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Roy Hibbert

Roy Denzil Hibbert (born December 11, 1986) is a Jamaican-American professional basketball player for the Indiana Pacers of the NBA.

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"Spank told me he seen you with Roy Hibbert"
Nah Roy Hibbert got 6 inches on Tristian. He ain't got no reason to be that *** trash.
Tristian Thompson really pulled a Roy Hibbert last night Lmaoo
Game of Zones is really well done all the way down to Roy Hibbert chanting "verticality"
Remember when Lebron was strapping Roy Hibbert in the '13 ECF? Yeah, me neither.
It was hard to have Roy Hibbert then have a $64,000,000 corpse of a center the next yr 💀
Truth is they could've gotten the same production from a minimum player. Should've gotten Roy Hibbert or Greg Oden something 😂
Today, 3 years ago, in NBA history Roy Hibbert got fined 75k for saying "Lebron really stretched me out, NO *** in a press co…
Its either continue to look like Roy Hibbert, or hear *** dumb basketball opinions, like its a real tough decision
Tristan Thompson really had 0 points & 4 rebs in 22 min. He's been dominant these playoffs but pulled a Roy Hibbert lmao
22 mins =0 points! Are you kidding me, you are another Roy Hibbert
Cavs with 20 turnovers, and Thompson playing like Roy Hibbert. Gotta get that fixed before Game 2
Deron Williams about to catch that Roy Hibbert burning trash can treatment
Oh yeah a younger PG with Roy Hibbert actually playin Ball with Lance Eating
tristan thompson has turned into Roy Hibbert
Okay, Let's all address the elephant in the room... When did Roy Hibbert become a Nugget?
This calls for Roy Hibbert Cleveland desperately needs some verticality.
I agree with that but he is better than Gary Harris, Mike Miller, Juan Hernangomez, Darrell Arthur,…
TB to when Roy Hibbert made Stephanie Curry look like a plastic bag
Paul George and roy hibbert is here indiana is ready we are the new king !
He's just like Roy Hibbert. Not great not good. Good role player and th…
this is "melo getting rejected at the rim by roy hibbert" bad LMAOOO
Your step dad's favorite player might be Roy Hibbert or Dwight Howard then.
And Roy Hibbert. But they really were all good for no longer than 2 years and never all together.
Roy Hibbert is my favorite part lmao
These shorts just keep getting better and better. Lance Stephenson and Roy Hibbert killed me 😂
Lance Stephenson and Roy Hibbert cracked me up
JC Penney really tryna sale a Roy Hibbert pacer shirt for 24 dollars 😑
Fam I'm crying at Roy Hibbert shouting out "VERTICALITY" in that last Game of Zones episode.
Nah not at all. LeBron is a legend. Top 5 for sure. PG no doubt. West...ok. Lance? And R…
We ain't never seen Roy hibbert big *** again after this
Like roy hibbert from 2013 to 2014 and then he owned the league 😶
Lmfao Roy Hibbert couldn't believe what just happened. He ain't been the same since
Roy Hibbert 2014 playoffs this *** had four games of 0 points and two games of 0 points and 0 rebounds he's 7'2 http…
I just want the Kings to show Willie Cauley-Stein constant video of Tyson Chandler's whole game as well as Roy Hibbert's verticality.
Okafor's 11.5% rebounding percentage is 159th in the NBA, below Ryan Kelly, Michael Beasley, and Roy Hibbert.
Kevin Durant and Roy Hibbert are the same height. Let that sink in. 😂
Game Trend: Hey, Hornets — a little defense tends to pay off: Brilliant defense from Roy Hibbert snagged the…
Russell Westbrook hammered on last drive, Roy Hibbert came down on top of him on the baseline. Westbrook limping a little during timeout.
Remember when Lance Stephenson and Roy Hibbert were considered elite.
Hornets take a 28-20 lead over the Pacers in the Return of Lance. Stephenson has four points, while Roy Hibbert leads all scorers with 9.
well Jeremy Lamb and Roy Hibbert didn't play for us so essentially we were at even strength
Spencer Hawes feeds Roy Hibbert in the paint for an easy two-handed
Spencer Hawes and Roy Hibbert. Have some fun, why don't you!
