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Roy Moore

Roy Stewart Moore (born February 11, 1947) is an American jurist and Republican politician noted for his refusal, as the elected Chief Justice of the Alabama Supreme Court, to remove a monument of the Ten Commandments from the Alabama Judicial Building despite orders to do so from a federal judge.

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He wouldn't have a chance.i do think in ten years it will be closer to 50/50.maybe 55/45 republican.p…
Sessions, Roy Moore, Bentley, and now we completely ignore the Constitution. Embarrassed to be an Alabamian.
Suspended Judge Roy Moore's son arrested for 8th time—still white and privileged
I'm hardly a fan of Roy Moore yet Bill Britt's critique of his situation seems quite legit.
In the shadows of the Supreme Court and in the backrooms of politics some are deeply afraid of Roy Moore. .
[Pre-Ivey] "Amateur phone sex participant be succeeded by aspiring snake-handler Roy Moore"
That's a good way to look at it. I sure hope it'll be worth the wait! It's starting to feel a lot li…
It'd b neat 2 see how camps formed. Trouble is that any 3rd opponent would prob b from Trumpesque…
Y'all came into my town to protest Judge Roy Moore, will y'all come down for richard spencer in Auburn?
They don't care much for the U.S. Constitution down there. . ("The 1st Amendment only applies to Christians" -Chief…
🇬🇧 3 days left to vote in our British General Election opinion poll - results so far:. UKIP 30%. CON 26%. ROY 24%. LDEM 20%…
Celebrate with Black Christmas, written by Roy Moore. If it doesn't make your skin crawl, it's on too tigh…
Except for the fact you lost the war and the SCOTUS (not ROY MOORE) is head judiciary
Oh? Roy Moore.the moral leader who was willing to rub elbows with Bentley for Sessions' Senate seat? . K...what…
Did Roy Moore more say anything about Bentley's affair? . No? He just told judges not to marry folks who were in lo…
The one common name, Roy Moore, is probably the biggest wack job.
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How is Roy Moore's anything able to yield that much power?. Y'all don't care AT ALL about constitution…
A proponent from Roy Moore's 'moral law' group is speaking for the bill. There's religious persecution, he says…
Assisted suicide ban gets favorable report. Now on health conscience provider bill. Atty from Roy Moore's foundation speaking for it
Also Roy Moore (the twice!! suspended Chief Justice, this time for not enforcing same sex marriage) is thinking of…
“I would hope they’d be more cautious,” said Roy S. Moore, who was suspended as CJ of the AL Sct for his resistance to same-sex marriage."
Unless those judges are like Roy Moore
What do Robert Bentley, Mike Hubbard, Roy Moore, & Jeff Sessions have in common? All from Alabama, all Scandalous
Alabama is still there ,,, with their lunch shaming and Roy Moore and the ex-Governor.
Sir if u truly want 2 put down a marker toward the left- just mention an admiration 4 Judge Roy Moore of Alabama 4 S.C. ! Lol
This has to be the craziest week ever in Alabama politics & it's only Tuesday. Reminder that this is the state of R…
And his second removal as Chief Justice for believing he was a higher power than SCOTUS. 10/
Next up, (Judge) Roy Moore. We're just going to have to play the greatest hits here 8/
Bentley was originally fourth in the Republican Primary behind Bradley Byrne, Roy Moore and Tim James, before defeating Byrne in runoff 2/
“Bentley is the third Alabama official to lose his job in a year. Roy Moore was suspended from his...”
Speaker of House Mike Hubbard serving prison time now, Chief Justice of the Supreme Court Roy Moore suspended. N…
2018 Guv should be cakewalk for but they wont even compete. Roy Moore curren…
Speaker of House Mike Hubbard was removed from office on ethics convictions; Chief Justice Roy Moore was suspended w/o pay…
Gov. Bentley joined House Speaker Mike Hubbard & Alabama Chief Justice Roy Moore on the sidelines after being forced.
Read up on Chief Justice of the AL Supreme Court, Roy Moore. Then read
New gov is sworn in by acting Chief Justice of AL b/c Roy Moore (of 10 Commandments fame) is suspended for ignore marr…
I know! I haven't been this happy about my state since we fired Roy Moore for the 2nd time.
