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Royal Rangers

Royal Rangers is a worldwide ministry of the Assemblies of God and is designed to provide youth with challenging activities while providing them with Christian instruction.

Girls Ministries Family Night Adult Bible Study Girls Clubs Girls Club

It is amazing and disheartining, as i witnessed today a war prayer rally, over 1000 Royal rangers came to d Raly holding Bible wit one hand nd a new brand Marchet wit d other hand trying to gain entrance into d Assemlies of God General council office , but thanks be to God bcs d Army, nd Police intervained, nd they did nt enter ,i am still wondering what prayer nd marchet hav in comon. ,may God help us o
TONIGHT: Royal Rangers & Girls Ministries are back in action! All groups meet in the FLC Gymnasium at 7:00pm. We'll see you there!
Don't forget about church, youth, Royal Rangers and Girls Ministry tonight at 7pm!!! Don't miss what God has in store for you!
Community Groups, Royal Rangers, & Girls Ministries are back on for TONIGHT! See you soon!
Sean just said he roots for the Rangers but won't wear royal blue... Good thing we have 3 other uniforms
Charity...I would give like 10 to Royal Rangers..a christian Boys Scouts.. that taught morality..and how to take care of yourself
Rangers and Volunteers from Outpost were in Batam for the opportunity to experience being a valuable and...
"I tell you the truth, if you have faith as small as a mustard seed, you can say to this mountain, “move from...
My sparkly Texas Rangers case was my fav but I had to get a new one bc It was kinda worn out but I also love love my new one 💓
Outpost Adventure Rangers on a mission trip to Malaysia and impacting local church and communities. (Photos...
Based at RAF Shawbury where my cousin Denise is based. Rangers had theirs delivered by abseiling Royal Marine Commando's!
that's 46 more than the Royal York Rangers
Are u ready!? vs opening faceoff at the ol barn in 7 brought to you by MAZ KARIMJEE - ROYAL LEPAGE. Go buy a house!
MATCH DAY! Rangers look to bounce back from a poor performance last week, Royal Park at home today. Sponsored by ⚽️
Rangers vs Royal Park tomorrow is sponsored by - preview at
The good thing we learnt to make fore pita at royal rangers and to put them out with water the thing is I never did get the hang of the
A man never stands so tall as when he stoops to help a boy. . - Johnny Barns [1927-1989], Founder Royal Rangers.
Prince William urges 'zero tolerance' on ivory trade to save 'maginificent elephants' (via
Odd that rangers remove Save the Park signs—for toeing party line: will make Royal Park much better?
- 7:32AM: Road Rangers report accident SB on HWY1. Accident is near the on ramp at View Royal. Traffic is quite backed up.
Happy Thanksgiving everyone! CHRISTmas party for Royal Rangers Outpost 38 will be Dec 17th!😄
to when I was a G in the Royal Rangers.
TIL in Power Rangers is still on the air, & they look like a steampunk royal guard doing a broadway show
23,000 Royal Thai Rangers of the RTA just received an increase in their daily stipend -from 120 to 200 baht. via Wassana N.
Rangers' AGM on Monday 22nd December at the Royal Concert Hall?
Family Night at Holt Assembly 7pm to 8pm. John Bevere series Under Cover, Royal Rangers and Mpact girls for children and youth ministry for teens. Something for everyone.
Hello church family, I'm selling fresh, fragrant handmade wreaths. Each wreath is made by Alpine Farms in Bremerton, WA. Proceeds from all sales go to benefit the Royal Rangers Ministry.
Proud to have served in the finest regiment of the greatest army in the world, 1st bn Royal Irish, Air Assault Rangers.. Faugh a Ballagh
Foothills Christian Church hosted the regional Royal rangers derby race today.
That awkward moment when Royal Rangers get a shout out but Missionettes don't...
GM3 looking to go 3-0 vs Opening faceoff in 15 brought to u by MAZ KARIMJEE - ROYAL LEPAGE
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islamic muslim *** plotting to kill the queen today at royal albert hall . HER REPLY THEY WONT STOP ME GSTQ
Mission Accomplished! It's been a blessing and joy to impart the ministry of Royal Rangers to the leaders of the...
Ever hear of the Royal Rangers? I was one. Plus choir member, chamber choir.
The RR mission team fellowshipping with the local Royal Rangers Philippines leaders over a hearty meal...
After Royal Rangers na KAI and NURTW go parade. Special gift from Lagos state!
Royal Rangers! I shear that passion with you at Uyo
Royal Rangers! *** Those days when I used to be part of them 😳😳😳
The 'Royal Rangers' are next in line the parade with different warm up skills.
The Royal Rangers are live at the commissioning of the Stadium.
Order of procession for the Grand Parade at the unveil of the 4. The Royal Rangers
Truly the Royal Rangers Ministry has impacted my life a lot ☺️ Credits to Cmdr zhifung 😆…
Asking an EU class about Missionettes, Royal Rangers, & Honor Star is pretty much just initiating a Pentecostal bragging m…
Cmdr Chris Chong teaches the local leaders on "Successful Outpost" in an incomplete building. Learning can take...
Bring it on...being part of this history is wow. Royal Rangers performing
This is painting on water. Something that my Royal Rangers will be doing a version of soon with a project where...
I think the rangers should go to england with there german royal family talk about inter breeding.
Join us tonight for our Wednesday Night service at 6:30pm. There's something for everyone.Royal Rangers,...
Boys are God's way of telling you that your house is too neat. Making a mess tonight at Royal Rangers 6:30!...
Let's keep the RR mission team in prayer as they head down the mountain to Manila in a 7 hour drive and then fly...
Isaac was a devoted member of the Royal Rangers, and He had the dream of serving his country one day If He gets the opportunity.
ROYAL RANGERS MAKE IMPACT AT BASS PRO OUTDOOR DAYS & RENDEZVOUS!!. Anyone who is an outdoor enthusiast is likely...