Spencer Hawes and Roy Hibbert on the court together is 🔥
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I'm still mad to this day Tyson Chandler and Chris Bosh made Roy Hibbert look like Prime Shaq
I ran into agent David Falk at a game last month. He said Patrick Ewing was a big factor in Roy Hibbert signing with hornets
Paul George took David West, George hill, and Roy Hibbert to the conf finals
with an emphatic 94-75 victory over Miami to take a 2-1 series lead. Roy Hibbert had a BIG night w/19&18. G…
Roy Hibbert clapping from the bench in McGruder’s ear before that three point miss, easily the most he’s contributed to a t…
Roy Hibbert already bringing rim protection to the Hornets
: Roy Hibbert will be on the Eric Andre show…
Roy Hibbert leaning in during Kemba Walker's interview is meme worthy.
Nic Batum said his one of his goals is to get Kemba Walker to the All-Star game and get Roy Hibbert back to playing at an All-Star level.
T Mozgov will make $16 million next season. Zaza Pachulia, Nene, David West, Mo Speights and Roy Hibbert will make $13.7 mi…
Maginot Line reference! I used this to describe Roy Hibbert, and got only blank stares.
PG. Kemba Walker. SG. Nic Batum. SF. Michael Kidd Gilchrist. PF. Cody Zeller . C. Roy Hibbert. Hornets are about to be the 3 seed in the east
Roy Hibbert backing up Cody Zeller, just as every Pacers fan envisioned in 2012
By adding Roy Hibbert to a rotation that includes Spence Hawes and Cody Zeller, the Hornets have the softest frontcourt in NBA history
Why are folks trying to sign Roy Hibbert? I guess it's nice to be tall. waiting for an Hasheem Thabeet sighting.
Now all we need is for Rockets to sign Roy Hibbert to the max so the comedy can really start
The biggest take I have on Al Jefferson is that he used to embarrass Roy Hibbert. But often Roy could do that to himself.
I wonder if Roy Hibbert has received any calls. 🤔😞
Lakers should be able to facilitate the ball better this year. Roy Hibbert bum *** gets no burn if I'm the Coach
Like Roy Hibbert on the Lakers worse. Like 76ers record breaking losing season worse.
Roy Hibbert meanwhile in serious talks to become an Uber driver.
Mozgov $64M 4 seasons - compare to Hibbert's deal from previous years
David Griffin, please sign a back up center, anyone semi decent. Just not Roy Hibbert please I'm begging you.
Indy, the team that let Roy Hibbert go since they wanted to play faster, is picking up a plodding, back-to-the-basket C. YO…
How is Roy Hibbert a bust? That's based only on fact if someone expected anything from him, most Lakers fans DIDN'T!
Can't believe Lakers went into FA with an exceptional amount of money and the best they could do is Roy Hibbert 2.0. Sickening
Think the Cavs should kick the tires on Roy Hibbert.
*** Lakers got Timofey Mozgov? That's interesting. He's not bad, he's not great either, but probably way better than Roy Hibbert
yeah he"ll do 10 times better than Roy Hibbert
Breaking News: Celtics and Roy Hibbert agree on a 4 year/ $1 billion deal.
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Here’s the deal. I think Timofey Mozgov is an upgrade over Roy Hibbert who LA paid more $$$ to last season
Lol Mozgov is actually pretty decent. That vine was just funny. He better than Roy Garbage... I mean Hibbert my bad
Like *** yeah. Andre Drummond is like a 7'2 290 Center with actual skills. People actin like he's Roy Hibbert
Roy Hibbert is offering the Lakers 65M to play another five years for them...
By Offensive Real-Plus Minus, Lakers upgrade from Roy Hibbert (76th out of 76 centers) to Timofey Mozgov (75th)... https:/…
Somebody trade Roy Hibbert to the d league please
no, but I'll run with something like:. Deron williams. Eric Gordon. Wes Matthews. Dirk. Roy Hibbert. DOM
13:. Stephen A says Roy Hibbert is worse than Kwame Brown..
George Hill, Paul George, Danny Granger, David West, and Roy Hibbert was a great squad
so much money and everyone wants to go, that's why y'all signed Lou Williams, Roy Hibbert, and Brandon Bass lol
Mostly in DC? I used to see Roy Hibbert at the Loews on K the summer he went back to finish degree. Saw Flip Saunders there too
Role-player names that Magic fans should watch out for this summer: Joakim Noah, Ian Mahinmi, Roy Hibbert, Jared Dudley, Quincy Acy
Hey how are Roy Hibbert and Tarik Black doing in the playoffs?
