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Roy Hodgson

Roy Hodgson (born 9 August 1947) is an English former footballer and the current head coach of West Bromwich Albion.

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Sam Allardyce mocked predecessor Roy Hodgson - and hit out at Gary Neville in meeting with undercover reporters
Big Sam mocks Roy Hodgson and Gary Neville and talks how to evade FA rules on transfers to undercover journos! Good…
Rangers midfielder Joey Barton, 34, believes he could do a better job as England manager than Sam Allardyce or Roy Hodgson.
.went against Roy Hodgson's decision on set-pieces at Euro 2016
► Rooney admits to overruling Hodgson at Euro 2016.…
Rooney admits to overruling Hodgson at Euro 2016.
Euro 2016: Roy Hodgson didn't expect England exit so early in the tournament
It's all starting to come out now about how clueless Roy was. Fair play to Hodgson though he fooled you for 4 years Martin ;)
Crazy stuff - skipper Wayne Rooney reveals he undermined Roy Hodgson at
Wayne Rooney interesting here on Roy Hodgson's tactics, Harry Kane's corners and what he, as captain, did about it
Rooney reveals he undermined Hodgson at Euros
England captain Wayne Rooney says Harry Kane did not want to take corners but Roy Hodgson selected him.
Wayne Rooney led revolt over Roy Hodgson's call to have Harry Kane take corners at Euro 2016 [various].
Wayne Rooney says he overruled Roy Hodgson's decision on taking corners at Euro 2016: https…
Roy Hodgson should have gone after your last World Cup campaign, I think Harry Redknapp should have got the job
England: Wayne Rooney admits he overruled Roy Hodgson's decision to select Harry Kane as corner-taker at Euro 2016:
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England captain Wayne Rooney has revealed he overruled Roy Hodgson's decision for Harry Kane to take corners at Euro 2016.
I thought they were, but how can you top the clown prince Roy Hodgson's last couple belly wobblers?
Wayne Rooney reveals he stopped Harry Kane taking corners at ahead of Roy Hodgson https:/…
Rooney: I decided to take corners instead of Kane at Euros: Roy Hodgson was criticized for his decision to pu...
Ross Barkley to use Roy Hodgson's 'devastating' Euro 2016 snub as ... -
Neil Warnock, Roy Hodgson and now Sam Allardyce joins the list of managers that don't rate Ross Barkley. Thankfully, Rona…
Mark Hughes hopeful Sam Allardyce will take more interest in his Stoke side than Roy Hodgson ever did
Jamie Vardy reveals Roy Hodgson said he'd made 'the right choice' to reject
England boss Roy Hodgson to unleash Raheem Sterling against Wales’ three-man defence – report
''Ross, how big of a bellend is Roy Hodgson'
Theresa May is the Roy Hodgson of politics.
Raw and honest to the point of vulnerable from Roy Hodgson. He's really been let down by certain players.
'Big Sam' has also said that Roy Hodgson 'should have won EURO 2016' with the squad he took.
Roy hodgson managed the United Arab Emirates national team
I've got it. The ultimate dinosaur name. Roy Hodgson. (Cheap gag)
England could have won Euro 2016 with the squad Roy Hodgson selected, according to new manager Sam Allardyce.
Roy Hodgson was Liverpool's greatest ever manager, don't @ me
The Football Association is this week stepping up its search for Roy Hodgson's successor and will choose England's next m…
My opinion on the idea of Allardyce taking charge of England. RT's appreciated as always. . ht…
Sam Allardyce claims Roy Hodgson should have won Euro 2016 with current England squad: Big Sam has also scrapped FA…
So does that make Roy Hodgson a mercenary when he was manager of Switzerland?
Allardyce, who helped save Sunderland from Premier League relegation last season, succeeds Roy Hodgson after a disappointing Euro 2016
he hopes he has something to dance about soon.More than 3.1/2 million he has less experience than Roy Hodgson?
