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Russell Tovey

Russell George Tovey (born 14 November 1981) is an English actor with numerous television, film and stage credits.

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‘Being *** made my career' said Russell Tovey for The Guardian. Check out full interview:
Russell Tovey on Joining 'Quantico,' Acting in His Underwear, and the Legacy of ... -
I'm not a romantic lead. I have sticking-out ears and a little tro...
That's good to hear. The Job Lot was the one set in a jocb centre starring Russell Tovey.
It's the love child of Russell Tovey and Ben Jackson. Who'd have thought it? 🙄
being the latest to everything, i now bring you my quite belated loling at russell tovey being in a episode of sherlock about a HOUND. 😂
Over/under on # of days until Hollywood makes film abt me using Google Earth to locate where exactly in NYC Russell Tovey is walking his dog
Is it possible there will never be a sexier man in my eyes than ?
Russell Tovey & friends attended the live reading event hosted by Burberry with Pin Drop at Thomas's on December 20, 2016 i…
Why everyone should follow Russell Tovey on Instagram:
And i need one that looks like Russell Tovey
Exclusive: Russell Tovey and Arinzé Kene star in new clip from The Pass.
Russell Tovey and Jay Armstrong Johnson get up close and personal in Quantico.
Russell Tovey visited SiriusXM's Radio Andy at SiriusXM Studio on December 5, 2016 in New York City.
Day 12: Russell Tovey (who had a busy 2016 with Looking, The Pass & Quantico.…
Watching from the start and Russell Tovey looks so young!
Do you mean Russell Tovey? Or the replacement one Michael Socha?
Russell Tovey: I was never tortured about being ***
So the national theatre are doing Angels in America next year and it's going have Andrew Garfield, Nathan Lane and Russell Tovey 😍😍😍
Russell Tovey at World Premiere of Mindhorn at 60th BFI London Film Festival.
📷 c-atomic: Pro-tip: Russell Tovey is my celebrity crush.  I’ve been lustin’ after those ears since...
I know I was obsessed with Russell Tovey to the point of stalking him but getting his name tattooed is a step too far even for me
Told my boss he had a look of Russell Tovey about him on Friday and he was so angry but I'm not sure why 😂
with and Pearl Thusi will be Joined in the .
The only thing I can give to young *** people is that when I was growing up, there were no ro
Priyanka Chopra gets a new set of admirers in Russell Tovey and Aaron Diaz
No judgement. He has the best ears this side of Russell Tovey.
I have only two *** Crush, Russell Tovey & Luke Evans. Others are heterosexual.
lol *** dreamt a bunch of us were actors on a soap. guest star Aaron Tveit hilariously swept off her feet. Russell Tovey for me 😁👍
I grew up in Essex, and all my life I wanted to live in London - now I do. I feel very privil
Be nice to people and look after your relationships.
I mean... I already wasn't gonna quit but the casting of Russell Tovey just makes me double down on that
I was so envious of everyone who went to Sylvia Young Theatre School. I wanted to go, but my
I just live in the moment. Or try to.
Russell Tovey was in Banished and he was with Aidan in Being Human
Russell Tovey is going to be in S2 of Quantico
When they make the movie about we can pencil in Russell Tovey for Gunnar Bentz, right?
Check out the first look of Russell Tovey with PC in Quantico Season 2
Someone outed me when I was 20, and I thought, 'Well, that's out there now...' Nobody made a
Check out first look of Russell Tovey with Priyanka Chopra in season 2
Revealed: First look of with in Season 2.
Quantico Newbie Russell Tovey Gets the Lay of the Land - Fall TV First Look
Get your first look at the charming-yet-dangerous
Um crush que me trouxe. Russell Tovey me beija
[PIC] Jonathan Groff and Russell Tovey at the Looking Premiere in San Francisco.
hah, that's a new one. I usually get Robert Webb or Russell Tovey
it's great may need to rewatch it myself love Russell tovey in it
Romantically, in my head, I'm Rambo, but if someone's shouting at me, ...