"What we do upon some great occasion will probably depend on what we already are; and what we are will be the...
will go back to your Crown Royal and power rangers costume
cracking pics from Tim Lloyd from Royal Town derby between &
... And they are on their way! Keep Cmdrs Eng Kiat, Norman and Chris in prayer as they travel to Royal Rangers...
A few of our Royal Rangers singing 🎶God's Not Dead🎶 during their awards ceremony this morning. 🙌
Our Royal Rangers ministry is selling baked goods at Sunmart on A street today from 10-2! Stop and buy yourself some goodies!
We can shift into the prophetic by;. 1. Giving it all we've got. 2. Be clear of God's leading and direction. 3.
Get ready for new seasons, new strategies, new heart and new partnerships as RR leaders shift into the prophetic...
We're blessed to have the National Royal Rangers Director, Rev Gerald Tan speak on shifting into the prophetic...
Congratulations from to Her Majesty’s Royal Marines who have been awarded the Freedom of the City of Glasgow http:/…
Getting ready for Girls Clubs and Royal Rangers! (@ Riverlife Church in Bradenton, FL)
Royal Bank of Scotland vs Celtic? Would've thought they'd be more interested in Rangers
How should Royal Rangers celebrate Singapore's 50th birthday?
Looking forward to discipling boys and girls tonight! Royal Rangers and MPact Girls is gonna rock at
ouuu your royal highness we love you we support rangers we are British we hate Scotland let's vote no
Did you know you can now register for national Royal Rangers training events online? Don't forget to visit...
Calling all families...Impact Girls and Royal Rangers kicks off tonight & Crave meets across the street in the...
Nursery, Girls' Ministries, Royal Rangers, Emerge Youth, and Adult Bible Study all meet tonight at 6:30 pm!
er I know David from royal rangers. you guys go to the same church right?
I absolutely loved the old firm derbies. Rangers v Celtic was just a royal rumble
Attention Royal Rangers Parents! Pow Wow is Oct 10-12 this year. Please email me if you plan to go. Thanks,...
Family Night starts back up tomorrow night at 7PM! Royal Rangers, Girls Ministries, Rainbows, and Adult Bible Study will all be meeting.
Anyone looking for a great deal on a brand new 10x10, 5 man Coleman tent? The NW Region Royal Rangers has 18...
We're looking for ways to celebrate Singapore's 50th birthday and we want to hear your ideas and thoughts. So...
ROYAL RANGER SLEEPOVER: Sept. 26-27 6pm-5pm $15 each. Hey boys, come and spend the night with the Royal Rangers...
the rangers support love a Royal Family so they'll be delighted at this news I'm sure!
Azman Bin Ismail is the name of the man the Malaysians say 'intends to buy' Rangers. Claims to be representing royal family. Hmmm.
A lot of people voting no either like Dr Who, Harry Potter, the British flag, the Royal Family or support Rangers.
Cove Rangers on cloud nine after thrashing Hawick Royal Albert:...
5 Ways to Build Character for Men from IPHC Men's Ministries and IPHC Royal Rangers Directors Bill Terry and...
Hawick Royal Albert's squad photo, ahead of their defeat to Cove Rangers F.C. in the Scottish Cup:.
protestant or catholic, rangers or Celtic, liking the royal family or not ! Is nothin to do with the vote! It's what's best for our country👊
I'm privileged this morning to have a Royal Rangers / Missions service at Hartford, IL AG with pastor Dave...
. Sad to see Hawick Royal Albert squeezed out of cup yesterday by Cove Rangers. 9-0. So close.
Cove Rangers and Hawick Royal Albert kicked off their Scottish Cup campaign today with Angie Isac on duty for...
You can keep up-to-date with Hawick Royal Albert's match against Cove Rangers F.C. via the following links:...
Good luck to Hawick Royal Albert today in the Scottish Cup, away to Cove Rangers. I'll be there supporting
Having a great time at the Alabama Royal Rangers Leaders Conference at Springville Camp!
It's time for our first AWARDS SUNDAY of the new year! Parents of kids in Girls Ministries and Royal Rangers,...
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After yesterday of 2 hours of church moving, 6 hours of cleaning the interior windows and 1 hour of finishing the Kingdom Kids Kart, the body pays the price today. Stiffness in the hips from ladder ups and down makes life fun. But all that CANNOT keep me from glorying and praising God as I see what He has done with our new church building. The first Sunday at our new building is coming soon. The Ice Cream Kick Off from Royal Rangers and Girls Clubs is Wednesday. Thank you Lord for Your Grace, Mercy and Love.
The Royal Rangers they all going fishing
Parents of elementary age boys: Team Kids is now Royal Rangers and we are kicking it off by building derby cars...
Back by popular demand...ADVANCEMENT POSTERS for each Royal Rangers age group!!! Available now through Gospel...
Quality for Rangers tonight 👌 Boyd and Miller back in the royal blue jersey 🔵
proud to host the Sandparks honorable Rangers Golf Day.
"If you want to build a ship, don't drum up people together to collect wood and don't assign them tasks and work,...
The mighty Aurora Box. One of the most prized possessions of my royal family. It has the power to destroy the Rangers.
We meet Tuesday this week to celebrate the end of summer! . Guys- Swim Party (Hosted by Royal Rangers). Meet at...
Royal Quest, MMO from the creators of King's Bounty and Space Rangers is now live and free to play!
Royal Rangers getting ready for their camp
Cleanliness is next to Godliness. They don't teach that in Royal Rangers
Behold, the mighty Aurora Box, one of my royal family's most prized possessions. It has the power to destroy the Power Rangers.
no, I don't think so...It was the girl version of Royal Rangers
Ugh, I see Rangers are waving Israeli flags. Soon it will be the Royal Family knitting again. What a bunch of melts.
