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Rui Costa

Rui Manuel César Costa, OIH (born 29 March 1972) is a former Portuguese football player and current Director of Football for Sport Lisboa e Benfica.

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hiring sporting director like Rui Costa or Albertini plus Leonardo 👍.
Candreva is easily gonna end up like Rui Costa. Criminally underrated. Such a classy player.
I have it in Rui Costa. Great looking kit
"Once flows through your veins, it will flow forever in your blood" - Manuel Rui Costa- (w/ Fudy) [pic] —
New pod is available now and it's on Portugal's fabled Figo & Rui Costa golden generation: htt…
Benfica hasn't produced such a good young player ever since Rui Costa, so it's obvious us, Benfica fans will be more attached to RS.
Selamat pagi! Vlado! Darah Biru. Same as Manuel Rui Costa When he come to be Rossoneri. [pic] —
End of austerity Way, just a reminder... .
yep,read Rui Costa wasn't at his best at Milan even though that's where he won most of his stuff.
"So slow it seems he wasn't moving. At that flow of play, Pirlo, Seedorf and Rui Costa could still compete." -GC
I wonder if they have player like: Sheva, Rui Costa, Rivaldo, Ljunberg, Pires, Viera (?)
Rui Oliveira e Costa publicly offered money to a team to win violating any law related to fixing games. That he bets or not isn't the matter
Seen Rui Costa still wearing his rainbow jersey earlier. In Sheffield of all places! And on a Pina Rokh! Madness...
i packed rui costa 88 legend stored him and went out of the room 1 min later i checked my club and he wasn´t there what should ido
"If he were any slower he'd be standing still. Seedorf & Rui Costa could still play at Monto's pace"
First part is what the caption said more or less, next sentence is saying at this rate, Seedorf & Rui Costa could play stil
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"Pirlo, Seedorf & Rui Costa could still play at the pace at which Montolivo plays"- Today's Gazzetta
Rui Costa detains the 6th place despite a crash.
Rui Costa 6th in the GC after the summit arrival.
Rui Costa would have been a better buy IMHO
apparently Brucey Rioch wanted Rui Costa and Shearer with Wrighty sold
Fiorentina's 21-year-old prodigy Federico Bernardeschi is a real talent worth watching... He reminds me of Rui Costa...
It also annoys me how plays with his socks down.. only players like rui costa and laurent blanc can do that!
Another draft and I've already had two of the best choices ever. -Purple Ibrahimovic or Effenberg. -TOTY Pogba or Rui Costa
The Maestro!!! you remind me of the days of Rui Costa..high level of footballing brain + Talent
are you a socio? 112 units + Rui Costa signature, unreal deal to me
I used to watch Liga Calcio (Serie A) when I was a teen. peak Totti, Rui Costa, Maldini, Buffon, Bily Costacurta, Panucci (yeah), Sedorf
you should try Rui Costa, truly amazing 🙏🏻
for the 1st time since the rui Costa midfield we have mad depth in talent in midfield
Here is the second part of our interview with Rui Costa, in which he answers some of YOUR questions!. Aqui está a...
Rui costa was in Fiorentina alongside Toldo and Batistuta.. They played in the same group with Arsenal and Barcelona in 99 ucl   10% Off
Zidane made me understand the Central Attacking Midfield role and then Okocha,Fabregas,Emre,Rui Costa, Totti made it a joy ro observe
Yh i put Seedorf in my top ten. Rui Costa and Deco were class but not in my top ten. What about your top five strikers that
Djuricic: "The club & Rui Costa believed in me. He even gave me his old shirt, which was a great honor, but Jorge Jesus didn't want me."
"He’s got to stop treating me this way, I can’t stand it any more. It has to stop". Rui Costa
nope best legend I ever packed was Rui Costa !!!
Rui Costa, famous scientist from who works at Fundação Champalimaud in shares some thoughts.
Which typeface should I use — 10,000 views edition with typos fixed thanks to Rui Costa
VIDEO 6 years ago today Rui Alberto Costa Faria won in
batistuta - totti another tough pairing ..rui Costa - batistuta . there was plenty to test yourself
Record: FC Porto came out in their newsletter blasting the referee Rui Costa, who in less than a month has lost 5 pts with bad officiating.
