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Russell Wilson

Russell Wilson (born November 29, 1988) is an American football quarterback, formerly with the Wisconsin Badgers football team.

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This whole Daniel Murphy/Billy Bean thing makes me so much more appreciative of Russell Wilson for his views on people and life.
Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson will be in camp March 28 for one day to work out with the Rangers
quarterback Russell Wilson is 10-0 in his career vs. winning quarterbacks.
"No way, you're the girl with the Russell Wilson jersey."
oh it's a R in my bio 4 russell Wilson
Who'd be the bigger Russell had the Sonics been here? Wilson or Westbrook
Russell Wilson to attend Texas Rangers spring training
"Growing up, Russell Wilson had an anger problem that would result in him literally biting people."
Wednesday Round-Up: to attend spring training March 28 [
Rams sacked Russell Wilson like 15-20 times the past 4 games they've played
Russell Wilson, and it breaks my heart.
Russell Wilson, Michael Jordan, and LeBron are 3 of the best role models you can have.
"At NC State and Wisconsin, Russell Wilson made dean's list in each of his semesters."
When I was young I used to say I want to be Russell Wilson when I grow up ,cause he is a hard worker and he never givesup
But Russell Wilson is good too and I'm aware he plays for the Seahawks and I look like a *** 😂😂
Canucks R playing like Russell Wilson in overtime
NHL Stanley Cup Memorabilia from The Bradford Exchange Online
Russell Wilson would never do these AMAZING once in a career numbers with kd on the floor ever
Russell Wilson, Kaepernick type of guy. To be a game changer your playmakers have to …
"Russell Wilson will visit Rangers spring training on March 28
no they did not, Russell Wilson won the Super Bowl for the Pats
Russell Wilson and Russell Westbrook ate going to spur a generation of Big Russ' in the black community.
Seahawks QB Russell Wilson to report to Texas Rangers spring training on March 28 -
I Like This Guy!--> Russell Wilson and the Qualities of True Leadership ~ via
Russell Wilson should win the MVP without a doubt
Is Ryan Fitzpatrick better than Russell Wilson? His QB rating says so, but is it true? HECK NO
Russell Wilson at Ranger battalion March 28: Russell Wilson is set for his second appearance…
Marshawn Lynch buys the theory that Pete Carroll wanted Russell Wilson to be Super Bowl hero htt…
Marshawn Lynch walked back to the sideline smiling at Pete Carroll after Russell Wilson lost the game with an INT. http…
Geno Smith tied with Russell Wilson for most game-winning drives in 4th Q/OT -- four.
Richard Sherman and Russell Wilson: Stealing my style since February 2015
Want one of those sweet Starter jackets that Russell Wilson and Richard Sherman were rocking? Here's your chance!
And 'christian' Russell Wilson mades ads for Alaska Airlines!!!
Tres cool! Russell Wilson is an incredible guy to emulate. He's a real stand up guy!
Guy at cafe rio says I look like Russell Wilson lol wut
nope not first pick. The chances of finding another Russell Wilson are slim. Don't waste the pick. Winston
I actually actively root for Russell Wilson and think he's an underrated QB. I'm talking fantasy, though.
In the scope of fantasy, Cam has been better. NOT DEBATABLE. I love Russell Wilson in a real football sense
Seattle Seahawks 2013 Super Bowl Championship Ring - Replica of Ring Issued to Russell Wilson -...
he's gonna be like Russell Wilson. Watch he's smart. They just need to let him be him.
Tajh is a poor mans Russell Wilson. Both stocky, fast, look to pass first, and have mega arms. Tajh can make every throw
yes. Russell Wilson, Chris Weinke, Brandon Weeden all did minor league baseball first. MLB teams have 6 years to develop a player.
Russell Wilson was not drafted to be their franchise quarterback, the Seahawks signed matt Flynn for that purpose.
