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Royal Box

An auditorium is a room built to enable an audience to hear and watch performances at venues such as theatres.

Centre Court Andy Murray Alex Salmond David Beckham Princess Eugenie Wayne Rooney Roger Federer David Cameron Victoria Beckham Bjorn Borg Pippa Middleton James Middleton Eugenie Bouchard Crown Royal Novak Djokovic Jack Nicklaus

Air Box Kit @ R420. Turquoise. Royal blue. Purple . Navy . Black . This is one of our most popular colourways. You...
- in Tollard Royal, Wiltshire. Converted phone box with defibrillator and VoIP phone from…
Dear Santa mrs claws wanted to remind you Mikey needs a new bottle of Crown Royal and one box of his fav Candy penutbutter Twix please
.We agree that Royal Riviera Pears make a great gift, but you should still enjoy a box yourself.…
. just thought Gem.were you supposed to be in the Royal box? 😂
it's post office not Royal Mail but stamps early and send in a post box
It's the post office not the Royal Mail, use a post box not the post offices 👍
our Royal Chocolate Box, filled with our Belgian chocolates & a BeCharmed bracelet! Enter here >
Nice one Royal Mail, delivered something and the box looks like it's had 12 rounds with Anthony Joshua
He sees a guy standing in front of him with a big box in hand. "Your presence is requested at the royal ball" he says.
Not everyone gets to say they stood in the box of the Looking forward…
Fine view from the the Royal Box for the Olympia Horse Show
Lewis Hamilton BARRED from Wimbledon's Royal Box for no jacket and tie
Don't think I've ever seen someone in the Royal Box get booed. Not even when Cliff Richard sang in the rain. 🎾
Will Carling was always in the Royal Box back in the day.
Do they introduce the guests in the Royal Box to the crowd?If so, will be interested to hear the response to Cameron & Sturgeon
Update your maps at Navteq
Great to see our Grand Slam champs in the Royal Box today 🇬🇧 🎾 htt…
Gordon Banks at At least he can be confident that they'll never let Peter Shilton in the Royal Box.
Jimmy Anderson & Stuart Broad in the Royal Box today?
. in the Royal Box on Centre Court on the first day of the Championships
June 28, 2012 - Philippa "Pippa" & James Middleton in the Royal Box on Centre Court in Wimbledon
stunning 🍓🍾🎾 PS: did Pippa Middleton perform a curtsy when you arrived in the Royal Box?
The lovely & talented sat in front of Pippa Middleton in the Royal Box at today.
Belfast Telegraph Pippa and James Middleton due in Royal Box for opening day at Wimbledon Belfast Telegraph Pippa…
26 June 1911, London: Ballets Russes perform at Coronation Gala. Nijinska said they could clearly see the King and Queen in the Royal Box...
A special day for 3 personnel at Wembley today: they'll carry the and medals to the Royal Box
I'll be stunned if you don't own a sun visor for those pesky early evening sunsets in the royal box
If you have time, love some insight on how to read this code and add a circle arbitrarily to boxplot
Royal Box in the has been turned into a booth!
Listening to at work and thinking back to Koko with when we were queens of the royal box
10 things you'll find inside Kate Middleton's royal jewelry box:
I do believe and have a royal box at
Dragon Nest How to get the royal box with 100% chance in Blue Wind Plains 90 lvl Europe: на
We're sorry to hear this! We do pop stickers on the box & share instructions with the Royal Mail. Is it at the sorting office?
Tonight is the night! at Royal Philharmonic Hall. The box office is open 9:30 AM-6 PM today. 0151 709 3789
It's a tenuous claim. princess Anne was in Royal Box, I was in Upper Circle!!
Royal Bohemia Martini glasses set of 4 new in box at
If you have been ordered to open your box of faith, than one or more of the Royal Family must be in peril.
Custom box made for the Royal Baby Shower.
The Opera Royal Theatre in Its 262 ft stage box its one of the highest in the world https:…
View from the Royal Box last song of the night at the
Intriguing article Piers. My opinion of this perfect "chocolate box" Royal couple has now changed dramatically...
Command performance in London '32, Louie broke protocol,looked @ Royal Box & dedicated song to King saying "This one's for you,Rex."
At the London Palladium to see Joe Jackson. Great seats but jealous of the guys in the Royal Box.
They're saying performance at the '92 Freddie Mercury Tribute gig was their greatest ever - I was the Royal Box 💅🏾😻
same results from my kitties. Unless you count the litter box. 🙈
PerfectMatch - Fall In Love Today
Or this way, the wonderful, crazy Terry Allen, Royal Opera House box office!. Merriest of times to you!
Royal Mail post box in London, England: Royal Mail post box in London, England
Two silver trout sat way on high. And watched a royal samurai. Plant two black orchids in a box. And strap it to a laughing fox
And out comes a small box, wonder what this is? It's all a royal blue with a silver ribbon, ooh.
tickets in a box at the Royal Albert Hall - Santa you are a literal BABE 💃💃
Got some very good news about the box office results of the first hour: ALDUB NATION, no amount of THANK YOUs is enough to s…
Santa should have checked the product. Thought we got a Neon Purple Razor, but Royal Blue in the box. Anything we can do?
