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Royal Gorge

The Royal Gorge (also Grand Canyon of the Arkansas) is a canyon on the Arkansas River near Cañon City, Colorado.

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Me and Michael went on the rip chord over the royal gorge, it's 1,200 ft high, what a rush!
Royal Gorge, you never fail to provide one of the best weeks of my life.
Strong T-Storms NW of Royal Gorge or 30 to 40 Miles SW of Colorado Springs Moving NE At 20 MPH.
From the depths of the royal gorge, i of course had to take a pic with wyo flag💁🏼🌸
The Royal Gorge Bridge is a tourist attraction near Cañon City, Colorado
Well if you go. Check out Red Rock Ampatheater, Garden of the Gods, The Great Sand…
Gorgeous scenery, check. I do want to go to the one in Royal Gorge, CO.
rafting through the Royal Gorge today was an experience to remember
Have you done the zipline over the royal gorge? 😱
Beautiful day for a glass of wine at the Winery at Holy Cross Abbey! 🍷 @ The Winery At Holy…
Tips on visiting the Royal Gorge Bridge & Park for a day of family fun! vi…
Somehow captured a lil rainbow in this snap of Royal Gorge🌈👌
Have anyone ever notice the "gigantic tennis shoe" down there from Royal Gorge Bridge???
Keepin' it classy at the Royal Gorge.
Good morning from the beautiful Royal Gorge in Colorado. I hope everyone has a fun, safe summer!
Solve a murder by dessert on the Royal Gorge Route Railroad - Colorado Springs Gazette
Went out to the Royal gorge the other day and took a splendid shot of No. 499
Pretty cool...but if you're looking for South Cañon Trails or Royal Gorge Park trails, you can always download...
Comment if you've taken a trip through the magnificent Royal Gorge!
FREE Royal Gorge Rodeo tickets for kids who come to the library Saturday, June 3rd, 11:00 -- 11:30am. "Get caught Reading".
Whitewater rafting in Colorado: Everything you need to know before you go
Wait what. I must contact my attorney regarding my long-standing dispute with the Royal Gorge.
What a great trip the Royal Gorge in Colorado. We were just back this spring and long to get back into those...
Pictures can do no justice of how beautiful, or how high, is. 😍💙 @ Royal Gorge…
I'm going to at Gorge Amphitheatre in George, WA -...
Gorgeous shot of the Royal Gorge by Check out our summer edition for activities…
"May the bridges I burn light the way" @ Royal Gorge Colorado
No flippin' way! Summer means different things to different people - apparently. Would you? Royal Gorge Colorado...
Current tentative plans...Open to whatever. On my way! See everyone in a while.. Check this out MapQuest
I added a video to a playlist Royal Gorge Railroad Route I
this bridge reminds COLORADO ROYAL GORGE there is a similiar bridge over a very deep canyon in THE ROCKIES
Coroner says Royal Gorge suicide jumper is not from Fremont County.
Please help vote the the Best Attraction
I'm asking everybody to read this and vote for the Royal Gorge Bridge and park. Please and thank you!
It was windy,palms were sweaty, didn't want to drop the spaghetti 😅 @ Royal Gorge Bridge & Park
Tawana: Went to Pikes Peak, Royal Gorge, and then on to Colorado National Monument. Rasheeda: He's not chilly or…
Hey, will you join our growing cycling group and post interesting news at ?
Mountain biking on the Royal Gore Park trail is a great way to take in the view! 🚵🏼 @ Royal…
An awesome couple of minutes from our ride over the Royal Gorge Bridge.
Royal Gorge Bridge and park float for. Blossom Parade
I’m going sky diving into the Royal Gorge 2 days after my 33rd birthday. I just chopped off all my dreadlocks. What am I doing?!
Body recovered after jumping from Royal Gorge Bridge. . Read the rest at The Mountain Mail.
Impulse Royal Gorge trip today. So stoked to finally check this place off the list. 🌎🏔
Body of man who jumped from Royal Gorge Bridge recovered
The Eastern planning area is home to unspoiled wilderness. A balanced management plan is key: by
Zip Lining at Royal Gorge, and also visited Seven Falls and the Garden of the Gods. Still hard…
Our partners Royal Gorge Field Office are currently conducting a prescribed burn of 16 miles N of Cotopaxi. Might see smoke
Make your voice heard: Urge to protect the stunning Colorado landscape of the Royal Gorge region:
About to get in a raft to go white water rafting down the Royal gorge... life's good
Especially the ones of you and your friends at the "Royal Gorge Bridge Kegger and Bungee Jumping Festival" I'd bet?…
Mrs. Ivy and Mr. Wynes about to zip line across the Royal Gorge on one of the world's highest zip lines.…
Hard rock royal gorge for when I open her white *** up
READ "We need to protect our backyard" May 5 marks end of comment period for Royal Gorge.
Why it's important to safeguard the wild character of Colorado’s intact lands: by…
Update: Motorists are advised that the Bog Walk Gorge is now passable.
Spent the day Canon City's Royal Gorge. Can't wait to share GoPro photos and the with you guys!
Happy birthday to American photographer William Henry Jackson, born in 1843. "Royal Gorge," 1885, in our collection:
Royal Gorge visit and gondola ride over the Arkansas River
so I already started looking up stuff for us to do. Check out this place called Royal Gorge Bridge.
Rio Grande F9A leads the "Royal Gorge" over the Hanging Bridge in Colorado's Royal Gorge in 8/65. D. Jacksich phot…
Possible truck fire at U.S. 50 and CR 3, the entrance to the Royal Gorge.
PerfectMatch - Fall In Love Today
Deputies, CSP, and fire crews en route to Hey 50 at cr 3, the entrance to the Royal Gorge, for a report of...
We should protect big parks where Rocky Mountain Rivers meet Great Plains, as around Royal Gorge
I remember him trying to run a drape across the Royal Gorge when I was a kid in Colorado.