Alabama with the trifecta: Roy Moore, Mike Hubbard, and Robert Bentley, heads of all 3 branches of state government, can…
Within one year three of Alabama's top elected officials have been forced out of office, Mike Hubbard, Roy Moore and Robert…
So Alabama is filled with all kind of corrupt Republicans... . (1) Jeff Sessions (2) Roy Bently , (3) Mike Hubbard , (4) Roy Moore, .
Alabama the state that produce Roy Moore, Jeff Sessions, and "love gov" Robert Bentley...unfortunately it's still more like them here.
TRUTH. He's the worst. Roy Moore: also awful. Jeff Sessions: ALSO WORST. Alabama politics are as dirty as it gets.…
It's just so typical of AL. Roy Moore, Jeff Sessions, Gov. Bentley, Mo Brooks - a sack full of hypocritical, hissing snakes.
'Roy Moore's wife' & Judge Moore can take that statement...roll it up real tight..& shove it straight up...
My artwork has opened doors I have met some famous people col. Oliver north,Roy blunt,mike huckabee,Judge Roy Moore, etc.
comes from the State that gave us Roy Moore - the judge. And, yes, our new supported him. Scary.
look at Judge Roy Moore removed for standing up 4 Bible & GOD!
get him. Also get the one that harassed Judge Roy Moore
Even Scalia wouldn't support this crap. Only federal judge who might is Roy Moore who's still suspended from his last church v. state loss
Aand, there's this...Confederate Memorial Day. Oh, and of course, Jeff Sessions & Roy Moore. htt…
This is the same man who had Chief Justice Roy Moore suspended for upholding Alabama's First Amendment rights.
Plus, what he did to Chief Justice Roy Moore was shameful.
don't allow Judge William H. Pryor Jr. who prosecuted Roy Moore for defying illegal federal court order as Supreme Ct Judge
I hope doesnt nominate William Pryor for after his disgraceful treatment of the honorable Roy Moore.
Judge Roy Moore would be an excellent nominee for SCOTUS and so would you, Judge Jeanine! IF you wanted it.
Judge Roy Moore would be an excellent replacement for Scalia. He is totally committed to our Constitution and Country! Thx
"yes, yes, yes, Judge Roy Moore!! He certainly deserves it after all he has been through and still…" — db
would love for you to appoint Justice Roy Moore to Supreme Court! Looking forward to !
Roy Moore for Supreme Court Justice?: Okay, say it with me: Supreme Court Justice Roy…
Indeed, the acknowledgement of God is not synonymous with religion.
I swear I just read the term "Constitutional Christian" on FB regarding Roy Moore. I can't... like... what the... I mean... ***Facepalm***
domain names
Don't need a liberal judge, Roy Moore was railroaded out illegally!
or what about Roy Moore, raw deal, by lgbt!
I wish Trump would also to Judge Roy Moore
this the same Pryor who got Justice Roy Moore thrown off the bench for defying *** Marriage, this man is a joke!
I wonder if Trump will consider Roy Moore for SCOTUS.
I hope you advised against William Pryor, who prosecuted Judge Roy Moore for his defense of the Ten Commandments
Bentley interviews Roy Moore for potential Senate seat
Remember Ann Roy Moore is all that I can say.
Read about Roy Moore's son's chronic arrests. Since Roy can't control his own home, how can he be trusted to make…
He also went after Judge Roy Moore and the 10 commandments - bad choice for religious liberty - he is untrustworthy :(
Operation Rescue wants to name Roy Moore, AL judge suspended on ethics violations, to
William Pryor is one of Donald's choice for SC justice replacement for Scalia. Why is AL gov interviewing Roy Moore to replace Sessions?
I despise Roy Moore and his horribly twisted sense of "justice." He's a disgrace to the judicial system and an embarrassment to our state.
Roy Moore's attorneys filed their appeal of the Chief Justice's suspension with the special Supreme Court last night. Read…
Daniel what about Bill Pryor question of Roy Moore in 2003? Would that not bring up question about Religious Libert…
As opposed to Satan's Ten Commandments? Did Roy Moore do this?