Somebody must've slipped sumn in her juice box 😂
"Since u wanna play w/the cardboard box I guess I can take this expensive stuff back." htt…
Stole a Crown Royal box for the gag gift that ended up being water and food coloring. Never been so disappointed.
School of medicine of the royal college Edinburgh 1925 medal in its original box
Mums boyfriend brought her a ex Royal Mail post box for Christmas and she's spent the last 3 hours posting letters to herself
One day my dads gonna have to box me 💯
Dear I need something to look at during
Ran into one of my coworkers in the spirits store. I had a bottle of henny and box of Crown Royal in my hands. Swear I was putting one back
Website Builder 728x90
That is a Royal Box without cheese (fromage)!
Said I was done drinking for a while but somehow a box of Crown Royal Apple ended up in the car..
D-Box seats for Star Wars (@ Emagine Royal Oak for Star Wars: The Force Awakens in Royal Oak, MI)
was so looking forward to opening my box of new toys for Christmas, but it looks like royal mail have let us all down, sad times
A splendid night watching La Traviata at the Royal Opera House.Well done melissa for arranging the…
Royal Mail have a post box in the Antarctic. I feel my dad has missed out somewhat
Posted a box of presents from Cornwall at exactly 5pm last night and it managed to arrive in Scarborough today. Royal Mail you are awesome
Gotta wonder how many relatives are banned from Brad Pitt's household on Christmas Day for letting one too many "what's …
I feel so fancy today in my Diane von Furstenberg dress en route to the royal opera house to watch the Nutcracker from a private box ☺️
The best gift can't be packed inside a box. How can we wrap shared laughter and tears or talks that run into hours??!
Why do they have to use the same nest box to lay? Battle royal being waged this morn between two determined ladies with GROWLING!
wants pauly 'big RINO' ryan's. and. mitch 'the royal b*tch' mcconnell's. balls in a lock-box on his oval office desk... https:/…
One offers tribute and a box of royal treats to each member of the of hounds; each loved - each my friend. Love Prince A.
Why Burger King gave me 12 fries in the box . 😐😐🚮
Finds his eyes within the royal box, forcing a smile of encouragement toward him.
When u’re deeply loyal 2 ur soul, ur really living. You feel royal & this is happiness. Think outside the box... RT
bear in mind that Princess Anne sings Flower of Scotland in the Royal Box at Murrayfield when Scotland play England
usually in the royal box at Wembley along with about 80K other tosspots. Why do you ask?
2 weeks time and I'll be sat in the Royal box...can slip them a note? Casual like.
... Then I'll get you deported to Wales... In a Royal Mail box without air holes.
We're all thinking it Harry. Back in your (royal) box William Wales!!
the best game was when I was in the Royal box at Wembley for the conference play off final aha had an access all areas pass
I wanna see a Harry vs. William princely fist-fight in the Royal Box now.
Vintage Royal House of Dolls QUEEN by Miss Elsa NM in Box with Tag [link removed]
See Harry Hewitt in royal box supporting England
Do all stadiums have a royal box? Or is it only a Royal box if there's a Royal in it?
Ooo, Harry's not singing our anthem up in the royal box!
If you have never been, the seats in the royal box at Twickenham are vet comfy, extra padding
In the press box of DKR. Going down to the field soon! @ Darrell K Royal-Texas Memorial Stadium -…
Amazing hospitality... Seats a stones throw from royal box & watching the game of the tournament!
Hope you enjoyed it in the royal box today. 😊
Can't wait for to style our royal blue box clutch 😁
So jealous that is going in the Royal box at twickenham today 😒😱
This evening I will mostly be found in the Royal Box at Twickenham 🏉 🌹
Got a an exciting weekend ahead,I have tickets in the royal box today for England Vs Wales and then tickets for Ireland at Wembley tomorrow
Seeing my old man at the Royal Albert Hall Monday, cheeky box view
i see Rusalka in Prague before Xmas gosh a lot of fashion bloggers and Japanese here but they love opera no *** in royal box
cousin Chuck loves opera but its *** to sit in royal box nowadays..some *** opens vending machine to get Sprite its like in McD
let's see a court outing to the Royal box at twickenham to watch England vs Wales
Practising my speech in the Royal Box. Can't imagine The Queen drinking draught lager!
Would love to be back in the Royal box at the Royal Albert Hall though,after being crammed into tiny seats last night
royal mail claim they tried to deliver. Was home all day and no card through letter box to say delivery attempted. Liars.
Spent an hour with Roger Federer chatting on the balcony of Wimbledon Royal box. What a humble guy!
Still struggling to decide which wins: Paulie's mother getting tickets from or this .
Got my Royal Box on at Wimbledon today! Great match!
Meet Black Singles 300x250
Small apartment, big ideas: Randolph Delehanty snags 'a box seat on Royal Stre
Just managed to upgrade my RAH tickets for the Grand Tier next to the Royal Box. I wonder if The Queen likes David Gilmour.
Actor Chiwetel Ejiofor, in the Royal Box of the Men's Semi Finals of today, sporting a tailored RL suit
Benedict Cumberbatch photobombs Bjorn Borg's photo in the Royal Box.
