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Royal Holloway

Royal Holloway, University of London (RHUL) is a constituent college of the University of London. The college has three faculties, 18 academic departments, and about 9,000 undergraduate and postgraduate students from over 100 different countries.

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New edition of Everyday Cryptography published - Royal Holloway, University of London
So proud to have played a small part in getting elected! Hope you'll be able to come and visit us at Roya…
registered with Royal Holloway today! First steps to an interesting new Biomedical science career!
Youths in balaclavas pull out knife on man near Royal Holloway University
Superb pitch at Royal Holloway college.very useful squad run out tonight. All the best to Lammas for the season ahead.
Way up above on Tower Crane at Royal Holloway University London - -
The Royal Holloway Wollemia pine has produced cones!
Her sporting views are cringe-worthy - how Royal Holloway's dirtiest Scenester got so imprisoned
Its great when a CBRL pilot grant helps win more substantial funding - congratulations to Royal Holloway led team https…
Tiddlywinks and Onesies - 22 things that we miss about Royal Holloway
Job Opportunity at Royal Holloway University of London: 1 year Teaching Fellow position in Political Communication,
delegates of the conference at Royal Holloway may be interested in our free webinar tomorrow. Details are below.
Brexit campaign at Royal Holloway falters after first 450 leaflets distributed
I liked a video Kyle Saunders MSc International Management Royal Holloway University of London
Royal Holloway Security series explains why container terminals are vulnerable to
Wondering how to make your Royal Holloway Uni life awesome? Read this!
Select Miche Styles are 50% off - MONDAY ONLY!
Work now underway to deliver a new university shop at Royal Holloway - University of London, ready for the start of…
Royal Holloway head-hunts new Lumberjack - it will 'sort the Black Friday problem'
My partner in alcohol viennesetwirls @ Royal Holloway, University of London
i know it's ROYAL holloway but the packhorse is just a bit wanky, we didn't want artisan popcorn and kettle chips as students
From the first month, to the last day... thank you Royal Holloway for bringing this amazing man…
Royal Holloway University of London what a beautiful setting for
Royal Holloway Minister faces resignation calls from Jesse Jackson over protest controversy
Royal Holloway calling themselves a University of London
bloodshed is limited by a lack of information.” 237. In April 2009, researchers from King’s College London, Royal Holloway, University
them …”143 229. Researchers at Oxford University (Mr Sean Gourley and Professor Neil Johnson) and Royal Holloway, University of London
If only I had my PhD already! Great role. Research Assistant at Royal Holloway, University of London
Museum Histories Research post (Mobile Museum Project) at Royal Holloway, University of London and Kew Gardens
(12) Coventry University. Jong led a team of researchers from Oxford, Coventry, Royal Holloway, Gordon College, Melbourne University and
I present to you: Nature @ Royal Holloway, University of London
Professor of Politics . Royal Holloway, University of London - Politics and International RelationsSalary: £62,03...
Chaparral Motorsports OEM Parts Up To 25% off
Lecturer in Economics . Royal Holloway, University of London - Department of Economics Salary: £41,458 to £49,059...
Former student of Chamartin Reader in Advanced Therapy, Royal Holloway, University of London organisi…
Every year in June the school of management at Royal Holloway
Royal Holloway - University of London main entrance in Egham Hill. Do you want the postcode too?. I have 2 cherubs g…
Have been asked back to Royal Holloway to talk to final years about getting jobs after university! Am I an adult yet?
We're delighted to be awarded the contract to a new science building for Royal Holloway, University of Londo…
ETH Zürich, Trinity College Dublin, Oxford University and Royal Holloway find an area of the brain linked to autism.
Chapel Choir of Royal Holloway, University of London - Gabriel's Message on NEC Christmas!
Chapel Choir of Royal Holloway, University of London - A Great and Mighty Wonder on NEC Christmas!
Chapel Choir of Royal Holloway, University of London - What Sweeter Music on NEC Christmas!
Chapel Choir of Royal Holloway, University of London - Legend on NEC Christmas!
Chapel Choir of Royal Holloway, University of London - O Little One Sweet on NEC Christmas!
Lucky enough to see the chapel at Royal Holloway today!
