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Rough Cut

In filmmaking, the rough cut is the second of three stages of offline editing. The rough cut is the first stage in which the film begins to resemble its final product.

Bob Iger Rogue One

The rough cut of episode 2 of Kung and Cage is DONE!
I have a cut in my mouth and have to make an extremely long drive tomorrow. This is gonna be rough
After seeing rough cut of Julian Assange is no longer speaking to Laura Poitras
I added a video to a playlist From Boot to Boat Rough Cut
Finished up a rough cut tonight 👌stayed tuned for a new video later tomorrow 📺
Assange cut off relationship with Poitras after seeing a rough cut of the doc, telling her that film has legally jeopardized him.
Wow! Cut open and a tooth knocked out. All kidding aside *** rough night for The Hardys
the audio editing in the leaked OITNB episodes is DREADFUL LMFAO. i've done better audio editing in a rough cut and I'm a UNI STUDENT
Seen rough cut for 'Hostage' and not going to lie-I'm getting excited for you to see this!! Director:Maruthi Nambi.…
Thanks, Theresa. I still plan to send you that song. Hopefully, I can get…
Cut the scruff out of my beard and switch from rough refined to neat Guess I'll go back to…
🔴25K challenge update🔴 rough week this week, had some options expire worthless and cut losses on…
I added a video to a playlist Day on the Lake - Fall River Smallmouth Catches - Rough Cut
The rising Meramac River could cut off the southern region of St. Louis.
CP3 gotta take that pay cut and go to the Spurs man. Turning down 200 Ms gon be rough tho
soon from CoreMelt: Scribeomatic. A transcription tool for that lets you rough cut via text editing.
thuck Norris can cut v:rough a hot knife with butter
Cut my finger on a rough edge on my coffee mug. 😢 Any suggestions of how to best get in touch with Contigo?
Been waiting for a fresh cut for prom man I haven't looked this rough in a long time 🤕
Last time I was on G/DC-001, I cut my hand on those savage rocks, blooming rough…
Kyle Busch now up to 2nd place as Kenseth suffers a cut tire. Rough ending for the early dominator today.
Just heard a rough cut of my DEBUT SINGLE w/LEGENDARY SUPERSTAR of 98 Degrees & I'm STOKED!!. Hope U like i…
Because my finger is on the pulse of pop culture, I'm only now editing an Iron Fist discussion from over a month ago. Rough cut is 140m.
I can only go so many days with the rough facial hair before I get mad and just cut it
A rough bite was landed over the cut as the other pulled away. "Bad..." He'd growl softly and press the…
No it's not Star Wars related but it is an original superhero origin I've been writing since college. It's a rough cut with…
Using the invaluable while assembling the rough cut. Great app. Highly recommend.
U can tell a man from a boy by his hands. They should be cut, scared, and rough. If he has soft, pretty hands, your not dealing with a man!
Fr though. Tell him to cut it cause it's looking rough these days lol
Just added drums to another rough cut of ours - We Lost Our Sight (w/ drums this time:
Everything's not fine... halfway through the rough cut of the film and the tension is building!…
Walt Disney Collectibles and Gifts, Disney Figurin
Brynn decided she was ready to record today. So, the rough cut of Everything Has Changed as sung by Brynn Ikemire...
Leah's bone is so rough if you accidentally hit it with your foot it will legit cut you
Reduce your debt and cut your costs. Time to tighten the belt and be prudent. We're in for a rough ride.
I look rough lol ninjas need a cut b
8 hours later and the rough cut for Gradfest is finally done...sort of
Rough diamonds here look so much better than the classic cut white stone
Five and a half hours later and this rough cut has begun. This one is going to be very long and…
Everyone go check this out for the homie.
Delivery of the 4300 for the semi rough cut around Par 4's & 5's. In time for the season 👌🏽
I prefer the first cut of rough, I thought I was the only one
Previewing the video we shot yesterday and crying happy tears. The rough cut is so beyond what I ever dreamed could…
Todd is looking rough, it's time to cut the beard
Game camera majorly out of frame, too much room on the left ..Then a rough whip cut for the ESPN Sunday night baseb…
I get to see the rough cut of in the cutting room next week
Nah my hands cut up and ashy I've never had that ever in my life deadass my hands soft like a baby now they feel rough
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Great article on rough cut gemstone jewelry from Sitara Collections. Enjoy!
