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Royce White

Royce Alexander White (born April 10, 1991) is an American college basketball power forward with the Iowa State Cyclones basketball team who has completed his redshirt sophomore season for the 2011–12 team.

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Royce White was a very talented player similar to LBJ kinda of talent (cont)
Like he really had a white tee & some sweatpants walking out. He talked to my mama then in his black Rolls Royce Phantom.
With my Tokyo boys in a white rolls Royce 👿💂
Report: Royce White commits to Clippers Summer League team
Fill water balloons with food coloring and and water and have a water balloon fight in all white clothing for a fun summer…
Pulled in to Valet and a guy pulls up in hi white Lamborghini, gets out and hops in a friend's Black Rolls Royce.
Great photo of the white Rolls Royce Phantom with a great number plate DRE9M.
. 5. take my child/children to Electric Forest . 6. own a white on white Rolls Royce that I won't even drive just look at.
Two years ago I said I’d treat myself to the Rolls Royce of white canes. Finally got one today. Bye bye aluminium
Just saw bernard hopkins and his white rolls royce on kirkwood hwy
Photo: Rolls Royce Phantom White Your Rolls-Royce Phantom is every bit your vehicle that a flagship Sheets...
After the Confederate flag came down and the racist white folks was upset...
good point... None of this matters with a mop on my head and a Royce white beard
Report: Royce White close to a commitment to play Summer League ...
New Rolls Royce guess u made it *** all white neighborhood you they favorite ***
vs. Clippers in 30 minutes on NBA TV. Clips have a few to note: MSU's Branden Dawson, former No. 1 pick Royce White
Pretty sad to see Royce White ride the pine in Summer League. He could have been such a big NBA talent
Desperate times calls for desperate moves.. lakers gotto hit up Mike Beasley and Royce White agents
Jimmer Fredette mostly improves, the NBA is no place for Royce White and Avery Bradley is not a messiah via
Philadelphia Sixers are the Rockets D- League Team, Need to get rid of Royce White, HELLO PHILLY
So what is Royce White up to these days?
The key guy to watch for Manhattan next season? Emmy Andujar. Will be used in the Kyle Anderson/Royce White point forward…
John Henson, Royce White, Tyler Zeller, and Terrence Jones were all picked ahead of Jared Sullinger in 2012. Teams really snubbed him.
If Fred could get Royce White and Chris Allen on same page, Mitch McConnell and Harry Reid are no trouble.
.No way. Royce White is a completely different category.
This Jeff Jones news might be the Gopher-iest Gopher thing in recent memory. Like, more than Royce White.
Royce White was the 16th pick in the draft. Haluska was the 43rd. 5 years apart. No.
As a Cyclone fan Royce White is worthless in the NBA & if you don't agree you need to put the pipe down.
Royce White sure lived up to expectations. LoL
Different circumstances, but could this be Royce White all over again (in that he never plays for the Gophs)?   10% Off
LAst year the space was there for Dwight, the only move to be made was dumping Royce White (which everyone openly wanted)
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Can you please save the career of Royce White, the only player playing like you used to (light version btw),
So this house down the street from me has TWO Rolls Royce's. One black and one white... Like whhat
there's like a major crack den in my street and the guy who owns it drives a white Rolls Royce but he doesn't have a job
what about Royce white. Figured they'd give him another shot
Royce Gracie vs undefeated Kung fu fighter in und…: white.check your boys.feel me.
Some guy pulled up to the gas station today in a white Rolls Royce..
When your boss invites you to the official day party and picks you up in a white Rolls Royce... 😱😍
Seeing a 20 year old guy getting out of a white rolls Royce convertible... So Beverly Hills I can't.
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I've been in Philly for 10 mins and already saw a white rolls Royce with police escorts drive by
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(2/2) Young player would be C. Martin, Royce White, Brandon Rush or possibly a Michael Beasley return to MN?
Look for a backup PF and/or SF. Kris Humphries at right price would be good, Royce White/Caron Butler good low cost option
Just saw a middle-aged man in a white Rolls Royce with a sizeable stomach wearing. ... tight leather pants
Throwin' elbows: Rondo's shot, the Lakers' hiring process, Royce White, 2012 draft class - There is some...