Still later in 2017: "Gov. Roy Moore pardons Mike Hubbard, appoints him Chief of Staff"
my sister just read an article with 20 people who could possibly run for gov of alabama and Mike Hubbard and Roy Moore were listed
Roy Moore violated judicial ethics when he directed judges to withhold marriage licenses from same-gender couples.
In case you missed it last week, AL Supreme Court Chief Justice Roy Moore was served justice for defying federal...
Alabama Chief Justice Roy Moore suspended in *** marriage case via
Roy Moore has been ousted twice now. Dear fellow Alabamians, will you please stop electing this man to public office? Pret…
Roy Moore, Alabama Chief Justice, Suspended . A candidate for the Bull Connor Hall of Fame.
3A: Roy Moore failed to abstain from public comment about a pending proceeding in his own court. htt…
3: Roy Moore failed to perform the duties of his office impartially and…
2B: Roy Moore failed to avoid conduct prejudicial to the administration of justice, brought office to disrepute
2A. Roy Moore failed to respect and comply with the law and…
2. Roy Moore failed to avoid impropriety and the appearance of impropriety in all his activities. ht…
1. Roy Moore failed to uphold the integrity and independence of the judiciary.
Here are the judicial canons Ala. Supreme Court Chief Justice Roy Moore is guilty of violating: http…
This is the second time Roy Moore has been suspended/removed from the Alabama Supreme Court
Remember the judge who said he had a "ministerial duty" to not issue the same-sex marriage licenses?
Wow talking about showing who u serve...every Christian ought to stop buying this smut
Alabama Chief Justice Roy Moore has been suspended for directing judges to enforce the state's same-sex marriage ban
Some good news today: Roy Moore was suspended permanently.
Read our timeline of Roy Moore’s unconstitutional efforts to mix law and religion over the span of 25 years:
Today, Alabama's Chief Justice Roy Moore faces ethics charges for the second time by
End of 1, 3-0, only downside, Conner Moore left with left arm in sling and ice, pads off..He thinks h…
Roy Moore Belief and need to win is not an excuse to force others to give up their rights to FULL due process-even your opposition!
This is terrific news. AL Chief Justice Roy Moore Suspended Without Pay for Remainder of Term Over *** Marriage Order htt…
Justice in Alabama: Roy Moore ousted from the bench
Alabama Chief Justice suspended after illegally attempting to block same-sex marriages
When will we learn, States don't have rights anymore with Obama in office. No Common sense.
This guy perfectly exemplifies the opposite of judicial discretion. Roy Moore Suspended for *** Marriage Stance
The court found Roy Moore guilty of all 6 charges of violation of canon of judicial ethics .
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Quote from Tommy Arthur, a convicted murderer who awaits execution: “I think Roy Moore has some mental problems. I think…
Traditional-marriage 'hero' Roy Moore removed from office.
Coming up at 9 hear what's next for Roy Moore. Could he be eying the governor's. office, again?
Yes! Alabama Chief Justice Roy Moore found guilty of ethics violations; suspended without pay for remainder of his term.
Alabama Death Row inmate reacts to Roy Moore suspension: 'I think he's a nutcase'
"Not going to miss the Ayatollah of Alabama": State's Chief Justice removed in *** marriage dispute
Everyone in the US has rights except Christians. Roy Moore is a good man. People of the State of AL are the real losers.
BREAKING: Ala. Supreme Court Justice Roy Moore suspended for remainder of his term. Here’s the final judgment
BREAKING: Alabama judicial court suspends Chief Justice Roy Moore for rest of term over his defiance of *** marriage.
Conservatives put their faith & their Bible above the law of the land. We are not some Middle East country!
Alabama Supreme Court justice Roy Moore suspended for defying *** marriage law
Evening Briefing: Here’s what you need to know at the end of the day
The Chief Justice of the Alabama Supreme Court, Roy Moore, who told lower court judges to ignore the US Supreme...
Breaking News: The Alabama Chief Justice, Roy Moore, was suspended over his defiance on *** marriage
Roy Moore has been removed from the Alabama Supreme Court for defying the United States Supreme Court on the...
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Closing arguments at judicial ethics trial for Roy Moore
It seems Sen. Jason Rapert doesn't understand that Roy Moore is on trial for attempting to deny people their...
MT JIC asks judge to dismiss Roy Moore's complaint over ethics charges.
