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Rubber Soul

Rubber Soul is the sixth studio album by the English rock group The Beatles, released in December 1965. Produced by George Martin, Rubber Soul had been recorded in just over four weeks to make the Christmas market.

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You put Rubber Soul on the bay hill.
I think it's all music-related so more likely to be Rubber Soul?
Do what makes you feel vibrant. (Tried out a donation class at Rubber Soul in Athens this a.m.)…
Rubber Soul is always the album I need on a deserted island.
Kicking off her tour at BLU right here in the Rubber City TONIGHT (4/15) - renowned soul-jazz…
I think that might be from Rubber Soul!
Rubber Soul cried as they observed the scene. It was undeniable... MiuMiu was a vampire.
I actually prefer Rubber Soul and Revolver to Sgt Pepper and the *white* album.
Rubber Soul is back without Lala with Dream X NY Fish
If not for Rubber Soul there'd've no Pet Sounds. If not for Pet Sounds there'd've been no Sgt. Pepper. & in June '6…
The challenge to a founder is how to become entrepreneur without selling the company or his soul to people who don't care…
at 10pm . Rubber Soul with Joe Salucci ==>
This is ridiculously hard to answer. Rubber Soul - Beatles, 21-Adele, Sound and Color- Alabama Shakes
Like "oh yeah I made this album called Rubber Soul. Not my best work"
Because it's what the doctor ordered, everybody — listening to Rubber Soul
“Creating is a result of pain. I have to put it somewhere.” - John Lennon (via drive-my-rubber-soul)
the Rubber Soul, in its natural habitat, likes to eat white nuts.
Getting ready to play Rubber Soul Mono 1st issue.
Revolver & Rubber Soul 🎧🎼 Always & Forever💙💜 " I lit the fire, isn't it good, Norwegian Wood"
David Crosby said "Rubber Soul" "changed my life forever and I wasn't going back" yet you can't find it on a store shelf. The
I'd say Abby Road or Revolver is tied for second, but Rubber Soul is the perfect mesh of pop and experimental era Beatles.
love shack: Paisley Park . hate hut: Rubber Soul . the nutshack: Midler
I've always felt Del Amitri to be a 'newer' Beatles from their Help!/Rubber Soul period, my personal faves.
Rubber Soul play in front of Buck Pal complete with dancing girls.
TODAY. Massive influence on especially Macca, just as Rubber Soul had been on
For the first time in my life I get Rubber Soul. What does this mean?
Rubber Soul is the best Beatles album and I'll throw punches for it
Saying Down in Heaven is mature album is like calling Rubber Soul a swan song. Things have only just begun. Boys still boys.
Can you ?. This song was used as the opening track on two LPs: . Yesterday & Today plus Rubber Soul. .
I can't decide which Beatles album to fall asleep too. Abbey Road, Rubber soul, White Album, Help, Beatles For Sale, Sergeant pepper.
I'm listening to Drive My Car by on
MP3 Beatle time evening. Never tire of listening, especially Rubber Soul, Revolver & Pepper :-)
I will love The Beatles' Rubber Soul album until the day I die
New mixtape idea: Rubber Soul slowed down to 0.75 speed, with really fast, tinny drum machines over it. Call it "I hate the Beatles"
The Beatles composed Rubber Soul way back in 1965: 3 yrs before they landed in Rishikesh!
The Beatles had already released 'Rubber Soul' (way back in 1965) before they came to Rishikesh!!.
Jenson “The end was really difficult for me to manage because Dany Kvyat was right behind Seb and Ricci Bobby, and he was on fresh rubber" 😂
UK New Musical Express chart: 'Rubber Soul' LP is in the Top 10 for the 23rd week.
I mean Rubber Soul changed music forever, but Tommy gave future albums more meaning. It gave them more substance
Rubber Soul is always overlooked, definitely in my top 3 beatles albums
I can't even will myself to put Sgt Pepper in my top 3. Rubber Soul, Revolver, and Abbey Road all so good.
revolver Abbey Road and rubber soul are mine ATM
And now the last song from Rubber Soul: "Run For Your Life." It was written by John.
Now listening to Norwegian Wood by The Beatles from album Rubber Soul using MPD
I love Rubber Soul. I feel like that's when they started getting weird. They only had 1 song more than 3 minutes
also watching the old capcom jojo's fighting game and just. the voices throw me off. Rubber Soul's understated Do You Understand makes me sad
random thought. did Rubber Soul himself eat the bugs. and was it like... for more yellow temperance flesh or just because he's gross?
I'm playing my mono version of the Beatles' Rubber Soul and I feel hipster as *** briefly before middle aged dad-reality sets in.
Beatles go from Beatles For Sale to Rubber Soul etc. Dylan goes electric and releases Highway 61
ROCK OUT tomorrow to your favorite classics with Rubber Soul at Wild Bull. Details at:
Pet Sounds, Rubber Soul, the Darkside of the Moon, the Headphone Masterpiece & J'ai Paul's 2013 leak
"By the time of Rubber Soul they were ready for new musical directions." - George Martin. Photo © Apple Corps Ltd.
Paul McCartney, George Martin, and George Harrison, sessions for Rubber Soul album, 1965
ONLINE OFFER: performs the Rubber Soul this Friday! Select seats now $30 with code: JUDE.
Rubber Soul, Revolver & The White Album have been the soundtrack to tonight's messy craft sesh. Dancing & spray adhesive don't mix 😁
Listening to Pet Sounds and I can't fathom being around when Rubber Soul, this and Revolver all came out within a year 😱
"Girl" by Rhett Miller from This Bird Has Flown: 40th Anniversary Tribute to Rubber Soul ♫
Today in 1965, The Beatles earned a gold record for 'Rubber Soul'.
The token Ringo tune on Rubber Soul sounds like the train music in Magic Roundabout.
A young Leigh Griffiths was profoundly moved after hearing a rare US bootleg of Rubber Soul containing the Rudi Skacel song.
finally went and got a tattoo of the Rubber Soul cover,looks better than the pictures.Randy Smith did it,great...
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"Rubber Soul" is ranked number 5 on Rolling Stone Magazine's list of the 500 greatest albums of all time.
Resetting the mind with this masterpiece:. The - Rubber soul
you really think so? :). Gisele Bundchen by Steven Meisel, Rubber Soul
I'm drinking it out of a Rubber Soul mug. Yeah you can't cross me
I'm listening to Rubber Soul and reading a book and drinking an Oktoberfest on the patio while talking to a dude I like. Pretty solid 👍🏼
Excited to listen to Pet Sounds, Rubber Soul and Out of the Blue soon. I think I want to listen to Pet Sounds first.
. I love The White Album, even with the weird filler bits (hi, double album). Revolver, Rubber Soul.
My top 3 would be Revolver, Sgt. Pepper's, Rubber Soul, in that order. I like Abbey Road a lot, too. White Album can be grating.
