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Rufus Sewell

Rufus Frederik Sewell (born 29 October 1967) is an English actor. In film, he has appeared in The Woodlanders, Dangerous Beauty, Dark City, A Knight's Tale, The Illusionist, Tristan and Isolde, and Martha, Meet Frank, Daniel and Laurence.

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Victoria is magnificent to watch but Rufus Sewell is sorely missed when he does not appear in it
Here is the info for the Rufus Sewell Project! Lets get as many Victoria fans as possible!
I've this dilemma I can't continue to catch my late of Victoria bc I'm afraid to see Lord M die ! I love Rufus Sewell so much
How has Sewell not won more awards for his acting? So many of his roles are flawless.
Tv adaptation of Michael Dibden Aurelio Zen character, Rufus Sewell too smooth to play Zen. Also t…
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is turning 50 this October 29th!. "Rufus Sewell Dail" (on tumblr) had the idea to make a video of us f…
Just imagine Rufus Sewell looking at you in this way while he signs your autograph ♥️
- who sees a picture of Rufus Sewell and Alexa Davalos and thinks that Alexa is me. .
I ❤️ Rufus Sewell. 1st film was Bless the Child. My mouth dropped when I hear…
I truly apologize to you U can make fun of the Americans but not…
“thousands of hedgehogs and just Rufus Sewell and Peter Capaldi”
Rufus Sewell in Victoria (2016) is making my heart go Nut i'm sorry but i still love this old man
Day 265 drawing - Lord Melbourne/Rufus Sewell. I had to keep trying to get closer to right.…
October is the best month for bdays 😏 my BFF’s on 12th ,mine on 23rd & Rufus Sewell has his 6 days after me on 29th! Yo October people rule!
I'm holding out for Rufus Sewell (ie I'm still not ready to dip a toe back in the dating pool).
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Did you cry over ? Wanna help make a birthday video for Rufus Sewell ? Check this out! https:…
I saw Matthew Rhys earlier this year and Rufus Sewell today. 🙃
My mother approves of my crush on Rufus Sewell. That's a first.
I’m really loving Pillars of the Earth! Rufus Sewell is excellent as Tom Builder and I love Jack played by Eddie Redmayne 💕
L'account IG ufficiale di The Man in the High Castle ha postato un boomerang di Rufus Sewell che got me like:
/ Still waiting for a Rufus Sewell, Tom Hughes, Margaret Clunie, and the rest of the Victoria cast fakes to show up.
Im a big mendo fangirl but also feel obliged to introduce rufus sewell's cig-holding swag yes even the 1 in…
Lo de Rufus Sewell en The man in the High Castle es glorioso.
well, that’ll teach me to catch up with at half nine on a working day... Rufus Sewell’s portrayal of Lord M is exquisite.
*** yes. Mark Strong and Rufus Sewell: why are they not in everything, brooding all over the place?
Life goal: to have Rufus Sewell looking at you in this way ♥️
Home from night out. Google search of Rufus Sewell has commenced.
".. some time ago ... TM used to frequent the Edgware road & sometimes .. if you were walking south in the very ..."
I got this! Next in my Rufus Sewell marathon and ooh bonus Eddie Redmayne 😀💫✨
Good evening everyone! 😊. I love Rufus Sewell, and he is a kind human being. ❤
I hated that adaptation but Rufus Sewell is always worth watching, purely for his acting ability an…
The reason Queen Victoria & Lord M got on so well was because Rufus Sewell played the part.
Would you ever consider writing a novel solely about Lord M? I think he…
And then finding out she directed/taught Rufus Sewell while he was in acting school. LOL 😀
Fantastic to see you Rufus Sewell in the new series of Victoria
No prob! Rufus Sewell is m favorite actor, happy to share!
