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Roy Hobbs

The Natural is a 1952 novel about baseball written by Bernard Malamud. The book follows Roy Hobbs, a baseball prodigy whose career is sidetracked when he is shot by a woman whose motivation remains mysterious.

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I understand. You have to start with the game as a kid. Nonetheless, the soundtrack to "The Natural" is a…
I think the most under appreciated thing about Roy Hobbs was that he knew magic.
Major League is iconic but needs to be in a category of its own. All great but nothing beats Roy Hobbs. The Natur…
Also, The Natural is top 3 for me b/c the author Malamud incorporated so much real baseball history in…
Need scouting reports on you vs.: Mr. 3000, Roy Hobbs, Clue Haywood, and Baseball Bugs Bunny.
My fave, Roy Hobbs, is in dead last!
Nobody cares about Roy Hobbs no more. The Natural.
On this week's episode of The Hour, and are joined by Allan Poole, Mark Laws, Sa…
This reminds of the paper I wrote in high school comp lit about Roy Hobbs and Wonderboy as an American mythological…
Roy Hobbs made his bat from a tree split by lightning. Joey Votto made his bat from Roy Hobbs.
Joe Arpaio disgusts me in every possible way. But part of me would like to see him run, just so I could see Arizona give h…
Nope, but will. If recommended by you. It's not another take on Roy Hobbs getting shot by his estrang…
I searched for Roy Hobbs gifs and all I got that is BASEBALL related is Roy Halladay. Li…
Did go all Roy Hobbs from Mesa and cause Guy must be tired of crushing scoreboards
I am a charter member of the Willing Suspension of Disbelief society. I have the Roy Hobbs autogra…
Some mistakes...I guess we never stop paying for —Roy Hobbs.
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Roy Hobbs. There is no other movie jersey worth while.
How about a Roy Hobbs jersey? But it's gotta have the lightning sleeve patch.
So Roy Hobbs if we’re including right fielders too? George Gore under 40 WAR, Mike Donlin 29!!! Th…
Joe Torsella: The investor (and maybe one day the Roy Hobbs of state treasurers) via
Knights Playing Roy Hobbs (Robert Redford) after hospitalization in the final game of the Natural.
*** i had him slated for Roy Hobbs myself..
I love the scene in when Roy Hobbs breaks his bat. The bat boy Bobbie Savoy gives him his own bat that…
Does this mean I️ will see Rafae at the Roy Hobbs World Series this fall? Not sure what kind of comeback he is ta…
Or at times like this when you make even Roy Hobbs look bad.
So I swear in "The Natural", in Roy Hobbs last at bat he goes: called strike, ball, pitching change, foul ball, swi…
Is Roy Hobbs’ xPX 220? Is he a better two way player than Ohtani?
A print I made of a quote from Roy Hobbs in the 1984 film, The Natural.
Spoiler alert: Unike the movie adaptation, at the end of Bernard Malamud's novel The Natura…
I heard they are chasing Roy Hobbs grandson.
Just figured it out. The found Roy Hobbs. Mgmt totally in touch with reality! Totally worth no winter moves.
Crash Davis and the Nukes. Ricky Vaughn and the Heaters. Roy Hobbs and the Wonderboys
I love the movie “The Natural” starring Robert Redford as Roy Hobbs of the New York Knights baseball team. It’s lat…
The New York Knights. Haven't been the same since Roy Hobbs retired.
68-year-old Roy Hobbs said: “I am the most important person in Britain and have been all of my life.".
Watching him unravel like the baseball Roy Hobbs hit in The Natural.
You should chop it down, fashion tapered wooden shafts and emboss them with "⚡MILF Hunter," ala Roy Hobbs.
Nate bukaty Roy Hobbs boned his bat is in the natural
Best comp for Rafael Devers at this point is Roy Hobbs...
I watched the natural with my son today.The Mets are so much like the knights. My boy conforto is Roy ***
Ah, there goes Roy Hobbs, the best ... no wait, that's not right ...
Watching the natural with my son. MC is Roy Hobbs
Another Panda sighting in DC. Has that ball landed yet? Looked like a Roy Hobbs shot.