Roy Moore told justices "suppression of dissent" on was underway. Then he paraphrased Martin Niemoller:
Attorneys for Roy Moore have filed redacted copies of memos Moore sent to the state Supreme Court urging a decision on an case.
Christie returns w burgers, Newt w a new wife for Trump, Pence w a baker who refused to make a cake 4 *** & Jeff w Roy Moore
white people are constantly worried about that. From George Wallace to Roy Moore to
.Maybe he was referring to Roy Moore, Tony Perkins, Brian Brown, and their hate groups
While you were out: Roy Moore went to federal court on Friday, asking a federal judge to protect his rights. Really. http…
Dothan drag queen Ambrosia Starling on her feud with Roy Moore - Dothan Eagle
Drag queen foe of Roy Moore has deep Dothan roots – Dothan Eagle
Roy Moore supporters call for reinstatement of Alabama Chief Justice
VIDEO: Roy Moore supporters hold news conference.
If only there'd been some clue Roy Moore liked to ignore laws that don't suit him... . 😒
Roy Moore suspended from office: Chief Justice faces removal over stance
Roy Moore suspended: What they are saying around the country about Alabama's Chief Justice
Roy Moore suspended from office: AL Chief Justice faces removal. As he should! https:/…
Roy Moore suspended from office: Alabama Chief Justice faces removal over *** marriage stance
We will elect him again in 2018. This time as our governor! We want Roy Moore!
Ambrosia Starling mentioned by Roy Moore in the New York Times article, will appear at Rocket City Pride on Sat.,...
I don't think so. ..but Roy Moore can't run for re election in 2018 b/c he will be over 70. There is that rule.
Now when will the other shoe drop and the Roy Moore sex scandal emerges?
Roy Moore is a lousy cheif justice. Now he thinks he can overrule the diagnosis of thousands of doctors. Priorities stink.
judge which there are many activist judges around the country. Roy Moore only picks and chooses the laws he likes and thinks he is above the
AL Bigot Nutter and top Judge Roy Moore blames 'atheists, homosexuals and transgender' people for legal complaint
Coverage of Roy Moore's latest blame-shifting from national outlet
Blog: At a press conference, Roy Moore used anti-LGBT slurs, said ethics complaints against him should be dismissed
Does Judge Roy Moore wear a good black dress at work?
My band wrote a song about Roy Moore. We're huge fans of yours and would be honored if you listened
ICMYI: Roy Moore says it's "for probate judge to decide" whether they'll offer marriage licenses to same-sex couples
Roy Moore (the actual Chief Justice of an actual state Supreme Court) is reaching new levels of unhingedness today.
Alabama Judge Roy Moore calls on Congress to impeach Ruth Bader Ginsburg over *** marriage case
Another judge (in this case, Roy Moore) acknowledges knowingly doing something wrong for money.
Why is our Chief Justice such an *** His name is Roy Moore in case you want to send some fan mail
I nominate Roy Moore of the Alabama Supreme Court for the position of Chief Justice for the U.S. Supreme Court.
Look! It's Roy Moore's chief of staff, Ben Duper, nosing around the POWER House this AM.
Roy Moore attacked the Bar Assoc's proposed ban on LGBT discrim. Bc there's nothing like a Chief Justice wanting to deny people's rights
Most Likely Roy Moore is going to Run for governor in 2018 . No Roy Moore .
They don't want to be reminded that there is an authority higher than the a...
Roy says that when he went to watch Marcus Paige play for the first time, "it changed UNC basketball for the next four…
Roy saying these guys provided "an outlet" -- a positive one -- amid "the junk." "This may be my favorite team of all ti…
Roy Moore here seen making notes during 1-2-1 training at my Dojang
Kayla Moore (wife of Chief Justice Roy Moore, Supreme Court of AL) on why for Pres!
The wife of Alabama Supreme Court Chief Justice Roy Moore has decided to endorse
Kayla Moore, wife of Chief Justice Roy Moore: 'I trust Ted Cruz to pick the next Supreme Court Justice"
Roy Moore's WIFE??? hmmm raising eyebrows over that one
update -- gotta add Jeff Sessions after endorsement, but if Alabama, why not Roy Moore? An even worse human being.
