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Russell Brand

Russell Edward Brand (born 1975) is an English comedian, actor, columnist, singer, author and radio/television presenter.

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PG leaving could be a domino. The only extension Russell's signed yet is with Jordan…
I very much enjoyed this episode w David Harvey
lol Russell Brand did a 70-minute interview with David Harvey. Gotta give him props for using his platform for good.
If in wales call 0808 808 2234 for support and advice. rb
Russell Brands tip for drug addicts
Lewis Hamilton at the Jonathan Ross Show along side Russell Brand, Mel Brooks and Paloma Faith.
With Russell Brand, I just can't help it. 😍
Use to think Russell Brand was funny. Now I just think what a tosser.
Forgive me for saying this , but Russell Brand never WAS funny In my considered opinion, that is!)
Russell Brand speaks against capitalism while he simultaneously benefits tremendously from living in a capitalist society. okay
Russell Brand spins me every time. The guy looks like he should be a proper wally, but he is extremely smart and articulate
My friend, the wise and hilarious has a new book out:. Recovery -
My brand new show, The Russell Howard Hour, starts this Thursday... can't wait for you to see it!
Dem: Jim Gray. Rep: Charlie Dent. Ind: Russell Brand, unaware he is ineligible
Just added to my tracks on Spotify "Can't Fight This Feeling" by Kevin Cronin, Alec Baldwin, Russell Brand
Jim Carrey is now one of my favorite human beings. He's in the same club for me as Russell Brand and Jason Silva.
I added a video to a playlist EVERY Russell Brand with Craig Ferguson!
Lmao. (Side note, Howie Mandel and Russell Brand walked in front of me earlier today lol)
I really do not understand the *extremely Russell Brand voice* the interminable dross on my Discover Weekly playlist. Trey Anastasio? NEVER
Bloody *** Farage, Iain Lee and Russell Brand all on the radio at the same time. . Think I'll stick to telly thank…
7.3 million for Russell Brand landing one on Big Sam.
I added a video to a playlist Rock of Ages - Russell Brand and Alec Baldwin song - I Can't Fight This
Russell Brand gets married and turns "domestic"
Infant Sorrow (Russell Brand) - Inside Of You i promise you this is the funniest scene of any movie ever
Idk why I thought that was Russell Brand 😂
Did Russell brand purposely get married on the same day Katy Perry is presenting
Russell Brand just got married so I guess that explains it.
Katy Perry is half as funny as Russell Brand and Russell Brand hosted twice and wasn't super funny either time.
Katy Perry picked up Russell Brand at the VMAs tf I would never return 😂
Russell Brand ties the knot with Laura Gallacher - then sends his celeb guests home on a paddle steamer
Comedian Russell Brand reveals he got his first nose wax before wedding to Laura Gallacher
Update your maps at Navteq
Serious social commentary mixed with performance art. Russell Brand stole Horsley's act and took it to the Left.
Her ex russell brand got married this weekend. Tbf I wish she never involved herself with that man.
😳 Never thought the could have a worse host than Russell Brand.
I am guessing it wasn't Russell Brand He would have killed it. Just my opinion but I think he's hilarious.
?crickets maybe i see why Russell Brand left..boy annoying..Katty as a guy..Show ur azz and move the show along
I get it Katy Perry, I'd move to mars if I married Russell Brand...
Remember the days of Russell Brand... I wonder if he is watching the
i forgot Katy Perry was married to Russell Brand. . what ever happened to him ?
That moment when Katy Perry cried about Russell Brand in her documentary broke my heart. He really broke her world
Congratulations I seriously don't know you lasted as long as you did, w previous neurotic burden.…
uzi like a black Russell brand right now
Noel Gallagher at Russell Brand's wedding. Photo by David White. instagram
. Russell Brand is a married man...again!. The comedian tied the knot with fiancée Laura Gallache……
First pictures of Russell Brand and Laura Gallacher's 'intim
Russell Brand gets married and turns 'domestic'
First pictures of Russell Brand and Laura Gallacher's 'intimate' wedding revealed as they marry in front of family……
Weird wormhole led me to page. More "exes" than Russell Brand on here Phil, focus on the posi…
Russell Howard, Russell Brand, Andy Parsons, Jack Whitehall, that weird posh blonde guy who sometimes appears on mock the week
After Thatcher killed Arthur Scargill, the last coal miner, the poor had no hope until Russell Brand and Owen Jones
My spirit animal is a mix between Russell Brand and Eric Andre
I liked a video Recovery and Freedom: Russell Brand at Wilderness Festival
Russell Brand meets Oxford Christian apologist Alister McGrath to ask: 'Is there any point in God?'