On a bridge over the Royal Gorge over 1,000 feet in the air and I…
oh royal Gorge could be good.its close and I haven't been since I was really young
Rafting through the Royal Gorge today was probably one of the best things I've done this summer
My *** is zip lining tomorrow over the royal gorge. Prayers 🙃
Pretty good end to the day 1. 800 miles, near OKCity. Royal Gorge and CO Springs for day 2.…
Royal Gorge Bridge could be my life’s greatest jump. Will go there very soon.
Garden of the Gods is beautiful! Air Force Academy is cool. Drive up Pikes Peak. Royal Gorge is very cool.
The Skunk Family will be arguing their way across service-free Western KS tomorrow, en route to Royal Gorge vacation. See you in the movies,
I'm gonna stop in Colorado Springs, wanna see garden of God's and royal gorge. Definitely gonna hit you then bro
If heart palpitations are your sort of thing, then Royal Gorge Bridge will be right up your street. Located in Colo…
*finally goes to the royal gorge after living in Colorado for 16 years
We're in here guys 󾌴. A big picture of your smiling faceJason McClellann 󾌴󾌴󾌴
hopefully will be guiding the royal gorge by Monday wut wut!!! I just wanna soak up the sun Im gonna tell everyone to lighten up.
went into city market with my Royal Gorge Bridge & park shirt & name tag & a guy asked me where the salt was? I don't even work here😂😭
Fantastic! - Drinking a Royal Gorge Grapefruit Ipa by -
Train coming through Royal Gorge Canyon of the Arkansas CO Keyestone Stereoview
AE is back in the Black! . And dirtbaggin properly at Royal Gorge Fest today!! .
Outpost is at The Royal Gorge Whitewater Festival this weekend so make sure to stop by the booth!
Water conditions are ideal for the Royal Gorge Whitewater Festival in Cañon City
We conquered the Royal Gorge white water! Absolutely one of the best experiences I've ever had.…
Remember that time we lost Chris in the Royal Gorge before the show in Cañon City.
where in colorado are you going at ? The Royal Gorge one is so fun !
Walked around Cañon City after the Royal Gorge Bridge and they had a map of all the local…
The Royal Gorge was super high and amazing to walk across Thursday afternoon. There was a storm…
Royal Gorge Whitewater Festival takes over Cañon City this weekend.
White water rafting the Royal Gorge today!!! Wish us luck and pray for us!! 😁😁😁😁
Hey, just go to Royal Gorge, CO near Cañon City! Lol It's awesome! (And it was my first time on a zip line. 😂)
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After a long, hard day at the Royal Gorge, the only thing to do is jump in the pool in your…
Day 2: went water rafting and got to see the Royal Gorge, rode the Gondola now going to a festival💘
Royal Gorge Whitewater Festival to offer wide range of activities
This picture best describes our level 4 rafting trip. Video soon @ Royal Gorge
Who's ready for WAR at the Royal Gorge Whitewater Festival?!
Nice little afternoon view of Royal Gorge.
Let the Party Begin: 8th annual Royal Gorge Whitewater Festival begins today at Centennial Park.
Just finished rafting big horn and decided to do the Royal Gorge tomorrow! kimye_c and Kristen…
The Royal Gorge Whitewater Festival is this weekend and the air will be warm, the water cool and the event fun!
Colo. Dawn in the Royal Gorge, valley landscape
I just drew private passenger car PPCX Rio Grande "Royal Gorge." It can be seen on Reno Fun Train. https:…
Looking down at the river under the Royal Gorge Bridge @ Royal Gorge Bridge & Park
Conquered Canon City and got to paddle underneath the Royal Gorge Bridge. teamusa
Survived class IV rapids down the Royal Gorge thanks to our 34 year veteran guide, Berto @ Echo…
Blue Oyster Cult, Nitty Gritty Dirt Band on tap for Royal Gorge summer shows
I leave you with a boy and his dog on the banks of the Arkansas River 1,000 miles downstream from the Royal Gorge.
Hello, Gorge-ous. Sun beams on Royal Gorge in Cañon City, leave a
A close-up to America's highest suspension bridge - Royal Gorge.
In case you're wondering what's below the Royal Gorge Bridge, there are plenty of gaps you can look through.
Royal Gorge - Colorado. Been across this bridge, which has WOODEN PLANKS for its was
Not gonna lie, this Royal Gorge scene was pretty cool 😎
Rad lil lookout today at Royal Gorge.
We're ready for some Boo at they Bridge! . Come say Hi!!
feeling awesome at Royal Gorge Bridge & Park
I rode the train through Royal Gorge - lovely!
Took my nephew to the Royal Gorge today. It was... windy.
Royal Gorge Dinosaur Experience to bring history to life near Canon City in May - Pueblo Chieftain
Completed Denver & Rio Grande table 1: 782 miles from Denver, CO to Ogden, UT via the Royal Gorge - The Grand Canyon of the Arkansas River.
Inside Princess Kate's Amazing Jewelry Box! See Her Most Stunning Sparklers on Display: A stunning round-up of the royal's most gorge...
have you creatures been to the royal gorge in Colorado?
Headed into Royal Gorge this evening to find a place to camp. Will be staying at or near Salida…
Not my photo, just came across trains!! Royal gorge by danilleb17
Looking down 1200 ft at the Arkansas River and a train from a cable car. Royal Gorge
Royal Gorge Association of Realtors honors realtors during luncheon
Royal Gorge Association of Realtors President hopes to 'polish' the Realtor brand in Fremont County
The Royal Gorge Bridge, after seeing your parents photos
Royal Gorge near Cañon City, Colorado, is a real hidden gem - at least hidden from me! I'd never heard of the...