Anybody agree? Roy Hodgson is most charismatic manager of our times. Blows Shankly,Paisley,Clough,Ferguson away. Now we have Fat Head Sam.
Roy Hodgson seems in good spirits after losing the England job
Roy Hodgson is close to a return to management. Sources say hes close to taking over at Trans club https:…
I think Roy Hodgson should be made to sign the sex offenders register in the new years honours list
Sad to see Roy Hodgson didn't take my advice.
Totally agree. In the same bracket of greats like David Moyes, Roy Hodgson and Tony Pulis.
I see a couple of weeks with Roy Hodgson has sent you grey! featured in NBC s Science of Love
Roy Hodgson career change in full effect...
BREAKING: Roy Hodgson has resigned as manager. .
Fair enough, but he took USA further in the last World Cup than Roy Hodgson managed to do.
Honestly don't know, but I'm guessing the biggest *** of them all, Roy Hodgson
England manager Roy Hodgson gives us his thoughts on how will get on!
Roy Hodgson away and Sam Allardyce in, its problem on problem for England. Wayne Rooney remains England best. No doubt
he waiting for the call up from Roy hodgson 📞
I hope David Cameron and Roy Hodgson don't unresign.
I stopped taking them serious when they appointed Roy Hodgson. He was labelled a man with "potential " @ 63 then
Roy Hodgson, Big Sam sacked by Blackburn go on to manage England. Gary Bowyer your turn soon.
Straight job swap: Len Goodman and Roy Hodgson. You heard it here first.
Big Sam will make Roy Hodgson look good. Stuart Pearce, knows the England set up and knows what is wrong with it.
we'll appoint a dream team of Roy Hodgson and Phil Brown
Only Brendan Rodgers and probably Roy Hodgson and Paul Jewell could lose to a part time team in the UCL 😂😂
Roy Hodgson spotted as an umpire at Wimbledon
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Oliver Bierhoff reveals, English FA is having a talk with Jurgen Klinsmann for the post of Manager post Roy Hodgson
Next England manager: Jurgen Klinsmann in talks with FA to replace Roy Hodgson, says former Germany team-mate...
Roy Hodgson resigning is better with the Titanic music... .
David Cameron quits. Roy Hodgson quits . Boris Johnson quits. Nigel Farage quits . Chris Evans quits . Next we'll see the Qu…
MATT LAWTON: Roy Hodgson and Martin Glenn made for an unusual double act. Hodgson complained that he had no desire to even attend the
So borris is taking the England job. Roy Hodgson is hosting top gear. And Chris Evans will be the new prime mini…
First David Cameron, then Roy Hodgson, then Boris Johnson, now Nigel Farage and Chris Evans...what the *** are we, Great Quitai…
Martin Glenn, Dan Ashworth and David Gill are tasked with finding Roy Hodgson's successor. But what do they know about…
Roy Hodgson was paid more in 2 weeks by the FA than Chris Coleman gets in a year.
Sir Alex Ferguson believes Sam Allardyce is the right man to succeed Roy Hodgson
Roy Hodgson, Roy Hodgson, Roy Hodgeson, he's taking us to Gatwick
Saying au revoir to and Roy Hodgson: my latest blog
Woy Hodgson being able to pronounce his own name Roy Hodgson
FA trio lead search for new boss: The three men tasked with finding a successor to England manager Roy Hodgson wil…
Ross Barkley to Roy Hodgson is like Kevin Mirallas to Roberto Martinez
Award-winning producer Henry Normal on Steve Coogan, Roy Hodgson and why he's coming to Hucknall
At least Gove would be better than Farage. Having said that Steve McClaren, Remi Garde, Roy Hodgson and Juande Ramos are better than Farage
Is it just me, or does Theresa May look like Roy Hodgson in drag?
The Daily Star are reporting Laurent Blanc has emerged as a shock contender to succeed Roy Hodgson as England manager.