NP. There is no rough, just primary and secondary cut. The gallery are patrons. The Masters has bann…
Surprised he made the cut to be honest, day 3 must have been rough.
Love how at they have patrons and not a crowd. They don't have rough either, but a first cut.
I cant believe Nick Faldo just called it rough. It's the second cut at Augusta.
I mean I'm not ignorant to the 2nd cut phrase but *** Maybe once I've heard rough.
You didn't have to cut me off & I don't even need your love but you treat me like a stranger & that feels so rough 🎶
Heh, the rough cut of ROMANCING THE STONE was enough to convince the producers of COCOON to sack Zemeckis. Joke’s on them, huh?
Rough day maybe im not cut out for this :/
I wonder if they call "the rough" the "1st cut" at MASTERS, because no one there has ever had it rough.
The rough cut for the K+J pilot is done and I'm so excited to tweak it some more for the final product!
Looking for some feedback on the rough cut of my new short. Anyone want to watch & weigh in?
I'm getting close of getting the first rough cut for my "Push"
Different language on Masters telecasts -- no such thing as rough or fans. 1st or 2nd cut, patrons. What the *** is a patron. Vodka?
Check Joey's rough cut to see the unfiltered raw ripping that went into it. This dude's slams are even smooth.
PerfectMatch - #1 Trusted Source in Online Dating
So my vlog should be up sometime tonight sorry guys! But I have it up today gonna start working on it again soon the rough cut is edited
Mums just had to cut my pork steak up for me cos I'm too rough to do it myself, good job she loves me
Anyone wanna watch a rough cut sneak peek of my final film
EXCLUSIVE! Watch the scene 9 rough cut of Postmodern Love!
EXCLUSIVE! Watch the rough cut opening of Postmodern Love!
The pay cut is rough, but sleeping during the day is much worse in my opinion.
IMO it was a head that worsened the cut but it was a rough old figh…
"On Tom McCarthy’s films, we have little rough cut screenings in the edit room every three weeks or so and Tom...
Hope all is going well with Home Truths. I also hope you've been able to listen to the rough cut sound file of
Yesterday I got my *** stuck, bruised, soaked, burnt and cut but it was so worth it. 6 days of donating left to go!…
It was a rough night, cut me some slack lol
Wow rough doesn't even cut it.. definitely a chilled one for me today🙈
I love my dp, Rough and messy yonghwa is my favourite rawwwrrr 😜 then i love clean & cut yh too, *** yeah i like yh in any styles 😂
Use our matrix as a rough guide on what our machines can cut:
Creating another age belt from the isle of man today, got all the rough components cut out and shaped.
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that'd tho! My mom instilled in me the importance of man having his hair cut. Don't no female want a man loo…
Really rough idea for a cut in a Sonic fan animation I want to do. Been a while since I've done something with some ba…
Two anxiety attacks. It's been a rough one.Not saying this for sympathy but rather to cut through the "everyone's always happy" social media
the 10th developed into another rough ride for Conlan as he was forced to soak up a series of right hands, opening up a cut on his left eye
Her My World part was incredible, but you know nothing in skateboarding comes easy. Take a trip behind the scenes. https:/…
I know Its time for a cut when my mom tells me I look rough
Does it look like she had a rough cut?
Having the 2nd channel was fun and all, but managing 2 channels that centered around gaming got rough and one had to get cut.
Welp I guess I can at least show ppl the only scene I made a rough cut of. I decided to wait til it was done for th…
Understand when I say this is a rough cut I mean ITS ROUGH.
Saw rough cut of mini-documentary to be attached to video of PLAY OF ADAM & holy crap you guys it's incredible! Get excited
An orc... *gets cut off by thoughts of rough public, extremely sweaty foreplay*. Never mind
Tru story big chief music video coming soon we watchin the rough cut right now
My ugly rough *** debating on this beard to cut it or let it grow
So good to see a man that will actually not just cut when things get rough
better start getting in shape and cut the smoking out JP or it's gonna be rough in prison.
Now I have to wait for the upcoming rough cut of the vid, but from watching the monitor, I looked hella cute and porcelain-y :D
Finn does still have a rough road ahead. Hayden has her work cut out for her.