It's not every day you bump into Nicky Mill and Bjorn Borg in the Royal Box :)))
Dress code row as Formula One world champion Lewis Hamilton is barred from Royal Box at
Martina Hingis much happier playing in finals than watching from Royal Box. Read:
Lewis Hamilton 'BANNED' from the Royal Box at Wimbledon - because he didn't wear a tie.
isla fisher, actress, cohen's wife “Sacha Baron Cohen in the Royal Box on Centre Court.
Any sign of Will Carling in the Royal Box this year?
Sir Alex Ferguson and Thierry Henry in the Royal Box today.
Watch David Beckham's unbelievable catch as he stops shot in Royal Box while watching Jamie Murray play…
Andy Murry Wins! and gets applause from the Royal Box!
Williams and Kate are on their feet in the Royal Box applauding Andy Murray, into the semis defeats Vasek Pospisil 64 75 64, to play Federer
Smarmy *** shat all over the Royal Box at Wimbledon and then wiped his *** with Bjorn Borg's headband.
Huge Selection of Helmets at Low Prices
Imagine that...real tennis fans in great seats at a tennis match. Good job, Dibs on that Royal Box seat!!!
So we've taken live tennis off-air in order to show a bunch "celebs" get a free ticket to the Royal Box? Why should I care?
Royal Mail box up completed hard nights graft for
don't try this at home well your ok haven't got a Royal Box
Tickets are on sale at the Royal and McPherson Box Office for our end of year show. Spread the word to your...
My chocolate graze box arrived through my letterbox but royal mail couldnt leave a red card coz *they couldnt access the building" what BS
"Dont try this at home" on the free runners bit. Well how many people have a royal box at home?
'DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME'. I don't know about you, but my house doesn't contain a royal box.
good job you put out these warnings. I was just about to jump out of the royal box in the living room
He runs into the royal box at the Variety Show, gets shot by security.
I won't be trying that at home because I don't have a royal box in my living room.
If he wins (big if), I want him to jump from the royal box during the Royal Variety
"Do not try this at home." Okay, I'll not jump from the balcony of my Royal Box.
"DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME.". Right you are. I won't bother leaping from my royal box into the stalls IN MY LOUNGE.
*smiles from the Royal box, waiting as ponies leave the amphitheatre* How do you do, I am Celestia of Equestria.
*smiles as I group hug you two and place a gift box for Storm on the table for her to open it later*
And Delta too has joined the gang of ballot box snatchers. Can they just get it?
Check out Royal Doulton Bunnykins Figurine "Dollie Bunnykins Playtime" DB8 comes with box via
Just been told I'm in the Royal Box for the FA Cup semi-final next weekend. . Feel free to mock.
I fear the credibility of what the said ballot box contain now.
.Back when I was getting the regular box it was being posted out by Royal Mail, I had no complaints...
45 years ago today lead the team up to the Royal Box at Wembley after a 2-2 with Leeds in the Cup Final
'Ring-a-royal' phone box removed for refurb
Will pull out the Royal Albert next time. Which means I need to find the box and unpack 😀
ROYAL CHOCOLATE ASSORTMENT :-) :-). The gorgeous combination of an adorable Teddy Bear and a heart shaped box of...
Catherine in the Royal Box at Cheltenham Racecourse in March 2007
The Blues have made their way up the 107 steps to the Royal Box of Wembley, ready to lift the cup!
and Dan Jackson up in the Royal Box.
Keylor Navas will be presented on Tuesday, August 5, at 13:00 pm in the Royal Box at the Bernabeu.
Victoria Beckham and Samuel L. Jackson weren't exactly insta-BFFs at Wimbledon. The designer and the Avengers star were seated next to one another in the Royal Box at the All England Club, and while there were moments that Victoria and hubby David Beckham engaged in conversation with Mr. Jackson, one particularly awkward photo of Posh and the actor is what's making the rounds online. Victoria and Samuel both appear to doing the standard nervous fidget—aka. Source: wochit entertainment featured in NBC s Science of Love
You know Samuel L. Jackson, it's his duty to please that booty, but Victoria Beckham did not look too pleased to be sat beside the coolest man in Centre Court's Royal Box for the Wimbledon final. Looking customarily unhappy whenever the BBC's cameras homed in on her, Mrs Beckham experienced one part…
David Beckham and Victoria take their seats in the Royal Box for Men's ... - Daily Star
Bradley Cooper in the Royal Box on Centre Court before the Gentlemen's Singles Final match between Roger Federer of Switzerland and Novak Djokovic of Serbia on day thirteen of the Wimbledon Lawn Tennis Championships at the All England Lawn Tennis and Croquet Club on July 6, 2014 in London, England.
Cricketers and stars at Wimbledon 2014 Andrew Strauss and Sachin Tendulkar. Sir Bobby Charlton and David Beckham arrive at the Royal Box.
The whole day has been amazing - Gran Prix, Tour de France, Tennis and David Beckham in the Royal Box ;-) x
The Wimbledon men's final is in full swing and the celebrities are packing out the Royal Box on Centre Court.
