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Russell Martin

Russell Nathan Jeanson Coltrane Martin, Jr (born February 15, 1983) is a Canadian Major League Baseball (MLB) catcher for the New York Yankees.

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My thoughts and love go out to Mike Ruiz over the passing of Martin. I had only met Martin on two occasions but...
Russell Westbrook & Isaiah Thomas have been named the Western and Eastern Conference players of the week!
Yeah...NH had nothing to do with those Burnett, Russell Martin or Byrd trades. Oh my.
> talk to Russell Martin. Martin says, "John Gibbons wants to see you."
I love Russell Martin, always will, but on a scale of 1-10, how much do you think Toronto regrets that deal?
Clough and team have a decent track record of this from time at Derby. Bryson, Russell, even Chris Martin (on a fre…
why diaspora may be more impt than ever for Trump + tough road for Irish work. https:/…
maybe try Russell Martin in midfield! 😂😂😂
As every game goes by we're getting closer to Russell Martin as player manager 😋
He's a poor version of Russell Martin
Russell Martin and Timm klose both need to be playing I'm really big fan of them OTBC
Jiggies with the boys the night,. Who's wanting it.
Russell Martin's message couldn't have been any louder or clearer in modern day footballer speak. Madness that he k…
Come on Chuck. Yanks had Russell Martin, Stewart, Cervelli after him. They may not have been as successful with any…
Is that what Russell Martin is supposed to be 👀
Barnet's hardworking DL and hon Rotarian Martin Russell attends Rotary Christmas day lunch
Fantastic photography by Martin Russell from https:/…
Fantastic photography by Martin Russell from htt…
Let me eat and move to quotes from Russell Martin's 'Beethoven's Hair'
Mr Russell's word knows how damaging it to Haid Martin and Gelmin ran the house.
If y'all don't know by now, his full name is "Russell Nathan Coltrane Jeanson Martin Jr."
Russell Westbrook comments on the video of him screaming in the tunnel. (Some NSFW language here):
Russell Westbrook was watching the game like
WATCH: defender Russell Martin visit Open Academy to see new all-weather pitch take shape.
Russell Martin is as incapable at saying 'Merry Christmas' as he is at playing centre-back.
EXCLUSIVE: Never before published picture of the Russell Wilson & Ciara wedding reception when the DJ accidentally played “Wic…
For Christmas I got a new camera, a Blue Jays sweatshirt, and a Russell Martin little lego type of figure. Thanks mom.
Just the 45 points, 11 assists and 11 rebounds for Russell Westbrook last night 🔥
I added a video to a playlist 2008 Dodgers: Russell Martin plates Delwyn Young on a single to center
I'm terrible at DFS! I started Doug Martin and Latavius Murray. Oh and Russell Wilson!
Russell Wilson bought his ENTIRE offensive line 4k TVs for Christmas. Despite them letting him be sacked 34 times this season😂…
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The Jays have had a lot more success with the former Pirates though. Add Russell Martin to the list too.
and to you Russell. Hope all is well. Always nice to see you even if its a fly past at Barford St Martin 👍🏻
Correction: the top should just be Russell Martin cause he's always a good thing
Coming up after 10 is Martin Russell discussing signings, potential signings and much more.Join for it
Cross the Celtics off the list. ☘✔️. Russell Westbrook has now recorded a triple-double against all but 6 teams in the NB…
Russell Westbrook drops 20 points in the 4th quarter to lead Thunder in win over Celtics.
Attention Jays fans who have anything but praise and adoration for Russell Martin
I didn't realize russell martin due to make 20 million this year.. that's crazy
couldn't offer up a high A pitcher for a complement to Russell Martin /Justin Smoak?
🎥 Russell Martin speaks to the media following City's loss to Brighton:
Players to HR with 4 teams in postseason. Mike Napoli. Ron Gant. John Olerud. Reggie Sanders. Russell Martin
4. Russell Martin. I like Russ. I think he's a superb organiser. But not a leader. Kudos to him for last minute shift to right back.
