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Royal Stag

The Indian cricket team toured Zimbabwe for cricket matches in August and September 2005. The Indians played in the Videocon Tri-Series in Zimbabwe, winning three of five matches but losing the final to finish second in the three-team tournament, and they played Zimbabwe for two Test matches in September 2005. The hosts Zimbabwe were ninth out of ten teams in the ICC Test Championship, with their last win against the top eight Test nations coming in June 2001, against India.

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Cheers! πŸ“ (with Armita, Dyna, and 2 others at Royal Stag Bistro) [pic] β€”
I πŸ“ (with Gadis, Armita, and 2 others at Royal Stag Bistro) [pic] β€”
Wow. Celebrating the best Bollywood music of 2014 | Royal Stag Mirchi Music A...:
NHS contracts for hundreds of millions. Eurostar royal mail but to name a few
"music maestros glam up the 'royal stag Mirchi Music Awards '" on Rediff iShare
Great idea and like DLF Maximum, how about Royal Stag Second Chance!
DanarGuritno: Royal stag's special of the month! (with Gadis) [pic] β€”
With Rabil, Bayu, and 2 others at Royal Stag Bistro [pic] β€”
lol.. Same here! That just reminded me of the royal stag ad... *** πŸ˜πŸ™Š
Yaar tum baat kar rahe *** Glenfiddich is better than Black Dog. . Paise to Royal Stag ke hain.
[SCREENSHOTS] Royal Stag ad - Set 5 Looks can sometimes do the killing. πŸ’
Winners of the 1st Royal Stag powered by Idea
Working! Bismilah πŸ‘Ό (with Sucan, tri, and MERLY at Royal Stag Bistro) β€”
Are multiple endorsers the need of the hour ? - Afaqs . (Example of Ranveer and Arjun for Royal Stag given).
Got into Simmons Nursing today with a Dean's Scholarship! I'm 4/4 with my college apps! I can be a shark, a royal, hawk, or stag!
Those brown eyes are more alcoholic than royal stag
Nice thought. this joke will make a royal stag out of you :P
Rutting Scotttish 'royal' Red Deer Stag, oil on canvas, 140 x 100 cms, off to a new home today. by Keith Brockie...
πŸ’ͺπŸ’ͺ (with Radix, Santi Febrina, and 7 others at Royal Stag Bistro) [pic] β€”
Maidam you iz blogger pliz come write blog about event we have free Royal Stag whisky at event madam hallo hallo madam hallo?
I slept before 12 last night. Felt like a hostel student who got Glenfiddich instead of Royal Stag.
wearing bling jacket from Moniisha couture at the after party of Royal Stag Mirchi Music Awards Punjabi 2014.
. Q : What do you call Prince William when he goes clubbing without a partner?. A : The royal stag!!.
Hero the Royal Stag consented to a little
Obviously not. Royal Stag.. Make it large :p
Q- What did the wife of Royal Stag's owner, tell him in their first night??. A- Make It Large πŸ˜₯
Are you excited to witness the first ever Royal Stag Mirchi Music Awards-Punjabi powered by Idea, starting at 5 pm today evening?
Arijit Singh on the 6th Royal Stag Mirchi Music Awards 720p 2014 YouTube
How large Arjun Kapoor has made in life that Royal Stag has made an ad on him!.
I liked a video Arijit Singh with his soulful performance on the stage of 6th Royal Stag Mirchi Music
Why should u promote Royal Stag Whisky and Pan Masala. r u so much interested in money.
Isnt it bad that Shah Rukh Khan was first in Royal Stag Whisky Ads and now promoting Pan Masala. So much greedy for money.
BEER and WINE now available at Royal Stag Bistro. Cheers!
Get 25% Discount at Royal Stag Bistro only with BJB-BNI card!
Arjun Kapoor and Ranveer Singh look so charming in the Royal Stag ads. 😍
I want Royal Stag team to make a movie. They have made super cool ads not only with SRK but with Ranveer Singh & Arjun Kapoor as well.