"Cam Newton will wait as long as he can to see what Russell Wilson's contract looks like, so he can try to beat it." -
Report: Cam Newton to let Andrew Luck and Russell Wilson set the market before signing long-term with Panthers
Russell Wilson's beard is making me feel funny and excited like the first time I saw the George Michael "Faith" video in 7th grade
he’s like a Russell Wilson. If he was 6′4 he would’ve been drafted first
Russell Wilson will become the first QB in NFL history to start two Super Bowls within his first 3 seasons
didn't Russell Wilson beat Peyton last year and went back man only if they ran the ball
Not sure its possible to dislike Russell Wilson. Watch share his thought process after SB49
"I've never had sex with Russell Wilson's ex-wife. I've never even met her."--Chuck Powell on his first day on Seattle sports radio airwaves
Russell Wilson interview: though he lost on the last play of the Superbowl, he asks himself how he can improve as a…
Cam Newton waiting to re-sign extension because he wants to see what Russell Wilson and Andrew Luck get first. Because he thinks he is them
Nick Marshall is going to be the next Russell Wilson. You heard it here first.
Russell Wilson cool .. We got Teddy & Jameis, after that GMs done with black QBs lmao
Russell Wilson says he's been haunted by that one-yard for the past 17 days »
"In The NFL, you can't throw 4 picks in the first half and say, OK, I'm gonna turn it on in the first half" like Russell Wilson ain't do it
Anthony Boone of Duke will be the next Russell Wilson.or a CFL backup. Hopefully the first option.
They don't need a superstar performance. Russell Wilson is first year will suffice with no TO's
Finally, Russell Wilson talks about the Super Bowl loss
though, you'd probably be on the same level as Russell Wilson and Mariota in the interviews
Thought I saw at the bar. 1st thought "what is Russell Wilson doing here" 2nd thought "Kyle you're an *** that's not him"
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Russell Wilson must apparently realize how Kevin Dyson still feels.
The Man behind Cam Newton, Russell Wilson, Teddy Bridgewater, and Ryan Tannehill. Also, Christian Ponder and Tim Tebow lol
QBs Weinke has worked with at IMG:. Drew Brees, Russell Wilson, Cam Newton. Ryan Tannehill, Geno Smith, Teddy Bridgewater...
Really should have wore my Russell Wilson jersey for this history test
More notable QBs who worked at IMG Academy with new QBs coach Chris Weinke: Teddy Bridgewater, Ryan Tannehill, Russell Wilson.
The young and better than Tannehill crowd: Cam Newton, Russell Wilson, Colin Kaepernick, Andrew Luck, Andy Dalton, RG3, Nick…
Russell Wilson defends seeing 50 Shades of Grey, says it was tame in comparison to the ball-grabbing submission Malcolm Bu…
they didn't believe in Russell Wilson at 12 years old either, Adam
Photo: to John And Nancy Turner from Russell Wilson at Fenton Honda of Longview! on Flickr.
Mike Golic just hit the nail on the head about Russell Wilson.
Russell Wilson in the VILLA Exclusive Seattle Sonics Jacket. Available now on
I concur. Russell Wilson is a son of Seattle just like Ken Griffey, Jr. He will be a hometown hero, murals painted.
Two weeks ago at this moment Malcolm Butler picked off Russell Wilson. . Related: I miss football more than I could ever e…
Do you believe Russell Wilson is the best QB in Seattle — Over BJ Daniels and Tarvaris Jackson? Yes
The QBs for the Seahawks:. 2 that are 5'11 - Russell Wilson and B.J. Daniels. 2 that are 6'2 - Tarvaris Jackson and R.J. Archer
Hometown Discounts Don't Exist, for Russell Wilson or Anyone Else: It’s time to put the idea...
Andy Cohen encourages Russell Wilson and Gronk to hug it out, lol
John Schneider, Pete Carroll and Russell Wilson are the best thing to happen to Seattle!
I hate LeBron James more than Russell Wilson hates being in the closet.
Dougie Hamilton doing his best Russell Wilson on that pass.
:-( the Russell Wilson of Alt Country musicians .
"Stephen A Smith, Skip Bayless.what do you think of Russell Wilson's choice in movies?"
pick two of the three Odell Beckham JR, Russell Wilson or Cristiano Ronaldo?
