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Rupert Friend

Rupert Friend (born 1 October 1981) is an English film actor, who is best known for his roles as Mr. Wickham in the 2005 film Pride and Prejudice, Lieutenant Kurt Kotler in the 2008 film The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas, and Prince Albert in the 2009 film The Young Victoria.

Young Victoria Peter Quinn Claire Danes Keira Knightley Ben Mendelsohn Ed Skrein Daniel Craig Zachary Quinto

Could you give us a little explanation on the LunchboxFund film?.
Rupert is so funny. He should have the career of Colin Firth. Homophobia in Hollywood relegated him to playing Mado…
also, Rupert Friend is significantly more attractive in Regency attire.
As if my friend walked past Rupert grint ***
rupert friend and orlando bloom same face xD
Aubri is such a good friend she gave me vegan key lime pie and now we're watching Christmas movies !!🎄
Update:. Friend walked up and killed it. RIP Rupert 12/2/16 -12/2/16
I really love living in cities where the people living above, below...
why might Whittingdale be worried about social media? It didn't cause him or his friend Rupert any problem did it?
Zac Goldsmith in happier times, on a stag weekend with his friend Rupert Massive-Twytte
Glad you are okay. I have a friend who suffered severe injuries in such an accident.
I am so happy you said that because when I saw "RF" I immediately thought "Rupert Friend". lol
My new iPhone case. I swear I didn't buy it because this "RF" reminded me of Rupert Friend...
“Rupert is a great friend, he makes me laugh in the difficult moments and cheers me up. I’ m lucky he’s my brother.…
I watched it because Rupert Friend is very attractive
It's a beautiful day in Caldies & Rupert will be back with All is Fur if you have a four-legged friend to take adva…
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I believe that if you can discover something of the truth of a pers...
per a friend close to WR program week after Christmas. They are wrestling in it
Hiram:Agent 47. Not a bad film. Rupert Friend is very good
Our little friend Rupert here looks so sweet in his new Balmoral Harness, dont you think?
I think saying you're bad at something is rather wonderful because the...
I don't think the idea of working in Hollywood really exists anymo...
Great to see my friend Rupert this evening, truly inspirational.
Dr. Cabot! How about putting in a good word with your friend Rupert Murdock..we would love to make movies with
Quiz question: Who was in line before Rupert Friend to play Agent 47?
he's my friend's dog's toy! Poor Rupert was supposed to be extra durable but died a swift deat…
Nw i'm watching hitman: agent 47. Oh my God, hensem nye rupert friend.
Queens', Cambridge, c. 1999, taken by my friend Rupert (now Orator) before we braved High Table...
Rare of Andrew at the World Cup in Brazil with his Publicist and good friend Rupert.…
take a breath my friend. It's only a football game 🤓
Rupert Friend | I don't really use the Internet...: via
Edwards from looks like the love child of Rupert Friend and Derek Riddell
Is it me or does SOAS Edwards have something of the Rupert Friend about him?
Whenever I have chicken my cats act like my best friend ... The rest of the time they basically walk around flipping me off
.we both looked up and there, standing in front of us, stood Rupert Everett! I was speechless, while my friend was oblivious...
Me: I love my life so much. Friend: didn't you say you wanted to die a few days ago?. Me:
I can't listen to FFDP without remembering the time Zoltan Bathory ripped into my friend Rupert for giving their album a bad review. Amazing
Really to love Rupert Friend. He's such a babe
Rupert you white monopoly capital we're not your friend. We voted Zuma not your thieving opinions
Yesterday while walking the dog, I made a new friend. His name is Rupert. . Rupert is a Luna moth caterpillar and...
it's not ! This is what your driver did to a friend of mine.