O Jogo | Pinto da Costa gave the green light to Peseiro to punish Maicon & Brahimi for their attitude. Brahimi was given…
«Rui Costa revels Ranieri's secrets». It's the offer of free Pizza ay Rui? 🍕🍕
Found this foto in my drawer, have it for 24 years, my hero: Manuel Rui Costa!! https…
Intriguing thoughts on knowledge, decisions, and memory from Dr. Rui Costa:.
Rui Costa and Batistuta in 96. Fiorentina had such a fearsome attack!
Rui Costa has been assigned to this weekend's match.
maybe Rui Costa or those who are hired to build a team should feel the pressure. Holes all over this squad.
packed MOTM Ibra, Rui costa legend and pro card akinfenwa, but the akinfenwa pro card wouldnt save?? (Was opening in 1 tab):'(
Throwback Rui Costa and Butragueno on my first sets of Black Friday Packs :D
On this day in 2003 CL, Rui Costa made this amazing assist to Sheva against Madrid.. 🔴⚫️
Figo rui costa deco Bruhh I still cry if the Greece x Portugal game ever comes up or is spoken about
I don't recall seeing those long Rui Costa-esque passes before. Is that something new he's added to his game?
Benfica director Rui Costa on manager Rui Vitória: "His future has not been discussed. Things aren't as bad as some want to make it to be."
I bought rui Costa for 640k and sold for 450k...
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Portugal becomes the second eurozone country this year to rebel against EU belt-tightening rules . via
Rui Costa on derby controversies/fallout: “We’ve been here a long time, we know what to do to condition refereeing.”. Do tell, Rui!
economy today: ECB's Costa, Nouy, Mersh, Bank of Italy's Panetta speak
2000 | Portrait of Rui Costa and Gabriel Batistuta of Fiorentina taken during a Portuguese sport photocall in Lisbon
That moment when I packed legend Rui Costa in FIFA 15.
If muntari can play for the same Milan Rui Costa and Pirlo played for dont let anyone tell u ur dreams cant come true
I added a video to a playlist FIFA 16 - Rui Costa - Legend Review
Watching Serginho on sky talking about his past with milan .6-0 vs Inter, Sheva, Rui Costa, Maldini and the CL final
I agree with the strategy. Rui Costa & LFV have to be tough & decide if Rui needs time or the Flores treatment.
yeah I agree. Think that is why Rui costa can't be coach either. He'd never be on the bench.
Rui Costa, LFV... This is not about a poor plan. I agree being held to the mercy of the best coach in Portugal isn't good long term.
Either way, if I'm Rui Costa, I'm thinking hard if I have another Quique Sanchez Flores situation on my hands.
I'm curious about Rui Costa being present on Benfica bench tonight. Why? Trying to even up with Bruno in tow on Sporting's bench?
Pretty sure I'd propose to Rui Costa if I met him.
Rui Costa not liking what he sees from the subs bench. FT Sporting Lisbon 1-1 Benfica, extra time to follow.
Did Rui Costa actually get sent off? Bad stream here
Thought that was the first red card Rui Costa ever got😒
Menez looks like a prime Rui Costa in comparison with Cerci. Ffs man is a Dutch second division standard
Petition to always have Rui Costa on the bench
Milan when Rui Costa was midfield general, Schevchenko was the predator, Maldini the ruthless enforcer! . They in a slump RN, still love em
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Redondo - Pirlo - Rui Costa - Kaka. What a wankworthy midfield that could have been! :(
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.images from filmed by the excellent team of Rui Costa, Mike Field, Kris Mesie and
Bet Lampre couldn't quite believe they got Meintjes. A top 10 rider in a GT in 2016. Please don't make him support Rui Costa!
Portugal legend, Rui Costa, 26 goals and 94 caps for his country!
Rui Costa's taking part in some edgey advertising to keep busy in the off season...
Rui Costa - one of the greatest midfielders of his generation
when I saw Rui Costa, trequartista is not only about scoring goals.
Rui Costa: "If Witsel were to join a Serie A club in the future, then I would like to see him play for Milan or Fiorentina."
Riq is debatable but there's a lot more,Rui Costa,Edgar Davids...the list goes on.
Awesome photo. Marco Materazzi and Rui Costa during the Milan derby.
IMHO, they re diffferent type of midfielder mate. but i prefer ballack in my team over rui costa.
