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Russell Tovey

Russell George Tovey (born 14 November 1981) is an English actor with numerous television, film and stage credits.

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I am enjoying Russell Tovey in his pants and it is great to see Sarah Solemani be fab after being wasted in The Wrong Mans.
Russell Tovey is such a brilliant actor! Only just seen 'Him and Her' and it's so good! Need to see the last four series now.
Crush on Russell Tovey and his little monkey ears 🙈
Russell Tovey was back in on BBC3 last night, you can watch him in in January too!
Just been informed that Russell Tovey is *** I'm heartbroken.
Video: Russell Tovey took Him and Her on location via
Russell Tovey sounds so different narrating all the Who stuff. I don't believe its him, though I know it is, until I read the credits...
Him and Her starring Russell Tovey and Sarah Solemani on BBC3 is the best sitcom on TV:
Excellent Radio 2 doc on Doctor Who, hosted by Russell Tovey.
Big day for BBC3's Russell Tovey, Sarah Solemani comedy Him and Her, back with 464,000 viewers, 2.4% share
Russell Tovey is *** and going to be in HBO's Looking. I might as well just IMPLODE.
Russell Tovey - *** British Actor - Russell Tovey born from Essex was born in 1981.
Cannot handle Russell Tovey & on the same show. Very dapper in that suit.
I'm not gonna miss tonight's episode was painful. Except russell tovey in boxers ;-)
Karen Gillan is adorable. Russell Tovey kinda looks like Arg from TOWIE
Okay now I love Russell Tovey even more
Russell Tovey is such a babe. Watching Him and Her and can't stop crushing on him. 😳
Glad Him & Her is back. Russell Tovey has a habit of appearing in good BBC3 shows.
yep! But we forgot it was back on tonight. Love a bit of Russell tovey!
Considering contacting Ofcom, Russell Tovey CAN'T be *** he plays Him in Him & Her for god sake
So glad to have Him & Her back, Russell Tovey and co are awesome :-)
it still surprises me that Russell Tovey is ***
BBC3, time for with the one and only Russell Tovey & the delightful Sarah Solemani
'Being Human' star Russell Tovey in the trailer for HBO's new *** drama 'Looking' -
Tonight at 10pm on is A Blaggers Guide to Doctor Who followed by Russell Tovey hosting Who Is The Doctor at 1…
Don't miss new tonight 10pm. Here's my chat with
been a bit in love with Russell Tovey since Gavin and Stacey so excited for him to be on the box again tonight
New man crushes are Russell Tovey (see picture) and Aidan Turner :') (I also have new women crushes though xD)
Russell Tovey is adorable though :')
Can't wait to see this! MT Final Him and Her starts tonight at 10pm BBC3! Sob!
Tonight on Radio 2 is the Blaggers Guide to Doctor Who at 10pm & Russell Tovey presents Who is the Doctor? at 10.30pm - 12.00am
And who could forget the men of the hour sir Russell Tovey and lady Ricky champ. Stellar performances…
Russell Tovey presents Who is The Doctor? tomorrow on BBC Radio 2. Essential listening!
Looking very Much Forward to "Looking"!!! Jonathan Groff, Scott Bakula, Russell Tovey of BBC's Being Human.. Plus it's set in San Francisco!!!
Here's the First Trailer for Jonathan Groff's *** HBO Drama 'Looking': VIDEO highly anticipated *** HBO drama Looking which takes place in San Francisco and is set to premiere in January dropped its first 30-second trailer last night. The series stars Jonathan Groff, Frankie J. Alvarez, and Murray Bartlett about "three friends in San Francisco who explore the fun and sometimes overwhelming options available to a new generation of *** men." The show was created by Michael Lannan and executive produced by Andrew Haigh (Weekend) and Sarah Condon (Bored to Death). Special guest stars on the show include Russell Tovey and Scott Bakula. Check it out, AFTER THE JUMP... The show's stars were in NYC last night for the OUT100 and posted this cheeky photo to the show's Instagram: Here's the trailer:
Russell Tovey and Andrew Scott announced for the Royal Court new season. Nice.
