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Russell Martin

Russell Nathan Jeanson Coltrane Martin, Jr (born February 15, 1983) is a Canadian Major League Baseball (MLB) catcher for the New York Yankees.

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Olivier for Kristen is like David O'Russell for Jennifer Lawrence and Martin Scorsese for Leonardo DiCaprio...
Last year, Russell Martin hit this to me in the second row of the press box. I must have offended him or something.
What a treat to see Russell Martin's impressive 0 for May. What's below the Mendoza line?
Seriously, I think Russell Martin is after me. Missed me six feet to the left on Thursday. Six to the right just now.
@ T8-3o: Russell Martin strikes out swinging.
Russell Martin has twice as many strikeouts (44) as walks, runs, home runs and RBIs combined.
Paul Molitor feels he has to make a pitching change to get Russell Martin out? Paul Molitor himself could take the mound and get Martin out
Good for Russell Martin to calm down Marcus Stroman, who needlessly was jawing at Trevor Plouffe.
@ T6-2o: Russell Martin pops out to 2B Brian Dozier.
Russell Martin had 9 straight earlier this season
Hope Russell Martin missed that tip on purpose so umpire got hit in the nads
I'd tell russell Martin not to catch the first pitch and let it sail right back into the umps mask.
yeah not at all. I remember Russell Martin striking out in 8 straight at bats, but this is amazing.
@ B4-3o: Robbie Grossman strikes out swinging, C Russell Martin to 1B Justin Smoak.
Russell Martin Hit in mask by foul ball and doesn't flinch. Veteran catcher, man of steel. .
@ T4-1o: Russell Martin pops out to SS Eduardo Nunez.
thanks! He's killing my Fantasy League team (with help from Dallas Keuchel and Russell Martin)...
Francisco Cervelli extension justifies not resigning Russell Martin
@ T1-3o: Russell Martin flies out to RF Oswaldo Arcia.
Russell Hoban's novel, The Lion of Jachin Boaz and Boaz Jachin, was inspired by these very Assyrian reliefs.
ICYMI - "I was hoping someone would step up. I was upset" - Russ Martin today discussing the brawl in Texas.
Russell Martin: I was ready for another fight vs. Rangers . READ ➡️
I'd go Perez, McCann, then Wieters. If Russell Martin was hitting better, he'd be in the top 3
Close in OBP, down 2 RBIs, up 2 runs, tied in SBs - do i start Russell Martin? God he's been so bad
Our Ambassador Russell Martin & teammates are showing their support by going purple for ht…
*trade Russell Martin for a better catcher*. *trade tulo and a pitching prospect for harper*
Russell martin 2nd in lineup . Problem solved. Bautista shouldn't lead off
Thank you Commissioner Russell. Congratulations to Chamber member David Martin and all the other appointees. The...
that looks like Russell Martin without his beard!
I got an early bday present. Russell Martin ornaments and your jersey giveaway from Mothers Day! 😍💕
It shows he listens too. Lol I was sad I couldn't go to Toronto for the Russell Martin jersey giveaway. He said he went on EBay and found 1
I had a crappy day at work. He erased ALL of that. The fact he understands I love Russell Martin. He's a keeper for sure. 💕💕💕
OMG so Andrew is the best. He got me the Russell Martin giveaway jersey and Russell Martin ornaments. LOL 😍💕😁
Remember when Russell Martin was blocking the plate on a force out? But that wasn't blocking the plate.
Blue Jays' Russell Martin: I was ready for another fight...
Nunez played with Jays C Russell Martin on NYY. Knew he'd call for another sinker after a bad swing just before 3-run homer.
Everyone remember, Russell Martin, he of batting average sub .180, will make 20 million each of the next 3 years
Starting to feel quite bad for Ryan Goins. Even Russell Martin doesn't seem to be struggling as much at the plate.
scorers are Taylor, Russell (M) 2,. Hamilton and Martin 2. Pumpherston's scorer was a trialist
Russell Martin having cleats added to french blue Jordan XIIs is still pretty sweet
Russell Martin bringing the beard back.