. How can you pick Ballack over the legendary Rui Costa
Since when Rui Costa is Italian? And since when Materazzi is a legend 😂😂😂
of cos.. Manuel Rui Costa will always be a football legend and can even run for fifa presidency sef.. Scholes na pundit
lmfao once again thats your preference. gareth bale IS wales. just like scholes is better than rui costa.
you can make a movie on Rui Costa's assists
I was just about to pull out stats on u.. Rui Costa was never a prolific goal scorer but he created too many goals
for Manchester United... And he owes it all to fergie.. Rui Costa has titles with Fiorentina benfica Milan Portugal
All those goals batistuta scored for Fiorentina.. Rui Costa gave it to him on plate
Dude said Scholes is a controller of the game and passer... Please who here has seen Manuel Rui Costa play?
please don't go there.. Rui costa was more skillful/stylish. Scholes a controller/passer. One of the best
Only man United fans think Scholes Is all that... Scholes ain't even half the player Manuel Rui Costa was
Net busters in past glory and darkness days of football. Luca Toni, Batistuta, Rui Costa, Crespo,
Early in the 2000's he sure wasn't the most talented in the group (Rui Costa, Deco...)
Ah, reminds me of Kaka, Rui Costa, Totti, Dinho, and Roberto Baggio :)). They're the truly playmaker (y)
He has played with Luis Figo, Deco,Rui Costa-possibly one of the most talented POR side ever in 04 - kidding me ?
Not everyone walks that step from 1 to 3-week races. Think of Rui Costa or Simon Spilak
PI is the Chair of the Programme Committee for the forum
Yeh i like Valda last year. You tried Rui Costa? Or you all about the 5*?
you clearly went thru a Rui Costa phase 😂
How good would Portugal be if Figo/Rui Costa were ten years younger. That midfield from ten years ago with Ronaldo would decimate all
I watched rui costa at fiorentina his technique was unbelievable
Got more chance of Rui Costa scoring a free kick from his own half than BTTS in this Portugal Denmark game
Goodness me, WHAT a through ball from Evans. Somewhere in Portugal, Rui Costa just got a semi and he doesn't know why.
Rui Costa is my fav all time Portuguese player... Used to score some worldies.
lol yeah can see how ya mean lol have you tried van nistelrooy ? Or Rui Costa ?
Quote of the week. Rui Costa: "Once flows through your veins, it'll flow forever in your blood"
nominated for the "Most Promising Technology Innovation in Portugal". Vote here
Figo (127), Ronaldo (122), Fernando Couto (110), Rui Costa (94) ahead so Nani would be 5th most capped, not 4th.
Football is always fun, but it was magical during the days of Inzaghi, Ronaldo de Lima, Riquelme, JJ, Rui Costa, Hadji, Van …
Fiorentina midfield ace happy with Rui Costa comparison: Fiorentina midfielder Borja Valero has said that he l...
Marco Materazzi and Rui Costa wait on the pitch as supporters throw flares during their Champions League match, 2005 h…
Brown is the same headless chicken that made Mo Edu look like Claude Makalele and Pedro Mendes look like Rui Costa
Just seen Rui Costa buying a ginsters in a newsagents in the gallowgate. Signing imminent.
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Now we can get back to cycling. We have fights too Tour de France Fight (2010 - Rui Costa vs Carlos Barreda)
"Once Milan flows trough your veins, it'll flow forever in your blood." - Rui Costa. Forza milan
Cerci style and skills remind me of Grande Rui costa , Rui had more skills and brilliant assists , Cerci is faster player
Was it that bad? These days I feel nostalgic for the 90s in serie A. Hurt myself by looking at old lineups. Rui Costa 😍
LRT: Oh for the days of and the don Rui Costa... Viola legends... Now gone too... *wipes tear* Still, forza Viola...!
i have a suggestion to that 4321 Ronaldo team. Why dont SELL Roberto CARLOS and then get Weah and rui costa?:)
use rui costa he is ridiculous currently have a team with him at ST
in retrospect that was a really terrible field. A reeling Mexico, Costa Rica, then... who else?
Rui Costa was a fabulous Footballer pure class
yeah, I liked Figo's style better, but my favorite portuguese player, my personal choice, is Rui Costa
Tears for the rainbow jersey, tears for the silver medalist. Just like Rui Costa and Joaquim Rodriguez on the podium in Florence.
Watch now, we have a new dj, Rui Costa
he surely would if he had a younger Kaka or Rui Costa behind him. . and a whole better team.
