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Royal Rumble

The Royal Rumble is a professional wrestling pay-per-view event, produced every January by professional wrestling promotion WWE.

Roman Reigns Rick Martel John Cena Shelton Benjamin Ric Flair Santino Marella Elimination Chamber Curtis Axel Hacksaw Jim Duggan Big Show Eddie Guerrero Alberto Del Rio Kevin Steen Intercontinental Champion El Generico Chris Jericho

Dom Brown just eliminated himself from the Royal Rumble.
I'd be all in for WWE U-Turn where they go back to the Royal Rumble and take the street that ends in Dean's title.
Too bad you weren't a Steeler when they had the Royal Rumble in Pittsburgh. . You could have entered! .
Im still bummed that they never made win a Royal Rumble or Money in the Bank.
When they show the history of Royal Rumble in numbers advert every year and that woman's narrating like and now no more, it's Byron 😂.
Sami Zayn is here!!! I had the honor and privilege of seeing him at the Royal Rumble, and here again tonight!
I liked a video Brock Lesnar wins the Royal Rumble
What are the odds of Walker coming back in April, like the Royal Rumble competitor that leaves the match for a while and comes back?
Dean, driving the ambulance like Austin, at Royal Rumble 98'. He's been channeling Austin, a lot lately.
the fact will NEVER win a Royal Rumble match! yes! yes! yes!
Getting all nostalgic for the days when I first started watching wrestling with one of my fave PPV's of all time Royal Rumble 2009. 👌
Can we replace the election with a Royal Rumble? Embrace the chaos and the farce.
might be a dumb question but why did a face hogan cheat to eliminate a heel sid in the 1992 Royal Rumble
Only the royal rumble and wrestlemania
can't wait till you return still waiting thought you were going to Return At Royal Rumble
I feel like with all these guys tryna fight conor, they should just have a royal rumble for the belt.
Me My brother & cousins would have a royal rumble match on no mercy when they came over it was so LIT !
Well Reigns has been booed since Royal Rumble 2015 but you would think WWE would listen to the fan by now.
Royal rumble: Staff at London’s Kensington Palace may go on strike over pay cut: Staff members at Kensington ...
lasted 20 minutes in the 1998 Royal Rumble match before being eliminated by
a reminder, if you subscribed to wwe network for Royal Rumble, it's your last day to unsub before getting charged. there's no ppv this month
They didn't go with the Lesnar-Wyatt program. Why?: They obviously set it up at the Royal Rumble. Instead we g...
Worst Religious Gimmicks & Royal Rumble 2016 So many white people screamed lol
debut at Royal Rumble 2000, ending undefeated streak
"Do u ever think about all your exes having a mud wrestling royal rumble to the death? & then curving the winner?" No lol
I guess it's gonna be a royal rumble
I think you got a bigger face pop from beating up Roman on Monday than your 2002 Royal Rumble return!
Read my article about last month's Royal Rumble Pay Per View, you won't be dissapointing.
Am i surprised or disappointed the Las Vegas Caucus Cam on CNN doesn't look like a WWE Royal Rumble?
Battle Royales are cool, I want to know the Royal Rumble line up and see who HEAVY WEIGHT CHAMP OF THE WORLD is.
Y'all might as well up meet up an have a royal rumble
Update your maps at Navteq
I liked a video Eddie Guerrero steals Ric Flair's number in the 2005 Royal Rumble Match: Royal Rumble
I liked a video Mysterio and Big Show pick their numbers at the 2006 Royal Rumble
I liked a video from Kofi Kingston Amazing Royal Rumble Save
this video sounds like it's about to be a wwe Royal Rumble!
Royal Rumble with no air conditioner
entered the 1998 Royal Rumble at but was eliminated by eventual winner "Stone Cold" Steve Austin h…
Looking like a Royal Rumble with chairs and ladders
porque a Royal Rumble Match do wwe 2k16 ta no nivel impossivel de ganhar?
what Packers qb would win in a royal rumble style fight?
if you look back at your pre royal rumble video you'll see that i said that shane McMahon would be back lol
Do u remember Royal Rumble 2 with Demolition, Ax & Smash just beating on each other as & 2 entrants for first 3 minutes almost
All of our school's problems should be solved by a last-man-standing royal rumble battle royale.