Yes, Victoria isn't historically accurate...but if you cast Rufus Sewell that is what happens. That man could have che…
Rufus Sewell stars alongside Jenna Coleman in ITV's Victoria . Love this scene X
📷 lauranoncrede: Jenna Coleman and Rufus Sewell as Queen Victoria and Lord Melbourne in ITV’s Victoria
Throwback to when I met Rufus Sewell for like a minute in Doncaster and I told him I loved him in Amazing Grace and he liked my nails 👌
What Rufus Sewell explains about the past, illustrates precisely why you have said POTUS - suffice to sa…
Loving "A Study in Charlotte", this modern day take on Sherlock, and that Watson's male descendants all seem to look like Rufus Sewell. 😀
Turns out my minor crush on Rufus Sewell dates back FAR further than I thought. Like, disturbingly far. I didn't even know.
oh wow thank you?? don't tell the others but you're my fav Canadian and I hope you meet rufus sewell one day bc you…
Random dungeon memory I just revisted: ballbusting a Rufus Sewell look alike to the point of nausea.
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No RA, but I highly recommend Shakespeare Re-Told's Taming of the Shrew, with hilarious performances by Shirley Hen…
Only able to watch the first hour but I'm enjoying it so far! I do have a soft spot for Rufus Sewell though 😍
Dunno, seeing so many defend Don Jr. feels very Man in High Castle to me. As for the show, it grows on…
That's fine. I don't fancy Tom either but they're both talented actors. Only Richard, Rufus Sewell and Hugh Jackman do it for me. 😍
Me ha gustado un vídeo de (- I only want to be with you Rufus Sewell and his fans).
Look out for Nazis on streets of The Man in the season 3 has started filming
Would it be wrong to forward this to Rufus Sewell and pray?
very keen to do a film of These Old Shades with Rufus Sewell bewigged as Lord Avon!
I get the feeling that though Rufus Sewell always plays horrid people, he's actually probably really nice in person. Confirm?
Rufus Sewell? Last time I saw him was Dark City.
"So what you're telling me is you failed. You're not allowed to fail, Captain." - Rufus Sewell...and also me.
Baby Driver has ruined me. Rufus Sewell has been kicked out of his throne as my Main Man. The world is aflame. There are no survivors.
I never tire of seeing Rufus Sewell on my television. He should be in more shows.
Rufus Sewell is all the reasons I would make an excellent general...and probably why we are all glad I declined West Point.
ITV just said "Victoria, starring dashing Rufus Sewell". Yes, but perhaps more notably staring Jenna Coleman as Queen Vic???
Victoria writers. So we need someone fatherly for Lord M. Ok i hear you, but WHAT IF we just got Rufus Sewell ins…
Would watch a Lord M biopic starring Rufus Sewell
The ALPHAca mutual:. -Lol alpaca. -Seriously intimidating. -Rekindled my love for Rufus Sewell. -Notice me senpai (idk what that means)
Tonight's movie: "Dark City", in which Rufus Sewell isn't a *** and Keifer Sutherland actually acts. A good, dark movie to be enjoyed.
Been on set with: Kit Harrington, Jude Law, Rufus Sewell, Ferdinand Kingsley, Pedro Casablanc. It's a funny old world the life of an Extra!
Rufus Sewell is eating eggs near me and I'm giving side eye for how he treated Kate Winslet in The Holiday aka my f…
I've thought for years that Rufus Sewell would be a great Doctor Who.
Random casting thought, for the Moff/Gatiss Rufus Sewell. Of course, no idea how they'll characterize the Count, but yeah.
1990s Jennifer Connelly and Rufus Sewell are still fine AF. Kiefer Sutherland is still annoying talking like Renfrew without full commitment
Why has nobody cast Rufus Sewell and Joaquin Phoenix as brothers, sociopath brothers in a Tarantio-esque crime movie.
Rufus Sewell - Interview Comic Con 2016 Listen to what he replies after 1:30, please!
I'm watching A Knight's Tale and I keep staring in awe at Rufus Sewell. He looks almost exactly the same at 49 as he did at 34. Hubba
Mmhmm good point. For me ranks alongside 1995 Persuasion and anything with Rufus Sewell.
Nevada's D has to be improved this year right? I really like Reed, Sewell,…
how much money will your country accept for you to sell us Rufus Sewell, Alex Proyas and Guy…
Little Giant Ladders
if Rufus Sewell doesn't get a nom they're being unfair (said the fan but oh well I'm so objective)
Why is it that at the end of A Knight's Tale, Rufus Sewell had to lay on CGI dirt? Was the real deal too difficult to procure?
