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Royal Mail

Royal Mail is the government-owned postal service in the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland.

David Bowie Post Office Skara Brae

The last update I got was regarding production updates. One project is from the U.K. & I don't know how to track Royal Mail.
It's funny, I just decided to support my local team and ordered my top. I live closer than the Royal Mail sorting office...
Alert followers new take on Royal Mail scam phishing attempt bogus web domain do not click links 👍
@ CorreosAtiende Royal Mail says... "Your item with reference RS167830254GB has been passed to the overseas postal service for delivery..."
Nobody in Scotland voted to privatise the Royal Mail, nor bail out the banks, nor renew trident, extend HS2, crossrail or any…
LibDem in Almond has as much cash as his MSP ACH. Glossy leaflets delivered by Royal Mail! At least printing provides jobs- in Portsmouth
Do you enjoy being outdoors? Royal Mail require a Post Person in Barnsley
Return to sender: Jamie Vardy lookalike goes back to Royal Mail after work dries up
Hull Update. What we know so far. Multiple armed carjackings. Armed men emerged from Royal Mail van.
I've given up using royal mail unless I absolutely have to, as it's very expensive & the staff are overworked
I wouldn't mind if a fist class letter got there next day but 3 or 4 days is ridiculous
Royal mail/USPS lost our second order, waiting on the 3rd!
Confirmation email from Royal Mail today that my parcel has been delivered to me or a neighbour... hmmm ... would that be a French neighbour
Good read: Jim Conning discusses latest research from Royal Mail that reveals the alarming cost of dirty data.
This is head of bexhill royal mail. 🤓
Royal Mail workers walk out of West Park office after dispute via
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Having just paid import duty & Royal Mail fee of £14.14 on top of £24 item, LEAVERS note you'll pay this on all EU goods!
The privatised Royal Mail is s disaster.
Royal Mail announces price of stamps to rise next month
As if Royal Mail postage isn't dear enough. Only items sent by post in our house will be those that are unavoidable. Email rules
Nothing like a wee bit of over dramatic News reporting eah,a whole penny. Bad Royal Mail
The price of stamps will increase next month, with first and second class stamps going up by 1p
Royal Mail increases price of first class stamp to 65p
A royal raise: announce increase in stamps prices.
Price of first and second class stamps to rise for Royal Mail to 'maintain service'
Royal Mail to hike stamp prices from March
Royal Mail - price of postage to rise from 27 March; get your mailshots sent before then!...
NATIONAL NEWS: to increase stamp prices from next month
price increases. Hunt the Post Office. They must be running out of options and customers.
Royal Mail has announced the price of a first class stamp will increase by 1p to 65p and second class by 1p to 56p
Royal Mail workers walk out of Plymouth sorting office after dispute.
Carl worked for Royal Mail for 30 years and in the latter part of his career he worked in the Investigation Team.
The in Opened in 1998 and is the former Royal Mail sorting office in the City Centre.…
Royal Mail reveals price of stamps will rise in March.
does not comput lad. How did you get the Royal mail card too, They can not go bunging things around. I would get a PO Box mate.
l The price of stamps is to increase next month, Royal Mail has announced.
Shame on the for hiking up the cost of postage stamps at the end of March. Royal Mail ruined by C/O Rip-off stamps!
The prices of first and second class stamps are to rise by 1p from 27 March, Royal Mail has announced.
New post: "Royal Mail to hike stamp prices from March"
Price of stamps to rise next month: Royal Mail says the rises are necessary to maintain the univ..
This apparently came after a colleague was dismissed
Royal Mail to hike stamp prices from March
Royal Mail to increase stamp prices from next month
Royal Mail hikes postage prices in line with Brexit-charged inflation via
Sky Royal Mail to hike stamp prices from March
Royal Mail announces 1p price rise for first and second class stamps Telephone engineers Huddersfield
4th April 1981 . Aldaniti, & races to victory after clearing the last fence ahead of Royal Mail &…
Royal Mail set to bring PSM to Home Counties North mail centre
Yay. UK services doing well today. Royal Mail *lost* the signed for letter I sent at Christmas, and Co-op's buggered up my phone banking.
I would recommend checking in with Royal Mail as we may have a delay on updating the status ^ES
David Bowie's best album cover designs to appear on Royal Mail stamps
Record shaped stamps form part of the new collection of David Bowie stamps and memorabilia from Royal Mail
The UK’s Royal Mail just announced that they will honor late rock icon David Bowie with a set of 10 special stamps.
