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Royal Mail

Royal Mail is the government-owned postal service in the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland.

Royal Mail Group Communication Workers Union Vince Cable Post Office

Royal Mail on the hunt for permanent postal workers
I have paid Royal Mail to deliver this product, it’s still sat with Royal Mail, I am awaiting a refund f…
| |Cleaner - Portobello Delivery Office (Edinburgh EH15 2AA) | It's our job to support Royal Mail in be…
Royal Mail workers to strike for 48 hours from 19 October in dispute over pensions, pay and jobs, union says
Any young people looking 4 Xmas Jobs? Jobs available now at Boots, Argos, Asda, Amazon, Royal Mail & more. We can help u 2 get registered!
Royal Mail seeks injunction to halt 48-hour postal strike from Monday, Royal Mail won case so far
.. Royal Mail workers had a 73.7% turnout on strike vote over pay, pensions & jobs with 89.1% in favour. RM must ne…
Free tracked returns with An Post, Collect Plus or Royal Mail in the UK and Ireland. at Chain Reaction Cycles UK
Can Jezza confirm he&his henchmen&women don't support the planned strike at Royal Mail.Fact: it isn't owned "predominantly by…
Fantastic support from for our comrades in Hopefully Royal Mail will negotiate and stop r…
hits back at plans to launch High Court challenge to mass walkout.
We won’t be backing down Royal Mail. Stop hiding behind the courts and engage meaningful with our members
I had a good day until within 5 mins of finishing work I found out Royal Mail have lost a parcel and there’s going to be roadworks by work.
Did you know? Since Royal Mail was privatised, they've paid out nearly £800 million in shareholder dividends!
can I use Royal Mail to post a returns parcel or do I have to drop it off at a specific place?
Disgrace! - Royal Mail will seek an injunction to try to stop planned 48-hour strike
Chaparral Motorsports OEM Parts Up To 25% off
Petition: Bring Royal Mail back into public ownership
Peter Stefanovic is 100% behind the postal workers and their union in their strike against Royal Mail Group Ltd. Here is why…
If anyone is wondering it's Royal Mail
it’s not Hibs that charge for Special Delivery - it’s the Royal Mail.
What a turnout! Shows how frustrated Royal Mail workers are. We’re with you CWU!
Honestly god knows Royal Mail can suck my *** x
We have served notice on Royal Mail Group for a 48hr strike commencing 19th October 🦁
The list goes on & on & since having to phone the Post Office as opposed to the Royal Mail, to complain…
We've been wondering why senior Royal Mail Group managers are attacking us. . Here's their share portfolio. 🦁 http…
Sorry we can't transfer money on the phone without first posting a poxy PIN number by the oh so reli…
Royal Mail and Communication Workers Union on collision course over strike’s legality
Looks like we will be relying on Royal Mail tomorrow!!! Not impressed 😡
Surely royal mail was sold off . And is just another private enterprise. Why would courts intervine
Our members voted 9 to 1 for strike action. Rather than listen to employees Royal Mail have ran to the courts. We will defend…
So much for democracy when posties vote 9-to-1 in 73.7% turnout and Royal Mail still tries to ban a strike. Provoking un…
Electronic Device Insurance
We balloted our members. 9/10 said yes. Royal Mail should listen to that rather than play desperate court room politics
Royal Mail takes legal action to block postal strike
We've written to our branches this evening to confirm we will defend our members in court against Royal Mail Groups challenges…
No junk mail that day then? 90% of Royal Mail deliveries to our house go straight to the recycling bin.
my parcel was supposed to be here today, it says out for delivery. Royal Mail arrived at my house and no parcel what's happened
By the guy who sold the Royal Mail for a billion under its true value for a peerage, yeah classy as.
For perspective on what the Communication Workers Union have done with their Royal Mail ballot, think to the first CTU strike ballot.
Royal Mail facing prospect of Christmas shutdown as Communication Workers' Union prepares to (cont)
Royal Mail is a dying industry. Let them strike, they'll put themselves out of a job with any luck.
BREAKING: Royal Mail workers vote to strike over pensions and pay dispute
Royal Mail workers at Communication Workers Union vote 89% in favour of striking over pensions and pay. Turnout 73%
LATEST - Members of the Communication Workers Union working for Royal Mail have voted overwhelmingly to strike over their pe…
We announce our Royal Mail Group strike ballot result at 4:30 but before that solidarity with all members on strike today
Directive forcing the sale of Royal Mail? Labour!. Who bailed out…
Haven't received anything but Royal Mail says it's been delivered to you
Royal Mail - Bexhill: We are looking for Royal Mail workers to deliver the post in Bexhill. This is a full time, ongoing role…
Fancy a bit of extra cash this Christmas?
