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Royal Blood

A royal descent is a lineal descent from a monarch. Royal descent is sometimes claimed as a mark of distinction and is seen as a desirable goal of genealogy research.

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Royal Blood and Queens of the Stone Age playing in Dublin the week I turn 21 👀
Move over Des Lynam, Fatboy Slim and that bloke from Royal Blood, Brighton have a new celebrity fan!
I'm Royal Blood in WA as 11/11 Statehood meaning JOREL DC Comics. It's how u get Washington DC & "Washington Reign"
Solid lineup slatts. I'm not much of a splendour guy but well jealous of you seeing Royal Blood, Smith…
emailed and asked if I have Royal Blood? Nope, my ancestors were shipyard riveters. I do have the new album though.
Should of been going mad at the Foo Fighters and Royal Blood tonight. Now I'm watching David Attenborough instead.
If you're into rock, do yourself 4 favors and listen to. 1. Highly Suspect. 2. Band of Skulls. 3. Royal Blood. 4. Rival Sons. ..Trust me.
Wild Beasts, Royal Blood & Goldfrapp the highlights of the weekend
Music News Royal Blood on being supported by At The Drive-In: a Wea re still going to fanboy over thema
Since Royal Blood has become my fav band of 2017 (with Issues my babes) i'll start a fan acc lmao
Just now listening to Royal Blood and wow have I been missing out. If you haven't heard their new album I definitely recommend it.
Just catching up on Glastonbury but how good were Royal Blood...
Royal Blood kicked *** Saw you at the side of the stage Lars! Gonna have to wait till Oc…
My son Paul Raj murdered by Mom Raj should have been 19 years old. We shared the same rare royal blood, my Prince. I 'm in anguish.
After eating a few hearts and getting completely covered in blood, Shiklah finally returned to Alex.
Pyramid Stage com Katy Perry no dia do Foo Fighters, Royal Blood no dia do Radiohead e Biffy Clyro no dia do Ed Sheeran, meio sem nexo...
Just bought tickets to see them in Columbus, Ohio. So bloody excited already and it's not til Sept…
You forgot to add Royal Blood 'How Did We Get So Dark?' to the list...
Watched Royal Blood on iPlayer wow...was a bit of a fan but now a big fan!
Still covered in the blood from her last victim, the succubus returned to her human form. Stepping over d…
She's back and creating a scene – Melodrama gets plenty of attention in this week's Top 40:
We were also taught of the Royal Bloodlines were descended from, and we have the blood of Kings, and Queens in our veins
I've tried to like The National but I'm really struggling. I've never tried to like Royal Blood, mind. Nowt to like there.
Catching up with Royal Blood played thru Bose speakers right now and they absolutely slayed it What a great gig
They were hungry for a Top 5 album and got one! Feed The Machine is a big new entry.
2017 is looking to be a fantastic year for new music 😊 A new album from Royal Blood and also Haim just to mention a couple 🙌🏻
I didn't catch the Royal Blood set. Did you see announced a show at O2 Arena in Nove…
Yep RTJ were awesome. Royal blood and the xx were amazing yesterday!
I think that’s why I’m loving the Royal Blood album so much. Feels totally different.
My two favorite bands have done Glastonbury proud foofighters and royal blood absolutely awesome fantastic 🙆🙆
They were wonderful! Also loved Royal Blood. Have their latest album on repeat at the moment.
He only went so he could ligg with Royal Blood
Royal blood doing bits at the other day can't wait to see them again
I still haven't seen Royal Blood's's too late to watch it now!
Royal Blood have got it. Absolutely class.
Gonna watch them tomorrow. Royal Blood were good! Did H watch any of it?
Royal blood and Foo Fighters performances at Glastonbury 🔥🔥
The third time was at Wembley with Royal Blood and I slept through the bloody online ticket sale, they sold out in 6 minutes apparently...
now Royal Blood a little *** voice but the music is apocalyptic works magic!!!
Radiohead, Royal Blood and Foo Fighters have been bloody brilliant at
You may will be but I'm now listening to Royal Blood.
I love Royal Blood they were fantastic
Royal Blood's drummer ain't too shabby either >> makes feel kinda bad for not liking the new album...
Absolutely! I even tried with the influence of gin! Royal Blood and Mark Lanegan have been highlights for me.