Never get feelings for your best friend, it'll only cause problems
Boys Best Friend – a novel by Kate Banks and Rupert Sheldrake
There is clearly something going on with Putin and Trump. We know that Ivanka is Friends with Putin's girl friend,…
there was no plug. He wasn't even on life support. It was a ruse. Rupert Friend filming in NYC just yesterday. Pics to prove it
So a friend said Thuli and Wendy are friends. One works for De Klerk and Rupert. Thuli not only gets De Klerk and WIPHOLD sponsored awards
James McAvoy, Ed Skrein, Mark Strong and Rupert Friend. How can they still be hot when they're bald?
Rupert Friend on the set of Homeland [October, 19th]
Rupert Friend at the 37th Annual Salute to Women in Sports
I really admire artists who take the time to recharge their batteries ...
how is rupert friend going to be in it? Did he not die? I hope so that would be sweet.
Liam's FC is Rupert Friend and Mikey's is Theo James. Mike is on the left and Liam the right
Rupert Friend is quite agreeable lmao 😩
'On the Road' completely changed the way I looked at what you could do...
I think you can decide how much of yourself you're willing to make pub...
Took Rupert for a long walk. He's such a cutie. Met a new doggy friend too. Rupert…
Just think of how far you have come - well I have news for you - you are going a lot further than you may think! Dream…
The fantastic - a great and a great friend. Rupert is currently spending a…
Rupert Murdoch illegally donated to Republican Governor's Association to help "his friend"
There are some great actors I don't want to meet because I don't want ...
My poll numbers don't account for fans of The Trump Tornado Trappers. We're going to get a new TV deal on NatGeo from my friend Rupert.
PerfectMatch - Fall In Love Today
Rupert Murdoch the Zionist owns BIG % of WORLD media, understand manipulation & why a politician would be his friend. https:/…
Bring a mug, bring a friend, see you at 6:30, with a service starting at 7!
GOD you feel happy for her and best friend back in time San Diego my family Mom oma Nick Rupert daylen you feelings. Eye
Prada Presents the 2016 Lunchbox Fund Fall Dinner: Rupert Friend, Helena Christensen, Paul Haggis and more ca...
New update from McKenzie Friend on Pledge your support to raise £2,000. Thanks!:
I had a friend named Rupert. He will be missed. R.I.P Rupert 2016-2016
'This guy is so hot' - clearly an understatement when it comes to Rupert Friend
I'm that fun friend that is always down for anything and never tired
Homeland's Rupert Friend walked with crutches at the after his injury:
I'll tell you, there's no goodies and baddies in the world, there's ju...
Prosecute South Herefordshire Hunt for throwing live Foxcubs to packs of hungry dogs
He flew off with the warm bun ketchup goodness. I am a total loser. I think this is the end. Bye Rupert. Love you my friend.
My auditions for drama school were miserable, but one thing I had on m...
Rupert is my best friend. Glad you like him even though you don't like D.O.G.s. Will you be my friend?
I can only go places because I know that I can go away from them, if t...
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Homeland's Rupert Friend & Aimee Mullins are married! They say rain on your wedding day is good luck...
Well, this is going to be Family Guy's final season. Trump's going to call his friend Rupert Murdoch & have it cann…
I posted this picture of my friend Rupert and everyone is saying he's barb from stranger things
Our friend Rupert Berrington is documenting the happenings at the NASA Western States Championships this weekend.
Speaking from experience I see. 😂 A friend of mine said some primary school needed an expert, I couldn't think of a…
If you're ashamed of being my friend, then let's not be friends.
Went to an old friend's wedding yesterday. The groom had a wedding cake made of cheese along with a traditional one…
2009 winning fave The Young Victoria Emily Blunt-Rupert Friend! That was the best! Let's see how this one goes Wonderful we hope.
Throwback to 2013 awards: Rupert Friend was nominated for Outstanding Guest Actor in a Drama Series.
Can Zachary Quinto's John Smith fight off a genetically engineered killing machine? Watch him and Rupert Friend's...
I'm thinking either Dan Stevens or Rupert Friend to play Lord John--your thoughts,
Rupert Friend. Can look noble and youthful with ease (a la Young Victoria) but pretty tough (Homeland etc.)
