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Royal Rumble

The Royal Rumble is a professional wrestling pay-per-view event, produced every January by professional wrestling promotion WWE.

Brock Lesnar Survivor Series Santino Marella Roman Reigns Vince McMahon Hacksaw Jim Duggan Big Show Samoa Joe Kevin Owens John Cena Heath Slater Sami Zayn San Antonio Byron Saxton Rey Mysterio Scott Norton Shawn Michaels

Could be sick match but I don't like seeing a repeat. Like wasting a royal rumble on a dude who won it before 😤
First up representing LCD at Royal Rumble we have one of our Co-captains, Melicious. Melicious was new to LCD...
Will be as valuable as Vince McMahon winning the Royal Rumble
They just had the royal rumble today bro
Rumor has it Jake The Snake is going to be at Royal Rumble, but only on one condition, if someone bri…
Do DJs know that their mixes aren't supposed to sound like the songs are fighting? Mix tapes aren't a royal rumble.
Not bad at all. I'm guessing he's not going to the Royal Rumble?
16 teams battled in the NBA's royal rumble. . Now two teams remain
Damien Sandow defeats The Honky Tonk Man via a Push in a Battle Royal at the Royal Rumble
Yo I had a dream that I had a triple threat match for the US Championship with Kassius Ohno and Mr. Kennedy at the Royal Rumble and I won
CM Punk defeats Jimmy Wang Yang via a Shove in a Losers Nudes are Leaked Match at the Royal Rumble
Yokozuna defeats Heath Slater via the Superman Punch in a Royal Rumble at Walmart
.reveals UK could see WrestleMania, SummerSlam or Royal Rumble in future
Fact check: False. GOP has been eating up the Royal Rumble. Maybe Halloween Havoc, but not WrestleMania
Papa Shango defeats Hacksaw Jim Duggan via Tripping on Air in a singles match at the Royal Rumble
Perfect example: Royal Rumble, Heenan Family promo before the match. Andre tells Tul…
Tye Dillinger debuted at the Royal Rumble. Maybe he'll be a giant, A-list star.
Royal Rumble is a masterpiece form new album
100 -man Royal Rumble match for an WWE Championship match at June 18, 2017 in St. Louis, Missouri Scottrade Center
WWE: Twist of Fate into an RKO/Jeff Hardy vs Randy Orton at the 2008 Royal Rumble
Pat Patterson. * The inaugural WWF Intercontinental Champion. * The creator of the Royal Rumble match.
You are booked in the big Royal Rumble in the sky, my friend. RIP.
Watching the 2001 Royal Rumble and I realize... I think HHH stole Crash Holly's entrance music.
Byron Saxton provides a summary of Sami Zayn’s spot-filled 47 minutes in the Royal Rumble; Corey Graves has his own snarky ta…
This week's episode is a special one. The guys watch the 2017 Royal Rumble and give their commentary.
2001 - Kane hasn't been in this sort of form since the 2001 Royal Rumble. Harry.
Vince McMahon. Sure he's not classed as a Superstar but he has competed in some matches (Including a Royal Rumble) so it counts.
I think you guys have to officially bring it back after Scott Norton your Royal Rumble.
What match would you rather be in, Royal Rumble or Money in the bank?
please do a Grange Hill vs Byker Grove WWE Royal Rumble with Andi Peters and Andy Crane on commentary
the best butterfly suplex I've seen is Big John Studd on Ted Dibiase at the 1989 Royal Rumble, Dibiase goes flying
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If AJ doesnt win the Elimination Chamber imma be upset. So pointless for Cena to have won at Royal Rumble to then just drop it 2 weeks later
ME: I love the Royal Rumble but I hate paying to line the McMahons' pocket. CHIKARA: Hold my root beer
Homer Simpson watches Roman Reigns number 30 in the Royal Rumble
January 25th 2009.Santino Marella was eliminated by Kane after 1 second, the fastest elimination in Royal Rumble history.…
Johnny Gargano just won the Royal Rumble on my universe mode. It's lit
New '2 out of 3 Falls': reviews the Royal Rumble, Samoa Joe on Raw & more. .