Rubber Soul is great, but still a bit too saccharine for me. I like the soul and darker edge of Revolver.
ohhh i'm sorry, the correct answer was "Rubber Soul" ... "Rubber Soul"
If you don't believe me, check the liner notes of "Rubber Soul"
John Lennon photographed during the "Rubber Soul" sessions 1965. the
How Brian Wilson heard 'Rubber Soul,' got baked and wrote 'God Only Knows'
If I had to live with only three albums for the rest of my life, they would be Rubber Soul, American Beauty, and Pet Sounds
My favorite Beatles albums are Abbey Road, Rubber Soul, & Help! in that order.
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"Rubber Soul was Paul's title. It was like Yer Blues, I suppose, meaning English soul". John Lennon.
"Rubber Soul was the pot album, and Revolver was the acid." - John Lennon
exactly, unlike, maybe the X factor.
I know !! I mean it's not like it's important or anything is it
lomu was more tankish in my mind, For smooth silky running look up JPR williams and Gareth Edwards 😊😊😊
more people will vote for the X factor winner !! That's worrying isn't it
Jonah Lomu ruined me for any other team. He was pure bloody poetry. Also, England don't do the Haka *dribbles*
This is why is the greatest game & the the greatest annual competition.Bring on the World Cup and the Southern Hemisphere
was incredible what a game that last one was :)) I'm gonna say Wales England and Ireland all won it this year
one of the best British acts of all time Bee Gees from their classic psych period Odessa .Rubber soul records
Rubber Soul and comics and coffee. Happy Saturday, all.
Next week Glitter Ball 6: Electric A Go-Go with Rubber Soul The Tribu are in town. Will you be there?
Rubber Soul 1st UK pressing in mono.
Ahh well mistakes and indiscipline will loose this game for England - well done Ireland deserved winners
Listening to a FLAC of The Beatles' Rubber Soul album. Hard to believe that entire album produced on this mixing desk
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no I bet lol - financial reward always helps in these situations
lol have a drink or three :) if I lived through the World Cup final in 03 I can get through this lol
is it??? Sounds like a strange place nor folk ?? no folk ?? Guess the locals ain't very friendly
yes indeed, a lot of factors. I France play like Scotland, England have a chance. Intriguing ain't it :))
I am having a cuppa and a slice of pepper cake? Never heard of it.what is this thing they call Norfolk??
been great hasn't it, can't really see England doing it but it's all about momentum and depends what french mentality turns up
10:44am In the Dreamlife You Need a Rubber Soul by The Clean from Mister Pop
Hm is it wrong to find these rather attractive?? sexiness
i can hear you dongbam! What? Old? -take ur rubber duck then throw it away-_-
Got a sneaky feeling are gonna perform today and get the result their performances have desered
no it did come from nowhere and a cracking conversion !! Gonna make Ireland and England go for it - may be too much for them
This day in 1965, the Beatles recorded Paul's "Michelle" for Rubber Soul. Paul recently performed it for Michelle Obama at the White House.
im gonna be busy on the old mastermind aint i lol... and Dean Martin. but my first two loves will always b elvis n rik ;)
"Drive My Car" was not included on the U.S. version of "Rubber Soul."
think it aired in April 12th 1998... but dont hold me to the month lol so he was a yummy 42 :)
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yeah I'm sure - they are good with the head injuries these days :)
been years since I've seen any comic strip stuff Pooks - he looks oldish in that pic is it a recent one??
yeah...havent you seen The Comic Strip Four Men In A Car...its the song that Rik puts on in car and it gets stuck :)
ouch indeed - Seen him get his head the wrong side a few times!! Should know bette at this level
50th anniversary of Help and Rubber Soul this year so I present to you:
.Love Minus Zero strong contender for best Desert Island Dylan track tout court. What about Beatles? Rubber Soul?
Here's Paul on a boat explaining how photographer Bob Freeman got the Rubber Soul cover.
Album each Beatle was younger for than Taylor Swift is today:. John: Rubber Soul. Paul: Sgt. Pepper. George: Magical Mystery Tour. Ringo: Help
[Fav4] Norwegian Wood (The Beatles) by David Jenkins Beatles classic from Rubber Soul (1965) played on Martin JM40 a…
Rubber Soul favourites the Mac Brothers will be on The Voice tonight and we have them back in Mathew Street next...
I'm in old school mode right now... listening to the Beatles Rubber Soul Album then on to the next album... With The Beatles
They're the greatest! Revolver, Rubber Soul, Sargent Peppers and Magical Mystery Tour are all crazy good
I think Rubber Soul has replaced the White Album as my favorite Beatle Album.
George on the artwork: We lost the "little innocents" tag, and Rubber Soul was the first one where we were fully-fledged …
Honestly im shocked that there's so little kink art of Rubber Soul
And I do think his songwriting generally got worse after Rubber Soul
best? fav=John. most talented=Paul. Across the Universe, My Life & Girl. Have an original Rubber Soul (my parents)
My dear son bought me Revolver and Rubber Soul The Beatles, for Chrimbo...replaces my vinyls! Fantastic stuff!
sat here with dad's Rubber Soul and Revolver Vinyls going :)
Nice Groovy people in the shop today..Rubber soul records
want report if you go. My guess is he hits Rubber Soul around 4p
oooh!! I remember going to see Hard Day’s Night at cinema in Leeds when it 1st came out…!! Still have mono Rubber Soul!!
The original shot used for the Rubber Soul album cover, 1965
Run for Your Life by The Beatles from the album: Rubber Soul
Nowhere Man by The Beatles from the album: Rubber Soul
What Goes On by The Beatles from the album: Rubber Soul
Michelle by The Beatles from the album: Rubber Soul
John Lennon recording the vocals to "Norwegian Wood" in the Rubber Soul sessions, 1965
Paul McCartney recording the bass track for "Nowhere Man" during the Rubber Soul sessions, 1965
1965 to 1966. Pot to Acid. Folk to Psychedelic. Rubber Soul to Revolver
I haven't decided what to spend my iTunes card on, THEN IT HIT ME-- buy rubber soul.
Wait by The Beatles from the album: Rubber Soul
Ray Lamontagne's album Supernova may be the most underrated album of all time. That or Rubber Soul
Girl by The Beatles from the album: Rubber Soul
Rubber Soul beats the December 26th blues.
You Won't See Me by The Beatles from the album: Rubber Soul
THE BEATLES !. Fab album 'Rubber Soul' ... No 1 in UK on Christmas day 1965 !.
In the interest of accuracy, I'll note that Rubber Soul came out in December of 1965 but I associate it with '66.
Not a bad list but I'm assuming you're putting Rubber Soul and Revolver in their own category.
