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Russell Westbrook

Russell Westbrook (born November 12, 1988) is an American professional basketball player currently playing for the Oklahoma City Thunder of the NBA.

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Russell Westbrook will probably win MVP, but James Harden should win this series. Just like 1995.
Russell Westbrook delivered a season for the ages, but now it’s over. James Harden, however, is moving on.
Russell Westbrook blows by James Harden then finishes! 🔥.
Don't act like James Harden played better than Russell Westbrook this series. Numbers don't lie, Harden's team is just…
Once again Russell Westbrook couldn't beat the Houston Rockets by himself. But he could sure make them sweat.
The exchange of words between Russell Westbrook and Patrick Beverley on the court continued into the press conference. 🌾👀…
Patrick Beverley had Russell Westbrook confused with the talking...
Patrick Beverly on the words he exchanged with Russell Westbrook on the court.
Russell Westbrook and Patrick Beverley going at it! .
Good for Russell Westbrook not taking reporter's bait: TRAINA THOUGHTS
Footage of James Harden winning the MVP race against Russell Westbrook.
Russell Westbrook after the game. “We’re in this together. We play as a team. That’s all that matters.”
Russell Westbrook sticking up for his teammates. 👏
Russell Westbrook:. Takes all of the shots ... And all of the questions 🤔
Norris Cole -18. Russell Westbrook +14. It's safe to say Westbrook was the only reason they were in that game...
Russell Westbrook is not playing around with all you guys. .
The press conference got animated with Russell Westbrook.andrew-joseph
Lakers fans when asked "What happened to landing Kevin Durant, Demarcus Cousins, DeMar Derozan, and Russell Westbrook in fr…
We're seeing so many superstars in 1 day:. Russell Westbrook . James Harden. Gerald Green. Jimmy Butler. LeBron. Kyrie Irving. Chris Paul. Crazy
Russell Westbrook makes his presence known on the court.
True Leader ✊🏾RT Russell Westbrook goes off on reporter who asks about team's play while he's on the bench
Russell Westbrook just stuffed this reporter in a locker
Paul George, Kawhi Leonard, and Russell Westbrook do so much for their teams, they need help
OKC at one point had Reggie Jackson, Russell Westbrook, James Harden, Surge Ibaka, Kevin Durant , Jeff Green on the SAME TEAM
ESPN's Tim MacMahon: There's never been a PG as athletic as Russell Westbrook.
Russell Westbrook's more reserved triple-double is just enough in Game 3 win
Oklahoma City Thunder star Russell Westbrook changed his approach in a specific way ahead of Game 3.
What's going on OKC? Russell Westbrook, Oklahoma City Thunder strike winning… Get found ->
Russell Westbrook's approach to Game 3 was clear from tipoff: controlled and composed, or as much as he can:
Russell Westbrook and the OKC Thunder WON!!! 2-1 Houston leads
ESPN: Barry Melrose 2 min segment then on to how many times Russell Westbrook sneezed last night. terrible
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Thunder's Russell Westbrook records quadruple-double, but it's not a good thing
Thunder guards Russell Westbrook and Victor Oladipo exchanged texts after their Game 3 win:
Russell Westbrook: 1st player with a triple-double in back-to-back games of a playoff series since Jason Kidd in 2002 Ea…
Sport Mountain - Russell Westbrook's press-conference expletive cost him 15 bleepin' grand…
Did you really just compare Russell Westbrook's supporting cast to LeBron's? Alrighty, then ...
Russell Westbrook: "Man, I'd sure like to get a triple double AND win a playoff game.". LeBron: "Hold my beer...".
OKC Thunder's Steven Adams tells Russell Westbrook: 'I trust you to get it done' (Sport)
Russell Westbrook (22 Pts, 8 Reb,10 Ast at halftime) joins Tony Parker as only players in last 15 postseasons with 20 Pt…
Russell Westbrooks teammates had a 43% shooting while Westbrook had 39%. They have shooters like McDerm…
Lebron triple double and Russell Westbrook triple double tells the Difference between triple doubles
2-way player yes best player is Russell Westbrook. Wade playing with less why isn’t he better than LBJ?