Well played game by the Toledo Hitmen as they defeat the Tide in Roy Hobbs league play this afternoon at Bedford.
Anybody can be Roy Hobbs against this awful pitching staff
The Natural is on TV. What's the name of the bat Roy Hobbs uses after he breaks Wonderboy? "Pick me out a winner, Bobby."
The writing is on the wall. My dream last night and day today were powerful signs. Its time to unveal my inner Roy Hobbs...
Should call the & game. Down 3 after 7. Its like being in a roy hobbs league& being down 15 after 5 innings.No shot
Roy Hobbs smashing the clock at Wrigley Field is my favorite scene in The Natural. .
Where's Roy Hobbs when you need him? Anyone?
314 ft is an out anywhere else and this guy pretended like he just took out a light like Roy Hobbs
Going with Roy Hobbs. Would have gone with Crash but he's a switch hitter.
Has to be Lou Collins. Unless Roy Hobbs is healthy and Wonderboy was fixed.
Our cops reporter is named Larry Hobbs, but every time I try to remember his name, I think, "Roy Hobbs." ⚾️💥
30 for 30s: The rest of Roy Hobbs's days, a whatever-really-happened to Gordon Bombay, the rehabilitation of Ivan D…
Top 5 movie baseball players of all time . 1. Roy Hobbs (don't @ me). 2. Benny Rodriguez . 3. Pedro Cerrano. 4. Chet Steadman. 5. Billy Chapel
Alabama's Chandler Taylor just pulled a Roy Hobbs...twice. That fancy TD Ameritrade scoreboard needs some new light…
This Meridian resident has drawn comparisons to Roy Hobbs from "The Natural." .
When Roy Hobbs hit the bomb off the light standard to win the game.
Im telling. You. This Roy Hobbs. This Hobbes.never errs.
Just imagine what Roy Hobbs could have done as a DH.
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Great one.but I have to go Roy Hobbs.
"Kyle Schwarber" does his best Roy Hobbs impersonation
of the just did his best Roy Hobbs impression
Kayla. I have to go with Roy Hobbs. Great pitcher AND power hitter. Benny was a base stealer
Roy Hobbs and Crash Davis can make an argument. And Mitch "wild thing" Vaungh deserves some consideration.
So, The Rock has been in BayWatch and now Jumanji. When does he come back as Roy Hobbs or Any Dufresne?
Didn't know Roy Hobbs was a White Sox player. Great photo though.
Roy Hobbs: "Did you ever play ball, Max?" Max Mercy: "No, never have. But I make it a little more fun to watch..."
This Twins pitcher looks like the kid who threw to Roy Hobbs at the end of The Natural...
I want Roy Hobbs and Pop Fisher to be the team's manager
Just playing Roy Hobbs in the backyard
I would say roy hobbs he could actually hit run and field henry and vaughn would be pieces in the bullpen
I'm sure it would have been equally as awesome if Roy Hobbs had hit a seeing eye single 😉
He will always have a Roy Hobbs quality.
I would feel a lot better about this horse's chances if his name was Roy Hobbs
Teddy Ballgame coming to bat. Or is that Roy Hobbs?
Jim Thome got his goofy bat-waggle-stance thanks to Charlie Manuel and Roy Hobbs. Fun story told to
Huge fan of Mantle. Wish he was in the game. I did my cap as Roy Hobbs but a pitcher who can knock t…
It's definitely in my top 5...I still want a Roy Hobbs jersey someday
Tim Tebow is younger than Roy Hobbs was.
There goes Roy Hobbs. The best there ever was .
What do you think Roy Hobbs' batting average was for the season?
Great article, he sounds like Roy Hobbs indeed!
Roy Hobbs was my Redford gateway drug. But I wasn't hooked until I saw Jeremiah Johnson for the first time.
What's up with the on-field mics for ESPN's Pirates/Cards broadcast. Every ball hit sounds like Roy Hobbs hitting Wonderboy.
When do we start admitting that is Roy Hobbs?