Chapel Choir of Royal Holloway, University of London - Jesus Christ The Apple Tree on NEC Christmas!
Chapel Choir of Royal Holloway, University of London - Gabriel Hailed Mary Mild, Full of Grace (Gabriel angelus) on NEC Christma
Chapel Choir of Royal Holloway, University of London - Child of the Stable's Secret Birth on NEC Christmas!
Chapel Choir of Royal Holloway, University of London - There Is No Rose on NEC Christmas!
Great opportunity to hear from colleagues at Ideacorp and De La Salle University - 2-4 pm at Royal Holloway, Univer…
Royal Holloway, University of London is inviting applications for Computer Science scholarships. These...
I got into both Royal Holloway and Kings College London for my Masters course so looks like I'm going to have to make a decision 🤔
Laundering Yolo , if anyone knows anyone going to Royal Holloway in sept and needs textbooks for politics and / or IR @ me thx
Another milestone for Royal Holloway's new Library and Student Services Centre: This week Royal Holloway cele...
Royal Holloway - University of London is looking for a Recruitment Officer in Egham, UK
What lovely weather for my graduation at Royal Holloway!
This time next week I will be graduating Royal Holloway with a First Class Honours in MSci Astrophysics! Next step: PhD 🙊
Nick Hardwick (Royal Holloway), former chief inspector of prisons, is talking about safety in prisons
‘Laura, Kola, and Nik at the Royal Holloway Teachers and Advisers Conference 2016. Curriculum Reform, Schools...
There's a "pole fitness" society at royal Holloway but not an Indian society nahhh
Congratulations to our joint winners of the 2016 RHS Marshall Fellowship: Samuel Drake (Royal Holloway) and Aashique Ahmed Iqbal (Oxford)!
All set for 2016 graduation at Royal Holloway, University of London . 🎓
I am still in shock and beyond happy that I have got a First Class Honours degree from Royal Holloway for Drama and Creative…
Royal Holloway | Psychology hosts Research and Practice event | Psychology home
Chilcot calls on Royal Holloway research into child deaths in Iraq: Yesterday marked the publication of the a...
love how Royal Holloway have a society called 'humans vs zombies'
'...But what big teeth you have!'. A classic photo for - The Sleeping Beauty's Royal Ballet premiere, 1946. ^C htt…
I was on my way to RNA Conf at Royal Holloway with friends. A never-forget day. Tragic
to Royal Holloway University in 2004 . We've come so far since then..
Hear from Tony at Royal Holloway University on Planet benefits
'Here they call it froshers' - Royal Holloway year abroad student gets 542 thousand hits with impassioned vlog
'I had to live on eight pounds for a whole fortnight' - SFE and Royal Holloway blame each other in funding *** up
We'll look after Kate at Royal Holloway - and thank you for untrusting her to us.
Officially been confirmed that I'm going to Royal Holloway 🎉🎉
So proud of our sustainability teaching quality at Royal Holloway, University of London Find out more here:
Debating and McBusted - seven things that we miss about Royal Holloway
ROHO!!!. No but serious - Royal Holloway's pretty good for that stuff (Y)
Did you know? As an ISG Alumni of Royal Holloway you are entitled to many benefits? Click here for more information:.
Applications are invited for the post of Campus Support Coordinator at Royal Holloway University of London:
Visiting and Jean Paul Degabriele at royal holloway this week
Look out for our Year in Business programme at Royal Holloway
'I should have become a Lumberjack' - why Royal Holloway students are regretting reading Liberal Arts
Explore a range of events and activities for schools and colleges with Royal Holloway!.
European Conference on Research conference from 12-14 Sep 2016, Royal Holloway, University of London Prof...
Advancing ethnography...our people. Auto Ethnography - by Fiona Moore, Royal Holloway, University of London “Wh...
I don't go to royal holloway anymore like what
Royal Holloway today consulting with businesses on Runnymede economic strategy. Key issues Brexit & managing growth
Awesome interview of our very own Amina Memon - LAAW Founder
.Professions category winner, banging the drum for the academy:
European Conference on FASD 2016, Royal Holloway, London 12-15th September. Register now
LOVE is the focus our next program of music sung by the Cambridge Singers, Choir of Royal Holloway & Renee Fleming
I study politics at Royal Holloway in London majoring in African Politics, any books you could reccommend?
