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Roy Blunt

Roy D. Blunt (born January 10, 1950) is the junior United States Senator from Missouri. He is a member of the Republican Party.

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Demand that Senator Blunt hold town hall meetings! MT
As soon as Missouri Senator Roy Blunt was elected, he voted not to protect Medicare,Social Security and Medicaid. AFTER HE WAS ELECTED.
Senator Roy Blunt knows better... and his constituents are watching this one.
Folks, if you're not aware, Roy Blunt sits on this committee. (314) 725-4484 (STL) and (202) 224-5721 (DC)
Of course Roy Blunt R-MO, the swine, would vote against the very people who voted 4 him!!!
You do know Roy Blunt is a Republican, right? If so, why the expectation of anything? Are you a Koch?
Roy Blunt voted AGAINST protecting Medicare,Social Security and Medicaid.Is this what you want? NO!If you're a senior, vote for your life!
Roy blushed uncomfortably from the very sexual and blunt compliment really liking the idea of being someone's cute cocksock.
I'm bout to roll me up a blunt with my list of regrets...
could care less about his constituents, he already got $38,500 from DeVos (and i…
. This is a Republican form response letter. I got EXACTLY the same letter from our corrupt MO Rep. Senator Roy Blunt.
I really enjoy laying down with Roy while smoking a blunt💕
Hey locals: Anyone taking Friday 17th off, or available? ACTION: Let’s hand-deliver letters to Roy Blunt’s local office. DM me
Roy Blunt won't speak to anyone. He's too busy inaugurating.
Really wanted Kander to oust Roy Blunt in Missouri. Sadly, didn't happen. But go Jason on new org.😄😄😄
Roy Blunt is going to be in Franklin County at the Y soon. Want more info?
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"I'm going to be BLUNT- you make me wish I could drink enough to die every time I see your face." *picture of Roy Blint's creepy face* etc
my bro smoked a blunt with Roy Lee Pate 😂
Please Roy Blunt come to Columbia Mo so your adoring public can shower you with much deserved adoration.
Actually Republican Senator Roy Blunt does hide in Missouri.He holds NO town hall meetings.Petition is going around to fix that
I can't wait til Roy Blunt rolls back into Missouri...
Those weren't PAID PROTESTERS, but you wouldn't care about them any more than ROY BLUNT cares about his constituents.
love to, but Senator Roy Blunt doesn't hold town halls.He's scared of them.We're petitioning him to hold town halls.
Missouri Senator Roy Blunt has received over $33,000 in donations from Betsy Devos and family over his career.
people were hung up on, I seen at one of my Senator's offices here in Missouri a constituent was told Roy Blunt was gonna
Sen. Roy Blunt of MO is not representing its citizens or holding Town Halls. He's been bought off like a prized pig at the State Fair.
I said this last month. Roy Blunt will be responsible for the next great political movement
check out It was started by the dude that SHOULD HAVE replaced Roy Blunt as MO Senator
Came so close to unseating Roy Blunt. Mo voted to drain the swamp, but keep Blunt.🤔No sense. Check Kanders new group.
The thing is: Kander is that guy. A hunter. A soldier. Can field strip a rifle blindfolded. Lost to Roy Blunt Jr.
Petition: Demand that Senator Blunt hold town hall meetings!
Senator true or false is this your face when you Roy-hit-that-Blunt?
exactly!! Teachers in Mo have been sending tons of responses to Roy Blunt..he voted DeVos in with $35,8…
Hey everyone sign this petition please!! Demand that Senator Blunt hold town hall meetings!
Roy Blunt just now on "If you don't like the answers to the questions, you shouldn't ask them."
Let me guess, some ahole named Blunt, Roy Blunt.
I agree. We tried hard to get him to replace Roy Blunt in the Senate but we were swarmed by Trumpanzees
Nevada's will co-chair Senate Travel and Tourism Caucus w/fellow Sen. Roy Blunt, R-Mo. Tourists go to Missouri? C'mon!
