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The Royal Society of London for Improving Natural Knowledge, known as the Royal Society, is a learned society for science, and is possibly the oldest such society in existence.

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A fantastic day at the RHS - Royal Horticultural Society Chatsworth Flower Show. It was lovely to catch up with...
.June Newsletter now available to BNA members 'Should ageing academics be forced to quit?…
World-renown dino expert Philip J Currie to speak at our June 28 AGM - get your free tickets here: 🦖
メモ McGuire and Rattansi Newton and the "Pipes of Pan" Notes and records of the Royal Society of London21
Let festival-goers test their drugs before they take them, say Public Health experts
Digitising 350 years of scientific history. A behind-the-scenes look at our journal collection project…
Join on 14 June for their Annual AGM and. Training Day at The Royal Society of Edinburgh:…
Nd then the word CHARACTERLESS made me think ki yes aaj bi hum aise society me rehte…
Man man man they have all powers to do...nd we 😔😔😔...this is the reality of society..wom…
Every scientist should consider reading this frank & honest discussion by an FRS about imposter syndrome:
Fellows of the Royal Society are human too// "Positive feedbacks should not be lagged. "
The Trust has won a Royal Forestry Society award. Well done to all involved with the Woods. More at
Congratulations after being awarded the Royal Forestry Society Award of Excellence (Gold) local wood…
Demanding stories: television coverage of sustainability, climate change and material demand Royal Society
Who Is Your Favourite African Female Lit Character?Submit a Video to to be featured at ht…
I think the polling companies need to sit down with the Royal statistical society and have a chat about sampling.
Es buen momento para ponerse a ver spots de la Royal Society for the Protection of Birds
Not too late to book Adventures in Paradise as an early treat! htt…
Our democracy relies on the quality of data in the public domain.
Well done & other civil society orgs who signed Civil Society statement calling for Royal Commission
Conservative cuts to health and social care kill 30,000 people a year.
The land is changing and we must adapt. Royal Canadian Geographical Society Arctic...
One of our Level 3 photographers features in this month's Royal Photographic Society's journal! Amazing work.
Ever had 'imposter syndrome' related worries? . You are not alone. Even the very best can have difficulties. .
No need for that, Map by British Royal Geographical Society in 1910 explain…
Caroline Herschel 1750-1848. - first to discover a comet. - first woman to have work published by the Royal Society
Duke of St Albans is a desc. of Charles II (& N. Gwyn) & head of Royal Society. His Duches…
Absolutely packed house at Royal Society of Medicine in London for Day presentations on medical research ht…
Stephen Hawking speaking at The Royal Society reiterates: I strongly believe we should start seeking alternative pl…
Prof Stephen Hawking at the Royal Society of London launch for Starmus 2017 this morning.
Royal Geographical Society has an awesome model of Everest and surrounding peaks.
Access more than 7.4 million parts at Parts Direct
Sir Francis Bacon had idea for Royal Society; friends with Newton & Dee & many other occultists - we've be…
We're featured in the latest Royal Society of Edinburgh blog. Check it out:.
This summer, come to the & find out about, Antarctica’s ice shelves, the making of Planet Earth II & more.…
Superb continuous cover management of Douglas fir at Dodd Wood, Whole Society Mweting. Thanks to Forestry…
Royal Birmingham Society of Artists open from today.
Egger Forestry are perfect hosts. Coffee break on.RFS Whole Society Meeting. Thanks to Egger Forestry Team!…
RFS Whole Society Meeting begins at Naworth Castle and Estate, Cumbria. Broadleaf forestry and est…
Burlington knew Ramsay through the Royal Society when he visited between 1728-30. Chiswick ceiling finished 1730.
Professor Stephen Hawking at Royal Society London to open Starmus 2017. Will address his 100yrs on earth claim…
Trio achieve high finish at Royal Society of Chemistry Schools Analyst competition.
coral from the Red Sea thrives under global warming simulations, researchers reported in Royal Society Op…
The Royal Scottish Pipers Society is hosting an evening recital at The Edinburgh Academy on Saturday 27th May,...
Royal Society for the Protection of Cruelty to Ashish
Newsdesk | UK : Instagram, Snapchat most detrimental to mental health: report - A new report by Royal Society for…
T H I S W E E K E N D we are back at the The Royal Welsh Agricultural Society Show! Come see us on Stand 40 in...
