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Royal Mint

The Royal Mint is the body permitted to manufacture, or mint, coins in the United Kingdom. The Mint originated over 1,100 years ago, but since 2010 it operates as Royal Mint Ltd, a company which has an exclusive contract with HM Treasury to supply all coinage for the UK.

Prince George First World War Prince William Kate Middleton United Kingdom Diamond Jubilee Isaac Newton George Osbourne Commonwealth Games

Double Victoria Cross Passchendaele hero honoured by Royal Mint. Read more:
War Hero who won Victoria Cross twice immortalised on £5 coin
The music video it's based on is 100x better (mint royal - blue song)
CW live from the royal mint experience
Test your knowledge of famous literary quotes - including the Royal Mint's choice for new bank note. https:…
New post (Royal Canadian Mint 1 oz. Gold Bar Unboxing!) has been published on Gold Market Watch -…
You have 78 days left to spend your old £1 coins
Thinking of love this, by William Wyon (1811-85), principal engraver at the Royal Mint: "The Rescue"
The Griffin of Edward III is the third release of the Queen's Beasts Series issued by the Royal Mint.…
Wow, I love I just won this for free, Royal Wedding Charles and Diana Mint Miniature Sheet An
Britain's Royal Mint is producing 1.5 billion new £1 coins, which have 12 sides and enhanc…
Check out what I found. 2017 Jane Austen £2 Coin Brilliant Uncirculated By The Royal Mint via
Ridges on the edge of coins were invented by Isaac Newton (also head of the Royal Mint). It presented people from "clipping" coins.
great day at The Royal Mint Experience, phoebe was excellent definitely knows her Coins 👍🏻 definitely going to spread the word
loved this match. The battle royal was mint too
The royal canadian mint unveils an out-of-this-world coin to celebrate the 25th anniversary of dr From left: Sault Ste. Phone number ...
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
A first for the Royal Canadian Mint, the Silver Tree of Life .9 10 ounce bullion coin!
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Morning, please take a look at my latest review royal mint tea
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Another great local event for your diary - Royal Mint Experience (Santa's Grotto)
Coin distributor for Royal Mint opens office in
.and the Royal Canadian Mint Record Transactions on - By
If you're devitalizing up to body royal her april bringing to light that a mint of restaurants carry on not…
Braving sunburn, food poisoning and hours of boredom to get the first coin via
The big stories of 2016: Reporter Kelly Egan Royal Canadian Mint gold thief: Kelly Egan reflects on perhaps his…
Sir Isaac Master of the Royal Mint (1699-1727) via
Video says this me "reflecting" on my gold-up-the-bum story at Mint. Disturbing, so many ways. Jeez.
The Royal Australian Mint has a great new-year's tradition, and collectors camp out a week in advance to be there:…
(Ottawa Citizen):The big stories of 2016: Egan Royal Canadian Mint gold..
Like head position at the Royal Mint.
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At Silver coins to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the Battle of Beaumont-Hamel. Read more:…
The Royal Canadian Mint has joined a blockchain platform run by Goldmoney Inc, the first tim
youthberry or peach tranquility or mint majesty or royal English
most of Newton's time in his later life was spent on Alchemy and the Royal Mint.
Teams up with Royal Mint to Trade Gold Using Blockchain . Read more: $CME
A commemorative £20 coin featuring the Welsh dragon has been revealed by the Royal Mint in Rhondda Cynon Taff. .
'works with Royal Mint on process for new £ coin ensuring there’s no increased risk to the environment.
Staggered by this and TerryD got it right again,this is shocking … the Royal Mint rip off
New from on the move of the Royal Mint from London to Llantrisant
Satirising the servility of the English, Cobbett said you can tell much about a country that refers to the Royal Mint and the National Debt
I've a collection of £5,10,20 Royal Mint coins but bank say since Jan16, they no longer hold any monetary value. Is this true?
Bank of Canada and Royal Mint have written to say future issues will meet Montreal's desire that women be represented on Canada's money.
that's not the Royal Mint. This company special in selling cheap commemorative coins at expensive prices
The Royal Mint are releasing a set of 1936 coins to mark the rein of Edward VIII. A bit odd:
2016 1 oz Gold Great Britain Royal Mint Year of the Monkey BU - SKU -
I'd think so. Royal Mint says: "Coins are legal tender throughout the United Kingdom for the following amount"
We have an update on that gold error coin from the
. Have you got any of the Royal mint coins left in your gift shop any more please looking fir the 2016 coins .
By Royal Australian Mint …..   With Enlighten 2016 preparing for the biggest crowds yet, the Royal…
APMEX, Inc.: The Ultimate Canadian Experience / APMEX Offers the Chance to Win a Trip for Two to Tour the Roya
Stunning mint green teacup and saucer with gold overlay
The Royal Mint will produce a special collector's 50p coin showing a colour picture of Peter Rabbit to celebrate the 150th …
2013 Bald Eagle coin (1/25 ounce gold) - Another 1/25 ounce gold coin from the Royal Canadian Mint. This one is...
Peter Rabbit will feature on new silver 50p to mark Beatrix Potter anniversary
Rare royal pictures released of the Cambridge's holiday in French Alps (pix John Stillwell/PA Wire)
Back in stock: Royal Canadian Mint 10oz Silver Bar. Purchase now via
Peter Rabbit to appear on UK tender - the first ever character from
Royal Mint was to release 60p Diamond Jubilee coin – but axed idea
New 60p coin to mark Queen's Diamond Jubilee among scores rejected by the Royal Mint
Check out this great item: Royal Worcester Floral Bone China Pin/Trinket Dish with Box-Mint
Check out 2013 $20 Fine Silver Coin Year of the Snake Royal Canadian Mint No Reserve via
Star Wars characters medal, rare limited edition, sold out on Royal mint
The Royal Mint should do a commemorative coin.
