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Russell Wilson

Russell Wilson (born November 29, 1988) is an American football quarterback, formerly with the Wisconsin Badgers football team.

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U nailed it. Cleveland coach is really dumb. Manziel is like Russell Wilson - Pete Carroll saw the potential reaped reward
Russell Wilson: Dez Bryant, one of NFL's 'good guys,' didn't taunt ...
Russell Wilson defends Dez Bryant: 'Dez Bryant is one of the good guys in the league'
2012: "Colin Kaepernick is better than Russell Wilson". 2013: "Theyre equals". 2014: "RW is better". 2015: "Blaine Gabbert…
I like Bortles. Just can't put him ahead of Russell Wilson, Derek Carr, or Cam Newton yet andJameis Winston has higher upside.
Russell Wilson asked about Dez Bryant on the show:
Just picked him up for Russell Wilson's bye week. Wilson may be my Wally Pipp if he plays well.
dudes now said that Russell Wilson is mediocre and Tony Romo ***
Russell Wilson already been to 2 Super Bowls Aaron Rodgers won one and Big Ben won 2 all when they were younger then 30
Russell Wilson's ankle-tackle of Greg Hardy probably saved the game for the Seahawks.
Russell Wilson praises Alvin Bailey for stepping in and playing well at left tackle. Held his own against Greg Hardy.
Also, I now understand why everyone hates the Seahawks and Russell Wilson.
Russell Wilson drafted AFTER Brandon Weeden in 2013. Let that sink in for a while.
Russell Wilson out there runnin for his life
Barry Church with a near pick... Russell Wilson way off target
Greg Hardy tips Russell Wilson's pass, comes up with interception. Cowboys' first takeaway since Week 2.
Laptop insurance - because accidents happen!
Great job by Cowboys LB Anthony Hitchens, whose pressure of Russell Wilson forced an incompletion. SEA FG makes it 3-0 Seahawks early.
Russell Wilson or Ben R.? Can we trust Big Ben to play to his full potential, or will the injury be too much to overcome?
Eastlake has done what it has needed on offense to stay in this. Mark Whitley resembling Russell Wilson with some of his scrambling.
Ima be mad as *** if the Seahawks/cowboys game not on TV. Greg Hardy, Dez Bryant, Richard Sherman, Russell Wilson. That's must see TV lol
I feel like Vernon Adams Jr plays like Russell Wilson but Ten Times Better!!
One day imma find my Russell Wilson
Russell Wilson: Most popular based on merchandise sales
I hope you're right man but I have Russell Wilson on my bench. ***
Russell Wilson tells Dallas media he's been to Cowboys' stadium once: to see his former Wisconsin in 2014 Final Four
I am also trying to fulfill my daddy's bucket wish list of wanting to meet Russell Wilson n Richard Sherman from the Seattle Seahawks.
Russell Wilson in NFL jersey sales to both men and women. Richard Sherman among defensive players.
Seahawks QB Russell Wilson: Christine Michael going to was &tough ... ...
Seahawks QB Russell Wilson: Christine Michael going to Cowboys was 'a tough loss for us'
Seattle’s Russell Wilson once again tops NFL merchandise sales; five other Seahawks in top 50...
Great, one more mouth for Russell Wilson to feed ahead of Jimmy Graham. 😕
Russell Wilson and Ciara channel supposed sexual frustration into costume party:
There's a cop at my work who looks like Russell Wilson 😍😊
Also, the numbers are not the same. Russell Wilson almost at 70% completion, with more TDs, yards + he's under MORE pressure.
Would you trade Andy Dalton, Matt Forte and Julius Thomas for Russell Wilson, Julio Jones and Danny Woodhead?
SPOTTED: Ciara and Russell Wilson fighting in the street: According to MTO, Ciara and her Sea...
New YouTube video: "Russell Wilson drops in dime to Tyler Lockett for 43-yard TD"
Russell Wilson had 13 fantasy points in the first quarter last night. He finished with points in 3 quarters. Time to trade.
Inspiring quote of the day from Little League grad and QB, Russell Wilson.
amendola and Russell Wilson for lucka bye week
Chris Rock said that Ciara to Russell Wilson from Future is a Carl Lewis jump. 😂 my man said Usain Bolt can't make that jump.