Good Tuesday Morning nephew did you look out wrestling Monday and do you know who won the Royal Rumble?
More like gone faster than Santino Marella in a Royal Rumble.
Mate of mine hates Jack Gallagher 'cos he genuinely believes he stole Kevin Nash's Royal Rumble spot.
D-Wade schooling the Sixers, Paul George throwing it down and an epic moment from Royal Rumble. . Sunday night was action-…
How about Gerry Ford winning the Royal Rumble. Former Michigan football player. He's the third Steiner brother.
WWE Royal Rumble: Plenty for the rest of the year to live up to but main event falls a little flat…
Royal Rumble was off the charts. we have for the second time a 16 time wwe champion in John Cena in what was...
This will be the biggest Royal Rumble upset since Alberto Del Rio Eliminated Santino Marella
Imagine the Royal Rumble was Samoa Joe's debut and he won that'd be awesome
Hi Sam, you can find other Royal Rumble matches available on site here >
I added a video to a playlist Fastest Royal Rumble Match eliminations - WWE Top 10 - wwe all royal
Got my bets on for the Royal Rumble..
Royal rumble is my favorite ppv of the year, and this one seems wide open to who wins it. Please don't let it be Braun Strowman!
Oh yea tonight is the Royal Rumble.
.was a MAN POSSESSED as he dominated upon entering the 2014 Royal Rumble match!
the uppercut train has arrived at the Royal Rumble. ALL ABOARD!
Tonight's the night is upon us, don't forget to listen to our special with
Federer - Nadal classic, a good T20, a man united victory. Tomorrow- time - The Royal Rumble! Sunday doesn't gets better than this !
Diego is beyond excited for the royal rumble tonight 😂
No Rumble will ever be better than the 1992 Royal Rumble right ?
Finished TakeOver, now Aus Open final, then India's match, then Real's match and lastly, Royal Rumble. . Eventfully hecti…
Hey PAX people. I have about 5 Royal Rumble tickets available tonight. Anyone interested or know anyone who might be?
Royal Rumble 2002: Maven pulls off a shocking upset by via
Tonight, in the Royal Rumble, I'm rooting for a Canadian Muslim.
article for Predicting the 30 entrants & ranking the most likely winners |
This has been best Sunday of this year! won! Indiaaa won! And I'm expecting a blast at the royal rumble!
Wrestling is dead but you always have to watch Royal Rumble and Wrestlemania 💥
Since mentioned it, I have some time here, let's watch the 2013 Royal Rumble!
we got a royal rumble party tonight. I'll save ya a seat.
When you wake up and realize the Royal Rumble is tonight
the Royal Rumble couldn't be more necessary today
WWE 2k17 - Joel Embiid enters the Royal Rumble via
I liked a video from WWE Royal Rumble 2017 Predictions!
The Road to WrestleMania begins at the Royal Rumble, This Sun | 7e/4p on WWE Network. Start Your Free Month Today!
Very excited to watch the Royal Rumble tonight. The most stacked rumble ever. No clear winner for once. I like it
Pop Vinyl shopping, drinking coffee, and the Royal Rumble. My body is ready.
Agenda for today: Laundry, adult things, try out Firewatch, adult things, Royal Rumble at friends, adult things, more adult things.
My plan for tonight 1. Leave work at half 11. 2. Play online for a hour or 2. 3. Watch the royal rumble!!
Yeah, I’ll be watching the Royal Rumble tonight… the Undertaker will probably win the 30 man matchup…
Start Royal Rumble 1 clock in Germany. I will now sleep 6 hours and dream of Roman as a winner.
Gotta wake up early later for royal rumble!
Someone needs to get me a stream for the royal rumble tonight.
I'm ready for the Royal Rumble and for Roman to b the new Universal Champ!!
WWE social media accounts got hacked by rogue group ahead of Royal Rumble.
Not going to lie. kind of amped for the Royal Rumble.