ICYMI earlier I posted a new blog entry on the conference in Royal Holloway - fab event!
I'm gonna run over a Royal Holloway student one of these days GET OUT OF THE BLOODY ROAD
Can't beat RoHo in the sunshine 😎🌞📚 @ Royal Holloway, University of London
Lecturer: Empires of the Early Modern Muslim World (c.1450-c.1900) at Royal Holloway, University of London
..we hear from Professor Tamar Pincus from Royal Holloway, University of London, among others, on these issues:
I added a video to a playlist Cleaner Thames - Reseach by the Royal Holloway, University of London
3 years have gone too fast here 😪 @ Royal Holloway, University of London
Royal Holloway has been ranked in the Top 100 universities in Europe! via
shoutout to Royal Holloway university and competition please
'What university do you go to?' 'Royal Holloway!' 'Isn't that a prison?!' We've all had this conversation before
To anyone who follows me who isn't at Royal Holloway university. I'm sorry (not)
our university Royal Holloway is beautiful
PhD Studentships in Psychology and Cognitive Neuroscience at Royal Holloway, University of London
Carson Cooman: The Revelations of Divine Love by Choir of Royal Holloway, University of London, Buttrick Sinfonia
Cumbia, Digitisation and Post Neoliberalism in Buenos Aires... - Dr. Geoff Baker- Dept. of Music, Royal Holloway, Univer. of London 02-2015
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Royal Holloway scholars cast new light on Greek manuscripts in Lambeth Palace Library: Scholars at Royal Hollo...
Egham station and Royal Holloway to feature on Great Railway Journeys tomorrow Fri 29th, with M Portillo on BBC2 at 6.30...
Royal Holloway will feature on Great British Railway Journeys, tomorrow on BBC Two at 6.30pm
Royal Holloway to feature on BBC's Great British Railway Journeys: Michael Portillo begins the final leg of hi...
Received offers to study English Literature at Cardiff and Royal Holloway universities! I'm just waiting for Queen Mary and Edinburgh now!
Emily Wilding Davison enrolled as a student at Royal Holloway on 14 January 1892
My history teacher just got super excited because I said I got an unconditional from Royal Holloway she was like JONATHAN PHILLIPS
Outstanding Contribution to the Local Community goes to Royal Holloway, University of London
TECHNE-funded PhD places in Comparative Literature and Culture at Royal Holloway, University of London. Mail me: Danielle.Sands
This building is the creepiest @ Royal Holloway, University of London
forever with the blondes 💖✌ @ Royal Holloway, University of London
Royal Holloway, University of London economics student Theo Brophy-Clews has had his second call up to the London...
Royal Holloway | Congratulations to our Breakthrough Prize in Fundamental Physics recipients | Physics home
Study International Year (IFY) at Royal Holloway University of . A three term programme...
Apply to do a PhD in Psychology at Royal Holloway! Deadline 7th Dec.
An amazing 3-0 win from the Women's 1st team vs Royal Holloway yesterday!
M-209 from carlos cid of royal holloway.
Well done Boss Print - their print of our Royal Holloway Uni work has won at this year's Print Week Awards.
think he's Royal Holloway, which I shall resist the temptation to comment on
I finally saw that the other day! I got so excited when I saw royal holloway 😂 even tho it seemed so random
Had an awesome workshop on feminism with the Royal Holloway FemSoc last night. Thanks to The Stoke…
IMAGINEIF Royal Holloway wasn't in the middle of nowhere and there was some form of takeaway within walking distance
Incredible talk today from Royal Holloway alumni , so down to earth with such an amazing story.