Yeh, Royal Blood had an amazing sound, but were lacking depth. Run The Jewels & Kate Tempest were pretty good as well
I really need to watch their set. So far only watches Royal Blood and the Foos
Most of it. Royal Blood were amazing though, proper old school performance 🤘
I liked a video Creepy Cover of Out of the Black by Royal Blood - Dark Ambient Halloween Version
Royal Blood, STYX, ZZ Top and Barb Wire Dolls are all among the new rock album releases most worthy of your...
Records you should check out today: Lorde, Hey Violet, Jake Miller, Royal Blood. Aand GO!
Queens of the Stone Age com abertura do Royal Blood? Sim
Que tanto pinta esa gira de Queens of the Stone Age con Royal Blood
Out tomorrow at Revo Records is Royal Blood. Ltd White vinyl
Caved and given up watching Foo Fighters in exchange for Royal Blood before Radiohead
Royal Blood's Ben Thatcher takes on Lawro in this week's predictions. The Brighton fan has had a fun season!. 📽…
Mark Lawrenson takes on drummer Ben Thatcher from rock band Royal Blood for the final round of this season's Premier League predictions.
No rock music? Royal Blood and The Blackfoot Gypsies anyone? it's some argument in country.
We got a few teases but now we can officially listen to the first single from Royal Blood's upcoming LP!
Royal Blood unveil video for new single 'Lights Out' and share album details
Not sure about this new Royal Blood song, im sure it will grow on me tho. Are they a band you like Thoughts on the song?
Royal Blood were made to be played in River Island
i can't believe i'm actually gonna see Glass Animals and Royal Blood live! i feel so blessed😭🖤
Coldplay, Lianne La Havas, Royal Blood and Kwabs are also on board.
Bro as much as I love the Black Keys. Death From Above 1979, Beck, Royal Blood, Spoon, Pinback and The Kills have them beat
Live Feed @ 12 with Patrick with live cuts from Pearl Jam, Iron Maiden, Ozzy Osbourne, Royal Blood,...
Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds, Arctic Monkeys, Royal Blood, Black Keys/Dan Auerbach & The White Stripes make up most of the soundtrack
Hade is wild mess, Nathaniel is Royal Blood, Bradley Wynter, William Briggs and Riley Owen is new Beginning i think.
My holiday playlist varies from Royal Blood and Greenday to Iggy... Wait how
charli xcx at it again on her snapchat! NEW ROYAL BLOOD ALBUM COMING SOON
I am nt rude, I am nt proud, I don't act weird. Just that the royal blood in me won't allow me act like a slave.
Our blood is royal blue. All the best dear siblings.
Shauny confirmed to be of Varrockian Royal blood?
Bank holiday today. Nothing better than starting the day with some Royal Blood :-).
you *** skippy 😂 my name Samir Rami Owens. I should get in off tops. My blood is Royal
mornings are never same unless you finish your show with Royal Blood. It always kicks off my day in the right way 😄😍
the whole world cries when american r attacked. but silent w Muslim countries. The blood is like a river. ht…
Dear black brothers, . Please be safe. Your royal blood is not meant for spillage.
With your royal blood, your elegance and your charm, you're nothing short of a princess. Not only are you beautiful outside, but your heart…
This job finna come through! I just gonna claim it in the blood of Jesus and have faith.
Royal blood, the knocks, bishop Briggs, all of these are good options 👌
This is the starting point of my premonition... {Nostradamus: Blood Royal (Bob) flee, Monheurt, Mas, Aiguillon,
My new favorite duo bass and drums beside Royal Blood. ♫ Voodoo Child by Brick + Mortar —
Who cares! Royal blood/lol. Most of them were inbred anyway/why want that?
This is why they call it clash of clans and game of thrones. You have Royal blood if you trust your gut (God) and you find clues.
:: BRIGHTON - 1. We're playing our final Great Escape show today at the Mucky Duck - 3:30 - 2. Royal Blood...
throwback to Royal Blood, hbd lovely X
Royal Blood: Richard III and the Mystery of the Princes Notoriously Immortalied by and Historians, He
I added a video to a playlist Royal Blood - Out of the Black ("MARVEL's Daredevil" Season 2 Teaser
Please welcome and follow Kevin Gallagher from Royal Blood
Martin Vendetta, Katerina Swanston and Kevin Gallagher from Royal Blood have reopen
Rival Sons and Royal Blood are great shouts bro. Hope they play again soon
Save up to 45% 0ff MSRP On Motorcycle Tires
Weekly News Round-Up: Royal Blood, Oasis and more: Wondering if you’ve missed out on any of the week’s top new...
Post RB4 DLC has included Alabama Shakes, Death From Above 1979, and Royal Blood, what a world
Mike Kerr from Royal Blood now using a custom Manson Bass!
