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Rude Jude

Jude Anthony Angelini (born September 25, 1977) also known as Rude Jude is a DJ and co-host on The All Out Show with DJ Lord Sear on Sirius Satellite Radio's Shade 45 channel from 4pm-8pm EST.

Jenny Jones Show Mannie Fresh Terminal West Floyd Mayweather Jr

These are just joke but I do feel fat and happy. But fat... foreallyshow
better late than never. Can’t wait to dig in. keep it up man Rude Judesday on Ellis is always my favorite.
Raided my grandfather's record collection. He plays the vibes.
They'll have a doctor there doing the weed cards. At 313milehigh 1pm. Shout to mikeyeckstein and…
Before I go to sleep I put the Felicia Braids in my head πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
Stop up to 313milehigh say what's up to the & radio show host get…
finally found it babe!!! Cannot wait to dive in. I may need your face as a seat while I read.
Got my son Leo his first book a little while back...
β€œInstagram wasn't going to let y'all be great. CTFU!! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
cause why would you ever let them cuff Eachother are you slow πŸ˜’πŸ˜’πŸ”₯
Rude Jude just hung up on me for askin about Eli Porter lmao πŸ’€
I just call raehwan and jude rude just bc
β€œMy Mom Crazy πŸ”«β€lmao I'm just kidding ion want no parts πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
😳 I hope you not talking about my dad πŸ˜’
I already told you , I pop his *** so he could meet my dad on the other side πŸ™βœŒοΈ
When bae touch my phone while im napping.
I'll past I'm in love with skinny boys with muscles
what If He was The cutest boy just a little weight on him
Spent all wknd in jail but got home to this. 2nd copy of & busting that ***
you Know *** well you getting up in the morning
I don't want her too that was funny af πŸ˜‚
I know because she was like I'm playing
Lmao I'm still thinking about how turnt we we're lastnight πŸ˜©πŸ˜‚
β€œWhen I seen the video of Gia beating that one girl I was like πŸ˜³πŸ˜©β€ 😩😳😳 I Was So Mad yall don't understand
Do U Think & Can get 2 do the or not that kind of weird
Gonna be mad today with can't wait for today's show!!
It's going to be stupidfresh on the with with
When joins and on All Out Show, you can't miss it! Whoo is a *** clown lol
Don't forget to listen to SiriusXM Shade45 at 5pm EST. Gonna get super weird with and
Danny Wiggins ya boy Rude Jude is a Dude
appreciate you homie! In NYC right now to speak to Simon and Schuster about it.
Diamonesk Personalized Engagement Ring And Wedding
I see your in NYC πŸ‘€ ..where you at so you can sign my book and take a πŸ˜πŸ‘Œ
But Jude's friend's dad is like rude to his son but nice to Jude ok
Turned some coworkers onto the show. They have sore abs from laughing so hard. That's what's up.
Wow, this is just rude. Dude can't sleep over because of what. I am with Jude, forget what your dad says, what do you say?
Connor's dad is literally so rude! Jude is a beautiful lil boy. Love him for who he is!
*** dad is rude to judge Jude like that
Gia better be out before her birthday
Hey Jude,. don't make it bad,. take a sad song and make it better,. remember to let her into your heart,. then you can start to …
Ay I remember you talking in the Ellis show about this album so I had to buy it
they're letting Sear conduct an interview again
Where at? The show just isn't as funny without him
With the success of weight loss challenge today how about give it a shot??? thoughts?
. Don't bother listening today, it's just Lord *** and Man Throat.
Listening to and describe the sounds is making while beats him
's DJ name: DJ Rude Jude. You are welcome
U make me laugh every fkin time, Ioved when ppl asked why a blck person did white ppl weds & u said were white through &through
Yo you should post them Pill Mix playlists. The people need that intel. Pretty please, boo x
Rude Jude has her attitude face on...