Independent: Laurent Blanc: England to consider former PSG manager as Roy Hodgson's successor
The moment you realise Gareth Southgate and Glenn Hoddle . are the bookmakers' favourites to succeed Roy Hodgson.
Gareth Southgate poised to turn down England job as FA react to Roy Hodgson's resignation
Gareth Southgate has no interest in succeeding Roy Hodgson.
Roy Hodgson decides to go to Summer Bay to get away from it all.Alf Stewart and Morag Bellingham don't seem so keen
The two best quotes from the press conference with Roy Hodgson & FA Chief Executive Martin Glenn today.
ICYMI: Roy Hodgson to face media with FA chief executive Martin Glenn Watch LIVE on https:…
Roy Hodgson's press conference about to begin.
Roy Hodgson resigning is even better with the titanic music...
Roy Hodgson trying to hide from the English media earlier today...😂😂
Watch the key moments from today's press conference with CEO Martin Glenn and departing boss Roy Hodgson:
have 45 minutes to save their campaign - and Roy Hodgson has brought on to help do it
Roy Hodgson also confirmed that Gary Neville will be leaving the England set up: "They [Ray and Gary] will leave with me…
Roy Hodgson spotted himself on the big screen and made himself look like he had a plan 😂😂 .
A little light reading over breakfast from - hard to disagree with him
Jamie Carragher: Jurgen Klinsmann is my pick to replace Roy Hodgson via
England Under-21 boss Gareth Southgate has emerged as the favourite to replace Roy Hodgson as manager of the senior tea…
.If Roy Hodgson REALLY didn't know why he had to front up after England's Euros exit, I'll explain.. ht…
Roy Hodgson's archaic, basic and ancient methods failed to inspire England
would be interesting to see the difference in preparation between Eddie Jones and Roy Hodgson.
Roy Hodgson disguising himself on the train after England's humiliating 2-1 defeat to Iceland.
Think they should hire ... He always seems to know what would be best ... In the comfort of a TV studio
Hodgson and question reports that players were unhappy with management: http…
Probably said that earlier in the week too ... Hodgson says: ‘I don’t really know what I am doing here’
England chief executive on potential successors to Roy Hodgson...
Nigel Farage in Brussels speaking on behalf of Britain went as well as my attempt to link that with Roy Hodgson's spell with England... 😕
Roy Hodgson had Rashford, Vardy, Sturridge and Kane on the pitch at the same time. That's incredible.
Roy Hodgson, "I don't really know what I'm doing here."
If only Roy Hodgson had shown such determination for England.
I like the kind of salary Roy Hodgson Earn as England coach ,perform woefully in Football tournament & resign .
Roy Hodgson departs with an exercise in England's bombast and self importance.
SPOTTED: Roy Hodgson trying to avoid England fans this morning…
Guardian has a piece this morning saying the FA is considering Arsène Wenger to replace Roy Hodgson? Are they...
Roy Hodgson was the highest paid manager at this year's Euros. Just let that sink in
Roy Hodgson's last press conference was an exercise in England's self-importance | http…
Roy Hodgson questions report that players were unhappy with management at Euro 2016:
There is no obvious candidate to replace Roy Hodgson as boss, says Alan Smith
Random Roy confused everyone during the Euros, even himself. Why England failed so badly...
Arsene Wenger emerges as No 1 England target to replace Roy Hodgson with FA willing to wait |
Roy Hodgson spotted in disguise to avoid angry England fans this morning
.Defeat against was worst ever humiliation
City boss Claudio Ranieri is 25-1 to succeed Roy Hodgson as England boss
SPOTTED: Roy Hodgson returns to England in disguise to avoid angry fans.
England's players were good enough to reach the semis; Roy Hodgson was not.
England could hire a foreign manager as Roy Hodgson's successor. The likes of Gareth Southgate, Glenn Hoddle and...