I think if I met Frank Auerbach or Jeff Koons, I'd be more wobbly than...
I still feel I'm going to wake up any moment, and my skin's going to b...
Aww, incredibly young Russell Tovey in this Mrs Bradley Mystery.
Russell Tovey says closeted *** footballers must be 'very lonely and scared'
Nathan Lane to Join Andrew Garfield and Russell Tovey in Angels in America
I liked a video Russell Tovey from Being Human sings to Aidan Turner
Alan Bennett is a starmaker; he's the Simon Cowell of the theatre worl...
I get told a lot that I'm kind of carving my own path. That there are ...
He, Colton Haynes, Russell Tovey, Bryan Singer, and many more perpetuate this cyclical culture of dehumanization and abuse.
When I was really young, I wanted to be a history teacher because I wa...
I think a part of me romantically thinks it would be amazing to learn ...
I often wonder if Martin's love child is Russell Tovey
Please join us in welcoming to Season 2 of Quantico!   10% Off
Podcast with the original cast of Being Human including Aidan Turner, Russell Tovey and Lenora Critchlow
Watching 'Being Human' and crying every time I see russell tovey! So much emotion!!
Confession: I just realized I've been picturing Russell Tovey every time I saw the name Russell T. Davies and I feel like a complete moron.
Aidan Turner, Russell Tovey, & Lenora Crichlow could reunite for a one-off special of Being Human | What's on TV
Original Being Human cast to return? Aidan Turner, Russell Tovey and Lenora Crichlow up for ...
Can reveal exclusively are me, Louis Spence, Marc Almond, Rupert Everett, Russell Tovey and Will Young
The week in pictures:Matthew Bourne, Sierra Boggess and Russell Tovey made this week's picks
2 reasons i am going to watch this show, Russell Tovey and Jordan Patrick Smith
Russell Tovey can you just please notice me.
Pretty sure I saw Russell Tovey in Greenwich Park today. Either that or his doppelganger.
I've got really good friends and family. My parents, after 30 years, are st...
Well now me and Russell Tovey are BFFs, this seems like a good time to ask for Aidan Turner's number ;)
Grabbers also features some truly stellar Drunk Acting from Ruth Bradley and Russell Tovey if you haven't seen it TRACK IT DOWN NOW GO GO GO
In London today I saw Russell Tovey hanging out at a bar whilst holding a pug 💁
Russell tovey just really loves his dog I love russell tovey featured in NBC s Science of Love
Saw Russell Tovey and his *** dog in Soho earlier. Recognised the dog first.
did you see Russell Tovey standing behind you at the beginning of the night ! Lol
I'd like either Eddie Redmayne or Russell Tovey...I'd probably end up with Macaulay Culkin.
I'm slightly obsessed with drag queens and performers. Their quips and thei...
From the Archive - : Who wants to see Russell Tovey's bulge in some little gold panties with dollars stuffed in...
For me to play *** it has to be something special because it might actuall...
I am SO in love with russell tovey I want to cry he's so beautiful
My big advert was for ketchup. I come home from school, cook my brother and...
the first couple of seasons are great. You won't be sorry. Plus bonus Russell Tovey.
I'd actually quite like to try working behind a bar for a while. I'd give t...
Hugh Laurie. Tom Hiddleton. and now Russell Tovey. not 15min in, and I'm already sold.
If liz gets to see Jonathan Groff why don't I get to SEE RUSSELL TOVEY ..
I might not be Russell Tovey, but I'm hungry, scooch over
& were cast in the London production of
è veramente bello, e caldo!! Hope you're doing well babe... love the pics of you and Russell Tovey. jealous,,, 😘
If only the Tonys gave out awards for pecs that send people into comas. Russell Tovey would've had that on LOCK.
Don't forget to watch Dominic Cooper, James Corden & Russell Tovey in tonight on at 9pm.