With the Royal Rumble filled with popular superstars, we pitched Roman Reigns on some ideas that might help get the fans…
What a sporting day.. finals. Next up.. Royal Rumble
Playing Royal Rumble on SNES at with This game is so bad.
I am very excited for all Royal Rumble related festivities tonight
How crazy would it be if Sasha Banks won the Royal Rumble and the main event of WrestleMania was Sasha vs Bayley?
Tye throwing Eric Young over the top rope there, Royal Rumble debut confirmed!
Barack Obama is $501 to win the Royal Rumble. Get on it?
I have No. 1 in the Royal Rumble pool. Only No. 1s to win are Shawn Michaels and Chris Benoit. There's a joke in there somewhere.
Brock Lesnar, Goldberg and The Undertaker headline but could Dolph Ziggler win the WWE Royal Rumble?…
AJ Styles and John Cena set to steal the WWE Royal Rumble show from Roman Reigns and Kevin Owens
Styles and Cena could steal show from Reigns and Owens at the Royal Rumble
I might be completely wrong. Doesn't sound like Kenny Omega will be in the Royal Rumble 🙁
I hope you call the entire Royal Rumble show! IDC if your partners have to be Mike Adamle or Mark Madden lol
AJ Styles will win this years Royal Rumble. Mark my words!
Friendly reminder that Heath Slater lasted 15 minutes in 2013 Royal Rumble
I want Heath Slater to get a spot in the Royal Rumble
Curious what you and the others consider the second biggest event of the year after WM? Royal Rumble or Summer Slam?
Royal Rumble is gonna be awesome with back on commentary. Don't forget to punch Corey Graves in the mouth King
I can't wait until Roman beats Kevin Owens at the Royal Rumble on Sunday.
Gallows defeated Cesaro, thanks to interference by Anderson. Next, Sami Zayn against Seth Rollins. For a spot in the Royal Rumble.
Read an article where said if (when) he wins the Royal Rumble, he wants to fight in a Last Man Standing @ WM.✊🏻💦
I think Alex Jones just entered himself into the 2017 Royal Rumble
Me when Kevin Owens retains at the Royal Rumble
Calling JBL being surprise entrant in the Royal Rumble due to Jerry Lawler being on commentary
Why not a female Royal Rumble with Mickie James in it!
hey Mickie james what is plans for the Royal Rumble
This will add a whole new layer of interest to the WWE Royal Rumble!
at least Bret Hart won the Royal Rumble
Friday means beer and an old school Royal Rumble!
Could you add more of the Royal Rumble markets available at Paddy Power to Betfair?
I previewed the Royal Rumble match with on his podcast. He's a big Buddy Murphy fan. Bless him.
Is there a collection on of JUST the Royal Rumble match themselves?
[11/01/12] WWF Royal Rumble '94 "When I was 14 I was almost an extra in a movie with Matthew Perry & Neve Campbell."
The best part of being in a dog park is watching new dogs come in through the gate like it's the Royal Rumble
Talk Wrestling: Shawn Michaels' 2017 Royal Rumble role, biggest flop in recent history, more
Watching the Honky Tonk Man spot at the 2001 Royal Rumble always makes me LOL hard
At the Royal Rumble will take on in a Falls Count Anywhere Match!
January brings Wrestle Kingdom and the Royal Rumble. I bet you're all as excited as I am. No?
Props to Big Bossman showing up at the 2010 Royal Rumble.
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Cactus Jack-HHH HIAC at No Way Out and then the match at Royal Rumble>>>>> The 2000 Royal Rumble event is one of my favorites.
Watching first Royal Rumble and Jesse Ventura busts out that Tito Sanatana sold him some rotten enchiladas.
Brock Lesnar is suspended from UFC for drug use but WWE got him advertised for the Royal Rumble in January? LMAO
The 1999 Royal Rumble is the god-tier of Rumbles. 1992 is the worst. Jk love you no muterino
Saying that, the Royal Rumble has some ridiculous potential. They owe this to the fans, the past 4-5 Rumbles have been pathetic
Still over a month away but Royal Rumble fever has hit me hard, re watching classic rumbles to get me in the mood
in the WON this week you mentioned Scott Norton for the Royal Rumble... did you mean the Wrestle Kingdom Rumble?
