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Russel Westbrook

Russell Westbrook Jr. (born November 12, 1988) is an American professional basketball player who currently plays for the Oklahoma City Thunder of the National Basketball Association (NBA).

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Russel Westbrook fans *** me off so much. He averages a triple double and has 10 assist and they trying to tell me he a team player ๐Ÿค”
Worst take of the day: comparing a 13 year old to Russel Westbrook. Why are we talking like your stats as a 13 yearโ€ฆ
Don't be Russel Westbrook to these *** cause they go Kevin Durant in a heart beat
Or Russel Westbrook dropping f bombs to reporter
is Russel Westbrook the NBA's sassiest player?? ๐ŸŒŠ
I wanna be as happy as Russel Westbrook is in his instagram stories ๐Ÿ˜‚
Man we really getting witnessing Lebron James, Russel Westbrook, The GS Warriors, and Drake... say we ain't blessed you trippin lol
Russel Westbrook is the MVP... why are y'all arguing over top 3 Finalists
all i need is a Russel Westbrook jersey bro.
Russel Westbrook about *** Time! He's gonna win MVP Hardest worker in the NBA
Russel Westbrook about *** time he's hardest worker in the NBA
Oh so when russel Westbrook lost his SERIES not a game to the rockets , why didn't we have this pool
Alcohol an Mountain Dew got me feelin like russel Westbrook lol
MJ was just russel Westbrook with a hall of fame coach and a stacked team lol..
Unlike russel Westbrook who got BOUNCED in the 1st round and harden wit the disappearing act of 2017. Those ain't no MVPs man
Russel Westbrook is one of the monstars from space jam
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I've brought facts to the table you've brought opinion I'm done. Russel Westbrook better than Jordan rn why would Iโ€ฆ
So when is Russel Westbrook going to take off his Marcus Smart mask? Boy goin brazy.
Westbrook shot 38% . DeMar shot 43% ? . Dude I wasn't even hating on Russel so all of this is unnecessary but DeMar sโ€ฆ
Karen rebounds better than Russel Westbrook. Aaannd, she's on to the next . . .
We definitely just bumped into Russel Westbrook lol
Somebody pay her... forget Russel Westbrook, she the real MVP.
Russel Westbrook would rock a romper
Russel Westbrook literally had the greatest season ever out of anyone in the NBA so why does Lebron deserve it?
Momma used to call me Davey wavey, 20 years later davey wavey I'm Russel Westbrook the guard changing, still push the same car baby ๐Ÿ˜‚
Kyrie would be treated like russel Westbrook if he wasn't on Lebron a team. But he wouldn't be a MVP
All I know is Russel Westbrook better win MVP
Like I think Russel Westbrook should win MVP this year, but everybody knew his team wouldn't make the finals because of GS
Why he look like Russel Westbrook now?
2017 season besides the rise of Russel Westbrook was a waste. No one can compete w the super teams that are CLE & GSW. Sup wit you
Kevin Durant was Russell Westbrook ShaQ. And Russel Westbrook was Kevin Durant penny. When things fell apart, it was never the same.
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If he tried in the regular season more his stats would prolly be so crazy lol on some Russel Westbrook
1) James Harden 2) Lebron James 3) Russel Westbrook. Man that was too easy
Who is faster with the ball in their hands in the open court?. A) Russel Westbrook. B) Lebron James. C) John Wall
No one can with a ring with Russel Westbrook.
Russel Westbrook dresses like when we let my 6yo pick out her clothes
can i on Dwight Howard,Lebron James,Giannis Antetokounmpo,James Harden & Russel Westbrook all to post a double double
Russel Westbrook should definetley be MVP over James Harden.
Thunder: Cam Payne, your contract is up. Russel Westbrook: Then my contract is up to bruh. Thunder: Yall both resigned.
Seeing Kevin Durant throw the lob to Russel Westbrook made me so happy๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚
Kevin Durant and Russel Westbrook after the all star game tonight
Next years dunk contest should be Aaron gordon Zach lavine Russel Westbrook and Andrew Wiggins
Camron and Jim Jones Beef remind me of Kevin Durant and Russel Westbrook.