Meet Rupert, my new friend from Dolakha :-)
A good, kind, funny, and AWESOME friend just the way he is... I want to be friends with Rupert someday.. :)
I think that the process of trying to become somebody else, and obviously t...
Rupert Friend - I don't really use the Internet or the newspapers...: via
Rupert claims to be the luckiest person in the world because he lives with his best friend, his…
I ask my friend if he wants to be the first Rupert grint rp, then viola! 😂 may forever na si emma 💕
I'm only really interested in taking a part if it's nothing like me.
Rupert was not on the next room on this day ?Just asking for a friend.
Y(?) 5 US Generals assigned to a war in Iraq that doesn't exist? your girl friend wasn't the problem.
📹 1foxesforlife94: Rupert the Fennec Fox is reunited with his best friend, William the cat, after...
A bit more of Rupert Friend as Alessandro Felicce (“Virgin Territory”)
Ooooh! That looks good!! Rupert Graves is a friend of a friend. Oh, and Joan can do no wrong!! I'll definitely watch!
There are two qualities that I've noticed in good directors: One is that th...
I think that what drives most of us as human beings is the want for somethi...
It's like 2 AM and I just decided that Alec is that one friend that is always cold (also wouldn't Rupert consider a lot of the
Hold me like I'm more that just a friend
Zuma got a new friend who likes to cry he cried after da eff masses rejected him now he s diverting from real issue to rupert
You Jest my Red devil friend but Rupert Murdoch owed/owns half the media the Manc ***
Afghan media mogul and friend of Rupert Murdoch who himself benefited from seeking asylum in Australia deters others
he does! It's an Orlando Bloom-Rupert Friend kind of situation where I have to Google things just to be sure
With my new nemesis friend Rupert Perry Jones
yes, a friend indeed! Feel free to thank us for telling Probst to let Rupert have a 4th chance!
Actor on turning his hand to directing & signing with
Today I met my new best friend, his name is Rupert and he is my camera 💕
Sarah: "Em, who was that actor that played Albert?". Me: "Rupert Friend.". Sarah: "Well he needs to be my friend!".
When did vice start it's smear campaign against cannabis? Was it before or after rupert murdoch bought in? Im ask for a friend you see
Previous assumptions are quickly shattered today as a friend r... More for Taurus
U R 84 yrs/o Rupert..go play with your friend Soros 85, and watch listen to the clock tick
Hmm. We are not dumbs, George. Rupert Friend made it clear your intentions when he played you on that movie.
Is he trying to get into the hitman franchise? He'd probably do better then Rupert Friend
I left at home with Dad because he fell in love with Ben Mendelsohn after seeing him in and he likes Rupert Friend.
I'm feeling like a failure for missing Aidan Turner in a towel, but Rupert Friend was lying defenceless in a hospital bed. THE DILEMMA.
Rupert your days are numbered my friend nobody believes your gutter trash anymore!
Unlimited Calling US/Canada phone service
Take that back. The only think daft about it is the lack of focus on Rupert Friend. And not enough crying Carrie.
Quinn is threatened with death by gas chamber on Homeland  via
You hit the nail in the head my friend. My point exactly! No one else can change the country but
If you're still looking for a new 007, my vote goes to Rupert Friend
Only good thing about is Rupert Friend 😍
Check out these epic Midnight North coffee mugs that our friend got us. Thanks Rupert!
Rupert Friend, I am just sort of lost in your eyes, you handsome devil.
Dear Rupert, if youre going to die soon, at least pls write down to give MySpace to me on your last will. . Your friend,. Chandra
m it's hard to choose between him and Rupert Friend...
Give me Rupert Friend. Is that too much to ask?
Sometimes my repeated viewings of Pride & Prejudice come in handy. Like when Rupert Friend is on Homeland & you recall him as Sgt. Wickham.