Yay! My prints came!. The Royal Mail tried to kill them, but they survived! 😎👊
So when it gets here it says customs paid. Because they h…
Today's the day fellow CWU Royal Mail members!We will smash the Tories 50% turnout threshold with a massive YES vote!
I had something similar happen with Royal Mail, they're usually very good but this guy shoved a form t…
I’m still waiting on a reply from this. Is there an email address that deals with the fraud of The Royal Mail?
Royal Mail workers could be on the verge of strike action, and the most family friendly firms have been revealed.
I need to get my hands on a Royal Mail jacket from the UK
Watch put our members case on the Royal Mail Group strike ballot on this morning 🦁
OOOPS! I guess the Royal family stepped in it. Was the mail hacked or was it just using a Russ…
Hi Alice, You can use the Royal Mail label you received in the parcel. Sam
They want to buy back the royal mail t…
Royal Mail workers’ strike ballot result due to be announced
I'm glad you have a point. You didn't answer my question regarding royal mail.
Free Shipping at Baseball Rampage
Want a job with the Royal Mail at Christmas? . how you can apply
Royal Mail suspends deliveries on Billingham street after threat to postman - Gazette Live
I wish all Tories were sewing royal mail sacks in prison,time cheats of Tories were all called out & punished.Torie…
Please explain how renationalising royal mail would help solve inequality?
Lol, I would but royal mail isn't reliable.
Rex Tillerson is calling Jared and Ivanka 'the royal family' - Daily Mail
And if you personally import something from outside the Single Market, the Royal Mail col…
Royal Mail workers' strike ballot result due to be announced - Sunday Mercury
Royal Mail fails to deliver a benefits form. Disabled, housebound claimant's money is stopped for not returning the form they didn't receive
Hi, I’m SN. Please mark on the envelope as ‘Not Known at this Address’ & either return to a local branch or royal mail post box.
Sam cracking out the Royal Mail jokes, go on lad 😂👏🏻
Shipping is £5.55 for a Tshirt and beenie hat. Our UK tax is £7.36,…
A national distribution centre in Northamptonshire let to has been acquired for almost £50m. https:/…
So. I got a Royal Mail dreaded red slip for an envelope that doesn't fit in my letterbox. rejection? 😳😐💩
I'm so appalled at Royal Mail for losing my package 😞
I've made numerous complaints to Royal Mail about parcels being left out…
Shame as I'd rather Royal Mail had my money but needs must!!🐾🐾
when returning, do I have to print off the label from the website or can I use the Royal Mail label on the delivery note?
Electric delivery trucks have taken to the streets of London: via
Cable has interesting friends also when i…
Went to the garage the other night in my dressing gown oh your parcel is for Royal Mail not click n col…
Other dude loves his Royal Mail job bless him 😇. This is why I love Britain
Massive day for our members tomorrow with the result of the Royal Mail Group strike ballot. They will 🦁
Labour just pledged to nationalise railways, water, energy and Royal Mail 'We're taking it back…
canny believe royal mail hace ttied to charge me £2 for my onken yoghurt to be delivered
have to go pick a parcel up from Royal Mail as wasn't in and wouldn't fit through the letterbox not in?
IS it correct that ROYAL MAIL workers are not able to appeal a sick absence warning?
Royal Mail showcases more than 100 years of via
But Labour want to spend massive amounts of 'our taxes' to buy railways,water,Roy…
Get lost. You Lib Dems give the keys to No10 to Tories. and sell the Royal Mail for Knighthoods
First group of Scouts visiting Royal Mail sorting office this evening. We were told to expect a good evening, and as usual, they delivered!
It’s still weird to me that British people get their post from Royal Mail, and that Canadians get their mail from Canada Post
Ladybird Book stamps are issued by Royal Mail via piggly wiggly made it through 👏👏
Thread on Boris Johnson overruling two councils to allow privatised Royal Mail to inflate land value at Mt Pleasant
They legit look like Royal Mail vans from 2017.
Saga of starving public services to sell them to fat cats who strip assets to make way for luxury flats continues:.
I hate Royal Mail... When is it being privatised?