I now have Abbey Road, rubber soul, and let it be :)
absolutely. But then depending on my mood any album from rubber soul on hits the spot
Think for Yourself by The Beatles from the album: Rubber Soul
George Harrison looks like on the 'rubber soul' cover, am I crazy?
I'm Looking Through You by The Beatles from the album: Rubber Soul
Today in 1965: The Beatles has the album in the U.S for the 3rd Christmas in a row. "Rubber Soul" sat atop...
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1965: Canadians had no Charter of Rights & Freedoms. Rubber Soul
Now playing THE BEATLES Rubber Soul CD (from the mono boxset).
Travel playlist today is a mix of my fave songs from Beatles For Sale, Help!, Rubber Soul, Revolver, Sgt. Pepper's, White Album, & Abbey Rd.
...better than Rubber Soul. If I ever do anything in my life, I'm going to make that good an album.' - Brian Wilson (on "Pet Sounds")
Dino Jr's Beyond and the Beatles' Rubber Soul are both going for like £13 and i'm not sure which one to get :(
"imagine having a writer w/major publishing credentials grace your cd!" If only Lester Bangs did linernotes for Rubber Soul
THIS DAY in MUSIC HISTORY, December 3rd THIS DAY in BEATLES HISTORY, December 3rd 1938 Marriage of Alfred Lennon and Julia Stanley. After the ceremony, they go to the movies and then to their respective houses. 1961 The Beatles and Bob Wooler meet Brian at NEMS record stores. Before they go with Wooler to drink to the Bridge pub. 4.30pm. Time agreed for the 1st formal meeting with Brian. 5.30pm. John, George, Pete and Bob Wooler are the first appearing for the meeting. 6.00pm. Half an hour later than the rest, and after going home to take a bath, Paul appears at NEMS. 1963 Concert at the Guild Hall, Portsmouth ('The Beatles Autumn Tour') (postponed 12 November). 1964 Brian flies from Los Angeles to London. Appearance on BBC-TV's 'Top Of the Pops'. 1965 Start of UK tour, with the Moody Blues and The Kobbas & Beryl Mardsen. Concert at the Odeon Cinema, Glasgow. UK single release: 'We Can Work It Out'/'Day Tripper'. First single officially released as double A side. UK LP release: 'Rubber Soul'. 1966 ''Yeste ...
To the Jerk who smashed my window Friday afternoon while I was at hockey practice: I hope you are happy. You vandalized someone who was spending their time to help out other peoples' children. And actually, as a side note, I had my dad make a little trophy that we awarded for a competition being that it was a holiday weekend, to try to make it a little fun for the kids. So yeah, I kinda went the extra mile. But you - well you smashed my window. Cost me some money, time, frustration, and driving around freezing for a day or so. Didn't change my life much, just to let you know. And here's the funny thing. You are not even a thief, or if you are, you are a very poor one. Cause you left my 2 Beatles CDs sitting right on the seat. Beatles For Sale, and Rubber Soul. Now, I'm sorry if that isn't your jam, but I honestly don't have a ton better to offer up to you. You are pathetic. A vandal with no musical taste. Lower than a common thief for sure. Maybe someone saw you and you ran, making you simp ...
is celebrating John Lennon's birthday today by taking Eleanor Rigby down Penny Lane to meet Maxwell Silverhammer in the Octopus's Garden for a Magical Mystery Tour. Later Sgt. Pepper finds a Revolver in the Strawberry Fields down on Abbey Road that fell out of a Yellow Submarine Back in the U.S.S.R.. Finally I'll Drive My Car, a Volkwagon Beatle, to the Hollywood Bowl to buy a White Album for my friend Long Tall Sally with the Rubber Soul.
Monster times this Saturday. Last few tickets remaining from Music Mania, Rubber Soul, Replay, Sarah Ev(Stoke...
I've been challenged to list the 10 most influential albums in my life by Carolina Chacon. My take is to look at the ones I've probably listened to most and that represent why I started liking certain kinds of music. Most of these go back to when I first received a cd player for Christmas and hooked up a record player and started playing some of my mom and dad's vinyl. These are the top 10 in no particular order. (oh, and I cheated by including more than 1 album for a few select artists) 1. Pink Floyd – (The Wall, Division Bell, Dark Side of the Moon) 2. The Beatles – (Rubber Soul, Revolver, Abbey Road, Sgt Peppers and The White Album) 3. Neil Young – Harvest 4. Nirvana – (Unplugged in New York, Nevermind) 5. Metallica – Black 6. Pearl Jam – Ten 7. Dr Dre – The Chronic (the original Nine Deuce) 8. Simon & Garfunkel - Collected Works 9. Frank Sinatra – Nothing but the Best 10. Red Hot Chile Peppers – Blood Sugar Sex Magik
Watching this again as we speak! Get your tickets now for Rubber Soul at Skyline Indie Film Fest and get your...
Last night I danced to Rubber Soul and Pet Sounds, ate all the bread and everything was okay.
Oh wait he switched it up to a little Rubber Soul.
Best Beatles album ever? My choice has to be Rubber Soul...please opine.
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wearing one of my two Rubber Soul t-shirts.Clara points at the rather long-haired Fab four and says."ladies".right up their with yelling out "cuddles" while watching the footy on the weekend
mix in Rubber Soul while your at it.
Pretty successful day at record store
although I like the scope of the White Album and the listenability of Rubber Soul. But yeah, Revolver.
The gig is on! Saturday June 7th Benefit for John Dominick to offset cost of cancer care - 45 Woodlawn Ave Clifton. 2:00pm start with The Mystery Cats, Midnight Rain, the Cheryl Hawk Band and the Rubber Souls Let the summer fun begin:-) Food, Beer, Heated Pool!! All are invited!
RUBBER SOUL I truly love this album. Every song is perfect, and that is very rare. I like Abbey Road and Revolver, but I’d say this was their masterpiece. Album openers don’t get much better than ‘Drive My Car,’ one of the funkiest things they ever recorded. Plus the Rubber Soul cover – didn’t even have their names on it – just those incredible four faces! it was all you needed.
Beatles Question: What was the very first Beatles record you bought? The very first Beatles record that I bought was Rubber Soul when I was 14 years old and then it just didn't stop from there. :)
two things:. 1) rubber soul is the greatest beatles album of all time. 2) I ACCIDENTALLY WASHED MY HAIR D:
My couch is so comfy now. Drinking wine and listening to Rubber Soul by the Beatles. Wondering what should I...
My sandal broke in the downpour. I fixed it w/ a rubber band around the soul of my shoe and the top of my foot. It is creatively gorgeous.
Revolver placed at number 3, Rubber Soul at number 5, and The White Album at number 10.
So, I just received a video copy of the Flatland Harmony Experiment and The Whipstitch Sallies performing the Beatles "Rubber Soul" in it's entirety. We did it last year at the FolkyFish Fest campfire album set. Watched about half of it so far...Cool stuff :)
in jr high these were the albums I listened to: some switchfoot album, Wings' Band on the Run, Rubber Soul and Bat out of ***
Seriously, the rubber bands burn my soul.