Cody Bellinger is Roy Hobbs without the gunshot and baggage.
Kevin, you're awesome man. Even without the Roy Hobbs deal. You and Rose make me laugh all the time 😜
And Roy Hobbs at the plate. I cracked the ball in half with that swing.
Kaka's decline is more sad than anything.. like Roy Hobbs bleeding at the plate. Ball boy needs to hurry, hand Kaka a magic ball, & bow out
Softball Rampage Has A Wide Selection of Products.
I believe they're waiting for the return of Roy Hobbs
Cubs minor-league left fielder Eloy Jimenez looks like Roy Hobbs hitting a home run off the stadi... - via App
Eloy Jimenez just went Roy Hobbs on the stadium lights.
Blonde Nash? Collectors item! I'll trade you one of my Roy Hobbs cards for a Kelly Nash
ME: [projects my emotions and insecurities onto Robert Redford's iconic The Natural character Roy Hobbs]. ME: (: this is normal everyone (:
A cool sports movie is "The Natural" b/c Roy Hobbs is a lefty;he's seduced by women: 1 in black,1 in white!
Has to be Roy Hobbs and The Natural doesn't it?
Is Roy Hobbs the Messiah in Uniform? Professors Michael Cozzillio and Ed Edmonds think so. They even made a few co…
who got in the best fake movie athlete...Roy Hobbs or Jimmy Chitwood ?
Must be spring because Roy Hobbs is a political guest on Natural(ly), he swings from the left side of the pla…
new commissioner of roy Hobbs hmu today. It's time to get the ball rolling I'll text u tomorrow
head outside and strike him out like Roy Hobbs did to the Whammer
"On the other hand, he's way better at naming his bats than that uncreative Roy Hobbs."
how can you hate on Roy Hobbs, he was the best there ever was?
What do you suppose Roy Hobbs and Michael Dorsey are up to in that photo?
Name the MLB player who was a high school baseball team mate of the actor who played Roy Hobbs ?
"God, I love baseball." (Roy Hobbs) Here's to Coastal Carolina! You guys were fun to watch playing the game 1 pitch at a time
Both are better than Field of Dreams. I still love The Natural. Roy Hobbs.
in the words of Roy Hobbs I wouldn't bet against me. Ok it's close.
You are some sort of Roy Hobbs aren't you?
After reading the book, I felt like Roy Hobbs worked better as tragically flawed failure rather than the hero he is in the movie.
. Is it true Vladdy jr once struck out Roy Hobbs?
that moment you realize Trump got his hair from Roy Hobbs.
The Roy Hobbs/Whammer (Babe Ruth) confrontation at the carnival might be the best scene in sports movie history.
- The only thing I know about the dark is you can't see in it. ~ Roy Hobbs…
Looks like when Roy Hobbs hit the GW home run in The Natural. They wanted you to feel like you're at home at a base…
In Bernard Malamud's 1952 book 'The Natural', Roy Hobbs & Bump Bailey go to see 'Lola' a fortune teller in Jersey City. There…
Gary Sanchez is the offspring of Paul Bunyan and Roy Hobbs
Roy Hobbs made a bat from a tree downed by lightning. *** Allen just tore a tree out of the *** ground to make his ht…
I knew Roy Hobbs was still playing somewhere!
Huge Selection of Helmets at Low Prices
Roy Hobbs is up against the big Nebraskian!
U guys stay Hot, Fun watching you all -who is Roy Hobbs tomorrow?
Cant help but smile at Roy Hobbs at the end of the Natural... wish the game was the way it was when i grew up 39some years ago
Unsure of why so much is made of changing pitchers mid at bat. Pittsburgh did it against Roy Hobbs in The Natural.
Is there anything more unnatural than a 48 year-old Robert Redford playing a 19 year-old young Roy Hobbs in first scene of "The Natural"?
.Almost like "Roy Hobbs", Gibson wasn't supposed to play but Lasorda needed a spark. Gibson delivered.