Tiffany Chien on Instagram: “Coachella portrait of Mike Kerr and Ben Thatcher of Royal Blood.”
Nothing can beat Live at Leeds 2014: Royal Blood, Wolf Alice, Catfish and the Bottlemen, Palma Violets and Frank Turner
Have heard of Royal Blood. I'll check out Courtney Barnett. I also curate a world music show on Sundays 8p-9p PT
Hv to ask, hv you heard Royal Blood yet? Omg, those "kids" ROCK! Also, Courtney Barnett! Two acts that give hope for future.
concerto dos Royal Blood e do Mark Lanegan
Going into the studio this week with my buddy Justin from Max Cady. It's a Duo project inspired by Royal Blood.
definitely they went down a storm with Royal Blood early last year! And the recent releases are quality!
Parents are out dancing the night away at a really fancy and I'm just sat at home listening to Royal Blood n Monstercat . Standard
My royal blood album for £3 has been my best purchase in a while, so obsessed with it
I need more Royal Blood in my life.
you should checkout Royal Blood and Band of Skulls. I think you'd like them. 😁
Just realised how odd my music must sound to my flatmates - Les Mis to Royal Blood in one step 💪💪
4.6 out of 5 stars by 95 reviewers for "Royal Blood" by Amity Cross
holy moly Royal Blood is rocking and so great.
Royal Blood last night at The Observatory in Santa Ana. God I love them!!!
Run the Jewels, Royal Blood, Halsey & the Lana Del Rey redemption needs to happen!
Royal Blood's debut lp has to be one of the best albums I've heard by contemporary blues-inspired rock artists.
What are Royal Blood up to for the rest of the year? Kerr: Foo Fighters. We’re going…: the big apple circus ci...
Royal Blood and Natty Boh to chase away the soccer break blues. Bout to start shouting Oasis lyrics in this place and throwing Sambuca about
Didn't even wanna go to Leeds Fest this year i mean who would want to see Libertines, BMTH, Slaves, Cancer Bats, Royal Blood and The Cribs..
Paloma Faith, George Ezra and Royal Blood are added to the line-up.
...Future Islands, Royal Blood, the Cuckoos, Blood Ceremony, Captain Luke and Cool John Ferguson - all pretty cool stuff
Left Minneapolis & Loring Park & got over to in St Paul for best set of day by British duo Royal Blood
Went straight from Royal Blood to NSP to Steel panther then to Def Leopard and finally to Iron Maiden. It's been pretty wild yo.
Listen to Out of the Black by Royal Blood on
State Champs, Four Year Strong, Family Force 5, Icon For Hire and Royal Blood? game of the year.
Wasn't sure I believed it at first, but Sports Direct is playing actual chart music today! Example, You Me at Six, Royal Blood, Maroon 5 etc
How about Royal Blood with Diamanda Galas screeching vocals?
mano Royal Blood vai ta nesse rock in rio???
I was just clearing the table when all of a sudden the radio started playing a LIVE VERSION of Little Monster by Royal Blood? ??
ROCK MUSIC MENU: Royal Blood ready to strike it big - The Delaware County Daily Times
Landed tickets to see the Foo Fighters with Royal Blood and Dropkick Murphys at Fenway Park this…
Beats One is brought to you by ‘Little Monster’ by Royal Blood and listeners like you
“Thanks for listening to Beats One. Here’s ‘Little Monster’ by Royal Blood. After that, it’s ‘Little Monster’ by Royal Blood. Then, ‘Littl
Full marks to Royal Blood...JayZ intro song for 40 year old white people. I mean 50.
Really getting into new albums by Royal Blood and Wolf Alice. Bring on Splendour! You guys around them
Royal Blood appear to be attempting to learn Under My Thumb by the Stones actually on-stage. Time to leave...
Mrs Hughes in Uni tonight, so i'm left home alone. Listening to Royal Blood and getting some work done compiling GLib for my current project
Royal Blood interview: On the road with the Brighton duo
What a week...Secret Cinema, Foo Fighters & Royal Blood.feeling this summer already, bring on the sunshine!?!?!?!
Philip Kwok vs fellow Venom and master of weapons Chiang Sheng as seen in Sword Stained with Royal Blood.
Monster Truck, HB, Rival Sons, Blues Pills and Royal Blood. Not bad at all..
Get your iPhone insurance today!
