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Russell Martin

Russell Nathan Jeanson Coltrane Martin, Jr (born February 15, 1983) is a Canadian Major League Baseball (MLB) catcher for the New York Yankees.

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For anyone who thinks Russell Martin is going to be all Rah Rah and full of Canadian pride just remember...
Big moves today in the MLB so far: Jason Hayward traded to Cardinals, Russell Martin signs a deal with the Blue Jays
Russell Martin to the blue jays, Giancarlo $325 million, Heyward and walden to cardinals, miller and Jenkins to Braves..big day in baseball👌
"Martin has an African Canadian father, Russell Martin, Sr." sounds like we have ourselves a George Zimmerman situation here
Russell Martin got more NL MVP votes last year than Yasiel Puig, Troy Tulowitzki and Justin Morneau combined.
so you swap Lind and Melky for Russell Martin and Andy Dirks or Justin Smoak. Is your offence better?
Jays sign Russell Martin, think they could add Votto or Justin Morneau as a 1B/DH option? Would love to see more Canadian talent on the team
.says view Russell Martin as "athlete who will age well." Averaged 119 games over last 5 season…
BREAKING: Stanton signs with the Marlins. 13 years. 325 million bucks. Also, the Blue Jays signed Russell Martin to a 5-year deal at 82 million.
Executives involved in bidding for Russell Martin believe are clear front-runner. Deal expected to be in four-year…
If the get Russell Martin back, that means becomes Kershaw's personal catcher.
Grant Hanley and Russell Martin both 40/1 for first goal tomorrow
Unless the Billy Goat has a say in the signing of Russell Martin!
Do your reckon it means Russell Martin is leaving Pittsburgh?
has a tremendous take on Russell Martin and the
I'm assuming this means raising the white flag on Russell Martin, but even if your forget that...
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Sorry Bucco fans but the trade for Francisco Cervelli means Russell Martin go bye-bye! Cervelli is a good catcher though.
*** Trading Justin Wilson for Francisco Cervelli means were not expecting to get Russell Martin back. Double bad because I love Wilson too
Tigers focus should be on Andrew Miller, Luke Gregerson, Russell Martin and a quality OF. If V-Mart comes down to 3yrs, then he'a viable
The are in talks with Jon Lester and Russell Martin. They can afford both too! Come on cubs!! Land these guys!!.
Just in ... in talks with Jon Lester, Russell Martin via
The Cubs met with free agent Russell Martin and his agent on Thursday . Russell talking with four clubs .
names include: Russell Martin, V-Mart, Sergio Romo, Panda, K-Rod. I would really like them to trade for Ackley from Seattle.
Get hyped! Rotoworld reports that are pursuing Russell Martin in FA! Not Scherzer or Lester or **Big Bopper**.
I hope we pick up Kuroda, Sergio Romo, Casey Janssen, Brandon Morrow, & Russell Martin in FA. Adresses our BP, & Catching issues.
MLBTR predicts Cubs will sign Justin Masterson, Jake Peavy, Russell Martin, and not to forget, Jon Lester.
MLB Trade Rumors likes chances to nab Lester, Russell Martin, David Robertson, and Jake Peavy in free agency.
I feel like I'm watching a non-stop Kevin Trudeau marathon of infomercials dedicated to Russell Martin. Someone will overpay & regret it.
Incredible World Series. Congrats to the SF Giants and also to the KC Royals on an incredible post season. See all my Baseball fans April 6 @ 1:20 pm. Oh and now the Cubs can sign Joe Maddon, a pitch or two, Russell Martin maybe???
Logan White's picks of Russell Martin, Kemp, Billingsley, Loney and, of course, Kershaw, were all great picks. Seager will be a star, too.
Any chance of the D-Backs going after Russell Martin and trading Miguel,Montero since he lost all plate discipline?
Russell Martin, Jose Bautista and Andre Dawson in this week's BWDIK
I know we say this every year, but...please open up the wallet, Lew Wolff. We want HanRam, Melky Cabrera, Russell Martin, and McCarthy.
Celtic and Scotland captain Scott Brown would 'cruise it in the English Premier League' says Norwich defender Russell Martin ...
First prediction of the offseason - and it IS the offseason - 2015 Dodgers include Max Scherzer, Russell Martin & Alexei Ramirez.
do you think we should go for Russell Martin or Max Scherzer?
If you could get Pablo Sandoval for the same price as Russell Martin,would you do it?
A Catcher to Replace Russell Martin (last link to this article was an error):
I wouldn't complain if they signed Russell Martin.
"For those of us in the there’s no excuse for violence off the field" [
I stayed to see Russell Martin's last at bat as a Bucco. Classy guy.
Will Russell Martin sign with the Pirates again? via
Will Russell Martin sign with the Pirates again?
Thanks for a wonderful season! Next year will be better, especially if we resign Russell Martin!!!
I guess now I can check "casually sit next to Russell Martin in the park" off my bucket list
Casually sat next to Russell Martin in the park today
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I'm really hoping that the resign Russell Martin...
Now that the Pirates' season is done, catcher Russell Martin is about to become a free agent.
Russell Martin can call the "re-sign Russ" chant 'special' but when he gets that offer from the Dodgers, he's taking it. Money driven sports
they better keep Russell Martin. He's one of the most underrated players in baseball
The finally broke the curse of J. Russell Martin. If you don't know what that is, you can't afford it
My uncle cleans russell martin's back porch on Thursday afternoons and he said russell martin re-signed for 5 years
Russell Martin says these two years in Pittsburgh have been most memorable of his career. He also was moved by crowd chants la…
S/O to all the Pirate fans that stayed for the entire game & helped with that special moment for Russell Martin in his final at bat.