Vanessa's screen saver is a picture of Russell Wilson crying after losing the Super Bowl
Russell Wilson's 30 for 30 special in 10 years should start "What if I told you, a quarterback needy team took a punter o…
and - You ALL really think Russell Wilson is a better QB than Tom Brady?
If I am a NFL team owner and i'm not able to have Tom Brady, then I'll have Russell Wilson for sure.
“Russell Wilson or Matthew Stafford?” Wilson no questions asked. Way more versatile the Stafford.
so thinks Cam Newton is better than Russell Wilson and if they swapped teams Seahawks would have won back to back titles
Probably. It's hard to tell at that level. Looks more like a Darron Thomas than Russell Wilson, though.
Update your maps at Navteq
WFAN caller says Russell Wilson throwing the football reminded him of when Jack Ruby shot Lee Harvey Oswald. Seriously.
Malcom Butler, the player who intercepted Russell Wilson's pass at Super Bowl XLIX played his college football at Division 2 West Alabama.
You have Gordon below scouts. Russell Wilson all over again. Work ethic and character can go a long way
Russell Wilson looked like Jay Cutler in the Super Bowl. Bad
best thing ive pulled since i started playing MUT last year was UL Eric Dickerson next best thing was 87 Russell Wilson smh
Russell Wilson speaks the truth fam! Night✌️
Aaron Rodgers said he was surprised the Seahawks called for a Russell Wilson pass at the end of the Super Bowl.
dude Russell Wilson will have more career wins than Tom Brady when his career is over if hes healthy
we need to draft Devin fuenchess from Michigan. He can play WR and TE and Russell Wilson needs a jimmy graham type of guy
Packers' Aaron Rodgers blames calf injury on poor turf in Tampa. I wonder what Russell Wilson thinks of RJS.
anybody wanna buy a Russell Wilson jersey brand new
when a reporter ask Russell Wilson why he chose to throw the ball at the goal line
With 26 seconds to go in the game Russell Wilson handed off to Marshawn Lynch & the Seahawks won Super Bowl XLIX.
» Did Pete Carroll want Russell Wilson to win MVP over Marshawn Lynch? Marshawn Lynchs last run at Un…
proof that Russell Wilson's wife left him and they are divorced (also Jesus dream)
Save up to 45% 0ff MSRP On ATV Tires
while Russell Wilson is at the Children's Hospital, Bill Belicheck is practicing incest with his daughter
this is as bad as if Jimmy Garappalo were trolling Russell Wilson for loss
Hey loved the Super Bowl retro running diary! But are you hating on Russell Wilson or just how annoying Chris Collinsworth is?
Josh Gordon may be done for good, The Falcons introduce their new Head Coach, and Russell Wilson just gave the...
When Iowa fans were still "Kirk can get a 2 star to play like a 5 star", Bielema was at Wisconsin recruiting Melvin Gordon & Russell Wilson.
Pete Carroll wants to win forever, and Russell Wilson would like to be his quarterback for the duration
Russell Wilson is everything the media TRIED to make Tim Tebow out to be.
Chris Collinsworth is going to ask Russell Wilson to prom.
Super Bowl on Sunday, travel home Monday, Hospital on Tuesday. That's Russell Wilson for you:
48 hours after a heartbreaking loss, Russell Wilson is visiting a Children Hospital to put a smile on kids faces.
I have the upmost respect for Russell Wilson
Making fun of Russell Wilson is pretty immature. It's so January 2015. Making fun of Josh Gordon is pretty February 2015 imo.
QB Russell Wilson addresses media at team HQ in Renton right now.
Russell Wilson won't be taking a lot of time to get over the Super Bowl loss. He's headed to spring training.
Only way I think he'd take a scrambler is if it's a Russell Wilson - guy who will stay in the pocket, can read def.
PerfectMatch - Fall In Love Today
Russell Wilson didn't care he lost in the Super Bowl cuz he's going to play in MLB anyways lol
did Chad Ford now have Russell Wilson as first round talent?
join the Badger family like JJ Watt, Russell Wilson and Melvin Gordon all did
Jeremy Hawkins your a college coach. What would have you done with the play with Russell Wilson? Pass? Or give it to beast mode?