Baby dinosaur meets Mad Hatter in Royal Mile with escort
only knows what he's told in the royal bar or rangers/NI clubs
The South Texas Royal Rangers 2015 Missions Project is Royal Rangers International. Join us in raising $30,000...
Preparations for Day 2 of EDGE 14 are well underway! Today we cast the vision for South Texas Royal Rangers well...
Bishop's class is for adults (30+) and Royal Rangers and Missionettes is for any grade below 7th!
Royal Rangers & Girls Only groups for grades 9-12 meeting today at Cathedral of Praise @ 4:00 PM :-) Need a ride, let us know by 2:00 PM!
Not to mention that ever since he made that claim, he only got himself into trouble and got his royal *** kicked by the Rangers
Party time at the Royal Telegraph this weekend, can't wait 🎉🍺
Southwood had Badge Night last night with all of our Girls Ministries and Royal Rangers. We are proud of all of you!!
Are you ready to party fans? Join us here at the Royal Telegraph for a top weekend
Had a great time last Sunday talking to Pastor Rick about Royal Rangers and about Sierra Leone. Thank…
Enjoyed my time with the guys from Bethesda Royal Rangers last night.
What is the prospect as to how to deal with the Rangers and with the royal family remnants, Sledge? Are you all up to something?
the Royal Telegraph welcoming all Rangers fans for a good *** up and sing …
VIDEO: HRH The Duke of Cambridge acknowledges the brave and critical work of the World's Park Rangers
Royal Rangers Ministry for boys - Mpact Girl's Clubs Ministry for girls - Every Wednesday 7 PM
Join us at 7 o'clock tonight. Boy's Royal Rangers, Girls Ministries. The Refuge Youth, and Adult Prayer and Bible Study-Book of Revelation.
Hibs thugs ambush Hearts and Rangers fans, Hibs showing how scummy they actually are
Royal Rangers Council of Achievement. The COA is THIS Wednesday, July 30 at 6-8 PM in Kid's Church. Come celebrate...
If you dial 3-3-2-3-9-3 on a touchtone phone, you get the theme from the power rangers
Lourdes and I yelled at Humpal as he stood on a street corner holding a Royal rangers flag
BREAKING NEWS: Power Rangers on push-bikes have dismissed the monarchy! Yayyy!!!. "Le Tour starts with royal send-off"
so am I .The royal burgh. Albeit im an incomer being a Kilsyth Rangers man
Check out what I found. Royal MARINES Commando ,soldier ,veteran ,navy,seals , swat, rangers, tshirt via
Knee before his royal highness GoldKingRanger the king of Power Rangers of UK
well we need a police force like all other countries. RIR is the amalgamation of UDR and Royal Irish Rangers.
- I hope so. The whole of Ibrox singing 'Sandy in Royal Blue' at the last game of last season was very moving.
They look like the power rangers when the teamed up and morphed 😂😭😂
Im probably going to be the only person dressed in this royal blue shirt at this orioles vs rangers game, but idc. Texas Reppin' 💙⚾️
I walk into one of the Royal Rangers classrooms and what do I see? Lincoln logs. Everywhere. 😭
Royal Rangers and Stairway to the Stars programs, Birth to Kindergarten, and Kids Church - Join Us Today!...
All America hamburgers, hot dogs, French fries, baked beans, and ice cream this evening. Join the Royal Rangers...
Royal Rangers parade Training is coming up this month b inform
Do you have a story of how an experience involving Royal Rangers has changed a young man's life? We want to hear...
In two weeks the Astros will have a better record than the Rangers. The system works!! :)
I would like to thank commander luis Velazquez & distric staff for the hospitality extended to me and my family at SED royal rangers camp!
Ex-Royal update: Andres Blanco back in the majors for the first time since 2011. Played for KC from 2004-06, Cubs 09, Rangers 2010-11
Great weekend with my amazing son at royal rangers.
I'm just gonna watch Royal Pains on Netflix hopefully the Rangers win
rangers getting the royal screwing . Goalie int
Jozy Altidore has scored twice today?? This bodes well for the US Men's team. And now...go Rangers...kinda...
...would look better if it was a full size shirt and had the proper royal blue Rangers colour.
When you're Pastor asks you to pray about a certain position in the Church one should be careful what they pray for because you just might get it. Here is the perfect example of what I'm speaking about. My old Pastor Tim asked me to pray about the Royal Rangers because one of the other church members was wanting to start a chapter. The Royal Rangers is a group similar to the Boy Scouts it's a good organization with one exception unruly little boys. So naturally I didn't have a problem praying about God's will concerning the brother's desire to start a Royal Ranger group especially since I wasn't going to be involved in it or have anything to do with it. If the brother wanted to be a baby setter on Wednesday nights with a bunch of kids may the grace of the Lord be with him for he is going to need all the grace he could get . So I prayed and I prayed again for over two weeks I prayed and prayed and prayed and prayed some more. Actually I had gotten the answer two weeks earlier but I wasn't overwhelmed wi .. ...
ROUGH ROAD TO PEACE; THE LIES, FRUSTRATION AND HIDDEN AGENDAS Assemblies of God Nigeria has unfortunately, become a bleeding ground for all forms of lies, manipulation and character assassination; all in the bid for power and positions. Men like my father who joined this church in 1959, that was 4 years before Rev Dr Charles Osueke joined the church. Thank God for the rare opportunity he(Dr Charles) had which now makes some of us to think that he was one of the founding fathers. In fact, my father was one of those who spearheaded the spread of AG in most of the eastern part of the country especially the old Anambra and some part of old Imo states. My father would be shocked beyond measure as he seat by the side of his father in the Lord, Rev Dr M.O Ezeigbo and Rev Akwarandu in heaven watching in great dismay the kind of lies flowing from the mouths of the so called leaders of this great denomination. Sequentially, I have much at stake as far as AG Nigeria is concerned. I was the man who coil the word . ...