I liked a video 5 Royal Rumble Match winners who lost at WrestleMania: 5 Things
Ate too much today. Royal Rumble in my intestines rn
really fireworks last time I checked this isn't Royal Rumble
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Roman didn't get fireworks last year when he beat Daniel as if it was the Royal Rumble
Oh look, it's the Royal Rumble fireworks
It makes since the Wyatt Family basically beat up and eliminated him at the Royal Rumble.
those were the days eh? Mind Cactus Jack falls count anywhere match at Royal Rumble? That was intense 👌
Colin Delaney just won my son's Royal Rumble.
Damien Sandow got the biggest pop of the entire Royal Rumble and he hasn't been on TV since. WHY.
.never competed in a Royal Rumble match. He was however, in two battle royal's on RAW and won both. http…
When complaining about the pointlessness of the AtGMBR, remember that the first 2 Royal Rumble winners were Hacksaw and Big John Studd.
Where's Chris Benoit winning the 2004 Royal Rumble after entering first?
Rick Martel is eliminated from the 1989 Royal Rumble by Akeem.
Rick Martel enters the 1989 Royal Rumble at number 29.
Rick Martel & are eliminated from the 92 Royal Rumble courtesy of after The Warlord.
Rick Martel enters the 92 Royal Rumble & goes for & who wins the Rumble this year.
Rick Martel enters the 91 Royal Rumble where he lasts over 52 minutes.
Rick Martel eliminates Greg Valentine from the 1994 Royal Rumble and then is eliminated by
Rick Martel enters the 1994 Royal Rumble at number 26 and Vince talks about his 91 record.
Bill been saying he wants to work and they had rumors he was around at Royal Rumble just in case.
Bryan Alvarez straight up blasted Roman Reigns for his Royal Rumble booking. Wobaby.
Love the andhis idea of a Royal Rumble that slowly turns into a King of the (Ring) Mountain match.
Failing to learn to love Roman Reigns: Stan “The Man” Sy, reviewing the 2016 Royal Rumble for Smark Henry:. Fr...
Tonight at 7pm, we'll be live on Taking your calls on the Royal Rumble, AJ Styles and Triple H as the World Heavyweight Champ.
On Episode 50 of The Kevin Kelly Show, Kevin and JT discuss the fallout from the 2016 Royal Rumble, the future of...
Spots of the night from Royal Rumble (GIFs)
I added a video to a playlist Unseen footage of AJ Styles’ Royal Rumble debut
Beth Phoenix is the Diva with the longest time spent in a Royal Rumble match (1 minute & 37 seconds).
See. Now the Royal Rumble is done we’ve started watching Erin Brockovich. Big mistake. Huge. Oh, wait, wrong film ;)
If you told me five years ago Kevin Steen, El Generico and Jon Moxley were in the Royal Rumble at the same time I'd call you a madman
Last night, Kevin Steen eliminated a white hot AJ Styles from the Royal Rumble, who was then avenged by El Generico. What a world
What a Royal Rumble! Here's my take on all the fallout via
Hopping on with Wade and Bruce to run down all the action at an entertaining and turbulent Royal Rumble, PW Torch VIP.
Number 26 in the 2016 is Alberto Del Rio. Brock Lesnar's turning the Royal Rumble in 2 & eliminate Luke Harper
World's Greatest Tag Team? Boogeyman? Spike Dudley? The Hurricane? Ernest "The Cat" Miller? Those are just my guesses for the Royal Rumble
Chyna & Awesome Kong are the only female wrestlers worthy to enter the Royal Rumble.
A fun thing to do is to watch the Royal Rumble knowing that I'm going to send you some mail tomorrow. Order now!
The '08 Royal Rumble had Mark Henry, Viscera, Umaga, Great Khali, Kane, Undertaker, Snitsky and Foley in it. Some large humans.
Alex better come over so we can watch Royal Rumble.
Apparently Alex Riley was supposed to eliminate John Cena at the 2011 Royal Rumble but Cena nixed it and eliminated Riley unplanned.