Bebe also mentioned that Louis says 'Love' (loouv) a lot, and that he kinda sounds like Russell Brand [in a joking way]
I hate to say it, but I first heard Russell Brand on Q interviewed by Jian Ghomeshi, and I though it was a great interview.
Russell Brand and Jo Brand had a love child
Russell Brand " I'm Married, I'm in Enough Pain, " with Gayle King on Jimmy Fallon: via
The brown horse looked like Russell Brand.
If u need any proof that Russell Brand is the most omniscient and hilarious person in the world watch Russell Brand-Messiah Complex
from is the love child of the sexiest three way ever: / Russell Brand , Tim C…
Many on the right feel the same about Owen Jones, Polly Toynbee, Gina Miller, Paris Lees, Russell Brand, Marcus Br…
Once you are involved with Russell Brand, you're lost forever.
Yep. Katy Perry has officially gone insane. Well, that Russell Brand thing kind of tipped us off
If she included Josh Groban and Russell Brand, he might be fifth instead of third.
Remember that time when Katy Perry and Russell Brand dated . me too
Lily Allen! Is there a more irrelevant 'celebrity' apart from maybe Russell Brand?
Andrew is the love child of Russell Brand and Kenny Everett
So JC has the support of jug ears Lineker, lily Allen, Ricky Gervais, Eddie izzard and Russell Brand.…
Russell Brand endorses Jeremy Corbyn as he backs Labour in General Election |
Russell Brand says Jeremy Corbyn 'has the qualities I want in a strong and stable leader'
⚡️ “Russell Brand says Jeremy Corbyn is 'strong and stable leader' ” by
I'm not a fan of Russell Brand but his description of Theresa May as a "vindictive librarian drawn by Quentin Blake" is…
Russell Brand has responded to Katie Hopkins LBC sacking
Who exactly are you aiming your ire at?. IRA?. Labour?. Martin McGuinness?. Russell Brand?. Jeremy Corbyn?. Jerry Adams?. ***
Must watch!. Celebrities speak out on Fame & Materialism. Features -. 2Pac . Russell Brand . Lady Gaga . Cameron Diaz . http…
Rabid "anti-capitalist" Russell Brand has just finished adding a swimming pool and cinema to his £3.3m seven-bedroom house by th…
Top Christian Dating Scroller 728x90
Controversial comedian Russell Brand brings his Re:Birth tour to the Embassy Theatre, Skegness on Thursday 15...
Russell Brand, James Hetfield, Pamela Anderson, Chris Rock, Terry Crews. Just some of the celebs who've spoken out about por…
Russell Brand vows to become 'Strictly Come Dancing' judge after Noel Fielding named as new 'Bake Off' host
I, for one, will withhold my political opinions until I know what Russell Brand has to say.
'Leave my studio!' Katie Hopkins SHUTS DOWN Russell Brand after he HIJACKS her radio show
Russell Brand about the Edge: Crime, deviance and sheer audacity of the memoir Hidden Cities My brilliant
Russell Brandさん. It was an amazing contribution. Thank you very much.
you fight well,,, for a Russell Brand impersonator
It only took Jordan Brand 90% of the NBA season to release a Russell Westbrook PE. Well done. http…
I refuse believe that a system Sean Penn and Russell Brand passionately championed has failed.
Adams, aka Russell Brand, got those fouls on his own
Um I think you forgot to put beer in. (Brand new box, looks pristine inside, other bottles fine). Thi…
my GOD if i had nickel for every time i thought about running my greasy fingers through russell brand's locks
“I still feel very warm towards her" - Russell Brand speaks fondly of his ex Katy Perry & reveals why it didn't wor…
When you have to explain to your husband who Russell Brand is - "uhh... Dr. Nefario!..."
