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Royal Rumble

The Royal Rumble is a professional wrestling pay-per-view event, produced every January by professional wrestling promotion WWE.

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o yeah!!! Guys a new payperveiw (WrestleMania) is going to be held on April 6, 2014. In city = New Orleans, Louisiana here is something about WerstleMania XXX- WrestleMania XXX will feature professional wrestling matches involving different wrestlers from pre-existing scripted feuds, plots, and storylines that play out on WWE's television programs. Wrestlers portray heroes or villains as they follow a series of events that build tension, and culminate in a wrestling match or series of matches. On January 26, a returning Batista won the 2014 Royal Rumble Match, making him the fifth multiple Rumble winner and earning himself a WWE World Heavyweight Championship match at WrestleMania XXX. At the Elimination Chamber, Randy Orton successfully defended the championship in an Elimination Chamber match to clinch his spot in the WrestleMania championship match. On February 21, WWE announced that Hulk Hogan had returned to WWE and that he would host the event.[7] On February 24, a returning Brock Lesnar, along wi . ...
Complete WWE Smackdown Taping Results for 3/28 *Spoilers* Don't go down if you don't want to read No Are you sure?? Last chance Ok -Batista came out, making his return to Smackdown, and complained about how he's a former world champion, and won the Royal Rumble Match, and yet he has to compete at WrestleMania in a triple threat match. Triple H comes out and gives him the good news – it will be Batista vs. Sheamus tonight. (1) Seth Rollins & Dean Ambrose def. Jinder Mahal & Drew McIntyre -Kane and the corporate New Age Outlaws came out and announced that The Shield had another match on Smackdown tonight. (2) Seth Rollins & Dean Ambrose def. Ryback & Curtis Axel -After the match, Roman Reigns joined The Shield and triple powerbombed Ryback. They laughed at The Authority, who was still standing on the stage. (3) Sin Cara def. Damien Sandow is an extremely quick match that nobody seemed to care about. -Big Show cut a promo about facing the Wyatt Family tonight. (4) Fandango def. Goldust (5) Sheamus def. Bat ...
HQ highlights of Chris Benoit vs. Kurt Angle from the 2003 Royal Rumble, one of the best technical wrestling matches of all time. Song - "Dark Horses" by Swi...
To the layperson, wrestling may seem as trivial as men pounding each other into submission but any storyteller can tell you otherwise. Matches are physical analogies for life. Take the Royal Rumble for example, it's an incarnation of a life lesson I've spoken about hundreds of times: There are no friends when it gets to the zero hour, everyone is out for themselves and the truth is that they'll eliminate you simply to get to where they want to be. I'm often critiqued negativity for my views but I'm honest, atleast in the way that I see the world. We're all Shawn Michaels and everyone else around us are Marty Jannettys when they become inconvenient.
THE MOUTH OF THE SOUTH JOINS MAD MONSTER PARTY 2014! JIMMY HART (Legendary Wrestling Manager and Personality, ICP's "Big Money Rustlas", Monster Brawl) joins the Party in Charlotte, NC SUNDAY, March 23rd besides his pal, Hulk Hogan! Hart's impact in front of the camera is undeniable, but he was just as instrumental behind the scenes, he composed many theme songs for wrestlers in the WWF and WCW including Honky Tonk Man, Jimmy Snuka, Brutus "The Barber" Beefcake, The Rockers, The Hart Foundation, Crush, the Fabulous Rougeau Brothers, Dusty Rhodes, the Legion of Doom, the Nasty Boys, Ted DiBiase, the Mountie, Hulk Hogan, the nWo Wolfpac, and 3 Count. He also composed the themes for SummerSlam '88 (which was later reused as the theme for many early Royal Rumble events) and WrestleMania VI (which was later used for the seventh, eighth, ninth, and tenth events). One of Hart's most notable compositions is Shawn Michaels's entrance theme, "Sexy Boy." In the late 1980s, Hart released a music album entitled Outrag ...
CM Punk talks to about being named the No. 1 entrant in the 2014 Royal Rumble.
*Royal Rumble* Ladies of Alpha Pi Omega and Alpha Sigma Alpha Powder Puff Game!!! Admission $2, proceeds go to Son of Nicki Locklear and...
Chaotic blues Remember when peace was uncomfortable to me when I was younger everyday was like a Royal Rumble , I was happy when I got tired
YES! YES! YES! YES! lmao. Do you know ehere CM Punk is havent seen him on since after the royal rumble? xD
Also watched the Yokozuna/Undertaker casket match at the '94 Royal Rumble. Undertaker's segment after the match was/is weird.
Still in the middle of the ring royal rumble.
now I'm gonna watch the 97 royal rumble to celebrate
Watching the 1990 Royal Rumble on the WWE Network. It's great to see the old logo held by
you can barely find enough wrestlers for the Royal Rumble don't nobody want to watch a bunch of has beens and nobdies at wrestle mania
Raj and Nikhat discuss their strategy for partner selection after the Royal Rumble Task! For more info, log onto:
There appears to be some sort of homeless Royal Rumble happening outside my flat.
Who wishes this happened at royal rumble winning the rumble who wished Thad happened
Just got done watching the 1st ever WWE royal rumble when hacksaw Jim digging won it! I love the
I have always been a targret to The Wyatt Family since the Royal Rumble when they costed me my chance to win the WWE World Heavyweight-
ECW One Night Stand on TV, Royal Rumble 92 on computer. Love it.
The Rock vows he to will end CM Punk reign at The Royal Rumble ! But what Best in the World promise he will not let the Rock take that means to him the most .
I have part 1 of your royal rumble paused.please tell me you made a terry crews character like you did in soul caliber
I liked a video Edge returns from injury - Royal Rumble 2010
WWE cannot be happy with how the CM Punk situation has played itself out. Punk walking out the day after the Royal Rumble and not being on WWE TV since has caused the company one headache after another. If recent reports are to be believed, it would appear that WWE might be taking their frustration with Punk out on his real life girlfriend. According to reports, AJ Lee could possibly be dropping her Divas Championship tonight on WWE Main Event. The report goes on to say that Lee getting laid out on RAW this week and not looking strong, could have been a shot at Punk for not returning in Chicago last week. Furthermore the report says that if Lee does indeed drop the belt tonight, she may not even be in the title match at WrestleMania XXX. Apparently after the stare-down between Nikki Bella and Natalya some believe that they will face each other at WrestleMania XXX with a returning Naomi possibly added to the mix. Let’s everyone breathe for a moment and take all of that in. The important thing to remember ...