.also said he might change his Matt Ryan choice to Tony Romo, if he were healthy. Russell Wilson was 2nd choice behind Luck.
from here on out Russell Wilson should be ranked below Matt Cassel & Jameis Winston until he proves otherwise. He is awful
Russell Wilson is good, but the Seahawks go as Marshawn Lynch goes. IMO, Lynch deserved the big time contract.
VIDEO: Russell Wilson connects with Tyler Lockett on a 43-yard bomb TD
And don't compare him to Russell Wilson..he's 5'9. When he tuck & run, he gets super low & it's almost impossible to tackle him
Russell Wilson & Colin Kaepernick have seen more sacks tonight than Kendall Jenner & Kylie Jenner saw on graduation nig…
Russell Wilson ain't been the same on the field ever since he got with Ciara ..
Russell Wilson is doing his best Sam Bradford tonight. I've been saying for 2 years can have Russell Wilson as some next level qb. He's good. Not great.
Russell Wilson playing like Golden Tate sent him selfies of his girl
I seem to remember a certain column about Russell Wilson and his little turnover problem.
I hope Russell Wilson is not turning into a Jay Cutler man... 2 awful picks 😒😒😒.
Russell Wilson making some terrible decisions here as of the past 3 possessions
At this point, Russell Wilson has 432 fewer passing yards that Philip Rivers did Sunday. A little better? :)
What a beauty of a throw there by Russell Wilson
And playing on Levi’s field. ZING. AND seeing Russell Wilson throw the ball to Malcolm Butler. ZING AGAIN.
Russell Wilson still never beat Clemson tho
Jimmy Graham should be a ghost for Halloween cause Russell Wilson has been treating him like one all season.
Russell Wilson is hard to bring down? No, he's hard to catch. There's a difference
"Taking the field now Seahawks Russell Wilson and 49ers Colin Kaepernick, also known as not Russell Wilson" - Rich Eisen
Russell Wilson should not be giving the pre-game pep talk... About as intense as James Lipton.
I think I just saw a clip of Anthony McCoy catching a TD pass from Russell Wilson. He has yet to catch a pass for in 5 weeks here
Russell Wilson needs to abuse the San Fran defense
Bill Cowher just said Russell Wilson has never lost 3 straight games, but he has if you overlap the Super Bowl with this year's 0-2 start.
Alright Cro try to get Russell Wilson to cuz not even fuhking Ciara so be on him the whole game
Would you trade Lamar Miller & Russell Wilson for Andrew Luck? Have Dion Lewis & Gurley as starting RB's in a PPR league.
Russell Wilson has NEVER beaten a team that has scored more than 25 points against him. 0-11.
Russell Wilson as a high school QB in Virginia 🔥🔥🔥. vs. tonight on
Colin Kaepernick vs. Russell Wilson to stay out of NFC West basement - via App
Matt Ryan or Russell Wilson this week? standard
Would you trade Sam Bradford, Fletcher Cox, and Malcolm Jenkins for Russell Wilson?
should I trade Eli, Witten, and Travis Benjamin for Russell Wilson, Morris, Megatron, and Lockett in a PPR trade?
Matt Ryan or Russell Wilson ? (I have lynch and graham starting too)
I don't know, I thought this Russell Wilson guy was supposed to be the next big thing
Who should I start this week? Teddy Bridgewater or Russell Wilson!
Next up in news: Russell Wilson goes on bender in Tijuana with Hauschka & Ryan.
Seems really weird that Lynch is only 3 years older than his QB Russell Wilson.
Replace stephen A with Russell Wilson and this my list
I been on the Russell Wilson bashing ever since he came in the L. He is a better version of Alex Smith. Can't rely on him to win you games
Chalk Talk with Russell Wilson sacked after he misses corner blitz
Made a trade in my one league. I gave Russell Wilson and Jimmy Graham . And I got Peyton Manning and Greg Olsen now I got manning-DT combo💪🏻
FUN FACT: Russell Wilson has been sacked 26 times this year. Ryan Fitzpatrick? ONLY TWO TIMES.
Per Panthers DT Kawann Short had six pressures (2 sacks) vs Russell Wilson. Ryan Delaire did not have a sack, but h…
After taking 4 more sacks Sunday, no one has been sacked more than Russell Wilson this season:
Seattle traded for Matt Flynn and gave him a fat pay check and then benched him in favor of a rookie 3rd round Russell Wilson.
