as well as he thinks lol.
Disappointed that the Seahawks didn't land Jared Allen - but if 4 years/$32 million is what it was gonna take to do so, I'm *GLAD* they didn't. They have three huge contracts coming down the pike in the next couple of years: Sherman, Earl Thomas, and Russell Wilson. Sad to say, but I think that only two of those three at best will be on the team in 2015. They can't tie up that much of their salary cap space in three players AND field a Super Bowl quality team. (Don't forget that they're going to have to get Russell Okung signed to a new deal, too)
If the Texans pick Johnny Manziel, next season I'll jump on the band wagon and become a Seahawks fan. Only because Russell Wilson is a Ranger. (Ish) I dislike Manziel that much.
Russell Wilson has to be the greatest guy/qb like all he does is care about his fans, and the man has a Super Bowl like, my hat goes off to this guy!!
Hey University of Wisconsin-Madison, hows bout we change the commencement speaker to Russell Wilson or JJ Watt? Leaders with service backgrounds whom people actually want to listen to.
By popular demand: In-person registration this Saturday from 12:30-2:30 pm at Renton High School practice field. Last chance for in-person registration to get the $100 price. There are still a few FREE Russell Wilson camp spots too...
NFL is doing their own bracket where fans can vote on the quarterbacks in the bracket to find out who the fans think is the greatest quarterback of all time. And I lost all faith in humanity when Russell Wilson beat Peyton Manning.
"This guy was wired differently. He already had a professional athlete's mentality; he was also a professional human being." Mark Rogers on Russell Wilson
you know a good man when you see one... God bless you Russell Wilson
I find myself pretty indifferent about Jared Allen’s decision to sign with the Bears. While he would have been a nice piece to have in our DL rotation and an upgrade from Clemmons, it was clear from the beginning that he was all about money and ego, and I had big reservations about bringing a guy like that into our locker room. From a salary cap standpoint, we’ve unloaded bloated contracts of guys over 30 (Browner, Bryant and Clemmons) and let go some unreliable characters in Thurmond and Browner. Sometimes you win in free agency by not overspending in a given year. The 3 guys I would have liked to have kept were McDonald, Tate and Brenno. Of those 3, Tate was the guy who held the most value and whose deal I thought was justifiable for the Seahawks. With at least $53 million to spend in 2015, we could have easily fit him under the cap. McDonald and Giacommini got way too much for their value to us, so they had to go. From a football standpoint, it would have been nice to have Allen’s 11.5 sacks to a ...
Russell Wilson will be making a cameo appearance in the upcoming Entourage Movie!
Free Shipping with Free Returns - Baseball Rampage
Kevin Connolly is on Dan Patrick explaining how he broke his leg catching passes from Russell Wilson ... He is sooo lucky Wahlberg and the real had just left, because if Mark or MaWk saw that, E would never live it down
This has to be a joke... holds a "Greatest QB of All Time" and Peyton Manning doesn't make it past the first round!? How many hater are out there, apparently a lot! Russell Wilson makes it? LMAO... Dan Marino, who never won a SB makes it, and only ever led his team to one!? Truly, this needs to be just taken down, haters will be haters and apparently, with all the NFL records under his belt, and 3 SBs (Elway is still in and was 2-3 in the big game), he's not better than Russell Wilson or any of the others who made it through? Get rid of this sham of a poll, it's ludicrous.
My *** Russell Wilson play for the Texas Rangers
Andy Rodman Russell Wilson is definitely better than Peyton Manning. It's on the bracket bro.
Actor Kevin Connolly broke his leg while filming a football scene with Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson for the upcoming Entourage movie, according to People. Despite...
If you know it's for you, pursue it. They told Russell Wilson he was too small to play quarterback. Then he won the 2014 Super Bowl! "...You must back up your ambition by your whole nature, by unbounded enthusiasm and a determination to win which knows no failure. ” Orison Swett Marden (1850-1924); author, publisher
My Nephew Jay is in the Hosiptal again for his CF and he had a highlight yesterday Seahawks Russell Wilson came by to see him.
So there's a greatest qb of all time vote and Russell Wilson beat Peyton Manning in the first round. Ya right. Shows how much people actually know about football
I was just reading the Yahoo article about Mr. Russell Wilson little accident with KC from Entourage. I am not much of a football fan, but now that I know Russell, his passion and work, and most of all that He knows Jesus, I am a big fan!!
How could Russell Wilson make the list and Peyton not?
My news feed is so much better with Russell Wilson in it. He is doing life right.
NC STATE is gonna honor Russell Wilson! How they gonna do that when they let him go?!
Who says there are no role models in the NFL? Russell Wilson is a World Champion, a follower of Jesus Christ and a man after God's own heart. LOVE this guy! :)
On of the NFL players that care the most about children that are in the hospital is Russell Wilson
This is why Russell Wilson will be one of the greatest!!