Wow, even when Russell Martin catches a break, he doesn't. He should have ABSOLUTELY been on second base.
Who has a better chance of hitting Andrew Miller, Russell Martin or Andrew Miller?
This will be the game that Russell Martin hits a dinger off Andrew Miller tbh
Chipola Nation make sure to watch 3 former Chipola Indians in the playoffs! Andrew Toles, Jose Bautista, and Russell Martin
Buddy says he's buying the entire section a beer if Russell Martin gets a hit.
When you check the Blue Jays lineup and see that Russell Martin is still hitting 5th
Andrew Miller breathed in the direction of home plate and Russell Martin was out.
Russell Martin is the Terrance Ross of the Blue Jays
Russell Martin doesn't seem to be enjoying the Rajai Davis experience
I wrote about the most baffling little thing this postseason: Why is Russell Martin batting 5th for the
Blue Jays have lineup problem with Russell Martin that John Gibbons refuses to fix: By Jonah K...
Blue Jays catcher Russell Martin on playing Cleveland—the AL leader in steals—and his numbers throwing runners out this…
Peter Gammons is going on and on about Russell Martin's contract being good when he has 3 years/60 mil left. OK.
Likely to be your favourite read of the day, on the timeline of the signing Martin.
The Indians had a regular season SB% of 81% (134/165). Russell Martin was 11/72 (15.2%) in throwing out runners. League avg was 29.4%.
Yeah I agree too, I'd probably flip Bautista with Tulo and put Martin between them. Having Russell hit before Bautista.
what's tough to take is the knowledge that Russell Martin is a Scotland player
D'Angelo Russell can't catch a break. 😥
"We're 3 points off the top of the group we're in there" fair play to Russell Martin getting right on the smack at full…
If you want high end BJ action, all you have to do is ask for Donaldson
Russell Martin still believes Scotland can qualify despite Slovakia defeat
WATCH. We spoke to defender Russell Martin after 3-0 defeat to Slovakia:…
maybe he should blame playing Russell Martin up front seeing he's a centre half. Pathetic
isn't Russell Martin a centre back so of course Scotland will struggle with him up front. Is it not Chris Martin?
Dear Chris Martin is the Scotland striker you are referring to and not Russell, who is a Norwich City defender! 🙈
Russell martin up top for Scotland ? Ex pro Ray parlour said it 3 times, ex pro and Scot Andy Gray then repeats.
Ray Parlour on Talksport slating Russell Martin about his poor performances as a striker.. 😂🙈
keeps saying Russell Martin should be playing up top for the jocks 😂😂
Gordon Strachan says Scotland can still qualify for 2018 World Cup
Russell Martin, central defender of and
Gordon Strachan says can still qualify for 2018 World Cup
I hope youre right. I want Russell Martin and the Blue Jays to win. It's about *** time Canada wins something other than hockey
that's not bad Jason. I hope Russell Martin or Saunders hits the world series winning hr. But, lots of work still ahead.
D'Angelo Russell is going to show the world tonight why he's the best PG in league.
. Imagine an infield of Russell Martin, Edwin Encarnacion, Devon Travis, Troy Tulowitzki and Josh Donaldson. I mean God *** ..
This is more Russell Martin on Tulo's Game 1 triple
Russell Martin's defending for second Slovakia goal was schoolboy stuff. Once again, Steven Fletcher utterly ineffective. Griffiths to start
Asked Russell Martin when the last time he played infield was. He paused. "Been a while," he said. "But it's like riding a…
Cody Ross and russell Martin are my two favorite catcher to watch in all of baseball. Love how they receive the ball and are so consistent.
How it came to pass that free-agent C Russell Martin became a Blue Jay
The Blue Jays' Russell Martin is a weapon at the plate again and just in time
Hard to follow Russell Martin's thick Ayrshire accent
Grant Hanley is the worst player I've ever seen to wear a Scotland jersey, Russell Martin not much better
Joc Pederson with the first postseason HBP RBI for the Dodgers since Russell Martin in 2009.