My take on Russell Wilson getting paid: Might be a bad idea. But I'll tell you what, put Matt Flynn back in the position where Wilson is.
Seattle Seahawks BEG Russell Wilson to dump Ciara after losing another game (via
Tim Tebow reacts to Russell Wilson and Ciara's vow of celibacy, wishes them luck .
Russell Wilson on offense for u ..u need to worry about earl Thomas Richard Sherman and Bobby Wagner those
You just know Russell Wilson is listening to Pat Boone on his headphones in that Bose commercial.
Seahawks are now 28-3 at home with Russell Wilson as quarterback
The is really it's very real. A pair of Gucci flip flops can only break the curse for Russell Wilson and the…
I don't think Russell Wilson gets as much scrutiny as Cam or Teddy.
Man, Russell Wilson doesn't count as far as the unjustified scrutiny, Teddy definitely does. i.e. his pro day.
Here's a live shot of Russell Wilson
Malcolm Butler legit broke Russell Wilson. There's no other way to explain it
Another pair of Gucci flip flops will be waiting in Russell Wilson's locker
Russell Wilson makes being Alex Smith look so much cooler than Alex Smith does
Keep thinking Russell Wilson is a more mobile Alex Smith good luck with that contract.
Not sure who is worse, Russell Wilson or Sherman
The Panthers about to blitz Russell Wilson like crazy
We need to strap up the Gucci Flip-Flops and go stomp on Russell Wilson.
he's the one Russell Wilson passed to in the Super Bowl that led to Malcolm Butler interception
yo I just went crazy lol. Russell Wilson really the best black QB
WOW LOCKETTE!!! Marshawn Lynch throws it back to Russell Wilson, who heaves it downfield, & Ricardo Lockette makes the in…
Bad throw by Russell Wilson... way behind Tyler Lockett on the slant.
I hate Russell Wilson about as much as I used to hate Emmitt Smith.
Russell Wilson ruins another Tyler Lockett pass. Third weak in a row that I've noticed. When they get locked in, its going to be dangerous.
Russell Wilson overthrew Tyler Lockett by nearly as far as Tyler Lockett had outran Roman Harper.
Im not a fan of Russell Wilson at all
Russell Wilson just missed a wide open Tyler Lockett for 6
Tyler Lockett got behind the secondary there but Russell Wilson's pass was overthrown.
Russell Wilson threw that ball about 70 yards in the air -- 2 yards past Tyler Lockett incomplete.
Russell Wilson showing off his arm strength there... good lord... just overthrows Tyler Lockett.
Russell Wilson just threw it about 65 yards in the air and overthrew Tyler Lockett.
Tyler Lockett shut down at the 10 on the KR. Gonna be a long way to go for Russell Wilson and Seattle. Williams hurt for Carolina.
Why was Russell Wilson hanging out with Bobby Wagner on the sidelines?
Pass you to Malcolm Butler in the Super Bowl like Russell Wilson so I don't have to deal with you anymore RT
Remember when Malcolm picked off Russell Wilson in the end zone and the pats won the Super Bowl? That was pretty sweet
Should I start teddy bridgewater or Russell Wilson??!
Banged up Blake Bortles vs Texans, or Russell Wilson vs Carolina?
That Michigan State TD made me feel the way I did after Malcolm Butler picked off Russell Wilson in the Super Bowl
Seahawks QB Russell Wilson says he will 'keep trying to find' TE Jimmy Graham
Church of Gronk: Russell Wilson & Tim Tebow would be outside the church protesting with picket signs
who gets the better of the trade? Russell Wilson and Gurley or Aaron Rodgers and Knile Davis?
just traded Russell Wilson and Jordan Cameron for eifert and Carson Palmer to my brother bro, what u think
From NBC Sports Talk for Android:. Russell Wilson says the “sky’s the limit” with Jimmy Graham.
Russell Wilson on Jimmy Graham’s role: "We need to find ways to get him more involved."
Macklemore & Russell Wilson...together, in the new Bose ad...go ahead check it out HERE:
Seahawks’ Russell Wilson ability to scramble still a balancing act...
Russell Wilson stars in the new ad with Macklemore. Yup, you read that correctly.
