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Roxas Boulevard

Roxas Boulevard (formerly known as Dewey Boulevard) is a boulevard in Metro Manila in the Philippines.

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tonight will be my first time to watch movie in rob galleria bwahahhhaa. From ROXAS BOULEVARD (my work) to ORTIGAS! .
EDSA - SB Roxas Boulevard is H as of 08:57AM
Why is Roxas Boulevard northbound so traffic?
Sunset at the heals of Roxas Boulevard @ Dumaguete Port
TABS signage along Roxas Boulevard reinforcing MMDA's circular allowing trucks going to and from
Finally Day 7 of Photo taken at the Manila Bay, Roxas Boulevard.…
Grand opening of Chicken Deli Roxas in Gaisano Boulevard, Roxas City! Thank you for coming 😊
Upturn of Banca by Dragonboat Team on Balitanghali Weekend w/ Reporting live from Roxas Boulevard.
Dry run earlier. See you tomorrow at the Grand Opening of Chicken Deli Roxas on Gaisano Boulevard, Roxas City!! 🎉🎉
Join Fun Runs daw!!!. (Contact anyone from MSE for information on Spectrun, June 11, Roxas Boulevard.)
Sweet caroline. Hehe jammin with this one man band. @ Miramar Hotel Roxas Boulevard
Roxas Boulevard 😍 we owned the road for a good 5 minutes 😂 heaven pero pag umaga na to omg ph 😪
Having dinner with dad somewhere in Roxas Boulevard and the Lady Spikers are here also 😂
The Mall of Asia was constructed within the reclamation area, west of Roxas Boulevard in Pasay City, aptly nicknamed "Bay City"
Blurring the lines between real and the fake. @ Bay Walk, Roxas Boulevard, Manila
Bay and Roxas Boulevard from a different view. Have only appreciated the relatively…
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traffic update please.. from NAIA airport road.. via Roxas Boulevard bound to ?. Thank you..
ATM. Crossing of EDSA and Roxas Boulevard. North bound is a standstill up to MOA!
IN PHOTO: Student activists stage a rally in front of the US embassy along Roxas Boulevard in Manila yesterday to...
I want to step into your great unknown. @ Roxas Boulevard
Explore the sidewalks of Roxas Boulevard through a different perspective.
I will not lie. I worked along Roxas Boulevard for 20 years for this barbarians to spread rumors that I was screwed by their kind? Dream on!
Missing the view of Roxas Boulevard from 22nd flr, where parades, pope francis, & fireworks has passed by
Most smut prostitutes are pristine! I worked along Roxas Boulevard for 20 years. The more pristine the more overused they are.
Come and join us at Manila Bay, Roxas Boulevard. See you there!
Clothes for those street children along Roxas Boulevard.
Let's eat dinner together at Roxas Boulevard and stroll along the streets in the city.
See you later sa Rajah Sulayman, Roxas Boulevard 7:00 pm hosted by Roby Domingo and Gretchen *** and kasama ko po...
Feeling down? I recommend lip singing Crystals in the middle of Roxas Boulevard while dressed up as a strange Asian tourist
Advance bday celebration of our Madam Clarice. Happy birthday sis. Love you 😘😘 @ Roxas Boulevard
Interschool Dragon Boat Race. Music Performances before the race held at Baywalk in Roxas Boulevard.…
It's a Sunday so we're reminiscing again.. see this picture of our original Roxas Boulevard branch circa 1980s.
I have never experienced traffic as what have others already did until today. Roxas Boulevard, Osmeña Highway,...
The is the rebirth of the as a European-inspired boutique hotel and condominium.
Street dwellers return to Roxas Boulevard after APEC summit via
The MUA has finally arrived! The bride is at your back waiting... @ Roxas Boulevard-Baclaran
Experience the beauty of Roxas Boulevard visit the Bayview Park Hotel Manila. See them on Save The Date fair 2016
Eyes on the road. Someone is watching you! @ Roxas Boulevard
Life was a party to be thrown but that was a million years ago. @ Roxas Boulevard
Sunset seen while stuck in traffic along Roxas Boulevard
Morning. Otw to school. Final exams here we go! 💪🏻🤓 @ Roxas Boulevard
Craving for vege salad and taco's @ Tramway Buffet Restaurant, Roxas Boulevard
Roxas Boulevard is back to normal after hosting of in Metro Manila |
So this is the reason why the pleasant Roxas Boulevard pathway for pedestrians and joggers suddenly comes to an...
