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Russel Brand

Russell Edward Brand (born 1975) is an English comedian, actor, columnist, singer, author and radio/television presenter.

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Jonah Hill plays a guy working in the music industry and tries to get a washed out rockstar (Russel Bra…
Tell JK that I'm still rollin'. Tell Russel I'm a Brand.
The "sent me a nice letter" bit is an old Trump standard lie I guess. Said it about Russel' Brand, said it about Ja…
My personality type,has a load of nutters in it like Quentin tarrentino,and Robert do…
If only I could have the energy of Russel Brand 💔💔
Subscribed. . Would like to hear PJ on Russel Brand's podcast. Under the skin. It's terrific.
Russel Brand. "I don't see why something's life should end just so you can have a snack."
Dude in the middle looks like the love child of Adam Driver and Russel Brand
enjoy having Russel Brand on your show - he should be fun!
Ghost is about Katy's ex husband Russel Brand
Imagine if she was still with Russel Brand, they'd be the most insufferable couple on the planet-bar none!
Russel Brand I really don't like, but not seen so much of him recently, I included Flabbot on my other twee…
he has also had Russel Brand on a few times, who has also spent time on camera wit…
two other people i have serious questions about are Adam Curtis and Russel Brand. id really re…
I think it looks more like Russel Brand.
Do we REALLY want change? Listening to podcast by Russel Brand and documentary maker Adam Curtis.
Shop The Bradford Exchange Online for Patriotic 9/
has become more popular among NY high school teens thanks to research and Russel Brand.…
13 sociology of metal health books later and Blind Boy and Russel Brand summed it up in a 3 min video.
The Revolution will be laughter. Russel Brand "changing" the world.
Don’t be afraid to try something new when expanding a
The Britney snipe was particularly vicious, the victim shot with Russel Brand, sniping a…
Il get it on Spotify tom morning when I get to work. Must give radio x a listen, I normally listen to russel brand on it
My friend Wendy made out with russel brand once
Russel Brand has been quiet for ages . ☺
When launching or redesigning a new product how can you guarantee that your stands out?…
The Tim Ferris show, Under the Skin by Russel Brand, and occasionally This American Life when they post su…
Russel brand is the real glow up he's so woke
This is the best joke by Russel Brand!
So much BS arising from an ill man's angry blog on how Russel Brand's domestic violence should be forgotten because the Labour Party.
Russel brand had maybe another 5 sec b4 Anthony Josh was 2 get belt bak anyone see that look like take my dam belt off u freek
Is your ready for the overseas market?.
Right! I bit into one the other day and thought to myself "this is honestly better than any russel st…
Russel brand is ethier an absolute crack pot, or Fkn Jesus🙏🏻
That's a typical response from someone who can't see the bigger picture, I can't answe…
"listening to Russel Brand argue is like standing under a Niagara Falls of perceptions..."
I added a video to a playlist Russell Brand Quotes! Russel Brand Interview
With halal food being a topic on the TL again just thought I'd remind everyone of this Russel Brand video.
Andrew is literally the love child of Russel Brand and Rylan Clarke
Episode 41 War Memorial Hooligans, Al Murray, Russel Brand and did Thatcher knight paedophiles
"Russel Brand...On top of a bus...Murdering the Beatles" -Noel Gallagher - Wayne Gretzky - Michael Scott.
Waiting for all those people who applaud Lily Allen and Russel Brand to say Steven Hawking should 'stay out of politics'
I feel like Russel Brand and Richard Simmons are connected in some intergalactic way.
So much going on this year Jack Whitehall, Kings of Leon, Olly Murs, Craig David, obstacle course, Russel Brand, America☺️
If I could have dinner with 3 celebrities, living or dead. I'd have Russel Brand, John Terry and Piers Morgan. All dead.
Amanda Platell sums up perfectly Russel Brand and Johnathon Ross. via
Billy Bob Thornton, Reid Ewing, Russel Brand, Eminem, and Daniel Johns."have all been vocal in the past about...