Is that the closest one to Royal Holloway? I'd have assumed it'd be easier for you to reach Central or Hackney?
playing Royal Holloway next week.. Need to check if it's home or away
Well done for the guys winning their second match this season! 3:0 against Royal Holloway Filip Nydza
it's ok!! Yeah!! I've got offers from Lincoln Liverpool and Royal Holloway UOL! I'm sure I'll both get all urs xx
Great day on set with at Royal Holloway! Even got an end of the day selfie 👍
Great, inspiring talk with this eve at good old Royal Holloway!
so today I had a seminar held by an Example of a successful graduate from Royal Holloway
With Elliot Gleave aka Example. Alumni of Royal Holloway and one of my favourite singers 🎵
Might be something to mention to the Royal Holloway students?
lol of course! Sharing the same name as something is cool. I might start calling you Royal Holloway 😘
SO excited to see at the Royal Holloway open day on Saturday😋👭
Royal Holloway - the year in industry placement scheme might be of interest to you:
really enjoyed your talk at Royal Holloway today! :D
Millais at Royal Holloway . The Two Princes Edward and Richard in the Tower. Princess Elizabeth in Prison at St James'
Tonight's WIYA session is Feminism with Royal Holloway's Feminist Society! Pls note that the venue tonight is The Stoke, not Boileroom
Took in a little art at the Royal Holloway's free gallery today, and gasped at the outlandish Victorian architecture
.Men's 2's bringing in another big score this week! WIN AWAY 128 - 82 vs Royal Holloway 2
The moral of this lecture is study Film at Royal Holloway and become a famous rapper
lol they have a Harry Potter Society at Royal Holloway 😅
Nice to see Royal Holloway recognised in the Top 100 universities in the world for Arts and Humanities:
Suffragette: Royal Holloway launches campaign to tie in with film
Throwback to freshers formal ❤️ @ Royal Holloway, University of London
Access more than 7.4 million parts at Parts Direct
Ah, I thought you were returning to study! I did that - Im currently at Royal Holloway studying History. Very pretty here too!
A study, carried out by Professor Andrew C. Scott of the Department of Earth Sciences at Royal Holloway,...
you do realise royal holloway is tagged in this convo LOOOL
Happy Back to the Future Day Royal Holloway Students! We're going back to where it all began with alumni Elliot...
Its game day and we are away to Royal Holloway - lets go WSIHE!!!
Royal Holloway Men's Football 1sts having a great game on the 3G pitch! British Universities &...
Join us for our Open Day on Saturday and fall in love with Royal Holloway
If I go to Royal Holloway i'll be 10 minutes from lol thats a deffo no then
Abatis at The Picture Gallery, Royal Holloway University, Networking dinner, courtesy of Fred Piper
I'd like to see that, especially given the international nature of many of Royal Holloway's cohorts
Our team won 5-1 against Royal Holloway today with 3 players down! Congratulations girls!
Thats all i need in life... im just reminding you that royal holloway still exists and you cant forget me.
Join the PGR Conversation at Royal Holloway this Wednesday! Further details on our website!
I've done loads of Yik Yaks about you on the Royal Holloway one
Today we are away to Royal Holloway. Let's get the 3 points girls
This is how it went down last week at holloway - Drumline Ent! on the controls…
oh man! Exeter, Royal Holloway, UWE, bath spa and Portsmouth
Like hot drinks? Like Royal Holloway? Enter draw for this mug by doing a Careers OnDemand quiz this week!
Thorpe park need to stop employing from Royal Holloway and employ people who have interest in theme parks
This weekend the 1st XV return to action as they take on Woking at Royal Holloway Sports Centre. Kick-off 14:00.
let me be your voice @ Royal Holloway, University of London
Don't miss out this Halloween! Come along to the Royal Holloway Halloween Special Event - Murder Mystery in the...
Thanks to & for highlighting suffrage and women's history .
you should come to Royal Holloway some day...
Royal holloway has puppy therapy sessions 😂, think I've found my uni for next year
Incredible opportunity to join the Psychology dept at Royal Holloway - two permanent lectureships.
A new series of studies by academics at Royal Holloway, University of London and at University of London College found...
Otter at Royal Holloway, University Ave, New Forest Drone Strike for a Lifetime award.
Royal Holloway named as one of London's top universities in the Times and the Sunday Times Good University Gui...
Royal Holloway has been shortlisted for prestigious Times Higher Education Award in Outstanding Contribution to...
Job at Royal Holloway in London, Lecturer in Human Geography, emphasis on the global south and ICTs:
Just posted a photo @ Royal Holloway, University of London
Had the weirdest slow mo dream last night @ Royal Holloway, University of London
Such a lovely day @ Royal Holloway, University of London
Been to worse places for parties... @ Royal Holloway, University of London
Graham smith welcomes oral historians to Royal Holloway, built as he reminds us on the proceeds from snake oil medicine!
