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Royal Rumble

The Royal Rumble is a professional wrestling pay-per-view event, produced every January by professional wrestling promotion WWE.

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Lets see here... - WWE Network is in trouble and is not making as much money as hoped. - The new game is having issue after issue it sounds like - Bo Dallas is injured for six to eight weeks - The Network was suppose to debut today in the UK but was delayed until further notice minutes before it went live - Nikki Bella is number one contender to the Diva's Championship - Wayne Static passed away over the weekend - Roman Reigns will win the Royal Rumble.
The Wells Fargo Center in Philadelphia, the site of the 2015 WWE Royal Rumble, released new advertising (cont)
Won the Royal Rumble, last eliminating Luke Harper. I'm a badass. 😎
Royal Club bans Rumble, Alistar, & Zilean -- Samsung White does away with Lee Sin, Lucian, and Rengar. Advantage whom?
Royal Club and Samsung White bans for game one . Royal Club (blue) Alistar, Zilean, Rumble. Samsung White: Rengar, …
This is the final stop before the Royal Rumble as Smackdown runs through Fort Wayne, Indiana! Who will gain momentum heading into the CPV?! The Hall of Pain ...
John Felix Anthony Cena is one of 4 men to win a Royal Rumble more than once.
Alexei Lalas and Taylor Twellman run into the ring, Royal Rumble style.
Ryback, Bad News Barrett, and Roman Reigns are guys that might return during the Royal Rumble.
Can we not arrange for the to get everyone involved in the together in a squared circle and have a Royal Rumble to settle it!
Around this time returned to take on cm punk at Royal Rumble 2013_could mean a clash with at 31?
As some of you may know, Roman Reigns has been off of WWE television for a few weeks. At Night of Champions, Roman was scheduled to take on Seth Rollins but injury Roman from competing and he may be out even after next years Royal Rumble. Despite this, WWE's resident lunatic Dean Ambrose made his return after six weeks from Seth Rollins curb stomping Ambrose on to cinder blocks. Roman was poised to be WWE's number two (behind John Cena), it looks like plans will have to change for the time being. Enter Dean Ambrose. If you listen to crowd reaction it's easy to hear that Ambrose has been the most popular member of the former Shield. Roman was the breakout star following his performance at this years Royal Rumble but it looks Dean Ambrose should be a solid plan B as of right now.
Something came to mind. What if at the end of December Dean Ambrose comes out to the ring. He says how he tried his hardest to take down The Authority, but he just kept getting beat down week after week. So he says "As the old saying goes, if you cant beat them, join them". The Authority comes out all happy. During the weeks leading up to the Royal Rumble John Cena is constantly getting destroyed, he is just left laying by Seth Rollins, Dean Ambrose, Kane, & Randy Orton. Then at the Royal Rumble its just The Authority, & John Cena left in the ring(with only 2 guys left to enter). The Authority are just having fun kicking his *** .. 5,4,3,2,1 *beep* here comes Roman Reigns. Roman & John get some offense in, but the odds are against them again as they get beat down. 5,4,3,2,1 *beep* and here comes Daniel Bryan... They fight back and forth until its down to Dean Ambrose & Roman Reigns. Roman chucks Dean out to win the match
WWE Royal Rumble 2013 The Rock Vs Cm Punk: this how book match feud promo
The Rydercup is mega cheesy! Looks like a rubbish WWE Royal Rumble but with a stick and a ball!
Daily News - As we reported yesterday, Brock Lesnar vs John Cena is not currently planned for *** in a Cell, and according to The Wrestling Observer as of now Brock Lesnar is not scheduled to be at the PPV in any capacity. - WWE has recently sent feelers out to contracted Ring of Honor talent Adam Cole - F4WOnline is reporting a movie about Indian wrestler Gama Pelhalwan is being produced, and they are looking for WWE wrestlers to be involved. A story in India claims John Cena, Triple H, and former WWE / current TNA star Kurt Angle have been approached to be in the movie, but the story is still unconfirmed. - According to The Wrestling Observer, WWE had been planning to spend the next few months building Roman Reigns up with the idea that he would win the Royal Rumble and go on to challenge for the WWE World Heavyweight Title at WrestleMania 31. He will be out of action for a few months but even in a worst case scenario, Reigns should be back in time for the Rumble and plans may not be changed that much. ...
Lol with Mapua and Emilio Aguinaldo -___- college basketball ba ? Boxing ? Royal Rumble?
Watching the Royal Rumble episode of WWE Countdown. I get overwhelmingly emotional whenever they talk about Eddie. *sniff* I'm fine...
I'm getting teary eyed watching Rey dedicate his Royal Rumble Match to Eddie!! 😢
We have to keep Adam Rose around long enough to be at the Royal Rumble. Have him almost get eliminated but then his rosebud's catch him.
Why hasn't David Arquette been a Royal Rumble participant. Fingers crossed for 2015.
Howard Finkel is hyping the Jan 94 MSG show - it will feature a 30-man Royal Rumble
Royal Rumble kids edition to the tune of wiggle2x @ AFP Village Brgy. Silangan San Mateo, Rizal
Can you name Roman Reigns' eliminations in the 2014 Royal Rumble? - I got 100%
is Bray Wyatt best match since Royal Rumble with Daniel Bryan.
Thirty stars compete in the Royal Rumble Match for the vacant WWE Championship! Featuring The Undertaker, Hulk Hogan, Ric Flair and more.
Every time we play passage a royal rumble breaks out
According to The Wrestling Observer Newsletter the WWE has reportedly changed Brock Lesnar's contractual deal now he is the WWE World Heavyweight Champion. His previous deal would ensure all his storylines and dates were booked well in advance around his personal schedule. Now he is the Champion, the WWE will apparently be able to book him for WWE Monday Night Raw and Pay Per View events as and when they need him. This means that the WWE could potentially make Lesnar work every Pay Per View until WrestleMania 31, if they wanted or just big events such as the Survivor Series PPV and the Royal Rumble PPV, either way the deal will prove significantly beneficial for the WWE going forward. - Hulkamaniac4life.