Exclusive to - Jim Ross (gives us his Top 10 Royal Rumble moments
Y'all I would LOVE if Ernest "The Cat" Miller was in the Royal Rumble tomorrow
Who's gonna win the Royal Rumble tomorrow? Will it be Reigns? Lesnar? Agassi? Poe Dameron? The ants from Antz? Tom Bosley? KONY 2012?
WWE nurtures future Royal Rumble stars at Orlando performance center(Orlando news)
I guess TNA's legal action will be sending Joseph Park to the Royal Rumble and attack AJ Styles to cost him the title.
for people like me without the network, the Royal Rumble match is on disc 3 of The Ultimate Ric Flair Collection DVD set
Did you follow our retro Royal Rumble last night?. Shame on you if you didn't... Make it here...
I would love to see Hardcore "Bob" Holly as a surprise entrant in this years 2016 Royal Rumble
Ernest The Cat Miller getting no reaction at all is the best thing about the 2004 Royal Rumble.
I have NOW been in the 2015 Royal Rumble match for 360 days!!! That's 5 days away from a WHOLE YEAR (for the smart ones…
Lesnar attacks you on the last Monday Night Raw. Give a pop up powerbomb him at the Royal Rumble, show him the true fighter
But, it would not be better that AJ Styles makes its debut on Monday Night RAW after Royal Rumble?
This is why WWF No Mercy was fun. I witnessed Trish Stratus take out Triple H in a Royal Rumble match once.
Everybody knows that Heath Slater is going to win the Royal Rumble
Can I place a bet for dad to win the Royal Rumble or maybe Fish,
who fightin?!? Royal Rumble ain't until Sunday. Save your energy
Today at 5pm on at me & discuss more AJ Styles rumors and Royal Rumble. Call in 646.583.1497
Speaking of WWE, I'm really curious is to how Kofi Kingston saves himself from being eliminated in this year's Royal Rumble. Fantastic spot.
I remember when Eddie Guerrero switched his Royal Rumble entry number with Ric Flair 😂 Viva La Raza! Sweet memories! Rest in Peace
I will not be entering the Royal Rumble this year, because I will be doing stand up at the Cellar Door in Frederick MD on Sunday night.
Heard WWE called Kevin Nash to partake in the Royal Rumble. But he blew his quad walking to answer the phone
Royal Rumble idea: Shawn Micheals entering on the back of a freakin' bull. Just, chillin' on a bull. Best entrance.
Watching the 1992 Royal Rumble event and I imagine to look like Lord Alfred Hayes.
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first ever Royal Rumble was hosted in my hometown of Hamilton, Ontario . Winner, Hacksaw Jim Duggan!
Fact:. Hacksaw Jim Duggan (won the first Royal Rumble in 1988.
I don't want Royal Rumble match for WWE World HeavyWeight Championship..It never ever happened..
Revenge can consume a man. Forget the US.title & focus completely on the Royal Rumble & the WWE World Heavyweight Championship!
CRUSH them all at the Royal Rumble & go to Wrestlemania with & the WWE World Heavyweight Championship!
2 time U.S. Champ is good. But time for greatness! Yes! Roman Reigns & the WWE World Heavyweight Championship at the Royal Rumble!
Roman Reigns will win tonight and will retain his wwe world heavyweight Championship at the Royal Rumble match
29 other men in the Royal Rumble? I got this. I'm not letting anybody walk out as the new WWE World Heavyweight Champion. Believe that! 👊🏼
V. McMahon: "The next time you'll defend the world heavyweight championship will be at Royal Rumble!" . *Reigns defends championship at MNR*
Jeff hardy , matt hardy and Rey Misterio returns to WWE Royal Rumble, please !!!
weep for Curtis Axel, who may be banished to a pocket universe via Royal Rumble victory:.
I, personally, am pulling for a triple threat Divas Chanpionship match at the Royal Rumble!
Do you agree with me?, at the Royal Rumble a triple threat match for the divas championship between p, c and b
1989 Royal Rumble is bananas, out of control! Now Brutus Beefcake and Akeem the only ones in their, 2 of the worst costumes in history
Hey I saw your promo. You don't like the call? Too bad. He got what he deserves and at the Royal Rumble, the Empire Falls!
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2000 Royal Rumble when Crash Holly enters: "Well, stranger things have happened." One of my favorites!
