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Rufus Sewell

Rufus Frederik Sewell (born 29 October 1967) is an English actor. In film, he has appeared in The Woodlanders, Dangerous Beauty, Dark City, A Knight's Tale, The Illusionist, Tristan and Isolde, and Martha, Meet Frank, Daniel and Laurence.

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Seeing Closer at the Donmar tonight. we are so proud of former student Rufus Sewell.
Just saw that the shoot I styled with featuring the actor Rufus Sewell is the cover of . http:…
Just saw Closer Rufus Sewell absolutely superb and play still has plenty of bite.
Hooray! I've just realised that I've picked up all the Rufus Sewell tonight!
Superb playwright, ! And Rufus Sewell, Lea Williams and KST in Old Times, both ways around, was magical theatre ! :)
You & Rufus Sewell...wonderful adversarial chemistry! Added great quality of realism, believability.
Especially when Cameron Diaz has Jude Law and Winslet's ex is Rufus Sewell. And did you see who Black's gf is before that!?!
Rufus Sewell in Closer is thrilling and heart breaking. Many times I've been told I look like a younger version. I now want to be him. Hero.
I really need to watch that, just because Rufus Sewell seems like he would make the BEST Ladislaw.
Rufus Sewell is the worst in The Holiday.
"Excellent performances are given by [+Rufus Sewell]."
Did I mention that Rufus Sewell is really good as Caiaphas?
Really impressed by and Rufus Sewell in They really shine.
is that rufus Sewell on your profile photo. If so, we both have so similar taste in men, including Aiden Turner I imagine!!
Wow, first the new X-files series and now The Man in the High Castle both being filmed in Vancouver this summer...
Catch Closer in final week at the Donmar if you can. Rufus Sewell is electric.
Rufus Sewell and Jason Isaacs were both considered for the role of Cal.
Loved at the tonight. Fascinating play, great revival and a lovely cast including Rufus Sewell and Nancy Carroll.
Nice try, but Rufus Sewell is still white underneath that makeup and those robes
Rufus Sewell triple bill. Conclusion: very Cary Grant when doing comedy. Please do more.
day I met Rufus Sewell with.Best day ever. 💋
5 minutes into I'm going to say Rufus Sewell betrays before this is over.
Plus I saw Rufus Sewell so my entire life has been made 🙈
what an amazing, incredible performance of cast in "Closer" - especially gorgeous briliant Rufus Sewell.Really happy, had chance to be there
Stephen Moyer & Rufus Sewell are in "Killing Jesus". So basically they're saying vampires killed Jesus? Explains the rising 3 days later.
Friday we meet again. I'm quite a fan of you really, especially when you precede a day in which I get to see Rufus Sewell in Closer.
Rufus Sewell has taken his money and left before the final battle. So he's going to Han Solo in about 10 minutes.
Rufus Sewell is finally getting to be not slimy and be good and have fun and I am so here for it.
For a moment I thought Rufus Sewell was on
Prophet's humanity, political struggles told in TV movie: High priests Caiaphas (Rufus Sewell, “The Pillars of the…
Loved Closer at and ,, Rufus Sewell and Nancy Carroll. Sorry if woo-ing is not acceptable :S
Rufus Sewell signed in person Pillars of the Earth 8x10
Saw Pompeii which I enjoyed. Saw Hercules today. Enjoyed that too. Rufus Sewell and Ian McShane in good parts. Excellent viewing. Now for -
Is the Rufus Sewell in Don't see that movie... Go watch instead... Killer Rufus Sewell flick...
Loved way more so than the film. Incredible performances from Rufus Sewell et al.
The entire cast is a triumph. Some of the greatest British actors of our time cast perfectly in their roles. Rufus Sewe…
Intensity all round from Rufus Sewell and rest of the quartet in Marber's Go watch...
I kept getting him mixed up with Rufus Sewell.