I think if Russel Westbrook and James Harden were teammates now they would win a championship
Stephen Curry and Klay Thompson are over rated. Russel Westbrook and Damian Lillard are way better
no Russel Westbrook is by far better
at the intersection of Clyde Drexler and Walt "Clyde" Frasier lies a combo guard sort of like Russel Westbrook, but russ even better...
Most Improved Player of the Year? Clint Capela, Russel Westbrook, Devin Booker, or James Harden. Again you can change it up.
Got to enjoy watching Russel Westbrook while we can. That type of play style doesn't last long
Tony kornheiser had me cracking up the other day when he said Russel Westbrook burns with the furry of a 1000 suns ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚
Tony Kornheiser on about Russel Westbrook, "He burns with the fury of a 1,000 suns." . Pretty dramatic and accurate. ๐Ÿ˜‚
Russel Westbrook averaging a triple-double. Crazy, Oscar Robinson all over again.
Damien lillard Russel Westbrook are better than James Harden
Kevin Durant watching Russel Westbrook wondering what kind of monster he created
Russel Westbrook and AD filling up the scorebox ! *** , this season gon be ๐Ÿ”ฅ !
new ones are Russel Westbrook's brand. Look to be priced around $150
Just a thought but what if the Bucks traded Greg Monroe, Michael Carter-Williams, and a first round pick to the Thunder for Russel Westbrook
I can be your Russel Westbrook in this world full of Kevin Durant ๐Ÿ€ ๐Ÿ’”
Russel Westbrook isn't getting traded..well that means he will sign an extension??
This just means we will have more money next summer to go after a guy named Russel Westbrook ๐Ÿ˜Œ๐Ÿ˜Ž
okay what you need to do is trade Goran Dragic, And Justice Winslow for Russel Westbrook and Andre Roberson pair up with
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Durant moving out of OKC means Unleashing the Beast inside Russel Westbrook. .
KD was fed up with Russel Westbrook dressing like Willow Smith
Russel Westbrook should give me his wardrobe but make it small so they fit me ๐Ÿ˜ฌ
Congratulations on Russel Westbrook winning the second NBA 2k17 cover!
All we need is one Russel Westbrook type to pick soccer over basketball or football growing up
Russel Westbrook really lost it after losing game 7
Russel put who on ice??? What game where u watching? Must of been a old vhs cassette. Westbrook blew the final 4 OKC
Russel Westbrook needs to be a guest judge on Project Runway
Some dude made fun of my okc Westbrook shirt. I just had to agree. Smh
Russel Westbrook reminds me of young Kobe
Am I the only one who thinks that Russel Westbrook is a long lost ninja turtle ?
Never forget that Russel Westbrook kid I had to check one day. Son.
yeah but yet your profile pic is russel Westbrook. Smh bandwagon
. Russel Westbrook looks like the rocky baby I'm Never-ending Story lol
curry is good at one aspect of the game shooting. Russel Westbrook is a better all around player than he is
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Steph Curry didn't guard Russel Westbrook and he's not guarding Kyrie Irving. lolz
omm well dub yall yall sorry asf yall team is russel westbrook . Yall would never sweep us on yall best nights
Kyrie isn't going to do nothing but make a few razzle dazzle plays nothing too serious tho he's not gonna have that Russel Westbrook mindset
and probably some Russel westbrook pants
Russel Westbrook is still my favorite player
Russel Westbrook's exaggerated flop on Dwight Howard (OKC vs Houston). Every player in the NBA flops!
So we gone act like Russel Westbrook wasn't in Land Before Time?
Russel Westbrook , Jimmy Butler , Klay Thompson , Lebron James and DeAndre Jordan would be my all star team ๐Ÿค‘
Russel Westbrook out here gettin merked
Aye who remember when Russel Westbrook was walking back to the huddle for a timeout and Jeremy Lamb and slap his hand Lmfao
Russel Westbrook got on them I just got home from Vietnam pants ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚ he got his own style fasho
Jrue Holiday did work tonight, but he went up against Russel Westbrook!