Powell's WWE Raw Hit List: Roman Reigns will defend the WWE Title in the Royal Rumble match, Chris Jericho returns
I wouldn't be surprised if Damian Sandow wasn't in the Royal Rumble
Is Daniel Bryan making his return at the Royal Rumble? -->
Guess who may show up as an entrant at WWE's Royal Rumble? READ: https:…
I want to see the same this upcoming year with Cody Rhodes at Royal Rumble
Michael Cole just said Big Show was a favorite to win the Royal Rumble.
"Big news,The Big Show is the first entrance into the Royal Rumble"- Michael Cole. That's big news,FUK You Cole.
I liked a video from Royal Rumble 2012 Live Entrances: Santino Marella
Will Vince McMahon have to contact you to get the go-ahead for the Royal Rumble to be broadcast on Sky Box Of…
Looking forward to Linda McMahon returning and putting total loser Roman Reigns in the Royal Rumble.
Ultimate Rap League. Just started and we've already had a Big Poppa Pump and Royal Rumble reference.
First Sunday in February. The Superbowl date is made way before the Royal Rumble date or even Wrestlemania.
Am I crazy for thinking the Divas should have their own Battle Royale at the Royal Rumble?
"You want some advice? Stay away from the ropes in a Royal Rumble match" - Jerry Lawler doing commentary for a TLC match at Royal Rumble
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So glad I decided to watch an old Royal Rumble over the Eagles second half
Eagles locker room is about to turn into the Royal Rumble.
To some people is just another pretty face but to me, he's my President even if he doesn't win the royal rumble.
Good at making CAWs? Then help make the 2015 Royal Rumble the best ever!.
I added a video to a playlist FIFA 16 | ROYAL RUMBLE | JJ VS JOSH
John come on I like to see in ring royal rumble
sheamus should the title lose to Ambrose then Ambrose will lose to HHH at Royal Rumble, Reigns will win Rumble match and BOOM!
I liked a video from ROYAL RUMBLE VS SIMON! FIFA 16 Ultimate Team
Gotta start saving up for the Royal Rumble in Jan
depends on his schedule. Man I sure hope so! You have any idea what his schedule is after Royal Rumble?
The Sirens are calling you to join the 'Royal Rumble' at BAZOOKA ROCKS. 4!...
I can deal with him for 2 til Royal Rumble please dont change the
I liked a video from FIFA 16 ROYAL RUMBLE 2 | BEHZINGA VS TOBI
At least I think. Unless he does a Royal Rumble appearance but I doubt it.
That time Too Cool danced during the Royal Rumble match 😂😂😂😜
I won't be reading or watching anything about until the Royal Rumble. Creative is garbage
UPDATE: Today marks 300 days of me STILL in the Royal Rumble Match!
The gym becomes a royal rumble in January.lmao
I've seen the 2014 Royal Rumble four times now. Don't ask questions. Just accept.
.won the Royal Rumble match in 2005 and 2014, both times he entered at number 28.
I added a video to a playlist An extended look at the 2014 Royal Rumble commercial
Punk looked so fed up at the Royal Rumble in 2014. But my dream match up of Seth vs CM Punk did happen
They're going to have to have the safest TLC PPV of all time or the Royal Rumble's going to be 19 men.
HOF results feel like a repeat of the 2014 Royal Rumble.
Watching the '97 Royal Rumble. Never realized Ahmed Johnson wore knee pads on his quads.
Ric Flair with a low blow to the Undertaker. "He tried to lift him up over the ropes"- Bobby "The Brain" Heenan. 1992 Royal Rumble. 😂😂. GOAT
2k Tonight/Royal Rumble (show off a variety of the new stuff)
Ninja offload into a German suplex. Am I watching a semi final or a Royal Rumble
The 3 best matches this year in no order: Rollins/Cena/Brock - Royal Rumble, Sasha/Bayley - NXTRespect, Owens/Cena - Elimination Chamber.
Of the 30 men entered into the 2015 Royal Rumble, 12 of them are not on television anymore. 13 of 31 if you count Erick Rowan.
Fun fact: and were part of the first-ever Tag Team Tables Match in at the 2000 Royal Rumble!
Fun fact: became the undisputed Intercontinental Champion in at the 2000 Royal Rumble!