I'm here at The Royal Society for the Starmus IV press conference with Stephen Hawking:
The Royal Society London; such an inspirational place to learn about maths teaching
Machine Learning: the power & promise of computers that learn by example. Our new report
According to a recent study by the Royal Society for Public Health, Instagram & Snapchat are the social media...
It's World Endangered Species Day! Sandie Robb tells us about languages @ Royal Zoological Society of Scotland
Hive can I get hold of citations (for election) of elected fellows of the Royal Society, without going to the archive in London?
WATCH: Billy Connolly's long career recognised by the Royal Television Society Scotland
The Royal Society for Public Health - Instagram 'worst for young mental health'
Garg wins 2017 Royal Society of Chemistry teaching award
Young people, social media and mental health. Royal Society for Public Health
Frankenstein, and the Royal Humane Society all feature in this week's blog post:
Like pancakes? Want to help the Royal Oak Historical Society? Here you go:
Animation grad selected for national stage of the Royal Television Society Awards! Congratulations Ed!…
Six University of Oxford scientists have been elected as Fellows of the Royal Society for contributions to science: https:…
Recruitment crisis hits NHS with one in nine posts currently vacant
Geeking out at Lifecode Gx’s Nutrigenomics in Practice: Methylation at the Royal Society of Medicine. Best way to s…
“When it comes to tackling climate change and extreme weather, we ignore population at our peril.” Emma Woods, Royal Socie…
Royal Society for Public Health calls for statutory PSHE to promote safe soc media use & mental health…
Dr Hongying Meng recently got a research grant from Royal Society in UK and Natural Science Foundation of China...
Hi Sam, Are asking about the one done by the BPS in Royal Society last May? .
EpiGeneSys congratulates Wendy Bickmore and Anne Ferguson Smith on being elected as new members of the Royal Society!
(Fantastic news! Well done Ken) Irish geneticist elected as Fellow of Royal Society via
Climate science explained in 60 seconds by the Royal Society and the US National Academy of Sciences.
Great work Prof Justin Gooding two medals and a chat with the Royal Society of NSW patron Governor Hurley
Royal Society: We must take action on AI machine learning to safeguard our futures
Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society . A: Mathematical, Physical and Engineering Sciences . ve. B: Biological Sciences. yayınlanmakta
Firefighters from Cornwall assisted the Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (RSPCA) with the...
A team of L6 chemists participated in the Royal Society of Chemistry Analytical Chemistry competition at…
Distinguished FSU chemistry professor named fellow of Royal Society of Chemistry - Florida State News
Sir Joseph Banks was born 274 years ago today in London naturalist President of the Royal Society for over 41 years…
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Founded was on the model of Royal Society of Science. He proposed that British education doesn't make you any less Musl…
Influence the future of Chemistry. Job opportunity for Director, Science Policy at the Royal Society of Chemistry https…
Watch: 2016 Royal Society of Canada College College inductee on improving ovarian cancer odds…
DIRECTOR - RSA US - Description:  Posted by: The RSA (Royal Society for the encouragement of Art...
Similar to both and the Royal Society of General Practitioners (objectively considers…
When Isaac Newton sent his work on light and colors to the Royal Society, it started a feud with Robert Hooke.…
Sherlock Holmes is an honorary fellow of the Royal Society of Chemistry.
Rosalind Franklin Award supports promotion of women in STEM. 17th Nov attend the FREE lecture at the Royal Society
Check out the Royal Society's great collection of videos featuring inspiring scientists from diverse backgrounds
"Fighting Bulls" by Robert Sommer (elk-bulls in Bow River, Rocky Mountains) winner of Royal Society of Biology phot…
Long commutes linked to poor diet, high stress & high blood pressure - report by Royal Society for Public Health
This year's Royal Society of Biology Charter Lecture is taking place at Aston on 11 October:…
Marie-Josee Fortin elected to the Royal Society of Canada
Prof. Theresa Coetzer and Prof. Dean Goldring, members of the Royal Society of South Africa, attended the...
Five UCalgary scholars named New Fellows of the Royal Society of Canada | UToday | University of Calgary
Free Shipping with Free Returns - Baseball Rampage
We're very proud of Professor David Vaughan, just been elected to the Fellowship of the Royal Society of Canada. Congratulations!
Congratulations to my colleagues at the University of Calgary for being elected to the Royal Society of Canada:
Information about Royal Society. I sent this in an e-mail already, but just in case that misses someone, here it...
He was one of the youngest Fellows in the history of the Royal Society and the first Indian to be elected a Fellow of Trinity College.