Seahawks QB Russell Wilson will return to the Texas Rangers for 2015 Spring Training
Pete Carroll just wanted Russell Wilson to be the MVP instead of Lynch. That's why he chose a pass
Russell Wilson is returning to Texas Rangers camp this year, per Ft. Worth Star-Telegram. Rangers selected him in 2013 Ru…
Pro Football Talk: Seattle blunder brings Russell Wilson resentment back into focus
I walked into da locker room after the game and I swear this *** Russell Wilson was lookin at me like dis
I really hope Marcus Mariota isn't a bust.I want to see him be the next Russell Wilson. Chip Kelly should trade up somehow and take him.
Pete Carroll and Russell Wilson should probably chip in and buy this guy a new TV. Only fair.
There were 109 passes thrown from 1-yard line in NFL this season. Russell Wilson's in closing seconds of was the on…
Russell Wilson's pass was the 109th time a QB threw from the 1-yd line this season and it was the 1st time it resulted i…
Shocked Pete Carroll didn't have Marshawn Lynch at least push Russell Wilson into the endzone the way Reggie Bush push…
Russell Wilson, marshawn (if he with the hawks) , leveon, Odell, Jeremy hill, or maybe cj anderson
Dude, I completely agree with you about Russell Wilson, he's a good qb, better than most. But he's NOT elite.
Every Seahawks fan after Russell Wilson threw that interception
I think it's fair to say Russell Wilson threw the ball
Seahawks gon stay eating crow (no pun intended) for like... EVER. Russell Wilson went from the greatest SB story to the worst.
Russell Wilson is about as useful as JaMarcus Russell
Tom Brady and Russell Wilson had very different stat lines in the 4th quarter last night:
Russell Wilson's INT from the opponent's 1-yard line is not the first in Super Bowl history:
Now that Russell Wilson lost a championship by a unit of 1, he's now officially a Texas Ranger.
Not only did seattle's OC have a brain fart but so did Russell Wilson. Throwing to a guy covered like Waffle House hash browns.
Respect to Russell Wilson after a tough play at the end there. Staying calm & collected like that is incredibly hard. Real pro …
I actually remember Russell Wilson throwing an interception to lose the Super Bowl.
Tom Brady in the 4th quarter: 13 completions. Russell Wilson in the entire 12 completions
I won't even use Russell Wilson in Madden now
Thank you, Darrell Bevell, for choosing to let Russell Wilson throw it instead of letting Marshaw…
Malcolm Butler, Russell Wilson, Julian Edelman, Chris Matthews...and you think high school star rankings matter.
silver linings: Russell Wilson has had some of the most insanely depressing losses over his pro/CFB career & he has bounced…
Russell Wilson actually made a great throw in my opinion. Lockette just got knocked off the ball.
Brian Sipe and Sam Rutigliano will be sending Christmas cards to Pete Carroll and Russell Wilson this year.
Russell Wilson looks like a young Franco Harris with that haircut.
On gawd I hope that pass haunts Russell Wilson for the rest of his life
"At times like these, we need to hire Sydney Gordon as our offensive coordinator." -Russell Wilson
Teary-eyed, apologetic Russell Wilson shows up at Marshawn Lynch’s hotel room door with bouquet of Skittles.
Russell Wilson just went from 0 - to Dummy real quick @ Central Mississippi Medical Center
That interception going hunt Russell Wilson for the rest of his life..
Russell Wilson owes me money that's it . He'll pay everyone that I owe ...
you ever think Russell Wilson could've called it?
Why in gods name did Russell Wilson throw that ball
Russell Wilson about to be my new imaginary bae . After Anthony Weiner of course.
Russell Wilson turned 2014 Batista Royal Rumble heel and was destined to win the title
Russell Wilson reminds me of Dave chapelle's prince, "Game Seahawks"
LOB silenced. Didn't get it done. Now it's up to Russell Wilson. Let's see what he's made of. Great great SuperBowl
best draft ever has to be the Seahawks 2012:. 1st round: Bruce Irvin. 2nd round: Bobby Wagner. 3rd round: Russell Wilson
Was that pic of Russell Wilson or was that Dave Chappelle as Prince.