Cam just wants to be the Russel Westbrook of the NFL
This morning I found my self jealous seeing Russel Westbrook advertising all that True Religion ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ˜…
Russel Westbrook is not a human being !
Westbrook threw more assists last season alone than D Russel has ever thrown in his life Lmaooo stop the nonsense
that don't matter kids soft never will be an all time great. Anybody Davis lebron russel Westbrook Spurs and warriors allbeter
This is how Russel Westbrook be when he plays! ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚
Russel Westbrook's dad and my dad have the same birthday so clearly I'm going to end up like Russel Westbrook
Russel Westbrook looks like he's autistic๐Ÿ˜‚
"You look like a rapper... Or Russel Westbrook"
Louie let a *** say he look like russel westbrook ๐Ÿ˜‚
I watch Russel Westbrook highlights just to get me hype ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜‚
Walk into the interview like Russel Westbrook ๐Ÿ‘จโœจ
I swear there is no 1 tht can beat u.but I will wait on the arrival of nba2k16 for the sake of russel westbrook a
Jayson castro is kinda like the Philippine's version of russel westbrook
and don't forget white dude, Jewish Flow, bruh, Russel Westbrook on a Farm, and Flames
in before video edits of Russel Westbrook
Allen iverson to cavs rumor? Kd russel westbrook harden could they ever team up again ? What could they accomplish ? GTPWTW
Russel Westbrook on a Farm is dope because it's all a metaphor on how it wasn't serious when he first started out
Don't reward mvps based off what niggga said don't have. Same reason I didn't think Russel Westbrook deserved it last year in nba
Russel Westbrook? Lol if so he's pretty darn talented
Russel Westbrook is the best point guard in the league
Russel Westbrook is disgusting when dunks
I'm not really sure how football works. Russel Westbrook would cross me up. Kimbo Just no. And I haven't touched a bat in ages
just like Russel Westbrook not too long ago, Derrick Rose only to miss 2 weeks with the fracture to his face
Is there a better mean mug an all of sports than Russel Westbrook? I donโ€™t think so.
Derrick Rose's trainers and Russel Westbrook said he's looking like his old self, it's gonna be a long season for u doubtinโ€ฆ
Didn't Russel Westbrook play with a broken orbital bone last year? Mask up D Rose
Russel Westbrook on a farm bumps so hard not gonna lie
Russel Westbrook better than all them
Steph Curry vs. Russel Westbrook Highlights, can't wait for the up coming season
not really cause Russel Westbrook is more clutch
"Russel Westbrook is a smarter player than Dwyane Wade"
Rose better put on one of those Russel Westbrook masks and get his *** back on that *** court
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I just got breaking news on my Team Stream "Russel Westbrook and Scott Brooks check into counseling togetherโ€ฆ
WELP Hope he turns into Russel Westbrook after this.
He just gotta go into his rip hamilton, russel westbrook mode w/ the mask
Derrick Rose will be back before the season starts. I'm pretty sure Russel Westbrook had the same injury and came back better than ever
I'm NBA 2k Russel Westbrook and I have Direct TV". "And I'm NBA Live Russell Westbrook and I got Cable
Russel westbrook is the most hungry NBA player
Russel Westbrook the best point guard in nba 2k16. Idgaf if Steph Curry rating is better.
You know!! They call me the black Russel Westbrook ๐Ÿ€
The way Russel Westbrook talks is funny af
Russel Westbrook is so selfish on 2k16 mycareer
Russel Westbrook is a close second when he's not trying to be superman
The Heat also passed on Kevin Love and Russel Westbrook for Michael Beasley but we don't mention that round here
โ€œBruh look like Russel Westbrook with dreads๐Ÿ‘€๐Ÿ˜ญ yeah he do!
duh He's russel westbrook, the best to touch a ball !
I am not russel westbrook but I do like the gs warriors
Who's more athletic? Dwayne Wade in his flash days or Russel Westbrook in peak condition?