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This is So true. Russel Brand, you are brilliant
the way the media try to shutdown people like Corbyn and Russel brand who are fighting for the people is absolutely disgraceful
If this is true about the GOV.UK brand then it is disappointing return Silos-as-a-Service (-2009)
They remade it with Russel Brand a few years ago.
Why he didn't trademark Russel Brand, I don't know.
She loves&agrees with a criminal who is a threat to this world.Dont be blinded by ppl's fame,it's not yours.Russel Brand knows
just like you did with Russel Brand?
This is the same bimbo that married Russel Brand. It's hard to take her seriously.
Vote Trump. She did, after all, have the great judgment to marry Russel Brand.
Remember, he divorced her, it wasn't the other way around, when your so messed up Russel Brand divorces you, you're advice is BS
yeah she really knows what is going on (not). Remember she married Russel Brand!😁
Suddenly Russel Brand seems to be a good guy
Every time I see Katy Perry, I remember that Russel Brand hit they
From banging Russel Brand to performing at the DNC, I guess Katy Perry is moving up in life? is Katy Perry and she did find Russel Brand attractive. Her judgement is questionable.
Russel brand just skipped past me, what a lovely sight
Why buy 2 Russel Hobbs appliances when you can get a brand new Toyota Yaris for the same price??
With all the stand-up comedy I watch, Russel Brand is currently my favorite!
Russel Brand's Booky Wook did not impress me at all, here's my Youtube review
Original movie promo poster for Get Him To The Greek starring Jonah Hill and Russel Brand from 2101.
great piece inside 'Balance' magazine this month. Spot on about Russel Brand has a lot to answer for.
She sounds like Russel Brand crossed with Dot Cotton
How did you guys get Russel Brand to do the colour commentary on Built to Destroy? He's pretty good.
I assume the same place they took Russel Brand after his sterling work getting Cameron elected.
Next up, Katie Perry, with a powerful message about what it was like to be married to Russel Brand. "Don't Do it."
Behind the scenes, photos by Annie Leibovitz - Russel Brand - what a man ... !
It.possibly has issues with Russel Brand too but I digress.
I'm reading Russel Brand's ReLOVEution and its so eye opening its really making me debate my existence
Give yourself 2 hours to listen to the most intriguing and interesting topics. Podcast with Russel Brand.
ZOG's drug-addled goyim stooge.on a par with Bono, Russel Brand etc.
Have you noticed how he pops up to ride on the coat-tails of prominent media figures like Russel Brand or Jeremy Corbyn?
"Steve Jobs' widow is worth more than $10 billion just for having been married to Steve Jobs!" -Russel Brand
new ones are Russel Westbrook's brand. Look to be priced around $150
if this ain't that russel brand moron then I dont know what is
is it just me or does Russel Brand and Vex from lost girl loon like they could be from the same family?
You guys need to watch the Joe Rogan podcast with Russel Brand. Very surprising stuff especially from Russel
Bob Geldof and Russel Brand 2 of the richest most trampy smelly looking *** you'll ever see
Remember when Katy Perry was married to Russel Brand lol
Folks, to be clear - I by no means hate Russel Brand; I just think it's funny that he's repeating BASIC CONCEPTS but ppl flip out b/c "cute"
Brits are v touchy about Americans opining on their politics yet John Oliver, Ricky Gervais, and Russel Brand have lampoon…
Buying rice and actively avoiding Uncle Ben because of those adverts with that annoying chef who talks like one of Russel Brand's farts.