Moodle has been upgraded, rethemed for mobile, and restored at Royal Holloway, University of London. Have a look:
Only one more sleep until Royal Holloway, University of London unleashes an upgraded, new-look, mobile-friendly Moodle!
Royal Holloway, University of London staff could soon have 3 days of community volunteering available to them...
Royal Holloway university is ranked 17th in the UK and 118th in the world by the Times Higher Education World University Ranking for 2014-15
July 19th Royal Holloway, University of London Ace Tennis Camps will start and we can't wait to catch up with old...
(Distance Learning) awarded GCHQ certification: Royal Holloway and University of London's MSc in Information S...
Lunch break = do nothing... @ Royal Holloway, University of London
A kind of a fairy tale👑 @ Royal Holloway, University of London
Is this the Royal Holloway university or some kind of castle?!
Thank you Royal Holloway - graduating with a upper second class honours in BSc Criminology and Sociology! Buzzing doesn't cover it! 🎉🎊🎈
Going to the Royal Holloway, university of London open day tomorrow which isn't in London
Royal Holloway is a stunning university! I was considering going there!
RHBNC Trust Masters Scholarships at Royal Holloway, University of London in UK, 2015. Deadline:18 May, 2015. More info.
Bringing you the despair that is the @ Royal Holloway, University of London
Masters degree in new technology & at University of London, Royal Holloway
Are you a Student? Read this... Researchers from Royal Holloway, University of London have found that successful...
The count down has now started to prepare to cast your vote in the general election. Royal Holloway, University...
In two years Royal Holloway, University of London has increased the number of essays marked online from 2% to 33%
Jumping on the dissertation hand in bandwagon. @ Royal Holloway, University…
Higher Education commission (HEC) and Royal Holloway, University of London (RHUL) Scholarships 2015 for…
Best thing about the Avengers movie was when they showed my university Royal Holloway.
Royal Holloway named the safest university: has carried out an analysis of the 535,468 c...
Another solid performance from at last night's hustings at Royal Holloway university. Roll on May 7th.
Kinda want to take up royal holloway's unconditional offer after seeing it appear in
Thanks - hope royal holloway is going really well?!
Avengers was sick. Royal Holloway got that shout out as well.
Stunning pics from from a wedding here last summer.
The fact Royal Holloway was briefly in the new avengers is quite cool
When Royal Holloway appeared in The Avengers today I legit almost cried cos I want to go there so much 😭😭
royal holloway uni of London but it's a little bit outside London
unless you go to this one or Royal Holloway ect. This is the prettiest part of my uni
also Thor was at royal holloway and all I could think of was
Aww some of the new Avengers film was filmed at Royal Holloway, how cute
Royal Holloway comes up in avengers and Wael goes "yup they're definitely my insurance now" 😂😂😂
The of Best in Medical 2015 is Professor Pankaj Sharma (Royal Holloway, University of London)
royal Holloway is a real life Hogwarts
Big up Royal Holloway for appearing in Avengers Age of Ultron for 5 seconds
students: "This is crucial - it's time to divest from destruction." Please sign:
I want to see this new Avengers film just for Royal Holloway.
Part time Permanent Lecturer (Teaching Focused) in Social Work at Royal Holloway, University of London
Royal Holloway is in the new Avengers film! Can't believe we missed Chris Hemsworth .
I went for a walk today. 🍃🍂🌳🌾 @ Royal Holloway, University of London
Royal Holloway | Royal Holloway stars in new Avengers film | About us home
Royal Holloway stars in new Avengers film: Audiences watching the newly released film Avengers: Age of Ultron ...
Am going there: "Evolutionary Benefits of False Beliefs", London, 5th May
Royal Holloway stars in new Avengers film RoyalHolloway
Want to see the Avengers movie just to see Royal Holloway 😎👊🏼
Bruce Lincoln – The Werewolf, the Shaman, and the Historian: Talk by Royal Holloway
So they filmed some of at my uni. This is why Royal Holloway is the best!
so we watched the new "Avengers" movie and the only interesting thing about it was that it had a scene in Royal Holloway
and maybe venture even further out to Royal Holloway ?! 😄 congrats x
I made it into Royal Holloway's 2016 prospectus - I'm famous! ..
