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Roy Nelson

Roy Nelson (born June 20, 1976) is an American mixed martial artist who competes in the heavyweight division.

Josh Barnett Mark Hunt Alistair Overeem Derrick Lewis Brock Lesnar Bigfoot Silva Dan Henderson Big Country Frank Mir Las Vegas Travis Browne Stipe Miocic Royce Gracie Bray Wyatt Dana White

My fav at heavy weght will always be Roy nelson.
Aaw. My dogs names from oldest to youngest are Roy, Dixie, Milla ( highly pregnant atm) Balto, Nelson, Iona, Goldey and Nova
Roy Nelson is using the hashtag because he thought it looked like fries
I wanna commission him to draw Trump caressing Roy Nelson's belly
Roy Lee Nelson & The Big Ten ... has a show on 11/10/2016 at 08:30 PM @ WW Fairfields... in Richardson, TX
there's a strong roy nelson joke here but I can't dial in on it
Some great new shows now on sale for 2017: Lee Nelson, Cinderella, Aggers & Tuffers, Roy Orbison story, One Night of Elvis & more
Friends and Rivals: Antonio Silva promises Roy Nelson sightseeing trip after fight
. Tried to look up a Roy Nelson gif but kept getting Nelson Muntz.
already finding issues with Roy Nelson being the β€œChin” vs Nate.
New Years, a bunch of people kiss, Roy is a clone, Wally and Artemis spend 5 years and have a pet dog together named Nelson.
Roy Blunt, blah, blah, BLAH...shut your corrupt hole.
Roy Nelson: his jiu jitsu is so overrated, if he doesn't get the KO he looses
what has been your favourite fight to ref? And what happened with Roy Nelson a few months back?
Bryce Treggs (58 yards) already has a catch in his first NFL half longer than Nelson Agholor's career best (53 yards).
Liverpool manager Roy Evans meets Nelson Mandela at Ellis Park during the English sides tour to South Africa in 1994
My favorite artist as of right now is Roy Woods, dude never disappoints
Hello everyone I'm new to Townsville! I'm Roy Nelson and it's a pleasure to meet you.
Tony doing the Roy Nelson belly pat and some dancing.
Exactly lol. Made about as much sense as Roy Nelson sayin he was in the talk for a hw title fight after his last wi…
Roy Nelson too nice from the shoulders
Roy Nelson is ready for this battle. πŸ‘ŠπŸΌ
Alvey is the Middleweight Roy Nelson, minus the disfigured body.
That's Roy Nelson what are you talking about. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
Roy Nelson would have punched him right there
Is it me or is where the bizarros fight? Just finished watching bizzaro Cormier vs bizarro Roy Nelson
That wasn't Roy Nelson type of fat, that was just straight weak, and fat. Didn't belong in there.
Cody Miskell makes Roy Nelson look like miss universe
All pro fighters eat clean right before a fight, except Roy Nelson. Maybe Roy is his nutritionist? πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
I didn't know Roy Nelson had a little brother
Princess Kate in coat by Mulberry and skirt by Dolce and Gabbana arrives at the Nelson Trust in Gloucester
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Coast Regional Coordinator Nelson Marwa giving his opening remarks at the Mombasa session https:…
gotta be Roy Nelson... Aspect ratio slightly smaller...
Wasn't Tom Lawlor super against PEDS? the only guys who never abused are the Diaz brothers, Roy Nelson and BJ Penn.
I know that neighborhood well. The woman who raised me lived on Nelson St. Desperate Clinton attack
Back in 2003, I entered a 16-man Grapplers Quest West Absolute Division in Las Vegas. For some reason, I always...
Nelson Githinji might be the mastermind behind the NYS scam
fat people can be athletic. Roy Nelson is a good example
Roy Nelson: Crazy night, and I hope we don't have a
I talked to Paul about his free agency process, drug testing, fighter union, Scott Coker, Roy Nelson, sponsorship pay for fighters and more
had on. Jason High was fired for less than what Roy Nelson did, but didn't push. Is he being cut or not?
Roy Nelson offered UFC his win bonus to get a second shot at Derrick Lewis.