PLZ HELP! Graham or R. Rodgers? M. Ryan or Russell Wilson? J. Hill or C. West? Opponent has Aaron Rodgers, Lacy, D Freeman.
Aaron Rodgers is not Russell Wilson. No way Chargers beat Green Bay
Correction & Seahawks fans should lover expectation of Graham based on Russell Wilson and agrees with me
who should I start this week between Cam Newton and Russell Wilson?
All purpose parts banner
If it wasn't for Vick it would be no Russell Wilson, RG3 , Cam Newton etc..all them Boyz evolved their game from Vick in some type of way.
Russell Wilson has the will to do whatever it takes to make a play. Call that will, son. Wow.
I blame that gut wrenching 4th qtr loss on Darrell Bevell, Russell Wilson and Pete Carroll in order. Why not try different plays?😤
With 22 sacks so far, Russell Wilson is on pace to finish the season with over 70, surpassing David Carr in '…
I guess you can add another loss onto Russell Wilson's trip to Cincinnati.
It's like Russell Wilson didn't learn from Bow Wow, Reggie Bush, Amare Stoudemire and 50 Cent.
Tom Brady, Peyton Manning, Drew Brees, Russell Wilson, Matt Ryan, Ben Rolthlisburger: there is a few names for u.
Andy Dalton or Russell Wilson! Chris Johnson or boobie Dixon . Kendall wright or Terrence Williams ?
Russell Wilson has 28 INTs in first 52 starts. Kurt Warner had 53 in first 44 starts. Dan Marino 67 in first 59. Roethl…
couple of questions for starters week 5 QB Russell Wilson or Sammy Biscuits? And Tyler Eifert or Martellus Bennett? Thanks!
Derek Carr and Russell Wilson are just as religious as him. But they can play
Not to mention that Russell Wilson and Derek Fisher are having their cake and eating it too.
Russell Wilson is a creepy, David Koresh type and I hope Adrian Foster kicks his conservative ***
NEW ARTICLE: Russell Wilson is taking a step forward after a rougher 2014. His 2015 is very promising so far:
Derek Fisher out here on that Russell Wilson flow z😂
We have not seen the North Carolina State Wolfpack since their Russell Wilson days.
Who should I start Russell Wilson or Sam Bradford. And I could still get cutler ,,
Seattle trash anyway who would even want to block for Russell Wilson. Sam Bradford GOAT.
AFC North: Russell Wilson 'not surprised' by how well Andy Dalton is playing
Russell Wilson finished 20th in week 3 TDs with 1 TDs. 0 tied with Sam Bradford
Matt Barnes really had to go Future^5 on Derek Fisher like he was Russell Wilson?
Got offered Russell Wilson, Mike Evans for Derek Carr and TY. Should I take it? ppr league
Got offered Mike Evans and Russell Wilson for Derek Carr and TY...take it or leave it? ppr league
This *** Charlie clips said Russell Wilson lets just say I see errors in ya future baby 😳
Derek Carr playing the Broncos and Russell Wilson playing the bengals idek who to start
He'll beat you with his legs . He'll beat you with his arm. Here's a Russell Wilson rocket TD to D-Baldwin
Should I trade Aaron Rodgers and CJ Anderson for Russell Wilson, Antonio Brown and Carlos Hyde?
I'm ready to drop Stafford and just role wit Russell Wilson and Derek Carr
All celebrity relationships except for Jay Z Beyoncé Kanye Kim and Ciara and Russell Wilson feel fake to me
1st and 20?. Russell Wilson and Chris Matthews are not intimidated by your 1st and 20.
OK, we get it. It's really, really, ridiculously hard to tackle Russell Wilson. FIRST DOWN!
3-0 fantasy weekend thanks to CJ Spiller and those last two kneel downs by Russell Wilson
QB Russell Wilson starred in a new reality TV show Monday against the Run For Your Life!
Why does this man look like Ray Hooper trying to sack Russell Wilson
Russell Wilson out here fumbling, not getting laid, and raising another man's child.
We are Ray Lewis' Baltimore Ravens Super Bowl team & Russell Wilson is Trent Dilfer.
Calvin Johnson's fumble is more important than Russell Wilson's two fumbles
Game over because A GREAT play by that mediocre QB Russell Wilson. And bad play by CJ. Would have been fun if Lions had score there.