David is the subject of the Royal Mail's first entire issue dedicated to an individual music artist...
The first time the Royal Mail has dedicated an entire issue to an individual music artist.
Commemorative David Bowie stamps to be rolled out by Royal Mail:
STOP PRESS: New Bowie stamps just announced by Royal Mail. Click here for your first look: https…
Royal Mail has revealed it will release a range of stamps in tribute to David Bowie >
Did you see Royal Mail are releasing David Bowie stamps next month?
David Bowie is to be commemorated with a full set of 10 postage stamps from the Royal Mail.
David Bowie to be honoured with Royal Mail tribute stamps
Meet Black Singles 300x250
The Royal Mail is not as great as it used to be ...thanks privatisation
The Royal Mail is issuing a new set of stamps to honour David Bowie in what would have been his 70th birthday year. https…
"Lick That" David Bowie Stamps. We featured a special on David Bowie, when he sadly passed away last year. Now the...
Where and when can I buy special David Bowie stamps?
is the FIRST pop star ever to have a series of Royal Mail stamps in his honour:. http…
the Royal Mail are to release a set of David Bowie stamps on 14th March, as part of their Music Giants series... https:…
Rock legend being honored on new stamp set:
"Postman, postman don’t be slow. Be like Elvis, go man go…”.
Royal Mail also issued a David Bowie "Ziggy Stardust" stamp in 2010 as part of their Cla…
David Bowie stamps to be issued by Royal Mail
the tracking number you've provided isn't recognised by the Royal Mail
❤Royal Mail to release in tribute to David Bowie.
I've never had much interest in stamp collecting... until now
Royal Mail to issue stamp collection featuring iconic photos and album art: (via
Stamp collectors Royal Mail will be issuing David Bowie stamps out soon
Update your maps at Navteq
Love these Royal Mail that go on sale in March.
Royal Mail are issuing the most beautiful series of stamps ever.
Royal Mail to celebrate David Bowie’s legacy with collection of special edition stamps
What an absolute honour that the UK are publishing all of the royal mail stamps with David Bowie's face on all stamps and p…
Bowie has become only the third music act to be honoured with an entire 'stamp issue' by Royal Mail. https:…
you reet maate seen the Royal Mail up your ends maybe get a cob and go walkabaat
When you get your Royal Peach palette in the mail today and someone stole the palette right out the box👌
Royal Mail shares dive as it delivers fewer letters.. Related Articles:
Last week numerous coach talents found the Bills the anthem against Royal Mail and almost a sixth UTS unit, Steve Fabregas, of Kansas.
Four reasons why Royal Mail shares have failed to deliver via
Royal Mail share price slide still not finished - via
the tracking number I received doesn't exist with the Royal Mail or match the numbers they give, order
Brexit jitters mean less junk mail (and less money for the Royal Mail)
do you deliver item via courier or do you use Royal Mail.?
We have partnered with & to help people who are missing send a message home this season: http…
Save up to 45% 0ff MSRP On Motorcycle Tires
postal districts are nothing to do with unitary authorities. They're just assigned by Royal Mail. Meaningless!
I was so excited yesterday I forgot to mention I got my royal peach palette in the mail yesterday ! It got here a day early ! :D
Arrived at the end of the day because of slow *** Royal Mail but thanks to and for the…
There's a sorry I missed you note from Royal Mail addressed to me and I've not ordered anything. I'm scared.
Look what I've just found in my back garden! Thanks Royal Mail for nearly ruining an amazing gift. Cheers…
hi got an email saying royal mail has delivered my order but i havent recieved it. Theres no note been left. Thanks
in 2011 the Royal Mail issued a Kursaal stamp in its series of the UK landmarks.
Get you royal trend today mail me for any info lovely
How to play drums on a Royal Mail post box (without getting arrested)
Yes we use Royal Mail second class delivery :)
Same address as PO Box 321, Runcorn WA7 9DE then. No point in being secretive, Royal Mail will routinely give the real address out.
how can you justify £16.99 delivery charge to Northern Ireland when you use royal mail?? Ridiculous!
Should i cash my royal mail shares in
"Royal Mail will attempt to deliver..." Attempt? So you coming or not? Not like DPD where Keith sends you a text to say h…
Royal Mail announce that the number of letters being sent has dropped... Possibly because stamps are now more expensive t…
When you order a parcel and the Royal Mail leave a red card saying 'it's at your local office' but you work 9-5
These striking Royal Mail stamps have caused a stir, showing life in Skara Brae on Orkney. I love them!