My parents went to the Royal Gorge this weekend and the pictures look amazing! Kind of jealous!
take some time and enjoy outside before you can't. Canon has horse back riding, zip lines, rafting, royal gorge. Just have fun
I saw a pic of Royal Gorge Bridge. I remember walking across when I was younger and having a panic attack because I could see down...
rafted the Arkansas River yesterday with this raft dude named claus @ Royal Gorge Colorado
I was shaking when I took these pics bc last time I was at the royal gorge I dropped my phone off the bridge
Learner driver & passenger rushed to Royal Adelaide Hospital after car flipped on Gorge Rd.
Royal gorge with famirryy today aye
Me walking across the Royal Gorge , what a fricken day 💕💘💟then I rode the gondola back , AWESOME
Spent some time at the Royal Gorge today.
BJ Estares And Route 61 has a show on 08/29/2015 at 12:30 PM @ Royal Gorge in Canon City, CO
Find your ultimate Colorado vacation at the Royal Gorge
Washed and put away for the evening. Tomorrow we head to Royal Gorge.
Today we took a jeep tour through the back country of Cañon City and over the Royal Gorge Bridge!…
Great trip down the Royal Gorge (@ Lost Paddle Rafting in Canon City, CO)
View from the zip line 1300 feet above the river @ Royal Gorge Bridge & Park
Rafting through the royal gorge was the second best thing I've done in my life
July 28, 1945, Section of Prospect Point overlooking the US Falls broke off and slides into the Niagara River Gorge; Niagara Falls, Ontario
What's it like to wake up from a campout? Watch this sunrise from Royal Gorge! Apache & Choctaw camped last night!.
Penny Royal Village project near Cataract Gorge . Careful Albo, … looks like a scene from Temple of Doom!
Photo: Saw this shirt in the gift shop at the Royal Gorge. Too bad it only came in kid sizes.
Royal gorge this after noon. now im in ourey surrounded by mountains and relaxing I hot springs. ill post pictures later
I think I should travel by train more often. 🚞
it was a good day. Altitude zapped everyone of energy but we all had fun. Royal gorge tomorrow.
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We are going white water rafting tomorrow at the Royal Gorge and I am slightly terrified.
Rode the world's scariest skycoaster today over the Royal Gorge & my dad screamed and held my hand.…
At the Royal Gorge Bridge in Canon City, Colorado but never far from The Lone Star State.
Zip lined across the Royal Gorge today
Zip lined across the Royal Gorge today🗻
today we conquered the worlds second highest zipline ✔️ @ Royal Gorge Bridge & Park
Enjoying last minute family time in Colorado — feeling excited at Royal Gorge Bridge & Park
Today I faced my biggest fear of drowning by falling backwards into the Sledgehammer rapid at Royal Gorge. I guess that's one way to do it.
family travel on royal gorge train in Colorado Springs.
My family is all going to the royal gorge and I'm going to work 😐
From yesterday. The Royal Gorge Bridge in all of its suspension glory. It was as boring as it looks.…
Have you had the chance to pedal over the Royal Gorge Bridge and follow up your ride with tasty MicroBrews?!...
Go West A ride through the Royal Gorge then it is on to Denver for some shopping!
Just a 120' tall skycoaster, except across the Royal Gorge and 1,200' above the Arkansas River. It…
A few minutes' drive from our hotel is the world's biggest gorge swing - are you brave enough?
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Royal Gorge train underneath the bridge
we didn't do royal gorge yet. He's considering whether he wants to do that or go up to the top of Pikes Peak this weekend.
Steve and rafting at the Royal Gorge... are at home pouting ...
Another weekend over, another state funded royal gorge fest indulged in,enjoy your austerity plebs just for you!🇬🇧
So this really cute guy that worked at the royal gorge adventure park smiled and waved at and I think I died a little inside😍😍
Also here's a sweet shot I took of the Royal Gorge in Canon City,Colorado
Royal Gorge. Teaching Landry some of her Colorado Culture! @ Royal Gorge Bridge & Park
So proud of my daughter for crossing the Royal Gorge Bridge with me.
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Well she's loaded up and ready for her new home. We have experienced the best life has to offer on this bike. Been to Yellowstone 3 times, Zion National Park, Bryce Canyon, Arches Nat. Park, Montana, every single scenic road in Colorado several times, white water drafting through the Royal Gorge twice, New Mexico, Grand Canyon, Wheels thru Time Harley museum in Maggie Valley North Carolina, Crazy Horse Memorial, Mt. Rushmore 3 times, Sturgis 3 times, Smoky Mt. National Park, Devil's Tower South Dakota, Strokers Dallas at Rick Fairless' huge outdoor 3 stage bar that you can ride your bike up to your table, saw Keith Urban on bike trip, Kiss concert, went to Canada on other bike we had... so I guess we are truly blessed!!! I will miss her but we WILL BE GETTING ANOTHER HARLEY!!! Guess I'll trade in the iron horses for my real ones for a while. Met some awesome people on the road! Thanks. Bikers!
What a thrill white water rafting through the Royal Gorge
im thinking Royal Gorge in colorado for starters..then where.
What a beautiful rise on the royal gorge r/r today. Tons and. Tons of beautiful photos of the gorge!
North Carolina can't get rid of me yet @ Royal Gorge
Heading to the Royal Gorge to do a little white water rafting with my boys!!
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Every mountain top is within reach if you just keep climbing. @ Royal Gorge, Colorado Springs
1270cfs in August at the Royal Gorge! YES!
We have a 2 and half hour drive to royal gorge😩
Lucy and I stayed an extra day to ride the train — at Royal Gorge Route Railroad
More of our long weekend in SoCo — feeling fabulous at Royal Gorge Bridge & Park
Took this picture at Royal Gorge, CO. Would you cross this 1/4 mile suspension bridge 1000ft above the river below?
Getting ready to raft the Royal Gorge!
Wow, been 5 yrs since I did the sky coaster over the Royal Gorge without my parents' permission, and got very gro...
Right before we all fell into the royal gorge
Good to know the iconic Gorge on Royal Parade, Plymouth is still a little cavernous gem
Royal Gorge in Canon City in that pic I'm in Buena Vista now Boulder tomorrow
Zip lining and white water rafting the royal gorge was awesome!