"Pending free agent feels the love in Pittsburgh: he's so awesome
VIDEO: Columnist talks about the biggest question surrounding the Pirates: Russell Martin's future
Fair trade? I have Murray, Ball, Foster and Martin in a 10 team ppr and traded Martin for Russell. I have Romo.
yeah!!! Hope you guys can keep Russell Martin!
Ever wondered how/when Russell Martin became a catcher? WATCH him explain:
There are more important things tonight, but here is my story about Russell Martin's contract:
yeah not too many names entice me. Although I do really like Russell Martin
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I'm not a fan of committing big money to veterans, but if you're going to take a long-term risk, Russell Martin is the guy.
The pirates can't let Russell Martin go 😩
I command you to read: on leadership, the challenge of quantifying it, and the perils of ignoring it
Pirates Rumors: Pittsburgh to stretch payroll to re-sign Russell Martin: The Pittsburgh Pirates lost on Wednes...
Bob Nutting: Pirates to make run at Russell Martin
Thank You hope we can bring back the parts we need "Russell Martin" & others & build off that to win.
Joey Votto a Cautionary Tale for Pittsburgh Pirates in Dealing with Russell Martin
Hey & Do the right thing for Martin, for the team and for the fans of Pittsburgh
My one concern with a big contract for Russell Martin is the chance it prevents an unlikely-but-still-possible contract for Cutch.
Pending free agent feels the love in Pittsburgh:
Russell Martin’s free agency looms large as Pirates face offseason
Russell Martin: "I’ve had more fun playing here than I have my whole career."
So, I just talked to Bob Nutting about Russell Martin, yinz guys. Think you might want to read this:
Another day, another playoff game in MLB. Wednesday night was the National League Wildcard Game in Pittsburgh between the San Francisco Giants and Pittsburgh Pirates. San Francisco Giants pitcher Madison Bumgarner and Giants offense put on a show on Wednesday night. Let us do the complete play-by-play for this San Francisco treat of a Wildcard game. Top 1st: Gregor Blanco flied out to center Joe Panik grounded out, second to first Buster Posey lined out to center Bottom 1st: Josh Harrison flied out to right Jordy Mercer grounded out, shortstop to first Andrew McCutchen struck out swinging Top 2nd: Pablo Sandoval singled to right center Hunter Pence lined out to shortstop Brandon Belt walked, Pablo Sandoval to second Brandon Crawford flied out to right Travis Ishikawa struck out swinging Bottom 2nd: Russell Martin singled to left center Starling Marte flied out to center Neil Walker struck out looking Gaby Sanchez popped out to second Top 3rd: Madison Bumgarner grounded out, second to first Gregor Blanco g ...
Russell Martin said fans chanting his name during his last at bat was one of the "coolest moments" he's had in baseball.
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To those who don't realize this... That was Jordy Mercer, Andrew McCutchen, Russell Martin, and Starling Marte. 2, 3, 4, 5 hitters
Russell Martin's catching gear is fly as hail
Bucs will win on a walk off hit to left that Travis Ishikawa misplays, scoring Russell Martin, who was ruled safe by the B…
Russell Martin already has that playoff beard!
As much as I love Tony, he's no Russell Martin.
Russell Martin hits huge 8th inning HR to beat ex-teammate Jonathan Broxton and Reds. In front of full house in Pittsburgh. In September.
Dodgers clinch playoff spot, with help from Russell Martin, Jonathan Broxton
. Russell Martin hit a three run homerun off Jonathan Broxton to secure playoff position for Dodgers
Martin's homer sparks Pirates over Brewers: Russell Martin hit a three-run homer off Jonathan Broxton in the bottom of the eighth inn...
Russell Martin hits a homer off Jonathan Broxton to clinch a playoff spot for the Dodgers. 2008 Tyler & Ronnie are very confused
Russell Martin just hit a 3-run HR off Jonathan Broxton. A former Dodger hurting a former Dodger to help the Dodgers cli…
Bradley Johnson captains the Canaries tonight in the absence of Russell Martin.
Among players w 400 PA Russell Martin has the highest OBP (.409) in Major League Baseball.
I don't know if anyone has thought of this before, but the Pirates ought to consider resigning Russell Martin
Russell Martin is good at baseball.
What does Thomas Müller rising above Russell Martin to head Germany ahead there say about Scotland And The Referendum?
Scotland boss Gordon Strachan unsure of Russell Martin fitness
European qualifiers: Scotland wait on fitness of defender Russell Martin: Gordon Strachan will wait to see how...
Russell Martin: Scots can get off mark in Germany
Who is having the best MLB season? Justin Morneau or Russell Martin. Vote at
Neil Walker doubled to center scored Josh Harrison and Andrew McCutchen with one out. Runner on second and Russell Martin due up.
Pirates' pennant-race ethic today is impressive: Russell Martin catches day game after two night games;Andrew McCutchen li…
If there’s one person on the you could argue as being the MVP over Andrew McCutchen, it’s Russell Martin.
Andrew McCutchen is back in the starting lineup. Russell Martin is in the lineup, too (six straight starts)
Andrew McCutchen ranks 4th in the NL among batters with a 5.0 fWAR, Russell Martin (4.3) ranks 12th, and Josh Harrison
Remember when Geo Soto, Brian MCann, and Russell Martin were the new catching renaissance? Weird.
Russell Martin with a 3 Run Bomb up 7-2
Steven Whittaker moves to left-back, Russell Martin to right-back, with Bennett joining Turner in the middle. 1-1
Russell Martin has 15 hits in his last 31 at bats with runners in scoring position... Wait for it... 3, 2, 1!