Watch & from a Fenway suite! Your shot at winning in the 5pm hour with
Not long until Foo Fighters, Royal Blood & Iggy Pop and then My Nu Leng the day after 🎶🎸
Royal blood are in DC tonight and im not seeing them sad times
Agreed!How great is the blood video?! The director should turn the concept into a feature!
The Royal Blood self-titled album is one of the best albums ever written I will fight you on this
Find out what your last name means on this site. Did you know many sur-names were derived from professions. Ex:...
*** rulers? Most of the *** originated from Mughalia Harems claim themselves as royal blood.
openers - Gary Clark Jr and Royal Blood), and Imagine Dragons. I can come up with more if you like :)
I've listened to Royal Blood's album 3153 times overall since I bought it. I gotta say I have my personal record
Idk if tonight's theme music is more like Matchbox 20's Unwell or Royal Blood's Blood Hands 💭
If someone wouldn't mind buying me AM, Foo Fighters, cfatbm, circa waves and royal blood tickets, that'd be cool 👀
looking forward to a bit of royal blood while I get the dishes to do !!! Get a sneaky beer tho!!
Congrats to John T. , winner of a pair of passes to see ROYAL BLOOD and a copy of the LP !
Little Monster by Royal Blood is in Collector Hotel, Parramatta. Download it now at
A few more shots at VIP luxury suite tix to & with today in the 5p hour!
Royal Blood are sitting at on the iTunes album chart almost a year after release, WHAT?! Awesome!
Mike Kerr of Royal Blood tells us more about the duo.
so missing Royal Blood at Wembley next week but seeing them at should still be pretty ace.
I have heard of him, oui. I know he was Emperor of France, oui. I don't think he was of royal blood though.
Does anyone else listen to Royal Blood?
I'm listening to Out Of The Black by Royal Blood (Rock) on
I found that I come from a royal family and I have royal blood,but King moswati can't be Dhlamini my Grandfather nah it ain't true.
So sick of Enter Shikari and Royal Blood adding new shows all over the world but still forgetting France. . My sensitive heart is devastated.
Off to the Governor's Ball today. First band on the aged is Royal Blood.
Figure it Out by Royal Blood reminds me of young Muse
It's still ignorant of Pitchfork to dismiss alt-J, Foals, Steven Wilson, Uncle Acid, Carcass, Royal Blood, or Laura Marling.
Friday has arrived.and it feels good!. Royal Blood coming to Newport Music Hall next month. I have a pair of...
Incubus, Queens of the Stone Age, Royal Blood, Eagles of Death Metal, the Darkness & Foo Fighters. The gods of shuffle have smiled upon me.
This week we've got Arctic Monkeys, Royal Blood, Marina and the Diamonds + many other kick *** artists! ♫
Clean Bandit, Sam Smith, Royal Blood and George Ezra nominated for the 2015 Ivor Novello awards
domain names
Working on a Sunday *** but these streams have made it so much more enjoyable. On stream 2 I saw Royal Blood, B…
Two years since I was Would love to have been there for Royal Blood and Kasabian last night! Amazing festival x
Drone copter recording Royal Blood and fans at @ Coachella Music Festival
.is at the Coachella music festival, streaming live via Periscope from the Royal Blood mosh pit.
Memorabilia signed by Royal Blood, Jimmy Page and Kasabian to be auctioned for Teenage Cancer Trust
PHOTO: Jimmy Page having lunch with Ben Thatcher from Royal Blood earlier this year (Instagram/jacbosells1711)
Of course, the newcomer who shook the industry. Mike Kerr of Royal Blood.
Next gigs before leaving for Dubai: Royal Blood, The Pains of being pure at heart, Godspeed! You black emperor, Dry the river. HAPPINESS
Mike Kerr of Royal Blood plays JFK of DFA1979's bass (O2 ABC Academy in Glasgow, Scotland)
Royal Blood album £4.99 at HMV. Absolute bloody bargain for the most amazing rock ear candy !!
Winners of the 2015 BRIT Awards 'Best British group' Royal Blood concluding their sell out tour at Nottingham's ROC…
Royal Blood, CATB, and Kate Tempest are coming near me o yes
LIVE version of Royal Blood - Figure It Out, recorded at K! to celebrate their Brit. GET IT ON >
Royal Blood, George Ezra, Paloma Faith, Sam Smith and more! With us you can find for your favorite
Taylor has all the cool friends ffs Royal Blood
Lovin the reaction of 1D fans to Royal Blood winning at you Brits .. Must be a novelty to see musicians as apposed to a miming …
Sussex rockers Royal Blood storm to Brits victory: The riotous duo, Ben Thatcher, formerly of Rustington, and ...