I should be asleep. But I was kept awake by Rufus Sewell.
have we already gotten for Rufus Sewell and Luis Enrique?
Rufus Sewell's turn in Closer embarrasses the audience
"lol @ !" It's only funny till you say Rufus Sewell...then it's dead serious.😄😯
I know it's not but I just ran into Rufus Sewell. Mmmph.
YAT Patron Rufus Sewell is currently appearing in the West-End revival of Patrick Marber's Closer.
Rufus Sewell’s performance in embarrasses audience members via
Rufus Sewell’s turn in Closer embarrasses the audience | Spectator Blog
I loved every single second of . Outstanding cast. rufus sewell and Nancy Carroll.
remember that movie where Rufus Sewell played the hero? Yeah me either
Closer at the Donmar. Rufus Sewell - quirky, at times inaudible, shambling but brilliant. Most 'dangerous' acting I've seen for ages...
Wondrous stuff coming from at the tonight. Rufus Sewell SO natural (fear the current missus may fancy him!) 😤
Evan Davis, Rufus Sewell and Lord Julian Fellowes are among VIPs at a private lunch in SW1 this afternoon – details on site.
Rufus Sewell totally stole the show tonight. Overall it was good, but not great...
Brett Ratner's Hercules on the menu tonight. Rufus Sewell as a good guy? 100% legit. Definitely won't turn out to be the baddy. Definitely.
Aidan Turner perfect casting for new Poldark now WHERE IS MY RUFUS SEWELL LOVEJOY?!?!
That movie was called Dark City. Rufus Sewell had to make his OWN rules and play THAT game.
"It would be hard to better Rufus Sewell as the doctor son of a taxi driver who..". Observer review
Patrick Marber’s Closer – the brutal business of falling in and out of love
Well, that explains my obsession with and Rufus Sewell.
My worst London theatre regret is not to have seen Rufus Sewell in Stoppard's Arcadia. Like, l can lie awake for *hours* haunted by that one
Rufus Sewell has a stare like two wet river pebbles in a snowbank.
OMG just walked past Rufus Sewell in Covent Garden. Made my life!
Me with the one and only Rufus Rufipops Sewell 😜. Ready for a Hot Day of Filming on
the English guy that just won the oscar re portraying Stephen Hawking is in it, plus Rufus Sewell.
Yep. If someone mentions that Rob looks like Rufus Sewell you'll switch like that *snaps*
Moved house this week. Stressed. 3 hours of watching Rufus Sewell on stage in Closer just what I needed. Every second was delicious.
In David Leveaux’s fluent revival the casting of Rufus Sewell, Nancy Carroll, Oliver Chris and Rachel Redford is both shrewd and successful.
it's true, that's the only part of the whole thing that's interesting. Not even Rufus Sewell could save that movie.
'People talk about opportunity knocking, but the gate was already swinging in the breeze before I got to the door' - Rufus Sewell
Seen at Far better than going to Could only have been improved if Rufus Sewell removed his clothes
My inner modern-person ADORED the ShakespeaRe-Told version with Rufus Sewell/Shirley Henderson version, if you haven't seen it, do.
Rufus Sewell and his cheekbones grace a revival of a putrid play from 1997, Patrick Marber’s Closer, writes QUENTIN LETTS.
Changing channels and land upon Pillars of the Earth and Rufus Sewell! Oh yes a very good night!!
First impressions: the Critic has doubts about a high-profile revival of Patrick Marber's Closer with Rufus Sewell.
Great evening watching Rufus Sewell is superb
CLOSER Is performed to bruising perfection by the stunning ensemble of Rufus Sewell, Nancy Carroll, Oliver Chris & Rachel Redford.
Performances felt very strong tonight, especially Rufus Sewell and Nancy Carroll's relationship. They really gave it everything
When I saw lily and Rufus trending, I thought it was about that chick from "love, Rosie" and Rufus Sewell
Bilderserie: just met Rufus Sewell on Valentine’s Day after brilliant performance at the play of CLOSER -...