Many famous faces have appeared in the Royal Box this year. Here are some of the highlights:
Princess Eugenie with her boyfriend, Jack Brooksbank, sit in the Royal Box on Centre Court to watch
Princess cheers her namesake Bouchard on from the Royal Box at Wimbledon
Bouchard:"It was crazy [to see Princess Eugenie] in the Royal Box. Shame I couldn't put on a better show for her."
WATCH: Eugenie Bouchard is ready to play while her namesake, Princess Eugenie is in the Royal Box.
Eugenie Bouchard is named after Princess Eugenie. Guess what? Princess Eugenie is in the Royal Box today.
Princess Eugenie sitting in the Royal Box like, i came to see this peasant named after me and she's embarrassing me.
Royal Box stars, weather updates &, of course, ladies' singles final. It's all happening on the live blog
Former IOC Prez Jacques Rogge due in Royal Box. 1st time I can recall current IOC prez not here. Thomas Bach has EB meeting Monday morning
Eugenie Bouchard plays her first Grand Slam final at Wimbledon this afternoon. In the Royal Box to watch: Princess Eugenie.
Wimbledon: Andy Murray crashes out. This was not how it was supposed to end.The past week had been a procession -- the next few days were supposed to end in a coronation.With the future King of England in the Royal Box, the man who wore the Wimbledon crown so proudly allowed it to slip on Centre Court.Andy Murray, the first British man to win the tournament in 77 years, was not just thrown out of his court, he was brushed aside by a man threatening mutiny at the top of the men's game.Grigor Dimitrov has hinted at performances like this before -- but this was the announcement his potential had always promised to deliver.The Bulgarian, 23, for so long hailed as the heir apparent to 17-time Grand Slam winner Roger Federer, is ready to finally erase the tag which has haunted him since he first came to prominence -- that of"Baby Fed".Ranked 13 in the world, Dimitrov gave a performance which left nobodyin doubt that he is a serious challenger for the title following a 6-1 7-6 6-2 win over the defending champio ...
19 years ago, Hugh Grant was caught on the street with his *** in a hooker's mouth. There's little bar to a Royal Box invite.
Katherine Jenkins watches tennis with husband-to-be from Centre Court's Royal Box at Wimbledon
Sir Alex Ferguson back in Royal Box to watch Andy Murray at Wimbledon - Daily Mail:
"Sir Bobby Charlton, David Beckham & Sachin Tendulkar are in the Royal Box at today. WOW
In a Poll, Tendulkar was voted as the greatest sports star in the Royal Box at ahead of Bobby Charlton & David Beckham.
New post: David Beckham, Sir Bobby Charlton on Hand in Royal Box at Wimbledon
Lovely that Leon Smith and Judy Murray are in the Royal Box
David Beckham and his mum in Royal Box at today. Along with Wiggo, Victoria Pendleton, Nicola Adams, David Haye, Anthony Joshua
Anthony Joshua and Luke Campbell are both guests in the Royal Box at Wimbledon. David Haye too.
Who's who in the Royal Box at Wimbledon via
Who's who in the Royal Box: Revealed, the famous faces who get the best seats at Wimbledon (and ... via
Who's who in the Royal Box at Wimbledon: They are the best seats in the house - so it's no surprise that for d...
There's a Harman in the front row of the Royal Box.
Western Daily Press published Wimbledon: Royal Box set to dazzle as Tess Daly and Sir Bruce...
LONDON: All was as it should be on the opening day of Wimbledon as returning British hero Andy Murray began the defence of his historic title with a accomplished first-round victory on Monday. Under bright skies, with the green Centre Court grass glistening and Murray resplendent in spotless white attire, the 27-year-old walked out to a standing ovation and proceeded to reward his fans by dismantling Belgium´s David Goffin. It has not all been plain sailing for Murray since his spine-tingling defeat of Novak Djokovic last July to become the first home men´s singles champion at the All England Club since Fred Perry in 1936. Back surgery, a split with coach Ivan Lendl and up-and-down form meant there were a few question marks over the third seed ahead of the biggest fortnight of his year, but he answered them with an emphatic 6-1 6-4 7-5 victory. Watched by his grandparents in the Royal Box and new coach Amelie Mauresmo, Murray delivered a dominant display against a lightweight opponent who played the sup ...
At the races: Also in the Royal Box was ruler of Dubai, Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum and his…
La Martina, the leading polo clothing and kit provider, hosted a day in the Royal Box at Guards Polo Club to celebrate its sponsorship of the La Martina Queen Elizabeth The Queen Mother Centenary Trophy on Sunday 18 May.
Will Southwark Crown Court have a Royal Box installed for Her Majesty to see the proceedings?
A little bit of Sunday Night Fever… I'm sharing a joke with my client John Travolta after his brilliant West End debut - the lady next to us really gets the punch line! Check out the decor of the Royal Retiring Room, which is immeiately behind the Royal Box at the Theatre Royal Drury Lane! Thanks for the lovely photos, Anca Nichols
Double Olympic Gold Medalist Mo Farah attempts to catch a ball in the Royal Box at Wimbledon 2013. More great content at ...
Royal Box. Amaze all your wedding guests by giving them a beautiful silver plated royal box with the delicate...
