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Royal Pains

Royal Pains (stylized as ℞oyal Pains ) is a USA Network television series that premiered on June 4, 2009, starring Mark Feuerstein, Paulo Costanzo, Jill Flint and Reshma Shetty.

Scott Disick Mark Feuerstein Pretty Little Liars Khloe Kardashian Prison Break Drop Dead Diva New Girl White Collar Burn Notice Teen Wolf Lost Girl Ezra Miller Terra Nova Once Upon Chasing Life Gossip Girl Desperate Housewives

HEY!! She used the same house and yard as the rich guy on Royal Pains. -- That's the main…
watching Royal Pains and I get to see one of my favorite reality people!
Yup i knw wht u mean. Royal Pains dekha? tht wld be awesum too for Eijaz
Tucker and Libby from Royal Pains are what everyone should want in a relationship
Sometimes my friends are amazing, and other times they're royal pains in my ***
got so much to watch!! i didn't know royal pains was till season 8! im gonna rewatch! XD
I've just watched episode S01E10 of Royal Pains!
he reminds me of dr Jeremiah Sacani from royal pains but more handsome he's so funny
Just saw my first BMW on Royal Pains/ Netflix. Same color, same wheels, same everything. I may cry now. I loved her…
Watch Netflix while I eat. Idk why I'm so hungry!! Restart back watching Royal Pains 🙌🏾🙌🏾
I haven't seen all day and when he finally comes over he turns on royal pains and cuddles max 🙃😑
Book 2 from Watchdogs Inc,, Royal Pains, now available at and Download it today!
The couple from Royal Pains? I love hearing more shows that have featured IVF
I've just watched episode S01E08 of Royal Pains!
Watching Royal Pains whilst drunk is hilarious
I've just watched episode S01E07 of Royal Pains!
Duck pond!! ¿Why do da uk royal pains get to travel here unannounced several times a month?
I've just watched episode S01E05 of Royal Pains!
I just added Royal Pains to my library!
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I've just watched episode S01E03 of Royal Pains!
The royal family uses to keep their family
You're very talented and Pretty. Seen you in a few other projects ( Law and order and Royal Pains ) and you were great!!
I've just watched episode S01E02 of Royal Pains!
idk whats worse; the fact that i need to finish s5 of royal pains to watch s4 of AoS or the fact that i started wat…
Mark feuerstien he's the lead actor in Royal Pains.. and I love that show
I've just watched episode S01E01 of Royal Pains!
I'm watching Royal Pains for the 4th time now and I'm realizing you put in lessons about health too. Like honey and burns
I just finished royal pains & idk what to do with my life now. I need a new show
You should watch it! Or Rules of Engagement, that's a hilarious show. Royal Pains is more serious story line lol
Royal Pains was really good, have you seen it?
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I am watching Royal pains on Netflix and I ship Divia and Dr. Vandike so hard! They would make an amazing couple!!!
We'd all have had a better summer if "Royal Pains" were still on the air. This is just a fact.
It's all coming to a climax folks! Great birth pains! No one can stop it! Man has made a royal mess of what God gave him! Time for Jesus!!
Okay...the award for best guest stars for sure goes to Royal Pains...from Devious Maids just showed up 😍
I just watched some Royal Pains with someone, and look what our potential White Diamond, Christine Eb…
Rashida Jones from Royal Pains stars in Like Mike about a sleepy Systems administrator named Mickie
just watched Royal Pains finale. I cried so much. The perfect ending for Jill & Hank. Loved you every minute from episode 1!
Heartbroken because I just watched the very last episode of Royal Pains💔😭
Anyone watching Royal Pains? Making my way through the whole series... pretty funny stuff
Baru smlm ckp Ezra Miller comel dlm Royal Pains but not anymore now!
I hope jongin won't perform anything that could worsen his injury, hope he will get better soon, it pains me too to see he's…
the sidekick on Royal Pains? Does that mean he's Jewish? With a decent taste in TV cartoons? A solid catch.
he looks like the sidekick on Royal pains. I wish I didn't know that show existed
of Royal Pains? I'm only on season 3, where Jack dies
The first death on Royal Pains and its someone who was on Scubs, like come on
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😭 Another great ends this year- Sad to see *** on Wheels end! Already lost Downton, Bitten, Royal Pains, Mike&Molly.