Britney Spears and Kevin Federline. Rihanna and Chris Brown. Katy Perry and Russel Brand. Nick and Mariah. Need I go on?
you should be the special guest on Brits Big Fat Quiz of the Year with Russel Brand
I know I watched so many episodes of Never Mind the Buzzcocks just for him! And big day quiz ones where he's w Russel Brand 😍
Life goal: when Russel Brand calls Katy Perry sausage in the Katy Perry movie
I liked a video from The New World Order - with Russel Brand & Bill de Berg (RAP NEWS
Just had a lovely dinner Chateau Marmont... Russel Brand was sitting a few feet away from me & I wanted to give him a hug…
If u guys want to open up ur minds youtube interviews with Allan Watts, Russel Brand, and Kanye West
please take a moment to read and share this. . Russel Brand is completely right here: . . Liam Walsh.
that girl used to be a glamour model and Russel brand sucked on her boobs in a movie
Starts TOMORROW! Go to for details on how to join the last group challenge of the year! 💕💪🏻 http…
Saw Russel Brand when I was getting my Christmas tree🙃😂
Alfie deyes looks like russel brand omg
Kid cudi's album is the equivalent to Russel Brand's African Child
So my dream consisted of me being Russel Brand appearing on Grand Designs making a huge *** shaped garden.
Scola be looking like an awkward Russel Brand.
it's okay nobody will notice with me looking like Russel brand
Russell Brand tours in Canada this summer
He's seen Russel Brand and thought "I'll have some of that!"
Also a year since we met Russel Brand and he had a photo with Chloe and not me😂
in 2011 i wouldve been ok with that. But john mayer doesn't make half as good of a first lady as russel brand would've.
The biggest love tragedy of all time will always be the break up of Katy Perry and Russel Brand
A new beat with some samples of Russel Brand on meditation (for promo use only).
Russel Brand may be one of the most interesting people on the planet.
Just had deep meaningful conversation with the unfunny "Russel Brand", I mean the accent. But super amazing guy.
how much does luis scola look lime russel brand? Its scary
Our cloning project to create 10 Russel Brands and merge into a single, ultra Brand is progressing smoothly.
Do you think will be leader come June? I heard rumours that russel brand is up for the job next?
obsessed, mock-Him-but-can't-be+Him Brand groups Jesus, Buddha, Ect & forgot the difference- Jesus ROSE. JESUS remembers.
Where's Russel Brand I'm ready for that revolution
Russel Brand let a woman like Katy Perry go so he has no clue
Russel Brand continues to spout his Ill informed warm diarrhoea.
I think Russel Brand is my new hero
Russel Brand. Saying it like it is.
loved it. watch Get Him To The Greek next cuz it's a continuation of Russel Brand's character
The reason why Katy Perry and Russel Brand broke up :3
I've been watching Russel Brand interviews on YouTube for the last hour and I'm not sure how I got here
It actually upsets me that I'll probably never meet Russel Brand
from comedy writer to political pundit. I would compare you to Russel Brand but I find you funny.
I know you got some Russel brand EMU shorts you can bust out...
Never knew Russel Brand had a YT channel...
Russel brand lol you didn't watch it ... Russell Howard, brand is not big here
My workshops won't turn you into Che Guevara or Russel Brand, but they WILL help you bring magic & alchemy to...
someone across from me said IS IT RUSSEL BRAND??1?1!1!1!1
Russel Howard used to be hilarious but now he is just becoming the next Russel Brand if he is not careful...
I didn't event know it was a watch brand!
Keri Russel, rather. Watching The Americans (whatever that is) and I’m sort of gobsmacked. . Totally undermining my *** brand here, I know.
Anyone interested in buying a brand new never worn Russel Wilson Jersey (2x) on field? Dm me if interested
Man, Russel Wilson really likes to promote his brand image... even in the San Francisco airport.
Mr and Mrs.Beaver off Narnia are actual relationship goals.
Save up to 45% 0ff MSRP On Streetbike Tires
If Karl Pilkington doesn't go in the jungle I'll throw my TV out. You have my word.
They forgot to cut out Russel Brand smoking scene though.
you'll have to read it slower then, that's what I did😉😂
I assumed you'd finished the book when requesting for a film version😉
you😂 although I haven't finished the book yet so no spoilers!
How good is it??? The ending and acknowledgements made my cry!!
They need to make All The Bright Places into a movie
Russel Brand got the "Talk" after his crossing the line on Trews and is now back with Trews-lite ...
