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Royal Mail

Royal Mail is the government-owned postal service in the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland.

David Bowie Vince Cable Post Office

& strike again 😡😡 amazon stop using Royal Mail for prime deliveries! Waited in all day for del!! date changed
MIDDLESBROUGH. Royal Mail. Collections and Network Driver. We are looking to offer Fixed Term contracts for 12...
Watching Countdown. Is it Nick Hewer or Alan Partridge? Randomly wittering on about the Royal Mail and the Third Reich.
Keep an eye out for these fake something for you 'Royal Mail' cards! You could be charged a hefty phone bill
Royal Mail are now recruiting for delivery postwomen and postmen with Driving at Barnsley DO
Royal Mail has vacancies for Delivery Postwomen/Postmen with Driving at Patchway Delivery Office
13th July, 1st class.The recipient was told by yourselves that Parcel Forve have taken on some jobs from Royal Mail...
Royal Mail goes electric as it buys 100 vans for postal workers
Royal Mail Special Collection celebrating contemporary in the .
The once ran its own sprint during the London Olympics.
Royal Mail Special Collection celebrating contemporary in the
New blog post: The letters of Alignment...
Royal Mail to buy 100 Peugeot electric vans for delivery vehicles
Royal mail showcases more than 100 years of postcards by US News
After the Royal Mail getting in touch with the flats and stopping all mail this mysteriously turns up at my door.
Royal Mail showcases more than 100 years of postcards via
Update your maps at Navteq
should stick with selling stuff. Amazon Logistics seems to be joke. It's sad when you miss Royal Mail taking care of it.
UK's Prince William steps down from ambulance job to become full-time royal - Daily Mail
With the London Mayor's continuous attack on motorists I wonder how long before Royal Mail goes back underground
Town never send season tickets or matchday tickets by recorded..always norma…
And I fully agree on cargo bikes for local logistics. It kind of goes back to Royal Mail…
This NHS & Royal Mail privatising, student fee tripling, austerity enabling Tosser would know all about hard right. https:…
Royal Mail goes electric with 100 plug-in Peugeot vans
Oh so they really helped the country by enabling the bedroom tax, Health and Social Care Act, Royal Mail sell off & then the…
Postal Worker commenting on Royal Mail proposals "will give them a war they wished they never had started". Support the…
Either Royal Mail have mislaid the VIP invites or they're being hand delivered tomorrow morning.
here we have the shameless & rank hypocrisy of the austerity delivering Lib Dems-Royal Mail Privatisation-Student f…
Royal Mail adds 100 electric vans to delivery fleet
D Hayman: Our taxes paid rail network, elec. grid, gas supplies, Royal Mail.. time we brought it back into our managem…
Alex Mathie is now working for the Royal Mail
Royal Mail has signed an agreement to purchase 100 Peugeot Partner Electric vans for use as delivery vehicles
Ride the little known Royal Mail train line, open to the public for the first time! Coming September 4th 2017.…
Absolutely! All of our free samples are sent out Royal Mail 1st Class, so you should have them in no time!
David Bowie to be honoured with Royal Mail stamp collection
Royal Mail posts strong first quarter as election pushes the envelope.
Royal Mail Watford you r a joke . Asked for re delivery to my work address and what did u do . Try at my home addre…
[news] Royal Mail marks 30 years of payroll giving with special postmark
Royal Mail and Post Office are very much two separate companies. Hope that saves some of you future grief.
something I sent hasn't been received yet. I used 1st class Royal Mail and have proof of postage. Am I going to be liable for this?
Sent item back via Royal Mail states on tracking it hasn't arrived with you but advised to check incase…
Check out what I found. *For Hire* White Royal Mail Aluminium Cast Replica Wedding Post Box Nottingham via
Election mailshots stem letter decline at Royal Mail -
The Royal Mail sent to This Sheikh Mohammed Rashid al Maktoum. It´s has been in vain, during 2014- 2015 Zoraida NO. I
Royal Mail receives boost from general election mailings
(Reuters) - Royal Mail reported a fall in first-quarter volumes and revenue at its UK letter business, but said th…
Royal Mail still have it. I'm not sure why, it should have been with you days ago. Your Tracking - GK58347…
Royal Mail has released a new set of special stamps featuring notable examples of contemporary British architecture…
Royal Mail celebrates “visionary” British architecture with new stamp series
So both of my parcels today Royal Mail have just posted a 'sorry we missed you' slip without actually knocking on my door 🙃
excellent video from royal mail + on "Protecting workers from solar radiation"
To compare, here's an order arriving through DHL, every step is time stamped and visible via the trackin…
Remind me how much Royal Mail was sold off for again?
