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Russell Westbrook

Russell Westbrook (born November 12, 1988) is an American professional basketball player currently playing for the Oklahoma City Thunder of the NBA.

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Nike to release shirts featuring Lebron James, Russell Westbrook, Kawhi Leonard, Kevin Durant and more
I got Anthony Davis Demarcus Cousins Paul George Kawhi Leonard and Russell Westbrook as the starting lineup
Maybe. Why isn't John Wall or Russell Westbrook or Kemba Walker or James Harden or Anthony Davis or…
REPORT: To keep Russell Westbrook, Paul George and Melo all happy, the Thunder are expected to install an offense that…
Think about this. The state of Oklahoma has:. Oklahoma Sooners. Ok St. Cowboys. Russell Westbrook. Paul George. Car…
Carmelo Anthony, Russell Westbrook, Paul George have 20 combined All-Star appearances, more than some other notable NBA…
KD against Melo, Paul George And an MVP Trophy 🏆. Russell Westbrook did the best trade ever
Story on ESPN: Oklahoma City acquires New York's Carmelo Anthony to join Russell Westbrook and Paul George.
Russell Westbrook after Paul George and Carmelo Anthony joined the Thunder. .
Russell Westbrook's future with the seems more clear than ever now.
Russell Westbrook already mad at Carmelo Anthony for not passing him the ball in NBA 2K18. 😂
Carmelo Anthony has officially been traded to the Thunder, joining Russell Westbrook and Paul George.
Russell Westbrook and Paul George played an immense part in getting Anthony to waive no-trade for OKC, league sources tell ESP…
Russell Westbrook, Paul George, and Carmelo Anthony walk into a bar... who do you think takes the last s…
So I guess at least one star wants to play with Russell Westbrook.
to the . Paul George x Russell Westbrook x Carmelo Anthony 🤔. . Championship Team…
Sam Presti has drafted or traded for: Kevin Durant, Russell Westbrook, James Harden, Paul George and Carmelo Anthony. https:…
Kevin Garnett says Russell Westbrook is the current player that reminds him most of himself.
Congrats to the big homie, B-Stro. is now Russell Westbrook without KD... triple double no assist t…
Russell Westbrook and Oscar Robertson lead the pack.
Odell Beckham Jr., on sprained ankle, participated in dance battle with Russell Westbrook, report says.
1 to 15 right now John Wall Kyrie Irving Kevin Durant Anthony Davis DeMarcus Cousin Isaiah Thomas the freak Russell Westbrook
Read your article about "The Mystery Thunder Teammate". It wasn't Russell Westbrook. It was obviously Nick Collison!!!
Russell Westbrook of Oklahoma City Thunder agrees to 10-year ... Shared from my Google feed
Breaking: Russell Westbrook signs 10-year extension with Jordan Brand, making him long-term face of the company.
Sources: Russell Westbrook inked the most lucrative total endorsement deal for a Jordan Brand athlete to date.
Russell Westbrook broke Oscar Robertson's record for most triple doubles in one season with 42 triple doubles.
why did Russell Westbrook style to look like Lawrence Fishburne?
Russell Westbrook at today's pickup game in NYC: Still got that bounce. (via IG/CBrickley603:
Nicest dance moves: John Wall or the duo of Cameron Payne & Russell Westbrook?
Congrats, The answer is Long Beach, CA... you've won a copy of "Russell Westbrook: Style Drivers!"
Order Miche Bag Online!
FLAMIN HOT TAKE: Russell Westbrook is top 25 all time.
Russell Westbrook and Lebron James dressed like *** girls
Russell Westbrook came to my school today
More from today's workout in NYC. Russell Westbrook looks incredible.
Carmelo and Russell Westbrook putting in WORK at Melo's gym in NY today. 👀. Check out Melo's Curry-style lookaway three. (
Russell Westbrook is coming to Cleveland next year. Trying to convince y'all.
Bruh y'all don't understand this is a whole new Russell Westbrook 😂 he ain't ever used to co-mingle with his colleagues
Russell Westbrook and Carmelo Anthony are balling out together
May we all someday find someone who supports us the way Enes Kanter supports Russell Westbrook.