Close up of the Student Union stag Royal Agricultural University Cirencester
A nice new mural to great the feathers at Royal Agricultural University Cirencester
Really hope ranveer and arjun have an event for their Royal Stag commercial, they hav so much fun together :)
Mehrooni, a perfect love story from Royal Stag Large Short Films...
so all Royal Navy ship building disappears. . Lots of jobs lost there..
MarkeTEAM 13/14 x MarkeTEAM 14/15 (with and 4 others at Royal Stag Bistro) β€”
bet it made your day hearing the good news about a new royal addition. William has been rutting like a stag on amphetamines.
I've got the best thing in the world.. coz i got you in my heart..… (w/ Mama & ayah at Royal Stag Bistro) [pic] β€”
"Interior design is making the best possible use of the available space" @ Royal Stag Bistro
Royal Stag wil be at Taste Market! 29th - 31st August at PVJ, Bandung. See you there!
PerfectMatch - Fall In Love Today
Fruli now available at Royal Stag! Try this premium Belgian strawberry beer πŸΊπŸ“
Well Royal Stag does taste better with Cough Syrup ..
Loud music and royal stag whisky at home.
Dine. (with and 4 others at Royal Stag Bistro) β€”
! (with and 5 others at Royal Stag Bistro) β€”
Kesayangan ❀️❀️ (with and 2 others at Royal Stag Bistro) [pic] β€”
Ardan Radio 105.9FM will be on air at Royal Stag at 4 pm! Yay!
Bandung *** walking tour for today..ends here.. (@ Royal Stag Bistro in Bandung, Jawa Barat)
β–ͺ Rubens is more than just a painter of fleshy nudes, new exhibition shows: The Royal Academy of Arts stag...
Something I can proudly show off. . via
DDD shoot will be over only by Sep mid-end...then ad shoots and promotional events for Royal Stag & Maruti..Then BM preparations
+and royal stag but he was not her mate, and through the blur of her tears Cersei knew that's what she needed. She did not +
I'm going to have to go back to India. I've run out of Royal Stag.
Which tasmac le can I get Royal Stag whiskey for sure in Chennai? Tell quick fellas.
I need so much money that I can buy the most expensive single malt. Keep it as a show piece and drink royal stag at trilok.
May be that leopard drank Royal stag and went to IIT to join in CSE coz... "It's your life... Make I.T large "
Ya and he buys royal stag 500 ka chutta karwane ke liye.
Happy birthdaaay dearest. Stay in love with me! Mwah. (with A! at Royal Stag Bistro) β€”
. Seagram's Royal stag ,Mega music . "Its ur life make it large".
Bacardi, Royal Stag, Magic Blue etc have really really good "Music CD's". I mean, Really Good! :P xD
Royal Stag, that was just perfect sunday.
Kenyangs!!! Thanks for the pic, mr. Fernando.. (with Catrin, Novitiara, and 3 others at Royal Stag Bistro) [pic] β€”
Will royal stag be providing the post match entertainment?
I said i pass witty comments and an adorable smile. Are u drunk ??. BTW which brand ???. Royal Stag , Blenders Pride and all
Saya suka video Arijit Singh gets Shahrukh Khan down on his knees at the 6th Royal Stag Mirchi Music
Royal stag cricketing gear Roshan said I think..not sure though
The Man of the Match award is presented by Royal Stag. Why is Hashim Amla accepting it if it's an alcohol brand?
A tournament which has nothing to do with India but still the main sponsors are Royal Stag n Cycle Pure Agarbathi
not too familiar with whiskies. All I can say when in doubt start with cheaper tipples. Royal stag to begin may be
Royal Stag ad says "Make it Large" ...ppl dont know that they arent talking about Life ..they talking about the Peg !!
If SriLanka can beat Proteas during this Royal Stag ODI series,SriLanka can lead the ICC ODI Rankings.
I'll give it a watch later. Hows the stag do plans for his royal baldyness coming along?
you sure are rich bwai. Have struggled to get a Royal Stag in Singapore for $15 after loans. :D
the big question is .. Are u having royal stag or not ?
webpage of Royal Stag on Pernod Ricard site
Q: What will a Tamilian, who's desperate to drink, ask the waiter? . A: Dei, oru quarter Royal Stag, Seagram konduva. .