Magandang Gabi Bayan - Haunted Theatre in Roxas Boulevard. Memories to rememberツ
JGH from Roxas Boulevard, Baclaran and SM MOA 😊😂 A day well-spent lol
While on our way home, I've captured this wonderful scenario. @ Roxas Boulevard
how's the traffic going to UN all the way to roxas boulevard if we're coming from pureza?
Their own version of hanging garden. @ Roxas Boulevard-Baclaran
There is a rising Residential-Hotel Development in the country's capital city!.
45 minutes from Burgos to Kalaw. What's good, Roxas Boulevard?!
EDSA - NB Roxas Boulevard is L as of 02:23PM
SMDC's Breeze Residences along Roxas Boulevard in Pasay City offers the very best of life's…
Roxas boulevard is cramming with cleaners, painters and repairmen. I guess its all for the ASEAN Summit this Nov.
A DPWH maintenance team removed old street lights and replaced them with new ones along Roxas Boulevard,
"You are your bag.". 󾓜󾓱󾓰󾔻. 󾌩󾌵󾌸 — thinking about buying a new fab bag kyems at Roxas Boulevard
Room for the night.. (@ Midas Hotel & Casino in Roxas Boulevard, Pasay City)
A little glimpse of the Roxas Boulevard busy afternoon. 🌆🚦🚗
Traffic on an early Sunday morning cant pass by Roxas Boulevard dahil sa funrun.
bound for Roxas boulevard, do I take nagtahan or quezon Avenue?
(Roxas Boulevard - Brooklyn Branch) 😁East River State Park, otherwise known as the Williamsburg…
Otw to PICC for some luxury event with Le Fam. @ Roxas Boulevard, Malate, Manila
traffic update po SB roxas boulevard and UN Ave going to Nagtahan. Thank you.
Roxas Boulevard 1960's 1970's. More history at
What's the traffic situation in Baclaran Roxas Boulevard north bound?
Roxas Boulevard the Paris of Asia, where is it?
PHOTO: Fishermen dock their boats at the Baywalk on Roxas Boulevard in Manila to join a protest. EDWIN BACASMAS
This is along the baywalk of Manila Bay; part of the Roxas Boulevard Linear Park Redevelopment Project. Nice, no? ☺
My titos probably never thought about how traffic it would be on Roxas Boulevard right now.
Roxas boulevard view from the 52nd floor of Admiral Baysuites. 😃✈🏢
Saw you hangin out along break water in roxas boulevard
I hope the rally regarding CMTA around Roxas Boulevard will not cause heavy traffic.
Live a life that is worth remembering. @ Roxas Boulevard
Be inspired by this 31sqm condo in Manila filled with earth colors:
Birthday lunch with my family. 🙏🍴 @ Tramway Buffet Restaurant, Roxas Boulevard
Next time u INC's rally, go to ROXAS boulevard. May be if ur lucky and tamed, ADD would see u there w Sec de Lima.
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POEtential and better candidates marches in ROXAS Boulevard. NOT EDSA! GOD'S GRACE is not INComplete. It's Absolute.
how about passage from Airport to Roxas boulevard?
INC will move to Roxas Boulevard and according to them it will be the whole grp from the PH. Goodluck to the peeps who's using that route.
Durian: King of the Fruits and the bane of my life. @ Roxas Boulevard, Davao City
Roxas boulevard with a bike lane? Yes possible. I suggested that to Sec. Babes today and he agreed!
Squad with the breezy queen ✌ @ Tramway Buffet Restaurant, Roxas Boulevard
City of Dreams Manila. Along Aseana avenue and Roxas boulevard
Starbucks (Roxas Boulevard) at the moment, waiting to be fetched. I'm not gonna squeeze through 20,000 people to get to class.
Durian Shake 'first sip' feels likes the woman in the background.😂 @ Roxas Boulevard, Davao City
traffic situation in Roxas Boulevard please
The fact that I walked from Buendia to Roxas Boulevard tapos wala pa din bus masakyan.
Front row seats to the best sunsets in the Philippines just got better!
Lunch with le familia 💕 (@ Midas Hotel in Roxas Boulevard, Pasay City)
Happy Monday! We are feeling nostalgic with photos of our old Roxas Boulevard branch.. wishing that everyone is...
Calm dawn before busy day starts. . @ Roxas Boulevard Baywalk
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Luneta National Park, is a historical urban park in the Philippines. Located along Roxas Boulevard,...