MO Sen. Roy Blunt standing by donor DeVos to head Department of Education - Kansas City Star U sold us out
And there's MO's Roy Blunt in the background, like a good little lap dog. would have represented the p…
. Harris is great but Kander is battle tested vs. GOP. At 35 yrs old nearly took down GOP sacred cow Roy Blunt
Roy Blunt hangs on in Missouri Senate race - Washington Post
Roy Blunt wins Missouri Senate race, AP says, virtually ensuring that GOP will control both chambers of Congress
I just sent this to my Senators in Missouri (Roy Blunt and Claire McCaskill). I also sent it to my state senator.
Republicans dominated Missouri, with Eric Greitens becoming the new governor and Roy Blunt staying as Senator:.
Republicans Ron Johnson, Marco Rubio, Rand Paul, Tim Scott, Mike Lee, & Roy Blunt who were re-elected last night all voted AGAINST the VAWA.
Missouri for U.S. Senate, Roy Blunt has retained his seat with 49% of votes, defeating nearest rival, Jason...
Roy Blunt, the Republican senator, fights off a tough challenge to win his Missouri race
Roy Blunt, blah, blah, BLAH...shut your corrupt hole.
Meanwhile in Joplin Kix Brooks is crowbarring Roy Blunt's name into "Boot Scootin Boogie"
I've actually been surprised this senate race hasn't gotten more attention. Roy Blunt has been our Senator for quite awhile.
2010 profile on “Roy Blunt is to Washington insider like Sammy Davis, Jr. is to rat pack.”
Where the heck did this Senator come out of?? He is now even with Roy Blunt
Roy Blunt: A senator who has become what he once decried. via
If Missourians, both Republican & Democrat & Independent want to CHANGE how WA works then you cannot send Roy Blunt back 2 the Senate
Make it out to the polls on Nov. 8th and vote for or this guy will get another term! Roy Blunt is wrong f…
"Roy Blunt can have the special interests because I have you" - (future) SENATOR Jason Kander
Even in a do-nothing Congress, Roy Blunt stands out for his absences (Vote for Dem Jason Kander!)
Rs fear Trump, resurrect Dubya to raise💰 for Roy Blunt. Help elect instead!
How has Roy managed to make the most potentially exciting forward line for years so blunt ? Vardy on the left So MIA
St. Louis Post-Dispatch Editorial condemns Blunt for trying to “have it both ways” on veterans issues
Update your maps at Navteq
"Other View" editorial - actually should be a straight up repub.
You should take a hard look at Roy Blunt. Research his net worth rise over last 10 years. And wife & son lobbyists!
ICYMI: Editorial: can't have it both ways on veterans issues
I'm confident that the commitment of the co-chairs of the Ferguson Com...
We are honored to have Senator Roy Blunt and the Mayor of Springfield here for
STL Today: All Blunt has done is block progress on veterans issues. Compare that to Jason Kander's record.
Roy blunt constantly says disparaging things about who is a veteran. Blunt continues his hypocrisy.
Unfortunately, some in Washington remain tied to the dogma that respon...
Senator applauds response to mental health issues, via -->
Roy Blunt is a sorry S.O.B. he spits on the military. To put it Bluntly, throw the bum out
Warmonger, the man responsible for Iraq, just endorsed Roy Blunt. Think about that. Throw the bun out
Senator Blunt continues talk out of both sides of his month about issues.
MO Senate race continues to be interesting...
How convenient that only cares about veterans during an election year
Sen. Blunt should take a look at his own veterans' record before criticizing someone else's.
 border= talking out of both sides of his mouth — esp. on veterans issues 😒
And then suddenly Rip Van awoke from his slumber to find the VA in ruins via
still hasn't learned that actions speak louder than words with vets.  
Cool how suddenly cares about veterans when his voting record says LITERALLY THE EXACT OPPOSITE
Senator Blunt’s double-speak on issues. Our Vets deserve better.
requires to keep it going. Senator provides just one example
is a politician talking out of both sides of his mouth -- especially on veterans issues. 
Quite the scathing lede on from on his VA hypocrisy .
The St. Louis Post-Dispatch rightfully called out for his hypocrisy on veterans issues.
Editorial: Sen. Roy Blunt can't have it both ways on veterans issues via
Read this and get rid of evil-doers like Roy Blunt. Sign up for Brand New Congress...