I hope KD leaves the Thunder for the Wiz or the Knicks so that Russel Westbrook comes home to the Lakers. Putting that energy out there
Russel Westbrook from now and prime Shaq Oneal
In just 3 seasons, the Supersonics/Thunder drafted, KD, Serge Ibaka, Russel Westbrook and James Hardin. Talk about some good drafting๐Ÿ˜ณ
I wish freakin James Hardin or Russel Westbrook would have won the MVP just so I didn't have to here Stephen Curry called, "MVP"
Scratch that list. My new list is as follows:. 1. Tracy McGrady. 2. Michael Jordan. 3. Russel Westbrook
Russel Westbrook would have also hit that shot.
Russel Westbrook would've got MVP if the thunder made playoffs
Russel Westbrook would be a better fit lol
"Russel Westbrook to be named player-coach. James Harden to come on as player-assistant coach."
Russel westbrook should be on the cover of 2K16 rs
Derrick Rose and Jimmy Butler make a very good Dual but nothing beats the dual of Kevin Durant and Russel Westbrook
Not sure who the guy on calling Russel Wilson, Russel Westbrook.but kinda lost your cred when you can't get name right.
Who da *** ll b Stephen Curry, James Harden, Russel Westbrook...its kinda hard to root for one'a dese guys...
Help me out Please, would u pick up Anthony Davis or Russel Westbrook for tonight?
Jon Barry - this guy - just said nobody in the NBA has ever competed harder than Russel Westbrook.
Russel Westbrook is playing like a legend last 4 If he can stay healthy look out.Anytime 4 triple doubles - Jordan Bird Magic Pistol Pete
Dennis Smith Jr. is Russel Westbrook with a conscience
Russel Westbrook seems to have completed his transition into a werwolf...๐Ÿ€๐Ÿ™Œ๐Ÿ’ฏ๐Ÿ’ช
1. Lebron James. 2.Russel Westbrook . 3.James Harden. 4.Stephen Curry . 5.Anthony Davis (Who is better than Tim Duncan ever was)
do you know how many elite players in the NBA have come back from a torn meniscus???. Chris Paul, Russel Westbrook, Jr Smith
What a day Steph Curry, Swaggy P, Birdman, Russel Westbrook, rights 2 Montrezl Harrell, Dragic, Whiteside we are going 2 take the IBBA title
If you think about it Kevin Durant and Russel Westbrook are kinda like Shaq and Kobe. Without the rings and without Phil!!
Stephen Curry vs Russel Westbrook ! Two of the best Point Guards in the league going at it!
Top 5 PG's in the league in no particular order. Steph Curry, Russel Westbrook, Chris Paul, John Wall, Tony Parker/kyrie Irving
Russel Westbrook easily top 5 player in the NBA
Scott Brooks said Russel Westbrook is the best point guard? Funny. We have Rondo, Parker, Rose, Lillard, Kyrie, Steph, Paul.
Reggie Jackson & Russel Westbrook as a dual PG line up is so nasty. That man has to start this year
For me its Chris Paul, Russel Westbrook, kryie Irving, Stephen Curry, D.rose
Either Gerald or Danny said Chris Paul or Russel Westbrook not a superstar, I don't remember who it was but one of them.
Once upon a time, Jerryd Bayless was a consensus top 5 pick. People said OKC made a mistake picking a guy like Russel Westbrook over Bayless
Is Kevin Durant really any better than Carmelo Anthony? KD is surrounded with better talent than Anthony ever had. If they switched spots, would the Knicks have won 50 games. No. They would have likely made the playoffs however. I think the difference between KD and CA is relatively small. I know that MVP doesn't really matter but to be clear, Lebron is the MVP every year. The gap between KD and James is enormous and will likely remain that way for next 3 to 5 years. Also, Russel Westbrook is not one of the best four players in the NBA, a notion that I heard repeated ad nausuem during these playoffs. I am not sure he is even one of the top four point guards in the West. Top four scorers, sure. If he ever develops a reliable long jumper he might make a great two guard.