Excited. 2 paintigs pre-selected for Royal Society of Marine artists
RSA (Royal Society for the encouragement of Arts, Manufactures and Commerce) on John Adam Street…
Crick Institute and generally I thought as he's President of Royal Society but I only caught it half way through.
ICR roundup Ceremony welcomes Profs. Paul Workman and Jon Pines as Fellows
Oh, you know. Just hanging out at the Royal Astronomical Society.
Royal Society Publishing release special edition of Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society B:
Charles II granted a royal charter to the Royal Society on 15 July 1662.
One n only our royal rockstar St.ji who care most for this Society
The UK names Prof Richard Catlow as foreign secretary .
Dear Royal Society, . I write with unique news. I have discovered a most embarassing similarity in one of these North American campaign logos
A ceremony today will welcome Professors Paul Workman and Jon Pines as Fellows https:…
Congrats to Sarah Hall inaugurated as fellow of The Royal Society of Literature - see her at in Oct https…
Literary Epilogue by the Royal Society for Literature. On 22 July from 4pm at Bumzees, Gulshan e Iqbal
At St. Paul's Cathedral, they had a little display/mini exhibit about famous refugees. One of them was a fellow of The Royal Society!
in 1662 The Royal Society of London was formally created. It is possibly the oldest society for science sti…
Unclear why there should be bust of in foyer of Royal Society of Chemistry
Recommended reading: UK's Royal Society has issued important Recommendations on Cyber Security
A Minotaur At The Savoy. Urbane fantasy in the Dunsany tradition. -
Explainer: what will Brexit mean for science? - Royal Society of Chemistry
Last chance to register for Royal Society of Chemistry Analytical Research Forum 2016 - deadline tomorrow!
John Cook will talk on psychology of climate denial for Royal Society of Tasmania Winter Lecture
Excellent response to the Royal Society's new guide to crops
Royal Society of Canada, academics, call Site C dam a test for Trudeau Liberals
BC Hydro reply to Royal Society is silent on bypassing utilities comm. https:/…
Big pharma: marketing and malpractice - Royal Society of Chemistry
.shares new statistics on at the Royal Society of Medicine in London
If there is a Royal Society of Marine artists, it is because there is sooo much in marine art.
Paul Anastas, 'father of green chemistry,' wins Royal Society of Chemistry Award
May 19th What is the future of Royal Society of Medicine
Our Yr 10 Chemists, preparing for the Royal Society of Chemistry competition at University of Kingston
Hormone injections to tackle Beijing's catkin woes - Royal Society of Chemistry
Annual Exhibition 5th-20th May 2016 - Who's going?. About:. 'Within its present membership, the Royal Society of...
Sir Tom Courtenay painting by Putney Artist selected for Royal Society of Portrait Painters' exhibition ..
Stephen Hawking and over 150 Royal Society fellows have warned that leaving EU would be a “disaster for UK science”. http…
Inspired by Royal Society of Literature evening on Shakespeare's Sonnets to write my own in 140 characters... 10 characters…
Congrats also to Jon Pines on becoming a Fellow of the Royal Society today
Congratulations Jon Pines & Jennifer Doudna on election to the Royal Society! :-) via cc
Congratulations to ex-Gurdon group leader Jon Pines on his election to Fellow of the Royal Society
Thomas Hobbes got in the same argument with the Royal Society back in 1671.
JUST LOOK AT THIS ARTWORK!! Is Simon Davis the only comic artist to be in the Royal Society of Portrait Painters?
.thanks partners incl. Welsh Government, and Royal Society of Chemistry
UTA electrical engineering professor elected Fellow of the Royal Society
Heavier than air flying machines are impossible. -- Lord Kelvin, President, Royal Society, c. 1895
The RSPCO (Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Ollies) WAS informed of this!!!
Royal Society --"May Be Using to Conceal Their in the Milky Way"
Success of Gresham College led to the incorporation of the Royal Society in 1663. T Gresham
Writing about Gresham College/Scientific Revolution. Fascinating place- forerunner to Royal Society, and still offers …
150 Fellows of the Royal Society inc. 3 Nobel Laureates & Astronomer Royal against
University Chancellor Jackie Kay MBE made a Fellow of the Royal Society of Edinburgh (RSE)
Royal Society letter organised by Sir Alan Fersht, master of and supported by Astronomer Royal Martin Rees, of
Congratulations to John Burnside, Jackie Kay and our Director Robyn Marsack, newly appointed Fellows of the Royal Society of Edinburgh.