Stag with fawn in Studley Royal Deer Park at Fountains Abbey
Ayesha Takia should endorse Royal Stag as its punchline. . It would so much suit her -. "Aaj bhi bas wohi sawaal, Have I made it large"
The Royal Marines Association Concert Band and Portsmouth Military Wives Choir join together to perform at the Stag.
Me and my colleague finished 4 full of Royal Stag drinking daily after work in last week. Feeling like a labor now, who drinks daily.
Life is beautiful.don't spoil it with royal stag and kings :p β€” feeling sad
She smiled at the green knight. "Your helmet bears golden antlers, my lord. The stag is the sigil of the royal House."
Campfire + 10 Royal Marines(former) + stag do + enough booze to sink Ark Royal + all day & Night carousing like you could at 18 = poorly me.
Teaching poker to a stag doo at work. Guy gets a royal flush on his first ever go. He's just like yhyh sweet, I'm on the floor spazzing.
Shocking News - Medical treatment with Royal Stag whisky in a hospital at Warangal district
Crown Royal is my favourite, you can't get it in the shops but Amazon do it. Red Stag and Honey Jack are pretty nice
Grilled Salmon, served on top of gratin potato and sautΓ©ed spinach with lemon… (at Royal Stag Bistro) [pic] β€”
perfectly signifies the tag line of his Royal Stag ad 'Its your life, make it large' n he made it.
20 minutes later than I would've liked, but I now have beer and football. (@ The Royal Stag)
for Italian Tourism! HoneySingh for Seagrams Royal Stag (4 bottle vodka)
Had a cracking time at royal ascot for stag number one... No to prepare for number 2
Glasshouse Events Stag Bar was a huge success once again at The Royal Highland Show!
Cracking day out at Royal Ascot for a stag do! Booze, sunburn, hot women & gambling followed by poker πŸ‘πŸ‘Œ
either Blackburn or oak royal depending on best deal and around lunch time tee off! Poss Texas scramble as per stag
clothes torn, pursued like a stag across the Palais Royal, falls
Red horse.carlsberg',,.royal stag on point
Football Gamela Ball perusa irunthalum, we will agree it as a cricket game after seeing the Royal Stag advertisement of Dhoni saying "Make it large"...:-D - Die Hard Cricket Fan
the royal is worthy of that title alone. Went there on a stag do stumbled across that gem. All underground house
Never thought dat I'd consume anything below Royal Stag but life is full of surprises and thus we are about to finish 4th Officer's choice blue in 2 days. :p
a of really late Sunday lunchies with the cousins... πŸ˜‹πŸ˜‹ . @ The Royal Stag Bistro,
I'm at a stag do at Royal Ascot on Saturday. any tips on the Gee-gees would be welcome.
Happy birthday mamong Cinum πŸ’•πŸ‹ (with Gerda, and 3 others at Royal Stag Bistro) [pic] β€”
HQ pic .. Shah Rukh Khan[from a Royal Stag Shooting ... looking so stylish *_*
HQ picture of Shah Rukh Khan from a Royal Stag Shooting.
Happy satnite 😊 (with Rendy, and 4 others at Royal Stag Bistro) β€”
Coffee it's made of a spirit and happiness. @ Royal Stag Bistro
fifa cup with snacks and Royal Stag.. enjoying it!!!
Dear Royal stag why u making me feel m alone.
Have serious meat sweats due to eating royal stag burger suspect would apreciate
LurvvvπŸ’‹πŸ’• (with Sarah, and 9 others at Royal Stag Bistro) [pic] β€”
Just because in that Royal Stag Ad where SRK said "Make it Large", Aayesha Takia actually made it large.
Tuborg Zero. Royal Stag Mega Music. Seagram's Music CDs. Carlsberg Club Glasses. Where can one buy all this stuff?
Hang out wif ur mates at Royal Stag Bistro Bandung 🍻🍻🍻🍟.
1 more day of work, then a 5 day weekend for stag do, then Royal Ascot next week!! Sooper Dooper!