By working with the Tories to instill the Bedroom Tax and underpriced Royal Mail sell off. Aye.
Oh no, Pls can you DM me and tell me was it Royal mail or DPD?! - Clare
Happy to hear you are back to delivering the Royal Mail and having made a full recovery of your health! We'…
Skara Brae celebrated in a series of special Royal Mail stamps
Yes - that’s all but useless. Everyone else from DPD to Amazon Logistics leave items in a safe place. So *why* can’t Royal Mail?
Argos will endeavour to deliver free on the launch date using 1st Class Royal Mail...
FTSE 100 slips to two-week low as pound sterling rises and Royal Mail stock slumps
Hi, I can confirm we do still have pre orders available. They are delivered through royal mail so it it advised to allow ...
Don't recall Labour, CWU or TUC objecting to EU postal directive to privatise Royal Mail. Was deceptive t…
. Hi Andy you should have received your dish it was posted via royal mail please let me know if you still not received it plz
I'll get you sacked from Royal Mail. Be careful
I will give Royal Mail the opportunity to address the situation first.
We have many Thermostats in stock and ready for next day delivery via Royal Mail Special Delivery..
New! 190-Calorie VitaPizza- Get Free Shipping
11,000 year old deer headdress on show to appear on new Royal Mail stamp:
what's the point in having 1st class Stamps then. Joke I tell you, absolute joke. Will not be using Royal Mail again.
Royal Mail are my preferred option - at least if something isn't delivered, the collection depot is local.
it was left on Christmas Eve, I'm assuming it's at the Royal Mail collection offices but I'm unable to get there, I've..
Obviously need to reconsider the future, anyone knows of any Royal Mail jobs going x
So George Osbourne arranged for his pals to plunder and steal from Royal Mail pensioners from the future.
After a nightmare with Royal Mail, it's now time to rustle some road jimmies🍃🍃
Letter from Santa card cover 1963. © Royal Mail Group Ltd, courtesy of The…
Some 3,000 Post Office staff at branches across Britain will today walk out in a dispute over pensions and job s...
These are the Royal Mail's last posting dates for Christmas
Yesterday NO 'glossy colour Royal Family Calendars' in 000s disappointed! How to get a copy pse?
Interlink for our next working day service, or Royal Mail for standard UK, EU & RofW!!
Royal Mail strike will lead to delays for millions of Christmas cards and presents . .
I'd appreciate if you could stop mixing royal mail with the Post Office they are NOT the same company.
Now postmen threaten wildcat walkout to join in with Royal Mail strike: Up to 1,000 may…
Can you give a shout out to Bumper working at Royal Mail Canterbury. Patiently Sorting through the Christmas cards. Cheers.
Princess Mary and Kate Middleton are now close friends, royal aides say
Royal mail always strike just before Christmas, then work overtime to deliver the post, it's a win win for them, payrise plus overtime
Newspaper headlines: Mail misery and Murray magic - - - The threat of industrial action by Royal Mail ...
Royal Mail staff are expected to add to the long list of strikes planned for this week. Do unions think ruining Chr…
Lol gmk don post me pass Royal Mail 😩
Thanks for contact. Please could you DM your full post code. We are aware that occasionally Royal Mail drop menus to ...
Wait, why is there going to be a Royal Mail strike? That seems rather heartless at this time of the year, no?
Christmas 50% off till midnight Sunday to hit the last posting day for Royal Mail stock up for on ou…
Royal Mail privatisation inevitably meant staff would have to pay for extra profits required. Blame shareholder greed no…
British Airways, Royal Mail, Southern Rail - nothing but Christmas strikes. Wish the public would go on strike and NOT…
Surprised by flat rate for international letters at USPS. This was a reasonable price compared to Royal Mail in the UK 🙂
I've ordered a Now TV box and Royal Mail haven't delivered it. I've had to buy a new one elsewhere. Can I get a refund?
Southern rail and the royal mail do run the risk of public not giving their support striking at this time of year and causing misery!
That's how informed the BBC is. The Post Office is a totally separate company to Royal Mail. Stop scaremongering
Free Shipping at Baseball Rampage
About as good as the Royal Mail, handing out big parcels of new clothes and trainers to any body who will sign for…
Prince Philip bowls COW PATS at Prince Charles in unseen Royal home videos | Daily Mail Online. HELP VLADIMIR USA
Digging a hole, Royal Mail sorting offices can stamp your mail in person thus bypassing P.O Counters
Royal Mail is NOT on strike. It is Post Office Counters going on strike. Deliveries will still happen as normal.