I thought it was a rolls Royce at first😂 shoulda gotten it white with black rims 😻😻😻😻
technically Royce White did play for the Kings & Chris Babb plays for the Celtics, Kane and Ejim will get a shot somewhere too
Chris Babb and Diante Garrett didn't get drafted and Royce White did and look who's playing now keep your heads up
Royce White shoulda been the next Boris Diaw
Royce White, Chris Babb, Chris Allen, Tyrus McGee was much more impactful to ISU program. Completely changed its trajectory.
Extreme hypothetical: Hoiberg becomes next coach...and brings Royce White back to MN for a MPLS reunion?
Meyers Leonard, Royce White, Tyler Zeller & Thomas Robinson are all SHREDDING the NBA aren't they? That's just the 12 draft
Coach Malone of the Sacramento Kings on Royce White's first day of practice, and potential NBA debut. God Speed!
Took this of inactive Royce White as he joined the huddle during a Kings timeout.
So happy to see this about Kings sign Royce White to second 10-day contract via
Royce White will play in the NBA, gets 2nd 10 day contract with the Sacramento Kings.
Greg St. Jean is basically out here to help bridge the Reno-to-Sacramento transition for Royce White.
Highlights of assignee Royce White from last night (6pts, 5rbs, 4asts):
.drops 33, Royce White suits up in 2nd game w/ Reno & more..Recap the night with highlights here:
Royce White gets 10-Day contract. Kings next six games are away from home. I'm calling meltdown day three.
I wish Royce White (all the best with the Sacramento Kings. You are at the forefront of the Mental Health ba…
At USAT: Sacramento Kings likely to sign forward/mental health advocate Royce White to a 10-day deal -
I'm seeing Dario Saric climb up mock drafts. I'm a sucker for point forwards. Was crushed when Royce White went all John Galt on us.
"Former Rockets draft pick Royce White is in the building.
even with back issue concerns, he went behind meyers leonard! Come on. Royce White as well, Austin Rivers
Deandre Kane reminds me of Royce White, ironic they both play(ed) for
Would you rather have drafted Royce White or Len Bias?
I don't see how people say Royce White is the worst first round pick ever when Len Bias died the day after he was drafted from cocaine.
The Houston Rockets took a big chance when they drafted Royce White out of Iowa State, but the gamble never paid off. While White reported to the Rockets, he never played a single minute for the team and as a result was traded to and waived by the Philadelphia 76ers this offseason. At the moment, Cleveland Cavaliers' first-round pick Anthony Bennett is being deemed the worst draft pick ever by some around the league, but Rockets GM Daryl Morey is claiming that, as bad as Bennett is, he's nowhere near as bad as White was. -Fan Nation
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Royce White really was a waste of a pick. Anxiety disorders messed him up.
shut up Royce Carmel corrupted me I have a soft spot for the white Gods but short chocolate men steal my heart every time lol
1. Had the blessing of having Royce White & on OTR today. White is 22 and Jensen is 29. They'll be saving lives...
Chloe and me may be white asl but we know every prince Royce song 😏
Waiting for the anti-Royce White who can only play at away games.
Here are the 2 links to stream my segment from today's OTR along with Royce White. It was yet another amazing experience on the show...I look forward to going back again! Part 1: 2:
im not even mixed though im white. How you feel dummy.
White people who can't accept that they have white privilege are worse than flat out racists.
I'm so white compared to everyone else 😫😩
It makes me think that if these *** white boys can drive those cars before the age of 30 I better cop a Bentley & Rolls Royce.
At least Royce White got drafted to the NBA. Might not have played but he was drafted. DJK not so much.
this reminds me of Royce White's melt down, but directly pointed at someone
good interview tonight on Royce White
Kudos to Michael Landsberg, Royce White and Andrew Jensen for their open discussion on mental illness!!! Everyone should be more accepting, and less judgmental! More talk, less stigma!!!
Anthony Bennett... *** Man trade him for Royce White... you'd get more production and White ain't even in the league.
Lots of talk about the locker room security for tonight's game in Ames after the Hawkeye football team had their locker room broken into this season. Not to worry, Coach Fran; it's likely the perps will be on the floor for the Cyclones tonight. Oh, wait, Royce White isn't there anymore.
So has Royce White played in an NBA game yet? Lol
Pro basketball player Royce White is laying claim to a powerful tradition by standing up for mental health in a society growing more stressful by the day.
