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Royal Yacht Britannia

Her Majesty's Yacht Britannia is the former Royal yacht of the British monarch, Queen Elizabeth II, in service from 1954 to 1997. She was the 83rd such vessel since the restoration of King Charles II in 1660. She is the second royal yacht to bear the name, the first being the famous racing cutter built for The Prince of Wales in 1893. She is now permanently moored as an exhibition ship at Ocean Terminal, Leith, Edinburgh, Scotland.

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With a Black Tie Gala Dinner on the Royal Yacht Britannia we thought some of guests might need this guide.
no problem! I'd also recommend the Royal Yacht Britannia. Tourist attraction but never too busy and it's fab.
I'm working on learning the value in living near a large body of water. @ The Royal Yacht BRITANNIA
So that is why they need to commission a new Royal Yacht Britannia!
A better idea:. Convert our ridiculous new Aircraft Carrier, into a Travelling Trade Fair?. Anyone still remember...
At least it will be effective, unlike this imperial throwback
It's almost over. Read our Britannia blog for a chance to free admission
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^ | |Adam Helliker: Queen lukewarm over Royal Yacht ...berthed in Leith in Edinburgh, and it has been d…
Our latest blog tours the glorious Britannia. You can tickets too!
Royal Yacht Britannia: Always the hottest ticket in town via
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On the premise that one can charter a ship, the Royal Yacht Britannia?
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Your anti-EU venom is unlikely to get you a Tory voucher for a Royal Yacht Britannia cruise.
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Petition: Build a new Royal Yacht Britannia: Following the EU referendum, we…
Boris Johnson has just told the HoC he'll support plans to build a new Royal Yacht Britannia. Boris also supports a £3…
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You gain independence and England regains the Royal Yacht Britannia! Seems a good deal to me
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In my FB newsfeed. Just got a "sponsored" link. "Welcome to Scotland" advertising..the royal yacht Britannia. Don't tell me no agenda there!
Kids get in free with cuddly toys at Royal Yacht Britannia:
YOU DECIDE: After Vellum and the Royal Yacht Britannia, the next thing Brexit needs to bring back is:
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Prince Philip backed plans for a new Royal Yacht Britannia that could be used as a training ship for apprentices...…
From her stately rooms to crew quarters everything about the is fascinating. free tickets:
The Foreign Secretary insisted a new Royal Yacht Britannia would ‘add greatly’ to the UK’s ‘soft power’. It was ...
Foreign Secretary today backed called for a new Royal Yacht Britannia to promote UK trade.
throughly enjoyed our Royal Yacht Britannia experience, was a great start to our wedding anniversary!!…
The Holiday Inn Hotel Edinburgh is situated in the Suburbs by the Royal Yacht Britannia at
On this day in 1953, more than 30,000 people gathered on Clydeside to witness the launch of Royal Yacht Britannia.
Today we went on a tour of the Royal Yacht Britannia for…
The Royal Yacht Britannia launched on this day in 1953..her favourite place until Blair & Brown took it off the water in 1997
ON THIS DAY IN 1953:. Thousands welcome Queen and Duke of Edinburgh when they arrived in Scotland to 'launch' new royal yacht, Britannia
in 1953 the Royal Yacht Britannia was launched.
in 1953 Elizabeth II launches the Royal Yacht ht…
in 1953 Her Majesty the Queen launched the Royal Yacht HMY Britannia.
The Royal Yacht Britannia was launched in Glasgow by The Queen on 16 April 1953
Yes, it's a lovely shopping mall in Leith where the Royal Yacht Britannia is. X
Did you know that on this day in 1953, Queen Elizabeth II launched the Royal Yacht HMY Britannia.
The Royal Yacht 'Britannia' was launched at Yard of John Brown and Co. Despite heavy rain, more than 30,000 people attended the ceremony.
On 16th April 1953, Queen Elizabeth & her husband the Duke of Edinburgh arrived at Clydeside to launch the new Royal Yacht 'Britannia'...
Tour Scotland Blog video of the Royal Yacht Britannia at Ocean Terminal in Leith on ancestry visit to Edinburgh
Royal Yacht Britannia & The Extreme Stunt Show. Great day out. Ocean Terminal Edinburgh.
Nothing quite like breakfasting on the royal yacht britannia.