Wasn't there a movie called Enigma about the same subject as The Imitation Game? I think Rufus Sewell was in it.
Rufus Sewell is always a good choice, I just saw him on stage here in Closer.
morphed into Rufus Sewell movie day. Worse ways to spend a snowy Saturday, I think.
Saw tonight. Brutally honest portrayal of the frailties of human nature & our need for love. Rufus Sewell sublime.
now that you're mentioned Rufus Sewell it's time to sin The Illusionist, literally the only thing he acted in I've seen
Fantastic production of Closer at with the brilliant & a dream come true to see Rufus Sewell on stage
Rufus Sewell holds a bloody masterclass in acting in still excellent -keep your eyes pe…
2015 drama motifs interplay: paradise lost in a pit with a pendulum and no way out. Happy to just ogle Rufus Sewell & Nancy Carroll tonite
'Cos it's totally all about me. And you don't see many characters named "Juliana" in fiction, so there. Oh, and Rufus Sewell, too, I guess.
Love, loved Rufus Sewell in Production design and music weren't really for me, but he was fabulous
Alternate world, secret agents killing people who might know a truth, Rufus Sewell... why am I getting a Dark City vibe?
“Sat in the row behind Rufus Sewell on my flight from London to Dublin.I'm making a film with him h…
*eyeballs Rufus Sewell in Closer at the Donmar*
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Poor old Rufus Sewell gets a really terrible wig for the first half of the movie.
Closer's caustic take on falling in & out of love & desire, is a treat Mischievous charm of Rufus Sewell dazzles again.
Dude, Killing Jesus has quite the cast. Kelsey Grammer, Rufus Sewell, Sloan from Entourage, and Vampire Bill.
Sharlto Copley should've been South Africa's Christoph Waltz, instead he's South Africa's whatever Rufus Sewell is up to nowadays...
Closer at was pure class.Nancy Carroll and Rufus Sewell.electric.
No one ever made coffee look sexier than than Rufus Sewell. He made Clooney look like snivelling amateur. ☕️❤️ Bring it back dammit.
Just seen . Stunning play. Rufus Sewell and Nancy Carroll blew me away.
Starred Rufus Sewell and Eddie Redmayne..the building of a cathedral during stephen and Matilda's civil war...excellent
So great to see again on stage. Also Rufus Sewell is brilliantly cast as Larry
Yes I've watched it. The pilot was produced by Ridley Scott and it's got Rufus Sewell as a nazi. I'm not sure you'd like it though.
Old Times :) Rufus Sewell was in it too and the loveliest person ever :)
Saw Closer at the Donmar & though it's always a treat to see Rufus Sewell & Oliver Chris the play seemed dated & tame.
Check this clip when you have time. Rufus …
Check this clip when you have time. Rufus Sewell.
Also the powerhouse that is Rufus Sewell was amazing in Closer last night
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Bonding with papa. Rufus Sewell was brilliant 😍
Oh, look, some pix of Rufus Sewell rehearsing Closer *loses three hours*
It took me a full day to realize where I most knew Rufus Sewell from: DANGEROUS BEAUTY. hominah
"I've always liked the idea of regularly doing a play but ..".
Anyone fancy this if I can get tickets? Rufus Sewell in Closer at the Donmar ...
except for Rufus Sewell because I kinda just wish Adhemar would go away HA
First casual celebrity sighting of 2015 - Rufus Sewell on Long Acre. He is still a pretty, pretty man.
Sounds like my parents are following Rufus Sewell around. Sat next to him at the theatre last night & now saw him in Covent Garden today!
Rufus Sewell is also extremely attractive, especially for a ~villain~
Have developed an immediate and ever to be unrequited crush on the waiter at a tea shop who looks like a young Rufus Sewell. Sigh.
I'm not sure if you know this but Rufus Sewell is the sexiest man on the planet. I can't take my eyes off of him when he's on-screen.