The ConDems ripped off the nation selling Royal Mail. Our members are fighting for their futures - back them
Royal Mail set to be relegated from FTSE 100 Index
... remind me again, who sold the Royal Mail...?
Ah, I didn't know that it was against the law, it was a Royal Mail van last time
I did that TWICE and by Royal Mail too and STILL have received court action and given short shrift by on…
Awh the Royal Mail delivery guy always cheers up ☺️
Before the sale investors said land was worth less and profits should go to shareholders not pensions…
Before sale investors land worth less profits should go to them not pensions 2…
Royal Mail sells land in north London to developers for £193.5m
A nice with new stamps inspired by old kids toys
Need a new space? is primarily positioned opposite Station. See details here:…
Missed delivery note from Royal Mail... International sign-for package... I think I know EXACTLY what this is n.n
Great article over on on traditional marketing channels & trust compared to digital
Royal Mail makes 565% mark-up on sale of land for luxury flats but posties pensions remain "unaffordable" .
Royal Mail's vans. Peppa Pig? Rosie & Jim, that's not it. Fireman Sam! Nope, it's on the tip of our tongue https:…
Kind of similar over here I mean Royal Mail is not even owned by the Government any more (saving money!)
prynhawn da. Any developments with the local sorting office fiasco please? Royal Mail are adamant there isn't a problem 😤
And earn a top wage , don't call me the money mayweather of Royal Mail for nothing
Vehicle Technician - Oxford Workshop - Royal Mail Group. Location : Oxford ENG GB. Do you want to join the large...
Royal Mail probably have de facto blanket parking dispensation in Edinburgh BTW?
I have met a neighbour the next street over today, as Royal Mail got confused and bundled their parcels in with mine!
and I have to work for these Cowboys!
Is this what REALLY happens when Royal Mail 'loses' your post? 😱
Nothing. You have evidently sent this Prime delivery by Royal Mail. I will now have to collect from them on Mon. 3 days Prime?
I've tracked it to 13th Aug being in New York and nothing further. Not sure whether that's as far as R…
If you get 1 of these cards DON'T call the number given, if it's from the Royal Mail it will have their logo on it.
meant too get my Leeds ticket today, only too find out Royal Mail is on strike, Leeds is on Thursday 🙂🙂🙂
Royal Mail I have given you grief in the past for being late. But I've never had a package a week early
via an email JD Sports admitted that the shirt has been lost somewhere between them and Royal Mail.
New blog post: Replacing an old truck...
Osborne's best man's hedge fund made £36m profit on Royal Mail.
Official Mail Princess Diana 1998 commemorative first day cover stamps.
They didn't deliver my package kasi too big daw on my letter box. Like *** Royal Mail?
From Fermanagh to Portsmouth a privatised Royal Mail is failing it's customers and employees
Postal workers get organised to counter Royal Mail’s squeeze on their conditions
Dunno why Royal Mail think it's ok just to leave a £120 Mac parcel on the doorstep bc it was too big to fit through the letterbox
**Watch & Share** Latest video update from Terry Pullinger today on talks with Royal Mail. Pick
ICYMI: A new Royal Mail scam could be posted through your door. Make sure you always check the card before you call. https…
Diamonesk Personalized Engagement Ring And Wedding
Shocking claim missing packages are being flogged to auction houses while customers are given just £1 compensation.
First class cheek! Royal Mail sells items 'lost' in the post via
is it better to ring today or shall I wait until Monday? still a chance Royal Mail have them but I can't confirm today.
Nothing wrong with our figures. Says man who undervalued the Royal Mail by £180M and whose party spent £180 on biscuits. http…
& strike again 😡😡 amazon stop using Royal Mail for prime deliveries! Waited in all day for del!! date changed
MIDDLESBROUGH. Royal Mail. Collections and Network Driver. We are looking to offer Fixed Term contracts for 12...
Watching Countdown. Is it Nick Hewer or Alan Partridge? Randomly wittering on about the Royal Mail and the Third Reich.
Keep an eye out for these fake something for you 'Royal Mail' cards! You could be charged a hefty phone bill
Royal Mail are now recruiting for delivery postwomen and postmen with Driving at Barnsley DO
Royal Mail has vacancies for Delivery Postwomen/Postmen with Driving at Patchway Delivery Office
13th July, 1st class.The recipient was told by yourselves that Parcel Forve have taken on some jobs from Royal Mail...
Royal Mail goes electric as it buys 100 vans for postal workers
Royal Mail Special Collection celebrating contemporary in the .