Dewey Boulevard now Roxas Boulevard :-). "I edited this video from film I found at the U.S. National Archives. It...
Life of being a Road Manager Day1 (@ Midas Hotel in Roxas Boulevard, Pasay City)
Went to Cavite, Pasay, Roxas Boulevard, UN Ave, Las Piñas, Parañaque. This is the best day so far for my engineering life.
Here comes your favorite part. Can you guess where this Chatime kiosk is located? . CLUE: Near Roxas Boulevard
Road situation in Roxas Boulevard as of 7:31 a.m. |
Photo: Brilliant idea. Plant seawater resistant greenery on Roxas boulevard. I don’t know the name of this...
Traffic update as per my feeds:. Heavy Traffic along EDSA and even Skyway... Please allow me to add Roxas Boulevard
US Embassy compound in Manila glows at dawn - The US Embassy compound along Roxas Boulevard outshines the rest of ...
The Radiance Manila Bay near CCP, MOA & NAIA!. "A life of wellness amidst the Magnificent Manila Bay".
Renew your faith in humanity. Read up on the Mystery Lugaw Godfather of Roxas Boulevard on GMA News.
Roxas Boulevard on a Saturday Morning can make you drive 80kph+ ☺
CFC Tarps installed along Roxas Boulevard! See you at Luneta!. Honoring my husband for…
We're Inviting you to join us as we celebrate Grand Wellness Day at Star City, CCP Complex, Roxas Boulevard,...
DPWH road re blocking at Roxas Boulevard before EDSA service road extension NB, 1 lane occupied. Ten-4
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Had a great team dinner tonight! @ Tramway Buffet Restaurant, Roxas Boulevard
is it possible to make a left turn in entering Gil Puyat from Roxas Boulevard?
update: As of June 15, 2015, all vendors of Roxas Boulevard have been moved away. What do...
Roxas Boulevard looks better huh. Except for the lollipop streetlights
Love my new hair color @ Pearl of the Orient Tower, Roxas Boulevard, Ermita, Manila
UPDATE as of 11:00 am. Roxas Boulevard. http:/…
Meet the mysterious good samaritan of Roxas Blvd who feeds poor people
UPDATE as of 5:00 pm. Roxas Boulevard. | via
can you ride something that'll pass by roxas boulevard? Or none talaga?
Manila sunset. On our way to Mall of Asia @ Roxas Boulevard
...and my day starts now. (@ Midas Hotel in Roxas Boulevard, Pasay City)
2015 March 11 Show at Midas Hotel and Casino. Taken at Midas Hotel and Casino, 2702 Roxas Boulevard, Pasay...
Taping now here at Roxas Boulevard I love Manila City so much history love watching the sunset and sunrise too :-)
The street with the best sunset view in the city is getting a facelift! Aren't you excited?.
Buffet with the parentals x in laws 🙏❤️ 👸👨 (@ Midas Hotel in Roxas Boulevard, Pasay City)
Work in progress on the Roxas Boulevard makeover.
Late night luxury after a long tiring day 😏💎👌 @ Roxas Boulevard
They really ROCK the ROXAS BOULEVARD that night!
Off to PiYu. Wt baby of dream dad. 😂 @ Vito Cruz, Roxas Boulevard
Happy Midweek team!. We are getting ready for the race this weekend, March 15 in Manila Bay, Roxas Boulevard.
The art of traditional painting and replication survives, but struggles along the Roxas Boulevard. These...
TRAFFIC VIEW of Roxas Boulevard as of 3:01 pm. | via
Along roxas boulevard near moa complex for inquiry email me at macky_15us
There is most likely no hotel in Manila closer to the sea than luxurious Sofitel Philippine Plaza. Whether you...
UPDATE as of 6:08 am. Roxas Boulevard. htt…
See the horizon as a destination not a limitation. @ Roxas Boulevard
UPDATE as of 6:04 pm. Roxas Boulevard. htt…
"The best things in life aren't things ☁️" @ Roxas Boulevard
UPDATE as of 12:07 pm. Roxas Boulevard. ht…
UPDATE as of 10:10 am. Roxas Boulevard. ht…
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I can be the straw to your berry. 🍓@ Patio De Manila Aqua Sphere Baypark Roxas Boulevard
Reposting our Traffic Advisory last Monday. . Please avoid Roxas Boulevard and TM Kalaw area. . EXPECT HEAVY TRAFFIC!!
how is traffic on edsa NB from roxas boulevard to ayala avenue? thanks
EDSA NB is closed today, and Roxas Boulevard SB is closed because of the marathon, ? Sounds like fun today.