Finally got all the segments rough cut out for the ..nearly there! 😁✌🏼
Need fresh eyes on your documentary rough cut? Apply to Docu Work-In-Progress Lab by Sunday!…
Just sent out the second round of SUPER SECRET ULTRA CLASSIFIED links to SISTERHOOD: The Rough Cut! Enjoy 💕
The possibility of the CDC getting funding cut and more people denied health care is rough. You watch someone deteriorate and say it's fine.
actually we are done filming and I've seen a rough cut of the film 😃
Just sent the first round of top secret links to SISTERHOOD: The short film ROUGH CUT. Enjoy! There's more links heading out soon 💕
Wow 😯 according to them even rough cut of Dutt biopic is better than 3 *** 😱😱😍
there's a rough cut I didn't go for that 😂
to last month when visited us to discuss her inspiring journey! Learn about our ROUGH CUT series:…
I think you released a rough cut of , the song you are hyping isnt the song we are hearing,
Wel be rough and I'll cut ur balls of, you can try
I'm so lucky with the lovely programmes I get to make. Watching a rough cut of my latest piece on Arcadia; it's so dee…
If you're having a rough day, just remember you weren't cut by the Cleveland Browns.
Ranbir Kapoor starrer Dutt is shaping very well. Even its rough cut is looking better than 3 *** Writer Abhijat Joshi
The closest I have is Rough Cut with Burt Reynolds from 1980
ROUGH RIDE: River embankment caves in, Hajin cut-off from Bandipora -
Man I need a cut from my pops right now. Ya boy looking rough out here on the streets right now in San Diego
please share our rough cut of Allison Dunbar teaching burlesque
Treat her like royalty this with a sapphire
I have a rough cut done and I'm doing an FSM-based test against BoltDB. It's pretty cool to watch it shrink.
hey man- we wrapped principal photography on January 22- now we're working toward a rough cut due second week of February
Need to hurry up and get this cut I'm lookin rough
Anything I involve myself in I respect and trust da process even through the rough times
Atherton residents have a rough life. Cut them some slack.
Listening to the rough cut of and Parkscope podcast. Will be up tonight. Thinking RTJ would be a good song.
Rough cut from so far. Deep work in meccas of and…
Doesn't matter how rough you are when you first start don't start out pre cut 💎💎💎
Targets in fairways in Dubai. Could you cut some at about 200yds in the right hand rough for me please? 3rd cut 🏌️⛳😂
Lol...yours is rough.mine would send immediately I cut the call.nomba natu gradja 😂😂😂
After a rough start in Round 1, might not expect to make the weekend writes
As requested, here is a rough test of a classic Floyd cut. The two video clips represent two of…
Rough cut of trailer for complete. Phew, that was tough! Looking good, though!
Bland my original for my demo rough cut version give me opinions! 😁😁😁
Trying to cut down on expenses. Got rid of my Spotify Primium membership. So I'd say life is pretty rough right now.
Cut the bar top to shape and did a rough mock up, can't wait to get the resin poured and set in…
King penguin chick shows up at Vienna zoo A baby penguin shows itself for the first time at Vienna zoo. Rough Cut …
I need aye hair cut asap 😅 I've been looking rough these last past couple days smh lol
According to Sim Evans-Jones, ACE, there's a clear progress from rough to fine cut in Watch the interview on
Listening to Rough Cut of is right. You can hear Art Metrano laughing throughout Joanie Loves Chachi. Super charming.
After a difficult weight cut, rough times at work, being curved, this, this made everything better ❤️
New ✨ Exquisite Edwardian pendant with a bow motif studded with rose and rough cut diamonds, a…
Rough cut of my new song 'The Wolves' now on Soundcloud. Have a listen.
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I think so n so is to rough on you, how'd this cut happen aye? God, message me please :) its not possible to love you more
Just got word the the rough cut of the next Comic Misconceptions is 18 minutes long. It will probably be approaching 20 minutes in the end.
Managed to get one rough cut done so far. Hoping to get another one done before noon.
Rough cut rubies in shadow red. A gorgeous gift? Or something more sinister.
Now this is a good review: A Rough Cut of ‘The Thief and the Cobbler’ Makes It to MoMA All this week .
Rough cut of the first chunk (of 2) of the next episode of Carpentry done at 60 minutes.
I heard his rough cut was just a rumor
rough cut of Adam in still waiting, has extra dialog
U find out who the loyal ones are when u dont have a fresh cut and looking rough😂
lmao it's cool, beard was looking rough, that's why I cut it off
Heat should have the rough cut of episode 6 done soon. Hopefully we can start editing tonight or tomorrow.