Who made the most effective power play on SmackDown before Royal Rumble? via
NCW Special Event: End of the Line & Royal Rumble will be streamed live in 15 minutes.
Wow .. I'm watching Royal Rumble all day .. I watched from 2014 to 2006 and continue. It's nice to remember the good games. ✌👊💜
just slipped in a quick Royal Rumble 90 myself!!
My Prediction for the 2015 Royal Rumble Final 4: Cena, Orton, Bryan and Reigns. BNB/Ziggler should be in the Top 6
Lol first time I went to bay days , it was basically royal rumble . Me & almost got stampeded
Watching the PAX Royal Rumble again. Dr Tracksuit and Run GFB for the win!
The Overboard Angels have hit the Royal Swazi Rumble! If you don't catch them here, catch them on the cruise!
Hey, can I get your losing picks for the 2015 Royal Rumble? Thanks!
Watching the 2007 Royal Rumble... This is a great PPV :)
Domino's while watching the 2007 Royal Rumble... I love it!! :)
This is embarrassing, its like wrestling and you joined the Royal Rumble and just dove over the top rope.
I'm not exactly breaking news here, but v Benoit for the IC belt at the Royal Rumble '01 was outstanding!
can you get more large Bash at the Beach and Royal Rumble shirts for your website please. Thanks
“Winnie the Pooh gathering in Poland. would thoroughly enjoy a royal rumble.
Heading to to check out x royal rumble --- sponsored by 🇺🇸🍻
WWF / WWE: Royal Rumble 1995 - The British Bulldog thought he'd won the Royal Rumble, but hadn't
I liked a video from John Cena vs. Umaga Highlights - HD Royal Rumble 2007
Is there a reason why we slip, stutter & stumble? Or why we all hope we'll win the royal rumble of life & end all strife as we see fit?
Also don’t forget the new Conquistabores, everyone’s favourite podcast about old wrestling PPVs!
Balotelli is rumoured to have turned the behind closed doors friendly into a royal rumble? Any truth in this?
What was the most exciting Royal Rumble--from start to finish, of all time?
By "A not so clear but cute message from our li'l royal rumble kid... Theijohn. 😂❤…
And in our HUGE main event, 30 SmackDown stars will face off in a Royal Rumble to earn a WWE Title shot at Night of Champions.
Everybody come to charles lane for the Royal Rumble 😂😂😂
Royal Rumble is defo my favourite show of the year
"our adorable female gamers go head-to-head in the Fields of Justice" this was in the league feature on rumble royal im laughing so hard
Kurt Angle vs Chris Beniot Royal Rumble 2003.Haven't seen the match in years but i remember at the time really enjoying it.
Got 39/53 playing the Most Royal Rumble Match Appearances quiz. Can you top that?
The Royce’s Choices for Poorly Played Stream 101 & PAX Prime 2014 Royal Rumble are up!
Up until 2 watching the Giant Bomb PAX panel and the Pax Royal Rumble because I make bad sleep choices.
When do Royal Rumble tickets go on sale. Flying in from London so would like to book asap
Your victory from this past PAX Royal Rumble
Website Builder 728x90
Your Main Event match with from this past PAX Royal Rumble
You eliminating from this past PAX Royal Rumble
.You eliminating from this past PAX Royal Rumble
So happy for the sis that she passed her TP! But now, it will be a royal rumble battle among the family for the use of the car. 😩
- Manchester taxi company royal rumble on street in broad daylight
It was WWE legend Pat Patterson who created the Royal Rumble.
I wish we could do a royal rumble vs ISIS no weapons just fists
Why did I miss the royal rumble last night :( about time someone actually kicked off.
I still propose the idea of ditching MMP for an all out Royal Rumble (like a Royal Commission but less paperwork)
Royal Rumble continues in NFF as we now have two president in the glass house of trouble Chris Giwa and Aminu Maigari..Fifa ban is imminent.
Daniel Bryan and CM Punk return at the Royal Rumble 2015 classic scene that would be
Imagine if won the Royal Rumble 2015 that be an amazing moment for WWE
Nothing was funnier than that day everybody was going at it nh it was like a Royal Rumble
whatever happened to Kevin Nash? We haven't seen him since Royal Rumble. Everyone sayed that he was going to be on the roster.
Showed the Royal Rumble where Mae Young got her *** out and then never again
Joseline thought she was at the royal rumble.
Can we have the SunYoonYulHyoSoo reality show named The Royal Rumble
Dam Joseline look like she was at the wwe royal rumble attacking everybody in view
*** these *** decided to have a full out WWE royal rumble
Joseline was acting like she was the first man in the Royal Rumble.
Yeah I think that takes him out until the Royal Rumble at least if that
Whilst Dean is filming, the Seth/Dean rivalry will get so much stronger. I sense a Royal Rumble Match, maybe even Mania...
the best royal rumble of all time, Vince also collected the 10,000 bounty by eliminating Austin
I really don't like the emphasis placed on the fact that you get Royal Rumble on the I'll cancel if the PPV's aren't included
Royal Rumble actually, Petr is the winner.
"All the PPVs for the rest of the year and if you sign up now, you get the Royal Rumble!" Then what? No more PPVs?
why did JBL say if you sign up now you'll get the first pay per view next year, royal rumble. Am I taking this out of context?
I really hope all you fanatics are paying attention to what WWE has been saying, "all ppvs through Royal Rumble".back to ppv
Are u still going to show live ppvs after the Royal Rumble?
WWE tricky on that wording about the network. Ppv's up through royal rumble '15. As much as I love it, I'm canceling if they drop ppv
Are they taking off ppv from after royal rumble next year? Seems so...
At the 1999 Royal Rumble here in outlasted 29 other entrants to become Rumble royalty:
Ehm guys... Zack Ryder just won the Royal Rumble on WWE 2k14.
Rick Rude looked like perfection at the 1990 Royal Rumble . . .
Ny movin like dis is WWE Royal Rumble
I won royal rumble against rob van dam how about you
Wow! I just won this for free, 2002 Fleer WWE Royal Rumble (2) Card Lot Kane & Legend Ric Flai
Oh by the way im playing torch "ROYAL RUMBLE 2014" Sep. 12th. Ready to bring the Ruckus!