Rufus Sewell attends the Evening Standard Theatre Awards at the Savoy Hotel on November 27 2006 in L
How awesome is it when my Strange account was Rufus Sewell and not Cucumber man.
Beautifully styled space for FYC events. Lots of show talent at preview tonight. My big regret:not c…
Hitler's desk set for Amazon's "Man in the High Castle" show, at event. Just saw Rufus Sewell and other……
I have a weakness for anything with Rufus Sewell in.
+ will forever gall me. I guess that I can still hold out for Rufus Sewell to play the part.
I want to have the energy I had when I ran & skipped through a tube station in front of strangers because I'd just met Rufus Sewell
/jumping on this meme bandwagon. "What do you like about Rufus Sewell?"
Double training later but I'll give myself a round of applause and watch Rufus Sewell's movies after. And chickens.
Rufus Sewell simply superb in Great performance by a very fine actor.
Not that they're asking me, but I vote 1 for Rufus Sewell to be the next
today i also sat next to rufus sewell (aka jasper from "the holiday") at a smoothie place and befriended his 3 yr old daughter i love LA
Good luck ! I was lucky enough to meet Rufus Sewell earlier this year - he was absolutely lovely
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Is this the same flat world as Dark City and that's why Rufus Sewell is there?
Rufus Sewell deserves all the awards.
Oh my god have I mentioned recently how much I love Rufus Sewell
I liked Rufus Sewell niece singing on you tube with her Dad Casper. Very nice.
Finished "The Holiday" SPOILER:Kate Winslet does not kill Rufus Sewell at the end.
I still love Rufus Sewell more than I love myself
I may or may not have a celebrity crush on Rufus Sewell 😍😁 .
Amy doesn't understand my love for Rufus Sewell, and that makes me quite sad
then all of a sudden he became Rufus Sewell (my victoria's heart never rests) and he was our guide inside of Buckingham Palace
I have spent many years enjoying your performances without knowing your name. Thank you Rufus Sewell!
Honestly, seeing Rufus Sewell at a neighborhood restaurant I frequent was probably the most exciting thing to happen this month.
Ugh I'm so upset Queen Victoria chose Albert and not Rufus Sewell 😩 why???
Spent last night listening to possible narrators for audio version of my new book on first TDF. Wife favoured Rufus Sewell, the kids Yoda
Rufus Sewell will be a lot better Grindelwald
Can I add Toby Schmitz? I had no intention of falling in love but it…
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I was expecting rufus sewell to pop out at any minute!! 😂
well, my crushes are the dads - Rufus Sewell, Tate Donovan, and Sebastian Roché - so I guess that's that about me.
Alexander Proyas and Rufus Sewell and a tv version of Dark City
Here's a picture of Rufus're welcome!
Rufus Sewell is the absolute heart of this show!
Wow. Harsh. Here's a gif of Rufus Sewell & a puppy to help smooth it over.
Quickly “identified” with Lord Melbourne. (Victoria can be seen Tues.8pmET on VisionTV!)…
Rufus Sewell should be the new Who (awaits nerdstorm)
Jenna Coleman and Rufus Sewell are magic together on screen. So beautiful to watch.
I really loved Lord M. Who doesnt? Sounds like historical accuracy reigns🙁 But, his death? Not ready.
Will Rufus Sewell return to Victoria as Lord M? drops an intriguing clue .
Will Rufus Sewell return to as Lord M? Daisy Goodwin drops an intriguing clue
Victoria is good, Tim Hughes and Rufus Sewell are excellent - and Jenna Coleman - amazing!
I happened to catch parts 5 & 6 on HBO this evening! Double dose of Rufus Sewell this past 24 hrs in Victoria & Adams!
I've been watching and it's good. I'm into this Albert dynamic. Also Rufus Sewell is great.
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It appears as though is honoring the founding of . Does the Chart Goose kill Rufus Sew…
Victoria and Albert are sweet together. My heart, however, will always be with Melbourne. I blame Rufus Sewell.