Umuahia ROYAL RANGERS sword we want peace
Paid a visit to Royal Rangers camp out with He did catch a "fish" doing this!!
The action continues tonight at The Royal! Come watch the Rangers tie the series up as they bounce back in game ...
Got Connor Garcia off to Royal Rangers Church Camp yesterday. morning. I was worried it was going to be a complete washout. I am so happy for him & all the others that it was not. now they can romp in the mud what boys do best. Thank you Lord for the rain & giving the boys some sun shine.
Helping a group of "Royal Rangers" with some Trap shooting at the Newark Sportsmen's Club today!
Benjamin and Elijah are off camping this weekend with Royal Rangers. Love them. Miss them. And it's in the 40s at night! Brr.
Standing room only at men's breakfast this morning. Pastor Hal is about to bring the word, and in a little while, pinewood derby for the royal rangers!
Really getting excited about the MPact and Royal Rangers crowning ceremony. ...God has given me so much instructions on what our theme should be around this year...I just can't seem to get enough from Him..I pray that each and every child will walk away that night knowing what their worth is in Him:) its gonna be so worth all the stressful days ahead lol
National Comm of royal rangers nigeria is his way to port Harcourt
Looking for a royal victory against the Rangers! 3 for the cup ! Go Kings !
Considering getting a tent and stuff and heading to the woods. Thanks to the Royal Rangers,military school, the Navy I should be rather ok.
a gain of ten sighting at royal rangers youth camp this weekend. Back at it after a 2 yr hiatus. Watch for updates, pics, and more.
The Duke of York pays tribute to Aurora’s Rangers in Canada
.oh. Well it's the same thing. *he says to * Being a member of Royal Rangers doesn't mean you have to fight dragons.
Good afternoon. Are you here to sign up for the Royal Rangers? *he asks *
*hoofs a paper to * If you are a Royal Guard member or trainee, I recommend that you get so sent to join the Royal Rangers by (c
domain names
...are you recruiting for the Royal Rangers Mister.? ()
The one and only at Ranger Trails. I love royal rangers!!! @ Ranger Trails
Good luck with that, . Are you interested in joining the Royal Rangers, or will you pass?
He's got way too much on his plate to even WANT to join the Royal Rangers.
((Note for joining members of Royal Rangers: I will be writing up some notes on Tumblr and posting them here.))
This is my recruitment booth for my "hero for hire" company, the Royal Rangers. ()
Good morning! We are needing a small trailer that we can haul a port-a-potty on for the Royal Rangers campout. If anyone in the church happens to have one that we can borrow today through Sunday, please let me know. We've thought that we had a couple different ones found, but they didn't work out. Thanks!
Praying that our boys will have a safe trip to their destination! Praying for The VFG Royal Rangers and their leadership, that they will have a great time and gain friendships & acquire & absorb knowledge in The Lord that will last them throughout their lifetime!
This morning at 8:00am our Royal Rangers will be leaving the church for the Royal Rangers' biggest event of the...
After 'royal screw-up,' Justin Williams plays hero again for Kings in Game 1 win vs. Rangers in Stanley Cup final -->
Royal Rangers Outpost 64 will be hosting the Flea Market this Saturday. Spots are available first come first...
Had the pleasure of attending the Queen's York Rangers Parade where His Royal Highness Prince Andrew, the Duke of York was present.
Outpost 206 - Gene Riemenschneider said- . Our Goal in Royal Rangers is nothing less than training the next...
Royal news reporter injured in fring incident at sohrab goth . What special commandoes of rangers doing ?
Any cops around the Royal York Armoury today? I'll be there to watch my daughter in Royal York Rangers, parading! Come watch her 4 support!
Bring your children tonight for fun activities while learning biblical lessons for life. Royal Rangers for boys and Mpact for girls. Ages 4-17; Classes from Preschool through High School. 7pm until 8:30pm.
Going to be a great night! Pastor Andrew McGuire hangs with students in the fellowship hall. PBS (Pastor's Bible Study) in the Sanctuary investigating Psalm 29 "God is bigger than the storm." Royal Rangers and Girls Ministries too! This is a do not miss evening at WFA...having fun doing life together!
Tonight is BREAKFAST night at First Assembly. Sausage, eggs, pancakes, choc. milk, & O.J.! See you at 6:30 for free breakfast & then Girl's Ministries & Royal Rangers & 7:00. Also, The Difference at 7:00! In our adult class we are studying "The Power of Praying for Your Adult Children". Would love to have you join us at 7:00 in the sanctuary.
Attention Royal Rangers at Mossy Living Word Church: Council of Achievement tonight. Please wear red shirts and dark colored pants. Most of your vests are at the church, but if you have them, please wear them. If you can be there by 6:30pm we would like to practice. See ya there!
Don't miss Royal Rangers or Mpact Girls' ministries tonight! It's "Starbux" night for the Stars class! It's going to be a super fun evening! Can't wait to see you all!
Just a reminder tonight at 6:30pm we will be awarding the Royal Rangers and MPact girls for all of their accomplishments. Come and celebrate with us!
Don't forget everyone, we have Wednesday night bible study tonight at 7:00pm! We also have our Royal Rangers and...
Need something to do tonight? Join us for mpact girls and royal rangers. For boys and girls ages 3 and up. And for the adults, a great bible study. Come on out for a great time.
Our Midweek Service is tonight at 7pm featuring "The Book of Revelation " & New music by FREEDOM plus Fusion for teens, Royal Rangers & M-Pact girls for the kids! Come on out!