It would be awesome if you were to sin the 1992 Royal Rumble, one of the greatest Royal Rumbles in of all time.
San Antonio! "The King of the Mountain" Jeff Jarrett returns to on Friday, January 27 for Royal Rumble...
being there live for a Royal Rumble live is one of, if not the most fun you can have at a wrestling event, even the bad rumbles are fun
Scott Hall has never competed in the Royal Rumble match, but Razor Ramon has.
8. Rick Martel is my pick for Most Underrated. He was so good, and remains an all-time top 5 Royal Rumble performer. HoF…
.is running the Freeman Coliseum in San Antonio on January 28, 2017. It's the night before the Royal Rumble. h…
The fight of the century would be a Royal Rumble between Mr. T., Lenny Dykstra, Mickey Rourke and the Iron Sheik.
Ok you're Bruno Sammartino in the Royal Rumble event! -JS
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Goldberg Destroyed Brock Lesner in 1:37.Does anyone Actually Stand a Chance at the Royal Rumble, I think Not..
I wonder if ever forgave Hacksaw Jim Duggan for eliminating him from the 1992 Royal Rumble.
I'm hearing rumors or another pair of tickets in luxury suite w/ me at Royal Rumble courtesy of if you win
shall we just decide all this with a Royal Rumble?
I really like Royal Rumble in album ^^. Yong hwa so awesome, He was surprised me, every time he made a song
when I get to thinking about those Royal Rumble tickets!!!…
2016 is the 5th PPV held in Sacramento, and the first since 2009. The 1st PPV in Sacramento was Royal Rumble…
The royal rumble is in San Antonio so they'll be wheeling out Shawn Michaels for that I imagine
Yonghwa u wrote lyrics composed new songs are Glory days face to face royal rumble but isn't blessed😅
2times royal rumble 3 times dlammy award I could go on and on he has many talents rapper actor
Woa. YH compose Royal Rumble 😄😁 i think my predict is true kkk but i wrong Slave is JH compose 😄😄😄
Roman Reigns united states champion and universal champion in Wrestlemania or Royal Rumble or next Survivor Series
Royal Rumble in January. There is a chance of The Hardy Boyz returning hm
Word is my boy Jeff Hardy is entering in the Royal Rumble 😈🤘
Watching the 2001 Royal Rumble... Bring back the hardcore championship it will bring back everyone
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will be back at the 2017 Royal Rumble ... In absolute BEAST MODE
hey Stephanie McMahon I like Royal Rumble when Triple H become 14 x champion knocked out f…
People making decathlon-type comparisons don't get it. Phelps = most decorated Olympian ever. This isn't the Royal Rumble.
it was less Hulkmania and more Wheelmania. We're challenging him to a right old Royal Rumble.
& yes I will host a monthly Royal Rumble match to choke slam all my friends off the edge.
Predicting to debut in The 2017 Royal Rumble. Wait for it, at Number 10!
what section is it under? I'm watching Royal Rumble 1993 just now?
Turkey’s parliament looking like Royal Rumble 😂.
WWF Royal Rumble for let's play/review is up! Still holds up to the test of time.
when you used to bring your Rey Mysterio mask to school and play royal rumble at recess LMAO
I think the last time he really put the effort in was that Royal Rumble triple threat between him Rollins and Cena.
Is the Road to Wrestlemania already being planned?
are you going to the royal rumble? because I'd love to try to meet you :)
If the Hive Fest ever works out, it mostly be a royal rumble. Just saying.
I wanna have a legit royal rumble with the homies so they can all catch the stone cold stunner
Rocket League Rumble is battle royal style combat complete with random power-ups. Coming Sept! Check it out:
Makes sense given what happened at Royal Rumble 2013.
did wwe say anything about the Royal rumble coming to LA in January
did wwe raw say anything about the Royal rumble staying in LA?
can US based fans face off in a 30 person royal rumble to determine the winner of the anniversary kit?
better or worse than the West side story Royal Rumble commercial?