The Oklahoma City Thunder take game 3 over the Spurs 106-97! Serge Ibaka comes back in to the line-up and makes a big difference! He had 15 Points , 7 rebounds , and 4 blocked shots! Kevin Durant had 25 points , and 10 rebounds! Russel Westbrook also had 26 points , 7 assists , and 8 rebounds! Spurs still lead the series 2-1
If you replace Russel Westbrook with John Wall, you'd have a much better Thunder team.
If Kevin Durant is the most valuable player, does that make Russel Westbrook the least valuable player since they still can't seem to win a title?
The Memphis Grizzlies beat the Thunder 98-95 in OT. Russel Westbrook hit an and 1 3 pointer to send the game to OT. KD and Russell Westbrook both had 30 points but that wasnt enough. Mike Conley Jr. led the Grizzlies with 20 points, and Zach Randolph had 16 points and 10 rebounds. The Grizzlies now lead the series (2-1) -Mo
Russel Westbrook, the "point guard" took 28 shots last night, 4-12 in the fourth quarter...Kevin Durante 4-4..
which team would win team A Lebron, Kobe, CP3, Blake Griffin, and D12 or team B KD, Dwayne Wade, Russel Westbrook, Kevin Love, and Wilt Chamberlain
Lakers with a wire to wire win over the Oklahoma City Thunder at the Staples centre 114-110 which in turn has dropped the thunder to 2nd place in the western conference standings . Games notables -Jodie Meeks went ham and dropped a career high 42 points hitting 6 of his 11 treys and all 14 of his free throw attempts . -Pau Gasol 20-11 -Ryan Kelly had himself a nice game going for 12-5-8 and even a nice crossover on KD sending him on skates . -KD notched his third triple double of the year going for 27-10-12 but shot poorly from the floor . -Russel Westbrook had himself a game to forget only hitting on 7 of his 23 field goals to go along with 8 turnovers . -Oliver Los Angeles Lakers Talk
Paul Gasol guarding Derek Fisher in the clutch and you have the nerve to shoot an airball smfh.Way to go Russel Westbrook
Top PG matchup of the day-. Kyrie Irving vs John Wall. Also there is . Chris Paul vs Russel Westbrook
Imagine this starting line-up for the Oaklahma City Thunders : Kevin Durant, Russel Westbrook, Thabo Sefaloshe, Serge Ibaka and Carmelo Anthony. Melo should move to OKC if he wants a Championship Ring.
FROM BEYOND THE ARC By: Police Chief Inspector Rico C Santotome Jr (OS), RN, MPM Pacers, Thunder On Collision Course For NBA Crown Heading into the National Basketball Association All-Star break, the league-leading Oklahoma City Thunder and second-placed Indiana are just right on track for a possible titular showdown for the Larry O'Brien championship trophy with some 30+ games remaining in the regular season. Despite playing sans injured playmaker Russel Westbrook, the Thunder are 42-12 while topping the Western Conference as well as the entire NBA while the Pacers are closely following behind with a 40-12 win-loss record after Indiana lost to the visiting Dallas Mavericks a couple of days ago. In the East, the Pacers lead the top eight teams most likely to advance into the playoffs followed by defending champion Miami (37-14), Toronto (28-24), Chicago (26-25), Atlanta (25-26), Washington (25-27), Brooklyn (24-26) and Charlotte (23-30). Both the Wizards and the Bobcats are surprisingly faring well this s ...
I'm about to get Russel Westbrook, Kevin Martin an Pau Gasoline back ๐Ÿ˜ˆ
Give me one night w| Mario Chalmers or Russel Westbrook, only JESUS will know what would go down !
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Bruh, from my experience, heavyset black women have more confidence than Kobe Bryant, Nick Young and Russel Westbrook's closet combined.
The fan voting is kind of annoying. It' just a popularity contest. How does Kobe Bryant even get into the all-star game this year, much less be a starter? Fans--if they actually thought about their choices--should have given that nod to Damien Lillard, Russel Westbrook, James Harden, Tony Parker, Chris Paul... there were so many more deserving players this year. And how does Roy Hibbert not get to start for the all-star game in the East? You have Carmelo Anthony starting? Good player but the Knicks are not playing well at all and that should be a part of the decision making process.