It was around the time our Slovenian leader informed us that he would be handing leadership over to me that I repeated the question I asked 15 years ago in Marine Corps boot camp; "What in the world have I gotten myself into?" Of course a Christian scout program in my home town isn't as physically demanding or life-altering as the military was. I didn't have a drill instructor constantly yelling at me. I didn't have to run miles in the South Carolina heat. Still, the National Training Camp (NTC) I experienced on May 1st weekend was a challenge. First there was the language barrier. Although I've made a lot of progress speaking publicly, the fact is that it's still difficult for me to speak Croatian off the cuff in front of people. Adding to the challenge was the fact that I don't know a lot of scout terminology. This was the first time I was using words like "torch", "pine tree", and "outpost" in Croatian. But there was an interesting and comforting side to the language challenge - the fact that all of a ...
This is Wednesday and that means Wednesday Evening Programs tonight!! 6:30pm - Royal Rangers, Rainbows, Belle's, Remedy Youth, and Adult Class..then at 8:00pm the Young Adults will meet. Come on over, we would love to have you!!
Come out tonight @ 7:00 for our Study of Revelations By Pastor Ritchie. Bring your children we have Royal Rangers (boys), MPACT(girls) and Youth.
NO Royal Rangers tonight, join us for our Honor Star Crowning and Girls' Clubs Celebration!!! 7:00 pm
TONIGHT: Girls Club Celebration!!! (No Rainbows, Sonbeams, or Royal Rangers). There will be childcare available...
At the *** end of the BPL-4, some great turn around have made the table go up and down..though Stallions stay at their place at 8th after losing their 6th consecutive match in the series. Match Day 7 results: Evening Warriors beat Stallions (Bonus) IRC Bush Rangers beat Royal Rangers Ball Blasters beat Sunshine Fireballs
Google map, my (Royals) Kauffman stadium to you (Rangers) Ballpark in Arlington. No train, only car/fly.
Looking forward to worship tonight at Crescent Lake Christian Center - then Doers of the word will be kicking, Royal Rangers will be rocking, and The Furnace Student Ministries will be rolling. The rest of us get to listen to Ethan Rosenboom. Join us at 7pm - it will be better than any TV show as the word of God washes us, His presence touches us, and the fellowship encourages us!
Bethel Fam, come on out to Family Night TONIGHT at 6:30! Bible study for the adults, Royal Rangers, Mpact, a Preschool class, & Nursery!
Maranatha Lighthouse Royal Rangers/Gods Belles - 6PM this evening! See ya there! It graduation week! Feeling like a little ice cream party to celebrate our young ones accomplishments!
Happy Wednesday! That means church tonight :-) We have BIBLE STUDY FROM 7-8pm upstairs in the sanctuary, MISSIONETTES AND ROYAL RANGERS DOWNSTAIRS FROM 7-8pm too! We call Wednesday Nights our FILLING STATION because we all need to stay in The Word, so we look forward to seeing everyone tonight... Have a blessed day :-)
Come out to Royal Rangers tonight with your boys, grandsons, and neighbor boys!! Boys are learning to be godly boys in their families, their outpost, and their community and having a lot of adventures at the same time ... just what every boy wants and needs ... is a GREAT adventure!! :) Tonight at 6 PM we meet and hang out and begin Rangers at 6:30 PM. All boys from K - 12th grade are welcomed into our Outpost!! :) ADDRESS: 212 W. 11th St. Berwick, PA 18603
Join us tonight at 7PM for Family Night! Royal Rangers, Girls Ministries, and Adult Bible Study are all on this evening!
Guy in ASDA. Pictures all over his car. Union Jacks, Royal Family, Rangers, Orange, UKOK, BT. Undecided?
So 1st prize was a trip to New York, a chance to see a Rangers - Habs game . or a Trip to Edmonton (maybe to witness the rebuild)
Reminder for Royal Rangers: Don't forget to bring in a picture and information about a solider who lost his/her life in battle tomorrow.
Thank you Central Section Royal Rangers for having us do your worship sets on Friday and Saturday night. As always it was a great time. This weekend we will be doing worship at Day Star Worship Center in Gordonsville so if you don't have anything going on come on out. Service starts at 10:30 am. The address is: 303 N. High Street 22942
Just got home from the Church, new air-conditioner installed and cooling fine. The one it replaced lasted a little over 23 years. Served the church well and now will be scraped to make money for the Royal Rangers Department. Thanks to Beasley's Conditioned Air Service for a great job and price.
Concerning Royal Rangers campout, if we have storms Friday evening we will move it to June 6 &7. But we will meet this Friday at the church and hve a movie night from 7 to 9:30 with snacks
REMINDER: There will be no Adult Bible Study, Royal Rangers, or Missionettes tomorrow night due to air...
Super Proud of the Kiddos both earning badges . Mpact Girls Club & Royal Rangers . Teaching the kids about...
Softball Rampage - Free Return Shipping
This is the opening status for STM Royal Rangers. Thanks to everyone who liked our page. If you know anyone else who would be interested in liking our page, please point them our way. God bless!
His Royal Highness the Prince of Wales chats with some young Earth Rangers at Bonshaw Provincial Park
At 3:45 the Mpac clubs and Royal Rangers will learn about healing and then work on their BGMC projects. This will occur at that "church on the corner" (Coal and Suntrana). Hope to see you all there!
Our Royal Rangers will be receiving achievement awards this Sunday. Congratulations to our boys!!
Getting ready to meet His Royal Highness but first these young Earth Rangers meet some Canadian athletes
An eventful day with a team pulling out and thus making the whole point table look different from yesterday. Match Day 6 Results: Ball Blasters beat Stallions Sunshine Fireballs beat Vampires Hunting Eagles beat Royal Rangers (Bonus) The table is wide open now again ;)
Church reps come forth to receive the forms for chartering their churches for a Royal Rangers Outpost
I awoke in the middle of the night after attending Night of Hope @ Harvest Chapel Christian Fellowship Church. I must say,This is why I &my daughter have been a part of this place.(a church is NOT the building but the people inside of it.) I had Royal Ranger (Casual) attire and (We) Prayed for Royal Rangers and my fellow Commanders, BUT (We) all Prayed for each other and our own situations.. One for All & All for One.. I was woke with Our friend saying "Yes & Amen"
Model outpost meeting this morning. Trainees learn sign language during program feature in the 10-pt meeting.