Russell Westbrook again insists the basketball is his only friend
Look Russell Westbrook needs help, Indiana is ever going anywhere. I think you and Westbrook would be nice in OKC
Kawhi Leonard has 69 points on 28 shots in his first 2 playoff games. . Russell Westbrook 73 points on 66 shots in his first…
There have been 7 40-point triple-doubles in playoff history, 2 in the last 24 hours (Russell Westbrook & LeBron James)…
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Thunder's Russell Westbrook hits media members with ball on 'accident'.. Related Articles:
Paul George and Melo need to team up with Russell Westbrook
Wait LeBron made this 25pt comeback with his all star teammates on the bench and Russell Westbrook needs HELP to keep…
Accurate representation during the Pacers halftime show of how Russell Westbrook carries the Thunder. https:…
⚡️ “Russell Westbrook is officially the triple-double king”.
Thunder's Russell Westbrook on posting NBA's first postseason 50-point triple-double: "I don't give a f--- about the line.…
Russell Westbrook to his teammates rn
James Harden and Russell Westbrook talk about who should be MVP. 😂
Russell Westbrook sat for 6 minutes and 38 seconds tonight. You ready for this? OKC was -15 in that time
Column: The difference between James Harden and Russell Westbrook? Trust and team.
Through 2 games, Russell Westbrook has scored 1 more point than James Harden while shooting 21 additional FGAs. https:…
Russell Westbrook care to comment on your performance tonight?
I'm the Russell Westbrook of group projects.
This article sums up the conflict I feel. .
They hold Steph Curry every single play. But its soft cus guys like charles oakley are not tackling russe…
Russell Westbrook can fill up the stat sheet but can't beat the Rockets.
Russell Westbrook questionable for game 3 (Sore Back from carrying teammates)
Assuming Thunder fall, Russell Westbrook should easily set new Martyr Ball standard. Blowing away Mike for highest usage i…
Whoever came up with the "don't mix camouflages" line in that Russell Westbrook ad needs their own writing award...
Russell Westbrook went OFF tonight:. 51 points. 10 rebounds. 13 assists . 🏀😳🔥. Houston got the win and now lead the series 2-0…
Russell Westbrook's performance tonight, reminded me so much of Bobby Magum, had to check and see if my TV was still there.
Russell Westbrook with an all time great postgame interview 🔥
James Harden is winning the series over Russell Westbrook
3 things we learned from Day 5 of the 2017 NBA playoffs: Stop saying Russell Westbrook's teammates are way……
Why does Russell Westbrook pay so much money to dress like the Brooklyn Brawler? :(
Russell Westbrook's 43 FGA are the most in a playoff game since Michael Jordan had 43 in Game 3 of the 1993 Finals vs. Sun…
That moment when Russell Westbrook likes a video of his teammate getting exposed by James Harden
Thunder fan: "Russell Westbrook is better than James Harden". Me: "How?". Thunder fan:
Good morning Patrick Beverley gave Russell Westbrook the business
Russell Westbrook of Oklahoma City Thunder on James Harden of Houston Rockets -- Ball only friend on court - ... -…
A look back at the incredible regular season from Russell Westbrook. Playoff Russ is upon us.
At this point, the only player I would pick ahead of Giannis Antetokounmpo is Russell Westbrook. The man is truly a freak.
Miller: if there will be a first round matchup that all eyes are on, it will be James Harden vs Russell Westbrook.
Russell Westbrook, his brother, father & Oscar Robertson!
Russell Westbrook is a better player than Kevin Durant - Thunderous Intentions
Russell Westbrook . Dion Waiters . Kevin Durant . Steven Adams . Serge Ibaka . how did this line up not win an NBA championship
Russell Westbrook, Jimmy Butler, and Paul George are the only players averaging at least 23 points, 6 rebounds, 3 assists,…
You think Russell Westbrook has it tough? Here's a recap of the MVP voting in 1962, when a guy who averaged a triple-double…
According to book, LeBron James, Russell Westbrook and Chris Paul dislike Stephen Curry.