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Former Asheville Tourists player Russell Wilson is shooting to the top of the NFL. From the baseball diamond to the gridiron, he now has video.
Russell Wilson: "This is truly an amazing honor and I am looking forward to being back in Raleigh and Carter-Finley Stadium."
Russell Wilson: "The roar of the Wolfpack Nation still rings in my ear from memorable wins against FSU and UNC!"
star Kevin Connolly breaks his leg catching passes from Seahawks QB Russell Wilson: http…
I've talked myself into the idea that Russell Wilson is trying to destroy from inside.
A pass from Seahawks QB Russell Wilson to 'Entourage' star Kevin Connolly ended with a broken leg for Connolly:
'Entourage' actor Kevin Connolly broke his leg in two places playing football on set with Russell Wilson:
Money disputes couldn’t stop the Entourage movie from going forward and neither can Kevin Connolly breaking his leg. The actor broke his left leg in two places Wednesday while playing football on set in Miami with Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson, I’ve learned. The accident, which Connoll...
Youre out of your mind if you think Russell Wilson, or Phillip Rivers are better QBs then Tom Brady.
I haven't cut my hair since the Super Bowl. I'm like the anti Russell Wilson.
Jurickson Profar out 10-12 weeks with torn muscle. Russell Wilson time? . .
Rich Gannon winning anything doesn't make sense, let alone beating Brett Favre in a Greatest Quarterback of all time contest. Also, how is Russell Wilson ranked higher than Eli Manning? Not being a homer, just doesn't make sense. Nor does Wilson being in this list at all make sense. One more thing, Terry Bradshaw threw only one 300+ yard game in his career and it was in a Super Bowl, why is he ranked in his group? If the Final Four aren't Brett Favre, Tom Brady, Peyton Manning, and Dan Marino (or Johnny U), then this contest is a fallacy.
NFL fans are stupid if Eli Manning is better than Tom Brady, and Russell Wilson is better than Peyton Manning, and Ben roethlisberger I better than drew brees. What are these people voting thinking? So far in the bracket, all three will be eliminated in the first round. A joke
PIC: and I. Former Univ of Wisconsin QB (oh, and he won the 2014 Super Bowl!) Russell Wilson & I
In GSWarriors Owners room at halftime, and who shows up? Seattle Seahawks QB (and former WBadger QB) Russell Wilson: nice guy!
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how are Phil Rivers and Russell Wilson even on this list?!
Seattle Seahawks wide receiver Jermaine Kearse catches a pass from quarterback Russell Wilson and runs it 23 yards for a TD against the Denver Broncos in Super Bowl XLVIII.
Ight first year winning the Super Bowl whose better Terry Bradshaw and the "Steel Curtain" or Russell Wilson and "Thee Legion of Boom" ?
One of the neat things about being an American Family Agent is I get to learn a lot about my favorite quarterback, Russell Wilson. Here is one video that he had to come to a cross road of leaving one dream to open the door to another dream of winning a Super Bo...mission accomplished.
Just saw Russell Wilson on stage with the Lombardi trophy
Karina got to stand in between Russell Wilson and Jermaine Kearse with the Super Bowl trophy! So…
I just cried when I saw Russell Wilson.
I get to see Russell Wilson today. I'm gonna die. 😍
"The Als also have quarterbacks Tim Tebow and Russell Wilson on their negotiation list" via
Smh how do you put Russell Wilson and Phillip Rivers over Eli all time? Wilson only played 2 years and Rivers trash
you seriously put Phillip Rivers and Russell Wilson on the list? You guys are a joke.
If troy smith woulda got drafted into the same situation as Russell Wilson, the results would be the same, if not better
too many comparisons to Russell Wilson. More likely comparable is Matt leinart...head is in the wrong place.
Yes I am a big Aaron Murray fan. I think he's going to be like Russell Wilson.
Russell Wilson has come a long way from beating rival UNC three straight times to winning the Super Bowl.
Breast Cancer Awareness
Earl Thomas, Richard Sherman, and Russell Wilson will command close to 30 mil a year between the 3 of them
“Report: Russell Wilson to appear in 'Entourage' movie
Russell Wilson and Earl Thomas care more than most about being the best to ever play their position/sport. Cherish that about them!
to the HUGE contracts that Earl Thomas, Richard Sherman and Russell Wilson are going to require...
=)) Russell Wilson and Tom Brady Spotted on the Set of the 'Entourage' Movie: Winning...
Not quite understanding how this is "football" news, movie news, maybe! MT"Report: Russell Wilson to appear in 'Ent…
okay, well we'll see if you're still saying that when Julius Peppers and Clay Matthews double team Russell Wilson. 😏
Did some research. Guys that went after coach's son Keaton in 2007 MLB draft include Craig Kimbrel, Russell Wilson and Golden Tate.
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