1989 Royal Rumble Match on WWE Network, I think so!!!
Put me in a royal rumble with 19 Liverpool fans an I will try RKO as many as I can.
I watched the 2014 Royal Rumble again .I don't care what anybody says it was *** good .
about to leave from the south side had to drop my god kids wrestling tickets off and it was literally about to be a Royal Rumble lol
settle this with a royal rumble yeah Daniela
Return of Batista: the Animal roared again? The return of Batista on January 21 on Raw was originally supposed to increase interest that would the Road To Wrestlemania xXx WWE Universe since WWE considered the Animal as a star in the business. However, against all expectation, fans of the company very little showed interest in the return of the former champion of the world and WWE, mainly after the victory of it six days later at the Royal Rumble. Considered inappropriate and pointed to his abilities in the ring considered insufficient by many fans in order to qualify for a place in the main event of Wrestlemania, Batista has nonetheless persevered a little more each week and this despite the criticism. Today, it seems that WWE officials are more confident for the rest of the events since some of them told Wrestlezone that Batista had been for the first time since his satisfactory return in the ring during the live events this weekend. These were very few expressed until there given the close relationship ...
This years d3 wrestling championship is going to be done royal rumble style. Every man for himself
Son. Come to DC at the end of the month. Gonna be a huge royal rumble with NT. Nas special guest referee.
The best thing people could do paddys day is get a big bouncy castle, drink and have a huge royal rumble 💪💪👑
Watched the 1998 Royal Rumble last night. Steve Austin got so much worse after his neck injury.
I'm watching The Royal Rumble from 1991 and you are on commentary.
COLON TO BE INDUCTED TO WWE HOF: WWE announced at tonight’s SmackDown tapings in Little Rock that Carlos Colon will be inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame this year in New Orleans. Colon last wrestled for WWE in 1993 at the Royal Rumble. He also appeared on a 2006 RAW to cheer on his son Carlito. Colon is also the father to Primo Colon (Diego of Los Matadores) and uncle to Orlando Colon (Fernando).
hey is anyone planning on going up to Portland for the Rose City Royal Rumble? Im trying to rideshare my way up there and looking for fellow.. um..trippers or tripsters or trippies
Still in need of some people to participate in the Royal Rumble in April. Message me if you love wrestling and want your 15 minutes of fame.
Which was worse? Snooki in a WrestleMania match or Drew Carey in the Royal Rumble Match?
What's worse? The fact Snooki had a match at WrestleMania or Drew Carey was in the Royal Rumble?
Royal Rumble next time you're in town?
That wrestling game was dope tho.i always used Big Show's *** or Chris Benoit,ed Hardy or stone cold in royal rumble lol
LFC youth cup side resembling the aftermath of the Royal Rumble atm. Bodies everywhere. And Reading have equalised. ***
part dos of the royal rumble had everyone... Hulk Bigby crews mr.t awesomeness once again
my face when Punk was eliminated at Royal Rumble
I always believed that if Michaels hadn't of got injured at the royal rumble 1998 he wouldn't be alive now.
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SPOILER: Next WWE Hall Of Fame Inductee Announced Source: At Tuesday night's WWE SmackDown taping, Carlos Colon was announced as the newest inductee into the WWE Hall of Fame as part of the Class of 2014. Colon is the father of former WWE Superstar Carlito and current WWE Superstar - and Los Matadores member - Primo (aka Diego). He is also the uncle of Primo's tag team partner Epico (aka Fernando). Colon is a legendary grappler from Puerto Rico who has held numerous championships in promotions such as Stampede Wrestling and World Wrestling Council. Colon also briefly appeared for WWE as an entrant in the 1993 Royal Rumble Match. As far as who will be inducting Colon, is reporting that the inductors will be Carlito, Primo/Diego, and Epico/Fernando. -PAUL
Especially after his '01 Royal Rumble domination. Could've been really something there.
I feel like the royal rumble is gonna go down in yucca 😂😂
He was if you were trying to have a cigarette backstage after the Royal Rumble in 1992.
Enjoying a snack and the 2001 Royal Rumble on the
More people have invaded that "kingdom" than compete in a Royal Rumble, lol
Just caught up on Raw. is the first person to win the Royal Rumble without actually being in it. Excitement for 'Mania 11/10
Watching the 2003 royal rumble back when was a guy and fought
I just started royal rumble up in that house n idgaf
I think it's plausible. Many thought Bryan would pull double duty at the Royal Rumble. And that's without defeating HHH ego.
Episode - Will the Andre The Giant Battle Royal devalue the Royal Rumble? Should the Shield break up...
yeah tbh I don't even know about that. After I accidentally ordered that Royal Rumble.
excuse me, Mr. Wrestling GAWD, are you gonna destroy the next years Royal Rumble? cause you looked a little rusty this year
Have worked my way into 1998 Royal Rumble. Reminded, again, that Sunny could absolutely "get it" as the kids say. And it's a midget match.
Not sure if this is a football match or the royal rumble.
The WWE had a real knack for putting both Hardy wrestlers in the Royal Rumble at the same time. Can't blame them.
Wrestling With Wade--Episode 1 Hello my fellow nerds! The reason I am covering wrestling is that it is a huge part of my life. Wrestling is very much a part of pop culture. How many times have you heard someone say "Give me a *** yeah!" or "Wo!" that all started in wrestling. This week I will be previewing Wrestlemania. I will look at all the announced matches and also matches that I think will be announced. First match--John Cena vs Bray Wyatt First off, let me get this out there. I am not a John Cena fan. I haven't been since he dropped the Dr of Thuganomics gimmick. But I will say this. This match has serious potential to launch Bray Wyatt into superstar status. In that regard only, I'm seriously looking forward to this match. But I don't feel like Cena is ready to start putting talent over and "passing the torch" as they say in the business. Prediction: John Cena Second Match--Undertaker vs Brock Lesnar I've been looking forward to this match for years and years. Ever since Undertaker laid out the ch ...
When will all content be available on Xbox 360? I.e. all years of Wrestlemania, Royal Rumble, etc...
Don (2) vs John (1) Q4: Who were the final four men in this year's Royal Rumble Match?