The Royal Institution was founded at a meeting at the house of the President of the Royal Society on 7 March 1799
6 March 1665: the first issue of the Transactions of the Royal Society is published.
At a Royal Society of Medicine conference it was said "hypnotherapy should be the first port of call for childbirth". Love that one!
Civil Society 4.0–Refugees and Digital Self Organization, Opening and Keynotes by V. Tsianos & B. Kuster
Became a Fellow of the Royal Society of Chemistry last month.
All purpose parts banner
Petition to keep Royal Photography Society's collection in Bradford reaches over 27,000 signatures
The writer Elliott Kerrigan has won a Royal Television Society 'Rising Star' Award for
Pleased to be selected for Royal Society of Portrait Painters exhibition in May.
The Royal Photographic Society's International Print Competition 159 is now open for entries! It is the longest...
I've been elected into the Royal British Society of Sculptors. My profile: htt…
This is sad to see, but hopefully is in the process of changing
Visually striking account of women in national academies around the world: . See also
- Speech to Royal Society of St George 1961. The page
Supreme court vacancy may jeopardise chemical regulation reform - Royal Society of Chemistry
has been elected Associate Member of Royal Society of Painter-Printmakers-RE Bankside Gallery London https:…
LIVE on Royal Portrait Society accepted & delighted
UCLA Prof. Andrea Ghez delivers the lecture "The Monster at the Heart of Our Galaxy" at The Royal Society, TONIGHT!
Another informative article from the Royal society of psychiatry, Anxiety in young people, wouldn't it be great...
Science is still sexist... in graph format. Side note: well done Cuba! via
A must read piece by Venki Ramakrishnan, the new Royal Society president.
Update your maps at Navteq
This is shaming for science: how many women are members of national science academies? https:/…
History of RAeS - Part 3: Wright Bros awarded the Society's 1st Gold Medal
A paean to science by President of the Royal Society, Venki Ramakrishnan, a worthy successor to Sir Paul Nurse
This is how many women are members of science academies
Hooray! My painting has been selected for the annual Royal Society of portrait painters exhibition htt…
Robert Hooke (1635-1703) worked for Robert Boyle and was curator of experiments at the Royal Society. In Our Time.
Great article about astronomers Fiammetta Wilson and Grace Cook, pioneer women in the Royal Society.
Professor Iain Stewart presented with the Senior Public Engagement Prize by Royal Society of Edinburgh.
Christoph Adami: What is information? | Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society of London
Nathan Lyon: Unbelievable experience with the boys at the Royal Society for the Blind!
"On the Dart" part of the Royal Society of Marine Artists Exhibition 14 - 25 Oct. http:/…
Recent support for Basic Income has come from Royal Society of the Arts, French Ministry of Labour
Some publishers are now requiring ORCID iDs for authors: Stuart Taylor of the the UK's Royal Society explains why https…
1614 John Wilkins FRS born a founder of the Invisible College and one of the founders of the Royal Society,
Unknown artist, 'Mr. AJ Parks' Observations of the Transit of Venus on 9 December 1874', via the Royal Society
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PAUL NURSE Sir Paul Nurse has just completed his five-year term as president of the Royal Society. The Nobel laureate and molecular
Congratulations to Seth Collinson, Ben Oakley, Sal Allen and Calum Heslop whow took part in the Royal Society of...
There's our happy ending; Sir Tim Hunt reappointed at the Royal Society.
Opening of 20th anniversary celebration of Pugwash Conferences Nobel Peace Prize at Royal Society
In 2001, the Royal Society of Canada said Canada's regulation of GM food lacks credibility. What has changed?
CCS and ICCAS, announce new journal Materials Chemistry Frontiers, in partnership with Royal Society of Chemistry
Royal Society of Medicine last night 4 launch, Royal Aeronautical Society this morning for Conf
A Tauranga-based marine scientist has been awarded a prestigious Marsden research grant from the Royal Society of...
The Life of Sir Joseph Banks: President of the Royal Society, with Some Notices
Met Prof tonight before she received the James Clerk Maxwell medal at the Royal Society of EDI tomorrow
Stunning images - Royal Society of Biology photography awards shortlist in pictures
all legit publishers like Elsevier, American Chemical Society, Royal Society yadda yadda yadda
Circular Quay in College Street all its cloudiness and of the distorted horrors that the Royal Society, and frenzy.