Royal Holloway is about to feature in the new Avengers movie released tomorrow!
Royal Holloway is in the Avengers movie! Thor was at my uni!
Today students will write a modern with & http:…
It's true! Royal Holloway features in the Avengers: Age of Ultron movie. Have you seen the film?
i used to work at Royal Holloway in Egham so it was just down the road, very lucky
Surprise surprise, the most critical review of Frankopan's book is from a Royal Holloway historian. Probably a former student of Riley-Smith
Royal Holloway is the one I really want, but I've also applied to Bournemouth, Edge Hill, Winchester & Arts Uni London!
A piece of put up in the new Prayer Room at Royal Holloway. This…
Exactly one month today I will be moving to Royal Holloway, University of London.
Today's Magic Bus, 12-2pm, is a prerecorded show as we're off to another open day at University of East Anglia. Two down (Royal Holloway was Wed and Exeter yesterday) with Oxford on 4th July and Durham on the 5th. Tune in to hear a repeat of Kiki Dee's Musical Milestones, tracks from my album of the week 'CiRCA by The Mojo Fins, the Studio Rio remix of Bill Withers 'Lovely Day' and a track from the new Steve Hackett Live at The Albert Hall album due out on 30th June amongst many other fine songs.
As the UK prepares to mark the 800th anniversary of Magna Carta next year, plans for how the historic occasion will be celebrated are to be announced during a special event held at Royal Holloway, University of London today (Tuesday 17 June).
A30 London Road queuing back to Wentworth from Royal Holloway once again thanks to 's incompetence at Highways planning.
"Access provided by Royal Holloway, University of London." Some of the sweetest words to appear on the internet!
Hey Soph. I'm taking a group of yr9 and 10 pupils on a university trip to Royal Holloway tomorrow.
Royal Holloway co-hosts Syria event in Atlanta | Royal Holloway, University of London
With a little help of a friend, you can move the World! 😜😜😜 @ Royal Holloway, University of London
Our second speaker will be Giles Goodall !! Giles Goodall is a Liberal Democrat candidate for the European elections on 22 May in the South East England region, which includes Oxford. Originally from West Sussex, Giles studied European politics at Royal Holloway, University of London and the College of Europe in Bruges. He has worked in European affairs for almost 15 years, including as an adviser to a Member of the European Parliament and in the economic, employment and justice departments of the European Commission. He passionately believes in Britain playing a leading role in Europe and is campaigning at the European elections to safeguard jobs in the region linked to the UK’s EU membership. He has also campaigned on the environment, fighting cross-border crime, and safeguarding the free movement rights of EU citizens.
Public lecture with Dr Michael Williams from the Department of Politics and International Relations, Royal Holloway, University of London – April 22, 10:30, Kara muzejs:
Royal Holloway, Windsor Great Park and reflecting on special memories shared. Think I've over-dosed on nostalgia.
The Queen, accompanied by The Duke of Edinburgh, visited Royal Holloway, University of London
The Duke of Edinburgh during a visit to Royal Holloway, London University where he accompanied The Queen today. htt…
Royal Holloway upgrades its Cloud services with support from Phoenix
- *Awards Info* Frank Grimes Cup - This trophy was donated by Mr Frank Grimes, former member of Bedford College staff. It is awarded for outstanding contribution to sport at Royal Holloway, not just for playing but in all aspects of sport. Things taken into account include the provision of sport to those who do not compete, development of the sports programme as a whole, building links with local communities and raising the profile of sport within the College. It can be awarded to anyone: students, committee members, staff, coaches or members of the local community
The Queen at Royal Holloway to celebrate the Music Department!!
Good luck to those meeting the Queen today! :D Super proud to be part of Royal Holloway's Music department!
Queen Victoria at the grand opening of Royal Holloway on the 30 June 1886
The Queen will visit a London university to celebrate the establishment of the first Regius professorship in music. Accompanied by the Duke of Edinburgh, the monarch will meet Julian Johnson when she visits the Surrey campus of Royal Holloway, University of London on 14 March. She awarded Professor Johnson the Regius title as part of her Diamond Jubilee celebrations in 2012.