Tonight Athlete-Actor Comparison features Russell Wilson of the Seattle Seahawks and Cuba Gooding Jr.…
Russell Wilson makes me mad at a young McNabb
Russell Wilson and his butt are the only reasons this isn't the worst birthday ever
Did You Know: If you've passed someone a bowl of chips or a drink, you've completed more passes than Russell Wilson to…
Russell Wilson looks like dude who played Otis Williams in the Temptations movie.
Someone should tell Russell Wilson that he's in the Super Bowl...
Any chance of Russell Wilson actually throwing the ball
Russell Wilson looking like Archie Manning out there.
Russell Wilson out here scrambling like Archie Manning 👀
Russell Wilson has spent more time scrambling than the morning shift at Scrambles
Russell Wilson think he playin in the bayou classic
Russell Wilson is lame! Did you see that run by my boy William Howard Taft?! He's a beast!
Russell Wilson is running around like Archie Manning in that Ole Miss alumni game in Book of Manning
Just 4 years ago, Russell Wilson was playing at Appalachian Power Park
I've started to refer Russell Wilson as Mountain Man Wilson.
The similarities between Tom Brady and Russell Wilson in their first 3 seasons are uncanny. (via
Russell Wilson outchea looking like Phillip Michael Thomas mane
“Russell Wilson always looks like he just hit the meanest blunt” 😂😂
Russell Wilson has a new fan in me - big time.To cry, thank God, and applaud the efforts of his teammates n coaching staff-Kudos
Russell Wilson is leading the Seattle Seahawks against the New England Patriots in Super Bowl ...
Let's remove Russell Wilson, Marshawn Lynch and Bobby Wagner and see how well the Seattle Seahawks do next year.
One of the least likable teams in recent memory. Outside of Russell Wilson that entire roster and coaching staff are born heels.
Russell Wilson chopping all them white women down lol
Lol Miami could've had Russell Wilson but didn't want to listen to Bret Bielema and he didn't consider their job.
.have a weapon in Jeremy Turner breaks down what need to do in http:/…
I was wrong, Good Russell Wilson for the buying/selling of a band can participate in a single point.
do you think Russell Wilson is an elite QB???
domain names
Must-read article for athletes wanting to become the best version of themselves. Thanks
Don't get me wrong.. I love Russell Wilson.. but Tannehill is such a progressive QB. I love what he's shown since his rookie season.
Every time I see Seattle QB, Russell Wilson, I see his father and my good friend, Harry Wilson.
I'm better than Russell Wilson if you really think about it
Russell Wilson is still a baseball player. thoughts:
The same guy playing for a Super Bowl Sunday was on the Texas Rangers’ 40-man this year:
Mom just sent me a mirror selfie in her new Russell Wilson jersey 😂❤️
What a wonderful piece of writing. MT Tom Brady, Russell Wilson and the power of "It".
What's the one NFL rule Russell Wilson, Rob Gronkowski, Chris Berman (and many more) would change?
Brielle just said Russell Wilson is her husband...
VIDEO | 'Playbook' What makes Russell Wilson so dangerous | Watch: by Sports News
Bret Bielema says 2012 talks with Dolphins broke down over Russell Wilson
Russell Wilson needs to marry his girlfriend before the baby is born then he can worry about whether to…
Russell Wilson is becoming one of my favorite players because of how humble he is
What are the chances of Russell Wilson and the ending the Brady-Belichick era tomorrow?
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Bret Bielema said 2012 talks with the Dolphins broke down over Russell Wilson.
Russell Wilson, Bobby Wagner, more draft gambles in 2012 lead Seattle Seahawks to Super Bowl - ESPN-great read
.joins live from Radio Row. Good chance the guys talk about Russell Wilson. I
I saw your little quarterback Russell Wilson's a wimp, what is that a jheri curl? Yo he needs to get hit
From Rich Myhre, a look at the two quarterbacks and what they have in common:
You passed on Drew Brees. And now you skipped over Russell Wilson? Pathetic. Why do I pull for you?!