Danny Granger, Lance Stephenson, Roy Hibbert, George Hill… but okay i’ll take your word for it
Laker fans think they're going to get everyone every summer but they end up with trash like Lou Williams, Roy Hibbert, and Brandon Bass.
Are we talking Andrew Bynum bad or just Roy Hibbert bad.
trade Julius Randle 1st round pick Roy Hibbert and cash for Boogie and Omri Casspi
Least favorite Pacers all-time in order. 1. Luis Scola. 2. Tyler Hansbrough . 3. Roy Hibbert. 4. Lou Amundson
Kristaps Prozingis, Roy Hibbert, Brooke Lopez, Hassan Whiteside. The ceiling of the house is only 6'8"
Roy Hibbert, Timofey Mozgov or Omer Asik: Which starting C should win the annual Nikola Pekovic Award? Strong field of candidates this year.
Kristaps Porzingis, AKA the roasted Nate Archibald meets the shiny Roy Hibbert 😜
Roy Hibbert out here trying be Dirk Nowitzki...
Roy Hibbert with John wall isn't Roy Hibbert with a washed Kobe and rookie PG
If Michael Clark Duncan's char in Green Mile and Forrest Gump were both low IQ but gifted; what is Roy Hibbert's gift?
Remember when Lance Stephenson snitched about Paul George & Roy Hibbert and then Evan Turner fought him. Lol yeah me too
Would you rather have Kwame Brown or Roy Hibbert as the center of your favorite basketball team?
Roy Hibbert is almost Kwame Brown level trash
Clarkson and Russell already there. Yall gon start Anthony Brown and Roy Hibbert next year or something?
Devin Booker fires it to Jon Leuer who flies in for the dunk over Roy Hibbert.
Hindsight's 20/20, but this team would have been much better signing Ed Davis rather than kicking the tires on a Roy Hibbert reclamation.
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"I would rather have Roy Hibbert than Kevin Durant" W.T.F.
.Wait, this guy wants Joakim Noah or Roy Hibbert over Kevin Durant? Is this the Lakers GM?
Roy Hibbert is the worst big to start alongside Kobe. Yes, I'm including Kwame, Samaki Walker, Chris Mihm, Sean Rooks, whoever you want
Roy Hibbert, Julius Randle, Metta, Anthony Brown, and Marcelo Huertas. If that doesn't say championship, I don't know what does
Andre Miller, Kevin Martin, Caron Butler, Andrea Bargnani, Roy Hibbert, not too exciting a list but they can help.
Roy Hibbert please take one for the team and get injured.. We want Robert Upshaw to be called up
Kristaps Porzingis, AKA the uneven Bill Laimbeer meets the colorful Roy Hibbert 🔻
Roy Hibbert might be the only player more trash than Dion Waitors Now that I think about it.
Roy Hibbert is starting? Let's see what PT he gets_ I suspect his agent David Falk , has a clause where his client starts ea game ? TANKit
If David Falk has no clause in Roy Hibbert's Contract to start ea game and PLAY minimum mins.
JJ Hickson, Steve Novak, Joe Johnson, Kevin Martin, and Roy Hibbert may all be bought out in the next few days.
Lakers should trade Roy Hibbert to the Warriors for exchange the record they have of 48-4
So the Lakers are still stuck with Roy Hibbert, Brandon Bass, and Swaggy P 😒
Lou Williams is a Laker. Nick Young is a Laker. Brandon Bass is a Laker. Roy Hibbert is a Laker. Nothing has changed.
Btw, it makes no sense that Nick Young, Brandon Bass, and Roy Hibbert are still on this team after the deadline. Any deal is good.
No... Y'all can have Julius Randle, Nick Young, Roy Hibbert and Lou Williams if you giving up Cousins doe
If want to trade anyone, it has to be the vets like Roy Hibbert, Nick Young, Brandon Bass, and Lou Williams
Completely agree. Only thing I would do is waive Roy Hibbert to get Black more playing time.