Harley's present from his grandad a coin from the Royal mint from the year he was born 22carat gold coin 󾮟🏼
An ingenious system to gain credit card rewards came unstuck and left a savvy spender with £29,300 of £100 coins, as the R…
The Royal Mint is suffering a backlash after it sent a memo to banks telling them not to accept high-value 'legal tender' commemorative
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Nanopay acquires mintchip from the royal mint
The Royal Mint: Bring back the UK face value £5 coin - Sign the Petition! via
Can you help us identify these Royal Mint Staff? View the full album here: http…
Gutted I didn't figure this one! Royal Mint has foiled my commemorative coin airmiles system... via
Somerset Latest: Western Daily Press published Royal Mint releases striking new series of coins for 2016: The ...
Fabulous film of men at Royal Mint making coins in 1964. How it takes me back to see London then. Watch it now!
Ethereal vintage Czech glass opal jewelry in glowing mint green, rose pink, lemon yellow, milky white and royal blue!
Huge Selection of Helmets at Low Prices
Royal Canadian Mint is hiring a Communications, apply now!
MINT! SAUCE BOAT on Stand by Royal Copenhagen - 1105 - Blue Fluted - FULL LACE
Olympic 2012 mint 50p free uk only, LINK:.
The Royal Australian Mint's next coloured $2 will be Orange. All we need is yellow and blue and we'll have the...
didn’t the Royal Mint mint an extra $10mil worth of 20c coins when this came out*?. *may not be true ;)
Check out this Communications at Royal Canadian Mint in
The Royal Mint has today launched a gold kilo bar for the 'serious investor' - at a cost of approximately £25,000 - and buyers can
Royal Mint has released its second limited edition two ounce fine silver £100 coin after the roaring success of one it lau…
George T. Morgan, formerly a pupil of William Wyon in the Royal Mint in Lo
Guildford was the location of the Royal Mint from 978 until the reign of William the Conqueror.
The diggers have arrived! Construction work for the new Royal Mint Visitor Centre began today.
No, sadly, but there was a note referring to a royal birth on that date and a mint condition 3d stamp
Anglophile Alert: Win a Trip to Britain to Tour the Royal Mint – USA ONLY
The Royal mint celebrates year of the sheep - -
I think many LGBT people may be unhappy at the Royal Mint's Salvation Army anniversary coin:
Harry Green off to a flying start, great work!. 'First session out on the Royal Marine, two carp, this mint 20lb...
1982: The first 20-pence coins are issued by the Royal Mint and go into circulation in the UK...
"Timeline PhotosThe Royal Mint in the United Kingdom is issuing a special £5 coin honouring 150 years of The...
Home | Mail Online: Pay £20 and get your very own slice of gold with new 'accessible bullion' scheme fro m the Ro
The Royal Australian Mint declares that Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II has a lot to celebrate this year as she...
The mintages of Royal Australian Mint's 2014 Fine Gold Proof Year Set will close on June 29
The Royal Mint in the UK is issuing a special coin for The Salvation Army’s 150th anniversary. http…
Commemorative Salvation Army Coin Produced by the Royal Mint armybarmy bonus. should follow Jesus Christ.
Royal Mint appoint to develop new £7.5m interactive museum experience:
George Osbourne has confirmed the new 12-sided pound coin. This is what it will look like. Image: Sky/Royal Mint
RoyalCentral "The face of a nation: New coin portrait of The Queen unveiled by Royal Mint in London
UK Royal Mint continues to mark the centenary of the First World War with a £2 coin honoring the Royal Navy
Isaac Newton lived at 87 Jermyn Street, St. James when he worked at the Royal Mint where he was tasked with prosecuting counterfeiters
Royal Mint issues illustration of King John signing Magna Carta with a quill. Oh dear. Wax Seal, not signature.
Lovely irony. As a right wing think tank says history books should have illustrations, Royal Mint mythologises Magna Carta…
Royal Mint makes £100 coin to mark the start of 2015 | Stoke Sentinel via
14 carat gold Proof 10 Barbados Dollars coin celebrating Elizabeth, the Queen Mother. Produced by the Royal Mint,
Royal Mint discount - FREE UK delivery when you buy the Rememberance Day...
Royal Mint has launched online bullion service to entice investors away from shares,
Royal Mint puts its up for sale; Trust the to Hold, Not Confiscate or holdings
We just got some of these in stock - Royal Mint issues £20 coin in symbol of sadness honouring First World War troops
Prince George £5 coin released by Royal Mint to celebrate his first birthday
What could a Prince possibly want for his birthday? In honour of Prince George first birthday on July 22, the Royal Mint has announced the manufacture of a limited edition 5-pound sterling coin "as...