Was making report of problem I am having with Airtel on your 622 platform and your staff Mr. Jude was VERY RUDE.
sissy swear I'm rude too 😩 she love telling me to stop being "rude Jude" and she don't have time for it 😠***
They gave her *** assault in the 3rd degree they letting her off I hope
BMI, along with production team Flight School presents the Super Producers Beat Summit, featuring legendary producers Mannie Fresh, DJ Toomp and KLC at Terminal West (887 West Marietta St NW, Atlanta, GA), hosted by Rude Jude. This event will include performances and discussions about how some of th…
THE PUNKS ROSTER AS OF 3/27/14 this is who has confirmed with me for this Sunday's event. TEAM COLORS: Black shirts and Red or Black bottoms. Please review to make sure you know what team you are on. Also, for some reason I may have accidentally deleted the list I had of all the positions that everyone yeah. :( so comment on this thread your position so I can update the list for the coach. ONE SPOT IS LEFT ON THE PREPS TEAM!!! B (blocker) J (jammer) P (pivot) COACH: Johnny Crash from BERG 1. Mutley (Big Easy Rollergirls) J/P 2. Body Snatcher (Sister City Rollergirls/Twin Span KO/CCDD) B/P 3. Bet *** Ven (NOLA BRASS) # 9th 4. Villianelle (Red Stick RD/currently independent) 5. Ruff Tuff Afro Puff (Sister City RG) B/P 6. SueDat (CCDD/Sister City Rollergirls) B 7. Rude Jude (NOLA BRASS) B/P 8. Picablu Scream (Big Easy Rollergirls) Maus Trap (Big Easy Rollergirls) Unholy Horror (Grass Roots Rollergirls) 11. Splode (CCDD/Big Easy Rollergirls) B 12. Flew Bayou (Roe City Rollergirls) B 13. Sea Mo ...
We just gonna go to my little brother game
Re-ordered book, first company took too long. Rush order to make time. Let the adventure begin..
just did could I not? I needed something different like white people who write.
Lol maybe he only follows back females?
Check out the in depth RUDE JUDE interview done by
Only People who knew me since I was a kid really know what my family Call me
missing white people Wednesday because I have to stay late at work is the ultimate
Collectible Lifelike Baby Dolls, Porcelain Dolls a
Any reason starts at 13? Your daughters name has 2 s's right? End of Top Gun it's spelled with only 1.
got me lmao they wildin people Wednesday
White people Wednesday on shade 45 makes my drive home
Driving around with listening to XL Shade 45...what is becoming of my life?
"I want to go to the Ellen Show and dance.".
When I'm sitting In the Front seat I really can't sit back it's a Habbit
if u do go camping & see eagles, hook a Native chick up & send her the eagle tail!! LOL need a new eagle fan for PowWow season!
"I really don't go nowhere Without my headphones πŸ‘πŸŽ§"RT
The other day you were reppin 1 semester at OCC. Is that Owens Community College?
Omw to get Meah then we at the game
dropping some imperialist knowledge!! On WPW!
Was having a very bad day but listening to has made me feel a lil better!!! He's too funny!!!
"If white people were a basketball team, they would be Duke because they stay whooping *** "
I love all of rude jude's good advice!
rocking out to talking heads in my sensible compact SUV with a good warranty.
Not punishing my dog for chewing up my shoe bcuz I missed him too much while on vacation
Listening to shade45 lol rude jude be like
Does anyone listen to rude jude on SHADE 45 XL?!
Best ellis show ever, can't stop laughing "Christians call me a cannibal but everybody else calls me a freelance abortionist" rude Jude "I think I would still be bitter I didn't win the *** nails" Jason ellis
Yo rude jude lord sir and who kid dem dudez is fool
Rude Jude and DJ Who Kid got us crackin up over here.
If you're a hip hop fan, and you have Sirius XM radio, then you probably know who "Rude Jude" is. The host...
Listening to rude Jude and DJ who kid on shade 45 they is going ham
Rude Jude is back! Get episode 152 - Jude's That Dude now on iTunes, and whatever the *** else listening methods are available
The All Out Show, hosted by Rude Jude and Lord Sear, is live weekdays 4pm - 8pm EST. Go to for more details.
Hanging out with my rounds DefinitionDj Ja, Rude Jude. Ja running dat Beat hard. *** Everywhere.