The difference in framing ability between Russell Martin and Gerald Laird is about as big as you'll see in one game.
pit, 3, Starling Marte doubles (21) on a line drive to left fielder Kevin Frandsen. Gregory Polanco scores. Russell Martin to 3rd.
I think it makes more since to spend the money that Hanley wants on Russell Martin and another solid pitcher.
After watching Russell Martin work behind the plate for the - I think he has a good shot to back up Marc Andre …
Russell Martin and Bradley Johnson have been set up/positioned as the spine of our team. This is where things will suffer.
I just realized, the Pirates now have Russell Martin, Chris Stewart, and Jayson Nix on their team. Am I missing any other former Yankees?
Russell Martin behind plate spoils us Fans!
pit, 9, Russell Martin singles on a line drive to left fielder Mark Trumbo. Josh Harrison scores. Gregory Polanco to 3rd. Andrew McC
84 - More subs. Russell Martin replaced by Ryan Bennett, and Nathan Redmond steps off for Jamar Loza. 2-2
would you rather have Price or Russell Martin...because one of them will get paid in offseason...Bucs certainly won't pay both
Will do. He got autographs from Russell Martin, Jeff Locke, Tony Watson, and Mark Melancon. Not a bad haul!
was at a local eatery that had the TW Dodger station on, and I must admit, it's pretty kewl. an interview with Darryl Strawberry ("Daaarryl...Daaarryl") and then a rebroadcast of a game that flashed back to a day where Juan Uribe played for the Giants (suck!), Russell Martin was our catcher, and Manny Ramirez was this amazing home run dude...anyway, i'm still torn on this TW thing. Shabbot Shalom, Ya'll (^_^)
Russell Martin grounds out to short. Miguel Rojas made a solid play. 1 out.
I remember when Russell Martin left i had mixed emotions.
i always thought Russell Martin was short, but he’s 5′10″. i guess he just looks short beside other baseball players.
Miguel Montero not Russell Martin will be the second catcher for the NL. Jonathan Lucroy to start.
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Russell Martin definitely deserves a look by Mike Matheny as an all-star replacement for Yadier Molina.
I'd say Russell Martin is sure making is case today to Mike Matheny to replace Molina in the AS game.
Fun random fact: one of Russell Martin's middle names is Coltrane :)
And if they trade for Castro they definitely won't be signing Russell Martin.
BREAKING NEWS: Russell Martin's walk up music is "Blister In The Sun". Wow.
The only players I'd mourn if they left are John Ruddy and Russell Martin. Both heading for hall of fame.
Brian McCann is trash. He's playing like an overpaid Russell Martin. What a joke.
Russell Martin's against pitcher Carlos Villanueva just ripped the fabric of the space-time continuum
Terrible overruling from NY on Russell Martin getting the force out at home. MLB should abolish this rule immediately.
pit, 10, Russell Martin grounds into a double play, third baseman Casey McGehee to catcher Jeff Mathis to first baseman Garrett Jones. Sta
pit, 6, Russell Martin grounds out, third baseman Casey McGehee to first baseman Garrett Jones.
David Huff now wears 55, the number proudly worn by Wade LeBlanc, Lyle Overbay, Russell Martin, and, yes, Hideki Matsui (among others)
Russell Martin looks like Jack Parkman with the shades on.
Starling Marte, Neil Walker, and Russell Martin are all out if tonight's starting lineup.
Zack Greinke strikes out Ike Davis and Russell Martin to end the top of 3rd, but Andrew McCutchen's solo shot gives PIT a 3-1 …
Russell Martin and James Loney will forever be bae, idc idc.
pit, 3, Russell Martin grounds into a force out, third baseman David Wright to second baseman Daniel Murphy. Andrew McCutchen out at 2nd.
. Andre Wisdom = Ram Disowned. 'Thanks for a great season, but we won't be renewing your loan. We've lined up Russell Martin'
I can say I’ve met all my favorite guys more than once lol. Mark Wahlberg, Alex Rodriguez, Russell Martin, and Donnie Wahlberg. 💞😋
Russell Martin currently on broadcast. Told me ideally he will return on Wednesday. Still must serve one-game suspension.
With a core spine of Russell Martin and John Ruddy and hopefully Howson, Snodgrass and Hooper should have a successful season.
Was a Russell Martin walk off HR (which if I remember correctly went about 350 feet.) May have been the night!
Norwich City duo Robert Snodgrass and Russell Martin miss out on Scotland ... - Norfolk Eastern Daily Press
Russell Martin looked massively upset about Norwich relegation.. Says he's frustrated and angry. Still very raw. Genuine guy!
My early part of this year was spent filming a project for a great cause, led by superman Jim Sells, heading up a scheme called Premier League Reading Stars. Linking kids who have a passion for football, and fostering a passion for reading. We went to every Premier League club, filmed a player, created 120 videos, and then I made this little teaser. Good times filming people discuss very real passions for childhood memories, books, and showing kids how to perform tricks and skills when they complete certain reading challenges. When we went to the schools, their response was greater than I expected. Football + reading, it actually kinda works. Well played Jim. It's not as often as I'd like that I really care about the wider project I'm filming, and this was one such example. My favourite was Russell Martin. This therefore makes me as sad as Jon Nobbs and Tom Brocklehurst that Norwich are relegated. This also contains an expertly crafted title by John Lynch.
