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Royal Rumble

The Royal Rumble is a professional wrestling pay-per-view event, produced every January by professional wrestling promotion WWE.

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I've seen the 2014 Royal Rumble four times now. Don't ask questions. Just accept.
.won the Royal Rumble match in 2005 and 2014, both times he entered at number 28.
I added a video to a playlist An extended look at the 2014 Royal Rumble commercial
Punk looked so fed up at the Royal Rumble in 2014. But my dream match up of Seth vs CM Punk did happen
They're going to have to have the safest TLC PPV of all time or the Royal Rumble's going to be 19 men.
HOF results feel like a repeat of the 2014 Royal Rumble.
Watching the '97 Royal Rumble. Never realized Ahmed Johnson wore knee pads on his quads.
Ric Flair with a low blow to the Undertaker. "He tried to lift him up over the ropes"- Bobby "The Brain" Heenan. 1992 Royal Rumble. 😂😂. GOAT
2k Tonight/Royal Rumble (show off a variety of the new stuff)
Ninja offload into a German suplex. Am I watching a semi final or a Royal Rumble
The 3 best matches this year in no order: Rollins/Cena/Brock - Royal Rumble, Sasha/Bayley - NXTRespect, Owens/Cena - Elimination Chamber.
Of the 30 men entered into the 2015 Royal Rumble, 12 of them are not on television anymore. 13 of 31 if you count Erick Rowan.
Fun fact: and were part of the first-ever Tag Team Tables Match in at the 2000 Royal Rumble!
Fun fact: became the undisputed Intercontinental Champion in at the 2000 Royal Rumble!
John Cena is also a Money in the Bank winner, 2 time Royal Rumble winner, & a Hollywood actor but go ahead Jesus.. Turn th…
I don't like any PPV that have the name of the match, except Royal Rumble.. HIAC, TLC, Elimination Chamber, REALLY ***
First ever tag team tables match was at the 2000 Royal Rumble, JBL. Not SummerSlam
fact: Chris Jericho became the sole Intercontinental Champion defeating Chyna and Hardcore Holly at the Royal Rumble in 2000.
Over here I can get an arcade machine with 2000 games for an average of $AU2000. Royal Rumble pin averages $AU5000
I think they should at least give ONE Royal Rumble win. 18 Rumbles, 43 eliminations!
I feel like WWE has put so much into Seth Rollins at this point they might as well leave him as champion until royal rumble or wrestlemania
They have to keep Ambrose Reigns together till breakup at Royal Rumble
I think she lose it at royal rumble
grim, I'm gonna be checking up on that Royal rumble tickets lol.
No problem. Debut to be made at the Royal Rumble
your choice of bringing Jericho back as the third man is terrible it is worse than the royal rumble ppv
Hey, I re-watched Royal Rumble '05 and you fought two matches in the same night. I was thinking, how much tiredness you've had?
Let's have a Lanier vs Reagan royal rumble who's down ?💪🏾
Would have loved this even more if every 2 minutes, another fan base ran in like the Royal Rumble
would be awesome. Instead of a general election we could have a Royal Rumble.
Then at the Royal Rumble Sami Zayn returns and eliminates Owens from the rumble setting up a mania match between them with Sami going over
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Exactly. Its like when they book crap title matches like Lesnar Vs Hardcore Holly underneath the Royal Rumble.
Have you heard ‘PFR Episode 21: Cosmic Royal Rumble’ by Pillow Fort Radio on
My prediction. will lose the title to at Royal Rumble.
Kevin Owens should at least hold the IC title till the Royal Rumble, but I'm hoping he keeps it till WrestleMania.
I liked a video from BIGFOOT ROYAL RUMBLE CHALLENGE - GTA 5 PC Mods and Challenges
Royal Rumble & Extreme Rules, just named 2 bad PPVs from WWE this year
Throw back to the royal rumble w big sis😂
Bir videosu beğendim: Matt and Jeff Hardy square off in the Royal Rumble: Royal Rumble 2001
since royal rumble is the start of the "road to wrestlemania", I always thought Fastlane was when the journey got faster
At least Vader is in. Can't wait to book him vs Bork at Mania once he splits up with Bam Bam at the Royal Rumble.
I'm okay with Roman Reigns winning the 2016 Royal Rumble.
The torys should fight the republican candidates royal rumble style
The Most Awaited BAZOOKA ROCKS. IV: ROYAL RUMBLE Will provide fans with Meet and Greets, Party with the bands and...
I liked a video from THE LEGAL WIFE Episode: The Royal Rumble
I liked a video EWF Royal Rumble '13
I think he'll cash-in near the Royal Rumble. He'll go into Wrestlemania as champion.