Royal Mint to strike £5 coins to commemorate Prince George's first birthday
Gary for Terry this week. Yesterday, the Royal Mint in Britain announced that a special coin would be minted to celebrate Prince George's 1st birthday next month. Only 7,500 will be made. If you want one, it'll cost you about 135 bucks. Would it be something that you'd be interested in buying as a keepsake?
W I Centenary Medal 1897 - 1997, issued by the Royal Mint in collectors case, collection Darlington, Scorton or Northallerton Tesco 4pm Saturday 14th June, SB £2
AUCTION! £200 starting bid. We have been donated this fabulous coin collection. Queen Elizabeth II 40th anniversary coronation collection by Royal Mint. There are 19 sterling .925 silver coins from all the commonwealth countries. At the time of purchase, this set cost over £500 & has been kept in pristine condition. The starting price is £200 and this auction will run until for 1 week, ending 10pm Tuesday 3rd June. Please feel free to ask any questions or come & view. As always every penny will go to Honeycat Rescue so please 'share' :-)
Britain’s Royal Mint honours 500 years of Trinity House The Royal Mint is this week commemorating the 500th anniversary of Trinity House (20th May), the organisation that has safeguarded the lighthouses, pilot ships and coastal waters of Britain since being awarded a Royal Charter to do so by King Henry VIII. To mark the milestone event The Royal Mint has produced limited edition commemorative Trinity House-themed £2 coins in sterling silver and 22 carat gold. Its striking lighthouse design also appears on 2014-dated circulating versions of the £2 coin which people are likely to find in their change from October this year. Each coin is edged with the words ‘SERVING THE MARINER’. Trinity House is the general lighthouse authority for England, Wales, the Channel Islands and Gibraltar, a deep sea pilotage authority and the largest maritime charity in the United Kingdom. Since 1514, Trinity House has served as a symbol of maritime safety for the public and provided an essential service for the mariner, ...
half way through and the tension is building... is up against the Mary Rose, National Maritime Museum, Royal Mint and more!
Ok, I know I missed a couple. I've been busy On this day May 14 Australia 1792 - The first confirmed sighting of the elusive Tasmanian Tiger is made. The Tasmanian tiger, known also by its palaeontological nickname of Thylacine, was a carnivorous marsupial of Australia. It was once believed to roam the entire Australian mainland, as well as parts of New Guinea. Its disappearance from the mainland is believed to have been due to increased competition for food which resulted from the introduction of the dingo by the Aborigines. The Thylacine was up to 110cm in length, with a strong, stiff tail that was half the length of its body again. At its shoulder, it stood about 60cm tall. The Thylacine had tawny grey-brown fur, and around 16 black or brown stripes on its back, mainly at the tail end. 1855 - Australia's first branch of the Royal Mint (London) commences operations in Sydney. 1943 - Australian Hospital Ship Centaur is sunk by a torpedo from a Japanese submarine. When the Centaur was about 80km ...
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Sirs, Please do not get fooled by the coins/ The Honourable East India company was esablished by Act of British Parliament in and company was disolved in 1874 the coins minted during that periodONDON, ENGLAND, – Over three hundred years after The East India Company was first given the right to mint its own currency by Charles II in 1677, the company has announced the issue of its legal tender coins returning to its by-gone days in the bullion trade. The Limited Edition gold proof coins are struck by the Royal Mint, who first minted coins for The East India Company over two hundred years ago. east india cash The East India Company Issues its First Legal Tender Coins Since 1874The coin designs are inspired by the main trading currencies The East India Company used in the 17th – 19th century ─ CASH and Mohur. The silver ‘CASH’ proof coins features a peacock design symbolizing immortality and rebirth and are available in a 1/2oz and 1oz coin equivalent to a 10p and 20p respectively. The gold Mohur . ...
What do you think of the design for the new UK royal 1 pound coin?
The Royal Mint to manufacture modern new £1 coin.
Royal Mint declares new £1 coins "most secure" due to sophisticated edge technology which renders the number of sides im…
I'm essentially an embarrassment to society today. I'm wearing a mint green and red tshirt with royal blue shorts.
What do you think to the new Royal Mint £1 coin design?... Design Week
Royal mint unveils new pound coin ..
Have you seen the new £1? The UK royal mint to manufacture new 1 pound coin based on threepenny bit:
UK Royal Mint unveils new pound coin:
So this is the new £1 coin design which has been released today by the Royal Mint. What's your thoughts on it? Do you think it would be worth it? It will be made from 'world-leading anti-counterfeiting technology which will enable Her Majesty’s Treasury to modernise the United Kingdom’s circulating currency with the production of a brand new £1 coin.' Get in touch and let me know your thoughts! Call me: 01294 313171 Text me: 07981 555327 Or comment below! David McKenna
The UK’s Royal Mint says this is the world’s most secure coin CC
It's not that different really. But better I think. ...The Royal Mint unveils new £1 coin design | News | Design Week
Good to see a classic revival with a 'thrupenny' shaped coin replacing the £1. via
VIDEO: New look pound coin unveiled: A new £1 coin, which the Royal Mint says is the most secure coin in the w...
haters gonna hate! Plus you didn't know what the Royal Mint was!