Tom Brady will be Super Bowl MVP, make 1 more play than Russell Wilson, NE will upset Seattle 21-20. Vegas made Hawks …
‘More than football, I want to be known as a Christian’ – Seattle Seahawks’ Russell Wilson on his faith
Reporter: Russ what gave you strength to beat the Patriots today. Russell Wilson: *puts mouth right on top of microphone…
Russell Wilson-Darrell Bevel-O'Brien Schofield all The team that beats you is NFL's best. I'm pulling for that.
It's funny how similar Russell Wilson's career trajectory is to Tom Brady's thus far
The Russell Wilson 10-0 vs. SB winning quarterbacks stat is really just a testament to how great the Seahawks defense is. QB's don't matchup
We learned today that the Dolphins refused to draft Russell Wilson. Don't forget in 2005, they chose Daunte Culpepper over Drew Brees.
Russell Wilson could become the youngest QB EVER to win 2 Super Bowls. Guy who holds the current record: Tom Brady
...deficiencies of Russell Wilson. And throw the OL away: my point still stands. RB/D is nasty.
CLE Plain Dealer: Johnny Manziel has a lot of work to do if he wants to be the next Russell Wilson: Mary Kay C... http:/…
Per Mike Freeman, Sunday’s SuperBowl features the 2 greatest QBs ever to play: Russell Wilson and his counterpart Russell…
I didn't think I could like Russell Wilson or Judah Smith more. Then today I found out they're friends.
If Ryan Tannehill and Russell Wilson switched places the talk today would be how the Dolphins passed on Tannehill for Wi…
How can someone even make the argument that Andy dalton is better than Russell Wilson.. And they were fiercely arguing that they were right
so the Phins could have Luke Keuchly and Russell Wilson, but took Tannehill and Jonathan Martin. Not to mention no Philbin. Ouch
Russell Wilson has been blitzed on 36% of dropbacks in career. Only Geno Smith (38%) has been blitzed more in that time, pe…
If that doesn't work for you then I'll roll out the Best Seahawk players. 99 Sherman, 95 Russell Wilson, 96 Earl Thomas
non-Microsoft brands could go at them, depending on play by Russell Wilson.
Katy Perry eats thin mints and talks to Russell Wilson. She's a Seahawks fan. This is kinda boring so far. She's nervous.
ACTING! Jimmy Garoppolo impressing with his ability to mimic Russell Wilson in practice.
it's a team sport stupid. Andrew Luck is better than Russell Wilson. Lucks not in the SB
Wouldn't Russell Wilson winning 2 Super Bowls at $817K/yr make HIM the NFL's most valuable player?
I don't know anyone could have Russell Wilson over Andrew Luck if you're drafting for the rest of their career.
Andrew Luck and Russell Wilson will each get new contracts after the year. I'm curious how they end up comparing.
Andrew Luck > Marshawn Lynch and Russell Wilson. I don't see Seattle scoring more than 14.
Chandler Jones used Geno Smith in the same sentence as Andrew Luck and Russell Wilson! As a compliment!
We currently XL in Russell Wilson & The 12th Man only. We did not receive Thomas jerseys. Would you like one placed on hold?
Hey Belicheck, Pete Carroll, Tom Brady, Russell Wilson, Gronk are all here lets go ask Lynch questions. So dumb
I like Pete Carroll and Russell Wilson. Though listing to Richard Sherman's rants makes my head hurt..
Pete Carroll: GM John Schneider has worked tirelessly "to reward our own guys," re: Russell Wilson new contract.
According to Francesa Andrew Luck is a star, but Russell Wilson isn't.
How good is Jimmy Garoppolo at role-playing... Russell Wilson? lets us know!. VID:
Russell Wilson @ $136 for Andrew Luck @ $189 and 2015 3.14. Both entering last year of contracts
i like Tom Brady bc he's fye & I like Russell Wilson bc he fye 2 ..Tht being said .. Hawks are super fye now 2 so go Atlant…
Mad respect for Russell Wilson. "Faith is a big part of my life, and I talk to my pastor Judah Smith almost every...
Geno Smith is ten times the quarterback Russell Wilson will ever be
Russell Wilson is the Bono of quarterbacks
Tim Tebow is ridiculed for being a devout Christian yet Russell Wilson is praised for it? I will never understand😔
watched the America's Game from last year and developed a crush on Russell Wilson. it is!