I liked a video from Royal Rumble 2014 1/26/2014 Batista wins the Royal Rumble Cartoon Parody
I liked a video from WWE Royal Rumble 2014 - Superstar Threads! (WWE 2K14)
Kane sets the undertakers casket on fire at the 1998 royal rumble
Chris Benoit should return at the royal rumble.
Very rare. My roommates and I are about to be playing royal rumble mode
Royal Rumble 2000 is a suggestion I'm giving you that you didn't ask for.
“Just got in my country, so far its awesome, any suggestions what to see first?” Royal Rumble 92
I want Cody Rhodes and Stardust to both take part in next year's Royal Rumble. I want that so *** much.
yeah they are predicting Royal Rumble for his return, I'm hoping that they keep it quiet and him out of Brie's storylines
Also if Royal Rumble IV can't happen I'm burning the place down and brining my respect wall with me
My stomach doesn't like milk though, causes a royal rumble immediately after consumption like
No I haven't. I watched a few but I really wanted to go to the 2014 Royal Rumble!
One day we should set up a royal rumble bro that would be crazy lol
Welcome everyone to the nmhs divas WWE ROYAL RUMBLE 👀👀
or at the royal rumble,the last man standing match they had!:O
Has the MITB ever been cashed in at Royal Rumble?
Currently watching a Skype call of a Royal Rumble N64 simulation to determine fantasy draft positioning.
that's what I like to hear gear up it's Finna be a royal rumble
Come join us for the Royal Oak Rumble with rising start Keely Ferguson singing the national Athem!
Is the Royal Rumble/battle royal gameplay going to have anything new or different?
I want bryan to comeback I miss him I heard that he will return at royal rumble 2015 and might lose
Remember guys, Royal Rumble 2002 is the greatest ppv in history.
Ladies if niggaz had a Royal Rumble Match wit u b humble
I already broke santinos royal rumble record, what can possibly be worse than that!?!
Can't stand cats yeno aba 7 of them havin a royal rumble in me back garden keeping me awake
Just remembered, owes me a drink still from the Royal Rumble
Royal Rumble was amazing and I really enjoyed it, great job. Next year you can make it like a Gold Rush Tournament so...
So I'm watching something called the FaM Royal's pretty nice.
If ever wins a Royal Rumble Match to go to wrestemania. I'm throwing a yes party celebration!
I wish the Dallas Cowboys would join the WWE. At least they'd have a shot at winning the Royal Rumble.
will you have the wwe royal rumble and WM 31 on your ppv's list I know bc of the wwe network there will not be 2 many you have
40 man royal rumble on earlier and bro ( ) and I ( ) were saying how…
I liked a video Duke and Diva Royal Rumble bracket 1 game 1
I added a video to a playlist CM Punk Talks WWE, MMA, Brock Lesnar, Royal Rumble and More
Finished the 04 Royal Rumble... Now time to watch Extreme Rules 2012... This has to be THE best Extreme Rules PPV :)
Alberto Del Rio - a Royal Rumble winner, 4 time world champion, and MITB winner - got fired because he slapped this guy... …
WWE Then Now Forever Tournament. There are 4 Brackets (Wrestlemania, SummerSlam, Royal Rumble, and Survivor Series), each bracket will have 16 superstars, and 4 wildcards. The Winner or the Wild Card Tournaments will be the 16 seed in Each Bracket. A few things first, The Superstars had to make major impact in WWE, that is why, there is no Dusty Rhodes, and Goldberg is a 13 seed, because he was there for 1 year and won 1 title, also Chris Benoit will never be in Post of mine. Finally the Wild Card is up and coming superstars. Therefore he is not in this tournament. Here are the brackets, and Voting will open soon! Wrestlemania: Wild Card: (WC1) Roman Reighns vs (WC4) Adam Rose (WC2) Dolph Zigler vs (WC3) Kenta Bracket: (1) Hulk Hogan vs (16) Wild Card (2) Bob Backlund vs (15) Daniel Bryan (3) CM Punk vs (14) The Godfather (4) Triple H vs (13) Goldberg (5) Brock Lesnar vs (12) Mr. Perfect (6) Kane vs (11) Booker T (7) Chris Jericho vs (10) Randy Orton (8) Owen Hart vs (9) *** Foley SummerSlam: Wild Card: . ...
While watching the 1991 Royal Rumble my 6 yr old asks me of The Warlord is Stone Cold, Goldberg, or Brock Lesnar
All my followers are invited to a 259 people royal rumble on the 25th of august
I liked a video Bryan and Vinny review Royal Rumble 2008
Vero & I got WWE network so we've been watching the royal rumble and it's very exciting
All You WWF Fanboy's are all excited about the Royal Rumble coming up and how Vince is in it. What You should be excited about is Souled Out! It's this Sunday and it will be the greatest night in the history of Our sport little dudes!
Who am I/ this discludes Royal Rumble and special wins just championship wins and the bonus hint I won The WWE Championship I won the US Championship I won The World Tag Titles I won the WWE Tag Titles I won the WWE IC Title I won the WWE World Championship I have been in movie
I hope the final three superstars left in the 2015 Royal Rumble are Reigns, Rollins & Ambrose.
Friendly Reminder: Daniel Bryan is expected to return at next year's Royal Rumble.
Swagger & Rusev going at it during the 2014 royal rumble back in January. And now they're feuding lol
Royal Rumble 1994 was pretty good, eh?
I'll watch Summerslam, Royal Rumble and Wrestlemania. But Raw is a bit hit and miss for me.
CM Punks last match was the Royal Rumble CM Punk = 6 letters Rumble = 6 letters Royal =5 letters First PPV in 2015 is Royal Rumble CM Punk return confirmed!
It's here people... sorry for the delay... Royal Rumble is now available for download and streaming!
Doesn't get better than a nice Royal Rumble Match between the females of EP and mtg
I hope it's Royal Rumble 98. One of my favorite PPVs, was always hoping you guys would do it someday.