Sky Atlantic to air Matthew McConaughey's 'True Detective' in February Sky Atlantic has announced its broadcast details of the new HBO dramas True Detective and Looking. Matthew McConaughey and Woody Harrelson star in the eight-part series True Detective, which follows two investigators during a 17-year hunt for a killer. The series launches in the US on January 12 on HBO, and will follow on Sky Atlantic in February. Looking follows three *** men looking for love in San Francisco, and stars the likes of Russell Tovey and Jonathan Groff. The HBO series begins on January 19, 2014 in the US, and will air shortly after on Sky Atlantic. An official broadcast date has yet to be confirmed. Meanwhile, the third season of Girls will air in January 2014 on Sky Atlantic, along with the second season of The Following and the fifth season of Nurse Jackie. Game of Thrones will also return for its fourth run in the spring, as well as the seventh season of AMC's Mad Men.
*** Actors Who’ve Played *** Characters —Sometimes It Happens! By: Last week we reported that out British actor Russell Tovey (right) had been signed to play — gasp! — a *** character alongside fellow out actor Jonathan Groff in HBO’s upcoming original series Looking. This inspired us to look back in time to see which others openly out actors were OK with taking on the role of a *** character. While audiences and critics are often quick to offer kudos, Oscars and generous applause when a straight guy can “transform” on the screen to play a *** role, people are seemingly astonished to think a *** man could play it straight on screen (um, isn’t that what acting is all about?). Hollywood is seemingly *** resistant — or at least squeamish to the notion of a *** leading man — so many in our *** brethren are afraid to take on roles that represent the skin they really live in off-screen on TV and film for fear of being forever pigeonholed as “that *** actor.” Well, to *** w .. ...
Russell Tovey Joins *** Themed HBO Dramedy 'Looking' (Exclusive) 5:22 PM PDT 8/29/2013 by Seth Abramovitch Email This Gareth Cattermole/Getty Images This marks the first major U.S. role for the actor, who broke out playing the werewolf on BBC's "Being Human." Russell Tovey is joining the cast of Looking, HBO's upcoming half-hour dramedy about the lives of a group of *** men living in San Francisco, The Hollywood Reporter has learned. Tovey, best known as werewolf George Sands on the hit BBC supernatural drama Being Human -- which later inspired a U.S. version on Syfy -- has been booked to play the recurring role of Kevin, an accomplished video game wunderkind who has achieved financial and critical success at a young age. Kevin, who is *** works closely with Patrick, the show's lead, played by Jonathan Groff. The deal marks the first major U.S. role for 31-year-old Tovey, who is openly *** The British actor has previously said that he veers away from playing *** roles, telling the Independent, "Every ch . ...
*** HBO Drama 'Looking' Starring Jonathan Groff Starts Shooting in San Francisco: VIDEO Francisco is buzzing about the *** HBO drama Looking, which stars Jonathan Groff, Russell Tovey, Frankie Alvarez, Murray Bartlett, and Scott Bakula, and just started shooting in that city. The series, which follows the lives of a group of *** men in the city on the bay, is directed by Weekend's Andrew Haigh. Watch a behind-the-scenes look at the start of shooting, AFTER THE JUMP... (via huffpo)
Hilarious fun fact! The filming of The Hounds of Baskerville consisted almost entirely of night shoots, which guest star Russell Tovey said gave him a feeling akin to jet lag. At one point, Benedict Cumberbatch inadvertently locked Mark Gatiss and Sue Vertue out of the inn where the cast and crew were staying and they had to sleep in their car. ~MissMycroft
God I love me some 'My sexuality still comes up in casting'
Why am I only finding out Russell Tovey is ***
Russell Tovey: the unlikely lad via (UK)
Russell Tovey: 'My sexuality still comes up in casting'
The main problem with the 'Sherlock' Hound of the Baskerville is Russell Tovey's ridiculous performance. The premise is the 2nd hurdle.
Our talks to one man and his dog MT Hot interview with and The Rock
I finally read the Russell Tovey interview in the Guardian. I identified with the stuff about coming out to parents. So that's nice.
"one of Britain's few out *** actors" ha! Yeah right. insert 'successful' and that'll be closer to the truth
Thick-headed interview with Russell Tovey in the Guardian, predicated on astonishment that people can confound lazy categorisation.
Really lovely interview with in Cheeky and perfectly written (via
Russell Tovey is in a new series on BBC1 tomorrow night!
You want laddish? Russell Tovey's your man. He reveals all to our
Russell Tovey: the unlikely lad. Lovely unactory interview .
interview with Russell Tovey in the Guardian Weekend x
My second husband Russell Tovey keeping me company today on my lunch
I also expect better of the than a relentless focus on the sexuality of interviewees who happen to be ***
Oh, it doesn't work for me either! It's a show with Russell Tovey that's on Sunday.