@ T7-1o: Russell Martin singles on a ground ball to RF Darin Mastroianni.
@ T5-1o: Russell Martin strikes out on a foul tip.
imagine him and Russell Martin I think he would still be pitching for the Jays
I would love Barrie or Shattenkirk. Fortunately I haven't heard anything concrete. Russell and Martin just seem like AV guys tho
it was horrible asset management. And now I'm scared silly they think Kris Russell and Matt Martin is going to fix everything
Someone needs to punch Russell Martin. Maybe then he'll start hitting home runs! Lol
Anybody seen Russell Martin anywhere? last I heard he's still missing from the Jay's lineup
Plouffe makes up for his gaffe, picks off a hot shot from Russell Martin and turning it into a 5-4-3 DP to end the inning.
Russell Martin has a nice uppercut swing that takes advantage of the 0 power he has left
"Russell Martin needs to get one and we GOOD." 🙌🏾
@ T12-2o: Russell Martin grounds out, 3B Matt Duffy to 1B Brandon Belt.
@ T8-2o: Russell Martin out on a sacrifice fly to RF Hunter Pence. Josh Donaldson scores. Edwin Encarnacion to 3rd.
@ T5-1o: Russell Martin grounds out, SS Kelby Tomlinson to 1B Brandon Belt.
@ T1-3o: Russell Martin grounds out, SS Brandon Crawford to 1B Brandon Belt.
Russell Martin caught very little at Chipola. Jeff Johnson said he would be a big league all star catcher. JJ was RIGHT.
Russell Martin looped a walk-off single over the head of Nomar Mazara in right field to secure a 4-3 victory over the Ran...
TSN Blue Jays walk off Rangers again with Martin hit TSN TORONTO - Russell Martin drove in Ezequiel Carrera with…
Sources tell me that Russell Martin will go into the Canadian Baseball Hall of Fame wearing a Blue Jay cap and a Piazza mustache.
@ B5-2o: With Josh Donaldson batting, wild pitch by Martin Perez, Russell Martin to 3rd. Michael Saunders to 2nd.
@ B5-2o: Michael Saunders walks. Russell Martin to 2nd.
Russell Martin reminds me of Duane Ward with that mustache tonight
@ B8-1o: Hank Conger strikes out swinging, C Russell Martin to 1B Edwin Encarnacion.
The Pirates could get Russell Martin right now if they wanted him, but Neal Huntington *** at trades smh
Russell Martin is on pace for 204 strikeouts this season. record is 159 set by Kelly Johnson in 2012 & Jose Canseco in 1998.
Today's sombrero is brought to you by Russell Martin. 0-4, 4K. Way to hit .143...
Man kevin durant a straight shooter... 💀 Him and Russell Westbrook got no chill button 😲😂
That would probably result in a 3.5ish fWAR season, which would have tied Russell Martin for third best among catchers last year.
Because they have Russell Martin as their starting catcher. Dino wasn't going to sign to be a backup.
and I love Russell Martin, but man.
Neal Huntington does not get enough credit for replacing Russell Martin with Francisco Cervelli.
Is it me or has Russell Martin had nagging injuries since day 1 we got him??? That's what I hear from Buck/Tabby every game!
Russell Martin with the golden sombrero tonight. For those who started cheering last year, its when you strike out 4 times in one game.
fans Russell Martin to complete the Golden Sombrero for the W
Russell Martin with the golden sombrero tonight!
Russell Martin strikes out swinging and the White Sox blank the Blue Jays 4-0. Toronto swept in the series and Chicago is now 16-6.
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Russell Martin is very very very very very very bad at baseball right now.
Big night for Russell Martin, keep it up, buddy!
@ B9-3o: Russell Martin strikes out swinging.
If Russell Martin still isn't at 100% why is he taking a meaningless at bat in the 9th inning with 2 outs?
Since I started playing DFS, I think Russell Martin has to be somewhere around 2 for 150, when I've rostered him. Stinking rotten bum.
do you think I would be able to sell my collectors item Russell Martin 55 bud light scarf?
He wanted more playing time. We have Russell Martin, a much better catcher. The end.