Proper coffee and vinyl day with The Beatles - 'Rubber Soul'.
The Beatles Rubber Soul first ten tracks is 30 minutes on a treadmill. The most enjoyable tread walk I've ever had.
6/4. RUBBER SOUL. Tsurumi Yokohama. with KATSUMI OZAWA. 1st. I'll follow the sun. Mother natures son. And I love her...
New ship. - I just had an anon who ships a-rubber-soul and milamilenakunis so I have made up 2 ship names...
I'm listening to If I Needed Someone by The Beatles on Pandora
1965 Rubber Soul one of my favorites...The Beatles 6th Album
Rubber Soul is best album on the planet, Revolver is a close second
The karkun's have taken a totally wrong meaning of 'burn rubber not soul'.
Here is the mini documentary for Rubber Soul. The Remasters and The Beatles Rock Band out tomorrow! Spread The Word!
Riccardo Balestra aka Rubber Soul, '94. DO YOUR THANG check out my mates
ROGER SWEARINGENS FAVORITES "TUNE'S TUNES":   Roger Swearingen: June 4, 1953 - April 27, 2012   Today in honor of my Uncle Roger Swearingen, I share some of "Tune's" favorite tunes.  Thanks to my Dad and Aunts and Uncles I grew up being exposed to a rich range of music, and my Dad and Uncle Roger, Ellen Jean, and Jeff Utterback made some great music together too.  Uncle Roger was a music genious though.. Ask him about any artist, and he could tell you more than you ever dreamed!  He had a hall of music fame and reference in his mind!!  It was Roger that helped me appreciate Van Morrison, Traffic, and of course Jackson Browne.  I always loved Bob Dylan, the Beatles, CSN&Y.     Here are the links to the top 15 links to the full albums that are his favorite from Youtube.     Highway 61, Dylan    Road, Beatles   side of the moon, Floyd   Band, The Band  Leon Russell   Vu, CSN&Y  the Gold Rush,Neil Young  for the Sky, Jackson Browne   it Bleed, Stones   Kinks   of the Future, Steve ...
“lol look at your hairy arms”. I won't apologize for being a man ;)
Ringo changed the sound of recorded. drums. About the time of Rubber Soul in 1965
I made Kat watch the rubber soul episode :')
At home cleaning my house and listening to full Beatles albums. It's pretty sweet! Right now I'm listening to Rubber Soul. I love this stage of the Beatles.
"Rubber Soul", the sixth studio album by the Beatles, was released on 3 December 1965. Produced by George Martin, it was recorded in just over four weeks to ...
Here's a new podcast where Jaime takes the time to talk about music for thirty minutes. This week, he talks about The Beatles album Rubber Soul.
today I made an EXECUTIVE decision... it was not an easy one. I'm going to Kauai for a week in August with Albert (who booked the timeshare, how awesome is that?) and with my wonderful uke playing friends! I'm beyond excited to go to Kauai with them! we were to return on Friday, August 15th. Paul McCartney plays at Candlestick Park on the evening of august 14th. it's been agonizing for me, figuring out what to do...almost heart wrenching..but then realized -- hey, I can do it all! so today I changed my return flight reservation...okay so it means I have to spend the night in Seattle/Tacoma, but I know people there...someone will put me up. and...guess what? I have tickets to see PAUL AT CANDLESTICK PARK on august 14th! I'm going to be there...sure, in the very upper section...but who cares? I'll be there. in the spirit of the Beatles, I have to be there...I hope everyone understands. I will definitely have fun in Kauai, especially knowing that now I also get to see Paul... and the tickets are still availa ...
Disraeli Gears, Ziggy Stardust, Rubber Soul, Electric Ladyland, Led Zeppelin I, all back to back. Music makes everything ok.
Spending an extra 10 minutes in the coffee shop just to listen to 'rubber soul'
If you are a fan of the Beatles, you have got to see this show. This will be our 7th year in a row. They are fantastic!!! MusicWorks 3LC Presents The Fab Faux - Greatest Beatles Tribute Band The Fab Faux Date: February 21, 2015 Time: 8:00 PM Tickets: $42.93 - $95.93 VIP: $128.79 Venue: Parker Playhouse Coming back to the Parker Playhouse after a sold out 2014 concert The Fab Faux will perform "Rubber Soul" in its entirety followed by a collection of fan favorites. The Fab Faux has been named "The World's Greatest Beatles Tribute Band" and Rolling Stone magazine calls them "The Champagne of cover bands... Performing the music of the Beatles so impeccably you must experience it to believe it." The band features Will Lee from The David Letterman Show, Jimmy Vivino from Conan O'Brien Show along with Rich Pagano, Frank Agnello and Jack Petruzzelli and is backed by "Creme Tangerine Strings." VIP Ticket includes post show meet and greet with the band.
The Beatles – 'Rubber Soul', Ray La Montagne – 'Gossip in the Grain', '60s soul compilation (the Capitols, the Bar-Kays, Don Covay), Paul Simon – 'Surprise', Keb' Mo' – 'Big Wide Grin', 'The Graduate' soundtrack, Paul McCartney – 'Off the Ground'. $1 each at an estate sale in Tacoma. Pretty good haul. Anyone know this Macca record from 1993?
The Black Jacket Symphony is this weekend @ WorkPlay and they are going to be bringing you The Beatles' Rubber Soul and Revolver... Would you like a pair of tickets for the sold out Saturday night show (tickets for Friday still available)? Be the first person to tell us what album came out right before Rubber Soul and the tickets are yours!
In the official American release of the manga by Viz Media, Steely Dan's name was changed to "Rubber Soul" for copyright reasons. Of note is
The original 1969 New York Times review of "Abbey Road." The reviewer is particularly troubled by Lennon's "gulping, retching" vocal delivery of "Oh, Darling." - The Beatles: For 15 Minutes, Tremendous By NIK COHN LONDON -- On the second side of the Beatles's new album, ``Abbey Road,'' there's a nine-song, 15-minute medley that seems to me the most impressive music they've made since ``Rubber Soul.'' Individually, the numbers are nothing special. ``Mean Mr. Mustard'' is a catchy melody line; ``Polythene Pam'' is a nice *** of Liverpudlia; there are four beautiful bars during ``Golden Slumbers,'' and a brief passage of Merrill E. Moore barrelhouse piano on ``You Never Give Me Your Money.'' Apart from that, it's all pretty average stuff. Most of the melody lines have been used elsewhere, and some of the lyrics are quite painful. Still, for three main reasons, it works. The first reason is just that it's brilliantly produced: the Beatles know as much about recording as anyone outside of Phil Spector, and ...