"I believe when you give your heart, it will be without hesitation. But you cannot give it to me." - Rufus Sewell as Lord Melbourne
FIVE ROLES OF RUFUS SEWELL - britishlyso: Many are those who discovered (or rediscovered) Rufus Sewell in...
He's super sexy. Rufus Sewell still is my guy but Ernest of S-C&G ... meow!
Rufus Sewell trying to make a name for himself again
Also hey, who's going to the with Rufus Sewell on Tuesday?
Do you really need a reason to watch Just in case here is this pic and then like 10 reasons
Ah yes it's coming back now, James Franco is fit in this. And Rufus Sewell with his laser eyes isn't playing a *** for once.
Zack what do u think of actor Rufus Sewell playing Brainaic in Mos 2?
I'm hoping we'll see brainaic in Mos 2. I'd like to see Rufus Sewell play him
Watching Victoria has only made me appreciate how good an actor Rufus Sewell really is.
Also, I'm so in love with Rufus Sewell in this. He's just so dashing.
That was the first time I saw Rufus Sewell. Never forgotten 😉
(There's also a vaguely decent screen adaptation of it with Rufus Sewell in thoroughly dishy mode)
I'm sure if anyone can keep you awake its Rufus Sewell ;)
I used to watch Pop Idol with Rufus Sewell when he was in "Luther" at the NT so you whole day is linked up!
At the rather lovely tonight to see the rather lovely Rufus Sewell in if I can just keep my eye…
I am also legit in love with Rufus Sewell.
I'm never gonna shut up about meeting Rufus Sewell I'm sorry
Rufus Sewell is acting in a completely different "Victoria" from everyone else.
Fabulous evening watching "Art" - stunning performances from Tim Key Paul Ritter and Rufus Sewell !
Rufus Sewell terrifies you?!? I adore him!! 😍 but I haven't seen Man in the High Castle
Actors that terrify me but I'd still want to invite to dinner at my house:. -Daniel Day-Lewis. -Tom Hardy. -Jeremy Irons. -Rufus Sewell
my vote is for Rufus Sewell or Tom Hollander!
Bravo Rufus Sewell & Paul Ritter for last night's performance of ART - you must see this play before it ends.
I enjoyed in the beginning but then it devolved into a soap opera. Very disappointing - except for Rufus Sewell
yeah, so far. I can't really explain why, though. Maybe it's my affinity for Rufus Sewell.
NYCC 2016: The Man in the High Castle star Rufus Sewell. love this show. Great answers. super work
Went to see Art at the Old Vic. Rufus Sewell, Tim Key & Paul Ritter all effortlessly great. Fantastic, funny 90mins of theatre.
I know you're stepping down, but if you could put in a word with Chris Chibnall, he should consider Rufus Sewell for Doctor
This week's viewing: "Charles II". Rufus Sewell, of course. So far, so really good! 😆❤
My friend showed me this.. OPZ . I can only say...Sewell# is still handsome..
Joking apart, Rufus Sewell would be a good choice for
- Rufus Sewell -. It would be so good to see him as The Doctor. He is incredible, why haven't I think about him soon…
Sitting in the exact same cafe with Rufus Sewell again. We are practically buddies at this point.
*** it. Next you'll be telling me that Lord Melbourne looked nothing like Rufus Sewell.
Rufus Sewell is pretty good in The Man in the High Castle.
It's really good -- tore through both seasons. Rufus Sewell is killer. Fingers crossed that season 3 lives up. New showrunner...
Reasons you should be watching Victoria on PBS Masterpiece you only need
I was supposed to work tonight, but the siren call of Rufus Sewell proved too strong.
Greatly enjoyed Art at - fab performance by Tim Key, Rufus Sewell and Paul Ritter.
From to the lord in the palace: on MASTERPIECE Studio podcast ht…
New Tywin Lannister. ➾ modern game of thrones roleplay. new to the character. descriptive & literate. face cla…
chemistry that is rarely seen Jenna Coleman + Rufus Sewell + Tom Hughes + the rest of amazing cast of "Victoria"; beautiful shots, brilliant
if you like Rufus Sewell the def Man In High Castle
Not sure anything finer than Rufus Sewell in period costume. Alas, Lord M has exited.