Ok it has happened again. Another professional athlete comes out and publicly admits to a mental illness, for Royce White it
Royce White advocated for the N.B.A. to establish a mental health protocol after he was diagnosed with an anxiety disorder, and though he was waived, he says he is ready to get back in the game.
By Rob Gray Correspondent AMES — Deconstruct Royce White as a basketball player. Shrink him down from 6-8, 270 pounds, start him at the point, and let his game evolve from there. Who do you end up with? It’s not a stretch to say 6-4, 200-pound DeAndre Kane, a fifth-year senior and first-year Iowa...
Boring theory about Royce White, which applies equally to Anthony Bennett: He just needs to get in shape:
Former Cyclone Royce White meets the media at the YMCA CCL on July 10, 2013.
This Article examines the legal ramifications of Royce White, a basketball player with general anxiety disorder and obsessive compulsive disorder, playing in th
Royce White still wants to play professional basketball. He's just looking for the right fit.
Glad the got rid of Royce White, Patrick Patterson, and Thomas Robinson so Terrence Jones can shine.
Shout out to my brothers Royce White and Richard Burton for another gnarly session
Man honestly I'm not a hater but I'm so happy Royce White got waived. He needs an attitude check
Our first podcast features a look at Royce White and his advocacy for mental health.
ICYMI: I joined hoop76 to explore how the Morey/Hinkie joint philosophy created opportunity for Royce White:
no Royce White in the D-League? Well there go my plans for season tickets.
.first Hoop76 piece looks at Royce White, second chances, and the new math of basketball
“The secret reason the Warriors are fun seems like the ideal Royce White team. This is his skill.
.When Royce White joins the Iowa Energy are you going to get season tickets?
Former Cyclone with NBA experience joining Iowa Energy in 3-team trade. But what about Royce White? --
Who were the 3 most perplexing cuts before the season started? Mine are Camby, Shannon Brown, Royce White.
Royce White had/had good intentions in the NBA, but went about it the wrong way and too soon. But more is needed.
Royce White is a millionaire .. and he hasn't stepped in a NBA floor ever...
Royce White cut by his team and voted worst player in the NBA on ESPN... Way to take advantage of the opportunity you psychopath
Former Iowa State player Royce White is not eligible for this Friday's draft.
Royce White may not be in the NBDL Draft, but former Cyclone Charles Boozer is. Iowa's Ricky Davis is the oldest player in the draft.
Yo I need a favor,can you talk to Jason Kidd about getting Royce White a job,just run it by him, dont say it dont go like that,taha.
Royce White did not sign a contract to enter tomorrow's NBDL Draft, per Iowa Energy GM Chris Makris.
definitely, not sure if you remember but we had our different views on Royce White this week, well looks like were better off
Final re-spam, by the way, on this piece I wrote about Royce White and his noble, impossible mission ::
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like srsly, get Royce White from the rafters and amnesty Kwame. lol
Can the mavs pick up Royce White or
I was a sixers fan before it was cool. Back in the Royce White era
I thought he got released RTRoyce White have several seats!
Safe to say Brett Brown is on the hot seat right now. Knew I should have held onto Royce White.
I hate Royce White for being scared to get on a plane
Idk why we released Royce white apparently he didn't want to comply w/the teams regulation by using his illness as an excuse?
can't believe Royce white didn't make the list. Oh wait I thought you said 50 greatest train wrecks
Somewhere in Philly, Craig Brackins & Royce White formed the most dominant Y-league b-ball team of all time!
Royce White played for Minnesota in college he was so crazy we had to get rid of him
Anyone think A&E should have Jonathan Martin and Royce White do a show as the travel the country having freak outs and mummbling at people?
sixers always had a special place in my heart. I thought y'all were tanking hard...wish you hadn't gotten rid of royce white
in related news Hinkie releases All 5 starters and brings back Royce White.
Sixers should have kept Vander Blue, I get the whole Royce White situation.
Jonathan Martin and Royce White should hang out
And Royce White is still waiting for a ride.
It's still funny that Royce White got cut from the Sixers but an injured Kwame Brown did not. Lmao
Just caught a typo. Almost had D-Mo/Jones signed until 2025. Would like to see Morey's reaction. Similar to if I spell…
Head Coach Nate Bjorkgren talks Royce White and the number 1 overall pick in Friday's draft. (via
In more NBDL news, Energy GM Chris Makris tells the Tribune Royce White has not yet signed a contract to be eligible for the league's draft.