Good news The Royal Mint has revealed the brand new £1 coin, bad news - find out how much it's going to cost to change all the vending machines and shopping trollies
After 30 years, the Royal Mint unveils new pound coin
WORLD: UK Royal Mint unveils new pound coin
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Royal Mint unveil new pound coin and then "veil" it refusing to allow us to film it, on instruction from Treasury, who want budget glory.
The Royal Mint has unveiled a new ultra-secure, 12-sided £1 coin - a replacement for the current coin which has been in circulation for 30 years. The proposed £1 coin design is distinctly British, with a twelve-sided shape which evokes memories of the pre-decimalisation threepence piece. The Queen’s image will remain on the ‘heads’ side of the coin and the Treasury is launching a competition to design the image that will be reproduced on the ‘tails’ side. The new coin, which will be roughly the same size as the current £1, is designed to be one of the hardest to copy in the world. Due to hit your pockets in 2017.
UK Royal Mint unveils new pound coin, a new pioneering design that will boost confidence and cut fraud
Britain reveals new 12-sided pound coin: The Royal Mint... on
On the phone with Royal Mint - it's really a 1,000 year old tech company competing with other research outfits in Finland and Canada
Associated Press. UK Royal Mint unveils new pound coin.
According to the Royal Mint one in 33 of all £1 coins are counterfeit...crazy.
I love how Royal Mint has rendered the new pound coin in the same way as Foster's Apple HQ. Behold the mothership! http…
New one pound coin: Every vending machine, shopping trolley and parking meter in the UK could need to be adapted, the Royal Mint hints
UK Royal Mint unveils new pound coin
What do you think of the newly unveiled pound coin
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The new £1 coin, which is said to be the most resilient in the world, would not have been possible without award-winning technology developed in Wales, says the Royal Mint.
UK Royal Mint unveils new pound coin - LONDON (AP) - After 30 years of work, Britain's pound coin is ready for a...
The Royal Mint revealed today (19th March) that they will propose to issue a new £1 coin with state of the art security features which are being incorporated in the new coin in an effort to reduce the significant amount of counterfeit coins.
Every shopping trolley, public phonebox and vending machine could have to be adapted to suit the new £1 coin the head of circulation for the Royal Mint hinted today.
The Royal Mint takes counterfeiting and fraud extremely seriously. To help identify genuine £1 coins we have prepared an easy-to-use guide and poster for you to download.
A new partnership between The Royal Mint and MMTC-PAMP India strikes the first gold Sovereign commemorative coins in India in nearly a century.
*sniggers*. New £1 coin: every shopping trolley in Britain will have to be adapted Head of circulation at the Royal Mint says it is a 'likelihood' all mechanisms operated by £1 coins will have to change at a cost to the economy of £20 million
12-sided design reprises threepenny bit as Royal Mint and Treasury say existing coin is too easy to forge. A new 12-sided pound coin based on the threepenny bit is being unveiled – and is said to be the hardest in the world to fake. Described as a “giant… [ 460 more words. ]
New £1 coin, even the Royal Mint is trying to distance itself from UKIP.
Well stoked at the Royal Mint's decision for the other side of the new £1 coin
"You're mums so dumb that she thought the 'Royal Mint' was the Queens favourite chocolate"
The Royal Mint estimates that around 3% of the £1 coins in circulation are fake. George Osborne revealed this morning that HM Treasury believes there is a strong case for introducing a new £1 coin to help reduce counterfeiting and ensure the integrity of the United Kingdom’s currency. We like the new 12-sided design!
The brand new £1 coin has been revealed by The Royal Mint, and we've just seen the other side of it... well chuffed :D Cheers guys
Royal Mint unveils new ultra-secure 12-sided £1 coin. Lots of them will hopefully be in our pockets by 2017
Source: The Royal Mint UK iSIS is new generation of coi …
The real story: "Royal Mint now estimates that about 45 million of £1 coins in circulation are forgeries."
The UK's Royal Mint has unveiled a revised £1 coin with 12 sides, which it hopes will make the currency harder to forge.
How do you spot a fake £1 coin? With one in every 50 coins in circulation now a counterfeit, that £1 coin in your pocket could be worthless! So keep ahead of the cheats and follow the tips below to check your cash. * Indistinct lettering or wrong typeface on edge * Queen's head and pattern on reverse should both be upright when coin is turned over * Design on reverse should correspond with official design for year of its issue * Variation in metal colour and weight The Royal Mint's online design portfolio can also be used to easily identify what's genuine and what's not. Since they were introduced in 1983, the design on the reverse of the coins has changed every year.
Chancellor George Osborne has made tax-free savings in ISAs more "generous" and unveiled new "pensioner bonds". Tax changes for "low and middle income" workers also featured in his Budget. The amount people earn before tax will go up by £500 to £10,500 and the 40p tax threshold will go up. The chancellor froze petrol duty, cut bingo duty from 20% to 10%, froze duty on Scotch Whisky and cider and cut a further 1p from a pint of beer - but put the price of cigarettes up. Cash and stocks ISAs are to be merged into a single New ISA with an annual tax-free savings limit of £15,000 from 1 July. The limit for Junior ISA will be raised to £4,000. He also outlined a new Pensioner Bond paying market leading rates to be available from January to all over 65s, with interest rates of 2.8% for one-year bonds and 4% for three-year bonds. Other measures announced in Mr Osborne's fifth Budget speech include: A scheme to boost exports - doubling the amount of finance available to £3bn An extra £140m for repairs and m ...