TheChat: Roy Blunt won’t be going to Cleveland: And...Jay Nixon rules out another run for public office … Click to…
yay! can afford to go bowling, and golf too. Claire McCaskill votes with Roy Blunt enough to make her dino.
Jason Kander gains on Roy Blunt in Missouri Roy, it's time to line-up your lobbying job for next January!
Jason Kander gains on Roy Blunt in Missouri - Kansas City Star (blog)
Roy Blunt realizes an election is coming up & so files some amendment so people will think he works.
Roy Blunt and Ann Wagner are not saving small investors by opposing the new Advisor disclosure..They are paying back donors!
Passel of *** Not surprised at all to see Roy Blunt, Sen. K Street, all up in the middle of 'em.
Hey Missouri, Roy Blunt is home for 2 weeks. Ask him to support a hearing for Merrick Garland for Supreme Ct. Justice
in Missouri it's Jason Kander running against Roy Blunt
Roy Blunt is a huge disappointment .
Dirty Roy Blunt gets his money in big lumps from out of state interests. Hates women's rights - Loves Tom Delay
Think about this and then ask yourself if Roy Blunt really represents YOU!
Time to get rid of Roy Blunt! I'm sick of rampant GOP stupidity these days. Ugh!
Hollywood doles out dollars for Senate Dems: Democrats seeking to unseat Sens. Rob Portman and Roy Blunt are a...
Matt Blunt, son of Sen. Roy Blunt, heads group lobbying for the Big Three automakers.
Wrong. Other GOP senators like Roy Blunt helped to keep the conversation about smart guns off table. His so…
Mizzou hired the son of U.S. Sen. Roy Blunt as lobbyist, and about 20k newly accepted students sent letters assuring them cam…
Roy Blunt's son, Andy, is one of Missouri's most powerful lobbyists. He's also his dad's campaign manager:
.launches new digital ads on Roy Blunt's ongoing conflicts of interest: son = campaign mgr & lobbyist. https:…
"Sen. Roy Blunt’s response when asked why his son, a lobbyist, is also his campaign mgr..
If Roy Blunt wants more time to visit with his son's math teacher, let's give it to him. Vote him out.
Sen. Roy Blunt: "The Senate has the Constitutional responsibility to decide if it’s the right person at the right time."
. Even if. When Soldiers are sent to war, Soldiers die. It’s the blunt reality.
I've always wanted to see Charlize Theron, Emily Blunt and Jessica Chastain in a movie together but why it gotta be The Huntsman
Help out Roy Blunt!. Elect Jason Kander this fall & give Blunt PLENTY of time to meet with his son's math teacher. http…
Roy Blunt has a 25/48 approval, and by a 66/24 spread Missouri voters want Obama's pick to get real consideration
Ooof... Dems going after Roy Blunt by tying him to Denny Hastert. Gloves officiall off.
Sen. Roy Blunt (r) won't do his job and the sun also rises via
Reid says he doesn't see how Senate Republicans running for re-election such as Rob Portman and Roy Blunt can support …
Then Roy Blunt should resign and spend more time with his family. He has the money, and he's not doing his job!
My first internship was with the D.C. office of Senator Roy Blunt summer 2013. Happy to be returning summer 2016 with Senator Jeff Sessions.
My biggest problem is having Roy Blunt as a senator. His resignation would be very helpful. Thanks for asking!
no it doesnt. So are Joni Enst, Roy Blunt, Kelly Ayotte, Dan Sullivan, et al just suckers too?
yep,looks like my Senator, Roy Blunt, is in that photo.
you mean, smoking a blunt with handy. Ahuevo dro weii
This is doom and gloom for the inept Liberals
So Ontario can no longer afford to bribe?
OMG, you're tellin' me Roy Blunt did something *good* for Missouri??? *** ??
(2/2) later with Medicaid, and government already distorts the marketplace. - Roy Blunt (Politician).
Roy Blunt of Missouri is the majority one in the House of a person for concealed weapons
I can't hear you talkin cause my blunt too loud
Rough front page this weekend for Roy Blunt
roy blunt?!?. That fool thinks ppl deserve jail for doc-recommended marijuana. And you praise this goon?