"Those who would encounter God must pursue him with the devotion of a lovesick bride." - Brad Jersak "Call to me and I will answer you and tell you great and unsearchable things you do not know." - Jeremiah 33:3 When we open the Bibles with no expectation that Gods going to speak to us, what are we even doing? What is the point in wasting your time with something you'll forget ten seconds after you're done, or in giving yourself something to have to rationalize and explain away? Without the Shepherd’s Voice, the Knowledge, Wisdom and Guidance of Scripture is nothing but annoying information— "mere data that fills the head without penetrating the heart. Apart from the Holy Spirit, we can read about the Living God without encountering Him." Really, it's like we're just reading about our beliefs!! Like, seeing if we're right or something... not actually encountering a Person! At best... reading a "Good Book", which if you don't like Books, even that really is a miserable experience! There's nothing wrong ...
how does one achieve the nickname "the King" without ever drinking from the royal chalice?
"So have yall seen that new Power Rangers trailer.?" For the show on YouTube? Or something else?
He's got the hockey game on, using the royal" we" when talking about what the Rangers need to do. I'm trapped inside, gonna be a long 3 hrs!
Mats Zuccarello’s assist on Brad Richards goal in Game 1 heralded as ‘The King of Danmark�... (via
Zuccarello getting royal treatment in Norway..
Meet Black Singles 300x250
Zuccarello's pass to Richards in Game 1 has a name back in Norway. Henrik Lundqvist might have to collect royalties
Zuccarello getting royal treatment in Norway
Zuccarello getting royal treatment in Norway: There are now two Kings on the Rangers: Henrik Lundqvist and Mats Zuccarello.
Disturbance at Southampton Rangers Club leaves man injured | The Royal Gazette:Bermuda Crime
"Friendship is the bedrock of mentoring." - "Inspire the Journey: The Royal Rangers Leaders Manual"
Safe to say the New York Rangers will be heading to the Stanley Cup Final this year:
Cmdr Denesh shares how evangelism can successfully take place through the Royal Rangers program
Royal Rangers Philippines welcomes the contingent from Singapore. Registration commences and we are ready to go!
Cant wait to make fish tacos before Royal Rangers and Mpact girls. Yummy finally making homemade batter and using the deep fryer!! For now nap time..supernatural headache ...
Royal Rangers Emblem ® 1976 by the General Council of the Assemblies of God; Springfield, Missouri 65802-1894. The Royal Ranngers Emblem may not be reproduced, stored in a retrieval system, or transmitted in any form or by any means-electronically, mechanically, photocopies, recording, or otherwise-…
The New York Rangers are making their bid for the NHL's most depressing team. Their competition? The Toronto Maple Leaf…
LCC Royal Rangers and Girls Clubs start up again tonight. 7:00 at Lathrop Christian Center. See you there!
Thinking back to when I was a kid in Royal Rangers, we learned that there are 3 elements of fire. Heat, oxygen, and fuel. As I'm riding down the highway to Birmingham to be a part of my best friends wedding, I began thinking how astounding it is that a fire will only burn out from a lack of 2 of those elements... Oxygen and fuel. You can suffocate a fire and you can take away it's source of fuel... But you can't remove the heat. My challenge to anyone who is burnt out on anything in their life: examine yourself to determine if you're suffocating or if you burned all your fuel. The heat is still there, tend to your fire.
On this day in 1903, Rangers beat Larkhall Royal Albert 3-2 in a friendly with goals from RC Hamilton, Finlay Speedie and Angus McDonald.
Disciples take a new home protecting the royal Castle Celestine. The elven Rangers begin recruitment.
Breast Cancer Awareness
Praying today for our Royal Rangers and Missionettes Staff. May God bless them, protect them and continue to pour out His Spirit upon them. That today will make an impact in every kid that walks through our doors by every gesture of God's love and instruction. See ya' tonight! 7:30pm
Since I found out in Royal Rangers it's always been super cool to know I share birthdays with the one and only Ferl Dean Bomia aka The Unit. Over the past decades he's kept the children of Monroe and everyone else on the planet safe through his anti terrorist strike team based out of northern Germany. It's a real thing. Have you thanked Ferl today?
How was your last Royal Rangers meeting?
No Shadows May 8, 2014 By Greg Ebie All of us have had it happen at one time or another. We flip the switch, but nothing happens; instead of the room being filled with light, it remains dark. Burned-out lightbulbs have been an epidemic around our house lately. It seems I always need to replace a bulb somewhere. I once bought my son Mikey a new flashlight. We brought it home and turned it on only to discover, you guessed it, the lightbulb was burned out! Back to the store we went to get Mikey a flashlight he could actually use to illuminate his path at the Royal Rangers winter campout. Jesus had something to say about the light of our testimonies. "Does anyone bring a lamp home and put it under a washtub or beneath the bed? Don't you put it up on a table or on the mantel? We're not keeping secrets, we're telling them; we're not hiding things, we're bringing them out into the open. Are you listening to this? Really listening?" (Mark 4:21,22, The Message). In the same way we expect a lightbulb to chase away ...
What a wonderful evening finishing up the Royal Rangers and Girl Gaurd season with a program and music to worship our Lord together! AND Nolan won a great Reward of Discovery Ranger if the Year!!!
Jayden went to Royal Rangers lol with Kyler tonight he had so much fun love Full Life
We had 37 kids tonight for Royal Rangers and Missionettes! So thankful for all our leaders and bus ministry for a job well done!