There's an excellent interview with Russell Tovey in today's Guardian as well:
My portraits of in today's magazine: the unlikely lad
Great interview :) - Russell Tovey: the unlikely lad via
Very good interview this, EVEN THOUGH HE IS NOT SINGLE > Russell Tovey: the unlikely lad
Russell Tovey: the unlikely lad via
I love this man: Russell Tovey: the unlikely lad via
Piece about one of my favourite young actors, :
That Russell Tovey thing in the guardian is a pile of *** "Ooooh! He's *** but he doesn't play *** characters!!!1"
Russell Tovey: the unlikely lad: How did one of Britain's few out actors...
According to everything ever written about Russell Tovey.
Russell Tovey 'in pictures'. Blurb for this slideshow is incredible. "He's a poof but blokey so HEY menswear!" – .
there's already a Russell tovey on Instagram.not that I checked or anything 😳
It's looking good modelling some clothes I like the Pizza Express chef trousers
In tomorrow's mag: reports on the £19m movie scam plus the unlikely lad Russell Tovey unburdens to
"So Marion, invited to or first party! Here we are I think, Room three six si-...Russell Tovey, they're friendly!"
He's also recently started following Russell Tovey (hope not) and Damian Lewis too though.
My top three 12th doctor actors are Lara Pulver, Andrew Scott, and Russell Tovey. I'm really hoping that the 12th doctor is Andrew Scott!!!
I really really don't like Russell Tovey, especially in Sherlock
Russell Tovey demonstrating the life of a fangirl
That Russell Tovey's a great advert for sticky out ears.
Russell Tovey is an brilliant actor
Russell tovey is always screaming i swear
Russell Tovey is such an amazing actor.
Apologies to I of course meant Russell Tovey (both surprisingly gorgeous)
Russell Tovey deserves all the awards.
Hi Russell Tovey ever been in it anything that he hasn't either cried in or got his *** out?
Watching Big bang theory on E4. Is that the one with Russell Tovey ?
Watching If doesn't cast Russell Tovey as the new doctor he needs his head examining.
I can't see Russell tovey without thinking of George from Being Human
Anyone else enjoying the irony of Russell Tovey being scared by a werewolf-type creature?
Benedict and Martin are amazing as it is but when you throw in Russell Tovey I can't handle it
I bloody love Russell Tovey in this! His voice is hilarious
Benedict Cumberbatch,Martin Freeman and Russell Tovey all at once..The Hounds of Baskerville is my favorite Sherlock
Electronic Device Insurance
I know! With him, Russell Tovey and Mark Gatiss, it's a bit of a Being Human fest
I'm not too sure about Russell Tovey's acting in this either... He is normally awesome. His Henry seems a little tiny bit forced...
As expected, Russell Tovey takes the shine off an enjoyable show.
Dad has put Sherlock. Russell Tovey is great but his accent in Hound of the Baskervilles is so LOL
I like seeing Russell Tovey, but Russell Tovey's accent in Sherlock is not my cup of tea.
I forgot russell tovey was in this episode, what a cutie
Russell Tovey and.Benedict together *** yes plz:-) heaven
we watched this thing in english and it was him and I was freaking out like 'omg is that russell tovey adksla'
Oh Russell Tovey how you make me feel funny in my boy bits.
Russell Tovey is such a cutie in Sherlock
Russell Tovey as Henry Knight , that voice , that scarf !!! Oh my
'Midshipman Frame!' Ehhh wrong show. 'Alons-y Alonzo!' damnit, still wrong show. 'Russell Tovey!' no no no!
This is my favourite episode as well! And Russell Tovey is in it awh
Russell Tovey and his crap acting ruining Sherlock
Russell Tovey is so great in this episode. Russell Tovey is so great in everything.
Russell Tovey with a posh voice aha
I don't see what people see in Russell Tovey. Sorry! :) x
Russell Tovey you cute little button you
Russell tovey you have very big ears
We're repeating 'The Hounds of Baskerville' featuring Russell Tovey tonight at 8:30pm on
9. Frank Ocean . 10. Russell Tovey. That s the order for 'World's Sexiest Man' by Attitude magazine xx
Sky announces new drama pilots with Suranne Jones, Russell Tovey via
En route to Forbidden Planet to buy new comics. Rupert Everett scowled at me. Russell Tovey smiled at me. Comics, a scowl from a *** and a smile from a nice guy. Three things that have made me happy in the last twenty minutes.