Always a privilege and a blessing to see the beguiling beauty of Roxas Boulevard sunset.
Why is this Shell Eco Marathon held in a busy street like Roxas Boulevard? There are probably better venues to do this
Southbound Roxas Boulevard closed from February 23 to March 2 for the 2015 Shell Eco-Marathon Asia.
We won Chinese New Year Festival @ Manila Bay, Roxas Boulevard. We were able to bag 1st runner up in all categories.
The famous Manila sunset. It never fails to amaze me. @ Roxas Boulevard
Three 1st runner up trophies today. (@ Roxas Boulevard in Manila, Metro Manila)
Post dine in at Tramway, busog! 👍😜 @ Tramway Buffet Restaurant, Roxas Boulevard
Photo: Thanks for another successful and fast transaction. (at Roxas Boulevard,...
Thanks for another successful and fast transaction. @ Roxas Boulevard, Davao City
On the way to Roxas Boulevard with the fam! 😊🌅
Spotted outside Boulevard Hotel along Roxas Blvd. I'm curious about their coffee now!
@ Roxas Boulevard take from my mom. @ Roxas Boulevard
crazy counterflow at pablo ocampo going to roxas boulevard. The roads are already so small, it's doing all bad no good...
I liked a video City of Dreams Manila Now Open Casino Hotels Roxas Boulevard by
Roxas Boulevard is full of misplaced trees, diseased trees, trees not endemic to Philippines. Those are the ones going down.
forgot the name of the place but it's along Roxas Boulevard lang!! Not too near school but near enough! :D
Located inside Aseana City along Asean Avenue, corner Roxas Boulevard is the Manila, Philippine's City of Dreams.
In the Philippines | 13 monuments to be moved to Roxas Boulevard
monuments to be moved to Roxas Boulevard - Rappler
[Rappler] 13 monuments to be moved to Roxas Boulevard
13 monuments to be moved to Roxas Boulevard
Those along Kalaw and Ocampo might get damaged due to road works. 13 monuments to be moved to Roxas Boulevard
13 monuments to be moved to Roxas Boulevard via
Oh. The trees on Roxas Boulevard are incredibly diseased. Those are the ones going down!
People of Roxas Boulevard, on the blog -
13 monuments to be relocated due to Roxas Boulevard project
Update your maps at Navteq
"Homeless people sleep on the Manila Baywalk on Roxas Boulevard Saturday night, an unsightly fact hidden from...
Thousands of Sto Nino statues paraded along Roxas Boulevard in Manila: Images of the Child Jesus were paraded ...
along Roxas Boulevard but they didn't inform the public so the traffic is a mess. >_> No traffic aide too so wow super unorganized
good evening Sarado po ba roxas boulevard?
Putangina a 5km travel took me 2 hours. Because of closure of roxas boulevard.
and please fix the traffic here at Roxas Boulevard...
Just got home from Roxas Boulevard & Plaridel, Bulacan. Wide awake for almost 35 hours. I must sleep now. Night!
Redevelopment of Roxas Boulevard: Workers of the Department of Public Works and Highways-National Capital Regi...
Relaxing atmosphere along Roxas Boulevard: Teenagers and families usually gather to enjoy the cool, relaxing b...
Starting tomorrow, my dad will work at Roxas Boulevard everyday kasi naglipat na sya ng office from La Union :)
SARANGHAEYO (Roman Perez, Jr., 2015) - Skateboarding from Roxas Boulevard to the airport. Now that's true love. ★☆☆☆☆
Planning for a 10km jog tomorrow from here to Luneta to Roxas Boulevard to Mall of Asia..gotta be ready!
Sunset in A view I'll never get tired of. Roxas Blvd could have been our Sunset Boulevard.
be poor and be rich.. spiritually. Makufma90
Roxas Blvd. is my favorite boulevard ever
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I know these folks. Why couldn't DSWD just transfer them into a more permanent place to live? Roxas Boulevard is...
BOARDWALK: The DOT and DPWH plan to turn a segment of Roxas Boulevard into a promenade area or boardwalk.
In the works: DOT, DPWH team up to build promenade area along Roxas ... - Coconuts Manila: Coconuts Manila In the...