Roy Nelson has replaced Paige Van Zant in the new Kickboxer film. The final scene will be Roy fighting Obesity.
..the same Mark Hunt who walk off KO'd Frank Mir, Roy Nelson and smashed Bigfoot Silva.
Brock looked like Brock, he should totally try an come back an do the *** thing again fight Bigfoot Silva or Roy Nelson
Roy Nelson has got to win it on points surely. Pretty disappointing fight for me.
have to make sure they can censor the inevitable Roy Nelson buttcrack
Against tiny little dudes like Josh Barnett, Bigfoot Silva and Roy Nelson.
"Mark Hunt goes in there & KO's Roy Nelson. Nobody does that to Roy Nelson." -
Roy Nelson says a heavyweight fight with Brock Lesnar would smash all UFC PPV records (
Stream or download MMAjunkie Radio with Roy Nelson, Kevin Lee and Richard Hunter
Not to forget, Hunt, Roy Nelson, Brandon Vera and Hardonk (before)
Derrick Lewis wants fight with Roy Nelson: 'It won't go to the judges'
After vicious KO of Gonzaga, Derrick Lewis wants Roy Nelson at UFC 200 (
Make Derrick Lewis vs. Roy Nelson the main event of UFC 200
Derrick Lewis wants to fight Roy Nelson at UFC 200. Says the fight will not go to decision.
Nice Shout out to Vote For Trump, great win and hope you get Roy Nelson
I'd like Shane to come back and fight Roy Nelson.
name one top level guy he fought, never mind was competitive with Dave. Roy Nelson and Struve aren't exactly elite
Waking up at 5 am to watch Mark Hunt knock out Roy Nelson will always be the greatest thing to ever happen at 5 am.
Roy Nelson and Derrick Lewis exchange heated words
they should have made Lewis vs. Roy Nelson
Derrick Lewis takes Gabriel Gonzaga fight at UFC Zagreb, still plans to whoop Roy Nelson's ***
Awww *** Roy Nelson and Derrick Lewis shook on a fight in front of Dana White that counts as a contract right.haahah
Shane Del Rosario (RIP) over Stipe Miocic, plus Roy Nelson to win but go the distance vs. Dave Herman. Ugh.
Like telling Roy Nelson he can't overhand right or telling Silva he cant knee in the clinch or something. IT MADE SENSE TO ME!
I don't like him either. Would love to see him fight Roy nelson
Roy nelson drops bombs. To bad he just got his *** whipped πŸ˜‚
Roy nelson in 2014- I believe headlined or co headlined 3ppvs and make $86,000. I read this recently u know about this?
but aside from MMA (where I always point to Roy Nelson), guys are always taught that we should be "cut," every time no matter what
Mark Hunt v Roy Nelson fighting. Is this 2002 or
Roy Wood, Jr.: "Who [Sanders or Clinton] has been with the cause longer? Like college kids buying alcohol, all we care about is proof." πŸ’―
3 day training for Nate Diaz means hitting a heavy bag. 3 day training for Roy Nelson means hitting a buffet.
When M. Roy has no chill and roasted me πŸ”₯πŸ”₯
Looks like I'll be fighting Roy Nelson for sure now
can you guys please let me beat up Roy Nelson on April 23 in Vegas.thanks in advance
Grove Deric the title is stupid and misleading but check out Roy Nelson! I didn't know he did Kung Fu...
Nelson, Dowd, Benny, Desbiens, Mosienko and Roy sign 5 year contracts and Fretter turns out to be only 21?
Who wins in an MMA fight over three rounds, Demetrious Johnson or Roy Nelson.
I've got two candidates so far for the worst fight of the year! Roy Nelson vs Jared rosholt and Kimbo slice vs DADA 5000
using your body as a tool at a high level makes an athlete .UFC vet Roy Nelson is an athlete. Pablo is an athlete
definitely pay the man. He deserves it. It's like with Roy Nelson, the salary situation is despicable
Mcgregor gonna look like Roy Nelson soon lol
compare what he said about Dada with any of the commentary he's done on Roy Nelson's fights to see where his interest lies.
He would've said the same thing about Roy Nelson in re poor diet.
no disrespect Matt but ive always wondered what does a roy nelson punch feel like?