The once ran its own sprint during the London Olympics.
Royal Mail Special Collection celebrating contemporary in the
New blog post: The letters of Alignment...
Royal Mail to buy 100 Peugeot electric vans for delivery vehicles
Royal mail showcases more than 100 years of postcards by US News
After the Royal Mail getting in touch with the flats and stopping all mail this mysteriously turns up at my door.
should stick with selling stuff. Amazon Logistics seems to be joke. It's sad when you miss Royal Mail taking care of it.
UK's Prince William steps down from ambulance job to become full-time royal - Daily Mail
With the London Mayor's continuous attack on motorists I wonder how long before Royal Mail goes back underground
Town never send season tickets or matchday tickets by recorded..always norma…
And I fully agree on cargo bikes for local logistics. It kind of goes back to Royal Mail…
This NHS & Royal Mail privatising, student fee tripling, austerity enabling Tosser would know all about hard right. https:…
Royal Mail goes electric with 100 plug-in Peugeot vans
Oh so they really helped the country by enabling the bedroom tax, Health and Social Care Act, Royal Mail sell off & then the…
Postal Worker commenting on Royal Mail proposals "will give them a war they wished they never had started". Support the…
Either Royal Mail have mislaid the VIP invites or they're being hand delivered tomorrow morning.
here we have the shameless & rank hypocrisy of the austerity delivering Lib Dems-Royal Mail Privatisation-Student f…
Collectible Lifelike Baby Dolls, Porcelain Dolls a
Royal Mail adds 100 electric vans to delivery fleet
D Hayman: Our taxes paid rail network, elec. grid, gas supplies, Royal Mail.. time we brought it back into our managem…
Alex Mathie is now working for the Royal Mail
Royal Mail has signed an agreement to purchase 100 Peugeot Partner Electric vans for use as delivery vehicles
Ride the little known Royal Mail train line, open to the public for the first time! Coming September 4th 2017.…
Absolutely! All of our free samples are sent out Royal Mail 1st Class, so you should have them in no time!
David Bowie to be honoured with Royal Mail stamp collection
Royal Mail posts strong first quarter as election pushes the envelope.
Royal Mail Watford you r a joke . Asked for re delivery to my work address and what did u do . Try at my home addre…
[news] Royal Mail marks 30 years of payroll giving with special postmark
Royal Mail and Post Office are very much two separate companies. Hope that saves some of you future grief.
something I sent hasn't been received yet. I used 1st class Royal Mail and have proof of postage. Am I going to be liable for this?
Sent item back via Royal Mail states on tracking it hasn't arrived with you but advised to check incase…
Check out what I found. *For Hire* White Royal Mail Aluminium Cast Replica Wedding Post Box Nottingham via
Election mailshots stem letter decline at Royal Mail -
The Royal Mail sent to This Sheikh Mohammed Rashid al Maktoum. It´s has been in vain, during 2014- 2015 Zoraida NO. I
Royal Mail receives boost from general election mailings
(Reuters) - Royal Mail reported a fall in first-quarter volumes and revenue at its UK letter business, but said th…
Royal Mail still have it. I'm not sure why, it should have been with you days ago. Your Tracking - GK58347…
Royal Mail has released a new set of special stamps featuring notable examples of contemporary British architecture…
Royal Mail celebrates “visionary” British architecture with new stamp series
So both of my parcels today Royal Mail have just posted a 'sorry we missed you' slip without actually knocking on my door 🙃
excellent video from royal mail + on "Protecting workers from solar radiation"
To compare, here's an order arriving through DHL, every step is time stamped and visible via the trackin…
Remind me how much Royal Mail was sold off for again?
Hi - I placed an order on 7th July and still not received. Have filled in Royal Mail form but nobody has got back to me?
Hi Martyna, if a stamp was not on the envelope we can only advise to contact Royal Mail for further advice on it being delivered.
The Morning Call - Royal Mail posts statement in line with expectations.