Rufus Sewell said "vigorous" in The Man in the High Castle before and I was like 😳 *FLAIL*
is it just be or would Rufus Sewell make a great Barnabas in a Netflix series.
strong choice. I went for Art at cause who doesn't have a bit of a crush on Rufus Sewell
Aww Benedict. He would be amazing! 😍. Rufus Sewell, Domhnall Gleeson or Tilda Swinton for me!
Friendship, fall outs and white paintings. Tim Key, Paul Ritter and Rufus Sewell chat to about
I'm thinking about watching on Amazon. Is it any good? I love Rufus Sewell but I'm like hesitant.
I bloody love this series, (& not just for Rufus Sewell related reasons😉) can't wait to binge series 2! The book is brill too!
We just finished S2, too. Rufus Sewell is so good.
I think it was on Sky. I'll let you know what I think. I like Rufus Sewell Really loved Zen ;-)
I've my reservations about The Man In The High Castle, but every scene with Rufus Sewell in it is unmissable. The guy deserves recognition.
Art review – 90s 'comedy' becomes an old master -
Rufus Sewell is currently sitting opposite me in Pret. I don't really know how to react to this situation
Lovely image taken by Anton Corbijn for US Vogue, Dec edition we worked on this autumn. via
Rufus Sewell who is in Man in High Castle is in the BBC presentation of "Victoria" about Queen Victoria. I am excited to see that.
Smouldering Rufus Sewell has returned to the West End in a revival of iconic 90s play, Art:
Rufus Sewell's tense facial expressions are quite something.
And we're finishing the year with a revival of starring Tim Key, Paul Ritter and Rufus Sewell.
A play to beat the January blues: Rufus Sewell (aka Victoria's sexy Lord Melbourne) in Art
Rufus Sewell? (It makes me sad that America does not know Rufus Sewell's name. I have loved him for ages.)
And Rufus Sewell is such a fine specimen of a man. 😳
Just like Ty Burrell's american accent voice, Rufus Sewell's brit accent voice got me like...not their accent itsel…
Ace cast; Paul Bettany, Heath Ledger, Mark Addy, Rufus Sewell, Alan Tudyk…yeh the guy who should've been in UC4 before Druckman F'd it up 😡
Rufus Sewell performance in s02 is outstanding
Season 2 finale just blew my tiny mind. Rufus Sewell is incredible 👏👏👏
same!! Rufus Sewell deserves all the Emmys for this season.
Rufus Sewell is so good in I can't even!
LMAO Well, we all know you're only going to watch it for David... we watched it cos it was good... (Rufus Sewell ❤😂)
For me, Rufus Sewell will always be more unrealised country-bumpkin Hollywood-would-be than Nazi, in *any* given reality.
One of many: meeting Rufus Sewell after last Friday and chatting about buying artwork...
Art review – 90s 'comedy' becomes an old master
Watching and wondering how intense Rufus Sewell is in real life.
Vogue previewed and dove into the queen's story past the early years.
it's good enough to get into and I love Rufus Sewell but yeah
Rufus Sewell on playing a Nazi in The Man in the High Castle season 2 via
The Man in High Castle is...awful. guys. Rufus Sewell has aged with the grace of (is handed cuecard from terrible wine
I've gone through long periods without being with someone and got ...
Watching Man In the High Castle... I know Rufus Sewell is like 49... But I would 😂🙈😂
I'm unfamiliar with this movie but am very into Rufus Sewell at the moment, so...
I finished the first season of Man in the High Castle. Rufus Sewell is by far the best part of the show imo. These characters are annoying.
What a way to end 2016, seeing 1 of our faves Rufus Sewell on stage in fab play…
Around the time of the Winter Solstice we set up our shrine to Rufus Sewell
Has the 1994 BBC series already been recommended to both of you? Rufus Sewell as Ladislaw!
I enjoyed the 2nd season of Better pacing, and good stuff for an up to it Rufus Sewell. Joe is still tapioca pudding
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The appointment of "mystery" secretary Duke Mondmann who suspiciously resembles Rufus Sewell on what could be the best New Year's.