Gareth Southgate has been asked to succeed Roy Hodgson - and could get job permanently
Roy Hodgson spotted this morning, avoiding the England fans 😂😂😂
England inquest: fans proved right about Roy Hodgson?
Roy Hodgson's England career in one sentence via
Roy Hodgson in final press conference: "I don't really know what I'm doing here.". Pretty much sums up his entire tenure…
Roy Hodgson makes bizarre statement as he faces media after shock exit https:/…
Former England manager Roy Hodgson has reportedly already been offered several managerial roles in China!
At 5: Hear from Former England manager Roy Hodgson following the shock exit from last night:
Roy Hodgson's England career in one sentence
Roy Hodgson: Former England manager defiant in face of media but admits he ‘didn’t see’ Iceland defeat coming
FA have tried on two separate occasions to get Roy Hodgson to face the media – but both times the Former England manager decl…
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"I didn't see the defeat coming," Former England manager Roy Hodgson says
Roy Hodgson live press conference: 'I don’t know what I'm doing here'
Roy Hodgson going out in disguise to avoid the media...
Roy Hodgson and Martin Glenn speaking LIVE on now
"Scary". Harry Redknapp on the possibility of Gareth Southgate as Roy Hodgson's successor.
Roberto Carlos on Roy Hodgson:. "He told me I would never succeed as left back. I told him that he doesn't understand foo…
BREAKING: Live coverage of Mark Noble after being told that Roy Hodgson has resigned.
Roy Hodgson should appear on Dancing on 'very thin' Ice
Plot twist: Roy Hodgson resigns to become Prime Minister and David Cameron becomes the new England manager
So David Cameron to captain the England Team & Roy Hodgson to be Prime Minister? To be honest, at this juncture, nothing would surprise me.
Prime Minister Cameron and England football manager, Roy Hodgson to consider a job swap? It couldn't get any worse, could it?
players as much to blame as Roy Hodgson for exit, says Wayne Rooney
David Cameron resign as Prime Minister. Lionel Messi retired from international football and now Roy Hodgson resigned from Engaland manager
and a very dignified resignation from Roy Hodgson.
Roy Hodgson resigns: clears the way for Tory party leadership run.
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I'm only interested in 2 words from Roy Hodgson tonight: 'I resign.'. Anything else is utterly pointless.
Roy Hodgson and Gary Neville have suffered a shocker. No excuses. Time to go. Hopefully by tonight
Roy Hodgson flanked by Gary Neville and Ray Lewington have all Resigned as managers of
Roy Hodgson and Gary Neville are like Nigerian politicians;No usefulness BUT collects good money
Update - Roy Hodgson confirms his assistant managers Ray Lewington and Gary Neville will also leave their roles
Roy Hodgson is the kind of guy who gets to McDonald's drive thru window without deciding what he wants
Dele Alli has a large brown envelope under his hotel bed. In it, are 6 photographs of Roy Hodgson sexually assaulting a yo…
Roy Hodgson will be sacked. Mancini to manage England? I think so, either that or Brendan Rogers
Roy Hodgson for PM. He got England out of Europe quicker than anyone thought possible.
England leaves the EU then David Cameron resigns the England leave the euros then Roy Hodgson resigns
Roy Hodgson's gone. There's only one man that can salvage English football now. John Carver, your time to shine.
Breaking news, Roy Hodgson resigns. No. He hasn't. He's simply publicly accepted that there's no new contract coming.
Would've rather had Brendan Rogers than Roy Hodgson tbh
Just seen Roy Hodgson get in an Uber 🚖 hang on Roy that was mine 😡
Roy Hodgson just borrowed David Cameron's speech and changed the names.
Mark Pougatch referring to Roy Hodgson as an "honourable, decent football man" almost made me throw the remote at the screen.
Steve burr could probably do a better job with this England squad than Roy Hodgson.