Some good news heading into tonight's game:... Shelby Miller is on the mound for the Card's. He has an 0-5 career record against the Bucs. Russell Martin is back in action: Martin hit .346 with 4 homers at Busch Stadium last year. He has a career .444 batting avg. with 2 homers off of Miller. The Cole Train takes the hill for the Buccos: Although Cole has not worked a regular season game at Busch, he had 2 starts there in last years N.L.D.S. and only allowed 3 runs in 11 innings. And maybe the best news of all: Our Buccos are mad and ready to kick some red bird's ***
Pirates' Russell Martin out of lineup again: According to Travis Sawchik of thePittsburgh Tribune, Pirates’ ca...
Carlos Gomez (3), Martin Maldonado (5), Travis Snider (2) & Russell Martin (1) have all been suspended due to their roles in the brawl.
.hands out suspensions to Travis Snider, Russell Martin after fight with writes
Jeff Kent, J.D. Drew, Russell Martin & Marlon Anderson all went deep in the bottom of the 9th back in 2006:
There was more thunder Monday night by the Pirates' bats. Ike Davis cracked his bat as he yanked a grand slam over the Clemente Wall at PNC Park. Andrew McCutchen jolted a dramatic solo shot. Yet the decisive blow was much softer — a wobbly, looping single by Neil Walker in the ninth inning that lifted the Pirates to a 6-5 victory over the Cincinnati Reds. The walk-off hit snapped a three-game skid. Russell Martin and McCutchen drew back-to-back walks off reliever J.J. Hoover. With two outs, Walker lifted a 1-2 pitch over the head of second baseman Brandon Phillips into shallow right field. The throw to the plate bounced over the head of catcher Devin Mesoraco as Martin scored. “Anytime you can not hit the barrel (square) and find some grass to win a game, it feels good,” Walker said. Reds manager Bryan Price said Phillips had little chance of catching the ball. “It started in one direction and was like a scuffed ball that then went completely the opposite way,” Price said. “There's no way Bra ...
True. But to say "bat-flip incites brawl" as reported is silly. Cole did nothing wrong but Russell Martin did.
Russell Martin:"The fair thing would be for our team to hold down Maldonado so Travis (Snider) can go back and sucker pun…
Inspirational figure Neil Adams. Him as Leader Principale & Russell Martin (?) as captain - you know you're in for a game v the new Norwich
will Russell Martin almost did the job
9 of our current squad, Tommy Mooney, Roger Johnson, Russell Martin, Keith Ryan Mark Noble, about 4 Gillingham players.
RAISE IT! Russell Martin's two-out single in the 7th scored Andrew McCutchen and the Pirates beat the Reds 8-7 in the continuation of last night's weather-suspended game. Pittsburgh Sports Report
you know that Russell Martin leads league in framing pitches!! Whatever that stat frickin means??
Pittsburgh tacks on another as Russell Martin single home Travis Snider, now leading 7-2.
Russell Martin draws a walk and now Neil Walker up to bat with no one out.
Gerrit Cole is going to break Russell Martin.
Here is the lineup for your Pittsburgh Pirates for Friday, April 4, 2014: LF Starling Marte RF Travis Snider CF Andrew McCutchen 3B Pedro Alvarez C Russell Martin 2B Neil Walker 1B Travis Ishikawa SS Jordy Mercer P Gerrit Cole Gerrit Cole makes his season debut against the Cardinals and Shelby Miller tonight at 7:05. Somehow Gerrit Cole did not face the Cardinals in the regular season last year but we all remember how brilliant he was in the NLDS against them. Shelby Miller is 0-4 with a 5.32 ERA in his career vs the Bucs. Neil Walker has a .556 average vs Miller, while Russell Martin owns a .429 career mark against the Cards righty. PNC should have a different atmosphere for this game due the matchup I would expect there to be some animosity. As always, Let's Go Bucs!
Russell Martin, Anthony Rendon, Ryan Ludwick and Justin Morneau are not in their respective lineups today .
Canaries club captain Russell Martin visits the Open Academy in Norwich, taking part in a table tennis match with a PE teacher in aid of Sport Relief.
Russell Martin couldn't of hit that ball any harder.
2-out single by Michael Martinez and 2-run HR by Russell Martin in 2nd inning. Pirates up 4-1.
Pedro Alvarez & Russell Martin hit 2 run HR & Chris McGuiness drove in the winning run in the 8th as the Pirates beat the Red Sox 7-6
***FINAL SCORE*** Boston Red Sox - 6 Your Pittsburgh Pirates - 7 Pedro Alvarez and Russell Martin hit homeruns for the Pirates. Starling Marte, Andrew McCutchen and Alvarez, each had two hits for the Bucs.
BRADENTON, Fla. (AP) — Pedro Alvarez and Russell Martin hit two-run homers off Brandon Workman, who started in place of injured Jake Peavy, and the Pittsburgh Pirates beat the Boston Red Sox 7-6 Monday.
Russell Martin belts a home run for the second straight home game. Two-run shot to LF. now lead 4-1, B3.
Tommy Mooney, Roger Johnson, Russell Martin, Keith Ryan and are just some of the ex-players that will be playing..
It's okay. Grant Hanley and Russell Martin will have Lewandoski in their back pocket.