Lakers are looking to move and have made Nick Young, Lou Williams and Roy Hibbert available in trade talks!
Roy Hibbert is that washed in Laker land hat he's not on the floor in crunch time?!?!
*** crazy how Roy Hibbert went from being a good big man to a straight bum feel it for laker land
this is how Melo's career went down hill except it was Roy Hibbert. Pacers claim another one
I endorsed Roy Hibbert as a legit superstar center when I was in college
Lakers got: Brandon Bass, Roy Hibbert, Lou Williams, Metta World Peace all available for trade.interesting
Shaquille O'Neal and Roy Hibbert are impressed with D'Angelo Russell, Julius Randle: Roy also described how he has…
Plus, see notes on the the & Roy Hibbert, Jamal Crawford's agent switch, Draymond Green, more:
Lakers' Roy Hibbert goes about his business without fanfare or complaints - Los Angeles Times
I'm so mad that this 7'2 bum Roy Hibbert hit the dab yesterday.
Jarret Jack tore his ACL smh the Nets trying to out tank us. Roy Hibbert gotta donate his achilles to the cause
Russell Westbrook has more assists than Ricky Rubio & CP3, more rebounds than Roy Hibbert, and more points than LeBron …
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Roy Hibbert runs down the court like an old man doing water aerobics
NOBODY cares about watching Lou Williams and Roy Hibbert play 30 minutes a night. We want the rookies. Byron needs to go.
shouldn't have picked up Roy Hibbert should've kept Jordan Hill lmao
John Thompson has not had an elite team since the '06 team of Roy Hibbert, Jeff Green, and company.
3 team trade: . Lakers get: Nikola Pekovic and Shabazz Muhammed. T'Wolves get: Eric Gordon. Pelicans get: Roy Hibbert (expiring contract)
Not since he ran up on Roy Hibbert and got hip tossed
Kobe rises for a shot and draws the defense, then dishes to a cutting Roy Hibbert. Lakers lead 42-34 midway through the second.
Roy Hibbert wanted more touches in Indiana, but he has significantly less in Los Angeles. . Roy Hibbert has a 14.2% Usage …
I want Paul George to dunk on Roy Hibbert so bad tonight.
Roy Hibbert on the Pacers:. “I haven’t watched any of their games. No offense, but I don’t think many of them are on TV.”
Moe Harkless would have dunked it on Roy Hibbert there. On 2K, though.
Lakers fans are probably hoping to see Robert Sacre play over Roy Hibbert.
I cry everytime I see Roy Hibbert on the court as a laker...I need some Robert (the GOAT) Sacre in my life.
Roy Hibbert is a dark skin Robert Sacre.
.Just show him this. I'm Roy Hibbert, he's Jean Ralphio, and the basketball is my internet problems.
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Roy Hibbert may have suffered a broken nose, but will play vs. Suns.
NBA acknowledges error, Roy Hibbert foul in Lakers' loss to Mavericks
Jazz's Trevor Booker suspended 1 game for swing at Roy Hibbert
I hate Byron Scott. He doesn't know how to coach. Roy Hibbert was playing great and doesn't put him in a lot.
Roy Hibbert? i thought his slow feet make him offensive liability, no?
No one wants Roy Hibbert in my league, but I'm not going to just drop him. so annoying
offensive savant Roy Hibbert in the top-5
defense? You mean Roy Hibbert standing in the paint?
Roy Hibbert ready to be 'defensive presence' with Lakers
Lakers extremely sharp at the free-throw line tonight. Only one freebie missed. 96.4% as a team. Roy Hibbert a perfect…
We will give you Roy Hibbert and 1 future Niles trade rape for him
that's why they should trade cousins to the Lakers for roy Hibbert
again, we have Roy Hibbert and Rob Sacre
Roy Hibbert syndrome. SVG will fix it hopefully
get that 30/30/10 gamesome row bro you're facing Roy Hibbert aka trash can
exactly. I like the Pacers. They practically gifted us Roy Hibbert😭😂
and slightly worse because nobody likes roy hibbert. So maybe toss up.
What is Roy hibbert bumass doing on this picture?