Super Nintendo, one controller, one mouse, three games. Big hurt, Royal rumble and Mario paint. No power cord or tv cord. But easy to find and cheap. Can show it works with my cords. $50 obo will not hold. Needs to go
John Cena enters as number 19 in the Royal Rumble Match and eliminates two people in a matter of seconds.
Down and weary When you fail despite your hardship You first out of the ring in a royal rumble When the last person believes in you is Yourself When no one to give comfort Disrespect, discourage. Never ever loose hope Your faith is God given previledge Your sufferings will bring You closer to your God More tears.. more times in life to see Jesus in your Life And you shall see as the day passes by, you still have strength to bear the pain for a long time
Like royal rumble of wrestling, settles many differences or just amicably.
IS FOR THE 29 WRESTLING FANS WHO RESPOND ONLY! I'm making a royal rumble bracket: I need 29 people to pick a wreslter from Sting (TNA Nation) World Wrestling Entertainment extreme raising, house of hardcore and Ring of Honor Wrestling. Rules: you can not pick a wrestler that has already been pick!
Edge returns six months earlier than expected from a devastating achilies tendon injury and enters the Royal Rumble Match.
So May 3rd we will be hosting a RoC at Lexicon. I'm working on finalizing details this week. So far the main event looks like a 5 round swiss, then 1 hour break so we can run the Royal Rumble event. Everyone ok with just doing a swiss with no playoffs so we can get the other event going on time?
I got one word for the 2000 Royal Rumble.Kaientai!!! .INDEED! ~Darko
Check out "From the Vault", where we look back at Bash at the Beach '00 & Royal Rumble '03
Love RedCat21's response in comments to column: 20-man football manager Royal Rumble in technical area
Why did i have this weird dream steven seagal was in the wwe royal rumble ? *** lol
Aaron Thomas Whitlow asked: Should the Undertaker - WWE Universe streak end yes or no? I think if it does it my happen as Kelly Embry suggest and that is by the hands of Vince McMahon. This is how I think it would go down kind of like the yokozuna Royal Rumble Match get to 1mark
LMFAO When I was running through WarGames, I won my 6th Royal Rumble in 5 days
Forget if it is a heel or a face, and who the individual wrestler is. Do you think the majority of fans would enjoy the following scenario: Royal Rumble, all wrestlers have entered. Last three are in the ring. Two wrestlers eliminate each other, without the other wrestler being involved in the elimination, on the other side of the ring. Wrestler who has nothing do to with the final elimination wins!
97 Royal Rumble. Steve Austin put on one *** of a showing.
So is having another Rumble match at WM because the Royal Rumble was a disaster, that and WM30 isn't shaping up to be anything special.
This chick talking to my friend says she wants a title, I told her win the Royal Rumble *shrugs*
Correct me if I am wrong In less than one year, Nigeria once again will go to the polls to entertain four yearly rituals of national election. No doubt, there will only be two political parties to sweat it out in a political Royal Rumble ring match; PDP and APC. The ruling party have already made up its mind and settled for GEJ as the presidential candidate, precluding any ambitious candidate. Apparently, GEJ have accepted the premature selection and have started surreptitious campaign. That left the PDP’s albatross to choose its contentious flag bearer to emerge later in the year. This is certainly going to be very dicey, as many have indicated interest in the race. At present there are the definite ones like Buhari, Atiku, Nda Isaiah, and the most probable like Amaechi, Rochas, Oshimole, Kwankwatso, Tambuwal, Bukola, Fashola, Tinubu. In my opinion GMB, Atiku and Tinubu should forgo their ambition and strengthen the party as elders. I am not unaware of their massive political following. A single man wi ...
Especially cause Survivor Series and Royal Rumble are gimmick events.
History has been made! is the only man to win the Royal Rumble without even being in the match
Made it through to round 2 of Happy to see they have adopted a "Royal Rumble" format this year.
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Even when I don't sleep in it. . A ghost just comes around to do the royal rumble
WWE Royal Rumble Contest on Ten Sports. Click here to participate -
So to make up for the bad royal rumble, they have another one at Wrestlemania 30. Sounds about right.
After John Cena addresses the WWE Universe regarding the 2013 Royal Rumble Match, a huge brawl erupts in the ring involving many of the competitors.
Then to have a Battle Royale 3months after royal rumble ppv smh
I liked a video from WWE Royal Rumble 2014 REVIEW
I like the idea of the 30 man Battle Royal at 30. It's like a Royal Rumble Match at WrestleMania.
Royal Rumble 30-Mans in Wrestlemania by the legendary , in the memory of Andre The Giant
I remember going diva mothers day once, unreal craic then aload of moths decided to have a royal rumble on dance floor :D
The heated rivalry between Mickie James and Michelle McCool continues at Royal Rumble 2010.
They've put a Royal Rumble Match in wrestlemania 30. I still don't forgive you for that awful event
CM Punk will return to television at the end of this week, but it won’t be in a professional wrestling capacity. The Straightedge Superstar will instead be making a guest appearance on AMC’s Talking Dead this week, airing live from Los Angeles on Sunday evening. First of all, I hope my title didn’t troll you guys. I’ve seen a few headlines already being deliberately ambiguous about where it is Punk will actually be returning to, and frankly, I didn’t want to be “that guy.” But despite the fact that this news doesn’t relate directly to a return to the squared-circle, it’s a particularly interesting development nonetheless. But what exactly can we take from this? While any conclusions that we draw from this remain mere speculation at this point, it’s worth noting that this is not something that is being endorsed by the WWE. Such guest appearances are often used as PR stunts or marketing tools, but in this instance, that doesn’t appear to be the case. Therefore, I don’t think this new ...
A royal rumble would've ensued if that happened to any of my boys. It's that simple really.
Turned your Royal Rumble 2012 into a zombie. Hope you like it fella
I saw it on a sports site like 2 months ago when ufc came to Chicago. Around royal rumble time I'll try finding it
6 am in the Dallas traffic is like being in the ring at royal rumble. May the heavens protect us from the women who will do their make up on the highway today. And may the heavens help me not to flick anyone off with my choice finger, this beautiful morning.
I appreciate wanting to remember but why have a Royal Rumble Match at Makes the rumble itself pointless.
Is the Andre memorial Battle Royal like the Rumble or do 30 people start in the ring ?