Congrats! Surrounded by brilliance, u were a bright blond Bway bombshell. Adored it!
Got a big truck has a bumper sticker that reads "does this *** make my truck look big" with a picture of Russell Tovey's ***
'Doctor Who' would be overnight fame that would last for three years, and t...
Russell Tovey is born to play a Florent
Russell Tovey is also on it. That's some good dad material right there 👅
Well I was looking forward to and then awful Russell Tovey turned up and ruined it. Urgh.
Russell Tovey is still as adorable as ever.
DAIRY FARM BOISKIS - I can see the Russell Tovey voice overed ITV 2 show already.
russell tovey calls his dog his son that makes me so EMOTIONAL bye
'Angels in America' with Denise Gough as Harper. Absolutely perfect 👌👌.
Russell Tovey and Andrew Garfield sign up for 'Angels in...
William H Macy, Dominic Monaghan, Russell Tovey - I seem to like celebrities with distinct ears.
Can we talk about how famous almost all of the History Boys are now?! Corden, Dominic Cooper, Samuel Barnett, Jamie Parker, Russell Tovey...
All purpose parts banner
Wow. Tom Hiddleston, Russell Tovey and Olivia Coleman. This has all the greats. 😮
Andrew Scott, Russell Tovey and Denise Gough attended the press night after party for 'People, Places and Things'! http…
Arinze Kene & Russell Tovey attending the premiere of Leicester Sq
hmm Russell Tovey was surprisingly rude and I think Tom had the best angry reposte I've seen in a long time
Watching and I have no idea what is going on, but with Tom Hiddleston and Russell Tovey in it does that matter?
I suppose it was too much to ask for a screen with Russell Tovey,Tom Hiddleston AND Hugh Laurie?
I know The Night Manager focuses on much more important issues but Tom Hiddleston & Russell Tovey in one programme? I think I might faint 😍😍
Tom Hiddleston's giving Russell Tovey some room service
I'm not digging Russell Tovey in this as much as I am Tom Hiddleston...
Tom Hiddleston, Hugh Laurie, Russell Tovey, Olivia Colman. Five minutes behind, but looking good so far.
Tom Hiddleston, Russell Tovey, and Olivia Coleman all in one programme, this is definitely something I can get behind😍
Watching but can't quite reconcile the fact that Russell Tovey's character is meant to be posher than Tom Hiddleston's...
Russell Tovey has worked with David Tennant, Benedict Cumberbatch and now Tom Hiddleston. Lucky man!
Tom Hiddleston & Russell Tovey on a Sunday night. . Thank you , thank you 😍
I don't even know how long he's in it for for but I'm so looking forward to the Tom and Russell Tovey scenes
Softball Rampage - Free Return Shipping
! Tom Hiddleston and Russell Tovey in (from via torrilla)
Russell Tovey, 'on behalf of my arms and nipples,' sorry for making man faint https:…
I was going into The Box with Gail Porter when Russell Tovey was being thrown out for being drunk & disorderly. That's a way better story.
. INTERVIEW With Russell Tovey, star of new series, Banished | Herts & Essex Observer.
Russell Tovey interview: A History Boy with a big future.
In a taxi and History Boy Russell Tovey .
As I suspected Russell Tovey has a great butt. Thanks HBO.
I absolutely love it. I am a huge Groff fan and started watching it for him. I also love Russell Tovey. Got cancelled though. 😞
Anyone seen Comic Strip's phone-hacking comedy? GOLD 10pm Wednesday, but not sure if it's new, she seems familiar!
I liked a video One on One: Russell Tovey on Jonathan Groff (LOOKING), THE HISTORY BOYS, A VIEW FROM
Maxine Peake and Russell Tovey to star with Sadie tonks in Comic Strip's phone-hacking comedy | Media | The Guardian
Russell Tovey... total charmer (and great ambassador for the acting profession)!