I was privileged to preach to 60 plus Royal rangers and leaders tonight. This was the message: Jesus' mission: Right out of the gate the devil tempted Christ with all sorts of things but tonight we're focusing on the last one: Again, the devil took him to a very high mountain and showed him all the kingdoms of the world and their splendor. “All this I will give you,” he said, “if you will bow down and worship me.” (Matthew 4:8, 9 NIV) Jesus replied in rebuke to satan and said: ... “Away from me, Satan! For it is written: ‘Worship the Lord your God, and serve him only.’ ” (Matthew 4:10 NIV) Now if Christ would have taken that deal all war would cease he would have all the power to end world hunger and make it like paradise on earth. What could possibly be wrong with that? This world is not the point of this life. We are not made for here and this fallen place is not our home. We are just passing through. Everyone; rich or poor, black or white, strong or weak will die, period! And then comes ...
Royal Rangers is a church-based mentoring program designed to provide boys with challenging activities as they develop into godly men. An estimated 125,000 boys, young men and leaders participate in Royal Rangers through a network of 4,000 outposts active in all 50 American states. Royal Rangers has...
Getting our mid week fill! Boys are loving being back in royal rangers!
It's Wednesday! Kids Alive, Royal Rangers, and Youth Group meet at 6:45! See you then!
I called Jennifer tonight and told her the Royal Rangers play outside Wed. evening before class so not to bathe him till after church. When I picked Zachary up tonight he said, "Nonna, I got to come to church tonight dirty.I didn't have to take a bath." He was so excited.
YEA!!! Royal Rangers Night!!! Our older Rangers guys are building fires (complete with marshmallows) & our Ranger kiddoes are painting pinewood derby cars!! SO EXCITING!!
I go to Ibrox to see Rangers , my team , the team that plays in Royal Blue . Rangers colours Gers
Working at Sure House tomorrow. We have trim to install upstairs, grout haze to clean on the main floor and drain layout in the basement level. Going to pick up the AC metal ductwork at season-aired then we have the air handler to install in the attic area. Picked up a donated riding mower today for the Sure House. Still have two sets of bypass doors to install and need to cut down a door at the top of the north stairs and hang in existing jamb. Still preparing for fundraiser BBQ Saturday by Snake Spring church off the brethren, Love INC and Royal Rangers to support Sure House. Call Love INC. 652-0025 for the few remaining dinners. This afternoon there were only 56 extra out of 448 dinners we are doing on Saturday!!!
Lols.My friend is claiming to be a soldier when he have not even seeing where the ROYAL RANGERS are in training come to talk of the CIVIL DEF-FENCE CORPS.Oh my God!!!Who is Fooling Who!
Kids Clubs tonight!!! Reminder, next week is our Sonbeams & Rainbow Clubs Celebration - May 14 at 7:00 pm Royal Rangers Kite Flying & Fishing Night. Check with your child's teacher for details for next Wednesday.
Royal Rangers tonight!!! Tonight's lesson will involve cookies and hurt feelings.
Welcome to the Royal Rangers San Bernardino Section site. Find out about upcoming events and our programs here. | Powered by liveSite @
Royal Rangers, Adult and Youth Bible Study Tonight at Rehoboth New Life at 7pm. Hope to see you there.
Excited bout tonight when I will be teaching our royal rangers class at SWC(62 joint rd, spring lake), come on out and bring the kids cuz we have discipleship for all ages including adults and I know I don't wanna miss out, come see why!!
Family Night at Holt Assembly @ 7 PM! Royal Rangers and Missionettes for the children. In the sanctuary we will continue our study of the book of Acts.
No Royal Rangers or Mpact Girls Ministries for the May 11th & 25th. Happy Mothers Day & Happy Memorial Day. Enjoy the weekend!
It's Wednesday! Join us for the Family Room beginning at 7 PM! There is something for everyone - ReGenerate for adults, Remix for students, Royal Rangers for boys, Mpact Clubs for girls, and Rainbows for preschoolers!
Come out tonight and support our Royal Rangers and Mpact girls for their awards at 7:00pm
Join us tonight at 7pm. We have something happening for every member of your family. Nursery, Rainbows, Girls Ministries, Royal Rangers, Solution Youth, & worship & teaching! We look forward to seeing your family tonight at The River!
THE ROYAL RANGERS MOTTO "READY" Ready for Anything! Ready to Work, Play, Serve, Worship, Live, and Obey God's Word THE GOLDEN RULE "In everything, do to others what you would have them do to you." (Matthew 7:12) THE ROYAL RANGERS CODE A Royal Ranger is... ALERT He is mentally, physically and spiritually alert. CLEAN He is clean in body, mind and in speech. HONEST He does not lie, cheat or steal. COURAGEOUS He is brave in spite of danger, criticism or threats. LOYAL He is faithful to his church, family, outpost and friends. COURTEOUS He is polite, kind and thoughtful. OBEDIENT He obeys his parents, leaders and those in authority. SPIRITUAL He prays, reads the Bible and witnesses.
THE ROYAL RANGERS PLEDGE "With God's help, I will do my best to serve God, my church and my fellow man; to live by the Ranger Code; to make the Golden Rule my daily rule." The pledge is considered the central theme to the Royal Rangers program. It will direct the boy to show the love of Jesus Christ in everything he encounters on a daily basis.
New Men's Class starts tonight! "Examples" will begin at 7:00pm in the Library. Join us as we dig deep into the lives of men in the Bible who serve as examples for us today. The ladies start a new class on Gideon in the sanctuary - plus NOW Youth, Girls Club, Royal Rangers and Nursery for the little ones. Come by the Common Grounds Coffee Shop for a beverage and a snack - enjoy some great fellowship. Excited to see you tonight!
It's Wednesday! That means Mpact & Royal Rangers at 6:30pm! We're always happy to have new kids join us. We hope to see you there!
Get your iPhone insurance today!
Attention all parents- We will be dismissing God's Girls and Royal Rangers from the sanctuary tonight. Please have all kids start in the sanctuary and they will announce the time for them to dismiss after songs and offering. Thanks!