Pesta balon (with Dhery, and Anita at Royal Stag Bistro) [pic] β€”
What is common between all 3 Royal Stag brand ambassadors: Harbhajan Singh, Saif Ali Khan & Shah Rukh Khan - all of them are slapgate heroes
Watch this song on our website: Here is The Raghu Dixit Project performing 'Lokada Kalaji' on Royal Stag...
Mulayam and Abu Azmi are targeting the brand ambassador post for Royal Stag, "Men Will Be Men"
Watch the very versatile, the very talented, the very awesome Arijit Singh perform to his songs on the stage the 6th Royal Stag Mirchi Music Awards. To watch...
Watch Arijit Singh bring Shahrukh Khan down on his knees on the stage of the 6th Royal stag Mirchi Music Awards. Catch the whole action on Colors TV on the 1 ...
OMG... this should happen once, and I just go crazy on you ❀___❀ >>>Shah Rukh in advertising Royal Stag ! 4 http:…
Jatin-Lalit reveal their favourite Music for the year with Jogi C at the 5th Royal Stag Mirchi Music Awards! Watch this video to know more.
Fed up with all this Roz Roz ka Ladai Jagda with GF. Just Bought Royal stag half and Golf flake packet. Aaj Pakka Ilaj Karta Hu Iska.
Well played Virat and Rohit . Virat anushka is waiting for u ! Rohit royal stag is waiting for u :)
What a deadly player our 1 an only Virat Koheli, really enjoying much 2 watch the palying of Virat Koheli... Also getting little bit sad 4 Sekhar Dhawan ... Under that circumstances we r psng a golden moments with nice touch of Royal Stag...
According to Sharukh Khan and Royal Stag "pehli girlfriend chhoti thi, jo haath lag jaaye wo kya??. Small milao large banao." Is this the condition of females in India?? :-( :-( :-(
Watch the new Royal Stag TV commercial to see Shahrukh Khan's life journey and how he took small steps to make it large. Seagram's Royal Stag Mega Music. It'...
Make it. Large with royal stag Cheers.guys.
Sunidhi Chauhan with her power packed performance on the 6th Royal Stag ...: via
King Khan .Sharukh khan.doing Surrogate Royal Stag Whiskey ..Prostitution is Better job than this...
Free Shipping at Baseball Rampage
With Daniel Adi, Rian , and 2 others at Royal Stag Bistro [pic] β€”
Peg pilaane wale ki kasam!! One day I will really really find Royal Stag Mega Music CDs!!
I'm an avid music I never know d compilation in Royal stag mega music
Interesting to see in Amritsar...its Jaitley vs Royal Stag bottley
"A tribute to the King Of Romance" ~ Shahrukh at the 6th Royal Stag Mirchi Music Awards [VIDEO]:
Sippin 1000ml of royal stag whisky.. rarely seen in my city.. *** high..
I just added this to my closet on Poshmark: White Stag Royal Blue shirt. via
After performance '80minutes around the world' (with Andre at Royal Stag Bistro) [pic] β€”
Don't miss at the 6th Royal Stag Mirchi Music Awards on on 16th March 2014 at 7 PM IST. ht…
Esha Gupta excited to attend the Grand Night of 5th Royal Stag Mirchi Music Awards!
What are you waiting for? Catch our host, Manish Paul in this crazy act with Varun Dhawan, Ileana D'Cruz and Nargis Fakhri on the stage of the 6th Royal Stag...
Umm.. Does Royal Stag with water also qualify?
my-sat-nightβ€πŸ’› (with Yudo and Gita Anjani at Royal Stag Bistro) [pic] β€”
Shame Shame this JOYA dont know Congress standard is "ROYAL STAG" bottles not Gandhi Note
No doubt its your birthday and let everyone know ure gonna get high tonight thats cool ! God bless you . by the way Royal stag was named at the time of Robin Hood. Happy Birthday :P
Walaupun blurπŸ˜‚πŸ˜ (with Muhammad Luthfi at Royal Stag Bistro) [pic] β€”
From β€˜Tum Hi *** €™ to β€˜Kabira’, voice has enthralled the hearts of millions of his fans! Catch him deliver an unforgettable performance at the 6th Royal Stag 16th March at 7 pm on COLORS TV.