Russell Westbrook and Ansel Elgort at the TOM FORD Women's S/S18 Show after party.
Carmelo Anthony and Russell Westbrook putting in work in the offseason! 💪🏀.
But Cleveland fans say that BKN pick is going to land them Russell Westbrook, Anthony Davis, Boogi…
I'd also say doesn't get enough credit for how good his lyricism is I mean *** Russell Westbrook on a Farm is unreal
Lebron James is reportedly interested in teaming up with Russell Westbrook
Imagine having only Steven Adams to show for James Harden, Kevin Durant & Russell Westbrook? ... And Paul George
I liked a video Lebron James and Russell Westbrook teaming up on the Lakers? Lebron James is
Throwback to Russell Westbrook and Kevin Love putting on a show at UCLA practice
Lebron James would reportedly 'love' to team up with Russell Westbrook next summer.
When Kevin Durant is a 96 overall in NBA 2K18 but the MVP Russell Westbrook is only a 94.
Which duo do you like best? . A: Russell Westbrook and Kawhi Leonard. B: Stephen Curry and Jimmy Butler. C: CP3 and Giannis Antetokounmpo
[USA Today: Hoops Hype] Trending stories: OJ Mayo, Russell Westbrook's contract and more
The Supersonics/Thunder all time team is nasty af. Gary Payton, Russell Westbrook, Ray Allen, Kevin Durant, Shawn Kemp, Serge Ibaka, etc...
If James Harden got the same USG has Russell Westbrook did he would easily average 35+ points a game. Probably a triple double lol
Russ reveals covers for his upcoming book “Russell Westbrook: Style Drivers”
Bruh, imagine if Kevin Durant, Russell Westbrook, and James Harden played on the same team😳🔥
The NBA players voted. Russell Westbrook is officially the "Hardest to Guard."
Russell Westbrook early favorite to win MVP
ICYMI: Bovada has Russell Westbrook as the early favorite to win MVP next season. Let's go back-to-back, Brodie.
He's 15 years old and he already knows Russell Westbrook and Kevin Love are alum:
Russell Westbrook is just a Michael Carter Williams with a dunk package
Russell Westbrook's Instagram story of him singing Ed Sheeran and Sam Smith gives me life.
Paul George, Lebron James, Joel Embiid, Russell Westbrook, Andre Iguodala... I like it, idk bout the last one thoug…
How many times will Russell Westbrook pass the ball to a Golden State player in this year's game?
Russell Westbrook averages about 1400 shots taken every season, Tom Brady has played 15…
Russell Westbrook on a Farm is one of the most inspiring rap songs ever made.
Tom Brady more likely to make a Super Bowl than Russell Westbrook making any given shot. Lol...good find,…
Russell Westbrook launching a Catfish hunter fastball to the moon AND bat flipping in his face
Thread on why Oscar Robertson's triple double season is better than Russell Westbrook's
Russell Westbrook is our era's Oscar Robertson. Wouldn't be surprised if he averages a triple double this season.
I know this isn't right. Russell Westbrook has 41 triple doubles tying the big O " Oscar Robertson".
Happy birthday to the only person who shares my obsession with Russell Westbrook and Bobby Bones! 🖤 ya, JB!
Russell Westbrook will go up against CP3 + Harden tonight
. Oscar Robertson: 41 triple doubles in a season and the record. Russell Westbrook: Hold my beer
Russell Westbrook was the first player since Oscar Robertson to average a triple double for an entire season.
Russell Westbrook will go up against the new Rockets backcourt this weekend
Russell Westbrook organized workouts with his teammates this week in Santa Monica:
John Wall, Russell Westbrook and James Harden were the only players to average 20 PPG, 10 APG last season.
I just love the fact that Russell Westbrook is married and having a child with a black women that he really loves. No gimmi…
Russell Westbrook and Nick Collison and no one else could be a .500 team im pretty sure
Marc Gasol and Russell Westbrook will join the 10/1 club next season, with Dirk, Tony Parker, Manu, Nick Collison and Co…
Cameron Payne, still the best thing that ever happened to Russell Westbrook.