Here's our gig guide for the next few months. We won't be adding many more dates as we are going to start to pace our selfs with our local gigs, so make sure you come to some (or all) of our gigs. 4th April- The Exchange, Hanley, supporting Dirty Rotten Souls. Ticket are £4 17th April- Raphael's Nightclub, Congleton. Price to be announced. 20th April- (Easter Sunday) All day festival, at The Full Moon, Newcastle. £5 entry for all day, 12 acts!!!. 5th May- (Bank Holiday Monday) Limelight Festival, Newcastle town centre. We are on from 3.15pm. FREE ENTRY! SEE THE BEST OF LOCAL MUSIC 1st June- Rubber Soul sessions. Old Brown Jug, Newcastle. Price to be annouced. *There won't be much on after that untill July, So make sure you see us at these shows.*
List ten albums here that have stayed with you over the years. They don't have to be critical wonders but they should mean something to you. Tag friends who post a lot about music - and me - to carry this on. Steve Pickstock, Tom Rafferty, Frank Morgan, Mike Chirnside. 1) Desperado - the Eagles 2) Rubber Soul - The Beatles 3) Bat Out of *** - Meat Loaf 4) Brothers In Arms - Dire Straits 5) Catch Bull At Four - Cat Stevens 6) Chronicles - Al Stewart 7) Eagles - the Eagles 8) The Essential Leonard Cohen - Leonard Cohen 9) Excitable Boy - Warren Zevon 10) Golden Heart - Mark Knopfler
Check out this interview with Rubber Soul - movie director Jon Lefkovitz on
YOU WON´T SEE ME.(1965) : On the night of November 11th, 1965, the Beatles were in a bind. The deadline for completing Rubber Soul was upon them, and they needed to record three songs that evening to wrap up the album. On top of that, McCartney was having problems with his girlfriend, Jane Asher: He was upset that the actress had moved to Bristol to join the Old Vic theater company. Out of McCartney's anger came "You Won't See Me," which finds him spitting out, albeit in his nice-guy way, some of his most bitter lyrics: "Time after time, you refuse to even listen/I wouldn't mind if I knew what I was missing,"
Friend Jordan said to pick 12 albums that have carried with me since the first listen. I’ll start with one in his list… 1. Joni Mitchell - Blue 2. John Lennon - Plastic Ono 3. A Tribe Called Quest - People’s Instinctive Travels 4. Zappa/Mothers - We’re only in it for the money 5. Ben Folds Five - Reinhold Messner 6. United States of America - S/T 7. of Montreal - Hissing Fauna (tough to pick one) 8. Bill Hicks - Igby’s - San Fran 9. Beastie Boys - Ill Communication 10. George Carlin - It’s Bad For Ya 11. For Stars - Windows for stars 12. Beck - Odelay *Also, any of the first 3 Velvet Underground/Beatles (Rubber Soul to White Album) doesn’t fail*
5 of 5 stars to Rubber Soul by Greg Kihn
In keeping with the trend I'll list 13 albums that have stuck with me. Ne need to tag folks, but if you'd like to list yours as a comment go ahead. In no order: 1. The Beatles - Rubber Soul [US Version] 2. Pink Floyd - The Piper At The Gates Of Dawn 3. Jackson Browne - Late For The Sky 4. Oasis - Definitely Maybe 5. Belle & Sebastian - the life pursuit 6. The Beach Boys - Pet Sounds 7. Simon & Garfunkel - Bookends 8. Vampire Weekend - Vampire Weekend 9. James Taylor - Sweet Baby James 10. Carole King - Tapestry 11. Graham Nash - Songs For Beginners 12. George Harrison - All Things Must Pass 13. Bob Dylan - Blood on the Tracks There are many more but those 13 came off the top of my head, and I only chose one album per band.
On page 260 of 306 of Rubber Soul, by Greg Kihn
On page 229 of 306 of Rubber Soul, by Greg Kihn
On page 205 of 306 of Rubber Soul, by Greg Kihn
Okay, Rubber Soul is cracking me up! The guy gets onboard a ship to get away from his abusive brothers in Liverpool (after meeting the Beatles in their VERY early days), and ends up in Baltimore! Of course, that's probably because Greg Kihn is from Baltimore, but it's still fun to read about all the places I know - the Block (and Blaze Starr), the Peabody Library. I'm smiling ear-to-ear as I'm reading each night!
On page 170 of 306 of Rubber Soul, by Greg Kihn
I loved Mal Evans holding one note down on You Won't See Me from Rubber Soul.
After all the suitcases had been hauled in from Jerry Dale’s pickup and the grownups had gathered round the kitchen table for a couple of beers, Ricky heard a loud knock. Buddy opened the door and Sharon Naylor burst into his arms. They embraced like lovers, which indeed they were. And they would be again, maybe tonight. But then Ricky saw Debbie J stepped through the doorway, and his heart raced as she smiled at him and gave a little wave. She was even prettier than he remembered, not just a girl anymore but a young woman. Her tanned skin glowed in the lamp light and her big brown eyes shone like jewels. Debbie J carried a stack of LPs under her left arm. Through the dim yellow light Ricky saw the Beatles’ Rubber Soul under her palm, with the original plastic wrapping still intact. It was his favorite album. Perfect! How could she have known?
Re: Strats. According to Beatles recording engineer Geoff Emerick, John and George had wanted Strats for a while and for some reason (perhaps a sponsorship deal with Rickenbacher and general unavailability of Fenders in the UK) they didn't get them till 1965. As they began the Rubber Soul sessions, they apparently sent roadie-assistant Mal Evans out to procure their Stratocasters from a UK music store which had let them know it had just got some Strats into stock. Mal returned with a pair of matching blue 65 Strats. Soon after, the Beatles recorded this song. The glistening, chiming Nowhere Man guitar solo is George and John both playing the 'single' guitar part on their new strats (tracking it together) - with a ton of top end eq and compression from the board - and likely through Vox tube amps, which are also known for their chimey tones. For me, this wonderful guitar break is a cornerstone of the 'jangle rock' guitar sound that began around 1965 and is still with us in many genres of pop, rock and coun ...
Watched some basketball and then stumbled into the Beatles tribute, just in time to see Ringo perform, and then nostalgia took over and forced me to sit down and enjoy the final 45 minutes. Its funny how songs from your era take you back and remind you of emotions you felt and circumstances you lived in... in this case it reminded me of how the Beatles transition from pop rock to "Rubber Soul" and "Sgt. Peppers" mirrored the transition of our generation from a more innocent time into one of self-indulgence and moral relativism that seemed to pick up momentum with each passing year. The Beatles didn't cause that to happen... their music just mirrored what was going on in society as my generation rebelled against Vietnam and Watergate and the draft, while we carried our rebellion to the extreme by excusing dangerous behaviors based on a "if it feels good, do it" mentality, behaviors that brought us much pain and death from LSD and AIDS. I personally lost friends to the Vietnam war, and AIDS, and bad LSD ...