From last night: Russell Wilson, giant slayer. via
Russell Wilson recalls watching as a kid while Tom Brady won Super Bowls: via
ArkansasOnline - QBs eager to add to their legacy - Tom Brady began winning Super Bowls when Russell Wilson was st...
Who would you rather have as your QB?. Tom Brady (RT). OR. Russell Wilson (Fav)
Russell Wilson sends back a message for his little fans at Hospital:
"My brother would not be surprised." . Russell Wilson's uncle - on the QB's emotional return to the Super Bowl. . 12:30am
I'm gonna call my uncle Russell Wilson. He always knows what to say
Russell Wilson will be a problem this Sunday mark my words
Just saw Vince Wilfork (pats d) I want Russell Wilson at one end of my driveway holding a football and the SEND VINCE IN!!! Driveway done!!! THAT GUY IS HUGE!!
Russell Wilson's emotional trip back to the Super Bowl - from the perspective of his DC-based uncle. Coming up in minutes on
LOOK: Richard Sherman, Russell Wilson do salsa with female reporter via
if you need that to make a story, you're a poor writer. Go write about Russell Wilson and Richard Sherman lol
especially when Richard Sherman and Russell Wilson are available to talk to. Why even bother going to Lynch?
Truth: In private, half the reporters would mock Marshawn Lynch because he doesn't talk like Russell Wilson or Richard Sherman.
Who was the beautiful woman dancing with Richard Sherman and Russell Wilson?
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Who is that woman Richard Sherman and Russell Wilson just danced with👌
So people get mad at Russell Wilson for being a robot, ADB and Richard Sherman for being too honest, and Marshawn for not t…
Richard Sherman is real smart and real, smart. Russell Wilson is smart, but not real. He's polished, rehearsed, but he doesn't seem real.
Russell Wilson, when asked what one NFL rule he would change: "I wish everybody would stop fining my man Marshawn."
Richard Sherman needs to learn from Russell Wilson.
Does playing in the NFL age u faster? No way I'm older than Richard Sherman and Russell Wilson. Maybe I just have a baby face.
Russell Wilson or a younger, black John C. Reilly?
Russell Wilson now on podium at media day talking about Jennifer Lopez lol. That's our boy glad to have him in Seattle
Mark Ravic: Belichick on defending Russell Wilson: "He's not a quarterback. He's a running back when he's got the ...
“Russell Wilson had a 1.000 OPS vs. Matt Harvey in college. 2 AB, 2 BB” See Harvey ain't that great.
when is someone going to call out Chris Collinsworth on his man crush of Russell Wilson? He sounds like John Madden and the Cowboys
Russell Wilson can not be that successful if it isn't for Marshawn Lynch having a good run game
Russell Wilson wins vs Brady in last 3yrs. In wins... Even on the road.. All point to wilson
Russell Wilson is a scrambling machine. A M80 waiting to push it up field. Then beast mode. Ur running game ***
Russell Wilson knocked up Golden Tate's girl in a horrible ironic twist?
Russell Wilson is a hipster/uncle tom. He's some kind of alien mulatto mutant with a hilarious hair cut.
"This guy is tough, he is durable, and he is dependable." on QB Russell Wilson.
I'll take Colin Kaepernick over Russell Wilson anyday of the week.
Figured it out guys... Russell Wilson is a descendent of Greg Gumbel who is a descendent of the cabbage patch kids.
My Uncle is lucky... apparently he has met Russell Wilson! I wish I could have tagged along for that... ;).
Russell Wilson will become the youngest QB to start two Super Bowls, breaking the mark set by...Tom Brady, per Elias.
Russell Wilson looks like the fat uncle that still wears teenager's clothes.
BROO lmao Russell Wilson is my uncle. He stingy tho I Just called him too see if he can give me some tickets to the game. He said next year
The Patriots might need to deflate Russell Wilson...
"He's like Barry sanders but he can throw"-Tom Brady talking about Russell Wilson... That's huge.
I could see Russell Wilson and Michael Sam dating each other.
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