.on snogging Jonathan Groff and exposing himself in
I did an interview about for - it's here to watch if you're so inclined
on the trailer for new "Comic Strip presents" - Red top. Russell Tovey is playing Andy Coulson. But looks more like you.
Next up in our Primeval cast scary film posts is Ruth Bradley in Grabbers (2012) co starring Russell Tovey and...
When Jen spots Russell Tovey on the train and is far too obvious about it
I remember Russell Tovey singing ABBA's "Gimmie" at that charity event dear. I couldn't understand him kicking me out of his house at 12am
I just don't get the fascination with Russell Tovey. Nothing special.
Today I realized that I am less than a month away from witnessing Mark Strong kiss with Russell Tovey from less than six feet away.
Of course, on my day off I miss Russell Tovey coming into work. . Of. . Course.
Tim's life is a joke. Literally. Find out the punchline in this short starring Russell Tovey.
I liked a video from The One Show: Russell Tovey - Interview (26.2.2015)
I liked a video from Russell Tovey Interview on Being Human, Him And Her & Sherlock
not Kevin, Russell Tovey, you get me
Russell Tovey's voice on Oasis ad, reminder re-run of Being Human tonight! both a pleasant change from the usual what's ur Oasis cheers😛
Russell Tovey favourited an article I wrote. To be fair it was mostly pics of him. And not that much writing. Still👍 👍👍
Doctor Who: Peter Capaldi is an incredible choice, says Russell Tovey
that's just about the best Russell Tovey pic ever 😍🔥
Alright I FINALLY CAVED I'm joining Instagram I'll be back in 6 hours after I've stared at Russell Tovey's back catalog until I go blind OK?
no Ade this time but Alexei, James Buckley, Harry Enfield, Johnny Vegas, Stephen Mangan, Russell Tovey, Elena Matsura etc
I'm rewatching him & her and russell tovey is such a ray sunshine
Oooh, Broadway production of an Arthur Miller play with Mark Strong and Russell Tovey. Lemme see what this coupon code gets me...
Yeah, Kelly got a bit tearful at the end. Russell Tovey's cameo was pretty sad.
"...This issue cropped up in March when Looking star Russell Tovey told the Guardian that he’s glad his dad...
Amy is so clueless about John, and Arthur is clueless about Amy! Gah!! Russell Tovey is so good.
Are you sure they're not English and/or Russell Tovey?
Just found out that Russell Tovey will be filming in my home town within the next three weeks as Andy Coulson
besides looking at Russell Tovey there isn't much going on in that show. Bored me.
Russell Tovey's hottest Instagram posts of all time
Any Russell Tovey fans want to come to this with me next Thursday - it's free!!
I believe Russell Tovey was in the original cast of The History Boys...and didn't Bennett himself do one of the Talking Heads?
Hey, my blog about Tovey is the first on tumblr. I love to share news about Russell :D Love you, xoxo
Russell's little finger has a boo-boo, who will kiss it & make it better? His thumb might also need some attention! 😉😂
thanks for sharing russell tovey, have a great Tuesday :) (insight by
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It was pretty cool meeting Simon Farnaby and Russell Tovey in Peel over the past 2 days :)
As a Pato & Richie fanatic I would have stopped watching after this episode if Russell Tovey wasn't ridiculously hot
I theorize Russell Tovey. He helps with his accent work.
Really enjoyed watching banished here in the UK. But then Russell Tovey is such a talented actor! X
I just screamed out loud when Russell Tovey's name appeared on Tower Block ' opening credits. Yay! So handsome! Rather talented too!
Russell Tovey beats going out with actual people anyway right? 😂
Over the last two days in London, I've seen Rob Beckett, Russell Tovey, Caspar Lee & Conor Maynard🙇
Wondering why Russell Tovey and Robbie Savage are commentating on the rugby league Challenge Cup semi-final.