Royal Mail offers defined benefit and defined contribution deal
A big thanks to Royal Mail Delivery Office for donation towards purchase of sanitary products. Thanks to for arran…
Opening Quote: Royal Mail finds election was not red letter day
Royal Mail $RMG.LN outperforms in the FTSE 100 having "delivered" strong financial results
Right, Parcels are baby proof so if they ever get smashed in the post royal mail must really be…
Vince Cable: ‘We voted for the bedroom tax, tuition fees and Royal Mail privatisation. But we just can't apologise." ht…
I know you can return to asda and use collect + but I usually use Royal Mail as my…
Jobs with Royal Mail available. Signed, sealed, delivered…
So we are currently recruting a number of B2B Sales Professional Degree Apps in variety of locations across the UK on Royal Mail jobs site
Royal Mail want their employees to have less secure jobs, get less remuneration and get the employees to help them…
Postman or postwoman to be face of Royal Mail in Teesside town among jobs available this week
Is that just in Belfast? I did some computer work for Royal Mail over there in 1990s. Most good jobs were public sector.
Sent mine on 21/6 after store originally said I could return to them. Royal Mail s…
Vince old chap, we don't need a "magic money tree", we just needed you to not sell Royal Mail £3bn below value to your Cit…
9 jobs to apply for this week including Royal Mail, Aldi and roles working with animals and jewellery
Thanks for the feedback Leon😀 only sent yesterday with standard delivery, Royal Mail braking out the Ferrari🤔
A full range of Royal Mail services now at MBE Southampton
Can you send it first class? That way I get it for the weekend. Royal Mail can't be trusted not to lo…
A coalition-marred candidate who mucked up hugely with Royal Mail. If I was a Lib Dem, Vince Cable's age would be the least…
Also, managed to find each of the 6 extant versions of Royal Mail pillar box ciphers. For the small group who care it’s awesome.
Key members in the SNPOut tactical voting group work for the Royal Mail sorting mail, surely that's no coincidence...
Property disposals helpful, but not material for Royal Mail, say analysts. Read more: $RMG
The victim said the 37-year-old Royal Mail fell to the BBC when Speed sought to justify its deliberation for rides at the Geneva group.
Royal Mail's Keepsafe just let our mail pile up on the doormat. Read more: $RMG
Hey Eddie Clark, look what just came in the mail today...delivered by Royal Mail!
My dad works for Royal Mail. He has seen the quality of the company go down w/ his own eyes thanks to t…
Daily Mail Online: Incredible story of French royal who had a fling with Queen Victoria’s grandson…
eBay: Royal mail letter parcel bag brand new (rare )
When the first issue of The Royal Times finally comes in the mail after around two and half months! http…
Corbyn pledges to nationalise water industry, railways, Royal Mail, and energy market
Didn't the EU say the Royal Mail had to share the postal service to private companies?
Royal Mail is a delivery service but people think it means the Post Office was sold but it wasnt
Order Miche Bag Online!
Whaooo Selling Royal Mail... where is the issue? You still get your mail dont you? 🤔
Sold Royal Mail but not the Post Office
I meant the whattaboutery means nothing to me. Tories voted for Iraq, Torie…
Now Playing: an old fav that just arrived yay Royal Mail
New post (Royal Mail share price rises as group delivers rise in pre-tax profits) has been published on Stockm ...…
While Corbyn's proposes the nationalization of rail, energy, water, and the Royal Mail...
The Royal Mail is now sold because of EU Postal Directive 2008/6/EC, brought in by the last Labour government.
Royal Mail. All privatised under the tories. We pay more than 90% of the countries in Europe for these services. Why is that? The tories
Why it&hard to be positive about Royal Mail
Through public ownership, Labour will transform energy, water and Royal Mail so they work for consumers. Labour is
Royal Mail workers once again deliver an excellent public service says CWU.
In preparation for the Battle of Brexit, the MoD unveils the new Royal Shouting Battalion.
The state shouldn't interfere in private markets - the Royal Mail was struggling with falling profits and far reduced demand.
Why would they run them into the ground the Royal Mail was making profits and that was sold off for wel…
Not to mention selling off Royal Mail at a ridiculously low price so his chums made a killing.
Little Giant Ladders
How long do Royal Mail keep there parcels for mines been there all week and no one desired to tell me a red thing came through door?
Vince Cable is economically illiterate - anyone remember his Royal Mail shares blunder?
The same guy who sold the Royal Mail off?
So Vince son, where was the sensible financial reality in flogging off Royal mail for a knockdown price - you fecking shill??
Cable paraphrasing fantasy world and money Tree who flogged off Royal mail well below value Do as I say and not do Lib-Dems
When you get a Royal Mail card pushed through saying you've missed a parcel but you're not expecting anything???