That and a picture of Rufus Sewell...
One thing I've learned from this "The Man in the High Castle" pilot: Rufus Sewell and John C. McGinley should be cast as cousins.
As much as my memory of Dark City is fond, I keep forgetting Rufus Sewell, partly because for a time I thought it was Joaquin Phoenix...
Rufus Sewell I think is a vampire, because he never ages from this movie to Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter
PerfectMatch - Fall In Love Today
Can we all just take a moment and think about Rufus Sewell as Septimus Hodge? Warning- incapacitation might ensue.
With ★★★★ from Where The Devil Hides is out on DVD today:
ugh he is honestly the rufus sewell character from the holiday. LAURA U SHOULD BE THE LEADING LADY OF YR OWN LIFE
Rufus Sewell and his evil yet rather glorious hair. A Knight's Tale is ace.
I will NEVER not think that Rufus Sewell would have made a better Sirius Black.
Rufus Sewell really looks like a younger Ian McShane, doesn't he.
Dark City just for the evil Kiefer Sutherland smile and haircut and for Rufus Sewell showing off his amazing acting talent/skill
We need more movies with Rufus Sewell. A petition maybe?
So Amazon adapted Philip K *** s The Man In The High Castle as a miniseries AND there's Rufus Sewell in it
I know Paul Bettany was a scene stealer in A Knight's Tale, but yoh Rufus Sewell played his part better than anyone.
And Mr. Rufus Sewell: there eventually was food to be had - hope you got some. But you are welcome to my emergency chocolate stash anytime.
Had a nice grab of Rufus Sewell's bicep this evening. Well, I need accomplish nothing more in life.
The Man in the High Castle Amazon Instant Video ~ Rufus Sewell via Superb, hope this gets commissioned.
DJ Qualls and Rufus Sewell on the same ticket. This won't end well.
Man, I miss Rufus Sewell playing good guys.
The Man in the High Castle pilot ep. Well, that was very interesting! Rufus Sewell as a Nazi officer :-) Fingers crossed for the series!
Rufus Sewell was a marvellous Charles II a few years back.
Rufus Sewell already bagged that in BBC's Charles II about 10 years ago sorry :p
Essay done and handed in and rewatching Pillars of the Earth - god I love Rufus Sewell
“The Man in the High Castle Season 1: Watch online now with Amazon Instant Video: Rufus Sewell, Luke Kleintank, Ale…”
Pretty sure Rufus Sewell is on the train, or his double!
Gosh - just seen Rufus Sewell shopping for food in M&S Covent Garden
Watching A Knights Tale - that Rufus Sewell does crazy things to me!!!
Heath Ledger, Paul Bettany, Alan Tudyk, Mark Addy and Rufus Sewell. Despite's its flaws I still love that film.
Based on Philip K. *** s award-winning novel, and executive produced by Ridley Scott (Blade Runner), The Man in the High Castle explores what it would be like if the Allied Powers had lost WWII, and Japan and Germany ruled the United States. Starring Rufus Sewell (John Adams), Luke Kleintank (Prett…
My casting ideas for the remake: Rufus Sewell as Lovejoy, Emilia Fox as Lady Jane, Daniel Rigby as Eric and Jim Broadbent as Tinker
The other two actors? Jennifer Carpenter and Rufus Sewell. Also, this movie really looks like it didn't have a colorist or lighting unit
Awww, Rufus Sewell is taking a stand on THERE IS NO SATAN OK. You're gonna die.
But I'm running with Rufus Sewell because he may want his kid to wind up being the Last Girl Standing and thus Actual Satan.
Hercules 2014 is whack but at least Rufus Sewell is still hot.
Breast Cancer Awareness
I finally watched with yesterday. She's in lust with Jude Law & Rufus Sewell. And I'm crushing on Jack Black.
It's adorable, I won't lie. Trust me, by Rufus Sewell's wonky eye you'll see I speak the truth!