Russell Martin reflects on a disappointing night for Scotland
Mark Reynolds and Russell Martin would be as strong as Grant Hanley and Russell Martin.
Grant Hanley and Russell Martin at their best !
Russell Martin: Scotland still in race for World Cup 2018.
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In the Third ALDS Russell Martin had .200 AVG, OBP of .200, SLG of .800, and an OPS of 1.000.
Russell Martin: Scotland manager still has backing of the players
Hardly a surprise when he keeps picking duds like. Russell Martin! Did nobody in the press corps feel like poi…
Here's our post match interview with Russell Martin who says players back Gordon Strachan "100%"
Russell Martin ball watching for second Slovakia goal.
WATCH: Russell Martin insists Gordon Strachan still has the backing of the Scotland players.
Mak showed neat footwork to sidestep Russell Martin for the hosts' second and Adam Nemec rose unchallenged to head their third
Still surprised no ones mentioned Russell Martin dissappearing up tge tunnel when had a corner
I hope chris Martin, Whittaker & Russell Martin all score and its 3-0 to the scots!
wait your avi isn't Russell Martin...
Russell Martin saying Scotland could have done better in final third. True but look after your own department first mate. Pot Kettle
Walk off in . Josh Donaldson scores on Russell Martin grounder, Blue Jays sweep Rangers in . 🎥:
Russell Martin epitomizes the toughness of the 2016 (Via
Russell Martin was 7th Blue Jay to homer in playoffs
Russell Martin has left the building...He just homered. 3-1 Bot 1st in TEX/TOR Gm3
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Russell Martin got 1 of the cleanest lineups in baseball history. Steve Harvey type of lineup lol
I'm cheering for the Blue Jays because I'm a Russell Martin guy.
Rick Dempsey is PUMPED. He seemingly just said that Raul Ibanez is the same as Russell Martin, whatever that means.
Russell Martin flies out to center fielder Jackie Bradley Jr.
@ T4-1o: Russell Martin flies out to CF Jackie Bradley Jr.
Russell Martin hitting in front of Tulo is just plain idiotic. How good could this team be with a competent manager?
the fact Russell Martin plays every week and consistently lets the team down puzzles me
I really wish Russell Martin and Gary Sanchez got to fight lmao Gary would kill Russell
Still wishing Gary Sanchez got the chance to destroy Russell Martin
Gary Sanchez just hit his 20th home run. He's tied for third in home runs among AL catchers with Russell Martin. He came up in August.
Look at this guy. Russell Martin is all talk I think, he didn't really want to fight Gary. 💪🏼💪🏼
Russell Martin wanted to fight Gary lmao he don't want those hands
I'm still trying to figure why Russell Martin wants to fight Gary Sanchez.
El Gary destroys Russell Martin if they get each other.
If Gary Sanchez spit on pipsqueak Russell Martin he would drown him. Hilarious watching Martin barking from behind 10 guys.
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Russell Martin is half the catcher Gary Sanchez is
We all know Gary Sanchez would daddy Russell Martin
Russell Martin (age 33, 5'10", 205 lbs) unwisely wanted to mix it up with Gary Sanchez (23, 6'2", 230) in that skirmish.…
Lol @ Russell Martin. He's mad Gary is better than he ever was.
This night would have been better if Gary Sanchez could of gotten a piece of that *** Russell Martin.
Just saw the Yankees - Blue Jays fight... Gary would have kicked Russell Martin's ***
The real story tho is Gary Sanchez would have murdered Russell Martin
Russell Martin sit down you bum Gary would knock your *** out
Russell Martin wearing knee savers, Gary Sanchez isn't. This brawl was over before it even started
Russell Martin should be happy Gary Sanchez didn't get a hold of him.
Big boy Russell Martin challenging Gary Sanchez to a fight - "Let's go just me and you" lol
Russell Martin & Michael Saunders are the first pair of Canadian teammates in MLB history to each hit 20 Home Runs i…
A Canadian makes all them Canadians happy!!! Russell Martin belts his 20th to tie the game 2-2 top4.