A survey undertaken in November 2013 by The Royal Mint found that the rate of counterfeit pound coins in circulation at the time had risen from 2.74% to 3.04%. The 3% forgery rate means that it is believed that there are 45m fake pound coins currently in circulation- The Guardian. Raising money supply in a dampened economy and value of pound escalating with CPI inflation reaching almost 3%?
So the Royal Mint are producing a new £1 coin in 2017 to help combat the amount of counterfeits on the market? And they have released photos of it in 2014. Giving counterfeiters 3 years to study it. Genius!
Dear royal mint on changing the pound coin only 10 years to late as 1 in 3 are fake :o but please can i have a truck load of them royal botanic garden 50 pence pieces
I see the Royal Mint has decided in it's wisdom to change the £1 coin to something resembling an old threepenny piece. Which coincidentally is exactly what it will be worth.
In support of The Royal Mint's recent announcement… we give you OUR solution to Jaffa Cakes forgery!
Royal Mint denies claims new pound coin may have been sabotaged by Australian fast bowling fans :)
People are being advised to check their change after an “incredibly rare” 50p coin was identified by the Royal Mint as the most uncommon design ever to be placed in circulation in the UK.
It's all fine and dandy that the royal mint are releasing a new pound coin, the issue is that everything that takes a pound coin will now have to be changed to accept the new 12 sided pound coin.
the UK royal mint to manufacture new £1
Andrew Mills, director of circulation for the Royal Mint, discusses the decision to replace the existing £1 coin.
The Royal Mint have announced there will be a new £1 coin introduced in 2017, what do you think of the latest design?
Breast Cancer Awareness
I love the fact that the Royal Mint are bringing back the Threepenny Bit on many levels. First it was my favourite coin when I was a kid, second it gives a nod to inflation because it now cists a £1.00 and third I will be joining the hipsters with a "bit" coin.
Prototype £1 coin created as government consider replacing the current version to help reduce counterfeiting Photo by: Royal Mint/REX
This new £1 coin isn't perfect. Think the Royal Mint have been cutting corners.
I'm not supprised that there are millions of fake £1:00 coins in circulation...for years the Royal Mint has been supplying coins to Swaziland the same shape size and weight of our £1:00 coins but are worth about 20p. Holiday in Swaziland...bring back loads of coins and it'll pay for your holliday.stupid yes but thats our 'govern'ment for you!
Straits Settlements, East India Company (1826-1858), Queen Victoria, 1/4 Cent, 1/2 Cent and 1 Cent, 1845. The dies were prepared at the Royal Mint London by Mr. William Wyon and struck at the Calcutta mint bearing the inscription "East India Company". In 1858 this same coinage bearing the date 1845 was struck again at the Madras Mint, India. Prior to this set of coinage, the only mode of currency was the Spanish Dollar, Dutch doits or the Singapore Merchant tokens, which were fully established as the local medium of exchange. The smaller the denomination, the tougher to find, i.e. 1/4 is scarcer than 1/2, whereas 1/2 is scarcer than a full cent. Reference Saran Singh, 1974, The Catalogue of Malaysia, Singapore and Brunei Coins (1700 - 1974), Malaysia Numismatic Society Publication, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
United States Morgan Silver Dollar - - In 1876, Director of the Mint Henry Richard Linderman began efforts to redesign the nation's silver coins. Linderman contacted C.W. Fremantle, Deputy Master of the Royal Mint in London, requesting him to "find a first class die-sinker who would be willing to take the position of Assistant Engraver at the Mint at Philadelphia." In response to Linderman's request, Fremantle wrote "My inquiries as to an Assistant Engraver lead me very strongly to recommend for the post Mr. George Morgan, age 30, who has made himself a considerable name, but for whom there is not much opening at present in this country." An agreement was reached between Linderman and Morgan for the engraver to work at the Philadelphia Mint under Chief Engraver William Barber on a six-month trial basis. Anna Willess Williams, pictured here in 1922, sat for George T. Morgan five times as a model for his design. Morgan arrived in Philadelphia on October 9, 1876. His earliest pattern coins designed during hi ...
Did you know that scientist Isaac Newton was a member of the British Parliament and also served as head of the Royal Mint?
I heard Royal Mint is thinking of withdrawing its commemorative Commonwealth Games coin over Ibrox concerns
Royal Mint discount of over 60% on the Prince George Royal Christening crown...
Royal Mint: Replace the Kitchener £2 coin w/ one that truly commemorates those who died in WW1 via
Royal Mint: Replace the Kitchener £2 coin with one that truly commemorates the millions who died in WWI via
This is the King James Bible £2 Commemorative coin released by the Royal Mint in 2011. It celebrates 400 ...