Stephen Curry BREAKS Russell Westbrook's ankles with BEST behind-the-back crossover EVER! | NBA 2K1: via
According to one Warriors beat writer, LeBron James and Russell Westbrook don't particularly like Stephen Curry.…
[Fansided: Thunderous Intentions] Views from OKC: A resting Russell Westbrook is wonderful
Russell Westbrook is savage with the thermostat 😂
Oscar Robertson is in Oklahoma City and will be at the Thunder's game tomorrow night to recognize Russell Westbrook's histo…
LeBron, CP3, and Russell Westbrook among players who dislike Steph Curry, per h…
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Russell Westbrook and Marshawn Lynch are the interview GOATs 🐐 😂
"I'd pay to see Russell Westbrook, but LeBron James is the MVP." . 🎙 -
Peep the new pod! joined to sing the praises of one Russell Westbrook
ICYMI: says Russell Westbrook is the MVP. If you disagree, you're wrong.
When you realize regardless who wins MVP, we're getting a Russell Westbrook vs James Harden matchup in the First Round of…
Triple double tracker: Russell Westbrook is two assists away from his record-breaking 42nd triple double!
I hope the Kevin Durant in your life leaves you so you can be the Russell Westbrook you deserve to be
Russell Westbrook's triple-doubles are him showing up, not showing off
During a podcast with Bill Simmons, KD spoke candidly about his relationship with Russell Westbrook.
Do you see Russell Westbrook on this list? Nope! . Turnovers. 1.James Harden 10. 2.JaMycha…
Russell Westbrook officially breaks Big O’s record and takes to new heights!
Russell Westbrook officially has the most triple doubles ever recorded in one season, 42.
I'm sorry but there is absolutely no debate for who the best player in the league is right now 🤷‍♂️ The Goat Russell Westbrook ‼️
I don't care that Russell Westbrook has 42 triple doubles
Russell Westbrook said he practices that deep 3 before every game. Did he think it was going in? "... I knew it had a chan…
MVP or not, Russell Westbrook is the story of the 2016-17 season. We'll remember this years down the line. To me, that matters…
The single-season triple-double throne now belongs to Russell Westbrook.
Russell Westbrook is the best player in the league don't @ me
Russell Westbrook is 41 points away from scoring the most points in a season since Kobe Bryant's 2,832 in '05-'06.
Yo when are we getting a Russell Westbrook filter? 😁
Oscar Robertson wrote a congratulatory letter to Russell Westbrook on
Russell Westbrook wasn't supposed to make history, but he did. Never let hype and headlines dictate your journey 🏀
How many teams, after losing a player of Kevin Durant's caliber, can have a season like OKC? Thats all Russell Westbrook.
Russell Westbrook night for this winner.
OKC stuns Denver Nuggets at buzzer as Russell Westbrook becomes the NBA’s single-season triple-double leader
Let's see "Russell Westbrook" lead OKC to the finals. Harden def will lead my Rockets to the finals and will win it baby!!!
Russell Westbrook made history as he posted his 42nd triple-double...and hit the game-winner...unreal .
Russell Westbrook has to be MVP, had a *** near perfect individual season.
Russell Westbrook messed around and got 42 triple doubles 😎
Russell Westbrook takes time for fans following today's incredible performance in Denver!
Have to see it to believe it. Russell Westbrook makes the buzzer-beater.
I added a video to a playlist Russell Westbrook Historic Season Be Like…
Russell Westbrook now holds the record for most triple-doubles in a single season. TRIPLE-DOUBLE No. 42. 35 PTS. 13 REB. 10…
Russell Westbrook passes his way into the history books with his 42nd triple-double of the season!.
So can we agree that it was actually Kevin Durant who was holding Russell Westbrook back? Not the other way around.
"It's amazing. It's something I never dreamed about as a kid.". Russell Westbrook speaks on his historic night! https:/…
It's a *** shame the magic Russell Westbrook displaying this year won't be showcased deep in the playoffs.
Russell Westbrook gets love from Denver following his 50 points, 16 rebounds & 10 assists!
"I thought winning is the most important thing." - James Harden responds to Russell Westbrook's late run for MVP.