At a fun and most interesting lecture by Dr Richard Leakey, at the Royal Society in London. It's been…
In 1753, Britain's Royal Society honored Franklin's electrical work with its highest award, the Copley Medal - equivalent to a Nobel Prize.
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Discussing arts and health at the beautiful Royal Society for Public Health
Well done to Will Curtis - for his Royal Aeronautical society honor - a fabulous achievement
Dr Faith Osier, 2014 winner of the Royal Society Pfizer Prize, featured in trustees' report
Great care from your pharmacist from Royal Pharmaceutical Society on Vimeo
Last chance to get tickets for tomorrow at the beautiful Royal Geographical Society in London:.
Richard Waller &Peter Knight have just written a Glaciated Landscapes "A-Level subject content overview" for the Royal Geographical Society
BALLARAT... We have special screening for the home of the Royal South Street Society calisthenics comp coming soon!
Royal Society of Literature has a new director - welcome Tim Robertson.
The End of the Scientific Journal? One day symposium at the Royal Society on 27 November. Details at
ROYAL PRISONERS?: While it is clear that God has called His people to a life of royalty, it is apparent that t...
Very honoured to announce Bill Beaumont is judging the animation category in the 2015 Royal Television Society Awards
Indeed! With the support of the Royal Society for Public Health, which is a great help.
“We can’t solve the productivity puzzle until we solve it within SMEs” -Royal Society
Come and visit Jolene and Ana at in Portadown for the Royal Society of Chemistry event!
Officially nominated for a Midlands Royal Television Society award. What is the world coming to.
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Today I will be at the Royal Society for Public Health at the launch of the Arts and Health special interest group.
Royal Pharmaceutical Society | Homeopathic and herbal products quick reference
En route to London to accept an award from the royal society of chemistry 😁🔬
Enjoy the fab sound of the Royal Marines Band combined with singers from the Perth Choral Society, at Perth Concert Hall & Theatre 15th Oct
Royal Society, and perspective seemed upset.
Free places at Public Health England events on antibiotic resistance | Royal Pharmaceutical Society (RPS)
The Royal Society: Future directions of machine learning
Society of Medicine UK: Dietary controversies & role of nutrition in Western disease November 6
1878-79 Proceedings of the Royal Society of London, Volume 28 (XXVIII) Science.
1859-60 Proceedings of the Royal Society of London, Volume 10 (X) Science. Chart
Royal Society link is an abstract, no evidence, only opinion presented.
1857-1859: Proceedings of the Royal Society of London, Volume 9 (IX). Science.
Shortlist announced for Royal Society Young People’s Book Prize – in pictur...
yes in perfect balance until engineered.So Cartagena or Royal society of Canada on GE safety?
So which would you choose on GMO safety. Royal Society of Canada recommendations or Cartagena?
Breast Cancer Awareness
I added a video to a playlist Royal Choral Society: 'Hallelujah Chorus' from Handel's Messiah
Driver Training:: RoSPA (The Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents) News from OSE Directory: [Driver T...
Celebrating Ada Lovelace Day - five female Fellows of Royal Society NZ on role models & what led them into
Top story: Royal Pharmaceutical Society | Homeopathic and herbal products quick… see more
1916 I received invitation to join the royal society of arts
As part of one of our PhD students will be presented w Science Communication Award by
5 female fellows of the Royal Society of NZ on role models & STEM Great post from Nancy de Bueger on ^DR
Soon you’ll be able to search archives, like your family lineage online thanks to a to the Royal WA Historical Society!
Good to see you + in front of the Royal Astronomical Society in London! Nice picture...
Any thoughts, dear Tweeps, on how the Royal Society might evolve?
UK Royal Astro Society ahead of the Am Astro Soc in condemning
taken this day 2014 "Royal Society for the Relief of Indigent Gentlewomen of Scotland how that amused me...
Mail Tories don't understand that every time they shrink the state they shrink UK society with it:
Get excited! Royal Society Dinner is just 3 days away!
At FierceBiotech Executive Summit London, Royal Society of Medicine, John Carroll in top form, great content on current financing models.
NHL Stanley Cup Memorabilia from The Bradford Exchange Online
Royal Society of Edinburgh calls for stronger model of governance for in Scotland in Charter Renewal
FRS stands for. A. Fellow Research System. B. Federation of Regulation Society. C. Fellow of Royal Society. D. None...