Baron Davis/Steve Francis the bottom. I'm seeing 21 year old D-Rose or Russell Westbrook as the high mark. Looking like Russ to me.
Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook were not having this Peyton Manning joke😂😂😂
The basically put a big middle finger up to Russell Westbrook and Matt Ryan when it comes to these awards smh.
wins Male Athlete of the Year at ESPYs via
Peyton Manning absolutely roasts Kevin Durant in front of Russell Westbrook.😂😂😂.
LeBron got best NBA player over Russell Westbrook at the
team with lawrence carnes, Russell westbrook, Dwight Howard, Russell westbrook, and chris bosh
Wait are we all actually pretending that Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook weren't in on Peyton's joke the whole time?
When you pass the aux cord to Russell Westbrook
A loyal fan of NO Saints, Robertson thanked them 4 "giving me a platform for doing what I do best -- being myself."
Russell Westbrook takes homes Male Athlete of the Year 🏆
New spot ft Russell Westbrook directed by Will Mayer via is lensed by our DP Kris Belchevski https…
2017 for Best Male Athlete goes to Russell Westbrook; set NBA single-season record with 42 triple-doubles this sea…
DEAD! LOL The 11 funniest memes from Kevin Durant's unamused reaction at the ESPYS via
Russell Westbrook just took home the Award for "Best Male Athlete." His full acceptance speech & more:
Peyton Manning made things very awkward between Russell Westbrook and Kevin Durant at the ESPYS: https…
Kevin Durant was not amused after Peyton Manning called him out at the ESPYS
Peyton really had Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook feeling some type of way😂💀
New post: Russell Westbrook, Kevin Durant among big winners at 25th ESPYS – ESPN
Russell Westbrook won Best Male Athlete at The while Simone Biles earned best female athlete!
The three most athletic NBA player of all-time:. 1. Lebron James. 2. Russell Westbrook. 3. Michael Jordan
When Russell Westbrook get home and watch the replay with his dad of Peyton Manning roasting KD
ESPN Boston: Westbrook, Durant take home ESPY awards -
Peyton Manning made things awkward for Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook in his monologue.
Russell Westbrook has been named Best Male Athlete at the Congrats,
Russell Westbrook's year is somehow getting EVEN better.
NBA MVP Russell Westbrook and his wife Nina are all smiles on the 2017 red carpet.
Kevin Durant tell Russell Westbrook to tell TAYLOR SWIFT I love her
Allen Iverson called Russell Westbrook his favorite player in the NBA:
Russell Westbrook was at Fassler Hall in OKC about 10 min ago. Entire place went NUTS...chanted "MVP!" as he exited. h…
A couple legends in the building. Russell Westbrook court side, Dr. J, Julius Erving, coaching.
Kiddos chanting "dunk it, dunk it" at Russell Westbrook's youth bball camp at Heritage Hall.
Russell Westbrook and Marshawn Lynch are too funny ??
Russell Westbrook and Paul George are going to be the best brodies. 🔥
OKC basketball has seen Kevin Durant, Russell Westbrook, Chris Paul and will see Paul George. Not bad for a fly over.
The Golden State Warriors when they come up against a Lakers team with Lonzo Ball, Russell Westbrook, Paul George and Brando…
This is why Russell Westbrook is your MVP.
sportingnews​.com >> Thunder give Russell Westbrook more help with Patrick Patterson signing
When anybody but Paul George and Russell Westbrook shoot the ball for the Thunder next season
Update your maps at Navteq
Me: what team does Russell Westbrook play for? . Katie: golden state. . Katie: no the Clavs. Please pray for this her
Throwback to Russell Westbrook blocking Paul George and George Hill's shots after the buzzer 😂😂
Russell Westbrook might be the last superstar to play exclusively for 1 team
Paul George and Russell Westbrook: Defense into instant offense via
Russell Westbrook​'s MVP speech will give you all the feels.