Russell Westbrook has clinched a triple-double average for the season.
Russell Westbrook is better than Kevin Durant. Don't @ me.
“If you don’t like Russell Westbrook as a player, you don’t like basketball.”. . Congrats on from the TNT cre…
Russell Westbrook on if this game felt like a storybook ending: "It felt like a blessing."
Here it is — the assist that gave Russell Westbrook his record-breaking 42nd triple-double
Who else? Russell Westbrook drills a 3 at the buzzer and Thunder wins!! .
Don't let Russell Westbrook's history making day, distract you from the Cavs blowing a 26 point 4th Quarter lead to th…
Russell Westbrook has set the NBA single-season record with his 42nd triple-double
BREAKING: Russell Westbrook records his NBA RECORD 42nd triple double of the season - passes Oscar Robertson.
BREAKING: Russell Westbrook passes Oscar Robertson with his 42nd of the season.
Russell Westbrook's record-breaking season is everything we love about the NBA: Congratulations, Russ.…
History has been made!. Russell Westbrook's 42nd triple-double moves him past Oscar Robertson for most all-time in a sing…
Nick Young, Lance Stevenson, and Russell Westbrook have the funniest memes/gifs. They don't deserve that lol
Russell Westbrook not getting a triple double against the Suns is more surprising than America defeating Russia in the 1980 Winter Olympics.
We know that Russell Westbrook is chasing a triple double but what about Jamaal Franklin putting up 30/9/9
It's official - Russell Westbrook has clinched averaging a triple double this season. Him and Oscar Robertson are the only…
True, although for every Russell Westbrook there's probably 20 Joe Alexander's or Stromile Swift's
Oh, favorite Russell Westbrook article. Only this year, he may very well be the MVP.…
Russell Westbrook ties Big O's single season triple double record of 41. one more to go
Russell Westbrook is the 1st player in with 2 streaks of 7 consecutive triple-doubles in one season. h…
I think you have to give Russell Westbr…
Never seen Russell Westbrook so happy as he was in ESPN interview. Telling also: How happy so many of his teammates we…
Russell Westbrook look like son lls
Jason Kidd on if Russell Westbrook doesn't win MVP.
We invited ⚡️🎅 over to talk about our favorite guy, the MVP, Russell Westbrook.
Russell Westbrook just tied Oscar Robertson's record with 41 triple-doubles. 🔥
Russell Westbrook talking about cherishing Tuesday's moment. One of first times he's brought up his soon-to-be-born son: h…
Russell Westbrook continues to join great company. . 41 triple-doubles this season ... and he's on his 2nd streak of 7 straight.…
Russell Westbrook ties Oscar Robertson's single-season record with his 41st triple-double.
HE DID IT! 🙌🔥 Russell Westbrook tied Oscar Robertson by grabbing his 4⃣1⃣st triple-double of the season with 12p/13r/13a!
how TF do you get 41 triple doubles in a season lol don't you ever in your life speak ill of russell westbrook again that…
Think of everyone you love in your life. Russell Westbrook is better.
Jason Kidd says Russell Westbrook would be "cheated" if he doesn't win the MVP award
Russell Westbrook racks up his 41st triple-double of the season to lead Tuesday's TOP 10 PLAYS!
On this week's HERO Sports Podcast:. Wrap. Tony Romo Talk. MVP Race. Check it out:…
Russell Westbrook just tied Oscar Robertson for most single-season triple-doubles in NBA history.
After today, I will have seen Damian Lillard, LeBron James, Kyrie Irving, Russell Westbrook (and Michael Phelps) in…
Russell Westbrook has 38 triple doubles. James Harden's team is in 3rd place in the West. MVP?
Today, Russell Westbrook joined Oscar Robertson as the only players in NBA history to record at least 40 triple doubles in…
Another milestone for Russell Westbrook. He has now scored 15,000 points in his career.
Russell Westbrook is doing something I never thought I'd see in the sport of basketball. It was called impossible. This man is special.