San Francisco ca is ready to welcome this awesome actor Russell Tovey in September.looking/2016 the movie.
Okay, I still hold on to my opinion that Looking was a terrible show but I can't stop watching it. Mainly because of Russell Tovey.
Russell Tovey? Think it's a good Photoshop, but it's still a very horny image
Russell Tovey is the only reason why I'm watching Looking 😍
embarrassing tho, especially when tagged Russell Tovey only cuz I've wanted him notice me😆💕
Royal T and Russell Tovey are actually the same person
Doctor Who: Rupert Grint and Russell Tovey favourites with the bookies to replace Matt Smith
Australia's opening bowlers are being played by Joseph Gordon-Levitt (as Mitchell Starc) and Russell Tovey (as Josh Hazlewood)
Russell Tovey,James McAvoy,Julie Walters,Richard Rankin ... & that there Bradley Cooper’s in town! How about reproducing scenes
Jonathan Groff was good but he was blown out of the water by his Russell Tovey via
I'm going to write a script for Stephen Mangan, Tamsin Greig and Russell Tovey. It's about time those guys got some more a…
If Raúl Castillo is the Latino James Dean & Jonathan Groff is the male Marilyn Monroe is Russell Tovey the British Marlon Brando?
BBC does it again Russell Tovey, MyAnna Buring, Julian Rhind-Tutt and Ewen Bremner, amazing cast and they scrap it!! …
Patrick was the walk on cameo tonight previously played by Simon Russell Beale, Kit Harrington and Russell Tovey
yup. There's been Russell Tovey, Kit Harington and Saturday was Andrew Scott. Only a few lines I think
Caught up on Looking. Patrick infuriating in the last episode: throwing away a perfectly good Russell Tovey... *throws things at screen*
You are my favourite, and Aidan Turner, and Russell Tovey, and The Musketeers. We are so lucky.
Mark Gatiss, Andrew Scott, James McAvoy, Mark Strong, Russell Tovey and more. What a glorious set of pictures.
*** WHO HATE *** episode 14 of my podcast is out. Slagging off Azealia Banks, Russell Tovey and Dolce & Gabbana.
French Bulldog a la that cool hairdressers on Berwick St: YES! cf Russell Tovey's, too. Pug? NO.
public service announcement: Russell Tovey does a lovely bow (a literal one) in EFFIE GREY
Banished on BBC2 off to a good start, Russell Tovey excellent in it. Poldark starting Sunday so plenty to fill the Wolf Hall gap in my life.
Had a dream that I publicly shouted at Russell Tovey in a lecture hall for his latest comment, but the British Public turned on me. Dread.
Ugh! I love being *** But sometimes this community can be TOO SENSITIVE! Like *** !
Did the Russell Tovey quote about effeminate men really bother anyone I know? Just curious...
The comments on Towleroad's article about Tovey's apology highlight the issues w/what he said, & the way he said it
Feel sorry for Russell Tovey. Don't know what else to say on the matter though.
*** are being launched off buildings in Syria. Meanwhile, British *** are getting pissy because Russell Tovey articulated som…
Photo: thebacklot: Russell Tovey raises “white flag” on his effemiphobic comments to Guardian. Some are...
Russell Tovey apologises for saying drama students 'prance' and are 'effeminate'
that was when Russell Tovey was telling you about being attacked *sad face*
I agree with everything you said regarding Russell Tovey. You will always be my favorite host on Sirius.
I know Russell Tovey made some pretty misjudged comments yesterday, but the vitriolic way everyone's reacted is terrifying
Is it just me or has Russell Tovey simply had an opinion on his own life? The poor lad's getting grief unnecessarily.
Russell Tovey is not the problem, 'masc' is on the problems of Masc Drag.
Russell Tovey responds to controversy over his remarks about "effeminate" men
Bit late on the whole Russell Tovey issue, but there are far worse things out there...