Hi - I placed an order on 7th July and still not received. Have filled in Royal Mail form but nobody has got back to me?
Hi Martyna, if a stamp was not on the envelope we can only advise to contact Royal Mail for further advice on it being delivered.
The Morning Call - Royal Mail posts statement in line with expectations.
Royal Mail offers defined benefit and defined contribution deal
A big thanks to Royal Mail Delivery Office for donation towards purchase of sanitary products. Thanks to for arran…
Opening Quote: Royal Mail finds election was not red letter day
Royal Mail $RMG.LN outperforms in the FTSE 100 having "delivered" strong financial results
Right, Parcels are baby proof so if they ever get smashed in the post royal mail must really be…
Vince Cable: ‘We voted for the bedroom tax, tuition fees and Royal Mail privatisation. But we just can't apologise." ht…
Miche s Cyber Weekend Event - Savings up to 75%
I know you can return to asda and use collect + but I usually use Royal Mail as my…
Jobs with Royal Mail available. Signed, sealed, delivered…
So we are currently recruting a number of B2B Sales Professional Degree Apps in variety of locations across the UK on Royal Mail jobs site
Royal Mail want their employees to have less secure jobs, get less remuneration and get the employees to help them…
Postman or postwoman to be face of Royal Mail in Teesside town among jobs available this week
Is that just in Belfast? I did some computer work for Royal Mail over there in 1990s. Most good jobs were public sector.
Sent mine on 21/6 after store originally said I could return to them. Royal Mail s…
Vince old chap, we don't need a "magic money tree", we just needed you to not sell Royal Mail £3bn below value to your Cit…
9 jobs to apply for this week including Royal Mail, Aldi and roles working with animals and jewellery
Thanks for the feedback Leon😀 only sent yesterday with standard delivery, Royal Mail braking out the Ferrari🤔
A full range of Royal Mail services now at MBE Southampton
Can you send it first class? That way I get it for the weekend. Royal Mail can't be trusted not to lo…
A coalition-marred candidate who mucked up hugely with Royal Mail. If I was a Lib Dem, Vince Cable's age would be the least…
Also, managed to find each of the 6 extant versions of Royal Mail pillar box ciphers. For the small group who care it’s awesome.
Key members in the SNPOut tactical voting group work for the Royal Mail sorting mail, surely that's no coincidence...
Top Christian Dating Scroller 728x90
Property disposals helpful, but not material for Royal Mail, say analysts. Read more: $RMG
The victim said the 37-year-old Royal Mail fell to the BBC when Speed sought to justify its deliberation for rides at the Geneva group.
Royal Mail's Keepsafe just let our mail pile up on the doormat. Read more: $RMG
Hey Eddie Clark, look what just came in the mail today...delivered by Royal Mail!
My dad works for Royal Mail. He has seen the quality of the company go down w/ his own eyes thanks to t…
Daily Mail Online: Incredible story of French royal who had a fling with Queen Victoria’s grandson…
eBay: Royal mail letter parcel bag brand new (rare )
When the first issue of The Royal Times finally comes in the mail after around two and half months! http…
Corbyn pledges to nationalise water industry, railways, Royal Mail, and energy market
Didn't the EU say the Royal Mail had to share the postal service to private companies?
Royal Mail is a delivery service but people think it means the Post Office was sold but it wasnt
Whaooo Selling Royal Mail... where is the issue? You still get your mail dont you? 🤔
Sold Royal Mail but not the Post Office
I meant the whattaboutery means nothing to me. Tories voted for Iraq, Torie…
Now Playing: an old fav that just arrived yay Royal Mail
New post (Royal Mail share price rises as group delivers rise in pre-tax profits) has been published on Stockm ...…
While Corbyn's proposes the nationalization of rail, energy, water, and the Royal Mail...
The Royal Mail is now sold because of EU Postal Directive 2008/6/EC, brought in by the last Labour government.