All purpose parts banner
I think the royal rumble is in Philly, how could I not go! I want front row seats so its gonna be expensive, to say the least...
I don't care if I have to get 10 jobs. I AM GOING TO THE ROYAL RUMBLE! N imma rock a shirt.
I was Live at the 03 Royal Rumble. Lesnar vs Big Show was a blast. Angle vs Benoit is why I bought a ticket.
you do great work! Mine freezes. Can you plz just tell me how 10 ends? Cena match and Royal Rumble winner??
that balcony in the hall, moving like a Royal Rumble
*WWE commentator voice*. Well folks, It's gotten real now. Lance Winston has walked into the ring. This is a royal rumble
A look back at one of the worst WHC title matches in recent history
Part of me is hoping that they debate properly and answer our questions but the other part of me just wants to see a big royal rumble
it seems that has been eliminated from the Royal Rumble
If Roman Reigns wins the Royal Rumble eliminating Daniel Bryan at last, the boo is going to be even bigger than this year's.
I discuss why the critics of Steiner vs. HHH have been wrong for years
You gotta look like you ready to be in the Royal Rumble when you got the belt on
Watching the 1992 Royal Rumble. Flair in at number three and wins it. Flair is the man.
WWE Royal Rumble 1992 - OSW Review via You can never stop the OSW train.
THATS IT. Royal rumble. I'm coming out 30th
Best moment of the FaM royal rumble was pipe bomb.
Get T Gunna and Mike Warrior on the show, could be Royal Rumble proportions. lol!
I feel like I just went through the royal rumble of UFC and finished as the runner up
I'm gonna win the rumble royal today!
Omo 'Lomo and Royal Rumble dropping in 3hours
WWE news: Daniel Bryan penciled in to return to action at Royal Rumble 2015
Daniel Bryan is out till at least the Royal Rumble. Needs surgery on his elbow to help with the nerve damage he has.
Having to use the bathroom. But knowing you enter in this Royal Rumble and there are 10 more people before you.
then use ur voice/connections! Have agree to win next Royal Rumble!. Wht a pop he'd get!
im so done with that exo-l site so i decided to just watch wwe royal rumble 2014 . I MISSED IT UGGH John Cena BABES
WWE News: - After he has another surgery soon, it's possible Daniel Bryan can make his return at the 2015 Royal Rumble. It's worth noting that creative didn't find out about Bryan needing another surgery until the press conference he did about the burglar incident at his home. - WWE is still planning on something big for Cesaro & Paul Heyman, possibly the rumored Cesaro vs. Lesnar match. It was said this week that the "amicable split" between Cesaro & Heyman is part of a slow build to something bigger. - Regarding this past Monday’s RAW, Vince McMahon reportedly did a lot of “tinkering” w/ the script before they went live. A source said many of the programs on RAW had their direction altered this past weekend. Vince wanted to shift the focus of Brie Bella vs. Stephanie McMahon to solely on them & not a rift between The Authority, Stephanie, & HHH. - Roman Reigns was banged up after taking the first RKO from Randy Orton when the table didn’t break on Monday’s RAW. Reigns was not seriously injure ...
Would you want Wade Barrett to win a Royal Rumble Match and headline ... — I doubt he will, but I'd love if he did.
Probably in order:Royal Rumble, Wrestlemania, Money in the Bank, & TLC.
Report: Daniel Bryan Reveals he needs another Surgery, will most likely be out until 2015 just in time for Royal Rumble.
Have you got a match of the year candidate yet? I have a few, here they are: The Shield vs The Wyatt Family Elimination Chamber 2014 John Cena vs Bray Wyatt WM 30, Extreme Rules and Payback 2014 The Shield vs Evolution Extreme Rules 2014 Batista vs Daniel Bryan vs Randy Orton WM 30 Finally, Royal Rumble 2014 Now put these in order 1-6 and tell me your match of the year candidates so far, hey, Chris Jericho vs Bray Wyatt might make it as well once Battleground is over
Can't believe and Hacksaw Jim Duggan, winner of the first ever Royal Rumble, are coming to !!! I'm so there.
2011 Royal Rumble watch when Booker T comes out cause Matt Striker literally *** in his pants as soon as his music hits.
Fun fact about me: I watched the 1993 Royal Rumble on the Network last night. Best part? The debut of Giant González.
“Argentina and Costa Rica are my picks for today!”. If Costa Rica win I'm putting money on Zack Ryder to win the 2015 Royal Rumble!
and Bob Holly got into the Royal Rumble and won the tag titles. Smoking Gunns couldn't make it due to a rodeo incident
Daniel Bryan vs Bray Wyatt at the Royal Rumble, or either one of The Shield vs Evolution matches featured an interview with Batista to promote his new WWE DVD and the forthcoming "Guardians of The Galaxy" film, discussing a number of topics. Most interesting was Batista commenting on the fans rejecting him upon his return, including being booed at the Royal Rumble when he won over Roman Reigns (who was last man out) and Daniel Bryan (who was never booked in the match as his original Wrestlemania trajectory was for a match against Sheamus). Batista commented, " It was weird. It wasn’t like a normal response. It was almost like a personal attack. It had to do with factors that were not in my control, factors and things that were going on in the company with other people, stuff that really had nothing to do with me. To me, it was a little frustrating, a little confusing, and, you know, I don’t want to say I completely took it personal, but I did somewhat." That negative reaction continued to be fueled when CM Punk walked out of WWE the next day with placing the blame on the fact that ...
Triple H without doubt,13 x the king WWF/E Championship (8 times) World Heavyweight Championship (5 times) WWF European Championship (2 times) WWF/E Intercontinental Championship (5 times) WWE Tag Team Championship (1 time) – with Shawn Michaels World Tag Team Championship (2 times) – with Stone Cold Steve Austin (1) and Shawn Michaels (1) King of the Ring (1997) Royal Rumble (2002) Second Grand Slam Champion Seventh Triple Crown Champion Slammy Award for Best Hair (1997) Slammy Award for OMG Moment of the Year (2011) - Triple H performing a Tombstone Piledriver on The Undertaker and Undertaker kicking out at WrestleMania XXVII Slammy Award Match of the Year (2012) vs. Undertaker in a *** in a Cell match at Wrestlemania XXVIII 2nd undisputed WWE champion. Hit like if you think he's greatest of all time!!