I didn't like him at first but since Royal Rumble i've become a big fan
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A "Royal Rumble" match in honour of Andre The Giant at Wrestlemania? Sure, gives WWE the chance to make up for this years Rumble match
So basically it's a Royal Rumble at Good to see it named after Andre The Giant though.
I personally don't see the point of a 30 man Battle Royal at We had the rumble 2 month ago. A 10 man MiTB match would've been better
Stone Cold Steve Austin is the only wrestler who had won the annual Royal Rumble 3 times.
no better way to remember Andre than having 30 jobbers compete in a ripoff Royal Rumble. Andre would be proud...
Well, I called it. Been calling it for about month. I've said that Daniel Bryan was going to face Triple H at Wrestlemania and then go on later that night to win the WWE title. And what happened tonight on RAW? They book Daniel Bryan vs. Triple H, withy the added stipulation that if D-Bryan beats him, he gets added to the main event at Wrestlemania. I figured this is where they were going with it, the big indicator when Bryan was not in the Royal Rumble this year, and Batista's not so warm reception when he returned. I'm going to give Trips the credit for this one, because I think this was his brainchild, he's got a great creative mind. So, basically... Daniel Bryan is going to be your next WWE champ at Wrestlemania XXX and you are gonna hear the most epic "YES!" chant of all the times when it happens. :-)
Anything can and will happen in the Royal Rumble and that includes some epic fails! Check out the top 10 Royal Rumble fails including Santino Marella, Dolph .
Or the Triple Threat Match!!! Well that's one way to make amends for dumb Batista winning Royal Rumble
“I'm still waiting for y2j at royal rumble 😭” uhh...*looks at PPV calendar* a little too late?
I'm still waiting for y2j at royal rumble 😭
Lol woman in front row with a megaphone. Royal Rumble 88. You would not see that today.
Hmm, Kofi Kingston pulled out a lot of Royal Rumble stunts, but just when will he actually win one?
First it was domestic now its a royal rumble of feral's out the front screaming while im trying to have a siesta!
Glad I didn't waste my money on RoyalRumble. CM Punk didn't win, Cena won the Royal Rumble, we're getting Rock vs Cena again! OMG, awful.
will you be jealous if I told you I watched HBK & Taker wrestle live in 1998? Royal Rumble casket match where he hurt his back
Gotta love being able to watch the 1993 Royal Rumble PPV randomly at 3am!
By the way, the 2014 Royal Rumble PPV was added to the WWE Network at some point in the last 48 hours, if you're interested.
Watching WWE Network and they showing royal rumble and it was Zack Ryder's last push feels like forever ago big Johnny was still gm lol
Nick played the Royal Rumble task like undertaker
I hear jumping around and im like what the *** now cc had her friend down stairs who she fights with like a sister literally. come down to a dance dance revaluation bologna. better than the royal rumble I thought I was about to handle.
it's funny you hated his guts at Royal Rumble '12 now you're one of his followers! Lol
Do you think there will be surprise returns in WM30's Royal Rumble? and who do you think will return? and who do you guys think will win?
Well the announcement of the Andre The Giant Memorial Battle Royal went over like a fart in church. Nice idea but just Royal Rumble 2
Steve Austin says Vince McMahon is to blame for the 2014 Royal Rumble: via
yes there was and the Royal Rumble is getting full
Gonna have to have a royal rumble soon
watching the Royal Rumble event i went to with John Pipakis, Manual Martinez, and Calvin Moran along with other friends of mine that went to the event, oh how great/crap that event was
Bouta watch this 98 royal rumble..Cactus Jack "can be colder than a mother-in-law's kiss" you are and forever will be a legend
an Elimination Chamber match every women for herself either that or a royal rumble with 29 other *** !
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I know they shot themselves in the foot not letting him in the royal rumble. How would they get him in the title match?
Is Daniel Bryan beating Triple H+ winning the WWE World Championship In the same night bigger than Daniel Bryan winning the Royal Rumble?
Sheamus AIN'T NO JOKE! 2x FORMER WWE Champ, FORMER World HvyWght Champ, Royal Rumble winner, the man has CHAMPION & SUCCESS in his
is unusual for a "what if" at WM. If Daniel Bryan beats HHH, the Batista/Orton becomes a Triple Threat instead. This is like the 5th time a Royal Rumble Winner Vs. Top Champion becomes yet another derailed none-1v1 match? Let's see the other 4: - WM2000: HHH Vs. The Rock Vs Big Show Vs. Cactus Jack. Big Show and Cactus Jack were fillers via McMahon family involvement. Nonsensical. - WMXX: HHH Vs. Chris Benoit Vs. Shawn Michaels. Michaels wanted to finish the 10-year grudge against HHH. Nonsensical. - WM22: Kurt Angle Vs. Rey Mysterio Vs. Randy Orton. Orton did not win the RR, but claimed he did due to the rope rule. Mysterio put the RR Win on the line at No Way Out and lost. Theodore Long made it a Triple Threat instead to ease both sides. Nonsensical. - WMXXIV: Randy Orton Vs. John Cena Vs. HHH. HHH won Elimination Chamber. Half reasonable because Elimination Chamber conditions involve winning the championship; in this case, a Main Event chance for winning it at a WM instead. On one hand, it gives the fa ...
"Daniel Bryan: the only man to have been democratically elected as the Royal Rumble winner."
Royal rumble in my stomach rn, never hold in a fart. FART ROBOT APPROVES.
Memphis would be the number 1 seed In the NBA royal rumble. James Johnson ZBO TA makes the Leagues best Big 3
I won the Royal Rumble Match twice in my wwe Career 2008 and 2013 one more win in that match and I tied it with stone cold Steve Austin.
I liked a video from WWE Royal Rumble 2014 Match HD
Royal rumble part 2 at wrestlemaina lmao
Also: WWE needs to put WWE Champion Bryan in a title match against Bray Wyatt this year with the feud based around their Royal Rumble Match.
I've heard it for 15 years... The best was after Royal Rumble when Bryan was out of Rumble match, they had to praise me. LOL
Dat white castles n liquor having a royal rumble in my stomach *** smh!!!
Hogan announces the Royal Rumble at Mania - YAYYY Cena enters himself into the picture - BO Wyatts enter - YAYYY
Wrestle Mania is just getting better and better. Will the yes movement be successful or fall to the pedagogy? And who will win the 30 man royal rumble? For the Andre the giant award. I bet this is far from over stay tuned!