Decided to watch Royal Pains for a bit. Person of Interest is getting a little too intense for relax time watching.
David Baddiel from The Walking Dead stars in Royal Pains about a modest Mobile plant operator named Jyl
On the plus side, waiting around the house today has given me the chance to catch up on most of the last season of Royal Pains.
Richard Dreyfuss from Atonement stars in Royal Pains about a naive Environmental engineer named Rolene
Perhaps a couple INT shots might be at Oheka Castle ("Shadow Pond" in Royal Pains & used extensively in Taylor Swift's "Blank Space" video).
this teenager in royal Pains that drove his car into a tree looks like Ezra Miller...
royal pains was an amazing show! What was the reason behind letting it go? Sad to see the show end but beautiful finale ☺️
I just love you! From the Fonz -Night Shift -Holes-Royal Pains and others thank you for it all! Please Keep it coming! ❤️🐝
here my list of fav tv shows, Homeland, Arrow, Royal pains, Agent carter, Modern family, Bones, Extant, now put together the capital letters
and i watched chunks of Burn Notice, Royal Pains, In Plain Sight, and Suits
omg Libby from Royal Pains is so freakin' cute.
Royal Pains Season 8 such a fun time!!
Too many years spent living in what life could b; finally my life is as it should b -Hank Lawson-Royal Pains
“Royal Pains” comes to an end after eight seasons. And “The Big Short” arrives on Netflix.
I love medical shows.. Grey's Anatomy, Royal Pains, House, Untold Stories of the ER, Sex sent me to the ER, awlat stuff. I live for this lol
I just added this to my closet on Poshmark: Royal Pains!! Seasons, 1, 2 & 3. 💿📀📀. via
ok so royal pains season 7 has been on Netflix for like two months and I didn't even know
three, cancelling Royal Pains a year before they said they were going to is an L too.
I'm saddened at the ending of the show Royal pains you really rocked on that show.
well idk what u have watched. Have you seen royal pains, chuck, limitless got added , rules of engagement is hilarious
POSSIBLE SPOILER WARNING! Nice ending to Royal Pains. For some reason of late so many shows want to be edgy and...
Tara Strong from 127 Hours stars in Royal Pains about a supercilious Barista named Lazarus
"They call it Royal Pains because it makes you want to sit on a crown of thorns." THERE YOU GO.
Jerry Jacks is in this episode of Royal Pains. lol.
can somebody ask Mark when Royal Pains is returning please??
It's a private club, my dear. If you don't like the rules, that's just tough. Well at least it keeps wining pains...
videos are giving me chest pains. Also, who does a 37 song set list?!
Melanie Laurent from Hairspray stars in Royal Pains about a ridiculous Pharmacist named Angee
Wonder if & will be on the same ep of They're great together on
I'm all caught up on Royal Pains thanks to Netflix, and now I'm sad bc the show is almost over... 😢😭
I really didn't need to find that there are new episodes of Royal Pains on Netflix.
Person of interest, Sons of Anarchy, House of Cards, Dexter, Jane The Virgin,Royal Pains, White Collar, Prison Break
So I started watching this show called "Royal Pains" on Netflix, pretty actually pretty cool
how come no one told me Royal Pains is such a good show ?!
Netflix is the best. :D Royal Pains is a good show.
Jim Gaffigan is on an episode of Royal pains for one reason..
In the future hypochondriacs will not watch the tv series Royal Pains...(tgj)
Hank Lawson's efforts to provide medical care to those who can't otherwise afford it continue to compete with...
hes gorgeous. The first time I saw him was in Royal Pains ❤️
Currently hating for getting me addicted to Royal Pains!
I have a knack for discovering shows of Ally McBeal-level great/awful-ness + forcing others to watch. See also: Hart of Dixie, Royal Pains.
Puck blowing her achilles tendon mid show? *** Royal Pains, way to make me revisit high school.
Shows I am not caught up on: . Being Mary Jane. Bones. PLL. Royal Pains. Empire. & probably many more .