Russell Westbrook is the 1st player in NBA history with multiple 6-game triple-double streaks in a season (via
Why haven't players like Russell Westbrook and Jimmy Butler gotten signature shoes yet
Steph Curry has now outplayed Russell Westbrook, Kawhi Leonard, & James Harden without Kevin Durant and during a tough…
Russell Westbrook has been pretty clutch this year so far 👀💯
Kevin Durant wants to go back to being friends with Russell Westbrook
They tried to name a street after Russell Westbrook in OKC but no one crosses Russ and lives
Russell Westbrook with his 39th triple-double, now 2 away from tying Oscar with 7 games to go: 26-14-10 with 6:11 left in t…
Hey Dave, could you Ask Hubie what he thinks of Russell Westbrook comparisons to Michael Ray Richardson? Thanks Cave Creek, AZ
Current record-holder Oscar Robertson says he's rooting for Russell Westbrook to break his mark of 41 in a season. .
A young Russell Westbrook wanders on to a basketball court in downtown LA, 1993.
KD set the record straight about his sit down with Russell Westbrook and Nick Collison.
Charles Barkley: "Russell Westbrook is the most relentless player I've ever seen"
Charles Barkley with some high praise for Russell Westbrook. Barkley also said "I don't think he's leaving OKC" https:…
Russell Westbrook now has 425 points in the final 5 minutes of the 4th quarter this season, most by any player over the…
Former Tigers star Vincent Askew, who trained Russell Westbrook, joining us in studio now on Sports 56/87.7FM
Russell Westbrook is the MVP. He finished the game with 57p, 13r, and 11a. Oh and hits the game tying 3🔥
Russell Westbrook sends it into overtime for the as clinch playoff berth!
What are the chances Russell Westbrook finishes the season averaging a triple-double?. About 99.9%.
50+ points? ✅. Triple-double? ✅. Game-tying 3-pointer? ✅ . Russell Westbrook is not from this planet. .
I be feeling like Russell Westbrook sometimes
"As impressive as [Russell Westbrook's] performance was last night, James Harden would still get my MVP vote." —
Russell Westbrook is dragging a *** rec league squad to the playoffs and y'all questioning if he's MVP. Lmao 😂.
Russell Westbrook is on another level this year
One of the most beastly performances by any PG, ever. . Russell Westbrook may have took the MVP award with this one 😳🔥 57…
Another night for Russell Westbrook. . 57p-13r-11a. . Most points in a in NBA
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Russell Westbrook messed around and set an NBA record for points in a triple-double by dropping 57!
Russell Westbrook was so good last night that he got "MVP!" chants from opposing fans.
Russell Westbrook is on another level.
Russell Westbrook in real life is everybody's 2K character playing on the easiest difficulty.
Sometimes "them" leaving is the blessing you've been trusting God for. I.E. the case of Russell Westbrook
WATCH! Russell Westbrook, leaving fans around the NBA in the Lattimores in Orlando last night.
Russell Westbrook has record 57-point triple-double, leads Thunder to biggest comeback
We were robbed the chance to see Russell Westbrook, James Harden and Kevin Durant play together in their prime. That wo…
If Russell Westbrook aint mvp then the NBA is rigged for ratings or money idk which one but I witnessed it live
Russell Westbrook had a big night in Orlando:. -57 points. -13 rebounds . -11 assists. -5 touchdowns. -3 home runs. -1 hole…
Russell Westbrook just dropped the most points in a triple-double in NBA history. 🔥
Russell Westbrook and Oscar Robertson have a lot in common these days. Here's another one for the record books. http…
Triple-double No. 37 ✅. Russell Westbrook comes up clutch in the 4th quarter to help OKC stun the Mavs.
Charles Barkley states on Dan Patrick Show that Oklahoma City Thunder's “ Russell Westbrook plays harder than ... -…
Kobe Bryant's favorite players to watch in the NBA are James Harden, Kawhi Leonard, Kyrie Irving and Russell Westbrook. 👀🐍 h…
🎥 Mavs F Dorian Finney-Smith dishes on what it takes to be a good defender, trying to contain Russell Westbrook tonight an…
Triple-double No. 36 in the books. Russell Westbrook is just 5 triple-doubles away from tying Oscar Robertson's single-s…
Say goodbye to that drought. Oregon becomes the first Pac-12 team in the Final Four since Russell Westbrook, Kevin Love and UCLA…
Russell Westbrook has a triple double, which I think means that the Thunder automatically win this game.