Jahlil Okafor 21pts 15rebs & the lakers stupidity forced them to settle with Roy hibbert 😑 who spends more time on the floor than the court😒
I swear my basketball career is a replicate of Roy Hibbert's bruh
Just like Chase's play, my stance on him has taken a 180. Love his energy tonight. Time to find a new Roy Hibbert award winner.
Trevor Booker suspended one game for altercation with Roy Hibbert
but you all have roy Hibbert and we don't! lets make it happen!
Jordan Hill misses more Roy Hibberts ,bunnies,than actual Roy Hibbert
Ian Mahinmi has made two reverse layups, presumably because he wants everyone to know he can do all the Roy Hibbert stuff even better.
Collected more blocks than Roy Hibbert from this one. Everyday
would probably be covering Roy Hibbert tomorrow.
If I was Lakers coach, my starting line up would be PG Louis Williams, SG Kobe Bryant, SF Nick Young, PF Julius Randle, C Roy Hibbert
Roy Hibbert dominant in loss to Knicks via
pretty sure Roy Hibbert has him beat
he's not a scrub at all I just think the stats are very misleading, reminiscent of Roy Hibbert
It simply doesn't matter who is closing out on Porzingis. That time it was Roy Hibbert and KP still shot over him comfortabl…
ik plus in the east they can't get any rebounds Bc of Drummond and love all the west has is Roy hibbert
C - next opponent for your heat this Tuesday, it's the LA lakers featuring Kobe Bryant, Roy Hibbert, and some dude named Swaggy P.
Riley Curry will average more rebounds than Roy Hibbert this season.
Kobe Bryant scored 18 points to lead the Lakers, Roy Hibbert also scored 18 points along with 10 rebounds,...
So how can we get Roy Hibbert to start playing like ?
you can have D Rose and Roy Hibbert :)
Andre Drummond had 29 points and 27 rebounds 👀 Roy Hibbert need to start playing like him 😂
David West, Roy hibbert, Lance Stephenson, Danny Granger lol
Man how much better would the Lakers rim protection be if they had Ed Davis and Roy Hibbert.
In other news Roy Hibbert had a double double today
6 /19 today for Kobe Bean Bryant,Roy Hibbert 5/9 & they both score 18 today.Sad to say Kobe has been hurting this team the most this season😥
How isn't the "verticality" rule applied to Adams in that case? I've seen Roy Hibbert get away with worse for years now.
FINAL: Lakers go cold in crunch time and lose to the Knicks, 99-95. Kobe Bryant: 18 pts. Roy Hibbert: 18 pts, 10 reb http…
Roy Hibbert, a Lakers center who can actually makes his free throws.
Starting lineup for the lakers should be:. Lou Williams. Jordan Clarkson. Kobe Bryant. Brandon Bass. Roy Hibbert. Russell 6th man
1-D.Russell. 2-Kobe. 3-Ryan Anderson. 4-Julius Randle. 5-Roy Hibbert. That would be a nice starting line up for u guys..just sayin
D'Angelo Russell will start tonight against Minnesota along with Jordan Clarkson, Kobe Bryant, Julius Randle and Roy Hibbert
You came easily put '13-'14 Roy Hibbert and '03-'04 Kwame Brown in the same discussion.
Brandon Knight or Roy Hibbert definitely winning MVP in Shaqtin a Fool this season.
drafted Dale Davis -> Jermaine O'Neal -> Roy Hibbert. Traded Dale and J-O at perfect time and turned each into All-Stars
Roy Hibbert isn't going to guard the three point line, Myers Leonard is going to take as many threes as he wants.
Was going to stream tonight but then Roy Hibbert, Center for the Lakers (invited me to the game 😂 htt…
People who are very basketball savvy prefer Roy Hibbert & David West over Monta Ellis, Jordan Hill, Myles Turner, and Joe Young.
Kobe couldnt do wit Dwight.Roy Hibbert big JAKE!
man Roy Hibbert his starting center lol that team ain't winning more than 30 games
This is great. Roy Hibbert with the no-look pass and casual swag walk away. (HT
Only Roy Hibbert would get slapped in a pre season game lol
"LA is definitely a different city to Indy". sits down for a Q&A w/Roy Hibbert
when roy hibbert's time in LA is up, his high point will have been his guest starring role on Parks and Rec.
Randle, needs to take a lesson from Hibbert and put a little more swag on his passes:.