Continuing on the Richard Cypher cosplay tonight. I have the rough shape of the shirt cut and…
this new on Carolina having a rough game so far
It seems everywhere we look this year, the name AJ Fernandez comes up in the cigar world. This time it is with...
I'm open to watching a rough cut and giving critical notes on it...
That last camera cut and angle are rough. But I think if u saw in person it would make watching on TV easier
according to what Bob Iger, CEO of disney, told my class, he just saw the rough cut
When Bob Iger mentions a rough cut of the new Starwars and a Black Panther movie.
Bob Iger just mentioned that he watched the rough cut of Star Wars Rouge One
"I saw a rough cut of Rogue One the other day... not for the first time." No big deal for Bob Iger
Bob Iger saw a rough cut of Rogue One yesterday!! "We can't wait to release it to the world"
Check out Me and Faja in our latest B4B single Pull Up produced by my breddah 🙏 lmk if you feelin it
Imreal rough right now. Need to cut my hair ASAP
Gotta go get a clean cut I'm lookin rough
Thought I'd show you guys a little behind the scenes rough cut of what practice looks like for…
Stay tuned for the next Coco Jafro video "Do What I Want"'s a rough cut teaser! .
Matt had his neck cut open and a wire shoved in it while awake... and to think I was having a rough day because I got a blister on my toe
Not sure if this is Fios or MPT, but I just noticed a new sub-channel (523) that actually shows Rough Cut and The Woodwright's Shop. Yay!
Matthew Vaughn just off the phone saying he watched a rough cut of the Kingsman sequel and he ACTUALLY CAN'T BELIEVE how…
KingAbdullah says world facing another "world war" must be swift response Rough Cut
Free Shipping with Free Returns - Baseball Rampage
I liked a video from Kaepernick rough cut
| Had a rough day, cut me some slack guys
Taking the cousin to Old Germany after a sample of Reel Dead rough cut footage the girls saw. They liked it so far. http…
Here is a sneak peek at one of our scenes in the movie. The rough cut is near finished and will be…
Alright, so I pieces all the clips together for a rough cut and the film is at 21 minutes. More cutting Yes! ...
Meg Ryan on directorial debut Actress Meg Ryan makes her directorial debut with the new film "Ithaca." Rough Cut (…
Rough weight cut from what I've seen. You're right though, that might slow him down.
CM Punks looks rough from the cut..
I thought he was bigging it up to get his excuses in but this looks like an all time rough cut
Watching a rough cut of my short film. Really happy with it but it's no quite ready for your eyes yet.
he looks sick. He must be having a rough weight cut.
Had to cut my hair was looking jy rough
Rough mix of the first track off my coming tape check it out lmk what you think!
I love really rough sex and to the point of being scared. I just wanna add a knife in there to cut my shirt and forced…
Morning all. Priory greens, fairways, semi rough & holes cut. Moorland greens cut too, have a nice day
She gets all the rough demos of the new material. Her response/feedback determines if it makes the cut.
so many beggars and rough sleepers in Glasgow, has the funding been cut? What can we do to help? shame on
Bout to run and get me a fresh cut on this here lunch break cause I'm looking super rough right now!!
my soul sister/mutual muse and me from the In Reality rough cut and you don't 👏🏻 even 👏🏻 KNOW 👏🏻.
don't think I can tell you but I'll just say it's a really good video! We only saw a rough cut
This film from 78-82 has some reminders of how violent gigs could be back then (lots of good music too).
. To 2 Short Flims I was in well one was a very Rough cut before we…
slightly too neat to be considered rough. Not the only thing the unsub had left behind either. They had cut off a single-
Looks like a rough cut. Can you send us your order number so that we can send the real lunch your way?
The dialogue was clear cut though in the rough but it was thee.
Redline for more butt! I'll get onto that today! I want to cut the body fur out today. Markings only rough.
Listen to 3 More Bangers (Rough Cut) Recorded May 27, 2016 by on My producer !
Okay I have a rough cut of the video
4. Men, make sure you keep a clean cut or shape up. Nobody likes a rough looking person unless your ratchet and they're ratchet as well
They ended up with far more footage than they needed: Welles' rough cut was 155 minutes long. The finished film was 87 minutes.
Update your maps at Navteq
Editor's Dilemma: When to Show a Rough Cut? - -
Finally!! The opportunity to get a dry cut on the wild rough... What a difference...