List of Congressional reps & senators who voted for omnibus bill Time to replace Ann Wagner & Roy Blunt in MO
"The whole situation is troublesome" re: everyone in Roy Blunt's family being a lobbyist
Even more bad headlines for Roy Blunt in
Roy I swear to god, touch my daughter I'll hack your *** off with a blunt sword, slow and very painfully.
and to be blunt Liz Kendall ain't no Roy Jenkins
I added a video to a playlist Roy Blunt Jr: Taxi Driver (or, Why I Use Uber)
Only if she asks what she thinks @ Dirty Roy Blunt voting to keep allowing potential terrorists the ability to buy guns.
well I hope you call Senator Roy Blunt's office because he just voted to make sure can keep getting such weapons
The blood of future innocent victims is on Sen. Roy Blunt's hands.
Senator Roy Blunt proposed a bill that could delay the cleanup at the up to 30 years!
I sent a message to Sen. Roy Blunt with
I knew ROY BLUNT would be on this list.He also receives money from NRA. ***
GOP Senator Roy Blunt voted last night to let terrorists buy guns, all the better to massacre Americans. Good Luck, Missouri!
I can love MO for a minute without thinking about Roy Blunt and his creepy "How the Grinch Stole Christmas" smile.
Republican: Roy Blunt? That smile reminds me, gotta get my used car worked on again 😏
Senator Roy Blunt is up for reelection in 2016. A republican that can be replaced by a person more responsive to Missouri concerns.
And there's Roy Blunt standing right there.
Roy Blunt: SHAME ON YOU failure to vote on background checks. You & GOP are complicit in all the US murders, 32,000 each year!
These guys did too: Roy Blunt, Richard Burr & John McCain
Yay! Sen Roy Blunt wants terrorists on watch list to buy as many guns and assault weapons as they can! What a guy!
Smokin a blunt omw to see grandma Julia n the hospital 😔😩
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Sen. Roy Blunt emcees ceremony dedicating bust at Capitol
Missouri Senator Roy Blunt is coming down on Obamacare, again.
As long as Senator Roy Blunt is in office, we won't be safe.
There are steps we could take to make Americans safer, but as long as the GOP like Roy Blunt controls Congress, those steps won't be taken.
While Senator Roy Blunt was counting his cash from the NRA, 14 dead-more than a dozen wounded in California shooting
So much for his plans to run against Roy Blunt for the senate.
I once saw Roy Blunt at the Dillion's on National in Springfield. Produce section. Man of the people.
Roy Blunt's home-grocery store team should draw a bigger crowd!
VIDEO: Sen. Roy Blunt says is driving up costs, hurting Missouri families -
ICYMI last week, Roy Blunt's lobbyist ties are back again showing more conflict of interest for him
Today take action. Call Senator Roy Blunt and tell him that and to vote NO on any anti-Refugee...
Sen. Roy Blunt right about future demand for food
Claire McCaskill, Roy Blunt: Mandate health insurance companies to reveal final cost of procedures be... via
Islamic terrorism can't hold a candle to NRA & Roy Blunt policies: 334 days & 351 mass shootings so far this year
This week at progressive state blogs: Can Roy Blunt change his spots? MT bedwetters report for duty
Shop The Bradford Exchange Online for Patriotic 9/
Thanks U.S. Senator Roy Blunt for supporting increased funding for NIH and research.
Purported Hastert corruption links: "Dan Burton, Bob Livingston, and Roy Blunt" Which 1 do you want?
Missouri got rid of Straight party voting too and thats how Roy Blunt got in as Senator.
David Koch is hosting Kelly Ayotte, Roy Blunt, and Jerry Moran in NYC tonight. "Business attire," please
Jason Kander is a Democrat running for Mo. Senator against Roy Blunt. Blunt has big $ behind him. Please help Kander out if you can!
Kendrick Lamar with a blunt to the face, my fav. 😍
My Letter to Rep Billy Long, Roy Blunt and Claire McCaskill a link to the response from Billy Long follows -...
There are a lot of takers but Roy Blunt would be the leader..
When you mess with a be prepared to get your feelings hurt. They're blunt people and not going to hold back h…
Rule Never pass the blunt to a duck
Let’s get Jason (elected to US Senate. . His opponent, Roy votes against workers. .