Russell Tovey's "one day you'll see how hysterically you reacted" non-apology apology is almost as objectionable as the o…
And Russell Tovey isn't exactly that masculine to me either.
Note to apologies usually work better if you don't use language making yourself the victim:
What Russell Tovey said isn't so much offensive as it is deeply, deeply sad. We all carry *** shame.
Looking star says he's glad he's not effeminate Russell Tovey, demonstrating *** can be homophobes too.
I don't really think Russell Tovey deserved to be ripped to shreds over that interview.. Just saying..
" Later that year Michael spoofed the incident in the music video for his single "Outside.
"Looking" star Russell Tovey has apologized after making controversial remarks about effemina…
21 years ago today, the character Bill Bailey was first portrayed by Russell Tovey in CBBC show Mud!
Heading to Marlene Dumas Modern soon? Watch our video preview with Russell Tovey first!
Watch the first clip from ‘Banished’, BBC Two’s convicts drama from 'Accused' writer Jimmy McGovern -
Russell Tovey me parece tan sexy...
Russell Tovey looking sexy hot in 'Looking'
Brooke Kinsella, Russell Brand & Russell Tovey had their TV debuts 21 year ago today, on CBBC show Mud
a bit of TV history. 21 year ago today, Brooke Kinsella, Russell Tovey and Russell Brand made their debuts on CBBC show Mud!
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I hope russell tovey doesn't leave looking. Kevin and Patrick are hot together! Watching in the UK
21yrs ago today, Russell Brand, Russell Tovey and Brooke Kinsella made their TV debuts on show Mud!
Russell Tovey's arms are the business. And that whine when he called Patrick's name?
I like Patrick with a backbone, but RUSSELL TOVEY, ADRIAN
I wish I were but I just love Russell Tovey so much
I can't tell if Russell Tovey in Looking is the worst or best manager in the world.
I never got into the Tudors. Loved Russell Tovey in it though, great cast all round x
I agree with you here. I loved the way Russell Tovey looked so heartbroken.
BBC Two confirms start date of March 5th for with Russell Tovey : via
Russell Tovey and Myanna Buring’s convicts drama ‘Banished’, set in Australia in 1788, begins on BBC Two next month -
Photo: You can polish my knob anytime beefy Russell Tovey lookalike
Mark... stop thinking about Russell Tovey and pay attention to what we're doing!
Photoset: famousmeat: Russell Tovey makes breakfast in underwear for Jonathan Groff on Looking
A convict drama with Sure I'll take a look at
Photo: notmissmarple: God, how much do I love what a dork Russell Tovey is?
I will comfort you in your hour of need, Russell Tovey...
There is a show out there that Russell Tovey has been in that I haven't seen yet. I'm so embarrassed! ;'(
Sex god Russell Tovey stars in a new series. Find out more here:
Russell George Tovey is the love of my life.
I'm mightily disappointed that Russell Tovey is playing a complete knob
Check out cheeky and Johnathan Groff in Looking here:
such a good show. Russell Tovey is my fave
Yay! Love it. Do u watch Looking, Carlos, with Russell Tovey in it? I haven't seen it yet
I appreciate that Russell Tovey isn't trying an Irish accent but I really have no idea what accent he is doing
The most upsetting thing about is that while I really fancy Russell Tovey, Kevin is an ***
Sweet lord. Russell Tovey and Jonathan Groff in - there is just nothing hotter
=huggles= Just 'cause. . BTW, saw a bit of that Muppet movie, but had Russell Tovey to my surprise. :D . xoxoxo
Russell Tovey and Neil Patrick Harris show everyone how being *** is supposed to be
Actors who would be a better Doctor than Capaldi. Bill Nighy, Chiwetel Ejiofor, Idris Elba, Russell Tovey, James Nesbit, and Mark Sheppard
Take a look at Jonathan Groff, Russell Tovey & more in season 2 of
Isn't Scott Bakula a real surprise in Russell Tovey is very nice! And Jonathan Groff is so very sweet! Waiting for ep5 season 1.