I'd pick Nate Parker as John, Zachary Quinto as Kyle, Joseph Sikora as Guy & Rupert Friend as Hal
it's got some lovely actors in it. Claire Danes is just superb. Rupert friend is good too!
"We determine who we are by what we do" - Rupert Friend. Done watching HITMAN Agent 47. — watching Hitman: Agent...
Thank you for a fantastic weekend, and of course to Rupert for being the coolest steampunk friend ever! ❤️
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i'm falling in love with Rupert Friend 😍🙆💘✨
Saw Spectre & loved it! Daniel Craig is best Bond! When he hands in his 007 stripes, hope Rupert Friend picks 'em up
OMG! You are one of the most beautiful girls on Earth. A billion men would love to love you. You'll find your Rupert Friend.
I liked a video from Hitman: Agent 47 - Rupert Friend and Zachary Quinto Interview 2015
I can't explain why I find Rupert Friend sexy
To Shiv 's of the most beautiful voices on radio my dear friend Vic Insanally n the other...
Entertainment :congrats to my friend Mahadeo Shivraj on his new movie. ..presently being shot on location.
Rupert Friend is basically the reason for my existence 😍
I'm still hoping Keira Knightley and Rupert Friend end up together.
Ugh! Rupert Friend made it to the crush list! Baybeee
Why don't you get Wens to do a mug design? Also Hattie Newman, Rupert Newman, my friend Henretta might have a go.???
Love you Rupert, a dear friend that will be missed and could never be replaced
I am so deeply grateful for 10+ yrs with my dog Rupert, my best friend. In so many ways, he has enriched & saved my life.
Shet I was like 'Nasan kaya si Rupert Friend dito?' And I kept on searching then I realized he was one of the soldiers! My gosh!
while watching the show yesterday my friend pointed out that from our seats,you looked like Rupert Grint 😂 great show, loved it!
Laptop insurance - because accidents happen!
Starting to watch this season of Homeland, finally. Why so much bronzer on Rupert Friend?
Rupert Murdoch's physique is an egomaniacal gonad. His best friend's scarcity of rationality is caecum-overconsuming.
Question: Do you think Rupert Friend is good looking?
Friend told me about an UNHOLY ALLIANCE:Cheney Rothschild&Rupert N charge of. Golan Heights new oil strike!. Bebe is evil.LookITup.Spread IT
Rupert Friend feom plays Hitman agente 47, let's see this movie tonight...!
my my Tony, your sounding mightly familiar with your Zealot friend Rupert
Thanks for that Rupert and his friend have a message for you
Matt Damon would've gotten in less trouble if he'd just said Rupert Everett deserved an Oscar for MY BEST FRIEND'S WEDDING and stopped.
Rupert Friend's 34th birthday is today. YAY! #
We would like to wish a Happy Birthday to Rupert Friend!. Are you a Fan?. Click Share and comment to also wish...
Happy Birthday Rupert Friend Happy Birthday to our dear "enchanted...
Photo: english actor rupert friend is 34 today
//oh god I answer phone the person goes 'Hello this is Rupert Grint' I bloody wish it was my friend knows me to well LOL
Happy Birthday, Rupert Friend a.k.a the new in Hitman: Agent 47 Movie
Thank you Rupert. I feel the same way about you my friend.
Todays birthday boy is Rupert Friend Friend. He is an actor and writer, known for The Young Victoria, Pride &...
You had me at Keira Kneightley and Rupert Friend
Peter Quinn is the love of my life. Rupert Friend even. 💘
Someone needs to tell your friend Arsene that, if you try to stand still in Footy, you go backwards! Remember Rupert Lowe!!
Rupert Friend has a really sexy chin.
"Get me the phone numbers of Rupert Friend and Ed Skrein!"
I'm an old friend of Rupert's glad your doing well. My book explains institutional abuse succinctly from many experiences !
Just watched the video of standing up to a bully for his blind friend. We need more people like this https:/…
Barnaby's new friend: Rupert the doorstop dog. He's slept next to him for three nights now.