Russell Martin, Devon Travis, and Josh Donaldson are Toronto Blue Jays. Next year, they will also be Toronto Blue Jays.
Bob Osuna, asked by "who runs this team?" "Troy Tulowitzki, Jason Grilli and Russell Martin. We do what they…
For the hottest hitter in baseball (according to John Albert Martinez), Russell Martin sure is 12 out of his last 55
Ottawa trends now: Saguenay, Patrick Brown, Russell Martin, txhsfb and NationalDogDay.
Ottawa trends now: Stephen Harper, Saguenay, Twins, Russell Martin, Patrick Brown, BlueJays and txhsfb.
9:12 EDT Buck Martinez describing a Russell Martin hit and I quote: "90% of this game is half mental" I got nothing, your Honour
Potential Hall of Fame catcher Russell Martin with 7th home run in last 6 games. 43rd RBI since June 11th.
Russell Martin, Blue Jays snap Astros' winning streak: Russell Martin hit a go-ahead three-run home run in th...
Toronto Blue Jays’ Russell Martin hits go-ahead home run in support of Aaron Sanchez’s 12th win
.Melvin Upton Jr. congratulates Russell Martin after he hit a three-run homer th…
@ T1-2o: Brad Miller reaches on a fielder's choice out, P J. A. Happ to C Russell Martin. Logan Forsythe out at home.
@ B8-3o: Russell Martin grounds out, SS Tim Beckham to 1B Brad Miller.
@ B4-3o: Russell Martin grounds out, 1B Brad Miller to P Drew Smyly.
Thank you, & Russell Martin and Associates for a great first networking event in Indy at W.I.N.E.!
@ B2-2o: Kevin Pillar grounds out, 2B Ryan Schimpf to 1B Wil Myers. Michael Saunders to 3rd. Russell Martin to 2nd.
for Timm Klose to be captain. Fav for Russell Martin to be captain.
.Russell Martin and Josh Thole, plus Eric Lindros added to tonight's Smashfest party
@ B3-1o: Michael Bourn singles on a bunt ground ball to C Russell Martin.
"Ump you suck" chant directed at Vic Carapazza who tossed Edwin, John Gibbons & Russell Martin from the game. Happy Canada Day 🇨🇦
Vic Carapazza threw out Edwin Encarnacion, Russell Martin and John Gibbons today. He thinks all the fans paid their money to see him today.
Hey Dex, Russell Martin, John Gibbons, and Edwin Encarnacion agree with you on Vic Carrapaza's strike zone. Lol
GM Ross Atkins on re: Russell Martin: "I have 100% confidence in him."
Russell Martin and jeanmar gomez for wade davis. Who wins?
Hear me praise Russell Martin, Jeff Passan, talk off the top of my head and say "um" a lot. It's great.
Shame on Brook Jacoby and Eric Owens for not telling Edwin Encarnacion and Russell Martin to not play like 💩.
Russell Martin hasn't earned the right to complain to an ump, he's hitting barely better than Ryan Goins... If you aren't happy, do better
The bottom three of the list:. 8. Kevin Pillar (60). 9. Russell Martin (46). 10. Ryan Goins (30)
Russell Martin singles on a line drive to center fielder Jackie Bradley Jr.
C, Russell Martin has celebrated with new reliever, Jason Grilli, before: via
I love a Russell Martin rallying cry.
Blue Jay's defeat the Red Sox's 10-9. Toronto gets the walk off Devon Travis single that scored Russell Martin
just catching up.did joe kelly really walk Russell Martin? Just put it on a tee and let him hit it, Joe.
All purpose parts banner
@ B3-3o: Aaron Hicks grounds out softly, C Russell Martin to 1B Justin Smoak.