At the royal gorge and mom took a spill.. Happy that she's okay 🙏🙌🙏🙌
The first trail that likely will be a trail connection leading from the Royal Gorge Park to Tunnel Drive in Cañon...
View of the Arkansas River from the Royal Gorge Bridge.
Breast Cancer Awareness
Biking Phantom Canyon. Rafting the Royal Gorge. Doesn't get any better.
Wouldn't want to whitewater raft in freezing water with anyone else 💙❄️ @ River Runners Royal Gorge…
Royal Gorge Boulevard used to be River Street. We are located at 719 Royal Gorge Blvd
Do like a dark navy blue on the roots then fading towards a royal blue , that'd look gorge
and deeper than the Royal Gorge but why don't you come see for yourself?
I s2g if we don't get our date back I'm jumping off the royal gorge
whitewater rafting was pretty badass.. check out royal gorge off cañon coty
Get a bigger bag so you don't eat into the shoes too much. Gorge on them until sick. Royal Rainbow the reception.
Meeting Babs & the brothers in Denver for a quick Colorado getaway. Denver, Royal Gorge, CO Springs, & Estes Park, watch out!
Arrived Denver. Now in Colorado Springs. Weather very hot. Been to Garden of the Gods today very interesting with amazing views.Going to Royal Gorge and Pikes Peak tomorrow.
1 Kings 5 -6 Have you ever just just looked out to see the beauty that God has designed. I have had the privilege to travel all over the United States, I've seen the Royal Gorge, Grand Canyon, Petrified Woods, Devil's Rock, Yellow Stone, New Mexico Desert, Rocky Mountains, Blue Mountains, and both oceans. I have seen the sky while in a plane, and the Gulf Coast while on a ship. And each time I am in awe of God's artistry. When we read these two chapters we get a word picture of King Solomon's Temple. What a beautiful place it must have been to worship the God of all creation. The stone craftsman, the cedar wood work, and the gold overlays, just beautiful. This all reminds me that God is the God of beauty and of art, and music. Sometimes the days of seeing wars, murder, and rape on the news and dealing with people who are sick, suffering, and hurting gets me overwhelmed. But then I remember there are those that God has blessed with the gifts of music, art, and craftsmanship. I see and hear God's beaut ...
Rio Grande F9A and an Alco PB lead the "Royal Gorge" over the famous hanging bridge deep within Colorado's...
Any volunteers for "Take Back the Night" are asked to attend a meeting at the Family Crisis Center on Monday (14 April 2014) at 4 p.m. The meeting will help with places, times, and volunteer services needed. If unable to attend, please let me know and what times you are available to volunteer.. The walk usually takes 30-45 minutes from City Market to Depot Park (9th & Royal Gorge) - not a race but time depends on how fast / slow participants walk.. This is a good cause!.. Please help the community in support with volunteering and in the walk, if possible. Thank You!...
Join us today at 9 a.m. for the Grand Fondo Ski Event! Join Clif Bar athlete and Olympian Katerina Nash for a cross country ski tour through beautiful North Lake Tahoe. Presented by Clif Bar, Royal Gorge, and Alpenglow Sports. (@ Royal Gorge XC)
Wolf Creek Pass, snow packed and icy in spots and snowing on the west side so visibility ranged from about 25 feet to 100 yards, Poncha Pass snowing and snow packed, Salida through Royal Gorge snowing and some snow pack. Had a great weekend trip to Durango. Photos to come.
Featured Attraction: Royal Gorge Bridge & Park "Like" if you'd like to be slung 1200 feet out over the Royal Gorge at like 50mph! Then do it at the Royal Gorge's Skycoaster!
GO BRONCOS! Two fans holding a flag on the Royal Gorge Bridge this morning!
I also wanna go bungee jumping off the Royal Gorge Bridge when it reopens this summer. 👌❤️
Here is an article about the old Richland Springs Caverns we ran across. Thought some of you might enjoy the read. Just a single paved road just might could have made this place (RS) a thriving tourist attraction! We'll never know! RICHLAND SPRINGS - San Saba County has always been an interesting place to visit. It has lots of scenery, big shade trees and lots of fresh water. It was a choice place for early-day pioneers to locate. This small community, once a thriving place with a bank, stores and other places of commerce, also was a nationally known tourist location. It had a "Treasure Cave" that was equal to other large caves that dot the Hill Country area. At one time it was described as "one of the prettiest underground showplaces" in the country, rivaling such places as Royal Gorge in Colorado. But Richland Springs' Treasure Cave would be open to the public only for a short time. A variety of ailments caused its demise, including the Depression, floods and muddy roads. The state was reluctant to pave ...
HISTORY OF BUNGY In the 1950s David Attenborough and a BBC film crew had brought back footage of the "land divers" of Pentecost Island in Vanuatu, young men who jumped from tall wooden platforms with vines tied to their ankles as a test of courage. This film inspired Chris Baker of Bristol, England to use elastic rope in a kind of urban vine jumping. The first modern bungy jump was made on 1 April 1979 from the 250ft Clifton Suspension Bridge in Bristol, and was made by four members of the Dangerous Sports Club. The jumpers, led by David Kirke, were arrested shortly after, but continued with jumps in the US from the Golden Gate and Royal Gorge Bridges, spreading the concept worldwide. By 1982 they were jumping from mobile cranes and hot air balloons, and putting on commercial displays. The first operator of a commercial bungee jumping concern was New Zealander, A J Hackett, who made his first jump from Auckland's Greenhithe Bridge in 1986. During the following years Hackett performed a number of jumps fro ...