From the Great Academies of Old to the Royal Society via
Congrats to on joining the Royal Society of Canada’s College of New Scholars, Artists and Scientists. htt…
Robert Hooke presented model for rebuilding London to Royal Society (1666)
Congratulations to our General Editor, David A. Wilson, who has been elected as a Fellow of the Royal Society of Canada!
Looking forward to evening at Royal Society of Literature listening to talk on Tennesse Williams and discussing. 7pm at Courtauld Institute.
Sea and Ross Island, Mount Erebus and the Ross Ice Shelf. Crozier was elected a Fellow of the Royal Society in 1843 in recogn
Chelsea's loss of interest in stones has left the royal geological society's marketing campaign in the mire, I can tell you.
Legal highs ban is unenforceable, say government advisers ACMD agree with +
So Inside Science will you be reviewing the books on the Royal Society shortlist for children's science?? I…
Why the EU has failed in tackling the problem | Royal Pharmaceutical Society Journal
The RPS now has a Chapter in Dubai and you can read more about it here:...
Just what the Royal Society for the Blind needed. via /r/funny
Great Britain 250th Anniversary of Royal Society of Arts 6v SG
Society hates when we don't become what they want us to be. I say SCREW them! BE YOU!! you can do and…
The church is not merely a voluntary society of people who share a similar experience. It is the royal embassy of the K…
Paper device tracks fracking pollution - Royal Society of Chemistry
International bullying, unfair “targeted” punishment suggested by Royal Society over climate change via
no brainer. predicted by Royal Society (Canada, 2001) and Pusztai among others. thanks to Dayton MDs for verifying
Founded in 1660, the Royal Society is still correct in this motto: nullius in verba—"take no one’s word for it."
and a unique use of the Royal Society's members' room throughout. Gorgeous little family.
John's Campaign – listing hospitals that welcome carers like the Royal Berkshire Hospital in Reading
Nanoscale microscopy casts light on cellular dynamics - Royal Society of Chemistry
Interesting drawerwork at the Royal British Society of Sculptors in South Ken... .
Escalating child health crisis feared due to lack of school nurses
Great story about the exciting developments at Royal New Zealand Plunket Society, Inc. (RNZPS)
Impact of Diasporas event, 17 Sept at the Royal Geographical Society, London:
You can't really beat the scenery. When you can see it, anyway. Hut Point peninsula with Royal Society Range in back h…
Depletion analysis confirmed by, world health organisation UNICEF, UK Ministry of Agriculture and Royal Society of Chemistry.
Sweetening imaging of sugars to study disease - Royal Society of Chemistry
the Royal Society of Engineers say the environmental risks can be managed. Why don't they listen to the experts?
"What better case study to consider gender equality than the Royal Society itself - the story doesn't start well..." Prof Paul Nurse
Nucleation: A Transition State to the Directed Assembly of Materials: Faraday Di... by Royal Society of Chemistry
Sir Paul Hunt, President of the Royal Society today said that Tim Hunt should never have been sacked by UCL.
Had he claimed atheism, he may have been excluded from university or the Royal Society but that's a different argument.
Even Orwell might not have foreseen Thought Police arriving as University administrators & Royal Society. Pity poor Winston (and Tim Hunt)!
"Since his resignations from both the Royal Society and University College London at least eight Nobel laureates...
Student Art On 7 July the Royal Society of British Artists presents a National Student Art Exhibition in the Main…
- Royal Society of British Architects - letting anyone in!
Sir Ian Hogg was Comptroller of Royal Society of St George. George Young tried to take over this group be…
Peer review is so venerable it has been here ever since the first Royal Society journal 350 years ago, right? WRONG!
Rapid flu test project shortlisted to win Royal Society of Chemistry Emerging Technologies Competition -
Those attacking Nobel Prize winners bewarned they have nuclear deterrents. Also the Royal Society get it's Charter from the Queen.
"Member of Parliament David Davies has warned of the stubborn nature of organisations like Britain’s Royal Society ". http:…
Scientist Vanessa Adams mocked Royal Society fellow Sir Tim Hunt with this unflattering picture of her ...
I like that Lisa Jardine often mentions crying. It hasn't stopped her being an eminent academic and honorary member of the Royal Society.
Another thing for you to get your teeth into (or would that be Royal Society of Dentistry?). Enjoy, Emms. :)
In 1703, Newton was elected president of the Royal Society upon Robert Hooke's death
Congrats to OU alum Sir Venkatraman Ramakrishnan who was confirmed as the President Elect of the Royal Society!
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