I don't understand why Royal Mail think they can charge people customs but can't deliver and do their jobs
And Merry farking Crimbo to Royal Mail as well. Your festive spirit is so heartwarming.
I'll think on that tomorrow. I'll worry about my options once I've found out what Royal Mail's doing. Sorry to be a fuss! ^^;
Nope, flat-out customs. Gonna shout at Royal Mail tomorrow about that.
Royal Mail celebrates 50 years of Christmas stamps
our letters and packages have been coming late, I ordered a DVD and it never came.royal mail lost my package.very poor service.
Ah, Royal Mail ... so much better than the US Postal Service: Somewhere near sea in Suffolk' couple 'amazed' by card
I can't guarantee it since I have no control of Royal Mail ... I can try though
Romford Royal mail office should be ashamed of themselves for hiring such a rude postman
Sadly there's no point anytime soon. I can't afford the customs charge Royal Mail insists on putting on Fangamer packages. :(
Post Office don't deliver parcels, Royal Mail do it. Over 30s are better educated.
Disgusted with the poor service from Romford Royal Mail, Lazy & rubbish postman did not deliver my Amazon DVD…
Royal Mail me the tiddy milk for my coco pops b
I'm disappointed in royal mail, our local postman in Romford is so rude a…
Harry, the hedge fund bit is Royal Mail, Post Office Limited still 100% publicly owned. Makes it worse!!
Royal Mail resume some Meltham deliveries - but postal suspension still in place for 23 houses .
Deliveries resumed for a majority of residents
Royal Mail in the UK did. With a Canadian running it.
Guys, placed an order Saturday, looking at the invoice just realised you changed delivery from Royal Mai…
I'm sure we will. I have to admit, the card exchange has renewed my faith in Royal Mail. 😂
A reminder that the Post Office IS NOT Royal Mail... ⚡️ “Post Office staff will strike for 5 days before Christmas”
Royal Mail celebrates 50 years of Christmas stamps:
yours might be with your Royal Mail people because mine told me it had been delivered
yeah it's not showing up in the Royal Mail system because it's not in the uk x
have you tracked your item through Royal Mail? Xx
Hey Em, if you have a Royal Mail return label with your order you can use that.
All purpose parts banner
Royal Mail was privatised a few years back.
Post Counter staff are striking not the Royal Mail
I wouldn't rely on Royal Mail to deliver
Our Christmas Postage cut off date is nearly here! Order today to avoid disappointment
Royal Mail make deliviries are not going on strike this dispute is with PO Counters
if he did they would still be delivered because this strike is with Post Office Counters and not the Royal Mail
Hello, please contact Royal Mail as they may be holding your parcel for pickup. Please use the same tracking number. Thank you.
this does not affect Royal Mail as they deliver the mail the Post Office doesn't
Won't affect Royal Mail deliviries and also only about 3% of the 11,600 PO branches will be affected
I don't know what means you by DMV. Do you mean the Royal Mail Post Office?
its the Post Office not Royal Mail, and people are getting the wrong idea
it's the Post Office not Royal Mail, geez
Post Office striking not Royal Mail and in case you haven't noticed Royal Mail is privatised already
should have worded this better makes it sound like it's Royal Mail when it's the Post Office striking..
the only thing Royal Mail delivers to me is bills & junk mail. I can live without that for a week
report that Royal Mail are going to go on strike so far safer to shop local this Christmas and avoid disappointment
Hi all, I've just been reading in the news about Royal Mail going on strike as of next week, Monday 19th through C…
Post Office staff to go on strike - Daily Mail reader comments go nuts about Royal Mail/postmen
When you get home to a missed package card from Royal Mail and know immediately who it's from 😉😙
I returned a parcel via Royal Mail on 10/11/16 and haven't had an email confirming receipt or my refund. I've proof of postage.
It's not a Royal Mail strike. The post won't be affected. Torygraph headline is disingenuous.
Will attempt to defy royal mail's attempts to slow things down and will try my hardest to find ways to get all...
Royal Mail staff striking is workplace suicide. By striking, they'll make their competition stronger and their job security weaker.
Are you wasting your money on first-class stamps?. via
Royal Mail aren't on strike, only Post Office Counter staff
So as someone on the south coast, I have no reliable train service to go Christmas shopping and Royal Mail are doing a 5…
In an independent Scotland, not only will the Royal Mail be renationalised, it'll deliver the post in Star Trek style shu…
Beat the Royal Mail strikes, order early for Unique handcrafted medical alert
Today was An amazing campaign launched supporting our Posties and Royal Mail workers by my union…
can you please tell me where my ipad is? Royal Mail are happy to help so what is going on?