Trev money looks like rude jude.lmao
3 days left for you to get your tickets at 10$ red carpet event drink and eat come out dress to impress my big homie Rude Jude one the best comedian in new Orleans come get your laugh on Dj Up Da Traxx on the wheels 100.00 tables with a bottle 75,00 without.
I try not to do what poor people do, and poor people do crack! -Rude Jude
Listening to rude Jude on the way home.this guys makes me laugh.hes too much
Rude jude, Lord Dear and Whoo Kid are put of control!!! Rotflmao I almost wrecked my car.
I feel like Cynthia Stephens every day when I get off I listen to Rude Jude on Shade 45 󾍀
Rude Jude and Lord sear be tripping
If someone asks me a question and I start answering, don't continuously cut me off. Uh, excuse me Rude Jude YOU asked me for the info u dunno. Ratchet ***
Did everyone get up on the wrong side of the bed today...rude jude monday
"Putting PCP in a Gpen is like putting A1 on a fillet mignon. It just doesn't work" - Rude Jude (Shade45 -SiriusRadio) ahahhaah
this friday,8ball is da place to b ... black ink goin b in da building Sissy Nobby Walkalot Gyrls big freediia Brandon Roca B McQuietor Rude Jude in there . get there early cuz its goin b crazy
Thank you Shade45 for Rude Jude and Lord Sear while im at work!
Oh my is anybody listenin lord sear and rude
Love listening to Rude Jude on the way home from , he so *** funny!
my joint with Ty Farris and Royce da 5'9" got played on Hate It Or Love It on Shade 45 and went 7 for 7. tight. shout out to Rude Jude for holding us down.
On the all out show rude jude states he eats a$$ on the first date n he dnt care if she went jogging
This Rude Jude book is a riot. Hyena. A bunch of these stories I already heard on the radio tho
Rude jude let shorty c out to play i will make sure he get back home
Next up Seattle!Say Rude Jude ! THAT ANSWERES IT ! You and Bundy better make sure Collin Ready for the snow! featured in NBC s Science of Love
Matt Ramos an Zeke Hernandez came through an blazed a few now me&stoner boo eatin soulja food listening2 rude jude&lord sear on sirius xm shade 45.
Its a man with two yams lol rude jude just told me, lol YAMS his girlfriends love him lls
Cold Brew,2k14 on the PS4, Listening to Shade 45 , Throw Back thursday, Glad to Hear Lord Sear & Rude Jude back on the Air !
Everyone come bring in the New Year at Patin's Bar with D J Rude Jude and Dubby it will be a party here in labadie come pass a good time here. Food also when u get the munchies
OMG I cant Believe Im listening to Rude Jude with my kid.!
Sorry it's a little late, but lets not forget about New Years Eve over at Patin's Bar in Labadieville. DJ Rude Jude and DJ Dubby will be there from 9-1 ringing in the new year. Party favors and food will be provided and Champaign will be served for toasting in the new year. So if your looking for something to do but not wanting to go out far away come on over to Patin's for one *** of a good time!!! $5.00 Cover Charge
Kevin Gates is cancelled so come check out the NEXT BEST THING in the city at TAG.PORT CITY FAMILIA PERFORMING "LIVE".This Sunday Night with Special guest Comedian RUDE JUDE and hosted by Comedian JOE PAIGE.LAST SUNDAY OF 2013 SOO LETS END OFF WITH A *BANG*
MERRY CHRISTMAS TO YOU N YOUR FAMILY! Your welcome to join us from 12-3 today for a Christmas Special live from Orlando. Live calls in (347) 964-0111 n interviews with Omardath Maharaj, Raymond Ramnarine n Rude Jude
you picked a fine time to leave me Lucile.
The definition of love isn't cheating on you, disrespecting you, beating you, using you, constantly putting you down or mak…
Can't help it that's how Mf's made me
Playing some Kenny Rogers in this dive bar for
heads up: 134,000 new cases of syphilis are occurring each year in the U.S, the highest infection rate in 40 years.
no Houston, TX. Maybe I could mail it to you, and send return postage?
Rude jude and lord sear . Not too many people know about that .
just heard an ad for kids place live, lost it where's Charlie!
I can shop regular but I can't shop girly girl
yo Jude, any way I can get my book signed by you?