“Russell Westbrook might have played a role in limiting his teammate’s production.”
Russell Westbrook checking his phone real quick
Thunder: Examining Russell Westbrook and the Designated Veteran Player Exception entering free agency
Paul George was upset last year when CJ Miles wouldn't give him the ball. He's now playing with Russell Westbrook
'I put my trust in Sam': How the Thunder's GM righted the ship after KD left town (by
Throwback to Russell Westbrook blocking Paul George's & George Hill's shots after the timeout. 😂.
Almost fought someone last night cuz he said Russell Westbrook wasn't an all star lmaooo that triggered me
Here's how Michael Jordan celebrated first NBA MVP award
Russell Westbrook is having a good Friday night 🤔. (📹 russwest44 | Instagram)
(2014) Russell Westbrook blocks Paul George's and George Hill's shots after the timeout. 😂
When Russell Westbrook and Paul George see Kevin Durant and the rest of the Warriors.
😂😂👌 Russell Westbrook on Instagram Stories not too long after the Paul George trade
Russell Westbrook and Paul George are both free agents next summer.
Why do Rockets and Spurs fans hate Russell Westbrook so much? Just had a Houston fan say Russell has taken down OKC single handily. *** 😒
The OKC Police on the Paul George for Victor Oladipo and Domantas Sabonis trade.
BREAKING: Pacers trade Paul George to OKC for a rookie Russell Westbrook basketball card and a pack of Orbitz spearmin…
Paul George and Russell Westbrook are teammates, and it's going to be so fun via
Russell Westbrook reacting to the Paul George trade. 😂.
Paul George is going to the Thunder so he can recruit Russell Westbrook to the Lakers. 👀😂
Paul George: 0-15 in his career on go-ahead shots in final 20 sec. Russell Westbrook led the NBA with 6.2 PPG in clutch…
Let's go live to Russell Westbrook's Instagram Story that was uploaded after the Paul George trade. We're all partying. (…
Woj just said Russell Westbrook has already called Paul George to tell him he's excited to play together.
I'm glad Paul George and Russell Westbrook will have time to build chemistry before they sign with the Lakers.
Paul George and Russell Westbrook off the feed from Doug McDermott 😪
Russell Westbrook has always had bounce. 🔥 (2008)
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I wrote about Russell Westbrook and what it means to be a man:
Russell Westbrook says he has not thought of a Contract Extension yet.
"Kevin Durant congratulates Russell Westbrook on MVP award in YouTube comment" {by Chris Chavez} via
Russell Westbrook from OKC Thunder listening to 'We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together' on his snapchat today!
Note that Michael Jordan sent Russell Westbrook after winning MVP (via
Michael Jordan has a message for Russell Westbrook 🙏🏆
Michael Jordan has a message for Russell Westbrook (via
Really cool Russell Westbrook moment/speech last night. Adam Silver is really good at the handshake. He never misses. Ever.
James Harden made a team of nobodies good. Russell Westbrook destroyed Steven Adams' and Oladipo's seasons
Adam silver : the 2016-2017 MVP is Russell Westbrook. James Harden :
Records on records on records. Russell Westbrook is the well deserved MVP! 💯🏆
Russell Westbrook's entire MVP speech (transcript and video)
Russell Westbrook brought his teammates on stage during his emotional MVP speech.
Russell Westbrook was emotional when thanking the one person that he says he’ll always look up to: his brother.
The final chapter of Russell Westbrook's historic season has been written.
Russell Westbrook wins MVP award after historic season
Russell Westbrook wins MVP award after historic season -
This is why Russell Westbrook is the MVP. It's not just about the numbers. It's about the story too
It's pretty insane that Russell Westbrook could have won MVP, Dunk, Assist & Style of the Year. He had worthy entries…
Samsung giving praise to Russell Westbrook with a cool as *** commercial.
For James Harden, it was the best of times (watching Nicki Minaj perform), it was the worst of times (watching Russell Westbrook…
Dispatch from NYC, where basketball fully, finally embraced Russell Westbrook, the NBA’s new MVP:
Kevin Durant is the Finals MVP & Russell Westbrook is the MVP. The difference a year makes.