1993 Royal Rumble it is. Lmao! Forgot about The Beverly Brothers. Bout to get wrecked by the Stieners.
I just flooded out my ring look like a royal rumble, they say money talk then all you *** do is mumble
Early poll: Who the fukk is winning the Royal Rumble?
Liked the show tonight I get told I'm way to critical of the product even though the last ppv I hated was the royal rumble 2014
I just think it's hilarious that he has it. Taking this picture was a highlight of the Royal Rumble for me.
me too. I want a new champion before royal rumble
I thought she got turned off when she came to my block and seen that royal rumble in front of gg crib
Go watch vs Royal Rumble 95, tell me that wasn't shades of this tonight. I like it.
You can't pin someone in a royal rumble...amateur kmt
"you're gunna talk about the royal rumble again aren't you?" "You're god *** right I am" I cracked up 😂
what you watching I'm watching royal rumble 2002
Why does the TL look like a Royal Rumble?
4 man Money In The Bank is like a 20 man Royal Rumble. It just should not happen.
Been sick the last 2 days. Feeling a lot better today. Trying to build up the strength to go to Royal Rumble.
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where can you watch the Royal Rumble for free?
Trying to go to the Royal Rumble in Philly this month. Would make an awesome vlog if I could go.
I said I'm practicing for the royal rumble!
can you talk about the night you lost the WWE title at the 1992 Royal Rumble? What was it like working with Flair?
Still thinking surprise Royal Rumble return after Owens is mildly dominate with eliminations is the way to go.
Chris Christie leaning on the podium like the wrestler when there are 20 in the ring at the Royal Rumble. Just waiting to pop…
Kofi Kingston vs Shelton Benjamin in a "Floor Is Lava" Match (it's like Royal Rumble rules, can't touch the ground outside)
Oh, hey. Dirtsheets were right about Los Matadores getting repackaged. Now maybe Shelton Benjamin and MVP will return at the Royal Rumble!
I honestly don't think anything makes me laugh more than when Mae Young stripped in the Miss Rumble competition at the Royal Rumble 😂😂😂😂
Santino Marella being in the Royal Rumble for 1.9 seconds
I like *** Arn Anderson was 30 in the '90 Royal Rumble and looked 45
“This game is 2 hard fouls away from becoming Royal Rumble.” Watch out for fireworks from the Russians at the end
They was havin a WWE Royal Rumble at school 😂
Cena: 15 time world champ, 2 time Royal Rumble winner, platinum selling recording artist, Hollywood actor . Donald Trump: …
These City Champions League draws are like when Vince McMahon drew Stone Cold Steve Austin's number for the Royal Rumble.
Doesn't beat the Royal Rumble across the street from my house couple years ago
My prediction: Curtis Axel cashes in on being the longest entrant in the Royal Rumble and walks out with both titles
Tyler Reks has won the opening Royal Rumble of this as of yet unnamed PPV thing I'm not actually doing >.>
Roman Reigns: What happened at the Royal Rumble helped me
Roman Reigns says that the Royal Rumble crowd in January lit a fire under him
Roman Reigns on Royal Rumble fan reaction: “that was a huge kick in the *** : Roman Reigns was...
From has hands full with political Royal Rumble. htt…
From has hands full with political Royal Rumble.
i'm taking either James Winston or Michael Vick and win the Royal Rumble.
I mean I'm mad but not 2013 Royal Rumble mad
WWE Royal Rumble 2006 Matches Texas Tornado match for the Cruiser weight Title Entrants Kid Kash
1990 Royal Rumble dead wrestler count is at 5. Perfect, Andre the Giant, Rick Rude, Sapphire and Sherri Martel
Hillbilly Jim in. This is the first time since Wrestlemania III that Hillbilly Jim is in a match that isn’t a battle royal/Royal Rumble
to when won the 2015 Royal Rumble and challenged Lesnar for the World Heavyweight Championship.
A Rangers-Astros front office Royal Rumble would be pretty awesome. My money is on Kevin Goldstein to win.
Winner of that season was owned by Eddie and Chris at Royal Rumble. He never showed up again lol.
I liked a video Vickie Guerrero says Dolph Ziggler must pick his entrance number for the Royal Rumble
People I would like to fight in my own personal Royal Rumble. . 1.Liggett . 2.Sherwen . 3.Bono . 4.Kevin Bartlett . 5.Drake . 6.Phil Simms
Just re watched the 2015 Royal Rumble and I realized that Curtis Axel never got eliminated. He was attacked on his way to the ring by Rowan.
just disappears in the match just like he did at the Royal Rumble. Boring performer. Orton & much better
There's been four guys to win the Royal Rumble and the MITB Ladder Match: Edge, Randy Orton, Alberto Del Rio and John Cena. Reigns?
This is the first Tag Team championship match at a WWE PPV to not include Tyson Kidd & Cesaro since the Royal Rumble.
idk if this was match of the year. I'd give that to their first match. Or the triple threat from Royal Rumble.