Royal Gorge Bridge and Park Receives Approval for Phase One Construction by Canon City Council Let the building begin! Royal Gorge Bridge & Park, Canon City, Colo., has been given the green light on master plan and architectural designs by the City Council of Canon City, to move forward immediately to restore the 84-year-old park that was 90 percent destroyed by the Royal Gorge Fire, June 11, 2013. The park owned by the City of Canon City and leased to the Royal Gorge Company of Colorado since 1947, approved plans at the Nov. 4, City Council meeting. Phase One of the rebuilding would include a new 16,000 sq. foot visitor center containing a restaurant and large gift shop with huge windows and deck perched on the edge of the Royal Gorge, and a new 5,000 seat amphitheater sitting on the north edge facing the stunning views of the bridge and gorge. “We have combined several hundred years of experience in the tourism and attractions industry to put together a good master plan that our guests will enjoy ...
Kelly Forbes gave me the number six. So, these are six things you don't know about me or whatever. 1. I'm intensely afraid of heights. I'm okay on planes and such, but there's no way you're getting me to walk out on stuff like that plexiglass walkway at the Grand Canyon. The Royal Gorge Bridge is a dreadful experience. 2. I do very well in a lot of sciences, but have massive difficulty with most of the math associated with it. A lot of this is because it has no visually related concept I can latch onto - it's like staring at a foreign language with no key. 3. While most of the music I listen to is some form of rock or blues or film scores, I'm also a big fan of a lot of very old country, or country artists very steeped in older sounds, like Dwight Yoakam. Contemporary country is just pop music with a steel guitar added in. 4. I dislike most all sweets. Cake, cookies, confections, most chocolates, so on so forth. I've never had any liking of them. The only candies I have fondness for are things like sweeta ...
Ann Coulter can go jump off the Royal Gorge. No net. No ropes.
.Lol, are you saying a country that can build the Royal Gorge Bridge can't fence the border?
Checking out the devastation here at Royal Gorge. (@ Royal Gorge Bridge & Park w/ [pic]:
Canon City leaders are about to meet with Royal Gorge Bridge and park owner to discuss rebuilding after destructive fire.
We are located in the heart of the Royal Gorge, walking distance to historic downtown Canon City, and more!
Leaders to hear plan to rebuild Royal Gorge park: Canon City, Colo. (AP) - Canon City leaders will meet this w...
The Cañon City Council will hold a special meeting at 6 p.m. Monday to hear a presentation about the Royal Gorge...
The Cañon City Public Works Committee heard a presentation on a possible new thrill attraction at the Royal Gorge...
Update your maps at Navteq
Man dies after riding Royal Gorge zip line: Canon City - A 61-year-old man has died after rid...
Emergency Radio: Colorado ARES Supported Emergency Communication in Wildland Fire Response Colorado Amateur Radio Emergency Service (ARES) volunteers mustered to support emergency communications after wildland fires broke out in June. "For the second summer in a row the entire state of Colorado seems to be on fire," said North Central Colorado Region ARES Emergency Coordinator Perry Lundquist, W6AUN. "Currently there are 16 wildfires burning within Colorado." Several Colorado ARES districts activated in the wake of the Royal Gorge and Black Forest Fires June 11. Members provided communication support for sheltering activities. Later the same day, the Black Forest Fire erupted close to the Waldo Canyon area in Colorado Springs, where a similar wildfire caused widespread destruction last year. "The Black Forest Fire has now become the most destructive fire in Colorado history," Lundquist said. It ultimately consumed 14,280 acres and 507 homes and caused two deaths. During the fire's peak, eight shelters wer ...
Good morning my Friends and Family! Happy July! The Fourth, our country's Birthday is real close, so celebrate our nations freedom! Our news is, our house closing is 23 days away, and the start of our retirement and nation wide travel! We are traveling out west to see the Rockies, Yellowstone, Mount Rushmore, and Crazy Horse, Sante Fe, and the Royal Gorge! We are going to take our time and enjoy the country with our dogs in our Class A motorhome! Happy Birthday America! Peace On Earth! Jim
Had a blast white rafting the Arkansas River through Royal Gorge! Next time Tony Box you should go! I love you and miss you!!
The Canon City Daily Record News is going to print my letter to Canon City Council in the letters to the editor section! Thank you! Perhaps now I will get a response. (I only received a response from ONE City Council member. And it WASN'T the one that owns a rafting company.) In case you missed it, here it is again, with a few corrections. Hello City Council and Mayor Greer, I am with Friends of the Arkansas River, a local non-profit located here in Cañon City, but focused on the entire 143 mile headwaters of the Arkansas River from Leadville to Pueblo Reservoir. We are also the Colorado Mountain Chapter of the watershed wide organization, the Arkansas River Coalition (ARC) based in Wichita, Kansas. I am writing you today in the hopes that we might start discussions on the clean up and historical preservation of the old wooden and metal pipeline that travels through the Royal Gorge from the old dam site, along the river, and under Tunnel Drive trail. About seven miles total. Along the way it is in variou ...
Colorado has the Royal Gorge over the Arkansas RiverNew Mexico has the Grand Gorge of the Rio Grande River… note the busker on the bridge...
Gigs this week: (Details in blog below) Tue - Concert in the Park 7-9, Cañon City, CO Thu - Yellow Pine Barbecue 6:30-8:30, La Veta, CO Fri - La Veta Inn 6-9, La Veta, CO Sat - Song of Pueblo Oratorio 7-9, Pueblo, CO Sun - Shadow Hills brunch 10-1, Cañon City, CO Hello everyone, More fires! Gosh, can't we get a week without more of these in Colorado and the West? And so many are near places I'm playing - first burning the building at the Royal Gorge, then burning the area south of Philmont where I'm playing in July, then burning near Prescott, AZ where I'm playing this fall, and then burning the east Spanish Peak near La Veta and Cuchara. I'm beginning to think either someone is targeting me or else I'm bad luck! Seriously though, it's not about me. My heart goes out to all those who have lost homes and had real scares dealing with these fires. I know it has become part of living in the West, but we'd sure like a break for a while. The only good thing is watching everyone pull together and help ...