I'm not a praying man by any means, but I would do exactly that if it would get Russell Westbrook some help
Russell Westbrook can outplay James Harden all he wants but if OKC can't stop Houston making shots it means absolutely nothing. Blowout.
Russell Westbrook put up the NBA's first-ever perfect triple-double in this highlight.
"I believe Russell Westbrook is one of Dr. Xavier's students!". Gus Johnson *** lmao
Russell Westbrook and Marshawn Lynch are too funny 😂 .
Would you rather wrestle a snake or guard Russell Westbrook? 🤔 . The answer is easy for Andre Roberson . 🎥:
Russell Westbrook on Kendrick Lamar using his name in his last single
Could you imagine if Kevin Durant, James Harden, and Russell Westbrook were all still on the same team?
They hope that Cameron Payne can be a player...all of his highlights are him doing goofball dances with Russell Westbrook
Russell Westbrook on getting name checked in Kendrick Lamar's new song:
Russell Westbrook appears to be a fan of Kendrick Lamar's new song:
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Will OKC complete a blockbuster trade this summer to acquire help for Russell Westbrook?
Charles Barkley was on the Dan Patrick Show today and discussed the future of Russell Westbrook. He doesn't see the love…
Just having out with Russell Westbrook. @ Petroleum Club of Oklahoma City
Like really, ur son is better than Steph Curry, LeBron James, Russell Westbrook, and Ervin Magic Johnson gtfoh
Russell Westbrook becomes first player in NBA history to record a triple-double without missing a FG or free throw http…
Russell Westbrook notches the first perfect triple-double (18p, 14a, 11r) by shooting 6/6 from the field and 6/6 from the charity…
Russell Westbrook tonight became the first player in history to record a triple-double while going perfect from t…
Thunder's Russell Westbrook gets his 35th triple-double of the season. (📷
Russell Westbrook should be disqualified from the MVP race
Kevin Durant admits his bond with Russell Westbrook "won't ever be the same".
Russell Westbrook has:. 1. laughed at Steph Curry. 2. Said "who's he" about Steph Curry. 3. lost 6 straight games vs. Step…
How long do you think Russell Westbrook has been waiting to push Steph Curry? 🤔🤔
WATCH: Steph Curry, Russell Westbrook scrap as tempers boil over in Thunder-Warriors
Russell Westbrook needs an attitude adjustment. Such a baby.
Warriors' Stephen Curry scraps with Thunder's Russell Westbrook (full video)
In other news, shout out to Russell Westbrook:
Russell Westbrook is my favorite NBA player but Stephen Curry owns his soul.
Russell Westbrook did that thing where he's like the perfect football player and basketball player at the same time. http…
Stephen Curry, Draymond Green, Russell Westbrook, Taj Gibson and Semaj Christon in the middle of this one 👀👀👀.
Some MVP defense from Russell Westbrook right there.
Steph Curry and Russell Westbrook aren't playing any games. Remember Russell responded to Steph on MVP talk with: "Who…
Steps Curry in his fight against Russell Westbrook
Russell Westbrook on the scuffle at the end of the first half:
Find somebody who makes you as happy as "Do What I Want" makes Russell Westbrook
VIDEO: Russell Westbrook discusses the scuffle involving himself and Steph Curry.
Russell Westbrook on the second quarter scuffle: "Once I see something going down with my teammates, I'm hopping in." http…
If Russell Westbrook plays in OKC's final 13 games, he needs 0 points, 95 rebounds and 106 assists to average a triple-d…
James Harden- 25th game of 30+ points and 10+ assists this season, most in the NBA (Russell Westbrook 2nd with 19 such g…
Steph Curry and Russell Westbrook were assessed technicals for their roles in scuffle just before halftime. WATCH:
Good story today on Russell Westbrook, This one's for you:
Little Giant Ladders
34 triple double. Russell Westbrook is MVP no debate. Not even close. Don't even bring up Harden. If you say Leonard I'm blocking you lol
Friend of mine said this to me recently. Russell Westbrook and the Thunder are very similar to Allen Iverson and the Sixers of 2001.