I was dreaming up comical match-ups for Conor, and I'm ashamed to say I'd actually want to watch Mcgregor take on Roy Nelson at catchweight.
We still have Tank, he's named Roy Nelson. Same fighter, basically. Frank was great grappler, won by submission all the time
UFN 82: Roy Nelson questions Werdum, Velasquez's decision to withdraw from title fight
Dude is amazing... The fact that he KO'd Roy Nelson of all people speaks volumes about his power.
Ismael Lazaar vs Roy Nelson make it happen
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watching a Roy Nelson fight and oh my god this dude is getting old 😁😁😁
Let him fight Roy Nelson and see what happens. This leprechaun is delusional.
Roy Nelson vs Dave Herman at UFC 146 at MGM Grand in Las Vegas, NV on May 26, 2012.
Manager: Travis Browne ready to fight Roy Nelson in May - Now that Ben Rothwell is booked, Travis Browne’s mana...
Roy Nelson may be a gatekeeper at this point in his career... But he is good at it.
*** it, why does Roy Nelson only throw right hands? He he has one more hand or two legs... use them!
That looked like Roy Nelson wrestling Anthony pettis
I was saying do a HW small tourney of four miocic vs rosholt n rothwell vs Barnett with Roy Nelson vs Lewis in case of injury
So the easiest way to do this would be to have Derek Lewis fight Roy Nelson and bump Rosholt to fight Miocic.
*** Nelson (ED founder) wanted countries to get their own houses in shape before extending themselves! World
was driving home so only caught bits on here but heard we lost Nelson for 10mins and Roy and frets so never gonna be easy
Hodgson wary of outstaying his welcome: England manager Roy Hodgson is excited...
Watching Roy Nelson fights. Accepting that's how I'll look after Christmas.
Sometimes I wonder what kind of a career Roy Nelson could have had if he actually tried.
"PRETTY PAPER" - Roy Orbison - from the Roy Orbison Show via Thanks Roy and Willie Nelson for writing it.
Roy Nelson is like three mythical figures in one. "205 Roy Nelson". "Roy Nelson who uses his BJJ". "Roy Nelson's power after round 1"
Apropos of nothing - thought about Gustafsson at HW. One commenter said Roy Nelson would beat Gus.
The guitar man in white is the great James Burton who backed Ricky Nelson and Elvis ... Pretty Woman with Roy ...
Roy Nelson says he's ready for his "Cainapalooza," in which you repeatedly face the same handful of guys for years. http:…
. One of my favorite Christmas songs. FYI : Willie Nelson wrote this song not Roy Orbison
Roy Nelson has a big fight coming up on Sept. 26 with Josh Barnett. Live on
surprised no one has brought up Roy Nelson when discussing Owens as the tough that isnt all ripped up. Big Country can go!
Emanuel Yarborough. He paved the way for Roy Nelson.
Yes! Not too sweet too, the Nelson is so nice in it! Wonderful thing is cider!
so what does it taste like. The idea of Nelson sauvin hops in anything intrigues me.
I'm hoping Jack Black vs Roy Nelson happens at but my hate of Jack Black might be fueling that hope.
"Wookie Nelson & the Sons of the Planeteers, for that old-time, galaxy-far-away music..." . (With special guest Roy Orbitson)
Will each one be able to do the Showtime Kick including Roy Nelson, Mark Hunt and James Toney?
Country stations should play Lee Roy Parnell's "On the Road" and Willie Nelson's "On the Road Again" back-to-back to see if people notice
later perfected by Roy Nelson, much to Dana & kimBo's displeasure.
he's still an average fighter with power. Glorified Roy Nelson
I mean, who DOESN'T want to see Kharitonov unload on Roy Nelson?!
If you could be any pro athlete and you're answer isn't Roy "Big Country Nelson" then you obviously have mental problems
Remember when a prime JDS walked through Shane Carwin and Roy Nelson's punches with absolutely no fear? That guy is long gone.
hottest male fighter is a tied between big foot and Roy Nelson
Should clarify, it can work vs. Roy Nelson-types still, but Cain/Werdum/Reem? Nope.
happy birthday!! I hope you have a amazing day filled with good food.