Shah Rukh Khan sings and Subhash Ghai dances on the Stage of 6th Royal Stag Mirchi Music Awards
How soon before Honey Singh replaces Harbhajan Singh in the Royal Stag ads?
One of my frnds is so genuine, he watched the seagram's royal stag ad on tv and bought their music cd.
The 30th anniversary stag night of Royal College Group 84 was held at Sara Stadium pavilion under the patronage...
Happy happy to someone whom I love. And I mean it bro :) Enjoy. Have fun. Go mad. Royal stag. Old monk and everything.
Shah Rukh Khan Holding "Mirchi Face of Romantic Songs Award" at the 6th Royal Stag Mirchi Music Awards. http…
Don’t miss the telecast of the 6th Royal Stag in on 16th March at 7 pm. http…
Royal Stag MTV Unplugged, A 10 City Tour Benny Dayal performs live in Pune at Residency Club Pune: MTV Unplugged, with its first and second season, left the entire nation spell-bound as their favourite artists performed acoustic versions of some of the biggest chartbusters. Hitting the high notes and striking all the right chords, MTV returned with the Season 3 of their hit music franchiseRoyal Stag MTV Unplugged this November. Taking the concept of the television show to another level, Royal Stag announced a 10 City Live in concert tour that clicked off on December 6th in Hyderabad and have travelled to Kolkata, Mumbai, Guwahati and now has come to Pune. An electric mix of singers and the musicians, there is no better way to enjoy acoustic music than a live performance and Royal Stag sets the stage for its audience across 10 cities in India. It was a music lover's haven at Residency Club, PUNE where people got a chance to watch Benny Dayal dish out great performances. There were almost more than 500 ...
Looking forward to going to the Royal Stag later to see Carrie and her band. xx
I love drinking ROYAL STAG with my buddy vishal pooner..kya karen sardi b to h shimla me bhai..bbuuurrra
Ok should I call it ma best day in Abu dhabi? Royal Stag kati whisky come wat may
'Listeners Choice Award' at the 6th Royal Stag Mirchi Music Awards Powered by Idea. VOTE for your favourite and make them win!
We will be capturing some fantastic shots tonight for " Rockophony" at the Royal Stag in Hemel Hempstead, Hertfordshire!- Feel free to pop in and say Hi and enjoy the music :-)
Awesome weather... Singles are waiting, Lovers are dating & married are thinking ki. kapde kahan sukhayen.! & Me... I am in my Saturday Mood... toasting with my all time favorite "Royal Stag"... Have I made it large... Cheers everybody...
KABIRA BY Arijit Singh. Here is 'Kabira' from Arijit Singh's episode of Royal Stag MTV Unplugged...
A wife comes back home from beauty parlour and tells husband . . :: you see honey I spent rs. 5000 on my make up so that I can look very beautiful in front of you. . . . Husband :: honey , I could have done that for only rs. 500 ... . . Wife :: how ? . . . Husband :: well honey , the price of a bottle of royal stag liquor is only rs... 500 .
harmless UPA II ads on TV-FM is as Proxy as Royal Stag Music CD Or Kingfisher's supermodel Calender...
Good morning friends... Have ROYAL STAG day...enjoy everybody
Flood water in my wellies. OCD has gone into overdrive!! β€” at The Royal Stag
Two of the biggest things I learnd from alcohol. 1. Success is living in the spot light. _Signature 2. Its your life make it large. _Seagrams Royal Stag [[]]
With in the royal oak, Bowness on Windermere having a beer and memories of a great stag do!
Confession on this yr will be celebrating valentine day with my life time valentine(royal stag) Cheers my dear singless. Male
I love you my jaan royal stag u are only one who will never leave me alone..
Celebrating my valentine with my girlfriend-> Royal stag...!!
Happy Valentines Day... i love royal stag.
i love royal stag.. Happy Valentines Day.
From like past 19 years celebrating valentines alone ! Bt with my partner " royal stag".
Happy valentine day my all frndz yeh valentine day es saal royal stag ke sath...)
Feeling excited wid me . valentine and Royal stag.
I'm gonna party & enjyoing wid my beloved frnd RS (Royal Stag), see how intoxicated I can get and how many rules I can flaunt..