Watched The Beatles: The Night That Changed America - A GRAMMY Salute show last night. In seeing the audience singing along it was cool to see how many young people were into the music. (There is hope) I remember listening to my mom & dad's Beatles albums from A Hard Days Night, Rubber Soul, Revolver, Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band etc. when I was young. Played them over and over on my parents turntable/record machine. They changed me and inspired my passion for music.
I first heard the Beatles on the car radio the night of my high school senior prom in December of 1963. I remember clearly the night 2 months later when they appeared on the Ed Sullivan show. I immediately became a fan, and my favorite has always been Ringo. I remember my best buddy, Mary Bunker, and I visiting actress Jane Asher backstage at a theater in Boston where she was appearing so that Mary could give her something to give her then boyfriend, Paul (Mary's favorite). (Mary, I don't remember what the something was? Do you suppose he ever got it?) . And I remember being too sick to go to Suffolk Downs in August 1966 with Mary to see them perform. My sister, Susan MacKenzie used my ticket. I'm still jealous! I still have my favorite album of theirs, Rubber Soul. Haven't played it in a while, though! :-)
Dear friends, It was 50 years ago today, John, Paul, George, and Ringo took the stage at the Ed Sullivan show. I hope you caught the celebration tonight recognizing the Fab Four. My childhood friends and high school friends will tell you that I have always been a die-hard fan. In fact, most of the artwork I did in grade 13 (remember grade 13) was of The Beatles or Paul McCartney. Tonight brought back many happy Friday nights in my parents' basement dancing to Help, Meet the Beatles, Rubber Soul, and the White Album. Please feel free to share your favorite Beatle memory! And a shout-out to our awesome Canadian figure skating team who won Olympic SILVER! Wishing you all a good night.
OK IM GOING TO RAIN ON MY OWN PARADE!!! As much as I LOVE The Beatles especially THE EARLY BEATLES!' Meet The Beatles, Introducing The Beatles, Beatles Second Album etc. Revolver and Rubber Soul, I have to say that THIS SHOW *** !! And not in the good way. Let It Be! Yes you should have! Where is LOVE ME DO? FROM ME TO YOU? TWIST AND SHOUT??!! This is just another excuse for these huge money market monopolies calling themselves Record Companies, to push their awful, boring, mundane, fake puppets, who call themselves artists! WHITE WONDER BREAD that NOTHING to do with real, raw, heart pounding Rock And Roll music. It would have been more interesting and intertaining to actually have real people and bands from that era performing ! Im sorry as much as i love The Beatles my oppinion of this show is a very LOW one! ITS BORING AND I CANT STAND THE MAJORITY OF THESE ***
Revolver and Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band "Eleanor Rigby" Sample of "Eleanor Rigby" from Revolver (1966). The album involves innovative compositional approaches, arrangements and recording techniques. This song, primarily written by McCartney, prominently features classical strings in a novel fusion of musical styles. Problems playing this file? See media help. Rubber Soul had marked a major step forward; Revolver, released in August 1966 a week before the Beatles' final tour, marked another.[150] Pitchfork's Scott Plagenhoef identifies it as "the sound of a band growing into supreme confidence" and "redefining what was expected from popular music."[151] Revolver featured sophisticated songwriting, studio experimentation, and a greatly expanded repertoire of musical styles ranging from innovative classical string arrangements to psychedelic rock.[150] Abandoning the customary group photograph, its cover—designed by Klaus Voormann, a friend of the band since their Hamburg days—"was a stark, ar ...
I remember it like it was yesterday...watching the Beatles' debut on the Ed Sullivan Show! My very first favorite Beatles song was "I Wanna Hold Your Hand." Then when Rubber Soul came out, it was Nowhere Man; when Revolver came out, it was Eleanor Rigby. But when Abby Road (my favorite Beatles album) came out, my very favorite song of all time became Here Comes the Sun - and is my fave to this day. What is YOUR favorite Beatles song? It's tough to pick just one, I know...
We've got one more Beatles lesson for the anniversary weekend! The song is 'Nowhere Man' from the 1965 Rubber Soul album, so take a look if you wanna learn it!
The Beatles - Nowhere Man 1965 "Nowhere Man" is a song by The Beatles, from their hit album Rubber Soul (in the U.S. on the Yesterday ... and Today album). T...
Rolling Stone has four Beatles albums in the all-time Top 10 Albums (of the rock era). They are: The White Album, Revolver, Rubber Soul and Sargent Pepper. I beg to differ. I would not include the White Album. Great as it is, it's more a bunch a solo projects than a true Beatles album. Rubber Soul & Revolver could almost be considered a Part One and Part Two.
I've been thinking about the Beatles because of their anniversary, and a radio station playing their purported top 50 songs.. What would be my choices.. OH COME ON.. Sooo many.. "For No One", and "I Want You (She's So Heavy)", I know they're not the most popular picks, but I love them so... I can't even BEGIN to name more. Albums, well, Revolver and Rubber Soul, for sure, but then Abbey Road, Meet the Beatles, Help!, the White Album, Sargent Pepper. the mind reels ! Saw them on Ed Sullivan, yah, yah, yah, and I was a goner...
The Beatles Nowhere Man Album : Rubber Soul (1965). Music only in high definition.
SO, tying to all together: my interactions with the Beatles parallel universe over some 50 years (proably not a complete list) -- "In my life i've loved them all": * listening to Beatles VI from my sister (how'd she get the moeny for that?) * Saturday morning beatles cartoons * Seeing Hard Day's Night: favorite movie i have it on vhs, cd-rom, dvd, blu ray * Seeing Help! -- we stayed in theatre ( M DOyle?) for 3 shows -- my mom was outside after 1 -- whoops! can you say steaming? kids. "Though I know I'll never lose affection For people and things that went before I know I'll often stop and think about them..." * Freshman black light party at rick fogles -- coming of age -- Rubber Soul. awesome night. * Summer of 67 -- cousin's neighbor Penny (fantastic co incidence) Glass gives me Sgt Pepper as a gift -- june warm -- * Cousin Ken "turns me on " to revolver -- i was shocked at the differnece from Rubber Soul * White Album comes out -- Ed Lyons gives me his sister's -- Lynn -- and i listen to it all night . ...