Diego's: because where else can you pay $20 to stare at photos of Roy Blunt for half an hour.
Keep the blunt force of the law out of teen 'sexting' says .
You getting passed around more than the blunt that was lit in my room in 2012
If it didn't bring you what you want,it taught you what you don't want..*hits blunt.
This is pretty cool. SLU to send students to D.C. for the Pope's visit, arranged by Sen. Roy Blunt.
It's legal to get drunk and act like an *** but God forbid you smoke a blunt and eat a pizza on your couch.
The girl I work with is going to be Senator Roy Blunt's nanny. So yeah you can move up from the cupcake industry.
I want my own Roy Blunt cut out. His "Devo" hair shields him from Russian radar, wrong side of every issue bar none
Honorable Karen Haas, Deputy Clerk, Roy Blunt, Claire McCaskill, and the Committee on Judiciary all received a certified impeachment letter
Last night I had a dream I hit that blunt that craig Unk L Roy and sugar hit lol 😂😂😂
No surprise Roy Blunt grifter. HTF is this guy not a criminal convict?
LIVE on Is Flame the new Capitol Hill hotspot? John Boehner, Roy Blunt, Claire McCaskill
Roy Blunt is always on the list of "Who got paid"
Full disclosure: I should probably admit at this point that my district elected Roy Blunt and Sam Graves to represent us.
thanks for sharing Senator Roy Blunt, have a great Monday :) (insight by
This man can't roll. Look at how trash his blunt is bruh. 😂
U.S. Sen. Roy Blunt and U.S. Rep. Jason Smith are standing with us against EPA's Power Plant rules
US Senator Roy Blunt hears about mental health successes and concerns in Springfield,
We need to give our more choices in behavioral health and all of their needs. In Hannibal:
Have you subscribed yet to my new podcast, Blunt Force Truth? Get it on itunes here or visit http…
Republican Sen. Roy Blunt on voting against funding Homeland Security: "Most of the employees will show up, anyway." Good …
Roy, you have a LONG history of voting AGAINST veteran issues! .
John McCain, Roy Blunt, Claire McCaskill: The end of time limits on Veterans Educational Benefits. - ... via
Roy Blunt getting coverage back home of his tanking poll numbers
Brutal clip for Roy Blunt from a local MO FOX affiliate as anchor can't believe how bad his poll are
From our op/ed section. This is a brief video of Senator Roy Blunt speaking about the new EPA Clean Power Plan.
you should do some Blunt slides and Back Lips on film
Survey: "How will you help Roy Blunt support MO?" me: "donate to Planned Parenthood in Roy's name."
Surprise her with a blunt and some food.
When you die and somebody sparks a blunt at your funeral
Roy Blunt from Missouri voted for it, too. Boeing is twice as big in Missouri than SC
Branson MO Sen. Blunt gives firefighters thanks: Roy Blunt spoke at the Missouri State Council of Fire Fighter...
Democrats criticize Sen. Roy Blunt for airplane travel
TheChat Sen Roy Blunt says the emphasis needs 2 B on the future of health care
check this out Dems hit Roy Blunt for airplane travel: Missouri Democrats are squawking about Sen. ...
Heard from the health care community in Hannibal & talked about the need for common-sense solutions.
Dems hit Roy Blunt for airplane travel
Dems hit Roy Blunt for airplane travel:
Dems hit Roy Blunt for airplane travel: Democrats are mad that Sen. Roy Blunt is flying to some appearances in…
Roy Blunt is toxic to Missouri. Married to tobacco lobbyist and pro coal industry toxicity!
Sen Roy Blunt has a belated epiphany. Focus should be on addressing concerns with not repeal. via
Missouri U.S. Sen. Roy Blunt on Thursday called for more conversation over concerns about the Affordable Care Act.
Interesting. This polling indicates Jay Nixon is unpopular and so is Roy Blunt. Neither cares a bit what we think.
US Senator Roy Blunt talks the future of healthcare in Hannibal - Hannibal Courier
A man named Chief Wana Dubie, who has a leaf tattooed on his forehead, is running for office in
Sen. Roy Blunt meets with health professionals and caregivers during town hall on health care.