TV-DVDs out today for Hot in Cleveland, New Adventures of Gilligan, Beverly Hillbillies, Royal Pains & many more: https:/…
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Never mind season 7 of royal pains is here I'm Gucci
I just finished my last episode of Royal Pains :(
Taylor got me hooked on Royal Pains and I can't stop watching it
for American audiences she is better known as page Collins on Royal Pains and
Y'all. Royal Pains is in its final season. I can't. It was MY SHOW. Idk how I'm going to live without it.
started watching Royal Pains again after like 3 years and it is still bad, everyone is still straight, but that silver fox is still a fox
Thought I was really liking Royal Pains. I start season 2 and Henry Winkler is their dad? Now I love Royal Pains!
Officially mad for making me watch Royal Pains, think she'll be mad I'm already ahead of her😂
I just saw the commercial for the premiere of the final season of Royal Pains...which I thought had been off the air for at least 2 years.
*** yeah season 7 of Royal pains in Netflix on the 18th.
Grab the tissues for this final season sneak peek:
A sneak peek at final season. Goodbye, eternal summers!
I added a video to a playlist Royal Pains - The Perfect Cure for the Winter Blues - USA
Carbon Black on the set of American TV show Royal Pains
Lesley Ann Warren from Mad Men stars in Royal Pains about a testy Industrial designer named Voncile
Royal pains: Rowdy Saudis are running riot from L.A. to London
Guys, why didn't y'all tell me Royal Pains is kinda interesting?
I'd thought Karasuno's 1st years were all royal pains in the *** but you really take the cake!
Binge watching Royal Pains because that's what my life has come to.
yup royal pains in the *** I get to work all winter in Baltimore as well.
Can't decide if I wanna watch royal pains or Dexter
working on Royal Pains was the worst when I had to drive in rush hour.
Carrie diaries, don't trust the B in apt 23, Gossip Girl, Royal Pains, Weeds!
Author has written 254 stories for X-Files, Monk, NCIS, Brokeback Mountain, Law and Order: SVU, Royal Pains, Nanny, Frasier, and Doctor Who.
royal pains is another doctor show on netflix, it's good. Not as good as greys or private practice & it starts slow
Keeping busy waiting for new episodes!!! Reading Royal Pains books :) I miss Hank!
I know that You have a royal purpose for me, oh God. I won’t let these trials and pains stop me from trusting your ways.
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I just lowered the price of Royal Pains to a new permanent low price of $0.99. If you like Sci-fi Epic...
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thanks for making Royal Pains. Started watching the day I decided to quit smoking. 2 weeks for 7 seasons. One of the best!
feel Royal Pains tonight ... Print the headline now ha ha
Congrats to you Mets fans out there on a great season. What're you gonna do? Them boys from KC are Royal pains in the *** to play.
Why you gotta ruin everything, Royal pains?
More like the Kansas City Royal Pains in the ***
It's been celeb dads & their kids week. Helped out a mtv real world/road rules dad, shared the escalator w/the Royal Pains dad
I just found out Royal Pains is still airing, years after I forgot about it! (Indeed renewed to 2017, but only 8 eps/yr)
Currently watching royal pains and I hope Boris is okay. 😞😞
Everyone in Royal Pains drops with some illness🤕💀
👍OK...I'll search...but did u ever watched this series 'Royal Pains' abt conceirge medicine?
Royal pains! Rowdy Saudis are running riot with spate of rapes, assaults & debaucheries: https…
For fun see "Hank "Lawson" (Mark Feuerstein) concierge doc to the elite on Royal Pains. He's like the MacGyver of medicine.
Justin Bartha from Royal Pains stars in Vampire Academy about an unaffected Registered nurse (community health) named Marlys
The very talented Joshua Bell . On the set of Royal Pains
Épisodes du jour : Royal Pains, Ultimate Spider-Man, The Young and the Restless.
I know of Royal Pains, watched up to the second season, then kinda fell out of it. Its a good show, just house syndrome.
"Royal Pains" actor Mark Feuerstein talks about season seven on and answers your questions!
Actor Mark Feuerstein will be LIVE on AOL BUILD to talk about his hit TV series 'Royal Pains': via
I'm so sad to be almost done with yet ANOTHER show on Netflix. I'll miss you, Royal Pains!
"Royal pains always dies the worst way."
loved you on Royal Pains so happy to discover U on Loving the show!