George Harrison's guitars: When Harrison joined the Quarrymen in 1958 his main guitar was a Höfner President Acoustic, which he soon traded for a Höfner Club 40 model. [224] His first solid-body electric guitar was a Czech-built Jolana Futurama/Grazioso. [225] The guitars he used on early recordings were mainly Gretsch models, played through a Vox amplifier, including a Gretsch Duo Jet that he bought secondhand in 1961, and posed with on the album cover for Cloud Nine (1987). [226] He also bought a Gretsch Tennessean and a Gretsch Country Gentleman, which he played on "She Loves You", and during the Beatles' 1964 appearance on The Ed Sullivan Show. [227][228] In 1963 he bought a Rickenbacker 425 Fireglo, and in 1964 he acquired a Rickenbacker 360/12 guitar, which was the second of its kind to be manufactured. [229] Harrison obtained his first Fender Stratocaster in 1965 and used it in recording Rubber Soul, notably on the song "Nowhere Man". [230] In early 1966 Harrison, Lennon, and McCartney each purch ...
more vintage vinyl from Rubber Soul records arriving at the shop tomorrow 󾠚󾠔󾠖
Love that Brian Wilson needed to top Rubber Soul. And that Michelle Phillips just popped by Brian Wilson's house now & again
On Monday, January 27, 2014, Brian sat for a half hour and answered over 50 questions from fans around the world. Due to the overwhelming response to the Q&A, only a fraction of the questions could be answered, but Brian did talk about his new album and career. The event was a big success – Brian had a lot of fun and is looking forward to doing it again. Following is a transcript from the interview: Hi Brian, what’s your favorite new song you’re working on? “Sail Away” (not the Randy Newman song) and “Last Song.” Hi Brian, did you and Jeff Beck write songs together for the new album? No, Jeff didn’t write with me - he’s playing on them. Hi Brian. Just wanted to know, years from now, what would you like your legacy to be? That I was a good singer. Hi Brian, Which song from Rubber Soul inspired you the most to create Pet Sounds? Yeah, Norwegian Wood. Hi Brian! Throughout your musical career, what questions do you get tired of answering? What question do you want someone to ask you, and wha ...
Many! I have enjoyed reading around their story too. Abbey Road, White Album, Rubber Soul & Sgt Pepper are best.
Rubber Soul: A company that CANNOT keep up basic SEC: Rubber Soul
A little while ago I posted my 20 favorite songs as done as a challenge to Michelle Burchett Williams. After that, she challenged me to list my top 20 albums. Here is my list in no particular order and probably with some mis-spelling. Again, if you care to take the time, please feel free to post yours in the comments. Here's my list... Stevie Wonder- Boy Wonder(12 years old) Grateful Dead- Dead Set. Pink Floyd- The Wall. Pink Floyd- Animals. The Jam- In The City. John Lennon- Imagine. Beatles- Rubber Soul. Bruce Springsteen- Hammersmith-Odium. The Who- Tommy. BB King- Live at Cook County Jail. Johnny Cash- Live at Folsom. The Band- The Last Waltz. 25th Anniversary Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Concerts.! The Who- Live at Leeds. Tribute to George. (For Harrison). Led Zepplin- The Song Remains the Same. Rush- Moving Pictures. Simon and Garfunkel- Bookends. The Police- Outlandos D' Amour. Billy Gibson Band- Live at the Rum Boogie.
Rules: In your Status list 14 albums that have stayed with you and which have made an indelible mark on you. In no particular order, here are mine: Billy Joel - Turnstiles The Cars - Panorama Cheap Trick - One on One The Replacements - Let It Be The Sex Pistols - Never Mind the Bullocks... Big Star - Radio City The Beatles - Rubber Soul (British Version) Jesus Christ Superstar - Original Album Berlin - Pleasure Victim The Jayhawks - Tomorrow the Green Grass Wilco - A.M. Aimee Mann - Lost in Space Nirvana - In Utero The Avett Brothers - The Carpenter It Kills me to have left off the following artists, all artists who had one or more albums that I obsessed over, but I tried to do this instinctively, without ruminating too much. Blondie, Beach Boys, The Kinks, Caitlin Cary, Badfinger, Collective Soul, Randy Stonehill, Elvis Costello, Ryan Adams, Devo, Dire Straits, Don McLean, Duran Duran, Eisley, E.L.O, Elliot Smith, Fastball, Fountains of Wayne, Geoff Beran, Gin Blossoms, Golden Smog, Goo Goo Dolls, Green ...
So, what are the top ten albums that influenced you the most as a songwriter? And I am not talking about your favorites but the ones that impacted the way that you write songs. Mine are, in no particular order: Beatles: Rubber Soul, Beatles :Revolver, The Who: Quadrophenia, The Who :Who's Next, The Jam :All Mod Cons, The Rolling Stones: Exile on Main Street, The Embarrassment: The Embarrassment EP, Husker Du: Zen Arcade ,R E M: Murmer, The Replacements: Let It Be, TheLemonheads: It's A Shame About Ray, Dinosaur Jr. : Without A Sound. Ok, so that's twelve. Sue me.
Let's just pause, while I'm on a Dylan kick, to observe *Highway 61* comes out FIVE MONTHS after the brilliant *Bringing it All Back Home* FIVE MONTHS. The same year, The Beatles put out *Help!* AND *Rubber Soul* along with a couple of singles SEPARATE (they would occasionally take a single from an album, but considered it "cheating"). And The Beatles would go on to have BETTER a year in 1966, and Dylan would maintain his absurd standards in addition to a grueling world tour while still bearing the animus of part of base who felt "betrayed" by his evolution. Creative genius mystifies me, but I think zeitgeist is part of it. Geniuses need other geniuses to reach their truest potential. Or is another factor in this absurd level of quantity and quality the fact that the form, as an art form, was so new that they were unaware that what they were doing was, by most objective measures, essentially impossible? Is a certain degree of ignorance of precedent a crucial asset in any innovation? Is part of its rarit . ...
"New Planet" Radio 89-FM...G December 24th: On this Day 1954, Johnny Ace shot himself dead backstage at the City Auditorium in Houston, Texas. The R&B singer was playing with a revolver during a break between sets, someone in the room said "Be careful with that thing’’ and he said ‘It’s OK the gun’s not loaded, see’’ and pointed it at himself with a smile on his face. 1963, The first night of The Beatles Christmas show at The Finsbury Park Astoria, London with Billy J. Kramer, The Fourmost, Cilla Black and Rolf Harris. more 1965, The Beatles had the number one album in the US for the third Christmas in a row. 'Rubber Soul' sat atop the LP chart in '65, following 'Beatles For Sale' in 1964 and 'With The Beatles' in 1963. The Fab Four would repeat this feat again in 1968 with 'The Beatles' (The White Album) and again in 1969, with 'Abbey Road'. 1965, 1967, The Bee Gees performed their Christmas special 'live' from Liverpool Cathedral, England which was broadcast on UK TV. more 1971, Slade appe ...
The Annual Beatles Marathon is Saturday, a truly unique Columbus event. If you haven't gone before, you really should. A group of excellent local musicians play every Beatles song in chronological order. It's a 12 hour journey that i try to get to in time to see Rubber Soul and beyond.