Just two seasons ago Derrick Rose & Russel Westbrook were the best PG's in the league. Now it's Lillard & Irving
Russel Westbrook and Metta World Peace get T'd up in game 3.
I don't even like black guys but RUSSEL WESTBROOK came to me in a dream that's a sign
RUSSEL WESTBROOK IS ONLY 24?? *** THATS WHY WERE GONNA GET TOGETHER OMG I can't stop thinking about him after that dream
I think Russel Westbrook is going to take my virginity
the work move faster than Russel Westbrook , Kevin Durant on the dope stamp gettin bricks for 35
If Russel Westbrook gets traded to the eastern conference, do we call him Russel Eastbrook? XD
Me and Jerod got our picture taken with Russel Westbrook! He told us to ball out! How cool is this?โ€ฆ
Back to back home defeats...OKC needs Russel Westbrook back ASAP! Kevin Durant cant carry this team!
dude, no Russel Westbrook. Don't get to worked up
Russel Westbrook is out for the Thunder till the all-star game
They need Russel Westbrook to win KD can't do it by his self
1st person that says "Russel Westbrook" 10 x really fast and instavideo it, gets $50 from me.
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The fact is Reggie Jackson is not Russel Westbrook. It's really annoying but Reggie can not create his own offense right now.
Thunder aint a great team without russel westbrook!
I just need Russel Westbrook to come back. I mean, did that seriously just happen?
We need Russel Westbrook back so badly.
I'm glad Russel Westbrook is there to coach this team. BC Brooks isn't.
Really really missing Russel Westbrook out there.
Russel Westbrook was rockin leather overalls and a chain when he walked into the arena this morning so don't trip wear whatโ€ฆ
Russel Westbrook just got caught putting his gum under his seat ๐Ÿ˜‚
Russel Westbrook is the definition of hype lol
slow your roll the thunder were without Russel Westbrook, blazers are good but need to develop killer instinct
Remember when we all got stoked about an NBA player coming out and then every team declined signing him? Someday, Russel Westbrook. We're waiting.
Injury Bonus Segment 12/28/13 - Dr. Michelle is in 'Nam, so we have Gabrielle and Robin in the clinic. Gabrielle talks about Kobe's injury and getting hit on by him at Disneyland. She also got mad dogged by Vanessa Bryant.NFL injuries for week 17:  Tony Romo, Aaron Rogers, Megatron, Clay Mathews.Listen prior to laying your bets.Also:  NBA injuries to Steve Nash, Steve Blake, Kobe, and D. Rose are discussed.Breaking news of Russel Westbrook and the shady n...
Likee if you see your favorite NBA player. -Lebron James -Kobe Bryant -Derrick Rose -Kevin Durant -Carmelo Anthony -Russel Westbrook -Stephen Curry if you dont
Russel Westbrookยดs 15 best Dunks of the 2011/2012 NBA season I do not own any of these Videos!!!
playing 2 games Nba 2k with Russel Westbrook
I Swear. Damian Lillard be tryna be like Russel Westbrook!
Pray for the homie. Russel westbrook. Okc
Lol smh Russel Westbrook career is GoinG to be Over to *** shame...
What a way to end 2013 with last minute injuries anderson silva, russel westbrook, michael schumacher, and al horford. Happy new year to all!
Russel Westbrook is out for.the season??
Who is the best point gaurd in the Nba.? Like for Derrick Rose Comment for Russel Westbrook
Russel Westbrook is out for 7 weeks...I'm heartbroken...he's so dam good
I still can't believe what happened to Anderson Silva last night in that fight smh. All of my favorite athletes I love to watch perform on tv are all getting injured man. First D.Rose, then Kobe, then Russel Westbrook and now my favorite ufc fighter Anderson Silva.
I'm predicting NBA FINALS SUMMER 14' PACERS VS THUNDER I'm rooting for OKC they squad is nyce I like Russel Westbrook dude talent is not only superb but OUTSTANDING
Player of the game Russel Westbrook yeaaa
Russel Westbrook is out for a minimum of 27 games for the Thunder, over or under .500 in those games?