EMBARGO ROUTES OF PAPAL CONVOY: (subject to change) Thursday - 15 January 2015 Arrival Ceremony at Villamor Air Base, 17:45 ETD 19:00, Villamor to Apostolic Nunciature: Villamor Airbase out to Sales Road, up Skyway ramp, down Osmeña Highway, left at Quirino Avenue, left at Taft Avenue Friday - 16 January 2015 Official State Welcome Ceremony at the Malacañan Palace, 09:15 ETD 08:45, Apostolic Nunciature to Malacañan: (Long Route) Taft Avenue, right at Quirino Avenue, cross Mabini Bridge, Lacson Avenue, left at Jose Laurel Street (Short Route) Taft Avenue, right at Ayala Boulevard, cross Ayala Bridge, right at Gen. Solano Street Mass at the Cathedral - Basilica of the Immaculate Conception in Manila, 11:15 ETD 11:00, Malacañan to Manila Cathedral: Gen. Solano Street, left at Ayala Boulevard, cross to Finance Road leading to Padre Burgos Avenue, right at Bonifacio Drive, right at Soriano Avenue Meeting with the Families at the Mall of Asia Arena, 17:30 ETD 17:00, Arzobispado de Manila to Mall of Asia Are ...
Without my shoes on, I walked from NYC Office to Roxas Boulevard clad in this yellow-maroon shirt and…
Along roxas boulevard aerial shot Procession of Black Nazarene
Devotees flock in Roxas Boulevard and Quirino Grandstand in Manila, today, Feast of Black Nazarene.
MMDA advisory: Roxas Boulevard Katigbak-Anda Circle NB/SB open to traffic as of 12:47pm. |
Roxas Boulevard Katigbak-Anda Circle NB/SB has been open to traffic since 12:47 PM today (January 9) | via
Roxas Boulevard Katigbak-Anda SB/NB will be temporarily closed today
Black Nazarene near stoplight at Katigbak rd corner Roxas boulevard. Devotees fill the streets as they wait for carriage 2 pass by
ADVISORY: Roxas Boulevard Katigbak-Anda NB/SB is temporarily closed today,January 09 (Friday) for the Procession of the Black Nazarene
Hi! What's the traffic situation along Roxas Boulevard?
Be careful along Roxas Boulevard. Barriers without signage or warning signs placed all over the road.
i can only imagine Roxas boulevard being like this. Awesomesnow.
what are those dividers being put up all along on Roxas boulevard for??
Roxas Boulevard to meet up these oragons
18 giant LED screens will be put along the Roxas Boulevard for a live broadcast of the Luneta Mass.
[Photos] Special lane of visit to the Roxas Boulevard (PNA/Gil S. Calinga) [02]
Cruising to see a different yet beautiful side of Manila: Stunning! Roxas Boulevard strip’s buildings, blue sk...
Now along Roxas Boulevard, marching to the senate with the farmers. Enact the Coconut Trust Fund…
Off 2 Roxas Boulevard so we cn see da changes.It's been a while dat we've been there & drop by 1st to Luneta where we used to jog.
Monitoring at Roxas Boulevard (Baywalk) for typhoon RUBY and conducting Barangay vesitation at Alpha PCP AOR.
SENATOR ‘BONGBONG’ MARCOS GUEST SPEAKER AT ELORDE ANNUAL AWARDS By Ronnie Nathanielsz Sat, 22 Mar 2014 Senator Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos Jr will be the special guest and speaker at the 14th Annual Gabriel “Flash” Elorde Boxing Awards at the Sofitel Hotel Harbour Garden Tent on Roxas Boulevard. In a glittering evening where world, regional and national champions as well as boxing officials are honored, it would be interesting to listen to what Senator Marcos has to say about the sport itself and Philippine sports in general. The event honors the late “Flash” Elorde who reigned as world junior lightweight champion for almost seven-and-a-half years and was the first Filipino boxer enshrined in the Boxing Hall of Fame in 1993. Elorde is among a roster of great junior lightweights of the World Boxing Council in a poll being conducted by the WBC among fight fans who will vote for the greatest among them. In its 20th anniversary in New York, Elorde and the late classy Alexis Argu ...
Roxas Blvd. truck ban on - - The obvious consequence of the truck ban along Roxas Boulevard is the &...
PHITO: Hello, Roxas Boulevard, heavy traffic and humidity. It's good to be back from ...