Listen to Project Boat - Rough Cut v Pipe Dreams by Hook, Line & Sinker Radio on
Didn't know that my ring was this rough. Got a cut on my face due to the ring 😢
Diamond in the rough fails to make the cut via
Greens cut, banks cut, rough cut and some Strimming. All in a day's work.
Here's the rough cut version of my promotional video thanks to
A little fun reading before you go to bed. My new entry is here! Seeing the first rough cut of our film!
I've never been that ashy but that's that "you shouldn't be playing so rough" cut
A couple of rough cut screenshots of a scene I was in, written and performed beautifully by…
Guys... I edited a rough cut of the trailer today and I am so excited for it. Stay tuned.
Whenever I'm going through a rough patch I always seem to cut everyone off not meaning to. 😕😔
I need my sides cut...bad, the hawk is looking rough right now
Cut the strings and fly, she a diamond in the rough, I just caught her with my eye.
Today we offer the Stogie Press Rough Cut cigar review notes on the Alec Bradley Sanctum. I received samples of...
Huge Selection of Helmets at Low Prices
Rough cut Amethyst chunk. Please note that it is all the same stone, I just wanted to show it from various angles...
im not gonna lie i was way to rough with her when i was younger but i cut that crap. I know when she doesn't understand something
Oppa K-Tae Sweetie. Watched Rough Cut. Great performance. I hope you will take on more projects as producer! Saranghae
Yeah I read and loved the book in my teens, always been a fan of the film, saw a rough cut of the new version at a festival.
Two World Champions titles today for ! So I did a quick rough cut with my…
Looking too rough I need a fresh cut.
I'm now sat here making a rough cut of my own 😝😳
Will be reciprocal I suspect; if EU does not cut up rough over UK residents in rest of EU we won't either.
Mowed the last bit of first cut we didn't get before the rains came. It's rough, but it'll feed something!
Side note, today is Hunter's birthday (only 6 weeks older than Adams). Kinda rough to cut him today but life
100% --- been an avid follower from time. Their rough cut handycam style of That Guy is a top top fave
I thought my doc was nuts when she directed me to cut out low-fat stuff. Was in rough shape tho, so I did it. Now a believer.
we would love to! we are restricted as a SSSI we cut rough once a year due to these restrictions. Been a wet June
I just need a cut bro it's been a rough month 😂😂
Rough needs cut. Unfair to expect us to hit it straight. Also, the 17th green needs a windmill.
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Rough cut looking sick .. Can't wait to share the final one with y'all 😊
Here is a preview from Rough Cut -- Woodworking With Tommy Mac I just started recording.
better than theatrical and rough cut. Worse than director and final cuts
Sliced... Each rough cut,. was a total completion. within itself. It was not meant to be understood. Bits & Pieces. In a Square...all Neat.
i've got a rough version of the ABC cut, but the footage isn't as clear as on that video.
It's been a rough day at work, got a paper cut then proceeded to put purell on hands
He had it rough , cut him some slack
Working on a rough cut for the Rockabilly Beatdown trailer. So close...
Or cut a hole in pants pocket and drop a ball and fluff it in the rough?
no pigments just the bringing out the natural colour. Will get a better pic of the rough cut beam next week.
The Rough Cut is out for Maybe A Little Bit Later! Go to the link in my bio to my website and scroll…
Here's a little rough cut footage, by for you to see what the current rut status is.
My new sounds: Maybe A Little Bit Later - Rough Cut on
agree. Rough day though, I'll cut him some slack
Just finished the rough cut to my first paid film job as an independent creator, dreams for me tbh
BRULE X4 REPORT: viewed rough cut of ep 1 and there were a lot of tears, screams, and foot stomps. Prepare yourselves. Fo…
First coat of paint on walls and ceiling. Getting ready for rough cut boards to be delivered for…
they just feel rough as *** and I can't put my legs up bc they cut the circulation off behind my knees ew
John Gordon says stages are starting to cut up rough but water is not too bad. 3rd stage is expected to be difficult
Rough Apatite and facet cut Aquamarine Natural real Gemstone bracelet on Nappa Leather bracelet
Amazing feeling - got to rough cut on our film after 16 long weeks!
China President Xi Jinping and Taiwan President Ma Ying-jeou shake hands ahead of a historic meeting in Singapore. Rough Cut (no reporter n…
done editing the rough cut of our I NEED U mv inspired mv hehe
I'm loving the music i'm making atm a rough cut i recorded when i was fleeing.