Read up on the Gun Lobby's funding of Roy Blunt's campaign...
In 2006, Miller ran as an independent writein candidate against Rep. Roy Blunt, in the 7th Congressional District of Missouri
The three Senators were Roy Blunt, Joni Ernst and James Lankford. They did say these are difficult days for believers. React like Christ
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Just what Roy Blunt wanted to kick off his campaign - stories about how his family lobbies the federal gov
Sen. Roy Blunt donates tractor to help with city's urban farming
I liked a video Sen. Roy Blunt: Email Story Reminds Us of What It's Like with the Clintons
Roy Blunt sends out crap like this. It just proves to me that we need Jason Kander in the Senate.
Roy Blunt missed the speech b/c he was attending the funeral of our state auditor!! Don't try to make an issue out of his absence.
Dem Missouri Secretary of State (and Afghanistan vet) to challenge Roy Blunt for U.S. Senate in 2016.
5 Senators who voted against confirmation of Ashton Carter as new Defense Secretary: Sen. Roy Blunt, R- Mo.; Sen. …
THESE ARE THE TRAITORS THAT VOTE FOR THE ILLEGALS -Big business won this round. The establishment Republican sellouts joined their traitorous counterparts in the House in representing big business over the American worker, foreigners over American citizens and their financial masters over the will of the people. But they will have to return to the voters with their records in hand. As much as they would have liked to avoid taking responsibility for selling out the American people, Senators Cruz, Lee and Sessions have made that impossible. They forced a vote, the sellouts are on the record, and now, they can go to the voters during their next election, when hopefully every single one of them will face a strong primary challenge, and defend their abandonment of their principles, the Constitution and the American worker. The campaign against these treasonous snakes starts today. The names of the traitors are listed below: Lamar Alexander (TN) Kelly Ayotte (NH) Roy Blunt (MO) John Boozman (AR) Dan Coats (IN) ...
Senate OKs Bill With $63B for Ongoing Wars - Sen. Mark Begich, D-Alaska, left, and Sen. Roy Blunt, R-Mo., right, r...
Roy Keane can be very blunt. He doesn't give a ***
"what did u do before creating the universe?". God: I smoked a blunt tighter than Uranus.
Rolling a blunt at a party is like taking out a pack of gum at school.
When u driving and the blunt hits you
Roy's in a rage he will have no nails n blunt false teeth at this rate
“I'm on a high getting budget I gotta break the blunt up into pieces for Monday-Sunday”😂
Can't wait for pond hockey and blunt rides up to the mountains
Tea Party leader in Missouri tells me he wants to see a primary challenge to Roy Blunt in '16
Video: Senator Roy Blunt - President Obama should spend the next two years working with the new Republican-led...
News - Sen. Roy Blunt re-elected as vice chair of the Senate Republican Conference.
just look at the leadership elections today. Roy blunt? Wicker? They are huge porkers
thankful for Senator Debbie Stabenow and also Senator Roy Blunt for all they have done to help individuals with mental illness. time4change
TIL there's a United States Senator from Missouri named Roy Blunt; and he's unironically a Republican
he wasnt very yoda, its what we expect, he was blunt this time. I think he was worried bout wat Roy will do being out
U.S. Senator Roy Blunt re-elected as Vice Chairman of the U.S. Senate Republican Conference.
Mo' MO News: Roy Blunt to remain in upper chamber leadership position after being re-elected vice chairman of GOP's Senate conference
From Sen. Roy Blunt: Contrary to what the Obama Administration believes, Missourians aren’t “stupid.” We...
And...Missouri Sen. Roy Blunt criticizes President Obama’s new clean-air agreement with China … Click to Continue...
"Obamacare is fundamentally flawed and it needs to be repealed and replaced with common-sense health care solutions," .Roy Blunt (R) Mo
A lot of United fans hate Roy Keane for his Fergie comments. No hate for either of them. Personally find Keano and how blunt he is hilarious
“I feel like going home rolling a fat blunt and watch Goodfellas”
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it's me, Roy we all know you like Blunt😏
lol yeah cause you didn't hit the blunt that night I seen you
Blunt rides on the way back from class 👌
😂 mad me laugh so hard I had to pass the blunt. Gtfo here
Good Job Roy: Shifting Power: Roles figure to be changing for McCaskill, Blunt in wake of elections
Missin because we havnt had our weekly blunt since you're away 😔
Here is the link to what Senator Roy Blunt touts as his replacement for Obamacare. .