That ejection was coming. Gibbons had been on Tumoanes *** all night. Russell Martin needs to go next.
Alright so I'm in a 6 man keeper league. Russell Martin is my catcher. Russell Martin is bad. Should I drop him for Molina or Vogt?
After his third whiff, Russell Martin's wRC+ this April falls to 8.
Russell Martin is just a goof right now.
Russell Martin has a lot of K's for $15 million a year.
His neck an ongoing issue, Russell Martin hands the reigns to Josh Thole
Russell Martin is one strikeout away from a
Not sure Russell Martin could make contact on a beach ball right now.
PerfectMatch - Fall In Love Today
Kinda want to start wiping my *** with my Russell Martin jersey cause he's poop right now
You try not to make too much out of April, but Russell Martin can't possibly be right.
Russell Martin is completely lost at the plate right now
Russell Martin can't catch up to 91 again. 😞
@ B6-3o: Russell Martin strikes out swinging.
The difference between Russell Martin and Josh Thole defensively is night and day. Russell is an elite pitch framer with a great arm.
@ B4-3o: Russell Martin called out on strikes.
Russell Martin walking up to the plate to jumpman
Do have enough catching behind Russell Martin? Gibbons said the right things pre-game, but clear could use some depth.
Doesn't matter what base the runenr is on when Russell Martin is up
@ B2-2o: Russell Martin strikes out swinging.
Oopsie Daisy. Russell Martin's been off a few days. I thought he was a switch-hitting Navarro in a uniform. Oopsie.
Russell Martin back behind the plate tonight.
Russell Martin back in lineup Wednesday via
Wouldn't you know it. catcher Russell Martin has missed 4 games with a stiff neck and the very 1st pitch is fouled off his mask.
If one of your friends receives a Russell Martin jersey spelled "Martins" I'll buy it off them.
Josh Donaldson and Russell Martin grow a couple inches for the team picture.
.Joey Votto, Justin Morneau, and Russell Martin are all Canadian MLB players
Russell Martin, one of the best in the game to steal strikes. Catch the bottom pitch while framing up.
So Steve Simmons went on the radio and called Russell Martin "Russell Wilson" ... Twice.
Russell Martin looks like a pirate...the nautical version not the Pittsburgh type
Humberto Quintera just doubled in the minors leagues, Russell Martin just struck out? Send him up and DFA Russ?
I do ❤️ me some Russell Martin! His bat will get going. Just watch! Not sure why there is so much concern. # Go Russ # Believe in Russ ⚾️⚾️
Russ told me last night he was having a day out with his girlfriend today, just looked on fb&'Russell Martin has checked into Paris' what
Jackie Bradley Jr. strikes out swinging, catcher Russell Martin to first baseman Edwin Encarnacion.
@ T8-3o: Russell Martin grounds into a force out, SS Brad Miller to 2B Logan Forsythe. Justin Smoak out at 2nd.
Russell Martin still throws out runners like a boss. Gets Brad Miller trying to steal 2B to end B2. 0-0 game.
Even knows you don't steal on Russell Martin. C'mon, Brad Miller.
The new Sportsnet commercial with Russell Martin and Dan Shulman is hilarious.
I like the commercial where Dan Shulman gets caught stealing Russell Martin's lunch.
I'm dying at that commercial with Russell Martin & Dan Shulman, "you don't want to be stealing off that guy" 😂😂😂
OK Here is the fantasy team. Catcher: Russell Martin- Toronto. Catcher: Wellington Castillo- Arizona . 1st Base:...
Francisco Cervelli really trying to make a case to be a better Pirate than Russell Martin was.
I added a video to a playlist Russell Martin 2015 Defensive Highlights
Ben Gamel makes a terrific diving catch in deep right-center, stealing extra bases from old buddy Russell Martin.
Aaron Sanchez enters to pitch for Toronto. Russell Martin takes over behind the plate. 1-0, top 4.
Back-to-back home runs for Russell Martin and Justin Smoak 🔥🔥⚾ lead 3-1 over the Orioles!