"Spark of Love" cocktaiL πŸ’₯🍸🍷🍹 (with Gadis, Damar, and 3 others at Royal Stag Bistro) [pic] β€”
lol today im gonna celebrate VD with royal stag
Happy Valentine's Day.. Take your Deerest for a lovely dinner at Royal Stag Bistro ❀️ book your table! 022-2501595
Happy valentine Day with ROYAL STAG 2 my ROYAL friends.
How can the royal parasites legitimately make a plea for wildlife when they indulge in the hunting of fox,badger and stag? PR spin.
hpy kis day but,mera gf nahi isli.a bhar me ja gf n kis. happy thurs day n hpy ROYAL STAG day. keep it up enjoy.. 2 be cntnue
Valentines nga nga kadate q c napoleon at c royal stag cgurado nock down nanaman aq.happy valentines to all specialy to my family REYES.mizu all.
In a bar with royal stag and chicken fry ummm yammi...
*THE ROYAL STAG* "Datchet,Berkshire" This picturesque pub, which stands on a corner next to the parish church in the village of Datchet, is the perfect place in which to while away a cold winter’s afternoon. Such is its timeless feel that hours can pass by, and seem like only moments a fact that on one long-ago occasion led to a tragedy that has resulted in one of England’s most bizarre pub haunting. In a bleak and snow-covered midwinter reportedly some time during the Victorian age, a labourer and his young son arrived at the door of The Royal Stag. Being a responsible parent the man sent the boy to play in the churchyard next door, whilst he settled down to enjoyed the hospitality afforded by the atmospheric hostelry. The child amused himself in the snow for a time, but then the cold began to chill his bones and walking to the window of the pub that still faces onto the little churchyard, he attempted to attract his father’s attention. The man however was having too much of a good time to pay any ...
So Sorry!!!. Nepalese man dies after drinking whisky for bet - The Times of India
Book your table at Royal Stag Bistro on Valentine's day! Buy 2 main course get chocolate cake for FREE!
send the reporter in Datchet into the royal stag to film the haunted window
On the marriage occasion of elder brother will get fully enjoy of royal stag
12.5 Cr for Dinesh Karthik.? I think he should be in the Royal Stag ad, "Have I made it large"
Khamoshiyan, the latest short film from Royal Stag, revolves around the theme of love & friendship . Excited?
dear lord where in Datchet? My Dad used to run the Royal Stag pub in 80s most haunted pub in UK I reckon saw ODD stuff there
Enjoy all that and get 20% Discount out of your total bill today, lunch time (11am-3pm) on Tuesday at Royal Stag. Phone: 022-2501595
Christ. Sky News have apparently put 500 quid behind the bar in Datchet's Royal Stag. That's how to get vox pops from folk in wellies.
I'll get the feel with other liquor. Tu royal stag apne liye le kar aa.
Today in 1813 the Royal Standard in Walmer Road hosted a *** and stag (turkey) fight against the gentle men of Dover for a 5 guinea prize
Like to say good nite ad down royal penny last nite for mr lace's stag do
Embarrassing for the with their new advert - wildlife campaigners for sure!
With Nadia, Tengku Rizki, and 3 others at Royal Stag Bistro [pic] β€”
Diandra's birthday party! (with Hayyu, Nadia, and 7 others at Royal Stag Bistro) β€”
SRK advertises "Royal Stag music CDs" on TV. What is the point of such an advertising ban?
Valentine's Day is coming. Archies Day for couples and Royal Stag day for single guys.
Gonna hit the DJ floor so badly today
No risk. IT's part of land management. This happens all over Europe, inc stag hunting in Scotland.
Is there a risk that the stag and boar in Spain will become extinct? Some media show misunderstanding of legal hunting v/s poaching.
The Duke of Cambridge is currently on a hunting expedition in Spain shooting Stag & Wild Boar.
Royal Stag..Make it large, bro! Plus, they look like rodents, so it's in the family.
2 and half peg royal stag and little wine . And the whole world is chakraing round and round and round and round.