.When you think of Missouri families ruined by a healthcare crisis that would have been prevented by the ACA, think Roy Blunt.
before I light the blunt I be like "Fire that shyt up Roy" Suga voice
Senator Roy Blunt scored an “F”. No surprise there. Perhaps it was the crony establishment pro-big business part?
Sen Roy Blunt says Mississippi River barge traffic will become more important than at any point in the last 100 years
I wish I could vote out Sen.'s Claire McCaskill-D &Roy Blunt-R in MO but sadly they are not up for re-election. Maybe next time.
Roy, the Blunt has skin in the game
Port officials announced plans to move forward with expansion today, during visit from U.S. Sen. Roy Blunt.
Roy Whiting makes me so sick. Paedophiles should be castrated with a blunt hacksaw.
Senator Roy Blunt seeks input from local police - KSDK
Senator Roy Blunt seeks input from local police
I think Aya's still mad that she got randomly kicked out if Roy's team, don't take any offence to her blunt sentences.
Roy Blunt on TV practically praising the use of military equipment. Not surprising.
Blunt: Police should weigh need for military gear carefully: Sen. Roy Blunt told reporters Monday he supports…
Sen. Roy Blunt talked to Law Enforcement today. What they discussed and a preview of the Royals and Chiefs games today at 5 on Fox 26 KNPN
Missouri Senator Roy Blunt talks to area law enforcement officials about equipment needed to handle public safety...
Of course Roy Blunt is listening to the cops... that's his people
Roy Blunt is my Senator and how can you not follow somebody who called herself Sugar ***
anyone who follows Roy Blunt and Sgt Sugar *** is the opposite of iltelligent
*hits blunt*. "If you work as security at a samsung store, does that make you guardian of the galaxy?"
Senator Roy Blunt Wouldn't it be better to focus more positives and less on complaining about Obama Admin?
We covered U.S.Sen. Roy Blunt's visit to Rosecrans Airport to visit with area law enforcement officials today.
Jim Hoft is a lying racist *** & if Roy Blunt said it, he's one too.
*hits blunt*. "What if soy milk is just regular milk introducing itself in Spanish?"
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*hits blunt*. "Why would Cinderella's shoe fall off if it fits her perfectly."
“When you the only person in the squad who knows how to roll a good blunt
Gareth Southgate looks like he's explaining to Roy Hodgson which James Blunt song he's going to do on Celebrity Stars in Their Eyes.
Via Senator Roy Blunt. The constitutional right of a citizen to own a firearm has nothing to do with race or...
*hits blunt*. Are leaves on a tree called leaves because they leave the tree?
*Hits blunt* . if you're clean after a shower why do towels get dirty?
hits blunt*. "Mary had Jesus. And Jesus was the lamb of god. So does that mean Mary had a little lamb?"
U.S. Sen. Roy Blunt is planning to meet with law enforcement officers across Missouri in wake of
I'm in KC in western MO. Claire McCaskill and Emmanuel Cleaver II are my reps. Roy Blunt on the E side (StL)
Farming, for some, has become "Big Business." In the past 10 yrs, the number of MO farmers making $500,000 or more has grown 900%. "The Poor Old Farmer" - is no more. He may be old buy he sure ain't poor. This growth spurt has come about because livestock farmers have incorporated "farming practices" that allow growth hormones to fatten them faster. I'm sure that the infamous "Monsanto Protection Act", Sen. Roy Blunt (R) drafted the rider with Monsanto admitted as much to the New York Daily News with the excuse that “it is only a one-year protection” helped crop farmers make a killing. These shortcuts generate greater crop yields and quicker turn around times on livestock. In other words, these shortcuts give farmers the most return on their investments and money, and as usual, have become their priority rather than human safety. What you don't know can hurt you, The MO legislature accommodates farming secrets by passing ag-gag bills. Holy *** is being raised against EPA, DNR, Dept. of Agricul ...
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