Now Damian Lewis is going to be the next Bond? I don't like that idea. If we're choosing ex-Homeland actors how about Rupert Friend?
I want Marion Cotillard to declare, "Rupert Everett was the worst part of My Best Friend's Wedding..."
Rupert Friend off Homeland would be a better Bond.
yay! My friend already latched onto Rupert but I still don't have a character in Blood & Roses, I hope I latch onto Daniel!
Rupert Friend on Carrie in the finale:. "Carrie was not massively committal" . 😂😂😂😂
Can't actually even deal with how hot Rupert Friend is in I will be up all night watching this at this rate 😍😍😍
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Used to like til I figured out he's just another one of Rupert's puppets. And he claims to …
Rupert Brooke's death affected his comrade Frederick Kelly, who wrote an elergy to his friend
David Bateson hasn't watched the latest Hitman movie with Rupert Friend, he wished to play Agent 47 in a movie
Claire Danes, Mandy Patinkin, Alexander Fehling, Sebastian Koch, Rupert Friend ... and a lot of Berlin - the...
Rupert Friend, Zachary Quinto on new movie “Hitman: Agent 47”: The action-packed movie based on the iconic vid...
Just walked past Bill Murray, Bradley James and Rupert Friend in the space of 3 minutes. Only at
thank you girls for giving me so many Peter Quinn/Rupert Friend feels today I'm in awe ☺️
I am totally obsessed with Peter Quinn from he is so sexy. Love me some Rupert Friend.
Mixed feelings over the Agent 47 trailer, what bothers me most is that Rupert Friend is (or looks) to young to be Agent 47. Won't sleep now.
There's 3 ways to make a best friend in Texas... 1-That's my favorite Strait song too. 2-I listen to Cody Johnson. 3-…
Your friend Rupert Murdoch should too perhaps?
Rupert Everett in My Best Friend's Wedding is the perfect man
you want more cat? This is my furry little friend. Rupert da Mercyful.
Will Qld LNP ask Rupert who will be the new leader? MT “Will QLD costings presser include a Phone-A-Friend option?"
Rupert Friend Claire Danes oddly complement each other in the new season casting of Homeland,,,
Rupert has already stopped being a friend (never was, in fact, just fair weather)
Bolt had to bolt home from holidays at Rupert's command to trash his good friend The Mad Monk on cue. It's "a coordinated attempt" alright
Rupert Friend as Prince Albert has killed me. 😍
Rupert, Howard, Bolt, Jones have just worked out what has been known for ages! Abbott is the oppositions best friend
My friend Matt is so tall, we call him Matthew Picchu!
Young Victoria's such a sweet movie - just realised that Rupert Friend is the guy from Homeland 😱
'Rupert Friend Zoned' is both clever and gross.
Murdoch the last friend PM needs right now: With friends like Rupert Murdoch, Prime Minister…
Publicity photo of Daniel Radcliffe, Emma Watson, and Rupert Grint after they were cast in "Harry Potter in 2000.
MT“Rupert has spoken. His papers will repeat. Credlin is toast”. If my enemy's enemy is my friend...Catch 22?
“Walking a drunk friend home like this is still so amazing 😂🙌
no of course, same as in that show Turn on AMC. Same thing. But even Rupert friend on Homeland. You'd never think he's English
Everybody take a moment to wish my friend and favorite pirate Rupert a happy birthday!
Claire Danes and Rupert Friend have the most awkward and fascinating onscreen chemistry. Fantastic.
I adore Young Victoria. Such a gorgeous film & Rupert Friend is just 😍 I love Victoria and Albert's story so much ❤️
Needing me some Rupert Friend news and pics - March is too long a wait
and ofc, now that stupid poll put Rupert Friend in mind too, he's in-between. Or.. we could start a rumour of Rob pattinson ;p
I have homemade cookies and 2 Rupert Friend movies on DVD. So we're good here.