Match of the year? Owens- Cena 2 or the Royal Rumble triple threat hmmm
The Ohio crowd is looking to be on the verge of having a Royal Rumble meltdown. Owens/Cena is a definite swing match. -EC
Want him to hold onto it for a long time, cash in in time for Bryan to return at Royal Rumble, match for the belt next Wrestlemania?
First they screw up the Royal Rumble and now the match. Bad match 👎🏾
feels like opening the Royal Rumble w/ the Rumble match.
The MITB Ladder match ought to feel almost as important as the Royal Rumble match, but with only 2 likely winners out of 7, nah.
which would you rather win, Money in the Bank or the Royal Rumble match?
Why do you hate John Cena so much and will we see you in the Royal Rumble match when comes
Used to do a match with my figures called World Wargames. It was a Royal Rumble inside of a roofed double cage. was madness.
IMO the match between and at the 2002 Royal Rumble was one of best calls.
Looking forward to Money In The Bank tomorrow 😃 love pay per views with unique concepts like Mitb match an Royal Rumble
The very first entrant into the first Royal Rumble match was WWE Hall of Famer Bret “The Hitman” Hart.
The first match I remember paying attention to was Triple H vs Cactus Jack at the 2000 Royal Rumble
Can we please change this to Congressional MMA or a Royal Rumble/ Cage Match
Royal Rumble '91: Dusty & Dustin Rhodes vs. Million Dollar Man & Virgil - Blood is Thicker than Water match.
At the Rumble there will be a 20-man Royal Rumble match where the winner will be a contender for any championship at PLWMania!
is gone? ...first ever WWE match I watched when I was a kid was a Royal Rumble where Dusty was the star if not the champ RIP
I'll tell you what though, if there is such a thing as "Heaven", there must be one *** of a Royal Rumble match going on in there.
Bionic elbows for everyone in the celestial Royal Rumble match tonight, daddy! Dusty Rhodes is making his entrance!
What Ben Bishop just did is equivalent to being the first guy into the Royal Rumble and winning it.
Ginebra and Star Hotshots Fans Almost Engaged on a Royal Rumble outside Araneta Coliseum after Manila Clasico:
the first two contestants of 2005 Royal Rumble were Eddie and Benoit. 2005 got deaths right.
Royal Rumble 2000 Street Fight between and still gives me chills watching it 15 years later.
it was brilliant. I always remember Taka's face smacking the mat at the Royal Rumble in 2000.
Royal Rumble, Money In The Bank, He'll In A Cell, Elimination Chamber. The only matches I rea get excited for each year.
it's like getting mad they didn't call the guy "Bully Ray" when he entered the Royal Rumble
this picture of ted dibiase from the SNES game WWF Royal Rumble is my aesthetic
In recent years it has been Money In The Bank but my all time favorite is the Royal Rumble.
Royal Rumble? "Marioto" picked at no. 2 and then real Mariota comes out from under the ring when Eagles pick later.
I think Reigns has proven himself since the Royal Rumble. Can't say the same for Bray.
The Orient Express vs The Rockers. 1991 Royal Rumble. One of the best tag matches ever
WWE Fact! The Undertaker and John Cena are the only wrestlers to enter the Royal Rumble at No.30 and win.
For 2 years in a row, (1991 & 1992) The Undertaker & Jimmy Snuka drew back-to-back numbers in the Royal Rumble. http:/…
After winning the Royal Rumble, The Soldier will be defending his Intercontinental Championship in a company wide Gauntlet Match!
Sort of a to the 2014 Royal Rumble...Snickers' Transformation :
Santino Marella has the shortest Royal Rumble time, at 1.9 seconds in the ring.
reigns won the Royal Rumble. He was superstar of the year in 2014 but he was injured. They picked up where he left off..
that's why this will never end Royal Rumble 2014 Daniel Bryan wasnt in it Royal Rumble 2015 he got eliminated
Did the tag team tournament longplay for WWF Royal Rumble. On Sega Genesis. NEVER AGAIN. SWEET LORD. NEVER. AGAIN.
*** suplexed Plies off the stage like it was a Royal Rumble.
I really like having the Wwe Network. I can just open it up backstage and watch the 2000 Royal Rumble with a few clicks. It's great.
I kinda hate how folks just turned on Everybody wanted him to win the 2014 Royal Rumble (myself included).
But the one guy went into the Royal Rumble with hands pumping up and down, gets tossed instantly, then pumps arms on way out
Luke Harper vs Kane finle two in the Royal Rumble. WE WANT HARPER!
Shelton Benjamin in the 2005 Royal Rumble got a great reception. It'd be terrific if he came back to the WWE.
Steve Blackman once won the Royal Rumble in a steel cage match.