Huge Selection of Jackets at Low Prices
Quick lesson, Post Office Ltd is not Royal Mail, Royal Mail is not Post Office Ltd.
Post Office are on strike and do not deliver post Royal Mail do that
Important to understand the state manufactures crises as a means to privatisation/restructuring: see Royal Mail, NHS https…
nothing against you but why is the express putting pics of royal mail when it's the Post Office that's going on strike
it's Post Office not Royal Mail but stamps early and send in a post box
It's the Post Office not the Royal Mail, use a post box not the Post Offices 👍
Nice one Royal Mail, delivered something and the box looks like it's had 12 rounds with Anthony Joshua
If you don't know your full (UK) address, put your house no. and postcode in Royal Mail's website and it'll autofill the 'official' version
I can see from Royal Mail tracking you received my parcel a few days ago but I've had no return update? Pls advise?!
Been working quietly on this for some time. Today Marine 'A' is granted leave to appeal.
u cant avoid using royal mail parcel team :P
2 of us in house, 2 have open orders. I think we have 5/6 logistic cards & 2 Royal Mail ones (named). No writing on Amazon cards
2 tickets available for Birmingham Saturday can Royal Mail next day for Sat Will sell face value £160 the pair
still no parcel still no clarity get it together! beyond appalling from Royal Mail il never be using you guys for anything again
We’re helping Santa and Royal Mail deliver the Christmas mail across the Solent.
Breast Cancer Awareness
Driving over the Wolds on a quiet road. Pulled over to take a phone call and a passing Royal Mail van stopped to see if i was ok. Thank you!
Excellent news. Review enables Marine Sgt Blackman's murder conviction to be overturned as miscarriage of justice. http…
Residents please be warned about a letter fr Royal Mail don't phone 0906 6611 911 it will charge you £315 more here:
can you tell me if you've received my reply as Royal Mail have conveniently lost it for the second time...
I've been advised by parcelforce and Royal Mail for you to update the tracking
Have you factored in the Royal Mail price rise into next year's business budget?
The Royal Mail bag it came in states clearly it was damaged in your care. You can't backtrack now. Stop wrecking peoples stuff
Santa comes early... via Royal Mail and the USPS; numbers 31 and 32 in the collection.
If you're doing your Christmas shopping online, these are the latest delivery dates for the UK…
162 successfully placed in care of Royal Mail. Enroute to an exciting and meaningful de…
First Royal Mail mess up delivering my parcel and now Passenger has been cancelled, WHAT A DAY.
Just in case the bell's not working Royal Mail recommend banging on the door as well, excellent service they provide !!!
I know the obvious answer to this is to be in but won't be possible. Can I get re-delivery or pick up from royal mail?
"We are incredibly grateful to the CCRC for giving us the chance to get Al’s case back to the ..."
Parcelforce are part of the Royal Mail group and we are already privatised Garry. - Jonny
Softball Rampage - Free Return Shipping
(The Globe and Mail):says Canada picks planes for search and rescue fleet : Royal Canadian Air..
The last Royal Mail posting dates before Christmas 2016 - including Collect+, DHL, Hermes, TNT and Yodel
a returns label was not sent with my order. How do I go about sending it back via Royal Mail?
. Thank you for being first to report 💙 . and myself will never forge…
Missing Parcel! Please find!! Received by Parcel Motel on the 8th of November. Royal Mail AF510327862GB. Never forwarded onto PM locker.
paid just under £5 for Next day delivery.. it's Royal Mail and the postman has been, no parcel, I assume I'll be refunded
Message from customer in UK letting me know the Royal Mail is charging them a 12 quid customs fee on 20 quid's worth of printed paper...
also, can I use the USPS tracking to track on Royal Mail? Cos it isn't working.
hi, can I just ask do the boxes get delivered by Royal Mail or someone else? I'm just arranging when to be in time wise lol
Hi Royal Mail! I was the recipient of the int'l package (UK->USA). TMK everything was addressed/return addressed correctly.
Sending gifts via the this Christmas ? Check your size and weight of your package
Royal mail love holding my packages hostage! Gimie!!
Hi Emina - we are glad your order was dispatched on time - this is now with Royal Mail shipping times.
Write your address clearly or Royal Mail will demolish your house.