"I guess there are some mistakes we never stop paying for". Roy Hobbs
Sounding like Max Mercy trying to get the dirt on Roy Hobbs. 'I'm here to protect this game'
Cruz also got goosebumps when Roy Hobbs hit a home run and ran around the baseball squares.
where is the unfollow button.. You don't know who Roy Hobbs is?
my mom is ripping right now. I was there for his debut. Thought it was the second coming of Roy hobbs
Probably the best baseball quote in a long time... Harper was channeling his inner Roy Hobbs.
the one where Roy Hobbs met that girl who shot him then jumped out the window.
Fully expect the ghost of Roy Hobbs to hit a go-ahead home run at some point the way this night is going.
or get a psychic like in the Natural or find the softball equivalent of Roy Hobbs...
.what about when Roy Hobbs came out of the hospital to win the pennant?
Jesus Christ is legit what would have happened if Roy Hobbs hadn't gotten sidetracked
Shout out to Roy Hobbs for leaving us a review on Google+. Check out what they had to say:
watching some good ole Roy Hobbs in "The Natural"
looks like Roy Hobbs hit a line drive through it with Wonderboy!
Yeah good to see Quintana Get a W and he deserves some oddball wins/ + Roy Hobbs type support
all the good ones are signed by Roy Hobbs. roll
The Roy Hobbs "knock the cover off the ball" was based on an actual moment for Katelynn Stucky.
"Pensioner Roy Hobbs said: “For me the Royal family represent an era when Britain was great, women knew how to...
Jake Arietta is like a pre-tragedy Roy Hobbs. Pitches AND hits. Two hits tonight--two more than the Reds. Hitting .300 for the season.
Joey Rickard is awarded a base hit as his line drive breaks Donaldson's glove. Right up there with Roy Hobbs tearing the cover off the ball.
just so we all know whatever the handle I called first dibs on Charlie. Maybe should rename him Roy as in Hobbs😝
Happy Birthday, Tony! People say you are old but you are the same age as Roy Hobbs when he joined the NY Knights...
Nice to see Roy Hobbs Hazelbaker has realized that this is not AA ball.
More games on tap this week/weekend for CAM JV baseball. More chances to see the Roy Hobbs of the CIC,
Piece of crap Roy Hobbs fake ankle blood butthole
Not sure why this is surprising. Lots of folks, including me, have rated Harper over Trout for 2 yrs. Best hitter since Roy Hobbs.
I don't think he puts any energy into it. He seems like a natural, the Roy Hobbs of assholery. Or is it assholitude?
Kole hit the homer to tie vs. Heritage & picked up win on the mound. A regular Roy Hobbs kind of night.
Rutgers also bringing in Roy Hobbs and Thomas Hobbes
So Barry Levinson's and "BOB" Redford's Roy Hobbs, Great to win the Not so Big One, huh? Just thought you'd never hear from Me again, huh?
Remember Roy Hobbs in "The Natural?" Not only did hit 2 HRs on the day, he did this...
idk!! I asked everyone about Roy Hobbs... No one really wanted to
"There goes the best that ever was...and his name is not Roy Hobbs!"
Like Roy Hobbs, The Natural. I just simply wanted to be "The Best That Ever Was." Unchecked Greed and Violence was erasing me from History.
A splash of reality for the Roy Hobbs parents:
and superb use of their usual names! "Yorkshire terrier Roy Hobbs said..."
Shot in hotel by stalker-female fan. This became inspiration for Roy Hobbs' shooting.
1. Mullen. 2. Roy Hobbs. 3. Bleh to em all. 4. Bear Wilson. 5. Micky because he's my 6 year old's favorite.
Roy Hobbs batted left and played right field. Coincidence?
I doubt it. I simply see him as a combination of Adrian Beltre and Roy Hobbs
Gaze win on Opening Day 12-11. comes out of a 17-year retirement to go 0-4. You're not exactly Roy Hobbs buddy!
Hanna Sommer hit a 2-run bomb for NC State that I thought was going to smash the light like Roy Hobbs in The Natural. She blasted that ball.