Ships, cranes and a rainbow at Leith Docks. The Royal Yacht, 'Britannia' is moored on the edinphoto…
The Queen in her study on the Royal Yacht Britannia in 1991
The Prince & Princess of Wales with their sons prior to boarding the Royal Yacht Britannia in 1985
idea for those in Head down to Leith and visit the
Destination of Week: Scotland. Royal Yacht Britannia is one of our best venues to work with
The Royal Yacht Britannia sailed over 1,000,000 miles before docking in Scotland:
spent the day exploring the Royal Yacht Britannia for reference followed by beers with the team followed by mathcore and ferrets. Good.
What a treat - enter to 2 tour tix PLUS with Champagne!
We definitely recommend visiting the Royal Yacht Britannia this week, it is a truly great experience. . The Royal...
Just started 1st part of tour, Royal Yacht Britannia then onto castle,as you can see weather has turned for the better
Glad you enjoyed it!! Here's the recipe for our lemon drizzle cake! Do post us a photo if you make it!
I saw the Royal Yacht Britannia and the Edinburgh Castle today
Just had a tour of the Royal Yacht Britannia and I'm wondering why I wasn't born the Queen of England?
The Royal Yacht Britannia taken from Ocean Terminal. . Thanks for all the feedback on my last post of the...
79 years ago the Royal Yacht Britannia was towed out and sunk after George V s death. she had raced in Fowey in 30's
Rather delicious lunch in the Royal Yacht Britannia tea room. Smoked salmon and cream cheese…
From the Royal Yacht Britannia to the Cutty Sark, we pick out the 10 best historic ships:
We have some wonderful images of The Duke of Edinburgh aboard Britannia on our website:
So excited Phil is getting to come on the Royal Yacht Britannia with me on Monday to meet the Scottish Commonwealth Team! Can't wait!!
Royal Yacht Britannia in Edinburgh attractions by a large shopping centre with restaurants at
As if the current list of Raffle Prizes wasn't good enough already, added to the list tonight was: 2 tickets to The Royal Yacht Britannia 2 tickets to the Filmhouse A Family pass (up to 2 adults and 2 children) to Camera Obscura Free entry for up to 5 people into Escape If you want to get some tickets but can't make it along, get in touch with myself or Miriam.
The centre of operations on the Royal Yacht Britannia
Sitting on the Royal yacht Britannia, eating honey ham and mustard sandwiches with ham Hough and pea soup. Weather outside is very Scottish! Richard has just dipped his sandwich in his soup. Good grief, not a shred of class!!!
Jacquie and I had the awesome experience of touring the Royal Yacht Britannia. It amazed us how lavish the decor is and how well it has been preserved. When the queen was on board there were more than 200 staff on board. They would fly out the Royal Chef's from Buckingham Palace and the Queen herself had more than 40 personal staff looking after her. Jacquie's trying to figure out how she can apply for the job! :-) :-) :-)
The handrails inside the Diamond Jubilee state coach are made from timber reclaimed from the Royal Yacht
I want these chairs from the Royal Yacht Britannia
Me and the wife heading to the royal yacht Britannia last night turned out to be a top night
shakes hands with Queen Elizabeth on board the Royal Yacht Britannia in this October 18, 1989 file photo.
Charles and his medals eh-is Edward there today dressing up too? Wasn't the Royal Yacht Britannia moored up and ready to sail had we failed?
I was in Edinburgh this afternoon. To 'kill time'. I found myself strolling along the pier in Leith. In the distance, over the greenery. I caught sight of the Royal Yacht Britannia. A wave of emotion, which I had experienced 17 years before ...came over me. It was initially an uncertain feeling, followed by fear, loneliness and an overwhelming sadness. It took me back... I was 'exiled' to Hong Kong before I was twenty and was working in the Cruise/Hospitality Industry, when we handed the colony back to the Chinese on July 1st 1997. To be more specific. I was working at the 'Handover Ceremony'. I emotionally watched the last group of Black Watch soldiers, a few I was at school with in Perth, board the last departing planes for 'Blighty'. I tearfully watched the last Governor, Chris Patten, whom I had the pleasure in meeting back then...his wife, Lavender and family .. board the Royal Yacht Britannia, to return home to the U.K. Back then. I was very sad. Tears were streaming down my face. My first reaction ...