Imagine the heat pick up Royce white 😑😒
Royce White's career may not get off the ground:
royce white is now a free agent. Let the sweepstakes begin!
I just had some LA FEVER. Royce White's Ghost is ready for some Bobcat blood.
Four players who you might wanna keep a close eye on for the Clips are Thomas, Royce White, Odom and Ivan Johnson once he's done in China
Royce White or BOBBY ROODE? — The best question I ever got asked
Royce White got released by the Sixers. Guess he left his talents at Iowa State
and Royce White is no longer a member of the 76ers as they released the former Iowa State star Thursday
Royce White started for the Philadelphia 76ers against the Bobcats. Royce scored 2 points and grabbed 4 rebounds in 25 minutes of action. Tony Wroten led the 76ers in points, scoring 20. Ben Gordon Led the way for the Bobcats scoring a game high 22 points. Kemba Walker, Cody Zeller and Jeff Taylor scored in double digits with 13, 10 and 13 respectively. Charlotte defeated Philadelphia 110 - 84 in Charlotte. -TK9
Dave Cowens makes an ill advised joke about Royce White's situation with the 76rs.
Dave Cowens just suggested that Royce White take a double dose of NyQuil to over come his flying anxiety.
"Can't they give him a double dose of Nyquil or something?" - Dave Cowens on Royce White's fear of flying.
Sixers have three 1st Round picks from last year on their team. Royce White ,Tony Wroten, and Arnett Moultrie
Really interested in the Royce White situation but I don't know where to draw the line or place blame if it doesn't work for him in the NBA
This song is on NBA 2K14 but I guarantee that Royce White isn't going to jam this anytime soon:
new season for Royce White another season, another day to prove he's a bust
Hoping Royce figures it out. He's fun to watch. But also overweight -- watched him a couple months ago:
I think Royce White will have a good season. It *** that it won't be for the Rockets. A new season for Royce White
Royce white is really the filthiest
if these nuts like Royce White, Michael Beasley, and Dwight Howard can be in the league why can't Delonte & Stack5 find a team?
So if Royce White ends up going on this euro trip, is he now Royce Flight? Also, he needs to change is @ name from Highway30 -> Tarmac30
Good for him. I'd also like to see what Royce White can do.
Please watch Royce white college highlights on you tube he a monster
No he's not. . “Royce white is the worst player in the league. At least that's what ESPN thinks .”
If Royce white is nice on the pistons ima be mad
Royce White says his preferred position is PG... What u say?
So is Royce White still sponsored by Greyhound?
A new season for Royce White: AP Photo/Matt SlocumOne of the stranger attempts to make the NBA continues in...
If Royce White turns out to be really good, it will be one of the best stories in sports.
Starting fresh with the Sixers, Royce White (discusses his expectations for this season and more:
Career on the brink, Royce White starts over with the says he'll be on the plane to Europe.
Would expect to see Jerrelle Benimon play some point forward for Towson this year in a "Royce White" type role. Could average 20 + 10.
Royce white is on your team you can't tank
Don't even argue 76ers, Thaddeus good but Turner inconsistent and they have Royce White what else needs to be said
if I had to recommended tracks, my favs are H.O.F , Royce White, and To Whom It May Concern. From the Heart people love too.
Royce White happy to be in but will he even play...
ESPN has ranked Royce White, the worst player in the NBA.
story (w/Royce White video): Hawes on White: 'Been nothing but good so far'
At this point, all were doing is painting Royce White with the broadest brush imaginable before hes even done anything
There's a mini-game where you have to bring Royce White down from a panic attack
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Royce White looks badass in the new 2k!
I can see a rising-star in Royce White. I hope the anxiety issue doesn't hold his potential back
Thursday's Lecture GIF list: Curb, The Daily Show, Willy Wonka, and Parks and Rec. Also excited to show the Royce White "Hockumentary."
Possibly a good change of venue for Royce White? Royce White 'just happy to be here'.via
"[Royce White] is not in shape right now and he knows it", from coach Brett Brown. (From
Brown on Royce White. "I see a talented player that is wildly creative. He is not in shape right now and he know…
Royce White just called my o.g saying he want me to show these college coaches that im a SHOOTER! So im omw to the west side!!
Royce White will be the next Lamar Odom. I mean skill wise. Not crackhead wise.