I see that the truck ban at Roxas Boulevard is now implemented and from what I've read it will last for six...
Omfg. Re open roxas Boulevard for Christ's sake. even the card and trucks in front of my house is stuck in traffic jesus christ!
Starting today, MMDA implements truck ban on Roxas Boulevard; truckers appeal to reconsider the decision
Truck ban along Roxas Blvd takes effect on Wed: There's a new truck ban, this time in Roxas Boulevard. But aut...
Roxas Boulevard closed to trucks for six months |
Roxas Boulevard closed to trucks for six months
Roxas Boulevard closed to trucks for six months: In preparation for the P... (via
Truck ban on Roxas Boulevard reinstated starting Dec 3
Temporary truck ban on Roxas Boulevard begins Dec 3 -
No more trucks on Roxas Blvd. . MB file photo. Time is up for trucks using Roxas Boulevard. The ...
MMDA: Truck ban back on Roxas Boulevard via
Please visit us today at the AWCP bazaar at the World Trade Center, Roxas Boulevard from 8.30 am to…
temporarily barred from Roxas Boulevard this week - MMDA - InterAksyon
[News5] Trucks temporarily barred from Roxas Boulevard this week - MMDA
One of my favourite shots. Edited by Roxas Boulevard Manila.
Chinese-Filipinos Ivan Man Dy and Anson Yu let tourists and locals experience more of Manila's rich historical...
Good morning...pre wed shoot make up on going.. @ Bayview Hotel, Roxas Boulevard
We can't even fit in PICC / Roxas Boulevard. 10,000 participants.
ADVISORY: Road closure due to Fun Run from Roxas Boulevard Katigbak to P. Ocampo SB.
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TOP DESTINATIONS! RIZAL PARK, Manila, Philippines. Rizal Park also known as Luneta Park or colloquially Luneta, is a historical urban park located along Roxas Boulevard, City of Manila, Philippines, adjacent to the old walled city of Intramuros. Since the Spanish Colonial Era, the Park has been a favourite leisure spot, and is frequented on Sundays and national holidays. It is one of the major tourist attractions of the City of Manila. Situated by Manila Bay, Luneta is also an important site in Philippine history. The execution of national hero José Rizal on December 30, 1896, fanned the flames of the 1896 Philippine Revolution against the Kingdom of Spain. The area was officially renamed Rizal Park in his honor, and the monument enshrining his remains serves as the park's symbolic focal point. The Declaration of Philippine Independence from the American Occupation was held here on July 4, 1946 as were later political rallies including those of Ferdinand Marcos and Corazon Aquino in 1986 that culminated ...
If you were one of those caught in horrendous traffic last Friday because of the closure of Roxas boulevard, at...
Specifically, stoplights of Araneta-E Rodriguez, Quirino cor Osmena, stretch of Quirino leading to Roxas Boulevard, among others
FULFILLING 21km run!!! conquered Roxas Boulevard after my disappointing stint in RUPM :)
Dragons! There is a Fun Run tomorrow at Roxas Boulevard! So expect hassle and road blocks! Sarado daw by 3AM?!!...
A view of Manila Bay from the Philippine Navy Headquarters looking towards Roxas Boulevard.
Tomorrow's GA will be at Le Pavillon along Roxas Boulevard. I've already had enough of that inaccessible area -_-
Day 19: i know how much you love kids. I'm pledging 1k for for food to street children in Roxas Boulevard on October 31.
Getting irritated with the heavy flow of traffic... (@ Roxas Boulevard in Manila, Metro Manila)
just wondering is it traffic to go to Mall of Asia coming from Roxas Boulevard?
Congrats to JIL on their 36th anniversary, but let's all avoid Luneta and Roxas Boulevard.
Photo: Buffet. :”> My desserts at Tramway. (at Tramway Buffet Restaurant, Roxas Boulevard)
Parts of Roxas Blvd. closed on Friday: The stretch of Roxas Boulevard southbound lane from Katigbak to TM Kala...