GO Volunteer Lightning Talk: Roy Moore of Fairplay for All (FFA) See you there!
.supporters, just remember that his choice for SCOTUS is the guy who unseated Roy Moore after the 10 Commandments bs
strike first, Connor Moore with his second goal of year 1-0 9:00 1st period.. Absolute must win if team wants shot at playoffs
Ted Cruz touts support from Roy Moore's wife, Kayla, who runs his legal group after Moore became AL Chief Justice
Roy Moore's wife has endorsed Ted Cruz in the presidential race:
Well, wonder how Roy Moore feels about this? I say kudos to her for plainin herself and being sensible enough to...
Alabama's Fighting Judge is at it again! Roy Moore is standing up for Alabama.
5 possible Supreme Court picks that could make Re // Roy Moore makes a fine Judge. And he doesn't make me squirm.
The Economist | Roy Moore: The prophet of decline. via
Opt out of voting against people who want oil wells in nat'l parks & think guys like Roy Moore should be a SCOTUS judge? OK.
Roy Moore: The prophet of decline via
but in this article about Alabama's ignorant Bible-thumper of a Chief Justice, Roy Moore, the writer says something very strange:
My latest, in defense of Roy Moore: Judge Moore Only One Following Constitution .   10% Off
Cattle-musterer, kickboxer, poet: Roy Moore, the Ayatollah of Alabama, is more than a lone fanatic My piece
President Obama attacks Alabama Judge Roy Moore, *** marriage’ is here to stay
To paraphrase Barry Goldwater, every good Christian in Alabama ought to kick Roy Moore right in the nuts...
Roy Moore is going where Lester Maddox and Bull Connor await him. Farts and belches before he goes.
Roy Moore is a hero... May God raise up more men and woman of Christian conviction like him--especially judges. ~Jerry Ne…
Our children will look at Roy Moore no different than how we looked at Gov. Orval Faubus of Arkansas & Gov. Ross Barnett of Mississippi
Its too bad that the WNBA gets no love, people can't see how much of a beast Maya Moore is
Published a new blog entry Judge Roy Moore Final Testimony (Full Version) in Blog.
Tell Kim Davis that. Tell Kansas, which still tries to enforce their sodomy law. Tell Roy Moore.
Roy Moore thanks for popping up to take some pics, 13 new members for KEB today 😎
Roy Moore's head is exploding from push alerts.
Great win, great series; Maya Moore is women's basketball Roy Hobbs. WHATEVER she wants 2do she does...
Wendell Moore (Cox Mill) will be taking a visit the weekend of October 23. Late night with Roy
Judge Roy Moore-May The Lord Yeshua, our Lord,Bless Your Seat,Your Family,Your Position Sir.Praise be to the KING of king's! AMEN!
state courts are not bound by SCOTUS constitutional interpretations. Roy Moore in Alabama was right last spring.
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I welcome Piggly Wiggly to the Southside!. I have known Mr. Roy Moore since I was a kid growing up in Quincy where he managed the IGA.
says will host Late Night with Roy on Oct 23
I don't guess wants to be my plus one to my city's screening of this? Look, good ole Roy Moore appears.
"The ball is now in President Bell’s court, & I hope that he at least acts as ethically on this issue as Roy Moore".
Trevor Booker threw a punch at Roy Hibbert last night.
Wow. I'm not a lawyer but I might understand retroactivity better than Roy Moore's lawyers
Sold out game at VCU, like the last 70 games, fans wild, and here comes Charlie Moore down da floor! (by Roy Allen) http:/…
If you could drop that on Roy Moore's foot, that'd be fantastic. Very nice memorial!
Top reply. Sounds like an episode from Benny Hill. Load of twaddle. Hopefully Roy is in good form on Thursday. Must start for NI
is spotted in Japan! Baldwin's Marty Moore and Roy Maeda. Get yours:
Welcoming England T20 and 1 day cricketer Jason Roy and partner, Elle Moore, to Seychelles and
is more correct than he knows. Look at Roy Moore!
your take on almond m&ms could be the worst thing I've ever read...and I read roy moore's book
Photoset: morejulianne: Julianne Moore walks the red carpet at Roy Thomson Hall for the screening of...
would you happen to know Judge Roy Moore emai?. I cannot find it and as a taxpayer & a citizen of Alabama I need to talk to Roy
Update your maps at Navteq
““The point is that knowledge of God is not prohibited under the First Amendment.”” - Roy Moore
On 9/11 I was clerking on the AL Supreme Ct (not Roy Moore). The 10 Comm. monument was big national news. I heard about WTC on
Davis is on the Roy Moore plan for attention/money. She'll be known as a crusader/hero by the right.