Home after traveling from Santa Rosa and stopping in Vernon for cat fish with daughter Nancy Coulson Lucas and grand son Dustin Lucas. I photographed at many sites: Santa Fe, Cibola, Abique, Chama River, Christ of the Desert Monastery , Ghost Ranch, and Rodeo del Santa Fe. Excellent rodeo. Many pictures at every site. Saturday to Taos where photographed Taos Pueblo Indians in dance. Met a talented pianist and photographed him for publicity shots. Sunday morning photos of Royal Gorge. Attended an Assembly of God bilingual service in Taos. Spoke briefly to congregation. The pastor invited me to preach next time in Taos. Friendly people. Met the brother of an old friend and uncle of a girl who lived with us for three months while in college. Small world'. Photos of scenic Kit Carson forest in afternoon. Today photos of Route 66 and visit to a car museum. "Away is good but home is best" Swedish proverb.
Can someone send me a link to the story about the semi tractor wrecking in the Royal Gorge yesterday? That dam semi dam near ran us off the road north of Glover glad we was early. I find it pretty strange I cant find the story anywhere. Anyways... Such a shame about the wall hope they re-build it.
I think it's funny that none of the local news stations or newspapers are saying anything about the accident on 21 yesterday at the Royal Gorge. We're talking about an accident that shut Hwy 21 down for miles, for hours and hours.
Royal Gorge shut down due to fire, could not get there! :(
Black Forest Fire 65% contained, Royal Gorge Fire 100% contained. Don't have current status on Rocky Mt Park fire. Two new fires, one in Rifle and one in the 4 courners area. Think both of them are under control.
Good Monday AM to all of you. Hope you all had a great Father's Day. It always does my heart good to see so many of our dads bring their children to appointments. Thank you for being so committed to your children. Thank you also to my wonderful son/office manager Aaron as well as his wife Devin and 1.5 month old son Pierce. They live next to a firefighter, and they caught him coming home late Saturday night and asked how things were going on the front line. They then went out and bought Walmart and 2 Walgreens out of sunscreen, Chapstick, Visine, protein bars, etc and left it in his front porch from Wee Care to send out to our brave men and women on the fire line! Thank you again to all these people. As of this AM Black Forest is 64% contained and Royal Gorge is 100% contained! For all our Kids upset by the fire, focus on how one is totally controlled and the other is almost 3/4 controlled. Have them write Thank You cards to our Fire Fighters. Call and see if there is anything the Humane Society needs for ...
My heart goes out to all those victimized by the Black Forest, Colorado and Royal Gorge Fires. Both were parts of my old stomping grounds, many years ago. It is safe to say it is hard to leave a place you love, put hard work into and not know how much will be left when you get back. Yes, it is only "stuff" but it is your stuff and sifting through the ashes is like fishing through hurricane debris. Every intact find is a memory. God bless you all.
Some bittersweet news from the fire lines this evening: the Royal Gorge Fire is fully contained! However, the 3,218-acre fire caused extensive damage at the Royal Gorge Bridge and Park. The cable house and the tracks for the incline railway were badly damaged. The aerial tram and both terminal buildings were also lost, causing the cables to plunge into the gorge. Details: "Like" if you've visited Royal Gorge. Comment to tell us what your favorite Colorado tourist spot is.
Good news, the Black Forest Fire is 55% contained. The Royal Gorge Fire is now 85% contained. The evening news tonight showed a newborn bull calf born earlier today. Rebuilding has begun. Sadly, 48 of the 52 buildings at the Royal Gorge have been destroyed. The skycoaster & the zip line are intact.
2 broke out to the NW of us, another growing near Wolf Creek Pass, & then at Royal Gorge & the CO Springs to name a few
BREAKING Royal Gorge Fire now at 65% containment
Aclose-up look at the Royal Gorge Fire burn area as it was Friday. Sheriff Jim Beicker escorted Cañon City Daily Record reporters on the tour of the south side of the Royal Gorge.
See for a photo slide show of the Royal Gorge Fire
Sunset pic. Looking West towards the Royal Gorge Fire.
Royal Gorge Fire at 40% containment, major damage already done via
Amazing photo of the Royal Gorge Fire by Bryan Kelsen at the Pueblo Chieftain.
Wildfires update: 1) Black Forrest; 389 homes destroyed, 15700 acres consumed, 5% contained. Appears to have been human caused. Two military C-130s from Peterson Field along with 2 P2V Heavy Tankers from Jefferson County, along with several civilian and military helicopters seeing action. Weather includes thunderstorms, rain, lightning and winds. 38,000 people evacuated from 13,000 homes. There are also military people on the ground running military bulldozers in efforts to contain the fire, including folks from Ft. Carson and the USAF Academy. 2) The Big Meadow fire in RMNP...only 353 acres consumed so far, is about 30% contained, no loss of structures. 3) Royal Gorge Fire near Canon City...40% contained, 3162 acres consumed, evacuation lifted. 48 of 52 buildings destroyed. Bridge is OK. 4) A new fire near Rifle, CO has been discovered...the Ward Gulch fire. So far only 10-15 acres consumed, but growing. Aircraft on their way. All in far only the two people discovered a few days ago have perishe ...
Day 6 RTR - we were rerouted due to the Royal Gorge Fire south for a 95 mile day. Beautiful country but fires are unfortunate
It stopped now, but we have another storm over Royal Gorge Fire coming up in next hour with more rain for us.
Here is what I want to know all of my home state people... Did the Royal Gorge Bridge burn in the fires? I have heard several different stories. It will be sad if it has or does that my children can not experience the same as me in my childhood.
Fires are ravaging Colorado right now. Two people have died and thousands are out of their homes. This is a horrible situation, praying for some rain up that way SOON! This picture is from the Royal Gorge, there should be a lodge with a deck overlooking the Gorge here. EXTREMELY bad news for locals, the amount of tourists into this area each Spring drives the economy.