PRESS RELEASE – Feb 24th, 2014 –Wounded Warrior Chooses Sunbury Ohio as “The Perfect Place to Live” Adaptive Homes, CDC is breaking ground for a New Custom Home for a Wounded Disabled Veteran in Sunbury, Ohio this spring, 2014. Mike a wounded USMC Veteran, since returning from the war zone spends his time supporting those less fortunate than himself. He is a perfect fit for this likeminded community. His wife Kelsey, is his hidden Hero, she stands beside him as they work in soup kitchens and many other benevolent community activities. Our Wounded Warrior and his wife were at a event with Mayor Tommy Hatfield in Dec donated by the Firehouse Tavern and were overwhelmed by the support and the appreciation expressed by the community leaders. Others attendees were: Russell Martin, Delaware County Sheriff, Warren Cox, President Lions Club/PNC, Pastor Larry Dewitt, Richard Doritty American Legion, Jim Wooton Standard Realtors, Captain Guy Zeirk USMC, Tina Sykes Sykes Automotive, Councilman Gary Merrell, ...
or have Joey Votto, Justin Morneau, Russell Martin in the MLB
Russell Martin, Steven Whittaker and Robert Snodgrass have been called up for Scotland's match v Poland on March 5. http…
HERE IT IS OUR LATEST INTERVIEW WITH.Former Pirates Catcher Mike LaValliere! Its a good one, we hope you all enjoy! PP: Now that you have been away from the game for a while, you spend a lot of your days relaxing with your family, what else do you do to pass the days? ML: Starting 1/13 I will help coach the Manatee High School Varsity Baseball team. Later in the month I will be participating in the Pirates Fantasy Camp. Beginning Feb. 12th I will serve as a catching instructor for the Pirates in Spring Training. To keep some evenings busy, I do the color analysis for a regional sports network in the Tampa Bay area for high school baseball and fast pitch girls' softball. That takes me till almost the end of May. At that point, I'll take a giant breath and perhaps travel with the family. PP: The past couple years you have helped the catchers during Spring Training, what are your thoughts on the season that Russell Martin has in 2013? ML: In my opinion, which I shared with Neal Huntington, the Pirates made o ...
James Martin Russell Brand wants you to pirate his new DVD, TV show p. Watch Hot Girls at
And don't forget if you see the great Russell Valentino Hall this weekend make sure you get a ticket to the show...
“Martin Luther king didn't want this shii” lmao! Russell your *** stupid!
“Martin Luther king didn't want this shii” 💀💀
Martin Luther king didn't want this shii
I wish he and my Russell Martin were still here. :/
Russell Martin 2008 Topps Artist Sketch 1/1 at $9.99 with an hour left
Finally got a chance to make my new years post, as tradition goes. 2013 was one I'll never forget for sure. It was the year I truly began my life after college in my favorite city in America. My brother got engaged and started his own business. I made new best friends, not losing touch with the old ones. Got the apartment I wanted in Wrigleyville with my *** best friend and proved to myself that right now, in my life, I belong here, in Chicago. Had a great birthday watching the Buccos at Wrigley, and watched Russell Martin tag the final out a couple months later to end 20 years of bad baseball in Pittsburgh. Busted my teeth and turned it into a girlfriend. Spent my first xmas and NYE in the new place i call home with the crew that holds me down out here, couldn't have been better. Cheers to whats ahead, 2013 for me was about how I've grown to love where I live. So hit me up in 2014 when you visit. I'll be here.
Do I get Russell, Wisdom or Martin on my shirt?
Trayvon Martin Russell Brand directs fans to The Pirate Bay to downloa. Watch Hot Girls at
not a good about who starts alongside Martin.Ward,fav for Russell
Sheriff Russell Martin has declared a Level 1 Snow Advisory for Delaware County. Roadways and highways are snow covered. Please be cautious!
if you believe in rumours the next bray manager this season is either Martin Russell or Aaron Callaghan
The Mouse and His Child by Russell Hoban: moving metaphysics for kids
UCD and Bray Wanderers fans, we want to hear from you on today's hot news that both Martin Russell and Pat Devlin...
we had Martin for both, he's nice but he sends me to sleep x
David O. Russell's American Hustle, from the people who brought you Martin Scorsese's Driving Miss Daisy & Kathryn Bigelow's American Gigolo
If you're a Phish fan, there's a cool NFL Films show about Phish,the Seattle Seahawks and Russell Martin on ESPN 2 now.
It isn't easy topping Martin Scorsese and although I bear no personal admiration for David O. Russell, he is an excellent director.
Didn’t get to see Russell Martin in midfield…
Mysterious crop circles found on Chualar farm, Dec 30, 2013 CHUALAR, Calif. — Two friends were driving on Chualar Canyon Road south of Salinas just before dawn Sunday when they witnessed strange bursts of green light flashing on the horizon. The duo turned on a video camera, pulled over, hopped a barbed-wire fence, and walked toward the lights. "Dude, are you seeing this?" one friend said. "Dude, this is a crop circle." The friends investigated the field until they panicked and sprinted away. The duo wanted to remain anonymous, and they uploaded a video of their experience on YouTube under the name Cannot Say. "Needless to say, pretty wild. But we slipped away and it's too good not to share," Cannot Say wrote. No one realized how intricate the crop circles were until professional photographer Julie Belanger took a helicopter ride Monday morning. Belanger had not heard about the circles and she flew in a helicopter over the farm by coincidence. Belanger said her first immediate thought was, "What is it?" ...
said I could have Martin if he could have Chris and Russell. Then she added Ryan Reynolds and no.
We all know this was Martin's idea. Dont deny it.
Brees and Russell Martin are starting to change that perception. He'll take some shots but he'll leave some jocks on the field
Oh and one other thing, Russell Martin cant play centre mid
Was so busy taking a picture for with Russell Martin that I forgot to get one myself!
well that's 3of us, never have, tried to but God it's dull. Throw the darts walk up take em out, repeat.