The former royal yacht Britannia is superb
The team at the Royal Yacht Britannia worked with Oban brewery to develop a new beer, the Bloodhound, a clever... http…
HER MAJ'S BOAT - The Royal Yacht 'Britannia' in its new home at Ocean Terminal, Leith. #
The Royal Yacht BRITANNIA Protect your iPad or smartphones while boating, in an ingenious Splashtabl
This week we ventured to -only 2 hrs by car and fab for a family day out.Review here:-
On a private tour of the Royal Yacht Britannia in Edinburgh with Mona, Anita, Ann and Barbara!.
In 1955 the 412-foot long Royal Yacht Britannia and staff that included over two hundred Royal Yachtsman accored in the outer harbour in St. George. The princess was carried via tender to the inner harbor the carenage where many people in small boats and standing in the streets awaiting to have a look at the princess she was formally greeted by diginatries etc. After which the Princess inspects Guard of Honour in front of the fire station. Traveled to visit the Anglican Church on church street. She also open the WIBS Radio station. On February 6 1955 Wearing a low-cut gown, the Princess Margaret arrives at Government House, for a Garden Party. Princess waves goodbye, and departed for Dominica. Video Complements Check Site Below.
Many of The Queen's official tours were undertaken on the Royal Yacht Britannia. It was launched by Her Majesty on 16 April 1953.
9 Day Tour of Scotland Including Flights. 9 Day Classic Scotland Edinburgh, Inverness, Fort William & Glasgow - $2319 from $2099*pp Lead Price Travel Date: Apr 16 ‘14 Promo Valid for Departures: April - October 2014 The Deal Spend seven nights experiencing the beauty of Scotland! Begin in Edinburgh, Scotland's capital city, and embark on a tour taking you past the Scottish Parliament, the Museum of Scotland, the Royal Mile, Georgian New Town and Princes Street. You'll also visit Edinburgh Castle and with an additional day to tour independently, shop for traditional handicrafts, enjoy one of the many museums or join our optional tour to the former Royal Yacht Britannia and Holyrood Palace. Continue sightseeing with a visit to the area of St. Andrews and view the ruins of the Castle & Cathedral, stroll through the University district or see the famous golf course. Next, venture off to a very different historical site, Glamis Castle, to visit a well preserved example of an ancient castle. Enjoy the passing ...
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HERE IS A PLUG FOR MY MOM'S TRAVEL BUSINESS. GREAT TRIPS!!! Kay Parker Tour & Travel Inc. presents COLLETTE VACATIONS TRAVEL SHOWS October 1 and October 21 @ CENTRAL SUSQUEHANNA COMMUNITY FOUNDATION 725 WEST FRONT STREET BERWICK PA EXPLORING SCOTLAND & IRELAND AUGUST 6 - 17 2014 Meeting at 6:00 P.M. Bask in the warm Celtic culture and majestic scenery of two remarkable lands. Come to know the regal city of Edinburgh, including Holyroodhouse Palace, the Queen’s official residence. Tour the Royal Yacht Britannia. Learn the secrets of making Scotch whisky and enjoy a tasting. Walk on the Giant’s Causeway. Drive the scenic Highlands along the shores of Loch Ness and cruise Loch Lomond. Visit the Titanic Experience Museum in Belfast and remember the century-old tragedy that shook the world. See Glenveagh National Park in Donegal. Delve into the history of Ireland at the Ulster American Folk Park. Close your tour with two nights in rollicking Dublin and head home after a traditional Irish Night farewell. F ...
Royal Yacht Britannia, Holyrood Palace are two of the many events we are planning for The Stockbridge Photography...
Royal Yacht For Diamond Jubilee - That this House notes that the former Royal Yacht Britannia played a major...