“ima finish this episode of Royal Pains” I hate ***
ima finish this episode of Royal Pains
"Hey why are we so excited . Cos it's royal pains tonight ! 9 pm USA !!! fav cast 💞💞
Is it possible to experience sympathy pains down there when you witness a bottoming getting a royal ream job?
nikita ,Break out kings ,royal Pains , and Life !
“"Fan Base should henceforth be called The Royal Pains.” 🇬🇧
I missed Royal Pains, KUWTK, Bates Motel, The Returned, and Dance Moms while I was in PCB 😭
They were shooting part of the show royal pains at my sailing camp last year. I saw all of the actors& actresses. It was cool.
isn't the only show with royal pains. Catch the premiere tomorrow at 10/9c on
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Royal pains. Sounds of pain and suffering.
Congrats Aussies, you are royal pains :) but you won this one deservedly. great game. Someone will get you next time ;)
I just finished royal pains and it's like I just lost a part of me 😔
Royal pains was an awesome series. I highly recommend it
Finished all the episodes of Royal Pains on Netflix and then found out that there is another season. Best. Day. Ever.
It pains me to say. The Real Thing “Hate on me, Crown Royal, My Love, The Real Thing
Royal pains and cuddled up with my pup. Recovering the only way I know how, with Netflix.
yeah, and I've been watching royal pains?? I'm not sure. I watch it and realise I've lost an hour.
Next gigs before leaving for Dubai: Royal Blood, The Pains of being pure at heart, Godspeed! You black emperor, Dry the river. HAPPINESS
On annoying Issues>>People that go to the Bank without a pen or the Airport at Immigration asking for pens... Your royal pains!
Started with one episode of "Royal Pains", now I can't stop watching it. I'm still going to be up bright and early to hit the gym.
So the actress who plays Sadie Stone in Nashville and Laura Bell Bundy are on this episode of Royal Pains and it's awesome 😘
I found a way to watch Season 6 of Royal Pains😩😩 😪😪
Aww, I forgot that the husband who died was the guy from Royal Pains.
Finished watching royal pains again lol
"If you're a doctor, medical emergencies will happen wherever you are." Rachel on Royal Pains.
been watching Royal Pains. It def has its boring white straight ppl flaws but I'll keep watching for Divya
Helix, White Collar, Californication, Royal Pains, House of Cards, Orange is the New Black, Black Mirror and Marco Polo.
New Girl, Cutthroat Kitchen, White Collar, Baby Daddy, Royal Pains, & Burn Notice are some of my favorites 💚
he was on Royal Pains for a couple of episodes. But I know him from We Need to Talk About Kevin/Perks of Being A Wallflower
I remember that guy from Royal Pains, he was sort of a baby Tom Welling goin on then
Rosanna Arquette from Royal Pains stars in Memoirs of a Geisha about a hateful Tool pusher named April
Royal Pains is basically House to the rich and stupid.
Royal Pains - Season 6 - Kyle Howard to Return, Danny Masterson to Guest Star
Reality royalty, also known as the Kardashians, will appear in the season finale of USA’s Hamptons-set sudser “Royal Pains.” Khloe Kardashian and sister Kourtney's partner Scott Disick -- who were ...
nah. also you know that show royal pains? they actually film on long island...but in places other than the Hamptons
regulars now: royal pains, Graceland and rizzoli and isles
or start Royal Pains from the beginning!
I love the tv show it's an upgraded version of Royal Pains.
What to start on Netflix... Liked Burn Notice, royal pains and White Collar. What's next?
I binge watched Royal Pains on Netflix. Is this their last season?
always been a Suits fan and this Rush show is dope. Used to watch Royal Pains as well. Satisfaction is terrific.
Royal pains is my new favorite show
its like a bad version of royal pains AND THEY GOT MY LARENZ TATE W/ A WHITE WOMAN!
I heard a girl on ur royal pains set was high as a kite today!!! Just saying u need to screen better!
. I hope they don't ruin the show by bringing in Henry Winkler like they did Royal pains
Khloé Kardashian, Scott Disick on season finale of 'Royal Pains'
Scott Disick is gonna be on a episode of royal pains?!?! AH! YEES!!!
makes watching "Royal Pains" more rewarding. I’m earning great rewards and playing along with Viggle games.