Anyone else notice Daniel Bryan reenacted the ending to the 2004 Royal Rumble with Big Show lol
Just had a 2004 Royal Rumble ending Flashback when D.B. got Big Show over the top rope like that 😂
That's how Chris Benoit eliminated Big Show in the Royal Rumble.
What Bryan did right there was the same way Benoit eliminated Big Show from 2004 Royal Rumble
Daniel Bryan pulling Big Show over the top rope like he's Chris Benoit winning the Royal Rumble.
It's like the 2004 Royal Rumble when Big Show (eliminated himself)
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The last time a small guy threw Big Show out of the ring like that, it was when [deleted] won the Royal Rumble.
That Big Show/Daniel Bryan over the top rope thing looked VERY similar. *cough* 2004 Royal Rumble *cough*
shades of 2004 Royal Rumble when Beniot eliminated Big Show
Bryan and Show took the Beniot 2004 Royal Rumble spot!
Bryan took Big Show over the top rope like Benoit did to win the 2004 Royal Rumble.
Spike Dudley never entered the 2004 Royal Rumble. Kane choke slammed him on the ramp before he could.
"Nice *** grandpa." - watching Royal Rumble '92 with the wifey. Saturday night done right over at the Curtis household.
Danny Dyer Opera House & Steve McLaren Dutch Accent would prob be the last men standing in my own fictitious YouTube Royal Rumble
Man they turned the Cryer house into Royal Rumble 😭😂
Stat! Edge is the only wrestler ever to win the Royal Rumble, Money In The Bank & King Of The Ring. http…
Just watched the 2006 Royal Rumble 😂 when Rey Mysterio won it all
unreal moment when Rey Mysterio won the Royal Rumble
I liked a video from Royal Rumble - Nigerian Ghanaian Nollywood Ghallywood Latest 2014
Daniel Bryan needs to let it go he fails to get the job done at Royal Rumble to get a title shot enough is enough
Richard Sherman finally caught the end of the Royal Rumble.
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Rob Gronkowski is Vladimir Klitschko's long lost cousin, that end zone Royal Rumble proves it
were also upset about the Royal Rumble so they decided to have their own at the main event of this
Rewatching the 2014 Royal Rumble and this is what the 2015 Rumble should have been w/Reigns as Batista, Bryan as CM Punk, Wyatt as Reigns.
On this day in WWE History - January 31, 2010 (Royal Rumble). Mickie James defeated Michelle McCool to become the...
Rewatching the 2014 Royal Rumble match, CM Punk looks in so much pain early on.
Bill Simmons said Stardust won the complete crowd apathy award during the Royal Rumble. Think it's time for Cody to return?
January 31st 2011, RAW. Jerry Lawler won a 7 man Royal Rumble to earn a shot at the WWE Title.
Angry fans booing Kofi Kingston at the Royal Rumble. That's like booing Santa at Christmas :(.
- Kofi Kingston wrestled his 300th WWE TV appearance at the 2015 Royal Rumble, reports The North American...
Back in 2005 Daniel Bryan said why he won't win the Royal Rumble in 2014 & 2015 and he was...
On this day in WWE History - January 30, 2011 (Royal Rumble) . Eve Torres defeated Natalya, Layla and Michelle...
Photo: "Bray Wyatt was the best part about the Royal Rumble match, but Seth Rollins was the best part about...
Video: On this day: Michelle McCool vs Layla vs Natalya vs Eve for the Diva’s Championship at Royal Rumble...
Kofi Kingston's 2015 Royal Rumble on 1/25/15 it was his 300th televised match as a singles wrestler, behind Randy Orton & Dolph Ziggler.
No, I get it. I'm simply saying it's not a "faith" issue. Bryan wasn't injured 2014 Royal Rumble.
Royal Rumble (2015) was a professional wrestling pay-per-view (PPV) event produced by WWE. It took place on...
Due to Curtis Axel controversy, a 2nd Royal Rumble will be held on 1st Sat Nights Main Event excl on
"HHH just said he'll end the Royal Rumble controversy when he makes an announcement on Raw Curtis Axel added to main event?"
That was the worst Spear I've ever seen. And that includes Batista's from the 2014 Royal Rumble.
2014 Royal Rumble: Boo Batista, we want Reigns!. 2015 Royal Rumble: Boo Reigns, we want Bryan!
Still shoulda let Repo Man win the Royal Rumble
To be honest Roman Reigns should’ve won the Royal Rumble last year in 2014 they did it a year late. He was a heel. But was hot at the moment
After watching the “Boo-tista” events of the 2014 Royal Rumble enfold, the WWE should have learned something,...
Today in history: Royal Rumble 2014: makes his last WWE appearance in the Royal Rumble match.
January 26th 2014, Royal Rumble. Batista eliminated Roman Reigns to win the Royal Rumble.