Why god why did russel westbrook have to have another knee surgery
Russel Westbrook and Derrick Rose my two favorite point guards are out :( thier teams need them. I wish them a fast return so they can go back and do what they do best which is ball!!
Russel Westbrook out til after the all-star break... smdh; that mean Jackson, Lamb, Fisher, big Adam, & Robertson gone get some GOOD WELL needed pt & Durant gone avg. 36 a game...
Russel westbrook out right knee need surgery d rose out lebron might not play tonight bum ankle and right hamstring mf getting hurt
Bradley beal and Russel Westbrook have killed a part of me. shot out to all the owners out there..
Danm !!just yesterday we was talkn bout how Russel Westbrook was the only injured player to come back hard & not get injured ! THEN this *** get injured :/
Russel Westbrook needs to adjust his game or he will be the next Derrick Rose.
Darn it another good nba player hurt russel westbrook knee surgery out for at least 8 weeks!
For the new year ... I'm going to start acting like a combination of Russel Westbrook, Kanye West, Lil Wayne, and Trevor from grand theft auto 5 .
Awww naw just heard my boy Russel Westbrook will b out til the all star weekend. *** OKC we need him
I had a good run with Russel Westbrook in fantasy bball but RIP to him need to replace ASAP till after all star break
Russel Westbrook is out for 2 months after a knee surgery
O o Russel westbrook hurt the WEST just gotta whole lot easier
Russel Westbrook out again with another knee surgery man that bad news for the thunder
Is it true that russel westbrook out for 7weeks
Russel Westbrook is out with another knee injury/surgery.yes he was cleared to come back by a doctor and he still got hurt.I can't believe that other NBA players have multiple knee injuries in the span of a year...I thought it was just the selfish and arrogant D rose but apparently athletes can randomly get hurt...who knew
I just shed a tear my boy russel westbrook had another knee surgery. Pray for him to have a quick recovery.
Russel Westbrook out until after the all star break? Too bad, so sad. Womp Womp... Let's just hope Reggie Jackson doesn't light us up Sunday afternoon in OKC.
Wow russel westbrook to have surgery
Man this can't be true, Russel Westbrook injured again... I hope he's healthy by Post Season we still winning the gold this year
Russel Westbrook is out for the next 27 games due to a arthroscopic surgery on his right knee. He's expected to be back again during the allstar break -O5
Russel westbrook out again. Same knee. Dang. Him and rose. Crazy
Russel westbrook out till allstar break smh
Russel westbrook out til at least the all star break?! ***
In fantasy basketball this year, I took Derrick Rose in the 1st round...he's out. I took Brook Lopez in the 3rd...he's out. Then I took Russel Westbrook in the 4th...and now he's out. So for those having a rough time in life right now, it's not as bad as you think.
For those who were saying Derrick Rose can come back just as quick as Russel Westbrook from a torn meniscus, well Westbrook had his knee scoped and he's out til after All-Star break. Tag that with Kobe's fracture and you'll see that rushing back will only mess you up even more.
Whhat! Russel Westbrook had another surgery! Man that ***
First it was Derrick Rose, Then it was Kobe Bryant and now Russel Westbrook? Nooo :( Whats happenin to all my guards?
Russel Westbrook out 6-8 weeks, he's what makes the Thunder who they are as a basketball team, that was obvious last year
Russel Westbrook is out for six weeks. I'm now on suicide watch.
Russel Westbrook out possibly til after the all star break
NBA NEWS: Russel Westbrook is out until after all star break... Left knee surgeries man all those knee surgeries WestBrook I pray for a speedy recover this is crazy. I know the feeling.
Get well soon Russel Westbrook, when my Spurs beat you and your Thunder in May, I don't want any excuses from Spurs naysayers.
Russel Westbrook hurt his knee again smdh all these young points going down with these knee injuries
Russel westbrook out until after the all-star break. All the thundering up cant save you now!
Russel Westbrook out til all-star break! Another knee surgery! What a blow to a team playing well.
No Russel Westbrook just went arthroscopic surgery an won't be back till all star break
Thunder PG Russel Westbrook is out through the All-Star break due to knee surgery.