When he dressed up as fat russel brand
Focus on my brand like russel, add muscle, mad hustle
Russel Brand was made in house at AudioBoom and then three weeks in was commisioned-adapted and broadcast on XFM
getting sick of watching movies where johnny depp dresses like a hobo. I blame him for russel brand
Can never find a decent movie to watch
When he says "I'm home alone tomorrow, come keep me company?" Man, keep your nasty *** to yourself.
I told him I need to put my phone on charge but actually I just don't want to talk to him
Unlimited Calling US/Canada phone service
Louis,russel brand,ryan gosling,ed and benedict cumberbatch are so cute I sometimes feel like I have to bath in holy water to wash my sins.
he looks like russel brand here THIS IS NOT GOOD
You're two years older than me, stop treating me like I'm five, you ***
I'm screaming someone just told me that I looked like Russel Brand in their dream
An engaging and thought-provoking talk: the Russel Brand of his day!
Me if The Walking Dead doesn't get back to Glenn this Sunday.
A few months/year ago someone called on the radio saying he was always trying to talk with Russel Brand? Is it just would him? W love 2 help
Russel Brand sounds like an American doing an impression of an English person
have you ever considered inviting Russel Brand on the family hour?
Just put "addict" into a thesaurus and it came up with "enthusiast." . "Hi, I'm Russel Brand, and I'm a recovering drug en…
There's nothing gentle about putting on a mask and smashing things up because Russel Brand to…
Mums made me some warm milk for my throat and it's vile😷
I see Russel Brand is pulling another stunt to make sheople angry in a some what weirdly disguised Psyop calling...
LOL, hero of the workers, champion of the down trodden 99% Russel Brand is moving to, no not Calcutta, but Henley!!
Russel Brand explaining how it all works with Universal Energy, Awakening and Consciousness. I just bought his...
Well done .Low Offer No Brain Lauren who thinks Tommy Cooper is like Russel Brand is caught.
Russel Brand really is the ultimate "no war but the class war" dudebro.
Russel Brand should present the new Crystal Maze if it gets televised
Russel Brand, Martin Freeman, Alan Partidge. And all you other celebs Stop trying to tell me how I should bloody vote!
Trevor Phillips rightly said that (aka Russel Brand) should man-up and stand for office if he stands for anything but himself
Ed Miliband is being slagged off for being interviewed by Russel Brand. Don't Tories remember that Mrs.Thatcher went on 'Jim'…
I search up politics on my phone, see a Russel brand video at the top of my screen
Ronnie o Sullivan david beckham n Russel brand all turn 40 this year!!
So Russel Brand just mentioned he's recently become celibate, I don't think anyone's really very happy with this decision.
Today we attend the Premier of the Russel Brand film, The Emperor's New Clothes. Where our member Guillermo...
".on Skype: "can't we just have Obama as prime minister? he's great!"" This follows me begging for Russel Brand :')
Would recommend watching The Emperors New Clothes before 7th May do it. Russel Brand knows
Live conversation post screening of The Emperor's New Clothes with Russel Brand
..I forget. He is a more important thinker than that Russel Brand!
I don't listen to man, but I'll listen to Russel Brand.
unlimited calling, voip, $14.95 per month
Night at cinema to watch Russell Brand's political film and live Q&A
Russel Brand's take on her is pretty on the ball.
Russel Brand just made the perfect video to show what's wrong with media & society. I love it. Makes em look...
how not to simply adore Russel Brand?
99% of what Russel brand says is nonsense, however he as this spot on. Hopkins is contemptible.
I wonder if Russel Brand just refused to be costumed in period dress and that's why he's dressed like Willy Wonka
About to watch Russel Brand's new film.
Getting to watch the new Russel Brand film, with a live Q+A from the man himself!
About to go and watch this with my uncle at , here's to a thought provoking evening.
Try Russel Brand- telling far-lefties its pointless to vote. Are they immigrants too now?