January 26th 2014, Royal Rumble. CM Punk wrestled his final match for the WWE.
Raw Results: WWE World Heavyweight champion Brock Lesnar defeated John Cena and Seth Rollins in a Triple Threat match (Royal Rumble rebroadcast). Roman Reigns won the Royal Rumble match (Royal Rumble rebroadcast). Well a lack of wrestling but at least we kknow whats happening :)
David Michael "Dave" Bautista, Jr.[6] (born January 18, 1969)[1] is an American actor, former professional mixed martial artist, and former professional wrestler currently signed to the WWE under the ring name Batista. He is a six-time world champion, winning the World Heavyweight Championship four times and the WWE Championship twice. He is the longest-reigning World Heavyweight Champion in WWE history, and has won the World Tag Team Championship three times (twice with Ric Flair and once with John Cena) and the WWE Tag Team Championship once (with Rey Mysterio). He was the winner of the 2005 Royal Rumble match and went on to headline WrestleMania 21, one of the top five highest-grossing pay-per-view events in pro wrestling history. Batista also won the 2014 Royal Rumble match after which he headlined WrestleMania XXX.[7] In August 2012, Batista signed a contract with Classic Entertainment & Sports to fight in mixed martial arts.[8] He won his MMA debut on October 6, 2012, and defeating Vince Lucero via ...
John Cena and Rusev almost come to blows after both suffering disappointing losses at the Royal Rumble.
At the 2015 edition of the Royal Rumble pay-per-view in Philadelphia, Roman Reigns shocked the world and outlasted 29 other WWE Superstars to win the over-the-top-rope Battle Royal and earn a spot in the WrestleMania 31 main event...
The WWE World Heavyweight Champion addresses his victory at Royal Rumble and his WrestleMania opponent, Roman Reigns.
Roman Reigns, you the real MVP winning that Royal Rumble.🙌
People are hating on Roman Reigns for winning the Royal Rumble. For crying out loud people, he is the Rocks cousin, give him a chance.. He seems pretty good to me.
WWE Royal Rumble results: Brock Lesnar defeats John Cena and Seth Rollins Well after all of the smaller matches were out of the way, it was then time for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship match between Brock Lesnar, John Cena and Seth Rollins. It’s time to find out who the champion will be come WrestleMania. Out first for this one was John Cena to a LOUD chorus of boos from the crowd in Philly, as well as everyone telling him he *** per usual. Following Cena was the entrance of Rollins with a humongous pop, followed by the champ himself, Brock Lesnar, who was also received rather well.
Brock Lesnar retains the World Heavyweight Championship at the Royal Rumble , that was a great triple-threat match last night!!
Just surprised that Kevin Owens, adrian neville, weren't featured in the Royal Rumble.
Well its been a while & plenty had happened in the wrestling world, 1 MAJOR PROPS to New Japan & Global Force Wrestling for the WRESTLE KINGDOM 9 event, I'll say that's how you really do professional wrestling. 2 TNA moved channels while it struggles still, I'll give credit where credit is due, for TNA & most of all Dixie Carter for still believing in the product & her wrestlers, despite of bad reviews in the wrestling world, 3 MAJOR PROPS to Finn Balor, Hideo Itami, & Kevin Owens for making it to NXT, next stop WWE. Which brings me to now last night while the Royal Rumble event wasn't great Brock Lesnar (who i hate) got my respect for his performance & Roman Reigns for winning, now to address the Roman HATERS, I'm sorry that Daniel Bryan didn't win but lets face it, sometimes you have to give it to someone else, I wasn't happy last year because of Batista winning in his comeback, this is a different situation, Reigns is born & bread into this business so him winning is a testament to his bloodline & all ...
WWE should never book Daniel Bryan in another Royal Rumble unless he's winning.
Daniel Bryan thanks fans for support at the Royal Rumble and beyond
Wwe Network has had its share of ups and downs over its first year existence, but it may have hit rock bottom on Sunday night after the Royal Rumble event. Pro wrestling fans were so upset with the proceedings that the hashtag
If you didn't like the Royal Rumble last night, cancel your Wwe Network sub & buy Super Galaxy Squadron instead
Social media has exploded with posts as fans unsubscribe to the Wwe Network in droves following the 2015 “Royal Rumble” on Jan. 25. The event featured three tag team bouts, a Triple Threat Match for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship, and the annual Royal Rumble bout. However, the crowd at the e…
WWE fans lash out after Roman Reigns wins the Royal Rumble; Threaten to cancel Wwe Network: via
Im so mad about the Royal Rumble, Im cancelling my Wwe Network subscription... scratch that, never had it, never will
I thought WWE did a great job with the Royal Rumble last night, despite the fact that I think Daniel Bryan should not have been Eliminated. I think people attacking WWE for that is wrong and childish. People want to cancel Wwe Network is by far the most ridiculous think I have ever heard. Im a true WWE and Pro Wrestling fan for life. you better believe that Sucka.