Russell Westbrook is the MVP!. is the first player to average a triple-double and win the MVP in the same season…
"SOON" is now. Russell Westbrook is the real MVP. 🏆
Russell Westbrook's 2017 season was unlike anything we'd ever seen before.
Here's Russ' speech via Russell Westbrook showing the side of Russell Westbrook non-OKC don't see.
Russell Westbrook's full MVP acceptance speech from the
Colin Cowherd to Russell Westbrook is like Skip Bayless to Lebron James. Hate blinds you from the truth!
rolls out ad celebrating Russell Westbrook's status
Russell Westbrook's emotional speech after being named MVP. Well deserved for Russ, and he's an even better man.
Russell Westbrook caps off a historic season with his first MVP trophy.
What do Super Bowl winning QB Brock Osweiler and NBA MVP Russell Westbrook both have in common this szn?
Kobe said so himself. “Russell Westbrook the only person in the NBA with that killer instinct like Kobe.”
The moments, not the numbers, is what won Russell Westbrook the MVP. Here are the ones that were most unforgettable: https:…
Yeah there's a reason why Steven Adams is not on stage with you, Russell Westbrook!
Russell Westbrook has been named the 2016-2017 NBA's Most Valuable Player.
Russell Westbrook. Victor Oladipo. Kevin Durant. Al Horford. Steven Adams .. The starting 5 we actually would've had th…
Russell Westbrook and Steven Adams also received votes from the OKC Thunder.
Andre Roberson made it on the All-Defense 2nd Team. Russell Westbrook and Steven Adams each garnered votes.…
NBA All-Defensive Teams. Andre Roberson on the second team. Russell Westbrook with 10 votes (five first-team), Stev…
It looks like Kevin Durant is trolling Russell Westbrook with a championship cupcake hat
Russell Westbrook, 21 Savage, Nav and more came out to the grand opening of Nipsey Hussle's new L.A. store 🏁
Russell Westbrook's new son looks like he just dunked on 2 other babies
New dad Russell Westbrook showed off the new addition to his family.
Not saying Russell Westbrook's son will turn out exactly like Russ, I'm just saying we should probably go ahead and get h…
When lebron lost his first title he lost it with boobie gibson when KD lost his first he lost it with Russell Westbrook and James Harden
Russell Westbrook is your regular season MVP. Kevin Durant is your NBA Finals MVP. Basketball fans are sad we missed out on…
Russell Westbrook showing up to Kevin Durant house like
Russell Westbrook watching Kevin Durant win a ring like .
Russell Westbrook is a top 5 player, LeBron had mo Williams
Russell Westbrook watching Kevin Durant and David West win their first ever rings
Russell Westbrook or Stephen Curry. Make the right choice.
Russell Westbrook sitting at home like...
Things are getting heated between Russell Westbrook and Patrick Beverley. 😂
Would of been so tight to get to watch Ray Allen, Kevin Durant, Russell Westbrook play on the sonics together
to vote for Russell Westbrook's 57-PT triple-double as the Winners will be revealed ➡️ J…
Lebron James. Kevin Durant. Steph curry . Russell Westbrook . Lionel Messi. Cristiano Ronaldo... What a time to be alive!
predicts Ray Allen will unretire and fulfill his destiny, and the Cavs will sign Russell Westbrook. What else is left?
While the Warriors played the Cavs, Russell Westbrook was watching Sister Act 2. That's Petty Hall of Fame material. https:/…
Steph Curry scuffles with Semaj Christon and Russell Westbrook as Warriors-Thunder tension boils over…
Russell Westbrook could totally be DB for the Cowboys, right? Check out other celebrity fans https…
"After Kevin Durant left Russell Westbrook high and dry… Westbrook became the best clutch scorer in all of basketball." —
speaking on smaller guys not being dominating players, look at Allen Iverson and Russell Westbrook. These guys dominate
A few celebrity sightings just now. Spotted Jim Boeheim (watching his son play), Russell Westbrook, and of course, Rashad McCants
Layden should be able to convince Vivek and Vlade that Kris Dunn is the next Russell Westbrook.