When Russell Martin told the media the players were behind CH I thought you want to be behind so you can pull faces & make hand gestures ;)
Russell very good game. Sammon the villain for me. Could and should have laid the ball on for Martin to tap in.
Would do our usual side saturday, Martin and Dawkins up front, drop ward and play russell!
I'm hoping we get the dawning of Russell Martin = centre midfielder. It'll be like when we moved McVeigh out wide.
Can you explain why Russell Martin did not play today because I havent a clue after his show on sat. Whittaker was dreadfull
We need to play a standard 4-4-2 again Martin can't do it alone Russell is not a winger
“84 - Russell Martin replaces Hooper for City.” Good to see we're pushing for the win.
Hooper off and Russell Martin on? Striker off Defender on? Why can't you just TAKE A RISK HOOTUN?
85: Russell Martin on in place of Hooper as the visitors look to hang on to a point
76: keep the pressure on as Russell gets away down the left but Martin can't turn his near-post effort goalwards 0-1
No idea why Russell Martin didn't start today!! Big mistake putting him on the bench after his excellent game on Saturday!!!
Best part of 2013 was without a doubt, when PNC Park became an absolute madhouse in Blackout fashion. Most of all during the WC game was chanting "Cueto" and watching Russell Martin jack one into the left field bleachers after Cueto dropped the ball.
I have three very handsome sons! Jaxon Carter, my god son Caleb Wayne, and Russell Martin(:
There was a day that it would have upset me that the Donkeys took the foot off the pedal against the Raiders, 62-0 would have sounded great. Bigger fish to fry. In Denver, we have been calling the season a 16 game pre-season. Let the playoffs begin, the AFC goes through Denver, the NFC through Seattle, sounds about right. Russell Martin would sure look good playing left field for the Rockies, who drafted him a few years back. Happy New Year!
Norwich City defender Russell Martin believes that his side were unfortunate not to take anything out of their game with Manchester United on Saturday.
Norwich full-back Russell Martin says losing to Manchester United on Saturday was a bitter pill to swallow but feels the team can get a positive result at Crystal Palace on New Years Day if they put in a similar performance.
Russell Martin was his usual, honest self after Norwich City used an afternoon of real endeavour while taking on Manchester United to give their response to defeat against Fulham. Endeavour that should have earned points, but ultimately only drew plaudits.
Watching match of the day and Norwich v manure is on. Russell Martin dominating manure at right back, so why the *** does Gordon Strachan play him at centre back??
Substitute Danny Welbeck scored the winner as Manchester United beat a determined Norwich City to secure a fourth consecutive Premier League win. The Canaries had shots from Russell Martin and Gary Hooper saved prior to the visitors, who were without the injured Wayne Rooney, taking the lead. A series of ricochets put Welbeck through on goal and he rounded keeper John Ruddy before slotting in Norwich struggled to respond and are now without a win in four league games
Great effort at lets be honest a weakened M U but first 60 minutes we were right on top unlucky not to go in at half time goals up. So much better they really wanted it Hoolahan man of the match Russell Martin a close second. Play like this at Crystal Palace we must come away with points OTBC
74 Corner, Norwich City. Conceded by Tom Cleverley. 71 Foul by Adnan Januzaj (Manchester United). 71 Robert Snodgrass (Norwich City) wins a free kick on the right wing. 70 Foul by Tom Cleverley (Manchester United). 70 Russell Martin (Norwich City) wins a free kick in the defensive half. 70 Attempt blocked. Nathan Redmond (Norwich City) right footed shot from outside the box is blocked.
Russell Martin presses forward on the right flank and whips a curling shot just past David De Gea's right-hand post, narrowly missing the advancing Wes Hoolahan in the process.
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1414: Norwich City v Man United. Manchester United make five changes after edging Hull City 3-2 on Boxing Day. Wayne Rooney is replaced by Javier Hernandez up front. Rafael drops out for Nemanja Vidic in defence, as Michael Carrick, Ryan Giggs and Shinji Kagawa come in for Antonio Valencia, Darren Fletcher and Danny Welbeck. Norwich City boss Chris Hughton changes three players from the team that lost 2-1 at home to Fulham. Russell Martin and Ryan Bennett come in at the back for Steven Whittaker and the suspended Michael Turner. Wes Hoolahan replaces Johan Elmander further up the field. Norwich: Ruddy, Martin, Ryan Bennett, Bassong, Olsson, Johnson, Fer, Snodgrass, Hoolahan, Redmond, Hooper. Subs: Whittaker, van Wolfswinkel, Bunn, Elmander, Garrido, Becchio, Murphy. Man Utd: De Gea, Smalling, Evans, Vidic, Evra, Young, Cleverley, Carrick, Giggs, Kagawa, Hernandez. Subs: Anderson, Lindegaard, Welbeck, Fabio Da Silva, Fletcher, Zaha, Januzaj. Referee: Phil Dowd (Staffordshire)
Russell Martin in the Vauxhall Six Dart Challenge SUBSCRIBE: Norwich City defender Russell Martin takes on the Vauxhall ...
Norwich v Fulham, 15:00 A new manager was appointed and the football has certainly been a touch more fluid under Rene Meulensteen, but the simple fact for Fulham is that they’ve lost eight of their last ten league matches and currently sit nineteenth of twenty Premier League teams. An away game with Norwich is definitely a chance to pick up points as the home side have been on some fairly average form, but right now converting on chances is where Fulham are struggling and if they don’t start winning soon 2014 could turn into a nightmare year for the Cottagers. BetFair have 20/21 on there being under 2.5 goals in the game, a likely outcome with Norwich at home. Norwich midfielder Jonny Howson is a doubt to face Fulham but Russell Martin has overcome an ankle problem and striker Ricky van Wolfswinkel is pushing for a start. Fulham forward Dimitar Berbatov is an injury doubt and both Brede Hangeland and Philippe Senderos are ruled out in the away defence. Tottenham v West Brom, 15:00 Spurs may have an em ...