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– Following last night’s Royal Rumble, was trending internationally. The cancellation page for the Wwe Network also crashed for about an hour last night, due to too much traffic. — Here …
I love wrestling, canceling your Wwe Network because you didn't like the outcome of the Royal Rumble is really lame. That would be like canceling a sports network because your team lost, or you quit going to wrestling shows because someone you didn't like won. Watching ppvs for 9.99 is a lot better than 50 or 60 dollars a month. That's what really grinds my gears! Yes, I'm a fan of Family Guy, don't judge me! lol
See??? I've been complaining for nearly a year about WWE, it's scamjob of a "network" and just the booking, in general. It takes a crappy Royal Rumble to make customers finally revolt and call for a boycott of the Wwe Network??? Whatever it takes, I suppose. In protest of WWE being...just lame & ill-conceived, I took this photo of Daniel Bryan & turned him into ME!
Royal Rumble match 2015 sucked!!! Nagavoid pa ako ng spoilers. Lang kwenta. Even the Rock cant save Roman Reigns from X-Pac heat. Vince, its time to give up the keys to Triple H. Bigay mo na. sige na, please! The Triple Threat was great though. Even though walang Wwe Network ako, makikisali ako sa
Hoping to get some commentary on Daniel Bryan getting hosed at the Royal Rumble.
- By now, it's quite obvious the majority of viewers were upset with last night's Royal Rumble pay-per-view, specifically the match itself and the early elimination of crowd favorite Daniel Bryan. Following the show, was trending at t...
Another disappointing Royal Rumble! At least the triple threat match was decent! Come on fans we all were disappointed when Daniel Bryan was eliminated early, but booing everyone though.even the rock couldn't save Roman Reigns.All I got to say is C'mon Son!
They got some making up 2 do: Bryan was eliminated early from the Royal Rumble and fans are furious via
WWE Royal Rumble PPV Review January 26, 2015 By: Adam Martin of The 28th annual WWE Royal Rumble is in the books. Yet, I'm experiencing a similar if not same reaction the WWE audience provided last year: frustration. Pittsburgh didn't like Batista. Philadelphia really didn't like Roman Reigns. The tone last year was a strong backing of Daniel Bryan and the crowd wasn't given that opportunity in the actual Royal Rumble match. Fast forward a year later, Bryan would get a chance to compete in the Rumble only to be eliminated rather quickly. Roman Reigns, the guy who was one of the remaining two last year, wins a year later and we get the same negative reaction for the second year in a row. The WWE audience turns on Roman Reigns
WWE fans bashed Batista's win at 2014 Royal Rumble because they said Roman Reigns deserved to win and now they're bashing Roman Reigns' win because they wanted Daniel Bryan to win. I mean chill, D-Bry had a great run last year and I guess a guy like Roman Reigns needs a title push.
ROYAL RUMBLE SPOILERS. I'm not even gonna bother talking about the first hour of the Royal Rumble. Tag Team matches e everywhere, and I didn't really care for any of them. Brock Lesnar vs John Cena vs Seth Rollins for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship was simply amazing. Everybody was booked exactly like they needed to be. Rollins looked like the future of the company, Cena looked like he could still hang and pulled out some new tricks, and Lesnar was booked to look like he isn't even Mortal any more. Absolute beast mode from start to end. If you haven't seen this match, I highly recommend watching it. Already a contender for match of the year. The win goes to Lesnar. The Royal Rumble match. Boy... What can I say about this match? It started off on such a high note, and just quickly dissolved into stupidity. We had hype returns all over the place, most notably; Bubba Ray Dudley. The crowd absolutely exploded. Daniel Bryan was poorly represented in the match, as usual. Kane broke the all time record f ...
A fan in attendance at last night’s WWE Royal Rumble in Philadelphia noted that the heat we heard on TV during the main event was extremely loud in person. He said chatter among fans as they left the Wells Fargo Center was negative and a lot of fans were really upset about Daniel Bryan’s Rumble elimination.
WWE News: Thousands Cancelling Wwe Network Due To Royal Rumble Ending, Many Blocking WWE Talent From Leaving The Arena WWE Royal Rumble just ended not too long ago, but don’t tell that to the Philadelphia fans at the Wells Fargo Center. WWE fans at the arena were very angry with the Rumble match result. The Rumble match started off hot, and it only got hotter when popular star Daniel Bryan entered at No. 10. Once he arrived, he was beloved by fans, who cheered for him like crazy. However, WWE planned for Bryan to not last very long in the match. He may have spent around 10 to 15 minutes in the match before he was eliminated. Once that happened, the crowd’s energy went from a high to an incredible low. Then boos begin to happen, “No!” and “Daniel Bryan” chants flooded the arena. From then on, only three men in the match got cheered for really. Those men were Dolph Ziggler, Dean Ambrose, and Damien Mizdow (Sandow). Others like Bray Wyatt continued to be cheered off and on in the match despite be ...