The Tribe, Royal Rangers, Impact girls & Jbq all meet tonight at 7pm 😄
REMINDER: It's in the sanctuary again this evening! Some folks have said: "They've gone to to Wednesday Worship... and had to be honest, wasn't sure if they were attending church or prayer..." Keyboardist Kevin couldn't of said it better. He said, it's where the takes IT! ALSO: Royal Rangers meeting is in the 100 wing & IMMERSE Youth Night, Youth Center (room 309).
Worship lead by tonight at Royal Rangers surrendering to The Lord Praise God!
Come join the Royal Rangers Saturday May 31st and support our boys trip to Pow Wow this summer. BBQ and raffle with lots of great gifts that are being raffled. If you want to purchase a ticket inbox me $10 for Adults $7 for children. Thank you for your support and God Bless you!
Ranger Corner - Investment - What is investment? I can tell you what the dictionary says, but what does your heart say. We are at a point where Kingdom investment is almost non existent Rangers, IMPACT Girls and youth ministries as a whole is becoming EXTINCT at our Church. You have the opportunity right now to help a child reach his destiny as future leaders of the church Luke 2:52 a guide to success. Give a boy a chance to have fun and grow spiritually - Royal Rangers and the Kingdom of God need you NOW.
We can't wait to see you TONIGHT at 7:00 for Royal Rangers and Girls Ministries! Only 7 weeks left until our mid-summer break.
Kidmatic Choir Kids! Practice this evening in the Main Sanctuary at the Summerville location from 5pm - 7pm! Parents: your child will be available for pick up in the Kidmatic building at 7pm. If you are attending Equip groups, your child will be available for pickup from their MPact or Royal Rangers classrooms.
WELCOME TO WEDNESDAY! It's a beautiful morning. :-) We have something DIFFERENT instore for you tonight... We are having a night of TESTIMONIES AND PRAISE! We will have a few people giving their personal testimonies, it's always nice to get to know eachother... we will also be singing songs of praise. Missionettes and Royal Rangers are on regular schedule. See everyone tonight 7-8!
Galatians 2 & Isaiah 56 are on the reading plan on this beautiful Wednesday. A reminder that we're meeting tonight at 7 for Royal Rangers/Girls Club & Keys to Revelation video series. Join us at 7 @ 2900 Canal!
Team of Rangers and Celtic legends wearing a half n half strip v team from Royal Regiment of Scotland 4 Erskine hospital at Airdrie stadium
Wednesday night service starts at 6:30pm Remember to invite the boys and girls you come into contact with and invite them to Impact and Royal Rangers.
Church family, As a reminder the adult portion of Family Night is being preempted by the Annual Business Meeting. Missionettes, Royal Rangers and Exodus Youth will meet at their regular times and locations. Thanks for exercising the vote!
East Stanley Underpants Last night we were away to the league champions of England the wee club from the east of Stanley. Gav said his ear is still hurting and he had used a hair pin to pick out some grass from the inside of his ear the other day. His night got even worse as he brayed his head of the little door into the dungeon style changing room at Tannfield Community Centre. He swore and rubbed his head. I made my debut on this pitch in the 90’s for Grange Villa against Stanley Royal Rangers and we lost 9.1. Fingers crossed it wouldn’t happen again. Giggles the former 1950’s Burnley FC playboy and current wee club dogsbody said the council had just cut the grass that afternoon and all the lines had been removed and they didn’t have any marker paint left. He then went over all the lines with a paint brush and a tin of emulsion, that’s dedication to the cause. Scotty Watson also banged his head coming out of the dungeon changing room door. He swore and rubbed his head. Suggy was back from his ...
I will sit here sing every song and act out every rangers little pose lol
Whose going to dinner? What kind of food do you want? Do we have a coupon? You don't need a coupon to dine at the table of Christ, so join us at R.O.L.. There you will receive a variety of food, anointed worship, prayer, the Word of God. Leave happy and full. Pastors topic: The Releasing of the Power! Nursery provided! Royal Rangers and Girls Club.
Royal Rangers will be leaving at 5:00 Friday night sharp to go to purtis Creek for some fishing and camping. Please bring a pillow and sleeping bag and a lunch box of snacks if you choose and $4.00 if you didn't do fund raising. Also cloths to change in to if needed. We will return to the church about noon Saturday.
Good Morning! GOD IS GOOD! If everything else fails today- He won't! If everything feels like chaos- He is your peace! If everything is going gloriously- thank Him! And check out what we have going on this week: Monday- Elevate Young Adults Bible study- 7pm @ the Oliver's Wednesday- Family Night! Youth Missionettes and Royal Rangers for the kids, and Adult Bible Study for the adults, 7pm Friday- Prayer and Coffee- 6am The Hunger Games 2014 Purity Conference - youth, 7-11pm, $15, at New Life Saturday- All-Church Prayer! 8:30pm, sanctuary Looking ahead: NLCS 1st Chili Cook-Off! May 18, See Sue to enter! Memorial Day Picnic, Penn Valley park, Monday, May 26
I know Sunday is Mothers Day, but it is important that I touch base with everyone on our Royal Rangers Outpost Council Sunday (if not Wednesday). Michael Whillock, Mason Whillock, Chase Crawford, Thomas Johnson, Kaley McDaniel, Wanda Simmons, Cody Johnson, Eric Cabrera.
All the best Andy,you lived every Rangers fans dream.Pulling on that royal blue football top
Stoke v Rangers Legends..Gordon Banks presenting us with the Ryders Trophey. Gear supplied by Royal and Awsome.
Wiping them showing us the royal city rose out, the Steel Rangers.
Thankfully the rangers are at hand but then it's a royal park and some may well disappear.
Through 7 IP, Jordan Lyles now has given up 4 hits, and 1 run with 5 Ks against the Rangers
Through 5 innings tonight for the Jordan Lyles is shutting down the Rangers. 2 hits, 0 runs, 4 K
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