(1/2) I know she's moved on to other work- but I have to say (have it on pause right now) Roy Hobbs finding the ball & glove
Thanks, Jerry. I do NOT disagree with you - provides stability to players/recruits. Could it be Hobbs wants
yeah he can be our alien as long as he hits Roy Hobbs out of the stadium home runs
Episode 41: Spring Training, miracle home runs, and politics.
Jets were hoping for a Roy Hobbs-like story from this guy but unfortunately it ended up being faithful to the book.
I'd I had to pick, if go Roy Hobbs. The movie is intense and magical (not realistic), but that's the beauty of it, I think. ;)
Hobbs made a good hire in Willard and looks like he hit a HR in Ash, so I trust him to find it.
In case they sign Roy Hobbs I'm thinking
The Colorado Rockies also just added to their outfield Dante Bichette, Ellis Burks, Roy Hobbs, and Pedro Cerrano.
Knocked this one out of the park Roy Hobbs style! This is a man cave finished Cotton Gin Provisions…
worried about this layoff.. Hope they cool off. Murphy is like Roy Hobbs from the Natural
Great win, great series; Maya Moore is women's basketball Roy Hobbs. WHATEVER she wants 2do she does...
Unlimited Calling US/Canada phone service
Toledo Orthopaedic Surgeons heading to semi-finals in Roy Hobbs league. Love my
Wouldn't Roy Hobbs would be a shareholder, not a stakeholder?
Clip from the Natural: Sportswriter Max Mercy threatens Roy Hobbs...look familiar?
And as a side note, one of my best pals in HS had a Roy Hobbs brand glove. It was awesome.
Losing is a disease! Where is the Roy Hobbs of this Dolphin Team?
getting number 400 in OT for the win is the football version of Roy Hobbs game winning home run.
Chris Davis has such a sweet home run swing. It's like watching Roy Hobbs in The Natural.
what do you think Roy Hobbs stats were in 70 games?
Roy Hobbs and Over-the-Hill baseball leagues thrive in Crown Point
"Jonathan Thurston is the Roy Hobbs of rugby league. . "He's the best there ever was & the best there ever will be.". - Lord Reagan
McCutchen or Arrieta. Wannabe Roy hobbs is a media darling
Can't thank the Angels enough for sending Roy Hobbs home
Holy crap the real Roy Hobbs is back!!!
I want to play in the Roy Hobbs baseball league next summer realy bad
Do u have a Roy Hobbs strat card?? When I was a kid I remember my Dad and I totaling his stats in the movie. Pretty good
That dude had knee surgery a couple weeks ago. What a beast! Hambone is the real Roy Hobbs!
Please let Josh Hamilton have a Roy Hobbs postseason.
who's the better ball player, Roy Hobbs, Crash Davis, or Willie Mays Hayes?
To the Roy Hobbs of our greatest ever race, enjoy your sleep inns now! Saintly and Lets Elope 2 of the best ever!! RIP.
Count the Roy Hobbs Fantasy Baseball team among his fans!
If Roy Hobbs had walk up music it totally would've been 'Magic Stick'
Vin Scully IS what Roy Hobbs had hoped for when people saw him. "There goes Vin Scully, the best there ever was..."
i think of the part in the natural where Roy Hobbs just starts eating a ton of meat like two or three times a week
Roy Hobbs aka aka "The Natural" taking BP before the Oldtime Baseball Game.
That new movie with Roy Hobbs and the guy from Blue Chips looks positively horrible.
can they activate Roy Hobbs and Sid Finch? need some magic.
Roy Hobbs says Matt Cain is very beatable!
I take PRIDE in my Chicago Cubs. Hope Bryant and the kids can stay healthy. Remember, boys: even Roy Hobbs had slumps.
MaxBat is looking for additional players for the Roy Hobbs World Series. 35+ division. Check out this video.
Straight outta Hollywood. Though the scriptwriters would've had it be a Roy Hobbs-like walkoff game winner. featured in NBC s Science of Love
It's raining stars in Knoxville like Roy Hobbs just hit the light tower in The Natural.
Shane Falco, Happy Gilmore, Benny the jet Rodriguez, and Roy Hobbs should all be honorable mentions at least!