Royal Mail. All privatised under the tories. We pay more than 90% of the countries in Europe for these services. Why is that? The tories
Why it&hard to be positive about Royal Mail
Through public ownership, Labour will transform energy, water and Royal Mail so they work for consumers. Labour is
Royal Mail workers once again deliver an excellent public service says CWU.
In preparation for the Battle of Brexit, the MoD unveils the new Royal Shouting Battalion.
The state shouldn't interfere in private markets - the Royal Mail was struggling with falling profits and far reduced demand.
Why would they run them into the ground the Royal Mail was making profits and that was sold off for wel…
Not to mention selling off Royal Mail at a ridiculously low price so his chums made a killing.
How long do Royal Mail keep there parcels for mines been there all week and no one desired to tell me a red thing came through door?
Vince Cable is economically illiterate - anyone remember his Royal Mail shares blunder?
The same guy who sold the Royal Mail off?
So Vince son, where was the sensible financial reality in flogging off Royal mail for a knockdown price - you fecking shill??
Cable paraphrasing fantasy world and money Tree who flogged off Royal mail well below value Do as I say and not do Lib-Dems
When you get a Royal Mail card pushed through saying you've missed a parcel but you're not expecting anything???
Let's ask Vince Cable about negotiating strategies, the man who lost the taxpayer a fortune when selling Royal Mail
The tories sold off our utilities, transport, Royal Mail and it made many very rich and we have paid for it, the nh…
Why is Cathy Newman so angry about nationalising Water, Rail, Royal Mail? Lots of people want this. Why doesn't Ca…
why would you nationalise the Royal Mail,a institution that is dying due to technical advances for the boys
Labour party manifesto pledges to renationalise energy, rail and Royal Mail
Following Labour's pledge to renationalise the Royal Mail, the Momentum Revolutionary Guard made their move.
Last 7 years of Tory Government,benefited their own,Multi nationals.literally at expense of citizen. Vote Labour
A Jeremy Corbyn Labour government will:. Re-nationalise the big six energy firms, railways and the Royal Mail.
👲 Royal Mail Demolition work starts at major city centre re-development site ➡️ ➡️ ➡️
Anyone would think Labour wanted to seize corner shops. Railways, utilities, Royal Mail *were stolen from the people*. We w…
I'm drifting further and further away from you
Okay :3 DM me w/ Amazon links and I'll look into it. I can check how much it will cost to send on Ro…
- As well as being able to afford to re nationalise companies such as the Royal mail and the railways, M…
Collectible Lifelike Baby Dolls, Porcelain Dolls a
Bloody good effort for trying to spin JC and Labour's polices as bad for us Also, fk you. And try harder.
If my memory serves me right the utilities were privatised in the 80s, railways 1994 & royal mail in 2013.…
At last! - Real change!. to renationalise Royal Mail and railways and abolish university tuition fees.
Meanwhile taxpayers lost out about £1bn when Royal Mail was privatised because the government undervalued the company’s, worth
Labour do know their unfunded promise to renationalise Royal Mail will cost at least £50,000,000,000 which they haven't accounted for
It is supposed to be shipped by Royal Mail that's why it might take so long it is getting…
manifesto pledges to bring the Royal Mail back into public ownership following “historic mistake” of the Coalition Government to sell it off
Wasn't Royal Mail privatized only recently under Cameron?
Labour Manifesto 2017 at a glance: Policies from the leaked draft ... ⚡🌟
Renationalise rail, buses, energy and Royal Mail - Sky News
Labour will scrap university tuition fees if they win general election ♥♥
Jeremy Corbyn pledges to re-nationalise energy, rail and Royal Mail in leaked manifesto draft document
Doddle, PayPal Lending, Royal Mail strikes and upcoming events [video]
But the first order of business will be to plant all the magical money trees that are going to pay for it all.
Royal Mail was one of those losses that really made angry. It should never be in anyone else's hands. VOTE LABOUR
Softball Rampage - Free Return Shipping
Can someone please explain to me why renationalising the railways and Royal Mail is a bad idea? Genuinely asking.
Royal Mail re-nationalisation, university tuition fees abolished, £6bn for the NHS ...
Labour manifesto leak: It's the new "longest suicide note in history".
I recall, some years back that it was a lot easier when Elec / Gas / Phone / Royal Mail were just th…
Tories got rid of police,fire officers, ambulances libraries sure starts,hospital beds,royal mail.They get back in & its goodb…
Have you any idea how much money it will cost to renationalise Energy, Rail and Royal mail?. And build 1 million homes?