“Royal Blood drummer definitely had the roundest head of the Brit Awards
Royal Blood drummer definitely had the best t-shirt of last night's Brit Awards
Well done to everyone who was into Royal Blood before they won a Brit. You are the real winners. Kings among men.
Jon with son Jackson v Saints 28/12/14 - brother and nephew of Brit Award winner Ben Thatcher, drummer of Royal Blood
Watching The Brits and as usual for an old fogey hardly knowing anyone but just heard Royal Blood for first time... Wow loving that!
Royal Blood at Brixton Academy gonna be incredible, up there with Kasabian for best live band around I reckon
Bands with two members are always incredible and so loud...Royal Blood, The Kills, Blood Red Shoes, Sleigh Bells etc...
Royal Blood at Brixton Academy in a few weeks will be something special.
I saw about 200 different acts last year and Royal Blood were the best live. Insane gig in The Academy.
Royal Blood is what I imagine it would sound like if Matt left Muse and Chris and Dom just decided to play like Queens of the Stone Age.
Off to bed with this... So. Goodnight. Royal Blood - Out Of The Black (Official Video):
Royal Blood's music video for "Out of the Black" woah. Gorefest alert. But an amazing song.
As if I could rate Royal Blood any higher they go and pull off Roxanne in the live lounge
Mini Mansions Announced as support for Royal Blood's 2015 tour. The t
Cant wait for the Brits!Ed Sheeran, Taylor Swift, Sam Smith, Royal Blood, Paloma Faith, George Ezra and Take That all performing!
Been on a big Rival Sons and Royal Blood kick lately!
Alex Turner joining Mini Mansions on stage. Cool, but is this just Royal Blood v2.0
Can't believe it took me this long to realise that Royal Blood are quality.
Sam Smith LEADS BRIT NOMINATIONS! Pop star Sam Smith leads the charge at this year's Brit Awards, with five nominations, it has been announced. The 22-year-old is up for best British male, breakthrough artist and best album, for In The Lonely Hour. Sam Smith's heartbroken torch ballads have struck a chord around the world, making his dominance at the Brits all but inevitable. His five nominations come close to matching the six he's received at the Grammys. Smith began his career as a featured artist on hits like Latch, by dance act Disclosure, and others have taken note of his path to fame. He is closely followed by guitar-toting singer-songwriters Ed Sheeran and George Ezra, who each receive four nominations, and rock duo Royal Blood, who have three. This year's ceremony takes place in London's O2 arena on 25 February. Smith won the BBC's Sound of 2014 last year, and was the only artist to sell more than a million albums in both the UK and US in 2014. He will go up against Sheeran, Ezra, Damon Abarn and ...
Royal Blood, Paloma Faith and George Ezra added to BRIT Awards 2015 line-up
bonnaroo lineup with Gregory Alan Isakov, Royal Blood, Hozier, TBT and Ben Harper. this can't be real. 😭 why.
Royal Blood, Paloma Faith and George Ezra join line-up for . next month’s
Guitarist and a lead vocalist (two people) needed. Established English rock band based in LA, currently recording with producer Bob Marlette (Filter, Shinedown, Rob Zombie, Black Sabbath, Tracy Chapman) looking for new lead singer (male or female) and 2nd guitarist aged between 21 and 33. Influences include Aerosmith, Guns n Roses, Royal Blood, Rival Sons and Foo Fighters amongst others. Looking for someone to be an equal member, contribute towards writing and lyrics, and help shape the sound of the band going forward. Must be willing to commit to a band so this probably would not work for strictly weekend musicians or “hired guns” seeking an immediate salary. Interested musicians and vocalists should send an email to barrysquirewith “Original rock band” in the subject line as well with your name, contact info, social media links, age, city and a couple paragraphs bio so your materials can be forwarded directly to the band. Suggestions are welcome but please don’t post your promo stuff here.
Yes, I am a Royal Blood. I am a Prince. My father is the King of all Kings. His Kingdom, is the Heaven.
Band of Skulls and Royal Blood at the same festival? LOL IM GOING
Missed the Royal Blood concert at Festival les inRocKs in Paris? Watch the live recording now!
Got Foo Fighter and Royal Blood tickets at Pine Knob this summer!! Even though it took a *** hour to get
"Royal Blood's Mike Kerr says the idea that rock music is the most authentic genre is rubbish". Obviously hasn't list… featured in NBC s Science of Love
Best part of finals week is it gives me time to listen to awesome end of the year music. Now: Alvvays, Jungle and Todd Terje, Royal Blood.