For a second that commercial transported me back to the 2006 Royal Rumble.whoa that was not a good one.
*** man, no royal rumble announcement still. There will be an event in Ontario on October 2nd tho
"Only 2 men have entered the Royal Rumble at the spot and won and one was Shawn Michaels."
Yeah but before he won the Royal Rumble. Once he won that, they really turned. Imo, he's not a good promo. Tonight he did okay.
Cesaro Benoit-esque royal rumble win needed, i.e against all odds after being put down and held back so many times.
16. Chyna. - First woman to enter the Royal Rumble & gain the Intercontinental title. - Queen of Bad *** 👑. - RIP 👼🏻 https:/…
2 guys started in the ring, now we got a bunch of superstars cutting off eachother in promos, is this the before the Royal Rumble?
oooh, I might. But might just wait for Royal Rumble at Staples.
Remember in the 2005 Royal Rumble, with the Batista/Cena botch, and then Vince McMahon tore his quads trying to get into the ring? LOL
I predict him in WWE Royal Rumble 2017 if not yet.
I predict he will be in WWE Royal rumble 2017 if not yet
. 's testies to make Royal Rumble return...
A buddy of mine bought the WWE video game and set up a royal rumble of a random characters. Obama, Trump, Waluigi, DrDoom and a cheeseburger
Royal Rumble 1992. Just for the rumble match. Flair's performance and Heenan's commentary was gold.
Kevin Owens time is most definitely coming. Only question is when? Survivor Series? Royal Rumble winner?
lana is channeling the spirit of the royal rumble 2015 crowd towards roman "I HATE YOU"
Reigns came a LONG way from the Royal Rumble last year
Roman Saved the day for the very first time in his career besides the 2014 royal rumble "It Doesn't Count" 😂😂
So a report says Brock to challenge for the wwe universal title at the royal rumble. I say he wins and loses to Owens at wm.
Rumor: Brock Lesnar to challenge for the Wwe " universal" title at the royal rumble.
The two men have been named as Peter Rumble and Dennis Robinson, both former Royal Navy officers:
A WWE style royal rumble should be added as an event to the Olympics with steroids and all PEDs allowed
Watching NXT makes me wonder why AJ Styles got to debut at Royal Rumble but Samoa Joe, Austin Aries and Bobby Roode all gotta go through NXT
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At 33, I've just got a answer in the final category. Hacksaw Jim Duggan - Royal Rumble winner
like how Curtis Axel still hasn't been eliminated from the 2015 Royal Rumble match
An unorthodox finishing move during the Royal Rumble at the Battle of Tewkesbury.
He was signed to a WWE development contract in 2000 & nearly made his debut at 2001 Royal Rumble then got released.
Here's the time-stamped link to Kenny Omega vs Justin Wong in the SFV Royal Rumble. Alex vs Karin.
im looking at the 2000 Royal Rumble and you did win. lmaooo got away with murder. But oh well. lol. Yay Rocky
Here's my personal ranking. 1. 99. 2. 98. 3. 01. 4. 2000. the 2000 Royal Rumble is actually hideous lol
YES! Forgot about Virtual Pro Wrestling. Also liked Wrestlemania 2000 with the Royal Rumble option
Sheamus & Edge are the only superstars to have won MITB, King of the Ring & Royal Rumble.
Feeling the ocean breeze, sipping a drink and watching the 2000 Royal Rumble. My man 's music just hit. Good times.
Getting back into wrestling thanks to your pod. Love the Royal Rumble. What are good ones to watch since 2000?
Watching the '99 Royal Rumble and Dan Severn ran out and attacked Steve Blackman. Thought of you. ^_^
To solve this hooligan issue at each country should just send their top boy and they have a Royal Rumble style free for all.