When Royal Mail was nationalised you got your mail in the morning, now it's private it comes any time from 12-5
Geoffrey Clifton-Brown : voted to privatise up to 90% of Royal Mail and for related restructuring. On 12 Jan 2011
Geoffrey Clifton-Brown : Consistently voted for the privatisation of Royal Mail. 5 votes for, 0 votes against, between 2009–2011
Lucky u I'm still tracking my order on Royal Mail!!
Royal Mail makes new offer in bid to resolve dispute over pensions. Read more: $RMG
The Vince Cable who oversaw giveaway of the Royal Mail at a huge loss to tax payers? Please, n…
CWU to discuss strike threat over Royal Mail pension scheme closure plan. Read more: $RMG
ARI and Royal Mail Fleet form strategic co-operation to maximise compliance ... Read more: $RMG
Sorry Jon, we don't have any involvement in recruitment from here. You could try the help page:
not doing Royal Mail returns anymore makes me not want to shop there
Hi Lewis, we use royal mail, so should be 2 - 3 days
Royal Mail looking into introducing cash balance plan
Are there still Royal Mail deliveries tomorrow?
All my last returns I've had to take to Asda there wasn't a Royal Mail slip 😳 think it still deducts s…
Absolutely shocking service from you guys.To think I paid extra to send with you rather than Royal Mail. Error on my part
Caller to - 'Tories got in and privatised Royal Mail - but never put it in their manifesto'. So true. Media ig…
Royal Mail considers ways to replace pension plan after union backlash
They were 5. And that is technically theft. I hope Royal Mail replaced it for the kid. Or the kids got s…
On my final day working for Royal Mail customer services I was overjoyed with the opportu…
In that case, you'll have a tracking number and can look into this on the Royal Mail site 😘💖
Bank Holiday on Monday folks - enjoy your long weekend. And remember, no postal deliveries from Royal Mail until Tuesday
I have responded but have heard nothing! Your service is appalling sluggish at best! Seriously…
I like how specific the Royal Mail is about the possible contents of small parcels.
Royal Mail says considering how to replace pension plan after union backlash.
Laptop insurance - because accidents happen!
Post has been delayed Harry, apologies. But, Royal Mail coll…
Learn about selling directly to consumers via 's TMall store. Workshop at Cambridge on 11 May: https:…
Maybe Ms Jeremiah should teach her son not to spray water at (assault) a postman? And eat less. Obese. https:/…
Why did you take action against this postman? Spraying water = assault. He had every right to stop it. https:/…
Royal Mail pension plan rejected by union as strike ballot looms
Royal Navy’s nuclear submarine hits water for brand spanking new – Daily Mail
Royal Mail share price drops 3.6 per cent as it unveils new pension plan via
CWU responds to Royal Mail statement this morning calling their approach morally sickening and an insult.
I am totally behind on this Royal Mail's approach to pensions is sickening and insult to its employees
Royal Navy's nuclear submarine hits water for first time - Daily Mail from UK News on:
She should keep her kids under control instead of moaning to royal mail
The LibDems think people have short memories. They don't. We also remember they privatised Royal Mail, voted for Bedroo…
Everyone remembers what the LibDems did in office. Voted to raise VAT to 20%. Privatised the Royal Mail. Voters want an…
Remind me Rachel, it was Vince Cable who privatised the Royal Mail?
Royal Mail mulls over controversial pension scheme changes
Royal Mail pension The company should take the unions offer, and thank it for getting them out of a dreadful pickle. https…
National Stationery Week logo to appear on all Royal Mail franked post from 24-30 April
Royal Mail's pension cheque isn't in the post. Standard tonight.
Is there post over Easter weekend? When do Royal Mail deliver at ... Easter Saturday ♥♥
Did the Irish boxes originally belong to Royal Mail ?
Royal Mail became fully privatised in October 2015. Today it announced its plan to cut 90,000 workers' pensions. Wonder…
(Royal Mail) handling fee. If you have any other questions, feel free to contact our Support team…
Remember gideon and his puppet Vince Cable sold royal mail cheaply to friends.