Russell Martin and Justin Smoak are so underrated for this Toronto Blue Jays team
As Drake might rap, Russell Martin and Justin Smoak going Back to Back. 3-1 over
Russell Martin and Justin Smoak went back to back during today's win over the O's! NOTE: I do…
Russell Martin is catching Brad Penny 😂😂 what year is this
Brandon Phillips, Ian Desmond, & Russell Martin (who didn't sign) are the last Expos draftees still on MLB rosters now, right?
Brandon Phillips, Russell Martin, Ian Desmond the last Expos draftees still on MLB rosters. (Martin didn't sign).
he didn't mention Russell Martin because Russ was a third baseman
"Russell Martin, Sebastien Bassong, Gary O’Neil and Cameron Jerome all season, he surely can’t be sane"
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Who's in defence in our U21's team, Russell Martin?
CanaryEllis, a man that constantly sticks up for Russell Martin and constantly has a go at Robbie Brady.. what a genius
I'm doing that. Highlights so far: Bring back Russell Martin, Alex Neil out, Glenn Roeder in. May have made up that last one.
If Ryan Bennett was dropped in place of Russell Martin then the manager needs his head testing.
why no Ryan Bennett, I don't get why he misses out for Russell Martin who is awful!!
I'm really enjoying how often Russell Martin is posting videos of him working out.
If it helps, Russell Martin was tied with Derek Norris with the most stolen bases by a catcher last year.
Dodgers might be interested. Ultimately, the Dodgers signed Gary Bennett to back up Russell Martin. . 'Even to the end, ten years (2/3)
Happy 30th birthday to our very own Russell Martin 🎉🎊🎁
The amount of Derby fans saying we should sell Martin/Russell is astonishing. 🙈
I don't think so. Aren't we talking about Russell Martin?
Well done First to find Russell MARTIN in our Wycombe
big up Russell Martin on his 30th birthday
teams will not be able to push up high, knowing Martin Russell or Ince won't get in behind.this guy will!!!
Oh my god I'm older than Russell Martin 😱
A big happy 30th birthday shout to our captain, Russell Martin!
Big happy birthday to captain Russell Martin! Hope you have a great day! 👍⚽️
Erik Lamela stands up for Spurs team-mate Dele Alli against Norwich City defender Russell Martin.
Russell Martin has been a fraud ever since James McArthur played that ball to Yohan Cabaye that took him out of the game
Happy got Justin Wilson from who got from for Cervelli to replace Russell Martin now with
What did before meetings last yr. Traded Adam Lind for Marco Estrada. Traded Anthony Gose for Devon Travis. Signed Russell Martin
in 2015, Russell Martin was at a -2 DRS in 994 innings. Miguel Montero had a .986 fielding %. Just FYI
Navarro is a solid two-way catcher who lost job with Russell Martin signing last year in toronto
ICYMI this a.m.: The Knuckleball Effect turns Russell Martin into Josh Thole, so maybe just start Thole those days?
Ryan Bennett who won all his headers was pulled out to the right back position as Russell Martin had gone wandering again!
Football's a funny old game. I guarantee if Russell Martin (not Ryan Bennett) was marking Dawson on that corner it would have gone in.
Alex Neil makes 2 important changes, in Bennett and Jarvis for Whittaker and Olsson. Russell Martin at RB
At bloody last! No more Russell Martin the centre back.
Russell Martin moves to RB, Ryan Bennett in. Hoolahan starts, Dorrans doesn't. Live now on
Ryan Bennett is distinctly average, but better than Russell Martin still
Dear Bautista, Tulo, Donaldson, Edwin, Russell Martin and Ryan Goins,. Go kick rocks, you cocky jackasses. Thank you kindly and bye Felicia
Russell Martin, Kevin Pillar, Ryan Goins: You got an angel wit you right now.
I'm comparing the Russell Martin signing to the BJ Ryan signing... the 2 worst FA signings in history
@ B2-3o: Alex Gordon strikes out swinging, C Russell Martin to 1B Chris Colabello.
Funny how every positional breakdown of this series said Russell Martin was better than Perez
"Picture someone twice Russell Martin's size, and that's Sal Perez." Harold's proportions are a little off.