Little Giant Ladders
Noel Gallagher set to appear on Russell Brand's new radio show
Russell Brand Says Fame Is to Blame for His and Katy Perry’s Divorce
Is Russell Brand still in love with Katy Perry?
WOW! saying something nice about his ex wife Sometimes it takes time to appreciate things
“Through community and love we can create opportunity, a positive and loving facility," said
Every answer will either be Russell Brand or Princess Margaret...
Russell Brand discusses doomed marriage to Katy Perry - Russell Brand believes the busy work that comes with be...
Russell Brand hasn't always said the nicest things about his marriage to Katy Perry, but he's changing his tune:
just made some surprising comments about ex-wife KatyPerry via InStyle
Russell Brand still has 'warm' feelings toward ex Katy Perry - ABC News
Russell Brand reveals why his marriage to Katy Perry didn't last
In the meantime I've discovered new Russell Brand podcast, No Such Thing as a Fish and Adam Buxton, all highly recommend.
Big Joe Anderson on the biggest rustle since Russell Brand and Russell Grant stole cattle whilst dressed in brown paper cowboy outfits.
Russell Brand himself is kind of a loon too
Noel Fielding as a host is everything I never knew I wanted. Guest star Russell Brand so Goth…
Free Deep Chocolate VitaMuffins on $79
As you probably already know, Russell Brand has been making almost daily videos on his YouTube channel named The T
as an example of my humour , my favourite comedy is Arthur both with Dudley Moore and Russell Brand
as soon as Russell Brand came off drugs he became irrelevant!. Funniest thing he's done was get thrown in the water in London 😂
news. Same thing happened with that Russell Brand and Andrew Sachs thing, I reckon
Russell Brand to guest star with Sally Phillips, Mark Williams & James Fleet in new BBC comedy Hospital People.
Russell Brand and Sally Phillips lined up to appear in a comedy show being made in
I'm literally just Greg and Russell Brand ones x x
I didn't know Alfie Allen was in A Clockwork Orange why is he talking like Russell Brand
Can someone tell Jewish Russell brand to stop chasing me round the hotel I finish in 15 mins and I need energy for the all home
Ben Affleck for Oliver. He has a moody ruggedness. What about Russell Brand for Charles??
15. Russell Brand (singing an interesting rendition of "Touch"
Russell Brand on why he refuses to 'force a gender' on to his newborn daughter Mabel
Russell Brand on why he won't 'force a gender' onto his daughter Mabel
Russell Brand says he will let daughter decide her own gender
So happy we got Russell Brand tickets
Russell Brand has compared fatherhood to an ‘amazing’ LSD trip
Offensive & alienating that you considered it appropriate to laugh at vile Russell Brand Oval Office joke. Hypocrites!
we have Russell Brand and they have Katy Perry... *** I'm no good at this!
I liked a video from Russell Brand Vs The Royal Family (Saxe-Coburg-Gotha)
Hannah just bought Russell Brand tickets on a whim whilst watching him on The Last Leg 👍
As if Kyle has just asked me who Russell Brand is 🙄
The re-emergence of Russell Brand just made me remember a world where Russell Brand was the worst thing to worry about. Halcyon days.
Russell Brand is letting daughter Mabel ‘formulate her own gender’
the next smallest human bone belongs to Russell Brand.
Channel 4 announcer suggesting it was "risky" to have Russell Brand live on The Last Leg. He was live on The One Show la…
An explanation of what a zammo is has been the funniest thing I've heard all day...can Russell Brand be on next week
Where can I get tickets for Russell Brand’s Re:Birth A Stand Up 2017 Tour? UK dates, prices and venues – all you n…
About to watch the last leg but not sure i can cope with russell brand at this hour
Russell Brand cracked most offensive joke on your show and you laughed like a bunch of *** (your stupid favourite word)
"Russell Brand is letting his child Mabel ‘formulate their own gender’"
Russell Brand, Alf Garnett, Trevor Brooking, Slaven Bilic, your boys are taking one *** of a beating
3 sure fire ways to get me to turn The One Show off -. 1. Sarah Millican. 2. Miranda Hart. 3. Russell Brand. (I know, I know - The One Show!)