European candidate Giles Goodall represented the Liberal Democrats at a packed election debate this week organised by the Centre for European Politics at Royal Holloway University of London. Giles, one of the Lib Dems' top Euro candidates for the South East and himself a graduate of Royal Holloway,…
From 1975: We Need a Foundation by Adele Hulse, Big Love author: On September 24, three days after the seminar at Royal Holloway in Surrey, England, the lamas and Nick flew from London to Geneva. C...
Please come to our European Parliament round-table event Thursday 13 February at 6.15-7.45pm in MLT, Founders Building!!! The Careers Service, Royal Holloway are hosting an event just before that many of you would find interesting: Politics, government and think tanks: local, national, international: Alumni forum Thursday 13th February 5:00-6:00pm in Win0-04 Dream of walking the corridors of power? Aspire to create policy that could impact on millions of daily lives? Seek to influence or implement services at a more local level? A career in politics, government or associated research can be stimulating, challenging and varied. Whichever path you take, getting some relevant experience can really help. Meet some of our alumni who've built their careers in this field and find out what it's really like. After hearing from all speakers you'll have the opportunity to question the panel and chat to them informally afterwards. **Alumni attending: Giles Goodall, European Commission Official, European Studies & Fre ...
Check out Kings College London, London School of Economics and, it's just outside of London, but Royal Holloway is another one.
On Wednesday 12th February, the eminent Shakespearean, Sir Brian Vickers, will be talking to Royal Holloway students at Senate House Library, Russell Square, London. In a rare opportunity, the University of London is giving us privileged access to their copy of Shakespeare's First Folio, which Sir Brian Vickers will be talking to us about. The talk is planned to take place at 3pm. If you would like to attend please email Luke.Haisell.2011The remaining 16 spaces will be issued on a first-email, first-served basis.
Politicians have voted Margaret Thatcher the most successful prime minister since the Second World War, in a survey carried out by Politics and International Relations students at Royal Holloway, University of London.
The road next to the Thames at Runnymede between the Runnymede Hotel and Harvester in Old Windsor is closed due to flooding. Traffic diversion means roads are very busy on approaches to campus. Royal Holloway, University of London
Please spread the word. A guy called Rohan Agarwal has gone missing. He studies at Royal Holloway and has been missing from Egham for 2 days now. The police are looking for him, they are very concerned for his safety, and his passport is also missing. If anyone has any information or sees him please contact me/Royal Holloway, so I can forward the info. (Below is his picture) Thank you for your support :) x
Off to St John's Smith Square for another fabulous Christmas carol concert with The Choir of Royal Holloway, Orchestra Nova and Rupert Gough at the organ in aid of Cardiac Risk in the Young - a suitably festive programme with pieces by Gabriel Jackson, Cecilia McDowall, John Rutter and many, many more - not to mention Sleigh Ride ...
Stress a key factor in causing bee colonies to fail | Royal Holloway, University of London...
there is like 4 different programs out of University of London, I've been looking at Royal Holloway.
Offer from Royal Holloway, University of London!! Such a great feeling!!
Definitely making Royal Holloway my first choice. I literally have not stopped talking about it. Such a perfect university
"Royal Holloway - University of London. I love this uni
Royal Holloway, University of London BAFTA Award-winning lecturer at Royal Holloway releases new film
On Sunday I met with David and Yasamin at the Royal Holloway, University of London where they very first met, the...
no its a university called Royal Holloway, its so cool :(
One of my friends is currently studying English at Royal Holloway, University of London! My second choice ^_^
Gonna print out a picture of Royal Holloway along with a Chief Superintendent's payslip to motivate me to get into Uni 😈
Reports: ULU Vice President Dan Cooper arrested at Royal Holloway last night
returns on 22nd September. Watch out for Royal Holloway's Picture Gallery in the Christmas Special!
You'll all have to come visit me at Royal Holloway!
I want to visit Birmingham and study there. Do you know Royal Holloway? I studyed there this summer.
'O Sing Unto the Lord a New Song', my anthem performed by Royal Holloway Chapel Choir, cond. Lionel Pike.
where have you been all my life, I miss our banterous times together!! Oh and I'm so happy for you, royal holloway man!
Royal Holloway...about to start 2nd year
last open day of the year for Royal Holloway -.-
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