Russell Martin plays 2nd after Tulowitzki forced out of game
Russell Martin forced to play 2nd after Tulowitzki forced out of game
Russell Martin the infielder: Takes over at 2nd after Tulowitzki forced out of game
What's the deal with Russell Martin playing 2nd base?!
hey Arden big fan, is Russell Martin having one of the worst seasons in mlb history? especially given his $16 M AAV
Rewatching a Jays game from 2015...Russell Martin just hit his 17th homer of the season to give the Jays a 6-0 lead in the 4th...
If you combine Russell Martin's OBP and OPS you get a lower # than Brian McCann's OPS by over 150.
Jose Bautista, Russell Martin & other Blue Jays incredulous that Phil Hughes wasn't ejected for throwing behind Josh Donaldson in the 5th.
Sims=17 in PPR in 2015 in a good yr for Martin, Cooks only 13, Lockett was a lot better in 2nd half when Russell exploded
Olivier for Kristen is like David O'Russell for Jennifer Lawrence and Martin Scorsese for Leonardo DiCaprio...
Last year, Russell Martin hit this to me in the second row of the press box. I must have offended him or something.
What a treat to see Russell Martin's impressive 0 for May. What's below the Mendoza line?
Seriously, I think Russell Martin is after me. Missed me six feet to the left on Thursday. Six to the right just now.
@ T8-3o: Russell Martin strikes out swinging.
Russell Martin has twice as many strikeouts (44) as walks, runs, home runs and RBIs combined.
Paul Molitor feels he has to make a pitching change to get Russell Martin out? Paul Molitor himself could take the mound and get Martin out
Good for Russell Martin to calm down Marcus Stroman, who needlessly was jawing at Trevor Plouffe.
@ T6-2o: Russell Martin pops out to 2B Brian Dozier.
Russell Martin had 9 straight earlier this season
Hope Russell Martin missed that tip on purpose so umpire got hit in the nads
I'd tell russell Martin not to catch the first pitch and let it sail right back into the umps mask.
yeah not at all. I remember Russell Martin striking out in 8 straight at bats, but this is amazing.
@ B4-3o: Robbie Grossman strikes out swinging, C Russell Martin to 1B Justin Smoak.
Russell Martin Hit in mask by foul ball and doesn't flinch. Veteran catcher, man of steel. .
@ T4-1o: Russell Martin pops out to SS Eduardo Nunez.
thanks! He's killing my Fantasy League team (with help from Dallas Keuchel and Russell Martin)...
Francisco Cervelli extension justifies not resigning Russell Martin
@ T1-3o: Russell Martin flies out to RF Oswaldo Arcia.
Russell Hoban's novel, The Lion of Jachin Boaz and Boaz Jachin, was inspired by these very Assyrian reliefs.
ICYMI - "I was hoping someone would step up. I was upset" - Russ Martin today discussing the brawl in Texas.
Russell Martin: I was ready for another fight vs. Rangers . READ ➡️
I'd go Perez, McCann, then Wieters. If Russell Martin was hitting better, he'd be in the top 3
Close in OBP, down 2 RBIs, up 2 runs, tied in SBs - do i start Russell Martin? God he's been so bad
Our Ambassador Russell Martin & teammates are showing their support by going purple for ht…
*trade Russell Martin for a better catcher*. *trade tulo and a pitching prospect for harper*
Russell martin 2nd in lineup . Problem solved. Bautista shouldn't lead off
Thank you Commissioner Russell. Congratulations to Chamber member David Martin and all the other appointees. The...
that looks like Russell Martin without his beard!
I got an early bday present. Russell Martin ornaments and your jersey giveaway from Mothers Day! 😍💕
It shows he listens too. Lol I was sad I couldn't go to Toronto for the Russell Martin jersey giveaway. He said he went on EBay and found 1
I had a crappy day at work. He erased ALL of that. The fact he understands I love Russell Martin. He's a keeper for sure. 💕💕💕
OMG so Andrew is the best. He got me the Russell Martin giveaway jersey and Russell Martin ornaments. LOL 😍💕😁
Remember when Russell Martin was blocking the plate on a force out? But that wasn't blocking the plate.