Let's ask Vince Cable about negotiating strategies, the man who lost the taxpayer a fortune when selling Royal Mail
The tories sold off our utilities, transport, Royal Mail and it made many very rich and we have paid for it, the nh…
Why is Cathy Newman so angry about nationalising Water, Rail, Royal Mail? Lots of people want this. Why doesn't Ca…
why would you nationalise the Royal Mail,a institution that is dying due to technical advances for the boys
Labour party manifesto pledges to renationalise energy, rail and Royal Mail
Following Labour's pledge to renationalise the Royal Mail, the Momentum Revolutionary Guard made their move.
Last 7 years of Tory Government,benefited their own,Multi nationals.literally at expense of citizen. Vote Labour
A Jeremy Corbyn Labour government will:. Re-nationalise the big six energy firms, railways and the Royal Mail.
👲 Royal Mail Demolition work starts at major city centre re-development site ➡️ ➡️ ➡️
Anyone would think Labour wanted to seize corner shops. Railways, utilities, Royal Mail *were stolen from the people*. We w…
I'm drifting further and further away from you
Okay :3 DM me w/ Amazon links and I'll look into it. I can check how much it will cost to send on Ro…
- As well as being able to afford to re nationalise companies such as the Royal mail and the railways, M…
Bloody good effort for trying to spin JC and Labour's polices as bad for us Also, fk you. And try harder.
If my memory serves me right the utilities were privatised in the 80s, railways 1994 & royal mail in 2013.…
At last! - Real change!. to renationalise Royal Mail and railways and abolish university tuition fees.
Meanwhile taxpayers lost out about £1bn when Royal Mail was privatised because the government undervalued the company’s, worth
Labour do know their unfunded promise to renationalise Royal Mail will cost at least £50,000,000,000 which they haven't accounted for
It is supposed to be shipped by Royal Mail that's why it might take so long it is getting…
manifesto pledges to bring the Royal Mail back into public ownership following “historic mistake” of the Coalition Government to sell it off
Wasn't Royal Mail privatized only recently under Cameron?
Labour Manifesto 2017 at a glance: Policies from the leaked draft ... ⚡🌟
Renationalise rail, buses, energy and Royal Mail - Sky News
Labour will scrap university tuition fees if they win general election ♥♥
Jeremy Corbyn pledges to re-nationalise energy, rail and Royal Mail in leaked manifesto draft document
Doddle, PayPal Lending, Royal Mail strikes and upcoming events [video]
But the first order of business will be to plant all the magical money trees that are going to pay for it all.
Royal Mail was one of those losses that really made angry. It should never be in anyone else's hands. VOTE LABOUR
Can someone please explain to me why renationalising the railways and Royal Mail is a bad idea? Genuinely asking.
Royal Mail re-nationalisation, university tuition fees abolished, £6bn for the NHS ...
Labour manifesto leak: It's the new "longest suicide note in history".
I recall, some years back that it was a lot easier when Elec / Gas / Phone / Royal Mail were just th…
Tories got rid of police,fire officers, ambulances libraries sure starts,hospital beds,royal mail.They get back in & its goodb…
Have you any idea how much money it will cost to renationalise Energy, Rail and Royal mail?. And build 1 million homes?
When Royal Mail was nationalised you got your mail in the morning, now it's private it comes any time from 12-5
Geoffrey Clifton-Brown : voted to privatise up to 90% of Royal Mail and for related restructuring. On 12 Jan 2011
Geoffrey Clifton-Brown : Consistently voted for the privatisation of Royal Mail. 5 votes for, 0 votes against, between 2009–2011
Lucky u I'm still tracking my order on Royal Mail!!
Royal Mail makes new offer in bid to resolve dispute over pensions. Read more: $RMG
The Vince Cable who oversaw giveaway of the Royal Mail at a huge loss to tax payers? Please, n…
CWU to discuss strike threat over Royal Mail pension scheme closure plan. Read more: $RMG
ARI and Royal Mail Fleet form strategic co-operation to maximise compliance ... Read more: $RMG
Sorry Jon, we don't have any involvement in recruitment from here. You could try the help page:
not doing Royal Mail returns anymore makes me not want to shop there
Hi Lewis, we use royal mail, so should be 2 - 3 days
Royal Mail looking into introducing cash balance plan
Are there still Royal Mail deliveries tomorrow?
All my last returns I've had to take to Asda there wasn't a Royal Mail slip 😳 think it still deducts s…
Absolutely shocking service from you guys.To think I paid extra to send with you rather than Royal Mail. Error on my part
Caller to - 'Tories got in and privatised Royal Mail - but never put it in their manifesto'. So true. Media ig…
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