“[Rubber Soul] is pure magic--I couldn’t turn the pages fast enough.”~Eddie Money Pick up a copy today, only $5.99!
The smell outside is just Paul Walker's soul burning rubber one last time 🚔
Rubber Soul is a beautiful piece of art
the Rubber Soul and Let it Be sessions though. They were gone man. LMFAO 😂😂
Rubber Soul was released in the UK on 3 December 1965. . Read all about it:
Just bought this original 1965 pressing of Rubber Soul... 'In My Life' gets me every time.
McCartney probably was better early on but Lennon and Harrison were amazing by the time rubber soul came along.
Redlining every Gear, chills of exhaust notes smell of burning rubber Cutting thru traffic putting soul in my body
Has any band produced two albums as fantastic as Rubber Soul & Revolver? I don't think so.
I am reminded this morning that the sliced and diced US Rubber Soul is actually better than the original UK LP. what say u?
Rubber Soul, what an album. Almost forgot how good it is
Listened to rubber soul, and revolver today already. Now for yellow submarine then 1. Beatles are simply fantastic.
Come join the fun and take part in 's tour!
i always thought Revolver and Rubber Soul stood alone, like a transition between the two more distinct periods. i still prefer RS.
Rubber Soul just finished first spot
DESCRIPTION Rubber Soul capture the soul and spirit of a new age of wave riding. Functionality and performance with style. Features a chest zip.
Stop in tonight and rock with Rubber Soul! 8pm!
I'm setting up a blog tour & book blast for Rubber Soul by Greg Kihn. This is an Adult fiction-rock and roll thriller. Book Blast - January 20th to 26th - You can post on whatever date ...
Thank you all at at Rubber Soul. I had a great time. And Pablo you were looking sharp!
Thank you all at Rubber Soul. You throw a great party. Oh yes and I think you should make Pablo wear a tie everyday. Lol.
Gusty is singing Rubber Soul in its entirety (ok he's only on Song Three) and seems to have acquired the ability to imitate an opera soprano's vibrato.
Excellent headphones, nice thoughts and "Rubber Soul" and "Abbey Road" on my way home... :-)
Today's playlist will feature The Beatles' "Rubber Soul" and Pantera's "Vulgar Display of Power."
Who assembled your copy of 'Rubber Soul'?
The Beatles "Rubber Soul" Delphi Plate" with Certificate I found it here: might like these too: This bird has flown: a 40th anniversary tribute to the beatles' rubber soul; The beatles "rubber soul" delphi plate" with certificate; The alternate rubber soul; Rubber soul.
48 years ago the LP "Rubber Soul" and the single "We can work it out"/"Day tripper" was edited in USA by the Capitol label.
Little Giant Ladders
Rocker writes 'Rubber Soul' mystery [...] I started writing in my spare time, short stories and different horror ideas. The book steers away from Kihn's horror roots, instead featuring the Beatles as main characters in a murder mystery. The central character is called Dust Bin Bob, and "Rubber Soul"...
Births 1907: Connee Boswell 1927: Ferlin Husky 1928: Andy Williams 1931: Jaye P. Morgan 1940: John Cale (Velvet Underground) 1945: Paul Nicholas 1948: Ozzy Osbourne (Black Sabbath) 1949: Mickey Thomas (Jefferson Starship) Deaths none Events 1925: George Gershwin premieres his "Concerto In F," the first jazz concerto for piano and orchestra, at New York City's Carnegie Hall. Gershwin is also the featured soloist on flugelhorn. 1960: The Lerner and Loewe play Camelot, featuring Richard Burton and Julie Andrews, opens at the Majestic Theatre in New York City. 1961: The Beatles Brian Epstein for the first time, at his Liverpool record store, NEMS. Later, at six that afternoon, they meet again to discuss Brian's management of the group. 1965: Keith Richards is electrocuted and knocked unconscious during a Rolling Stones concert in Sacramento, CA. 1966: Having been convicted of heroin and marijuana possession, Ray Charles is given a five-year suspended sentence and fined $10,000. 1966: The Monkees make their st ...
1965: The Beatles’ “Rubber Soul” is released in the U.K. This edition includes “Nowhere Man” which does not appear on the U.S. version. Also, the group undertakes their final U.K. tour.
except you had Revolver and Rubber Soul lol, but I love the Kinks, Iron Butterfly and BOC ones you have
In the dreamlife u. Need a rubber soul
A popular Beatles song from the Beatles 1965 album Rubber Soul. I uploaded this as a tribute to my father, who for privacy reasons I withold his name and ide...
Rubber Soul is at Schmitty's in Fond du Lac tonight starting at 8:00 PM. Come down and enjoy some classic rock and unwind from the Black Friday frenzy!! See you tonight!
Tickets now on sale from Rubber Soul Records Hide street,stoke,2min from the Kings hall.thanks
Just gonna brag about my music taste real quick and try to show how cool I am and how shallow (1): Top 10 favorite songs of all time: 1. Push the little daises up by ween 2. Green river by CCR 3. Your gonna miss me by 13 floor elevators 4. Mollys lips by nirvana 5. Hey Sandy by Polaris 6. New Slang by The Shins 7. Cut Your Hair by Pavement 8. Tangerine by Led Zeppelin 9. All along the watch tower by Bob Dylan 10. About a Girl by Nirvana (2): Top 10 favorite songs at the moment: 1. Glorified G by Pearl Jam 2. Go by Pearl Jam 3. America by Paul Simon 4. Soul Sacrifice by Santana 5. Come On by The Rolling Stones 6.China Cat Sunflower by The Grateful Dead 7. Farewell by Bob Dylan 8. Suffergate City by David Bowie 9. For Your Love by The Yardbirds 10. Gat Kirwani by Ravi Shankar (3): Top 5 albums of all time: 1. Rubber Soul by The Beatles 2. Nevermind by Nirvana 3. Power Plant by The Golden Dawn 4. Are You Experienced? by Jimi Hendrix 5. Miss World by Hole (4): Top 5 albums at the moment: Same as above (5): To ...
What might some of the rock 'n' roll era's greatest stars have achieved and what might they look like now, if they had not died before their time? John Lennon (age progression to age 73) Founder of the Beatles and influential songwriter and pioneer for peace Died in 1980 at age 40 John Lennon (October 9, 1940 – December 8, 1980) Lennon formed half of music’s most successful songwriting partnership, joining with Paul McCartney to compose dozens of Number 1 hits. Lennon founded the Quarrymen in the late 1950s in his hometown of Liverpool, England, eventually joined in the band by McCartney and guitarist George Harrison. Lennon changed the group’s name to the Beatles and, finally joined by drummer Ringo Starr, in 1962 the band began an eight-year run producing an unprecedented string of hit singles and such influential albums as Rubber Soul, Revolver, Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band and Abbey Road. After the band broke up in 1970, Lennon went on to have a successful solo career with hits like ...
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