Russell Martin fly ball to wall in RF hauled in by Alex Rios. hitless through two. are not. They lead 5-0
Troy Tulowitzki, Russell Martin, and Ryan Goins talk about Game 3: Kansas City 4 at 10
What John Hirschbeck was whispering in Russell Martin's ear "I"m, I'm hooked on a feeling, high on believing that your…
Used to think Russell Martin was a great catcher. He is lazy. Poor glove work. If my daughter caught like that, whoa Nellie.
Troy Tulowitski and Russell Martin score on Ryan Goings single. take the lead over 2-1 in the bottom of the 2nd
Johnny Cueto 6+ strikeouts and Troy Tulowitzki, Russell Martin & Mike Moustakas all to have 1+ base hits
Would Steven Whittaker, Russell Martin, Seb Bassong or Martin Olsson get into the starting lineups of any other Premier League side?
TDA would be a bit cheaper than Russell Martin too!
Need a new defence Olsson and Russell Martin are good the rest are shockingly poor good attacking options poor...
Russell Martin, Seb Bassong, Olsson and Whittaker are nowhere near PL standard. 6 hour journey home from Newcastle for me 😢
At St James to watch SMI players Mike Williamson & Russell Martin v
Kelvin Herrera retires Tulowitzki and Russell Martin with ease. Still 5-3 Royals headed to bottom 8.
Russell Martin is pretty good for a guy who can't catch a baseball.
That was the hardest-hit ball from Russell Martin all season at 111 mph off the bat. And Alcides Escobar turned it into a d…
Dale Scott's view of the Russell Martin error:
He knew Russell Martin's deflection was a live ball almost as fast as Rougned Odor did.
when did Bob Nutting ever say that Russell Martin wasn't that good? I never heard that
Just had a great talk with former and Pat Borders. Told me he did same thing Russell Martin did but no one was on 3rd.
Moment For Canadian Baseball Lore:. Russell Martin, replaced at 2nd by Dalton Pompey, taps his hand over his heart as he leaves the field.
Here's the wording of the rule cited by MLB regarding Russell Martin's error in the 7th inning
don't forget Russell Martin and Dalton Pompey, both from ON
Lol "Russell Martin who has more at bats in history than any other Canadian". He's no Larry Walker though.
um, isnt that Russell Martin and not Bautista? just asking...
Russell Martin and Dalton Pompey don't count then?
Too bad the umps will take the brunt of this, and certainly they share blame, but Russell Martin, ***
THE RUN SCORES!. Umpires allow Rougned Odor to come home after throw from Russell Martin hits off Shin-Soo Choo. Texas tak…
Then about 2 months ago Linda told me about a friend she has in neighborhood and it is Russell Martin. We thought it was oddballTex again
Linda is sharing her eye doctor with the little old lady really is Russell Martin here thinking she'd be tying Mike Matheny as Evan Longoria
Sad to hear that Larry Walker, Ferguson Jenkins, Justin Morneau, Russell Martin and Bret Lowery never played baseball …
Russell Martin's and Joey Votto's reaction to Harold Reynolds saying Canadians can't play baseball.
ask Harold Reynolds to explain Ferguson Jenkins, Larry Walker, Joey Votto & Russell Martin to name a few. Have him check his facts
- list of Canadians that can catch a foul ball: Larry Walker, Russell Martin, Joey Votto, Ferguson Jenkins, Paul Quantrill.
Do you know if Russell Martin, Joey Votto, Freddie Freeman, Justin Morneau, Larry Walker or Ferguson Jenkins can catch baseballs?
Hey Harold Reynolds...Larry Walker, Ferguson Jenkins and Russell Martin, all better baseball players than you were.
currently Russell Martin. Honourable mentions to McArthur, Naismith and. I don't even know. James Morrison?
Russell Martin with a RBI single for the cutting the Rangers lead to 3-2 in the 2nd.
Russell Martin is one of the few who has seen Cole Hamels a lot in his career.
Russell Martin "first time in post season in 23 years" yeah well they got a good luck charm
Russell Martin showing some serious hustle.