Roy Moore appoints judge, landmark *** adoption case to proceed
Roy Moore: Alabama judges cannot issue same-sex marriage licenses for 25 days
Roy Moore on yesterday's marriage ruling: Still an injunction in the state via
You think Roy Moore is sitting somewhere right now trying to rank the crazy things he could do so he can do the absolute most crazy?
No same-sex marriage decision today. Calls to Roy Moore's chambers will wait another day.
Roy Moore and Mike Huckabee Co author John Perry sued for child molestation.
In 1995, Roy Moore addressed the Council of Conservative Citizens, a white supremacist group
JUDGE NEPOLITANO, is kind of bugging me about the actions of Alabama's Chief Justice Roy Moore. He says, the...
Either you or Roy Moore for a SOuthern Nationalist governor of Alabama.
Supporter of the Season goes to Roy Moore for his sterling efforts with - very well deserved!
I liked a video from Alabama Supreme Court Chief Justice, Roy Moore
Professional homophobe and sometimes AL Supreme Court Justice Roy Moore is the cuckoo bird gift that keeps on giving
Access more than 7.4 million parts at Parts Direct
And the lawyer for Roy Moore's son? The same attorney that defended Eric Rudolph, the B'ham abortion clinic bomber in 1998.
The ghost of William Tecumseh Sherman is happy any time that the south can be crushed. Good job Roy Moore.
Roy Moore is really gunning for the post of 21st Century Bull Connor
Phil Robertson of comes to and says, "Roy Moore is spot on."
Duk Dynasty patriarch Phil Robertson says Roy Moore is tryin his best
patriarch Phil Robertson says 'Roy Moore is trying his best'
Chris Christie is the Roy Moore of public pensions.
If Chris Cuomo really has that much of a problem with Roy Moore's factually correct argument, he should relocate to Cuba.
John Oliver laughs at Roy Moore (as he very much deserves to be laughed at)
Roy Moore got the John Oliver treatment last night:
I think in competition for bigot of the year, Pat Robertson, Sally Kern of Oklahoma, and Roy Moore of Alabama would all ti…
Roy Moore & Cindy Jacobs: Partners vs. Satan AL & Moore are going to lose this battle, as they have every other time.
Looks like Texas Lt. Governor Dan Patrick wants to pull a Roy Moore via
Anti *** leaders hail Roy Moore, compare him to the Apostle Paul along with Martin Luther King Jr.
Roy Moore's logic on marriage equality: I'm just like those who opposed Dred Scott decision.
Ala. Judge Roy Moore compared himself to judges who refused to follow Dred Scott decision in 1857. Incredible.
It's so disgusting to see Roy Moore trying to argue that resisting marriage equality is equivalent to resisting Dred Scott or Plessy.
Noted judicial intellect Roy Moore likens to (which held black people aren't citizens): http:/…
Wow! Roy Moore says he'll ignore the Supreme Court, comparing a marriage equality ruling to Dred Scott. Just... wow.
Ku Klux Klan thrilled that Roy Moore in schoolhouse door against *** marriage. Missing chromosome so proud
Photoset: sandandglass: Jon Stewart looks at the decision of Roy Moore, Alabama’s Chief Justice, to defy a...
host Chris Cuomo destroys Roy Moore in epic interview
I added a video to a playlist Roy Moore vs Chris Cuomo in CNN Explosive Interview over *** Marriage
Chris Cuomo gets into it with AL Judge Roy Moore: 'You're putting God before the laws of man' via
Fischer: Roy Moore = Martin Luther King: Even as someone who chronicles the bizarro world…
Dollars to donuts Roy Moore and Mike Huckabee have the same *** friend. (and, in my heart, it's Bruce Vilanch)
I'm mystified at how anyone can even feel that way. Clearly his wires are crossed, but doesn't he feel ashamed...