Oh Rufus Sewell. You look so young and are doing such an American Man accent.
Rufus Sewell hella mixing metaphors in his attempts to be as low-rent misogynist as possible in 5 lines of dialogue
Seriously, Rufus Sewell gives up on an entire war cause he's mad about box scores . this is a movie about sports fans
to be honest I'd watch anything with Rufus Sewell...
The only thing that's got me this far in is thinking about Rufus Sewell as Will. Am so glad someone else agrees!
Middlemarch is one of the dullest books. If you want to experience it, watch the BBC adaptation (it has Rufus Sewell!).
I don't think these are real British people. No one looks terribly British outside of Kate Winslet and Rufus Sewell.
Yes! I love CCF. Ditto the tv adaptation. Also Rufus Sewell.
Plus, in my head Will is Rufus Sewell, and there just isn't enough of him. I may be too used to torrid sensation novels.
For my next invited lecture I think I'll adopt the voice and stare of Rufus Sewell. That should work.
Much better definition than mine Lou! Also yes to Rufus Sewell!
Oh Gravesie - now you're talking. Rufus Sewell is a big hero in our house too. My friend slept with his brother
For as much as I'm enjoying Rufus Sewell as Autolycus in Hercules, nothing beats Bruce Campbell's Auto.
to the end of Middlemarch, or the end of the snog with Rufus Sewell? Just checking.
possibly something to do with casting of Rufus Sewell in TV version.
but Dark City is awesome, and responsible for my love of Rufus Sewell
my fave xmas movie is The Holiday. Have you seen it? It's got Kate Winslet, Cameron Diaz, Jack Black, Rufus Sewell & Jude Law.
It was cheesy fun but, the mythology nerd in me was quite intrigued with the story. Plus, I love Rufus Sewell & Ian Macshane.
Rufus Sewell? I would have thrown myself at him and offered to have his babies (and I do NOT want kids).
Watched Hercules last night. Apparently they got John Hurt, Rufus Sewell and Joseph Fiennes on board with the promise of clichés galore!
Hercules(Action starring Dwayne Johnon, Rufus Sewell) on Dvd and BluRay:. Having endured his legendary twelve...
So sad to have watched and loved Rufus Sewell's "Zen" only to realize there are only 3 episodes.
Rufus Sewell is hilarious and awesome in this movie. He's making up for a lot of the silliness.
Having said that, I thought that Rufus Sewell as Seth and Eileen Atkins as his mum were fantastic.
Photo: one of my absolutely fav pics of Rufus Sewell
I had budget Rufus Sewell on my old bus route. He was awesome!
I wonder when Joe Wright & Rufus Sewell ran into each other they thought they ran into a mirror?
Rufus Sewell's eyes are just mesmerizing in Hercules
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Rufus Sewell now coming on for Partizan.
Oh no, wait, what about Miranda Richardson,Rebecca Hall,Janet McTeer, Anne Marie Duff,Jack Huston & Rufus Sewell? Ah but that's Parade's End
Rufus Sewell has been on my theatre bucket list for I don't even know how many years. it's finally happening next year; I love 2015 already.
Rufus Sewell in the original production of Tom Stoppard's Arcadia.
This reminds me of that glorious scene in "Martha, Meet..." with Rufus Sewell rehearsing for his audition on the bus to the NT
Rufus Sewell and Ron Perlman would work really well for me.
I always saw Strange as more seasoned? Intense? Dude's been to *** Jason Isaacs, Rufus Sewell, Richard Armitage...
Jude Law is starting to resemble a young Rufus Sewell as he starts ageing. Wow.
My parents nearly named my brother 'Rufus' which would have made my mad lust for Rufus Sewell slightly awks
Rufus Sewell is gorgeous . He's like almost 50 tho . Lol
What, I'm not meant to spontaneously ovulate to Rufus Sewell encountering Oscar Wilde's ghost? GET OUT, WORLD.