Article about the colouring books we used on Sunday - even Russel Brand is talking about them on his you tube...
new russel brand and Matt Morgan, rhlstp with Richard herring, *** or the bugle!
Blaming for immigrants drowning is like blaming Russel Brand for never washing.
No Russel, you are wrong. We should treat this obnoxious woman with contempt.
Russel Brand, opinionated comedian, bashes Katie Hopkins for giving her opinion: what a hypocrite.
Many things are spoiled by mentioning Russel Brand...
Bored of Russel Brand's political crap. No vote = no change. He was far better suited as the *** in Forgetting Sarah Marshall.
Russel Brand apparently manages to brainwash people into believing: ''Nigel Farage has personally abused thousands of boys'', and that 1/2
Perhaps we must just follow Russel Brand... he will show us the way.. hehehe.
You have been spending too much time with Russel Brand and
Russel Brand kicked out of the GQ awards for this speech but for the life of me can't figure out why :0.
Hmm Russel Brand seems to have fallen on hard times.
Hear me out: a guy in drag plays twins, Colin Firth falls in love with one of them, and the other is hit on by Russel Brand. It's trash. 💗💕
Russel brand your spirituality level inspires me
Just on talking politics and Russel Brand's thinkfluence. Didn't bomb as much as my last performance, so that's something.
For all of you calling me a Russel Brand wanna be , I'll have you know that Basshunter is intact my mate. Genuinely not a joke
Russel brand's dad gave me a hug tonight
I love Russel Brand. Will start reading his book tonight actually. I think I'll make it my year's mission to have him read my blog 😉🙌
“I like pingpongs enthusiasm” i'm trying to show people a different angle, not everyday be sheep and bumlick russel brand
gotta vote just for the fact that wanker Russel Brand was telling people they shouldn't!
Michael Winterbottom doc I worked on last year gets unleashed tomorrow...with
Would you like to help give out TUSC flyers outside screening new film Tue 6.30pm at west India quay?
FACT: People who DON'T VOTE are like RUSSEL BRAND but WORSE because they probably STILL DO HEROIN and WEREN'T MARRIED TO KATY PERY
This is Russel Brand's $2.224 million estate. Which is a good price BTW.
And i find the views of Owen Jones and Russel Brand more despicable than KT views. apologists and appeasers
Russel Brand is worth $15 million BTW. He no doubt has many financial instruments including financial consultants and attorneys.
Guess someone does not like Russel Brand.
I cannot comprehend why anyone would have a problem with Russel Brand. This is by far the best, and wisest,...
Tomorrow movie gets unleashed on the world, with my talking head in it…
The Eastenders one, Dot to be freed from prison and allowed to rejoin her famous son Russel Brand.
Russel Brand is one of my favourite people 😂
Getting quite trendy to not vote isn't it lol. Do what you want but if russel brand influenced your decision in anyway then y…
OMG! Katy Perry and Russel Brand are divorcing!!! :O they were so cute together :'(
It's going to be funny seeing how the BBC deal with 'new' new Top Gear with Russel Brand, Freddie Flintoff and Eddie Jordan as the hosts.
i quite like Russel Brand, I think he means well, but he makes it hard to not call him a *** sometimes.
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
will the Natural Law Party UnderStand at the general election on a no vote ticket ? as championed by Russel Brand details 07950 216374 .
Kickin back with the missus and watching big fat quiz anniversary. Russel Brand is easily one if my favourite comedians ever
Purchase of New Era estate in London confirmed by charitable foundation.Russel Brand helps the campaign via
TIL in an award speech, Russel Brand said the sponsor of the event had made uniforms for the Nazis. Stating "they d…
Beautifully written slamming of the contradictory actions of Russel Brand.
Russel Brand on Question Time Thursday.he does get stuck in...that's for sure...He does seem to have the publics ears pricked now too
I bet you the *** would welcome Russel Brand, Piers Morgan or even Nigel Farage to replace the greatest manager we've had.
Remember everyone to watch question time tonight and see Russel Brand destroy Nigel (Hitler) Farage verbally!