My hatred for Royal Mail grows stronger every time I order online
Royal Mail facing strike action over pension scheme
We'd never expect you to have to chase up royal mail! If there are any delays (which are very uncommon) we'll do our best 1/2
We will meet Royal Mail with the strongest possible opposition - including an industrial action ballot
Union fury at Royal Mail pension closure plan
UK's Royal Mail to freeze plan in March 2018
This article helpful - the key thing is not the closure of the db scheme but its replacement:
Royal Mail stamps celebrating the careers of racing legends are now available. .
Belgian bird gets on the platform.. que chants of get your *** out for the lads.. she delivers like Royal Mail 😂😂😂
.will be live on at 18:30 this evening discussing the Royal Mail pensions announcement
Having both Royal Mail and the Post Office as options on HMRC is a recipe for much confusion.
Strike threat over Royal Mail plan to close pension scheme
Strike threat over Royal Mail pension changes
Will be watching. Glad someone will be giving the workers point of view on this as been so ignored by Royal Mail.…
Hey beauties please be aware that due to staff holidays and the Royal Mail break we will not be…
British Royal Mail may face strikes in protest over closed pension scheme
and I'd the second copy signed for incase they didn't get it and Royal Mail confirmed it had arrived. 4/5
1/2 The first wave of postal ballot packs have been. despatched to Royal Mail so will be arriving with electors in the next few. days.
Royal Mail take welcome steps to help reduce the amount of scam mail that gets delivered
Royal Mail making big profits so understandable industrial action over pension scheme closure
Royal Mail Fleet opens up its vehicle workshops to commercial fleet customers. Read more: $RMG
I've written a letter to the Royal Mail to complain about my post being stolen. To make sure they see it I've put it inside a…
Get 6 Free VitaTops
It arrived, it was just late. Royal Mail's fault.
Royal Mail to freeze pension plan in March 2018
Where possible we have changed our shipping to courier, which we have found to be more affordable than Royal Mail, who have increased prices
PLEASE VOTE AND SHARE . Royal Mail have today announced pensions reductions for staff. Do you support the company or CWU membe…
Royal Mail staff could go on strike over the postal service's pensions crisis
Royal Mail to shut down its defined pension scheme -
Royal Mail to close defined benefit pension scheme
Communications Workers Union has warned Royal Mail it faces threat of industrial action over plans to close defined benef…
Tories sold off our Royal Mail etc . Who pocketed the money? . It wasn't us as we've had nothing but austerity for the last…
Royal Mail union warns of industrial action over pension scheme closure
I would be very much surprised if Royal Mail Directors were looking to cut their own pensions h…
"Royal Mail chief executive Moya Greene is paid £1.5 million a year and gets £200,000 paid into her pension."...
The last update I got was regarding production updates. One project is from the U.K. & I don't know how to track Royal Mail.
It's funny, I just decided to support my local team and ordered my top. I live closer than the Royal Mail sorting office...
Alert followers new take on Royal Mail scam phishing attempt bogus web domain do not click links 👍
Save up to 45% 0ff MSRP On Motorcycle Tires
@ CorreosAtiende Royal Mail says... "Your item with reference RS167830254GB has been passed to the overseas postal service for delivery..."
Nobody in Scotland voted to privatise the Royal Mail, nor bail out the banks, nor renew trident, extend HS2, crossrail or any…
LibDem in Almond has as much cash as his MSP ACH. Glossy leaflets delivered by Royal Mail! At least printing provides jobs- in Portsmouth
Do you enjoy being outdoors? Royal Mail require a Post Person in Barnsley
Return to sender: Jamie Vardy lookalike goes back to Royal Mail after work dries up
Hull Update. What we know so far. Multiple armed carjackings. Armed men emerged from Royal Mail van.
I've given up using royal mail unless I absolutely have to, as it's very expensive & the staff are overworked
I wouldn't mind if a fist class letter got there next day but 3 or 4 days is ridiculous
Royal mail/USPS lost our second order, waiting on the 3rd!
Confirmation email from Royal Mail today that my parcel has been delivered to me or a neighbour... hmmm ... would that be a French neighbour
Good read: Jim Conning discusses latest research from Royal Mail that reveals the alarming cost of dirty data.
This is head of bexhill royal mail. 🤓
Royal Mail workers walk out of West Park office after dispute via
Having just paid import duty & Royal Mail fee of £14.14 on top of £24 item, LEAVERS note you'll pay this on all EU goods!
The privatised Royal Mail is s disaster.