Ivanka Trump is an accomplished exec & entrepreneur. Katy Perry... married Russell Brand. Great role models you've got th…
It's really like Russell Brand is playing himself in Forgetting Sarah Marshall
I liked a video from Joe Rogan Experience - Russell Brand & Jim Breuer
Jut remembered that scene in Rock of Ages when Russell Brand and Alec Baldwin kiss--who tf decided that??? Why??? So unnatural
looks like Barry Gibb and Russell Brand had...nope, not going there
Russell Brand and Jonathan Ross are horrible *** and I have never liked them. Are you happy bow lads? RIP
See highlights of our 10th anniversary event here: featuring Benedict Cumberbatch, Russell Brand and Olivia Coleman
Jonathan Ross and Russell Brand could phone you.
It's a shame that Noel Fielding and/or Russell Brand (or even Jonathan Ross) weren't available for The of 2016.
Russell Brand is here to sort things out
no they don't, they search for it and then become offended. Just like that Jonathan Ross and Russell Brand thing.
I wonder what Russell Brand is like when he's not doing his Austin Powers impression.
On the Christmas Special panel are Charlie Mullins, Eddie Izzard, David Icke, Russell Brand, John Lydon and Tim Farron.
Still heartbroken by the merciless bullying from Jonathan Ross & Russell Brand?🤔
Have Jonathan Ross and Russell Brand joined in the tributes to Andrew Sachs today?
I liked a video Russell Brand on Jonathan Ross 18 Jan 2014 (Full Interview)
Sachsgate: The obscene prank calls from Russell Brand and Jonathan Ross that 'haunted' Andrew Sachs before his death
Jonathan Ross and Russell Brand are a pair of vile maggots.
Russell Brand, Jonathan Ross and those voicemails: how Sachsgate unfolded
And while yr at it fk Jonathan Ross nd Russell Brand.
Russell Brand, Jonathan Ross and the voicemails that 'deeply hurt' Andrew Sachs: how Sachsgate unfolded
I hope Jonathan Ross and Russell Brand are happy now.
Looking forward to interviews with Russell Brand and Jonathan Ross re: death of Andrew Sachs
Goodbye to a great character actor, notably Manuel. RIP Andrew Sachs. Wonder how Jonathan Ross and Russell Brand ar…
If I see a single Sachs tribute from Jonathan Ross or Russell Brand, I may well vomit.
Haven't noticed too much reaction to Andrew Sachs death from Russell Brand or Jonathan Ross.
RIP Andrew Sachs. Hopefully he'll spent the afterlife haunting the balls off Jonathan Ross and Russell Brand
Andrew Sachs was still haunted by the obscene prank phone call by Russell Brand and Jonathan Ross almost six years after his ordeal.
Andrew Sachs dies but Russell Brand and Jonathan Ross are still alive. There's no justice in this world. RIP.
Andrew Sachs was 'haunted' by obscene calls from Russell Brand and Jonathan Ross
Andrew Sachs's work will live on for a very long time yet. Russell Brand is already being forgotten and Jonathan Ross is p…
Andrew Sachs ‘haunted’ by prank calls from Jonathan Ross and Russell Brand
Russell Brand & Jonathan Ross have been dreading this day
I liked a video Russell Brand riffing with Craig Ferguson - Full Interview
Richard Dawkins..Simon Cowell.. James Corden.. Russell Brand the best from across the pond
'I don't trust politicians & corporations in this country' Russell Brand.
how can Russell Brand go from Kate Moss to Katy Perry to this chick he's with now? She looks like a college student doing BTEC childcare
Shortest celebrity marriages: From Kaley Cuoco and Ryan Sweeting to Katy Perry and Russell Brand,...