Only Sammy Martin could get me into the Royal Box at Kempton with Jeremy Kyle and James Nesbitt.fabulous day at the races... Met AP & John Reid too!...and I knew who they were ! ThanQ gorgeous...x
xx FYI and prayers... xx Built at the turn of the century, the Apollo was London’s first Edwardian theatre. It was named after the Greek god of music and poetry because it was originally designed as a venue for musical entertainment. But since its opening in 1901 the Grade II-listed building has played host to dozens of performances featuring a range of world-famous acting talent including Rosamund Pike, Josh Hartnett, Vanessa Redgrave, James McAvoy and David Suchet. Designed by architect Lewin Sharp for its then owner Henry Lowenfield, the Apollo was the fourth official theatre on Shaftesbury Avenue and the first of the Edwardian period. The theatre, which seats 755, was later renovated in 1932 by Ernest Schaufelberg, who added a private foyer and anteroom was installed in the Royal Box. The balcony on the third tier is considered one of the steepest in London and people who are afraid of heights are warned to avoid it. Since its sale in 1975, the theatre has had a string of owners including Stoll Moss ...
Leading up to Spurs vs LFC on Sunday, LFC have posted this. Ah, the memories. My first trip to Wembley. The twin towers, Wembley Way, the Royal Box, the beautiful playing surface, Graeme Souness headbutting Chris Hughton when the referee wasn't looking.
*8* things you don't know about me: 1. A total tomboy as a kid, my favourite thing to do was climb trees. I was the best of the best (way more nimble than the boys!) ;) 2. When I was 17, I was kissed (on the lips) by Mikhail Baryshnikov in Romeo and Juliet at the Royal Opera House, Covent Garden. (swoon!) ;) 3. I lived in a Royal House for 5 years, and danced for the Queen of England. (Though we all knew she was bored stiff, and would've much rather been watching horse racing than the Ballet!) 4. When I was 11, I used the Royal Loo, when I was part of a private party sitting in the Royal Box at Covent Garden. It was deep mahogany wood, and I felt REALLY special! 5. I've seen real live fairies, and angels too, but don't talk about it much, as I think you'll think I'm a little weird … 6. Sometimes I can talk to "dead" people, but even I think that's definitely a little weird! … 7. I want to be an Astronaut or a Composer when I grow up. 8. When I was 7 (in Cambridge, England), I won an Art Competition, f ...
. Timmy Mallett did this! I'm going to party with this Royal Box later
For Athenians everywhere: Come sit in our Royal Box in the park! Reserved seating, dinner from Savoy Events...
in the Royal Box at during the v Bouchard match.
Absolutely adore this floor-to-ceiling racing mural in our Royal Box...
saw it all from a position good enough for Royal box. Police were a disgrace, did nothing in middle of pitch staring at
I hope you'll be happy with the 'Royal Box' then Sandy. ;)
I might upgrade my theatre tickets for tonight and get a royal box now I'm so rich! 👑
Hmm. Well remember we were on the left hand side (from Tony's point of view) near the Royal Box. I was in red dress. :D
Little tiny kitty in a Crown Royal box.
Yes I was sat 30 feet below Royal Box.hold on, it may have been played at Bramall Lane or was it White City.
can we have a royal box karaoke session soon.I miss it so
Casually taking a selfie in The Queens Seat in the Royal box at Twickenham
Doctor unearths a royal box of historic delights via
British music royalty in the Royal Box today - Sir Cliff Richard
Apparently the gynaecologist who delivered me was given Opera tickets as a thank you. 2nd time this week he's been in the…
First day at my new job done, and spent most of it sat in a royal box watching the show
Wayne Rooney in the royal box for today's
Oh my god. Me and are in the royal box for we will rock you. This is amazing!
Collectible Lifelike Baby Dolls, Porcelain Dolls a
lol yep don't we all av Royal Box @ Wimbledon? Or go Grouse shooting, last night of the proms? Lol as if! ⭐♿
Labour's shadow EQUALITIES minister Harriet Harperson gets free tickets to royal box at Wimbledon. Where's equality?
WIN VVIP @ the World Club 7s! Enter now for Royal Box and full hospitality. Two pairs up for grabs, one for...
in Royal Box for 10 year anniversary of 08 final and having to watch Dimitrov & Paire fight for the title (if L'Equipe right).
One of the funniest things I have seen at today - poor Will being bronked off in front of the royal box in parade!!
Thanks, Nathan. Always difficult to tell what's *really* on show, as well as keeping watch on who's in the (ahem) royal box
And Last minute cheap tickets ended up being in Royal Box for
The view from the royal box as goes for the grandslam against with umpiring
“Marc and Jordy in the royal box Excelle…
Even the royal box seems to be enjoying this wonderful semi. That came out wrong too
We've managed to sneak into the royal box! I hear the proud grandfather is due.
Did you know that you can book The Royal Box to celebrate special occasions?
Good of H.R.H.Prince Charles to attend, sitting in the Royal box with Jon Zammett
“Marc and Jordy in the royal box Excellent
will Scotland still have a royal family by then (& hence a royal box)?
ONE YEAR AGO: 21:31 The Queen is seen diving out of helicopter & walking down steps into Royal box
QUOTE OF THE DAY "It puzzles me why anyone would want the same award as Sir James Savile or Sir Cyril Smith. If Andy Murray is offered one he should refuse it and turn up in the Royal Box next year wearing a badge saying 'HRH' - 'Has Refused Honour'" - Labour MP Paul Flynn.