Rui Costa is dating someone and it's not me 😯
guys I just bought a player for 1.85mill (Rui Costa) and I didn't get him in my club he just disappeared is this a glitch?
Don't forget Rui Costa on Lampre-Merida. Two Velon cyclists mentioned! Velon has certainly won that article!
The Story of Ten Couples Who Fought Costa Rica’s Ban on in Vitro Fertilization
I love my clients, they send the best pictures.. The lovely Rui Palace in Costa Rica..
gone are the days of Rui Costa, Costacurta and Cafu eh? Its mental to think how far they've slipped.
Baggio, Totti, Zidane, Rui Costa, Riquelme, Del Piero, Laudrup, Bergkamp - can't think of any who are as good as those players playing now
well I have Kluivert, Crespo and Rui Costa in my current team... Will they go down so I can re buy them or nah?
I start Rui Costa ahead of Gattuso on RM
Paolo Maldini, Kaka, Sheva, Nesta, and Rui Costa. (I only mentioned players whom I had the opportunity to watch.)
mine consist the best i ever seen to play wth Milan over the last 20 years. 1. Maldini. 2. Rui costa. 3. Sheva. 4. Kaka. 5 nesta
so true. People won't critique Rui Costa and the SAD but that is their job and what they do. A coach can't always decide that.
It´s awful leave out of that list Gattuso, Van Basten, Ibrahimovic, Cafú, Rui Costa, Seedorf, Rijkaard, Gullit, Weah...
Rui Costa. I love Arda but he didn't make me look hipster enough.
When we are winning titles. Rui Costa was sold for money in the 90s and did people accuse them of being anti youth and anti portuguese?
Involved in the selling. There's LFV, there's Rui Costa and the SAD, and agents. They all play a part in the youth being sold or sent on
Rui Costa's got to be up there with them. He was class!
I think I might start an argument with someone by asserting that Rui is the best footballing Costa.
use khedira CDM toty Kroos LCM then rui Costa at CF and a legend RW and CM and it'll be full chem
one of the best I've seen! Not to mention a bench of Rui Costa, Inzaghi, Jankulovski, etc
Figo truly was overrated. He wasn't even the best Portugese player of his generation, Rui Costa was.
dude I had a team with pele and 99 Ronaldo , Toty Kroos , rui costa , effenberg
we love but please watch & appreciate that is our diego costa of the technical area. again Rui was world class tonight
Balotelli and johnson are the biggest rui costa's ever. I really think if neither were fit to play we might have nicked that game.
in that case can I get one with rui costa?
If you put Coentrao, you could have any legend you wanted instead of rui costa
This Rui Costa thunderbolt at is among the best-ever UEFA goals. WATCH:
"Rui Costa places a through ball to Batistuta... & the rest is history". (Rinse & Repeat)
I kinda feel bad for folks who missed Rui Costa's prime while he was w/ Fiorentina.
Is it just me or does Rui Costa look like a slimmer Javier Bardem
He was 1 of the few top passers of the ball I dearly wantd Fergie to sign along with Rui Costa. Nvr hapnd, soldiered on with Ando unfrtntly.
understandable. Rui Costa was a fantastic runner from deep. Van Der Vaart wasn't bad either. No one to take a hold of games.
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Rui Costa wins national Historic Portuguese championship 2014 with Öhlins suspension. Congratulations to Rui Costa who dominated and won the national historic Portuguese championship 2014 with his wonderful historic Ford Escort Mk1 racing machine. The legendary Ford Escort Mk1 is equipped with Öhlins suspension specifically tailored for FIA historic racing applications by Dutch Öhlins center Madeno.
Congratulations Cristiano Ronaldo ! His wonder-strike against FC Porto has been chosen in list of top ten favourite goals ever scored in the Champions league out of 60 goals scored over 60 years ! The votes are in and counted, and now the winners can be revealed: after more than two million individual ratings of 60 of the best goals scored in the history of UEFA competition, here are the top ten that the voters chose, listed in chronological order. 1988 Marco van Basten's angled volley against the Soviet Union 1999 Mauro Bressan's impressive bicycle kick from 30 metres 2002 Zinedine Zidane's wondrous volley against Bayer 04 Leverkusen 2004 Rui Costa's sensational goal against England 2006 Peter Crouch's unbelievable goal against Galatasaray AŞ 2009 Cristiano Ronaldo's wonder-strike against FC Porto 2011 Dejan Stanković unbelievable volley against FC Schalke 04 2012 Radamel Falcao's undefendable goal against Athletic Club 2013 Samuel Umtiti's stunner against Tottenham Hotspur FC 2013 Zlatan Ibrahimovic' ...