That's Song Really would put you in your Feelings
never Listened Doe All that hit you Was Spiting so unoriginal ..
When you get back will you do a Take Over Tuesday with food Songs talking about food...please?
All on my line like Caller Number 9
That wasn't gonna stop me from getting them
IDGAF if the whole buffalo got the 11's
I'd do that if there was any other lyric than "we gettin money over here."
Christmas don't even feel the same nomore πŸ˜’
*** naw. Maybe type some of the lyrics into google
"i don't understand why Sirius has this channel" - Charlie.
Is there a way to find out a song that just played on Shade 45? I've never heard it in my life but no info came up.
that what they did For The Last Ones
Rude Jude on Shade 45 XM radio is absolutely hilarious, makes my drive home enjoyable! Lol..
Dear server at Steak 'n Shake, I get that your job probably *** but maybe if you had a better attitude than you'd enjoy it more? You're welcome for your 50 cent tip ;) lose the tude, ya rude Jude.
Look out on Friday December 20th... Bacchanal Radio welcomes for the first time... A young veteran in his own right who's set to take the world by storm... The man Kmc Ken Marlon Charles KMC!!! We also have one of the young bright talents of Chutney Soca with his new song... Out of the Maha Studios... Rude Jude!!! "Keeping It Real"!!! This Friday on Bacchanal Radio!!!
Rude Jude's mix on Shade 45 is making me feel like a teenager back in Germany! Playing all the old jams. Good times! Great memories!
Theses fools on the Rude Jude show are hilarious
Rude Jude and Lord Sear on shade 45 are some *** fools!
Rude Jude(has an Argument with Floyd Mayweather on the All out show Shade 45 Sirius XM 4-8pm Eastern Standard Time Channel 45. Co Host Lord Sear(
WTH? This dude is just going in on the All Out Show - XM Shade 45. Hilarious! Only Rude Jude got any respect from that dude. They need to replay that - LMBAO!!
Rude Jude just shouted me out LIVE on Shade45! Kinda cool.
Did he just give a shout out to Rude Jude?! Wait did he just say he listens to Shade 45?! lol
Cracking up listening to the rude Jude show I don't want get out my car
Rude Jude said Rihanna has a 4yr old face and an adult head.
Listening to Shade45, EVEN Rude Jude says 'any man that Overtly Vehemently speaks so strongly against *** ppl is Most Def *** himself.' Ok well he didnt say overtly or vehemently, but funny, I was gonna post tha same thing days ago. Especially church leaders. Cool, hate the sin, But you hate the 'person'? ... You're *** You're Currently ***
Rude Jude on SiriusXM Shade45 thanks for Getting this "Fat Penguin's" name all over SiriusXM on your Show
I've said it before and I'll say it again. Rude Jude is freaking hilarious. I love that man. White Wednesday is the best. That man has me cracking up all the way home. Wish they would let me listen to him at work.
Laptop insurance - because accidents happen!
workin on ''FlyStarCam Volume 1'' DVD comin soon soon soon featuring some of the hottest artist in the city ... keedy black ,magnolia rhome ,sissy nobby ,Brandon Roca B McQuietor Westbank Shakie D.j. Ren DefinitionDj Ja Rude Jude Juggie NewOrleans ninth ward jug and more ... stay tune for more details
OMG, this topic on the All Out Show with Rude Jude and Lord Sear...
Thursday Nights On the Rocks Supa's Black Party hosted by Rude Jude Sissy Noby performing live. Ladies free all night. $2 Ciroc shots
Sway in the morning, lord sear and rude Jude , and howard stern =radio gold
The All Out Show with rude Jude is cracking me up # satelliteradio
Rude Jude, from pop band LOVE ON THE BEAT, will be delighting you with the nicest tunes to enjoy your cocktails !
Got a lil heated listening to the on with Native callers calling Rude Jude talkin about how they're callin into rep the Natives out there & then talk about their felony records, drinkin, high off peyote...PFFF!! For real ur reppin me like that? Shyts F'd up! No wonder there are still freakin stereotypes out there. Bad enough w/ the mascots & seeing non natives & lil kids runnin around w/ head dresses on n crap. It's not just them, it's us Natives too that are doing it. Do us each a favor & don't be tryin to rep other Natives out there with ur eff ups in life.