I getting this kind of puppy. Russell Martin
would like to wish all my family and friends a merry Christmas hope u all av a good one. n a big merry Christmas to my hubby Russell Martin and our beautiful daughter Ellie- Mae love u both to bits
while wrapping some Christmas presents this afternoon, I was paying attention to the MLB Network and a program they were airing. The Top 25 Ejections of 2013. Seems our Bucco manager and Dapper Dan winner for 2013, Clint Hurdle placed twice in the top 10. (Johnathon Sanchez ejection) & (Russell Martin ejection). Can't wait till pitchers and catchers report. Merry Christmas everyone, and Stay Well
Russell Martin has a pass completion rate of 81% in the PL this season. .
What is Russell Martin's pass accuracy rating this season?
All-Star catcher Brian McCann has reached agreement on a five-year, $85 million contract with the New York Yankees, a major first step in an off-season that the club has vowed would be an active one. The agreement was confirmed to USA TODAY Sports by a club official with knowledge of the deal but not authorized to speak publicly, because it is still pending McCann passing a physical examination. McCann's agreement was first reported by Fox Sports. McCann, who turns 30 in February, made seven All-Star appearances in his nine seasons with the Atlanta Braves, and represents a major upgrade behind the plate for the Yankees, who cited financial inflexibility in not re-signing Russell Martin before the 2013 season. Martin signed a two-year, $17 milllion deal with the Pittsburgh Pirates, and Yankees catchers batted .213 with an American League worst eight home runs. The Yankees missed the playoffs for the first time since 2008, and they followed that season with a spending spree that greatly aided a World Series ...
Russell Martin also hit .211 in 2012 with the 21 HRs is good, but barely above the Mendoza Line.
Justin Morneau was a goalie for the Winterhawks. Russell Martin played hockey. Not sure if this is what you meant.
Craig Bryson makes his first Scotland start. Russell Martin, Charlie Adam, Craig Bryson, Ikechi Anya, Steven Naismith replace Grant Hanley, Charlie Mulgrew, Steven Fletcher, Barry Bannan and Craig Conway. Kris Boyd, who was recalled to the squad after a three-year absence, is one of the substitutes for the visitors uncapped goalkeeper Scott Fox and midfielder Stuart Armstrong.
I'll bring you line-ups shortly but the news from the Scotland camp is that there are five changes to the team that drew 0-0 with USA on Friday with Russell Martin, Charlie Adam, Ikechi Anya, Craig Bryson and Steven Naismith earning starts.
International team news Scotland vs Norway Steven Naismith is likely to lead Scotland's attack for today's friendly in Norway. Ikechi Anya, Craig Brysonu and Russell Martin could feature after missing out against USA. Poland vs Ireland Ireland captain Robbie Keane will not start today's friendly against Poland in Poznan as he tries to overcome a persistent Achilles problem -DC46
Norwich club captain Russell Martin says boss Chris Hughton has the squad's backing after Saturday's "humiliating" 7-0 loss to Man City featured in NBC s Science of Love
Russell Martin says Norwich must start winning games to stop manager Chris Hughton losing his job. (via the Sun) You don't say? -Jake
Norwich: Martin calls for hard work: Norwich City captain Russell Martin said that he and his teammates remain... http:…
Left fielder Starling Marte, center fielder Andrew McCutchen and catcher Russell Martin were named as finalists for the Rawlings Gold Glove Awards on Friday, with the winners to be announced Tuesday.
Cardinals catcher Yadier Molina and pitcher Adam Wainwright are finalists for a Rawlings Glove Glove Award this season, the St. Louis-based company and Major League Baseball announced this morning. Molina will likely win his sixth consecutive Gold Glove at catcher. He has also won the past two NL Platinum Gloves, an award that Rawlings presents to the best defensive player in each league, regardless of the position. Molina is the favorite to win a third this season, though he'll receive competition from Andrelton Simmons, the Braves' shortstop. Molina is the only NL player to win a Platinum Glove. Wainwright is out to win the second of his career. Wainwright led the National League with 19 wins this season, and the last time he had 19 wins and led the league -- back in 2009 -- he also won the Gold Glove award. Here is the complete list of finalists in the NL: NL, catcher: A.J. Ellis, Russell Martin, Yadier Molina NL, first base: Paul Goldschmidt, Adrian Gonzalez, Anthony Rizzo NL, second base: Darwin Barn ...
Andrew McCutchen, Russell Martin, and Starling Marte are all Gold Glove finalists, per
Five-time winner Yadier Molina, the entire Rays infield and six Orioles players, including Matt Wieters, J.J. Hardy and Adam Jones, are among the finalists for Rawlings Gold Glove Awards, announced Friday. The winners will be revealed on Tuesday at 7 p.m. ET on ESPN2. Molina could become the fifth catcher to win at least six Gold Gloves, joining Ivan Rodriguez (13), Johnny Bench (10), Bob Boone (seven) and Jim Sundberg (six). The Cardinals' stellar catcher is one of three National League finalists, the others being the Dodgers' A.J. Ellis and the Pirates' Russell Martin. Martin won the award in 2007. The Rays could sweep the infield as first baseman James Loney, second baseman Ben Zobrist, third baseman Evan Longoria, and shortstop Yunel Escobar are all finalists. Longoria is a two-time Gold Glove winner, claiming the honor in 2009-10. Among the six Orioles, Wieters is vying for his third straight Gold Glove, while Hardy and Jones are each looking for their second consecutive top defensive honor. The Roya ...