"I think Russell Martin is too narrow". That's why we need Charlie Adam in the squad.
Allan Hutton, Russell Martin, Grant Hanley and Steven Whittaker. What a back four that is. Robert Lewandowski to have a hard night.
Times like those are when its nice to have Russell Martin on the squad
Liam Hendriks, Subban's pal, decked out in Habs gear ... Russell Martin, also a friend of PK's, more diplomatic wearing n…
José Bautista and Russell Martin were balling out well before winning an AL East title. (via
Buck Martinez on Russell Martin's home run: "That one cleared the B-ring." . The strangest home run call I've heard all season.
Jerry Howarth on Russell Martin's 3 run HR vs Yankees: "That's 1 of the biggest swings in Blue Jays history" Listen:
Who was that with Russell Martin when LaTroy Hawkins was talking to Barry Davis?
Russell Martin, Josh Donaldson & Kevin Pillar should win Gold Gloves this year.
Norwich captain Russell Martin scores against Liverpool less than eight hours after attending birth of his third child in East Anglia
If the make the playoffs, Russell Martin will have made it with 4 different teams. Have any other players done that?
A Russell Martin homer extends the Blue Jays lead to 4-0 as the game moves to the 8th.
@ B2-1o: Russell Martin grounds out, SS Didi Gregorius to 1B Greg Bird.
On MFW now... . valiantly fights the Russell Martin corner and sensibly asks for some tolerance .
Top scoring defenders in this season:. Russell Martin (3). Vincent (2). Joel Ward (2)
@ B1-2o: Russell Martin grounds out, 2B Dustin Ackley to 1B Greg Bird. Justin Smoak to 3rd.
Love this! >> Poll: What name should Norwich City skipper Russell Martin give his newborn son?
THE SKIPPER | Russell Martin had a very busy 24 hours this weekend. Read why, here:
Russell Martin may not be here but is! Live eye is at the Rogers store on Ste. Catherine
"I'm over the moon." - Russell Martin on scoring the equaliser hours after his son was born.
Top scoring defenders in the Premier League this season:. Russell Martin (3). Vincent Kompany (2). Joel Ward (2)
Captain of his club and vice captain of his country still completely down to earth guy . Russell Martin is the kind of player/person 1/2
When you realise you forgot to do dream team and still have luke shaw 😣. When you realise he will be replaced by Russell Martin 😃
Who needs Chris Martin, you've Russell Martin who can play CB & ST...
Russell Martin grounds into a double play, shortstop Xander Bogaerts to second baseman Dustin Pedroia to first baseman Travis Shaw. Chris
Russell Martin grounds out, shortstop Xander Bogaerts to first baseman Travis Shaw.
@ B8-1o: Russell Martin grounds out, SS Xander Bogaerts to 1B Travis Shaw.
Russell Martin grounds out softly, third baseman Brock Holt to first baseman Travis Shaw.
@ B2-2o: Russell Martin grounds out softly, 3B Brock Holt to 1B Travis Shaw.
@ T6-1o: Russell Martin grounds out, SS Andrelton Simmons to 1B Freddie Freeman.
wud u drop Derek Holland for David peralta? And wud u drop Vogt to get Russell Martin?
would u drop Derek holland for David peralta? And drop Vogt for Russell Martin
It's really unnecessary. Since 2005 (Molina's 1st full season) only Joe Mauer, Brian McCann & Russell Martin have accumulated more fWAR.
Russell Martin grounds out softly, pitcher Jean Machi to first baseman Travis Shaw.
@ T6-3o: Russell Martin grounds out softly, P Jean Machi to 1B Travis Shaw.
Rusney Castillo grounds into a force out, fielded by catcher Russell Martin. David Ortiz out at home. Travis Shaw to 3rd. Pablo Sand
Fun fact: as of Friday, Russell Martin was batting .145 over the prior 30 games.
I'd punt Francisco Cervelli to the opposing 20 yard line if you told me I could have Russell Martin back.
@ T6-3o: Gerardo Parra pops out to C Russell Martin.