Question time is going to be fun tonight because both Russel Brand & Nigel Farage are a joke
Tonight on Russel Brand and Nigel Farage will be joined by Satan, Rolf Harris, the ghost of Osama BinLaden and H from Steps.
Nigel Farage and Russel Brand on BBc Question time should be ineteresting on the 15th I think !!
Russel Brand perfectly explains why being anti-immigration is ridiculous
Russel Brand is just a British version of Beppe Grillo. So, UKIP, BNP, EDL? . UK and Italy are slightly getting closer and closer.
Russel Brand, Noel Fielding and Richard Ayoade are my favourite 3 males on the planet
So, I signed a petition to block that pick up artist bellend getting a UK visa and have since received an email from a bot pretending to be Russel Brand. It's like a really infuriating Turing test...
// She met someone from OUAT, Russel Brand, some person I don't know and Jane Lynch though. I'm very jealous of her life.
Russel Brand, a comedian who uses humour to expose fascism wants Boris Johnson's job, a politician who uses humour to hide his fascism
First and foremost, our deepest condolences to the families of the deceased. Now here is a brilliant analysis of the Ottawa attack and the Crime Minister's speech courtesy of Russel Brand, where he dismantles the ubiquitous Islamophobia that seems to rise to a peak every time there's a need for governments to fulfill their agendas. "...Soon, the brown person will do something, and THEN we can have our wars" ~ Russell Brand ~ CTC
Russel Brand actually shares some resemblance with Ernesto Che Guevara
Russel Brand 'Che Guevara. A complex man, who was occasionally brutal'. Occasionally! He killed 1000s.of people.
(1/2) You could learn a lot from comedians like Ricky Gervais or Russel Brand cause even though their jokes are offensive
Russel Brand and Max Keiser in the same room wish all TV was like this
Russel Brand does the - dares political arch nemesis Sean Hannity
Each of the four Elements has a different sexual nature & orientation: you can clearly see from the sexualities of such Air-sign persons as William S. Burroughs, Truman Capote, Jerry Sandusky, John Travolta, Artie Lange & Russel Brand that Air is Masculine, & attracted to masculinity (by which I refer to aspects of the soul of course, or perhaps even of body/voice type characteristics; this is not about reproductive organs); from Andy Warhol, Roman Polanski, Jim Morrison, & Perry Farrell, we can see that Fire signs are Masculine, & attracted to femininity; from Cameron Diaz, Michael Stipe, Rob Halford, Boris Vallejo, & George Takei, it is clear Earth sign persons are feminine & attracted to masculinity; from Jodie Foster, Bon Scott, Rob Lowe, Kurt Cobain & Billy Corgan we see that Water sign persons are feminine, & attracted to femininity; this is the reason that so many people are bisexual & androgynous in nature: I myself for example, having an Earth sign sun (Virgo), & a Fire sign moon (Aries) am both ...
Russel Brand on spirituality "It just means 'be nice', don't see yourself as adversarial" 09:05
Russel Brand puts Hannity in his place while Sean jokes about the Israeli war by throwing a football around and misinformation
can't help but feel Russel Brand and Sean Hannity are two sides of the same coin...also pretty sure Brand is the funnier side but jury's out
You HAVE to watch this Russel Brand explains Sean Hannity
Russel Brand couldn't have said this any better ...
I normally luv ur reporting but the Russel Brand story wasn't reporting as much as soap boxing, ur better than that man
Russel Brand mixed with Jesus mixed with Russel Crowe.
Russel Brand : "Scotland is the Canada of England", Craig Ferguson : "No my friend, England is the Mexico of Scotland".
Comedian Russell Brand interviewed leaders from Westboro Baptist Church . . . You won’t believe what happened next! These two guys from the Westboro Baptist Church had no idea how to react to Russell Brand or his audience and the other guests just about drove them mad. For more Russel Brand: Russell…
I listen to Bill Maher stand-up, Jim Jeffries, and Russel Brand. I listen to scientific theories like biocentrism.
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