Kardashian Royalty Take Over the Hamptons on the Season Finale of "Royal Pains"..
my mom and I watched 4 seasons of Royal Pains in 4 days😭😅
On Royal Pains a minor cold will be called COLDINYOURNOSIS. Really USA?
Relaxing, time to watch royal pains all night
Spending my last day of freedom watching royal pains amazing
Rush and Royal pains are the same show…way to go USA
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My plan was to make good money and live comfortably but watching royal pains got a *** wanna be wealthy
Khloe Kardashian and Scott Disick to Guest Star on Royal Pains -
Great day filming royal pains with and khloekardashian
Royal Pains is my top favorite show rn😍💗
Khloe Kardashian and Scott Disick to Cameo on Royal Pains Season Finale: In the episode, airing Tuesday, Sept.
'Royal Pains' Season 6 finale: Khloe Kardashian and Scott Disick to guest-star
Another rough location here on Royal Pains!!!
Gonna watch royal pains on netflix for the rest of the night
Khloe Kardashian and Scott Disick to guest-star on 'Royal Pains'
... actually, I'm appearing on the show Royal Pains tonight at 9pm!
Col, could have been an extra on Royal Pains again today and shot with and 😡😤😡😤
Khole and Scott are gonna be on Royal Pains 👌😋😳😊
Finished with Nurse on to Royal Pains, thanks 😁
"We think there is a MASSIVE opportunity to tap into the under brow demo with shows like Covert Affairs, Royal Pains and more"
He's on the show Royal Pains, you gotta see it!
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I missed the 9:00 showing of Royal Pains 😞 but that's why I waited for 12:00. I'm watching this show just to see ❤
Finally watching Donna Murphy on Royal Pains! Looking fierce as always, ! :)
How are you doing Diane, my name is joe pappas Im currenly on Deadly Affairs, Royal Pains, and vh1 Dating Naked. Can we talk?
Watching Donna Murphy on Royal Pains. LOVING her hair. The acting is a given ;-)
The doctor on Royal Pains is a knockoff Christian Troy of Nip/Tuck which means I'm only half in love with him.
The Dome and Falling Skies are due back soon plus Dominion is new and Defiance, Graceland, Royal Pains & Pretty Little Liars
Guest star Bethenny Frankel chats with Mark Feuerstein about her appearance on Royal Pains!
Bethenny Frankel guest stars wears this pink bandage dress on this week’s episode of Royal Pains. It is the Herver Leger Flared Bandage Dress. Buy it HERE for $1599
Tonight's Viewing Options include the series premieres of Chasing Life (ABC Family - the TTTP Pick of the Night - and 8 Days and Nights of Ed Sheeran (MTV), the Season Premieres of Pretty Little Liars and Royal Pains, Game 3 of the NBA Finals, The Mummy (AMC), Up in Smoke (IFC), The Outlaw Josey Wales (Sundance), and new episodes of Riot, I Wanna Marry Harry, Famous in 12, AGT, The Night Shift, Brazil with Michael Palin, Storage Wars, Shipping Wars, Freakshow, Deadliest Catch, Bad Girls Club, Tattoos After Dark, The Little Couple, Playing House, Cry Wolfe, The Haves and the Have Notes, The Real Housewives of New York City, Heroes of Cosplay, Little Women: LA, Top Gear, Awkward, Faking It, Chopped, Fargo, The Wil Wheaton Project, Siberian Cut, and more...What will you be watching?
USA Network is proud to announce the return of the Hamptons' newest doctor-on-demand, Hank Lawson (Mark Feuerstein), in Royal Pains. Once a rising star in the New York City medical community, Hank found himself out of work, dumped by his fiancée and out of options after a dustup with some hospital h…
Stoked that Royal Pains is coming back 😩☺️
Royal Pains makes me want to visit the Hamptons
No . Royal Pains comes back on tonight.
Okay, Who's a Summer TV has started with the Season Premiere!! Are you going to watch?
Okay, but Rush is Royal Pains. It's literally the same show.
I cant wait for my summer shows to come on, on 35 USA for comcast. Royal pains tue at 9pm, suits wed at 9pm and especially graceland wed 10
I finished Royal Pains and Bob's Burgers. I need a new show to watch.