Sat at The Old Vic waiting to watch with Rufus Sewell and Tim Key. 90 mins so should be a breeze.
At for a little afternoon Art, featuring Rufus Sewell.
I might make meeting Rufus Sewell my NY resolution.
💓💓. - rufus sewell's no.1 stan i will fight anyone on this. - a lovely person in general tbh. - I HOPE YOU MEET RUFUS @ ART
Enjoying season 2? Here's what star 'whispering' is like in his latest theatre role
I liked a video Dangerous Beauty (1998) with Rufus Sewell, Oliver Platt, Catherine McCormack movie
Street snap with acclaimed actor Rufus Sewell.. aka Lord Melbourne.. aka the baddie in the brilliant The Man in The…
In a world of drama queens, so refreshing when actors genuinely support each other, like Sebastian Roché is super cute towards Rufus Sewell
Rufus Sewell to follow his role as Lord Melbourne in Victoria by starring in Old Vic's revival of Yasmina Reza's AR…
Rufus Sewell leads cast of Art at Old Vic
Also, a column on my new Sunday night TV crush. Hint: it's not Aidan Turner or Rufus Sewell
I'm hoping that a lifetime of compromise and disappointment will read as extra depth and layer
An actor who won't get an Emmy nom tomorrow, but who thoroughly deserves one: Rufus Sewell for THE MAN IN THE High Castle.
Also shirtless pre-Botox young Rufus Sewell smouldering like a brushfire, if that's your thing.
📷 elloette: Rufus Sewell in The Taming of the Shrew My one and only Petruchio
I've finally started watching Victoria. So far it's a treat. Jenna Coleman and Rufus Sewell are fab, but there are some very dodgy accents!
Rufus Sewell is a seriously hot Lord Melbourne.
Let's face it, Rufus Sewell is a lot sexier than Jezzer
Yer right there, Rufus Sewell playin Lord M is brill. Did u see him in Pillars of the Earth wiv Eddy Redmayne?😎
Rufus Sewell Talks New Drama Victoria And Being Discovered By Dame Judi ... . Have the drama on my to watch list
I no longer have a style to maintain. I rent a little flat in Los Angeles, I don't take hol
My feelings about my mortality are less selfish than they used to be. I used to affect a ca
Me: I just can't stop thinking about him. Friend: Your ex?. Me: Rufus Sewell.
My career has suddenly started to be the one that I'd always wanted, not in terms of level of
Ominous beings track a genius (Rufus Sewell) with no memory, who is accused of murder. Dark City is on Tonight at 9pm
I have HEARD of this show omg I didn't realize Rufus Sewell was in it too
there was this little show called pillars of the earth. Starring david oakes, rufus sewell, reddie edmayne, queen hayley atwell..
History might have been very different if Lord M had looked like Rufus Sewell
YES, if only to see if he could he beat Rufus Sewell's Charles for sex appeal.
Why, anyone would think you had a thing for Rufus Sewell.
I'm so impressed with Jenna Coleman is excellent and Rufus Sewell is so good as Lord Melbourne. 👑
Rufus sewell isn't beautiful like most people define the words. But he's fascinating.His smile is a drug. He makes everything interesting. ♡
I was a very undisciplined person but acting was something that actually motivated me to get
Clooney's charismatic but that's about it. Give me Rufus Sewell or Daniel Day-Lewis any day! 😘😘
I recognize myself to a lesser or greater extent in everything I read, good and bad, and th
Rufus Sewell is the best thing hands down about He gives the character such gentleness and sadness but wrapped…
So if you haven't yet seen alumnus Rufus Sewell's performance as Lord Melbourne in thank the stars for ITVPla…
I'm gonna give Victoria a go after sold it to me by saying "Rufus Sewell plays Lord Melbourne".
Rufus Sewell has an Instagram account ... Even I don't have one 😂😂
Binge-watching and drinking coffee is a pretty good way to spend a Friday morning.Rufus Sewell 😍😍😍
great news. So hoping the handsome Lord M; Rufus Sewell will be in it 💕
I dreamt about being on set and Rufus Sewell was there because he had a scene with Hook, and then we all ate pie on set. Fun dream!