I've never seen the fans hijack the show. Even if it was orchestrated by the story writers, it was the fans displeasure that started at Royal Rumble that lead to this. It truly is a WWE Universe. They just took Wrestlemania off the rails of the Bootista crazy train.
They owe us from that Royal Rumble and chamber match f%ckary!
On average there are more wrestlers in the Royal Rumble Match, than fans at TNA live events.
bleacher report graded Lockdown a B+. Considering they rated both Royal Rumble And the Elimination chamer both an A- I Think a "Failing company with poor Attendance" did pretty bloody well up against the so called best promotion in the world.
So... we're getting ANOTHER Royal Rumble Match? Yep. I'm down with that.
So I'd assume there's going to be a lot of double duty at mania to cover the 30 spots in Royal Rumble 2?
Vintage video game lot! I'd love to say everything is in perfect working order, but they are not and I will explain the issues each has. No time to repair or diagnose further but they should all be easy fixes and parts are available for these archaic game systems. 1: Atari 2600 ( its actually a tele-games made for sears, but other than the name on its the same) I have played this and it works but has a graphics issue that is more frequent than not making it generally unplayable. Has two traditional joysticks and two pong paddles. Games include donkey Kong, dodger cars, space invaders, pac-man, pong sports, missile command, target fun, asteroids, and stampede. 2: Nintendo NES. Needs the common $8 piece (cartridge reader I think) turns on and plays games but frequently resets itself. Power supply is wrapped with tape for whatever reason. Comes with one controller, the matching ref switch, and games include iron sword, and super Mario/ duck hunt/world class track meet. 3: Colecovision. Works infrequently, de ...
Check out Roman Reigns' dominating display at the 2014 Royal Rumble.
I like this Andre the Giant Memorial 30-Man Battle Royal Match made by It's like the Royal Rumble, inside
So there's basically gonna be a Royal Rumble Match at Wrestlemania. What do you all think about this? - Tommy
SO if I'm hearing this correctly, they are having a Royal Rumble Match at WM. Also, it's supposed to be a 'big' man stipulation, right? I
So a royal rumble at wrestlemania but with a different name. ..ok
sooo any 1 else wondering why the *** they are doing a royal rumble at wrestlemania :S
Basically another Royal Rumble Match @ Wrestlemania 30? Good grief!!! One a year is enough.
Great idea booking a Royal Rumble Match for since the last one was such a huge success
John Cena going for The Wyatts at Wrestlemania then who The Shield gonna to be facing?Guess they gonna be in the Royal Rumble Match -_-
I think is trying to make up for the failed 2014 Royal Rumble with this Battle Royal... With a much less rewarding prize
Maybe this royal rumble at wrestlemania will actually be good, unlike the royal rumble at, you know, the royal rumble.
They will be doing a royal rumble to wrestlemania. I'm stoked! Roman Reigns will win.
The 2014 Royal Rumble was so good, let's do it again at Mania!!
So basically they're having a Royal Rumble Match at Wrestlemania? Ok?
A Royal Rumble Match at Wrestlemania, that's big!
I loveloveLOVE a Battle Royal, but does the new Andre the Giant memorial match make Royal Rumble less unique?
So Wrestlemania will have a Royal Rumble Match. Let's hope it pans out alright.
Wait... so at Wrestlemania... there is going to be a Royal Rumble Match? WHAT!?
Is Hulk Hogan's announcement WWE's way of finally putting Daniel Bryan in the Royal Rumble Match?
So you can't have a MITB match at Mania but you can have a Royal Rumble Match? smh
Let me promote myself and living in the past brother. Let's have a Royal Rumble?? At Wrestlemania???
Really another royal rumble that's not that exciting
30 men Royal Rumble Match in WN30, yeah I can dig it.
Hogan's announcement is a Royal Rumble Match at WM30 honoring Andre the Giant.
There is a total of 20 questions below. This is for those who can't wait for ARE YOU A TRUE WRESTLING FAN XXVII; however, this quiz is fairly harder. A true wrestling fan should be able to answer all questions within 8 minutes without any help, and score at least 85%. If you leave the letter of your answer to each question below (number them please), I will let you know how you scored; however, I will not let you know which one you missed. Therefore all of you fakes can be revealed. I will close the quiz and reveal the answers 72 hours (3 days) after the quiz begins. RULES: 1)- Each time a female scores at least 80%, she also wins the AYTWF Women's Title (unless she is the reigning Champion); 2)- After receiving your first score, you are allowed to take the quiz once more in an attempt to better your score.   AYTWF - "Step Up & Show Out!!" If you have friends who want to compete and prove to be a TRUE WRESTLING FAN, Please invite your friends to our new PAGE: The AYTWF League you score 75% or lower, you ...
Two sentence story challenge. I got a wrestling story from Tom Keeley. The maximum capacity Royal Rumble crowd roared in horror as the Undertaker slowly returned to his feet behind the still-showboating Rik Flair. Flair never saw what hit him, for in two mighty strides the grim featured Undertaker had him sailing over the top rope and out of the competition. Leave a comment and I'll give you a topic!
I know I talk a lot of trash about John Cena's character in WWE...but his Last Man Standing match vs Umaga at Royal Rumble 2007 is brilliant. Wow.
An extended look at the 2014 Royal Rumble commercial
Had a few family members get me an Amazon gift card for my birthday. I spent it very wisely. Got myself a dual SNES/NES game system with NBA Jam and Royal Rumble '93. Boom shaka laka! (Only a few people will get that reference I'm sure).
I'm watching Cactus Jack vs HHH on the 2000 Royal Rumble
Yep, their brawl before their match at Royal Rumble on RAW was great. The feud was better then Cena & Rocks feud.
To the man who screamed yelled and tried ramming me with your car because I pulled out in front of you... you would have not almost hit me if you weren't doing 60mph in a 35. Your name calling, bird flipping, adult temper tantrum did nothing but brighten my day because you sir were hilarious. The fact that you wanted me to pull over so we could engage in a royal rumble is even funnier. The only negative thought that crossed my mind was that I felt bad for whoever you cross paths with (wife, kids, coworkers) on a daily basis.
Giving Roman Reigns the push he deserves in wwe 2k14 by playing as him to win the royal rumble so he can face the wwe world heavyweight champion shane douglas the franchise from ecw! # the franchise vs. Roman Reigns tooo sweet!