Someone just link me the recorded stream idk if I'm going to be able to finish Royal Pains tonight.
Tonight on USA Network ROYAL PAINS continues with its sixth Season Premiere called, “Smoke and Mirrors.” On tonight’s show Evan schemes to keep Hank in town in the Season 6 opener. Elsewhere, Divya tries her hand at motherhood, and a party guest has shocking news. For those who are new to Royal Pai
Looking forward to seeing Dr. Hank Lawson back in action tonight on the Season Premiere of Royal Pains?! We love...
Preview this clip of tonight's premiere of Guest Star
Looking forward to seeing the Season Premiere of "Royal Pains" tonight!! :D :D
ICYMI: on going back to basics in Season 6, Hank's new love and his "dark" next gig
PLL and Royal Pains come back tonight? I think yes 😍
TEEVEE: Season Premieres of Pretty Little Liars 8PM on ABCF and Royal Pains 9PM on USA • twisty noir tale The Woman in the Window 8PM on TCM
It's time to head back to the beach with Royal Pains. Watch the Season Premiere, tonight at 9/8c.
AGT and Royal Pains tonight, Suits tomorrow, World Cup Thursday, oh and the NBA and Stanley Cup finals. Im not leaving my couch all week lol
I'm Royal Pains. TV loves you back with Watch TV. Earn Points. Get Rewards.
' Mark Feuerstein on Going Back to Basics in Season 6 via
What to Watch: Liars and Royal Pains Return, Chasing Life Begins and More via
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Can I just eat and watch royal pains with Christopher.
When the “Royal Pains” star isn’t being mistaken for the doctor he plays on TV, he’s getting falsely accused of...
ur crazy lol I love royal pains,White Collar and Graceland is amazing legit can't wait anymore
'Royal Pains' star Mark Feuerstein: I'm not a real doctor — or a chicken thief!: Just who is actor Mark Feuers...
Royal pains is back on tn, suits and Graceland start up tomorrow...great time to be alive!
"‘Royal Pains’ season preview: Mark Feuerstein talks a return to blue-sky basics (and Hank getting some)"
I'm hype today my fav TV show is back on Royal Pains😁😁
.is back, Jack White's released and more things you need to know for June 10:
Rest assured, fans: Star would never steal a chicken carcass.
Yay back tonight! They've been shooting all over . ht…
On TV this Tuesday: The Pretty Little Liars bring their “A” game, Chasing Life chases viewers, Royal Pains has a royal gain, and The Night Shift goes hog wild. Here are 10 programs to keep on your radar. RELATED | Save the Dates! 80+ June Premieres and Finales
Tonight's Premieres: ABC Family: Pretty Little Liars at 8p, Chasing Life at 9p CNBC: Secret Lives of the Super Rich at 10p DIY: America's Most Desperate Landscapes at 10p USA: Royal Pains at 9p
So whos up?? 👀👀👀👀 I guess I will start a marathon of Royal Pains on Netflix 👣👣👣👣
It's bad when u go on Netflix to put on Royal Pains instead of watching the end of raw lol bad week this week
Jacob and Mikey, you should watch Royal Pains, it's on Netflix, the brothers remind me of you two!
Little Giant Ladders
Plus: Get the details on Hank's new love interest! Are you excited for the new season of Royal Pains?
So glad Pretty Little Liars & Royal Pains comes back on tomorrow!
Just worked on set today with a bunch of British cast and crew. Couldn't understand a thing they were saying. On a side note, I just got cast for a small feature roll on Royal Pains. Happy Monday.
I'm just gonna watch Royal Pains on Netflix hopefully the Rangers win
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We all knew that Aaron could bust a move, but Gabriel Macht is freaking adorable as is the entire Royal Pains cast. :D
Any time! After Sunday, we're looking at Royal Pains and The Affair coverage...
Starting watching Royal Pains, and surprisingly loving it. I'm a sucker for rich New Yorkers and Ezra Miller.
So yeah! Random thing happened to me here in condado eailer. Explain to me how i was chilling with Hayley from Paramore xD Also explain to me how I went to a casting in La Concha for Royal Pains (USA Series)? xD crazy afternoon.