CM Punk Speaks On His WWE Departure, What He Told Vince McMahon & Triple H, His WWE Future, More - Former WWE Superstar CM Punk has finally spoken out about his WWE departure on the latest episode of Colt Cabana’s Art of Wrestling podcast. It’s a very in-depth interview with CM Punk going into detail about his health, last few months with WWE, his departure and what happened after that. Here are some highlights: * He left after the Royal Rumble mainly because of his health. He talked about working with broken ribs, a concussion and bad knees during his last months with the company. CM Punk was so sick during last November’s European tour that he was throwing up and dry heaving every night after his matches. He had a fever for months and no appetite. WWE doctors gave him so many antibiotics that he had an accident in the ring on Smack Down, all while watching his paychecks shrink. He said it was the worst he’s ever felt in his life. * He suffered a concussion early during the Royal Rumble match but ...
After Daniel Bryan got eliminated, Boo sound got started till the end of the match. What a disappointing Royal Rumble!
I didn't get to watch the Royal Rumble this year, so I fired up WWE 2014, had Daniel Bryan get eliminated from a Royal Rumble match, and then had my wife boo at me for the rest of the game. I feel I got a fairly accurate representation of what happened.
So I guess if Daniel Bryan doesn't win every Royal Rumble, fans will lose their minds? This is 2014 all over again!
Daniel Bryan was stripped of his WWE title after a neck injury forced him away from the sport for months, and Sunday’s first Royal Rumble was his first pay-per-view since returning. The winner of the 30-man Royal Rumble earns a title shot in the main event of WrestleMania (against Brock Lesnar), and…
This is what I predicted for WWE Royal Rumble hours b4 Quick Predictions The New Day over Cesaro, Kidd and Rose.The Ascension over The New Age Outlaws.The Usos over The Miz and Mizdow.The Bellas over Paige and Natalya.Lesnar over Cena and Rollins.Roman Reigns wins the Royal Rumble. 1 wrong not bad :)
Here we go, the road to WrestleMania starts here. For any non-fans who have chanced on to my page: Royal Rumble is the second biggest show of the wrestling year. It's a unique 30-man match where two men start in the ring and, every ninety seconds (originally two minutes but now ninety seconds to increase the tempo), another wrestler is added in random order. You're eliminated by being thrown over the top rope and both feet hitting the floor, last man left in the ring wins. Pay close attention to that bit in italics because that technicality has saved more men than the smallpox vaccine. The winner gets to challenge for the world title in the main event of the biggest show of the year, WrestleMania. In other words, a win at Royal Rumble gives you a ticket to the spotlight, to becoming the biggest star on the biggest stage in the wrestling world.   Before we get to that though, we have an undercard to get through. So let's get to it... SPOILER WARNING 5... 4... 3... 2... 1...   The Ascension (Konnor & Vict ...
If Sami Zayn was in the Royal Rumble. . …and Kevin Owens ran out and attacked him. . Imagine.
the mark butthurt is strong tonight. I guess nobody watched my Royal Rumble predictions video
the mark butthurt is strong tonight. Did anyone watch my Royal Rumble prediction video? Guess not.
Wwe roman reins won the rumble royal!
I got the Lara game, Resident Evil, and Game of Thrones.. makes up for the horrible Royal Rumble
no I knew u meant the royal rumble but I'm like the super bowl of wrestling is wrestlemania which is in March lol but I saw how
Its like a *** royal rumble out is going on lol
When you struggle to throw yourself out of the Royal Rumble.
Even "Watch NXT" feels weird to say knowing these promising wrestlers are going to be fed to the machine that gave us Royal Rumble 2015.
"Soon I will be free. The Royal Rumble will be ours."
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At the end, I had MAJOR problems with the network, had to rewind it 30 minutes in the Royal Rumble Match!
I enjoyed watching my DVD of royal rumble 2004. Did you see DVD? Because I don't got Wwe Network
Overall, bad booking & some questionable decisions made this Royal Rumble fall flat. The WWE Title match did make up for almost all the bad.
What did you think of the Royal Rumble?
I haven't heard a Royal Rumble end to this many boos since the last Royal Rumble.
Here's my review: Watch Lesnar v Rollins v Cena. Skip the Rumble lol. I need to lay down.
Andy Dalton botching s 2 minute drill in the Pro Bowl & Roman Reigns winning the Royal Rumble within minutes of each o…
could've atleast had Randy Orton in the Royal Rumble.