Nunez played with Jays C Russell Martin on NYY. Knew he'd call for another sinker after a bad swing just before 3-run homer.
Everyone remember, Russell Martin, he of batting average sub .180, will make 20 million each of the next 3 years
Starting to feel quite bad for Ryan Goins. Even Russell Martin doesn't seem to be struggling as much at the plate.
scorers are Taylor, Russell (M) 2,. Hamilton and Martin 2. Pumpherston's scorer was a trialist
Russell Martin having cleats added to french blue Jordan XIIs is still pretty sweet
Russell Martin bringing the beard back.
@ T7-1o: Russell Martin singles on a ground ball to RF Darin Mastroianni.
@ T5-1o: Russell Martin strikes out on a foul tip.
imagine him and Russell Martin I think he would still be pitching for the Jays
I would love Barrie or Shattenkirk. Fortunately I haven't heard anything concrete. Russell and Martin just seem like AV guys tho
it was horrible asset management. And now I'm scared silly they think Kris Russell and Matt Martin is going to fix everything
Someone needs to punch Russell Martin. Maybe then he'll start hitting home runs! Lol
Anybody seen Russell Martin anywhere? last I heard he's still missing from the Jay's lineup
Plouffe makes up for his gaffe, picks off a hot shot from Russell Martin and turning it into a 5-4-3 DP to end the inning.
Russell Martin has a nice uppercut swing that takes advantage of the 0 power he has left
"Russell Martin needs to get one and we GOOD." 🙌🏾
@ T12-2o: Russell Martin grounds out, 3B Matt Duffy to 1B Brandon Belt.
@ T8-2o: Russell Martin out on a sacrifice fly to RF Hunter Pence. Josh Donaldson scores. Edwin Encarnacion to 3rd.
@ T5-1o: Russell Martin grounds out, SS Kelby Tomlinson to 1B Brandon Belt.
@ T1-3o: Russell Martin grounds out, SS Brandon Crawford to 1B Brandon Belt.
Russell Martin caught very little at Chipola. Jeff Johnson said he would be a big league all star catcher. JJ was RIGHT.
Russell Martin looped a walk-off single over the head of Nomar Mazara in right field to secure a 4-3 victory over the Ran...
TSN Blue Jays walk off Rangers again with Martin hit TSN TORONTO - Russell Martin drove in Ezequiel Carrera with…
Sources tell me that Russell Martin will go into the Canadian Baseball Hall of Fame wearing a Blue Jay cap and a Piazza mustache.
@ B5-2o: With Josh Donaldson batting, wild pitch by Martin Perez, Russell Martin to 3rd. Michael Saunders to 2nd.
@ B5-2o: Michael Saunders walks. Russell Martin to 2nd.
Russell Martin reminds me of Duane Ward with that mustache tonight
@ B8-1o: Hank Conger strikes out swinging, C Russell Martin to 1B Edwin Encarnacion.
The Pirates could get Russell Martin right now if they wanted him, but Neal Huntington *** at trades smh
Russell Martin is on pace for 204 strikeouts this season. record is 159 set by Kelly Johnson in 2012 & Jose Canseco in 1998.
Today's sombrero is brought to you by Russell Martin. 0-4, 4K. Way to hit .143...
Man kevin durant a straight shooter... 💀 Him and Russell Westbrook got no chill button 😲😂
That would probably result in a 3.5ish fWAR season, which would have tied Russell Martin for third best among catchers last year.
Because they have Russell Martin as their starting catcher. Dino wasn't going to sign to be a backup.
and I love Russell Martin, but man.
Neal Huntington does not get enough credit for replacing Russell Martin with Francisco Cervelli.
Is it me or has Russell Martin had nagging injuries since day 1 we got him??? That's what I hear from Buck/Tabby every game!
Russell Martin with the golden sombrero tonight. For those who started cheering last year, its when you strike out 4 times in one game.
fans Russell Martin to complete the Golden Sombrero for the W
Russell Martin with the golden sombrero tonight!