Guaranteed the first one to do it is Russell Westbrook
Russell Westbrook deserves the MVP if he can help teammate Enes Kanter escape from his current detainment in Romania.
Russell Westbrook,James Harden & Kawhi Leonard are all great players but The MVP should be Lebron James.He is in a League…
No surprise here. Russell Westbrook named to All-NBA First Team. Congratulations Russ on a season of Watch the vi…
I completely agree with the 1st team ▶️All-NBA first team: James Harden, Lebron James, Russell Westbrook, Kawhi Leonard and A…
Kawhi Leonard named to the All-NBA first team, joining James Harden, Lebron James, Russell Westbrook and Anthony Davis.
Russell Westbrook & Dwayne Wade will be Romper models this summer along with rappers Rae Sremmurd, Migos & Desiigner lol 😂
The 'Russell Westbrook' type whose red flags can make him a Knick - New York Post
Russell Westbrook gonna be wearing a romper before every *** game
You're one of three people who could get away with wearing them. Dwayne Wade and Russell Westbrook would be the other two.
I can't believe James Harden, Russell Westbrook, and Kelly Olynk are the MVP candidates
Roy Nelson vs. Russell Westbrook should be a sick fight
Russell Westbrook dressed like he just got off the Michael Jackson "Just Beat It" set.
Btw, this talk of the greatest that most people have should now consist of Lebron James, Michael Jordan, Oscar Robertson & Russell Westbrook
Russell Westbrook is the MVP! - Lose 4-1. James Harden is the MVP! Getting destroyed by Spurs. Kawhi Leonard is the MVP! Sp…
.reminds me of a blend of Kyle Lowry and Russell Westbrook. I think he's going to be a scorer in the NBA
Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook are ‘back on talking terms,’ according to Kendrick Perkins
Kendrick Perkins casually letting hoops world know that Kevin Durant & Russell Westbrook are back on speaking terms https…
Send Paul George, Kyle Lowry, Russell Westbrook and Gordon Hayward to the Lakers please. We need to be great again asap!!!
Other than Russell Westbrook and Stephen Curry, there isn't a point guard I rather build my team around than John W…
Russell Westbrook is tired of hearing how Thunder struggle when he goes to the bench: "We're all one team... Don't split u…
I've only seen two people stop Kevin Durant in the NBA. . 1.Kawhi Leonard . 2. Russell Westbrook
Anthony Morrow wanted desperately to dance with Russell Westbrook and Cameron Payne: an invest…
Russell Westbrook had so many dirty plays this year
NBA news stories on the playoffs, Spurs, Rockets, Russell Westbrook and more:
Russell Westbrook will be eligible for a 5-year, $217M "supermax," making him the highest-paid player in NBA history.http…
Russell Westbrook, Kevin Durant, James Harden, Serge Ibaka, & Reggie Jackson were all on the same team. & All under 23 years…
Kyle Wijter, Bobby Brown, and. Montrez Harrell, Sam Dekker, and Troy Williams have played more second round minutes than Russell Westbrook.
Bobby Brown bout to play more minutes in the 2nd round than "League MVP" Russell Westbrook 😂😂😂😂
Westbrook talks top off-season priority for Thunder. Signing NBA superstar Russell Westbrook to a contract extension will be a key focus fo…
Plus Coming up how where Russell Westbrook gets his wardrobe. We'll also go live to jayson st... oh nevermind
Aye, approaching 1 milli like Russell Westbrook on a fast break!
Russell Westbrook's best plays this year
Lil Wayne brings Russell Westbrook on stage and starts MVP chant
It just hit me that Russell Westbrook really dresses like Screech Powers and we all eat it up.
Joe Johnson needs to Russell Westbrook the second half for the Jazz to win.
Russell Westbrook is a savage and shut down that reporter I love it.