I am so very worried about our Annie, and her 'new' city; from the evacuation order maps I can make sense out of, it looks like voluntary evacuation orders have moved south, and are just 2 exits north of her training store, where she is right now, with the mandatory evac order 3 exits north. That blaze is just 5% contained. Better news: the Royal Gorge blaze, south of her home, is 40% contained, & I don't see any evacuation orders too close to her home. But she's smelled fire, inside of her home, for the past 3 days, from the southern fire. A stat I just saw said 41,000 have already been evacuated. I am waiting for her to call her worried momma. Please pray with me.
Ok I really don't believe there's many of you who actually read my posts so this probably won't get far but we will see what happens. Some of you might get it twice because of how I share it if you do I apologize. As you know I'm now an independent consultant with Scentsy I'm also basically a Colorado native been here since 1972 and as I'm sure everyone is aware Colorado is battling two major Forest Fires right now one in Black Forest and one in Canon City in Royal Gorge area. Many of us have seen the footage of these brave fire fighters standing down this fire right on people's patios and yards, its happening now with these fires, it happened in Waldo Canyon fire last summer, it happened in the Hayman fire just a few years ago. I have tried many times to think of a way to say THANKYOU to these brave men and women. Well thanks to Scentsy I've thought of it but I need your help to make it happen ! I'm going to start working on compiling a list of all the individual Fire Stations that are involved in the ba ...
379 homes have burned down in the Black Forest Fire. I am truly asking all of my loved ones to pray for our state. We have had a lot to overcome with the Waldo Canyon fire, Aurora shootings and now the Black Forest Fire and Royal Gorge Fire. Please support our state and country. We have to be united always!!! Thank you firefighters, police officers, military, and volunteers for your selfless support!! You are amazing!!!
Grim Irony. Was turning from Colorado Blvd. Onto Iowa at 9:45 a.m. for usual home visit when noticed the large, photo turntable sign advertising beautiful Royal Gorge and its famous scenic gondola ride. The gorge has been partially torched and the gondola...was destroyed in flames, its huge steel cables snapped and fell to the floor of the mighty fissure! Many fires blazing here. Two deaths now of residents who could not escape the inferno in Black Forest. Many mega homes devoured... At least 360! Other structures as well. I took off from work and my son Darian drove me down to within four miles of the shifting Holocaust where our RV is stored. We hastily retrieved it and it's now safely in our driveway, much to mama's discontent. Won't risk that baby...too much depreciation for insurance to be relevant and too many memories made therein :-)
Every report that I watch on the Black Forest Fire is more devastating. When we moved to Colorado we lived off Briargate and Chapel Hills Dr. Now they are on the very edge of this horrible fire. The lanes in BF are pretty narrow, but that was some of the very charm of the area. I'm so sorry that two persons lost their lives. I had hoped that there would only be a loss of property. I vacillate between watching the news and not wanting the news. Jeff, your right about the Royal Gorge. Always took visitors from the Midwest there to visit, and we had talked about taking grands this summer.
Great photo gallery of the Black Forest & Royal Gorge Fires from the Colorado Springs Gazette (
Praying for all those in harms way in Black Forest, in Royal Gorge, in every other part of our precious state. Pray for all those first responders and first aide workers, those brave fire fighters and for those lost, those saved and those who have lost everything. We know The Lord will strengthen you and hold you in His arms!
One last Ride Report: Our plans for heading to the Royal Gorge near Colorado Springs was foiled as the wild fires there have destroyed RG area. Instead we headed north to the Rocky Mtn national forest north of Denver. This morning we got up and rode through the park. At the highest point my GPS read 12,250 feet in elevation. My lungs seconded this fact, and so did my bike... It was still well worth the views. From there we headed east to toward home and ended up in North Platte, NE where were spending the night. Tomorrow is off to Iowa area and hope to see the Vintage Motorcycle museum.
I have lived in Colorado Springs since 1955. And as far as I can remember the Flying W Ranch, Royal Gorge, Buck Skin Joes and more have been here. In the last year, we have lost so much history in this state. Starting 26 June, Waldo Canyon Fire, horrific fire, took the Flying W Ranch. So happy that they don't feel defeated and they are rebuilding. There are many people from that fire that lost so much, and they too will start anew and rebuild. This June 11, started more destruction of history, and two are on the same day, and almost the same hour. Royal Gorge and Black Forest. Royal Gorge Park is devastating. There is a picture that came across FB, that is so frightening. The Black Forest, has so many fond memories also. My nephew and his bride were married out there, a good friend and her husband were married out at the Fox Run Gazebo. I know several people that have homes there. Praying for their safety, their homes, and for healing. God Bless all the first responders and more. 5% contained, ...
Thank-you to all of you who are concerned for CS. We here in the west of the Interstate are not threatened. Thankfully the heroes from last year learned from "our" (Waldo Canyon) fire and are dealing wonderfully with Black Forest and Royal Gorge. Please keep all these affected folks in your thoughts and prayers. This is only the beginning of what may become a busy fire season. Having been evacuated (even for a very short time) last year makes us very sad to witness others experiencing--to a greater extent--what we went through and we will try to help in any way possible and "pay forward" God's Blessings which we received in so many different ways in 2012!
Over 350 homes destroyed fire still burning in Black Forest, close to CO Springs, wind keeps changing. I am having to keep windows and door closed here in Evergreen. 85 in my house no ac. The fire at Royal Gorge has damaged bridge and destroyed cable car. No rain in forcast only wind.
I can see the smoke plumes to the North of th Black Forest Fire. Every morning I can smell the smoke in the air. Canon City/Royal Gorge Fire is to the southwest of us.
One year ago Colorado Springs was on fire in Waldo Canyon, this year Black Forest area in Colorado Springs is on fire with over 370 homes already lost.So far this has been the worst fire in the state of Colorado. No containment yet. Teller County where we live had a grass fire which was successfully stopped and a fire at the Royal Gorge. Please keep these people in your prayers.
Locations and details of the Royal Gorge, Black Forest and Big Meadows wildfires, all burning in Colorado on June 11, 2013.