Russell Martin strikes out swinging and the White Sox blank the Blue Jays 4-0. Toronto swept in the series and Chicago is now 16-6.
Russell Martin is very very very very very very bad at baseball right now.
Big night for Russell Martin, keep it up, buddy!
@ B9-3o: Russell Martin strikes out swinging.
If Russell Martin still isn't at 100% why is he taking a meaningless at bat in the 9th inning with 2 outs?
Since I started playing DFS, I think Russell Martin has to be somewhere around 2 for 150, when I've rostered him. Stinking rotten bum.
do you think I would be able to sell my collectors item Russell Martin 55 bud light scarf?
He wanted more playing time. We have Russell Martin, a much better catcher. The end.
That ejection was coming. Gibbons had been on Tumoanes *** all night. Russell Martin needs to go next.
Alright so I'm in a 6 man keeper league. Russell Martin is my catcher. Russell Martin is bad. Should I drop him for Molina or Vogt?
After his third whiff, Russell Martin's wRC+ this April falls to 8.
Russell Martin is just a goof right now.
Russell Martin has a lot of K's for $15 million a year.
His neck an ongoing issue, Russell Martin hands the reigns to Josh Thole
Russell Martin is one strikeout away from a
Not sure Russell Martin could make contact on a beach ball right now.
Kinda want to start wiping my *** with my Russell Martin jersey cause he's poop right now
You try not to make too much out of April, but Russell Martin can't possibly be right.
Russell Martin is completely lost at the plate right now
Russell Martin can't catch up to 91 again. 😞
@ B6-3o: Russell Martin strikes out swinging.
The difference between Russell Martin and Josh Thole defensively is night and day. Russell is an elite pitch framer with a great arm.
@ B4-3o: Russell Martin called out on strikes.
Russell Martin walking up to the plate to jumpman
Do have enough catching behind Russell Martin? Gibbons said the right things pre-game, but clear could use some depth.
Doesn't matter what base the runenr is on when Russell Martin is up
@ B2-2o: Russell Martin strikes out swinging.
Oopsie Daisy. Russell Martin's been off a few days. I thought he was a switch-hitting Navarro in a uniform. Oopsie.
Russell Martin back behind the plate tonight.
Russell Martin back in lineup Wednesday via
Wouldn't you know it. catcher Russell Martin has missed 4 games with a stiff neck and the very 1st pitch is fouled off his mask.
If one of your friends receives a Russell Martin jersey spelled "Martins" I'll buy it off them.
Josh Donaldson and Russell Martin grow a couple inches for the team picture.
.Joey Votto, Justin Morneau, and Russell Martin are all Canadian MLB players
Russell Martin, one of the best in the game to steal strikes. Catch the bottom pitch while framing up.
So Steve Simmons went on the radio and called Russell Martin "Russell Wilson" ... Twice.
Russell Martin looks like a pirate...the nautical version not the Pittsburgh type
Humberto Quintera just doubled in the minors leagues, Russell Martin just struck out? Send him up and DFA Russ?
I do ❤️ me some Russell Martin! His bat will get going. Just watch! Not sure why there is so much concern. # Go Russ # Believe in Russ ⚾️⚾️
Russ told me last night he was having a day out with his girlfriend today, just looked on fb&'Russell Martin has checked into Paris' what
Jackie Bradley Jr. strikes out swinging, catcher Russell Martin to first baseman Edwin Encarnacion.
@ T8-3o: Russell Martin grounds into a force out, SS Brad Miller to 2B Logan Forsythe. Justin Smoak out at 2nd.
Russell Martin still throws out runners like a boss. Gets Brad Miller trying to steal 2B to end B2. 0-0 game.
Even knows you don't steal on Russell Martin. C'mon, Brad Miller.
The new Sportsnet commercial with Russell Martin and Dan Shulman is hilarious.
I like the commercial where Dan Shulman gets caught stealing Russell Martin's lunch.
I'm dying at that commercial with Russell Martin & Dan Shulman, "you don't want to be stealing off that guy" 😂😂😂
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