Even Christian Chukwu better pass this mumu Roy Hodgson 😑
I bet Roy Hodgson's letter of resignation won't be as good as Chris Bryant's
David Cameron, Boris Johnson, brexit, Ian Wright, the Queen of England, Roy Hodgson, Wayne Rooney. your boys took a *** of a beating!
WATCH: Steve McClaren admits Roy Hodgson will have to take responsibility for England's exit and may lose his job. htt…
What a story this is. Perhaps Heyneke Meyer can give Roy Hodgson a call with a couple words of advice.
England have just 10 mins before they get kicked out of . Roy Hodgson has just 10 mins to get his CV online for a new job...
I think bra Shakes and Roy Hodgson must be buddies
Roy Hodgson. The only Englishman with a coherent plan to leave Europe...
If this gets any worse, Roy Hodgson should send on Peter Crouch’s teeth .
Roy Hodgson has a real chance to Nick Tommy Craig's title of Britain's worst manager
recall Raheem Sterling as Roy Hodgson rings the changes for
England boss Roy Hodgson hopes Raheem Sterling will come excellent in advance of ... -
England vs Iceland: Roy Hodgson&legacy on the line as well as Euro 2016 hopes as Wayne Rooney urges caution -
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Watch England press conference LIVE as Roy Hodgson and Wayne Rooney speak on eve of Iceland clash
Roy Hodgson rubbishes rift between Wayne Rooney and Jamie Vardy over striker's wife
Roy Hodgson is ready to hand Raheem Sterling a 'shock' recall to the England starting XI. [Telegraph]
📸 manager Roy Hodgson and chief executive Martin Glenn lead the squad out as they visit the Stade de Nice
The must hold talks with Eddie Jones about replacing Roy Hodgson as manager!
Iceland star Teddy Bjarnason out to make history in Euro 2016 showdown with England -
Roy Hodgson has named his team to win . France
.believes there are many reasons for Roy Hodgson’s side to be optimistic...
🎥 FATV EXCLUSIVE: Roy Hodgson on last-16 encounter with
"Their success has been built on solid defensive organisation.". 🎥 Roy Hodgson on what can expect from
Peter Beardsley has some stinging words for manager Roy Hodgson:
Roy Hodgson joined Donald Trump in Scotland to celebrate Not bad on the bagpipes either.
Roy Hodgson boasting about how he sent scouts, including a man to film Iceland v Austria... . He does know every game is televised, right?
📰 Roy Hodgson expects to make it difficult for when the sides meet in the last 16 of
Roy Hodgson and England vow not to underestimate ‘throwback’ Iceland
Roy Hodgson backs England to find goalscoring touch at Euro 2016
Gannon is ready to take over from Roy hodgson and David Cameron
Euro 2016: Iceland staff pile pressure on Roy Hodgson ahead of England showdown
U21 manager Peter Beardsley has admitted he is shocked manager Roy Hodgson doesn't know his best side.
England boss Roy Hodgson criticised for not taking attacking coach to Euro 2016
When Roy Hodgson was asked about the his only answer was "I'm glad that's over, we were never going to win the UEFA anyways".
Dois anos depois, Roy Hodgson be like:
Credit Roy Hodgson, lasted longer in his job than David Cameron and still in Europe, if only for another week perhaps
Should Roy Hodgson have taken an attacking coach with England to Euro 2016?
Harry Kane vows to deliver goals if England find a spark of creativity as Roy Hodgson…
7 - Roy Hodgson is 7/1 to become the next Prime Minister as he's managed to stay in Europe longer than David Cameron. Referen…
David Cameron heading out of Europe faster than Roy Hodgson
Roy Hodgson fears Raheem Sterling is struggling to cope with his treatment by angry fans. (Daily Star)
Now that's how you manage. Roy Hodgson could learn something from Martin O'Neil
Well done Roy Hodgson. Genius for resting your players. v Monday night. 8pm.