“Emma Watson on kissing Rupert Grint . Talk about being hoed. Poor guy got friend zoned hardcore
Rupert. A friend. She was out in the rain? Did she ruin her phone?. *Never a dozen of flowers were so inconvenient in -
Watching reminds me of the time I tried to buy a Rupert Bear book for a friend I thought was £2.00. It was £200.
If you aren't casting Rupert Friend as Beast opposite Emma Watson, you. are. doing. it. wrong. Also Angela Lansbury 4ever
I got home and watched Starred Up starring Jack O'Connell, Ben Mendelsohn and Rupert Friend. Dark film portraying life in prison. 6/10
Me too. Watching Homeland. No clue what is going on but Rupert Friend...😍
me too. I thought season 4 was the best of them all and Rupert Friend? No words!
Can't complain about Downton Abbey…I don't watch it. But. Honestly. was insane this season. Rupert Friend was insane.
"Emma Watson on kissing Rupert Grint friend zone forever.
big up Rupert me friend and all him good work
Rupert Murdoch,American Citizen owner of Fox n Probably great friend of the Koch Bros.Murdoch made mess here
Rupert has gone to stay at a friend's as I have a flat inspection in the morning. A pet free home is boring 🐰🐰🐰
Order Miche Bag Online!
Watched StarredUp w my non-English friend &she said "None of them are even speaking English!"- said she could only understand Rupert Friend!
Catching up with season 2 of Homeland. Rupert Friend eh? He can be my *** s 'friend' any day *winks forever* *is hospitalised for stroke*
I'm saving my disparagement till Rupert's friend wins the big gong.
it'll be a close personal friend of Rupert's for sure.
A friend introduced me to Rupert who was Ron Weasley in Harry Potter. I said "Nice to meet you. I am going out for a smoke"
You've met me, Rupert. You're the closest thing to a friend I have. I'm not friendly
oh Homeland was so good. big Rupert Friend fan here from way back & he blew it away as Peter Quinn. probably their 2nd
Reboot coming with Rupert Friend as baldy.
A Dog’s Best Friend - Rupert Fawcett’s cartoons are brilliantly observed – and touchingly true to life. As...
I have hated Rupert Friend on principle since Joe Wright's PRIDE & PREJUDICE, but *** if STARRED UP didn't win me over completely.
"i feel like his jawline is excessively chiseled" - RE: rupert friend
Rupert Friend in Young Victoria is singing symphonies to me okay
When people are TOO serious about their iPhone... 😂 BUT MY IPHONE 6 ✋✋tag a friend who is guilty of…
Rupert Friend is so hot, I can’t wait for the new Hitman movie tbh.
.Billy Bob Thornton as Oscar and Rupert Friend as Felix. Or Seth Rogen as O and James Franco as F. John Goodman as Murray?
Rupert Friend is the most beautiful man I've seen in awhile
LOL, I'll trade you, I got Rupert Grint, who I think was teh guy who played Harry Potters friend on those movies.
strong strong words rebecca my friend but wholly acceptable and valid! Well said👍
At the moment I'm not sure how I feel about Rupert Friend playing I need me something more than a couple of generic stills.
“When you haven't seen your best friend in two days where's Marcus?
Diaporama : Director Michael Cuesta had originally considered actor Rupert Friend when casting the lead...
Rupert Friend is so gwapo he looks pa jud like Orlando Bloom I thought jud he was in Pride 😅
Also, I am incredible confident that Rupert Friend will make a wonderful Agent 47. Not sure he quite has the look, but I can get past that
And my last for the night goes to Rupert Friend. My darling Young Victoria boo.
I'll never forget the time my friend's sister met Rupert Grint and called him the guy from Ed Sheeran's video that's not Ed Sheeran🔫
I'm likely to stick it through. Want to see Rupert Friend's role, which I think is the later seasons...