Having a royal rumble with my two boys and Lewis farts right on my face... 😂😂😂 brilliant!!
What? It's just a Royal Rumble Match card.
Remember Mantaur? The biggest match (Royal Rumble aside) of his short run in the WWF was against Razor Ramon.
i wonder if next year the WWE will let me enter the royal rumble lol i would win it lol and go on to head line wrestle mania and yes i am watching 2012 royal rumble
*ALL RIGHT, FIGHT FANS! IT'S TIME TO VOTE!!* The Rush Royal Rumble has just been announced! Vote for the wrestler YOU think will WIN IT ALL!! A. The Anarchist B. Snow Dog C. Today's Tom Sawyer D. Cinderella Man E. Hatchet, Axe, and Saw F. The Mother of All Machines G. Tough-talking Hood Boy H. Net Girl I. Double Agent J. The Analog Kid K. Suspicious-looking Stranger L. A Giant Boy (for those of you who are unfamiliar with the Royal Rumble concept, here's what happens: A whole bunch of wrestlers are in the ring at the same time. They beat the crap out of each other until there is only one wrestler left standing) NO WRITE IN VOTES ON THIS ONE!! You must pick one of the above wrestlers. As always, I'll count the votes 12 hours after the final reply on the thread, then I'll post the winner. Have fun!
Softball Rampage - Free Return Shipping
wwe Royal Rumble Match 2014 winner --Dave Batista(the animal)popularly known as.
Daniel Bryan vs Big Show vs Mark Henry Steel Cage Match for the WHC at Royal Rumble on
That Royal Rumble set at NextHype3 was MAYHEM!!! The recording for that if good quality should be lively, all Mc's represented tbf...Was live being host for it all, catching it up front and personal 🎤
After watching the Royal Rumble Match from Royal Rumble 2014 on all I gotta say is of is legit
Here is a direct link to the 2014 MPWF Royal Rumble! Check it out folks!
I remember all of those. The Rock winning the 2000 Royal Rumble. HHH's Return. Raw was so Loud when he returned.
Watching the 2000 Royal Rumble. So many dead people:(
I watched a piece of that, too then Royal Rumble '88 & '89. But i haven't watched anything new since 2000.
Hey, 1-800-COLLECT is bringing me the 2000 Royal Rumble right now on Wonder if that number still works?
Just watched the 2000 Royal Rumble. What a match between and
The last Royal Rumble is now on the WWE Network. The Bryan match was good
how was it working with at the 2000 Royal Rumble?
Saw the Royal Rumble this morning on WWE Network. My only issue is there's no HD but for 9.99 a month it beats the price of a monthly HD pay per view. I also may buy an NHL package (either Game Center or Center Ice) to follow my beloved Capitals next season. You can take the Cap fan out of Virginia but you can't take the Capitals out if the Cap fan.
Don't even know why we're having elections. Might as well put all candidates in a ring for a Royal Rumble. Last man standing b…
Watch the 2000 Royal Rumble on When Bradshaw enters The Posse comes and one *** nails his head on the ropes.
Road Dogg and Jey Uso facing off in the 2012 Royal Rumble. Ha.
choked out at the 2000 Royal Rumble. It awesome to see Tazz's matches again.
Gonna skip 1999 and 2000 Royal Rumble. McMahon won 99 and I've seen 2000 dozens of times.
The 2000 Royal Rumble Match is the *** punchinest Royal Rumble Match in history.
Just watched choke out at the 2000 Royal Rumble for the first time in 14 years favorite Taz moment
I don't watch any more so idk what's still out but I remember No Mercy, SummerSlam, Royal Rumble, Final Four, Judgment
I am about to watch the 2000 Royal Rumble. I think I might cry.
watching 2000 Royal Rumble. Rumble match had Viscera, Boss Man, Test and Bulldog enter 4 consecutive spots. Sadly all passed.
Taz's debut at the Royal Rumble is great stuff.
Well by now everyone knows that the second confirmed match for Wrestlemania this year is going to be the Undertaker vs Brock Lesnar. Many people will remember the feud does the Undertaker and Brock Lesnar had several years ago which culminated in a *** in a Cell match in which Brock Lesnar with a broken hand defeated the Undertaker . And now almost a decade later, Brock Lesnar challenge the Undertaker for the richest prize in WrestleMania history, the streak. The Undertaker is 21 and over at WrestleMania, hey feat didn't know what the wrestler is even close to matching. There is a lot of hype going up into this match especially after what happened on Monday Night Raw. However, is Brock Lesnar vs The Undertaker for the streak at WrestleMania 30 really what's best for business? Let's break it down and look at the match from a forensics point of view. You have the Undertaker , a multi time world champion, a winner of the Royal Rumble and basically one of the most unique characters to ever compete in profess ...
Watching the Glamour Girls vs the Angels at the 88 Royal Rumble on - man I wish modern women's matches were this good!
If Dean Ambrose was best for business, he'd have won the Royal Rumble and would be main-eventing Wrestlemania with Randy Orton
If you were the WWE World Heavyweight Champion or Royal Rumble winner,would you care if people wanted to see you in the main event of Wrestlemania? I sure wouldnt! So to *** with everybody who doesnt like whats happening in WWE.
Watched the 2012 Royal Rumble last night. Seeing Daniel Bryan as a short-haired heel with no crowd reaction was as strange as it gets
12 REASONS THAT CM PUNK WILL POSSIBLY RETURN ON RAW IN CHICAGO Courtesy of The biggest story of the 2014 WrestleMania season has undoubtedly been CM Punk quitting the WWE. Vince McMahon has termed it a "sabbatical", but by all accounts, Punk is done with the company and isn't coming back. Or at least that's what we are led to believe. The Straight Edge Star was either fed up with creative or physically burned out. The night after the Royal Rumble in Pittsburgh, he told Vince McMahon he was done and went home to Chicago. He hasn’t been seen or heard of since, minus his attendance at UFC 170, where he was barely visible concealed in his hoodie. Next week sees WWE's Raw roll into the Allstate Arena in Chicago, just minutes away from where Punk is hiding himself in his downtown penthouse. Despite all indications otherwise, some corners of the internet continue to believe that the whole Punk walkout was just a work to set up a hot angle for the Chicago Raw. Although we can say with almost cer ...