Am I the only one who can’t help laughing when Roy Hibbert is sprinting to get up the court…he’s just so awkward lol
Roy Hibbert has the worst stamina of any athlete
Laker fans think Roy Hibbert is the second coming of Shaq lol
At the end of the half, Kings up 63-51 over the Lakers. Kobe & Jordan Clarkson w/ 10 points apiece. Roy Hibbert with 5 boards & 2 assists.
So typical. It was Roy Hibbert as well
I'm actually liking Roy Hibbert on the Lakers
Not a great defensive 1st Q for the Purple & Gold, as it's the Kings 31 LAKERS 27 Kobe Bryant with 8 points & Roy Hibbert with 3 rebounds.
What you're learning if you're watching the Julius Randle is incredible. Roy Hibbert is incredibly awful.
Tonight's starters for your Lakers: Jordan Clarkson, Kobe Bryant , Anthony Brown, Julius Randle, and Roy Hibbert.
NBA announces Trevor Booker has been suspended one game without pay for striking Roy Hibbert in the face.
OMGGG roy hibbert was almost on the wrong side of a poster
Roy Hibbert has won every jump ball as a member of your L.A. Lakers.
Roy Hibbert calls Kobe Bryant 'a GOAT' after last night's victory.
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Utah Jazz forward Trevor Booker suspended by NBA for one game for pimp slapping Roy Hibbert
Roy Hibbert left playing wid Paul George to play wid Kobe Bryant 😂😂
Roy Hibbert got slapped, Caron Butler wrote about Wizards shenanigans and Matt Barnes drove 95 mi to beat up Derek Fisher. G…
Roy Hibbert laughed in Trevor Booker's face after this cheap shot
Things got scrappy last night between Trevor Booker and Roy Hibbert during preseason NBA action.
Trevor Booker threw a punch at Roy Hibbert last night.
Jeff Withey smiled when I joked that he's a hero in Utah for blocking Roy Hibbert's shots. "Oh, good. That’s what I like to do—block shots."
This game should be decided by a one-on-one game between Jeff Withey and Roy Hibbert. Floppy hair vs. Floppy player.
If they're going to remake Leathal Weapon, it better star Julius Randle and Roy Hibbert.
Jordan Clarkson played with the Lakers' first unit on Wednesday, joining D'Angelo Russell, Kobe Bryant, Brandon Bass and Roy Hibbert.
Byron talked about the positive impact new Roy Hibbert, Lou Williams and Brandon Bass have made so far we will discuss on Access
Roy Hibbert thinks he can bring the a strong defensive presence:
Roy Hibbert lost 14 pounds this summer as he adapts to an evolving NBA. STORY: (via
Roy Hibbert looks ready to DOMINATE the paint for the LA Lakers this season!
Coach , Would you do this for Roy Hibbert ?
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Hibbert: I Need to be a Mobile Defensive Force: According to  (Roy) Hibbert, they (Los Angeles Lakers) want hi...
Muhsin Yasar from Tofas Bursa, is finalizing the deal with Indiana Pacers to replace Roy Hibbert, I'm told.
Roy Hibbert has spent the offseason gelling with teammates,losing 14 pounds and getting ready to be bolster LA's defense.
thank god theres no Roy Hibbert cause he's trash
Roy Hibbert pleased to have a coach who played in NBA (psst: it's ...
prove the doubters wrong Roy Hibbert
Roy Hibbert working out at Lakers facility, looking slimmed down.
Yo my mom just told me she said hi to Roy Hibbert at her job...
Roy Hibbert gone do justice this season
Roy Hibbert on "We're going to put our best foot forward, make the city proud. They've just got to roll…
BC hanging in because of their D therefore Miami has no chance because our D is Roy hibbert 🚮🚮🚮🚮
Season ain't even started and I already miss Roy Hibbert in Indiana
As an Indianan all I gotta say is L.A LAKER FANS treat Roy Hibbert right. He will be inconsistent but he's still top 10 bigs in the league.
Lakers center Roy Hibbert is on with Mychal and myself on right now.
Roy Hibbert gets set to “be mobile, play defense & protect the rim,” while also getting a first look at teammates:
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I think Roy Hibbert is the perfect defensive mentor to a Robert Upshaw. Hibbert is also a pretty solid character guy. Think…
Roy Hibbert absent from celebrity softball game?