Portugal's 1991 youth championship team contained Rui Costa, Joao Pinto and Luis Figo. Not surprisingly they won it. htt…
Whatever happened tho... even back in high school I balled like Rui Costa insteada Luis Figo if ma consistency had bn maintained.
Not only Rui Costa, also Chris Horner told to this morning he was suffering the same bronchitis since the start of the Tour
Rui Costa and Nelson Oliveira are now following the leader group! Save skin and get to the finish boys!! Team Lam...
Behind the scene at Tour de Suisse with Rui Costa, made by .
that's why he hardly smiles. He remember he once had Figo, Deco, Maniche, Pauleta, Rui Costa, Nuno Gomes as team mates
To be frank, has been poor all throughout.Miss the days of Figo,Rui Costa,Conceicao,Simao,Nuno Gomes.Should have won Euro 04.
Hard to see where the next Rui Costa, Pauleta, Fernando Couto, Vítor Baia or Nuno Gomes is coming from.
Pauleta, Nuno Gomes, Figo, Rui Costa. Will be a long time before we see another Portugal generation like that.
Can't believe this is the same country that produced players like Figo, Rui Costa, Nuno Gomes, Simao and Conceicao.
Growing up Portugal had the likes of Deco, Luis Figo, Ricardo Carvalho, Rui Costa, Nuno Gomes... Now look at them 😔
I miss the Euro 2000 with Figo, Rui Costa, Sa Pinto, Joao Pinto, Nuno Gomes & Sergio Conceicao. Ronaldo better but squad is so average
Rui Costa wins final Tour de Suisse stage to take overall victory on a bike while sponsored by
World champion Rui Costa snatches the Tour de Suisse victory from Tony Martin on the final stage:
Portugal's Rui Costa claimed a stunning victory in the 2013 UCI Road World Championships Elite Mens Road Race - his country's first ever in that category - o...
Kaka has a good range of passing, he can still perform. Look how long Seedorf, Luis Figo and Rui Costa played..
Football these days has turn to Atlethism. Most Club Coaches in europe dont have passion for Football anymore thats why i dont blame our local Coaches as football has turn to athletism, play dirty and Win. In my own opinion i believe its almost impossible for young football lovers to watch and get that excitement of former football greats that entertain fans at Stadiums and on Tv. Certainly coaches would not be opportune to work with such talented players that make us go to our Tv sets hours before Kick off. I thank God to have watched some talented greats that where able to make fun with the ball to makes us Happy. Platini, Zico, Valderama, Hagi, Maradona, Socrates, Gascoigne, Laudrup, Rui Costa, Effenberg, Redondo, Rivaldo, Zidane, Del Piero, Baggio, Abedi pele, Ronaldinho, Okocha etc These players with all there qualities wouldn't have been successfull or able to exibit their gifts nowadays as they will either be having injuries week in week out or may be have there legs broken. I personally feel these ...
Others? Ion Izaguirre, Caruso and Rui Costa. Many to pick from, sadly
Will the world ever get such talents again?our beloved mothers what really happened to used to give us sons like Totti, Rui Costa, Totti, Delpierro, Roberto Baggio, etc now its Kulisi Simollingi, fiilu Jonizi, welubeki, badisituba, suri etc Malinga Marion being alady tell us about it!!!
Here is who is coming to Dubai next week for Dubai Tour : STARS PARADE AT THE FIRST EDITION OF THE DUBAI TOUR The World Champion, Rui Costa, Vincenzo Nibali, Peter Sagan, Joaquin Rodriguez, Mark Cavendish, Marcel Kittel, Tony Martin and Fabian Cancellara will be at the start. Dubai, January 28, 2014 – The whole cycling world is eagerly anticipating the Dubai Tour’s first edition, which starts next February 5th and finishes on February 8th. Competing on Dubai’s roads will be 16 teams, each with eight riders. The 16 teams are made up from 11 UCI ProTeams along with 3 UCI Continental Teams, the United Arab Emirates national team and the Dubai Sky Dive team. Some of the greatest cycling champions in the world are on the official entry list, including: reigning Road World Champion, Alberto Rui Costa; the 2013 Giro d'Italia winner, Vincenzo Nibali, the British king of sprints Mark Cavendish, the young emerging rival Marcel Kittel and his German compatriot Tony Martin, Swiss rider Fabian Cancellara; the Sp ...