Just watched 5 seconds of remake and decided that Russell Brand looks like a cross between David Tennant and Steve Coogan.
they hired Johnny Depp but surrounded him with Nic Cage, Shia LeBouf, Rob Schneider, & Russell Brand. Outdated name w/ no bang
Russell Brand is England's response to *** Van *** as Burt in Mary Poppins. "No no no, this is a chimney sweep, children, learn,"
A few years old but still relevant. Alec Baldwin, Russell Brand blast corporate elite for attacks on workers (VIDEO)
Russell Brand is a foul-mouthed God (and Nic Cage his loyal follower) in an exclusive clip from 'Army of One'…
Website Builder 728x90
Jason Segel, Paul Rudd, Jonah Hill, Jack McBrayer and Russell Brand are hilarious together.
my camp side's always out, mate. I live my life like a cross between Russell Brand, Lola the Copa cabana showgirl & Robbie Williams
hi, I read your stupid pointless article on sc. Is Emma Watson crossed with Russell Brand because she's a feminist?
I started listening at about 700.. I've been hooked since. Duncan Trussell or Russell Brand are some guests you'd prob like
Besides that, Russell Brand & David Byrne weren't shy about demanding the election of Obama so enjoy your prize.
Anything with Duncan Trussell. Milo Yiannopoulos (Russell Brand (812), Both eps of Michael Wood Jr (808 recent one)...
40 minutes to go till Russell Brand. Great seat in the 3rd row. at the town hall High Wycombe.
When people don't know about Aaron Russo, but wanna talk about David Icke, Russell Brand and…
This looks like an unholy liaison between Russell Brand and Brian May.
Katy Perry dated John Mayer and MARRIED Russell Brand. Can we really trust her judgment? Doubtful at best.
Movie 182 for the was The Emperor's New Clothes.Russell Brand does his best Michael Moore impression about the EU bank crises.
is a social commentator unlike Russell Brand who"s a Kenneth Williams impersonator. All the world's a stage
The Great Escape, starring Marilyn Monroe and Russell Brand. Directed by Sidney Lumet, music by Robert Plant. Budget: $90m
(6) Bear Brand. For me, the best concept among your TVCs so far.Pati execution on point. https…
Chopsticks taste so great I just remind myself I'm not Russell Brand.
'Time to get ready!': Russell Brand FINALLY confirms speculation he's se
No idea why but I always kinda hoped Katy Perry and Russell Brand would get back together. 💔
Russell Brand has confirmed the rumors: He's going to be a dad!
New post: Russell Brand confirms he’s going to be a dad
Russell Brand also breaks down the information easily so I advise it to anyone who doesn't know as much.
Waiting for the day does a Russell Brand impersonation
Russell Brand confirms he's expecting his first child
Russell Brand with James cordon assistant manager. Russell for the speeches and James for the motivation.
A brand New for your ride home! with three of the funniest in Atlanta—>.
Brand new album title: Cosmic Hallelujah...I can't wait for you to hear it on October 28th.
"Drug addiction is an illness not a crime." watch on
I love Russell Brand! We need him on our speakers list for 2017!
What's Trending: Russell Brand confirms that he's going to be a dad! Congrats!
Russell Brand is going to be a dad, but he hasn't lost his humor. 👶
Russell Brand confirms he's going to be a dad with hilarious post: Brand, who is known for his comic relief i...
Russell Brand finally confirms he's going to be a dad with photo of parenting handbook: The comedian has been...
Are you the new Russell Brand or maybe the new Bilal Zafar? News: Entries Open For New Act of the Year
Russell Brand confirms that he is going to be a dad with cute Instagram post
You're a female Russell Brand without the brains. . Now pipe down & pay that 70% tax you said you'd love to pay.
I looked at Ricky Gervais' page and it recommended I follow Jimmy Fallon, Seth MacFarlane and Russell Brand 😐
Russell Brand promotes copies of his new book 'Booky Wook 2' at Barnes & Noble Union Square on Octob
I highly recommend to all people to go and watch Russell Brand's: The Emperor's New Clothes on Netflix!!
Imagine if they remade Carry on Camping today. Cast includes Russell Brand, Paloma Faith, Len Goodman, Alan Carr, Neil & Christine Hamilton.
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