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.picks the side Roy Hodgson should pick for last 16 tie.
Looks like Roy Hodgson, Jasper Carrot and Neil Kinnock mash up.
fans cottoned on to Roy Hodgson years ago when the rest of the public bought into Uncle Roy mantra, now look
If you are a top championship side and 3 managers were available who would you choose? A. Roy Hodgson, B. Michael O'Neil, C. Chris Coleman.
Roy Hodgson is the kindly uncle in a film where three orphans sent to the countryside discover a portal into a magical new world.
Roy Hodgson promises England will 'make someone pay' for missed chances
Roy Hodgson's gamble fails to pay off as England finish as runners-up Was like watching
BEP - England's Jordan Henderson and Roy Hodgson come in for criticism...
Roy Hodgson: "If people are going to pick on one player that's a pity, Jack Wilshere did fine."
Roy Hodgson's loyalty to Jack Wilshere is understandable but asks too much |
Why has Roy Hodgson bothered taking Ross Barkley one of England's most creative players an hasn't played him but plays…
Roy Hodgson seems like the bloke that would have uncle joe mints in his pockets
Roy Hodgson sounds like yer drunk uncle at a wedding who you're trying to get away from
It's great that Roy Hodgson has used this vital Group B clash to give Jack Wilshere game-time.
two words to answer that... Roy Hodgson!!
Roy hodgson is not the coach for England, these players are not scared of him
Wenger: too many changes disturb the balance of the team!. A free coaching lesson to Mr. Roy Hodgson.. . .
does Roy Hodgson have any concept of what his best 11 is? Still experimenting at tournament
Wonder if Roy Hodgson knows the score !!
I can. We have Roy Hodgson as a manager
Roy Hodgson gambles with his team selection. 😂😂😂
Need to win to finish top of the group, makes 6 changes, one of them being Henderson. - Roy Hodgson..
are ripping Russia to shreds while Roy Hodgson has put out a team with 6 needless changes.
So great to see Roy Hodgson making the England squad all sing the National Anthem makes you proud 💪🌹🎤
wilshere hasn't played more than 3 games for Arsenal this season, hope he repays Roy Hodgson with goals...
Sometimes I honestly believe that Charlie and I could do a better job than Roy Hodgson
Worried about team? Don't fear: Roy Hodgson has an ingenious new attacking strategy. https:…
Four Liverpool players named in England XI to face Slovakia: . Three Lions boss Roy Hodgson turns to former c...
Doing stuff with pictures of Roy Hodgson is genuinely my new hobby now.
First Harry Kane and now Ryan Bertrand. I really wonder how Roy Hodgson picks his corner kick takers.
Although Roy Hodgson has rotated the team, really excited to see how Vardy and Sturridge play. You can't say he's playing…
Time to rid ourselves of Roy Hodgson. Need a young manager that players can relate to and who's tactics\thinking isnt from…
I'm gonna rewatch Game Of Thrones because I'd rather stare at Emilia Clarke for an hour than see Roy Hodgson's Owl face☺️
What is it with Roy Hodgson and weird corner takers?
Ross Barkley is easily the most talented English player in this Euro 2016 squad, Wonder why Roy Hodgson is not giving him…
If we don't qualify I'll acc be on rushing Roy Hodgson
Roy Hodgson is going to regurgitate his fingernails any second now.
England make six changes, rest Rooney for Slovakia match: . England manager Roy Hodgson has chang...
Roy Hodgson team talk: If you're all good, you can all have a go on the soccer ball...
When you find out that Roy Hodgson used to play for Tonbridge Angels?!