At moment like this ,I miss him a lot Carlos Manuel Brito Leal Queiroz Remember Him? He coached the Portuguese under-20 side to two Football World Youth Championship wins, in the 1989 and 1991 tournaments. As head coach of the Portuguese under-20 youth team, at that time, there were several members of "Golden Generation" of Portuguese football, such as Luís Figo, Rui Costa, Fernando Couto, João Pinto, Jorge Costa and Vítor Baía, who went on to become the six most-capped players ever for the senior Portugal national football team. Queiroz became a coach at English club Manchester United in June 2002. He began his work at the start of the 2002–03 season, working alongside Alex Ferguson, who had gone without an assistant manager since the departure of Steve McClaren in the summer of 2001. Queiroz was one of United's more significant assistant managers. Since Queiroz came, United made several signings, but some have stuck in the mind more than others. Date Pos. Name From Fee 1 July 2004 DF Gerard Piqué ...
Pic of Rui Costa and Cardozo dropping Benfica flag on Eusebio's coffin already six feet under.Portugal is so Sicily
I'm talking Zizou, Del Piero, Cafu, Rui Costa, Nedved, the list was endless. You couldnt pick the best eleven if you tried...
Ronaldo can't fighting all alone, he needs Luis Figo, Rui Costa, and Pedro Pauleta.
Similar roots to Henrik Larsson, then. Puffing *** like Rui Costa
SRM data from Rui Costa & Valverde, World Championships Road Race-> (via & chapeau for releasing this)
What does it take to win the worlds? . Rui Costa - 296w average not normalised for 7hrs 25mins, thats 4.41w per...
Rui Costa edges Joaquin Rodriguez to win at the cycling World Championships [video]...
Wonderful day so far, saw Rui Costa win Cycling Worlds, went to the library with my favorite people, and now Lee University Convocation!
Rui Costa wins in Florence. For years the city's favourite sportsman was the Portuguese footballer Rui Costa. How did we miss …
Just another reminder of why Rui Costa was awarded "athlete if the year" in Portugal last year. In front of Cristiano Ronaldo.…
I just thought of 2 random footballers (Rui Costa and Matias Suarez) but Jebolani is my main one
"Grande" Rui Costa, quiet stage for Chris Froome, Pierre Rolland risks everything to get the polka-dot jersey.
“Rui Costa wins stage 19 as Chris Froome closes in on Tour de France glory” incredible from the retired Benfica legend! He's still got it!
Portugal's Rui Costa had a second stage win on the Tour de France - Chris Froome holds on to the yellow jersey by more than five minutes.
CYCLING: Chris Froome repelled a challenge by Alberto Contador as Movistar's Rui Costa took the victory on the 16th stage of
Chris Froome, Alberto Contador survive scares as Rui Costa cruises to classic breakaway victory
Rui Costa powers to a win on Stage 16 of le Tour as tensions rise b/w Alberto Contador and Chris Froome
Britain's Chris Froome retains the Tour de France race leader's yellow jersey after Stage 16 which was won by Rui Costa
Is that not an x soccer player? "Rui Costa won the 16th stage of the with Chris Froome retaining the yellow jersey"
Chris Froome recovers from late scare to retain Tour de France lead as Rui Costa wins stage 16
Relive Rui Costa's victory in stage 16 of the in this gallery:
Tour de France Stage 16 full report (+ results from - a solo win, big names dice with danger:
Crikey. Rui Costa won the Tour de France stage today - and there's me thinking he lacked a bit of stamina in Portugal's m…
Chris Froome and Alberto Contador survived scares as Portugal's Rui Costa cruised to a classic breakaway victory on Stage 16.
“Movistar's Rui Costa wins16th stage of the Tour de France ex Portugal international turned to cycling?
Tour de France: Rui Costa takes a high speed break into Gap as Froome is under attack again
GAP, France, July 16 (UPI) -- Rui Costa, with a charge up the final climb Tuesday, took Stage 16 of the Tour de...
Results: Rui Costa takes stage 16 at the Tour de France.
Rui Costa of Portugal wins 16th stage of Tour de France; Froome keeps lead (
Proud of Rui Costa winning 16th stage of the Tour and also that Carlos Gomes de Sá is leading the 2013 Badwater Ultramarathon.