John Cena is also a Money in the Bank winner, 2 time Royal Rumble winner, & a Hollywood actor but go ahead Jesus.. Turn th…
I don't like any PPV that have the name of the match, except Royal Rumble.. HIAC, TLC, Elimination Chamber, REALLY ***
First ever tag team tables match was at the 2000 Royal Rumble, JBL. Not SummerSlam
fact: Chris Jericho became the sole Intercontinental Champion defeating Chyna and Hardcore Holly at the Royal Rumble in 2000.
Over here I can get an arcade machine with 2000 games for an average of $AU2000. Royal Rumble pin averages $AU5000
I think they should at least give ONE Royal Rumble win. 18 Rumbles, 43 eliminations!
I feel like WWE has put so much into Seth Rollins at this point they might as well leave him as champion until royal rumble or wrestlemania
They have to keep Ambrose Reigns together till breakup at Royal Rumble
I think she lose it at royal rumble
grim, I'm gonna be checking up on that Royal rumble tickets lol.
No problem. Debut to be made at the Royal Rumble
your choice of bringing Jericho back as the third man is terrible it is worse than the royal rumble ppv
Hey, I re-watched Royal Rumble '05 and you fought two matches in the same night. I was thinking, how much tiredness you've had?
Let's have a Lanier vs Reagan royal rumble who's down ?💪🏾
Would have loved this even more if every 2 minutes, another fan base ran in like the Royal Rumble
would be awesome. Instead of a general election we could have a Royal Rumble.
Then at the Royal Rumble Sami Zayn returns and eliminates Owens from the rumble setting up a mania match between them with Sami going over
Exactly. Its like when they book crap title matches like Lesnar Vs Hardcore Holly underneath the Royal Rumble.
Have you heard ‘PFR Episode 21: Cosmic Royal Rumble’ by Pillow Fort Radio on
My prediction. will lose the title to at Royal Rumble.
Kevin Owens should at least hold the IC title till the Royal Rumble, but I'm hoping he keeps it till WrestleMania.
I liked a video from BIGFOOT ROYAL RUMBLE CHALLENGE - GTA 5 PC Mods and Challenges
Royal Rumble & Extreme Rules, just named 2 bad PPVs from WWE this year
Throw back to the royal rumble w big sis😂
Bir videosu beğendim: Matt and Jeff Hardy square off in the Royal Rumble: Royal Rumble 2001
since royal rumble is the start of the "road to wrestlemania", I always thought Fastlane was when the journey got faster
At least Vader is in. Can't wait to book him vs Bork at Mania once he splits up with Bam Bam at the Royal Rumble.
I'm okay with Roman Reigns winning the 2016 Royal Rumble.
The torys should fight the republican candidates royal rumble style
The Most Awaited BAZOOKA ROCKS. IV: ROYAL RUMBLE Will provide fans with Meet and Greets, Party with the bands and...
I liked a video from THE LEGAL WIFE Episode: The Royal Rumble
I liked a video EWF Royal Rumble '13
I think he'll cash-in near the Royal Rumble. He'll go into Wrestlemania as champion.
1993 Royal Rumble it is. Lmao! Forgot about The Beverly Brothers. Bout to get wrecked by the Stieners.
I just flooded out my ring look like a royal rumble, they say money talk then all you *** do is mumble
Early poll: Who the fukk is winning the Royal Rumble?
Liked the show tonight I get told I'm way to critical of the product even though the last ppv I hated was the royal rumble 2014
I just think it's hilarious that he has it. Taking this picture was a highlight of the Royal Rumble for me.
me too. I want a new champion before royal rumble
I thought she got turned off when she came to my block and seen that royal rumble in front of gg crib
Go watch vs Royal Rumble 95, tell me that wasn't shades of this tonight. I like it.
You can't pin someone in a royal rumble...amateur kmt
"you're gunna talk about the royal rumble again aren't you?" "You're god *** right I am" I cracked up 😂
Unlimited Calling US/Canada phone service
what you watching I'm watching royal rumble 2002
Why does the TL look like a Royal Rumble?
4 man Money In The Bank is like a 20 man Royal Rumble. It just should not happen.
Been sick the last 2 days. Feeling a lot better today. Trying to build up the strength to go to Royal Rumble.
where can you watch the Royal Rumble for free?