Gold Glove Finalists - Pirates Andrew McCutchen, Russell Martin and Starling Marte were named finalists for the...
Three Pirates were named Gold Glove finalists by Rawlings today: center fielder Andrew McCutchen, left fielder Starling Marte and catcher Russell Martin. Team defense played a significant role in the team's climb to 94 wins this season. Martin was a clear standout behind the plate, and the combinati...
Pirates announce Andrew McCutchen, Starling Marte and Russell Martin are Gold Glove finalists. Defense big part of Pirate…
it's almost like hearing Brian Cashman complain about being outbid by the Pittsburgh Pirates for catcher Russell Martin.
World Cup qualifiers: Russell Martin and Steven Naismith upbeat about Scotland
Always supporting Russell Martin and fellow Cdns. have done amazing things this yr. Sorry to see it end
September 23 - With the Pirates guarantee of a winning season behind them, their focus was at the very least grabbing one of the two wild card spots. The Pirates faced the Chicago Cubs in the first of three at Wrigley Field. With the game tied up at 1-1 going to the top of the ninth, Starling Marte was called on to pinch-hit. Marte drilled a fastball from Kevin Gregg to deep left field for a home run to put the Pirates up 2-1. After Tony Watson got the first out of the bottom of the ninth, Jason Grilli was asked to get the final two. Grilli got a fielder's choice for the second out. With one out to go, and Nate Schierholtz on first, Ryan Sweeney singled to right off Grilli. With a slight bobble from Marlon Byrd, Andrew McCutchen picked up the ball to get it into Justin Morneau, who then fired it home to Russell Martin to throw out Schierholtz at the plate for the final out of the game and a spot in the wildcard game. After the play, Martin was embraced by Grilli, while Martin held up the baseball, and see ...
he had bugged me all year. I miss Russell Martin
Martin provides calming presence in tense moments
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I love Mac but if any teams have been watching his NLDS performance, they gotta be like "Maybe we'll try to trade for Russell Martin."
Loney leaves and hes hitting better, Russell Martin too smfh.
Watching Identity; Russell Martin looks so much like Ray Liotta
Russell Martin not too shabby either"
Pirates fans rattle Reds pitcher Johnny Cueto by chanting ‘Cue-to,’ then Russell Martin homers of... via
Both James Loney & Russell Martin are both doing great in the Post Season! Thats awesome!! Still got some Blue in them!
Anybody know why the Bucs took Russell Martin out? Did he get hurt?
Is anyone else really annoyed by the way Buck isn't Russell Martin?
The Cardinals' Michael Wacha walks PIrates' Russell Martin in the sixth inning for Pittsburgh'...
Anyone else see Russell Martin yelling "Hey! Hey!" At Wacha after the homer trying to get him to look at him?
It's so nice to see former such as Austin Jackson, Mark Melancon, Jose Tabata, Jose Veras, Russell Martin & AJ Burnett in playoffs
Russell Martin could have been out by 3 feet.
Whoa, WHOA! My little brother is making it sounds like Clint Hurdle took Russell Martin out of the game. WHY GOD WHY.
The Pirates have quite a few ex-Yankees. Jose Tabata, Mark Melancon, AJ Burnett, Russell Martin. All who are big parts in this Pirates team
I don't get the move to take Russell Martin out at all
Update your maps at Navteq
Correction, it was pinch runner Josh Harrison who was tagged out trying to steal 2nd, not Russell Martin.
For the love of God, why take out Russell Martin just to send his pinch runner against Yadier Molina?
Russell Martin is not behind the plate because of Harrison as the pinch runner. Could be big for Cardinals runners if theres a wild pitch
The pirates have john buck and Russell Martin?
Now Russell Martin is out of the game. Awesome.
and they've spent all game gushing over Russell Martin with his .220 offensive input lol. Yadi does it better and hits .300 +
Russell Martin looks like turtle from
Russell Martin would have had a better shot there. Good grief.
No doubt I am rooting for the Pirates this October; except for Russell Martin. He still stinks and doesn't have what it takes to be a Yankee
you took Russell Martin out of the game for that?
Pirates fans talkin about "Russell Martin for Gold Glove!" You never run on the platinum glove MVP Yadier Molina
Wow, that's a big play by Yadier Molina throwing out Russell Martin.
Now we have no base runner or Russell Martin. Great!
I'd let Russell Martin manage my team.
1st base umpire Jim Joyce is good for one blown call a game and there it was. Russell Martin clearly went around on that swing.
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Carlos Martinez replaces Wacha after he walked Russell Martin. Harrison pinch-runs, Tabata pinch-hits for Wilson.
"Colby called Russell Martin home run." I got a little reckless after called Pedro breaking the no hitter
Love that Russell Martin just tried to hit that ball to Beijing.
Michael Wacha leaves the game after a big homer of Pedro Alvarez and a walk to Russell Martin. Excellent performance for the young kid!
Russell Martin walks. One out. PLEASE Take this Wacha guy OUT before he blows the GAME !!! v
Am I the only one who saw Russell Martin mouth Wacha from home plate? Hey, next time you get a hit you can run your mouth.
Carlos Martinez is the new Cardinals pitcher. Josh Harrison has replaced Russell Martin as the runner on first base.
Did he really just take Russell Martin out of the game?
Matheny pulling Wacha after walk to Russell Martin. Tough call there
what the *** Clint Hurdle, why would you ever take Russell Martin out.
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