Thanks to our most recent liker, Jamie Smith. Welcome! Rockophony are playing at The Royal Stag next Sat 15th Feb. Hope to see lots of people there. We have the lovely Roisin Gregory coming to take some pictures of the band too :-)
Jhon weds Sabita(sorry John is mostly pronounced as Jhon here in the villages) We have this serious profanity towards pronouncing Christian names the way our tongues roll here in the hills…other wise who would have the guts to call a man named Boniface as Bonibas. So I guess that explains it all. In a way or two I guess it adds up to the story that I am trying to impress upon you(I don’t really( know who the you is though)..My hero is long lost (I was thinking may be I could write a note upon my hero and his own world of Goodbyes) but then like as always you never know when my hero might just pounce upon me and give me one more amazing tail(tale). In this season of I do and I do , my hero vastly remains elusive …may be someday he will do an exclusive β€œI Did”..till then he seems happily unmarried.. While I sit in on a not so balanced NeelKamal Chair (I don’t really know who this dude NeelKamal might be ) but I swear some of the people that I know or lets say the generation before us swears by t ...
Ek sharabi ka court me case chal raha tha. judge ne kaha : "ORDER ORDER"... sharabi replied : ek CHILLI CHICKEN, one ROYAL STAG with SODA... jaldi le aao...
We are drinking Royal hotel
7-santra day(desi) 8-old monk day 9-mcdoll day 10-royal stag day 11-royal chalng day 12-blandr praid day 13-black dog day 14-coptl party(all variant)day Enjoy this week all my singal frnds \~/ \~/ open cheers
After math eng capital market. (with Claudy, Berynda, and Chicha at Royal Stag Bistro) [pic] β€”
Waiting list nya lama. (with Claudy, Mac, and 4 others at Royal Stag Bistro) [pic] β€”
Project meeting prewed photos with zaky... Thank you for the… (w/ Alfantra & Zaky at Royal Stag Bistro) [pic] β€”
The Darnley Lodge Hotel Stag & Athboy Karting Experience. Stags, have the time of your lives in the Royal County...
lunchy lunchy🌻 (with Safrina, Zagita, and 4 others at Royal Stag Bistro) β€”
Sooraj Barjatya talks about the 6th Royal Stag Mirchi Music Awards!
unlimited calling, voip, $14.95 per month
We endeavored to make it large in this music ad of Royal Stag, have you made it large yet? Check out the video:
Prince William shoots wild boar and stag on hunting trip to southern Spain
Drinking milk intead of royal stag or kinfisheq.after 2year long time
drinking royal stag and eating chiken at Pantha ghati with Rj kingo .
Just finished a bottel of Royal Stag.
Order a flask on snapdeal and get an empty royal stag whisky!
Everyone has an addiction ... Mine happens to be ROYAL STAG...!!!
mane a Royal Stag. It's ok, I'll finance the vehicle through ANZ.
I found the alternative to your Antiquity Blue. Though not on par but will have to do with Royal Stag. Thank you for inspiring :p
It’s about as close as American politics gets to a royal affair or Cinderella’s ball. Oooh la la.
"Pancharam Bishwokarma agreed to drain a 750 millilitre bottle of Royal Stag on January 16 if his friend paid the bill." e quem nunca?
Kela xet makxaizzz.have a sexy gf no sex but i have RoyaL stAg
reading news of satya nadella new CEO of Microsoft and it land's me in a deep thought and i came out with a royal stag advertisment which says ITS YOUR LIFE MAKE IT LARGE
Well if every Tory or Royal who went on a Nazi stag party stood down, this country would be.
If the heavenly drink has to be branded a name, it wud be named as ROYAL STAG ...!!!
β™₯β™₯β™₯ (with Rhenania and Aditya at Royal Stag Bistro) [pic] β€”
✨✨✨ (with Koko, meyta, and Irmasari at Royal Stag Bistro) [pic] β€”
With risa, Wishnu, and 9 others at Royal Stag Bistro β€”
Eton Mess πŸ‘Œβœ¨βœ¨ (with Koko and Irmasari at Royal Stag Bistro) [pic] β€”
I might just go to mr. Royal stag because it seems like zero boys wanna go.