Hey everyone, this was day 46 of This morning went into the city centre of Edinburgh, Scotland. Had a local guide take us around, went to see the "Palace of Holyroodhouse" & "Edinburgh Castle". It was busy here as the British Prime Minister was in town to start the process for Scotland to become independant in 2014, lots of diversions. Anyway, went to the Port of Leith and saw "The Royal Yacht Britannia". In the afternoon, returned to Edinburgh and walked along "The Royal Mile" & checked out the Cashmere stores. Also went past the cafe called "The Elephant House", this is famous because this was where author J.K Rowling came up with the story of Harry Potter. Going back we stopped in the town of South Queensferry where we saw "The Forth Rail Bridge". In the evening, went to the small village of Torphichen. Where in the "Torphichen Inn" we had our final Scottish dinner with Haggis again, it's not that bad. We also had some entertainment with some bagpipes. Tomorrow, we leave Scotland & return to England do ...
Watching the sunset from my room overlooking the water in Edinburg, Scotland. Saw the Edinburgh Castle, St Giles Cathedral, walked the Royal Mile, but highlight of the day was seeing the Royal Yacht Britannia. And the best part...they had a great BIG poster of the yacht anchored off Grand Cayman...I remember in 1994 flying over the yacht coming into GCM... The Queen was there opening the botanical gardens. I was there with Wendy and Brenda! Never thought I would ever go on it! Life sure is a daring adventure! Tomorrow St. Andrews and the Scottish highlands...
(Part 2) In the arvo we went & climbed all over the Royal Yacht Britannia. If they were the single beds they slept in they must of had people hold there feet at the end of the bed (maybe that where the word footman came from). To end our stay we went to the Military Tattoo which was an experience to behold. Bellis & I are sure Will & kate were ther. I was cooeeing her but she was too busy taking photos for her fb page to answer me. This morning we left in beautiful weather heading for Strathpeffer. First stop was St Andrews. Bellis was in 7th heaven on the old course & I went down to the beach (North Sea). We then had lunch at Braemar were a Beef & Ale Pie was washed down with a pint of Boddingtons. We then walked the Culledon battlefield where the Jacobites & Redcoats had a donnybrook to end all donnybrooks. They have a cairn memorial in the middle & here was this *** from sweden climbing it so I told him to get down & have respect. He said Im making entertainment & not damaging anything so how is that ...
Palace of Holyroodhouse and the Royal Yacht Britannia reap rewards of Royal wedding as visits soar.
Holidaying in the UK? wasn't really looking forward due to weather forecasts etc but we have had a ball with our lovely Aussie cousins!! Through the Lake District (fab) onto Hadrian's Wall (he didn't mind), on to Falkirk Wheel (amazing) and into inflatable ball where I could finally walk on water (kids made me!), Inverness and onto Loch Ness where the only monster seen was my butt on and off the boat (brill), fell down a grass bank (Olivia caught on video!), up Ben Nevis in a cable car (!!), onto Fort William (saw the Hoggwarts Express leave the station) through the highlands and Glen Coe (people, you have to travel the A82!!) and now arrived in Edinburgh (awaiting our Chinese take-away delivery, sad but shattered!) - look out Royal Yacht Britannia, we're coming to get you tomorrow!!)
Going to see Dr in the House tonight with Robert Powell & Joe Pasquale. I need a good laugh so hope it provides! Got this weekend in Edinburgh and was going to see the penguin parade which is not on because of maintenance?? and then wanted to see the pandas but they are booked up til Sept. Think it will have to be Royal Yacht Britannia instead!
I was back in larkhall last night, looks like the Royal Yacht Britannia has shat on the main street.
Earlier, Prince Charles joined a London street party, one of many in the UK to mark 60 years of the Queen's reign. The river spectacle, which began with mustering at 11:30 BST, officially started with the ringing of Jubilee bells at 14:40 BST and will end at about 17:30 after the last vessel completes the seven-mile route at Tower Bridge. The Queen, dressed in a white hat and a silver and white coat designed by Angela Kelly, was ferried to her barge on the launch of the now-decommissioned Royal Yacht Britannia after being greeted by a spontaneous rendition of the national anthem from the crowds.
is up in Edinburgh for the weekend seeing a few of the sights. So while its a nice day, am off to see the Royal Yacht Britannia n Edinburgh Castle this afternoon n enjoy a full day history sesh!!! lol.
headed to Edinburgh today it was pouring rain. we spent most of the day inside on the Royal Yacht Britannia, it was very nice then of course the pub and we had supper at Hard Rock Cafe then wandered around the castle and Royal Mile for awhile always great to see Edinburgh although I have to say I prefer it with no rain. Dunoon tomorrow.
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