**BIG MAN SCORING TOUCHDOWN ALERT**. Caraun Reid takes it to the HOUSE after Russell Wilson gets stripped!.
I wonder if Future watches Seahawks games and get extra hype when Russell Wilson gets hit or makes a bad play
Russell Wilson fumble turns into Detroit Lions touchdown. Catch the end of the game on
Russell Wilson and Colin Kapernick play in the NFL...Tim Tebow does not...I don't get it
Russell Wilson is starting to act like Colin Kapernick.
One more fumble by Russell Wilson tonight and I'm bustin' out the Roman Gabriel and Dave Kreig references.
VIDEO: Russell Wilson is Houdini ... again - Field Gulls: VIDEO: Russell Wilson is Houdini ... againField Gull...
Save up to 45% 0ff MSRP On Streetbike Tires
Colin Kapernick is probably glad he ain't Russell Wilson now
one of the Lions players needs to go tell Russell Wilson he ain't Colin Kapernick
Russell Wilson gets sacked and fumbles AGAIN. Caraun Reid scoops it up and takes it to the house!. TOUCHDOWN . 13-10 Seattle…
I wish I can see Russell Wilson try to run from Vic Beasley like that.
What you see from Russell Wilson is what you saw from a young Tony Romo. Except that Wilson has way more talent around him.
Russell Wilson is the Harry Houdini of the NFL.
VIDEO: Russell Wilson is Houdini on the football field.
are the lions screaming at Russell Wilson " Wish you were Colin Kapernick"
Does anyone remember Skip saying Pete Carroll was foolish to start Russell Wilson over Matt Flynn?
Russell Wilson is my favorite Wilson. (Sorry Woodrow, the volleyball, Phillips, the one from Home Improvement, Mara, Rita, Flip, & Brian.)
I wonder if anyone on the Lions Def is gonna yell "You ain't Colin Kapernick bruh" to Russell Wilson?
By contrast, Scott Tolzien's final QBER was 28.33, and Russell Wilson's final QBER in his one season in Madison was a phenomenal 29.44
I should just mute all sports media while Russell Wilson plays.
Don't miss: about Russell Wilson. Want to see more? Brought to you by
Russell Wilson making plays out of nothing
TOUCHDOWN Russell Wilson to Doug Baldwin for the 24-yard score. . SEA 7 DET 0
Clay Matthews sends text to Colin Kapernick "see I told you you're not Russell Wilson bro"
Clay Matthews is right! Colin Kapernick sure isn't Russell Wilson! Totally amazing!
These Lions, man. They've had so many chances to make Russell Wilson want to go back to baseball but they miss. it. every. time. 😭
Russell Wilson looking like he was still in a Pack uniform! Man we miss him!
So when the packers told Colin Kapernick that he's "not Russell Wilson bro" . THATS what they meant.
How do you miss that tackle? I'll tell you how: Russell Wilson is a god *** animal.
Russell Wilson's theme song should be can't touch me! How can so many people miss lol
Good teams make plays. Bad teams miss them. Russell Wilson is the best player on the field.
Colin Kapernick is not Russell Wilson for sure
I knew we were in trouble on that soon as Russell Wilson made Jones miss.
Jason Jones and Ziggy Ansah miss chances to sack Russell Wilson. Then, the QB throws to Jermaine Kearse for a 34-yard gain.
Ashley: Seattle should get rid of Russell Wilson . Me: why?. Ashley: He *** he runs too much. Me:
How do you miss Russell Wilson when you're running straight at him? You gotta hit him!
All this mudshark jokes Russell Wilson and Colin Kapernick mothers are white 😀 and look their mixed sons play in the NFL
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Did I miss something -did Kap ever claim to be Russell Wilson? Matthews is good but no better trash talk in his repoitoire than that?! Cmon!
if he was putting in work yeah I would. I started Derek Carr over Russell Wilson and Philip Rivers
“You ain’t Russell Wilson!”. Packers players sound off on Colin Kaepernick.
I don't know if you can hear it, but a GB player appears to tell Kaep he's not Russell Wilson.
have yet to give up 250 yards passing through the air having played vs Aaron Rodgers, Russell Wilson, Carson Palmer and Derek Carr.
In the past few years, the ONLY successful QBs we had a chance to draft were Russell Wilson and Derek Carr.