"Top 40 Classic Christmas Song of the Day". "Pretty Paper" by Roy Orbison. Written by Willie Nelson. Produced by...
Just funny how people would tell you that if Jon Jones showed up 50 pounds overweight, looking like Roy Nelson, that it "means nothing." OK
Roy "Big Country" Nelson: Made it look easy on National TV can't let the bleep you.. Congrats...
JDS's "button" is too easy to push from the wars. He's prbly just a Roy Nelson type gatekeeper in HW division from this pt on.
can't say that cause overseem is shot as well but just beat 2 of the best punchers in the UFC Roy Nelson and JDS
JDS lost that fight by himself. He fought overeem like Roy Nelson did. If you don't open up on him he'll easily win
Overeem got that Roy Nelson power. It's all in the belly!
Reem is the Norwegian Roy Nelson...well maybe not
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My favorite Junior dos Santos fight was watching him use Roy "always in great shape" Nelson as a punching bag
Roy Nelson had him staggered in their fight and he fought through it, surprised me
Overeem looked solid vs Nelson but Roy put some hands on him at some point. If JDS lands theres no coming back for the Reem
So? He's been doing well & I think Roy Nelson may have something to say about that
Nik Lentz looks like Roy Nelson at his natural weight.
this morning Hayward police killed my cousin "Roy Nelson"
Heavy Weights, Roy Nelson (7-8 in the UFC) & Jared Rosholt (6-1 in the UFC) will meet @ UFC 196 in Las Vegas on February 6th.
I'd say the king of the walk-away knockout is Mark Hunt. See his finishes of Chris Tuchscherer, Stefan Struve, & Roy Nelson
and he couldnt finish Roy Nelson and Mark Hunt did, which EXPOSED JDS and made him terrible.
Mark 'the Super Samoan' Hunt on fighting Roy Nelson - TVNZ
Roy Nelson, Josh Barnatt, Frank Mir, Hendo and Bigfoot are all huge names,...
Johny Hendricks and Kelvin Gastelum will have a Whooper Eating Contest hosted by Roy Nelson on Fight Pass next year.
Some would call me a Duffee hater for this but... I think he is Roy Nelson's next target
Josh Barnett should fight The Winner of Mark Hunt vs Antonio Silva. . Roy Nelson should fight Todd Duffee.
Josh Barnett and Roy Nelson keeping it classy in their post-fight interview. Kudos to these guys! via
Rocked Phoenix Tonight! looked FANTASTIC in Japan against Roy Nelson, and tomorrow, we have the Cardinals!!!
Wow great fight Josh Barnett and Roy Nelson!!! True heart definitely reminded me of Bigfoot and Hunt!!
Fights I'd like to see after UFC Fight Night 75. Heavyweight . Josh Barnett vs Winner of Hunt vs Silva. Roy Nelson...
Roy Nelson can take 33-7 former UFC champion Josh Barnett down, but not 10-10-1 Mark Hunt. Records never have mattered to me.
Shouts to the time "lovable" Roy Nelson called Daniel Cormier an Uncle Tom
How to Watch UFC Fight Night 75 Live Stream Online: Heavyweights Josh Barnett and Roy Nelson square off in the...
Since I'm in Vegas I may as well go to the window and place a bet on v Roy Nelson. I like Big Country. But Josh is my dude!
Roy Nelson on UFC's new drug testing policy: You can still take drugs and pass USADA test
Roy Nelson, age 39, has a beer belly and BMI of 34.4. He's also a UFC fighter.
he's beat Dan Henderson, Frank Mir, Josh Barnett, Roy Nelson, big foot silva. So two former world champs & top 10 contenders
Eric Silva stands by his claim that he never took PED's. He says he regrets putting Roy Nelson in charge of …
Here's Mark Hunt, Roy Nelson, Brock Lesnar and Fedor as the cartoon rock band Fight Friends
I thought Roy Nelson had "Billy Club Sandwich" across his trunks, that would have been so raw if he did
Fabricio had his hands full with Roy Nelson...
what did I miss? Passing reference to Cruz and tidbit re hating Roy Nelson. Was that it?