Going to see Iggy Pop, Foo Fighters and Royal Blood next year, buzzing
I Song Reader by Beck, Lazaretto by Jack White, Royal Blood by Royal Blood, Hungry Ghosts by OK Go.
Great night in Cambridge for Royal Blood, even if the wife did accuse me of misogyny and then puke on the hotel room floor. Standard.
Damon Albarn, Royal Blood favourites for Barclaycard Mercury Prize as 2014 shortlist is revealed -
Mercury Prize tonight, I really hope Nick Mulvey or Royal Blood win
I wonder who will win the Mercury Prize tonight. I really hope Royal Blood win it.
OMG Royal Blood are actually goign to perform at the Mercury Prize as well nice
A win for Royal Blood, is a win for great music. Come on, give them the Mercury Music Prize.
The fact that Royal Blood are still opening with Hole makes me very very excited for their electric ballroom show
the past week bought Roger Sanchez at Coliseum Brighton and Royal Blood - hope to get on Fri :)
annoying chinese girl next door to me keeps singing the same song over and over again so i play Royal Blood at full volume till she shuts up
Go for Royal Blood or Noel Gallagher tickets? Or both?
I dont want for us all to just support the Enemy! The Cathar foothold was in the region of Tolouse, the bastion of the descendants of Guillaume, also known as the family of the Guilhemids, several of whom were ardent defenders of the heresy. However, the Cathars have been idealized by numerous Illuminati propagandists as having been innocent victims of Church persecutions, but the Cathars rejected the God of the Bible, in favour of the worship of Lucifer and practiced witchcraft. It was the Cathars who influenced the heretical aspects of the Templars, for which the order was disbanded in 1307.Part of this Kabbalistic revolution was the legends of the Holy Grail, which included Cathar and Templar themes, and formulated in the region of Aquitaine, another stronghold of the Guilhemids. The Holy Grail, or San Greal, should have been translated as Sang Real, or Royal Blood, because it referred to the sacred bloodline that supposedly issued from Guillaume de Gellone, and ultimately King David, but which in real ...
Pixies in concert!!! (@ Shaw Conference Centre for Pixies and Royal Blood in Edmonton, AB)
Royal Blood kinda remembers me of The Black Keys
Listen to XFM tonight for the best indie anthems! King Charles does backstage banter, Clint Boon vs Rob Troubadour and Royal Blood propamix!
Thinking a lot lately of implementing an old point system into the guild. Where during pvp events you earn points or tokens towards rewards, gold, mounts, pets, etc. I use to call it "Ground Zero" but with the Royal Blood era, I feel it should have a unique name. Looking for suggestions to help spawn ideas and feedback about such a system within the guild. ~Merl
Royal Blood tipped to win Mercury Prize by NME readers - more on
Mercury Music Prize 2014: Damon Albarn and Royal Blood favourites to win prize - The…
Listening to Royal Blood on the Piccadilly Line coming home it was all I could do to resist getting the air guitar out! Awesome noise.
Specifically the Casualties of Cool record Devin Townsend did for country, and the debut from Royal Blood for garage.
Didn't get Royal Blood tickets but hey, I'M NOW SEEING DEVIN TOWNSEND AT THE ALBERT HALL so it's ok really
Royal Blood's first week record sales are just ridiculous
10 classic debut albums that sold fewer copies than 'Royal Blood' in its first week
River Bar? This a new place? Definitely going! I love Royal Blood ... think I've had their album on repeat too much!
Royal Blood say debut album success shows there is 'hope for guitars and riffs' – watch Published September 01, ...
Waiting for me when I got home. Royal Blood, Jungle and Dry The River vinyl with my provisional…
Royal Blood top the album charts with 60k+ sales in week one, and Kate Bush has 8 albums in the top 40. What a week to be alive.
So many good albums out! Dry the River, Broods & Royal Blood. All highly recommended.
Hamilton Collection
Ooo loads I'm in to 'Royal Blood' at the moment. Not my usual taste, at Glasto were amazing. Try George Ezra, Turrentine Jones
I'm sure Royal Blood are great and all, but do they have to look like a monitor engineer and a drum tech? Wither the New York
AGAIN: Royal Blood will be on Le Grand Journal on Canal+ in about 10 minutes and you can watch it here
Royal Blood's packed-out set is cut short at Leeds Festival
Blasting out the new Royal Blood record. It's unsurprisingly awesome. Heading to see Sin City: ADTKF later.