📷 philipofgwynedd: Petruchio, The taming of the shrew, Rufus Sewell
I've discovered that I've never had much respect for money, and that has meant that money ha
If anything, Rufus Sewell's a bit TOO good in Don't want Albert to swoop in and ruin things. *** your effort…
A 30% share of last night's TV-viewing audience watched - FACT. And 100% of them are now crushing of Rufus S…
Come on everyone follow Rufus Sewell that's on Instagram . Do it for
Viewers so besotted by Rufus Sewell on they ‘don’t want Albert to show up’
{This is why I stan Aneurin Barnard, David Oakes, and Rufus Sewell. My unproblematic babies.}
Rufus Sewell. * King Mark in Ridley Scott's 2006 film Tristan and Isolde.
Tom with Natalie Dormer and Rufus Sewell on the set of The Brunchers.
Rufus Sewell's perf. was worth watching, loved the end of finale, looking forward to S2. YMMV.
If my British film career was a girl, then I'd been hanging around outside ...
I've always liked the idea of regularly doing a play but I was offered thin...
NEW SHOWCAST!: Actor Sean O'Bryan joins us for great on-set stories, plus we all cough up our Top Ten Films of 2015!.
my grandpa's name was Rufus! It's now my brother's middle name. Good name imo. There's Rufuses Sewell & Wainwright though.
Season1 of done. Quality show and Rufus Sewell is one of the best characters ever.
updates Rufus Sewell for rank 1343 to 1503
I added a video to a playlist Interview Rufus Sewell Gods of Egypt
David Oakes and Rufus Sewell are in yet another series together and I'm having FEELINGS.
If Rufus Sewell is Lord Melbourne then that would be a 'Lamb' to the slaughter! Best keep an eye on him.
Back in a Cathedral with Rufus Sewell... Let's hope it ends with less blood shed this time! vs.
It grew on me, but it's extremely slow. I like Rufus Sewell & Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa VERY MUCH,but young Americans are boring
Of course, I want to look good, as that helped me get jobs. But it didn't g...
David Tennant makes a superb villain. Rufus Sewell, too.
Rufus Sewell is the MVP in this show, as expected. Suitably unsettling performance.
Also, that play we saw with Rufus Sewell in that time was a Pinter play. Not sure if to mention as I know you weren't too keen!
Rufus Sewell doing some top grade villain work in this
'The Taming Of The Shrew' is probably the first time I've worked in this co...
Rufus Sewell to join Jenna Coleman in major new ITV drama Victoria | "ITV Press Centre"
People talk about opportunity knocking, but the gate was always swinging in...
oh dear... i was going to start it on the strength of their creepy *** Edelweiss opening title sequence + Rufus Sewell
Rufus Sewell: is terrifying. Translation: he is my favorite. — watching The Man in the High Castle
Her: Name a hot celebrity. . Me: Rufus Sewell. . Her: I can see that. . Me: Of course you can.
Touched With Fire: Interview - Rufus Sewell: . Watch the interview titled "Rufus Sewell" for ...
I kinda want to see the super uber gruber Rufus Sewell from Man in the High Castle in this nazi flashback.
Perfect world building, I was up to speed within 20 minutes. My Rufus Sewell man-crush continues into third decade.
Gerard Butler, Nicolaj Coster-Waldau and Rufus Sewell in one movie. I definitely have to see Gods of Egypt.
Rufus Sewell is just brilliantly evil in Man in the High Castle. . Exudation of Menace: Factor 10.
Really disappointed with 'Man in the High Castle'. Only persevered because Rufus Sewell was typically excellent.
Rufus Sewell on - and why US TV networks 'appeal to *** :
Rufus Sewell gives good interview. Here, he talks and why US TV networks want to appeal to *** .
Rufus Sewell isn't in enough movies.
Rufus Sewell: "Working with Jenna has been delightful." (He plays Lord Melbourne.)
Rufus Sewell says it's been "a delight" working with Jenna Coleman on her TV comeback
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