Even if The Shield didn't win against The Wyatt family at Elimination Chamber & Bray Wyatt pinned"THE SAMOAN SUPERMAN","2013 Survivor Series SOLE SURVIVOR","WWE Slammy Awardee"&"2014 Royal Rumble runner-up"Roman Reigns,the whole WWE Universe knew as much as I do that he gave his 110%on the match.Kudos to Seth Rollins too..
Watching WWE Network, Bret Hart about to get his *** kicked by Razor Ramon, 1993 Royal Rumble.
Royal Rumble because the surprise entrants like this years diesel
man its so dope. Watched Royal Rumble 2001 and the RAW Tyson was on. Unreal.
Is that nonsense about Punk being promised the Royal Rumble win and being told the night of that Batista is winning true?
I could never play football with these premier league wannabe's uno, It'd end up a royal rumble
I'm so digging watching Royal Rumble 89 on WWE network right now
wwe network uk? Best for business? Wwe universe? This really *** and after the royal rumble u shud b given this away!
Checked out Royal Rumble 92. Original music and Vince v/o. Strangely some muting of WWF on commentary.
nothing on demand with roku but i am able to watch from computer I just watched royal rumble 2002 . No ecw or wccw online
I just signed up for the WWE Network and it really brought back memories of when I was younger my buddy and I were absolutely crazy for pro wrestling and he had every Pay per view on VHS and I'd come over and watch it with him while we played with our Hasbro wrestling action figures. Nick and I ate, drank and breathed the WWF and WCW. Even when his mom bought Royal Rumble 1996 on ppv and he invited me and my other friend Staci Serapin over to watch it and we just had a blast. If he were still here I know he would have been as excited as I am about just sitting back and reliving all of these memories. Every time I watch a wrestling ppv I will always remember my friend Nick and the great times we had. Miss you everyday buddy.
Watching the 1990 Royal Rumble on and just heard Gorilla Monsoon dub Bret Hart "The Excellence of Execution."
Can see a royal rumble happening in apartment 8 of the poznan accomodation
the road 2 Wrestlemania started after the royal rumble.
Watching your big Royal Rumble Match from 04.
I love Wade Barrett at number 30 in the Royal Rumble idea. “You want Daniel Bryan? Well I’m afraid I got some BAD NEWS!”
Why did none of the lads who used to play royal rumble on the old peoples home field never pursue a career as a professional wrestler?
is so slow why cant I watch a royal rumble
Never tried it and my favorite PPV is Royal Rumble because there could be insance moments and returns which is always cool.
ahhh... I was a big fan I met Blue Blazer after a royal rumble or slam at Prov Civic Center...
.How did I forget that Ernest Miller was in the 2004 Royal Rumble?
Right To Challenge Contract Rumble returns on 21/3. DDT + Royal Rumble + Money In The Bank = Fun times for all.
In addition to SuperBrawl 3 and Great American Bash '91, it appears Royal Rumble 2011 and Uncensored '98 are not on the WWE Network either
THIRTY wrestlers will battle it out in the ring when a special pro-wrestling event touches down in Walsall next week. The Royal Rumble Match features 30 professionals entering the ring at 30 second...
11 year old me with my brother at the 2000 Royal Rumble
Who wants to be in tomorrow 10 men Royal Rumble
Walsall Avertiser hyping This Fridays Special ROYAL RUMBLE show in Walsall. more media coverage to follow this week.
watching the 1998 Royal Rumble. Goldust used to be so *** lol
No, I enjoyed lots of it. But I just was more entertained for the Royal Rumble. When did I say I didn't enjoy it?
“I really hope this crowd doesn't act like the crowd at Royal Rumble. ROFL CUZ THE CROWD SHAT ON YOUR *** HERO?
look up Goldbergs spear on Nunzio in Royal Rumble 😂
I accidentally ordered the Royal Rumble 2014 Blu Ray for a second time instead of the Elimination Chamber Blu Ray, what
just watched v Chris Benoit from Royal Rumble 03, what an athlete Kurt is! oh its true, its *** true!
which PGA player would win a Royal Rumble? Give me your top 3? Who are the toughest
I honestly don't think Batista would have gotten this reaction if he never won the Royal Rumble.
Just like the Royal Rumble, the Elimination Chamber had a disgusting ending thanks to the authority's dirty abuse of power. Till when?
30 superstars compete for a spot at Wrestlemania in the Royal Rumble Match. The Rock vs. CM Punk, Big Show vs. Alberto Del Rio and more.
Hopefully I can use a WWF PPV too. Either Invasion, Royal Rumble '98, '99, Survivor Series 97' or 04'.
So come on all you bowlers out there! This is open to all - junior, adult, senior etc. Please get behind this and support our Juniors. Team details to date for the Royal Rumble. I know there is more but I haven't got their registration fo...rms in front of me. 1. BPD Bowling Shaun Dunn Guy Lightfoot Sean Bowling Daan Wijker Ryan Edgar 2. TOOWOOMBA Ashleigh Caldwell Kayla Caldwell Nicole Caldwell Jourdan Byrnes Kylie Bailey 3. INTERSTATE RINGINS TBA TBA TBA TBA TBA 4. SHIELD KIDS Maddy Kemp Gabbie Vettiger Makayla Tritton Jasmine Mason Tom Austen 5. BOWLA-DEE-DOO Jodie Hayes Josh Wiffen-Hayes Chris Lane Karen Badcock Jay Badcock 6. GUESS WHO'S LAST TBA TBA TBA TBA TBA
I cannot wait to finally watch the vs Benoit from the 2003 Royal Rumble.
I always liked him, but would rather roman have won royal rumble than batista! X
I need to do laundry but sorry I can now watch the 2000 Royal Rumble on my *** phone
I would be watchin Royal Rumble, but my phone actin up..
After group chat convos I can see us all having royal rumble
Watching the 2000 royal rumble. Back when I thought Matt Hardy was hot
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Royal Rumble Match is taking place nw in my bedroom
ron artest is crazy lol royal rumble in Detroit was better
And of course Royal Rumble 2014 is NOT on the Network. The feck?!
swear he came back after royal rumble? And yeah that would be so so liveee
Just signed up for the Going to research some Papa Shango matches in case he shows up at next year's Royal Ru…
The crowd hates over Rumble if Vince & Hunter think he can challenge for title at WM30 i…
I haven't, and my favourite is the Royal Rumble because of how unpredictable the entrants can be.