“Rui Costa wins stage 16 of Tour de France via Hope he removed his 'low slu…
Portugal's Rui Costa climbs to stage win
Congratulations to Costa ! Another huge win for him this year ! 16 th stage of
Hats off to Portugals Rui Costa! Winner of stage 16. My son lives in Portugal so it's a good day for those fine folks.
Rui Costa wins the 16th Stage of the Tour de France.
Rui Costa won stage 16 of the 2013 Tour de France in Gap...
Rui Costa, winning today, and liking
Portuguese Rui Costa of Movistar wins Stage 16 of the Tour de France from Vaison-la-Romaine to Gap
Congrats to Rui Costa and . One of the strongest teams in the race deserved the win.
Awaiting reports of Rui Costa doping because he can beat Froome by 11 minutes...
Rui Costa winning Stage 16 of the Tour De France. Since when did he switch sports?
Final report, with classifications and photos, as Rui Costa solos to win and Chris Froome avoids late scare:
no, not from Portugal, just have always loved the players (Eusebio, Nuno Gomes, Rui Costa, etc)
we beat the mighty Portugal with Deco, Maniche. Rui Costa, Pauleta, Figo, Carvalho, Nuno Gomes
The famous image: Rui Costa and Marco Materazzi watch flares on the pitch in 2005 at the ht…
With Beckham and Scholes's retirement, Ryan Giggs is my last remaining childhood hero. It is an end of an era! Zidane, Ronaldo (the real Ronaldo), Maldini, Cafu, Carlos, Inzaghi, Figo, Rui Costa, Vieira, Davids, Kluivert, Shearer, Berkgamp, Pires, Rivaldo, Raul, Shevchenko, Morientes and referee Pierlugi Collini... all of them have retired (I think). Its a shame! It is a real end of an era! Soon another era will end with the likes of Ferdinand, Kaka, Lampard, Ronaldinho, Pirlo, Xavi etc. Sbonelo Trez Nxele-Doyisa; Brian Ngcoboo; Tinashe Chitsa; Peter 'Pedro Ojur; Clive Mthokozisi Zwane; Zimele Brian Zungu; Phila Zoko
As a kid I wanted to be like Ronaldo, Robbie Fowler, John Barnes, Ronaldinho, Cafu, Rui Costa, Batistuta, Zidane.
Gotze cost bayern almost as Rui Costa cost Milan. Although the former is much younger than Rui Costa was,I'd take the latter any day.
Years back we waited to see the very best of Zidane, Figo, Shevy, Rui Costa, R. Carlos e.t.c in their mid 20s up on to their early 30s.
Who knew that Rui Costa is the Sporting Director of FC Basel.
Quise subir el video del resumen del partido a youtube pero no me dejo porque segun no permiten videos de violaciones...x)
Nice results of Alejandro Valverde Belmonte and Rui Alberto Costa Faria in the classics :)
FC Bayern impressive! Bavarian goal machine straight to Wembley
Check my instagram .. I'm gonna post my bayren Munich pic. I saw rui Costa! The footballer for those who don't know c
At a Portuguese sports bar on dundas, walls full of pics of figo and rui costa. For work ofcourse
will be pleased that Rui Costa has won the Premier Division Young Player of the Year award.
Great trial stage for Rui Costa finished 5th
Happy to see my two picks taking 1st and 2nd. Plus Rui Costa and Pinot in top6 as well. Should be a good race :)
And now Richie Porte takes best time. 1 second faster than Rui Costa.
There was a reason we picked him as a rider to watch. Rui Costa goes fastest by 0.25 of a second.
Portugal's Rui Costa (Movistar) sets new fastest time of 13:31, a quarter of a second faster than Pinot
Rui Costa new best split time. Let's see if he can hang on.
Rui Costa, one of our riders to watch, is our on course now. He's a potential GC winner too
best of luck. Can't have Peraud on this at all. longer steady TT maybe. Rui Costa m, top 3 not so sure.
I think he'll beat Martin.Also fancy Peraud & Rui Costa. Both in form, good TT'ERS & can climb. Froome favourite but silly odds
Fiorentina best squad ever was the one with Chiesa, batistuta & Rui Costa init
im huge fan of Clarence the professor seedorf that's why ill never be satisfied .. rui costa then seedorf and now this
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Rui Costa did a great LBL. I can see him making the podium like last year.