The Ultimate Warrior and Rick Rude promo for Super Posedown in the Royal Rumble '89
Gorilla: No love lost here between Bad News Barrett and Sheamus, these two have engaged in many a knock-down, drag-out affair over the years. Both current holders of WWE gold, they would love to ascend to that next level, Sheamus has been there three times already. Bad News Barrett on the other hand, has come so close to that moment in the past, but was never able to attain the top prize in our sport. Brain: Sheamus no stranger to many accolades Monsoon. Gorilla: Absolutely, Sheamus in addition to three world title runs, is in the midst of his 2nd U.S Title reign, also a former Royal Rumble winner, and King of the Ring. Brain: Let us not forget the Coppertone Sun Block lifetime achievement award. Gorilla: Will you stop?
I want WWE to have a match between Ravishing Rick Rude and Ultimate Warrior holograms. Better yet dead guy Royal Rumble!
Kevin Nash Talks CM Punk's WWE Departure, What CM Punk Said At The Royal Rumble, Kevin Nash recently appeared on Square Circle Radio and one of the many topics he discussed in his interview was CM Punk's WWE departure. Kevin Nash was asked about his thoughts on the former WWE Champion walking out on huge money and a big spot on the main show, and the former WCW star said when they spent time talking at the Royal Rumble earlier this year, CM Punk was upset that the powers that be were putting the match together above the wrestlers putting the match together. Kevin Nash also indicated that CM Punk was not a small guy and he wasn't a big guy either, there fore he took a lot of punishment on a nightly basis. He also said he had a heating pack on his back at the Rumble, and when they shared a floor to sleep on while traveling in London, England together, CM Punk woke up almost paralyzed while Kevin Nash woke up and put his pack back on. Asking what his condition was, CM Punk told Kevin Nash he hadn't gotten an ...
with the help of Donnie Anderson the ultimate 80s and 90s Royal Rumble has been created. I will give you the list of superstars, in return I want to know who makes your final 4 and then who wins? The list was compiled using all Rumble winners from the 80s and 90s as well high elimination counts and other records. I did not include Jim Duggan as there were only 20 in his rumble and i didnt really consider an entry order other than the order i wrote everyone down in. here are the wrestlers John Studd Hulk Hogan Ric Flair Yokozuna Bret Hart Shawn Micheals Steve Austin Rock HHH Sid Benoit Bam Bam Bigelow Rey Mysterio Undertaker Curt Henning One Man Gang Edge Ultimate Warrior Kane Lex Luger Rick Martel Bob Backlund Chris Jerhico Diesel BigShow Andre the Giant Jerry the king Lawler Kurt Angle Rikishi Ted Diabase i think the final 4 would be HBK edge Andre and Flair I see the 3 eliminating Andre flair dumps edge over just after Andre Hbk steps back and kicks Flair over the top who you guys got?
No one was able to answer the HARDCORE TRIVIA CHALLENGE, thus Mark Parker retains the Intercontinental Title!! This is the AYTWF BOOT CAMP Week 9 Captain Challenge: "BEYOND BELIEF: Fact or Fiction." Please answer FACT or FICTION to each statement. Ric Flair survived a plane crash. FACT Goldust defeated The Undertaker in a Casket Match. FACT Heath Slater and a Lady recently had a baby girl, and he is now a father. FACT The Bigshow delivered the KO Punch to SHAQ. FICTION In 2001, The Undertaker was voted "Least Favorite Wrestler" by the "Wrestling Observer Newsletter." FACT Razor Ramon has never competed in a Royal Rumble. FICTION. The Fake Razor Ramon was in a Rumble. Shawn Michaels have forfeited more Titles than any other superstar in WWE history. FACT The fake Undertaker of the Undertaker vs Undertaker Match was actually the best man at the real Undertaker's wedding. FACT. Brian Lee was The Undertaker's best man. Kane was the first ever masked WWE Champion. FACT. There's only 3: Kane, Foley, Rey. The Ro ...
No Way Out February 25, 2001 Thomas & Mack Center, Las Vegas, NV Well and truly on the Road to WrestleMania, the WWF stopped in to Vegas for the 2001 instalment of No Way Out. Tonight's main event would see the reigning WWF Champion, Kurt Angle, put his title on the line against the man he beat to win the gold back in October. That man was of course, the People's Champion, The Rock. The winner of that match would earn the right to main event the biggest show of the year against Stone Cold Steve Austin, the 2001 Royal Rumble winner. Speaking of Austin, tonight he puts his highly personal rivalry with the Game to bed, as he battles Triple H in the first ever Three Stages of *** match. Before we get into the show, I should mention that we have a new Commissioner on the scene as well. With Mr McMahon firing Foley back in December, he would appoint William Regal as his replacement in the weeks leading up to this show. Regal would cement his role as a stooge for Mr McMahon's egomaniacal ways, but more on that . ...
One of my favourite games when I was a kid, WWF Royal Rumble on the Sega Mega Drive.
I can only guess that it's a Robot Chicken knockoff (with low-quality audio), trying to parody Royal Rumble.
Cactus Jack vs Triple H at the 2000 Royal Rumble was absolutely brutal
There actually not many sights better than watching Kofi Kingston in a Royal Rumble.
Taking it back tonight.. Watching some WWF Royal Rumble! Man.. The good ol days when wrestling was good. Yes I was a big fan.. Who used to watch wrestling too?? Any Monday Night Raw, Thursday Night Smackdown, Sunday Night Heat fans?? lol
Daniel Bryant will win next year's Royal Rumble.
WWE Superstars and members of The Shield Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins talk with's Glenn Moore about the Royal Rumble, Raw and other topics.
Matty Taylor would be the first to be thrown over the ropes in a Royal Rumble.