Suranne Jones, Russell Tovey, Freema Agyeman for new Sky drama pilots Sky Living has announced a roster of stars for its new 'Drama Matters' pilot season. Suranne Jones, Anna Friel, Russell Tovey, Sophie Rundle and Freema Agyeman are among the names confirmed for five new hour-long drama pilots. Jones will play a new judge battling to keep her head above the water in the murky depths of the justice system in Lawless, from Torchwood writer Jacquetta May. Chris Coghill (EastEnders), Jonathan Cake (Desperate Housewives) and Lindsay Duncan (Rome) will also star. The Psychopath Next Door - from Julie Rutterford (Shameless) will star Friel in the lead role and is billed as a "creepy and intriguing drama" about "what happens when real evil moves in next door". Katherine Kelly (Coronation Street) and Anne Reid (Last Tango in Halifax will lead the cast of supernatural tale The Last Witch - a story of two feuding sisters from Scott & Bailey writer Sally Wainwright and also starring Gregg Chillin (Being Human), Jame ...
ITV reception superb last night...great to see and chat with Alistair Stewart, Russell Tovey and Carol Vordeman.
Did you know... Prior to playing the Sixth Doctor, Colin Baker appeared on Doctor Who as Commander Maxil in the episode Arc of Infinity. Apparently, the repeated use of 1 actor for different roles in Doctor Who has been going on for quite some time ;) Those who wish Russell Tovey or Simon Pegg to play the Doctor might actually get their wish. lol. -ChildofGallifrey
Just figured out why looks so different in It's because it's not Russell Tovey. (It's Stephen Wight)
This week Matt from our e-Commerce team was excited about the prospect of a new Doctor (Doctor Who)…although his suggestion of Russell Tovey as the new Doctor wasn't to everyone's liking! Who would everyone like to play the Doctor here?
Russell Tovey never to be DR WHO! campaign, better still never to be on telly again, useless Tw-T along with Miranda Hart! How did these useless people EVER become actors? I wouldn't employ them to clean my toilet properly?
for The History Boys. But can anyone beat Russell Tovey, Dominic Cooper and the late great Richard Griffiths?
About 5000 names have been tossed out as favorites for the new Doctor. Rupert Grint, Russell Tovey, William Hill, David Morrissey, Martin Freeman, Helen Mirren, Ben Whishaw, Ben Daniels, Rory Kinnear, Rowan Atkinson and even Russell Brand. I like the idea of Grint, Tovey, Whishaw or Freeman - even Helen Mirren! But I'll bet they go with someone fairly unklnown - and from the British Isles - just as they did when Matt Smith was announced as "Doctor Who???" when he got the role.
It's been less than a week since Matt Smith officially announced his departure from Doctor Who and the speculation is already in full force. But while websites place odds on various actors and actresses, from Zawe Ashton to Russell Tovey, the identity of the actor truly chosen appears to have made…
Harry Potter actor Rupert Grint and Russell Tovey favourites with the bookies to replace Matt Smith as Doctor Who
So William Hill has the best odds on Rupert Grint on Russell Tovey becoming the next Doctor. Along with Colin Morgan and Daniel Radcliffe in the mix. God I hope not. Hopefully The Moff will pick a relative unknown again
Russell Tovey has admitted he auditioned for the lead role in Doctor Who - but lost out to Matt Smith. The Him & Her star told The Independent he was relieved not to get the part in the BBC sci-fi series.
KEN: quick question .. who would you like to play the next Doctor in Dr Who? I think .. Russell Tovey .. would be good .. apparently he just missed when Matt Smith got the part. k
So proud of my friends for rallying to the vigil. Met Peter Tatchell, Russell Tovey, Tom Daley and Kevin Spacey! Ok Lambrini might be making up 50% of that but still very proud of the turnout!
'Doctor Who': Ben Daniels emerges as favourite to replace Matt Smith Ben Daniels has emerged as the early favourite to replace Matt Smith on Doctor Who. The 48-year-old actor's odds have shortened dramatically in the last 24 hours since Smith's departure from the show was confirmed by the BBC. The Merlin and Law & Order: UK star has odds of 6/1 with SkyBet and is closely followed by Chiwetel Ejiofor at 7/1. Being Human's Damien Molony follows with odds of 9/1. Homeland star David Harewood and Russell Tovey both have odds of 10/1 with the bookmaker. Matt Smith will leave the iconic role after this year's Christmas special. Companion Jenna Louise Coleman will continue to star alongside the new Doctor in 2014. The 30-year-old said that it has been "an honour" to be a part of the long-running series. Paterson Joseph - who was widely tipped to be David Tennant's replacement in 2010 - has odds of 16/1, while Tennant himself has odds of 33/1 for a return to the role. It was reported earlier today (June 2) that p ...