Roy Hobbs got nothing on the Captin!
David Wright play Roy Hobbs and homers in 1st at bat
Wish all the best, though need Uribe at third. Roy Hobbs moment, indeed.
This Stephen Piscotti kid thinks he's Roy Hobbs. That's another HR, this time a 2-run shot. He has 11 total bases & 5 RBI today.
I would love to show you my at 11982 ROY HOBBS PLACE
I am looking for a buyer on 11982 ROY HOBBS PLACE
your the new Roy Hobbs aka The Natural. Keep swinging that
Baseball stories do it best. The Natural's Roy Hobbs. The Art of Fielding's Henry Skrimshander. It's torture to watch them lose their powers
I've heard a lot lately and I've decided is probably right, he is Roy Hobbs
WRDE News at 6 with Anne Imanuel and Roy Hobbs WRDE will have details on vandals who smashed several windows in...
"Roy Hobbs style, I'm striking him out in three pitches." -Jimmy Pollino
Roy Hobbs is in Dallas and after he wins the Super Bowl,will be the greatest Cinderella story ever!
Roy Hobbs wanted to be remembered as the best there ever was. In real life, is turning out to be that. A joy to watch everyday
is a HS star trying to walk onto a MLB team (SMDH). is a cross between Roy Hobbs and Jeremy Giambi
is a cross between the terminator, Roy Hobbs, the Monstars, a Unicorn, and King Leonidas...
On this date in 1927 at Philly's Shibe Park, Babe Ruth ( a real-life Roy Hobbs) broke a ball in half during batting practice.
The are playing like the New York Knights during that montage where Roy Hobbs is dating Kim Basinger.
Forgot "The Natural" by Bernard Malamud. No victory lap for Roy Hobbs in book. Did sr. thesis on it at
In dugout today after 2nd HR of game Hall Famer Billy Williams asked "Who is he Roy Hobbs"
Bump Bailey going up the ramp to the clubhouse as Roy Hobbs is walking down the ramp. That shot never gets old.
Pete Carroll makes worst call of all time? Not close, bottom 9th 2-out-2-on & pitch to Roy Hobbs in championship game w/first base open.
Watching Roy Hobbs hit that HR never gets old
Roy Hobbs is the best hitter I ever saw
Best Waldrop memory was like a scene from "The Natural" with Roy Hobbs & the Whammer. took BP w/rehabbing Votto, blasted long HRs
Very cool! Mines a Shih Tzu and his name is Hobbs. As in Roy Hobbs from The Natural. He's 9.
"because he has a good coach in Roy than stupid Wenger who sends him to Injury."
That moment psycho-lady Harriet Burn transfixes her attention away from the and onto Roy Hobbs.
Roy Hodgson and the England squad getting ready for Scotland tonight. (via:
Ladies and Gentlemen I am pleased to introduce the newest man in the Hobbs line. Today my son Roy…
Roy's Cody Hobbs needs to get a scholarship offer after this game.
Roy Hobbs wearing the Kangol like Bruce Arians does now lol.
Drone visits at PDC for video footage of Roy Hobbs World Series. Filming all sites today ...
Roy WR/LB Cody Hobbs is the most underrated high school football player in the state of Utah. He can play at the next le…
Can't think of a better 70th birthday gift for James Carville than LSU's win tonight. Happy birthday to the Roy Hobbs of ca…
The Natural is on. Knitting. Looking at warm hotels in San Juan for fun. . Roy Hobbs is on.
losing is definitely a disease. Just ask Roy Hobbs and the New York Knights.
Robert Redford is 77 years old. He was 48 when he played Roy Hobbs in MT
Thought about this too. Roy Hobbs falling for Kim Basinger's character in "The Natural" was the first thing that came to mind.
Second year in a row I have watched someone I played baseball with in the Roy Hobbs league coaching on ESPN. Last year it was Greg Beils head coach for Ohio State. This year it was my former battery mate Nick Dadich. Nick threw a wicked knuckleball and the girls of Tallmadge probably already know this but he is a helluva baseball player. Good luck Nick. Plenty of game left. Get em girls!!