Last week, No. 1 contender Dolph Ziggler smashed World Heavyweight Champion Edge into the steel ring steps. With their Royal Rumble encounter looming, how will The Rated-R Superstar respond tonight on SmackDown? Find out TONIGHT at 8/7 CT on
On this day in 1988 Hacksaw Jim Duggan won the first ever WWE Royal Rumble.
I'm still waiting for Shelton Benjamin to be next entrant in the Royal Rumble
WWE Fun Fact: Jake "The Snake" Roberts signalled for the DDT in every Royal Rumble he appeared in but never hit it on anyone.
“Fun Fact: The Coach lasted longer in one Royal Rumble than Ryder did in all his.
So I'm watching the Royal Rumble of 2002 and apparently Tazz and Spike Dudley were the Tag Team Champions, does anyone remember this? Because I sure as *** don't. - Hudson2823
I like their predictions so far except the fact that Cesaro will break away from Heyman? IMO I think Lesnar will do the opposite and break from him? I like that they have Cody Rhodes winning and cashing in the Money in The Bank! I also like that Stephanie McMahon will target the divas championship hopefully she'll Feud with AJ? I also like that the possibility of Zeb forming a stable of the Real Americans! If so he needs good quality wrestlers to do so along with Jack Swagger. I love their choice to win next Years RR(Royal Rumble) in Roman Reigns.. But most importantly I love the fact that they wanna split the WWE WC into two titles! I never got why they formed both titles into one
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SLAM Wrestling! Results at Edgbaston Stadium Last Night for Matt Burns: 1.) Matt Burns defeated Adam Idol in a brutal and well hard fought battle (punches weren't not being pulled in this one). 2.) Matt Burns was eliminated from the Royal Rumble Match.
Feel sorry for Alberto Del Rio, from winning the Royal Rumble, being world champion and money in the bank winner to hardly winning a match.
Years after breaking apart and impacting WWE history, Evolution has reformed. The once-dominant stable mirrored the best groups of the past while creating two new stars. It is set to elevate emerging talent once more. Only this time, Evolution will transform its opponents into marquee names. Randy Orton, Batista and Triple H reunited on April 14, more than a decade after they first formed Evolution. Rivals rallied around a common hatred of The Shield. They put personal goals and championship pursuits on hold to cut down Roman Reigns, Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose. Living up to its name, Evolution has changed, growing into another beast entirely. There is no Ric Flair this time, and the level of star power has shifted. All three members of Evolution 2.0 have been world champs, won the Royal Rumble and headlined WrestleMania. That wasn't the case before Evolution's genesis. On Jan. 20, 2003, the legendary Flair and then-champion Triple H officially joined forces with two emerging talents in Orton and Batist ...
I won Royal Rumble! Some chumps say won, but if he won, how'd I get THIS??
Its all imploding up the Vale. They will be having ropes round the pitch next and having a Royal Rumble. Stick Smurfwait in there as well. Sure him and Micky Adams could throw a few clock winders at each other. 😆😆😆😆
It's obvious that the Ultimate Warrior's greatest WWE feud was vs Ravishing Rick Rude. Today the No Remorse Corp dedicates this to the Ultimate Warrior/Rick Rude posedown at the '89 Royal Rumble. R.I.P Ultimate Warrior R.I.P Rick Rude
Which manager in Scotland's four divisions would win the Royal Rumble? knocks one out the park -
ABOUT - UNDERTAKER For more than two decades, The Deadman has loomed over the WWE landscape like a menacing shadow, spelling out doom for those who dare cross him. Imbued with seemingly mystical abilities and preternatural in-ring ability, The Undertaker is a WWE great in a class by himself, and no list of legends would be complete without him. First introduced at 1990’s Survivor Series, The Phenom debuted as the final member of Ted DiBiase’s “Million Dollar Team.” It wasn’t long before he began to battle with Hulk Hogan, then at the top of the food chain in WWE. This clash set the tone for Undertaker’s dominant career. No one was too big and no one was safe from his gloved grip. A multiple WWE and World Heavyweight Champion, a six-time tag team titleholder and a Royal Rumble winner in 2007, Undertaker’s accomplishments in WWE have cemented his place among the greatest in the game. He is a true, in-ring pioneer, having been part of many WWE firsts, including the inaugural *** in a Cell Matc ...
I remember as a kid, ordering Royal Rumble on PPV. and it was the one where. Big Show and The Rock were the last 2 standing 👌
1997: Royal Rumble - def. Sycho Sid in his hometown San Antonio, TX to win his 2nd Championship http:…
Will Alexander Rusev be apart of the 30 man Battle Royale? And what happened with Nash? He was at Royal Rumble
The 2000 Royal Rumble was made by that Street Fight.
Brock Edward Lesnar[2] (/ˈlɛznər/; born July 12, 1977) is an American professional wrestler and former mixed martial artist, professional football player and amateur wrestler,[3] who is signed with WWE.[4] He is also a former UFC Heavyweight Champion[5] and an accomplished amateur wrestler, winning the 2000 NCAA Division I heavyweight wrestling championship and placing second in 1999 after losing to Stephen Neal.[6] Lesnar gained prominence in World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) from March 2002 to March 2004, where he is a former three-time WWE Champion, becoming the youngest WWE Champion at the time with his first reign at age 25. Lesnar was the 2002 King of the Ring and the winner of the 2003 Royal Rumble.[7][8] Immediately following WrestleMania XX, Lesnar abruptly left WWE and retired from professional wrestling to pursue a career in the NFL.[9] He played during the preseason for the Minnesota Vikings, but ended up being a late cut.[10] Lesnar returned to professional wrestling at the end of 2005, ...
o yeah!!! Guys a new payperveiw (WrestleMania) is going to be held on April 6, 2014. In city = New Orleans, Louisiana here is something about WerstleMania XXX- WrestleMania XXX will feature professional wrestling matches involving different wrestlers from pre-existing scripted feuds, plots, and storylines that play out on WWE's television programs. Wrestlers portray heroes or villains as they follow a series of events that build tension, and culminate in a wrestling match or series of matches. On January 26, a returning Batista won the 2014 Royal Rumble Match, making him the fifth multiple Rumble winner and earning himself a WWE World Heavyweight Championship match at WrestleMania XXX. At the Elimination Chamber, Randy Orton successfully defended the championship in an Elimination Chamber match to clinch his spot in the WrestleMania championship match. On February 21, WWE announced that Hulk Hogan had returned to WWE and that he would host the event.[7] On February 24, a returning Brock Lesnar, along wi . ...