β€œI really don't talk or text anyone at all anymore.. But I mean it's fine by me πŸ‘Œβ€
Ex's always saying "remember when we used to?" NOPEπŸ™… I remember when your *** couldnt be faithful that's what I remember do you remember? ✌️
β€œWho gives af about what a hater gotta say ?” RFT!
Think I'm a look for some 05' Flint 13's this weekend
No matter what me & my first love go through , at the end of the day i'm a always be their for her .
In third grade, all I used to do Was sniff glue through a tube and play Rubic's cube 17 years later I'm as Rude as Jude
*** be 2PacπŸ‘ŠπŸ˜Ž on these social networks but Drake in real life.βœ‹πŸ˜”
Today stats: 5 followers, 5 unfollowers and followed 9 people via
β€œIf you love somebody you got to let them know” RT
"TF UNBORN SON I AINT Kara FOH!" Lmfao , dude . I know you ain't kara , your Giovanni A Maston
I did listen Lol she did dat stuff on her own
Tonight!!! Tonight!!! Tonight!!! It's finally here... We are going all in tonight For Rude Jude…
Tonight we turning up@ The Suite . .Rude the building
Catch me tomorrow night on Shade45 with the homies Lord Sear and Rude Jude on The Feel Good Friday edition of the AllOut Show 7-8PM.
White people Wednesday with rude Jude love it
Had no idea rude jude from shade 45 was white lol
Rude jude is putting this so call psychic on blast lmfao!
Great wee night of pampering with the bride to be, bridesmaids and mum!! It's so close now! We!!! Louise Hewitt Claire McBride Rude Jude
Rude Jude and lord sear throw back Thursday some old school Redman and Eric sermon. Muddy waters get in on it
US foreign policy is now so aggressive, Secretary of State John Kerry will now be replaced by Rude Jude from the Jenny Jones Show.
sear has a vehicle that drives's called public transportation. Catch him at the bus stop.
DJWhooKid: Lol wilding out with and on the with
hey did you hear my new song "Molly"? Im trying to get it some spins, check it out!
"I don't speak french but I do speak ebonics"-JuderMcDuder
I always laugh at this joint. I play it though. Still dope.
play flint Flossy fried or fertilized
what about that Outkast fish and grits
cuz paula deen didnt say n-word, she said *** and I dont want you to forget that
β€œLol wilding out with and on the with lord sear should come out with a steak rub.
you need to loose and just do a show with you and Much better radio
the two of you together are so entertaining. Nadia G should be a regular guest host..
Real talk about them hairy
u tore it down at the all out show with rude Jude and fat *** lord sear !!
lmao yall were killin Nadia G on the radio!
wow what a great show! Thanks for the Brussel sprouts recipe.
Listening to and on She seems so cool and her recipes sound tasty!! πŸ‘πŸ‘Œ
why does it not phase you guys that Rude Jude, feels so comfortable in saying the "N" word in your presence?
and the Cooking Channel's Nadia G discussing today on
Huge Selection of Helmets at Low Prices
If you go to Best Buy Mobile Geek Squad replaces phones for free versus the $50 with Apple Care unlimited claims w/GSP
YES, AppleCare+ will cover accidental damage for $50 or free depending on who you talk to and how honest and friendly you are.
You probably figures this out by now, but the Canadian caller is An *** of a High Type. He probably worked at the Apple Stand.
they'll replace it under apple care for 50 bucks man. Trust
Rude Jude is a modern day Scott Green!
Rawdogs verse killed everybody as usual.
should play that on Hate It or Love It
Whatup Jude, I'm a huge fan of the All Out Show, today you guys should do rappers uniting for a cause for Takeover Tuesdays
G is sitting down with and you can listen in at 1:30pm on Sirius channel Shade 45! WOOT!