Royal Mail announces price of stamps to rise next month
As if Royal Mail postage isn't dear enough. Only items sent by post in our house will be those that are unavoidable. Email rules
Nothing like a wee bit of over dramatic News reporting eah,a whole penny. Bad Royal Mail
The price of stamps will increase next month, with first and second class stamps going up by 1p
Royal Mail increases price of first class stamp to 65p
A royal raise: announce increase in stamps prices.
Price of first and second class stamps to rise for Royal Mail to 'maintain service'
Royal Mail to hike stamp prices from March
Royal Mail - price of postage to rise from 27 March; get your mailshots sent before then!...
NATIONAL NEWS: to increase stamp prices from next month
price increases. Hunt the Post Office. They must be running out of options and customers.
Royal Mail has announced the price of a first class stamp will increase by 1p to 65p and second class by 1p to 56p
Royal Mail workers walk out of Plymouth sorting office after dispute.
Carl worked for Royal Mail for 30 years and in the latter part of his career he worked in the Investigation Team.
The in Opened in 1998 and is the former Royal Mail sorting office in the City Centre.…
Royal Mail reveals price of stamps will rise in March.
does not comput lad. How did you get the Royal mail card too, They can not go bunging things around. I would get a PO Box mate.
l The price of stamps is to increase next month, Royal Mail has announced.
Shame on the for hiking up the cost of postage stamps at the end of March. Royal Mail ruined by C/O Rip-off stamps!
The prices of first and second class stamps are to rise by 1p from 27 March, Royal Mail has announced.
Price of stamps to rise next month: Royal Mail says the rises are necessary to maintain the univ..
This apparently came after a colleague was dismissed
Royal Mail to hike stamp prices from March
Royal Mail to increase stamp prices from next month
Royal Mail hikes postage prices in line with Brexit-charged inflation via
Sky Royal Mail to hike stamp prices from March
Royal Mail announces 1p price rise for first and second class stamps Telephone engineers Huddersfield
4th April 1981 . Aldaniti, & races to victory after clearing the last fence ahead of Royal Mail &…
Royal Mail set to bring PSM to Home Counties North mail centre
Yay. UK services doing well today. Royal Mail *lost* the signed for letter I sent at Christmas, and Co-op's buggered up my phone banking.
Special Offers - FREE Gifts with Purchase
I would recommend checking in with Royal Mail as we may have a delay on updating the status ^ES
David Bowie's best album cover designs to appear on Royal Mail stamps
Record shaped stamps form part of the new collection of David Bowie stamps and memorabilia from Royal Mail
The UK’s Royal Mail just announced that they will honor late rock icon David Bowie with a set of 10 special stamps.
David is the subject of the Royal Mail's first entire issue dedicated to an individual music artist...
The first time the Royal Mail has dedicated an entire issue to an individual music artist.
Commemorative David Bowie stamps to be rolled out by Royal Mail:
STOP PRESS: New Bowie stamps just announced by Royal Mail. Click here for your first look: https…
Royal Mail has revealed it will release a range of stamps in tribute to David Bowie >
Did you see Royal Mail are releasing David Bowie stamps next month?
David Bowie is to be commemorated with a full set of 10 postage stamps from the Royal Mail.
David Bowie to be honoured with Royal Mail tribute stamps
The Royal Mail is not as great as it used to be ...thanks privatisation
The Royal Mail is issuing a new set of stamps to honour David Bowie in what would have been his 70th birthday year. https…
"Lick That" David Bowie Stamps. We featured a special on David Bowie, when he sadly passed away last year. Now the...
Where and when can I buy special David Bowie stamps?
is the FIRST pop star ever to have a series of Royal Mail stamps in his honour:. http…
the Royal Mail are to release a set of David Bowie stamps on 14th March, as part of their Music Giants series... https:…
Rock legend being honored on new stamp set:
"Postman, postman don’t be slow. Be like Elvis, go man go…”.
Royal Mail also issued a David Bowie "Ziggy Stardust" stamp in 2010 as part of their Cla…
David Bowie stamps to be issued by Royal Mail
the tracking number you've provided isn't recognised by the Royal Mail
❤Royal Mail to release in tribute to David Bowie.
I've never had much interest in stamp collecting... until now
Royal Mail to issue stamp collection featuring iconic photos and album art: (via
Stamp collectors Royal Mail will be issuing David Bowie stamps out soon
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