HQ highlights of Chris Benoit vs. Kurt Angle from the 2003 Royal Rumble, one of the best technical wrestling matches of all time. Song - "Dark Horses" by Swi...
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To the layperson, wrestling may seem as trivial as men pounding each other into submission but any storyteller can tell you otherwise. Matches are physical analogies for life. Take the Royal Rumble for example, it's an incarnation of a life lesson I've spoken about hundreds of times: There are no friends when it gets to the zero hour, everyone is out for themselves and the truth is that they'll eliminate you simply to get to where they want to be. I'm often critiqued negativity for my views but I'm honest, atleast in the way that I see the world. We're all Shawn Michaels and everyone else around us are Marty Jannettys when they become inconvenient.
THE MOUTH OF THE SOUTH JOINS MAD MONSTER PARTY 2014! JIMMY HART (Legendary Wrestling Manager and Personality, ICP's "Big Money Rustlas", Monster Brawl) joins the Party in Charlotte, NC SUNDAY, March 23rd besides his pal, Hulk Hogan! Hart's impact in front of the camera is undeniable, but he was just as instrumental behind the scenes, he composed many theme songs for wrestlers in the WWF and WCW including Honky Tonk Man, Jimmy Snuka, Brutus "The Barber" Beefcake, The Rockers, The Hart Foundation, Crush, the Fabulous Rougeau Brothers, Dusty Rhodes, the Legion of Doom, the Nasty Boys, Ted DiBiase, the Mountie, Hulk Hogan, the nWo Wolfpac, and 3 Count. He also composed the themes for SummerSlam '88 (which was later reused as the theme for many early Royal Rumble events) and WrestleMania VI (which was later used for the seventh, eighth, ninth, and tenth events). One of Hart's most notable compositions is Shawn Michaels's entrance theme, "Sexy Boy." In the late 1980s, Hart released a music album entitled Outrag ...
CM Punk talks to about being named the No. 1 entrant in the 2014 Royal Rumble.
*Royal Rumble* Ladies of Alpha Pi Omega and Alpha Sigma Alpha Powder Puff Game!!! Admission $2, proceeds go to Son of Nicki Locklear and...
Chaotic blues Remember when peace was uncomfortable to me when I was younger everyday was like a Royal Rumble , I was happy when I got tired
YES! YES! YES! YES! lmao. Do you know ehere CM Punk is havent seen him on since after the royal rumble? xD
Also watched the Yokozuna/Undertaker casket match at the '94 Royal Rumble. Undertaker's segment after the match was/is weird.
Still in the middle of the ring royal rumble.
now I'm gonna watch the 97 royal rumble to celebrate
Watching the 1990 Royal Rumble on the WWE Network. It's great to see the old logo held by
you can barely find enough wrestlers for the Royal Rumble don't nobody want to watch a bunch of has beens and nobdies at wrestle mania
Raj and Nikhat discuss their strategy for partner selection after the Royal Rumble Task! For more info, log onto:
There appears to be some sort of homeless Royal Rumble happening outside my flat.
Who wishes this happened at royal rumble winning the rumble who wished Thad happened
Just got done watching the 1st ever WWE royal rumble when hacksaw Jim digging won it! I love the
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I have always been a targret to The Wyatt Family since the Royal Rumble when they costed me my chance to win the WWE World Heavyweight-
ECW One Night Stand on TV, Royal Rumble 92 on computer. Love it.
The Rock vows he to will end CM Punk reign at The Royal Rumble ! But what Best in the World promise he will not let the Rock take that means to him the most .
I have part 1 of your royal rumble paused.please tell me you made a terry crews character like you did in soul caliber
I liked a video Edge returns from injury - Royal Rumble 2010
WWE cannot be happy with how the CM Punk situation has played itself out. Punk walking out the day after the Royal Rumble and not being on WWE TV since has caused the company one headache after another. If recent reports are to be believed, it would appear that WWE might be taking their frustration with Punk out on his real life girlfriend. According to reports, AJ Lee could possibly be dropping her Divas Championship tonight on WWE Main Event. The report goes on to say that Lee getting laid out on RAW this week and not looking strong, could have been a shot at Punk for not returning in Chicago last week. Furthermore the report says that if Lee does indeed drop the belt tonight, she may not even be in the title match at WrestleMania XXX. Apparently after the stare-down between Nikki Bella and Natalya some believe that they will face each other at WrestleMania XXX with a returning Naomi possibly added to the mix. Let’s everyone breathe for a moment and take all of that in. The important thing to remember ...
1989 Royal Rumble Match on WWE Network, I think so!!!
Put me in a royal rumble with 19 Liverpool fans an I will try RKO as many as I can.
I watched the 2014 Royal Rumble again .I don't care what anybody says it was *** good .
about to leave from the south side had to drop my god kids wrestling tickets off and it was literally about to be a Royal Rumble lol
settle this with a royal rumble yeah Daniela
Return of Batista: the Animal roared again? The return of Batista on January 21 on Raw was originally supposed to increase interest that would the Road To Wrestlemania xXx WWE Universe since WWE considered the Animal as a star in the business. However, against all expectation, fans of the company very little showed interest in the return of the former champion of the world and WWE, mainly after the victory of it six days later at the Royal Rumble. Considered inappropriate and pointed to his abilities in the ring considered insufficient by many fans in order to qualify for a place in the main event of Wrestlemania, Batista has nonetheless persevered a little more each week and this despite the criticism. Today, it seems that WWE officials are more confident for the rest of the events since some of them told Wrestlezone that Batista had been for the first time since his satisfactory return in the ring during the live events this weekend. These were very few expressed until there given the close relationship ...