Ok. Here are my picks for Tour de Romandie: 1. Froome 2. Talansky 3. Westra. Jokers: Rui Costa & Tschoop. Look out for Pinot too!
Watching fiorentina is boring sometime;coz i have missed Batistuta and Emmanuel Rui costa
Once Milan flows trough your veins, it'll be last forever (H.R Rui Costa)
Zidane played in an era where we had Nedved, Figo, JJ, Hosam Hassan, Hssan Sas, Henry, Rui Costa, Ronaldo the list goes on. he still won it
Im a big fan of Michel Platini, but Materazzi and Rui Costa are my personal favourites
That would really weaken the team. I hope Rui Costa and Co use their heads and not think of their wallets. :-\
1993, the Portuguese team before a match against Scotland. On this photo: Vitor Baia, Fernando Couto, Rui Costa,...
Love this group, Anton Rui Costa and Contador... Only Nibali missing.
Hesjedal has left his companions. Also Caruso, Contador and Rui Costa in the group with Uran.
Hesjedal escapes from the lead group, Uran and Rui Costa chasing
Colonster might be a better divider then Le Redoute. Contador, Rui Costa, Anton, hesjedal, Caruso, Uran leading the race
19kms to go. Movistar up front, Rui Costa - Fuglsang from AsTaNa had a technical but is back. Lots of guys off the back.
Penultimate climb now and Rui Costa gives it the beans...
.was part of a break with Cunego, Fuglsang and Rui Costa, but is caught by the peloton.
Break now has 8 riders. Cunego, Fuglsang, Rui Costa and Ten Dam the biggest threats here it would seem.
Lopez, Bardet and Cunego have been caught by Fuglsang, Rui Costa, Ten Dam, Fedrigo
Lopez, bardet and Cunego chased by Fuglsang, Fedrigo, Rui Costa, Ten Dam, losada
Front group of 8: Bardet, Cunego, Fédrigo, Frank, Fuglsang, Lopez Garcia, Losada and Rui Costa. 35km to go, 12"
Fedrigo hooks up with the lead group: Fuglsang, Rui Costa, Lopez Garcia, Losada, Frank, and Bardet. 35k to go
A seven-man group has now formed and opened up a gap on the bunch. Lopez, Rui Costa, Fuglsang, Cunego, Bardet, Losada & Frank
Rui Costa there too! One of my favorite riders in the pro peleton! Its a really potents escape here. I spotted Schleck in the peleton too :D
: 38 Km: Lots of jostling for position in the peloton. Rui Costa moves up towards the leaders as well
Lopez from Sky, Fuglsang from Astana and Rui Costa from Movistar in the lead. That's an interesting front group
Valverde sticks to the wheel of Gilbert and sends Rui Costa up the road. Cunego trying to join the front trio.
Lopez Sky with Rui Costa Movistar and Fuglsang Astana in front. Gilbert waiting
Lopez garcia, Rui Costa and Fuglsang leading together
Lazio after his defeated against Udinese 1-0...scored by Di Natali...
Two Portuguese Giants but who would you have Rui Costa or Luis Figo?
Chelsea and Tottenham are Europa League heavyweights, says Rui Costa
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1996 commercial for Nike, not in Old Trafford Nightmarish match in *** Trafford. Cantona, Kluivert, Campos, Brolin, Rui Costa. More commercials :
I'm pretty sure you've not started watching football when Rui Costa and Gabriel Batistuta laced their boots for the Viola ..Lol
Gremio director Rui Costa has flatly denied that they are looking to sign Sebastian Coates - Costa told UOL: "You can forget that, just forget it." (nicky)
Going to put it out there who was your favorite portugeezer ? Luis Figo or Rui Costa ???
Just thinking about some old school football legends Del Piero, George Weah, Rui Costa, Zidane who is there like some of these today obv Ronaldo & Messi, who else is there?
Rui Costa's top bins against England in Euro 2004!
You can still vote It come to this Rui Costa the winner of the Tour of Switzerland, finish in the top 20 on the Tour of France, Olympics and World Championships, in the top 10 best cyclists in the world vs CRonaldo
You can vote for one For Portugal athelete of the year CRonaldo and Rui Costa two of the favorites
Also knocked the ball around with Rui Costa :)
God yes! Rui Costa was amazing! Lucas Moura and Ganso look to return to the old playmaker formula (not particularly quick, lazy)
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