AIR FORCE RECEIVES SILVER GOVERNANCE TRAILBLAZER AWARD FOR ITS PAF FLIGHT PLAN 2028 The Institute for Solidarity in Asia (ISA), a non-government organization advocating good governance, awarded the Philippine Air Force a Silver Governance Trailblazer Award during its first Revalida Panel Presentation at Philippine International Convention Center, Roxas Boulevard last October 21, 2014. No less than the PAF’s Commanding General, LT GEN JEFFREY F DELGADO AFP delivered the presentation. The Silver Governance Trailblazer Award is granted to government agencies that garnered a score of 8.5 or higher during the public revalida or based on its performance report. The breakthrough session of the development of the PAF Flight Plan 2028 was held last August 13, 2014 at the Hall of Flags as facilitated by the Institute for Solidarity in Asia (ISA) chaired by Dr. Jesus P. Estanislao. It was followed by a two-day Strategic Planning Seminar-Workshop at Hotel Kimberly, Tagaytay on August 28-29, 2014 and was attended .. ...
Unleash extraordinary energy on October 26 at Baywalk Roxas Boulevard, Manila for Cobra Energy Drink Dragon Boat...
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Less softdrinks,VItamilk is the replacement 🍶🍶🍶 @ Arnaldo Boulevard, Roxas City
End of day 1.. Seeyou again tomorrow!! 🎉🎊💞 @ Palacio De Maynila Roxas Boulevard
for the love of art (and for the sake of my fotocom grades lol) @ Roxas Boulevard
Join us on NOV 29 as we run, jog, walk, ride or trot with our buddies for our annual Fun Run at Roxas Boulevard! .
3SAB and 32SAC personnel participated in the Manila Bay Coastal Clean-up Drive along Baywalk, Roxas Boulevard, Manila http:/…
3SAB personnel participated in Tourism Month '14 Coastal Clean-up at Baywalk, Roxas Boulevard, Manila.
Heavy traffic at CAVITEX northbound due to on going construction along Roxas Boulevard.
Sunday dinner with nanay at good ol' aristocrat along roxas boulevard is a good way to end a good week!
Watch Video of 12 year old Girl Hit by Her Own Father at Roxas Boulevard, Manila Bay via
October 25, le pavilion, Roxas Boulevard, In partnership with DLSU-MES and UST-CASA
mujitong catching the sunset at Roxas Boulevard. Manila Bay sunsets are the best according to my Dad…
Dear friends, please take extra care when taking a cab especially at night. Here's what happened to Norman Lee's officemate two weeks ago. EDIT: This was also published in, and it's astonishing how some of the commenters put the blame on the VICTIM and not the THIEVES, implying that these kinds of incidences are the norm and it's for us non-thieves who should adjust. Yes, this happens, but it's not normal and will never be. Take precaution, but also teach your children not to steal. Most importantly, trace and fight the root of it all: poverty. -- Hi, everyone. I'm posting this as a warning to people who are taking cabs. I was in a taxi hold-up incident a week ago, involving three men who took my cell phone, cash and cards. I was taken and driven around Metro Manila from Makati to Fairview, while they threatened and intimidated me. People have offered to help me go after the criminals, but right now I don't have the energy for it. I've used a lot of energy and strength to stay focused and surv ...
Guys, be careful out there. A lady shares her story of being held up in a cab. She wishes to remain anonymous, but she could use some help in spreading the word. "I hailed a taxi in Chino Roces Avenue (Pasong Tamo), Makati, past 12 midnight of Aug. 9, 2014. I instructed the driver to take me to Bonifacio Global City in Taguig, via Gil Puyat Avenue (Buendia). He drove through Chino Roces to Gil Puyat Avenue (Buendia), but turned left on Malugay Street. Sensing something was wrong, I asked him to take Jupiter. Then he declared, “hold up ’to, huwag kang sisigaw,” while were along Centro Escolar University. Two other men got inside the taxi; one sat beside me at the backseat and placed his arms around me, the other one sat beside the driver. I screamed and scrambled, trying to get out. Someone shouted: “Huwag kang sumigaw. Makisama ka lang, walang mangyayari sa ‘yo.” (Don’t shout. Just don’t make a scene and we won’t harm you.) The man in the front seat immediately got my bag and took all my ...
THE AUGUST 21, 1983 MURDER OF NINOY AQUINO N. B. The author, Philip M. Lustre, Jr. was among the journalists, who covered the fateful Aug. 21, 1983 assassination of Sen. Benigno Aquino Jr. at the Manila International Airport, now the Ninoy Aquino International Airport. The following is his narrative of the Aquino’s murder from a journalist’s lens. The brief news report buried in one of the inside pages of the August 3, 1983 issue of the New York Times did not catch fire to ordinary readers. The news report, datelined Manila, said dictator Ferdinand Marcos would take a “two week seclusion” to finish "writing" his purported two books. But the news report was enough to perk up the ebullient opposition leader Benigno Aquino Jr., who was an exile in Boston since 1980. Aquino immediately felt that something wrong was happening to his political nemesis. He knew Marcos was ill during those days, but he was not sure of the details. Like the rest of Filipinos, Aquino had no direct access to determine the ve ...