Rufus Sewell in Patrick Marber's Closer at Donmar - Bat Boy The Musical at Southwark Playhouse - Latest news on
Heh. Sounds like something out of Rufus Sewell film. The man is too wild for even the Aussies. Badass.
Ian McShane and Rufus Sewell make this the best movie.
John Hurt, Ian McShane, and Rufus Sewell are all in this movie??? Must be better than I though. Right?
The Force Awakens. What, like Jason Bourne or maybe Rufus Sewell in Dark City?
Details announced for production of Closer, starring Central alumni Rufus Sewell & Oliver Chris
I don't vote (I'm a Dionysian) but I'm digging CNN's sweeping battle cry men in kilts with swords music. Is Rufus Sewell under the desk?
I will prove to my daughter that Rufus Sewell is the most handsome Rufus around (as opposed to our dog, also a gorgeous Rufus)
I think it needs to be serialised in an Outlander style. Rufus Sewell could reprise his role as Charles II.
Donmar plans a new play with Simon Russell Beale + revival of CLOSER with Rufus Sewell, Nancy Carroll, Oliver Chris:
"You have been weighed, you have been measured and you have been found wanting" Rufus Sewell A Knights Tale
I saw it in the theater. In my defense, it has the wonderful Rufus Sewell in it.
Five older actors i would love to see side by side in something... *** Ulrich, Simon Baker, Kyle Maclachlan, Rufus Sewell and Paul Bettany
Rufus Sewell and Oliver Chris are starring in the Donmar revival of CLOSER. Why don't and I live in London?
Nancy Carroll, Oliver Chris, Rachel Redford and Rufus Sewell in 20th anniversary revival of Patrick Marber's Closer Feb…
New Donmar season includes CLOSER with Rufus Sewell a new play by James Graham & TEMPLE with Simon Russell Beale:
Lots of news. David Leveaux’s prod of CLOSER stars Nancy Carroll, Rachel Redford & Rufus Sewell
The have just announced their Spring 2015 season. Rufus Sewell, Patrick Marber and a collaboration wiyh
Full story: New season includes Closer with Rufus Sewell and new
As thought, the Spring season starts with David Leveaux's production of Patrick Marber's Closer with Rufus Sewell.
But first, Patrick Marber's astonishing directed by David Leveaux, with Nancy Carroll, Rufus Sewell &
and it includes Rufus Sewell in the cast, omg perfect
David Leveaux will direct starring Nancy Carroll as Anna, Oliver Chris as Dan, Rachel Redford as Alice and Ruf…
Cary Elwes is coming to Book Soup.Made me Google all my old heartthrobs: Rupert Graves, Rufus Sewell, Julian Sands, Rupert Everett...Fun :)
Can we just discuss for a moment how much fun the Hercules movie with & Rufus Sewell & Ian McShane is?
it's alright, mostly due to Rock, and Rufus Sewell - great baddie but like him even more as a good guy!
Watched "Dark City" (Rufus Sewell and Kiefer Sutherland, 1998). Interesting. Not spectacular, but a good idea and worth a watch.
“Don't die with a bottle of champagne in your fridge.” . ― Rufus Sewell .
Specifically Rufus Sewell is incredible, however. Always a total baller in whatever role.
Rufus Sewell got blepharoplasty. He had that same drooping eyelid as Forest Whittaker. I kind of miss it
Yeah I was surprised at how much fun it was! Always great to see Rufus Sewell having fun as well!
I've been enjoying some rather vivid dreams involving Rufus Sewell.
although Rufus Sewell did once stroke my back and I will never forget the raw animal magnetism of that moment. Fffngaar!
and let's not forget Rufus Sewell and Aksel Hennie ^^ what a cast
This evening's flick is I'll Follow you Down (14A) @ 7pm. Starring Rufus Sewell and Haley Joel Osment.