In 1696, Christopher Ellis, a young, hot-tempered gentleman, is sent to the Tower of London, but not as a prisoner. A sudden twist of fate has led him there to assist the renowned scientist Sir Isaac Newton, who as Warden of the Royal Mint has accepted an appointment to hunt down counterfeiters who threaten to topple the shaky, war-weakened economy. Armed with Newton’s superior intellect and Ellis’s skill with a sword, the new partners seem primed to solve the case. But when their investigation leads them to a mysterious coded message on a corpse hidden in the Lion Tower, they realize that something more sinister is afoot. In the heat of their pursuit, Newton and Ellis’s suspicions become all too real as the body count rises and the duo uncovers a menacing far-reaching plot that might lead to the collapse of the government—and cost them their very lives. An extraordinary, suspense-filled, and richly satisfying tale, Dark Matter is an engrossing mystery infused with the volatile mix of politics, sc ...
A raft of new coins for 2014 that commemorate British anniversaries including the centenary of the First World War have been produced by the Royal Mint.
Good morning everyone! Today in 1988, Prime Minister Brian Mulroney and President Ronald Reagan signed the Canada-U.S. free trade agreement. Also today in 1908, the Royal Canadian Mint opened on Sussex Drive in Ottawa as a division of Britain's Royal Mint. The first coin struck was a 50-cent piece and in 1959, the Soviet Union launched its space probe "Luna 1," the first manmade object to fly past the moon, its apparent intended target. Have a great day!
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Coins for 2014 marking the Commonwealth Games and commemorating World War One have been unveiled by the Royal Mint
Tata Steel’s on the money with Royal Mint award
New Zealand-Commemorative Silver Coin . 50th Anniversary of Scott Base. Denomination:1 $. Struck by Royal Mint in UK
Royal Mint explores plan to make Bitcoins: The tiny British crown dependency of Alderney is working on plans f...
Royal Mint to launch coin on 31 October but one trader expects it to change hands for less than its face value – and like many recent commemorative coins will fail to rise in value
Jake Wallis Simons visits the Royal Mint and meets the craftsmen behind Britain’s first ever christening coin.
Coins marking christening of Prince George priced at between £13 and £50,000, Royal Mint says
Prince George christening coins produced by Royal Mint
Royal Mint issues special coins to celebrate christening of Prince George via
Prince George christening coins produced by Royal Mint - video
Royal Mint coins to mark Prince George christening
Royal Mint coins to mark Prince George christening -
For those at home, the latest on the Royal baby.. Royal Mint plans new coin
Often used in cooking, basil is reported to be useful in driving away flies. It is also said to work on mosquitoes and bugs. Bay leaves are claimed to have the ability to keep insects away. Bay has been used to repel moth, weevils, ants, cockroaches and flies away from the pantry. Tansy is a wonder herb that doesn’t just work on flies. It can also be used to ward off mice, moths, fleas, and ants. On the other hand, pennyroyal is one of the ingredients found in insect repelling products today. Coming from the mint family, pennyroyal can be useful in repelling ticks, mosquitoes, gnats, fleas, ants, chiggers and flies. Just some FYI
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I'm infatuated with mint green and emerald.
Not long now until we announce some marvellous news! What do you think it could be?
On our tour of thirst quenchers, we move from Chillers to Royal Shakes, Shakes, and Malts. Royal Shakes are kind of new and consist of our regular shakes with some of our cookie/candy ingredients added in. You could stop by and get an Oreo Royal Shake with Oreo pieces in it. Sort of step closer to a Blizzard. With our regular Shakes and Malts, maybe you'd like to try a new flavor - how about a Banana Shake with real chunks of bananas? Maybe you'd like a Mint Shake. How about a Peanut Butter Shake with Chocolate?
Just read a report on BBC sport that Andy Murray has donated ALL his 1.6 million winnings from today to Cancer Research and Care at The Royal Marsden Hospital. Wow what a fantastic gesture on his part.
The Royal Mint is the world's leading export mint, making coins and medals for an average of 60 countries every year.
Republic in Swansea are please to announce 2,013 coins for commoners for babies born on the same day as the...
Just heard that Andy Murray has donated all of his 1.6 million win to The Royal that's world class!!
Andy Murray won £1.6 million in prize money today and donated the lot to the cancer care unit at the Royal Marsen Hospital. All joking aside that's one of the classiest moves I've ever heard. Kudos sir.
For all of you expectant families, the Royal Mint will be giving every baby born on the same day a silver penny!
Just found out that I can apply for a special Royal mint coin that will be given to every mother if their baby is born on the same day as the Duchess of Cambridge ! Hold in there bump till then !
If Kate has a baby boy now she should call him Murray ... Then one day we would have The Murray Mint instead of the royal mint ... I know - rubbish joke !
Ricky Tomlinson I.e Jim out the royal family is mint, he makes me laugh so much
2013 50c Fine Silver Proof Coin 60th Anniversary of the Coronation of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II
will Murray now be made a Royal Mint? Keep smiling
Well played Andy Murray... Not only the heir to the Murrays Pies fortune but the current US Open, Olympic and Wimbledon Champion! However... All the Hibees are *** a-aaay!
The Royal Australian Mint has launched a purple-striped two dollar coin to mark the Queen's 60th anniversary of her coronation.
