Russ Parr & Morning Show

Russ Parr (born 1959 in California) is an American radio and television personality. Breakfast television (Australia, Ireland, New Zealand and United Kingdom ) or morning show (Canada and United States), is a type of infotainment television program, broadcast live in the morning (typically scheduled between 6:00 a.m. 0.7/5

Russ Parr Morning Show Russ Parr Morning Show Good Morning

Louisville needs a new urban aimed morning show on B96.5. Getting tired of all the lame jokes, zodiac sign, racially tensioned discussions that are worn out. No more Russ Parr! Bring us the Steve Harvey Morning Show!
Good Morning.!! Russ Parr Morning Show started my day right. LoL Still laughing.!! Feeling** Gucci** :))
God how I have missed The Russ Parr in the Morning Show
Who remembers Russ Parr in the Morning Show? The horoscopes they used to do were Hilarious.
Russ Parr in 20 minutes... The Best *** Nationally Syndicated Hip-Hop and R&B Morning Show on the Planet.
You're just in time for the Morning Show on weekday mornings 6am-10am! Listen live online right now!
Seating here watching a movie on Netflix..Something Like a Business.director Russ Parr from the Morning Show. Funny as ***
That's all folks for today's edition of the Morning Show, but stay tuned for more Hip Hop/R&B, hot topics, giveaways + more!
We've already told y'all it's a Rickey New Year! So thanks for tuning in for the debut of the Morning Show, but...
Currently listening to the Russ Parr Morning Show getting weak AF!
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