Russel Westbrook just had knee surgery !! Miami Heat 3Peat !!!
*** Russel Westbrook out til after all star break.
Damnn now Russel Westbrook out with knee surgery
Russel Westbrook out until after the All Star break. Knee swelling required an additional surgery.
Javale McGee be like; if Russel Westbrook got traded to the east, would he be Russel Eastbrook? Shaqtin a fool...
I think Tony Parker, Chris Paul and Russel Westbrook are the 3 best PG's in the league
Lebron James is weak Russel westbrook is way better
Its crazy how Russel Westbrook gets a triple-double but Lebron James 18 points 6 assists and 5 rebounds and gets Chirstmas MVP that dosent make sense
Boy Jalen Rose clowning on espn. He said Russel Westbrook was dressed like a combination of Jodeci and CB4!!
I had a wonderful Christmas day at my mom and dad's it was really fun watching the thunder game mom was wearing her russel westbrook shirt and watching the pets open their gifts was so funny
Lol, yeoo, Sportscenter violated the Knicks. Commented about when Russel Westbrook helped the towel boy mop the floor and the guy said "Was there a Knick on the end of that mop?"
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I love watchin okc ball... Kevin Durant n russel westbrook are fun to watch.
Gotta love Russel Westbrook. Not only can he get a triple double, but he also is not above wiping the sweat off the floor. :-)
Is Russel Westbrook going to shoot 20% and still land a triple double? Four points shy as I type this - 6 pts, 11 rebs, 10 asts.
Durant has 20 at the half n Russel Westbrook is bout to hang a triple double on us 4 fun .cool lol
Russel Westbrook always has a unique dress attire
Jalen rose jus said russel westbrook looks like he jus came outt the movie dont be a menace
The Thunder have NO depth...but when you have Kevin Durant and Russel Westbrook you always have a chance to Win
If I was in dha NBA I would be scared to guard Russel Westbrook! Handles nasty asf!
They just mentioned All Soulsโ€™ Episcopal Church in okc on the Thunder game that is nationally televised! Showed pics and said Russel Westbrook and his โ€œWhy Notโ€ foundation teamed up with All Soulsโ€™ Episcopal Church in Okc.
D.a i think i play like russel westbrook lms if u a hater n disagree
LaMarcus Aldridge and Damian Lilliard or Kevin Durant and Russel Westbrook? Which tandem is more impressive between the two this season?
I don't care about Chris Paul or Russel Westbrook. Just get Damian Lillard into the all-star game. That guy is the future.
I don't know who I hate more Blake Griffen or Russel Westbrook
Tonight's featured game is Russel Westbrook and Kevin Durant take their talents to Hollywood to play against CP3 and Blake Griffin. OKC VS LAC ESPN 10:30
I'm rollin out the "I'm Sure No One is Reading These or Cares But I'm Going to Do This Anyway" NBA preview. Imma do a couple teams a day starting tomorrow but tonight: NBA League Pass Best 5 team ticket: With NBA LP you get 5 teams to watch. Here are my rankings for the best 5 team package: 1) Miami Heat- The defending champs. The best player in basketball. And the drama of a season in which the wheels might come off. Tip: Don't ever use the Miami brodcast (You get to choose now). 2) GS Warriors- This team has the potential to be the most entertaining in the league offensively. A floor that contains Steph Curry, Klay Thompson, and Andre Iguodala makes every open floor play one to watch. Throw in Harrison Barnes and a possibly healthy Andrew Bogut and this team also looks to be important, as well as interesting. 3) Chicago Bulls- Derrick Rose IS BACK! After all his time off he came to preseason and showed no fear on that knee of his. In his absence we've talked about Chris Paul, Russel Westbrook, Tony Park ...
John Wall, Derrick Rose, and Russel Westbrook should join the Slam Dunk Contest. *** Right Posterizing PGs!
for ALL of them: who's better scoring PG Jason Castro or Russel Westbrook?
lol my starting 5 is athletic af that's how; PG-Russel Westbrook, SG-Kobe, SF- Iggy, PF-James Worthy, C- Hakeem the dream
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