Rufus Sewell is!!! Bad Boy! I can't wait to see a similar amount of beauties!
v nice of u2say Ali :) hopin I didnt screw up 2much. great 2c wat u did, Id def come c that Iago, Rufus Sewell better watch out!
Rufus Sewell's voice is just purely ecstatic. 🌈😍
In an alternate universe, Rufus Sewell is cooler and Jesse Custer.
Just finished watching show Zen on Amazon Prime. Nice to see Rufus Sewell in role other than villain. Great acting.
thank you for sharing... really lovely to see Rufus Sewell and Stephen Moyer in the back :D
Just in time for Freak out with your friends while watching in
Dude just said I look like Rufus Sewell
For my fellow explorers-of-Ermita and rowdy Shakespeare-play-watchers, Rochelle and Katz. Rufus Sewell is hot.
Jack Falahee (looks like he could be Rufus Sewell's son. Just a little casting note...
Ok, I saw Cillian Murphy once on the tube. And another time I saw Rufus Sewell but that's it. :)
Juliet Aubrey and Rufus Sewell star in this adaptation of George Eliot's novel, Middlemarch. Catch the whole series tomorrow@ 9am
Worth finding the Rufus Sewell reading/'film' version on YouTube.
Simon Armitage poem 'Out Of The Blue' is a moving tribute to those killed on 9/11. Beautifully read by Rufus Sewell.
I watch the moving video of poet Simon Armitage, performed by famous actor Rufus Sewell. I have never seen it on TV.
Watching a very young pre-GoT Iain Glen in though when I read the book I envisioned someone more like Rufus Sewell for Adam.
Joseph Fiennes on the Hercules poster has a look of "How am I here and how the crappings is Rufus Sewell ahead of me on the billing?!"
MOVIE REVIEW: Hercules starring Dwayne Johnson, Rufus Sewell, Ian McShane. A good gladiator-ish story. Hercules wife and children have been murdered and he has been made an outlaw and he and his posse are now mercinaries. They are called on to save a village from the bad guys and it turns into a good versus evil. Some good snort funny moments, don't think it's meant to be a serious action film. A nice easy watch. The Rock is still looking good, a bit aged in this movie. Rating 3.5 out of 5
Hercules was ace fun. John Hurt, Joseph Fiennes, Ian McShane & Rufus Sewell look like their having a blast and a half thesping it up.
Oh my god, this movie just came on tv with Rufus Sewell in the credits, so I went ‘Oh cool, this looks ok’.
Legendary British actors John Hurt, Ian McShane, Joseph Fiennes and Rufus Sewell join Dwayne The Rock Johnson in Hercules, in cinemas now.
Photoset: just loveing the faces of Aurelio Zen / Rufus Sewell :D
"My favourite day is a happy accident" ~Rufus Sewell
it was an 8 part mini series. Also featuring Rufus Sewell, Ian McShane, Tony Curran. Great series.
Just seen Hercules. Dwayne Johnson was ace and Rufus Sewell very hot!!!
Rufus Sewell will always be Count Adhemar & Leo Gregory will always be Bovver in my eyes
Young Rufus Sewell is the bottomiest bottom to ever bottom. It’s like Hugh Dancy levels.
I watched Dark City a few days ago and forgot how pretty Rufus Sewell is so here:
He's going to be riding the Rufus Sewell train to money-town!
"“Martin I think Rufus Sewell looks like you :P mwa you serious?"
So nice to see Rufus Sewell not play a bad guy.
How Hercules star Rufus Sewell got into shape with a healthy diet…
It's been 10+ years since I saw DARK CITY, the Director's Cut is *** good. Rufus Sewell before he was a token villain..and Melissa George.
imagine Vin looks like and sounds exactly like Rufus Sewell in Hotel Noir
I had a very huge crush on Rufus Sewell as a kid, and now it explains a lot of things in my life.
Rufus Sewell is one of those actors who's "the guy from the thing." Very underrated IMO.