LA Kings' Marian Gaborik calls Russell Westbrook "classless" for avoiding handshakes after series loss
Russell Westbrook's 'Hero Ball' can be as toxic as it is exhilarating. . --
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Russell Westbrook is holding the Thunder franchise hostage. --
NBA Roundup: Saying goodbye to Russell Westbrook's season without going all Justin Bieber fangirl about it.…
There's a new reality for the Thunder. They have a superstar in Russell Westbrook, but free agents won't come there.
WATCH: Highlights from Russell Westbrook's history 2016-17 season The BEST from for…
Rockets end Westbrook's season: The record-laden season of Russell Westbrook came to a close in the first round of……
That puts an end to one historic season for Russell Westbrook. It was definitely fun to watch this man put up historic…
Dear Jim,. In my book, Russell Westbrook and OKC are Champions. Signed, Dwight
Russell Westbrook after having to carry the all year.
I'll be honest, if I hadn't read the headline I would have assumed it was one of Russell Westbrook's outfits.
when people say Russell Westbrook isn't the mvp
Russell Westbrook with the middle school "your mom" insult 😂😂
Hi I'd like to formally request a statue of Russell Westbrook in front of the capitol building.
Dear Russell Westbrook,. Congrats on winning last night. Signed, That Tennis Reporter
Russell Westbrook shoots back at Pat Beverley: "He was talking about he's first team All-Defense...maybe he was dreaming or some…
Russell Westbrook's usage pct in the 1st Round (46%) was greater than Michael Jordan's vs the Monstars (44%).   10% Off
Russell Westbrook's season wasn't just a chance to witness history. It was a window into greatness.
Curious if Russell Westbrook's will have the worst record for a team with an MVP in history. Anyone know?
Russell Westbrook shot 37 FG% on 29.5 FGA per game this series. A big reason why? Pat Beverley held him to 25.9 FG%. (vi…
Russell Westbrook is the 1st player in NBA history with at least 150 Pts, 50 Reb and 50 Ast in the 1st 5 games of a playo…
Russell Westbrook goes off on reporter who asks about team's play while he's on the bench
I was surprised that the Oklahoma City Thunder made the playoffs but what a year for Russell Westbrook he was killing it this year
Westbrook and the Thunder lost Game 5 to the Rockets to be eliminated from the playoffs.…
Russell Westbrook describing what he was proud of this season. "Our team rallied around each other."
In the 45 minutes that Russell Westbrook was off the court against the Rockets, Houston outscored OKC by 58 points-
Win or lose, nobody has heart like Russell Westbrook
If Russell Westbrook gonna lose in the first round of the playoffs he gonna make it look sexy
Russell Westbrook ends his season as the 3rd player in NBA history to average a triple-double in the playoffs.
"F--- it I'll do it myself."- black women and Russell Westbrook.
Russell Westbrook has NO help and y'all understand . BUT when Bron was by himself y'all wanted him to be God 😂😂😂 y'al…
Russell Westbrook is the MVP of saying something sassy in press conferences after taking an L
Russell Westbrook was off the floor for 6 minutes in Game 5. . In those 6 minutes, the Rockets outscored the Thunder 27-…
The Houston and James Harden eliminated the 2017 MVP Russell Westbrook and OKC Thunder in 5 Games of the…
if russell westbrook doesn't win mvp I will never watch another nba game ever 💯
Russell Westbrook is also the MVP of post game press conferences. Listen to what he had to say about Patrick Beverley'…
Russell Westbrook ALL series and season long taking on the world by himself ctfu
Russell Westbrook had one of the best seasons in NBA HISTORY. Not up for debate.
Can't believe Kyrie Irving had a worse TS% than Russell Westbrook in round one. Woof.
Love or hate him, you won't forget Russell Westbrook's magical, awe-inspiring season
Russell Westbrook, when he realizes there is no Game 6:
Houston Rockets guard Patrick Beverley sent a message to Russell Westbrook after beating down the Oklahoma City...
The only triple-double Russell Westbrook will get the rest of the season is triple-double crunchwrap
The trolled Russell Westbrook extra hard last night.
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