Welcome to the Official Website for the Royal Gorge Region. Information on Royal Gorge family vacations, Royal Gorge train rides, Royal Gorge Bridge, Wineries, lodging, dining, attractions, and much more.
Prayers for all in Colorado and New Mexico. Wildfires doing serious damage in the Colorado Springs, and Royal Gorge areas. Prayers for Charis Bible College and Andrew Wommack Ministries. We praise You and thank You Lord Yeshua, Messiah, for Your promise to never forsake or abandon us. We rely Your Word, Lord Jesus, and ask that Your Shalom be poured out upon all. In Your Name, Christ Jesus, Amen.
Good morning eveyone! Its Thirstday and I just noticed my drink is caffeine free.. So its either lick the office coffee filter or head to Bashas! We might change our July 4th plans due to the fires in Canon City/Royal Gorge. It doesnt look good, so just to be safe, we might just go part of the like..Wolf Creek Pass. I wouldnt want to miss out. This weekend..mmm...just hang out and save$$ for all the goodies in July. You all have a wonderful stress-free worries!...
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Now that I am here in Denver, (Arrived Tues, instead. Mon. flight was cancelled), I am loving Colorado all over again. Sad to say there have been some fires in the Black Forest and Royal Gorge. As of yesterday, eight homes were consumed, with over 2,530 homes that had to be evacuated near Black Forest. Royal Gorge has forced about 1,400 park visitors and 200 staff. With the suspension bridge threatened. Not good. From the shifting winds, we could smell and see the smoke coming from the fires.there is so much history here! Today, I am going to visit the Governer's Mansion and "The Unsinkable Molly Brown Mansion", that was turned into a museum. I am loving history all over again. Going to be taking pics, and hopefully posting soon.I plan on coming back in the Fall. Not used to this dry, humid, sticky Summer. When I last lived in Colorado, it was in FEB '95, in Pueblo. This is my first Summer here.Ideally, I would love to live here in the Fall and some of Winter. Spring and Summer in Northern/Southern Oregon ...
Two reasons for the Royal Gorge wildfire: 1. to close the old prison and move the inmates to the new prison, which was built but then closed due to budget constraints. 2. to close down the town of Canon City altogether, pushing ppl into the bigger cities, just like we've seen all over the country. besides the prison, CC's next major industry is tourism: whitewater rafting (this month is the big moneymaker and the river is currently closed) and the Royal Gorge train, bridge, and park (most of the park buildings burned up and the bridge was damaged.)
Black Forest part of Colorado Springs, Royal Gorge right outside Canon City. There are a few smaller ones to.
This has been one lousy day. I just looked at that map of the super cell storm heading into the east, and Dayton is in the direct path. So, Mandy and Lance are close to the Royal Gorge Fire, and Becki is in the path of a major Storm.God be with my children and grandchildren, protect them all from all danger (Smoke for Florence and Penrose) and especially Becki and family in Dayton, Ohio. Amen
Royal Gorge confirms that multiple buildings were lost, as well as a the aerial tram, and a good portion of the incline railway. The good news is the damage to the bridge was minimal and the animals that lived at the park are alive and well! The park says it will rebuild and will continue the plans for improvements that were in place before the fire. -ES
The power of water. While Colorado fires ravage beautiful mountain scrapes in Rocky Mtn Nat Park, by Colorado Sprgs and the Royal Gorge - record high temperatures are quickly turning snow from 14-era into water which in turn transforms nice flowing streams into torrents of icy white water. What a season of change late spring in Colorado is.
UPDATE on Canon City, CO fires. The fire is still going last heard 20% contained and 3,000 acres burned. Structures on both sides of the Bridge (Royal Gorge) burned but so far not the bridge itself. Highway 50 is closed from Canon City to route 9. So far we are not in danger. Looking outside my front door you see billowing of smoke behind skyline road. Janet and Roger Oberhelman
two separate fires. Black Forest is by Colorado Springs, Royal Gorge is by Canon City.
Evening update.Royal Gorge Fire 20% contained. Black Forest Fire- expanded voluntary/ preevac areas southwest/ west (to i-25 and northern side of Colorado Springs) and northeast to Elbert County. 12000 acres. No containment. Fire changing and moving rapidly due to erratic winds. 92 + homes lost and ? Businesses (some homes lost despite mitigation, vegetation fine, flying embers were the cause) big planes dropping slurry all afternoon, type 1 team has arrived, but still transitioning. I person reported missing (some refused to evacuate) And, once again, the community has risen to the challenge w lots of outpouring- line around the block to the food bank, an outlying fire station so grateful for bottled water/ Gatorade and protein bars, people offering free daycare, animal boarding, transportation, etc- all needed desperately and so heartwarming.
Black Forest Fire and Royal Gorge Fire links and information
Estes Park - Royal Gorge - Black Forrest And it's only Spring in Colorado. Hopefully we get massive amounts of rain this Spring/Summer
We are preparing to hear a press briefing on the Royal Gorge Fire at 9 a.m. We will be able to provide up-to-date...
Agreed. Also so concerned about winds impacting the Royal Gorge. It's scary to kind of feel "surrounded" by fire.
omg :( I love the RG. We'd go there and Cave of the Winds and Buckskin Joe's all the time
We just received a resource request for a Type 6 (Brush) Truck for the Royal Gorge Fire. Three firefighters will be staffing that truck.
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Photo from the Pueblo Chieftain of the Royal Gorge Fire. I hear sections of Hwy 50 and the Arkansas River are...
My climb up Skyline Ridge in Canon City to get a better shot of the Royal Gorge Fire. I could barely breathe with all the smoke.
The fires are still burning here in CO. One directly affecting a major tourist attraction, Royal Gorge Bridge &...
*** man. The Royal Gorge is an iconic place in Colorado.
Rolland Johnson update Black Forest Fire along with the Royal Gorge Fire in Colorado 6-12-13 via
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