New release from Royal Blood! The most hotly tipped album of the year!!
cousin John is married to Amy, her brother is one half of 'Royal Blood'...Just Ask Dez!!! x
I'm almost certain I saw Sergio Pizzorno and the Royal Blood frontman last night at Jamie T
Order now from your local comic store: Royal Blood by Alejandro Jodorowsky. On-sale 11/18/14. Order code AUG141680
Ellie Goulding, Haim, Royal Blood, Ed Sheeran and Biffy Clyro looks like my night is sorted...
Can't beat listening to Royal Blood and Miles Kane when sunbathing! 😁
Glastonbury, 2014: Royal Blood on the John Peel stage: via Love it; so raw.
New thing for Royal Blood, their set at Glastonbury was amazing. Mike Kerr is something else😍
Hah! Arctic Monkeys, Royal Blood and Miles Kane!! :D (and Jake Bugg but who cares)
Royal Blood - Little Monster (Official Video) one bass guitar and one drum kit makes this noise. Awesome.
Royal Blood reminds me The White Stripes. when I heard Mike Kerr first time thought it was White!. anyway like them,they have really goodsongs
Royal Blood interview: It's Drum and bass, and this time it rocks - The Independent
I need more Royal Blood and Courtney Barnett. New Parquet Courts and Warpaint stuff sounded great too
Royal Blood are the best British band since Arctic Monkeys.
Fearne Cotton is off, so Zane Lowe and Daniel P Carter are let loose with Royal Blood.
Arctic Monkeys, Royal Blood, Miles Kane & Jake Bugg Dublin Marlay Park gig tickets booked with Rebecca Jessica Katherine Waring. YEW. It's been a good two days for gigs, I must now live on beans. Anybody around Dublin for it, feel free to join us!
About to watch Royal Blood in Sydney - pumped ... Not many young musicians get a visit from Jimmy Page in NY
Royal Blood say they hope to release debut album in August: The duo have been working on their first LP at Roc...
Royal Blood get an unbelievable sound from just a bass guitar and drum kit. Fantastic band
What an absolute banger of a night! AM were so sick! Royal Blood were off the chart! Battered face, met Peter Crouch got wankered
EPIC NIGHT! Arctic Monkeys, Miles Kane, Tame Impala, Royal Blood, Peter Crouch and my best friend. London, I just wanna be yours!
Logical clash at between Imagine Dragons, Maximo Park and Royal Blood. Totally understandable. RB obviously win, but jeez :/
Ben Thatcher of Royal Blood: Ben Thatcher of Royal Blood | Modern Drummer Magazine. I started drumming at a ver...
One of our favourite bands Royal Blood performed on Jimmy Kimmel massive for the lads
I watched the music performance of "Royal Blood" in Jimmy Kimmel Live...
Coming up on Jimmy Kimmel Live after 7NEWS at 10P: Nathan Lane, Adam Carolla & music from Royal Blood
Another Rainy Night Friday 5/16/14, "MUSIC ON TV" info: ~ Royal Blood bleed for you on an all-new Jimmy Kimmel Live (ABC Television Network) ~ Chromeo bring the Funktronica to a new Late Show with David Letterman (CBS) ~ Lea Michele promotes her new album, available at our Mineola, New York store, and speaks candidly to David Letterman on a new episode (CBS) ~ Elbow get their joints bent out of shape on an all-new ep of The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon (NBC) ~ Sofia Vergara supplies the Boom Boom Pow on Late Night with Seth Meyers (NBC) ~ The Crystal Method jam out "Cutie and the Boxer" on Last Call with Carson Daly (NBC) ~ Jermaine Dupri completes his week-long stand, sitting in with Robin DiMaggio and The Posse on a new ep of The Arsenio Hall Show (The CW) ~ Bill Medley of The Righteous Brothers - Singers is profiled on Profiles (nyctv, 10:30-11pm) Be safe out there tonight everyone. =B^ ]
The Brighton UK 2-piece, Royal Blood, was THE band at SXSW this year. Win tickets to see them live at
Royal Blood was the name on everyone's lips at SXSW this year. The Brighton UK band is just a drummer and a bassist but their pure thumping rock 'n' roll would blow any 4 piece off the stage. Catch them live at The Roxy Theatre before they get HUGE. Enter to win tickets:
We're playing two new songs at PIANOS tonight! Doors at 6:30, we go on at 8. ***NEW SHOW JUST ADDED at Mercury Lounge with Royal Blood ! Tuesday, May 13 *
Royal Blood - Out of the Black, The Great Escape Festival Brighton 2014: via
Ibiza Rocks on Spotify: Check out the latest from The Black Keys, Kiesza, Royal Blood, Shift K3Y, The Kooks and more in this months playlist from Rocks HQ
Can't wait for Royal Blood and Frank Turner on Saturday at all
Who was it said 'Royal Blood' on Jools Holland? Well agree - watching them now - brill :-) But sorry Neil Finn has got progressively more boring - Split Enz were best 'I Got You' awesome lol
After a bit of a hiatus 'The Alternative' is back! So tune into Ridge Radio from 1-3pm today :D Got some great stuff for you guys from the likes of Royal Blood, We Are The Ocean, Brand New, Queens of the Stone Age, THE EELS, PIXIES, Nirvana, Pearl Jam, Feeder, Foo Fighters, The White Stripes, Band of Horses, and the mighty Turbowolf, who I had a blast seeing live up in London last night!