: Great performances by , Sheridan Smith and Russell Tovey - pretty intense viewing!
How dare Russell Tovey post that pic of him & Jonathan Groff & put lol all the way fool :P.
Did you guys see this Instagram of Jonathan Groff and Russell Tovey? Oh my,
Aneurin Barnard was great in him and Russell Tovey were my picks if they had to have another young guy for the 12th Doctor.
one day this will be me and Russell Tovey lol - Getting Intimate with Darren Criss | Tyler Oakley:
[PIC] Jonathan Groff with Murray Bartlett and Russell Tovey watching the Emmys.
Keith Duffy has joined the cast of Russell Tovey's sitcom 'The Job Lot'
Voyage of the Damned proves that not only are there only 12 actors in the UK (who show up in everything), but whenever they need a lot of actors, they need to call in the Australians. Hello Kylie Minogue! And Russell Tovey from Being Human, Geoffrey Palmer from As Time Goes By and Clive Swift from Keeping up Appearances.
Who would give up being able to watch Jonathan Groff and Russell Tovey every week? (But also it's so great.)
Wow so Russell Tovey really fulfills that 'owners resemble their pet dog' trope.
Benedict Cumberbatch is in an episode of Agatha Christie's Marple. As is Rupert Graves, Una Stubbs, Mark Gatiss, Russell Tovey, Zoe Telford and Phillip Davis. And a whole bucketload of other non-Sherlock related UK actors like Ben Miller, John Hannah, Joanna Lumley, even Catherine Tate. I'm really liking this show.
Russell Tovey looks like a mole. Why do people find him attractive? And Benedict Cumberbatch looks like a creepy geography teacher, while I'm at it.
So good. "Dominic Cooper, James Corden & Russell Tovey star in The History Boys. On now
I think Mad Men is part of the Sky deal, so not on Netflix :-(. I thought Looking was ace, Russell Tovey, mmm.
Digest For Saturday, March 8 Here's what happened today at On Top Magazine Millennials are more likely than other generations to see themselves as supporters of *** rights In a pre-recorded 'Meet the Press' interview to air this Sunday, Cardinal Timothy Dolan of New York congratulated Michael Sam on coming out *** A two-week trial in a case challenging Michigan's ban on *** marriage came to a close Friday with the federal judge overseeing it saying he expects to rule within two weeks Four *** and *** couples on Friday filed a legal challenge to Indiana's ban on *** marriage Fox News commentator and author Oliver North has called on the Republican Party to oppose *** marriage like abolitionists opposed slavery Social conservative radio talk show host Michael Medved on Friday claimed that *** marriage bans are a 'liberal lie' Jonathan Groff, star of HBO's 'Looking,' reveals in a new interview that co-star Russell Tovey is a great kisser Former Puerto Rico State Senator Roberto Arango has publicly announ ...
Without & its foresight we wldn't have Gavin & Stacey, Little Britain, Being Human, In the Flesh, Sheridan Smith, Russell Tovey...
Also I finally figured out how to fix you Make a spinoff with Raúl Castillo, Russell Tovey and Scott Bakula, kill the rest.
Really looking forward to the first episode of Looking on Sky Atlantic tonight starring the legend, Russell Tovey
Outstanding performance by Russell Tovey in the pass at the royal court theatre. Lovely audience too. Sat next to Simon Amstell (didn't realise until leaving at end- he's got housing problems) and over looked by Elizabeth McGovern and hubby. Super lovely smashing great! Cheer Jacko!
Ep 3 and 4 kick in a lot more. Leather, Russell Tovey, more leather, a sauna and him from QUANTUM LEAP selling flowers!