*** bigot Roy Moore: Continuing Alabama's proud tradition of hatred and homophobia. .
Wonder how Roy Moore can tell probate judges in Alabama what to do on *** marriage? He can't, says Lambda Legal.
Sometimes, you have to see who your allies are to know where you stand.
Laptop insurance - because accidents happen!
How Marriage Equality in Alabama Is Not Like the Civil Rights Movement: Here’s an SAT-level analogy question: ...
You may hate his politics and despise his personal views, but after listening to Roy Moore this morning on WVNN...
“Breaking: U.S. Supreme Court denies request to block same-sex marriages from starting in Alabama
Alabama Judge Roy Moore demonstrates once again that his version of religious belief is to deny others their rights.
My favorite Judge Roy Moore fact is that he literally has a Jeff Davis portrait right next to one of George Washington in his office
Good for him! Roy Moore (the *** Chief Justice of Alabama's supreme court) is firmly supported by the KKK.
What a shock, the vows to support a Ray Charles and Stevie Wonder saw that coming.
many people here do snort glass. They also smoke it. Google "Roy Moore," though. I'm sure you'll like him.
Afraid to show true colors? KKK takes a stand with Alabama Chief Justice via
The KKK supports Alabama's Judge Roy Moore. . Which side are YOU on Alabama? .
is no where near over. Marriage equality=social justice.
KKK calls-to-arms to combat-same-sex-marriage in Al. salutes Judge Roy Moore
Obama talks about Roy Moore in BuzzFeed interview-"won’t say" G Wallace is a "perfect analogy"
Chief Justice of Alabama Supreme Court,Roy Moore:'Federal judges are not infallible' says it all via
He is at least as despicable as George Wallace & twice as irrelevant: Roy Moore: I'm No George Wallace
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Congratulations to Roy Moore for becoming the George Wallace of our age.
Roy Moore = George Wallace. Charles Dean, a columnist for an Alabama newspaper, makes the obvious and accurate...
Rep. John Lewis on Roy Moore's nullification of *** marriage ruling: 'it's like George Wallace standing in the schoolhouse…
The cool thing about paying attention in history class is recognizing when it's repeating itself. Roy Moore is the new George Wallace.
Roy Moore might possibly be the George Wallace of 21st century Alabama... 😒
Bryan Fischer hails Roy Moore and Alabama probate judges as the modern-day heirs to MLK for fighting *** marriage: http…
Roy Moore would do well as Chief Justice for the Iranian Supreme Court.
AL Chief Justice Roy Moore says *** marriage leads to incestuous marriage. Ironic, since incestuous marriage seems to have led to Roy Moore.
it's Roy Moore. Nothing more. Nothing less. On the express lane to his second removal from the Chief Justice position.
Umm...Roy Moore says Alabama can execute *** if they want.
Guy:"Roy Moore's ruling makes him a modern day George Wallace standing in the school door. He will lose this fight."
Roy Moore, Chief Justice of AL Supreme Court trying to stop *** marriage, suggested state has power to execute *** https:…
Who is Roy Moore? The judge at the center of Alabama’s muddled *** marriage situation
Roy Moore is an incompetent lunatic. Hopefully the people of Alabama will realize this and remove him from office.
The Southern Poverty Law Center can now officially put "trolling Roy Moore" on their resume. 💅
Update your maps at Navteq
*** marriage in Alabama? Ban struck down by Bush-appointee? Mind blown. Roy Moore is going to have a …
So, to be clear. Rep. Barbara Boyd said she'd like more fairness in justice system. Roy Moore: "Isn't that demanded in …
Roy Moore: "Isn't that demanded in scriptures? … I don't see a lot of mercy in our justice system. I see ... lock them …
"“oh my god lol" MA AHH GOT BAD LUCK I WOULD HAVE B…
Industry Minister Moore hopes trade barriers between provinces will start to come down
Coming to a car in front of you? Roy Moore's Foundation for Moral Law wants "Don't Tread on Me" Alabama plate
Seventh consecutive restaurant day risked diminishing marginal returns but lunch in Roy Moore's Fish Shack and dinner in Mr Bartley's lovely
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