Staircase at Oheka Castle, which is often featured in the TV series 'Royal Pains'! And it's not in the Hamptons, but on the North Shore near Cold Spring Harbor in Huntington Township.
understandable. Well then watch Big Bang Theory, Friends, Fresh Prince of Bel-Air or Royal Pains.
Television and movies I was on last year. Royal Pains, Anchor Man 2, Banshee, Single Ladies, Drop Dead Diva, TLC , Homeland, Sleepy Hollow, The Originals, Reckless, Killing the Messenger, East Bound and Down. Here is to a successful 2014! Every dime has gone to charity. Thank you to each casting agent, photographer and my husband for supporting our family so my little hobby can help others. Dream Big!
Hank's Top 10 Non-Comedic Television Series of 2013: Boardwalk Empire Breaking Bad Downtown Abbey Homeland House of Lies Orange is the New Black Ray Donovan Shameless Sons of Anarchy Vikings Honourable Shout-Outs to: Castle, Davinci's Demons, Game of Thrones, Mad Men, Royal Pains, Suits, Walking Dead and White Collar but Not to Dexter - thanks for ruining the series.
DUDE. The brother from Royal Pains was Axe on Animorphs. I guess Shawn Ashmore wasn't the only good thing to come from the show ;)
How well can Royal Pains' make latkes? Watch him try!
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Good morning, finally got to finish Royal Pains this early.
is legit retard for thinking Royal Pains is anything but a good show
I would rather watch Burn Notice TWICE than watch that *ty Royal Pains show!!!
Jill, is there any possibility of your returning to Royal Pains? My whole fam loved you and Hank together!
royal pains has already been watched. You need to watch nip/tuck
No last minute cross promotion with Royal Pains... Could the miss anymore opportunities to randomly plug other stuff?
Hamptons Hardcore. Sounds like a very special edition of Royal Pains.
Imagine Royal Pains except with a gynecologist
I seriously don't have a life watching Royal Pains at this time of the night/morning :/
I'm in grave anticipation for the next season . Now I just gotta get caught up on scandal , royal pains, and White Collar and I'm Gucci
oh god why now...i get 2 seasons of Royal pains yet i hv exams ard the corner.
It's only just come to my attention that Royal Pains was replaced by Grey's. *** Would rather watch
Jill Flint today's Best known as Jill Casey on the USA original series Royal Pains...
but i get what you're saying. It pains me to see Petrucci just rotting on the bench at Royal.
I wish royal pains would air back on t.v that's my favorite show
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"We'll never be royals" y'all are royals though.royal pains
No one notice your tears, No one notice your sadness, No one notice your pains, But they all notice your mistakes.💯
You don't need them. We'll just watch Royal Pains together.
btw nimemada Royal Pains ssn3...nataka 4 sasa...can't stand the suspense
I used to watch 'Royal Pains' & it was great having it on right after OUAT. For the 3 weeks it was on. :(
Giles(uni mate) is at the royal blind Skl and is Txting me saying my posters r looking pretty Gd-"pains" him to say lol fml bet his r crap😜
I have been given number 9 by Kathy Spencer Crowder! So here goes. 1: I love Jesus. 2: I love my family (despite my "mom" and "wife" moments at times. We all have them, don't judge:) 3: I love Gooey Butter Cake (Paula Deen's recipe) 4: I am an only child. 5: I love our Journey Group from Christ Community Church. 6: I love vacations, especially beach vacations and visiting our family and friends back in Illinois and Tennessee. 7: I love warmer weather...snow is pretty but I don't like it on the ground for months. 8: I love (all in this order) Castle, Covert Affairs, Hawaii Five-O, Arrow, Blue Bloods, Burn Notice, Rizzoli and Isles, Perception, Beauty and the Beast, Dancing with the Stars, Elementary, Joyce Meyer Enjoying Everyday Life, Duck Dynasty, Royal Pains (they are all on the DVR list, which does not make my husband very happy) I own it, I have a major problem! 9: I sing in the shower!
Enjoying my self with Royal Pains season 5 last episode, cant wait 2 see another season . Great mini series.
A very good series Royal Pains "What series are you currently watching?
Royal Pains "What series are you currently watching?
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