77 years and still waiting for an Englishman to win!!
oK predictions for the tabloids tomorrow? MAGNIFICENT MURRAY get's my vote
George Osbourne set to rename the Royal Mint in A Murray's honour to get the most out of a yet to be announced sponsorship deal!
People who work at the royal mint get paid in money to make money.. Why don't they just take it? ;)
If Andy wins Wimbledon and all that prize money, will he become a Murray Mint?
Come on Andy! One set up to Murray, let's hear your messages of support...
GIG SWAP. Our friends SONIX have asked to swap a gig with us for tonight. So they will play in the Royal Hotel Sports Bar in Cumnock tonight instead of us. Will let you know when we are next there. Had a great wedding last night in Fenwick, ( congrats to Laura & CJ McCindless), so we have a £ in our pocket to chill with a beer and watch "The Mint" win his first Wimbledon.
Looks like Murray is gonna loose toss pot in the royal box :/
I have not been able to upload to may web site last weeks nails so I have the information here, you will have seen my nails in lasts weeks videos instructions and other information are as follows Multitudes of colour Nail art Experience level - 󾆖 - beginners Preparation - ⏰⏰⏰⏰⏰ Paint Time - ⏰⏰⏰⏰ What you will need after you have prepared your nails - five nail polishes of your choice - five matching glitter polishes - a glitter coloured striper (optional) - coloured crystals (optional) - top coat Hello everyone, So this weeks I thought I would do a design based on a picture I saw on Pinterest. A design using a different colour on each nail, but colours from the same colour family. I chose a pearlescent white, a bold pink, a fabulous teal a gold and a royal purple. I then added a glitter polish that matched each of the base nail colours and then three crystal stones for each nail the same colour again as my base colours and then finally a nail striper glitter polish and a good quick .. ...
I admit it. I'm kinda excited about the Apparently the Royal Mint is too. The new coin to honor the wee one, coming up.
The offer of the solid silver coin is open to any child born in the U.K. on the date, but is capped at 2,013
Excited for the final: what will Kim be wearing?
I'm in LOVE with these cute little narwhals from deep!
If you could ask the Duchess of Cambridge her hopes for her first child, I'd bet a Royal Mint silver penny her answer would match Diana's for her oldest son: “The one thing his father and I were absolutely agreed on was that William would have as normal an ...
Get your iPhone insurance today!
What's that Globe you have nothing going on ?? That's new for you!
In da Hood bored who wanna chill. Am on royal street bout walk to elpaso for a mint
Yesterday I went geocaching at Birds Hill provincial park, visited Lake Winnipeg (the biggest lake in Manitoba), and also visited the University of Manitoba in Winnipeg. Today I visited the Forks National Historic Site in downtown Winnipeg, visited the Royal Canadian Mint, visited the legislative building (capital building) of Manitoba, and went to the Lone Ranger tonight. On my way back to the states tomorrow. Will be back in Canada in a few weeks!
Why the Royal Mint is giving away 2,013 silver coins
Babies who are born on the same day as Kate & Williams youngster will get a special silver coin from the Royal Mint. So what do you...
Britain's Royal Mint will give out commemorative pennies to 2013 babies born the same day as Kate and William's child. See IN-57SA
An extra special gift from the Royal Mint to celebrate the Royal Baby.
With bookies predicting that Kate Middleton will ignore her due date and give birth to the royal baby...
Awesome evening at Royal Court. Would recommend seeing Mint, but you can't, it just closed. Brilliant writing from Claire Lizzimore, and stonking cast too! Even more stonking was the amount of familiar faces lurking around there this eve. Marv.
Watch out, Gromit unfortunately tucked away & the place was closed do couldn't get a good picture. Also missed 'National Treasure' by the Royal Mint he was made from pound coins :-(
On our bloggy website A penny for those who share a royal birthday ... our latest piece of work with The Royal Mint
The Royal Mint to commemorate the birth of the Royal Baby with 2013 silver pennies that to be given to babies who will share their birthday
last moments in his home at Royal Mint Court awaiting his ride via deathstar to Paignton
British babies born on same day as royal baby to get 'lucky' pennies!. The Royal Mint announced Thursday that it...
Perfect love is not in phone calls or not in text msg it is the silent smile from your heart when you think of your loved once.
CALGARY - Alberta Premier Alison Redford says she wants to talk to the prime minister about allowing more temporary foreign workers into Alberta as her province rebuilds from recent flooding.Redford says Alberta is going to need a robust workforce as homes and businesses are restored in devastated c...
Royal Mint to give away coins commemorating birth of William and ...
Comment your favourite colour .. . . RED BLUE PINK YELLOW GREEN BLACK PURPLE WHITE I'll tell you .. Who loves you most...
I trust that the Royal Mint will commission a gold Half Penny in recognition of his own individual performances.
Dear royal mint, Seeing as a legend has just proved many people wrong, I believe and so does the nation that ' In Gatland we trust' needs to be printed on our bank notes. Regards A happy fan
Nike Solarsoft Moccasin “Floral” Pack More Floral colorways for the Nike Solarsoft Moccasin. We got a look at a floral colorway for the Nike Solarsoft Moccasin a few days ago, and it looks like a few more colorways have been added. One colorway features a combination of Old Royal and Crystal Mint. The ladies will also get their own special colorway in a classic stone and mint combo Daley Tea
Any decent none membered golf courses around here people? not townley or higherfield
Babies born on same day as royal baby will receive free silver penny
Royal Mint to celebrate Kate Middleton and Prince William's royal baby with ...