This years d3 wrestling championship is going to be done royal rumble style. Every man for himself
Son. Come to DC at the end of the month. Gonna be a huge royal rumble with NT. Nas special guest referee.
The best thing people could do paddys day is get a big bouncy castle, drink and have a huge royal rumble 💪💪👑
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Watched the 1998 Royal Rumble last night. Steve Austin got so much worse after his neck injury.
I'm watching The Royal Rumble from 1991 and you are on commentary.
COLON TO BE INDUCTED TO WWE HOF: WWE announced at tonight’s SmackDown tapings in Little Rock that Carlos Colon will be inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame this year in New Orleans. Colon last wrestled for WWE in 1993 at the Royal Rumble. He also appeared on a 2006 RAW to cheer on his son Carlito. Colon is also the father to Primo Colon (Diego of Los Matadores) and uncle to Orlando Colon (Fernando).
hey is anyone planning on going up to Portland for the Rose City Royal Rumble? Im trying to rideshare my way up there and looking for fellow.. um..trippers or tripsters or trippies
Still in need of some people to participate in the Royal Rumble in April. Message me if you love wrestling and want your 15 minutes of fame.
Which was worse? Snooki in a WrestleMania match or Drew Carey in the Royal Rumble Match?
What's worse? The fact Snooki had a match at WrestleMania or Drew Carey was in the Royal Rumble?
Royal Rumble next time you're in town?
That wrestling game was dope tho.i always used Big Show's *** or Chris Benoit,ed Hardy or stone cold in royal rumble lol
LFC youth cup side resembling the aftermath of the Royal Rumble atm. Bodies everywhere. And Reading have equalised. ***
part dos of the royal rumble had everyone... Hulk Bigby crews mr.t awesomeness once again
my face when Punk was eliminated at Royal Rumble
I always believed that if Michaels hadn't of got injured at the royal rumble 1998 he wouldn't be alive now.
SPOILER: Next WWE Hall Of Fame Inductee Announced Source: At Tuesday night's WWE SmackDown taping, Carlos Colon was announced as the newest inductee into the WWE Hall of Fame as part of the Class of 2014. Colon is the father of former WWE Superstar Carlito and current WWE Superstar - and Los Matadores member - Primo (aka Diego). He is also the uncle of Primo's tag team partner Epico (aka Fernando). Colon is a legendary grappler from Puerto Rico who has held numerous championships in promotions such as Stampede Wrestling and World Wrestling Council. Colon also briefly appeared for WWE as an entrant in the 1993 Royal Rumble Match. As far as who will be inducting Colon, is reporting that the inductors will be Carlito, Primo/Diego, and Epico/Fernando. -PAUL
Especially after his '01 Royal Rumble domination. Could've been really something there.
I feel like the royal rumble is gonna go down in yucca 😂😂
He was if you were trying to have a cigarette backstage after the Royal Rumble in 1992.
Enjoying a snack and the 2001 Royal Rumble on the
More people have invaded that "kingdom" than compete in a Royal Rumble, lol
Just caught up on Raw. is the first person to win the Royal Rumble without actually being in it. Excitement for 'Mania 11/10
Watching the 2003 royal rumble back when was a guy and fought
I just started royal rumble up in that house n idgaf
I think it's plausible. Many thought Bryan would pull double duty at the Royal Rumble. And that's without defeating HHH ego.
Episode - Will the Andre The Giant Battle Royal devalue the Royal Rumble? Should the Shield break up...
yeah tbh I don't even know about that. After I accidentally ordered that Royal Rumble.
excuse me, Mr. Wrestling GAWD, are you gonna destroy the next years Royal Rumble? cause you looked a little rusty this year
Have worked my way into 1998 Royal Rumble. Reminded, again, that Sunny could absolutely "get it" as the kids say. And it's a midget match.
Not sure if this is a football match or the royal rumble.
The WWE had a real knack for putting both Hardy wrestlers in the Royal Rumble at the same time. Can't blame them.
Wrestling With Wade--Episode 1 Hello my fellow nerds! The reason I am covering wrestling is that it is a huge part of my life. Wrestling is very much a part of pop culture. How many times have you heard someone say "Give me a *** yeah!" or "Wo!" that all started in wrestling. This week I will be previewing Wrestlemania. I will look at all the announced matches and also matches that I think will be announced. First match--John Cena vs Bray Wyatt First off, let me get this out there. I am not a John Cena fan. I haven't been since he dropped the Dr of Thuganomics gimmick. But I will say this. This match has serious potential to launch Bray Wyatt into superstar status. In that regard only, I'm seriously looking forward to this match. But I don't feel like Cena is ready to start putting talent over and "passing the torch" as they say in the business. Prediction: John Cena Second Match--Undertaker vs Brock Lesnar I've been looking forward to this match for years and years. Ever since Undertaker laid out the ch ...
When will all content be available on Xbox 360? I.e. all years of Wrestlemania, Royal Rumble, etc...
Don (2) vs John (1) Q4: Who were the final four men in this year's Royal Rumble Match?
Super Nintendo, one controller, one mouse, three games. Big hurt, Royal rumble and Mario paint. No power cord or tv cord. But easy to find and cheap. Can show it works with my cords. $50 obo will not hold. Needs to go
John Cena enters as number 19 in the Royal Rumble Match and eliminates two people in a matter of seconds.
Down and weary When you fail despite your hardship You first out of the ring in a royal rumble When the last person believes in you is Yourself When no one to give comfort Disrespect, discourage. Never ever loose hope Your faith is God given previledge Your sufferings will bring You closer to your God More tears.. more times in life to see Jesus in your Life And you shall see as the day passes by, you still have strength to bear the pain for a long time
Like royal rumble of wrestling, settles many differences or just amicably.
IS FOR THE 29 WRESTLING FANS WHO RESPOND ONLY! I'm making a royal rumble bracket: I need 29 people to pick a wreslter from Sting (TNA Nation) World Wrestling Entertainment extreme raising, house of hardcore and Ring of Honor Wrestling. Rules: you can not pick a wrestler that has already been pick!
Edge returns six months earlier than expected from a devastating achilies tendon injury and enters the Royal Rumble Match.
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