I've just read that Russell Tovey (the Jewish werewolf in Being Human) is 10/1 for the next Doctor Who. Now that would be Doctor Whooaarrr!!!
or Russell Tovey. Pers I'd rather see on older Dr like Laurie or Nathaniel Parker. Maybe Joseph Fiennes, he'd be good.
So with 11 leaving and a new spot opening up to play the 12th doctor I'd like to throw in some of my favorites Rupert Grint (we need a ginger he always complains about it) Russell Tovey (Being Human) Aidan Turner (Being Human) Benedict Cumberbatch (Sherlock) John Hurt (He is called a version of the doctor but is he next) James Nesbitt (Jekyll) Andrew Garfield (Spider-Man) And the third doctors son (can't remember his name)
So - names in the frame as the new Doctor Who. Idris Elba, Russell Tovey, Olivia Colman & Jack Whitehall.
Doctor Who? Matt Smith's departure sparks fevered speculation Doctor Who: Matt Smith is to leave his role as the eleventh Doctor at the end of this year, in a Christmas special. It is a debate that hasn't actually run for the entire 900-year span of the Time Lord's life, though it can sometimes feel that way: who should be the next incarnation of the Doctor, and is it time for a woman and or a non-white actor? The latest outbreak of speculation was sparked by the announcement that Matt Smith, who has held the Tardis keys for the past three years, will bow out with what the BBC described as a "spectacular exit", taking in a November episode marking the show's 50th anniversary, followed by a Christmas special. Almost immediately bookmakers issued odds on who might be the 12th Doctor, installing Rupert Grint and Russell Tovey as joint favourites for little other apparent reason than, respectively, one co-starred in the Harry Potter series while the other has been previously, and wrongly, linked with the role ...
Potential 12. Doctors (not my opinion; somewhat official): Benedict Cumberbatch - he wanted to be the Doc Hugh Laurie - it is true, many fans want a House Doctor Sam Claflin - he has time, he's British, and people like him Idris Elba - he's black and the personification of everything British Ashley Walters - he's black, handsome, and well liked David Warner - there is ineed an older Doctor listed (playedinDWbtw) Eddie Redmayne - many fans want him Richard Madden - has greater chances because he dates Jenna Richard Ayoade - he becomes more and more wanted John Hurt - unlikely since 11. knew him, but introduced as Doctor Tom Sturridge - he may be a bit busy now though Dev Patel - young, British, handsome, need more words? Jack Whitehall - he's a comedian and 11. was silly, y'know.. 1+1? Russell Tovey - played in Being Human, one of BBC 3's faves Martin Freeman - well, his fans love him;; David Beckham - kick it like a Doc Ben Whishaw - 00Doctor - people want him, but does the BBC, too? Tom Hiddleston - God ...
Jean Stapleton (All in the Family) and Harvey Korman (The Carol Burnett Show) have both passed away, and Matt Smith is leaving Doctor Who THIS YEAR! OMG! My Time Warner Cable DVR dies while I am finally getting it down below 50% full and then I hear all this... The world has truly gone to *** in a handbasket. Is there any hope left? At least TWC can get someone over on Wednesday night to replace the DVR, but there will be no replacing Jean or Harvey... Of course, Matt Smith will be replaced, but will I watch the new season with the new actor/actress cast in the role of The Doctor? (If it's Russell Tovey, the answer is already a resounding YES!!! Otherwise, we shall see... It may be time for a gender-switch on the Doctor... someone suggested Helen Mirren... Not going to happen, but squee if it did...
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more likely shouts: Russell Tovey, Damien Molony, Iwan Rheon and above all Stephen Mangan would do an awesome job!
Other qualities this show has are really dark comedy, awesome music, Russell Tovey, and Mark Gatiss.
A guy in my previous class looks like Russell Tovey, ears and everything.
Just spoke to Russell Tovey and his cute fackin dog rocky!
lara pulver, Martin Freeman, jenna-louise coleman, russell tovey and olivia coleman are all going to be at the BAFTAS adfjkdfhjasdfgh
There have been tons of rumors about Matt Smith leaving the role of the Doctor, that ageless, mercurial time traveler, on Doctor Who at the end of this year. In the 50th anniversary special, or the Christmas special after that. But now it's official: He's on board for season eight.
I just had the strangest dream I was dating Russell Tovey
I won't be played by Michael Douglas. They'll get Russell Tovey. Although he doesn't play ***
Russell Tovey's new comedy The Job Lot earns over 4 million viewers.