Rufus Sewell flirting at David Mitchell in Shakespeare Re-Told Taming of the Shrew. Anglophile senses are melting.
Now that's a career that should have gone better. Why haven't people embraced Rufus Sewell more?
Every night, Rufus Sewell looks at himself in the mirror and says: "if only they knew my inner life was as terrifying as my face suggests."
What, hanging out with Rufus Sewell, young mustachioed K.D. Lang, Gonorrhea Spice, and Whatserface?
There's a version of The Taming of the Shrew starring Rufus Sewell? I must find.
Is it just me or does roman emperor marcus aurelius look a little like rufus sewell
O cool I haven't read it. I like Rufus Sewell only reason I watched the movie.
RUFUS Sewell was in Sydney a fortnight ago, filming his last “chunk” of Alex Proyas&via
NHL Stanley Cup Memorabilia from The Bradford Exchange Online
Rufus Sewell surprised me in an action role. I see him thinking a medieval Aurelio Zen...
Time for a movie , and one of my favs - Jude Law, Rufus Sewell , Kate Winslet . Some of Brits acting peeps at best!
Henry Cavill USED to have this WELSH BEEFARONI LOOK with a RUFUS SEWELL-BARRY CHAMPLAIN JHERI CURL AFRO and Freddie Mercury teeth
I keep seeing Ian McShane and thinking he looks great for his age. Then see it's actually Rufus Sewell, and I feel old again.
You and Rufus Sewell are the same person, right?
I think you may find this rather funny ...
Yo!! Go & see an abundance of muscles in new movie Hercules. Seriously recommend it! Plus, it includes Ian McShane & Rufus Sewell!!
Hercules was fun. Made even better by the addition of Rufus Sewell and Ian McShane - love those two (great beards too!)
My actor choices for Ra's Al Ghul : Oded Fehr, Alexander Siddig (I know, he's busy with but fan wanted) and Rufus Sewell
Rufus Sewell adopted Dwayne Johnson's diet to get into top shape for Hercules
saw Hercules instead. It was cool. Better than I expected. Couldn't believe Rufus Sewell was in it xx
I've now found TWO people who want to see Hercules! Lured the second one in with Rufus Sewell
Hercules Hercules - I don't want to say too much as most people haven't yet seen it but it's not the Greek mythology I have come to expect and actually prefer. It's a fairly fun ride about a hero who could have been anybody with a certain level of humor, intelligence and skills in the art of war. The lack of all things Mythical and mystical is felt throughout- and quite frankly why would one care to mortalize an immortal? And as much as I love me some Dwayne Johnson, this was not his best work- if it weren't for his British supporting cast - with special nod to Rufus Sewell and Ian McShane some of the scenes would have fallen flat.- still all in all a humorous action flick- I dug it.
Rufus Sewell premiere bound with the stunning AMY!
Rufus Frederik Sewell is an under-appreciated cinematic wonder♥He will forever have my respect for his roles in 'Dark City'&'A Knights Tale'
Little Giant Ladders
Realised I'm going to have to sit through this awful new Hercules film, because Rufus Sewell is in it.
oh I agree. Just not sure about blonde. Same w Rufus Sewell.
Specifically, I enjoyed scenes where Rufus Sewell and Ian McShane got to play up the corniness. When it took itself seriously, not so much
ehh. Rufus Sewell & Ian McShane were charming in the film, DJ didn’t seem to be trying too hard
In our - teaching Richard Griffiths and Rufus Sewell to sing plainsong. Wow.
Ian McShane and Rufus Sewell are an absolute riot in the supporting roles, and are clearly having a blast.
Am clearly alone in thinking this is William Hague and Rufus Sewell attending an Elton-John-Wedding tribute party
I see William Hague has been joined by Rufus Sewell as newly appointed "Ministers for silly wigs and millinery"
Was reading about Rufus Sewell last night & he did play him so maybe that's why?!?😁
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