I wouldn't wanna see Roy Nelson in a street fight
Roy Hodgson says Raheem Sterling's situation at Liverpool has affected his form
Does think Roy Nelson is below him considering Nelsons ranking place and recent defeat to Alistair Overeem?
Wwe looked at Roy Nelson and though mmm I want a peace of that action.
Is Bray Wyatt copying Roy Nelso or is Roy Nelson copying Bray Wyatt?
Rothwell vs Roy Nelson vs Mark Hunt in a chin contest who wins lol.
I think Roy Nelson could be the perfect fit for that role. Maybe runs out and blames Rothwell for his childhood obesity?
Roy "Big Country" Nelson has his ideas on whats next for Dan Henderson, what about you? Who do you think he...
Dan Henderson is to dudes over 40 what Roy Nelson is to dudes who look pregnant
UFC just announced Roy nelson and Ben Rothewell vs Overeem and Struve for the new UFC TAG TEAM WORLD TITLE!!
Wonder who dislikes more rothwell or roy nelson? Nice cartoon bad guy laugh.
Rothwell is like a bald Roy Nelson. Unorthodox, but don’t get caught sleeping
Rothwell has finished Schaub and Mitrione. Logical progression is to continue is to fight the TUF Heavyweights champ, Roy Nelson, no?
Anyone else think Rothwell looks like Roy Nelson?
underrated chin. Would be a treat to watch him and Roy Nelson go at it again at some point.
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Yancy Medeiros used to weigh 245lbs. ... That's like Roy Nelson to Mike Pyle ...
Roy Nelson wishes he could kick like Shawn Jordan.
My first heavyweight fight was Roy Nelson... horrible first impression of the division. This is more like it!
Is that Roy Nelson on the Lightning bench?
Kimbo Slice vs Roy Nelson FULL FIGHT, finally its online lol via /r/MMA
Spotted: Molly Ringwald and Judd Nelson at the local mall
Roy "Big Country" Nelson created a salad that suits my diet. What kind of dressing would you put on that though?...
Watch Matt's fight with Roy Nelson. That'll give you an inkling how this fight will play out.
Overeem : Every time I hit him, he got more angry, Roy Nelson was like the Hulk Or something
lol..did you see his fight against Roy Nelson a few months ago?
roy Nelson, cain, jds, Werdum and hunt.
International Friendly Preview: Republic of Ireland - England: Roy Keane is ea...
Anyone know where exactly Mr. Nelson lives?
Kylie is starting to look like a Brandon Roy unfortunately. Always hurt. Feel bad for the guy
he stopped Roy Nelson and Rothwell among others..Affliction and that Strike HW tourney were top notch..
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Goodman: NCAA's notice to UNC seems to have spared Williams: Goodman: NCAA's notice to UNC seems to have spare...
That is not the case at all Mark Hunt got knocked out by MW Melvin Manhoef, Roy Nelson knocked out by AA still great chins
I wouldn't call anyone fat to their face or maliciously. I save it for myself mostly. Like "Roy Nelson is too fat for 205" or
Roy Nelson something you may like! . Creative with existing technology. I like that. Investment 0 returns infinite
Dad was Prof Roy Vogelman, journalist & educator known as "The Voice of Wisconsin" so dubbed by his colleague *** Nelson!
Looks like camp has officially started for 'Big Country' Roy Nelson
.will teach 2 workshops on Sat, June 6. Info and tickets here: …
Name a striker that Cormier fought before Jones. And please say Roy Nelson.
I'm a big fan of Roy Nelson, he's not what he was, big foot I was never to impressed with, I like Barnett thigh
you know Roy Nelson isn't what he once was, and Bigfoot gets ko'd by everyone
People forget DC fought Roy Nelson a dude with insane KO power how is rumble any different?
All about Roy Nelson : height, biography, quotes - see at
Try the difference between now and the 80s. It's a joke now. Bring back Roy &
I agree, he isn't 6'6 and can't pull off that physic at 6 feet tall. The Roy Nelson of wwe ha ha . He a good worker tho
Kevin Owens reminds me of knockout artist Big County Roy Nelson.