People forget that Roman was over say about 2 years ago. I remember people wanted him to win the 2014 Royal Rumble
I liked a video from WWE2K16 Universe Mode - SNME Episode 49: SNME Royal Rumble
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also what delusional crowd? It's not AJ's fault the crowd can't let 2014 Royal Rumble go
the same fans that wanted Roman to win 2014's Royal Rumble and become Champion. It happened, he's shoved down our throats.🙄😒
Let's be honest, the hasn't meant much since they let an actor win the belt the 2013 Royal Rumble.
2014 Royal Rumble when people actually wanted him to win
Current eps of are on Wrestlemania, Road Block, & Royal Rumble. Jericho gets dismissed at some point as Fake Bon Jovi
Day of Cardio: Today I re-watched the 2013 Royal Rumble match (1-29). I know... I didn't get to 30. 30 just came out as I'm typing this.
oh definitely, I've been to many events before like last year's Royal Rumble and Extreme Rules 2014, and others.
have confirmed that was actually the undercard to the main event of Royal Rumble
587. Should Roman had won the 2014 Royal Rumble instead of 2015
WWE Fact! Kane has participated in 19 Royal Rumble's and 5 Elimination Chamber matches, winning none. https…
I liked a video An extended look at the 2014 Royal Rumble commercial win the 2014 Royal Rumble. Batista won. Not a fan choice. Fans wanted Daniel in 2015..they got Roman. It's fan frustration
It used to be Royal Rumble until 2013. Now it's NXT Takeovers lol
WWE keep tease us for Bray Wyatt vs Triple H back then but i want to see it that match in the future like Survivor Series or Royal Rumble o
a 5 vs 5 Survivor Series Style match between Liberals and conservatives in office + a Royal Rumble to determine who's pardoned
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Kama hasn’t been up to much since his feud with The Undertaker. He actually fought in the 93 Royal Rumble as Papa Shango.
why is Byron Saxton calling both RAW and SmackDown, in addition to also calling PPVs beginning with this year's Royal Rumble?
This are best moment of the Royal Rumble 2015 Brock Lesnar vs John Cena vs Seth Rollins for the WWE Title, Like!
First woman to enter Royal Rumble, King of the Ring and win Will never be another Chyna.
Dawn Marie and Torrie Wilson competed in the first and only Stepmother vs Stepdaughter match, at 2003 Royal Rumble. http…
5 seconds: Ya' know that Santino Marella lasted, in Royal Rumble, slightly longer than that, at nine seconds or so?
WrestleMania, Summer Slam, Survivor Series and Royal Rumble would be your four major PPVs.. Followed by NOC, Unforgiven, No Way Out
Malibu Rum: like licking the mat after a Royal Rumble.
The Andre Battle Royal bothers me less at 20 men. I thought having a 30 man jobber fest after the Royal Rumble is a thunder stealer.
Dressed as Prince Devitt for a Royal Rumble party a few weeks back. How'd I do
All 3 of my dogs just broke they chain n had a royal rumble😂
That wasn't an 18th last night that was a royal rumble
Imagine if Rooney starts and scores the winner. Would be like Edge winning the 2010 Royal Rumble when no one was even expecting him to be in
I find it hard to imagine Hero/Ohno getting booed out of the Royal Rumble.
So it was Royal Rumble in XO last night huh?! Smh
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Big throwing stewards about like the Big Show in a Royal Rumble. 👏💪🍀
Does Fire Pro offers Royal Rumble-type matches? if so then maybe u can pls do one there? Winner gets a title shot maybe?
The royal rumble had ended. Who will be the next PH President
cant wait to hear that Philly crowd boo you like royal rumble 2015 again
Trump rally's turning into the Royal Rumble
So presidential debate looking like a royal rumble match 😂
It's now turning out to be a Royal Rumble fest!! ilabas nyo na ang mga referee!!
This is turning out to be WWE Royal Rumble. You just don't know who will side with who.
On this day in 1994 Brett Hart and Lex Luger both won the Royal Rumble!
That set was fire. Super God Black ft , Even the royal rumble ft and Mbe Mbe M…
Actually I'm behind on more than just W-1. The newest non-RAW wrestling I've seen was Royal Rumble.