The parallels to Russell Westbrook here are crazy also lol
Russell Westbrook and Marshawn Lynch are too funny 😂
Russell Westbrook: needs to average 7.3 rebounds per game and 8.2 assists per game to average a triple-double for the se…
Stephen Curry responds to Russell Westbrook's "who's he" remark. Curry had said he'd go with James Harden for MVP. https:…
Russell Westbrook comes up short of a triple-double as the Oklahoma City Thunder move up in the playoff race!
Happy Birthday Simon! 🤡 You are to fouling out as Russell Westbrook is to triple doubles!
Russell Westbrook hits Cory Jospeh with the half-court nutmeg to Victor Oladipo! 😳🔥.
Meanwhile in the NBA: Russell Westbrook is doing Russell Westbrook things
Russell Westbrook and the Oklahoma City Thunder fossilized the Toronto Raptors tonight.
Russell Westbrook registers his leading 34th triple-double in road victory!.
Earlier this week, Stephen Curry said James Harden should win the MVP award over Russell Westbrook. RW response 👀.
Russell Westbrook's pass in full speed is impressive
Allen Iverson on why young NBA fans love him, and why Russell Westbrook is this year’s MVP | For The Win via
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Russell Westbrook is like a new version of Allen Iverson in 2001
Earlier this week Steph Curry said James Harden should win the MVP over Russell Westbrook. Today RW responds: "who's h…
Allen Iverson just said Russell Westbrook should be MVP this season so guess what...that's who I think it should be as we…
Russell Westbrook and Stephen Curry impress in their own way
This pic of Russell Westbrook is the best free throw photo you'll see all day. . Pic by Greg Nelson
"Get your popcorn before the game starts If you're watching a Russell Westbrook.". - Allen Iverson.
Can you guys get the Supersonics Ray Allen jersey or the All-Star game Russell Westbrook jersey?
Oklahoma City Thunder star Russell Westbrook recorded ANOTHER triple-double to lead his team to a much needed...
I liked a video from Steph Curry and Kevin Durant PRANK Russell Westbrook
history. Russell Westbrook passes Wilt Chamberlain for 2nd on all-time list of triple-doubles in a season. ht…
Russell Westbrook and the Oklahoma City Thunder just provided the Golden State Warriors with more of a cushion...
Russell Westbrook and the Oklahoma City Thunder just ended the San Antonio Spurs' nine-game winning streak!...
No Parker, Ginobili or Kyle Anderson tonight in OKC. Dejounte Murray vs. Russell Westbrook should be something
After tonight, Russell Westbrook is averaging 32.1 PPG for the season. This is the most since Kobe Bryant in 2005-06.
Russell Westbrook ties Freddie Brown (1974) for the most points in a game by a Sonics/Thunder player in franchise history…
SEGMENT OF THE DAY: LeBron is the human Snapchat while Russell Westbrook is Wall Street
I'll up you with running into Russell Westbrook at the OKC airport the day after the UT-Okla game
SportsCenter Video: Brad Daugherty disagrees with Mark Cuban, says Russell Westbrook is "definitely" in MVP conver…
Brad Daugherty disagrees with Mark Cuban pushing Russell Westbrook out of the MVP race. Video - via App
Russell Westbrook is showing that he is pretty weak mentally... he has gotten rattled by DERRICK JONES JR and SETH CURRY the last two games.
Russell Westbrook is an animal, if you don't like his intensity/competitiveness you not a real sports fan
Russell Westbrook is on pace for 40 triple-doubles this season. The league's single-season record is 41 by Oscar Roberts…
Mark Cuban says MVP is a toss-up between James Harden and LeBron James. Where is Russell Westbrook in that mix? "He's no…
Wesley Matthews expected to return tonight against Russell Westbrook and Oklahoma City after missing two games
Russell Westbrook joined a very elite group of players after scoring 40+ points in 4-straight games.
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