Matt Mitrione loses fights that he should really be winning. He should've been able to do same thing to Roy Nelson that Stipe Miocic did.
He has never shown any other approaches that work at a high level. Just like Roy Nelson.
Why doesn't Roy Nelson change strategy when you diffuse his overhand right?
I liked a video from Josh Barnett vs Roy Nelson at UFC Fight Night Japan
Roy Nelson vs. Fabricio Werdum 2 is gonna be dope.
Roy Nelson Net Worth: Roy Nelson Net Worth $500,000 Roy Nelson coached in the age of 16 in Shaolin Kung Fu and...
BIG NEWS for the hardcore fans, Josh Barnett and Roy Nelson will be coaches for Road to the UFC: Japan reality...
UFC sets vs Roy Nelson for September in Japan, launches new reality show ;)
My beard is a 3 way Venn diagram between Geoff Cross, Roy Nelson & Sheamus from the wrestling.
Josh Barnett vs. Roy Nelson set to headline UFC: Japan, coach new reality show
Poor Roy Nelson is on everyone's highlight reel nowadays.
's beard gives him +10 power with the right hand. It's the "Roy Nelson" effect
Roy Nelson Cleans Up Diet Ahead Of Barnett Scrap…. You just cannot hate this man!. via
Just announced: Sept 27, UFC: Japan at the Saitama Arena headlined by Roy Nelson vs Josh Barnett. The pair will be coache…
Josh Barnett hopes Roy Nelson is allowed to use steroids for UFC showdown in Japan
UFC sets Roy Nelson vs. Josh Barnett for Japan, launches new reality show via
can't wait for you to knockout Roy nelson
they should give Roy Nelson a ticket, he'll fill the place up
Rampage is probably my third favorite behind 1. Chuck Liddell and 2. Roy Nelson
it's reminds me of when Roy Nelson used to rub his fat belly. It's like a badge of honor. I'm only a white belt. lol
Alistair Overeem on Roy Nelson, his turn-around and what's next. via /r/MMA
enjoyed you piece on strange brew, but why are there pictures of Roy Nelson?
Brock Lesnar could probably still beat up Roy Nelson worse than Alistair Overeem did.
what are you talking about? Roy Nelson is LEGIT!. .. Overeem still trashes Lesnar however he likes though
Comment on [results] UFC 185 Roy Nelson vs. Alistair Overeem and download by [results] UFC…
MiddleEasy - Watch Roy Nelson's belly jiggle in the latest Fight Motion
Roy Nelson after hearing that TJ Dillashaw broke his ribs, his tiny baby back ribs
If Alistair Overeem is in awe of Roy Nelson's chin, he must be terrified of Mark Hunt's power!
UFC 185: Alistair Overeem in awe of punishment taken by Roy Nelson: SINCE joining coach Greg Jackson and ...
I broke his ribs, I took years off his career
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Roy Nelson vs Gabriel Gonzaga would be fun to watch what do you think
Brock Lesnar today at 37 years old probably still beats Andrei Arlovski (Ben Rothwell (Roy Nelson (
Not the top guys but I think he would have a chance against Roy Nelson,Andre Arlovski,and guys like that.
Most likely granted he could probably beat guys like Mir, Nogueira, Schaub, Bigfoot, and Roy Nelson.
well written, sad he has to hide out in his Roy Nelson costume... we should take a trip to WHonnock and buy him a beer
Alistair Overeem thinks he probably took years off Roy Nelson's career at UFC 185
Roy Nelson thought that TJ Dillashaw went out for ribs and immediately asked him if he could go.
Roy Nelson just ate TJ Dillashaw's injured rib.
Roy Nelson and dos santos are Grenades Anderson silva is a sniper rapael is a PITBULL
Honestly even a fight between Cain Velasquez and Roy Nelson would be great but I think Overeem would be a bigger challenge for Cain
imagine if Brock Lesnar could take punishment like Roy Nelson
Roy Nelson has the best 7 chins in MMA.
This match up is a fight between Kenny Florian and Miguel Torres after 3 years on the Roy Nelson diet.