Trying to go to the Royal Rumble in Philly this month. Would make an awesome vlog if I could go.
I said I'm practicing for the royal rumble!
can you talk about the night you lost the WWE title at the 1992 Royal Rumble? What was it like working with Flair?
Still thinking surprise Royal Rumble return after Owens is mildly dominate with eliminations is the way to go.
Chris Christie leaning on the podium like the wrestler when there are 20 in the ring at the Royal Rumble. Just waiting to pop…
Kofi Kingston vs Shelton Benjamin in a "Floor Is Lava" Match (it's like Royal Rumble rules, can't touch the ground outside)
Oh, hey. Dirtsheets were right about Los Matadores getting repackaged. Now maybe Shelton Benjamin and MVP will return at the Royal Rumble!
I honestly don't think anything makes me laugh more than when Mae Young stripped in the Miss Rumble competition at the Royal Rumble 😂😂😂😂
Santino Marella being in the Royal Rumble for 1.9 seconds
I like *** Arn Anderson was 30 in the '90 Royal Rumble and looked 45
“This game is 2 hard fouls away from becoming Royal Rumble.” Watch out for fireworks from the Russians at the end
They was havin a WWE Royal Rumble at school 😂
Cena: 15 time world champ, 2 time Royal Rumble winner, platinum selling recording artist, Hollywood actor . Donald Trump: …
These City Champions League draws are like when Vince McMahon drew Stone Cold Steve Austin's number for the Royal Rumble.
Doesn't beat the Royal Rumble across the street from my house couple years ago
My prediction: Curtis Axel cashes in on being the longest entrant in the Royal Rumble and walks out with both titles
Tyler Reks has won the opening Royal Rumble of this as of yet unnamed PPV thing I'm not actually doing >.>
Roman Reigns: What happened at the Royal Rumble helped me
Roman Reigns says that the Royal Rumble crowd in January lit a fire under him
Roman Reigns on Royal Rumble fan reaction: “that was a huge kick in the *** : Roman Reigns was...
From has hands full with political Royal Rumble. htt…
From has hands full with political Royal Rumble.
i'm taking either James Winston or Michael Vick and win the Royal Rumble.
I mean I'm mad but not 2013 Royal Rumble mad
WWE Royal Rumble 2006 Matches Texas Tornado match for the Cruiser weight Title Entrants Kid Kash
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1990 Royal Rumble dead wrestler count is at 5. Perfect, Andre the Giant, Rick Rude, Sapphire and Sherri Martel
Hillbilly Jim in. This is the first time since Wrestlemania III that Hillbilly Jim is in a match that isn’t a battle royal/Royal Rumble
to when won the 2015 Royal Rumble and challenged Lesnar for the World Heavyweight Championship.
A Rangers-Astros front office Royal Rumble would be pretty awesome. My money is on Kevin Goldstein to win.
Winner of that season was owned by Eddie and Chris at Royal Rumble. He never showed up again lol.
I liked a video Vickie Guerrero says Dolph Ziggler must pick his entrance number for the Royal Rumble
People I would like to fight in my own personal Royal Rumble. . 1.Liggett . 2.Sherwen . 3.Bono . 4.Kevin Bartlett . 5.Drake . 6.Phil Simms
Just re watched the 2015 Royal Rumble and I realized that Curtis Axel never got eliminated. He was attacked on his way to the ring by Rowan.
just disappears in the match just like he did at the Royal Rumble. Boring performer. Orton & much better
There's been four guys to win the Royal Rumble and the MITB Ladder Match: Edge, Randy Orton, Alberto Del Rio and John Cena. Reigns?
This is the first Tag Team championship match at a WWE PPV to not include Tyson Kidd & Cesaro since the Royal Rumble.
idk if this was match of the year. I'd give that to their first match. Or the triple threat from Royal Rumble.
Match of the year? Owens- Cena 2 or the Royal Rumble triple threat hmmm
The Ohio crowd is looking to be on the verge of having a Royal Rumble meltdown. Owens/Cena is a definite swing match. -EC
Want him to hold onto it for a long time, cash in in time for Bryan to return at Royal Rumble, match for the belt next Wrestlemania?
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First they screw up the Royal Rumble and now the match. Bad match 👎🏾
feels like opening the Royal Rumble w/ the Rumble match.