Think I'm going to go insane. USPS says my parcel is in UK but Royal Mail says to contact Parcelforce, but Parcelforce say its not with them
Hi Kevin, Royal Mail have said they have delivered. I will DM you the tracking so you can contact them. Thanks KL
My Chet porter top is chillin in London & Royal Mail wants me to spend 13 quid on getting it to me. I just paid 20 quid for delivery smh :(
Today visited postmen & women at Royal Mail Islington to thank them for their hard work at Christmas
Hi. One of our clients sent sample to us by Royal Mail. And he was told that we have received the parcel. But we haven't got it.
Royal Mail target trimmed by Goldmans - Goldman Sachs has trimmed its price target on Royal Mail Group PLC (LON... http…
how much do you charge to deliver leaflets,wanting leaflets delivered and was told Royal Mail do this
Never too late to switch from Royal Mail to Buckingham Covers either ;)
V nice mix cd from UK fans and now friends Andy & Gill always nice to get Royal Mail. u make an appearance ht…
The City Auction Group are delighted to confirm that they have successfully been selected to offer Royal Mail end o…
to do that properly you needed to send the message via carrier pigeon, or more low tech. Royal Mail!
I need to return some items but haven't been sent the pre printed Royal Mail label. What should I do? Order no 117572598
The Royal Mail has brought forward its posting times for foreign cards. I have missed Africa which was Sept, Asia, Poland & most of Europe
I'm asking if the packaging that you supply is approved for use by Royal Mail.
Much safer if they really were lost with Royal Mail
but I have been given information since then that the parcel is supposed to get from London to me through Royal Mail
why have you posted me a slip via royal mail to say you couldn't deliver a parcel? You didn't even attempt the delivery
no cause after waiting a week and phoning Royal Mail you've put down the wrong address?! Unbelievable
When Adam Crozier was running Royal Mail, I emailed a complaint to him & his Private Secretary phoned me within the hour
Because Royal Mail think no one works, I now have to go and collect my parcel from the sorting office 😠
I don't have tracking. Can't get buyers to pay for it unless they're abroad and I can't afford to absorb extortionate Royal Mail costs
Jailed Marine Sergeant Alexander Blackman has won right to appeal 'BRILLIANT!…
I had 2 parcels but only 1 card I had text messages from royal mail with 2 reference numbers and ID, I was told.
you're a joke been waiting for our router for a week and then got told it was with parcel force when it's Royal Mail??? Joke lol
Just had to chase the Royal Mail delivery van down the street to catch my G-Fuel, dedication here like
Today is a Harry Potter Pop vinyl day in mah little household - Royal Mail just delivered one; DHL are set to deliver six at some point.
Reach your audience by offering deals to their door for. less than 5p per household, inc Design, Print & Delivery by Royal Mail
I love working with such innovative and progressive people. Nice work Royal Mail...
Royal Mail made £400 MILLION profit in 2013, it was privatised. As PM, Jeremy Corbyn will renationalise Royal Mail. https…
who's your courier for the uk is it Royal Mail???
Mr Men and Little Miss stamp series designed for Royal Mail
Royal Mail has escaped financial punishment after failing to hit targets for delivering first-class mail.
Same with Airmail to Melbourne, Aus. - Royal Mail quote 5 working days, it actually takes 2.5-3 weeks every time!
Fvcking Pertemps!. This is not Royal Mail; this is Parcel Force!. And, YES, THERE IS A FVCKING DIFFERENCE!!.
hmmm if it's a large item then it may be being sent by a parcel force curio and not Royal Mail so the delivery times could(c)
can you let me know the outcome of this ASAP pls? Parcel Force still say the parcel is with Royal Mail.
Celebrate 300 years of ‘Capability’ Brown with Royal Mail stamps featuring our places:
Need help. PO handed my parcel to Royal Mail instead of Parcel Force. Now not traceable. Need to know who to claim for loss.
In short, fees are based on item+ shipping cost & courier fee is more than Parcel Force/Royal Mail's, i.e. try and avoid UPS
Sorry about that. The standard deliveries are handled by Royal Mail or Parcel Force. Your order number? Cheers!
Accrington: JAILED: Ex-Army and Royal Mail worker who allowed home to be used to grow cannabis
Speak to your Work Coach about jobs with Royal Mail and ask them to send you the link to apply. # Jobs
People who helped pass the Health & Social Care Act, sell off of Royal Mail & said nothing about being p…
Work with Royal Mail this Christmas – Ask your JCP Work Coach about a guaranteed invite to an interview.
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