Did anyone here the Royce White was deemed in some study the worse player in the NBA? No doubt Sam Hinkie was involved in the study.
ESPN has Royce White, Fab Melo, Jordan Henriquez, Miroslav Raduljica and Romero Osby as the worst players in the NBA:
Royce White to open mental health institute in Houston -
The 76ers so poor. Thaddeus Young the highest paid player and they traded for Royce White.
Royce White to Rodney Williams: one of the best pass and finish you'll see anywhere... Pro-am championship ...
[NBA] Philadelphia 76ers acquire rights to Royce White from Houston Rockets
Houston Rockets trade Royce White to Philadelphia, 76ers welcome him with a Summer League jersey and a bottle of Xanax.
Between Andrew Bynum, Ilya Bryzgalov, and now Royce White, how much money have Philly fans been robbed of?
The standard structure to an NBA contract. The termination clauses seem wildly subjective but should come in useful in extreme disciplinary cases, ie; Royce White and Aaron Hernandez.
If Houston believe getting Howard will make them elite like Miami or even the healthy Thunder roster, then they are kidding themselves, they will not make it too the finals, hear me now. Here is a full list of NBA transactions which have happened over the past week. Josh Smith too Pistons (Final). Andre Iguodala too Warriors (Final). Dwight Howard, Omri Casspi too Houston (Final). Chris Copeland, CJ Watson too Pacers (Final). Andrea Bargnani too Knicks (Final). JJ Hickson, Darrell Arthur too Nuggets (Final). OJ Mayo, Zaza Pachulia too Milwaukee (Final). Paul Millsap, Demarre Carroll too Atlanta (Final). Jarrett Jack, Earl Clark too Cleveland (Final). Dorell Wright, Earl Watson, Thomas Robinson, Robin Lopez too Blazers (Final). Darren Collision, JJ Redick, Jared Dudley too Clippers (Final). Jose Calderon, Devin Harris too Mavericks (Final). Mike Dunleavy too Chicago (Final). Kousta Koufos too Memphis (Final). Kevin Martin too Timberwolves (Final). Royce White too 76ers (Final). Caron Butler, Eric Bledsoe, ...
Players that played for Houston teams that deserved to get booed from Houston Fans : Royce White, Mario Williams, Carlos Lee, Scottie Pippen
CBS Sports is reporting that the Houston Rockets have traded Royce White to the Philadelphia 76ers.
Oh good. 76ers traded for Royce White. Guy who played 0 games for Houston last year because of disagreement over flying. He has anxiety in general but especially about flying. Awesome.
“Royce White comes across as a snake-oil salesman to me. Sorry.”. One who doesn't fly to conventions
Just In... even BIGGER than the Howard signing... Rockets traded the bum Royce White to Philly. Great Day in Rockets History. Question is, how long will it take him to DRIVE to Philly? He will play the same # of games Bynum played for them, watch.
Per," The Houston Rockets have traded Royce White to the
NEWS: acquire F Royce White from the HOU Rockets in exchange for future draft considerations
Rockets have traded Royce White to the Sixers.
LeBron James injures both hands in a biking accident and sits the year. Kevin Durant proceeds to dominate until Anton Barrels is signed as a free agent to the Toronto Raptors. Raptors immediately become a contender with Barrels' presence and after they sign Kyrie Irving (Sorry Cleveland). The Knicks drop Melo, A'mare and Chandler after Lin comes back to MSG with Harden and Dwight. Michael Jordan gets tired of the Bobcats losing, so he signs himself and leads them to the playoffs. Since the Heat lost LeBron; Wade moves to China to play for the Shanghai Sharks and Bosh goes back to the Cretaceous Period shortly after Christmas 2014. Every team in California secedes and forms the new ABA. Players who join the new ABA include: Iggy, Royce White, Ty Lawson, Javale, Timmy, and Anthony Davis. Kobe and Pau fuse into one person using the Potara Earrings that they were given from Juwan Howard (Who is signed by the Lakers). Rookie of the Year goes to Damian Lillard again. MVP is ISOSWAGGER. Champions are the newly f ...
Add Mike Muscala to the list of NBA and NFL players I've played with or against. (Royce White, Cole Aldrich, Michael Floyd)
what’s your honest opinion on Royce White aka The Winnebago? He gonna suit up for the Rockets some day?
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