Royal Rumble ends with Kane, Big Show and The Rock in the ring at the same time? Is it 1999? Shame on you, WWE
My Wwe Network subscription officially canceled. Royal rumble was so average
That was the worst Royal Rumble of all time.
Hey will you take the dog out? I think he needs to take a Royal Rumble!
Just finished watching the royal rumble and it was great
Curtis Axel is the uncrowned winner of the Royal Rumble.
Royal rumble was great,Triple threat match was a classic,disappointed Ambrose or Bryan didn't win the Royal rumble match itself though
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Crazy all the hate Roman Reigns is receiving for winning ... The Royal Rumble The Internet Wrestling Community...
Took a sack of whizz and missed the entire Royal Rumble. FML.
Now that the Royal Rumble's out of the way, let's hope WrestleMania has a better reception.
Royal rumble kejap lagi. Live on WWEAPP
Roman Reigns is headed to Wrestlemania after winning the Royal Rumble.
Chinese Checkers are more exciting than the Royal Rumble.
Probably the worst royal rumble ever
If you think the reason the crowd hated the Royal Rumble is just because Daniel Bryan didn't win, you don't understand modern w…
Pretty much the only main highlight of the Royal Rumble
I'm looking forward to Dolph Ziggler winning the 2016 Royal Rumble and the crowd leaving immediately in disgust.
Yup was eliminated early from the Royal Rumble and all fans are rightly furious
I just can't believe my man won the Royal Rumble! I'm so happy! Way to go
The Royal Rumble made my fever jump to 100.4. Fantastic. thanks Vince.
So did anybody else watch the Royal Rumble?
So . NHL AllStars Game. WWE Royal Rumble. Pro Bowl. Miss Universe. They were all on but I chose Hockey💯
Wwe marks -Bully Ray is too old for wwe keep his *** in TNA. He returns at the Royal Rumble . WWE marks- OMG BUDDA RAY IS …
Well to be honest the royal rumble match sucked but everything else about it was really fun!!
I'm so fricken Happy Roman Reigns has won the Royal Rumble haters can go do one
Bubba Ray Dudley, DDP, The Boogeyman, & The Rock appear at the Royal Rumble
My reaction when Roman Reigns won the royal rumble
From 2004 on, John Cena is the only Royal Rumble winner still not injured and with the company at the moment (and only two injured)
Not going to school tomorrow because Daniel Bryan didn't win the royal rumble
Wrestling is dead I just watched the royal rumble n I feel like have got diarrhea
Roman Reigns wins the 2015 Royal Rumble! Next WWE world heavy weight champion?
Worst booked Royal Rumble match of all time
Turning heel at the Royal Rumble match is very common in this decade
Day 25: Recipes today Rumble tomorrow - I’m kind of livid about the royal rumble tonight, so I’ll take a...
This Royal Rumble lasted longer then the actual ppv and all it was was text and it still was better then the wwe ppv
- The incredulous face of Dwayne Johnson
Roman Reigns wins the 2015 Royal Rumble Match!. Check out the Royal Rumble 2015 results here:
Sting Returns at the 2015 Royal Rumble! Subscribe for more on
.Well, there you have it. Congratulations Curtis Axel on winning the 2015 Royal Rumble. Good luck at Wrestlemania.
Before I go to bed: Curtis Axel NEVER entered the ring, so that's not considered an official entry into The Royal Rumble match. -DJ.
I thought I'd give my two cents on the 2015 Royal Rumble winner... Roman Reigns. Am I mad he won? No. Do I think he's ready for a main event title match? No. Reigns is a guy who has potential, but still needs work in my opinion. Maybe if they turn him heel and give him a manager like Heyman, it'll work better. I would of rather seen Daniel Bryan win, but that's just my personal opinion. -Fid
Roman Reigns is your Winner of the 2015 Royal Rumble. -Y2A
Roman Reigns and the rock after the ROYAL RUMBLE MATCH
Share your thought's on the Royal Rumble here... ~ Immy
Who's leaving the Rumble as WWE World Heavyweight champion? Fan of the Royal Rumble? Check out my recent Universe Mode PPV:
Rollins vs Lesnar vs Cena was worth staying up for what a bad *** match. Have no issue with Roman Reigns winning the Royal Rumble I remember fans where behind him in The Shield but once someone gets pushed like him alot now days fans don't buy it the culture has changed and i get why they booed especially in a city like Philly most of us would have loved a surprise with Ziggler, Ambrose, Bryan, Rock or Wyatt winning but it just wasn't gonna happen people need to accept that or don't watch I don't even blame Reigns it's WWE's odd booking of the match that killed the crowd. Either way I'm gonna enjoy being live at my 4th WrestleMania especially seeing Sting vs Triple H.
What a disappointing Royal Rumble. This would have made it so much better.
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