"First Minister Alex Salmond has laughed off criticism for waving a Saltire behind David Cameron's head in the wake of Andy Murray's historic Wimbledon victory. The SNP leader seemed to deliberately raise the flag behind the Prime Minister's head in the Royal Box on Centre Court yesterday so it would be in the television shot. Supporters of the Union have accused him of "photobombing" Mr Cameron and breaking All England Club rules - which state that large banners and flags cannot be used around the courts. But Mr Salmond told the BBC Radio 4 Today programme that he had "no idea" what the seating plans were, and the Wimbledon authorities had not minded his actions "in the slightest"."
Joke 743: Regarding Press coverage of Wimbledon, I haven't seen this much interest in the contents of the Royal Box since Kate Middleton announced she was pregnant..
Prime Minister David Cameron says Andy Murray deserves a knighthood after becoming the first Briton to win the Wimbledon men's singles since 1936. Murray won the title with a 6-4 7-5 6-4 triumph against world number one Novak Djokovic on Sunday. "I can't think of anyone who deserves one more," said Mr Cameron, who watched the match from the Royal Box. But Murray said: "It's a nice thing to have or be offered but I don't know if it merits that." Mr Cameron said Murray's win had "lifted the spirits of the whole country". "It was a fantastic day for Andy Murray, for British tennis and for Britain," he added. "We were wondering on Sunday morning, 'do we dare to dream that this is possible?' and he proved absolutely that it was." The Prime Minister cannot personally award an honour to the 26-year-old, stressing that they are decided independently. People are nominated for their achievements by members of the public and whether they are given an honour - and the type of honour - is decided by a committee. The c ...
Barca want Rooney in swap deal that could see United net Thiago AND Villa: Barcelona are considering sending Thiago Alcantara, David Villa and a small sum of cash to Old Trafford to help lure Wayne Rooney to Spain. The Catalan giants are keen to strengthen their forward line despite already adding Neymar to the ranks this month. Rooney, who watched from the Royal Box on Sunday as Andy Murray won the Wimbledon men's title, faces an uncertain future at Manchester United having submitted a transfer request at the end of last season. Clint
So obviously Murray winning Wimbledon is great... I supported him and have the utmost respect for what he has achieved... But the massive deal that is being made of it is starting to irk me... is no-one else feeling this is a bittersweet triumph??? ...when i think of that joker Alex Salmond, flying the Scottish flag in the Royal Box behind David Cameron, I cant help but be reminded Murrays resentment and animosity towards the English a few years ago and his, and the Scots as a collective, strong desire to distance themselves and stand alone from Great Britain i.e. GBR - the United Kingdom he was supposedly representing. That feeling he expressed came from his belly... just because he hasn't expressed it publicly, doesnt mean he still doesnt feel it. Think i would be more enthused had an englishman achieved what he had or someone like Greg Rusedski, who not only chose to play for Great Britain but did so with passion and wore/flew the Union Jack with pride... hm.
Alex Salmond, seated in the Royal Box, even broke the rules when he unfurled a giant Saltire after the match ended - flags over 2’ x 2' are prohibited at Wimbledon.
Michael Gove hit an ace back at Alex Salmond's Saltire photobomb, saying Scotland's First Minister should "Put it away dear". Barely concealing his glee, the Education Secretary suggested it was inappropriate behaviour for Wimbledon's Royal Box, telling Nick Ferrari on LBC 97.3: "I think there is a…
Alex Salmond provoked controversy when he waved the Scottish flag in the Royal Box while celebrating Andy Murray’s victory, in an apparent breach of Wimbledon rules.
Congratulations to Andy Murray, fantastic tennis. Could have done without Alex Salmond trying to wave a Saltaire everytime they showed the Royal Box though.
“This one is for Ivan,” he added, prompting a rare smile from Lendl’s usual Easter Island visage. As David Cameron clapped from the front of the Royal Box, Alex Salmond unfurled the saltire behind him. This is the true sign of Andy Murray’s success: everyone wants to claim him.
Posh falls out of her nightie in the not so Royal Box at Wimbledon - Daily Mail
Scottish first minister Alex Salmond appeared to break Wimbledon rules by waving a large Saltire flag in the Royal Box today.
Wayne Rooney in the Royal Box at Wimbledon today to cheer on Andy Murray who is an Arsenal fan. It must mean.
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In the Royal Box today, David Cameron, Rod Laver, Posh Spice, Ed Miliband the list of dignitaries continues...Sir Alex ferguson, Nemanja vidic.too much pressure on Andy
IOC president Jacques Rogge is in the Royal Box too, as is Justin Rose. And, of course Alex Salmond.
One of these is not like the other. “Royal Box: The PM, First Minister of Scotland, President of Serbia, Wayne Rooney
Royal Box today: The Prime Minister, First Minister of Scotland, The Leader of the Opposition, President of Serbia, Wayne Rooney
I see Miranda Hart's in what I call the Royal Box.
James Corden, Sir Cliff Richard and Steffen Edberg in the Royal Box... and they all paid hee haw for their ticket! :P
Boxer in pink jacket uses mobile phone in Royal Box.have we lost ALL standards of behaviour ?