The Royal Rumble. because anything can happen, and you always get to see a few surprise entrants!
About to watch Royal Rumble 2000! Man I love the Life as I know it will never the be same!
"The Royal Rumble! 29 of the greatest athletes in the sport today . and Virgil."
Little People wrestling match in 98' before royal rumble consists of JR and The King making horribly offensive commentary/jokes LOL
I'm watching Royal Rumble 2000 on the WWE network online, and I noticed there isn't really that much WCW or ECW content on here, I wonder why cause I got the free one week trial
World Wrestling Entertainment has proven with their recent actions with the Royal Rumble, Elimination Chamber , and their plans for Wrestlemania that they no longer care what the fans want. They now view us as mindless wallets that they can tell us what we like. They no longer care as much about good wrestling as much as they care about getting over their friends weather they have talent or not. They would rather spend more time peddling merch and pushing us to buy PPV and their new network than give us good solid wrestling and story lines. To them we are rubes,rednecks, and hillbillies that they can filch out of our hard earned money and give us a horrible product with bad stories, untalented wrestlers, and horrible main event endings time after time. So lets show them how sick we are of what they are doing to wrestling and refuse to Purchase their network and Wrestlemania ! Lets show them we just dont have to take their crappy product because it is all that is out there.
WWE IS AWESOME I have it now as well has 1993 RAW EP 1 WWE WRESTLEMANIA 1 WWE SUMMERSLAM 1 *** IN THE CELL 1 ROYAL RUMBLE 1 TABOO TUESDAY 1 you name it they got search listing in order WCW & ECW VAULT as PROMISED as well & you can renew 6 years in advanced & 9.99 amonth as promised as well
""God! The Royal Rumble was such BS, and the Elimination Chamber Match really ticked me off! I can't believe this WWE, I'm so upset with you, and I'm going to SHOW YOU how upset with you I am by purchasing 6 months of your brand new WWE Network at $9.99 a month!!!" - Seemingly every wrestling fan on the planet" - Johnny Drinko Plinko The second best joke I've seen all day about WWE Network.
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John Cena, Edge, Batista, Undertaker and more compete in the Royal Rumble. Big Show faces Brock Lesnar. Kurt Angle defends the WWE Title.
Chill in at the shop drinking Tims and listening to royal rumble 2001 on my phone.. Good thing I'm getting laid off next friday I can't handle much more Jim Ross calling Chris beniot "rabid wolverine"..
Signed up for the WWE Network with a free week trial. First PPV I watched (through Roku) was the original Royal Rumble, back in 1988... first match was Ravishing Rick Rude (before he had those famous spandex tights) versus Ricky Steamboat.
Got into the WWE Network! Currently watching the 1999 Royal Rumble PPV ;)
I am currently watching WWE Royal Rumble... i can not beleave that WWE has Signed once again... Hulk Hogan... i mean seriously... Noone cares about Hogan his Career is over... Bring in Sting we want Taker vs Sting Wrestlemania 31!
what do you think about Beth Phoenix the GLAMAZON and Kharma entering the Royal Rumble Match?
this might turn into the Royal Rumble, w/The Rock and Ricky The Dragon Steamboat as the final two contestants.
Forgotten matches Undertaker V Jimmy Snuka Wrestlemania 7 The beginning of the famous streak. The Undertaker had actually debuted at the previous Survivor Series as part of the Million dollar team, with manager Brother Love. By this stage though, he had switched to the much better fitting Paul Bearer. The entrance of the Undertaker back here was less spectacle and more terror for children sat around the ring. The sombre faces were always a sight to see. Jimmy Snuka on the other hand had been used sparingly over the previous few years and was winding down as a top level performer. For the rest of 1991 he was used mostly on non televised events and after a 3 minute cameo in the following Royal Rumble would depart the company. The match itself was fairly one sided and short coming in at just over 4 minutes. Snuka would attempt to mount an attack and The Undertaker would cut him off. Gorilla Monsoon and Bobby Heenan referred to him being manhandled and dominated on commentary. The crowd seemed to be behind th ...
Vickie Guerrero squashes Dolph Ziggler's plan of picking as an entrance number for the 2013 Royal Rumble.
PITTSBURGH (KDKA) – A growing number of sports leagues and companies are racing to get in on what could be the future of home video viewing, streaming content online directly to their fans. It started with companies like Netflix and Hulu. Now, the broadcast industry has a name for it – “over-the-top” content. Instead of cable boxes, it’s is delivered via the internet to mobile devices, Smart T-V’s, video gaming consoles and more. World Wrestling Entertainment is at the head of the pack of new contenders with its WWE Network. It launches on Monday. Chief Brand Officer Stephanie McMahon spokeexclusively with KDKA-TV about the network prior to last month’s Royal Rumble event in Pittsburgh. “The WWE Network has been in the works for several years now. We’re incredibly excited and proud. It’s the first-ever 24/7 live streaming, pure over-the-top network play.” The WWE Network also offers thousands of hours of on-demand content, and monthly pay-per-view events are included at no extra char ...
Here's one for you old school wrestling fan; was Gorilla Monsoon a suckup or was WWF overly protective of Hulk Hogan. The 1992 Royal Rumble when Sid Justice threw out Hulk Hogan the original commentary by Gorilla Monsoon was It's every man for themselves. But when they put it on video he was like how could do that to Hulk Hogan. And the crowd was boing Hogan and cheering Justice, but in the video they lowered the crowds reaction. Boy how they used to protect Hogan.
"You Listen To Me You Go To The Top! You Don't You're Never Heard From Again!" Bobby "The Brain" Heenan’s skills on the mic need no explanation, the 1992 Royal Rumble is all the evidence required to show what a great announcer he was. Heenan is another staple of my childhood wrestling memories, first as the manager of the legendary "Heenan Family" and then latterly behind the mic. Heenan was absolutely hilarious on commentary, by far the best color commentator ever. The fact that he was already an established heel manager made his commentary even better. His job wasn’t to call the moves and tell a story, his job was to be hilarious while presenting the exact opposite view from Gorilla Monsoon, and boy did he excel. Heenan's work through the early stages of 1992 is out of this world, and not just because the in-ring action was of a poorer quality in many people's opinions.
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