Cuppa last night with excellent Russell Martin of before Scotland v Georgia. Whole squad on brit time. B…
Are we serious that Russell Martin is better than Mark Reynolds? Sorry but i just don't see it.
If we're at the game and you're doing the wave, you'll be getting Russell Martin side-eye from me.
Francisco Lindor made an incredible play on Russell Martin:
Russell Martin today, "if this isn't the feel of a championship team, I don't know what is."
Music players pick to bat is intriguing. Adam Lind used to always have 90s hiphop. Russell Martin likes Truffle Butter
Russell Martin is now batting for the ? He'd better hurry and get back to Southampton by tomorrow!
Very sad news tonight of the death of Martin Russell.Martin was the former owner of Russell's Bus saloon bar in Park street Dundalk.
So is you dp of Russell Martin because you think he looks like you too?
To coincide with the Champions League final. Was Russell Martin in there?
why wasn't russell Martin used to pinch hit for tulo? Cannot believe this teams logic anymore I am DONE
many Pens fans do the same. I'll bet in 5 years Bucs fans will want us to bring back Russell Martin who'll be near retirement.
He's learned some stuff from Russell Martin.
Unpopular opinion of mine: Dioner Navarro > Russell Martin
Preview: Martin Russell believes bravery is behind his side's recent turnaround
Why would we go after another striker with Bent, Martin, Weimann and even Russell who can all play that position? Come on guys, jheez.
Russell Martin is out of the Blue Jays' lineup Thursday afternoon against the Rangers.
Recommendation by :Russell Martin started the last two ga...
If you don't have 'Yours' by Russell Dickerson on your're doing everything wrong❤️
Jays - Russell Martin is not in the Blue Jays starting lineup Thursday.
Find out more about director David James Martin on
Russell Martin, Hosmer, Colebello all OUT...look at Grandal instead of Russell Martin
Russell Martin out of Jays' lineup Thursday - Russell Martin (C) Toronto Blue Jays
Russell Martin will not be in the starting lineup for Thursday's game vs Texas.
I agree that was true but we are better equipped up to now, there gonna have there hands full with Martin, Ince, Russell etc
draw 1-1 to thanks to goals from Mame Biram Diouf and Russell Martin
Russell Martin proves you CAN go home again.: Dionner Navarro had established himself as the Toronto Blue Jays...
Russell Martin has now scored 2 goals from 2 shots this season. . Stick him up front.
Russell Martin proves you CAN go home again. by
Daily Bucs Links: Doug Martin is back to form Here's your open thread for today. Russell Wilson…
4? Martin, Bent and Weimann, that's 3, please don't say Russell please!
Dwayne Russell: 'I didn't think the byplay of what Dustin Martin did was offensive'
Russell Wilson sister headed to Bellevue High, looks like we have a new favorite to win 3A hoops girls title !!!
Norwich 1-1 Stoke: Russell Martin strike secures share of the spoils ...
DK, shouldn't the pirates be looking to lock up Cervelli longer term to avoid the Russell Martin conundrum?
My concern right now is the health of Russell Martin, if he is not 100% sit him a few days,need him down the stretch not now
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Russell Martin is the only player other than Bautista (who has walked 4 times) to not get a hit tonight.. The slump from ***
I hav rode Russell Martin all the way 2 1st place heading in2 playoffs, but Lucroy is available and hitting. Would u drop RM?
@ T8-1o: Russell Martin strikes out swinging.
Russell Martin is taking his head off the pitch. Watch the ball not where you think it's going.
Russell Martin just tried an amazing play, up 12-2, for what I bet was more like shooting practice, for when it really counts.
That wasn't an out but what an athletic play from Russell Martin. Don't try that at home kids.
@ B7-0o: Chris Gimenez singles on a ground ball to C Russell Martin. Ryan Strausborger to 2nd.
thanks again I'm currently third got some cold bats (Russell Martin , arod )
enjoyed the podcast. for big TOR free agent signings, what about russell martin just this offseason?
this may not make sense but Russell Martin is the key to their pitchers success .
So who is clubhouse DJ now that Russell Martin is gone?
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