Griffey has a Roy Hobbs-esque feel to what he was, hard to compete with. Felix may as well, but we won't know how he's remembered till he is
it's like when Roy Hobbs starts dating Memo Paris in The Natural and he goes into a big slump.
I was hoping the Cano ball would get out so they could play music from The Natural... Very Roy Hobbs moment...
I feel like I just stepped into The Natural. In this version Roy Hobbs is still a pitcher. Unbelievable night at Safeco
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a little of a Roy Hobbs moment out there love it
Cano was almost Roy Hobbs like with lightning.
It was either that or something with Roy Hobbs. took care of that one.
- I love Cano, but nobody is better than Roy Hobbs.
Some real Roy Hobbs moments going on at Safeco right now!
Huge lightning flash above Safeco with Cano at the plate. But he might be better than Roy Hobbs.
Chris Davis looking like Roy Hobbs on that dinger
I sure hope the can kidnap Roy Hobbs (a.k.a. Giancarlo Stanton when they leave Miami.
Kim Basinger did the same thing to Roy Hobbs.
"The only way a label on alcohol would put me off is if it said ‘Does not contain alcohol’.” - Plumber Roy Hobbs .
"People don't start playing ball at your age, they retire!". So said Roy Hobbs' manager to the aging slugger before he first took the ...
Let's see what kind of Roy Hobbs stuff David Peralta has for us today.
Roy Hobbs missed a three-run homer to right, barely foul. But Wonderboy not broken. Stephen Vogt then lines RBI single to right.
Former skipper Roy Keane turns 43 today. Happy birthday, Roy!
Hunter Pence accused Roy Hobbs of being on the juice.
would you guys do us Cubs fans a favor and NEVER compare Javy Baez to Roy Hobbs again? He looked more like The Whammer yesterday.
Hassell at the plate. Roy Hobbs moment?
Can we have a Roy Hobbs moment for Javy Baez in the bottom of the 10th? The legend can really blow up.
Cubs release today's lineup. And it appears Roy Hobbs is play second batting second. That was a good one!
if Javy Baez keeps playing like Roy Hobbs that future could be a bit accelerated
Carleton Hobbs and Tom Stoppard. What a combination! now.
Lebron watching Johnny makes me think of Glenn Close watching Roy Hobbs in The Natural. Hope it has a similar effect.
Fun electric trivia question of the day: as "Roy Hobbs" this popular actor knocked out the lights with a...
Why isn't any professional sports team called the Knights? Cool name, only Roy Hobbs in The Natural, he played for the Knights
Roy Hobbs will be going in for Eaton after that collision.
Way to go Howard. Nice walk off. People forget you where once seen as Roy Hobbs.
Would have been better if . Respondent was Roy Hobbs.
At this point Roy Hobbs couldn't save the
At this Pirates game patiently waiting for them to put Roy Hobbs in
If you are looking for a great place to stay for this years Roy Hobbs World Series, Bella Lago 244 is it! Contact...
Breast Cancer Awareness
McCutchen's avulsion fracture involving the costochondral cartilage of the left 11th rib is the same exact injury Roy Hobbs had
As you said last night... Must.. Stay.. Calm. (You know who else wore Roy Hobbs, the best ball player there ever was)
Robert Redford in "The Natural" from 1984. He was perfect for the role of Roy Hobbs making a comeback after so many lost years. No nomination.
I'm pretty sure Roy Hobbs New toy is gonna become mine! First time driving a motorcycle
Much like the fictional Roy Hobbs, he struck out the most feared hitter in the game, Reggie Jackson, as a...
where the *** is the natural? No Roy Hobbs, one of the greatest ever?! This is criminal.
The this scene.Roy Hobbs"My dad wanted me to be a baseball player."
When Roy Hobbs hits the walk off lights shattering homerun in "The Natural"?. Every hair on my body stand up.
Could Corvallis have been the home of Roy Hobbs? connection to "The Natural" next on
Lonnie Chisenhall looks like a young Roy Hobbs ,now if we could just get Swisher to take a bullet
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