I think Vicious will run but that other thing? Hopeless. I. can't abide. the way. Russell Tovey. delivers his. lines.
I really like Russell Tovey. He's a good actor. And sweet to look at.
I think I'm in love with Russell Tovey! He's the perfect *** man. I hope he knows that!
she is cheers b. i like old Russell tovey . normally in good shows
I do like Russell Tovey but I don't really get But then luckily I've never used a jobcentre.
I love how Russell Tovey can convincingly play straight.
I don't think even Russell Tovey is hot enough to keep me watching the job lot. It's just not funny.
Is it me or is Russell Tovey looking a bit tented?
is the first belly laugh comedy I've seen in a long time. And Oooo Russell Tovey.
Russell Tovey is just incredibly gorgeous, I think it's the ears
I like Russell Tovey's ears because I can imagine grabbing onto them
Vicious and The Job Lot on ITV from 9pm. Fantastic hours viewing! Russell Tovey too. M. Yes. Please!
It's set in a Job Centre and has Russell Tovey in.
Ignore the haters. I think you look a bit Russell Tovey-esque.
There was a rumour Russell Tovey was tipped by RTD originally. That would've been great!
Russell Tovey's accent in the Hounds of Baskerville is perfect.
I met Russell Tovey last night and he said he would speak to his acting agent about representing me. This was in a dream but it still counts
with excellent characters! Very very funny. I love Russell Tovey!
Having a moment to consider how adorable Russell Tovey is. You may join me.
If you're not in love with Russell Tovey, I am seriously judging you.
the Jon that the one with russell tovey? x
Just caught up with 1st episode of the Job Lot. Surprisingly good; also helps I'm a little bit in love with Russell Tovey and his big ears.
So we just saw Russell Tovey. I didn't know who that was until it was pointed out
I'm now sat in the sun watching Russell Tovey trying to get his puppy to 'sit'. True story.
and with Russell Tovey ... great flick. :-)
a young Russell Tovey, young James Cordon and the journalist from season 4!
Still heartbroken that Russell Tovey is *** there's something about a guy with a bit of rough about him.
WooHoo! Tonites Jonathan Ross Show has Russell Tovey. He is such a cutie.
I've just found out Russell tovey is *** 😩💔😩💔 I never knew! Ahh he's so hot!
Photo: doctorwho: Russell Tovey: Doctor Who role would have terrified me | Radio Times In a parallel...
Now be honest, was it just Russell Tovey that made you think that? I expected more from Sarah Hadland! Better than Vicious!!
Confession: I quite fancy Russell Tovey. I have no shame
(also met Ricky Gervais, Russell Tovey and Ringo that day but y'know. Imelda's were its at)
I've just seen Stephen Fry & Russell Tovey together on the telly and thought what a handsome couple they would make. Just saying.
Yeah, the only good thing was Russell Tovey. I'm pretty sure the vampire was high and the ghost was way to posh!
Poor Russell Tovey surrounded by seasoned vets Lamb to slaughter
Just A Minute just as excellent on the telly. Russell Tovey a brilliant addition.
Russell Tovey looks so confused whenever Stephen Fry speaks.
I'd like to see Russell Tovey in more films. With his clothes off.
hot!!! Russell Tovey Ears rules the world
Russell Tovey claims that 'playing *** might actually be a risk' for an out *** actor
I'm not sure it'll be quite as good as that. But Russell Tovey is very well suited to that particular role
These shots of remind me of Top Gun movie for some reason. 'cept for the banana.
not bad. Few dodgy accents but I love Russell Tovey :-)
// I swear Russell Tovey did more scenes naked in Being Human than he did transformations.
This episode has the girl from love and monsters, Russell Tovey, Benedict Cumberbatch, Anna Chancellor, and Jemma Redgrave.
Man-hunk to some Russell Tovey confesses: ‘Playing *** might actually be a risk’ via
Nice to know Russell Tovey wants to continue playing straight characters! via
Russell Tovey confirms 'Doctor Who' audition: It would've terrified me: Tovey screen-tested for...
Bloody *** atrocious. Who the *** thought Russell Tovey would be a great lead for a sitcom?
I would do incredibly naughty things with Russell Tovey
PerfectMatch - Fall In Love Today
Just saw the article in Pink News Didn't you play a *** role with Rob Brydon? Quite cute TV Producer?
The Job Lot on is my new favourite thing. I love Russell Tovey, Sarah Hadland and Emma Rigby!