Sir Cliff Richard took a seat in the Royal Box at Wimbledon to watch French player Marion Bartoli claim her place in the final. The singer, who famously entertained fans at the All England Club when rain stopped play in 1996, had to content himself with a place in the crowd earlier this week. But he observed the action from one of the prized seats on SW19's most famous lawn. Bartoli received an enthusiastic cheer as she overcame Belgian player Kirsten Flipkens but noise levels on Centre Court were considerably lower than they were when Andy Murray was greeted with a roar of support as he returned from the brink of defeat to seal a thrilling victory against Spain's Fernando Verdasco.
I keep misidentifying everyone in the Royal Box as Alan Titchmarsh. But at some point it will be him.
Wimbledon 2013: Kim Cattrall is lovely, but the Royal Box should have more ... - The Independent
Murray wins first set 64 and Royal Box empties out for tea but Jack Nicklaus is a stayer. Proper fan.
Golfing feast in the Royal Box today: Jack Nicklaus, Ernie Els, Ian Poulter & Paul McGinley. Leon Smith and Judy Murray also there.
Elsewhere in the Royal Box it's golf day - Jack Nicklaus, Ernie Els and Hoping for outrageous trousers from the latter.
Had a brilliant night out on a gorgeous summer night at The Royal Albert Hall, watching Ian Anderson and the rest of his crew perform Thick As A Brick 1 and 2. The sound was amazing, the light show perfect, the performance flawless, energetic and joyful. It was a complete experience - and being in the Royal Box with good friends just capped off the treat. Loved every second of it, thank you so much for inviting me!
On Thursday 26 June 2013 my chambers held a seminar called "Introduction to IP". In that seminar we discussed the fundamentals of IP law: how it exists to balance the conflicting public interests of incentivizing innovation and creativity while safeguarding competition, the tension between those imperatives ever since the days of the Statute of Monopolies 1623 which was our first patent law and the Statute of Anne 1710 which was our first copyright statute, how that tension surfaced in the Uruguay round to create TRIPS, the international IP treaties, their implementation through a series of EU directives and regulations, the creation of new EU IP rights such as the Community trade mark and design, the IP statutes and other sources of law. Though I gave the talk extemporarily without slides taking questions and stimulating debate as and when I could I did give each delegate the written notes in hard copy and in digital form on a memory stick. Over the weekend I did some slides which I have now uploaded to ...
A hydroponic cannabis crop appears to be the motive behind a serious assault at Para Hills yesterday afternoon. At about 4pm, the victim was confronted by three men in his rear yard who demanded access to his shed. The men were armed with a machete, hatchet and a taser, and when the occupant refused, he was assaulted. The victim received cuts to his hands and shoulder and was conveyed to the Royal Adelaide Hospital where he underwent surgery for non-life threatening injuries. When Holden Hill CIB Detectives attended the home to investigate the attack they located a cannabis crop growing hydroponically in a shed.
*** basa nmn toh for me im so tired na eeh The Necklace She was one of those pretty and charming girls born, as though fate had blundered over her, into a family of artisans. She had no marriage portion, no expectations, no means of getting known, understood, loved, and wedded by a man of wealth and distinction; and she let herself be married off to a little clerk in the Ministry of Education. Her tastes were simple because she had never been able to afford any other, but she was as unhappy as though she had married beneath her; for women have no caste or class, their beauty, grace, and charm serving them for birth or family, their natural delicacy, their instinctive elegance, their nimbleness of wit, are their only mark of rank, and put the slum girl on a level with the highest lady in the land. She suffered endlessly, feeling herself born for every delicacy and luxury. She suffered from the poorness of her house, from its mean walls, worn chairs, and ugly curtains. All these things, of which other wome ...
we are fundraising for Shaylene's traveling team, Nike T-shirts with the Sacred Hoops and Hardwood logo, $20 a shirt so donate to the cause, oh yea this will also be for Cortez Standing Bear also playing on this team! All help would be appreciated! Reply if interested...
Off the court and into the royal box: Andy Murray the spectator is cheered by fans
To my history and movie buffs: is the 1975 "Royal Flash" any good?
Score!. Found an empty Crown Royal box in the cupboard. Turns out- Full, unopened bottle. Woo hoo!. Now, to figure out who's house this is.
If theses doctors wanna charge the earth to see them surely they can have a decent up to date magazine that I can read while they make us wait past our appt time ! Just sayin!
So I'm. In the Regge club. If you live in ATL you remember the ROYAL PEACOCK
Can't remember if I posted this from the Royal Rumble. The Great One wins the WWE Title!
Conservatives -- You and I worked too hard to elect conservatives in 2012 to let left-wing groups and Nancy Pelosi regain the House and elect a new Obama Majority. The power to stop them rests with you. Help elect conservative candidates. Donate $3 or more to Huck PAC before midnight here --► are just 64 donations away from breaking our 2nd quarter fundraising record of over 6,250 donors.
For Phill Kipps whose probably seen it anyway! :)) :)))
Beautiful sunny day in Europe. Perfect for a tour of the incredible Royal Albert Hall. It was a stunning building rich in history. The backstage views, organ, Queen's box & sitting room were amazing. Then met our friends Lynda, Andrew, and Sally for a perfect trip to the English country side.