Inspired change of formation by Roy Hodgson. You can sense an increased bit of liveliness from this England side
Midfielder Fabian Delph is unlikely to make England's final 23-man Euro 2016 squad because of a groin strain, Roy Hodgson sa…
Roy Hodgson told the boys to only play down the right cos Five Bar are only showing one side of the pitch 👀
If England win the euro's I'll name my first kid big roy hodgson, boy or girl
Never forgiving Roy Hodgson if he lets Wales top this group, this is literally unacceptable this situation
dpmo how many goals has Roy Hodgson scored in the euros so far then 🤔
Roy Hodgson could win the Euros this year and I'd still want a new manager. Simply not good enough. I could be a better manager than Roy..
Wouldn't mind an England win when half the team are Liverpool players, but Roy Hodgson.
With this rotation Roy Hodgson should have taken Danny Drinkwater to the Euros.. Could have given Eric Dier some rest
When you realise that Roy Hodgson needs players with technical ability.
Just look how happy Roy Hodgson was last night after the victory against Wales!!
Roy Hodgson explains his team selection. 😉 Tonight, 9pm.
England's got one of the best team in ages this time but they've got one problem. It's called "Roy Hodgson".
Roy Hodgson has now used as many players in this tournament as Claudio Ranieri used in the whole of last season.
Sturridge and Vardy starting. The evolution of Roy Hodgson in full effect
Roy Hodgson's refusal to use Ross Barkley in this tournament really hurts my soul
Roy Hodgson rests more than half his preferred XI and ends up playing a better team. Only him.
I like the fact Roy Hodgson has been bold with his changes. fans have been calling for this for ages
Roy Hodgson is stupid though, Rooney keeps England ticking u can't bench him!
Wayne Rooney rested as England manager Roy Hodgson makes six changes for Slovakia clash...
Wayne Rooney says he wants Roy Hodgson to stay on as boss.
Euro 2016: Wayne Rooney wants Roy Hodgson to stay as England boss - BBC Sport
England’s Roy Hodgson leaves out Wayne Rooney in gamble for Slovakia
Roy Hodgson should consider replacing Dele Alli with more creative midfielder - here's why:
Gambler Roy gets it right: Roy Hodgson's gamble paid off as substitutes Jamie Vardy and Daniel Sturri...
have Sturridge to thank as he vindicates Roy Hodgson's striker gamble |ht…
Channeling the spirit of St George himself, Roy Hodgson inspired the greatest comeback ever. http…
Will the Roy Hodgson statue outside Wembley be marble or bronze?
Oh God. It appears that Roy Hodgson has been listening to Alan Shearer at half time. . England are getting relegated.
Roy Hodgson slowly killing off Harry Kane bit by bit
Roy Hodgson hoping to win his first tournament game as England manager. Chris Coleman hoping for consecutive wins.
It will be a case of master vs apprentice when coach Roy Hodgson faces Chris Coleman tonight
England’s odd couple: how Wayne Rooney and Roy Hodgson work together
Will England keep Roy Hodgson's promise that they won't kick Gareth Bale?
Hodgson says talk is cheap ahead of England v Wales clash
England manager Roy Hodgson on brink of an unwanted record against Wales |
Roy Hodgson was really chippy today. Very uptight and tense. Maybe the Welsh comments have got to him - or done his te…
Hodgson could justify replacing Kane with Vardy, says Shearer
Roy Hodgson hopeful that Wales, England anthems will be respected
Roy Hodgson hits out at Wales players and tells them talk is cheap...
Hodgson delays telling his players the team even though England expected to be unchanged v Wales
*** curious about the England lineup today. Always good to see the razorsharp intellect of Roy Hodgson at work
Daily Record: Roy Hodgson dumped Chris Coleman as a player and he'll do the same as a manager, says Chris Sutton
boss Roy Hodgson speaks to following draw with
"It was a bitter blow and a bitter pill to swallow.". 📰 Roy Hodgson laments draw:.
the table is wrong. Slovakia have lost one game not Wales...get it right.
Roy Hodgson must deliver against Wales, it's time to walk the walk | MARTIN SAMUEL
"Be safe, be sensible and continue with your great support for the players.". 📰 and Roy Hodgson speak:
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