Roy Nelson hopes Alistair Overeem hasn't become a safety first Jackson's fighter
Roy Nelson ,Alistair Overeem, Mark Hunt all would be great fights for u gary so when u comin back lol ?
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Dana White . Roy Nelson headed for 155 weight class?
gotta hand it to Roy "Big Country" Nelson, it is very easy to match the face to that name
And YES, Roy Nelson still sports a mullet. Despite the time period of the movie.
So...Roy Nelson is on the cover of and he dies in the first minute? Oy...
Help me out people ever notice that Bray Wyatt look like Roy Nelson and Jr Dos Santos like Randy Ortan.
My buddy Roy W Shiver Jr. came up with a way for me to get the ripped cyclist body while doing what I do best :)
Roy Nelson is one of my favorite actors acting right now.
Thanks to for an awesome Skype chat! You are so sweet. Can't wait to see you KO Roy Nelson!
Tune into now to hear Roy Brumfield and Pastor Nelson Dexter talk about
you guys definitely put Roy Big Country Nelson as overpower. Every time you stun him he automatically recovers. That's bs
Another epic fight going down at between Alistair Overeem and Roy Nelson!
chill Roy Nelson would KO both of us in under 5 seconds
β€œLive life as though nobody is watching, and express yourself as though everyone is listening.” - Nelson Mandela
Roy Nelson is gonna turn over his bra lol j/k
[1501.03251] Ann E. Nelson, Tuhin S. Roy : New Supersoft Supersymmetry Breaking Operators and a Solution to the ...
Roy Nelson & Bigfoot Silva are in I officially don't care anymore
I liked a video Roy Nelson vs Josh Curran Rise to UFC
My cousin just texted me that Rothwell is a more dangerous fighter than Roy Nelson. This can't be real life.
My favorite fighter will always be the country man Roy Nelson
it's about time for overeem rematches after Roy nelson
Will you please get Roy to announce to Australia that we're not related?
[Image] Roy Nelson and Royce Gracie on the poster for The Scorpion King 4
Creston 1 @ Kimberley 3. Roy 98 2 A in 1st game after injury. Richter, Jowsey and Hunt the G's Nelson the W in net, his 1st game asKD ATT470
Heavyweights Roy Nelson and Alistair Overeem head to Dallas for UFC 185. .
I knew it would be straight to DVD when one of the "stars" was Mix martial artist Roy "Big Country" Nelson
umm, Roy Nelson is in the movie, I believe you mean co-starring Lou Ferrigno
England forced to cancel meeting: England manager Roy Hodgson is forced to can...
Time to dial up Double J & warm the set before Monday's kick off. It would be a shame to miss the stink because of dud battery.
Correct. It is Double J for next Monday's five setter with Roy & H.G. Asian Cup fever that had me seeing a treble. 2.00pm kick off.
Check out my interview with UFC fighter and Scorpion King 4 co-star Roy "Big Country" Nelson. .
domain names
LMAO so Roy Nelson is in this new Scorpion King movie?
Roy Nelson is in the Scorpion King 4 movie. Oh lord...
I know Roy Nelson isn't typically bet-worthy but c'mon, +180?? He only needs one grazing punch and fight is over.
The Addiction is the snowflake on the tip of the iceberg. -Roy Nelson, Love Notes from ***
.takes out back-page ad to promote UFC 185 at on March 14. More on the card:
and winner over top heavys like Roy Nelson, Josh Barnett, Bigfoot Silva, and beat HOF Dan Henderson
Don't forget. Roy Nelson vs. Alistair Overeem , if you could'nt make it happen Josh Barnett vs. Alistair Overeem !
Matt Serra is starting to look like 2007 Roy Nelson's action figure.
Roy Nelson,Royce Gracie & Bigfoot Silva . on the set of The Scorpion KingπŸ“·
best call in 42 yrs HG. Glad to hear Roy has modernised and sees the danger in concussion. How times change.
Walter Bryant Jr., Happy Belated Birthday, to my ol' partner and friend! Can only think of you and Kim Kreger Bryant when I'm here, (oops and Roy Nelson)! Xoxoxoxo!
and Roy's Classic Quote ' See Ennis there, I'm sure that Dessie will have him on very very soon '
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