As usual a great mix of guests on last nights Jools Holland I was amazed at what Royal Blood did with just Drums ,Bass and Voice!
Royal Blood on Jools Holland bass and drums only give it a listen really good
¤ 154 Paolo Nutini Paolo Nutini, Royal Blood on Later... with Jools Holland - watch sofiaorden
Later...with Jools Holland: Paolo Nutini, Royal Blood, Neil Finn, Joan As Police Woman - as it... via theguardian
If I can't get hold of a Glastonbury ticket this year I'm committing suicide. Robert Plant, Arcade Fire, Massive Attack, Jack White, The Black Keys, Lana Del Ray, PIXIES!!! Jurassic 5, De La Soul, M.I.A The Manic Street Preachers, Suzanne Vega, Goldfrapp, Dolly Parton! Kasabian, Royal Blood, Brian Feckin Ferry!! Need I go on...but mostly excited about the chance to throw a bottle of *** at Ed Sheeran! It's nothing personal I just think he deserves it for steeling my image
Softball Rampage - Free Return Shipping
OK, first time for years I actually wish I was going to Glasto in summer - Jack White, Kasabian, Manics, Rob Plant, Royal Blood, Black Keys... gonna be a lot of videoing...
"THE VOICE OF HOPE" "HOW'S YOUR BELIEF" Peace & Blessing! You know, if you want to set things in motion in heaven, your belief is the key to release the power. Your faith is the gas pedal that determines how much power gets going on your behalf. Never think that God has bigger things to deal with than some of your dreams. No, it is the other way around. God is the one who put the dream in you. God like any parent loves to do good things for His children; the question is, are you a Child of God? If so stop right now and say, "Lord, I believe you will grant me a victorious life. I have the DNA of a winner in me because I was made in the image of a winner, You God. Because I'm washed with the Royal Blood of the Lamb of God and it flows in my veins I wear a crown of favor. From this day forward there will be no more living like the tail, when I'm the head. No more lack, when You promised abundance. Because You Lord are my destiny I will live with purpose, passion, and praise forever on my lips. Forever will I ...
Royal Blood, being sinister and good. @ O2 Academy…
Gig photos and review of NME Awards Tour Ft Interpol + Temples + Royal Blood + Circa Waves at the Institute, B'ham:
Who’s Our Daddy? TODAY’S SCRIPTURE “...the Spirit you received brought about your adoption to sonship. And by him we cry, ‘Abba, Father.’ ” (Romans 8:15, NIV) TODAY’S WORD There used to be a billboard that asked the question, “Who’s the father?” It was advertising DNA testing. They can take a child’s DNA and test another person’s DNA to see if it matches in order to scientifically prove if two people are related. Out of the billions of people on earth, the chances of your DNA matching someone that’s not your family is so small that it’s inconceivable. When we gave our life to Christ, the Scripture talks about how we became a new creation. We were born into a new family. We entered into a new bloodline. Now imagine that somehow we could do spiritual DNA testing. They took a sample DNA from our Heavenly Father and then a sample DNA from us. They ran all the tests. The good news is, it would come back a perfect match. Proven beyond all doubt that we are His child! We h ...
And we'll never be royal, it dont run in our blood.
royal blood sound too proddy a name if ya ask me, but then again I'm not a doctor
I deserve to because I'm pretty sure I have Royal blood. Or at least I feel that way after eating a Whopper.
O yes am a child of the king his royal blood now flow through my vain and i can sing praise the lord am a child of the king
Very impressed with Royal Blood tonight but Interpol were outstanding..actually looked like they were enjoying themselves
Got a free t-shirt and got to see Royal Blood, Temples and Interpol for free tonight in work
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