Happy Bday Orisnaaa... (with Louis, Rizki, and 4 others at Royal Stag Bistro) β€”
we did stag in Barcelona last summer. Stayed on a yacht moored in the Royal yacht club right next to Ramblas.
Friendship isn't big thing, it's a million little things @ Royal Stag Bistro
With d4nny, Jennifer, and 3 others at Royal Stag Bistro [pic] β€”
Dinner with family.. (with d4nny, ILouna, and 3 others at Royal Stag Bistro) β€”
Datchet Branch's Monthly Legion Meeting at Royal Stag PH 11am this morning
πŸ˜„πŸ˜„ (with Uleel, Thiqa, and Yogi at Royal Stag Bistro) [pic] β€”
When I was younger, I used think Jack Daniels, Royal Stag, Black Label etc run big club soda and music CD franchises.
Nongki (with Claudia, Joseph, and 8 others at Royal Stag Bistro) β€”
How to reach heaven in three simple steps:. 1. Pour some royal stag whiskey in a glass. 2. Now add Old Monk rum to it. 3. Dri…
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Shahrukh Khan doing Advertisements like Royal Stag does not MAKE YOU LARGE.Such Ad makes you Small.I think Stars like you should ACT AGAINST ALCOHOLISM.
Soon to be filled with a Royal Stag Burgers... (@ Whitecross Street Market) [pic]:
is offering prayers in the morning and sulking down Royal Stag Royally by night
Meet up finally,, (with Monica and Wilton at Royal Stag Bistro) β€”
Saturday night disco at the Royal Stag
Blm up to date kalo belom check in disini. (with Raymond, Jay, and 2 others at Royal Stag Bistro) β€”
Repath ses πŸ‘Œ (with Widhiyaksa and Nadira at Royal Stag Bistro) [pic] β€”
Cozy place πŸ‘Œ (with Quorra and Willy at Royal Stag Bistro) [pic] β€”
"Late lunch with and at royal stag yummy ...❀️❀️
So its ok if Tory MPs are only "stupid and offensive". Maybe he should marry into the royal family where he'd...
Queen & King of Melody "Alka Yagnik & Kumar Sanu" Live Performance in the 5th Royal Stag Mirchi Music Awards 2013.
Freak out with me about battle royal so I kno you crazy girl,
With Sanny, Khatarine, and 2 others at Royal Stag Bistro [pic] β€”
I should have known better.. out of jameson, stag, fireball... fugg it crown royal it was.. i dont even like crown
Come and get 20% Discount at Royal Stag every Tuesday from 11am - 3pm !
With d4nny, Jennifer, and Theo at Royal Stag Bistro β€”
Meet up, Cocs 😘😘😘 (with Triyani, Meizer, and 5 others at Royal Stag Bistro) β€”
R2D2. I sucked so much power on R4D5 stag party, so I woke up next day in the middle of battle aboard of royal starcruiser! Such a hangover!
I will promote Royal Stag to prove my affection and loyalty towards the legend
And the hope of the companion comes alive with "ROYAL STAG" :-P ;-)
Recommend bgt dahhπŸ˜‹ (with Bimo, Ghea, and Mom at Royal Stag Bistro) [pic] β€”
With chichi πŸ‚, Miyako, and 5 others at Royal Stag Bistro β€”
With Ari, Ateu, and 3 others at Royal Stag Bistro [pic] β€”
this february, 750ml Royal stag will be my valentine. .
I am insulin dependant type 2 diabetic it's a royal pain in the a*se!
Meet up! πŸ’• (with Rebecca, Haifa, and 2 others at Royal Stag Bistro) β€”
πŸ’žπŸ’ž (with Myelva, Rebecca, and 3 others at Royal Stag Bistro) β€”
that I put Royal Stag in Black Label's empty bottles when my friends come over.
She should be made the model for Royal Stag "Have I made it Large" ad campaign..
πŸ‘­πŸ‘­ (with Nia, Clarentia, and Bea at Royal Stag Bistro) [pic] β€”
Update your maps at Navteq
Luxurious new listing at the Stag Lodge - ski-in. Click here for details:
Mitun mana πŸ˜‚ (with Ann, Vany Venesia, and 2 others at Royal Stag Bistro) β€”
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