Just watched - Russell Tovey is comedy gold, whatever he's in he always makes me laugh.
yeah just watched it thought it was pretty good and of course it does have the lovely Russell Tovey in it :)
I read yesterday that not only I wanted Russell Tovey as The Doctor but Russell T did too.
Really reminds me of mum. And Russell Tovey is in it so.
Tara Chi ranting about new ITV comedy The Job Lot starring Russell Tovey
Indulging in a bit of Him and Her. And Russell Tovey is just brilliant.
In better news, I'm pleased to see that GRABBERS, the Richard Coyle & Russell Tovey alien movie, is coming to this summer. Yes!
I'm seriously considering getting a dedicated biscuit draw like Russell Tovey's in
Thanks to the fast forward button, I managed to turn The Job Lot into a four minute montage of Russell Tovey's pretty face.
Russell Tovey’s In No Rush To Play *** All things in good time, as they say. Although out actor Russell Tovey...
You might have missed: Russell Tovey DID Audition for Eleven! - Apart from his enduring turn as Midshipman Alonso...
I think Job Lot is really promising though. Bit too many cringes from Russell Tovey but really funny at times. And the Temp is fit.
Russell Tovey admitting he auditioned for the role of the Doctor but lost to Matt Smith. Check it out-
hope your birthday got you your heart's desire: Moffat's resignation and Russell Tovey's wang. x
*** actor Russell Tovey says it would be a ‘risk’ to play ***
Just caught up with TV Mon night on a Wed - LOVED Vicious & The Job Lot. Russell Tovey is new object of lust. Yep, know I'm years behind...
*** actor Russell Tovey: 'It might be more of a risk for me to play a *** character'
“Photoset: Russell Tovey, photograph by Alisa Connan so beautiful 💙
Iwan Rheon playing the Russell Tovey role then?
I loved Adore Sarah Hadland and have always rated Russell Tovey.
Appaz: Emma Thompson, Dakota Fanning, Robbie Coltrane, Julie Walters & Russell Tovey will all be in a film called "Effie" this year. Brill!
I really hated that, even with the lovely Sarah Hadland and Russell Tovey.
Russell Tovey would be good looking were it not for the ears...
If I'm disappointed I can also drool over Russell Tovey and lol at Sarah Hadland in The Job Lot :)
I'd say I'm looking forward to because Sarah Hadland and Russell Tovey, but... Well, I've just watched Vicious.
Can't find a link for this: The Job Lot's Russell Tovey is off to Hollywood, and Sarah Hadland on the Miranda movie
Coolies :D Whoo hoo go Sarah !!! I've no idea who Russell Tovey is :/ xx
Russell Tovey on Jonathan Ross with his 5 month old tiny French Bulldog puppy...Reminds me how teeny tiny Pig was as a puppy! 😭
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
yeah her and Russell Tovey are main characters:') x
looking forward to it only found out about it this evening watching Tovey on Ross
Russell Tovey is just so ADORABLE I want to just...climb on him
but what if you find russell tovey even more annoying than James Cordon?
You'll like Russell Tovey and Sarah Hadland in the Job Lot, tomoz, ITV.
BECAUSE RUSSELL TOVEY THAT'S WHY I'M EXCITED m don't care if he's *** he will turn for me xx x x x
I've always had a crush on Russell Tovey...and I just figured out why. Anyone else see it?
“The world's smallest dog. you though Russell Tovey's dog was cute?!
aww young Russell Tovey in Poirot at the moment is so cute :)
Poirot with an incredibly young Russell Tovey now.
Would like to say a big thank you to Russell Tovey for mentioning our service on the Jonathon Ross show last nigh.
So they had 2 more choices (Benedict Cumberbatch and Russell Tovey)...and they chose Matt Smith? BBC keeps getting DW wrong!
Russell Tovey screen-tested for the role of the 11th doctor
Russell Tovey was screen tested for the role of the 11th Doctor -
Lately, I've been likened to...Justin Timberlake (take), Barney Stinson (not bad)...and Russell Tovey (yhhheap)
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I've got a lot of people saying I look like celebs lately,Russell Tovey from him and her ,James from g shore ,and
Omg Russell Tovey on this has made my day he's my ideal man (apart from the *** bit) :)
This new comedy Russell Tovey is talking about is set about 15 mins from where I'm from place is called Brownhills..cringe :/
What's all the fuss about Russell Tovey? Another overrated dull actor.
Just found out Russell Tovey is *** Like everyone I've ever fancied. Ever.