High risk, high gain. Beef Pares with Noodles at Paresan at the corner of Roxas Boulevard Service Road…
Morning jog with jessie at Roxas Boulevard seaside.
from home of the singing cooks and waiters to music 21 WOWOWEEE! — at Roxas Boulevard, Malate, Manila
A portion of Dewey Blvd (now Roxas Boulevard) that was used as an airstrip. c1945. - simoun (image: Manila...
ADVISORY: Parts of Roxas boulevard going to Pasay City are now closed for a running event this morning. Take the alternative routes.
2/2 and discover more about our topnotch property along Roxas Boulevard - The Radiance Manila Bay.
Cointainer vans aligns at Roxas Boulevard and cause HEAVY, HEAVY, HEAVY traffic mess! Check it!
[ANC] Jimenez: 2,000km of tourism roads built in last 3 years. Roxas Boulevard...
in manilabay near in suncruises bay terminal in roxas boulevard manila almost 2hours. May sakay na turista.
Wow. This used to be what Roxas Boulevard looked like. What happened?
Express lane for trucks along Roxas Boulevard
nbanews Pork Barrel, Several groups and individuals will hold another major anti-pork barrel rally on August 25 on Roxas Boulevard in...
Manila Bay really have the best Take a walk down Roxas Boulevard and see it for Each day it seems like a different sun.
Exhausted day — feeling busy at Roxas Boulevard, Malate, Manila
I'll be taking calls already in a few hours. Wish me luck then.:D — at Roxas Boulevard, Davao City
“Dewey Boulevard now known as Roxas Blvd. bring this back please 😪
R3Run 12K category held at Blue Bay Walk, Roxas Boulevard on August 10, 2014.
Let's go to Mcdo :D. — feeling hungry at Roxas Boulevard, Davao City
I think I'm going to see Roxas Boulevard again. :)
Photo: Breakfast for the lazy ones. 👍🍌🍎🍶 (at Roxas Boulevard, Davao City)
thank you Joey A. and Mariko for the motivation... Love you both! 😘 @ Roxas Boulevard Manila
More eat more fun .. w/family — at Tramway Buffet Restaurant, Roxas Boulevard
traffic situation from Roxas Boulevard to TM Kalaw? Thanks!
On the Roxas Boulevard of broken dreams 🎶🎶
So how am I going to get home from Roxas Boulevard?
Crossed Roxas Boulevard with 1 second left in the stoplight because I believe you just gotta take some chances in life, man
no major damage but please attend to damage areas like Roxas Boulevard
After Storm back to normal at Roxas Blvd, the background the abandoned Grand Boulevard…
Aftermath Photo: . Father and son - Informal settlers and vendors on Baywalk Roxas Boulevard,...
Passing through Roxas Boulevard, all the way to Mall of Asia is like watching Armagedon 3D
power's back here along Roxas Boulevard Pasay, thank you!
Solid steel posts bent under the powerful winds of . Roxas Boulevard, Manila.
At Roxas Boulevard during our special coverage kanina
Always time to Bumped into these guys while walking around Roxas Boulevard.
Photo: Of course there is always time to … I bumped into these guys on Roxas Boulevard.
Fallen trees all over Roxas Boulevard, don't even attempt to cross. Just stay indoors and hug someone.
Keep safe Manila Ozians! Stay away from Manila Bay and Roxas Boulevard due to storm surges.
Heavy rain with strong wind make this side of Roxas Boulevard in Manila almost zero visibility.
EDSA - SB from Magallanes to Roxas Boulevard is MH as of 11:56AM
ASBU unit on intersection of Roxas Boulevard personnel has NO proper ID's, all just wearing jacket. they ate causing traffic too
ADVISORY: DPWH on going road re blocking, 1 lane occupied at Roxas Boulevard Baclaran NB
Stuck in traffic for 15mins now... Jez (@ Roxas Boulevard w/ 2 others)
How's the traffic flow from NAIA2 all the way to baclaran and roxas boulevard?
Roxas Boulevard across Diamond Hotel is over the curb deep. Communities should be collecting rainwater.
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