Royal Rumble is my favorite bedroom activity.
this debate is turning into a Royal Rumble...sino si John Cena, Undertaker, Big Show and Rey Mysterio?
parang royal rumble! whot! — watching Philippines Presidential Debate
Last night it was royal rumble everywhere we went 😂😂
Dom Brown just eliminated himself from the Royal Rumble.
I'd be all in for WWE U-Turn where they go back to the Royal Rumble and take the street that ends in Dean's title.
Too bad you weren't a Steeler when they had the Royal Rumble in Pittsburgh. . You could have entered! .
Im still bummed that they never made win a Royal Rumble or Money in the Bank.
When they show the history of Royal Rumble in numbers advert every year and that woman's narrating like and now no more, it's Byron 😂.
Sami Zayn is here!!! I had the honor and privilege of seeing him at the Royal Rumble, and here again tonight!
I liked a video Brock Lesnar wins the Royal Rumble
What are the odds of Walker coming back in April, like the Royal Rumble competitor that leaves the match for a while and comes back?
Dean, driving the ambulance like Austin, at Royal Rumble 98'. He's been channeling Austin, a lot lately.
the fact will NEVER win a Royal Rumble match! yes! yes! yes!
Getting all nostalgic for the days when I first started watching wrestling with one of my fave PPV's of all time Royal Rumble 2009. 👌
Can we replace the election with a Royal Rumble? Embrace the chaos and the farce.
might be a dumb question but why did a face hogan cheat to eliminate a heel sid in the 1992 Royal Rumble
Only the royal rumble and wrestlemania
can't wait till you return still waiting thought you were going to Return At Royal Rumble
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I feel like with all these guys tryna fight conor, they should just have a royal rumble for the belt.
Me My brother & cousins would have a royal rumble match on no mercy when they came over it was so LIT !
Well Reigns has been booed since Royal Rumble 2015 but you would think WWE would listen to the fan by now.
Royal rumble: Staff at London’s Kensington Palace may go on strike over pay cut: Staff members at Kensington ...
lasted 20 minutes in the 1998 Royal Rumble match before being eliminated by
a reminder, if you subscribed to wwe network for Royal Rumble, it's your last day to unsub before getting charged. there's no ppv this month
They didn't go with the Lesnar-Wyatt program. Why?: They obviously set it up at the Royal Rumble. Instead we g...
Worst Religious Gimmicks & Royal Rumble 2016 So many white people screamed lol
debut at Royal Rumble 2000, ending undefeated streak
"Do u ever think about all your exes having a mud wrestling royal rumble to the death? & then curving the winner?" No lol
I guess it's gonna be a royal rumble
I think you got a bigger face pop from beating up Roman on Monday than your 2002 Royal Rumble return!
Read my article about last month's Royal Rumble Pay Per View, you won't be dissapointing.
Am i surprised or disappointed the Las Vegas Caucus Cam on CNN doesn't look like a WWE Royal Rumble?
Battle Royales are cool, I want to know the Royal Rumble line up and see who HEAVY WEIGHT CHAMP OF THE WORLD is.
Y'all might as well up meet up an have a royal rumble
I liked a video Eddie Guerrero steals Ric Flair's number in the 2005 Royal Rumble Match: Royal Rumble
I liked a video Mysterio and Big Show pick their numbers at the 2006 Royal Rumble
I liked a video from Kofi Kingston Amazing Royal Rumble Save
this video sounds like it's about to be a wwe Royal Rumble!
Royal Rumble with no air conditioner
entered the 1998 Royal Rumble at but was eliminated by eventual winner "Stone Cold" Steve Austin h…
Looking like a Royal Rumble with chairs and ladders
porque a Royal Rumble Match do wwe 2k16 ta no nivel impossivel de ganhar?
what Packers qb would win in a royal rumble style fight?
if you look back at your pre royal rumble video you'll see that i said that shane McMahon would be back lol
Do u remember Royal Rumble 2 with Demolition, Ax & Smash just beating on each other as & 2 entrants for first 3 minutes almost
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