So how's Looking, the new HBO show going out after Girls tonight on Showcase? It's all The 2 Bears & John Grant soundtracking the lives of *** men in SF - as if *** As Folk never happened (but later eps improve with Russell Tovey & Scott Bakula):
ooof, yeah? Will do! I'm just glad Scott Bakula & Russell Tovey performed well; was gleeful to see their names in the lineup
Growing up in Billericay (his parents run a coach service taking passengers from Essex to Gatwick Airport) there were no *** role models who were just normal men. Everybody was flamboyantly camp. “I thought if I didn’t flounce around and have sibilant ‘s’s, who was I? Now there are incredible role models in the public eye. Clare Balding, look what she’s done. Straight men love her, women aren’t threatened by her. We’re in a different time now.” --Out *** actor Russell Tovey, in the Evening Standard
Russell Tovey, Jonathan Groff in HBO's *** themed 'Looking' HBO will premiere its much-anticipated *** themed series Looking on January 19 at 10:30 PM. On Sunday, the network released a teaser clip from the upcoming series. In Looking, a trio of …
Having too much fun watching Little Dorrit. So many Doctor Who actors in this mini series!!! Eve Myles, Arthur Darvill, Russell Tovey, Freema Agyeman, Ron Cook, and Annette Crosbie! Then add to that Matthew Macfadyen (Mr. Darcy in Pride and Prejudice, Ripper Street) and Andy Serkis (Lord of the Rings, King Kong) and Alun Armstrong (The Mummy, Krull)!
The British public is being urged to vote for their favorite *** *** and bi-sexual personalities ahead of the 2014 Out in the City and G3 Magazine Awards. Dubbed Britain’s *** Oscars’, the awards bring together *** celebrities and LGBTI allies as they do battle for a series battle of top gongs at a glitzy red carpet event at London’s Landmark Hotel on 25 April 2014. The shortlist was includes a number of surprise entries including footballer Joey Barton, breakfast TV presenter Lorraine Kelly and Absolutely Fabulous star Jennifer Saunders who will all go head to head for the Straight Ally award. Alan Carr is pitched against Paul O’Grady in the Broadcaster of the Year category while Sir Elton John, Sir Ian McKellen, Russell Tovey and Boy George have made the shortlist for the coveted Celebrity of the Year award. The awards also see Tom Daley nominated for his first ever *** award as he goes up against fellow Olympian Nicola Adams for Sports Personality of the Year. Other categories include C ...
The sexual tension between characters played by Jonathan Groff and Russell Tovey in HBO's new series Looking (we've seen a few episodes and it's terrific) is enough to knock us off the love seat. The premium cable network has just released a new and longer trailer (above) for the dramedy and it'll u...
ICYMI: Looking, a new US drama series starring Jonathan Groff, Russell Tovey and Scott Bakula, premieres on Sky Atlantic in January 2014
The History Boys named UK's favourite play Alan Bennett's The History Boys has been named the UK's favourite play. A new poll was commissioned by the English Touring Theatre to mark its 21st anniversary, asking people to vote for their favourite English language play. Michael Frayn's farce Noises Off finished in second place, ahead of William Shakespeare's Hamlet. The History Boys was first staged at the National Theatre in 2004, making stars of James Corden, Russell Tovey and Dominic Cooper. Richard Griffiths also starred in the play, which was directed by Nicholas Hytner and was later adapted into a 2006 movie. The award-winning play is centred around a group of pupils at a northern grammar school while they get ready for their Oxbridge exams under the tutelage of three different teachers. Over 7,000 people voted in the poll. However, musicals, adaptations and translations were not included. Other plays in the top ten included Oscar Wilde's The Importance of Being Earnest, JB Priestley's An Inspector Ca ...
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So, Russell Tovey is on a show with Jonathan Groff. Jonathan Groff when out with Zachary Quinto. I'm one step closer to Russell Tovey and Zachary Quinto being in a show together. I mat actually die if this happens.
...ok, so Andrew Scott is gorgeous, but Russell Tovey is simply divine. How does one facilitate a date with Mr Tovey? Can someone buy me this for Christmas?
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