My friends drug me to the movies to see Kevin Hart last night. Ok. I'm glad to see any brother do better for himself but I stilk dont get the Kevin Hart crave. I know comedians right here in New Orleans that are way funnier. Jashad Mccoy would kill him. Blowfish Jacobs is a beast. Mario Pleasant would slaughter Kevin Hart. Robert Powell III is way funnier. Rude Jude is a dangerous dude. I'm glad I paid $13 cz if I had paid $40 to see him live I would want my money back. People are acting like dude is funny like Martin or Eddie or Pryor... Mike Epps is funnier than him. RICKEY SMILEY is way more hilarious. I think he has a good heart but his set is over rated.
About once every two weeks I'll find myself wondering "Hmm...I wonder what Rude Jude from the Jenny Jones Show is doing right now"
The Floyd Mayweather Jr. call to Rude Jude on Shade 45 from The Jason Ellis Show 11-08-11
bro bro play that Trinidad James all gold everything...
Lol a demon finished on his back...
Don't you DJ from LA? So really ppl bidding to hang out with Sear? I'll just go to Church's & hang out for 4 hours w/ my radio on
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don't worry Sear they just jealous . ? was Sandra bullock difficult to work w/ on the blindside ?
the people listed as similar are the greatest LOL
about ran off the road during the show today with callers & you putting lord sear on blast with DJ Whoo Kid there. Great show
Ah LMAO a couples page!!! What a funny thing to say!!! I do know a few people that have those!! LOL
I wish I had 10 grand to donate and hang with
what's up Whoo kid I hear you up there with the wolves ...sounds like ur doing well, long time no see
is that just for the afternoon?? (Flight, and everything else extra right?)
Bid to hang out on the show with or Money goes to charity.
Rick Ross has beef with the people from GD ? Didn't know Green Day was still making music
is the deadliest combination on the radio! Tearing right now
just said Kendrick Lamar's album is like being the tallest midget out there. Best album of the year based on lack of competition
. and Sear go together like PB and J... If you can't stand PB and only tolerate it because of the J
I just tuned in, did I hear this right? You guys tryin to get rid of Sear!? That's my dude!
I think its funny how when your off a day, the next day is all about how much people hate sear.
Having money before you get your taxes back
Softball Rampage - Free Return Shipping
Sear ain't breaking these records, he's just spraining them.
Its like listenin to a married couple
The slander on B Dot from and right now is real on shade 45 wow
Jude Law & Cameron Diaz would make very attractive children
You guys are missing Sear dot's point. He is doing his best B-Dot impression. Breaking records that are 3 weeks old.
that joint was played like 2 weeks ago on by LOL
Yall killing me!!but uhh dont leave again. Remember Spindarella dissed his song last week
Same sex marriage could be a reality in Illinois as early as next month, if Governor Quinn has his way. He wants lawmakers to pass the "Religious Freedom and Marriage Fairness Act" when they come back to session in early January. Kelly Cassidy, one of the state's openly *** state reps, says they plan on calling the proposal for a vote when they have 60 supporters on board.
UPDATE: Unfortunately, the city of Northampton will not allow us to set up in the plaza behind Thorne's for the Winter Farmers Market. We are disappointed but not surprised. Hopefully, the issue of allowing mobile food vendors to participate in the economy of Northampton will be addressed before next summer. in the meantime, we will continue to search for a spot not controlled by the city. If you have or know of a good spot, let us know.
Love From Acorn Contest Update: We're still reviewing the entrants and qualifying votes. Hold tight. Winners will be announced soon!
i want to do something special for my fans right now. talk to me below this status & i'll REPLY I PROMISE.
Man and you need to get on your show! She smokes weed out her butt
Keith is telling ppl eat wee wee on my TL lol rude Jude lol
I want to go to rude Jude's stand up and listen to him talk about chicks in forever21 in my forever21.
Happy morning..reliving memories of the infamous Mayweather debacle. You 2 are besties for life!
I'll try later. Kakaligo ko lang, eh.XD
Mayweather argues with Shade 45 radio host Rude Jude about ducking the elusive fight with Manny Pacquiao.
I just seen live doing the coppacabana live on YouTube he's a tranny Rockstar lmao
Seventeen years later I'm as Rude as Jude Schemin' on the first chick with the hugest boobs
I feel where your coming from on that, but it makes life so much easier.