LAKERS fans are excited Ron Artest can provide some depth to the front court of Brandon Bass, Julius Randle, and Roy Hibbert
Me, Nick Young, Brandon Bass, Lou Will and Roy Hibbert. This team, like the Lakers, is tanking.
Lakers will introduce Roy Hibbert, Brandon Bass, Lou Williams on Wednesday morning
Roy Hibbert got a visit from the greatest while doing BJJ? Remember the old Bruce Lee films
It sounds like Trent Richardson and Roy Hibbert are hanging out way too much
During free agency, the Los Angeles Lakers traded for Roy Hibbert and signed Lou Williams and Brandon Bass. With the first preseason game n…
Roy Hibbert and David West are addition by subtraction. Jordan Hill and Myles Turner are a superior front court with modern style.
Roy Hibbert -- Ben Savage Is My Spirit Animal (VIDEO) - Roy Hibbert sees himself as more of an adolescent whi...
The Pacers have lost 6 out of 12 men from last years roster (Roy Hibbert, Damjan Rudez, Luis Scola, Donald Sloan, CJ Watson, and David West)
Roy Hibbert wanted to play for a coach that actually played in the NBA
Roy Hibbert still has love for Larry Bird, as the new C expressed to
Roy Hibbert 'wanted to play for a coach who actually played' in NBA.
Roy Hibbert opens up to I could never say a bad thing about Larry Bird.
Brandon Bass, Carlos Boozer, Taj Gibson, and Roy Hibbert were all guys whod always have good games against the Heat and it was like, really?
Larry Legend turned Roy Hibbert into Jordan Hill, Rodney Stuckey , and Rakeem Christmas . I like it
Kobe Bryant has yet to talk with new Lakers players Brandon Bass, Lou Williams, Roy Hibbert http:/…
Report: Lou Williams, Brandon Bass and Roy Hibbert haven't heard from new teammate Kobe Bryant since signing with the Lakers
Apparently new Lakers Lou Williams, Roy Hibbert and Brandon Bass have not yet spoken to Kobe Bryant… Awkward!
The Lakers will have a press conference introducing Brandon Bass, Roy Hibbert & Lou Williams on Wednesday.
The Lakers will formally introduce free agents Roy Hibbert, Lou Williams & Brandon Bass Wednesday at 11am PT.
Who's ready to see in a Lakers uniform this year? Welcome to LA Roy Hibbert 🏆
Lou Williams, Brandon Bass, Roy Hibbert, David the East got even weaker and the West got stronger lol
Sources: If Mavs miss on DeAndre Jordan, it's expected talks with Indiana on Monta Ellis-Roy Hibbert centered sign-and-tra…
DeAndre Jordan going back to Los Angeles Clippers could be interesting on potential Roy Hibbert trade talks if Indiana isn't sold on deal.
Two can play at that game: James Dolan lobbying Phil Jackson to trade for Roy Hibbert and sign both Lou Williams & Brandon …
For the Lakers, Roy Hibbert a gamble worth taking
Roy Hibbert and the Los Angeles Lakers are a Marriage of ...
I hate to see Paul George posting the pictures of David West and Roy Hibbert from the past few years.
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The only "center" to cause a bigger drop in opponents FG % last season than Roy Hibbert? Anthony Davis.
Jordan Hill was improving! Idk. Roy Hibbert was gassed in my opinion. Glorified Kwame Brown
"Roy Hibbert is the second coming of Kwame Brown" LOL
Roy Hibbert looks good in a Lakers jersey.
just can't compare to the breathless blink and miss something amazing athleticism you are used to watching with Roy Hibbert
.Roy Hibbert to LA though, they needed someone big so I guess, might just be Kwame Brown 2.0
Roy Hibbert was always trash, yall just thought he wasnt cuss he punished Heat for 2 seasons. He been putting up Kwame Brown stats
I know you guys missed out on the big names. But Lou Will and Roy Hibbert aint the worst thing ever.
Roy Hibbert better get a bunch of rebounds with the amount of shots going up, if he dont he gotta retire like Kwame Brown
Big man/2 time 28 year old allstar Roy Hibbert and reigning 6th man of the year in Lou Will...getting back Randle and got Dangelo...nice
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