I wanna start Derek Carr over Russell Wilson but idk if I should
come on Sid. What's up.? Can't you find a high school game to cover? Russell Wilson doesn't need your "upside help". Be nice
Andy Dalton or Russell Wilson for QB and Ted Ginn Jr or Percy Harvin for WR
Pratt QB Travis Theis shows some Russell Wilson shimmy in the open field on a 43-yard scamper. Even tried to hurdle a defender.
Russell Wilson looks like the oldest member of Peter Pan's "Lost Boys"
Trying to get Kevin to trade me Peyton in my league for Russell Wilson, haven't sent the proposal but wanna see if he bites
Man, Cruz is OUT with no timetable?!. We need to ask Russell Wilson or Rodgers if GOD likes the
Russell Wilson. Cruz likely won't do anything crazy he re aggravated his calf today.
like a lot of others, need QB help. Give Doug Martin, Brandon Coleman, and Kaep to get Russell Wilson? 12 team h2h league?
would you take Adrian Peterson, Keenan Allen, and Russell Wilson for Aaron Rodgers and Davante Parker?
just received a trade. Russell Wilson and AJ Green for Matt Ryan, Megatron, and Doug Baldwin. Which side is better? Standard.
Former Saints WR and son of former NY Jets star Al Toon. Leading receiver at Wisconsin with Russell Wilson in 2011.
Would you rather have Russell Wilson and Amari Cooper or Cam Newton and Allen Robinson? Cam has an easy schedule
GoFundMe started to break up Ciara and Russell Wilson
Paul, I watched every snap Marcus Mariota took in college. He has good straight-line speed, but he isn't Russell Wilson.
>> Eye of the Hawk - Jimmy Graham 30-yard Touchdown Catch from Russell Wilson
Jimmy Graham has 2 of their TD's Russell Wilson is cheeks
so lynch not the man? Russell Wilson not a top 10 qb?? Jimmy Graham didn't get Drew Bree's 100million I'll wait
[Reddit] - Ryan Mallet's QBR (73.9) for WK 3 was better than 19 other QBs, including Russell Wilson, Andrew Luck, …
Jimmy Graham is good security for Russell Wilson. He doesn't block much so he'll be open for passes on many occasions.
'It don't matter' for Jimmy Graham and Russell Wilson  -via ESPN
Welcome to Seattle, Jimmy Graham. He catches a 30-yard TD from Russell Wilson to put Seahawks up 20-0 over Bears.
Per PFF. Russell Wilson is under pressure 41.7% of the time (2nd most) & completes 66.7% of atts under pressure. Andrew Luck: 40% & 36.6% comp
Russell Wilson is now playing behind the kind of oline that Andrew Luck has had to work with since 2012.
domain names
Got 1 team with Russell Wilson & another team with Aaron Rodgers + Melvin Gordon. Don't care to win, happy to play and support my favs.
It's not.I use to like Cruz on that team but I didn't root for him in the SB. Same with Russell Wilson.
Russell Wilson is now 27-2 at home including the postseason.
Seahawks: 27-2 with Russell Wilson as QB in home games
Paul Burmeister is tall as *** because he was towering over Russell Wilson (yes, I know he's 5'11, but still)
"One thing about Russell Wilson, he may not be the tallest QB in the league but they aren't fooled." ???
Russell Wilson throws a 30-yd TD pass to Jimmy Graham to bring the Seahawks over the Bears, 20-0.
Collin Kaepernick threw 4 INTs in the first half by itself! Remember when they said he was better than Russell Wilson...
Game after game Russell Wilson proves why he is not top 10 QB worthy
you just saying that cuz Russell Wilson is the Glenn Marshall of the NFL
Matty ice channeling his inner Russell Wilson/kapernick
TE PPR Greg Olsen or Eric Ebron, and at QB Russell Wilson or Matt Ryan
he could have pulled a Russell Wilson and said that "God was a Florida fan tonight"
Also, I know that you know about the jab that Aaron Rodgers sent Russell Wilson's way after that game last week.
I have Russell Wilson so I was trying to dump a QB for another WR. Now I have Stewart/Wash RB/Gordon and DT/AJ
Photo: Happy Anniversary to Paul on your Honda Accord Sedan from Russell Wilson at Fenton Honda of...