Gorgeous Multi Stone Ring- Pictures can not capture the true beauty of these handmade Sterling Silver natural...
"From Rough Gem Tsavorite to Cut Gemstone over 15 carats! " regrann from vlad_yavorskyy -…
I prefer a rough diamond, to one that's been cut and polished.
Watching the 1st rough cut for The Matchbreaker! 😏👍🏻
Just watch a rough cut of new music video I'm directing, now I'm going to bed with that song stuck in my head…
soon to be seen in Rough Cut, follow and watch his career soar!
Order Miche Bag Online!
Agreed. Also reminds me how much I adored TANK GIRL, as rough as the studio cut turned out.
Look what we found! A rough cut of an ACID MTV commercial we wanted to share for -
Tender submitted, title sequences shot, rough cut approved and Mondays meeting is prepped! It's been a hectic week. In mood for (b)
In Israel calls the Iran nuclear deal unacceptable Rough Cut no
End terrorism isolate rough State cut all aids and support
Can life please cut me some slack today😂it's been a rough week😭
Our Dana holds a 12 carat hearts on fire rough diamond ready to be cut!
I'm looking rough . No hAir cut . Bread all out off line
Israel Trip, Rough Cut Men, and a New Season of L-Teams at theCross!  -
Yeah, similar with sound FX/music etc but we have a full rough cut & starting to get feedback, so all good! Nearly there! :)
Beautiful video.Loo forward to the full version. "Mother's Cry" Rough Cut (07192015) via
Re-watching Burton's Batman '89. Miracle there's still a franchise. It plays like a rough cut or a rough staged reading. Sl…
Rough Cut Comics’ ROSE BLACK re-release; Does anyone blogging on the internet research or spell-check anymore?
My current favourite is Carrot. Cut small, cook with onion, a little garlic, & some chilli. Blend to a rough consistency :)
Hi Jamie, I am a producer at Rough Cut TV (run by Ash Atalla of The Office fame) I have heard great things about your show.
Hi Izzy,I am a Producer at Rough Cut TV and was wondering if I might be able to get a comp to see Brute, on Wed 26th?Thankyou!
Hi Jenny, I am a Producer at comedy prod. company Rough Cut and am interested in seeing your show. I just wondered if you had-
The IDFA Award at the Docu Rough Cut Boutique goes to Little Berlin Wall by Toma Chagelishvili. More:
Kraus Haus Media is also producing a doc of the making of MV/Film. I just saw a rough cut of it and it's REALLY good.
This has been a rough week for me w/the heat & constant feeling of sickness. I’m just not cut out for Summer in the South.
. My late husband was an actor all his life. Films, TV, stage. It's a rough life. Cut throat, competitive...
The Robot Chicken SDCC panel has stiff competition: Game of Thrones, Marvel TV, and probably a rough cut of Star Wars VII at Petco Park
In honor of the Birdsong rough cut well on its way to the final stages of post-production, here's a…
might thrive in a gentler league, but not cut out for the rough & tumble of the English second division.
to cut a giant hole in your fence and let your dog escape. Thanks, Google. I love you, but we are off to a rough start
Rough cut of full movie production for the Directed by &…
Choo and Versace opens in London Rough Cut no reporter
What time does barbershops close ? Need to get my bby head cut a.s.a.p ish lookin rough
I'm against sauces when having steak. Steak should be just that..Steak! Unless it's a rough cut and sauce is fine.
look! Mum cut her head off cos she looked rough
Just finished a ROUGH cut on "Ellie." Editing is like forming art out of clay.
I think they are aiming to have it done for the London film festival. Saw a rough cut, it looked beaut…
Can you please upload the sweet dream ending theme (Rough cut) to YouTube?
Its a year since we did our audition - and now we are heading towards a completed rough cut of the whole film.
Having my backyard cut comparable to a rough to practice chipping ⛳️
Cut myself carving my jaw line this morning rough life
Just a movie update for everyone. I've got a rough cut started. So far it's just the opening through Ash's...
Day 2 of Editing… just render on a rough cut of audio and colouring sequence… next step.. deliver to client! Probably the most scary part!
Rough design for a piece of album artwork that didn't make the cut.
This week has been rough. Car problems, ankle is getting worse, AC was down for 12 hrs, hrs cut at work 😪
So I'll drop the rough cut of the new song on soundcloud in an hr for those who are up 🎶 deleting it before I sleep!
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