Loser alert... I've been collecting the Olympic 50 pence designs for ages!! Just have FIVE more to go - wheelchair rugby, basketball, rowing, triathlon and volleyball - please help!!!
Do the Royal Mint's silver coins to celebrate the royal baby really have to be in a pink or blue pouch?
It's the weekend! Wimbledon final and some luxurious sunshine - just what the doctor ordered!! Xx
Who will give birth at the same time as Kate? a lucky royal penny could be coming your way!
Royal Mint to mark birth of Duchess of Cambridge's baby by giving away silver pennies worth£50,000 -
Babie’s Born on Same Day as Royal Baby to Receive Free 2,103 Pennies From Royal Mint
just about to set off on my travels, been a very long 12 months here in India! Well deserved rest coming up.
Silver penny minted for royal birth Keeping with an old tradition, the Royal Mint will give a silver penny to
V.CNN/MONEY The Royal Mint offers a silver coin to any baby born in Britain on the same day as William and Catherine's baby.
What is your favorite color combination right now? I am loving coral and turquoise! If we get 100 comments by 10:30 CST we will give away $5 EB bucks!
Royal baby to be commemorated: Royal Mint to give out special coins (via
I drove in Monaco today. Left hand side driving and opposite sides of the road. TomTom was a (beep beep) she sent us on a wild goose chase but honestly if I was TomTom I would be confused as well. These streets are so confusing. Weather is hot and humid (sorry to say) Monaco is so rich, wealthy and I don't mean millions, I mean billions! Out of this world. X
Babies born on the same day as the Royal Baby will receive this silver coin (The Royal Mint)
Parents whose little one is born the same day as the royal baby will receive a special souvenir from the Royal Mint
Just got home from seeing "mint" royal court theatre. moving and provocative, with tantalising writing. Fantastic actors and direction. 2 days left
Jus another update: We have Our Date for C-Section if baby dnt turn ... Wednesday 10th July! :)) Xxx
Quite looking forward to taking Owen to the royal international air tattoo now I've seen it advertised on TV. . Looks mint!
is it true that if u have ur baby on the 17th ov this month when kate n William have theres if u prove u had a baby u can get some sort ov coin of them just heard it as any1 else heard it ?
The Royal Mint wants to take part in celebrating the birth of Prince William and Kate Middleton’s soon-to-be-born baby. They’ll be giving away silver pennies to babies born the same day as the future heir to the British throne.
The Royal Mint has announced that 2,013 lucky babies who are born the same day as Prince William and Kate's first child shall receive a special solid silver "lucky penny." The special edition coin,...
If u have ur baby the same day as Kate. Royal mint are giving your arrival a special keepsake coin
Miche s Extended Cyber Weekend Event - Savings up to 75%
We're open today from 11am to 7pm. TGIF!
Finally living back in drouin not a far walk to the royal. It's mint as
The penny has been marked with the year 2013 to commemorate the babies' year of birth, the Royal Mint announced
BABIES BORN ON SAME DAY AS ROYAL SPROG are to receive a "silver penny" from the Royal Mint. This will cost £50,000. WHY! Words almost fail me. This a totally pointless gesture and yet another symptom of sycophantic Britain. Why this constant need to suck up to someone, be subordinated and desire to always "bend the knee"? I can think of a lot of causes where this money would do a lot of good. I despair of this country ever moving into the 21st century (perhaps until the 22nd). Please, please let's stop collectively sucking up to these over-privileged and cosseted anachronisms, whose wealth comes from centuries of oppression. I bet the next thing will be the politicians proposing we buy the sprog a christening present! It's just a thick, rich, almost decent-looking bint giving birth and of much less note than a hard working citizen doing the same. Why not raise the money by applying bedroom tax to all the many palaces and residences this lot have? Royalists would say these places belong to the nation. Wel ...
Flagstaff Gardens is the oldest park in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia, first established in 1862. Today it is one of the most visited and widely used parks in the city by nearby office workers and tourists. The gardens are notable for their archeological, horticultural, historical and social significance to the history of Melbourne. The gardens are 7.2 hectares (18 acres) of Crown Land bounded by William, La Trobe, King and Dudley streets, managed by the City of Melbourne. On the southeast corner opposite is the entrance to Flagstaff railway station. Diagonally opposite stands the Victorian branch of the Royal Mint, established 7 August 1869. The former Royal Mint building is a well-preserved example of Victorian Gold Rush boom-period classical styled architecture. The facade features paired columns with scrolled capitals and the Royal Mint coat-of-arms. On the northeast corner over William Street, is the Queen Victoria Market. The park contains extensive lawns with a variety of mature trees, flowerbeds ...
Wow! Spent a fascinating day at the Royal Mint yesterday. Work starts tomorrow on my Gromit for Wallace and Gromit unleashed, 25 yrs celebration of the Nick Parks comedy duo, commissioned by the Royal Mint. Very exciting!! Can't say how much money surrounds me but its a lot!!
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