The MITB Ladder match ought to feel almost as important as the Royal Rumble match, but with only 2 likely winners out of 7, nah.
which would you rather win, Money in the Bank or the Royal Rumble match?
Why do you hate John Cena so much and will we see you in the Royal Rumble match when comes
Used to do a match with my figures called World Wargames. It was a Royal Rumble inside of a roofed double cage. was madness.
IMO the match between and at the 2002 Royal Rumble was one of best calls.
Looking forward to Money In The Bank tomorrow 😃 love pay per views with unique concepts like Mitb match an Royal Rumble
The very first entrant into the first Royal Rumble match was WWE Hall of Famer Bret “The Hitman” Hart.
The first match I remember paying attention to was Triple H vs Cactus Jack at the 2000 Royal Rumble
Can we please change this to Congressional MMA or a Royal Rumble/ Cage Match
Royal Rumble '91: Dusty & Dustin Rhodes vs. Million Dollar Man & Virgil - Blood is Thicker than Water match.
At the Rumble there will be a 20-man Royal Rumble match where the winner will be a contender for any championship at PLWMania!
is gone? ...first ever WWE match I watched when I was a kid was a Royal Rumble where Dusty was the star if not the champ RIP
I'll tell you what though, if there is such a thing as "Heaven", there must be one *** of a Royal Rumble match going on in there.
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Bionic elbows for everyone in the celestial Royal Rumble match tonight, daddy! Dusty Rhodes is making his entrance!
What Ben Bishop just did is equivalent to being the first guy into the Royal Rumble and winning it.
Ginebra and Star Hotshots Fans Almost Engaged on a Royal Rumble outside Araneta Coliseum after Manila Clasico:
the first two contestants of 2005 Royal Rumble were Eddie and Benoit. 2005 got deaths right.
Royal Rumble 2000 Street Fight between and still gives me chills watching it 15 years later.
it was brilliant. I always remember Taka's face smacking the mat at the Royal Rumble in 2000.
Royal Rumble, Money In The Bank, He'll In A Cell, Elimination Chamber. The only matches I rea get excited for each year.
it's like getting mad they didn't call the guy "Bully Ray" when he entered the Royal Rumble
this picture of ted dibiase from the SNES game WWF Royal Rumble is my aesthetic
In recent years it has been Money In The Bank but my all time favorite is the Royal Rumble.
Royal Rumble? "Marioto" picked at no. 2 and then real Mariota comes out from under the ring when Eagles pick later.
I think Reigns has proven himself since the Royal Rumble. Can't say the same for Bray.
The Orient Express vs The Rockers. 1991 Royal Rumble. One of the best tag matches ever
WWE Fact! The Undertaker and John Cena are the only wrestlers to enter the Royal Rumble at No.30 and win.
For 2 years in a row, (1991 & 1992) The Undertaker & Jimmy Snuka drew back-to-back numbers in the Royal Rumble. http:/…
After winning the Royal Rumble, The Soldier will be defending his Intercontinental Championship in a company wide Gauntlet Match!
Sort of a to the 2014 Royal Rumble...Snickers' Transformation :
Santino Marella has the shortest Royal Rumble time, at 1.9 seconds in the ring.
reigns won the Royal Rumble. He was superstar of the year in 2014 but he was injured. They picked up where he left off..
that's why this will never end Royal Rumble 2014 Daniel Bryan wasnt in it Royal Rumble 2015 he got eliminated
Did the tag team tournament longplay for WWF Royal Rumble. On Sega Genesis. NEVER AGAIN. SWEET LORD. NEVER. AGAIN.
*** suplexed Plies off the stage like it was a Royal Rumble.
I really like having the WWE Network. I can just open it up backstage and watch the 2000 Royal Rumble with a few clicks. It's great.
I kinda hate how folks just turned on Everybody wanted him to win the 2014 Royal Rumble (myself included).
But the one guy went into the Royal Rumble with hands pumping up and down, gets tossed instantly, then pumps arms on way out
Luke Harper vs Kane finle two in the Royal Rumble. WE WANT HARPER!
Shelton Benjamin in the 2005 Royal Rumble got a great reception. It'd be terrific if he came back to the WWE.
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