I have Tom Brady and Russell Wilson but hurting on running backs. I Hope Eddie Lacy can play!
fake Bill is awesome. I wonder if he still likes Man muscle Russell Wilson?
Why does Russell Wilson call himself Chef IHOP™? How many brands can he name-drop in one rap? MY STORY:
Jimmy Graham, Justin Forsett & Andre Johnson. Bad thing is I got Russell Wilson in as my QB, so hope Doug Baldwin gets it all.
I am wearing my Russell Wilson jersey today, and people keep mistaking me for him because I'm not having sex with Ciara.
$LATX PENNY stock play on Fantasy Sports virtually unknown to Wall Street , in before the crowd. Russell Wilson on...
Russell Wilson would describe a fender bender as two cars hugging.
Russell Wilson mourns loss of goddaughter
Congratulations to Russell Wilson of the on being presented with the Jim Thorpe All-Around Athlete Award!
Yeah so Andrew Luck, Drew Brees, Russell Wilson, Joe Flacco and Eli Manning are winless. I won, but I'm not starting. T…
Young girl who asked Russell Wilson to be her godfather has passed away.
A young girl at the Seattle Children's Hospital asked Russell Wilson to be her godfather. Naturally, he said yes.
Russell Wilson, Demarco Murray, and Darren McFadden for Jamal Charles... seems legit.. what a garbage trade that actually just went through
Russell Wilson visits children’s hospital, accepts young girl’s request that he become her godfather
Aaron Rodgers makes fun of Russell Wilson by crediting God for the Packers' win:
two trade options today, I'm giving chris ivory for Russell Wilson, or I'm giving Andre Ellington nd Andre Johnson for luck
Per PFF, Fitzpatrick is the 8th-ranked QB in the NFL. Better than Matt Ryan, Russell Wilson, Tony Romo, Flacco, Tannehill, Brees, Luck
Brandon Weeden and Kirk Cousins have supplanted Andrew Luck and Russell Wilson as the best QBs from the 2012 Draft.
Aaron Rodgers says God was a Packers fan last night. Russell Wilson says Rodgers is lying. Talked to God last night & G…
Cris Collinsworth on Russell Wilson running the ball: "You have to let him play his game." I think the same thing appli…
Green Bay linebacker Jayrone Elliott intercepted Seattle quarterback Russell Wilson in the fourth quar
Aaron Rodgers took a dig at Russell Wilson's God comments after the Packers win.
Russell Wilson. Envelope: 2 brands I see in the K-Mart sporting Goods section
dropped and Russell Wilson's team is 0-2. is EATIN!.
Russell Wilson isn't the reason for Seattle's loss. Green Bay is the reason for Seattle's loss.
Russell Wilson in Jan: "God set it up, to make it so dramatic, so rewarding, so special.". Aaron Rodgers last night:. h…
Russell Wilson gone have to dump Ciara 😂😩 he ain't focused
Think Jimmy Graham is missing Drew Brees ? For all the $ he's being paid, is Russell Wilson ready to carry more of the load? Last nite nope
Or would Russell Wilson and the Seahawks land at for a take-away on the road?
Picking off a Russell Wilson pass? Impressive. Doing it with one hand when you're a D-Lineman? . OK.
Russell Wilson is 0-1 vs. Super Bowl winning QBs on the road.
Jayrone Elliott, a linebacker, with an athletic one-handed interception off Russell Wilson! . Packers take over, up by 7 …
Russell Wilson's record when he throws an INT at home: 9-2. On the road: 4-7
Russell Wilson, have a Snickers. You become Jay Cutler when you're hungry
Cris collinsworth just said if Russell Wilson gets experience, he's gonna play like Aaron Rodgers down the road.
So does Russell Wilson not know Jimmy Graham is on his team or did they officially move him to offensive tackle?
Chris Collinsworth needs to get a room with Russell Wilson. Good god. He ran in the first too but we shut him down.
By the way, if you don't think Russell Wilson is a top NFL QB, he is currently outperforming Aaron Rodgers on the road without a line.
Baldwin TD. Rocket of a pass from Russell Wilson take the lead for the 1st time tonight 17-13
See, now when you let Russell Wilson drive the team down the field, they do it with ease. Now you have your road...
13, 3. Russell Wilson would've thrown an interception there.
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