My baby so stubborn already though n she aint even here yet smh
Lol he might say yeah he aint ate all day
Gatta tune in to family hustle tonight i love that show❀! Especially Major
Ugh i hate ridin wit ppl who dnt kno where they goin killeen aint but so big ***
So im bout to make this rotell dip n tha first person i think of is
Check out my NEW video. Please leave a comment, share it and/or like it on YouTube.
Get your *** to work! They did it on the Raw Dog this morning.
Lmao naw yall better take me outta school as soon as it happens too
Till my beautiful neice is here or is it less months
settle the black thing. Kickstart fund. If Sam looks she gets money & Boss pays his own way. If not Boss gets it for wasted trip.
Miche s Cyber Weekend Event - Savings up to 75%
new segment idea: Manthroat Monday, but people would rather listen to Charlie so maybe Mental Monday.
*** hurricane sandy is effecting me and I'm in British Columbia Canada. No with cause of it. Just a repeat.
Going out along the beach to look at the surf during
stern was live today. Sear think he more important then Howard??
I swear, I was just thinking this..lmao
Yes I know I’m on the west coast and I’d love to do the show but everything runs from NY
Too bad you dont have break from me :)
Due to the hurricane All Out Show will not be live today. *** for you, not so bad for me.
Wreckless Dawgmupp & Rude Jude Guttafood have a show on Halloween at El Farallon in Riverside doors open at 7pm I got 3 tickets left holla @ me come out and support the show GUTTAFOD!!
The 2012 BET Hip Hop Award Cypher was missing Slaughter House. Well not anymore. The making of shady Cypher with Rude Jude:
I'm going to be on channel shade 45 sirius xm today the all out show from 1 to 3 visiting my nice friend rude Jude Angelini ;) tune in
Looking for a unknown diamond in the ruff,energetic ,exciting female mc host that can rock a club all night. Sort of like a female rude jude. Paid gigs . Inbox me ur info to set up interviews.
Thankful,Grateful,& Excited that i got to spend time with good friends, enjoy the saints win and just b on Vacation (in my Rude Jude voice).i"m rolling!
Just saw Rude Jude off Sirus Radio Shade 45 and he is def. white
You know your life has come full circle when you see "Rude Jude" on Ricki Lake Show as you did 10 years ago on Jenny Jones Show
witness the inner workings of Jude Angelini aka Rude Jude. Download Pill mixes from All Out Show on...
I liked a video Floyd Mayweather vs Rude Jude
Mostly the 70s-90s stations, the old school and current RnB, classic rock, and The Shade for Sway and Rude Jude. Thx for asking!
Just made the connection that Rude Jude from Jenny Jones is the same guy on Shade 45
Doughbeezy on Shade45 Sirius Satellite Radio on "The All Out Show" w/ Rude Jude & Lord Sear for the "Hate It or Love It" segment and won with all "Love It" and 0 "Hate It" which was done for the 1st time! S/O to Adam Rapp w
Throwback Thursday--- Last one Rude Jude lol winning Nicholls Talent Show in 88, winning Lawless Talent Show 88,winning Colten Talent Show 88 , & Performing in the WYLD Talent Show at the Lakefront Arena dancing with Rappin Paul & My Crew Boom !
Uncle Ruckus Interview on Shade 45's The All Out Show with Rude Jude & Lord Sear (sorry about the name fail...hence, bootleg). The Boondocks - Sundays at 11:...
.I'm wiki-ing Rude Jude of The Jenny Jones Show, I'm just gonna come clean to my co-workers about that one tomorrow.
Rude Jude rockin that old Uncle Luke on Shade45 right now... I bet if you throw Luke on at a party it'll still get loose
4th of July it's going down on the westbank refill Wednesday Braxton's 636 Franklin st in gretna dj ja on 1's and 2's host Rude Jude
Jenny Jones had the wild ratchet disorderly teens who cussed the crowd Then had Rude Jude or Hurricane Thunder to ROAST em
Jenny Jones "geek to chic" episodes were were he ones that had Rude Jude on em..pure hilarium
Floyd Mayweather Jr. and Rude Jude get into a heated arguement on Shade 45 radio station
Just watched a compilation of Rude Jude when he was on the Jenny Jones Show.great stuff."you need to move ya breasts up and your forehead down."
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