Live with Kelly and Michael Interview "Homeland" star RUPERT FRIEND: via
Will the crew get their friend Rupert back?! Find out!!
idk why I have no friend, im beyond funny
Friend: man who's feet stinks . Shawn oakman: MINE . Friend: oh nvm it smells good fam
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ROFL & Rupert Friend's fiance have him walking out like a nob head w/white shirt sans GARMENT BAG
Rupert Friend (Perter Quinn) is our new Silent Assassin in Hitman: Agent 47 (2015).
Also found Rupert Friend oddly mechanical...but he was great in the Young Victoria and Homeland...Watched it again recently
Rupert Friend is great but Quinn is a super agent cliche.What was with the sibling-esque, co-dependent kiss in ep 12. Ick.
Bringing in the new year with an old friend, good old Rupert Rothschild. The year is starting well
Love the year. Love you, Craig. Love everything. (Rupert Everett in MY BEST FRIEND'S WEDDING, paraphrased some)
Photoset: They like have  severe nut allergy but they cant stop eating snickers -  Rupert Friend on Carrie...
I'm a huge fan of Rupert Everett since My Best Friend's Wedding. He was the only good thing in that movie
I added a video to a playlist Rupert Friend on resurgence of "Homeland," season finale
Thanks Rupert. Happy new year to you my friend.
Rupert grint is my fav kind of friend
Thank you my friend have nice day big hugs.
Blair even betrayed his family friend Rupert Murdoch by covering his wife. Whats up with this satanic scumbag of a human being
+Rupert Friend​ - get your agent to talk to whomever they should about casting as Mitch Rapp in American Assassi...
1 of my fav movies-My Best Friend's Wedding. Love Rupert Everett in this
Softball Rampage Has A Wide Selection of Products.
An old deep house track I made with a friend a while back!
I just want Rupert Friend to know that I'm here for him. 😁😍
Was very fortunate to consult on this project before a best friend David McKenna passed away (played by Rupert Frien…
I want to see my friend so bad... He shouldn't be on New Years alone.
what a great idea. Hugh Grant as a slave? Rupert Grint as the Slum Dog Millionaire?
Ran into an old friend. My old cheer coach. Rupert !
This is supposed to be a text to my friend Halex whom I call Rupert SMFH
Get an Amazon gift card for Christmas? Classic movie fan? Check out my friend Rupert Alistair's books!
with a lot of help from a friend in Portugal.
Everyone say happy birthday to my friend Rupert 🎈🎈
Any friend of Rupert's. .great to catch up with this special crowd
Rupert Friend is also a beautiful man
P&P NewsBits: Keira Knightley and Rosamund Pike nominated for British Actress of the Year - London Critics Circle Film Awards, new The Imitation Game stills featuring Keira Knightley, Downton Abbey Christmas Special, and more! Here's today's quick news round up of TV and film news (including casting calls, a film synopsis, trailers, release dates, festival news, etc.) of the following P&P (2005) actors: Rupert Friend, and Jena Malone, all in one post! Read them all here:
Watching this season of Homeland I reckon Rupert Friend could well be the next James Bond 007 after Daniel Craig ... Yup!
Rupert Friend is currently starring in the fourth season of multiple Emmy Award-winning television drama Homeland
Watching 'The Young Victoria' purely for some extra Rupert Friend screentime.
I don't like the fact that they're casting of Rupert Friend as Agent 47, him and Timothy Olyphant were far too skinny to portray him
I think we can all agree My Best Friend's Wedding wouldn't be half the movie it is without Rupert Everett.
And Rupert Friend 😭 I literally just watched him in Homeland two minutes ago. Amazing.
I really wish Rupert was my friend *sigh*
I'm catching up on new Homeland and honestly Rupert Friend is the only thing making this remotely worthwhile.
‘Homeland’ season 4, ep 5 preview: Claire Danes’ Carrie has more tension with Quinn, Rupert Friend
I bet that's the first set of real *** Rupert Friend has seen for a while
Rupert Friend is outstanding in the new series of Homeland.
Pretty sure I've only stuck with because of Rupert Friend
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