Can never get over Russell Tovey being *** I could be such a good girlfriend to him, honest. :(
I implore you to watch Jonathan Ross and Russell Tovey's pronounciation of 'minutiae'. It's my tv moment of the year.
Interview with Russell Tovey ahead of his new ITV comedy on Monday
Nice interview with Russell Tovey that mentions, in passing, he screen tested for the 11th Doctor
Russell Tovey is in the Job Lot tomorrow night oh my god love.
Russell Tovey on 'Ross' show, really nice guy.
He screen-tested for the Eleventh Doctor | Interview: Russell Tovey's work experience
Tovey: Job Lot is very truthful: Russell Tovey has revealed the writers of his new show about a Jobcentre were "terrified" of making ...
Russell tovey on Jonathan Ross. I'm sure if he met me he'd fall in love?.
Actor Russell Tovey on his rise to fame and new ITV sitcom 'The Job Lot'
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Catching up on the Jonathan Ross Show. Second I saw Russell Tovey in the green room only one thing came to mind "Allons-y Alonso"
Jonathan Ross was brilliant tonight. Russell Tovey what a funny, lovely young man. He was in children series Mud with my Russell in 1994!
Hi Pete, Just watched Jonathan Ross, saw Russell Tovey and his doggy, just wondered if you still have Charlie and Porridge? Love Georgia :))
Meat Loaf, Joanna Lumley, Peter Andre, Russell Tovey & Rudimental star on the The Jonathan Ross Show this Saturday
Just found out that Russell Tovey (From Him and Her) narrates Sun, Sex and Suspicious Parents!
russell tovey was PERFECT tonight on radio 1 awwh
just like and me...“Look it's and Russell Tovey being LADS!
“Look it's and Russell Tovey being LADS! Too much beauty in one photo
“Look it's and Russell Tovey being LADS! this is you
Had to return my JLS condoms this morning as they'd split... X -- russell tovey ( would like this!!
Or Russell Tovey. Apparently we have hating coriander, burping and farting at the same time, etc in common
Spotted in Pret; Russell Tovey and a guy who I saw at a press day in 2011
But one's on ITV and one stars Russell Tovey. They're both doomed to fail.
Will the comedy about a job centre with Russell Tovey, or the McKellan/Jacobi comedy vehicle, both imminent on UK TV be any better?
I wonder what kind of shenanigans a Russell Tovey Doctor could get up to with a James Corden companion.
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There's a Russell Tovey one as well.
If The Wright Way is killing your soul right now, chin up. The Job Lot (Russell Tovey, Sarah Hadland &c.) starts next week, and it's good.
Hold up. Russell Tovey of Being Human was on Sherlock?! I did not put two and two together on that one...
I have a problem. I internet stalk celebrities a lot. I should stop that. Oh what the *** one more...what's Russell Tovey doing right now?
Sarah Hadland chats about her job centre sitcom The Job Lot, in which she stars alongside Russell Tovey.
7th New Cross was the name of a short film featuring Russell Tovey.
THB > Sherlock (Russell Tovey) > CP. If non-central cast counts? Can't find a direct link, and that will keep me awake.
hmmm hardly Tennant though :-/ There's that show with Russell Tovey also :-)
the job lot? That's the thing with Russell Tovey in? Actually looks okay!
Hadland drove cast mad with song: Sarah Hadland has said she and new co-star Russell Tovey drove the rest of The Job Lot's cast mad b...
Sarah has ‘em bamboozled: MIRANDA star fears she and Russell Tovey drove people nuts on a new sitcom – by...
It has Russell Tovey in it so it looks really good.
apparently Russell Tovey is gonna be in the next muppet movie :-/
More mister nice guy for Russell Tovey | Daily Express
Johnny Depp, James McAvoy and Russell Tovey are my lads
you’ll be watching that new cat show with Russell Tovey no doubt!! Did you see the bit were he is molesting himself in the toilet
yeah, catherine Tate was the best assistant. Looks like Russell tovey might be making an appearance YAY!
>>> He was about to say more but interrupted by weird dream stuff like Russell Tovey was part of catering staff & was doing the washup >>
Now I just passed Russell Tovey, a hilarious looking pigeon (not at the same time) and accidentally crashed a showcase in Soho...whaaa?
as if Russell Howard and Peter Andre are trending in brum and I'm not. Support a fellow brummie
Ah, I see - Russell Tovey & Keith Allen are in it. Not enough to get me back out there I'm afraid ;)
Barack rocks the stick-out ears that I have come to truly appreciate, esp. with Russell Tovey of BBC's Being Human.
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