Question of the day: Do you have a name for your car; if so what do you call it?
Note: This comprehensive and well researched account of America's hidden history is a worthy read. Sadly until now, the history taught in schools and university's was written and shaped by the winn...
Daddys spring 2012 auction purchase., continues to hit the board, this time a solid 3rd. today at the PBKC. He had a tough box., but he rushed the turn hard., and got daddy and Royal Racing a check. 63% in the money for "Hi Roller" Not bad for a kid basically nobody wanted and I found for $2K! See you in a few weeks sweet boy.
Wednesday July 3 ill be performing at mark Ridleys come on down to learn all my dark secrets and I guess there will be some comedy too. Call the box office to RSVP ticket info is available on the comedy castle website
Does anyone have a favorite movie of all time that was made in the 21st century? I'm trying to decide if movies have been getting better, worse, or staying about the same in quality (and I'm just getting old and cranky).
Ha. caught on camera filming Editors on her phone just like Mo Farah in the Royal Box at Wimbledon. But lovelier
Hey Alan this is actual Wembley turf.I found some from a boot nr the Royal box and potted it!!
This part of my latest post didn't get copied. This comes from the Hard Places Ministry that Nathan's ministry is working with to help Sok. UPDATE ON SOK After weeks of trying to locate surgeons who could operate on Sok's heart, we were led to It's a great organization that is saving the lives of children all over the world. The head doctor there said that he could perform Sok's surgery, but that the facilities in Cambodia were not equipped to handle such a complex operation, so we would have to fly Sok to another country where we would meet the cardiology team from Babyheart. We began the long and tedious task of getting the necessary paperwork for Sok's passport, and thanks to Steph and Borey, the paperwork was completed for us to apply for passports. However, Sok was admitted to ICU at Royal Ratanak Hospital three nights ago in critical condition. After much consultation with his doctor, we know that Sok would not be able to make a flight out of country. Their is nothing left for th ...
Just got reminded on someone sending alcohol to me while overseas.a Crown Royal bottle in a shopping box marked "hot chocolate".
Wow! Just been sitting in a box, in an actual box at Royal Albert Hall watching Ian Anderson. Brilliant.
In this week's hilbarn box: new in July Kindred feijoa; Forth turnips; carrots from Scottsdale; Spreyton mushrooms; bunched baby beetroot and spring onions from Campania;; pears (corella & Packham) and apples (Pink Lady, Royal Gala, & Fuji) from Hillwood; and silverbeet from Northdown.
Front row?! Mate, for you I'll get you tickets for the royal box ;)
Cake Talk: What techniques are you dying to play with??
Well, my day didn't start off bad at all but the tide seems to be turning. After work, I got a ride home because of the scattered storms throughout the day and noticed my bike seat was "decorated" by some lovely "artist" who left royal blue swirls all over the white vinyl. While trying to clean it off with the rubbing alcohol, I accidentally spilled half the bottle on the floor, twice. The alcohol didn't work, soap and water didn't either and last thing I tried was nail polish remover which exhibited similar results. After my attempts, I decided to poor myself a glass of wine and while pulling the glass out of the dishwasher, I banged it against the top rack and it shattered. Dennis Pfiester said "At least all the broken glass is just in the dish washer and not all over the floor." Always look on the bright side and use plastic cups!
Providing the set up and collection of wedding chair covers, coloured sashes, centrepieces, bespoke flower displays and much more
Quite noticeable that Alastair Cook doesn't clap much in the Royal Box, maybe he's in his bubble of concentration. Mur…
England captain Alastair Cook, and two of his predecessors, Andrew Strauss and Geoffrey Boycott are in the Royal Box tod…
ers bow to the "royal box. " This was ridiculous. Jabba the Hutt, the biggest slime in the galaxy, sat in that box. And
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Jesus is our great high Priest. But we are all ordained to be priests according to 1st peter 2:9. But you are a chosen people, a royal priesthood, a holy nation, a people belonging to God, that you may declare the praises of Him who called you out of darkness into His wonderful light. This month of July is going to be my priesthood month. I will be offering prayers to God. I would to pray with, may be you have a need, a prayer item, a problem, sickness and you want us to pray. plz in box us. WE WILL PRAY AND GOD WILL ANSWER. GOD WILL CONFIRM THAT HE IS REAL. PRAYER IS WORK. THANK YOU. WELCOME. BLESSING. SHALOM. MOMBASA KENYA.
Mikhail Youzhny reacts badly after losing a point to Nicolas Almagro at the Sony Ericsson Open in Miami, with his self-inflicted injury drawing blood on court.
Not now 'til the arrival of the Royal Baby! To celebrate Hartbeeps South Leicestershire is teaming up with Donna Smith - Independent Phoenix Trader to give you a special treat! If you are expecting too and your new bundle of joy arrives in the same week as the Royal Bump we will give 2 Babybells classes and this beautiful baby keepsake box absolutely FREE! Share this with all your expectant friends who are due any day now :) To claim, let us know the date of the new arrival by the 1 August 2013. Baby must be born within 7 days of the Royal baby. Babybells classes held in Mkt Harboro.
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